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The Event Within this contractual agreement, the 'Event' is the Asian Wedding Fayre taking place on the 'Date' Saturday 10th and Sunday 21st October 2012 from 1.00p.m. to 6.00p.m. at the 'Venue' - The Allesley Village Hotel, Birmingham Road, Allesley Villlage, Coventry, CV5 9GP. The Parties Within this contractual agreement, the Organisers are DESIblitz.com (c/o Aidem Digital CIC) and Allesely Hotel (Coventry). The 'Exhibitor' are the person(s) or company exhibiting products or services at the Event. 1.0 Registration Registration for Exhibitor will commence at 11.00am on Saturday 20h October 2012 at the Venue. Exhibitor will be required to attend registration as mandatory. 2.0 Stall Packages Stall bookings are available as set packages Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Bazaar. The terms and conditions in this document apply to the package you select for your stall. 3.0 Payment of Charges Payments for your package are available in three methods: online, BACS and cash. If paying on-line a booking, an administration fee of 3.5% will be applicable; alternatively standard prices can be paid using BACS or cash. A stall package must be paid for in advance before the Date and cannot be sub-let to any other exhibitor without prior written permission from the Organisers. 4.0 Fire Insurance & Inflammable Exhibits No Exhibitor shall do anything to jeopardise the Fire insurance policies or licenses and every Exhibitor shall in all cases comply with the requirements of the Venue Fire regulations available upon request from the Organisers. Cloth or drapes or similar materials of any description must be non-flammable and should be thoroughly tested. Cooking facilities, heating appliances etc. should all meet UK Fire standards. Exhibitor will be responsible for any damage caused to Venue as a result of negligence to Fire regulations. Organisers will not be liable in any manner.

5.0 Fixings to the Building Under no circumstances shall any person fix, insert or make fast any wire or tackle of any description to the structures of the Venue. 6.0 Installation of Light and Pow er The Organisers shall provide power and lighting as a standard requirement. Any special requirements must be forwarded to the Organisers in writing 7 days before before the Date. 7.0 WiFi Access The Organisers shall provide Venue based free WiFi access during the Event. Exhibitor must request this of the Organisers. This is subject to connection availability at the time of the Event. 8.0 Insurance of Exhibits Although every precaution is taken to protect the Exhibitor and their property during the Event, the Organisers expressly decline responsibility for any loss or damage, which may befall the person or the property of the Exhibitor from any cause whatsoever. The Exhibitor is reminded that they are responsible for effecting insurance cover in respect of:

Exhibits and all contents of stalls and displays. Public Liability and Third Party Risk (compulsory) Expenses incurred due to abandonment or postponement of the Event (compulsory) It is in your own interest to arrange insurance as early as possible.

9.0 Goods Sent In The Organisers are unable to accept deliveries at the Venue on behalf of Exhibitor without prior written arrangement. 10.0 Presentation and Cleaning The Exhibitor will present themselves and their stall in a effective and attractive manner to ensure the quality of the event is upheld. It will be responsibility of the Exhibitor to clean their own stall areas at the Venue during and after the Event.

11.0 Removal of Articles If so required by the Organisers, the Exhibitor shall remove from their stall or from the Venue, any article or exhibit that, in the opinion of the Organisers, contravenes any safety regulations or is dangerous or objectionable to unsuitable to be exhibited on the stall. The Organisers, whether or not they shall first have required the Exhibitor to remove any such article or exhibit, shall be entitled at their absolute discretion without motive and without incurring any liability to remove such article or exhibit from the stand or from the Venue and shall be under no liability for the safety or custody of such article or exhibit. 12.0 Obstruction of Gangw ays Exhibitors must not obstruct Venue gangways or encroach or hinder in any way. The distribution of brochures or any sales materials from the entrances and gangways is strictly forbidden. 13.0 Final Removal of Goods All goods and exhibits belonging to any Exhibitor and interior fittings are to be removed from the Venue premises by 7.30p.m. on the final Date of the Event. At that time the Organisers shall have the rights and powers conferred on them as if the license of the Exhibitor has been terminated. 14.0 Refusal of Admission The Organisers reserve the right at their absolute discretion to refuse admission to or remove any person from the Venue. 15.0 Abandonment or Changes to Event Should all or any part of Venue not be fully available for the Event or should unforeseen circumstances render it, in the opinion of the Organisers, advisable to postpone, interrupt or prematurely conclude it in whole or part, or to hold it on a reduced scale, Exhibitors shall not be entitled to any refund or charges or monies paid for the stall package or advertising. 16.0 Breach of Regulations In the event of any Exhibitor committing a breach of any of these regulations or failing to observe any requirements of the Organisers within the time stipulated by the Organisers at their absolute discretion, or if no time is stipulated then forthwith, or if the Organisers being of the opinion that this conduct or proposed conduct is or may be undesirable in the interests of the Event or that his business is being or may be conducted in such a manner that there is a risk of persons who may do business with him being dissatisfied or of discredit being brought upon the Event, the Organisers shall be entitled by notice to the exhibitor to terminate the Exhibitors license. Powers conferred on the Organisers by any other regulations shall be in addition to, and not in substitution for, the powers conferred on them by this regulation.

17.0 Injury by Machinery or Exhibit to Visitors or Employees In case of injury or damage being caused by an exhibit, structure or fitting, to any person or persons whosoever, or to any property or any part of the Event, the Exhibitor by whom or for whose purpose the exhibit, structure or fitting was brought into the Event premises, indemnifies the Organisers against all actions, expenses, costs, charges or claims arising out of such injury or damage. 18.0 Termination or Cancellation of Agreement Exhibitors shall not be entitled to cancel this agreement without the express written permission of the Organisers and then only on terms acceptable to the Organisers. The Organisers may terminate this contract (without prejudice to its other remedies) forthwith by notice in writing to the Exhibitor if the Exhibitor either: a) Commits or fails to observe or perform any provision of this contract or the landlords regulations. b) Is unable to pay its debts or enters into compulsory or voluntary liquidation (except for the purpose of affecting a reconstruction or amalgamation) or compounds with or convenes a meeting of its creditors or has a receiver or manager or administrator over its assets or any part or ceases for any reason to carry on business or suffers any similar action which is in the opinion of the Organisers means that the Exhibitor may be unable to pay its debts. c) Does not meet the payment schedules full payment. Refund of half the exhibition rate will be provided to Exhibitors should they give the Organisers written notice prior to 1st October 2012. No refunds will be payable after 1st October 2012. 19.0 Indemnity of Exhibitors The exhibitor indemnifies the Organisers against all actions, expenses, costs , charges or claims which the Organisers or any of their contractors may be liable for in consequences or damage or injury to any person or property occasioned by or arising out of the act, default or negligence of the exhibitor, his representatives, servants or workmen or any person or persons under his direction or any independent contractor engaged by him. 20.0 The Law Governing This Agreement The Courts of England and Wales shall have jurisdiction concerning any disputes arising from this agreement and the law governing the same shall be that of England and Wales.

21.0 Alterations The Organisers reserve the right on written notice to add or alter these terms and conditions at any time. 22.0 Alcohol All bar and sales of alcohol are the responsibility of the Venue. No Exhibitors will be given permission to sell/give away alcohol during the event unless otherwise agreed by the Organisers. 23.0 Complaints If the Exhibitor has a complaint to raise with the Organisers related to anything outside of this agreement but subject to the Event, the complaint must be forwarded in writing to the Organisers within 5 working days of the Event. The Organisers shall reply within 28 days of receiving the complaint with a response.

DISCLAIMER The Organisers aims to ensure that information is accurate and correct at all times, but maybe subject to change. Any individual or organisation making use of information from this document does so at their own risk and the Organisers have no responsibility for any actions arising from this.