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Supply Chain Management

Name Clockspeed Authors Charles Fine (MIT) Year 1998 Note core concepts are still relevant and it reads well. It is specific to supply chain. you will agree that it is the best book ever on supply cha a book on globalization, its relevancy to supply chain management is pretty obvious. focus on the basis of competition they address value chain and supply chain issues good context.

World is Flat

Thomas Friedman

Porter's Competitive Advantage and Competitive Strategy masterpieces EVA and Value Based Management Balanced ScoreCard the Six Sigma field Essentials of Supply Chain Management Young Kaplan and Norton Michael Hugos

overview of SCM and every chapter has a summary which makes it an easy read. It includes several real world examples and would also be a good book to keep around for new hires.

Supply Chain Management The Goal, and the rest of the Eli Goldratt series Goose Chase The River of Doubt

Harvard Business Review

This is the story of Teddy Rosevelt's Journey down one of the tributaties of the Amaozon, the River of Doubt. I found in it some stories that highlighted some mistakes that got made in my old company. It looks like everyone has covered just about all the resources except for WERC (warehouse educational research council, www.werc.org). They have recently released their Metrics 2008 study. You can also see what they recommend. As well, visit the www.tompkinsinc.com website. Not only has Jim Tompkins written quite a few good books on warehousing and SCM/N ( I prefer the No Boundaries [where he really shows how important it is to know all of your supply chain network) book to Goose Chase] and also has a lot of white papers on this subject and others including manufacturing. You can also get a lot of information from e-letters. I subscribe to many of them, including the hard copy magazines. Sam Flanders (www.2wmc.com) has a good one, which comes out every month.

Jim Thomkins Candice Millard

Like Tompkins, there are many medium to large consulting engineering firms in the SCM/N industry that release white papers. TEC White Papers has a pretty good distribution of these papers. Other companies; KOM International, St. Onge, Sedlak, etc. have white papers available on their websites. I find SCM/N white papers a little more focused although sometime vague. Designing and Managing the Supply Chain Supply Chain Management David Simchi Levi et. al Sunil Chopra and Peter Meindl Thomas I. Schoenfeldt Sixth Edition, edited by James L. Bossert, ASQ CustomerSupplier Division Martin Christopher 2008

A Practical Application of Supply Chain Management Principles The Supplier Management Handbook

Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Creating Value-Adding Networks, 3rd ed Purchasing and supply chain management Strategic Logistics Management Business Logistics Management (4th Edition) Purchasing And Supply Chain Management: Analysis, Planning And Practice World Class Supply Management: The Key To Supply Chain Management With Student Cd - Rom Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Collaboration How to implement CPFR and other best collaborative practice,


James R Stock; Douglas Lambert Ronald H. Ballou

Great Britain: Prentice Hall, 2005 1998 clear, direct and talks about supply-chain, logistics and also purchasing management. 2000


Arjan Van Weele


David N. Burt; Donald W Dobler; Stephen Starling


Edward Frazelle J. Ross Publishing


Demand Management Best Practices - Process, Principles, and Collaboration "Moving Mountains"

J. Ross Publishing


Lt Gen. Gus Pagonis (Ret.) Harvard Business Press DAVID J BLOOMBERG STEPHEN LEMAY JOE B HANNA HAU LEE


Building Supply Chain Excellence in Emerging Economies The Practice of Supply Chain Management: Where Theory and Application Converge (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) Managing the Supply Chain: The Definitive Guide for the Business Professional Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management



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