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Aspire Products, The Makers of EMST150, Announces A New & Improved Website Aspire Products, LLC, the makers

of the EMST150, is proud to announce the releas e of their newly redesigned website packed with resources and information. Boca Raton, FL, August 03, 2012 -- Aspire Products, LLC, the makers of the EMST1 50, is proud to announce the release of their newly redesigned website. By updat ing the main site, www.emst150.com, with a stylish, professional new web 2.0 loo k and feel, they've been able to improve navigation and provide enhanced educati on and information tools. The website has been udated to be more user friendly w ith a new fully integrated Shopping Cart to make ordering easier. The new site not only provides detailed information on the EMST150 training syst em, but also provides instant access to valuable tools and tips for individuals and health care professionals on using the EMST150 training system and other rel ated services. The EMST 150 is an innovative handheld device that has been scientifically teste d for its ability to improve muscle strength. A one of a kind device, the EMST 1 50 was designed by a team of researchers who understood the impact that muscle w eakness can have on a person's overall health. The EMST 150 was first tested on high school band students. The goal was to see if youth playing instruments that required strong exhaled air pressures could increase their expiratory power by training with the EMST 150. All the band students, boys and girls alike, that re ceived the training had an increase in their ability to produce exhaled air pres sure. They were power trained to have stronger expiratory muscles. From this simple beginning, the EMST 150 research team has applied this same tra ining to a wide range of individuals and found the device increased exhaled stre ngth in all individuals that received the training. The EMST 150 team recognized that increasing exhaled strength can improve basic breathing related functions such as cough, swallow and speech. The team next worked with a group of competit ive swimmers who experienced significant improvements in their stamina and perfo rmance, shaving valuable seconds off their time because EMST training decreased exhaled breathlessness. Likewise, the EMST150 has had similar positive outcomes for vocal performers. The most exciting results came from working with the elderly and individuals suf fering from neurological disorders. In trial after trial, the EMST 150 produced significant improvements in healthy individuals and person's with spinal cord in jury, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis and other types of neuromuscular disease. T hey found that increased expiratory strength improved cough strength in healthy elderly individuals allowing them to remain healthy and independent. In addition , patients with spinal cord injuries or degenerative diseases that cause weak re spiratory muscles like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's were getting positive r esults. The EMST 150 team recognized that therapists could use the device with t hese types of patients to strengthen weakened muscles improving breathing, cough , swallowing and speech. And, because the EMST 150 is the only device of this ki nd that is calibrated, therapists are able to measure and document progress duri ng therapy programs. Learn how EMST150 helps build respiratory muscle strength and make breathing mor e effortless during both work and play! About EMST 150: The EMST 150 is the first calibrated expiratory muscle strength trainer designed specifically for individuals who want to enhance their breathing and swallow fu nction. It was created by physiologists who recognized the importance of people with different needs to train muscles involved in their activities and also be able to measure their progress over time. Now those who use the EMST 150 are abl

e to tailor their exercise regime and help achieve results with greater effectiv eness and in less time. Contact: Gail Wiley Aspire Products, LLC 5745 SW 75th Street Gainesville, FL 32608 800-596-7220 nfo@emst150.com http://www.emst150.com