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Joseph's vision Birth of Jesus First Miracle at Cana Miraculous Healing of the Nobleman's son Miracle at pool of Bethesda

Miracle draught of fishes Miraculous Healing of a demoniac Miraculous Healing of Peter's mother-in-law Miraculous Healing of many sick and diseased Miraculous Healing of a leper Miraculous Healing of a paralytic Miraculous Healing of the man with a withered hand Miraculous Healing of the centurion's servant Miraculous Raising of the son of the Widow of Nain Miraculous Healing of a demoniac Christ miraculously calms the storm Miracle involving the Gergesene demoniacs Miracles: Woman with issue of blood Miracles: Jairus' daughter Miracles: Two blind men Miracles: Dumb spirit Feeding of the five thousand Miraculous walking on the water Miraculous Healing the daughter of the Syrophoenician woman Miraculous Healing of the deaf and dumb man Miraculous Healing of many sick persons Miraculous Feeding of the four thousand Miraculous Healing of the Blind man The transfiguration Miraculous Healing the demoniac child Miracle: The stater in the fish's mouth Miraculous Healing of the Blind man and discourses He miraculously heals the mute demoniac Miraculous Healing of a woman with an infirmity Miraculous Healing of the man with the dropsy Miraculous Resurrection of Lazarus

Nazareth Bethlehem Cana Cana Jerusalem Capernaum Capernaum Capernaum Capernaum Galilee Capernaum Capernaum Hill of Hattin? . Capernaum Sea of Gennesaret Gergesa Gennesaret Capernaum Capernaum Capernaum Bethsaida

Mt 1:20-25 Lu 2:1-7 Joh 2:1-11 Joh 4:46-54 Joh 5:1-47 Lu 5:1-11 Mr 1:23-27 Lu 4:33-36 Mt 8:14,15 Mr 1:29-31 Lu 4:38,39 Mt 8:16,17 Mr 1:32-34 Lu 4:40,41 Mt 8:1-4 Mr 1:40-45 Lu 5:12-16 Mt 9:1-8 Mr 2:1-12 Lu 5:18-26 Mt 12:9-14 Mr 3:1-6 Lu 6:6-11 Mt 8:5-13 Lu 7:1-10 Lu 7:11-17 Mt 12:22 Mt 8:24-27 Mr 4:37-41 Lu 8:23-25 Mt 8:28-34 Mr 5:1-15 Lu 8:27-35 Mt 9:20-22 Mr 5:22 Lu 8:41 Mt 9:18,23-25 Mr 5:22 Lu 8:41 Mt 9:27-30 Mt 9:32,33 Mt 14:13-21 Mr 6:30-44 Lu 9:1217 Joh 6:1-13

Lake Gennesaret Mt 14:25 Mr 6:48 Joh 6:19 Phoenicia Tyre, Sidon Decapolis Gennesaret Bethsaida Mt. Hermon Mt. Hermon Capernaum Jerusalem Judea Judea Peraea Bethany Mt 15:21-29 Mr 7:24-30 Mr 7:32 Mt 15:30,31 Mt 15:32-39 Mr 8:1-9 Mr 8:23-27 Mt 17:1-8 Mr 9:2-8 Lu 9:28-36 Mt 17:14-21 Mr 9:14-27 Lu 9:3742 Mt 17:27 Joh 9:1 Mt 12:22-45 Lu 11:14 Lu 13:10-17 Lu 14:1-6 Joh 11:17-46

Miraculous Healing of the ten lepers Miraculous Healing of Blind Bartimaeus Miraculous Withering of the barren fig-tree Christ miraculously heals the ear of Malchus Darkness over all the land APPEARANCES OF CHRIST AFTER HIS RESURRECTION 1a) To Mary Magdalene 1b) To the women returning home 1c) To two disciples going to Emmaus 1d) To Peter 1e) To ten Apostles in the upper room 1f) To the eleven Apostles in the upper room To Thomas' reach hither thy finger,' etc Miracle - Draught of fishes 1g) To the disciples at the sea of Tiberias 1h) To Peter;'Feed my sheep,fead my lambs' 1i) To the eleven disciples on a mountain.. 1j) in Galilee (1 Cor.15.5) 1k) To five hundred brethren at once 1l) To James THE ASCENSION

Borders of Samaria Near Jericho Mt. of Olives Gethsemane Golgotha

Lu 17:12-19 Mt 20:29-34 Mr 10:46-52 Lu 18:35-43 Mt 21:18-19 Mr 11:12-14 Lu 22:51 Mt 27:45 Mr 15:33 Lu 23:44,45

The Garden The Garden . Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem Tiberias . Tiberias Galilee Galilee Galilee . Bethany

Mr 16:9,10 Joh 20:14 Mt 28:9 Mr 16:12 Lu 24:13 1Co 15:5 Lu 24:34 Lu 24:33 Joh 20:19 Mr 16:14 Joh 20:26 Joh 20:27 Joh 21:1-11 Joh 21:1-24 Joh 21:15-17 Mt 28:16 Mt 28:16 1Co 15:6 1Co 15:7 Mr 16:19 Lu 24:50,51

For a complete list of the sequential events in the life of Jesus, please see the separate Chronology for that period, at:Chronology of the Life of Jesus. For events prior to, and after the life of Jesus, please see the separate Chronology

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