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In Malaysia, early childhood education has been one of the four main focuses in the National Key Result Area (NKRA) for education. According to Norliza (n.d.), the main reason in improving the quality of early childhood education is to ensure the children possess a firm foundation in education, which will accelerate and synergize their interest in learning upon entering primary school. In heeding the call to improve early childhood education in our countrys education system, I, Sharon Tan, the Principal of Sunny Nursery School and Daycare Center would like to reason why parents should choose our nursery for a kick-start to your children learning journey. We provide the four essential elements an excellence nursery promises in considering physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. Firstly, our nursery school provides adequate facilities for your childrens need. Other than basic facilities such as classrooms and toilets, our nursery school also provides a sick bay, a computer lab, a playground, an audio and visual room, an art room and a music room filled with playable instruments. Pictures of our facility are made available in our Gallery tab. Our nursery school also implies some ground rules to keep our nursery environment clean, safe and secure. For instance, parents are restricted to send their children to our school if they are contracted with contagious disease. This is to avoid disease from spreading to other children. Secondly and essentially, we took the responsibility to teach young delicate children with love, patience, consideration, and care. Here, not only we provide qualified and talented staffs, but they are also keen in nurturing youngsters with enthusiasm, love and patience. 85% of our staffs have undergone Early Childhood Education Diploma program, which is a pre-requisite to become an educator in our nursery school. Thirdly, our staffs are up-to-date in terms of giving the best learning approach through the multiple intelligence approaches and methods, thus always on the run in providing stimulating activities that can boost basic social etiquette skills, early writing and reading skills, mental arithmetic, communication skill, observing and thinking skills et cetera. With a teacherchild ratio at 1:10, the teachers are put at best in giving your childrens early education. Parents may refer to our Organization and Staffs tab to see the in-depth details of our working staffs.

Fourthly, the ground rules practiced here are Roman Catholic values, where children are taught to pray before and after having their meal, recite common prayers such as Our Father, Hail Mary, Gloria and other intentional prayers and, an early exposure to the Childrens Bible for Christian childrens only. Parents may refer to other ground rules in our Parents Handbook tab where it stated all the information of dos and donts for parents and children. If you are interested to enroll your child into our school, simply refer to our Contact Us tab for information. We hope that we can serve you better as mentioned in www.presechoolmalaysia.com, where it says, By giving your child an early childhood education, you are providing your child with the means necessary to be happy and successful in life, (Is Early Childhood Education, n.d.)

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