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Grace Adele FAQ Q: What is Grace Adele? A: Grace Adele is a new Scentsy Family brand which launched Aug.

1, 2012. Grace Adele offers a way to create unique, customized looks with bags, clutches, accessories, and jewelry which complement each other. This is called the Grace Adele Style System. Q: Where does the name Grace Adele come from? A: Grace Adele is the name of Heidi and Orville Thompsons youngest daughter. Q: How do I become a Grace Adele Consultant? A: Becoming a Grace Adele Consultant is easy! If youre already a Scentsy Family Consultant, simply go to the Account Tab in the Workstation, sign the brand agreement, and purchase a starter kit. If you are new to Scentsy Family, visit any Scentsy Family Consultants Personal Web Site to enroll in the brand. The Grace Adele Starter Kit is $199 US/$239 CAN. New Consultants are required to purchase a Starter Kit upon enrollment. It includes:* Grace Adele Bag (1) Party/Join Brochures (25) Grace Adele Clutch (1) Host Envelopes (5) Grace Adele Clip-Ons (2) New Consultant Start-Up Guide (1) Grace Adele Necklace (1) Consultant Folder (1) Grace Adele Earrings (1 pair) Bag Stand (1) Catalogs (50) Clutch Stand (1) Order Forms (100) Jewelry Stand (1) Print-Your-Own Business Cards (100) Consultant Tote (1) Postcard Invitations (100) Fabric Swatch Cards *contents may vary Q: Who designs Grace Adele products? A: The Grace Adele product development and design teams. Q: What is the Grace Adele Style System? The Grace Adele Style System is a simple, five-step process that allows you to create your perfect look: 1. Pick My Bag Color 2. Choose My Bag 3. Add My Clutch 4. Style My Bag 5. Style Me Grace Adele products complement one another, allowing you to create a style that works and thats unique to you. The Grace Adele Style System also includes a helpful guide that gives suggestions for which products look great together. Q: Where are Grace Adele products made? A: Most Grace Adele products are hand-assembled in China. The bags, clutches, and wallets that are made of leather are hand-assembled in India. Q: Why are Grace Adele products manufactured in China and India?

A: When deciding where our products should be manufactured, we look for a place that can offer highquality materials, expert craftsmanship, and the infrastructure to produce our products at the high volume needed to meet our customers needs. For the specific needs of Grace Adele, this place is China. For the same reasons, weve decided to have our leather bags and clutches manufactured in India, a country with a long tradition of leather tanning techniques. Q: Does Grace Adele comply with the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act (SB 657)? A: Scentsy, Inc., who owns the Grace Adele brand, fully complies with the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act (SB 657). This act was created to oversee corporate responsibility in order to eliminating human trafficking and forced labor in corporate supply chains. Scentsy, Inc. is committed to fair-labor practices and does not support suppliers who do not have safeguards in place to prevent child labor, slave labor, and/or human trafficking. Q: Who are the products designed for? A: Grace Adele products are designed exclusively for adults who want a beautiful and simple way to find stylish products, and who love to shop with friends. Grace Adele products are not toys and are not intended for use by children under the age of 14. Q: What are the bags made of? A: The majority of the Grace Adele bags, clutches, accessories, and clip-ons are made of polyurethane (PU). Some styles are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). We also have a premium leather line of bags and clutches made of 100% premium leather. Q: What is the difference between PU and PVC? A: PU and PVC are both plastic-based materials that are very common in faux leather bags. PU stands for Polyurethane and PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. PU material typically has a slightly softer feel than PVC. PVC is typically a bit shinier and less pliable than PU. Q: Where is the leather sourced from? A: The leather is sourced from India where it is produced using traditional tanning techniques. Q: Is the leather treated? A: Yes. The leather is tanned and the color is sprayed onto the surface by hand. A glaze is then applied to the top surface to finish the leather. Q: How do I care for my Grace Adele bags and clutches? A: For faux leather products, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. For leather products, we recommend treating the leather with a protectant and keeping it free of moisture in order to maintain its appearance and longevity. If your leather bag or clutch does get wet, allow it to dry naturally at room temperature to reduce the risk of water marks. The leather can usually be cleaned using a dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth if the bag is moderately soiled. If a stronger cleaning method is required, the leather can be cleaned using a leather cleaner. If use of a leather cleaner is required, please closely follow the directions included with the cleaner. Q: How do I store my Grace Adele Bag?

A: The best way to store your Grace Adele bag is in a dry place with the handles either sitting up or folded inside the bag to ensure that they do not dent or mark the bag. For long-term storage, be sure to place similar colors together; dark colors can chemically react with lighter colors and transfer. Q: What colors are the lining of the bags, wallets, clutches, and accessories? A: The liners are sateen and come in a variety of colors. They are printed with a common Grace Adele pattern. Q: Are the soft goods materials used in Grace Adele products recyclable? A: We are not aware of any facilities that currently recycle the material combinations used in Grace Adele products. Q: Do Grace Adele bags or clutches have magnets in them? A: Yes. Grace Adele bags and clutches utilize hidden magnets as closures and to secure the clutch in the bags front pocket. Q: Can Grace Adele magnets cause damage to credit cards, cell phones, or cameras? A: Magnets are not used on wallets to ensure that credit cards are not damaged. Magnets are used on bags and clutches for functional purposes, so its important to be careful that credit cards do not come in direct contact with magnets. Normal use of credit cards, phones, and cameras in bags and clutches, however, will not cause damage. Q: How does Grace Adele ensure that their products are quality? Are the products tested? A: All materials are tested in an independent lab to guarantee that they meet all reasonable standards for product use. All Grace Adele products are checked for quality multiple times during the manufacturing process and receive a thorough, final quality check before theyre packaged and shipped. Q: How careful do I need to be with my new Grace Adele jewelry? A: Grace Adele jewelry is made of zinc alloy covered in metal plating. The metal plating will not rust or tarnish. However, if the metal plating becomes damaged or dislodged, the zinc alloy may begin to show signs of aging. To prevent such aging, avoid knocking or crushing your jewelry. This will reduce the risk of compromising the metal plating. Q: What is the jewelry made of? A: The base metal of the majority of the jewelry items is cast in zinc alloy. Ear wires on earrings are made of 100% surgical steel with no plating. Q: What is Zinc Alloy? A: Zinc alloy is a composite of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. This combination of multiple metal elements into an alloy creates a substance with superior strength and resistance to corrosion. Q: What are crystallite stone and poly resin beads? A: Crystallite stone and resin beads are commonly decorative acrylic beads found in many jewelry components. Q: What are glass (faux) pearls? A: Glass pearls are manufactured faux pearls made of glass dipped in pearl luster glaze and baked at high temperatures. This glaze gives the glass pearl a hard, pearl-like finish.

Q: Will the jewelry rust? A: No. The jewelry will not rust. Q: Does the jewelry contain nickel? A: No. The jewelry does not contain nickel. Q: Are there toxic chemicals in the jewelry? A: No. There are no toxic chemicals in Grace Adele jewelry. All products comply with the US Federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008, Californias Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Californias Prop 65), and all other relevant consumer chemical safety regulations. Q: Is there any titanium in the jewelry? A: No. Grace Adele does not offer any products made with titanium. Q: What is the best way to store Grace Adele jewelry? A: Its best to store Grace Adele jewelry in a dry, dust-free place. It is also best to store your jewelry pieces separate to keep them from rubbing together, which can result in scratching. Avoid spraying hair spray or perfume on the jewelry, and avoid wearing it while you bath. Q: What is the best way to clean Grace Adele jewelry? A: The best way to clean your Grace Adele jewelry is to use a soft, damp cloth with mild soap. Rinse carefully with water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive jewelry cleaners that may contain acid, alcohol, ammonia, or vinegar. These ingredients can damage your jewelry. Q: What do silver toned and gold toned mean? A: Silver toned and gold toned refer to gold or silver looking finish. The finish may wear off over time. This is considered regular wear-and-tear and is not a manufacturing defect. Q: Is Grace Adele jewelry water resistant? A: No. Grace Adele jewelry is not water resistant and should not be worn in the water. Q: Where is the material used in Grace Adele products sourced from? A: Materials are sourced from Asia and India.

General Grace Adele FAQ Questions Q: Where will Grace Adele products ship from? A: Grace Adele products will ship from our Meridian, Idaho, and Lexington, Kentucky, distribution centers. Q: Why cant all Scentsy Family brands ship together in the same box? A: Grace Adele is housed in separate warehouses from Scentsy Fragrance and Velata. Since all Scentsy Family brands (Scentsy Fragrance, Velata, and Grace Adele) are ordered separately, they are also shipped separately.

Q: How much will shipping fees be for Grace Adele products? A: Shipping fees will be the same as Scentsy Fragrance and Velata. See the shipping chart in your Grace Adele New Consultant Start-Up Guide. Q: What are the Host Rewards offered for Grace Adele? A: The Host Reward tiers for Grace Adele will be the same as they are for Scentsy Fragrance and Velata. Please refer to your Grace Adele New Consultant Start-Up Guide for specific Host Reward information. Q: Will Grace Adele have a product-of-the-month program like Scentsy Fragrance S/WOTM? A: No. At launch, Grace Adele will not offer a product-of-the-month. Q: Is there expedited shipping available for Grace Adele products? A: Yes. Expedited shipping will be an offered, just as its offered with Scentsy Fragrance and Velata. Please visit your Resources Tab in the Workstation for FAQ on expedited shipping qualifications and costs. Q: How do customers redeem Stylish Savings (multi-packs) on the PWS? A: Customers will need to use the Shop by Category option on the PWS to purchase Stylish Savings. Stylish Savings cannot be used with the Build My Look options. Q: What are Jewelry Collection bundles? A: Jewelry Collection bundles allow you to place an order through your Workstation for an entire collection of jewelry all at once. These bundles are only available through the Workstation and will hopefully incentivize customers to come to Consultants. They are not published in the catalog or the PWS. Q: What is the Grace Adele Trendsetter Award? A: The Grace Adele Trendsetter Award is a quick-start incentive specifically designed for Grace Adele Consultants. The first 3,500 Grace Adele Consultants who recruit three Grace Adele Consultants who are new to Scentsy Family, and who reach 1000 PRV in Grace Adele sales, will receive an exclusive Trendsetter Bag designed by Heidi Thompson. See the Quick Start Guide in the Resources tab on your Workstation for more information.

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