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JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU 1. 1. 2. 2. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 2 bahagian: Bahagian A dan Bahagian B. This question paper consists of three sections: Section A and Section B. Jawab SEMUA bahagian dalam kertas soalan ini. Answer all sections in this question paper.

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Bahasa Inggeris


Section A [10 marks] Read the information below and answer the questions that follow.


Officially opening on 1 December 2012 in Putrajaya Business hours 11 a.m. 10 p.m.

Set Lunch
RM20 per person (Mondays to Fridays only)

Set Dinner
RM35 (Daily)

Soup of the day

Main course
Grilled salmon Or Baked chicken Or Grilled lamb Salad and mashed potatoes are served with the main course

Chocolate pudding
Questions 1-5

Complimenting soft drinks are included for all set media

Using the information from the brochure above, write short answers in the space provided. Name of restaurant Commencement of business Location Operating hours Price (1)_________________________________________________________ (1 mark) (2)_________________________________________________________ (1 mark) (3)_________________________________________________________ (1 mark) Open : 11 a.m Close : (4)___________________________________________________ (1 mark) Set lunch : (5)________________________________________________ (1 mark) Set dinner : RM 35

Questions 6-10 Based on the information given, fill in the blanks below.

6. A person who has the set dinner will have


main (1 mark)

7. Customers who have the set meals will not be charged for (1 mark) 8. The is not served on weekends. (1 mark) 9. The set dinner comprises of the appetiser, main course and (1 mark) 10. Mashed potatoes and course. are served with the main (1 mark)

[10 marks] Read the list of holiday workshops below carefully. Then, answer the questions that follow. CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING WORKSHOP Date : 3 and 4 Dec 2008 Venue : The Sun Hall Time : 10 a.m. 5 p.m. Age : 10 -12 years Fees : RM150 Activity: Logical thinking and problem-solving activities through fun and games. For enquiries, call 03-98769988 or email creatprob@ts.edu.my SPEECH AND DEBATE YOUNG REPORTERS WORKSHOP The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you were born and never stops working Date : 29 and 30 Nov 2008 until you get up to speak. Venue : The Sun Hall Date : 1 and 2 Dec 2008 Time : 10 a.m. 5 p.m. Venue : Top Score Academy Age : 13 -17 years Time : 9.30 a.m. 4.30 p.m. Fees : RM250 Age : 12 -18 years Activity: Learn to design newsletters, discover Fees : RM150 techniques of photography and Activity: Learn to speak with confidence and develop oral and writing skills. overcome fear by learning how to win over your audience. For enquiries, call 03-98769988 or email For enquiries, call 03-20569870 or email youngreporters@ts.edu.my enquiry@tsa.edu.my MAD SCIENCE FUN CAMP HOOKED ON WORDS Unlock your childs writing and reading talents. Date : 1 and 2 Dec 2008 Register them for our 2-day workshop. Venue : National Science Camp Time : 10 a.m. 4 p.m. Date : 20 and 21 Nov 2008 Age : 6 -12 years Venue : Edge Training Activity Point Fees : RM160 Time : 10 a.m. 1.30 p.m. Activity: Be transported into the fascinating Age : 10 -15 years and mysterious world of the solar Fees : RM130 system as you discover how Activity: Learn to read and enjoy the astronauts live and work in space. wonderful pleasures of a lifelong Mystery gifts to first 20 campers. hobby. For enquiries, call 03-77121201 For enquiries, call 03-2001430 or email hookedonwords@et.edu.my

Questions 11-15 Using the information in the different workshops, complete the table below. Descriptions Workshop Mr. Tan wants his son to take up reading as a hobby. He should send his son to Jega is shy and wants to improve his public speaking abilities. He should attend Your younger sister loves to know about how astronauts live. She should go for You want to work as a reporter one day. You should attend Li Ming wants to learn how to solve problems and think logically. He should attend

11 12 13 14 15

Questions 16-20 Using the information in the brochure, write short answers for the following. 16 Where is the Hooked on Words workshop held? _____________________________________________________________(1 mark) 17 Why is the mind a wonderful thing? _____________________________________________________________(1 mark) 18 How much should you pay for the Young Reporters Workshop? _____________________________________________________________(1 mark) 19 Which two workshops are held in the same place? ______________________________________________________________(1 mark) 20 What can you learn at the Mad Science Fun Camp? _____________________________________________________________(1 mark)

Section B [25 marks] Question 21- 25 are based on the following passage. 1 2 3 Feeling like there are too many pressures and demands on you? You're not alone. Everyone experiences stress at times adults, teens, and even kids. What is stress? Stress is a feeling that's created when we react to particular events. It's the body's way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened1 alertness. 5

There is good stress and bad stress. Just enough stress can be a good thing, but too much stress isnt good for anyone. For example, feeling a little stress about a test thats coming up can motivate you to study hard. But stressing out too much over the test can make it hard to concentrate on the material you need to learn. Pressures that are too intense or last too long, or troubles that are shouldered2 alone, can cause people to feel stress. 1 There are a few things that can overwhelm the bodys ability to cope if they continue for 0 a long time. Stress among adults is often linked to relationship stress, caused by familiar conflicts, unrequited3 love or death of a loved one. Stress among students is often attributed to ongoing problems with schoolwork or being bullied or exposed to violence. Stress can also occur in people who find that they are always on the go with crammed4 schedules and not 1 having enough time to relax. 5 Everyone experiences stress a little differently. But there are things you can do to minimize the stress and manage the stress thats unavoidable. Start by taking a stand against overscheduling. If you're feeling stretched, consider cutting out an activity or two, opting5 for just the ones that are most important to you. Studies have shown that the main cause of stress among teenagers is the parental pressure to excel in examinations. If you find that you are unable to speak to your parents about the pressure they 20 are putting on you, speak to counselor or someone who can mediate. Learn to relax. The body's natural antidote6 to stress is called the relaxation response. It's your body's opposite of stress, and it creates a sense of well-being and calm. And ensure you stay relaxed by incorporating7 time into your schedule for activities that are calming and pleasurable: reading a good book or making time for a hobby, spending time with your pet, or 25 just taking a relaxing bath. Get a good night's sleep. Getting enough sleep helps keep your body and mind in top shape, making you better equipped to deal with any negative stressors. Many teens prefer staying up a little later at night and sleeping a little later in the morning. But if you stay up late 3 and still need to get up early for school, you may not get all the hours of sleep you need. 0 Treat your body well. Experts agree that getting regular exercise helps people manage stress. And eat well to help your body get the right fuel to function at its best. Some people may turn to substance abuse as a way to ease tension. Although alcohol or drugs may seem to lift the stress temporarily, relying on them to cope with stress actually promotes8 more stress because it wears down the body's ability to bounce back. 3 Watch what you're thinking. Your outlook, attitude, and thoughts influence the way you 5 see things. Is your cup half full or half empty? A healthy dose of optimism9 can help you make the best of stressful circumstances. Be realistic. Don't try to be perfect no one is. And expecting others to be perfect can add to your stress level, too. If you need help on something, like schoolwork, ask for it.

5 6

1 0 1 1

Finally, solve the little problems. Learning to solve everyday problems can give you a 12 sense of control. Develop skills to calmly look at a problem, figure out options, and take some action toward a solution. Feeling capable of solving little problems builds the inner confidence to move on to life's bigger ones and it and can serve you well in times of stress. Adapted from http://kidshealth.org/teen/your_mind/emotions/stress.html 4 5 21. From paragraph 3: (a) How can a little stress be good for a person? Give an example ___________________________________________________________(1 mark) (b) How does too much stress affect a person? Give an example ____________________________________________________________(1 mark) 4 0

22. Give two reasons for the causes of stress among students
(a) ______________________________________________________________ (b)_____________________________________________________________(2 marks)

23. (a) According to Paragraph 7, the opposite of stress is.

_____________________________________________________________(1 mark) (b) According to paragraph 8, what do you need to do to keep your mind and body in top shape? _____________________________________________________________(1 mark)

24. Name two ways of minimizing stress.

(a) _____________________________________________________(1 mark)

(b)_____________________________________________________(1 mark) 25. The last paragraph tells us that we should solve everyday problems. Explain the benefit of this ________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________(2 marks) PAPER 2 (45 MARKS)

MARKING SCHEME (PAPER 2 ENGLISH LANGUAGE FORM 4 2012) A M P 14. Y O U N G R E P O R T E R S W O R K S H O P 15. C R E A T I V E P R O B L E M S O L V I N G W O R K S H O P 16. E d g e T r a i n i n g A c t i v i t y P o i n t 17. I t s t a r t s w o r k i n g t h e

Section A (20 marks) 1. A u nt y Ja 9. n e s K 10. it c h 11. e n 2. 1 D e c e m b er 2 0 1 12. 2 3. P ut ra ja y a 4. 1 0 p. m . 5. R M 2 13. 0 6. o n e 7. s of t dr in k s 8. se t

lu n c h d es se rt sa la d H O O K E D O N W O R D S S P E E C H A N D D E B A T E M A D S C I E N C E F U N C


MARKING SCHEME (PAPER 2 ENGLISH LANGUAGE FORM 4 2012) m in ut e y o u w er e b or n a n d n e v er st o p s w or ki n g u nt il y o u g et u p to s p e a k. 18. R M 2 5 0 19. C re at iv e P ro bl e m S ol vi n g W or k s h o p a n d Y o u n g R e p or te rs W or k s h o p 20. L e ar n a b o ut th e m y st er io u s w or ld of th e s ol ar s y st e m .

Section B (25 marks) 21. a) A little stress just before a test can motivate a person to study hard.

b) Too much stress can make it difficult to focus on studying. 22. a) Ongoing problems with schoolwork b) Being exposed to violence 23. a) relaxation b) You need to get enough sleep 24. a) Avoid scheduling too many activities for yourself b) Indulge in relaxing activities

25. Learning to solve

everyday problems gives you a sense of control. It also gives you the confidence to tackle lifes bigger problems. The ability to solve problems will help you in times of stress.