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Custom Mailing List Data Sheet DATA SHEET FOR THE Thank you for your interest in a custom

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Simply fill out your contact information below and select any of the industry categories you are interested in and fax this form back to 720-528-3771. You will be contacted shortly thereafter with a proposal response.

Webcom Communications Corp


(Call 720-528-3770 for more information.)

COMPANY________________________________________ YOUR NAME______________________________________ STREET __________________________________________________________________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP_____________________________________________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS (IF


MAIN PHONE______________________________________ MAIN FAX________________________________________ MAIN E-MAIL___________________________________ WWW HOME________________________________________

A. Company Type:
Manufacturer of Antennas/Antenna Systems Dealer/Distributor of Antennas/Systems Engineering/Consulting Firm Supplier of related components, equipment & Services (Also see E below) System Operator Manufacturers Representative B. Frequency Ranges Involved: Less than 200 MHz 450 MHz (ISM/POS) 800/900 MHz (Cellular/Data/ISM/Paging) 200 MHz - 1 GHz (VHF/UHF/Broadband) 1.5 GHz (GPS) 1.8 GHz (DECT/DCS)

1.8-2.0 GHz (PCS) 2.4 GHz (ISM, WLAN) 5.2 GHz (Hiperlan) 5.8 GHz (ISM) 1-8 GHz (not including above) 8-18 GHz 18-40 GHz

C. Markets/Industries Served: Aerospace/Aviation Automotive/Transportation Broadcast Systems Cellular Computer/Peripherals Consumer Electronics GPS Government/Public Medical

Military Paging PCS Residential/Commercial RFID Satellite Communications Security/Surveillance Telecommunications Testing/Measurement

D. Antenna Type: 3G/4G Accessories Cellular Active Aerospace Airborne Base Station Bluetooth Broadband Broadcast CDMA Cellular DTV Embedded EMC Test

Flat Panel Fractal GPS GSM High Frequency In-Building Infrared/IR Ka-Band Ku-Band Low Power Magnetic Marine Microcell Microwave Military MMDS

Miniature Mobile Omindirectional Patch PCS Planar Portable Printed Public Safety Radar Radio Repeater RFID Satellite Short-Range Smart

SDR Surveillance Telecom Telemetry Television UWB VHF Vehicular Wibree Wideband WiFi WiMax WLan Yagi Zigbee Z-Wave

Absorbers Accessories Alignment Amplifiers Analyzers Anchors/Stakes Assemblies Attenuators Boosters Brackets Cable Capacitors Cavities Circulators Coatings Coaxial Cable Combiners Components Composites Connectors Construction Controls Couplers Design Service Diplexers Dividers Duplexers Feeds Filters Grounding Systems Guy Wires Hardware ICS/Semiconductor Inspection Isolators Leasing/Financing Legal Services Lightning Protection Manufacturing Equip Manufacturing Services Masts Materials Metals Moldings Mounts Oscillators Positioners Radiators Radomes Receive Systems Repeaters Resonators Safety Equip Sensors Shelters Site Services Software Splitters Switches Telemetry Testing Systems/Eqpmt Testing Services Towers Training Tubing Waveguides

General/Corp Mgmt Financial/Purchasing/CFO/Accounting
Rev 04/09

Engineering/Tech/Dev/R&D Admin/Lega/HR

Sales/Marketing/Customer Svc/Product IT/MIS