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Celestial Science

Max Steinberg, Ph.D. November 2011

Copyright 2011 by Max Steinberg All rights reserved Web site:

ISBN: 9780984824212 Limited Edition (Paperback, Digest Format: 5.5"x8.5")

Publisher: Max Steinberg Cover and book design: 2011 by Max Steinberg Cover art by Mikalojus Konstantinas iurlionis (1875-1911)

Table of Contents
Introduction.............................................................................4 Star Children............................................................................9 Our future...............................................................................33 Transformation of religion.................................................64 Reincarnation ......................................................................117 Higher Self ..........................................................................129

There is a need for integration of knowledge
This first edition is published on November 8, 2011, before the Official Disclosure. This work is very unusual in a way it brings together and blends science and spirituality, New Age channelings and ufology. It was created out of a desire to develop a university course for new metaphysics which would incorporate in a noncontradictory form the new biology, the new cosmology and the new understanding of reality that is produced by our realization that we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings. Because of the lack of integration, our collective mind seems to be suffering from a schizoid sort of dysfunction - which is characterized by simultaneous conflicting beliefs - the beliefs in science, in God and in extraterrestrials but with very little integration of these beliefs. This book is aimed at bridging this gap. I believe that this integration is much needed to ensure the continuity of knowledge. My understanding is that the need for integration of knowledge is growing with more people realizing that we are not alone not only in the Universe but right here, on the surface of the Earth.

I will try to keep it simple and avoid nonsense

I noticed that many books on metaphysics and New Age are written in a form that simply turns away general public. I see that even very bright, even very open-mined people are swayed away by the necessity to break away from their scientific way of thinking in order to learn new concepts of metaphysics. The books on metaphysics are typically written in a traditional esoteric style intended for insiders with the use of terms that are not well defined and often don't make sense to outsiders. I feel that all of these concepts and terms are to be spelled out and all concepts are to be sufficiently discussed for the introductory level students. In the book, I took the task to do just that: to spell out major concepts of the New Age and to question them. In his way I am sure to violate major beliefs of both materialistic science and of mainstream religion. Of course I do this because of my understanding that now is the time to integrate them into one

5 whole New Paradigm for the new times.

I am serious
Naturally there are more questions than answers about the nature of the world that is inaccessible to us yet, but we are getting the glimpses into the future answers and I truly believe that Now it is the time to put these questions and glimpses together. Therefore consider this book a straw man for the university course for the New Reality, the reality that takes seriously the science, the God and the extraterrestrial visitation.

It is far beyond ufology

This book differs much from the majority of the books in the ufology field that it starts from the point where the others stop. The majority of books on ufology start from well researched cases, invest the main effort proving to the general reader that the extraterrestrials are involved in our life and end by outlining the need to reform our world view and to integrate extraterrestrials. In this book, I am starting from the from accepting the fact that the aliens are secretly (as of 2011) and deeply involved in the Earths affairs and then I attempt a systematic integration of the knowledge about extraterrestrials into our science and world view. Consider this a guide to the postdisclosure science. I do want to teach this course some day, but as for now, no real-life universities come anywhere close to teaching such courses. On other hand, New Age and New Thought gatherings, conferences and retreats, virtual universities and online webinars do harbor the seeds for this New Science, and this book is a step in the same direction.

The giants
I am greatly appreciative of the few available previous works of this kind in the field such as The Field by Lynn McTaggart 1, "The Source Field Investigations" by David Wilcock 2,After disclosure by Richard Dolan 3, The conscious Universe by

Lynne McTaggart, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, Updated. (Harper Paperbacks, 2008). David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies (Dutton Adult, 2011). Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel, A.D. After Disclosure: The Peoples Guide to Life After Contact, 1st ed. (Keyhole Publishing, 2010).

6 Dean Radin 4 and Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett 5 among few others. I will be citing them extensively. Since many other excellent books are currently available that thoroughly exhibit the evidence of extraterrestrial involvement in our life, I will avoid the temptation to dwell in introductory phase. Instead I will refer the reader to excellent books of others6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13. Although in this respect the book is oriented at a reader advanced in ufology, in all other respects the book does not require special knowledge. That is to say that the book is targeted at general reader that has already obtained enough of evidence to accept the fact of involvement of extraterrestrials in Earth's affairs and now needs help in making peace between this new knowledge and old beliefs.

Why "celestial"?
Needles to say, the term "ufology" is a misleading and outdated. In fact, I corrected this distortion right in the title. Let me explain: Bashar jokingly suggested replacing the term "UFOs" with "IFOs" - identified friendly objects. Hence the term "ifology". Another term "extraterrestrials" (as a fancy name for the "aliens") is also misleading. For example, most notorious "Greys" are not only extraterrestrials, but also extra-dimensionals. The Agarthans, the ones that are most involved in our current affairs, are extradimensionals and intra-terrestrials (or inner-terrestrials). The channeled beings Bashar and Adronis are from the future, they are extra-temporals. Many alien beings are walking among us, so they
4 5





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7 are actually terrestrials. The angels like Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, are non-corporeal as well as Ascended Masters, Ra and others. What is characteristic of all beings and angels we are dealing with, they are all from higher densities (dimensions), since few or none of our density races is dealing with us - they are not allowed here, to prevent our mutual annihilation in war. Therefore main quality of the aliens and angels, is that they are from higher realms, that is heavenly, or celestial. Therefore I use the term "celestials" throughout the book and have "celestial science" for the title, signifying the unified blend of ancient and new teachings from Bashar and other channels, which I also refer to as "the New Paradigm".

I thank full-heartedly all my dear supporters for their help during writing of the book. I thank Rabbi Nechemia Vogel for predicting few years in advance that I will write a book and seeding a hope in my heart with his playful prediction. Please don't hold him responsible for any of my musings since neither he nor I had any idea how far I will go in my research. I would like to express my special gratitude to the leading UFO researcher Richard Dolan 14,15,16 who hinted to me in no uncertain terms that my presentation on the alien abductions (in September 2010) "was a ready book". That was a crucial piece of encouragement. Again neither Richard nor I at the moment didn't have a clue how far that would lead. I thank legendary Bob Dean for watching my video-presentation and providing the inspirational feedback. I thank Cookie Stringfellow, the organizer of the Rochester UFO interest group and coorganizer of my two support and study groups for the full support of my presentations and endeavors. I thank Rosemary for sharing her extraordinary contact experiences. I thank my friends Barbara Carlton, Peter, Kim, Carrie, Ben and contactees in my groups for sharing their experiences, support and discussions of the topics presented in this book. I thank Kathleen Walker for editing and encouragement. I thank my friends in Bashar list 17 and in other Internet forums for their discussions of the topics presented here. My absolute gratitude for the support, synchs and downloads from beyond The Veil goes without saying, especially because (for the record) this first edition has been written before the Official Disclosure, I had no conscious UFO sightings, nor conscious contacts, nor did consciously channel any entities. All the support from beyond The Veil, therefore, was indirect via good luck and inspiration for which I am very thankful. With my deepest appreciation, Max Steinberg, Ph.D. Rochester, NY November, 8, 2011
14 15 16 17

Dolan and Zabel, A.D. After Disclosure. Dolan and Vallee, UFOs and the National Security State. Dolan, The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991.

by Mikalojus iurlionis

Star Children
What are Star Children?
Star children, Starseeds, Indigo Children, Crystal Children are the terms for the children appearing now that have new abilities: mostly psychic abilities, ability to see beyond The Veil, telepathic abilities and the ability to manipulate our reality. Channeled18 Elias speaks about "Children of the Shift":
"Laura: Well, it's so funny you talk about my children. It makes me smile. I enjoy their energy very much, most of the time. (Laughs, and Elias laughs) Elias: Be remembering, figuratively speaking they are Children of this Shift. Therefore they already incorporate a knowing and are already implementing many of the expressions of this shift in consciousness. Allow yourself to incorporate genuine patience, which is not waiting but allowance, for they are quite efficiently directing of themselves." Elias, Session #1019, in 2002 19.

"Channeling" is delivering messages from heavenly beings by speaking or writing. In the past, channelers were referred to as saints, prophets or posessed. We will discuss the phenomenon of channeling later in the book



by Mikalojus iurlionis
"It is quite interesting, in viewing the incorporation of the beginning of your shift, that you may be noticing of your small ones who naturally, within and focus, incorporate an effortlessness in connecting with abilities and their connections to Essence. You will notice that these individuals, regardless of their circumstances, or their creations, or their choices, or their belief systems, which they have been taught, seem to be, to you, more in tune. In actuality, they are more in tune to Essence, for they are within an area of continuation, moving closer to the incorporation, totally, of this Shift. Elias, Session 86, in 1996

Bashar speaks about:

Bashar: You remember what we said about the children being born now, being a different species, who remember more of who they are? Well the old equivalent of two is now the equivalent of thirteen. That's why on our planet (E'Sassani), when our children are three, they're already going out and doing whatever they would do in our society. They are already in a sense old souls, and they know it. Therefore, that will be


by Mikalojus iurlionis
expressed more and more with more of the children being born. As their genetic patterns open up and allow them to remember more of who they are as beings, as spirits. And connect to more and more experience in a multitude of simultaneously coexisting incarnations. 20

Possible origination of Star Children

How is it possible that the whole species started producing offspring on mass that would deviate (shift) from it in a certain direction? We can name three simple possibilities: (1) Alien Hybridization Program: the genetic modifications were done "in vitro" and women were secretly fertilized during alien abductions. We will discuss this in detail below. (2) The changes were introduced in the population via viruses. We currently don't have any support for this idea. (3) Our genomes might have had these abilities all along in a hidden form and these hidden qualities begin to unravel due to activation of previously sleeping parts of our genomes by new vibrations of the Earth's electromagnetic and etheric field. We find it likely that a combination of all three mechanisms might

12 be responsible for the emergence of the Star Children. Due to historical reasons and much serious research done into alien abductions by UFOlogy and abductions researchers, this field of study sheds much light into the emergence and qualities of Star Children as a new specie and the reasons for this emergence.

Alien Abduction Research

The theme of alien abductions is especially important because it ties our genetic past and our genetic future. The more I learn about alien abductions, the more I realize that they are the key to the understanding our origins and who we are. Understanding the motives for the alien abductions surprisingly is also the key to many problems of our present and to what we may expect in the near future. It is hard to estimate the scale of alien abductions. Many abductees are not aware of them, some prefer to ignore them, some are aware, but prefer not to report them even anonymously fearing the leaks. Nonetheless, few reasonably designed and reasonably sized polls in 1990s estimated that alien abductions involved few percent of the population - these were the respondents that were aware of their abductions and are not afraid to report them in economized polls.
" polls suggest that 3 or even 4 percent of the general population have been abducted One such poll that fosters this idea is the oft-quoted Roper poll. Based on this poll, a report by abduction researchers Hopkins, Jacobs, and Westrum (1992) concluded that aliens had abducted almost four million Americans. The Roper organization allows for other questions to be tacked onto the end of its own regular polls. A representative sample of almost 6,000 were surveyed. Respondents were not directly asked if they had ever been abducted by aliens; instead, they were given a series of indicator questions about whether they had ever undergone the following experiences: Waking up paralyzed with a sense of a strange person or presence or something else in the room. Experiencing a period of time of an hour or more, in which you were apparently lost, but you could not remember why, or where you had been. Seeing unusual lights or balls of light in a room

without knowing what was causing them, or where they came from. Finding puzzling scars on your body but neither you nor anyone else remembering how you received them or where you got them. Feeling that you were actually flying through the air, although you didnt know why or how.21,22 A yes answer to four out of the five questions was taken as evidence of alien abduction. The 62-page report, with its introduction by John Mack, was defended by Hopkins and Jacobs on the basis that they were experienced researchers who had worked with nearly 500 abductees. this evidence was interpreted to conclude that up to 4 million Americans and 185 million earthlings have been abducted by aliens. The findings were mailed to over 100,000 mental health professionals in the United States. Error: Reference source not found

There are subtle indications that the rates of abductions dropped in recent years, after about the year 2002. Those of the abductees that consciously remember their trips to alien ships, report large incubator rooms containing thousands of embryos at different levels of development. 23 Channeled alien communications of Bashar24 and Cassiopaeans25 confirm the existence of so called alien hybridization program run primarily by Zeta Greys in collaboration with other alien races. The goals of the alien hybridization program have not been adequately revealed to us, so we have to be guessing and deducing them from the information available. Is this question important? In a larger prospective it is the most important question as it defines the future of humanity. What could we deduce from available facts and hints about the possible goals of this alien hybridization program?

Ronald D. Story, The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters: The Definitive Illustrated A - Z Guide To All Things Alien, Illustrated. (Robinson Publishing, 2002). Gary Bates, Alien intrusion (New Leaf Publishing Group, 2005).

22 23 24 25


by Max Steinberg. A reconstruction of alien "medical exam" based on many abductee drawings available on Internet (see for example:

1. One clear goal is to create new humanoid races and to place them on other planets. Bashar communicated that at least five humanoid races have been created by hybridizing human and grey DNA. We know of two such races from different channels: these are races named Sassani (channeled by Bashar) and Yahyel (channeled via Adronis26). 2. The second goal is to train abductees in emergency management. Abductee Jim Sparks reports that he and other abductees were trained to direct the evacuation of humans in disasters, to accommodate the refugees in the alien spaceships and in computer classes on the ships.27 Apparently, and fortunately, according to Bashar, Pleiadians and other alien channelings: by the 2011 we have likely passed the time when the major disasters were probable. Therefore these disaster rescue skills of the abductees hopefully might never find the need, nor use. 3. The third possible goal was conveyed to us in Cassiopaean transmissions. The goal is "to replace us". The idea is that humans may not be well genetically designed for whatever purposes the Greys have for us and they are modifying our genome to their liking. In this regard there are two possibilities: (1) They are already replacing us during multiple generations
26 27 Jim Sparks, The Keepers, 2nd ed. (Granite Publishing, 2008).

15 and via the families of abductees. It is possible that the abductees are already hybrids spiked with new DNA sequences. Some abductees have been told so by the aliens. (2) We will be removed from the planet and the planet will be repopulated with a new hybrid race. This removal is a very dominant theme in a large variety of alien communications. Bashar testifies that we will continue to be here for more than 300 years, but after 1000 years "will not reincarnate on Earth any longer". Pleiadians give us another 26, 000 years but it is not clear whether they imply us being current Homo Sapiens or a new hybrid race. Many New Age teachings teach that humanity will "Shift" to the higher level, density, dimension, leaving the planet for new species. Bashar predicts and promotes the idea of our friendly coexistence and interbreeding with Sassani and Yahyel races here on Earth very soon, possibly starting in 2020s. A Large number of New Age channels convey the plan by the Galactic Federation to have the humans migrate in the near future to another planet in a higher density. Some describe this in very general terms; others outline the use of very specific technological means brought to the Earth by Galactic Federation ships. 28 Regarding the hybridization program run by the Greys, it is not clear to us what is its purpose. It isn't even clear which exopolitical force is behind it. We are being told (by Bashar, Pleiadians, Sirians, Ra, Cassiopaeans, Andromedans, Alfred Webre 29, and others), that among many other forces of the Universe, the Earth is currently being dealt with by overlapping alliances Galactic Federation of Light, Interstellar Alliance (Association of Worlds) and Andromeda Council which collectively replaced Orion Empire which was controlling the Earth for many thousands of years. The Greys that were performing the hybridization program seem to have been a substantially independent contractor that was contracted by the Orion Empire. Based on multiple unclear messages by Pleiadians, Bashar and others, it seems that the hybridization program is not fully approved by Galactic Federation and Interstellar Alliance, which currently seem to be in control of the alien affairs with the Earth. We are being told (by Bashar, Cassiopaeans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromeda council and Ra) that

Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, 1st ed. (Spiritual Education Endeavors, 1994).


16 the representatives of the Orion Empire obtained the permission to run the hybridization program from human military powers sometime between 1934 and 1945, because the American military seemed to represent the Earth and they were very much spiritually resonating with the military of the Orion Empire. Thus it was the free will of the representative of the Earth to invite the hybridization program in exchange for the alien technologies. 30,31 One of the conditions of the agreement between the Orion Empire and Earth was that Earth powers will take a good care of the ecology. During about 1970-2006, both sides of the agreement deviated much from what was agreed upon and acted largely on their own. The main concern of the aliens was the ecology and in particular nuclear tests and weapons. Bashar reveals that nuclear tests impair alien spacecraft navigation systems not only in our reality but also in parallel worlds causing sometimes disappearance the alien craft from their worlds. The ecology is apparently of great concern for all the aliens dealing with the planet since the pollution makes our planet unusable for them in the future, whatever plans they have for it and us. One of the possibilities is that the hybridization program is a short living affair of the Orion Empire which possibly may have only a minor effect on future of the Humans. On the other hand, it already has a grand effect on the future of Sassani, Yahyel and few other races that were created in other realities with the use of Human and Grey genomes. Thus the purpose of the hybridization program on Earth is uncertain: it ranges from total replacement of us with the hybrids in near future to minimal effect. The good news is that apparently many of the alien civilizations dealing with us are interested in keeping whatever transformation is coming to the Earth from being overly traumatic. They seem to be very much willing to keep the life on the planet prospering and making sure that the souls of a few billion Homo Sapiens continue to reincarnate one way or another. Another more or less positive observation is that the exopolitical forces dealing with the Earth are currently in the state of peace.
30 31 interview with Bashar conducted by Ken Gullekson,

17 This peace seems to be of a kind of a balance between opposing forces, not unlike a cold war, but with a higher sophistication and blending between different forces. Contactees often observe representatives of multiple races peacefully interacting with each other on the ships, many of them being diplomats from likely different political forces.32
Questioner: We witnessed UFO mothership Who were they? I had a feeling that they were family or friends Bashar: It was a combination of beings: some of whom were Grey, some of whom were hybrid, some of whom were Pleiadians, some of whom were Sirians. Questioner: Wow, there was one group, Ashtar Command, that I was told they were. Bashar: No. The Ashtar Command idea is the Earth's interpretation of the higher level Consciousness, which is interpreted in your reality as if it is an extraterrestrial civilization which it is not. Q: they were friendly and I was so excited. Bashar: Yes! 33

The channeled communications from different exopolitical alliances while agreeing on many facts of the past, clearly contradict each other in representation and Judgment of the past alien influences on Earth, and also differ in their propaganda for our future actions and decisions. This clearly signifies that due to (1) current subtle peaceful balance between exopolitical forces and (2) the exopolitical rules, the homo sapiens as a developing specie has a saying, our free choice is a factor in which way the aliens may deal with us in near future. Unfortunately they respect not the few alternative voices but the will of the majority or the will of the true representatives of the majority. These wills of majority and of representatives are currently very inadequate to the situation and it is not clear how much time and education will be needed for our civilization to become able to make rational political and exopolitical choices. As we mentioned, there are multiple indications that the families of the abductees have been affected by the abductions through several generations, that these families have been genetically modified and
32 33

A contactee interview

18 that the abductees carry new capabilities, mostly in hidden form. Sometimes these new traits surface and surprise the abductees who realize that they are indeed hybrids.34

What are these traits?

The traits relate to the abilities that go beyond our physical reality: psychic abilities, ability to influence space and time, telepathy, remote viewing and so on. Altogether these abilities indicate that abductees provide us with a glimpse into the capacities of humans from the 4th density. These abilities are very much a characteristic of the beings of the 4th density. Bashar describes the life of Sassani at the 4th density. Some features of their life are very much like ours: they do have a planet with an atmosphere, water, sun, plants, cities; they have their sorts of laws, confederations, rules, hierarchy; they do have friends, mates, sexual reproduction, children and art. The differences are: Sassani don't wear clothes, bringing up of the children is shared by the whole race, all beings are connected telepathically all the time, experiences of each immediately become the experiences of all, time is much more transparent to them, they are capable to manipulate time and navigate not only in space but also in time, and they are always connected to the world of the dead and to higher realms. Apparently the abductees gain some of these capacities but not often and not at the extent as 4th density beings do. We are being taught by many channels that at current times the Earth's field oscillations become more permissive for the manifestations of 4th density. As now in 2011, we approach and as we will go beyond the 2012 threshold we are told by Bashar and other channels that we are gaining more capacity to Shift in and out the 4th density vibrations. Apparently, the abductees may have more of the ability for the 4th density vibrations than average humans. Although it is tempting to claim that the abductees are hybrids while unaffected humans are "normal", it would be more correct to remember that we all are hybrids. The process of hybridization was happening in waves and the modern hybridization program may be considered another wave of infusing our already quite hybridized specie with more of the extraterrestrial DNA. According to many channeling sources (including Bashar,

Listen for example to a personal account by Cynthia Crawford

19 Pleiadians, Cassiopaeans, Ra, Sirians and Andromedans), we are a result of hybridization of multiple alien races with earthly hominid DNA. We were historically infused with the DNA sequences of at least 7 extraterrestrial races: Annunaki, Zeta Grey, Sirian, Pleiadian, and three more races which Bashar was not allowed to reveal at the time of communication. 35 The last wave hybridization in the recent times infuses us with grey DNA.36 Bashar tells us that Yahyel race will be the by M.S. first to contact the Earth likely between years 2015 and 2017 and they will tell us the story of our creation. 37

The discussion
To highlight important points in conversational manner, I provide a discussion of nonfictional material by fictional characters who represent different aspects of the author.

On trauma
Q: I am trying to imagine what is like to live a life of an abductee. How much trauma and suffering do they have to go through! A: There is no question that the abductees undergo extraordinary trauma. What makes things worse, their main trauma comes from the necessity of hiding mere fact of their abductions from the people. This combination of helplessness towards the aliens and the need of keeping the abductions secret is the main essence of their suffering. Q: Is there anything that can be done to help them? A: First and foremost is acknowledgement and support. A good way to help is to create abductee support groups, where the abductees can share freely their experiences and receive psychological support and advice. From the existing support groups we learn that the opportunity to share and be understood is
David M. Jacobs, The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda, 1st ed. (Simon & Schuster, 1999).


20 the key element of help that is most appreciated by the abductees. Understand also that they are not only "abductees" but also "contactees"! That is they have the experience of interacting with the aliens, asking questions and getting answers from them and even receiving training for them. Their knowledge is of extraordinary value for the humanity! It is also likely that abductees are our future in evolutionary sense. Their families are very likely genetically modified. They can be called "genetically modified humans". Moreover they are likely carrying the genes that will make possible the transition of the humanity to the next dimensional level. They and their children are likely a new breed of Homo Sapiens and even possibly our main hope - it is possible that only with their help we may be able as a civilization to raise ourselves to the nest level. The may be carrying the genes for the new traits that have been so wanted by us in the past - the ability to see and control the events beyond the Veil. The main theme of the Ra 38 and Cassiopaean39 channelings is that only a small fraction, under 5% of humans will make it through the Shift or in other terms - be "harvested". Strangely, this "harvest" although dominant in many transmissions is very vaguely defined. Interestingly, these "under 5%" is also the estimated number of the abductee families that are likely carrying the new genes for the next dimensional level. Therefore we may suppose that as the Earth enters the "photon belt" (according to the Pleiadians 40 and Sirians41) and Shift to the 4th density (according to many (Ra, Cassiopaeans, Pleiadians, Bashar42)), only the genetically modified humans will be able to keep up with the new Earth vibrations. If this is the case we shall all look at the abductees not as victims but as saviors and our only hope. Secondly, it was the abductees of unknown past that through their trauma provided their genes to the experiments that, according to Bashar, resulted in creation of Yahyel, and Sassani that are in

Don Elkins, James Allen McCarty, and Carla Rueckert, The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, illustrated edition. (L/L Research, 1984). Laura Knight-Jadczyk, High Strangeness - Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction, 2nd ed. (Red Pill Press, 2008). Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light (Bear & Company, 1995). Essene and Nidle, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human.



41 42

21 communication with us via Bashar and Adronis43. The abductees of the recent wave have been used by Zeta Greys (some unwillingly and others voluntarily) to create many enormous numbers of new hybrids some of which are to form new races in the future. These races might be somewhat foreign to us, but serving this purpose is an honorable duty - undeniable in human terms and apparently in Galactic terms by Max Steinberg. A reconstruction of as well. "brain implant implantation" Third, the abductees (voluntarily and not) have served in creation of a backup embryo bank for saving human genetic fund for the case of possible extinction. Although providing the embryos for this purpose is a very traumatic experience for the abductees (accompanied by miscarriages and false pregnancies of female abductees), the goal of saving our genetic fund is very honorable. Bashar tells us that although many abductees don't realize this now, but their spirits have chosen this service voluntarily prior to the incarnation. Q: That would be impossible to verify... How can we tell what our spirits agreed upon? A: Indeed. Q: Are you saying that abductions are good? A: Neither good nor bad. Rather both good and bad. "This and that", as Bashar often says. Let's consider the nature of the trauma. Some abductees never come to peace with their abductions. They fight it here on Earth and fight it over there - in the star ships. Other abductees or contactees volunteer to serve "the salvation of the specie", cooperate with the Zeta Greys full-heartedly and in exchange, are allowed to keep many of their abduction memories. Some evolve in their acceptance of fate and some become

Jefferson Viscardi PhD, Insights with Adronis from Sirius: Beyond Extraterrestrial Disclosure: Direct Extraterrestrial Dialogue (Outskirts Press, 2010).

22 appreciative of their mission. Much of the trauma comes from the need to live double life - from unavoidable shifting between the realities, from compulsory blocking the abduction memories by the Zetas on one hand and by the eventual surfacing of the horrible abduction memories on other hand. Although these problems seem to be only psychological - they are very powerful and the abductees have very little control over them. Another big part of trauma comes from the perceived helplessness of the abductees in relation to childbirth and taking care of their children. Women suffer much from carrying and loosing hybrid fetuses and also resulting medical complications; and men - from forced sperm donation during abductions. The sexual life of the abductees of both genders is greatly harmed by these traumatic experiences. Many abductees are being briefly introduced to their hybrid children on the ships during the abductions. The Zetas do this since they believe it is healthy for the hybrid babies to be physically held by their parents and that is it healthy for the children to see their physical parents once in a while. The parenthood of hybrid children maybe a source of joy but is also a source of distress for the abductees since their children are hybrid, and because they are separated from them. It is, especially traumatic for those abductees that were not able to have their children on Earth again due to physical and psychological trauma. The only consolation for the abductees may be that they (sometimes voluntarily and often not) are able to give origin to many hybrid offspring (10-20) and take part in evolution leap of the human race and creation of the new ones.


On anger (a discussion at the support group.)

Q: I am trying hard to surface up my abduction memories but most of them remain inaccessible to me. by Max Steinberg. A reconstruction of "brain implant implantation" I am considering hypnotic regressions. I do really want to find out the details of what happened to me. When I think of the abductors, my main feeling is anger. What right did they have to mess with me! A: I dont know whether the anger is the best emotion to deal with the trauma and with the questions you have. Lets think for a moment about which emotions can be invoked to help your cause. Are there better alternatives to anger? At the time of experience and after it - retrospectively? As Bashar teaches: we may have no or little control over events but we do have control over which emotions to use during the experiences - this is where our free will and free choice are at full power. Now when I think of alternatives to anger there are many emotions that may help in dealing with the traumatic experience. It doesn't matter that at the time of experience we have little control over emotions - we can re-think and re-live the experience at later time. The time is quite transparent and it can be transparent in both directions - forward and reverse, therefore re-feeling the experience with a new emotion may be a very productive exercise. Here are the alternative emotions that may help: 1. Wonder, positive amazement, interest, scientific inquisitiveness, hunger of learning, emotion of study, emotion of a student meeting a new problem. 2. Whatever. No matter what. Is that happening to my body or my soul? Which part of my soul? No matter what happens - I as a soul will survive. This is just a learning experience - I am guided - so no matter what, I will manage - what a ride - let's enjoy the ride! Whatever - I have no control over the events so why to bother feeling involved? I am just a

24 passive observer - whatever happens is not in my control - so all I can do is enjoy the ride. 3. Love. Of self and of others. Love and sorrow for the evil ones - they are so confused! Compassion to self and all. Acceptance of all with love and compassion. Immersion into all and withdrawal from any part of it. Just redefining the border of self - feel being part of whatever bothers you - put yourself into the Other's position. Step beyond for a moment. And step beyond both of you to look at both of you from above. 4. Sorrow for all. 5. Joy for all. 6. Forgiveness of self and of all. As soon as you forgive, you withdraw from the situation as it looses the polarization. Forgive and withdraw. 7. Thankfulness for the experience - all experiences are said to be chosen by your Higher Self in advance before the current incarnation. 8. Desire for higher justice. 9. Is this experience due to events in past lives? In future lives? 10. Surrender. Give up. Let it be. Whatever. 11. Play - be creative. Imaging that someone smarter would do something fun at the situation. Tell yourself - if I was smarter - what would I do? If it is all that hopeless - let's steer the situation with some playful action! Check it out! 12. Negotiate - with higher force -Higher Self - say I want an extension what I am to do for that? What work should I do and how do I need to change to deserve a piece of new life energy? There many more emotions and approaches - this is just a beginning. And after all, with some practice one could develop and master a favorite sequence of emotion - an archetypal one would be: fear - surrender sorrow - acceptance - forgiveness - love - playfulness - joy - getting used to - boredom - time to move on. Did you notice the absence of anger? Hope it helps a bit.

Discussion continued. On the relativity of evil.

Let's now take a look at the abductions from a different prospective. We already discussed that being an abductee can be

25 considered a misfortune or a blessing depending on the prospective. Compared to "normal" human life - being an abductee can be taken as misfortune and a source of trauma. But, if we consider that (according to the majority of channels) "normal" human existence is going to come to an end in a matter of years and if we consider that abductees and their families are the source of new genes giving the humanity hope to evolve and by evolving to survive, then the being taken is a gift, and a very precious one. Bashar teaches that although we don't have a choice of the circumstances and have little control over experiences we have to go through, what we do have control over is our attitude towards the circumstances and the experiences. And we typically choose our attitude based on our interpretation of the events. Here is a simple example. Imaging that you and your loved one got stuck in traffic. You have two choices to be angry and irritated by the fact you can not influence or you can use the opportunity spending time together with your loved one in a secluded and protected environment. The choice is yours. That is an example that also illustrates Bashar's mantra: "Circumstances don't matter, only my state of being matters! What state of being do I prefer?" In this scenario, do I prefer being irritated or do I prefer happiness of intimacy? The choice is ours. Consider another example. As adults most of us go to dentists voluntarily. We do so because we believe that the dental work is good for us. Consider now a hypothetical situation in which dental work is a punishment. Imagine the pain and fear of dental work taken only as a punishment without realization of its therapeutic effect. Imagine how horrific this trauma could be! The point I am trying to make is that a part of the trauma of the abductees is sometime purely psychological and comes from choosing to victimize self. It comes sometimes from misinterpreting the circumstances, specifically from assuming that the abductors are evil and that either they or the abductee have a choice of stopping them. Consider this example from Bashars Q&A session. Bashar, channeling via Daryl Anka, is a very active channel. His sessions are often spread over two days and allow many of the people in audience to publicly chat with the extraterrestrial. Since Bashar uses Daryls mind and experience, he is capable of communicating in a very much human manner, although his insights are very unusual

26 and reveal his extraterrestrial ways of thinking. A woman was asking for Bashars comments on her quite traumatic experience. During the sleep she was abducted by some alien beings who presented themselves to her as very loving and friendly. They grabbed her hands and invited her to dance. They started dancing by spinning her while holding her hands. Initially she enjoyed the experience, but as the spinning became faster and faster and she asked to stop. Indifferent to her pleadings, the beings continued to speed up the dance gripping her so tightly that it hurt. She begged to stop to no avail. The woman perceived this childhood experience as very traumatic and asked Bashar to interpret it. Very unexpectedly, Bashar explained that the alien beings didnt intend to harm her, that the traumatic experience was caused by malfunction of their instrumentation which was caused by unusual disturbances in the space-time fabric. During the abduction, the aliens were holding her hands in order to assist transferring her between dimensions, when the malfunction of instrumentation did occur causing the perceived spinning of the girl. They had to hold her hands tightly so not to loose her into the interdimensional space. This was the reason they had to hold her tightly and that is what caused her trauma. Unfortunately the beings were not advanced enough to explain or to heal this trauma at the time. Bashar brought their sincere apologies to her for the accident. Interestingly, the fact that Bashar was able to apologize for the accident indicated that Sassani or one of other groups that are being represented by Bashar was involved in the abduction. This is in agreement with the repeated claims by Bashar that many of us have experiences of meeting Sassani, but these memories were hidden. Bashar urges us to try to remember these meetings and predicts that these memories will start to surface frequently during these years of "the shift". In order to heal the psychological trauma of the experience, it helps very much to understand that trauma is the result of erroneous perception. Consider that the experiences are given to us to induce a change - it is our mental choice whether we perceive them as trauma or as a lesson. Let me illustrate this point: take for example natural events that are both unavoidable and periodic, as a nightfall, a rain, or a winter. How traumatic can it be for an individual to go through a nightfall? Through a rain? Through a winter? Really, not much. And why is that? Because we perceive them as natural and unavoidable. We realize that we don't have a

27 choice. And we are willing to adjust - to slow down, to prepare for the night, the rain, the winter: to change ourselves in a nontraumatic way and to live through the experience without taking it personally. Understand now that the psychological trauma of many of the abductees is due to the fact that they fail to do their research and fail to realize that they are not really humans. Of course it is traumatic to for a human to realize that she is not a human, but how traumatic is it for an advanced alien to realize that she is an advanced alien? Remember a fairy tale of ugly duckling. Just realizing who you are changes the prospective completely. And this heals the trauma. One thing is going through a mischief with a mindset of a victim and another - going though exactly the same physical mischief with an understanding of a mission. One more thing to understand is that the experience is largely unavoidable. It is not only that the experiencer has little influence on the events it is also true that the abductors have little choice as well. They are on a mission too and it is their mission and their job to see the procedures through. It is really important for them and that is why they do that. Consider the example of parents taking their child to a doctor to have immunizations done. For the child, it is an unavoidable experience. She can have some influence on the circumstances and the timing but only if she cooperates.

How alien are the aliens?

A common misconception is that the aliens have human motives, human logic and human ways of interaction. In some ways they do behave like humans - they often behave as loving, compassionate, caring, dutiful. It is a big relief for the humans to see that they do make mistakes, sometimes even silly ones. Zeta Greys are not well coordinated physically, so they often do purely mechanical errors resulting from their clumsiness. But their motives and way of thinking are very far from human. This relates to Zeta Greys and also to many other aliens dealing with us. Naturally, different races relate to us very differently. Close to us are some of the Pleiadians, Sirians, Yahyel and few others. Zeta Greys are pretty distant to the extent that they don't consider

28 us much of sentient beings. The way of thinking of the Reptilians is very remote from us. In this regard, the abductors are not particularly good or evil, benevolent or malevolent. They are neutral towards the abductees. Think of them as of humans breeding domesticated animals. Consider a farmer breeding chicken or a veterinarian performing vaccinations on cats or dogs. They may at times demonstrate affection or aloofness towards the animals but in general they are just doing their job. They certainly know what is better for the animals and rarely consider a will of an animal. We behave this way because we are in control and higher on evolutionary scale than animals. The aliens to the same and behave as farmers or veterinarians because they are in control and because they are higher on evolutionary scale than we. The aliens that deal with us are from the higher dimension and look upon us, 3D humans with the sense of superiority. It is not only that they are much smarter, but they also have access to much greater knowledge. And this would not be only knowledge of academic disciplines, but simple and straightforward vision of objects and subjects unseen to us. Consider that they have a very good control of time. They can move in our time back and forth, speed it up, and slow it down. They can even create pockets of time which are in fact temporary worlds (Bashar). These are typically the worlds where the abductees are taken during the abductions. Since the abductees are taken in the time pockets outside of our reality, they can be returned at arbitrary times. In some cases, hours spent by an abductee on a ship become minutes in our time. Sometimes hours on a ship become days in our time. There is a account 44 of an abductee that was returned too early - can you guess what he observed? Yes, he met himself for a brief moment. Manipulation of space and matter can be done by higher dimensional beings either technologically or naturally, only by a mental effort. Even more important is to appreciate their telepathic abilities. Not only can they read our thoughts and control our feelings, they are in constant telepathic (telempathic45) connection with other live beings of their civilization as well as with higher guides and with the spirits of the world of dead. This makes them think very
44 45

Jim Sparks, The Keepers, 2nd ed. (Granite Publishing, 2008). Telempathy is frequently mentioned by Bashar and is a common term for a merge between telepathy and empathy where not only factual information is shared but also emotions.

29 differently. Their identity is very different from humans. From a very early age they are part of the whole race as of a unified organism. The existence of this telempathic link between individuals of a race is the key to understanding behavior and motivations of the higher dimensional aliens. The individuals in the telepathic 5th dimension (4th density) races are primarily perceiving themselves a part of a bigger organism which is their race. Their individuality is therefore much less pronounced than in humans. They always feel the common purpose of the race and serve this purpose. This possibly is why it was observed that individual Zeta Greys are not afraid of death; for them the body is just a disposable vehicle. When the Zeta do their abduction work, they are primarily concerned that they are fulfilling a mission. It is very important for them to do their work well. Some abductees developed a sort of personal relationship with their abductors. As the abductions continue throughout ones lifetime, the Zeta display many human features: curiosity, compassion, sense of humor, secretiveness, respect for authority, for order, fear of making mistakes, love of children, and pride of good work. All that being said, these qualities are not universal, and vary between individuals, types and ages of Zeta. As I mentioned, among humanoids that deal with us, Zeta Greys are most distant humanoids from us in all aspects. But they were the ones who ran the alien hybridization program and who were most frequently encountered by abductees. Among people dealing with us, there are other star people who are much closer to us in appearance and ways of life. Some are so close that they would pass unnoticed in a human crowd. Nonetheless from few glimpses at the life and psychology of the 4th density beings, we were able to reconstruct some of their properties such as ability to move in time, telepathy and interconnectedness. More relevant to the topic of abductions is the understanding of their motives in running the abduction and hybridization program. We reviewed some glimpses into their attitude in the abductions and why they are causing psychological trauma to the abductees and how this can be interpreted.


A discussion of abductions in relation to the future of Earth.

Please consider the following discussion for a conversational illustration of these ideas. Q: I am somewhat confused. Are the abductions evil or not so much so? Is the alien hybridization program evil, or maybe not so much so? Are the aliens evil, or are there good aliens and bad aliens? Shall we pray to be spared of abductions or maybe otherwise, shall we pray for being taken? A: It is very important for us to clearly understand one simple thing: the answer to these very confusing questions depends on one simple straightforward answer that is currently unknown to us. What is the future of the Earth? Interestingly, this future may be in direct dependence of what we are collectively doing right now, right here, on this page, from how we resolve this riddle for ourselves. Thus our future may depend on what we resolve and what we resolve depends on our future. As you can see we have here a loop, and this loop seems to be self enforcing, that is unstable and prompting to resolve one way or another. If you could see what it means: this means that we are at unique situation when our thoughts and our actions actually do matter. In this very unusual instance they, the aliens, the Universe, the gods are actually waiting for our resolution, listening to our opinion. We have to make a collective choice. Let's consider two very simplistic alternatives: 1. Nothing happens. The Greys got to finish their secret hybridization program, created species they wanted, housed them elsewhere and left us along to continue our evolution. In this particular case, the abductees can be proud that they gave rise to new races, that they are the founding parents of these new races. They might also enjoy some of new talents that they acquired during abductions. On other hand, they continue carry the trauma of abductions, and memories of traumatic and unfair treatments that they were subjected. They will age, die off and become forgotten as became forgotten many unfairly treated heroes of the past. The only difference is that the abductees were unfairly treated not by humans but by aliens. The moral in this scenario is more or less straight forward. Aliens are selfish and aloof to suffering of

31 the abductees, but their causes somewhat justify their means. (They were re-creating, reviving their own specie and created more species elsewhere). Not unimportantly in this scenario, we continue to operate with human sense of good and bad, human ethics. 2. In the second scenario, the aliens secretly or openly will introduce the hybrids and assist or force the humanity to mutate or evolve or devolve or become genetically modified into a new human-grey hybrid specie. Then our judgment of the result really depends on the quality of the result and on the circumstances of the transformation. If this transformation into a new specie is avoidable and is enforced against our free will, then it is evil, from our prospective. If this is the only chance for humans to survive on a quickly transforming planet, then is may be not so bad. The ultimate question is whether they are saving us from a coming disaster or whether they are violating our sovereignty. And honestly, we don't know the answer. Those who pretend knowing the answer likely are mistaken or misleading. We don't have this information. So many channels from Beyond The Veil consistently tell us that the Shift is naturally coming, that the Shift is unavoidable, that it is not possible to simply discount them. That is basically the current state of affairs (in summer 2011). Only under these two conditions: If (1) the Shift is unavoidable, and if (2) the hybridization is going to save the humans from a disaster, then the abductees are not victims, they are our future, our hope, our saviors. Form this point of view their trauma is not in vain, their suffering is paving the way to our salvation. But this, as we said, would be only if hybridization is the only way to have us saved from otherwise unavoidable disaster. Is it possible to find it out? Do the communications from Beyond The Veil contain an answer to this question? Are we heading to a disaster? Is the Shift unavoidable? Is the hybridization by the Zeta Greys and towards the Zeta Grey genetics the only way of saving us? Surprisingly, there is a multitude of communications shedding

32 some light (the whole rainbow of light) on this question and offering us some answers.


Our future
We are shifting
What is ahead? Naturally, this is a most important question and it also appears most controversial. We will address it based on the new knowledge obtained from celestial communications (The New Paradigm). The absolute majority of sources promise a radical transformation of the Humankind. The evolutionary Shift to a new density (from 3rd to 4th) or a new dimension (from 3rd to 5th) is the main focus of many extraterrestrial sources 46,47,48,49,50. While there is agreement between the sources on the fact of the Shift in general, the timeline for the changes varies radically.

Predictions by Bashar

Bashar 51, one of our most trusted channeled sources, testifies that the human civilization is doing reasonably well 300 years into the future and predicts our presence on Earth for about 1000 years from now, after which point we "will no longer incarnate on Earth". We render Bashar a very trusted source. It is the best possible channeled source available since it is very informative, internally consistent, consistent with other channels and sources, consistent across the 26 years of its existence and in addition, Bashar demonstrates excellent characteristics of the channel which would be very difficult to fake. Bashar claims to come from a parallel reality which corresponds to our future and to have some insights about our possible future. We know of one prediction of Bashar that came true. In 1997 he predicted with 70% probability that a nuclear power station will explode in Japan around the year 2009 and commented that they (extraterrestrials) will make sure that the reactor will happen to be shut down by






Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light (Bear & Company, 1995). Lee Carroll, Kryon, and Patricia Cori, Great Shift, The: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond (Weiser Books, 2009). Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians (Bear & Company, 1992). Daugherty and Associates, Paradise: A Short Story About Life After the Shift (Trafford Publishing, 2006). David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies (Dutton Adult, 2011).

34 humans before the explosion. That prediction came true in Fukushima disaster in 2011. Indeed some of the Fukushima reactors were deactivated for their maintenance before the tsunami. Interesting was a hint to the ability of Bashar's extraterrestrial coworkers (of the Association of Worlds, which Bashar diplomatically represents) to invisibly manipulate human affairs. Here is a quote on Fukushima from Wikipedia confirming that some of the reactors were deactivated for maintenance:
"The Fukushima nuclear disaster is a series of equipment failures, nuclear meltdowns, and releases of radioactive materials at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, following the Thoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. The plant comprises six separate boiling water reactors. The Fukushima disaster is the largest nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, but it is more complex as multiple reactors are involved. At the time of the quake, Reactor 4 had been de-fuelled while 5 and 6 were in cold shutdown for planned maintenance. The remaining reactors shut down automatically after the earthquake." Wikipedia 52

In addition, Bashar made other important predictions. These were pronounced in at least four of his public appearances spread over the period from 1997 to 2009 in which he repeated his predictions with minor variations53. Note that although Bashar (as he says) is speaking from our future, he cautions that we continue to have the ability to make choices and retain free will, therefore his predictions are only reflective of our global momentum, they are extrapolations of our current tendencies. Bashar predicts that: 1. Many key vibrations and processes will synchronistically converge in and around December of 2012 at which point our affairs will start improving. 2. Life will proceed more or less normally through key points such as 2012, 2015, 2033, 2050 and beyond 2300 AD. 3. Around 2015 (in the range of 2013-2017), the mainstream public will know for a fact, without doubt, that the extraterrestrials exist.
52 53 Bashar predictions can be found at

35 4. Controlled bilateral contacts will take place in isolated places on Earth at 2015-2025. Some of these contacts will be "physiological". (Based on context, Bashar likely implied that humans and the visitors will live together and may even interbreed in designated towns or bases.) 5. The first race to contact us is going to be Yahyel, human-grey hybrids. The third race to physically contact us at the years following 2033 will be Bashars race, Sassani, again human-grey hybrids. Interestingly, Bashar clearly was not permitted to disclose the second race that is designated by the Association of Worlds to contact us. 6. Bashar predicts that humans will join Galactic community by 2033-2037 and "will function as a fully fledged member of Galactic community by around the year 2050". Bashar predicts that in 2050 humans will still have many of our current social institutions - some form of money, some political borders, some forms of education, art, professions etc. 7. Bashar mentions that at his dimension - reality corresponding to our time of around 2300 A.D., Sassani is closely interacting with humans of the Earth on many projects; at this time there are still many social structures remaining that we have today. Thus, Bashar's predictions are very soothing and reasonably optimistic. Comparing the tone of his public sessions also strikes by apparent evolution of the mood, tone, emotion of his predictions: the tone evolves from very tense and almost tragic in 1997, it was still very uneasy and cautious in 2006 and greatly lightened up in 2009. Recent Bashar's sessions in 2010 and 2011 are humorous, optimistic and easy-going. This corresponds to lightening up of predictions and the tone by channels from other civilizations.

The Quarantine
The Shift is the major topic of the majority of communications. But its nature is very unclear. Many communications seem to be unable or unwilling to disclose the nature of the Shift. One reason for that may be that as we are being told, the Earth was under a Quarantine for thousands of years. This Quarantine was instilled on us by the Galactic Community for many reasons. One of which was to give us a sense, an illusion of being independent so that we could evolve more efficiently. This illusion likened us to

36 God since we were tricked in believing that we are in control and responsible for our destiny. We are not sure whether this worked as intended since we (as we are being told) were secretly manipulated by various friendly and not so friendly extraterrestrial forces throughout our history. Bashar reveals the plan of our extraterrestrial overseers to lift the Quarantine in 2012. Bashar says that we shouldn't expect the ships to land right away, but from that point on they would be allowed to land, if humans would invite them.

Dealing with the contradictions

Failed predictions and our criteria of trustworthiness
Let's now review Pleiadian and Sirian predictions. Currently, several Pleiadian and Sirian channels predict a Great Shift in our reality happening from 2012 through 2017 54,55,56,57,58. Although these predictions are more or less consistent between the channels, there is a problem with many of these channels: they already predicted radical events, such as mass landing of Galactic Federation and several days of darkness in 1995-2003. Since none of this happened, these channels lost much of their credibility. Q: If these channels lost their credibility, why to mention them? A: Please note, that it helps much to differentiate whether we believe that the channel is genuine (a true channel from beyond The Veil) and whether we believe what the channel tells us. There is a huge difference.

Genuineness vs. truthfulness

For example, some people dislike all information pertaining to extraterrestrials. There could be two reasons: (1) Do we believe that we are not visited by extraterrestrials or (2) are we simply afraid of thinking about them? Some people rebel to the idea of God. There could be two reasons: (1) Do we believe in the absence of any Higher Intelligence or (2) do we reject a specific form of relationship with the Higher Intelligence? Ultimately, some researchers mistrust channeled messages. At this point we would
54 55 56 57 58

Sheldan Nidle's predictions: Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda. Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations.

37 like to differentiate two possibilities: (1) Do we reject the celestial origin of the message or (2) do we accept that the message is celestial but mistrust its content? Differentiating the mistrust in origin vs. content helps the research very much. We can easily imagine the alien propaganda in which the celestials would mix true facts with a measure of intentional or unintentional distortions of truth.

Signs of genuine celestiality

While watching the channeling sessions on YouTube and reading channeled books we always look for signs of origination of the message - is it of human or non-human source? Of course many of the signs can be forged, but since many of the channeled messages are biased, promote certain ideas, in many cases it is possible to find imperfections in the message which actually work against the idea of the message. These imperfections sometimes allow an observer to judge whether the imperfections are of human or non-human origin.

Looking for typical errors

Sometimes a message contains an error which would be a typical human factual error, the error that extraterrestrial entities with their knowledge would not make and this would indicate that the error comes from the ignorance of the channeling medium. In other cases, an error may be a typical extraterrestrial error, which a human would easily catch but an extraterrestrial being foreign to our reality would miss. For example, Sheldan Nidle, a channeler educated in Germany is passionately promoting the ideas of nearing mass contact after which billions of humans will voluntarily walk into so called "relocation chambers" that will technologically upgrade us to a new higher-dimensional body. In earlier messages they were called "relocation chambers", and in later messages these chambers were called "light chambers". We reason that this term is not coming from a human, since a human, and especially Nidle, being educated in Germany, would immediately associate these chambers with the infamous gas chambers used by Nazi. If Nidle were to invent the term himself, he would name those chambers transformers, elevators, portals, engines, gates, incubators, shifters, lifters, time machines, rooms, doors, windows, halls, cabinets, offices, crystals, cathedrals, chests, but not chambers, God

38 forbid! No human in sober mind would advocate for us going to chambers to leave the Earth for lifting to higher realms! The obvious absurdity of this formula makes us believe that Nidle is indeed a genuine channel, and that whatever mistakes are vocalized by Nidle are of genuine non-human origin. And since these messages are of non-human origin we better pay attention to them. It would be easy to dismiss many such predictions if there was a good chance that these channels were in fact faked by humans. But our understanding of the style, nature and content of these channels leads us to conclude that the channels are genuine and come from non-human intelligence. If these channels are real, then the question arises whether they are genuinely mistaken in the predictions or whether these false predictions are intended for our disinformation. This is an essential question as it relates to our immediate future and predicted radical changes in our reality. The channeled messages and information of contactees comes almost always charged with predictions. Alien abductees are almost inevitably exposed to realistic images of global disasters. Channeled materials are as a rule charged with the idea of the Shift, Harvest, Transition to a higher dimension, etc. Some channels predict wonderful positive changes, other - nasty disasters. At some scenarios, we are to vacate the Earth, at other - we Shift with the Earth altogether.

If the channels are genuine, why do they lie?

We tend to conclude that these channeled beings were genuinely mistaken and that the Shift that they predicted was simply delayed in our reality. Therefore we conclude that the change is likely coming but not as soon as predicted. Bashar and others explain that we already are in the new vibration and the Shift has already started, but its nature is less radical than predicted by some more radical channels. Indeed we observe some changes currently happening in mass consciousness, in society and in technology; therefore we may accept that some of the predictions indeed came true, but clearly, neither days of total darkness nor mass landings have happened so far.

Nidle's predictions
The soonest, earliest radical changes are repeatedly predicted by Sheldan Nidle who channels a group of human-looking

39 extraterrestrials from Sirian civilization. His recent channelings predict a full-blown Disclosure in 2011, global replacement of governments, change of currency, and mass landing of Sirians and other members of Galactic Federation in 2012, followed by temporary evacuation of total human population from the Earth for the time of its metamorphosis. Again, the problem with Sheldan Nidle predictions is that he predicted landings and the darkness in 1995-1996 and thus lost much of his credibility.
Nidle writes:" let's go over the entire scenario of the photon belt experience and get an idea of what is about to happen. As mentioned it will likely occur sometime between March of 1995 and December of 1996. Your planet will experience a great field of darkness as it approaches the null zone and your solar system becomes immersed in the zone. Suddenly, the twilight level of darkness will be replaced by complete darkness. It will be as though the entire planet has been thrown into an incredibly huge closet and the door closed behind you. The sun will have disappeared from view and you will be unable to see stars in the pitch black sky. Day will have suddenly turned to night as the null zone's compression of solar and stellar light will blot out the sun and even the stars. You will know by the total darkness that you have now entered the null zone and begun the transformation process. As you begin to accept the shock of this utter darkness, you will find that something else has happened. Not only are you in the dark but none of your electrical devices will work anymore. Once the pumps quit and water tanks are empty, water will not run and toilets will not flush. Lights cannot be turned on. Cars will not start. Hence, you are now in a whole new world." 59

As you see, Nidle predicted very radical, very specific unambiguous changes that didn't come true. Nonetheless, we continue finding his channelings genuinely celestial since they are in good agreement on many details with many other channelings from Pleiadians and Sirians. Therefore we have tens if not hundreds channels speaking for Pleiadians and Sirians which provide generally believable picture with incorporations of radically flawed predictions. This field of study is plagued by this obvious problem and we will continue to address it in the course of this book.

Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, 1st ed. (Spiritual Education Endeavors, 1994).


So how is it possible to make sense out of all these messages?

Q: Isn't it simpler to reject them all? How can we accept these messages if they failed us in the past? A: A wise Chinese proverb says: You can if you must. In our current situation, this literally means we have to make sense of the communications from beyond The Veil because this is crucial for our sanity. We already learned enough to realize that the old paradigms don't work anymore. We have received enough clues from beyond The Veil to realize that the truth is out there. Our task now is to figure out how to interpret what we are being told from beyond The Veil.

Research of the celestial world

Celestial world
Lets re-examine why do we believe that the world beyond The Veil exists and is highly relevant. There is a large number of communications from beyond The Veil which contain a very coherent message, referred here as The New Paradigm. They differ in some details but they convey enough information to prove beyond doubt that they are indeed messages from beyond The Veil; this is to say from celestial, immaterial, spiritual, nonphysical world, not from earthly humans. Carefully designed studies proved that.60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67

Proofs of existence of non-material world.

It was a very critical question for the scientists to determine whether nonphysical world exists and they have done it under








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41 scrutiny and attacks of skeptics. Yes, it is possible to carefully control whether the sources are truly independent. The large body of studies, literally hundreds of scientific studies have been done proving that there is specific information coming from nonmaterial world. These studies are reviewed in works by Dean Radin1, 1, Charles Tart68 and Lynne McTaggart1. This is the first step: Acceptance of existence and accessibility of immaterial world.

Next, we start looking at communications from beyond The Veil and discover that there again is amazing amount of consistency between the independent communications. Example of that would be channelings by beginners - youth or people who were not exposed to the New Age teachings before. Another example of independent communications are alien abductees 69,70 and among them children71,72. Some of the abductees and channelers intentionally keep themselves aloof to the information from the outside to keep their information maximally unpolluted by outside sources. These represent valuable resource for the researchers (of course keeping in mind that the abductions are very traumatic and these people first of all are to be morally supported). Often the communications contain very precise, rich and verifiable information. For example: numbers, names, dates, unique terms, unusual concepts73 and ultimately: unique formulas74, codes and drawings. Most amazing are examples of automatic writing or speaking in languages unknown to the individual 75,76. These are also



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42 proofs of genuineness of the communications from beyond The Veil. Finally, the messages convey the story and the cosmology that is very different from what is currently accepted or even known to general public. Of course there is a temptation to stop at this point since it is indeed very hard to deal with the complexity and ambiguity of the channeled predictions. Of course it is easier to discard the communications from beyond The Veil altogether as simply unreal and to return back to the old ways of thinking where materialism dominates the picture while the spiritual infusions are either fully excluded or are allowed in isolated instances without further integration. But these are the old ways that dont work anymore. It is all right that that the manifestations of the spirit are difficult to see on the street. This is the nature of the reality in which we are placed. Most of us lack the ability to see beyond The Veil but it doesnt mean that there is nothing beyond The Veil. For example, there are many things that most of us never see, but we still believe that they exist. For example, many of us have never seen South Pole, or atoms, or electrons, or Indonesia, or cholesterol, but we do believe that they are real. Based on the physical world, we have developed the ways (protocols, methods) of analyzing the evidence and detecting the facts which are invisible to us. We trust the scientists who photographed traces of atoms and since the absolute majority of the scientists believe in atoms, we accepted this as truth. We have never been to South Pole, but we believe it is out there since the explorers have been there and they even could visit the pole again at will. Same can be applied and should be applied to the communications from beyond The Veil. Since the channelers communicate many details that are consistent between different channels, and since many of the channels are truly independent, we ought to conclude that the communications are genuinely celestial. This is the application of scientific logic to the evidence from beyond The Veil.

We suggest three explanations why the predictions didn't come true:

1. The celestials lie to us. 2. The celestials are genuinely confused.

43 3. They are telling us their true versions of their truth (and therefore, their truth is different from our truth). Let's discuss these possibilities.

(1) Maybe the celestials lie to us?

The Greys are involved in channeled communications much less than other races, such as Pleiadians and other races of Galactic Federation. Zeta Greys are the ones that communicate with the humans physically more than others since the Zetas are the ones who used to by M.S. perform a large scale hybridization program from about 1960s to about 2006 77. Our current understanding (as of fall of 2011) is that the abductions have been ended by the aliens in recent years. In the process of a typical abduction, the aliens often demonstrated 3D videos to the abductees, and these videos almost as a rule showed very recognizable future catastrophic disasters on Earth. These videos showed the downfall of familiar city landscapes and suffering of large human crowds.

Why do Zetas predict disasters?

Why were the Zetas showing the future Earths disasters to the abductees? There are two possibilities: (a) These are real future events and the Greys warn us so we could take action. It is well known (according to many sources including Bashar, Cassiopaeans and Zetas) that the Greys are coming from another dimension and that they have the capacity of time travel (or appearing at different time points) in our reality 1. Therefore their video recordings of Earth disasters might be real recordings done by the Greys in the future. Does this mean that these disasters are inevitable? Based on many celestial teachings (of Bashar and others), these disasters are not inevitable, because there are multiple versions of the future and it depends on our actions to which version of the future we will arrive with time. (b) On other hand, it is quite possible that the Greys show certain materials to the abductees in order to manipulate them. It is quite

Jacobs, The THREAT.

44 common practice of Greys reported by many abductees 78,79 to show them the movies of disasters only with a purpose of testing emotional responses of the abductees. It is quite possible that the movies that were used for this purpose, are fictional. The Greys are notorious for not being able to feel compassion to the abductees and the idea of manipulation of the abductees for achieving their hybridization goals by the Greys fits quite naturally in our understanding of their ways and agenda. Therefore the first explanation - deceit - can not be excluded. Well known are screen memories placed in mind of the abductees by the Greys which are also an example of outright deceit.

(2) The celestials are genuinely confused

Let's consider now another explanation - that some of the alien entities can be genuinely mistaken. We already know that the aliens can make mistakes. The reports of alien mistakes are frequent. The fact that the aliens make mistakes makes them much more humane in our eyes and reduces the factor of fear. After all, some of their mistakes are funny.

Greys often make mistakes

Abductees report many mistakes done by the Greys during the abductions. Jim Sparks reports a case when after abduction he woke up at his bed in a female night gown. 80 Later he actually was lucky to meet his female abductee counterpart that was returned to her bed in his t-shirt. Apparently their shirts have been switched by mistake at the space station during the abduction. Abductees report that Greys are quite clumsy, especially at Earth's conditions, and that they sometimes drop things. Sometimes young beginner Greys are confused at the procedures that they perform especially when the things don't work as expected. Then they usually call their supervisors to help out. Sometimes their staring procedure doesn't work or sometimes abductees program themselves to wake up during the abduction before scheduled time.81 A female abductee reports that she figured out a way that she used to avoid being hypnotized by staring by the Greys. 1 Typically the Greys use a special staring technique - they stare at their victims to
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45 hypnotize and program their minds. If a victim is not cooperating, they immobilize the victim using a hand-held spinning rod, which paralyzes them. So the woman noticed that and since she couldn't move the body, she just rolled her eyes left and right so to avoid eye-contact with a Grey. This clearly confused her abductor and he finally gave up. Here is an excerpt and drawings from a recent report to the public Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database about the event of 1975:
"It was late night in late October early November of 1975 I was a 10 year old child. At that time there was no such things as Greys or anything similar to what has been so defined into pop culture today. I remember thinking I could end the whole debate that are we alone in the Universe and the weight of that thought being succumbed to hes killing my brother and not being able to master the internal strength to do something. My next thought was that if he comes over to me he cant put a needle in me so I started to tear up and that diffused my sight to what was happening in the room. Then the one that was knelt next to my brother got up and came at me, pure horror as my eyes were teared and he rounded my brothers bed and in one motion knelt down on his right knee and in one motion opened his toolkit and kind of flipped and twisted his left wrist and reached in. At that very moment I couldnt hold it anymore and thought needle! and I made a audible pre-cry whale.


(The drawing from the report from MUFON database) "Physical appearance is not as Sinister as depicted. More of blue/grey arctic silver color than grey. Bulbous joints with slightly distended stomachs, very similar to dwarfism. Seen mouth slits move slightly along with large head movement just as like they were speaking but heard nothing.
"The face that the creature made still haunts me today. Honesty. Its the same face people make when they make a surprise mistake a eek I did something embarrassing facial expression. His mouth was just a slit so when he made that expression his face rippled and wrinkled like a old man. Immediately whatever he was taking out of his box which was a really weird shape then but not now, (it was hexagon with a diagonal opening and a handle) put it back in, got up and they marched out.. Again another part of this memory that has crept me out is how they moved like the military and moved or better said marched out of my room. I was shocked and with unreal timing as I looked down the hallway, when they past my parents room two more came out and filed in line which such precision and marched down the hall and all turned down the stairs out of my sight. My impression then and my life of the events of that night is that these beings are cold and indifferent to us, basically they are not our enemies but most certainly arent our friends." From MUFON

database, report filed 2011-11-06 of the event of 1975-11-05

(Another drawing from the same report from MUFON database)

In summary, we can not exclude the possibility that the alien beings are simply mistaken in their messages.

The angels make mistakes, too

Nonphysical entities from higher realms also make mistakes. For example, a very well controlled and respected source - the channeled Ra Material 83 - is often demonstrating that higher entities are often confused about our life. Although some of the aspects of our life are transparent to them, they have little understanding of us and demonstrate very little interest in the details of our 3D reality. For example, in Ra Material they are very often confused in details of our time and in numbers of our densities.84 They often correct their previous messages explaining their difficulties with densities and timing. They also explain that it was their mistake to become involved in Earth's affairs in Early Egypt when they helped in construction of Giza Pyramid and presented themselves as Ra, which soon
82 83

84 Don Elkins, James Allen McCarty, and Carla Rueckert, The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, illustrated edition. (L/L Research, 1984). Ibid.

48 became an Egyptian God. They explain that they became involved in ancient Egyptian affairs and helped building the pyramids in order to facilitate healing and communication of people with the Higher Realms. The ability of humans to misuse their gifts for politics was unexpected to them. After observing that the pyramids were misused by humans for gaining personal power, the Ra group of entities withdrew. They felt betrayed and confused by this incident. Therefore we know examples of mistakes of physical and nonphysical extraterrestrial entities. Therefore the possibility cannot be excluded that their predictions failed due to their earnest errors. There also may be a blend of the two reasons.

Plain negligence
To what extent do they feel ashamed when their predictions don't come out true? It is absolutely clear that the majority of aliens transmitting their messages to Earth are not suffering from the false humility. Typically the ones that speak to us are nowhere as low as we are in development. As we discussed, the civilizations of our level are unlikely to be interacting with us since their and our world would likely to fight each other to total annihilation right away! Therefore, our Galactic Supervisors likely don't allow anyone like us to contact us. Since most of the beings that talk to us are from Higher Dimensions, since they are capable of talking to us, and since many of them have access to superior knowledge, technology and capabilities, it is not surprising that the majority of them talk to us condescendingly. All major channels suffer or better to say justly exhibit a trait of superiority: Bashar of Sassani, Pleiadians, Sirians, Ra, Cassiopaeans, Andromedans, Angelic Beings, Archangels and others. Some of them soften their messages with typical diplomatic passages which don't really change the essence of their attitude. These typical diplomatic expressions are "brothers and sisters", "dear child", "deep appreciation", "for the opportunity of this experience", that "humans teach them a lesson", "show example to other civilizations" - all of these shall be translated appropriately to human language by striping off the diplomatic exaggerations. Their agenda is often missionary (many angelic beings promote their philosophy) and often propaganda of specific ideas and actions such as future contact. Naturally, we welcome the

49 possibility that many of celestials also communicate with us from the altruistic desire to help. An example of missionary agenda is the Ra material. The Ra group of angelic beings from 6th density promote the philosophy named "the Law of One" and goes out of the way to teach us this Law. When the humans ask about subjects more relevant to our current reality, the Ra group often responds that they would prefer not to waste the effort on such irrelevant subjects.85 Examples of propaganda for future contact are channelings by Bashar, Pleiadians and Sirians. All promote the idea of future contact with their culture while advertizing more the glory of their way and softly criticizing alternative ways. In addition to advertising future contact they reveal their version of general cosmology (the New Paradigm) and of our history. Thus we get the truth with a skew towards a specific agenda. This is not unlike our television the commercials are intermingled with useful transmissions. Indeed, our skills of filtering out propaganda from television may be directly applied to discerning the truth from propaganda in alien communications.

How much weight do they put behind their predictions?

Apparently, this varies. Some channels were less careful predicting events in late 80s, in 90s, many of which didn't come true. Others, like Bashar, are more conservative in their predictions: they forecast the events more carefully and are diligent in pronouncing all appropriate disclaimers that there are multiple versions of the future which are dependent on our free will and that they are outlining only most probable versions based on vibrations and trends of the moment. This is how Bashar presented his predictions in 1999:
Q: Can you tell us a specific time-frame for the general public acceptance and understanding of the UFO phenomenon? Bashar: Well, absolutely, no later than 2037 AD. Now, there will be many things that will begin to come up before that. There will be certain revelations in and around your year of 2005 to 2007, and remember - this is, as we sense the collective energy of your planet, as it stands now. So, there will begin to be more information that is released and understood and known in between the window of your year of 2005 to 2007. You will find

Don Elkins, James Allen McCarty, and Carla Rueckert, The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, illustrated edition. (L/L Research, 1984).

that by your year of 2012- 2013, there will be actually quite a lot of information. By your year of 2029 you will find that there will generally be almost no one on your planet who is not aware of the idea of the existence of extraterrestrials. And by your year of 2037, your planet, in general, will most likely be at a level of vibrational resonance where it will become a part of what we call the Association of Worlds 86.

Therefore we conclude that quality of predictions depends much on how much responsibility do the celestials feel for their predictions. Some do care about long-term effects of their messages and possibly about the reputation of the channeler. Others are focused more on immediate outcome or don't really care one way or another about consequences of failed predictions. In particular this is true for the beings and entities that are far from our reality and to whom our time is unreal. They may profess coming disasters only for the purpose to induce certain actions in humans. We can easily accept that some of these distant beings inflate the possibilities of coming disasters in part because this serves their purpose. It is not unlike what the humans do to their animals to train obedience. A scarecrow would be one example we don't feel guilty by scaring poor birds. Parents in many cultures lie to children to scare them: "Don't come close to water - there is a mermaid who will pull and drawn you". The Church uses this approach to keep worshipers at bay. Images of Hell and of the coming Judgment are of similar nature. It is not that the disaster is likely, but it IS possible and reminding about it can be used to achieve a desired result. On the other hand, the Greys, some of the Reptilians, the Pleiadians and the Sirians are indeed concerned about the planet's ecology and some of them don't see any problem prophesying imminent disasters to promote ecological ideas among us. Not unlike we do to our children. Since these aliens contributed their genes to us in the past, they may consider us their children and we may consider their behaviors "parental".

(3) They may be telling us true versions of their truth. Multiple versions of the future exist
And finally, there is a possibility that many of them are actually telling us their truth. Let's acknowledge that the perception of

51 reality depends on the point of view. Each of the extraterrestrial civilizations looks at us from a different prospective and what they see varies depending on the angle from which they are observing us.

Catastrophic mentality
The Greys are known to carry a catastrophic mentality. Humans who came in psychic contact with the Greys noticed great sadness that is characteristic for their psyche. They are the species that was greatly traumatized by the suicidal catastrophe that happened to their home planet far in their past and the degenerated bodies of Greys are the reminder of the past disaster. Moreover they are known to be subject to the continuing genetic degeneration and having difficulties in reproduction, inasmuch that they reproduce only in-vitro and with difficulty. The fact that they have trouble reproducing may explain why they are very fond of children and obsessed with reproduction. They are reportedly very upset by the fact that the humans allow the children in poor countries to starve, while adults in developed countries are suffering from obesity. In summary, it may be natural for the Greys to resonate with the idea of catastrophe and that is why in part that they demonstrate videos of future disasters to the abductees.

Zeta Talk
In the web site and newsletter of Zeta Talk, a channel of Greys through a medium Nancy Lieder 87 one can clearly see that the Greys are very concerned with the current and coming disasters on our planet: earthquakes, tsunami and such. This is likely their main vibration. The channel discusses in detail when and what sort of natural disasters are going to happen and provides insights for the humans how to prepare and reduce casualties. This realization that the Greys by their vibration and by their nature are on a mission of saving civilizations, helps understanding better their behavior in their hybridization program. As for them, they are on a mission of saving their civilization from extinction, and they create a backup stock of human embryos to be able to recreate the humans in case of our extinction. In addition, they create new races which are less bloodthirsty and more rational than Homo Sapiens.

Lieder, Nancy. Zetatalk: Direct Answers from the Zeta Reticuli People. City: Wildflower Press, 1999.


Notwithstanding their positive rational, the Greys are historically known to infiltrate many other humanoid civilizations, secretly taking over control and hybridizing with other humanoids as well 88. They infuse their genes and lifestyle in the indigenous populations producing the hybrids that are well suited biologically for their home planet environment and retain their ability for healthy reproduction. Extraterrestrial nicknamed Hank from TauCeti communicated that Tau-Cetians:
" do not like the situation with some of the small grey aliens. He corrected us when we used the term 'grey' and said that they are actually white. The Tau-Cetians feel that the abductions being carried out by some of the Greys are a great injustice to humanity. They are a parasitic race that has and is preying on human civilizations throughout the universe. He added that our government's involvement with the grays is very dangerous and out of control. The Tau-Cetians have been preyed upon by these aliens before and they are working with other races and communities that were also victims." 89

Therefore, the Greys do on Earth same thing that they did for many other civilizations in the past: prophesy coming disasters, abduct and program the abductees and fuse their genes with the indigenous population (that is us).

On other hand, the Sassani, Bashar's race is channeling to us from another reality 300 years into the future. Bashar reports that at this time, around 2300 AD, the Earth with the humans is present in its healthy state, the human population grew substantially, the human civilization is appropriately integrated in cosmic relations, and the humans mastered problems of energy, ecology and space travel. Therefore Bashar from his prospective is not predicting disasters but otherwise, predicts positive development of relationships between us and friendly humanoid civilizations. (As we mentioned above, Bashar predicts: official acceptance of the idea 2015-2017, initial isolated contacts 20172025, initial official integration of Earth in Interstellar Alliance 2025-2037, and full integration 2033-2055.)
88 89

Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda. Forest Crawford, quote from Branton, Secrets of the Mojave,


How possibly can these two scenarios (of the disasters and of normal peaceful development) be true at the same time?
This is possible because for us, the future is not determined yet. We exist in a matrix construct that is created for us to exercise free will personally and collectively. Depending on the decisions and actions we choose by exercising our free will, one or another version of the future will be formed. Which sorts of actions lead to which sort of future - is a very old, important and complicated question. Seth90, Abe91, Bashar and many other teachers teach us that like attracts like through resonance (the Law of Attraction). Engaging in catastrophic thinking attracts catastrophic versions of the future. On other hand, positive, creative attitudes attract positive synchronicities (coincidences). Bashar recommends not to act from fear, but to engage in creative activities. For example instead of worrying about coming catastrophes, he suggests to engage in positive, creative ecologic movements and activities. This idea of positive thinking and of fear of fear is one of key controversies and of points of argument between New Age (New Thought) movements and their critics. At this argument, the author naturally and unquestionably takes the side of Bashar, New Age and positive thinking.

4. Branching paradox.
Lastly, let us consider a possibility that all at least some of the celestial sources do try their best in predicting the future but the circumstances change and their predictions do not come true due to our choices. Q: But any of us can try our best in predicting the future. Are their predictions any better than ours? A: Most or all of the aliens and the angelic beings that talk to us are from higher dimensions. According to them, our time is more or less transparent to them. Q: If time is transparent to them, why then would they do mistakes in the predictions? A: It appears that even though they do see the future, the structure of our reality does not allow them to pass this information back to us, to our present time. It appears that for every single moment in


Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know (Amber-Allen Publ., New World Library, 1994).

54 time, for every "now", there are multiple versions of the future. Moreover, for every version of the future, there are multiple versions of the past. The higher beings can see various versions. They can peek into any version of our future and see exactly what happens. However, they may have a problem figuring out to which version in the past to channel the message about each specific version of future. Even more so, even if they tell us correctly our own version of the future, as time goes and we in our reality exercise their free will, we have the right to change our future, that is to say to Shift ourselves from one version of the future to another.

An example
Consider a favorite Bashar's analogy - a movie film. The higherlevel beings are capable of seeing the whole film, all frames at once. Our past, present and the future. However, for each "now" there are multiple versions of the future and multiple versions of the past. In this analogy, for every frame of "now", there are many rolls of film representing different versions of the future and many rolls of film representing versions of the past. The higher beings may see all rolls, but how can they convey what they see to us? Some choose to tell us about coming catastrophes, others - about coming miracles of love and ascension. Every one maybe right but with time, we arrive only to one version of the future and not others.

Another example and the branching paradox

Consider another example. Woody Allen, a comedian and a producer has a unique style of filming his movies. He typically allocates a large part of the movie budget and time for re-shooting the whole movie multiple times. After shooting a first version of the movie, Allen watches it and decides how to improve the plot. The movie is shot again and the process of watching and reshooting is repeated many times. All of Allen's actors and associates appreciate this creative style since they know that the result comes out absolutely ingenious, sometimes. Now, for the illustration, consider that Allen tells the heroine in the first version what is her future. Now, imagine that the heroine plays the character really well and exercises her free will so beautifully that Allen decides to shoot a different version of the end. So by the time to movie comes to the end, the character discovers that the

55 prediction of the Producer did not come true. The character becomes disillusioned and forsakes his trust into the Producer. This is the illustration of the idea that, even for the beings that can see the future, it is difficult to transfer this vision back to us in the present, since the relationship is one to many in both directions (one past - many futures and one future - many pasts). Let's name call this problem "branching paradox" implying that the reality branches at the decision forks, producing multiple versions of the future and the past thus complicating the predictions.

In summary, the errors of the celestials in predicting the future may result from any combination of deception, negligence, confusion and from the "branching paradox". Since the confusion and "branching paradox" allows us to forgive some of the prediction errors of some of the channels, let us now review their explanations of why their predictions did not come true.

Review of specific predictions.

The first series of predictions is focused on the catastrophic end of the world. Even channeled messages from high-level spirits were predicting almost complete extinction of humans. For example, Ra material predicted the Shift and ascension in which only about 5% of humans will be able to transform (be harvested) to the new reality 92. Cassiopaeans also gave similar percentage of survivors.93 Channelings from Pleiadians 94, Sirians95 and Cetaceans96 give us a reasonably comprehensible explanation why the catastrophic prophesies did not come true. They say that the Earth was moving towards the unavoidable catastrophe due to delays in our development. The catastrophe was expected due to normal Earth cycle that ends every about 26000 years when the Earth enters socalled photon band. According to the channels, the nature of this band is not fully in the area of current understanding of our science: this is to say that the energies of so-called photon band are not only electromagnetic. This event happening in waves between
92 93

94 95 96

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56 approximately 1990 and 2040 and peaking in 2012 was going to modify Earth's surface as well as the structure of the reality on Earth97,98. Typically, the civilizations would make it to the new reality alive if they were spiritually more advanced than ours. The nature of transformation induced by the photon band would require us to ascend like Krishna, Buddha and Christ, that is to become highly spiritual and to transform into a new specie of spiritual beings, which would still have body and DNA but would vibrate on a higher level. The channels tell us that there were many civilizations before us and some of the previous ones were forced into extinction by similar passing via the photon band. This time, it would be our term to become extinct.

Cetaceans intervened
Surprisingly, we are said that it were Earth's Cetaceans that petitioned Galactic Federation for an exemption for the humans. The fact that the Cetaceans are very intelligent was known to science. The channels add that our Cetaceans originate from Sirius star system, that they are currently a Guardian species of the Earth, and that they all are connected telepathically to each other and have a unified collective mind. That they are in telepathic connection with extraterrestrials and are part of the Galactic Federation. Apparently, they represent a nontechnological civilization. This is in line with Bashar's teaching that before contacting extraterrestrial civilizations we ought to start communicating with our own Terrestrial civilization of Cetaceans.

Galactic Federation
The Galactic Federation includes about 200 million worlds and it is the major exopolitical force overseeing our planet. The second force is the Orion Empire. Galactic Federation exists on multiple levels of reality overseen by archangels, Time Lords and other high-level beings. "The Law of One" is a teaching popular in the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation is held together by a large number of agreements between different civilizations and forces. The bureaucracy in the Galactic Federation is very much human style with corrections for size and spiritual abilities of parties involved. Therefore, the petition by Cetaceans for exemption of humans from extinction was considered at different
97 98

Essene and Nidle, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda.

57 levels and realms of the Galactic councils. Around 1987, the Earth dived for the first time in recent history in the waves of the photon belt. This caused the fall of the Soviet Union and with that, the biggest outcome of this was the elimination of the threat of our nuclear suicide. One of the most important consideration that affected the decision by Galactic Federation was that the humans were never left alone by the civilizations that secretly controlled them. These civilizations were part of Orion Empire and they propagated war, totalitarianism, fear and exploitation on Earth. Part of this system were Reptilians of the Orion Empire who were behind the forces known as New World Order (now sometimes referred to as Old World Order since this Order is about to expire). The fact that we were secretly manipulated and exploited was taken into account by the Galactic council who allowed the humanoid civilizations genetically related to us to interfere. This was wonderfully assisted by Pleiadian-Sirian agreement of 1992 99 in which the Pleiadians volunteered "to embrace Sirian culture". (The fact by itself not that unusual: apparently civilizations out there may change their culture and gods at will. In fact, it is not at all unusual for the human civilizations as well to embrace a culture of others at will: the Roman Empire embraced Christianity over the diverse Mediterranean Polytheism in the 4th century; and Russia chose Christianity over diverse Slavic Polytheism in the 10th century). What are these Pleiadian and Sirian civilizations? A nice thing about them is that they are humans like us, just on a higher level of spiritual and technological development. However, if they wanted to, they could walk among us unnoticed, and we are constantly told that some of them do. (That is that we have visitors walking among us unnoticed). Sirian and Pleiadian humanoids from different planets are of different skin shades and height. We are told that the ancient Egyptians were Sirian-human hybrids and ancient Maya were Pleiadian-human hybrids. The fact that

"In November 1992, the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements emerged through a confrontation between Anunnaki races of The Fallen Annu-Elohim, competing Fallen Anu-Seraphim Anunnaki and Drakonian-Reptilian Insectoid races of the Dimension-10 Fallen Seraphim collective and the Human and Guardian races of the Emerald Covenant." Ashayana Deane, Angelic Realities (Granite Publishing, 2004)

58 Pleiadians and Sirians are in part our ancestors allows them (as to Galactic regulations) to provide limited undercover help to us while we are still under the Quarantine. Similar rules seem to have allowed the Greys and Reptilians of the Orion Empire to secretly run their hybridization program since they (1) also belong to our ancestors and since (2) the American government at the time around World War II accepted Orion Empire's offers of technology, as more lucrative than the proposals of help without technology-sharing by the Sirians of the Galactic Federation. Q: This sounds very much like news of the 20th century, same politics, same rules, and same secrecy! A: Indeed, it is disappointing to find out that the spiritual beings of higher levels are still engaging in the politics of our style. On other hand, it is nice to know that there are rules out there and that some of the powers "out there" are humans like us and seem to treat us with somewhat more compassion than Greys and Reptilians which consider us more of a domesticated animal stock. At least this is the impression we are getting from the transmissions from these civilizations as well as from independent side parties that are more or less neutral and therefore more trustworthy in these questions (Cassiopaeans, Ra and Bashar). Q: What is the Quarantine you mentioned? A: Apparently, the Earth has been placed under a quarantine by the Galactic powers to allow us exercise free will and to eliminate parasitic influences of outside civilizations (likely Greys, Reptilians and Draconians). The quarantine we are told by many independent sources officially ends in 2012. Bashar explains that we shouldn't expect the extraterrestrial ships to land right away, because they would land only if invited and only if they would sense that their landing wouldn't cause the global economy downfall. Currently they certainly think that their landing would cause the market downfall and therefore we, as a civilization, are not considered to be ready yet. They estimate that from 2015 and beyond we would be able to gradually swallow the news about their existence as our Galactic neighbors (and ancestors) and we will be able to deal with the complex of inferiority that will inevitably result from this understanding. Q: "Complex of inferiority"? Why? A: Maybe by this time you already freed yourself from the illusion that humans are at the top of the evolution but the majority of

59 the mainstream public did not. Mostly because of the quarantine that lasted for millennia, the human civilization created and embraced the myth of our chosenness and exclusivity. The mainstream public currently either believes that the God chose us to dominate the Nature or that we evolved via random mutations and natural selection to this majestic position. In Western world, only underground societies and grassroots cultures understand that this might not be true. In fact, all pagan religions are much closer to the truth in this question than the Western Monotheism and the Scientific Darwinism. For example, Hindus and Buddhists which account for more than a billion population have a worldview which pretty well reflects the idea that we were created by multiple deities flying in spacecraft and that the Universe is populated by the multitude of races, including humanoids with the blue blood, Reptilians, and Draconians, and is governed by powerful spirits. It is only Western world that gained military power in recent times and embraced the idea of either godly or natural chosenness. Therefore, a fair amount of inner work is needed for the Modern Man to swallow the complex of inferiority and get over it. The hardest it may be for the Americans which since the World War II were and are indeed the strongest economy in the world, supported by the strongest army and united by a much unified spirit. Now it is time for us to realize our true place, assume our true role and actually do the work. Much work is needed to get things right and most of this work is not physical, for this is the work of learning. This book is one of the bricks in the building of the New Knowledge, the New Paradigm. So far, we had only glimpses into the vast new knowledge from beyond The Veil: imagine the time when the quarantine if over and The Veil is lifted! We have to put our complex of inferiority aside, roll the sleeves, and study, study and study. Q: So, are we now in good hands? A: Since the Sirian-Pleiadian agreements were achieved in 1992 and later years, many forces of the Orion Empire that were harming our development succumbed to the Galactic Federation and now we seem to be handled by a much more humanized, friendly and unified front of Celestial forces and alliances. The unified forces of our Celestial Overseers seem to be saving us from seismic and other planetary disasters and assisting us evolving

60 through the predicted Shift. This Sirian-Pleiadian agreement of 1992 coincided in time with falling apart of the Soviet Union and more importantly with dissolution of the danger of nuclear suicide on Earth. In 1994 we are told 100, the Sirians constructed electromagnetic grid around our planet. This was aimed in stabilization of seismic processes and improvement overall morale on the planet. Many sources (Bashar, Nidle, Sirians, and Pleiadians) report that in 1998 the Earth was surrounded with a certain protective sphere that prevented unfriendly entities of the Orion Empire from accessing the Earth. Around the same time (1998), a large group of Zeta Greys (that were running the alien hybridization program under the direction of Reptilians of the Orion Empire) re-affiliated from the Orion Empire to the Galactic Federation. This allowed the Greys to continue their hybridization program on Earth with modifications of the program directed towards the humanization of the interactions with the abductees. 101 This is a particularly interesting move. First, it demonstrates that it didn't really matter for the Greys whether to associate with the Orions or with the Galactic Federation. They were more concerned with their ability to complete the program than with their political affiliation. Second, it looks like these two powers: Orion Empire and Galactic Federation were not radically opposed to each other. Rather these seem to be loose alliances peacefully interacting with each other. Third, the fact that the Galactic Federation inherited the hybridization program seem at least from Earthly prospective making it less friendly power since it allowed the continuation of the secret manipulation of the Earth. Of course, these are only guesses based on few notwell-proven facts. The truth may come out more complicated or totally different.
"Many Ruby Order Emerald Covenant defectors, including Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, the Archangel Michael Matrix, Annu-Melchizedeks and the PleiadianNibiruian Anunnaki were responsible for manipulation and
100 101

Essene and Nidle, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. The abductions seem to have stopped after about the year of 2009-2010. "One of my friends has been plagued a lot by the Greys in fact it has been nothing short of torture she has been through (I have witnessed parts of this myself so I know she is not insane), and the worst part of it is that most people do not believe her. But the point is that they have finally left her alone after almost a life time of torment. Now I doubt they have joined the light, but there must be a reason why they disappeared."

digression of the earthly Angelic Human lineage since 25,500 BC. These groups temporarily rejoined the Emerald Covenant during the 1992 Sirian-Pleiadian Agreements, and entered the Guardian's July 5th, 2000 Treaty of Altair. On September 12th, 2000 the majority of these groups defected from Guardian Alliance Signet Council-5 Alcyone Council to join the United Resistance with Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legions in promotion of the Earth pole shift agenda. Some groups accepted Amnesty Contracts from the Guardian Alliance and IAFW (Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds), remaining in the Emerald Covenant. It is very difficult for humans to detect what agenda affiliation these groups may now have; caution is advised in contact or channeling communication." 102

(We assume that "Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds" mentioned above by Ashayana is the same "Association of Worlds or Interstellar Alliance" that is represented by Bashar.) In general, we know about the Galactic Federation that it is more peaceful than the Orion Empire, it is promoting the messages of "the Law of One", of peace, light and love as opposed to the idea of hierarchy, domination, war and power characteristic to the Orion Empire. Galactic Federation seems to have more humanlooking humanoids (It consists of less than 50% of humanoids we are told) while the Orion Empire consists of less humanlooking aliens: Zeta Greys, humanoid Reptilians, Draconians, and Preying Mantis-type humanoid Insectoids). We are being told that the Sirian grid and the manipulation of Earth energies is responsible for holding the Earth's tectonic activities at bay and preventing large-scale disasters.

Lightening up
As we mentioned, the predictions of the future lightened up very much in the period 1998-2006. The tone changed from very concerned before 2006 to increasingly positive after 2009. This was in predictions of many different channels - Bashar, Pleiadians, Sirians and other. We are being told that in 1996-1998 the major decisions were made among celestial forces overseeing the Earth and major actions were taken to improve our situation. One of those actions was to reform the activity of Zeta Greys and Reptilians of the Orion Empire which were secretly

Ashayana Deane, Angelic Realities (Granite Publishing, 2004).

62 manipulating us in ways that we would not approve. Apparently this measure was efficient and starting from around 2006 the predictions lightened up substantially. Now, the overall tone of channelings is quite positive.
"In an ExopoliticsTV interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre with a human representative-contactee of the extraterrestrial governance council known as the Andromeda Council it has been revealed that the war of liberation against a 4th dimensional Orion Grey and Draco Reptilian alliance has been won by the forces of the Andromeda Council as of the 3rd quarter of 2011. The attempted the occupation of Earth, our moon and Mars by this Grey-Reptilian alliance is over".103 ,104

Annunaki likely left in late July of 2011.

The latest channeling from Sirian Council mentioning the presence of the Annunaki on Earth was on July 26, 2011:
The Anunnaki manipulate you and force their minions to apply tactics that only broaden these various fabricated perceptions. 105

On August 2, 2011, we learned the good new from the Sirian Council:
The Anunnaki have recently left. Their minions, however, refuse to abide by the decisions of the Anunnaki to rejoin the forces of Light." 106

From here we can conclude that Annunaki decided to rejoin the forces of Light and have left between July 26 and Aug 8. This was partly confirmed in an interview between Cori and Webre where we learned that there were about 2000 of the Annunaki stationed on Earth 107 that they likely left recently. It would be nice to verify these assumptions from more sources.

We have got three more centuries to go!

Channeled Archangel Metatron recently communicated:
"On December 21, 2012, the Earth Ascends, and Ascension for Humanity is available. But do not expect the 3d Earth you see around you now to instantly follow suit. That will occur
103 104 105 106 107

in three centuries, but it is the expanded energy of the planetary Crystalline Transformation that you call the Ascension that will allow for mankinds transitionone heart at a time. In the next two years, the love of power will begin to be displaced by the power of love. Do not doubt it, for it is already in motion. This transformation occurs one heart at a time, inside each of you. As such you must BE the change you want to see! It is a future of Ascension that you are creatingand we tell you that this period of three centuries is the blink of an eye. We salute you. You are on the appropriate path!" 108


Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn June 2011


Transformation of religion
You have to lead people gently toward what they already know is right. Phil Crosby
We will now focus on Torah and Old Testament, since it is from there a great confusion comes to the Western world about the Creation, our origins, fatherly image of the Creator, and Creator's relationships with the humans. Where do the Old and New Paradigms disagree and how can this disagreement be solved? Can the peace been found between the monotheistic religion and the New Paradigm of the New Age? (We will use here the term "Monotheism" to refer collectively to Judaism, Christianity and in whenever relevant to Islam although the teachings of Islam may not have as much relevance for our readers as the consensus beliefs of the Judeo-Christian tradition.) Lets review disagreements and concordance between the Monotheistic Religion and the New Paradigm.

We will discuss consensus beliefs

Even though there exists much diversity within Judaism, Christianity and Islam, each of the three monotheistic religions can be represented by consensus ideas and dogmas. To us, consensus ideas cherished by the believers are more important, more vibrant than formal dogmas formulated by religious officials and scholars, since it is the body of believers that give energy to the religious ideas.

The New Paradigm is very old

Please note that we are not the first to note the disagreements. We are following the steps of many Jewish Rabbis such as of Essene, Kabbalah and Hasidim teachings, of Christian teachers such as Gnostics, and of Sufists of Islam. In more resent times, Theosophists, starting from 1880s, published these secrets which were suppressed for centuries and finally, starting from 1960s, New Age channels reconfirmed these old ideas. The founder of Theosophy, Madame Helena Blavatsky, while

65 despising all modern forms of religion, was very deliberate in outlining many of the disagreements between Torah-Old Testament and the ancient sacred teachings which what we now collectively refer to as "New Paradigm" (See for example, "Reincarnation in Judaism and the Bible" by one of theosophy founders, William Q. Judge 109). In the following many pages we will review most important of these disagreements and commonalities.

by Mikalojus iurlionis

It is not surprising that the Bible contains many so to say, "channelings" similar in nature to the channeled messages of our time. It may sound surprising to some, but many or even most religious texts are in fact, "channelings" by their nature. For example, the Koran is said to have been dictated to Muhammad by Archangel Gabriel. Many Hebrew prophets received messages from the God in state of trance. Many more recent revered commentators of Torah and Bible were also inspired by the messages and revelations they received during their prayers. Not surprisingly, the unearthly entities that spoke to the enlightened teachers of the past were similar to ones speaking to the channelers

Theosophy Magazine, November 1915,

66 in recent years. Even more extraordinary is that the channeled messages in the past and the present are similar as well. Therefore, not surprisingly, the Torah and the Bible already contain many of the New Age revelations. This is a very important observation: the sacred religious texts of Jews, Christians and Muslims already contain the New Age philosophy since they were inspired by similar entities and similar messages.

Belief in God versus knowledge about God

Now, in 2011, the current mainstream scientific point of view is that the belief in God is not verifiable since it can not be tested experimentally. But there is an opposite, very ancient point of view that communication with higher realms is possible and there are individuals talented in that. In old times, these individuals were called saints, prophets, shamans and gurus. Now they are called mediums and channelers. Since channeling is indeed a way of communication with higher spheres (as we outline throughout this book) the belief in God is not unverifiable anymore. We now have channels for asking questions about God and getting the answers

by Mikalojus iurlionis

67 beings of higher realms which are closer to God than we are, and to whom God is less of enigma.
"You will better understand the Love that pervades everything around you, and your place with God and from whence you came and where you are going. Religion will not come into it, as you will find your God within along with all knowledge.[.] Where we are all headed for, everything exists within the Light, and in absolute harmony. You may have to feel it to believe it, but it will take your breathe away when you do. No longer will you feel separated from the Source of All That Is. " 110

God in alien communications

Now channeled messages are freely available on Internet and there are few hundred of good active channels available for research and learning111. Many messages come from Pleiadians, advanced and spiritual star people, related to us. According to them, we are now within the authority of the Galactic Federation of Light that consists of about 200 million inhabited worlds, less than 50 percent of which are of humanoid type. Many civilizations in the Federation are physical beings of the 4th density and some are nonphysical angelic beings of higher densities. The beings from the 4th and higher densities have radically more insight into the nature of God than we have at our 3rd density. We are in communication through channelers with beings from the 4th density, and nonphysical entities from the 5th and 6th densities. Importantly, from each higher density they testify that there are many levels of approximation to God above them and there is a limit to their knowledge of higher densities. A philosophy named The Law of One is practiced by many of the civilizations of the Galactic Federation and this philosophy is in much agreement with the Judaism and few other religious teaching in defining the God as All There Is. Although it is not necessarily the concept of Christianity and Islam, it is still very good news for them since it shows that our Galactic neighbors are very much in line with the monotheism. Thus the main Monotheistic belief is not destroyed, but just the opposite - it is enhanced by the physical and angelic beings from
110 111

SaLuSa from Sirius channeled by Michael Quincey

68 higher densities. Moreover, the beliefs of polytheistic religions find also much support from the higher densities. How is it possible that both polytheism and monotheism are supported by the messages from Beyond The Veil? A closer look and comparison of monotheistic and polytheistic beliefs allows us to see that they are not that different. In monotheism, the God has angels and archangels that represent the God. Thus, intermediate deities are not excluded from the monotheistic beliefs. On other hand, polytheistic beliefs don't also exclude unity between multiple deities. It is only human fear of foreigners and need for monopoly on truth that makes believers of one religion to decree false the beliefs of others.
"The Creator is taking you into the higher realms, prepared already to receive you as the Cosmic Beings you are already becoming." 112

In summary, the alien physical and angelic beings engage in the philosophy of The Law of One" but this does exclude not in any way polytheistic beliefs of being equally close to the truth.

Although in the principle Monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam in all their branches and flavors are in agreement with the "Law of One", they cherish the idea of a single God, there is a paradox or an inconsistency in the root of Monotheism. Both Christianity and Islam are based on the Jewish Torah (Old Testament) and thus they inherit an idea, a problem, a paradox which is in the root of all. This is the idea of chosenness. The story is that the Jewish God entered in a covenant with the Jewish people and promised them the land of Israel on certain terms. Christianity and Islam deal with this inherited trouble each in different way, but this trouble is deeply in the root of contradiction between the Monotheism and "The Law of One". Q: How can the God which is "All there is" of "the Law of One" speak to Jews and enter into a covenant with them? Is the covenant between the God and the Jews still valid? Why does the God still ignore the suffering of the Jews? A: Indeed, this is the key question. And now we have to compare the Jewish understanding of God and of covenant with the revelations we are receiving from the higher densities.

SaLuSa from Sirius,

69 The consensus simplistic Jewish idea is that the God that created all, the Creator and the God that made covenant with the Jews, is the same entity. This statement certainly is in disagreement with what we hear from Beyond The Veil. The answer that we learn from the celestial messages is simple: the God of ancient Hebrews who guided them trough Exodus, then into the land of Israel, then into the wars with local tribes, and into the creation of the ancient Israel state at the Promised Land was not the Creator but a physical being from stars, an extraterrestrial and a very negative one. It was very egotistic, jealous, unloving and treacherous. His claims that he was a Creator God were a deception which he used for the manipulation of the

Ancient art, Utah, Sego Canyon, Photo by Paleoliberal

"I believe this tribal "God of Israel" is an extraterrestrial visitor. Instead of guiding and uplifting mankind, his limited concepts of religion and his Machiavellian tactics have controlled politics, promoted conflict, and wreaked untold havoc upon our planet." "Did Jehovah remain on Earth, or did he only visit occasionally? King David asks: "But will God indeed dwell on the Earth? Behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have

built?" The Bible indicates that he came to Earth, instructed the people, left for several hundred years, then returned. This procedure seems to have been repeated a number of times. Is Jehovah immortal, or was there an reincarnating family of Jehovahs? Why did Abraham use the term "Jehovah - Jireh," Moses, "Jehovah - Nissi," and Gideon, "Jehovah - Shalom?" Jehovah was on Earth during the Garden of Eden laboratory experiment and stayed long enough to take Enoch with him, then seems to have left again for several hundred years. When he returned to find that the "sons of God [Nefilim] and daughters of men" had mated, thereby producing hybrid "giants" - some with "six fingers and six toes". Jehovah wanted to destroy the Earth. Since he had been specific in warning against interracial mixtures, he felt justified in destroying mankind by flood. Fortunately, his impulsiveness was tempered by Noah, who had found "grace" in his "eyes." Jehovah, who was not very benevolent in wanting to destroy his own creation, was also not very omniscient in foreseeing this turn of events. He was thoroughly surprised to find the "giants." The "flood," which could have referred to the sinking of Atlantis around 10 or 11,000 BC, was for the purpose of destroying the "giants," but apparently it didn't work, for during the time of David, around 1,000 BC, there still remained a "remnant." Jehovah appears to have left Earth again for a lengthy period of time, during which the people spread all over the globe. Perhaps the "gods" had other planets to visit. If they were from another galaxy, they might have waited until the stars lined up in a particular manner to diminish the distance they had to travel for their return trip. Or perhaps they were from the "twelfth planet," Nibiru which came close enough to Earth to make the journey only every thirty - six hundred years. When Jehovah, or one of the Jehovahs finally returned they found that the people, those who had "journeyed from the east" to the land of "Shinar" (the Sumerians, or "children of Eden,"), had decided to build the "Tower of Babel." The people said: "Let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name "shem", lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth According to Sitchin, the word "shem," which is translated "name" in the Bible, actually refers to a "rocket" or some type of a "skyborn vehicle." 113


Dorothy Leon, Is Jehovah an E.T.? (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2002).

"the Bible tells us that "on the third day, from early morning, there were some thunder, some lightning, a heavy cloud appeared on the mountain, and the very loud sound of a bugle. All who were in the camp shivered. Moses let the people come out to meet God outside the camp, and they stood at the bottom of the mountain. Mount Sinai was all in smoke, because Yahweh had come down to it in the midst of fire, its smoke was coming like that of a furnace and the whole mountain was violently shaking. The sound of the bugle was getting louder and louder, Moses was speaking and God was answering him with a voice". "Yahweh came down on the mountain. And Moses went up. Yahweh told Moses: "Go down. Warn the people not to rush forward to see Yahweh; many of them would die". The Old Testament is filled with descriptions similar to that one and which relate to the arrival of either Yahweh, or one of his messengers, the "angels"; and the writings on documents or stones originating from South America and India are literally scattered with sketches of flying men, or fire-machines taking off from the ground, of luminous clouds, etc... which are described as being manifestations of the "Gods"; excellent books have been written about these paintings and sketches, among which one written by Erich Van Daniken: 'Back to the Stars', in which could be read: "why were God and his angels, in their apparitions, always accompanied by some fire, some smoke, some earthquakes, lightning, thunder, winds, etc? If I observe, through my glasses that were made in 1969, those events as described in the Bible, they appear to be as follows:'gods' came from the cosmos, 'gods' selected a group of creatures and fecundated them; 'gods' gave to this group, who was carrying their genetic material, laws and instructions for a civilization that would be able to develop itself; 'gods' destroyed the creatures that relapsed; ' gods' offered a technical, medical, and hygienic knowledge to the selected group; 'gods' left behind a writing, as well as a method to cultivate barley. Indeed, if we read the Bible, mention is made of ONE God: Elohim in Hebrew, but, as Jean Sendy wrote: " ... for a Christian, no doubt was allowed, 'Elohim' is a plural meaning God - ONE; but the Hebrew text, - the syntax of which allows to translate: "Elohim (plural) decided (singular) that ..." by : "God decided" ,as well as by :" (the group, the whole of) the celestial beings decided that

leaves here no way out: Elohim said: let us make man to OUR image" ; which sets a difficult question : either 'Elohim' is the plural that I propose, and 'our' is as understandable as the decision to shape man to the image of these bipeds as concrete as we are." "the great walls of Jericho were literally knocked down by Yahweh's crafts utilizing their powerful matter maneuvering devices. Although, the walls of Jericho were not destroyed until the armies of Israel consecrated the number seven, by marching around the city of Jericho seven times, for seven days. The Holy number seven being a direct reference to the seven star systems (constellations) of the Universe that did not rebel against Yahweh, thereby drawing attention to the third of the star systems that did indeed rebel against Yahweh and are now cited as Fallen Angels masquerading as gods (other gods) covertly dominating many empires on the surface of the Planet. Intently inspecting the verses above, you will once again find the Holy number seven is being deliberately wielded to draw attention to not only the battle, but the destruction of the great city walls of Aphek as well. Thereby signifying the Fallen Angels control over the Syrians, as well as the city of Aphek which Yahweh's powerful crafts have destroyed the walls thereof. Once again being a focused blow aimed towards the other gods and the global inhabitancy under their covert control." 114 "Yahweh was really a group of jealous alien controllers operating through religion. Through the Ten Commandments, they instructed humans to not put any other gods before them, not take their name in vain, keep a certain day holy for them, and not worship any graven images or idols. Some of the other commandments 'appear' to be beneficial to humanity, but were really the first form of social control." 115

The God of the Pre-Exodus Hebrews

An interesting twist to this story is that Extraterrestrial Yahweh of Moses was likely not the first one to teach Hebrews their traditions and "The Law of One". The Hebrews seem to have worshiped a single Creator God all along long time before Extraterrestrial


John E. Chitty, The Broken Bible: Picking Up the Extraterrestrial Pieces (iUniverse, 2002). Jawara D. King D. D, Beneficial Instructions Before Leaving Earth: The Gospel According to Jawara King (AuthorHouse, 2011).

73 Yahweh helped them with Exodus and take over of Palestine. While part of the Jewish tribe was following Moses and Yahweh from Egypt to Palestine, there were many other Hebrews who lived in Jewish communities elsewhere in Ancient world, worshiped a Single God, followed "The Law of One" and not unimportantly, looked Jewish - wore Jewish hats and beards. The traces of PreExodus Hebrews are found around Mediterranean sea, Egypt and other places of trade of the Ancient world. Most surprising to the public is the fact that the Hebrews originated from Hyksos people and in large part were the Hyksos people, a powerful kingdom that ruled Egypt for long periods of time.
"Theories are that the Hyksos were monotheistic, or monotheistic Hebrews. The Sallier I Papyrus claims that Seth was the Hyksos sole God, or at least that the Hyksos Pharaoh Apophis (c. 1555 BC) "served not any God that was in the whole land save only Sutekh (Seth)." The controversial American historian Martin Bernal (b. 1937), in Black Athena, supposes it likely that the Hyksos version of Seth was the Jewish Yahweh and that the cult of Poseidon introduced in Greece during the 18th century BC corresponded to a Hyksos mixture of the Egyptian God Seth and the Semitic gods Yahweh and Yam. However, despite these and other similar suppositions, available evidence, including scarabs and cartouches of some Hyksos pharaohs, shows that the Hyksos apparently promoted Seth as their chief God, but also worshipped other Egyptian gods as well as the Syrian God Baal and goddess Anat, imported into Egypt around 1800 BC, and the Syrian goddess Astarte, imported into Egypt around the same time as the Hyksos. The main attributes of Seth had already been defined in the Pyramid Texts for at least 500 years before the Hyksos entered Egypt. It seems likely that the Hyksos revered Seth because he was a major God in their capital Avaris in the eastern Delta and because he was linked to deserts and foreign lands, rather than because of any link with a Hebrew monotheising influence or a God called Yahweh. Whatever date is used for the Hebrew Exodus - the 16th century, the 15th century or the 13th century BC - the Mosaic naming of the Hebrew God as Yahweh and his clear definition was posterior to the Hyksos conquest of Egypt

and their adoption of Seth."116

How the old teachers dealt with the negativity of Yahweh

We are not the first to reveal that Yahweh of Moses was a negative being and too ungodly to be the Prime Creator: there is a longstanding tradition that understood well this obvious deception hidden in plain sight. Even careful reading of the Torah-Old Testament allows to sense that this is true. Importantly, the saints, prophets, revered rabbis and priests realized the inherent problem in the core of Judaism, and inherited by Christianity. Much of their effort went in fixing the damage done by this deception. Thus, the modern Monotheism in all its forms is a miracle, a living body with a lie, a wound, confusion in its heart. Religious traditions are fixing the damage done by this lie, doing a decent job in converting a negative deceptive extraterrestrial into a wondrous and kind Creator God. All the sins, deceptions and treacheries of the Yahweh extraterrestrial are softened and put away, while our covenant with the loving and fair Creator God is loved and revered full-heartedly. The original deception by the vicious extraterrestrial entity was reversed during our sad history and evolved into our version of "The Law of One". Let me repeat: ancient and modern rabbis and priests understood the nature of this transformation and the ancient and modern religious tradition of interpreting the Torah-Old Testament is doing exactly that - converting ugly tales of manipulation of the Israelite tribe by a blood-thirsty extraterrestrial into The Law of One, the idea of linking each believer with the Creator via unmediated personal love. Some of the deceptions invented by the vicious extraterrestrial to control and manipulate its human worriers were converted and re-used with time into sanctifying the individual's connection with the Prime Creator. This vicious extraterrestrial introduced many self-enforcing ideas into the life of its Jewish tribe: the principles of covenant, of chosenness, of Sabbath, of holy kosher food, of prayer, of God's singleness, of trust, devotion and love to God, of education, and of the Promised Land and these very ideas were transformed during the history of humankind and utilized by the humans to cherish our connection to the Creator. Now the very same traditions are used to connect to the One God. All of this that

Simson Najovits, Egypt, Trunk of the Tree, Vol. 2: The Consequences, illustrated edition. (Algora Publishing, 2004).

75 survived the idea of war and domination, was purified and converted into service - the idea of a personal link to the Divine Prime Creator which is one of the efficient paths for humans to evolve on, and which is the great creative idea of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Let us now think which of the great teachers of the past recognized the fact that the God of ancient Hebrews was wicked and what did this teacher offer us to redeem this wickedness? Do you know the answer? You do know the answer. It may surprise you as it did surprise me. A quite known teacher of the past that dealt directly with malevolence of the Jewish God was Jesus! All he did, the main focus of his achievement was wiping out the malevolence, selfishness and deception of the Hebrew God, and replacing those with unconditional love. The message of Jesus in the time of Jesus, was very much of "New Age" nature, it was a New Age message! I don't know what we shall do with this revelation, but it seems that some teachers of the past have found the answers for us and all we need to do is to look up these answers in whatever intellectual and spiritual possessions we already have. If we ever get stuck, we always can ask for more consultation from higher realms. The path is rather clear. Here we come to a second fundamental question: Q: After all, what is God? Did he create us in his image? Is he benevolent? Does he have free will? Is he all-powerful? A: Is it he or she? For example, Hindu gods are often asexual, androgynous. These questions are very frequently addressed to to physical and nonphysical beings of higher densities. The consensus answer is that Prime Creator is neither human nor a physical being, neither he nor she since the Creator does not have a body and does not engage in sexual reproduction. It is clear that the Creator is not a single physical being since all entities we know aim higher when talking about God, and when the beings from 6th density (3 floors above us) are not fully aware of what the is the nature and structure of higher levels and how far above is the top. The consensus understanding of ETs is that God is All there Is." Therefore, the God is not a being; the God is all beings and

76 everything else at once. In this sense, the definition of God from higher realms is not unlike our definition of nature. Did the Creator make us in his or her image? Note the message that humanoids constitute less than a half of the civilizations in the Galactic Federation. Suppose the Prime Creator God was a humanoid, and suppose, he created all humanoids in his image. That would be fine. But how about Reptilians, Draconians, Insectoids and other creatures? Do they have their own version of Universe with their Creator Gods at the top? Consider now that the higher spheres teach us that dolphins and whales are highly intelligent and in fact, they are members of the Galactic Federation wile we are not. Consider that the higher spheres teach us that planets and stars are intelligent as well to the extent of exercising free will and being respected members of the Galactic Federation. Do the planets have their Creator God that creates them in his image? Here we are hinting that these were humanoid extraterrestrial Gods who made us in their image. That they made us with use of their genetic technologies, by crossing primate and their genes and that after that many other humanoid races blended their DNA into ours. Q: So, is it that the Creator of the Universe and the Creator of the human are two different Creators? Yes! A clear message from the higher spheres is that the Prime Creator is "All There Is." This includes not only our physical universe but also other worlds, including physical and nonphysical worlds which also have much depth and structure. As for the idea that we were created in God's image, this belief is in agreement with consensus explanation from the higher spheres: we were created by the humanoids in their image. In this sense, these extraterrestrial humanoids were the Hindu and Sumerian gods. The ancient Hindu legends and Sumerian cuneiform tablets were said to have flied in flying machines and to have created the humans via a process resembling (in descriptions) the process of artificial fertilization. The scholars have pretty good evidence that in original texts, the gods that created humans in the Gods image were plural. It is only later that there was a cleaning of the Judaic sacred texts, done to ensure proper monotheisation of the scriptures. The plural gods creating humans were converted to a sole God creating

77 humans. Thus, the original teachings likely had a proper separation between Prime Creator, ETs creating first humans, and of the ETlike God of the Israelites. It is a later indiscriminate unification and stratification of scriptures making up Torah that introduced the confusion and the deception hunting us ever since.
"The 'Lord ' of the Bible does not automatically imply that the same Entity went on speaking to Adam, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, and the Prophets throughout several centuries." " An impartial study of the scriptures reveals that our word 'God' has at least two distinct meanings: God, the Divine Spirit, imagining our visible Universe and all the invisible Kingdoms, in the existence of which we live, move, and have our being; and also the 'Lord', a celestial being who manifested himself as being a missionary to the men on Earth, grain of dust in the vast cosmos , the indiscriminate use of the word 'God' in the ancient Testament to designate either the Creator, or Jehovah, 'Lord' of the Israelites, has brought confusion to countless generations of priests and persons, while dimming this sublime cosmic inspiration which man so urgently needs." 117

Q: Yes, I heard that the Torah contains modified Sumerian myths. A: Indeed, there is much similarity between many basic stories of different culture but this does not necessarily mean that the stories are wrong, it only means that they are at least as ancient as the most ancient of our ancient civilizations which is likely to be Sumerian.
"When we take a look, at the histories and mythologies of the world, we discover that, almost all religions and histories of the world, tell of the beginning of the world with a single man. In Bible and other books of monotheistic religions, his name is Adam. In Sumerian records, the name of first man is Adamu. Also we see, that in Indian histories it is told that the name of first man was Manu. At all other places, we see that it is told in ancient books, that God or gods made the first man in his or their image. It is also told in almost all mythologies, including Indian and Sumerian, that the first man was kept in a garden for sometime, afterwards he was dispelled from there and the garden ceased to exist. We also see that the name of that garden is same in Bible and Sumerian records, i.e.

Diana G. Tumminia, Alien worlds: social and religious dimensions of extraterrestrial contact (Syracuse University Press, 2007).

Eden in Bible and Edin in Sumerian records." 118

A modern Torah commentary also mentions similarities between Sumarian and Hebrew stories of the Flood.
"We may cite the Mesopotamian versions of the story of the Flood. As a historical event and a chronological turning point, the concept of a great flood was an early and familiar fixture in cuneiform literature. The Sumerian King List teaches that kingship came down (respectively, came back) from heaven after the Flood and the idiom "before the Flood" signified pristine time. The earliest literary treatments of the theme are in Sumerian; their hero is Ziusudra, ruler (or "son") of Shuruppak and last of the antediluvian dynasties." 119

In summary, there is much literature and much proof that many ancient civilizations share similar stories and many of them might be true stories from prehistoric times. Q: Now we sense that it was not Gods but ETs, or better to say "extraterrestrial Gods" who created us and who guided Israelites in their exodus and wondering in the wilderness. Is there anything sacred left in the Torah and Old Testament? Does this desecration of the sacred texts lead to reducing the great Father God figure to not-so-great extraterrestrial Gods? A: Let me point out again we are following a great ancient tradition to question everything in the Torah and Old Testament. That was exactly what Jesus did, as well as many great Jewish rabbis, modern Theosophs and New Age teachers. The Great Father God figure is only so great in some Christian denominations such as Catholicism and Russian orthodox. It is still great but not as great in Jesusfocused branches such as various protestant churches. Does the idea of multiple forms of God desecrate God? Not at all! There is nothing surprising that there is structure in higher realms. Monotheism is in line with the extraterrestrial "Law of one" in saying that everything is God, everything is made of Higher Intelligence, everything is driven by God Force and everything is Consciousness. All events have hidden meaning and nothing happens at random. Here the New Paradigm 120 teachings and

119 120

Zia Abbas, Atlantis the Final Solution: A Scientific History of Humanity Over the Last 100,000 Years (iUniverse, 2002). W. Gunther Plaut and David E. Stein, Torah (URJ Books and Music, 2005). We use the term "New Paradigm" to refer collectively to the messages of channeled communications physical and non-physical entities from higher densities, New Age teachings and teachings of the past that are consistent with the above system of knowledge.

79 Monotheism are in much agreement. Clarifying the confusion about human creation and the role of ETs in it, in guiding Israelites via exodus, wandering in the wilderness and in wars does not reduce the role of Higher Intelligence but clarifies it. That is the main point of the work we are doing right here right now clarifying the confusion. Learning the structure of higher realms and separating different manifestations of the Creator from each other will help us in resolving the confusion and may serve the believers in resolving some of long-standing confusions and complexes. Lets approach now the same problem from another end: Q: I remain fascinated by the fact that there are so many humanoids in our Universe and by the beauty of animals. I believe there is something very natural, very primal, and very archetypal in our forms. Even not so pretty animals like crocodiles; they carry some of God's grace. Even if we were created by the humanoid ETs, I wonder if there still is something godly, something ethereal in human beauty, as well as in animal beauty, beauty of flowers, plants, of everything! A: We still don't have a clear answer whether there is anything supernatural about the human form. Or any other form. An absolutely important piece of the puzzle is that as we are told, the forms of life are universal. All forms of life that we see on Earth do exist elsewhere in the Universe. They are shared between many worlds. We don't know exactly how they are shared between the planets but we are told that the shapes of animals are universal. Unique to the planets are some of the fine tunings encoded in the genome. Thus we and all of the Earth's life have both universal features and unique combinations of DNA sequences that allow us to live on Earth.

Etheric field
Very important for our understanding of the role of higher realms in the life on Earth, is the principle that our physical bodies do have etheric counterparts. The DNA in our cells interacts is exchanging information with our etheric bodies. The concepts of the etheric body and the DNA interacting with it are frequently explained to us by various entities who clearly consider this an important concept for us to learn. This concept is linked to the idea of God in a way that we may understand the basic level of our connection to the Universe. We are taught that it is specifically human confusion, manifested most in modern times, and in

80 western civilization and specifically in the mainstream fraction that we chose to believe in an absence of a nonphysical world. This seems to be our quite unique achievement or our unique confusion. We are being told that this, our unique quality, attracts many extraterrestrial beings and entities to us who study our unique case with amazement. Therefore just this simplistic understanding that the life can not exist without very basic grassroots support from the ethereal world is very helpful in clarifying the confusion of our mainstream Western materialistic and atheistic worldview. Many channels utilize the term "etheric". Bashar refers to the etheric body of eastern and esoteric teachings and frequently mentions "electromagnetheric" vibrations which relate to vibrations in three fields: electric and magnetic (physical) and etheric (nonphysical). Pleiadians, Sirians, Cassiopaeans, Ra entity and other channels utilize the term etheric in similar sense.

Etheric body
The etheric body is the copy of our body in the nonphysical world. It has a shape of our body. The etheric body remains when the physical body dies. It is not the only thing that is left, but it is a part of bigger soul and this part is an otherworldly replica of our body. This etheric body is what is traveling in out-of-body experiences (OBE). Etheric bodies are the bodies of ghosts that people see in their in near-death experiences (NDE).

The veil and lucid dreaming

We are sure that you heard about these pieces of the puzzle before, but some of you might have dismissed this key information. Why? Mostly because of mainstream propaganda. Now we find these very concepts in the propaganda from the higher densities. Why is this extraterrestrial propaganda better? Mostly because it makes sense. And because the entities from Beyond The Veil are clearly perceiving these fields and energies. Some humans do too, but there is something very artificial in our biological design (The Veil) that prevents us from accessing the etheric world from Beyond The Veil. Our mainstream culture and education are (unlike ancient cultures) restricting, restraining us from accessing the world Beyond The Veil. Interestingly, according to ETs, we are visiting the world Beyond The Veil every night in our dreams. But there is a strange perceptual mechanism (The Veil), again likely artificial, that forces us to forget our dreams. One of the main techniques of

81 opening our perceptions to the world beyond, the techniques that are taught to us by both ET and earthly teachers, is to meditate while getting in the state of sleep and while waking, to retain our dreams. The self-hypnotizing formula for self-programming while getting asleep is: "Next time Im dreaming, I want to recognize Im dreaming and I want to remember my dream when I wake up". 121,

Surprisingly, chakras attract much attention of ETs in their communications. Chakras are nonphysical energy vortices in the body that play an essential role in the energy flow within the body and essentially determine the "life energy" of the body. Many channels talk in great length about the detail of the working of the chakras. Bashar123, Ra entity124 and Solara An-Ra125 teach meditation and principles of the work of chakras. Their explanations are in perfect agreement with the Hindu teachings. These ideas are also in line with Eastern energy healing schools such as Chi-Gong about Chi energy, Reiki about Qi energy. Although some humans can perceive nonphysical energy of prana and the chakras, most of us cannot.

There is never enough answers

Q: So, if we come here for learning our lessons, isn't it contradicting the purpose for us to be sneaking Beyond The Veil? In other words, if we are supposed to be confused and learn through suffering, are not we cheating by talking to psychics, by listening to channelers and by figuring out that we can simply enjoy our life since it is only an artificial reality. It is like movie spoilers - to devoid self from the complete experience of watching a movie by reading the synopsis online. Or like spoiling the enjoyment of romance by pretending you are not who you are. Suppose you will be loved, but it will not be the real you who is loved but that person that you pretended to be. Is our sneaking Beyond The Veil same sort of cheating? A: Not really. It is natural for us to seek the ultimate answers. If our quest ultimately brings us to the light shining from Beyond The Veil, so be it! There is never enough light, there is never enough
121 122

123 124

125 David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies (Dutton Adult, 2011). Don Elkins, James Allen McCarty, and Carla Rueckert, The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, illustrated edition. (L/L Research, 1984).

82 answers. We are getting only glimpses to the truth Beyond The Veil, so we always want more.

We can not win, we can only get experience

Consider a simple truth that we are made of good and evil, of the light and the darkness, of energy and matter. When we chose incarnating here we were warned that this is a polarized experience, that we chose not only to go into a blend containing darkness, we also will be containing darkness within ourselves. It is originally our choice and we have to go via the whole life experience carrying the darkness inside. Q: What sort of darkness inside us is that? A: We are born with the idea of death. We have to worry about eating, drinking, sleeping, and even breathing all life long. Even if an individual learns to ignore the reminders about the death in her life, there is still much of death happening with others. Although our modern society is doing a good job in shielding us from signs and reminders about death, it is still impossible to ignore the brevity of our presence here. Moreover we are made in such a way that we carry a fair charge of evil within ourselves. Even holiest humans harbor seeds of aggression, hostility, dominance, manipulation, deception, jealousy, and egotism buried deep in their essence. Those of us who behave in a most civilized way, do this not because of our good nature, but because of a cultural layer that corrects our nature: deep inside everyone is hidden a great deal of negativity. Trying to repress these instinctual inner properties causes only disbalances in our psyche, since it is made of both light and darkness, both yin an yang, and repression of one disbalances both. Everyone has an assassin inside. Although we do not kill for personal gain, we would still have an impulse to kill for the protection of innocent. Anyone driving a car has to deal with the fact that he might kill and innocent life in any moment. Thus we have to live with the realization of being mortal and being capable to kill. Our culture and thick inertia of our tradition allow us to keep the balance. It is social norm that we measure our values against common values, not the against absolute ideals. That is why a civilized person is able to eat meat and drive a car daily without a feeling of guilt for the animals killed by butchers and the innocent pedestrians killed daily by car accidents. Even the sweetest and holiest individuals among us can harm others by their passivity, by

83 their remoteness from life. If you are actively participating in life, you are certain to harm people by your actions and if you are passive - by inaction. Either way harm is being done. That is the nature of our physical incarnation - we can not win, we can only get experience.

Polarity of service
A large body of communications from Beyond The Veil is focused on the idea of service. Ra entity and Cassiopaeans 126,127 use the terms "service to others" (STO) implying altruism and "service to self" (STS) implying egotism. Apparently the question of the choice between altruism ad egotism plays a very important role in the progression of civilizations as they shift from our 3rd to the 4th and then to the 5th density. While both 3rd and 4th densities allow and even absolutely require for the beings to be comprised of a mixture of altruism and egotism, the transition to higher densities is prohibited to pure egotists. Therefore higher level beings can be either totally good or predominantly good but can not be evil.

Balance of good and evil

It is interesting that an individual in our reality can never be absolutely evil. There is a sort of a Law of Conservation that requires the good and the evil in an individual to be somewhat balanced.

Balance in perception of higher realms

Apparently there is also a natural need for a balance between our ability and inability to perceive higher realms. Apparently, a veil has been drawn upon our senses in a way that we were artificially driven to believe that the immaterial world doesn't exist. Apparently Homo Sapiens is an extreme achievement of generic and soul engineering in experimentation towards extreme physicality. Until maybe the end of the 18th century this was not possible, but in about the last couple centuries, and only in the Western world , the mainstream-oriented population was convinced that what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG principle.) According to the channeled messages, this is an unthinkable extreme case of physicality.
126 127 Laura Knight-Jadczyk, High Strangeness - Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction, 2nd ed. (Red Pill Press, 2008).


An extreme case of delusion

We are told that other civilizations in our Universe rarely get that far in their confusion about the nature of reality. Somehow their intuition and psychic abilities don't get repressed and their culture is not manipulated that efficiently, to make them believe that there is nothing out there. We are constantly being reminded by channeled communications that other civilizations of the Universe, ,follow with amazement our recent development since we represent for them a unique case, maybe a unique civilization-wide psychiatric case of materialistic delusion. Apparently there are other races like Reptilians who are despising God 128 but none of them is confused to the extent of rejecting the existence of the spirit world. Again, it is important to understand that we are not that devoid of the ability for perceiving spirit world. As we just mentioned, we do visit the spirit reams in dreams every night, but there is something artificial, possibly an artificial brain structure that very effectively makes us forget our experience during the moments of waking up. Those who are able to overcome this artificial limitation either become great intuitives or psychiatric patients.

Let us see now which of our extraterrestrial creators introduced the limitation to our psychic powers and how it was achieved. Sumerian cuneiform tablets researched by Sitchin 129 and O'Brien130 reveal that these were Annunaki humanoid extraterrestrials who created us as slaves with limited abilities about 250,000 years ago.
"The technician class [of Annunaki] was forced to do all the heavy labor. This resulted in a mutiny. The head of the science team was ordered by the mission commander to see if it was possible to train indigenous man to work in place of the technicians. It was found that ape-man was not a suitable worker. Both Sitchin and OBrien report on the Sumerian writings regarding the unhappiness of the Annunaki who were forced to do manual labor. It is interesting to note that while



Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light (Bear & Company, 1995). Zecharia Sitchin, The Wars of Gods and Men: Book III of the Earth Chronicles (Harper, 2007). Christian (editor); OBrien, Barbara Joy (editor) OBrien, Genius of the Few: The Story of Those Who Founded the Garden in Eden (Dianthus Publishing, 1999).

the two researchers differ on how they view what they found in the ancient records, their overall interpretations arrive at the same point. The ancient Sumerian writings, the Epic of Creation, point to this mutiny of the lesser Annunaki as being the reason for the creation of man. Mankind was designed and created to serve the masters, the Annunaki." 131 "On orders of the mission commander, which the approval of the overall commander, a program of genetic manipulation was undertaken, to find a suitable worker drone. Many researchers have puzzled over the statements attributed to GOD in the Bible, such as "Let us make man in our image." The basic question is, if there is and was only one God, then who was God talking to? According to the Sumerian writings, the Annunaki had to finally mix the sperm of an Annunaki with the ova of an ape-woman and then had it placed in the womb of

by Mikalojus iurlionis
female Annunaki volunteers. Eventually, man was created. Several genetic programs were undertaken to find the perfect worker. One involved taking the egg of a reptile, but this was found not to be suitable. [.] It was found that mammals, the ape specifically, were best suited to genetic manipulation. It is apparent that the Annunaki were, themselves, mammalian in

Ken Hudnall, The Occult Connection II: The Hidden Race (Omega Press, 2004).

genetic make-up since they could breed with human females. "And the sons of God saw the daughters of man and took them to wife." Ape man, Neanderthal, and Cro-Magnon man were all results of these genetic manipulation programs. None of these species were entirely suitable. Finally, it was decided to take the sperm of one of the colonists and mix it with the eggs of a CroMagnon woman. The fertilized ovary was then implanted in the womb of a colonist female. The result was Homo Sapiens. This is thoroughly explained in the Epic of Creation, one of the Sumerian Epics. Man being a hybrid was sterile. However, in order not to have to waste precious genetic material, man was given the ability to procreate. This ability to procreate was perhaps unauthorized, but once the damage was done, the commander accepted it. This is also touched on in the Epic of Creation and other Sumerian and Akkadian writings. "1

The stories of Yahweh creating humans are about Annunaki

"Enki as Yahweh. One of the Anunnaki gods is called Ea, or Enki. He is the brother of Enlil, and son of Anu. My research into him has led me to suspect that he is the basis for the character that the Bible calls Yahweh. The Sumerian texts include most of the same stories that the Torah does. These are the first five books of what Christianity calls the Old Testament. Since the stories are the same, yet the Sumerian texts are thousands of years older than the Torah, the question is raised as to which Anunnaki god is represented by Yahweh. Sometimes it seems to be Enlil in the texts, while at other times Enki appears to be saying and doing the things that Yahweh does in the Torah. I followed the name Yahweh back through its etymology. I traced it through the Hebrew, back through the Phoenician, Babylonian, and to the Sumerian cuneiform. And the word 'Yahweh' does indeed mean 'Enki' in my opinion. The word Enki literally means 'Lord of Earth'. " 132 "The Annunaki created man in their own image and likeness to be slaves. I quote from the creation epic the words of Marduk, a son of Enki: I will produce a lowly Primitive; "Man" shall be his name. I will create a Primitive Worker; lie will be charged with the service of the gods, that they might have their ease.

Mathias the Skry, First Whispers An American Oracle (Mathias the Skry, n.d.).

Ancient man, the man of the Bible, did not worship his god; he worked for him. The word in the Bible that has been translated as worship is avod (work). When mankind began to multiply so rapidly after receiving the ability to procreate, the Annunaki realized that they needed a better way to control them. As Enlil had stated, mankind was too noisy and boisterous. The Annunaki called themselves gods; however, they believed that there was a Supreme Being who had created them. They decided that they would have the slaves worship them as God, rather than only work for them. That was very clever. The Annunaki would have the best of both worlds, so to speak; mankind would worship them as gods and continue to work for them as slaves. By having mankind worship them, they could pound into our little brains that we must obey them. The concept eventually evolved into having mankind believe that the Annunaki were Yahweh, God, Allaha monotheistic deity. By creating this deception, they were able to manipulate, coerce, and control the noisy, boisterous critters better. There is scripture that tells us when the Annunaki devised this scheme. It is found in Genesis 4:25 - 26: "And to Seth, to him also was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the Lord." When mankind began to call upon the name of the Lord is when Enlil's scheme began to be successful. Mankind began to worship the Annunaki during the time of Enos (Enosh in many translations). Enosh was born 98,260 years ago. The ancient texts vividly describe how the Adam was created. The egg or DNA from ape - woman was mixed with clay, bitumens, and the essence of the blood (not the sperm) from a young Annunaki male. The mixture was placed in a series of purifying baths. This apparendy caused the DNA from ape - woman to combine with the DNA from the Annunaki male. In some way the genes from the male were imprinted upon this embryo. The embryo that was produced was implanted into the womb of Ninki (Enki's wife). The ancient texts say that ten months later the baby was delivered by cesarean section. " 133 - "I have Rh negative blood. What's with that?" All eyes turned to Russell. - "It indicates that there is extraterrestrial DNA in your family history. - "I have a question," I stated. "In Luke's gospel he goes through a genealogy backward in time listing

Dr Jack Pruett, The Grandest Deception (Xlibris Corporation, 2011).

who begat whom. He ends with '...the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.' That says to me that Adam was the son of God, and if you are the son of someone, then you would have their DNA. The 'God' that is supposedly the father of Adam is the God of the Old Testament, Yahweh, who was an extraterrestrial. So if all that is true, wouldn't Adam and all his descendants have Rh negative blood?" - "Yes, Adam and his descendants had the DNA of the Creator God, Yahweh. The first humans were apes that had been genetically altered with extraterrestrial DNA. That is where the Rh positive factor originated in humans, from monkeys/apes used in the creation process. However, Yahweh's DNA did not alter the Rh factor. An individual's DNA can change over time. The benevolent extraterrestrials' DNA has mutated over millennia to an extremely advanced level. Yahweh [.] wanted to be worshipped and obeyed by the humans he created, so he only gave them 2 strands with minimal activation of even that paltry amount of DNA. When the more spiritually evolved benevolent extraterrestrials join in the creation process with humans, the DNA mutates to a higher level and one of the changes that occurs is the elimination of the Rh factor. These humans have Rh negative blood. Jesus was Rh negative." 134

Genetic Manipulation in the Atlantis

In addition to the genetic creation of the humans by the Annunaki, we are told by a channeled Archangel Metatron of genetic manipulations in the Atlantis where an effort was made again to create a race of slaves.
"Atlantis existed for over 200,000 years. The vast majority of the Atlantean times were epochs of light! Only the final phase, the period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC was in your terms, a dark era, but one rich in lessons." 135 "The genetic engineering was based in Meruvia, on Aryan. It had originally been used for benevolent purposes, for seeking improved physical vehicles for those that had incarnated into physical bodies that mutated into half man half beast abominations. The genetic work had been processed and developed on Aryan and was used to remove appendages, claws, feathers and reptilian skins and scales. This was done in
134 135

Susan Alan, Abode Of The Clouds (Akratat Publishing, 2010).

the Temple of Purification, somewhat of a specialized medical centre. Again, we emphasize that during the Golden Age of Atlantis, its utility had been quite benevolent. Tremendous genetic advances were made and a great understanding of cloning and adjusting physical limitations for betterment came in responsible, ethical utility. In the chaos of the reconstruction period, genetic engineering came under the control of the Belial group, and then denigrated into corrupt uses of greed and power. The genetic engineering began being used for dark ends, in creating a race of worker-slaves and hybrid man animals. Just as in Nazi Germany it was conveyed to the masses as development of a 'pure race'. In fact many of the genetic scientists were initially kept unaware of what their research and development work was being used for until it was essentially too late for them to stop it. Some of you carry great guilt to this day as a result of this work. This use of genetically engineered servant classes led to the great rift between the Law of One and the Sons of Belial, the latter of which became so engrossed and hardened in the materialistic ambitions of the industrial machine that they lost sight of the spiritual ethics that had prevailed over the continent of Atlantis in the Golden Era. Literally hundreds of thousands of hybrid mutations were created to work the fields and monstrosities were created with controlled minds to robotically do the bidding of their 'masters'. The agro-industrial society of Aryan became quite dependent on them. Souls became trapped in cloned bodies termed 'things' and 'others' with genetic lobotomies and nullified, sexuality and emotional abilities. Many who were trapped in monstrous or sub intelligent androgynous human bodies, still carry that horrendous pain of being imprisoned in physical embodiments that allowed for no advanced learning, spiritual growth or emotional expression. We tell you that the beings you refer to as Sasquatch, are remnants of humangorilla genetic engineered mutants, created for heavy labor, by the Aryans."136

Since the Atlantis was destroyed, it is not clear how many of the disabling genes of the Atlantean slave hybrids were inherited by us, but out overall materialism and diminished psychic abilities suggest that one way or another we were genetically manipulated. The changes might have involved our corpus callosum, a structure connecting and regulating the connection between the two

90 hemispheres of our brain and possibly frontal lobes. Other diminished structures often mentioned interfering with psychic awakening are the pineal and pituitary glands.
Bashar: "The seventh sense is what you usually refer to as the sixth sense, which is vibrational discernment. This is the seventh level because in a sense it is more refined, more highly accelerated than the actual sixth sense of physical space/time orientation. The seventh sense of vibrational discernment is what interconnects all of you on a mental electromagnetheric 137 level, where you are telempathically 138 in touch at every given moment, whether you are aware of it or not, with every other being, not only on your own planet but on every other planet in every other dimension of experience that is connected to electromagnetic phenomena at all. It is encased in the very cellular structure of your body. And the points of orientation, the points of manifestation, the points of ignition for the physical reality, electro-chemically speaking, of the seventh sense of physical reality, is to some degree contained in the glandular systems of your body. Specifically the idea you would call the pineal gland and various centers of activity in the brain. Especially in the center of the hemispheres what you would call technically the corpus callosum, in the very center. These ideas, these membranes, are very sensitive to electromagnetic vibration, and you pick up upon waves and frequencies of electromagnetic thought patterns that are radiated by every living being in physical reality. You are part of a network, part of a web in that sense, and any string that is plucked anywhere throughout the Universe in that electromagnetic field to some degree is accessible to you." 139

In addition to brain structures, the channeled sources mention non-coding DNA sequences (junk DNA, sequences between the genes) that were scrambled by our genetic creators and distortions were introduced in our DNA via mutations that prevent us from clearly vibrating at appropriate frequencies required for our better connection to higher realms. Therefore not only is our environment polluted, preventing us from clear thinking, clear feeling and clearly perceiving higher realms, a noise in our genetic



"Electromagnetheric" is a human term frequently used by Bashar meaning electromagnetic plus etheric. "Telempathy" is a human term frequently used by Bashar meaning telepathy plus empathy - transfer of information and emotions Bashar,

91 material places a veil of fog on our perception of higher realms.

- "Any other questions?" Russell inquired. - "The so - called 'junk DNA' that the scientists call it is actually DNA that has yet to be activated?" Joshua asked. - "Correct. Yahweh disabled many of our code segments including the code segment whereby we could reproduce our cells or duplicate ourselves. We were programmed to make cells that cause our bodies to age, become sick and die. " - "What about Adam and his descendents in the Old Testament who lived hundreds of years? Is their longevity due to the fact that they had a preponderance of extraterrestrial DNA which became diluted over time?" I asked. -"Yes." 140

In addition, Annunaki are told to have inserted particular DNA sequences that allowed them the remote control and programming of humans. This is an important piece of a puzzle determining our imbalances and approaches to repairing them. Another notion may be that modern propaganda and programming of masses might be using the same sequences and frequencies that were introduced by the Annunaki for their manipulation of humans. Consider this channeled message from the Sirians illustrating these revelations:
A Sirian channel: "Very little clinical information regarding the true function of the pineal gland, understood to be linked primarily to the endocrine system, is available to the medical and scientific communities of Earth biologists, who have yet to recognize its greater significance and higher purpose. It is believed that the gland is involved with the rhythms of intercellular communication, influencing the hypothalamus, but just how it functions is still a relative mystery to those who purport to be authorities on human physiology. Their limited understanding is due, in large part, to the yet undiscovered fact that the pineal exists primarily as a relay station for your full [etheric][.] DNA complex. Although they do acknowledge the existence of that ubiquitous collection of material known as the junk DNA, the Earth biologists simply havent uncovered the secrets surrounding the unplugging of human DNA and how the scattered puzzle pieces actually fit together. [.] Extraterrestrial invaders interrupted the Starseed Experiment of otherworldly light beings by disassembling

Alan, Abode Of The Clouds.

the complex DNA network of Homo sapiens celestial origins and scattering them in the dissonance of their electromagnetic nets - resulting in those unconnected bits of junk within you. It is just as unlikely that conventional medicine and biology will arrive at an understanding of how, in scrambling those light-coded filaments [of DNA], those same E.T. aggressors, the Annunaki lords, deactivated the pineal gland and nullified its primary functions. With only the double helix of your essential DNA to manage, the ultimately important pineal gland, once ten times its volume, shrank to a size smaller than a pea within your brains and became classified, along with the so-called cerebral grey matter, as a relevantly insignificant part of the human beings neural and endocrinal systems. So it has remained, throughout human evolution, until now, as you become fully conscious of your multidimensional nature and your starseeded origins, reconnecting the wires, so to speak, of your cosmic intelligence [.] identifying what have always been considered superfluous bits and piecesthe junkin your incredibly articulate internal communication networks. Now [.] the pineal gland, great way station for the light of the Cosmos, is expandingas are you. Know [that activation of DNA] calls the pineal gland back to active service, [it] is the giant step for all that will follow, as you become flooded with the brilliance and the beauty of all that you are meant to be." 141

The exact purposes for which the ancient Creator Gods made us with such limitations are not very clear. According to Sumerians in Sitchin's interpretation, Annunaki needed slaves for mining gold that they then exported to Nibiru for protecting its ecology. Cassiopaeans suggest that the extraterrestrial God of ancient Hebrews created them as a super-human warrior-tribe which is easy to manipulate and which was superior to other tribes in war. Cassiopaeans also explain that this aggressive trait was reversed in the course of Jewish history possibly because in exile, the tribe of warriors became peaceful. Urantia book is hints at the same evolution of Hebrew God:
"There was a continuous evolution of Deity concept from the primitive Yahweh to the high level of the Isaiahs."142


Patricia Cori, No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening, Reprint. (North Atlantic Books, 2008).

93 We are being told by the modern channelings that Annunaki were controlling us and making us to fight wars in order to feed on our suffering, pain and negative emotions via supernatural means.
Cassiopaeans: "The Orion Empire are 4th Density Negative. They are "lost" in the sense that they have drifted so far from their true nature, that despite many attempts, we have been unable to reach them, and help them to develop. They exist within their Group Soul Complex, mostly as a group of discarnate entities, within the Astral Planes of the planets they visit. They have no intention of 'returning Home', and instead seek to feed off of Negative Energy, to keep themselves going, as they are disconnected from their inherent natural Life-Force, by refusing to abide by the Infinite Creator's Incarnational Principles." 143, 144

Luckily, due to 1995 treaty of Anchara that established Peace between the Galactic Federation and the Orion Empire, the last 4th density negatives left the Earth between 1998 and summer of 2011 and are no longer of threat to us.
A Sirian channel: "In 1995, the Anunnaki [Nibiruans] began their transition from the Dark to the Light. At the same time, the Dark Star-Nations of the Anchara Alliance presented proposals to the Galactic Federation for a permanent "Galactic Peace", which served to further isolate the old military cliques." 145 "For nearly 13 millennia, these dark, hybrid off-worlders controlled your realm. They relinquished that control nearly a decade ago [in the Peace of Anchara, 1995" " 146

We can hypothesize that, since we, humans, were genetically, vibrationally, and anatomically deprived of intuitive and physic abilities, this deprivation produced a very unexpected result in the course of our evolution due to our shortsightedness. Many sources teach us that most extraterrestrial races visiting us are telepathic. In some telepathic races, individuals become much dissolved in a collective mind and individuals are constantly
143 144



Draconians channeled by Laura Knight-Jadczyk Knight-Jadczyk, High Strangeness - Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction. Sirians channeled by Sheldan Nidle Sirians channeled by Sheldan Nidle

94 connected to this mind as well as to spiritual planes.

Cetaceans and the idea of collective mind

Interestingly, not only extraterrestrials are telepathic, but we may have here on our planet intelligent races which are telepathically united in a collective mind. These are Cetaceans (dolphins and whales).
"There are cases under laboratory conditions of dolphins processing telepathic capabilities. Aldo Aulicino, a researcher in charge of an international multidisciplinary project called Kylslos, noted an unusual phenomenon. Two dolphins were separated miles apart, and after one was put into an artificial distress mode, at that exact moment, its mate reacted in a rescuing manner."147,148

Few books and web sites hint to sparse observations of telepathy in dolphins149,150,151,152 but there is an obvious lack of controlled studies of dolphin telepathy. Properly designed studies are needed to include repeated tests and exclusion of non-telepathic clues such as sounds that can pass through water very far. Nonetheless, there are books153 and web sites of channelers who channel dolphins and whales.
Metatron Channel: "The Sirius- B Cetaceans have the ability and choice to either incarnate on Earth directly into the human species or as dolphin and whales." 154 Savina, a Collective Dolphin Mind: "The cetaceans of my South Kona coast are specialists in caring for peoples consciousness. Weve been given the privilege of seeing people surrender their brokenness and replace their difficulties with the hearts frequency of God-Light. Weve been given the gift of helping people bless others as we bless them. Our consciousness is elevated as we bless our human swim companions with promptings about what it means to be in full
147 148 149 150




154 Lana Miller, Call of the Dolphins, Photocopy. (Rainbow Bridge Pub, 1989). Ibid. Amanda Cochrane and Karena Callen, Dolphins and Their Power to Heal, F. (Healing Arts Press, 1992). Timothy Wyllie, Dolphins, ETs & Angels: Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences (Bear & Company, 1993). Timothy Wyllie, Dolphins, Telepathy & Underwater Birthing: Further Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences (Bear & Co, 1993). Dianne Robbins, The Call Goes Out from the Cetacean Nation: Interspecies Communication (Trafford Publishing, 2008).

command of your own life. I am an avatar. Yes, the Cetacean Nation has a spiritual hierarchy much like the human race on Earth. I represent the spiritual consciousness of all cetaceans who reside fifty miles off the coast of The Big Island of Hawaii. I guide seven species of cetaceans and I deliver communications with my heart chakra. My heart chakra is my vehicle for serving cetaceans with total immersion in the Sirian frequencies of the heart. I have created a council of elders representing the cetaceans to whom I give my heart, mind and soul. Ive done this for the purpose of helping myself and other cetaceans become far more adept at listening to the heart songs of humans. I cant emphasize enough how important it is for the Cetacean nation to embrace the GodLight of every member of the human race. My council of elders has prepared for this very sacred service for seven million years. Thats right - seven million years. The Council of Elders and all cetaceans go through evolutionary processes that create far more sensitivity to the compassionate, caring, soul centered, loving hearts of human beings. Cetaceans arrived on Earth from star systems that did not demand this strand of evolution." 155


96 Bashar teaches that Cetaceans are another civilization on Earth and before looking for extraterrestrial contacts, we have an opportunity to make a contact with a sentient race of Cetaceans right here on our planet.
Bashar: "We underline that your civilization, your planet, bears two sentient species, two self aware species. Dolphins are the same type of soul as you are, the same type of consciousness, simply in a differentiated form than yours. The idea is that your planet has two, not one alien species upon it. Land human and water Cetacean (dolphins and whales). You are really incarnationally interchangeable, many who are human have had dolphin lives and many who are dolphin have had

by Mikalojus iurlionis
human lives. Your dolphins have never forgotten and have from time to time endeavored to interact with you in the only way that you would allow. And that is in your Dream reality, in your Dream state where you are more open to telepathic communication, telepathic transmission. [.] By interacting with you, the dolphins are allowing you to realize that your physical reality is just a dream in that sense. [.] The dolphin consciousness basically lives in ecstasy and they desire that you can as well. They also interact with many other

civilizations[.] Within their sonic environments, within their bubbles of sound they create transference stations that lead into other levels of reality, they create inter-dimensional doorways, just thru vibration alone. Now that you are interested in your higher self, be aware that the dolphins have a manifestation of their higher selves right on your own planet. It is called the Whales. The idea of the whale is that it is representative of the over-soul, of many dolphins souls combined into one. And your environment of what you call their ocean makes it possible to manifest their higher self in that way. They can manifest thru a physical state." 156

It is not clear to us whether it is possible to have much egotism in a telepathic society. It is likely very hard to keep individuality when you are feeling and seeing what all other members of the society feel and see and when you are felt and watched inside and out all the time. No wonder that in Bashar's society, Sassani people don't wear clothes! It is not only their private parts that are visible; everything that they think and feel might be visible, including private thoughts. That is maybe why as Bashar says, they don't have a sense of fear or anger. Because fear and anger are the feelings of individuals to each other. When you share thoughts, fear and anger are useless.
Bashar (continued): "The notion of functioning as a unified society does not mean you lose your individuality. This is a myth, that the unified consciousness is created at the expense of your individuality. It is a strength that you will experience. Also, there are many other extraterrestrial societies, alien societies, that could be in contact with you. Remember you have one right here in your ocean. And when human beings begin to truly blend and meld with the dolphin and whale community, melt with them, you will truly accelerate into becoming a unified planet that will then be able to operate on a vibrational level that will make it easy for you to interact with other whole civilizations." 1

It is not surprising that we, humans, are considered an extreme case. We are not sharing our thoughts and emotions that much.

Summing up
To re-cap, the key points of confusion in Torah-Old Testament are about the identity of God and come from the lack of

98 differentiation between different concepts which have very little to do with one another: (1) The Prime Creator, (2) The extraterrestrial humanoid Creator Gods that created humans, (3) The extraterrestrial being that guided ancient Israelites, (4) An archetype of human form of the Universe after which humans were created and evolved, (5) Many incarnate and celestial entities that spoke to the ancient prophets and modern channelers, and (6) "Higher Self" of each individual that guides the individual through life lessons is responding to individual's prayers.

Jungian archetypes
Talking about the "archetype of human form in the Universe" we refer to the Jungian concept that certain ideas (or "archetypes") can manifest in physical world directly from non-physical world. We refer to this concept to differentiate two possible ways in which the human form can materialize on different planets. (a) The first way is physical: physical beings physically appear on the planet and physically clone or breed a humanoid for life on that planet. (b)The second way is non-physical (that is archetypal): an idea of human form would travel non-physically and manifest a physical humanoid on a planet without a physical mediator.

Manifestation of archetypes
Is such a non-physical creation possible? We are told by many celestial sources that yes, indeed this is quite possible and often used by advanced beings. Bashar mentioned a few times that there are beings among us that are materialize temporarily here for obtaining human experience or for influencing our development. Other sources also mention materialization and de-materialization as a common natural or technological ability of some extraterrestrials. Even our humans are reported to possess or at least experiment with the technologies (naturally secret Montauk and related projects) that were partially successful in materializing thoughts and transporting humans from one location to another not only in space but also in time. Relevant to origination of humanoids on different planets, it may be helpful to differentiate between one way materialization of thoughts and two way process or de-materialization of a being in one location in space and time and materialization in another. The one-way process is sometimes referred to as manifestation of materialization of thoughts, or ideas, or archetypes. The second

99 (two-step) process is a form of space travel or time travel.

Travel by shifting frequencies

Bashar frequently describes a process Sassani and many other star nations typically use for star travel. The ship generates certain electromagnetheric frequencies that dissociate it from one location in space-time and then it generates frequencies that materialize it in another location in space-time. He mentions that some civilizations use technology for that and some advanced beings can do this naturally.

How did humanoids end up here?

Summing up, it appears that travel of humanoids between planets is a norm and is often and easily accomplished. The fact that we are not aware of it is only due to the above mentioned quarantine that has been placed on us a while ago and which is coming to an end at this time, the end of 2011. It appears that the humanoids of different races technically can easily spread to planets; it is not the difficulty of travel that limits their spread, but other factors. These limiting factors likely are: (1) physical and vibrational conditions at specific planets (that is why they needed a native primate genome when making us) and (2) permissions from parties involved. We get glimpses at these migrations from the stories that Pleiadians tell us about first colonies of humanoids on Earth. Apparently first humanoids at this galaxy appeared on Vega. Different groups came to the Earth as refugees, some were able to leave later when Galactic conditions allowed, but some were incarnationaly stuck, since they intermixed with local tribes. This is an interesting concept, which seems to be true since mentioned in independent sources, that interbreeding of extraterrestrials with the humans ties them incarnationally to the Earth. Thus we find appearances of humanoids at different places not surprising, but otherwise quite normal, considering both the technological and natural (biological) ways of travel; not in a sense of physical movement, but in a way of space-time jumping, a way of going via sci-fi-type gates and portals. (Note that seemingly impossible maneuvers of so called UFOs are explained by their entering and exiting our physical reality. The beings inside the UFOs don't experience accelerations since in their reality they are not moving. Their seeming movement in our skies is in fact the visualization of their exiting or disappearance, de-materialization

100 from our reality.)

How did animals get here?

While the spread of humanoids through the Universe is not surprising, some sources (Cetacean and Pleiadian) teach us that ALL inhabitants, all species on Earth, exist in similar forms throughout the Universe. This is a very unusual concept for the mainstream public but it makes perfect sense.

Earthly genes are needed to live on Earth

Recently we discussed that the infusion of earthly primate genes into Annunaki genome was needed for the creation of humans. To illustrate this idea please note, that in many cases of reported contacts, the extraterrestrial beings come to the humans only for a brief period of time after which they have to leave since they are running "low on energy". To live here and be balanced in energy at least partially earthly genomes. This is because they have to be native to our vibrations. Now, to consider the idea that all Earthly life forms do exist elsewhere in Universe, we have to allow for substantial adjustments in the genomes of every life form for every planet. With this requirement met, we don't see anything wrong with the idea of universality of life forms. This idea would be in agreement with the Jungian idea of archetypes. It will be in line with the idea of universality of the human form. Earlier we already have gone through the not-so-easy process of accepting the fact that we are not the only humanoids in the Universe. Continuing this logic, it is very natural to accept that any form of life from the Earth is present elsewhere.

How life is seeded over the Universe?

Naturally, the question arises, how would non-technological life forms move around the Universe? Only simple micro-organisms can survive space travel via meteorites and dust, but how do, say, whales, dolphins, dogs, cats and bulls travel? They are not technological as far as we can tell and unlikely to create any tools or technologies. If they are spread over the Universe, who or what is responsible for spreading them? At the moment we don't know the answer, but here are three main suspects: (1) Humanoids carry all species around in spaceships. Even large animals as whales and dinosaurs can be transported, say, as embryos. Also since advanced alien technologies can transport beings without the use of a craft

101 (just by de-materializing and materializing), it is conceivable that they can transport this way any large animal. (2) Alternatively, tt is conceivable that there is an archetype, an idea of an animal form that is shared throughout the Universe. Then the life on the planet evolves to manifest a certain form, certain archetype, certain idea. For example, the form of dolphin is extremely similar to the form of the now extinct ichthyosaurus. Is it by chance? Is it because the lifestyle caused their forms to converge in a natural process? Or is it because they were both influenced by an archetypal idea of a dolphin-ichthyosaurus shape? (3) A third option involves powerful immaterial beings such as 6th and higher density beings, the same as angels and Creator Gods, that create life forms at will. Which of the three hypotheses is right? Based only on intuition, without much evidence, our intuitive opinion is that all three normally take place. High density beings supervise the process of seeding life through the Universe, Jungian archetypes and technological beings hand in hand realize the wishes, and manifest the guidance of higher entities, Creator Gods.

Creative evolution - a blend of evolutionism and creationism

This is likely how life in the Universe is seeded and how our planet has got such a large variety of life forms. This explains many paradoxes of the evolution of life on Earth. The main paradox of evolution on Earth is the paradox that evolution moved in large leaps. There were periods of incredibly boring lack of novelty. Millions of years passed without generation of a new species and suddenly - there were explosions! A large variety of species was generated on Earth at once at short time intervals. Note that these new species were not foreign to Earth but were closely related to their earthly ancestors. But this generation of new branches was typically happening in short periods of time and obviously without intermediate steps! It is still unclear by which mechanism the new species were formed, but the involvement of physical or nonphysical extraterrestrial mediators helps much in understanding the jumps in life formation diversity on Earth. The fact that the new forms were not invented but were borrowed from elsewhere in Universe helps with solving the main disagreement between evolutionism and creationism. Yes indeed older species were giving origin to the new species. Yes indeed Higher Intelligence was involved. Yes, indeed there was no need for the evolution to try all variants of all mutations because the new forms were borrowed

102 from other planets of Universe materially or non-materially and manifested here.

Darwinian evolution works but only after diversity explosions made by Creator Gods
Note that these radical and largely magical events of creation of new life forms don't negate the discoveries of our scientists of continuous evolution on Earth. There is plenty of evidence that indeed the genes do mutate, that populations indeed do exchange the genes and that genomes of many species gradually evolve. All these observations and principles remain valid. It is only radical explosions of diversity in certain points in the past that couldn't be explained by theories of gradual evolution and Darwinian natural selection. Darwinian models didn't work and couldn't work for diversity explosions. That is where creationists and Lamarckian evolutionists were correct explaining the diversity explosions with intervention of Higher Intelligence or Creator Gods. Now, we can see that both alternatives likely took place in evolution and both were correct. During the diversity explosions, the Higher Intelligence-Creator Gods were creating new species likely with the use of earthly genes by manifesting universal archetypal forms on Earth and during slow development phases, these forms slowly adjusted, slowly evolved in agreement with the Darwinian rules.

Integrating the Creative Evolution into our worldview

If this is true and we believe that this is generally true (since it makes sense in light of celestial communications) how does this new understanding of evolution of life in the Universe transform the Monotheistic beliefs? This new understanding, this concept of universal life forms does not in fact explain the origins of life. It just explains that life did not originate on Earth, thus pushing the question away from us into unreachable depths of the Universe history possibly beyond our physical world in completely unapproachable realms. Thus this question escapes from the reach of natural scientists who can from now on only analyze how the universal life forms landed on Earth and affected the tree of life here. It would be not unthinkable anymore to find cases when a certain strain of life would be seeded here, become totally extinct and then be seeded again. We are told that this is exactly what was happening to humans (humanoid forms) here. Unthinkable without the idea of external involvement,

103 this re-emergence, re-seeding of extinct forms becomes quite acceptable, quite logical, and quite natural. Wilcock recently wrote an excellent review of mainstream discoveries of revival of species which were dead for millions of years - this is now called "Lazarus effect":
Wilcock writes: "I was particularly amazed by a National Geographic news story that appeared on February 15, 2009. The International Census of Marine Life is making a focused effort to identify and assess all species in the ocean - past, present and potential future. In the process of assembling this vast body of data, the scientists found something astonishing at least 235 different identical species have been discovered at the North and South Poles, and they do not exist anywhere else on earth. This includes swimming snails, whales, worms and crustaceans. There is simply no way that all these species could have been transported from one pole to the otherthere are no shipping routes that go that way, and they could not survive a trip through warmer water. The scientists admitted that they were startled by this mystery. In 2002, Richard Pasichnyk released both volumes of The Vital Vastness- and I was particularly struck by his discussion of the so-called Lazarus Effect, which shows how species can spontaneously reappear after millions of years of extinction. A striking example is the time when virtually no insect fossils can be found for most of the entire Cretaceous period. After the end of the Cretaceous and the demise of the dinosaur, insect fossils return in full force - along with a striking increase in flowering plants. [.] Are there times when conditions cause genetic material to revert to lost codes?! A recently dead rodent with a long, fluffy tail called Laonastes was found for sale in a meat market in Laos. The only problem was that this creature had been extinct for 11 million years. This was reported in Science journal in 2006. Mary Dawson of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History was quite surprised. It is an amazing discovery. ... Its the first time in the study of mammals that scientists have found a living fossil of a group thats thought to be extinct for roughly 11 million years. Thats quite a gap. Previous mammals had a gap of only a few thousand to just over a million years. Another example concerns a strange-looking elephant called a gompothere. Its trunk and tusks point straight forward, and it also has two teeth that stick out from its lower jaw. They were believed to have gone extinct some 1.788 million years ago, but recently

their fossils were found among ruins from early settlers of North America, known as the Clovis people. This was again referred to as the Lazarus Effect in action, and the Houston Museum of 64 Natural Science Web site said, This find has major implications. I also found an MSNBC article discussing French scientists who found a crustacean from the Glyphea group (genus Neoglyphea) some four hundred meters down in the Coral Sea, northwest of New Caledonia. Philippe Bouchet, a marine biologist, described it as halfway between a shrimp and a mud lobster. The problem, again, is that according to the fossil record, this species has been extinct for 60 million years._ And in 2005, a UPI press release reported the discovery of a Wollemi pine tree within a small grove of trees in Australia. This tree can grow up to 120 feet high and has a three-foot-wide trunk. The problem is that this tree went extinct 200 million years ago - in the Jurassic period. Security is so high that even the scientists who are working on the site are blindfolded before they are flown in. Specimens have been taken from this secret location and are being sold by auction to insure the survival of the species. As we see in the other cases, there are no examples of this tree anywhere in the fossil record from 200 million years ago until the present." 157

Therefore, the mainstream discoveries of Lasarus effect need desperately Creator Gods and Jungian archetypes to glue loose ends together.

Days of Creation
With the idea of seeding, the story of creation of life from the Torah and Old Testament has to be modified a bit. The 6 days of creation become epochs, the order of appearance of life forms on Earth remains the same if the story of creation talks about the Earth. It can also be interpreted as the story of creation of life in Universe.

Creator's personality
Torah says: "And G-d said: 'Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures, and let fowl fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven'. And G-d created the great sea-monsters, and every living creature that creepeth, wherewith the waters swarmed, after its kind, and every winged fowl after its kind; and G-d saw that it was good. And G-d blessed them, saying:

Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations.

'Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth'. And there was evening and there was morning, a fifth day. And G-d said: 'Let the earth bring forth the living creature after its kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after its kind' And it was so. And G-d made the beast of the earth after its kind, and the cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the ground after its kind; and G-d saw that it was good."

The personality of the Creator and his very human emotions about the results of his work seem to be overly humanized and simplified for the process that took unimaginable billions of years of quite complicated non-physical intelligence that even our teachers from the 6th density (Ra entity and Cassiopaeans) have difficulty in comprehending. Therefore it is possible to keep the story of creation but with many reservations. The main reservation is that this story is an overlysimplified and humanized version of events happening in the physical Universe and elsewhere for billions of years.

To recap
To recap: we started from pointing out that the God that guided the Israelites through their wanderings in the desert was not the Prime Creator, then we pointed out that the Creator Gods of the humans were humanoid extraterrestrials, that were nether the Prime Creator, not the ET God of the Israel tribe. We pointed out that Prime Creator is highly likely neither a being, nor a human, nor a humanoid, and not a male. Then we pointed out that the seeders of life on Earth are likely none of the above, but other, external to the Earth, entities and forces. Naturally, they are part of the One God, identified as "All There Is", but certainly not the humanoid male image of Judaism and Christianity.

Fuzziness of the beginning

You can see, the farther we go to the roots, the fuzzier the image becomes and this is for two reasons: first it is harder for our teachers from 4th to 6th density to see what is there at the root of creation and second, it is harder for them to explain this to us. One more factor is somewhat unexpected. Whatever happened in the beginning is so remote from us that it is really hard for us to stay interested in the logic of these early stages of creation since they

106 were very alien to us in many ways - there was no physicality involved, no live beings, no language, and no symbols that we use. Our physical models of light and dark, of love and hatred, of good and evil, of life and death, of joy and suffering can not really be applied to these events since these categories likely were not fully expressed in the beginning. Moreover, there was no space and time. This is most difficult to imagine. Even worse - in spite of lack of our familiar measures that we operate, there was at some primal levels a sophisticated complexity which can actually be described to us but it is to us, so to say, ultimately boring. It is boring since we can not relate to it and because there is no energy that could feed this interest. These events are very remote to us. Such complexity of the events of "early" stages of creation before the existence of space and time and of our physical Universe are described in great detail in a channeled book, Urantia:
"A Local Universe is the handiwork of a Creator Son of the Paradise order of Michael. It comprises one hundred constellations, each embracing one hundred systems of inhabited worlds. Each system will eventually contain approximately one thousand inhabited spheres.[.] The Preuniverse manipulations of space-force and the primordial energies are the work of the Paradise Master Force Organizers; but in the Superuniverse domains, when emergent energy becomes responsive to local or linear gravity, they retire in favor of the power directors of the Superuniverse concerned. [.]When energy-matter has attained a certain stage in mass materialization, a Paradise Creator Son appears upon the scene, accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. Simultaneously with the arrival of the Creator Son, work is begun upon the architectural sphere which is to become the headquarters world of the projected local Universe. For long ages such a local Creation evolves, suns become stabilized, planets form and swing into their orbits, while the work of creating the architectural worlds which are to serve as constellation headquarters and system capitals continues." 158

Since these lessons are very remote and abstract, for the time being, we have to rely on stories of Creation that were simplified for us by other celestial entities. Mathew Ward channeled by Susane Ward says:

Editors of Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book (URANTIA Foundation, 2008).

"Creator Source is the Supreme Being of the cosmos, God is the Supreme Being of this Universe; other Gods or Goddesses reign over the other universes. The Beginning of eternal life is the total light-love energy of Creator and the goal of every soul throughout multiple lifetimes is to return to that pure essence. Each person is a God or Goddess, inextricably and eternally connected with Creator, God and each other." 159

The idea here is that we observe patterns enclosed into each other and mimicking each other like Russian dolls matryoshkas: We are part of the God of our Universe and mimic it, the God of our Universe is a part of a bigger "Creator Source" and mimics it. We all are God and there is always something above.

Eternal questions
Why are we interested in these stories at all? Here are a few reasons: We hope to get a glimpse to the answers of very relevant questions: what is a root of evil? What is Prime Creator? Is it intelligent? Does it have free will? Do the prayers to the Prime Creator reach it? Is it Prime Creator that answers our prayers? Is it omnipresent and omnipotent and all good almighty? What is the origin of life in the Universe? Does it continue to be originating or is it only spreading from existing seeds? What is the purpose of our life? Where do we finally go? These are the questions that feed our interest in the Prime Creator and day zero of Creation (keeping in mind that there was no timespace back then). You will see that answers to some of these questions are quite far from the Prime Creator.

Desire for learning is the cause of Creation

The main explanation of Creation that we hear from many celestial sources is that Prime Creator, also called "All There Is", also called "the nature" decided to study itself and for that purpose have split itself originally into two parts ,which then continued to split and interact forming more and more complexity. A disincarnate entity named John, speaking through Sunette Spies of Desteni Farm gave a very poetical version of the first act of the creation: "It started from a lie. The Creator lied to itself." 160 Was this first act conscious? Was the Creator intelligent in this first action? Did it have free choice?
159 160

108 Bashar explains that "All There Is" doesn't have free choice or even identity, it can not feel, can not perceive, since it is All There Is, it is one. The one is invariable since it doesn't have anything to relate to. If it is All There Is, it doesn't have anything outside to interact with. For All There Is there is no life, no action, no change. It is only a part of All There Is that can have feelings, identity relate to other parts and so on.

What God is not

As you can see, these concepts are so abstract and so remote, that it is very hard to relate to them and to tell which of the stories are true. We can only re-iterate that based on consensus opinion from Beyond The Veil, the Creator, "All There Is" is not a being, not a humanoid, doesn't seem to enter in a covenant with Israelites, doesn't seem to have directly fathered Jesus (It could have fathered Jesus only indirectly since we all are parts of All There Is). More over, All There Is doesn't seem to have enough identity and enough of free will to respond to our prayers and to be in any way involved in human affairs. Since we are told that there is much Life beyond our dimension, and there is an infinite number of physical worlds beyond our physical reality, it seems that "All There Is" is very remote from the human tribe and may be not really accessible or capable to relate to our prayers.

Somewhat somewhere
Consider now the Israelite tribe that long ago was tricked by a vicious extraterrestrial into worshiping a much humanized version of the extraterrestrial philosophy of the "Law of One" and thus worshiping Prime Creator. Consider that the vicious extraterrestrial has left or perished long time ago leaving our tribe in unmediated contact with the real Prime Creator. Although our counterpart of the covenant was a fraud, we keep the covenant believing that is was real Prime Creator, real All There Is that chose our tribe and promised us the guidance and patronage. Will this delusion disappear, dissolve as we realize that The Prime Creator was deaf to our prayers all these thousands of years since it is All There Is and doesn't have a free will? Or maybe there is an entity, a subset of the Prime Creator that is indeed closer to the our idea of God that is involved with our fate? Maybe our prayers during thousands of years created an ethereal entity that is not all that almighty but at least mirrors our understanding of God? Maybe our prayers don't end nowhere? Maybe it is a Galactic Council that considers our

109 prayers? Or maybe a clerk of the Galactic Council is assigned to perform the functions of our God? Pleiadians say that although the Prime Creator is All There Is, there are other Gods involved in our reality that are real beings from higher planes. We are told that The Greek, Mayan, Egyptian, Sumerian, Hindu and many other Gods were real extraterrestrial beings of different levels of physicality. Lucifer we are told still exists and is an entity of the 6th density.

Humanized God
Bashar says that we can not imagine anything that doesn't exist, that anything we imagine does exist at some level , some plane of reality. Therefore it is possible that the Jews and Christians talk to a real God entity that does exist somewhere, but likely it is not the Prime Creator, but a smaller, humanized subset of it, that is fed by the energies of our prayers and has little power to be of help to us. Let's refer to this idea as a "Humanized God". Let's define it as an immaterial entity that listens to our prayers to the Prime Creator.

To recap
To recap: we discussed by now the radical differences between the Prime Creator, the Life Force of the Universe, the forces that seeded life throughout the Universe, the forces and entities that seeded the life on Earth, Creator Gods of Homo Sapiens, the Humanized God of our prayers, and the extraterrestrial being that guided Israelite tribe. Does this mean that there is no God, or that our connection to God is not real? No, not at all! Our God is out there, in here and deep inside. Our only discovery, our only new point of blending the Monotheism and the New Paradigm is that there is structure to God, we know now that what was a contradictory image of God, now are different things, entities, beings, phenomena and processes. Each serves its purpose and unmixing them from each other helps very much connecting to them and making sense of all.

It is natural
It is a very natural and very primal property and quality of all life to vibrate in spiritual frequencies, to resonate with the life force of God. It is very natural for humans and other spiritual beings to resonate and to be aimed in all actions and thoughts at Higher Intelligence. It was a flaw of humans that we became separated from the Higher Intelligence and the Intelligent Life Force.


Atheism as autism
Other star nations, we are told , are always aware of their connection to the Higher Intelligence; they are never unaware, never feel disconnected from God, therefore for them it is unthinkable to question the existence of Higher Intelligence and the existence of God. It seems to be a very unique, very obscure quality of modern humans, a sort of global autism, a brief psychiatric or psychic illness that was induced in us by a combination of genetic disabilities introduced by out extraterrestrial creators and Western culture of the last couple of centuries which has been created by our intellectuals and manipulated by powers controlling the media. Blavatsky in 1891 clearly saw the mechanisms of this manipulation and the manipulation is still present in a large extent. The good news is that the truth is freely available. The appearance of the Internet and availability of literature in online book stores make the truth easily accessible to anyone. Other good news is that anyone has personal access to the Higher Intelligence in the dream and awake states. That is what we are taught by a large number of channels. It may come as a surprise but they all teach that the first step to liberation from the control is deep breathing. Deep breathing changes the posture; it changes the most important vibration - the vibration of breathing from one of fear and stress to one of freedom and wisdom. Deep breathing and liberation from fear helps anyone to tune in, to lock in to vibrations of Higher Intelligence and to connect directly to the God's plane.

God's plane

Q: Why is the God's plane so illusive? Why even with a lifetime of advanced meditation and breathing techniques it is often impossible to obtain a definite proof? Why wouldn't God reveal himself to us? In an obvious undeniable way? Or any of its angels? A: We don't know the answer, but our best guess is that it is because of the Law of Free Will and because we came here to experience this very high level of disconnection from the God's plane. In fact there seem to be a Law of Nature, the Law at least for our reality that keeps us in the middle between the two polarities: we are never left without hope that there is a higher force and we are never presented with a definite proof. It seems to me that this is a nature of our main lesson in this reality: we have to choose without having a definite proof. It is easy to choose the

111 mightiest Master when it is obvious which Master is mightiest. But choosing between light and darkness while darkness is strong and light is weak demands of each of us to make a toughest of decisions and to keep making it constantly during the life time.

Whatever works

Q: We learned that deep breathing frees us from fear. What is now more efficient, to learn new ways of meditation or to continue our old prayers, traditional Jewish, traditional Christian, or traditional pagan? A: We are told that it doesn't matter. Whatever way works for you is fine. You can tell the outcome by feeling the energy. Basically there is no universal answer. Everyone has got her own curriculum in this life and her own right for free choice.

When I am doing the dishes

From Bashar's Q&A session:
Questioner: I have always had the gift of communicating to the other side with no effort & people ask when do you talk to them? & I reply when I am doing the dishes, when I am cooking, when I am folding clothes! When I was talking to Bashar I finally got why it is so easy then and I dont have to sit to meditate or alter my state in any way except do what I love to do) Bashar: Loudly enthusiastically "YESSS!!!""

Old prayers and new prayers

Old prayers are so good because they are sanctified with generations of believers, with numerous repetitions. When you pray, you resonate with the large community of people around the globe saying the same prayer at the same moment. There is a global vibration which is very powerful. You resonate not only with the people in the present but also with people in the past and in the future. This IS the most profound gift of religion: the gift of unity, the gift of community. Can Global Vibration be measured.
"The Global Consciousness Project (GCP, also called the EGG Project) is a parapsychology experiment begun in 1998 as an attempt to detect possible interactions of "Global Consciousness" with physical systems. The project monitors a geographically distributed network of hardware random

number generators in a bid to identify anomalous outputs that correlate with widespread emotional responses to sets of world events, or periods of focused attention by large numbers of people. The GCP is privately funded through the Institute of Noetic Sciences and describes itself as an international collaboration of about 100 research scientists and engineers." 161 "If enough of us meditate, could we smooth out the flow of time? [.] This brings us to Dr. Roger Nelsons work with the Global Consciousness Project. Beginning in 1979, Dr. Robert Jahn started the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory to study "whether sensitive electronic devices [.] might be affected by special states of consciousness, including strong emotions and directed intention". Dr. Roger Nelson joined the team in 1980, and ultimately became the main force behind this research. Early along, Jahn and Nelson decided to see if the human mind could create any sort of measurable effect on "a well-developed commercial source of electronic white noise." Jahn and Nelson wanted to turn that electrical noise into numbers they could graph out and measure. [.] They decided the best way to do this was to create a randomnumber generator. [.] Once we see a pattern, the numbers aren't as random anymore. Over the years, Dr. Nelson used three different kinds of random-number generators. The circuits were carefully shielded off so they could not be influenced by external electromagnetic fields or temperature changes, and he also insured that the aging of the components could not be a factor either. According to Nelson, "Over more than a decade, this basic experiment yielded an enormous database - with a bottom line indicating a small but significant effect of human intention on random data sequences." To put it plainly, Nelson found that ordinary people like you and me, particularly in larger groups, could actually change the numbers that came out of the computersand create "patterns in chaos". 162 As Nelson said in a 2008 paper, "For example, we took the REG [Random Event Generator], connected to a laptop or palmtop computer, to concerts, rituals, religious ceremonies, sporting events, board meetings, and various other events that might create a state of "group consciousness" [.] Over several years
161 162 Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations.

we accumulated more than 100 datasets from "resonant" situations, and a smaller but substantial number of "mundane" locations [such as shopping centers, busy street comers and academic meetings]. [.] In a nutshell [.] the largest or most reliable effects seem to involve ritual, or some other influence that 33 is designed to bring people to a shared state of mind." 163 "In 1995, two different random-number generators, twelve miles apart, showed a measurable change during the exact time that millions of people were watching the Academy Awards on television. Dr. Dean Radin found strong spikes at the most critical moments of the O. J. Simpson trial in 1997, across five different REGs in five separate locations-and this was one of the most highly watched events in television history. During Princess Dianas funeral in 1998, twelve different REGs in the United States and Europe also showed "statistically significant departures" from the normal levels "at the most critical or poignant times". In late 1997, they began building a worldwide network that could run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to look for these patterns. All this data was transferred by the Internet to a central location at Princeton University where it could be analyzed. By the year 2001, the Global Consciousness Pro ject had expanded to the point where there were thirty-seven computers around the world generating these numbers, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Right as 9/11 started happening, and the news began spreading across the world, they got results. We find that over a period of 3 months, one date is associated with a statistical anomaly: September 11, 2001. On this date, the time range appearing most often [among the 37 computers] is 6 AM-10 AM. peaking around 9:00-10:00 AM, and the location primarily the East Coast of the USA. Indeed, the closer the computers were to New York, the stronger the effect. A score this high would only occur about once in a million seconds by random chance alone, which is roughly a two-week period. According to Dr. Dean Radin in 2001, "These effects are the most strikingly persuasive evidence Ive seen so far that mass-mind attention/intention affects the physical world-perhaps because this event has also been the most horrific." 1


"Mind Matters: a new scientific era" By Roger NelsoN,


by Mikalojus iurlionis

The overall result of the Global Consciousness Project is that we can now measure the state of global consciousness. It allows statistical scientific measurement of the state of our reality that until now was very subjective - the feeling of ease or unease, sense of coherence versus sense of chaos. Until now this was the domain of astrology, but finally science and technology is getting to the area of celestial matters, blending into the God's domain. Until now our interaction with the Matrix Reality was only one way - we could sense the state of the Matrix intuitively and it had the effect on us. From now on, we can measure that we collectively can affect its state, the interaction is now bi-directional. We speak to God through our emotions and see the response via Global Consciousness Network. The current coherence status of the Global Consciousness can be seen at this Global Consciousness Network web sites164.


Take religion is a gift, it doesn't limit you

As you see, religion doesn't limit you; you can interpret the sacred teachings any way you like (as we do). The only punishment is that you may not be able to find believers that would understand your interpretations and resonate with you. To find like-minded people you may have to do much of searching.

Like-minded people

Q: Where can we find these open-minded people? A: The first place is the Internet. YouTube is the primary source of New Age thought these days. is great. is a place where anyone can find like-minded people. Local psychic fairs and psychic stores are centers where New Age folks normally center around. Theosophical Society has regular meetings in large cities. UFO interest groups may be a good resource. "Coast to Coast" radio and "virtual light internet television" are giving a general overview of the public life of the free-minded, free-thinking people who are "in the know" of the celestial knowledge, of messages from Beyond The Veil, of The New Paradigm.

Holy food

Q: What are the sacrifices one has to make to obtain this new knowledge? Does one have to become vegetarian, to give up sweets, for example? A: Taking your example with meat: if giving up meat is a sacrifice for you then you are not ready. You will though, reduce your meat consumption only to social occasions if you come to believe that you feel better on a vegetarian diet. Several celestial sources recommend a vegetarian diet (for those who don't starve) since it vegetarian food is less polluted than meat, easier to clean out of the body and helps achieving higher vibrations allowing easier tuning into higher spheres. On the other hand, it is important that the choice of food doesn't prevent us from socializing with friends. Studies show that those people are happiest that enjoy traditional festive meals with friends and family. It makes sense not to let food preferences stop one from socializing. The tradition of eating holy kosher food is one of the ways how Jewish people demonstrate their constant devotion to God. On the other hand it is fear of non-kosher food that isolates many of devoted Jews from socializing with less observing friends and nonJews. In the past this fear helped the Jews to survive as a nation in

116 Diaspora as they couldn't eat together with non-Jews. In recent times, is eating holy food still the best way of demonstrating devotion to God? Does the Jewish God value eating holy food more than the friendship of Jews with people of other traditions? This all comes to understanding what God is and how does it punish or rewards people for their deeds and thoughts. About becoming a vegetarian, the opinions on what is best for the body and for the soul differ much. A large fraction of more than a billion of Hindu population are vegetarians by choice. Bashar suggested that at this time of transformation since we are not starving, a vegetarian diet is healthier. Sylvia Browne argues for including meat, as she argues is gives more energy and helps being fit. Consider this gem from a discussion on the diet:
"I actually think when an animal eats another animal it is the biggest form of love around! The animal being eaten also becomes the animal that ate of it! Everything is LOVE! " Ingy the Worm

We learned by now, that God is not a human-looking being, but a Universe in the widest sense, that God is "All There Is". We learned that there are many levels and much complexity to the intelligence of higher levels.

Who answers our prayers?

"Who answers our prayers? We do-through faith and effort. No one does it for us" (Daisaku Ikeda).

Now let's review who or what is listening to our prayers and how our prayers are answered. The answers to these questions are very important from the practical point of view and the answers to these questions are very surprising. After learning these answers we ought to reconsider our relation to our life and to the God. The key concept that explains our relationship to the events in our life, and how our prayers are answered is the concept of reincarnation.


Reincarnation is an old idea
The idea of reincarnation has been around from the beginnings of human culture. It is native to some human cultures comprising collectively about 14% of Earth's population including about 700 million of Hinduists, about 300 million of Buddhists, and about 25 million of Sikhs. In the Christian tradition the doctrine of reincarnation was centrally removed from the sacred books in ecumenical councils of 3rd - 6th centuries 165.
One of theosophy founders, William Q. Judge writes in "Reincarnation in Judaism and the Bible" in 1894: "The lost chord of Christianity is the doctrine of Reincarnation. It was

by Mikalojus iurlionis
beyond doubt taught in the early days of the cult, for it was

Prophet, Elizabeth. Reincarnation : the missing link in Christianity. Corwin Springs, MT: Summit University Press, 1997.

well known to the Jews who produced the men who founded Christianity." 166

Reincarnation is not a part of the mainstream religion

"Not only is reincarnation taught in Eastern religions and in occult traditions, but also in sects within Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It is not a major doctrine in any of these religions, and it is held to be heretical by each group's orthodox teachings." 167

Judaism on Reincarnation
Judaism has the idea of reincarnation throughout the Torah, it commentaries and the Kabbalah although the fact that Judaism acknowledges reincarnation is not known to the majority of Jews and they would rather think of it as a Hinduistic idea.
"Judaism says that we get reincarnated in order to fulfill our mission in this world. So if someone did not fulfill his purpose in the world during his life time, the soul gets reincarnated in order to get another chance in doing the right thing." 168 "Kaballah, also known as the hidden teachings of Moses, can be considered the mystical heart and spiritual well spring of Judaism. It has a very long history, going back even as far as ancient Egypt. At the heart of Kaballah is the belief in reincarnation. The Zohar which is the central text of the Kaballah from mediaeval times onwards is unequivocal. In it is to be found the passage... 'The souls must re-enter the Absolute, from whence they have emerged. But to accomplish this end they must develop the perfections; the germ of which is planted in them. And if they have not developed these traits in this one life, then they must commence another, a third, and so forth." 169

Reincarnation was part of early Christianity

"Reincarnation, a tradition for centuries in the Jewish faith, as witnessed by the Kabalistic Zohar. The School of Prophets, established by Samuel, and the later School, established by Elijah at Mt. Carmel, taught reincarnation, as did the Essenes, who came from this tradition. Reincarnation was also taught

167 168 169

"Reincarnation in Judaism and the Bible" by William Q. Judge, Joel Bjorling, Reincarnation: a bibliography (Taylor & Francis, 1996). (text) and (video)

by the early Christians until 325 AD, when twenty Churches met at the Council of Nicaea. Adopting the new doctrines of hell, purgatory, and the trinity, the existing references to reincarnation were changed or discarded. During this first Council, as well as at some of the later ones - especially the fifth Council of Constantinople, planned by the Emperor Theodosius I and his wife Justinian in 553 AD - entire books were removed. Belief in reincarnation was then declared to be a heresy, punishable by death. The Jews continued to teach

reincarnation until 1800 AD. According to Edgar Cayce, the spirit of Jesus had previously reincarnated as Amilius on Atlantis 108,000 years ago; Adam; Enoch (also known as Thoth/Hermes); Melchizedek; Zend; Ra; ." 170

by Mikalojus iurlionis

Western culture was invigorated by forgetting reincarnation

There is an idea, that the withdrawal of Reincarnation from Christian teachings was done to promote individualistic tendencies in Western culture and to invigorate negative experiences of men. If an individual believes that he lives only a single lifetime, this makes him value this life more and lessens his connection to other of his lives and thus narrows his perspective. On one hand, this


Dorothy Leon, Is Jehovah an E.T.? (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2002).

120 seems to invigorate the individual, but on other hand, this promotes ignorance, selfishness and ecological irresponsibility.
"I was interested to read that the Druze sect in Islam, which believes in reincarnation, is today growing quite rapidly in the Middle East. One reason for this is perhaps that this particular offshoot of Islam is offering a more reasonable view of the after life. But back to the West, where once belief in the transmigration of souls was seen as the reserve for eccentrics or oddballs, these days the idea is quite commonly accepted. It is worth noting that young people, that is those in the 15 to 30 age group, are disproportionately represented in the statistics which show a growing belief in reincarnation, i.e. there exists a greater tendency among the young to subscribe to a belief in reincarnation. This trend encourages the hope that perhaps in the future, the idea of reincarnation will become the dominant doctrine concerning the nature of eternal life." Wai 171


Q: What are the modern sources that support the idea of reincarnation? A: These are hypnotic past life regressions, channeled communications, reports from contactees, remote viewers and out of body experiencers. The message about the reality of reincarnation is very consistent. It comes up very often in communications from the Other Side and is essential, central to the teachings taught to us by the celestial beings, (The Paradigm). Even less known is the fact that Jesus referred to reincarnation few times in the Gospels and referred to the idea of reincarnation as a well understood idea of his times 172. On several occasions he discussed with his students who was who in the past lives.

Glimpses into your past lives from a psychic reader

Q: I have always wondered who was I in my past lives? Is there a way to learn that? A: The idea of past lives is well accepted in the New Age philosophy, among light workers and psychic readers. "Tell me about my past lives" - is a common question to a psychic reader. The readings on past lives can be verified by asking the same question to another psychic reader. The easiest way is to find a local psychic reader. Searching "Google Maps" or "Yahoo Local"
171 172 "Reincarnation in Judaism and the Bible" by William Q. Judge,

121 for a "psychic" will give you plenty of local results. Comparing user reviews and user ratings allows picking better reader and prices can be found by calling. Typically prices are quite low (starting from $30 per session) since this work requires a natural gift but doesn't require education and is not regulated by any guilds like ones of psychiatrists, hypnotists or psychoanalytics. Of course if two psychic readers provide similar readings, it might also be interpreted that they read thoughts of a person instead of looking in distant past, but overall consistency of the stories suggests that good readers indeed obtain real stories from past lives.

Hypnotic regressions
Another way of peeking at past lives is hypnotic regression. In a session, a hypnotist assists an individual in getting into a hypnotized state (which may vary from fully conscious to fully unconscious) and the question - answer session is recorded, so you can review your answers at later time. In hypnotic regressions you don't rely on the medium it is you, your subconscious mind tells you about your past lives.

Much is known about past lives and life between lives.

Number of past lives varies. Some are discovering their past lives in Atlantean and Lemurian times. There is no restriction on gender of incarnations - individuals incarnate as both males and females. There doesn't seem to be much restriction on racial identity in incarnations: incarnations for each individual jump all over the planet and races without much order or affinity. Surprisingly, there seems to be some affinity to the planet, although we are told that in recent times many extraterrestrials incarnate on Earth to experience and to be of service in the coming Shift. Also we are told that currently incarnated is the majority of souls of our Creator Gods, the Annunaki, Pleiadian, Sirian, Vegan and Lyran settlers and refugees who blended genetically with our ancestors in the distant past.

Before diving into deeper detail of reincarnations, lets review the idea of schooling and of lessons that is the basis of the idea of reincarnation. The goal, the cause and the reason for incarnating is the need of the souls to learn.


Creation story
We are taught that by the majority of sources. The consensus story from many sources goes as follows: the Prime Creator (also called All There Is and Universal Consciousness) aimed at learning itself and divided itself into parts. (This might be likened to the beginning of the Torah and Old Testament where the Creator separated light from darkness). These parts interacted and as a result of their interaction, continued to split into smaller pieces. At some point down the road, the Creator decided to experience physical world and organized the process of making souls. The souls chop off as balls of light from a mass of light which is a part of the Prime Creator.

Soul Nursery
Amazing case records of past life regressions are collected and published by Michael Newton. Here is an amazing glimpse at the soul nursery. A client remembers:
"I remember being in a nursery of some sort where we were like unhatched eggs in a beehive. When I acquired more

by Mikalojus iurlionis

awareness I learned I was in the nursery world of Uras. I don't know how I got there. I was like an egg in embryonic fluid waiting to be fertilized and I sensed there were many other cells of young lights who were coming awake with me. There was a group of mothers, beautiful and loving, who pierced our membrane sacs and opened us. There were swirling currents of intense, nurturing lights around us and I could hear music. My awareness began with curiosity. Soon I was taken from Uras and joined other children in a different setting." 173

Michael Newton writes:

"The most revealing reports about soul nurseries come my way only infrequently from a very few highly advanced subjects. These are the specialists known as Incubator Mothers. The next case is a representative of this branch of service who is an exceptional level V called Seena. Case 26 This individual is a specialist with children both in and out of the spirit world. Currently, she works through hospice with severely ill children. In her past life, she was a Polish woman who, although not Jewish, volunteered to enter a German internment camp in 1939. She did so ostensibly to wait on the officers and perform kitchen duties, which was a ruse. She wanted to be near the Jewish children entering the camp and to help them in any way possible. As a local resident of a nearby town, she could have left the camp at any time in the first year. Then it was too late and the soldiers would not allow her to leave. Eventually she died in the camp. This advanced soul might have survived longer if she had brought more than 30 percent of her energy to sustain herself during the hardships of this assignment. Such is the confidence of a level V. Dr. N: Seena, what has been your most significant experience between your lives? S: (without hesitation) I go to the place of ... hatching - where souls are hatched. I am an Incubator Mother, a kind of midwife Dr. N: Are you telling me you work in a soul nursery? S: (brightly) Yes, we help the new ones emerge. We facilitate early maturation ... by being warm, gentle and caring. We welcome them.

Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2010).

Dr. N: Please explain the surroundings of the place to me. S: it's ... gaslike ... a honeycomb of cells with swirling currents of energy above. There is intense light. Dr. N: When you say "honeycomb," I wonder if you mean that the nursery has a beehive structure, or what? S: Um, yes ... although the nursery itself is a vast emporium without seeming to be limited by outside dimensions. The new souls have their own incubator cells where they stay until their growth is sufficient to be moved away from the emporium. Dr. N: As an Incubator Mother, when do you first see the new souls? S: We are in the delivery suite, which is a part of the nursery, at one end of the emporium. The newly arrived ones are conveyed as small masses of white energy encased in a gold sac. They move slowly in a majestic, orchestrated line of progression toward us. Dr. N: From where? S: At our end of the emporium under an archway the entire wall is filled with a molten mass of high - intensity energy and vitality. It feels as if it's energized by an amazing love force rather than a discernible heat source. The mass pulsates and undulates in a beautiful flowing motion. Its color is like that on the inside of your eyelids if you were to look through closed eyes at the sun on a bright day. Dr. N: And from out of this mass you see souls emerge? S: From the mass a swelling begins, never exactly from the same site twice. The swelling increases and pushes outward, becoming a formless bulge. The separation is a wondrous moment. A new soul is born. It's totally alive with an energy and distinctness of its own. Note: Another one of my level made this statement about incubation "I see an egg - shaped mass with energy flowing out and back in. When it expands, new soul energy fragments are spawned. When the bulge contracts, I think it pulls back those souls which were not successfully spawned. For some reason these fragments could not make it on to the next step of individuality."

Dr. N: What do you see beyond the mass, Seena? S: (long pause) I see this beatific glow of orange - yellow. There is a violet darkness beyond, but not cold darkness ... it is eternity.

[This is maybe a closest glimpse at the God Source we have.]

Dr. N: Okay, now tell me, when you embrace each new soul-dry them out-does this give them life?

by Mikalojus iurlionis
S: (reacts quickly) Oh, no. "Through us" - not "from us" - comes a life force of all - knowing love and knowledge. What we pass on with our vibrations during the drying of new energy is the essence of a beginning - a hopefulness of future accomplishment. The mothers call it "the love hug." This involves instilling thoughts of what they are and what they can become. When we enfold a new soul in a love hug it infuses this being with our understanding and compassion. Dr. N: Does each new soul have an individual character at this point? Do you add or subtract from its given identity? S: No, this is in place upon arrival, although the new soul does not yet know who they are. We bring nurturing. We are announcing to the hatchling that it is time to begin. By

sparking its energy we bring to the soul an awareness of its existence. This is the time of the awakening." 174

Further steps
At early stages of soul formation they are directed at simple incarnations where the lessons they learn are very basic. As they learn, they start to participate in the choice of incarnations. Each soul goes on average through about 100-160 incarnations on Earth. As it accumulates the experience the style of lives becomes more and more mature. Early lives are devoted to play and learning the rules, then they are more of an adolescent style, then more adult style, finally these are lives of wisdom. After going through sufficient number of lessons on Earth, the soul moves onto a next level for which is not clear where it takes place. It may be fourth density, it is not clear.




Souls diving down

There is a very interesting image, a very poetic representation of how do souls incarnate. We don't know whether this is how it happens in reality, but it seems like a great visualization anyway,

by Mikalojus iurlionis

even if in reality it looks quite different. Imagine the sun and the planets spinning around it. The Earth is spinning around the Sun and around Earth's own axis which is tilted. The moon spins around the Earth. The souls ready to incarnate hang as orbs of light making a circle around the solar system and watch the Earth as it spins and pregnant women on the surface and the fetuses growing in their uteri. As the planets revolve around the sun, the astrological charts of these fetuses are being calculated and the souls choose best charts and best parents for the lessons they want to take and as time comes, they jump into fetuses they have chosen and this is the process of incarnation.


Return to the Source

The soul moves through multitude of incarnations, levels and densities until it joins back to the God. This way the God, in a sense of "All There Is", is experiencing itself in all possible ways. Our physical world is only one of many ways in which God is experiencing itself.

Darkness is inseparable
As one can see that presence of evil, darkness and destruction at our level is part of God's idea of getting all possible experiences. The darkness is therefore, we are told, an inseparable part of every being in our plane of existence.

Higher coherence
Moreover, we are told that the lessons each soul has to learn don't have to be learned in a positive, creative way. We are told that any way the soul chooses to react to the lesson is fine as long as the lesson leads to the raise of the soul vibration. Typically, the raise of vibration, we are taught, corresponds to our understanding of "good" although a raise of vibration we are told can be sometimes achieved by purification of evil as well. In either case, even if in a result of negative experience, the soul is elevated in the direction of higher harmony and coherence, it is raised in vibration.

Hostages of sensuality
Therefore it is experience that All-There-Is-God is after and the raise in vibration is clearly what the souls as after. We are, therefore, in a way, hostages of our sensual souls which are thriving on our experiences, either positive or negative.


Higher Self
Other side
Here, we are continuing by exploring the teachings about the afterlife. In Christianity, there is a concept of Last Judgment, in which souls are judged by the Son of Man, the Messiah with the help of his court and are distributed to different levels of paradise or hell based on their deeds. Dante went in much detail describing these levels and these descriptions are much respected in Western culture. Some Christian traditions consider that Last Judgment will happen at the end of times, other Christian traditions render it taking place after the death of each individual, but it always is thought to be decided by some sour of court of Jesus with apostles or Farther God with His Court. In Monotheism, this event of Last Judgment is never a self-service. In the New Paradigm175, the soul after departing the body, is going to the light with a greater. After a life review and recovery phase it is sent to an appropriate level by some sort of automatic system. Tony Stubbs describes these levels in some ways being similar to Dante's levels.
"The lower first two levels are cold and dark, they are for killers, abusers and other people you don't want to associate with. This layer has a very low vibration."

Level 4 is pretty happy level, it may be considered a tourist Attraction. Tony Stubbs locates these layers at different levels of atmosphere. He uses an elevator analogy o describe the process of automated sorting the souls to corresponding levels. Imagine an elevator that goes up and down. When the vibration of the soul is matching a vibration of the level, the door opens and the soul is let out. Notice that this model has very much of the idea of self

For those who missed our definition: we render "New Paradigm" a consensus, collective, combined and coherent set of ancient and modern teachings centered around the idea of Reincarnation and of souls learning lessons in the physical world. These teachings are present in ancient Eastern philosophies, Theosophy, New Age philosophy and in modern channeled messages from extraterrestrials and discarnate teachers.

130 service store and very little of Judgment by heavenly court.

The evidence

Q: Why should we believe new prophets and not the old ones? What is the difference? The old prophesies are sanctified by tradition while new seem only better because they are told by our contemporaries. A: (1) First reason to believe in new teachers is that the new teachers are not only our contemporaries but many of them have been educated in modern system where is a great respect for evidence. They do go in great lengths to verify the validity of a channel. This is an example of Ra material and many other channels. The New Paradigm researchers compare multiple channels and pay much attention to their independence. (2) They release the information to public only because it is important and in spite of the fact that these messages bring the channelers many difficulties. When a channel is providing the information testifying against its interests, this information is trusted more. (3) Our times are characterized by great improvement of accessibility of information. We have access to many more sources than our predecessors and there is many more people working on the understanding and comparing information. Availability of books on Amazon and internet is of great help in discovering the truth. If these tools were available in the past, the great distortions of truth and lies would not become possible. Even the UFO coverup would not happen, if access to internet was as good as it is now in earlier times. So we are getting closer to the truth because we have got better access to information and because the communication between much larger groups of enthusiasts is taking place. (4) Another factor of course is that extraterrestrials and discarnate teachers are providing new information. This is in part also helped by the fact that this information is welcome, has a substantial impact and is distributed via various ways of communication.

Souls are keen to learn

It seems that the main goal of the souls is to perform the work of learning and perfecting themselves to the point at which they achieve the level suitable for re-joining back to the Source.


Enlightenment in Buddhism
According to Blavatsky, Westerners misinterpret and trivialize the goals of Buddhists. The trivialized goal of Buddhism according to Westerners is that since life is full of suffering, a Buddhist aims to withdraw from the world through meditation and to achieve nirvana as an ultimate state of withdrawal. For Westerners this trivialized meaning is equivalent to suicide through meditation. Blavatsky explains that for the Buddhists the withdrawal is only one of the ways to achieve Holiness, Enlightenment and it is the raise of vibration that the Buddhists are after, not the withdrawal from life. 176

Enlightenment in daily Jewish practices

Interestingly, this prospective is very much inline with daily Jewish practices. Daily rituals of Jews, eating holy food, celebrating Shabbat and Jewish holidays, weekly Torah portions are also aimed in purifying the soul and in connecting with the Source. As we see now, even confusions of many Jews about the humanized nature of the Prime Creator helps them to relate better to it and to aim at achieving better integration with it. A modern rabbinic parable teaches:
"One scientist was very diligent in researching the nature of reality. He worked very hard climbing the Mountain of Knowledge. Finally, when the scientist all sweating reached the top of the mountain, he saw a Jew sitting on the top and praying. "How did you get you get there?" - asked a surprised scientist. The Jew answered: "While you were doing your research down below, I have been sitting here all along and praying from the beginning of times. Since all I believe is One God and I am in covenant with him." Rabbi Vogel of Rochester

Enlightenment in Christianity
The Christianity essentially, in its positive version, aims at the same thing as other religions and beliefs. It teaches that God is within an that God is love.

All spiritual practices are similar on fundamental level

Here is a story told by Krishna Das where there the idea of Love

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, A modern panarion: a collection of fugitive fragments (Theosophical Pub. Society, 1895).

132 becomes more transparent:

"So it was quite a shock when Maharajji began to talk to us about Christ. At first we Westerners thought it was because it was the 'local religion' where we came from, but he spoke with such sweetness and depth of emotion that we decided we should read the Bible ourselves. So one Sunday morning we got together; put on our white holy clothes; sat out on the porch of the Evelyn Hotel, where we were staying; and read the Gospels out loud. They sounded very different up there in the Himalayas. Very different. It was amazing. The love that Jesus was talking about was the same kind of love that our guru was talking about. The same love, the same power of truth, the compassion, and the zero tolerance for bullshit were what we were feeling for the first time in India with Maharajji, and because of him we recognized that it was the same with Jesus. We were with somebody who loved us in a way we couldn't have imagined, much in the same way in which Jesus loved his people. "One day a Canadian man arrived for his first darshan 177. He didn't know much about Maharajji but had heard about him from Ram Dass. Maharajji didn't give lectures or formal teachings; didn't write books; and, as far as I know, didn't formally initiate people. He just kept shining like the sun. Flowers don't need to read a manual on how to bloom in the sunshine. So when Maharajji asked this man why he'd come and what he wanted, he was unsure how to respond. Finally, he replied, 'Can you teach me how to meditate?' "Maharajji's response was: 'Meditate like Christ. Go. Sit in the back of the temple with the other Westerners.' "The guy came to the back, and we asked him about his darshan. He told us that Maharajji had said to meditate like Christ. At first we were surprised. 'What! Meditate like Christ! What does that mean?' But then we thought about it. We were always trying to get Maharajji to tell us what practice to do, but he'd never give us any specific instructions about yoga or meditation. Now he'd said this. If he said it, he must know how Jesus meditated. We decided to ask him about it. We were so excited we were going to get the secret teachings at last!

Darshan, is is a Sanskrit term meaning "sight". An opportunity or occasion of seeing a holy person or the image of a deity.

"Later in the day, when Maharajji came to the back of the temple to hang out with us, Ram Dass broached the subject that had us all buzzing. 'You said to meditate like Christ. How did he meditate?' "It seemed as if Maharajji was about to answer, but instead his eyes closed and he sat there completely still, completely silent. It felt like he'd totally disappeared. In all the time I'd been with him, I'd only seen him sitting motionless like this a couple of times before. It was extraordinarily powerful, as if the whole universe had become silent. Then a tear came down his cheek. We were in awe. After a couple of minutes, his eyes half opened and, with great emotion, he quietly said, 'He lost himself in love, that's how he meditated. He was one with all beings. He loved everyone, even the people who crucified him. He never died. He is the atman [soul]. He lives in the hearts of all. He lost himself in love.' "Once again, Maharajji had gone right to the heart of it all. I was stunned. There was nothing I wanted more than to be able to lose myself in love, but there was nothing that seemed farther away. It is easy to bear the heat of fire and likewise, it is possible to tread the edge of the sword. But to sustain an unchanging love is a most difficult business." Krishna Das 178

This story wonderfully illustrates the spiritual unity between different religions. The mainstream belief otherwise is erroneous, Buddhism and Christianity have much in common and there has been much said and written about this commonality. Same relates to the fundamental unity among all spiritual practices.

On the nature of Second Coming

"Q: Who were and are Jesus, Mohamed, Krishna, Buddha and why does it seem that they have been carjacked? Bashar: I don not believe any of them drove an automobile. Q: I mean by religion. What we would perceive as a religion. Bashar: Ah! Yes, yes, yes! They are reflective representation of the collective Consciousness. In a sense, you can say that they are the world's spirit, the world's soul. They are reflections of the world spirit. Your entire planet's oversouls all collected into one expression, each of those are reflections of that idea. Each

Krishna Das, Chants of a Lifetime: Searching for a Heart of Gold (Hay House, Inc, 2010).

and every one of them fundamentally were telling you the same message we are telling you now: You are also Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas, Mohameds, Wovokas! You are all the same as them! Every single one of them said that to all of you. But because of compartmentalization that created disconnection and fear, the majority of your planet could not handle seeing that reflection because it only reminded them of how unlike that reflection they were. And when you are reminded of how unlike your true self you are, and you are compartmentalized in that way, the reaction from fear that occurs is called resentment. And when you resent being told that you are not who you really know you are, then the fear grows and the resentment grows and you wind up usually killing the one reminding you of who you are. And also you create the idea of intermediaries. They say: "Well well-well. I know that is a lot to handle, so I'll filter it for you for a small nominal charge." So you create more dissociation, more inbetweeners and you remove, and remove, and remove, and remove yourselves from the original idea that you are also the same as the messenger. Now in this day and age on your planet, it is all about (again) remembering that none of those beings wanted you to follow them. What they were saying was that you are all like them, so be like them! When your Jesus said "I am the way", he did not mean "follow him in a religious context", he meant "be the way I am"! Because you are that way! So the idea also is for all of you to understand that this is what the so-called "Second Coming" actually is. It is the awakening in each and everyone of you of your own Christ Consciousness, your own Buddha Nature, your own Krishna Spirit, your own Holy Wovoka. All of that is all who you are and you have created the reflections down to the ages to guide you, to remind you, but because of the disconnection in your Consciousness, it didn't always take place. But a few people here and there did get it, until such time as Now, you have arrived at a place where you finally are beginning to understand what was said by all those reflections over the course of your so called history." 179

In other words, Second Coming is awakening of spirituality in every individual, realization by everyone of the fundamental unity


135 and spiritual essence of self and the world.

What is Higher Self

Your Presence has been given many names ~ your God Self, your Higher Self, your Christ Self, your Buddha Nature, Atma or Oversoul. 180 SaLuSa from Sirius The idea of Higher Self comes from realization that we are separated from our soul by The Veil. This Veil can be penetrated for example under hypnosis, when an individual reaches vast riches of his/her Subconscious Mind. Therefore from understanding of The Veil comes the concept of separation of Higher and Lower Mind. Simply put: Lower Mind is same as Physical Mind, it is the area of mind always accessible to us. Higher Mind or Higher Self is the part of individual's personality which is beyond The Veil.

What is wrong with the prayers?

Q: If the God is out there, or in here, what is wrong then with the prayers? Isn't that natural and sensible to ask God Almighty for help and guidance? Or is it too far and too remote? Isn't it inside and accessible to everyone? Or maybe he or she or it is not interested in helping and promoting Good even more so because it wants us to experience negativity and to learn lessons? Can we trust the idea that God is love if it doesn't want us to be happy, but wants us to go through pain and tribulations? This is very much an image of the vicious God of ancient Hebrews. After all, which image of God is true? A: Great questions! These questions are eternal and I wish we knew the answers! To approach these answers lets review now what we grasp from celestial channels about the nature of "Higher Self". It seems to shed light on one of your questions and to peek into the celestial mechanics that governs our fate and our luck.

The concept of Higher self is important

We delayed discussing this question for a while since it is one of most confusing concepts of the New Paradigm and since many simpler concepts could have been presented without referring to the idea of Higher Self.

136 The idea is contained in great many channeled messages and in spite of sounding foreign to us, seems to be really important and it seems that the sources from Beyond The Veil really cherish it. Many sources and great variety of them talk about Higher Self. Not only a certain exopolitical group or any type of entities is speaking about Higher Self but all varieties including physical 4th density beings including Bashar and Adronis, non physical and group entities such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Ra Entity, Cassiopaeans, departed souls and angels (discarnate entities from higher planes) such as channeled Archangel Michael. Angels and souls can speak more relevantly in such complex issues because they have past experience of being humans.

What is Higher Self?

Higher Self is individual's true personality. It is true and absolute "I", purified from the false beliefs and misconceptions. It exists in the immaterial world and is very much integrated in it while keeping individual's individuality. It has access to vast stores of information of the Universe, and to the Source. Higher self is that part of individual's personality which exists before and after its physical incarnation. It is the one that makes the decision to incarnate, the one that is our true identity during the life, it is somewhat overlapped in essence with the idea of Soul and of Unconscious Mind, it is the identity with which we merge during our sleep, it is the identity with which we merge after we leave our body at Near-Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences and finally after leaving our body. Higher self is our true identity. Moreover it has been our true identity in past lives. In hypnotic regressions we are capable to reconnecting with our Subconscious Mind, a portion of Higher Self that is aware of our past lives. Therefore, our Higher Self is our True Personality that has access to the Source and that goes through many incarnations. This is not a very familiar concept for us since we are used to think about our soul as a weak subtle ghost that is hanging over our body and leaves when we die. Higher Self is a much more powerful and involved entity than the mainstream idea of soul.

Parasitic tendencies

Q: If Lower Self is our earthly Physical Mind, why would we consider Higher Self to be self, to be " us"? It seems quite remote from us and the

137 name "Self" seems misleading. To me the "Higher self" entity seems more a parasite that thrives for experiences while being safe on the Other Side, it exploits us by sending us into a sailing in the world of suffering. It is we (our Physical Mind) who are the ones who are suffering down below, while the "Higher Self " is enjoying the ride from the safe zone. After all, are you sure Higher Self doesn't have the appearance of a snake? A: It is certainly a possibility, but it is also certainly not the message that we hear from the Other Side. We are taught that "Higher Self" loves us, and that it loves us unconditionally because it loves itself and we are it, the incarnation of Higher Self. Of course this may be a fairy tale, a trick of propaganda of malevolent negative entities, of course, we should be cautious of this possibility. Especially because this theory of Higher Self is relatively fresh and no well represented in our traditions on Earth. At least not in these proportions. But on other hand, this theory is very consistent between many independent communications from the Other Side, it answers many questions and solves many paradoxes. There are many New Age folks who embraced the teaching of Higher Self and this teaching seems to work fine for many of them. It is a teaching that is applicable to practice, it is the one that give guidance for life. It is a very practical teaching.

Equivalents to Higher Self in spiritual traditions

Q: I can not find an equivalent of Higher Self in teachings other than modern channels such as Bashar and Seth. For example, past life regressions mention reincarnation, lessons for souls, guides and soul groups but never any intelligent entity that would serve the function of Higher Self. My question is: what is the equivalent of Higher Self in human traditional beliefs and why past life regressions and near death experiencers never mention Higher Self or its equivalents?

138 A: Consider this insight from the discussion:

"In Sufism what Bashar calls the Higher Self I believe is the same as the concept of the True Self, or at least a part of it. The Sufic idea is for the physical mind and the higher mind to sync absolutely and this is then the True Self. Yet, before this unifying happens, the True Self is somewhat disconnected and occupies a similar place as the Higher Mind.

by Mikalojus iurlionis
I would imagine that in past life regression or NDE [near death experience] the form that the experience is coming from is the True Self or perhaps Higher Mind. Oliver"181

In other words, Higher Self is same as True Self and Higher Mind of an individual. Due to the Veil, our Physical Mind (same as Lower Mind) is typically blind to the existence of Higher Mind and can not communicate with it. Nonetheless, wise people, with high Integrity and Coherence, are able to synchronize their Lower and Higher Mind thus becoming less segregated and more coherent in their lives.


Is Oversoul same thing as Higher Self?

The short answer is no. Higher Self, same as Higher Mind is a true mind of the individual. It is true personality unrestricted by the Veil. Therefore Higher Self is a part of Oversoul, simply a part of it. On other hand, Bashar once mentioned that the whales is a physical representation of Higher Self of many dolphins.
"Now that you are interested in your Higher Self, be aware that the dolphins have a manifestation of their Higher Selves right on your own planet. It is called the Whales. The idea of the whale is that it is representative of the Oversoul, of many dolphins souls combined into one. And your environment of what you call their ocean makes it possible to manifest their Higher Self in that way. Whereas your land environment because of your physiological gravity, does not make that kind of manifestation as likely. Therefore it is up to you to learn to accelerate your body upward into a more rarified, less physical state. They can manifest thru a physical state. You can do it thru the acceleration of your physical state that you already have. When you associate with the whale on your planet, you are dealing directly with a form of mass Consciousness and it can trigger many things within each and every one of you about your own personal associations with your Higher Self and your own collective Consciousness on your planet. Then you can begin to function as one unified society." Bashar channeled through Darryl Anka

Here apparently we see a contradiction between understanding of Higher Self as individual Higher Mind and as a collective Higher Mind. We think that the reason of that is that these concepts are new to our language and we have not developed yet proper terminology for these terms. That is why the terms "Individual Higher Mind", "collective Higher Mind", "Individual Soul" and "Oversoul" are used interchangeably. Even more, individual souls combine in oversouls like little creeks combine into small rivers, small rivers combine into bigger rivers and so on. Imagine overlapping dynamic transparent shapes of different colors, like complex living bubbles that occupy same space, but are not identical. These would represent the Higher Mind and related concepts. The more we learn about them, the more we interact with these concepts, the better will be our terminology.


Imagine that this random shape is a schematic representation of overlapping shapes symbolizing relationships between individual Higher Self, collective Higher Self and Oversoul. They overlap and are part of each other. (The picture was created using Chaoscope fractal generator).

Individual souls merge into an Oversoul

Now, we are told that somewhere above different Oversouls merge together into a common Oversoul, just like roots of a tree. We don't know how many levels of branching points are there but we are told that all of us are part of a bigger Oversoul, and all of us and all of them (meaning extraterrestrials) are still part of even bigger Oversoul.

Why so many Cleopatras

We are told that every past live is ours in a sense, we have been everybody in our past lives. It is our vibration and our desire to connect that matters. Just the desire to have say Cleopatra as a past life allows the person to connect to her and her life becomes a past life of an individual. That is why there are so many people who have been Cleopatra or Napoleon in a past life. They connect to this vibration and therefore it becomes true for them. Is therefore the idea of past lives fictional? It is not clear. If an individual can tap in a certain frequency and can get a glimpse at the details of a past life at will, it is not so fictional. Why then some past lives are more prominent, more true than others? Maybe again through vibrations?


Individual vs. Collective Higher Self

Please note that there are multiple levels of Higher Self. There is an individual's Higher Self, collective Higher Self of a soul group, of an Oversoul and it continues to higher levels and raises its vibration until reuniting with the Source. Since an individual is multidimensional and is always a part of a bigger force, the borders between individual's Higher Self and higher level collective Higher Selves are diffuse and all branches are connected via common vibrations.

The power of Collective Higher Self

Interestingly, Bashar mentions that we and dolphins incarnate interchangeably and that whales are physical manifestations of higher selves of dolphins which serve as Higher Self to many dolphin individuals. From here, we may conclude that one Collective Higher Self may influence circumstances of life of many human individuals. This arrangement is likely similar to one in which a single Oversoul is a combination of many thousands of individual souls. (Bashar mentioned that our nearly 7 billion individuals belong to only 300,000 of oversouls.)

Tribal reincarnation
People from certain countries and periods may reincarnate together. Here, Metatron, a very accurate channel specializing on our history, reveals to us that warring Atlanteans reincarnated as warring Romans and later as warring peoples of WW2.
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn: "much was done during the advent of your second world war, that undermined the socialist experiment in Russia. The leadership required to win the war, focused more on retention & expansion of power rather than concern for the people after the war ended. You see the planetary leadership, as we interpret it, was largely dominated by those reincarnated from the warring faction that destroyed Atlantis, and indeed in later years became the warring Romans. Reincarnation cycles, you see, are bound in group Consciousness, to a very large degree. Entire continents, countries, entire dramas in time, as you term them, often reincarnate together. They are as such somewhat tied together by past experience, like thinking, like frequency and progress of development as it were." 182

Lets hope that now more peaceful tribes are incarnated. An


142 interesting fact we learn here is that not only friends and families reincarnate together, large groups of people such as countries reincarnate together as well.

Tapping into variety of identities

There is also a possibility that Higher Self and Oversoul concepts are different and a person may have a unique Higher Self that can tap into multiple past lives and resonate with multiple Oversouls. Take for example our identity in this world: a person can be a mother, a lover, a daughter, a rebel, a professional, a citizen of a country, a dissident, a poet, a muse, a sage, a guru a spirit of a group of friends and the Earth Consciousness at the same time! In our mind, in daydreams, in argument and in work we often lose our personal identity and identify ourselves with an idea, with a group or with a nation. Sometimes people so much identify themselves with a non-human cause that it becomes strange that they occupy human bodies. Therefore there is nothing surprising that Higher Self may tap into different vibrations and associate with different ideas, entities and groups.

The heart and the mind

The interaction our Higher Mind with our Lower Mind is resembles a typical idea in our culture of interplay between the heart and the mind. It not necessarily that they always are in disagreement. Very often they do work in harmony. "Listen to your heart" is a typical spiritual advice which literally means "try to reach up to your own Higher Mind". Indeed, the heart likely is a channel leading to the Higher Mind and the heart vibration is a vibration connecting to the Higher Mind.

The Matrix
The Matrix
Now as we defined Higher Self, it may be time to bring up its weirdest function that really turns our reality upside down and inside out. In fact this theory is an ancient one and in recent time is has surfaced out under the name of solipsism. If you have watched "The Matrix" movie183, that is an excellent illustration of the idea. You possibly have entertained sometimes an idea that you are the

Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, The Matrix (Warner Home Video, 1999).

143 only real person in the world and everybody else is not real, that all people are actors that only play for you to trick you into believing that they are real, that life is not real, it is like a computer game, a virtual reality, a dream intended just to give you experience of life, that there is a way to break through this illusion and discover who these people are in reality, to make them recognize that they were only playing roles ,that they were only actors. Have you had such a dream? After all, it might be true, that our reality is an elusion. At least this is a very consistent message from overwhelming majority of sources from Beyond The Veil. We are told precisely that: our reality is an artificial construct that is created to provide the ground for experience to our souls. Our so called Physical Reality is an amusement park, a school and a boot camp. Largely a boot camp or a correction facility with a bit of amusement on the side. Of course we are also a zoo since many entities and creatures are watching our recent evolutions with amazement and feed on our energies of fear, hope and love.

If reality is an elusion, why is it so difficult to manipulate it?

Try punching yourself. It hurts a bit. If our reality is an elusion, why it is so difficult to tweak it? It's very simple: our reality is a very good illusion, it is an illusion of very good quality. We are inside. Not many of us are advanced enough to manipulate this high quality illusion at will (Like Neo in "The Matrix"). More over Bashar cautions us that it may be not in our interest focusing on evading the control of the Matrix. If our main goal in this incarnation is to work through a predetermined set of lessons, it is likely that evading the Matrix may not be to our advantage from a higher prospective.

If Life is a dream, who is running the show?

We are told that as we dream at night, our reality is a dream and we wake up when we die. (In "The Matrix" movie this would correspond to the process of unplugging a person from the virtual reality.) Moreover, in this model, our main question is, who is running the show, which entity is controlling the lessons and feeding us some luck to our lives ? Who is in control of our fate, our destiny? Is that God? Is that Prime Creator? Or a part of God who is responsible for our Earth? Or the Sun, the Moon or the Earth Goddesses? If all people are illusions, are our loved ones illusions as well? We may be willing to give up our reality, since it is not so friendly, but giving up our loved ones is not what we can do, love is stronger in

144 us than our attachment to our reality. The Higher Self Teaching has a simple and straightforward answer to the question: It is Higher Self that runs the show, that picks lessons for us and feeds our lives with a thin trickle of luck. It is not devil, it is not demons that bring troubles and grief into our lives, it is this mischievous "Higher Self" entity that gets us in trouble and then keeps pulling us out of it at last moment. And it does so to get experience, to feed on our hurt feelings and to raise its vibration while we vibrate of pain! This is the sad picture of the world given us by the "Higher Self" Teaching. It is not loving God, not Yahweh, not Jesus, not Saint Mary, not Prime Creator, it is our very own Higher Self, in a way it is us ourselves that are responsible for all the grief in our lives.

This is THE hardest concept

This is THE hardest concept of all concepts of the new reality and if you are not loving it yet, we suggest hate it right away. Let it be foreign to you and don't try to wrap your mind around it. If it doesn't taste good, don't swallow it. Lets keep moving through our learning without embracing a concept that is so foreign to us.

A side step for easier swallowing

Lets revisit the idea of interplay between heart and mind. Which one is creative? Which one has free will? You can clearly see that it is the Mind that is creative(!) Have you ever heard about the heart being creative? The Mind has free will and is creative. It has the free will because it is ignorant and not so much loving. The Heart can not be creative because it is just the opposite: because it knows it all and because it loves it all. When you know All and when you love All, it is hard to be free and hard to create. Because whatever you do, you know, it will bring suffering to someone. Even if you decide to do nothing you cause suffering to someone by failing to help them in their suffering. Heart is rarely creative, it is reactive - it reacts to events. Same is likely a property of Higher Self: it has a very limited capacity to create, it reacts to what a limited Physical Mind of the Physical Incarnation decides to do out of its ignorance. We do steps and Higher Self reacts to them. We provide the drive and the Higher Mind gives us a ride. For all what is our drive is worth. It is not

145 that it is not creative, but at least from our point of view it does seem like we have a say in our lives. One certain creative step of the Higher Self is the creation of a material version of self, that is incarnation.

Our reality seems so real!

Q: How then it is illusion, if it seems so real? We believe that it is real because it is predictable more or less. Our world is following the laws of Newtonian mechanics. Once you start daydreaming, you bump into a physical object and it sure hurts. step outside and you will see no doubt that it is real. Even more so, people are predictable and standardized. The world is so standardized, so material, so down to Earth. It is really hard to find the proof of God presence in it. It would be even harder to find the proof of the Higher Self theory. A: Indeed, it is quite hard to prove the Existence of Higher Self and its power of controlling circumstances in individual's life, that is why we may refer to it as theory, since it hasn't been proven. On other hand it has some predictive capacity although not as strong as the Newtonian mechanics. The point is that there is luck and mischief in our life. There is lots of uncertainty and this is why we are forced to exercise our free will - we have to make choices daily even though we don't have enough information and don't know what will come out.

Higher Self arranges a 'detour' to get us there faster

"Higher Self is just a larger, more aware portion of us that we are in moderate communication due to the nature of physical reality in general, and due to the nature of human brains in particular. We have free will. But we are more than the physical self we normally identify with. We can drive the bus all we want but when the HS [Higher Self] knows where we are trying to go and the HS arranges a 'detour' to get us there faster, due to our limited perspective we feel like we are being thwarted when exactly the opposite is true. The HS is not a superior or a controller. It just has a broader more complete perspective. Abe [Abraham Hicks 184] puts it another way. Abe says imagine you are the CEO (chief executive officer) of a big company and the HS (Higher Self) is your chief

of operations. You ask him/her for things and he/she gets it done if we can just trust the COO [chief of operations] and let him/her. Abe says: "go with the flow". Bashar says: "act on your excitement in each moment". When we do, and when we stop trying to control the 'how', things just magically work. The ego wants to feel in control. It struggles. It believes 'no pain, no gain', so it feels struggle is necessary. It is annoyed to learn that all we have to do is stop paddling upstream. Stop trying to control the 'how'." Daniel 185

Higher Self as a layer

"What is the Higher Self? Thank you, lets address this. So you have some definitions to work with which again are nothing but, what? permission slips. That's all we're delivering here. Everything we say, everything we deliver to you is nothing but another form of permission slip, take which one works for you. The ones that don't work for you, let them be. Now, lets go into a little bit more detail. Higher self, alright. Most of you are familiar with the idea that you have a physical Consciousness, a personality as a physical being that you relate to as your, self, so to speak. But then there is this mysterious idea of the Higher Self. Simply put, most of you understand or at least intuit that the so-called Higher Self, well, is relatively nonphysical. Even more simply put you could say that there is a vibrational frequency just above physical reality, just beyond physical reality, in which resides what you might refer to as a template for physical reality or upon which you construct your physical experience. It is in that template level, just beyond the physical threshold that the Higher Self exists. Now, please do not confuse the idea of Higher Self with Oversoul or spirit or what have you Higher self is a specific idea that is like a version of the person you are in physical reality but a version that has a broader perspective, a broader point of view. Its like having a twin standing on a mountaintop while one is also standing in the valley. And they can communicate with

each other. And the Higher Self can say "I see you walking down the road and I see that there is, well, a little bit of a ditch up ahead so if you walk this way and walk that way you'll avoid it." And the one in the valley going "Oh , thank you very much." This is, very simply put , the relationship between the two. It is you with a higher perspective, a broader perspective, a bigger picture without the complications that can arise from the personality construct's belief system. So, the Higher Self is like a guiding principle, a governing principle, so to speak. That is a part of your complex as a person but is the non physical component that acts as a conduit to even higher versions of your soul, of your being, of your spirit. But also acts as the intermediary between those higher levels the physical personality construct and can distill information from the he higher spirit soul, Oversoul levels in a way that the personality can understand So, the Higher Self functions like a translator taking the information from the higher levels and bringing it down to Earth in a way that can communicate to the personality effectively. However, because of some of the belief systems that exist within the personality structure on your planet there has been confusion as to how to form clear communication line to the Higher Self." Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, June 23, 2007


by Mikalojus iurlionis

The ways of God are inscrutable

Now the most interesting ability of Higher Self is the ability to manipulate seemingly random events in our lives. That is the most practically important outcome from this theory or from this teaching. The way Higher Self controls the events in our life and therefore our destiny is not new. This is the way traditionally ascribed to the way the traditional human God or gods are influencing our life. This is the way which is referred to in saying "The ways of God are inscrutable".

Manipulating randomness
The influence of Higher Self on our life may start from circumstances that take place even before our birth, then by choosing our parents, combinations of gene variants in our genome (which is thought to be randomly chosen from gene variants of our parents) then combination of positions celestial bodies at the time of birth (an astrological chart), then it comes to myriad of events in our life that we consider random and ascribe to good or bad luck. There also is a big set of agreements that our Higher Selves made prior to lives. For example lovers are choosing each other prior to the incarnation or even prior to a series of

149 incarnations. It is a common theme in past lives research through psychic readings or through hypnotic regressions: that people go through many lifetimes as a group - the Higher Selves therefore keep company in many lifetimes - they interact with each other by exploring different roles: husband and wife, a parent and a child, friends, business partners and such. Even enemies come from one life to another due to prior agreements, and best friends, best soulmates may dive in this incarnational cycle as enemies to play out a new drama. It sounds bizarre, but Bashar says that an individual can never meet anyone without a prior agreement, yes, yes, this sounds a little bit too much for our model of life, but maybe our Higher Selves are involved in perpetual brokerage up there?

It looks like our Higher Selves are chess players and we are their chess figures. They constantly set us up for interactions, situations, circumstances, problems, tests and lessons through the agreements they make between each other. We were taught that nonetheless we continue to have the Free Will. That means that we are presented with a new lesson by our Higher Self/Higher Mind entity but what we do with the lesson is our decision - that is it is a business of our Physical Mind/Lower Mind. The fact (that it is the Higher Self who sets us up for a test) is hidden from us to make an illusion that we are in control and to push us towards exercising of our free will, this is a free choice exercise.

We still have free choice.

For example: Higher Selves of two people who went together as close friends, couples, and family members through past lives may have an agreement to meet in current life or to be constantly pushed together, but it is up to them (to us, to our incarnations, to our Physical/Lower/Real Minds, real people) to choose whether we want to go into a relationship or not. We seem to have free choice in most of such situations.

Little order in seeming randomness

The lessons are picked up by the Higher Self entity prior to the incarnation (as we are told). So to say, the curriculum for the life is chosen by the Higher Self with the help of advisers and the major setup of life is arranged accordingly. The Higher Selves don't seem to create new material objects, they just seem to play existing cards:

150 they combine existing circumstances and set up our lessons by bringing a little order to seeming randomness of events in life. Have you noticed, how luck is often presented to us? By seeming coincidences. In the Paradigm, they are called synchronicities because a coincidence is a single event, a synchronicity is a trend, a series of coincidences, when many seemingly random events combine together to bring a desired (by the Higher Self) result.

Higher Self often benefits from the suffering of the Lower Self
A very important spiritual truth is that suffering is good for the Soul. It might not be obvious for a person going through life drama, because the person is inside the drama, because his/her soul is the one that is doing the labor of suffering, but from a distance it is often possible to see that the spiritual pain and suffering bring up a formation of new vortexes, new pieces of spiritual knowledge within the Soul. For example, it often happens that a Soul of an individual remains in a somewhat immature state long after individual grows up and moves away from his parents. Even love or even marriage often fail to make the his Soul independent: due to its immaturity it often remains dissolved in people surrounding him, and the contours of his soul remain undefined unlike the contours of the body. Only later, a death of a parent, or a divorce, or a event of similar tragic magnitude produces a deep, almost unbearable, spiritual pain, and when years later her gets over the pain, rebuilds himself, he and his friends discover that his Soul finally matures and obtains true firmness, true independence. If before the suffering he was spiritually weak and overly flexible, after the experience, others discover that his soul has become firm and he might be now relied upon. What would be the meaning for such an experience? Was the suffering good or bad in such a case? The answer, as usual changes much depending on the point of view. From the point of view of the individual at the time of the trial, in no way it is good, but from the distance of time or from the higher prospective, it may be considered the most soul-forming event in the life of the individual. Based on the above example, you can see how Higher Self improves its own integrity and strength by feeding mischief in the life of its Lower Self.

Higher Self judges from the higher prospective

Note also an important point that in the spiritual plane of Higher Self. our time doesn't exist and their time has very different

151 properties. Therefore Higher Self looks at these events not from a specific time point but always from the Eternity. For example, imagine that you are an excellent chess player and that you are looking at the list of all steps in a chess party that you finished playing. You may associate yourself with a specific development in the party but you already know how it developed and what was the result. You may remember the feelings that you were feeing why loosing a party and suffering of the chess Queen that was your incarnation in the game, but you know it was only a game, only an illusion and you also know that only the feelings and lessons are what is left after the party is over. Was the suffering of the Queen worth playing the game?

If life is a movie, Higher Self is a producer

Consider another example: you are a movie producer, you have the movie done and you know the script by heart. You may still be moved by certain passages of heroes, you might even had played the main hero and the playing of his suffering was a particularly challenging experience for you but you know very well the higher purpose behind the plot and you know that the movie came out well for that very reason that you played the suffering part well. Was then the suffering good or bad? The answer is different for you and Higher Self, that is for you in the role (Lower Self) in the time of suffering or you as a producer (Higher Self) after the movie came out well.

The future is always uncertain but this is all right

Understand now that for every now there is large number of versions of the future. Because at many points, the Lower Mind is making free will decisions. Therefore, Higher Self is to deal not with a single line of life but with an infinite number of life lines. This is difficult concept for us but this uncertainty is natural and easy for the higher realm. This is why Bashar says that Lower Mind is not capable, is not designed to predict the circumstances. It is only designed for the operation in the now, in the current circumstances. It is the function of Higher Mind/Higher Self to take care of the future, so the Lower Mind is better to relax, stop worrying and enjoy the ride.

The Ego Mind Mechanism

Q: Is there a difference between Ego Mind and Physical Mind? Ego Mind seems to have hidden mysterious powers which Physical Mind may not have.

152 A: Let me note that I follow the subtle tradition which trivializes the function of the brain to just an interface between the body and the supernatural mind. It is a complex interface, expression of hormones and neurotransmitters strongly affects this interface and can shift the vibrations between different realities, but it is still considered an interface, just a physical receiver-transmitter. McTaggart in "the Field", Wilcock in "the source field", Browne in her talks and, I believe, Bashar tend towards this notion of brain being only an interface. Most illustrative to the point is an observation that transplant recipients gain some of the character traits and memories of the donor. Thus organs are apparently also sharing this interface function with the brain by tuning in to the real mind which is of a non-material nature. Since Higher Mind is the closest layer of our mind in non-material (ethereal) space, there is a little room left for our Physical Mind. I may define it as a part of our total mind which is located within the Veil. It actually doesn't have to be physical, it is likely as ethereal as the Higher Mind, only it is the one we normally use in our 3D reality and it is the one we have direct access to at will. Whatever is beyond the Veil, the Higher Mind is accessible only with certain level of sophistication, in dream state and under hypnosis. What relates to the Ego, it doesn't seem to be a real mind, it is more like a mechanism of focusing. According to Bashar it has a Mind of itself, so it can be referred to Ego Mind, but it is more of a smart mechanism than an independent entity with a fully developed Mind. Bashar answered once a question, whether Sassani have Ego Mind, and he said that they use it as a mechanism to stay focused in their physicality and to remain individual beings, but since it is transparent to them, it doesn't have as much control over them as in humans. Talking non-judgmentally about mainstream public, a typical human gives an Ego-Mind-Mechanism much control, while remaining barely aware of his/her Higher Mind and Multidimensional Soul. Again, the Veil is strong in a mainstream Westerner and hence it is referred as a high degree of separation. Not that it is not natural for us, but it is what makes us different from other races such as cetaceans and many extraterrestrials and this separation is what is expiring at this age of transformation.
"This is a subject of interest in Sufism, the definition of Ego and the differences therein. As I understand it, the Physical Mind is

neutral, simply the number counter, with no apparent ax to grind. The Ego on the other hand is the quality of the mind which forces the possible threads into a single perspective. So in an interaction between you and someone else you could focus all attention on the other person's feelings and perspective but the Ego doesn't want that. It creates the impetus that you are good, right, and smarter than the other and hence need to win. On a moral emotional level it defends the self, which makes me think that there is an awareness of the effect emotional states have on the Self and the Ego tries to maintain whatever balance that has been stipulated between the Physical and Higher Mind. Someone might be very negative but the Ego keeps them at that level of negativity without much fluctuation. So this job of maintaining a particular vibrational level means that a higher level is not necessarily good, only staying at the same place, so it fights for that. So that's a very important function, to maintain the chosen state and keep focus on the self mainly. Another distinction made by the Sufis is the character of the Old Villain. Bashar's explanation is the easiest. When the Ego believes that it is alone it starts to reinforce itself, to create an independent existence which seems to actively plot against any movement towards the light. The light is a movement towards embracing difference and hence the relaxation of rigid structures. The Old Villain could be seen as the malignant Ego. So in Sufism the first step towards moving towards the light is to release the hold of the Old Villain. This is frequently accomplished by demonstrating contradictions within the patterns of belief structures. Oliver" 186

In other words, the Ego Mechanism has a mind of its own and with the help of Personality, often takes over the control fighting any intention of reunion between the Lower and the Eternal Higher Mind, that is the Ego Mechanism with the help of Personality/Lower/Physical mind reinforces The Veil. Rebalancing the Personality structure, re-synchronizing the Lower and Higher Minds, dissolving The Veil is the goal and the tool of spiritual practices.

What is the difference between Father God and Higher Self?

The main difference is in understanding their characters and goals. Father God of the Monotheism is very humanized. He is referred

154 to as a King of Heaven. The Monotheism ascribes masculine gender and many humanized emotions to Father God. Since Monotheism also defines Father God as the God of all beings, it seems illogical for the God to be a male human. Now, as we learned that there are infinite fold more of beings in the Universe than our 7 billions, and that the majority of them are not human, the idea of fatherly human figure of God becomes even more remote. Monotheism also ascribes a role to Father God in struggle of good and evil. This is an old paradox in Christianity which logically questions whether God is benevolent and all powerful at the same time. Logically he cannot be both at once since there is so much evil and suffering in our world. No matter what the theologians say, the people's understanding is that Father God is good but not without a bit of negativity; and powerful, but again with limitations, just like the King of Haven might be.
"The term theodicy was coined in 1710 by the German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz." "Theodicy (from Greek theos "god" + dike - "justice") is a theological and philosophical study which attempts to prove God's intrinsic or foundational nature of omnibenevolence (all-loving), omniscience (allknowing), and omnipotence (all-powerful). Theodicy is usually concerned with the God of the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, due to the relevant assertions of their respective holy texts. The fundamental dilemma of theodicy is the problem of evil: its continuing existence and God's apparent inability or unwillingness to eradicate it. The most common theodician argument that maintains God's three 'omni' qualities is that evil does not in fact exist as we define it, and that even what seems to us to be uttermost evil will somehow result in good as God has supposedly foreseen and ensured. Some sources use the term as meaning an explanation or justification of God's behavior in general." 187 Wiki

Traditional goals of Father God are believed to be the good of humanity and the punishment of sin. For the end of times, it is traditionally believed that Farther God will to judge the sinners and take good doers to the Paradise. These primitivistic ideas on humanized Father God are substantially transformed in the emerging Celestial Paradigm.


A celestial point of view

The Higher Self entity is way more ethereal. It doesn't have a gender, it doesn't have a shape unlike its incarnations which do have a gender and a form. We don't know whether different incarnations of the same Higher Self show any resemblance to each other: there are suggestions that they might. The mere character of Higher Self is also an enigma. On one hand, it is individual's heart, individual's soul, it is "I". Again, we are told by Bashar that Higher Self is loving its incarnation unconditionally. Imagine a chess player that identifies herself with a chess queen. And loves it as self. That would be Higher Self controlling circumstances of its own incarnation and guiding its incarnation through the chess game of life. We may suppose that the character of Higher Self resembles the character of its Lower Self. At least this is what is suggested by results of the past life hypnotic regressions: the souls seem to keep the character during their incarnations. (The concepts of Higher Self and Soul overlap: Higher Self is the part of the Soul which is Self, and which manages the circumstances of life of its incarnation.) As Higher Self goes through lifetimes its, character becomes more and more sophisticated but it might remain the same soul, the same general personality. That is why it takes from 50 to 150 lifetimes to get it polished, sophisticated and balanced enough to get to the next level.

Evil doers
Michael Newton, a researcher using hypnotic regressions to learn about the world beyond the Veil writes:
"Those souls who have been associated with evil are taken to special centers which some clients call "intensive care units." Here, I am told, their energy is remodeled to make it whole again. Depending upon the nature of their transgressions, these souls could be rather quickly returned to Earth. They might well choose to serve as the victims of other's evil acts in the next life. Still, if their actions were prolonged and especially cruel over a number of lives, this would denote a pattern of wrongful behavior. Such souls could spend a long while in a solitary spiritual existence, possibly over a thousand Earth years. A guiding principle in the spirit world is that wrongdoing, intentional or unintentional, on the part of all souls will need to be redressed in some form in a future life. This is not

considered punishment or even penance as much as an opportunity for karmic growth. There is no hell for souls, except perhaps on Earth." 188

Suicide is still not welcome

Michael Newton quotes amazing passage revealing the attitude of the Heavens to the idea of suicide:
"I worked with a young client who had tried to commit suicide a year before I saw him. During our hypnosis session we found evidence of a pattern of self- destruction in former lives. Facing his master teachers at a council meeting following his last life, this client was told by an Elder: "Once again you are here early and we are disappointed. Have you not learned the same test grows more difficult with each new life you terminate? Your behavior is selfish for many reasons, not the least of which is the sorrow you caused to those left behind who loved you. How much longer will you continue to just throw away the perfectly good bodies we give you? Tell us when you are ready to stop engaging in self-pity and underestimating your capabilities." 189

The Source is feeding on our experiences

A minor problem with this idea is that it is somewhat difficult to imagine that an entity with our character would have a nerve to give us the lessons, pain, grief, negativity that we have to go through. Does the Higher Self have a choice? It seems that it does. It seems that it is very creative in creating the situations and in setting us up for the lessons. It is typically making sure that we have tasks, problems, lessons that we can handle and that we are faced with the situations where we don't have any option other than to exercise the free will. Summing up, the differences between the Father God and Higher Self is in quantity (single God vs. many Higher Selves), shape (human figure of Father God vs. ethereal Higher Self) and character (quite human and fatherly Father God vs. quite uninvolved tutor that is mostly concerned to put us in manageable level of trouble). What about their goals? The Father God, as we said, is concerned with humans worshiping him (The First Commandment), making humans better members of the society (other commandments), overthrowing evil (at least this is a
188 189

Newton, Destiny of Souls. Ibid.

157 common misconception about the purpose of Father God), fair Judgment and a sort of a Shift at which the Paradise will descent onto the Earth for nice people and nice souls. Maybe it is not a precisely theological plan of Father God, but it is pretty much the mainstream consensus of it. What are the goals of Higher Self ? The main goal of Higher Self is to ascend to the next level, then even higher levels until becoming perfect to reunite with the Source (God). Higher Self does that by incarnating and by tutoring its every incarnation via subtle and invisible manipulation of luck and mischief in the incarnation's life. In the Emerging Celestial Paradigm, the goal of the Source is to experience everything that can be experienced and to learn itself in al possible ways. The Source is feeding on the experiences of its components, brunches and sprouts.
"important is not our experience of God, but God's experience of us: "When the word 'experience' finally appears in the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, it is to denote God's experience, not man's: 'We must undergo the "experience" of the living God and be trained in this life so that we may be crowned in the next' (2 Clem 20:2)."" 190

Apparently there exists a universal food chain: our Higher Selves feed on our experiences and so to say, enjoy the ride; then they graduate and apparently after next 4th level (density) don't incarnate anymore since they obtain enough of life experience so their etheric body becomes structured enough and independent enough to keep schooling in higher densities without actual physical incarnation. They keep their good work, service and learning as far as we are told for another 8 levels - densities and likely way farther, until they finally merge back with the Source. It is not clear whether this merge is really happening or whether it may be simply an urban legend , since in a way we are al part of the Source (which in turn is part of "All There Is"), and therefore all our experiences are its experiences. The Source constantly seeds many pieces, worlds and beings into multitude of physical realities and after they collect the experiences they merge back into it. This is the way in which the Source experiences itself.


Robyn Horner, Jean-Luc Marion: a theo-logical introduction (Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2005).


Summing up, the new concept of schooling is somewhat different from the old concept of Judgment.
Lets acknowledge now that both principles of Schooling (learning) and Judgment are present in both old and new Celestial Paradigms, it is only priorities that have been changed, while the Schooling and Judgment principles were and are present in both Paradigms. The idea of schooling - teaching - learning was present in old teachings, but typically it wasn't learning per se, it was more of other its components: the humans were told by God that they were "tested" , they were taught a lesson, their behavior was judged, their love for God was tested, strength was tested, ability to obey rules and to overcome fear was tested. Emergence of the New Celestial Paradigm The schooling was typically done for programming humans into specific behaviors and for achieving specific goals in the physical world: the God taught humans lessons so to achieve certain goal in physical world; the God's providence, God's ways were taught to improve our physical reality, and not so much to improve our souls. In Old Testament and Torah the lessons were for teaching humans how to behave in physical, not to perfect souls for next incarnations. In the New Testament, indeed, Jesus does bring the idea of perfection of the soul. This is indeed the Emergence of the New Celestial Paradigm. But somehow Jesus' teaching (as it is understood now) doesn't have it central that the evil, the suffering is given to us as lesson for perfection of the soul. The idea is present, but it is skewed in a way that highlights the idea of sin, of Judgment, of Christ's sacrifice and suffering on the cross and hides the idea about primacy of the soul and its reincarnation. It is quite possible and there is much evidence that original Jesus' teaching, essentially the teaching of Essenes was the initial emergence of the New Paradigm, but it was intentionally distorted to make it less spiritual and more of a tool of control in Roman Empire and consequently of Western world by bringing the ideas of hierarchy, punishment, future reward and redemption. As one may see, these ideas are not even the ideas of the Gospels but their interpretations. Judgment

159 Lets look now at the idea of Judgment. The idea of Judgment is dominant only in Christianity. It is present in Judaism, but in Judaism it is the return to Jerusalem, rebuilding of the Temple and coming of the Messiah are the main theme. The idea of Judgment is less pronounced in Judaism. In the new Paradigm, the idea of Judgment is replaced by two very different concepts. Life review The first substitution of Judgment is simply a life review that the

by Mikalojus iurlionis

Soul undergoes after death. We know much about the life review from the research of past life regressions 191 and reports of near death experience192 (NDE). After the Soul of the individual leaves the body, it travels towards the light typically escorted by a close departed relative. There it is met by departed relatives, friends and goes through a life review. There is no "Judgment" per se, but this life review is reminiscent of life review which is traditionally thought to be coming with the Last Judgment. In the idea of Last Judgment, the Heavenly Judge with the Heavenly Court will review the life of a Christian and, based on the balance of good deeds and
191 192

Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2010). Raymond A. Moody, The Light Beyond (Random House Digital, Inc., 1989).

160 sins, will send the soul either to Paradise or to Hell.

"Both Christianity and Judaism believe in some form of judgment. In Jewish liturgy there is significant prayer and talk of a "book of life" that one is written into, indicating that God judges each person each year even after death. This annual judgment process begins on Rosh Hashanah and ends with Yom Kippur. Additionally, God sits daily in judgment concerning a person's daily activities. Upon the anticipated arrival of the Messiah, God will judge the nations for their persecution of Israel during the exile. Later, God will also judge the Jews over their observance of the Torah." Wiki "The Last Judgment in Christian theology, is the final and eternal judgment by God of every nation. It will purportedly take place after the resurrection of the dead and the Second Coming of Christ." Wiki "When the Son of Man comes in His glory. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates his sheep from the goats, and He will set the sheep on His right hand but the goats at the left. Then the king will say to those on His right hand, Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took Me in, I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. ... Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My Brethren [fellows], you did it to me. "Then He will also say to those on the left hand, Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels; for I was hungry and you gave Me no food, I was thirsty and you gave Me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not take Me in, naked and you did not clothe Me, sick and in prison and you did not visit Me. ... Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me. And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life."(Matthew 25:31-36, 40-43, 45-46 NRSV) The doctrine is further supported by passages in the Books of Daniel, Isaiah and the Revelation:

"Just as the weeds are collected and burned up with fire, so will it be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all evildoers, and they will throw them into the furnace of fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Let anyone with ears listen!" Matthew 13:40-43 "Belief in the last judgment (often linked with the General judgment) is held firmly inside Catholicism. Immediately upon death each soul undergoes the particular judgment, and depending upon the state of the person's soul, goes to heaven, purgatory, or hell. The last judgment will occur after the resurrection of the dead and the reuniting of a person's soul with own physical body. The Catholic Church teaches that at the time of the last judgment Christ will come in His glory, and all the angels with him, and in his presence the truth of each man's relationship with God will be laid bare, and each person who has ever lived will be judged with perfect justice. Those already in heaven will remain in heaven; those already in hell will remain in hell; and those in purgatory will be released into heaven. Following the last judgment, the bliss of heaven and the pains of hell will be perfected in that those present will also be capable of physical bliss/pain. After the last judgment the universe itself will be renewed with a new heaven and a new earth in the World to Come." Wiki "In Islam, Yawm al-Qiymah (Arabic: " the Day of Resurrection") or Yawm ad-Din (Arabic: " the Day of Judgment") is believed to be God's final assessment of humanity as it exists. The sequence of events (according to the most commonly held belief) is the annihilation of all creatures allowable, resurrection of the body, and the judgment of all sentient creatures. The exact time when these events are to occur is not specified, however there are said to be major and minor signs which are to occur near the time of Qiyamah (End time). Wiki


The life review of the New Paradigm is quite different

The adherents of the New Paradigm find the Christian concept of Judgment somewhat outdated and distorted. A typical concept of the New Paradigm is that the Messiah coming is going to happen by So-called Christ Consciousness waking up in each individual. The idea of life review in the New Paradigm is different in a way that the Soul reviews its life just for the Soul's own education and this review is quite different from what we could imagine with our physical mind.

by Mikalojus iurlionis

Even time is different in the celestial world

The concept of time in the celestial world is quite different than here. The time in the celestial world seems to be more transparent and less flowing forward. It is certainly not our time, it is a different reality and the celestial time has no relationship to our time. Some say that there is no time over there but this doesn't seem to have much sense since there clearly are some events and some developments in there. So they have some sort of time measure, but different.

Dimension of the World of Dead

It is not clear what is the dimensional location for the World of

163 Dead. Cassiopaeans say it is 5th density, certainly not 4th, where the beings are still largely physicalized. Traditions that study life after death assign a physical location to the world of dead to the different levels in the Earth's atmosphere and somewhat above. I am not aware of any confirmations to these claims.

The life review

An interesting property of life review that the Soul is shown its life not only through its own eyes but also from the point of view of other people who interacted with it. This way it can experience the results of free will not only from its own perspective but also from people who were affected by it one way or another. Te review we are told is assisted by loving nonjudgmental advisers and not judges. It is soul itself who is to judge its own deeds, not something outside.

Everything is very personal

Please note that the main innovation of the New Paradigm is that everything there is done by the individual herself or its individual Higher Self like in a self-service store, self-service checkout or self-service laundry. There is no universal Messiah, no universal judge, not even a universal Father God figure. Everything is being done by the individual on an individual's level. Its individualized Higher Self is incarnating in a physical being, guiding it through life (like a personal coach), assigning him/her individual lessons, then the individual's soul is doing its own life review and is left at sort of a paradise community to live an eternal life. Even a Messiah that comes any day now is waking in us internally. In the New Paradigm's version of life review there is nothing giant, everything is very small, very personal, not unlike a personal pizza.

Further steps
The life review allows the Soul integrate the life experience with the unlimited knowledge that it can access in the spiritual plane. After the life review, the Soul is said to go to rehabilitation to heal the wounds of life. This rehabilitation process is mentioned in various sources. After rehabilitation the souls choose to get involved into service, teaching and further learning. Contrary to common misconception it is not these souls that reincarnate again it is their Higher Self entity that goes into further or parallel incarnations. The discarnate souls remain in the shape

164 of their former incarnations forever.

The Shift
Another process or event in new cosmology that is reminiscent of Last Judgment of the Christianity is the Shift. The Shift or the New Age Ascension is a very consistent concept conveyed by a large number and variety of sources from the Other Side. Since we touch upon the idea of the Shift in other chapters, we will focus here on the comparison of the idea of the Shift and the idea of Judgment.

Shift vs. Judgment

The most striking are two similarities between the idea of the Shift and the idea of Last Judgment: that they both are to happen at the End of Times and that people will depart this reality one way or another.
"And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works." (Rev 20:11-12)

In the Last Judgment, a Son of Man resides on a white throne and judges living and dead souls based on their sins and good deeds. The sinners are be sent to hell and good folks are sent go into Paradise, which is the Kingdom of Light on Earth. The idea of the Shift is partly similar and partly different from the idea of the Last Judgment. As in previously discussed peculiarities of the New Paradigm, the main difference is in much more individual, personal, personcentered quality of the Shift.

Shifting smoothly
In the New Paradigm, there is no judge, no personalized God, no single Son of Man or any other entity. It is not clear whether extraterrestrials are to be involved physically in the Shift. Nonphysically, they certainly are since (as we are told by many various sources), we are in overwhelming extent incantations of the ETs that created us. We are their souls who incarnated in large

165 numbers on the Planet to take part in the Shift. As we discussed, the Shift does not promise to become the end of time but only the Shift of frequencies which is also a significant change, but not terminal. We observe that that channeled "updates" and predictions much more optimistic after critical period of approximately 1999 - 2009. We are being told that extraterrestrial agreements and commitments allowed the ETs to unravel a program of smoothing out geological activities of the Shift and therefore our transition. We are told that major time points of likely catastrophes have passed with minimal damage and the following ride has good chances to be smoother than could have been.

Shifting not so smoothly

We are told that by Ra group and Cassiopaeans that not all people will survive the Shift. Interestingly, they also divide people in two general categories related to the idea of sinners and nice people. The difference is that Ra and Cassiopaeans explain that there is no good or bad people, everybody loves someone and devotes self to a sort of service. The main difference according to them is that egotistic folks devote their lives to Service To Self (abbreviated STS, which we will call for clarity egotists) and altruistic folks devote their lives to Service To Others (abbreviated as STO, we refer to them as altruists). Average people, due to their culture and properties of their souls, are living the lives by mixing both Service To Self And Service To Others in intermediate proportions. Back in 80s, Ra and Cassiopaeans predicted that approximately 5% of egotists and 50% of altruists will survive the Shift. The reason for that was that only individuals with pure vibration, be that egotistic or altruistic, can survive the difficulties that take place during the Shift. According to Bashar and few other channels, the Shift has already been going on for quite a while and will go on for quite a while. We estimate based on multiple channels that the waves of new energy representing the Shift started in 60s, became more consistent in 80s , will culminate in 2012 - 2014 , will continue strongly to maybe till 2020s when the main Shift will be over and will continue on and off until 50s. According to Bashar, people with vibrations not strong enough and not clean enough will simply die off from seemingly natural causes during this period and this is the meaning behind the idea that only pure

166 egotist and most altruistic half of altruists will survive the Shift. It is also possible that the numbers were too pessimistic and that since the time of predictions, the overall health of the system improved and the percentages of survivors will increase. Also, it may very much be that the percentages were given for the fast Shift, the Shift that would happen in a very short period of time as it appears from many predictions. It is possible that the scheme for the Shift changed and now it will span about 50 - 70 years centering around 2012. If this is so, then gradual dying off of less shiftable individuals may not be that noticeable since it will spread over a period of time (50-70 years) comparable to a life time.

Homo Galacticus to replace Homo Sapiens

Naturally, dying off of old-style Homo Sapiens is accomplished with the birth of new generations which are more suitable for the new vibrations of the Earth. Large variety of sources are predicting this influx that comes under names of Indigo Children, Crystal Children And Starseeds. The new breed of humans demonstrates waves of new qualities such as heightened psychic, telepathic and telekinetic abilities. These might be accompanied with changes in genetic makeup. Unfortunately the mainstream science is not studying these new changes yet. How may these new Indigo Children have received the new genetic qualities? What could be biological mechanisms that would allow the change on such a large scale? The suspect mechanisms are usual. They may have been genetically engineered: 1. Via alien abductions; 2. Via virus infections that swipe through the globe. 3. Via nonphysical ethereal manipulations of our genomes by the Celestial Chaperons. Note that all of these can affect people of any age, not only children, but the modification of the genome is accomplished easier on the level of a single cell, or an embryo than of an adult organism.


The Harvest and self-service

Ra material and Cassiopaean transmissions are referring to the so called mysterious "harvest" that will happen during the Shift. Bashar explains that this harvest they are referring to is simply a process of individuals harvesting themselves into a new vibration. You an see again that the spirit of New Paradigm is very much of self-service quality, the Shift happening from within and is not directly mediated by the celestial beings.

by Mikalojus iurlionis

A technologically-assisted Shift
In addition to the idea of a natural Shift, there is also an idea of the Shift that will be helped technologically by extraterrestrials primarily from Sirius culture. As we mentioned previously, Sheldan Nidle and other channeled Sirian sources predict the mass landing and mass appearance of human-looking extraterrestrials who will assist us in the Shift using special transformation chambers. This Shift was said to take a short period of time. As we mentioned, there is a problem with these predictions since they were predicted for the time of 1993 and apparently didn't come true on the first round. Next round is now predicted for 2012 and so far, the signs of coming mass landing and technological transformation are minimal, suggesting that this 2012 time point predicted by the

168 Sirians may be overly optimistic.

Will the religion fall apart?

As you see, there are similarities between the Judgment and the Shift, but the differences are obvious as well. Q: Would religion fall apart when the truth about extraterrestrials will be uncovered? A: It is only from the first glance that the new cosmology endangers the religion. After thinking. Much about this question, and looking at it from all angles, it appears that the new cosmology agrees with the religion much better than the atheistic materialism of industrial age. It appears that materialism challenged the religion much more during the 20th century than the New Paradigm of the 21st century. In the 20th century, many people lived double lives: in church and in private they prayed to immaterial God, while in public they complied with the materialistic system of life. For humans, it is quite natural to live double lives and to harbor incompatible thought systems. The New Paradigm is actually in much agreement with the religions. All embrace immortal soul, primacy of higher Consciousness and its involvement of in human life. The New Paradigm aligns best with Hinduism and Buddhism. These three teachings are based on the ideas of reincarnation cycle and that the soul incarnates on Earth to learn lessons. The commonality between the New Paradigm and all religions is in Spirituality. The primary difference from many religious practices is that is that the spiritual work in the New Paradigm is done within and though self-service, without the help and control of intermediaries, there is no respect for fear and no concept of sin. All is love, all are part of the Source and everyone is loved no matter what.