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4x400 RELAY QUARTET Divide into four groups for a 4 phrase song. Group 1 starts singing the 1 st phrase, then group 2 sings the 2 nd phrase, group 3 sings the 3 rd phrase and group 4 sings the 4 th phrase. If there is a chorus, everyone sings it.

ARCHERY ARTICULATION With the targets spread out on the bulletin board, have children take turns throwing a dart or shooting a rubber band with their fingers at the target until they hit one of the targets. Then sing the song articulating each word except the target word, which you will not sing. Items Needed: targets, darts or rubber bands

BADMINTON OR TABLE TENNIS OR TENNIS WORD Divide the group in half. Each group will alternate singing each word to the song as you point back and forth to each group with the tennis racquet. For JR, instead of switching on every word, you will probably want to let them sing a phrase of the song before switching to the other side. Item Needed: Appropriate racquet

BALANCE BEAM LEGATO Walk across a beam (2”x4”x8’ board) smoothly and in balance while singing. Can they still sing beautifully while keeping their balance? Item Needed: 2”x4”x8’ board

BASKET BALL BALLAD Let each child throw a ball in a basket. The first child that gets a ball in the basket gets to pick their favorite song to sing or have some songs written on pieces of paper in the basket that he/she can pick from. Items Needed: Basket and ball and some songs on pieces of paper

BOXING BEAT Clap the beat as you sing or with one fist, beat the fist into the palm of the other hand to the beat. Another options is to have the children follow you doing various boxing actions to the beat. Try to do at least 4 of one boxing pattern before changing to another so the children can follow you without too much trouble.

DIVING DYNAMICS Hold the torch up high, midway or low for singing louder, normal or soft singing. Could also plug your nose while singing. Item Needed: Torch

FENCING FUN Have a child conduct using a baton. Could have all the children lead or pitch lead with tongue depressors or straws. Items Needed: baton, tongue depressors

JUDO JIVE While singing, do a hand jive. For example for a 4/4 tempo you could do: Lap, clap, left snap, right snap, repeat. For a 3/4 tempo: Lap, clap, snap (both hands), repeat. For those that can’t snap their fingers, they could just flip their thumbs out.

KAYAK YAKING Instead of singing the song, the children will speak the song.

LONG JUMP FERMATA They must hold the note whenever the torch is held up until it is lowered. Keep it moving as if the person is jumping until you “end the jump” They must start and stop together. Make sure your pianist can see the torch. Item Needed: torch


POLE VAULT CRESCENDO While singing, every now and then raise the torch in an arch pattern and lower. The children will sing raising their volume as the torch is raised and lowering it back to normal as the torch is lowered. Remember, never louder than lovely. Item Needed: torch

RHYTHMIC RIBBON Using ribbon wands to the beat/rhythm of the music, have the children follow your movements as they sing the song. Movement pattern example—4 per phrase: 1 st & 2 nd VERSES: rainbow overhead, zig-zag in front, circles on the right side, circles on the left side. CHORUS: Figure 8s (2), big front circles, figure 8s (2) & pause on fermata, big circles overhead. Item Needed: ribbon wands

ROWING ROUND Sing a song that is a round.

SAILING SERENADE Everyone sways back and forth in unison while singing. Could also have the children in each class stand side-by-side and put their arms on each other’s shoulders and sway all together.

SHOT PUT IN ORDER For each verse, have a couple of children (older for JR) come up and put the flip chart in order before the verse is finished. Do verse-by-verse allowing two more children to put the next verse’s FC up in order for each verse. Item Needed: flip chart for song

SWIMMING STACCATO Sing the song in a staccato fashion.

SYNCHRONIZED SINGING They must follow along all together doing the ASL/Actions.

TAE KWON DO DUET Sing a song that is a duet like “A Child’s Prayer” or “Love is Spoken Here”. Another option is to do a basic Tae Kwon Do movement for each phrase of the song that they must do altogether. You may want to go through the 4+ moves first before singing the song.

TORCH SONG RELAY Explain that before the Olympics starts, there is a TORCH RELAY whereby a torch is lit from ancient Olympic in Greece and carried to places all over the world and finally to the place where the Olympics are to be held. To start off our Singing Olympics, we will have our own TORCH RELAY. As we sing, we will pass the torch to the person next to you when I point to you. At the end, have the last child hand you the torch and place on the table. This should be done with respect and reverence. —Sing with the lights out, but use a lantern or lamp for extra light if your room gets too dark. The flashlight will not give off enough light. Item Needed: torch

TRAMPOLINE TRIPLE TIME (Select a 3/4 song.) While singing, jump high on your chosen key word(s).

TRIATHLON TRIO A triathlon is when you have to do three different things. Judge them in their singing for how well they know the WORDS, the proper VOLUME of their voices, and BODY CONTROL (eye contact, smile, poster and reverence).

VOLLEYBALL VIRTUOSO Divide the Primary in half. One side sings the first phrase then the second side takes a turn singing the first phrase. Repeat volleying back and forth having each side singing each phrase before moving to the next phrase. Pianist will need to play each part twice or do without piano.

WEIGHTLIFTING SCRIPTURE POWER Have the children sing a song while holding their scriptures up in the air the whole time.