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Father Franks Kids

March 15, 2008

Thank You...
Thank you for your most generous support of Father Franks Kids. We continue the support of Nuestros Pequeos Hermanos Our Little Brothers and Sisters (NPH) which Father Frank Colacicco started twelve years ago. I feel he is looking out for us and encouraging us to take care of his children.
Sister Phyllis Kelleher with girls from Casa Rosa de Lima standing in front of a bus purchased by Father Franks Kids. (...more on pages 5 and 6)

In 2007, three freight containers filled with clothing, hygiene supplies, bikes, school furniture and supplies and a myriad of other items reached the children of NPH. Construction of a Chapel for NPH El Salvador was completed. NPH Nicaragua received a new school bus for transporting the children to school. The First Annual Father Franks Fiesta, the most highly attended event in the history of St. Isidore Parish, raised nearly $60,000 and featured performers from NPH Mexico. Eighteen NPH children were adopted as Godchildren through sponsorship. 2008 promises to be just as fulfilling, as we ramp up activities. Plans have already begun for the 2nd Annual Fiesta, this year with a visit from the children from NPH Nicaragua. Adults will have an opportunity to visit the NPH facilities in Mexico on a guided trip hosted by Friends of the Orphans. Fifteen teenagers from St. Isidore Parish will participate in a mission to NPH Mexico where they will live, eat, work, alongside the resident children. NPH soccer teams will travel from Central America to play against local soccer teams here in the East Bay Area in exhibition matches. As we continue to grow we could use more assistance with our programs. Please join us.

Good music, dancing, food and games at the Fiesta held at St. Isidores to support the NPH orphanages. (...more on page 7)

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Construction is underway for Casa Padre Wasson a new home for the orphanage in Nicaragua. (Read more on page 6)

Dick Sanders

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El Salvador (442 Children)

Fr. Franks Legacy of Faith and Spirituality
Fr. Frank once said to me, When you are ready to build your chapel at NPH-El Salvador, let me know. I have some friends who can help you. Even though we began construction on the chapel after he had passed away, Fr. Frank remained true to his word. His legacy of providing faith and spirituality for the children of NPH continues through you, his friends at Father Franks Kids. On November 7, 2007 the Bishop of Santa Ana blessed and dedicated our new chapel, Divino Salvador (Divine Savior.) Not only was he very impressed with it, but also our children continue to be so excited and pleased. The NPH-El Salvador chapel is a very simple, yet beautiful design which seats 700 people. Many of our older teens participated in the construction of the chapel. One of our girls in high school said to me, Father, I am happy to be working on this chapel on Saturday mornings. One day, I plan on getting married here and I will be so proud to say to my future husband that I actually helped to build it. To all of you at Father Franks Kids thank you for your very generous donation which helped to make our new chapel possible. At every Mass celebrated in it, we will continue to remember Fr. Frank and also give thanks to God for you and your support. Peace,

Padre Ron Hicks

The orphanage in El Salvador was opened in 1999. Currently there are 442 children: 206 in primary school, 173 in secondary school; and 30 are attending technical school or university.

Adoration of the Cross and Holy Thursday evening mass.

Is this any way to treat a priest? Father Ron Hicks celebrates his birthday in high style.

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A Pequeos Story
My name is Yader Elias Rayo Luna, and I am 25 years old. I was born in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. At nine years old, my three sisters and I moved to Managua with our father after our parents divorced. While my father had a job, he only had a bed where he worked. We had no relatives and no other place to stay. My father decided to use his last alternative and went to the cathedral where he worked as a night watchman. The sisters agreed to take care of us for just one night. My fathers salary for long, hard work, simply would not support our family. We wound up in the street. We were housed by the sisters again. This time, my father encouraged me to find ways to make money in support of our family. I washed cars for donations in parking lots. When I turned 14, the angels of father Wasson accepted me into the family of Nuestros Pequeos Hermanos. That year was vey special for me because I had the opportunity to help children in special need while studying on the weekends until I graduated. During my year of family service, I focused on agriculture, learned to fish, and work with chickens and cows. After passing the entrance exams, I traveled to Managua to attend the university. This time I arrived in the city with skills and goals. My best experiences have been the giving back to my brothers and sisters of NPH. We have all learned in order to serve our families, society and our own country in the future. I am very happy to be part of this because I know this will change my life and the lives of those around me forever. I have graduated with a degree in political science and plan to serve my people and my country. I would like to thank God and all the generous people that contribute to our education with the family of Nuestros Pequeos Hermanos. I am very happy in this time of my life because my dream has come true and I feel very fortunate to have enough tools to take my next step.

2007 Pequeno Statistics

3,223 children are being cared for in the nine NPH homes. 177 are under 5 years old 442 arrived last year 798 are in Secondary or Vocational School 478 are in college or taking college preparatory courses 368 child care workers are caring for the children Health Care: 116 children are disabled 332 are receiving rehabilitation therapy 792 were hospitalized with 42 requiring surgery

We sponsored a child...she has impacted our lives

In October of 2007, I volunteered our family to host children of Nuestros Pequeos Hermanos/Father Frank's Kids. I thought this would be a great lesson for our family. This would be an opportunity to give of ourselves to others, and to support the work being done for the many orphaned children in Mexico and around the world. What I did not know was that these children and their directors were to become a gift to our family. During their visit to St. Isidore School we were able to experience not only their musical talents but their warm smiles and deep gratitude. My children enjoyed spending time with them. While there was a language barrier, somehow they were able to communicate with a gesture or smile. We enjoyed being part of the many families involved with their visit and were convinced shortly after their arrival that we as a family wanted to make a difference in the life a one of these children. We since have become part of the NPH family by adopting Karen Salazar, one of the children that was here a few months back. We correspond in letters and we have sent pictures to her of our family to keep with her. We hope to make a difference in her life and to show her that she has made a difference in our lives, as well. Carla Quinn, Sponsor

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Guatemala (363 Children)

Volunteer Opportunities
Father Franks Kids needs your help with exciting projects this year. Whether you have only a few hours to spare or are willing to chair a committee, we need you. See our up -coming activities on pages 4 & 6 .
Father Franks Fiesta 2008 Last years Fiesta was attended by nearly 600 guests and raised nearly $60,000. Fiesta 2008 is scheduled for September 27 and promises to be even bigger and better, but we cant do it without your help. Are you interested in sponsoring a portion of the event? Would you like to help coordinate the business advertisers, auction donations, event program, venue dcor or kids carnival? Please contact Brian Dunn 925-8206123 BrianLDunn@Comcast.net. Adult Trip to NPH Mexico Father Franks Kids and Friends of the Orphans are sponsoring a tour to NPH Mexico from June 19-23, 2008. This tour will provide an opportunity to see how childrens lives are changed on a daily basis. Deacon Jim Hoyt from Friends of the Orphans has led over 30 trips to the homes in Mexico and promises that this will be a memorable experience. If you would like to participate or help organize, please contact Bea Bustamante 925-360-1060 surfbea@sbcglobal.net.

Dear Father Franks Kids, Home Director Carlos Viveros and I were astonished at the enormous donation from your community. The children were amazed. They asked me, Is that all for us? It felt wonderful to answer them yes, these gifts are all for you. The transportation from Guatemala City to our home went just fine and every single item arrived properly at our home. The industrial washer and dryer you donated are gifts from Heaven. These machines are a great relief to our workers providing them more time to care for the children. I want to thank you so much in the names of our children for the difference you are making in their lives and those of our workers. God Bless You All,

Matthias Hinz
CorrespondentNPH Guatemala

The orphanage in Guatemala was opened in 1996. Currently there are 363 children with 194 in primary school. Prior to the arrival of the new washer and dryer, clothes were being washed by hand.

On The Web
Would you like more information about Father Franks Kids? Would you like to know more about the children, see pictures or read past newsletters and articles that have appeared in the newspapers? You can do this and more by going to the Father Franks Kids web page on the internet at:


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Sr. Phyllis Kelleher and Casa Rosa de Lima

Casa Rosa de Lima is a home for our girls. We hold prayer meetings and older girls finishing secondary school, encourage them to become independstudying in a trade school or going to ent and self-sufficient young women. the university here in Managua. The girls are involved in the community. They support orphan children living in a home near us run by Nicaraguan Sisters. The girls also prepare gifts for poor people living in plastic tents here in the city. There are over 1000 people in the settlement, many of whom are ill from working with chemicals at big corporations. Together with a local priest, our older children provided assistance to people who have suffered terrible losses of homes and property during the floods this year. My work here as Director of Casa Rosa is to see to the needs of our

Sister Phyllis introduced Father Frank to the work being done by NPH and encouraged him to get involved. As a result, it became a driving mission in his life. Sister grew up on a farm near Portland, Oregon. After high school she joined the Dominican Order. She graduated from Washington State University and taught in the Northwest for several years.

I encourage them to study and expect them to aide in the upkeep of our shared home. Father Wassons philosophy was that only with an education will our children get out of the poverty from which they came and become responsible adults.
- Sister Phyllis Kelleher

In 1972, she moved to Mexico to work with NPH. In 1994, Father Wasson asked her to manage Casa Asis (the baby house) in Nicaragua. She got it functioning and stayed there until 2005.

A Letter from Father Gerry

My Dear Friends, Fr. Wasson the founder of 'Our Little Brothers and Sisters' once said, "A child is good because of someone." I saw first hand during my recent visit with Richard and Patricia Sanders to Casa San Salvador at Miacatln, Mexico. I was edified by 370 primary and 170 secondary school students extending a warm welcome through song, dance, a colorful drill display and opening our hearts to the wonders and beauty of Mexican culture. At Casa San Salvador the children are taught self-reliance, taking care of the farm, learning to cook and launder, workshops in arts and crafts and the possibility of an education to university level. As a benefactor, you help the staff create a home where the children receive food, clothing, health care and education in a Christian family environment. Your generosity makes the apostolate at Casa San Salvador possible. As Mother Theresa said, "I can't do what you do, you can't do what I do, but together we can make a difference." Blessings,
Fr. Gerry gets adopted

Fr. Gerard K. Moran, Pastor

Welcoming Ceremonies at the Annual NPH Conference in Mexico

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Nicaragua (349 Children)

Moving To A New Home
NPH Nicaragua was located on the island of Ometepe, where nearby Volcano Concepcion began to increase in volcanic activity in 2005. As a result, the children needed to be relocated to a safer location. previous dormitory style at the island. They feature two bedrooms for eight children each and one bedroom for caregivers. Eventually the site will also include a general kitchen, dining facilities, storage rooms for all that is necessary to run the orphanage, a school for 500 children (which will include a number of children from the surrounding community), vocational workshops and playfields, a clinic, visitor homes, volunteer homes, personnel homes, administrative offices and agriculture. We are very happy that you are working with us to create Casa Padre Wasson for the kids of NPH Nicaragua. Thank you very much for the support we have received from all of you! It is not an easy process, but as a team, we certainly can create the quality home the kids deserve.

Volunteer Opportunities
Teen Trip to NPH Mexico 15 teens and two adults will join Father Franks Kids and Friends of the Orphans from June 27-July 3, 2008. at the NPH orphanage in Cuernavaca. For more information please contact Ben Cerney 925-7431694 ben.cerney@gmail.com. International Soccer Match November 2008. Two teams will travel from NPH Nicaragua to take part in a Soccer Festival. Soccer activities, learning opportunities and fun for all agesthis Father Franks event will raise funds for NPH and provide an unforgettable experience. If you would like to sponsor or help organize this event, please contact Brian Dunn 925-820-6123 BrianLDunn@Comcast.net.

NPH Nicaragua purchased property near the town of Jinotepe. The central focus of the new site will be the church as one enters the main plaza. The homes have been constructed with a family feel rather than the

2007 Shipments
Thanks to your generosity, the following items were shipped to Nicaragua and El Salvador during 2007:

124 boxes of clothing and shoes 42 boxes of school supplies 36 boxes of bedding and towels 58 bicycles and repair parts 11 boxes of toys and sports equipment 81 pieces of office furniture 2 computers with desks

Bus purchased by Father Franks Kids to provide transportation to school while there are no on-campus classrooms available

El Salvador
76 boxes of clothing and shoes 25 boxes of bedding 114 pieces of office furniture and equipment 5 computers and a printer 31 boxes of school supplies 35 bicycles and repair parts 2 sewing machines with supplies 13 boxes of toys

Students in Managua told us that their home was named after Father Frank. They call themselves Father Franks Seeds.

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on souvenirs at the silent auction. After a Mexican buffet dinner catered by El Balazo all enjoyed the full Ballet Folklrico performance of traditional Mexican songs and dances. A live auction gave everyone a final opportunity to help raise money for the cause. The first annual Father Franks Fiesta held on October 27 started with the Estudiantina (student musical group) from NPH Mexico visiting St. Isidore School on Friday. These 20 orphans, or pequeos as they are referred to, have traveled all over the U.S. and Canada performing traditional Mexican songs and dances from their Ballet Folklrico. The school mass on Friday was like nothing the students had ever before experienced. The festive songs and the melodies from the guitars and violins showed how a different culture celebrates the mass. As Mrs. Schroeder, St. Isidore School Principal, commented to the students, Ive never seen you so quiet. The students were even more surprised at the performance in the school courtyard when the dancers included students from the audience in the performance. Afterward, the pequeos, along with interpreters, visited all the classrooms at the school. The Fiesta began with Saturdays 4:00 mass which was a standing- roomonly celebration. The singers and musicians performed at the mass and later to a sell-out crowd of nearly 600 in the Rettig Center. A childrens carnival occupied the younger children while their parents were bidding We were all moved by the speakers at the Fiesta. Jose Bermudez was raised at NPH Nicaragua where Father Frank spent so much of his time. Jose moved to the U.S. after obtaining an education and started a business in San Jose, CA. He introduced more than a dozen former pequeos present at the Fiesta who now live and work in the SF Bay Area. The Estudiantina performed at each of the Sunday masses giving even more of the St. Isidore families the opportunity to experience the talent and happiness of these children who have so little. It isnt hard to see why Father Frank was so moved to spend his final years helping these children. The Fiesta weekend was truly a parish-wide event. Many families opened their homes and hosted the children and their chaperones. The Faith Formation classes all sent letters to the performers before they came to the U.S. The youth ministry held a barbeque for the pequeos which turned into an impromptu soccer game. The Knights of Columbus managed the bars at the Fiesta and helped with ticket sales. Volunteers too numerous to count helped organize and manage the event. The Fiesta was the largest event ever before held at St. Isidore Parish. With net proceeds of nearly $60,000 it raised funds for the nine NPH orphanages. SAVE THE DATE 2008 Fiesta Saturday September 27th

Live Your Faith

Thank you!!!
Your amazing generosity at the fiesta provided nearly $60,000 to fill the following open requests from orphanages in four countries:

$5,000 - replaced rusted out freezers used to keep food fresh for the children on Ometepe Island. $1,552 - EEG, TAC and RMAG Medical Exams for 13 special needs children $3,285 - purchased school uniforms, shoes, PE uniforms and sneakers for 75 Casa Santiago children $980 - one months rent for a student house in Managua $4,180 - bath towels and bed sheets for 300 children at Casa Santiago

$6,748 - 660 books for learning English language at all age groups $3,331 - school supplies for 466 school children

$12,800 - teacher salaries and materials for special six-week development courses for students who are in between school years. $10, 305 - medical healthcare for 20 HIV positive children $1.830transportation and supplies for two children who won scholarships to medical school

$99 - agricultural uniforms for three college students.

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Our Wish List!

Father Franks Kids is providing a link between families in Northern California and orphanages in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Container shipments are planned once a year to each of them. As you can see from these pages, the donations are a tremendous help for the children and the operation of the orphanages. The following is a list of some of the things we are continually looking for to include in the shipments:
Baby items including jarred food, diapers, clothing, hygiene supplies Items for Personal Hygiene soaps, shampoos, tooth brushes, tooth paste, powdered soap for washing clothes Childrens Clothing including, socks, underwear and especially good tennis shoes Mike Hertel (925) 855-9407 ntvsons@sbcglobal.net Ann Ferrante (925) 743-1935 acferrante@comcast.net Brian Dunn (925) 820-6123 BrianLdunn@comcast.net Lauren Rettagliata (925) 552-8002 rettagliata@sbcglobal.net Dick Sanders (925) 837-0307 rwsanders@sbcglobal.net Brent Smith (925) 838-7743 brent@onefamily.org Sports Equipment: Soccer & basket balls School/Art/Sewing Supplies Financial Assistance for shipping and to purchase needed items.

Become a Godparent!
Sponsor a Child
You can make a real difference in the life of a child by becoming a Godparent. It's a wonderful way to learn about the daily activities of our children. Youll receive regular updates on your Godchild's academic and social progress, a Christmas card with a new photo every year and replies to all of your letters. While it costs very little each month, the returns are priceless. During the 2007 Fiesta at St. Isidores Church in Danville, 18 families signed up to be new Godparents. The outpouring of love that this Fiesta generated will continue to bless these families and the children theyve chosen to help, for months and years to come.


Father Franks Kids

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