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Radio Madhuban


April-June 2012

Radio Madhuban Bhavan-a gift for everyone

Owing to the great support and love from its listeners, Radio Madhuban has been successful in expanding its operational setup. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India had granted funds for a new studio, the Radio Madhuban Bhawan. It was inaugurated on 23rd May 2012 by Additional Chief of Brahmakumaris Rajyogini Dadi Ratanmohini ji and Mr. Deependra Singh Shekhawat, Speaker, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. The objective of Radio Madhuban is to provide the voiceless the neglected and underprivileged sections of the community, with a voice. Given its priority for local community based cotent, Radio

Madhuban evokes active community participation. It promotes local arts and cultural activities, supports farmers with informative content on farming techniques, informs the local community about beneficial government schemes, and highlights the problems of the local populace, amongst many other activities. Radio Madhuban has undertaken several projects and activities on Arun Chowdhary. Bhakti Bhajans. Dulal Rai. Santoor Vaadak. Kusum. Renowned singer from

de-addiction, education to prevent female infanticide and child marriage, energy conservation, environment protection, amongst others. Whether it is highlighting the water problem of village Padar and connecting road and electricity problem of village Awalafalli or the achievement of village Bosa in becoming a model, completely addiction-free village, Radio Madhuban is the local communitys own mike. Kota. Hindi and Marwari Songs.
Rajan and Sumit from Chittod. Valuebased songs and bhajans in Marwari.

Rajasthan and music are inseparable. Being located in Rajasthan, Radio Madhuban has the wonderful opportunity to tap the rich cultural singing traditions of the land. In the past three months, a host of local singers, have gone on air. Below are some of the artists who have enriched the lives of listeners. Preeti and Priya. Village : Barood. Gujrati, Hindi, Marwadi Bhajans and Folk Songs. Rekha. Renowned Music Teacher of Abu Road. Pushpalata. Bhajans. Usha. Folk Songs. Pravin. Sings bhajans and valuebased songs. Also plays the dhol. Anwar. World travelled artist of Jaipur Gharana. Inventor of instrument called Shaad-Anwar.

Vocal about Local

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Radio Madhuban
Radio Madhubans Songs are Medium of Change
- Shankaracharya Ji

Passion for Radio
- Ms NL Dolkar
Addl Director General, AIR
To some, the medium of radio is pure passion. Ms NL Dolkar, Additional Director General of All India Radio attended the conference of Media Delegates held annually by the Brahma Kumaris. She visited the Radio Madhuban studio and shared her immense love for the medium. Radio, she said, has been used to inform, educate, awaken and empower masses. It can not only spread a piece of information but has the power to shape the opinion and change the view of masses on a particular agenda. She reminded people that radio played a vital role in uniting and connecting people during the freedom struggle and it was radio that brought Green Revolution to the masses.

April-June 2012
An Appeal from the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, Abu
Mr. Tara Chand Gosai, Commissioner of Municipal Corporation speaks about some of the new policies and plans for the development of the area.

Excerpts from an interview with Shankaracharya Swami Omkaranand Saraswati ji, Paramatama Math Prayag Peeth in the show Khushi ke Nagme. This was his second visit to the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters and was very happy to see Radio Madhuban serving the local community. In his message, he urged all listeners to be peaceful and calm in these times of chaos and violence, and said that the music that Radio Madhuban offers, serves this very purpose. He reaffirmed the fact that it is here and only here in the Godly premises of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, that we can feel Gods presence and believe that God has come. Even though God is a point of light, without a physical form, but we can truly know him when we know Brahma Kumaris. This place has such strong vibrations that we can easily connect to the Supreme, the ocean of love, peace, joy and happiness. Talking about the work ethic of the people here, he said people here work with great ease and unison that we can feel it is truly Gods own work. In his ending note he wanted all the listeners to be connected with the organisation, to constantly move forward in life and to never forget our true identity, that each one of us is a point of light, a soul.

She added that radio has evolved and reached the youth of the nation. Earlier it used to be stationary but now it has become mobile. One needs to stop and watch television or read newspaper but radio can be heard anywhere and everywhere. You can listen to the radio in cars and even through earphones while cooking in the kitchen or going outside for a walk. She expressed her keenness to use mass media to reach the masses and address their issues instead of aggravating and fuelling fire among people and to be used for universal brotherhood and harmony. She was very happy with the functioning of Radio Madhuban and appreciated its role in helping the local community.
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Mount Abu is a natural hill station and very popular among the tourists. To make the place worth living for more and more people and also attract more tourists, we sincerely appeal to people to keep it neat and clean. Keeping in mind the persistent shortage of drinking water, we request people to try and restore ground water resources. We are also spreading awareness about various techniques and methods to do so. We also encourage people to plant more and more trees to make Mount Abu more beautiful and keep the atmosphere and environment refreshing. We are also working for the modernisation of the Polo ground and landscaping and protection of Nakki Lake. We also request people to use white coal instead of wood for cooking purposes to reduce pollution. We have also started a door-to-door collection scheme for household waste to maintain clean roads and surroundings. The corporation has also been very strict about using cloth bags instead of plastic bags.

Clean the Mind & Green the Earth

Radio Madhuban
Interview with Ms Sudha Rani ji,

can harm us. As a message to our listeners she said, "It is very important that women step up for their rights and progress. They have to stand for themselves and their sisters. Rajasthan has had a past of satipratha and child marriage, but it is high time when women should leave the back seat and come forward.

April-June 2012
front of law and will have to face 2 year imprisonment and 1 lakh rupees penalty. He also encouraged people to report such cases to eliminate this social evil from society. The magistrate for Abu Road city court, Jayamal Panigar ji informed our listeners that all the details like name and address of the informant are kept confidential so that people actively come forward. Drop-boxes have been installed outside government offices so that people not wanting to disclose their identity can drop in a written complaint. The SHO, Neeraj Pathak stressed on the minimum age limit for marriage 18 for girls and 21 for boys, and encouraged relatives and friends to be true well wishers and come forward to report such cases. Another government official, Shri Yogesh Kumar Sharma, shared the negative implications that child marriages have on the health of the girl child, and spoke of numerous cases when girls die during pregnancy, or give birth to unhealthy babies. Officials also highlighted that the government offers Rs. 5000 to the boy and Rs. 10,000 to the girl who are brave and complain against their marriage to stop it.

Managing Director, Womens Finance and Development Corporation of Madhya Pradesh

Child Marriage A Punishable Crime

The 24th of April celebrated as AkhaTeej or AkshayTritiya, is considered an auspicious day for marriages and other ceremonies. A lot of parents marry all their children, at tender ages, at the same time due to monetary implications of separate marriages for each child. What they dont consider is the health concerns it has for the children, especially the girl and the fact that it is punishable under law. To bring about this awareness in people and to prevent child marriages, Radio Madhuban along with the Abu Road local administration recorded and repeatedly aired messages for 10 days, prior to

This body works to empower women, instil in them the selfconfidence to make them selfdependent. Panchayat Prashikshan Yojna, Gramin Yojna, ITI Yojna are some of the few steps taken in this regard. We have started a unique Tejaswini Rural Women's Empowerment Programme in six districts (Mandla, Dindori, Balaghat, Panna, Chattarpur & Tikamgarh) of Madhya Pradesh, with help from the World Bank. The programme works to improve livelihood opportunities by supporting and strengthening womens self-help groups and developing participants skills, fostering market linkages and providing market and policy support. It provides access to functional literacy and labour-saving infrastructure, and it strengthens womens participation in local governance. It also supports government policies that empower women and develop the capacity of executing agencies. She also commented that it was here at the womens wing conference of the Brahma Kumaris, she came to know that along with economic stability and social upliftment, mental wellbeing and spiritual guidance is also very important for women. She feels it is very important for everyone to be motivated and inspired to live, otherwise depression and sadness

AkhaTeej. Block Development Officer, Shri Firoz Khan ji informed our listeners that anybody and everybody directly or indirectly involved in the marriage, be it the cooks, bus drivers, guests, tent and material suppliers, priests, parents or relatives of the children will be guilty in
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Radio Madhuban offered live coverage of the public awareness program conducted by the government on 21st April. As a special educational feature, Radio Madhuban also aired a 10 part interview over 10 days, of Dr. Sanjeevni, a gynaecologist, on the health complications brought about by young age pregnancy.

Radio Madhuban


April-June 2012

RJ Dolly on Salam E Zindagi

KapuraRam, Head of Local Tribal Dances, Performing Internationaly

Dr. Raj Kumar Raj, Paediatrician

Mr. Dasharath, International Kites flyer

Nanhi Pari Sone Chali

Radio Nepal staff at Radio Madhuban

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Radio Madhuban


April-June 2012

Strengthening the backbone of Indian economy Improved techniques for better agriculture
The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sirohi was established in 1989 with an aim to promote agriculture accompanied with use of modern technology and efficient scientific tools. Recently the Centre has forged friendly bonds with Radio Madhuban to spread this agro-scientific know-how to farmers, who otherwise have less or no knowledge of modern agriculture. A lot of farmers and their families have benefitted from the training programs conducted by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra. The Centre not only educated farmers about the advanced technology and equipment but also informs them about the quality of soil of land and water based upon laboratory tests. Within 8-10 days, the farmers can get complete report about the soil and the alkalinity and salinity of water in their farm. Abdul, a farmer in Sirohi district has successfully cultivated great produce of papaya with the help of the Centre. He was given seeds and plants at very cheap rates which resulted in huge profits. Around 200 farmers have taken up papaya, pomegranate and chikoo cultivation in Sirohi. Mr. S.N. Ojha, coordinator, District Agricultural Science & Technology Centre at Sirohi also informed us about the Unnat technology which led to more and more farmers taking to more commercially viable crops such as fennel, fruits, and different vegetables. Previously R&D was carried out on 2800 hectares of land which is now increased to 5300 hectares, thus doubling yield of vegetables. Ishaq Ali, National Award winner for bumper production of fennel, has come up with an innovative

RJ Ramesh, Radio Madhuban taking part in KVK activities

pressure cum grinding machine which increases the profits by 1 lakh per hectare. Sirohi, is the only district which produces fennel and about 28000 hectare land is used for this purpose alone. He believes that with proper technology and use of organic fertilizers, farmers can save up to 60% of water. The centre also tries to create jobs for the unemployed by providing sewing machines and training in tailoring to the girls. The creation of market for the output produced is also taken care of by the Centre. The Centre also looks into animal husbandry. Through germ plasma technique, the Centre has developed a unique species of goat which grows faster than an average goat and also provides milk up to one liter per day. This species was in demand all over India. Mr. Prakash Kumar, who is
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working as soil and water technician, informs farmers about adverse effects of germicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers on the soil. Mr. Phularam is the chief correspondent for exchanging information with farmers and incharge of Call Centre for farmers. He works from 6 am to 10 pm and can be reached at 18001801551. Keeping the fact in mind that the land in Siroihi region is deficient in ferrous sulphate, organic farming is a very viable solution. Since the nature of soil changes with change of season, multi-crop farming should be taken up. Also farmers should use caution while purchasing seeds and check for certification marks. The team of Radio Mdhuban also regularly participates in the training programs and encourages farmers to take up yogic farming and organic farming to increase the yield manifold and earn profits without damaging the land.

Radio Madhuban
An insight into presentday society.
Interview with Mr. Mohan Purohit, school teacher, Government High School, Tartoli, Rajasthan. Q. What in your opinion are the basic reasons behind the downfall of India? A. Having forgotten the core values and principles of the rich traditions of this holy motherland-India, people are under the ill-influences of western culture and are thus so lost in their own self-centred materialistic acquisition that they prioritise money more than life itself. Q. Why is the youth, both rural and urban, also in the grasp of these negative elements? A. A child automatically picks up the negative elements from the society whereas good morals need to be taught. Just as no one teaches a child to abuse, but he learns it from the ones around him and uses it in anger or fight. Similarly when parents or grand-parents ask children to get cigarettes, bidis or alcohol for them, the child gets curious to use it himself. They learn what they see. Q. How can we prevent these social evils from spreading among the youth? A. Firstly, the parents need to take up the responsibility of ensuring that they will not let any such illpractices foster in the family. They must talk to children about the illeffects of drugs, be it cigarettes or alcohol and inculcate moral values in them. Secondly, the government must include value-based moral education and life skill management from the primary classes itself. Thirdly, the parents must be closely involved in the childs studies and friend circle. They should actively participate in the teacher-parent meetings. It is clearly understood that the output depends on the input. Thus we must try to give


April-June 2012
fundamental rights. Q. Please throw some light on the present state of labour in India. A. The labour in India is leading a life of misery and pity. Poverty and illiteracy form a vicious cycle. Child labour is also a very common scene in the country.

value-based guided input to small children so we get a moral rational citizen as an output. Q. How can we uproot these antisocial elements like drugs and alcohol from society? A. Children are very easy victims to addiction, so to cut the roots of this evil we have to awaken ourselves and educate our children. The government also has a role to play but we as individuals have to be determined to change ourselves and consume only those items that will help in development of our moral personality, only then can these things find a way out of the society. People queue in front of liquor shops, even after shop is closed and purchase it in black but they dont queue for fruit juice or milk. Once we change, the society will automatically change. Also the government must take stringent measures to prevent the smuggling of afeem and alcohol. Q. What is the significance of 1st May, Labour Day? A. It is the workforce of any country that leads to the economic development and industrial modernisation of that nation. They are truly the cog-wheels running the nation. The progress of the world lies on their shoulders. Thus the need was felt to recognize and celebrate the global workforce, to make them aware of their rights and the incentives available to them. Since then 1st May every year is a celebration of the international labour movement, also a national holiday in more than 80 nations. It was a great step to bring the unorganised labour under the mandate of labour laws, giving them
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Q. What according to you is the future of the families of these labourers? A. If multi-dimensional employment and education policies are formed and strictly implemented, then there is great hope for the future. Government should encourage small scale industries and cottage industries along with handicrafts to support people. Right to education needs to be more efficiently implemented and drug-de-addiction should also be an area of concern. Q. Even though the society has come a long way in the past 2 decades, but the instances of child marriage have not become rare. Literacy rate as increased, but still in villages, child marriage finds existence. What is the reason behind this? A. Just branding child marriage as a taboo is not sufficient for eliminating it from the society. People need to be awakened and empowered. Parents have to realise and accept the unpleasant outcomes of marrying their children at such small age. Q. What is the legally right age for marriage? A. The government only considers a girl above 18 and a boy above 21, fit for marriage. If any case of child marriage is brought to court, then all the people present are guilty and have to go through court proceedings. Q. What according to you is the solution to this menace? A. Change of mind-set is the key. There should be community gatherings to enlighten people about the negative implications of Continued on page 7

Radio Madhuban


April-June 2012

Mera Gaon Mera Aanchal

Radio madhuban has become the sole instrument for entertainment of family, freedom from the daily problems, enlightenment through values, education for all and learning with fun for the local community. Be it the old freedom fighter Shri V.R. Rawal Ji of Kudarla, Palanpur who presented a beautiful picture of Mt. Abu of 1944 for our listeners, or the sarangi player Dr. Nagarmal Sharma, H.Q Commissioner of Scout, Rovaring who inspired our listeners to learn music, or the others like farmer Shri D.L. Pawar who passionately enjoy the radio with their entire family, everybody shares a special bond with radio madhuban. In an effort to connect with the community more closely, radio madhuban has recorded talk and folk songs of the tribal children collected and guided by an NGO Dusra Dasak. This NGO helps children of 11-20 years of age to get enrolled in government residential schools and complete their education. Children love it that their songs reach a large audience.

on compassion to celebrate the true spirit of nurses, serving the community with heart.

amazingly simple innovations displayed at the Jugad Pradashini conducted by Pacific Academy of On the Blood Donation Day, the Higher Education and Research listeners were inspired to donate Centre, Udaipur. Some of them blood through promotional adverused solar energy to run cars and tisements. Some of them donated bicycles also. It was highly motivatblood at the Global Hospital, Mt. Abu and Trauma Centre, Abu Road. ing for our young listeners. A lot of people fight and struggle upon issues concerning ancestral land. Tehsildar Mangilal Regar informed our listeners about the transfer of property documents. In such cases the relatives should get a death certificate of the person (former owner of the land) from the Gram Panchayat within 30 days and must file the case in the respective Patwaris office. If the work is delayed beyond 47 days, they can appeal to the chief revenue officer. He said that people should follow legal procedures and be patient and composed instead of taking lives of brothers over property.

Ambedkar jayanti was celebrated with joy and enthusiasm in Abu Road.. Our team also joined the festivities covering the event live. Mr. Mohan Singhal, former Superintending Geophysicist and retired Engineer, ONGC had visited Radio Madhuban on the World Environment Day to share his ideas for conserving the nature and resources of our motherland. he also talked about various environmental hazards prevalent in villages and some steps to save the earth.

On the Anti-Tobacco Day, the listeners were motivated and encouraged to quit smoking. One of them was so moved that even called us for 3 consecutive days to reiterate his pledge to quit tobacco. Spotlight values explored humility on the account of Mothers Day, as all mothers, being the first teacher of their children, teach them through humility. The Nursing Day saw a lot of talk

Continued from page 6 child marriage. Both the Gram Panchayat and government should spread awareness. The reality is, a girl, if married at a tender age, is forced to take up responsibilities of the house and family, do household work when she is supposed to study, give birth to a child when she herself hasnt grown up. This then lead to increased illiteracy and health problems among children and women.
Also all the pro-child marriage people should be debarred from using any incentives and facilities available from the government or elsewhere.

Radio madhuban has always strived to provide the updated information about events in the community. We also shared the
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Radio Madhuban

transformation through Rajyoga Meditation. She talks about various dimensions of the subject in detail including the methods and steps to control and ultimately eliminate anger from our lives.

April-June 2012

New Shows on Radio Madhuban

Just recently, Radio Madhuban launched 4 new shows. 3 of these shows, are hosted by college students, from Abu Road who are trained by the Radio Madhuban Team 1. Vande Mataram Sunday (10 to 11 am) The show focuses on awakening the inner powers of women to empower them to stand up for their rights and justice. With an aim to stop the ill-treatment towards women, especially Rajasthani women, the show salutes the mother figure with examples from present and history to make family life and in-turn the nation a better place for these makers and shapers of society. 2. Salam-E-Zindagi Sunday (1 to 2 pm) This show gives a chance to the senior citizens of the society to come forward and share their views and opinions about various topics ranging from health to society, from their young days to the present day modern society. The show aims to give the elderly a chance to talk to the youth and share with them the golden rules of living. The show also focuses on local opportunities for people to make their retirement future secure. 3. Dharti Dora Ri Sunday 6 to 7 pm With the aim of promoting the uniqueness of Rajasthani culture and tradition, this show focuses on the art, dance and folklore of the Rajasthani community. It also deals with the day-to-day affairs and happenings of the community and state. Another very interesting show titled Mujhe Gussa Kyun Aata Hai hosted by Dr.Jamila, a naturopathist (every Sunday from 9.30am to 10am) to reiterate the damaging consequences of anger. She is herself a great example of

Indian film director Sanjay Sharma, who had come for the Art and Culture wing conference in Gyan Srovar, also visited Radio Madhuban. He expressed his feelings, the positivity of the place has greatly influenced me and will help me to make right decisions in the future. He also shared with our listeners that peace is when you start thinking positively and wisely and stop any negative waste thoughts.

Miss India turned film actress Sahila Chadda, who believes in spreading smiles, was greatly impressed by the purity and harmony of life of people in Brahma Kumaris complex. She shared with our listeners that meditation fills our mind with peace and love. Stressing upon the importance of humanity, she said she felt like home here and will miss this big Godly family. In her message to the listeners she said that religions may be many but God is one and we must always do what is right according to Godly teachings.

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