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The Meaning of Social and Political Awareness

I am in Sydney at the moment, visiting my sister. I find myself sitting in a café, in a shopping centre, enveloped by the usual big box stores. Woolworths is across, Target and Kmart are down the hall. I am looking at a deli that seems local and non corporate only to realise that it is exactly the same as the one in Chadstone, down to the artwork and the hats worn by the staff. The people around me seem content going about their business the adults are reading the paper and gossiping about neighbours and colleagues, while the kids are locked into their mobile phones, paradoxically the retirees seem the most full of life in this place. I am in Hornsby Sydney, but I could be in any suburban shopping centre in the country, and it hits me that right around me is the microcosm of the Australian or even typical western society.

This is perhaps a fitting place to start an essay which is essentially about awareness. Something I’ve been thinking about since I wrote my last post: Predicting the Futurewhere I outlined two trends that are going to shape our future, the first being the increasing social and political awareness among the populace and the second being the exponentially improving technology and the question of who will be in control of it. This post is my attempt to provide a much needed definition to term social and political awareness, or what is in the alternative circles known as being awake. I will try to elaborate on this in a manner that will not bamboozle you or scare you but rather provide a useful map to reality that points our major social and political illusions and helps you make proactive decisions with your life.

The foundation of awareness begins with your basic needs and your immediate environment. A clear understanding of what originates and perpetuates your mundane surroundings: your clothes, your house, your food and kitchen your car, your school or job. Think of this in the context of nature; take for instance an animal bigger than a rodent, like a rabbit or a squirrel. Even with a brain the size of a walnut they are keenly aware of what animals are their predators and how to avoid them. They know to be at ease around animals that are harmless, they know what food is edible, what is poisonous, when to breed and how to survive the weather and the elements. There are only two kinds of animals that lack this level or awareness: dead ones, and the ones living in human captivity waiting to be eaten.

Since we humans became civilised we aren’t being eaten anymore but we sure are getting exploited at ever grander scale. This exploitation is no longer enforced with a whip, it is consensual, convenient even comfortable. To be exploited and perpetuate exploitation all you need to do is outsource your thinking and your decisions that relate to your basic needs. You see, most of our clothes are made in slave shops, our food denatured and riddled with chemicals, the very nature of our money syphons wealth from us to the banks and their owners [1], our cars, blenders, lawnmowers, printers designed to break down so we keep working to buy new ones [2], our media teaches us to crave and consume, our schools teach us to be complacent and obedient [3], and to cap it all off millions of us work 40 hours a week for the very institutions that constitute this exploitative system. The mere awareness of hour your basic needs are met, reduces your contribution to this cycle of exploitation. If you start consuming locally grown/locally owned food, ethically made clothes and join a local credit union you’ll be healthier and you’ll be making some enlightened friends. More importantly the damage you’ll inflict on the global corporate juggernaut is by no means trivial, because this system does not have the

First published on 2/8/2012 with illustrations on http://www.criticalthoughtagenda.com/1/post/2012/08/the-meaning-of- social-and-political-awareness.html

capacity to slow down or even stand still, thanks to endemic corporate leverage and debt based money, corporations and banks crumble as soon as they stop expanding.

Beyond your grocery list lies the second level of awareness which constitutes an understanding of the relationships that link geo-politics, governments and major global corporations. At first glance, every sector of the economy and every region of the world presents an almost endless supply of expert jargon that dominates your TV and papers, clouding the overall picture. This picture, this template of how the world is governed and controlled is surprisingly simple. The institutions that dominate the world and shape our culture originated merely a hundred years ago. Before the turn of the 20 th century all power in the western world was held by various monarchies and the Catholic Church, at the turn of the 20 th that changed drastically. In Europe the monarchies were now beholden to a new element of power: the banking interests that financed European wars. In America the highly literate and politically active population were competing with European banking elites and American rich industrialists for influence over the government, which until the 20 th century had been for the most part democratic. This power equilibrium ended in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act which consolidated control of the American economy to a united group of bankers and industrialists. This group expanded internationally, primarily through control of central banks from around the world; they formed round table groups, social clubs and international institutions to unite American and European monarchs, bankers and industrialists into a permanently entrenched ruling oligarchy.

Oligarchy is a system of government where powerful non-elected interest groups steer the major policies of democratically elected governments. Most of this is done by two kinds of institutions, the

first of which is the tax free foundations, you see instead of paying taxes the billionaires of the world pool their money into tax free foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Carnegie

Endowment etc

health programs. Furthermore it is used to finance controlled alternative media, social movements and charities with a political agenda. This giant spectrum of organizations engages in the creation of values, fashions and beliefs that support the present ruling elites. Through mass media and public education the people learn to support imperialist wars and the arms industry, they learn to consume compulsively and they learn to outsource their political thinking to approved experts. The educational system created by the foundation is designed to lead people into narrow fields of expertise disabling the vast majority of educated people from analytical thought on society and politics. Finally the foundations act to provide damage limitation from grass roots social movements that are against the corporate establishment, they do this by funding the most moderate factions of social movements and steering them away from revolution in the direction of reform and integration. These claims seem

fantastic but they are exceedingly well documented, see footnotes: [4][5][6][7]

Then that money is used to fund the creation of universities, school programs and

The second arm of the oligarchy is the round table groups and think tanks, these are institutions where the policies of the government are written. Again they are made up of the same people that represent the interests of the oligarchy with a focus on politicians, policy makers and academics. Some well known think tanks are: Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Rand Corporation, PNAC and The Bidreberg Group. The purpose of these groups is firstly to create a consensus among the elites (the oligarchs) so that they are all working towards a common agenda and secondly to implement this agenda by manipulating the public opinion and disguising their policies with populist rhetoric, while serving the interests of the oligarchy. The way policies are implemented is by creating the boundaries of public debate on any major issue, a great example for this was

First published on 2/8/2012 with illustrations on http://www.criticalthoughtagenda.com/1/post/2012/08/the-meaning-of- social-and-political-awareness.html

Obamacare where you have the option 1 of enriching big pharma and the insurance companies by a mandate of big government or option 2 of enriching big pharma and insurance companies by allowing them to run an unregulated monopoly, either way the corporate interests profit at the expense of the average citizen. The general trend of action of the round table groups has been to create more regional and global finance and governance institutions. These allow for the expansion of the oligarchy (globalisation) and also act to protect the oligarchy from the consequences of the occasional democratic incidents where sovereign nations start enacting the will of their people.

And so we have covered the first level of awareness: understanding of your environment and how your needs are met, the second: understanding of geo-politics and the nature of oligarchy. All the information provided so far is factually verifiable and helpful in your future prospects of surviving, thriving and enacting positive change in the world. Still there is a third tier of awareness that comprises of secret, unverifiable and second hand knowledge. This comprises the occult, the esoteric, the secret societies, intelligence agencies and fringe phenomena: like the UFO issue. In my view these topics are truly fascinating, but they can also be a trap if viewed out of context with factual reality. In other words if you do not have the knowledge to make links from the esoteric to the real verifiable world you cannot separate facts and likelihoods from fiction and fabrication, all you can do is build castles in the sky. Perhaps I can quote the medical maxim: Ignota nulla curatio morbiddon’t attempt to cure that which you do not understand. At present there are literally tens of thousands of well intentioned people that invest most of their available time and energy exploring rabbit holes that they cannot relate to the real world and hence cannot act on in a meaningful way. Good examples of these unproductive rabbit holes would be David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Coast to Coast Radio and Project Camelot. I say this because I have invested considerable time in this line of research and it yielded much more in the way of entertainment than enlightenment.

As a final thought I would like to add that acquiring social and political awareness depends primarily on your willingness and the courage to question your own values and beliefs. Intellect and understanding can take you far but it takes courage and self belief to depart the safety of numbers and common wisdom. In the words of Erich Fromm:

“The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices virtues, the fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths, and the fact that millions of people share the same form of mental pathology does not make these people sane.”


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First published on 2/8/2012 with illustrations on http://www.criticalthoughtagenda.com/1/post/2012/08/the-meaning-of- social-and-political-awareness.html


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First published on 2/8/2012 with illustrations on http://www.criticalthoughtagenda.com/1/post/2012/08/the-meaning-of- social-and-political-awareness.html