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VIVEK COMPUTERS is dedicated to serving the customer with various products in computers. VIVEK COMPUTERS, values building long-term relationships with customers through quality and customer support. The company's goal is to grow steadily into expansion, becoming profitable by adopting utmost professionalism and dedication in serving their customer needs and attaining their maximum satisfaction. VIVEK COMPUTERS specializes in providing not only the customers but also the retailers by giving same service to retailers in courser of business Businesses and Self Employed.

To be a Global Service Provider in Business of computers.

To provide globally the most Qualitative, Professional, & Value Added Services for our Customers. To become a revered Company to the Customers &Employees. To build integrity, ethical, and social values through roots and structure of the organization.

To retain NO: 1 spot in dealership with Sony, HP, Samsung, Wipro etc... To give 100% customer satisfaction



The works is situated in Trichy city in Tamil Nadu state at India. The company was established in the year 1998, VIVEK COMPUTERS is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization engaged in dealing with various kinds of products like HP, SONY, WIPRO, SAMSUNG, etc. Here they are the main dealer dealing with all computers parts which are need in our day today life as well as in industry. Like printer, ink, Towner, Cds& Dvds, cameras, laptops, etc...

We offer a wide range of products in computers like speaker, keyboard, mouse, ram, printer, ink, Towner, Cds& Dvds, cameras, laptops, etc.. And all which are connected with hardware Levels in the premises of the Industries & home.

And also we are one of the approved suppliers for the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Southern Railways, BSNL, Jain Jewellery, Femina shopping mall, in Trichy. We supply like speaker, keyboard, mouse, ram, printer, ink, Towner, Cds& Dvds, cameras, laptops.

For better understanding, we highlight our Product range and Services as below:

Towner Cds& Dvds Cameras

Pen drives Printers Laptops INKs All SONY products etc...

Mr.U.Vinod Kumar, B.com. Is the CEO of this Firm who has got a quite remarkable experience in the field of Computers and all hardwares The firm has got sufficient amount of man power to undertake the jobs as per the Organization chart.




Mr. Vinod Kumar, President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jithu parakh, Chief Knowledge Officer & CFO Mr. Kamal Kumar, Chief Head of Marketing


I had very keep interest in doing my internship in VIVEK COMPUTER, because I wanted to learn how to do business. Where I learned how they deal with various customers like retailers & direct customers about pricing and marketing aspect. Their main objective was to target the all retailers in and around Trichy, which they achieved to and they also want to give best price for the retailers and to counter attack duplicate product form the market. They maintained the accounts in special software for billing and for easy purpose they used excel also which was very useful n easy for me work with.

So I was very happy with company and there management where they helped me to learn a lot about wholesale market their and the billing procedure and also the quotation for pricing for different costumer like costumer who pay the cash on time and those who delay.


VIVEK COMPUTERS achieved BCS (Best Customer Satisfaction). The retailer where very happy with the company they felt as if like the best place of all thing in all aspect like pricing, customer satisfaction, demonstration, word keeping.

Here all the industry likes BHEL, BSNL, STATE BANK, ICICI BANK, SAIL, JAIN JEWEALLRY, FSM (Femina shopping mall)etc. Where very happy with VIVEK COMPUTERS and thank full for their customer satisfaction. With various products & its range at best price in any quantity

Here all the Consumers of our company where very happy with price of the different product as they were not able to buy at such a low price, and wide range of product at same place.

1. What made you to start this profession?

Ans: This is a crowing filed was I chosen this as my profession. 2. When was it started? Ans: By the year 1998. 3. What is your core business? Ans: My core businesses are media, optical media, and distributors of Sony. 4. What was your Capital when you started this profession? Ans: My Capital was around 10 to 12 lakhs 5. What are the products you deal with? Ans: Store media products, inks, tonners, printers, cartages 6. What is your sales turnover? Ans: As 31st march 2012 Sales turnover was about 13 cr 7. Profits made in past year? Ans: Gross profit was about 3.8% 8. What are the canteen facilities you provide? Ans: Canteen facilities like tea/coffee break, thrice a day 9. How many employees are there working under you? Ans: 6 employees along with me 10. How do you recruit your employees? Ans: Advertisement through newspaper, ref from my friends

11. Is there any problem with the employee? If yes? What are the problems? If no. how are you able to manage so efficiently?

Ans: Out of my experience a taking in view all the problem of the employee I am able to manage it so efficiently 12. What are your promotional activities you take in selling your products? Ans: PA like incentives, mystery cheque, silver coin & bags 13. What are the decisions you take for improving your sales? Ans: Meeting all the dealers personally & understanding their problems 14. Who are you targeted audience? Ans: All re-sellers are my 15. How do you manage customer satisfaction? Ans: Availability of staff, pricing, day to day information, updating of the products available in the market 16. What is your expected growth rate from down the line of 10 yrs? Ans: Estimation of 5 yrs the GR may be around 10 -20 %. 17 Are u trying 2 expand your business? Ans: Yes 18 will u like to diversify your business in future? Ans: Yes by adding gadgets store and get ready with a new retail show room. 19 how successful do you, you have been so far? Ans: Of course I m successful.



HISTORY OF VATECH WABAG LTD: Initially the company was incorporated as Balcke durr cooling towers ltd on February 17, 1995 and awarded the certificate of commencement of business on March 8, 1995. It was involved in the business of design and construction of cooling towers which was subsidy of Balcke durr a German company which was held by deutsche Babcock. In 1996, Balcke Durr Cooling Towers Limited started a water treatment division and pursuant to this, it changed its name to Balcke Durr and Wabag Technologies Limited by a special resolution Passed on July 29, 1996 and was issued a fresh certificate of Incorporation on September 12, 1996. In April 1999, the Austrian group VA Tech acquired the water Business of Deutsche Babcock operating under the Wabag brand name. In India, the water and non-water divisions of Balcke Durr and Wabag Technologies Limited Were demerged. The scheme of demerger was approved by the High Court of Madras pursuant to its order dated March 3, 2000 and the non-water division of Balcke Durr and Wabag Technologies Limited was transferred to BDT Limited. For further details, please see the section titled History and Certain Corporate Matters Key Agreements/ Schemes of Arrangement - Scheme of Demerger of water and non water Division of our Company (the Demerger Scheme) Consequently, the name of Balcke Durr and Wabag Technologies Limited was changed to VA Tech Wabag Limited pursuant to a special resolution dated March 10, 2000. A fresh certificate of incorporation Consequent upon the name change was granted to our Company on April 4, 2000. Pursuant to the demerger and Change of name, our

Company was primarily involved in the design, Supply, construction and erection of water, Wastewater treatment plants and operation and maintenance of the same.

On August 25, 2006, the majority shareholding of our Company was acquired by Western India Trustee and Executor Company Limited, in its capacity as trustee of India Advantage Funds - I and represented by the Investment manager ICICI Venture Funds Management Company Limited, Along with our Promoters, Rajiv Mittal, Amit Sengupta, Shiv Narayan Saraf and S. Varadarajan. The aforementioned acquisition was undertaken through the acquisition of the shareholding of our Company from Wabag Austria through I-Ven Water Technologies Limited in September 2005 and subsequent merger of I-Ven Water Technologies Limited with our Company On December 6, 2007, our Company incorporated a joint venture company now called Vatech Wabag (Gulf) Contracting LLC with Badriya Hassan Makki, in which our Company holds a 49% shareholding. In terms of a shareholders agreement dated September 11, 2007, our Company has 100% beneficial interest in the Aforementioned joint venture company.

PERFORMANCE OF VATECH WABAG: In a consortium with VA TECH WABAG Tunisia and the local construction company MTT, WABAG Wassertechnik Switzerland has obtained a contract from ONAS (Office National de lAssainissement) for the renewal of the Choutrana facilitys PLC-Scada and aeration system, which is one of the most important components in a biological wastewater treatment plant. The project is to be carried out on a turnkey basis and will be completed by the autumn of 2013. It has an order value of EUR 6.5 million and is being financing via a mixed loan from Switzerland. WABAG already planned and realized an extension of the large-scale Choutrana I wastewater treatment plant in Tunis fifteen years ago. The mechanical/biological plant with integrated sludge treatment will have a new capacity of 110,000 m3/d and cleans in conjunction with the later realized plant Choutrana II the major part of the municipal wastewater from the Tunisian capital. A major element in biological wastewater treatment is the aeration system in the activated sludge tanks, as this secures a sufficient and continuous supply of oxygen for the biological degrading process by means of microorganisms. The system in Tunis is partially outdated and is now to be replaced by a modern substitute, ONAS having commissioned WABAG with turnkey project implementation. The order includes the supply and installation of new blowers, a fine bubble diffuser, pipelines and a control/automation system, which in future will also incorporate the biological wastewater treatment stage. The scope of supply encompasses engineering, supply, construction, installation and start-up.

With a project period of fifteen months, the new aeration system is due to become operational in the autumn of 2013. WABAG has been active in Tunisia for over thirty years and has installed numerous municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants, including in the last five years Sousse Nord, Meknassy and Enfidha & Hergla WWTP where a performance test for the new wastewater treatment system is currently in progress. WABAG Water Technology AG is the technology leader in Switzerland and the expert for advanced, customized solutions for both drinking and wastewater treatment. In addition, the company is also active in Western Europe and certain Asian countries. With this new order, WABAG Tunisia has strengthened its domestic market presence, while WABAG Switzerland has expanded its export project competence. Gerhard Ryhiner, the WABAG Wassertechnik AG, Switzerland, CEO: We are delighted by this successful order signing and the teamwork with WABAG Tunisia.

IMPRESSION ON VATECH WABAG: ARTICLE ABOUT VATECH WABAG WHICH WAS PUBLISHED IN HINDU, Reliance chooses WABAG for effluent treatment and recycling facility for its PTA wastewater at Dahej, Gujarat for aggregate value of Rs. 270 crores (Euro 41.5 million) Chennai: VA Tech Wabag, a leading global player in water and waste water management today announces the receipt of Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant order from Reliance Industries Limited in India. Reliance Industries Limited has chosen VA Tech Wabag for construction of a 32.4 MLD Effluent Treatment Plant with Recycle Facility for their proposed PTA and PET Dahej Manufacturing Plant, Gujarat and Tertiary Treatment Plant for Reliance Hazira Complex for an order value aggregating to Rs.270 crores. Combination of Advanced Technologies: For the first time in India, the proposed facility will benefit from a combination of advanced technologies from VA Tech Wabag. This Effluent Treatment and Recycle Facility will have anaerobic treatment using Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Technology followed by Aerobic treatment using the state-of-the-art Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) Technology. This will be followed by recycling facility using Membrane Technologies such as Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis. The effluent from the facility will be recycled and reused in the Dahej complex.

Project Uniqueness: The proposed ETP and Recycle Facility is the first large scale recycle plant for PTA wastewater in India. As part of the total Reliance Order, the Industrial Water Business Group of WABAG would be executing two projects one on provision of Side Stream Filters for Reliance Dahej Manufacturing Plant and another project for construction of Tertiary Treatment Plant for Reliance Hazira Complex for a value of around Rs.20.00 crores. According to Mr. Patrick Andrade, Industrial Water Business Head, this is the first time in India that sandwich type Mixed Bed System will be used for Demineralization process. The Effluent Treatment and Recycle Facility at Dahej is expected to be executed within a period of 21 months. Mr. Rajiv Mittal, Managing Director commenting on the Order Intake, said: I am extremely happy that our first customer, Reliance Industries Limited has again chosen VA TECH WABAG for this large and complex project and this goes to prove that VA Tech Wabag enjoys the most Preferred Supplier status with Reliance and this speaks volumes for customer confidence and our long term relation-ship. Secondly, this order reinforces WABAGs technological superiority in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sectors of Water Recycle. VA TECH WABAG LIMITED had executed the largest Effluent Treatment Plant for Reliance Jamnagar Refinery in the year 1999.

MESSAGE TO FELLOW STUDENTS: The innovative thing which was recycling the waste water and making it use and also I have mentioned above reliance also used this. So this technology which is innovative