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AA Kasosyo Rep. Nasser
Pangandaman and Agham Rep.
Angelo Palmones said the mass
ring of personnel from the
Agrarian Reform Department
was an offshoot of the govern-
ments failure to provide a safety
net for them.
On the other hand, the pullout
by the Japan International Co-
operation Agency would put the
Agriculture Departments much-
vaunted rice self-sufciency tar-
get next year in doubt, the law-
makers said.
The House committee on
agrarian reform will investigate
the twin setbacks today after
Pangandaman and Palmones de-
manded a probe.
At last weeks hearing of the
House committee on appropria-
tions led by Cavite Rep. Joseph
Emilio Abaya, Pangandaman
expressed alarm after Agrarian
Reform Secretary Virgilio De
los Reyes admitted the phaseout
of the Comprehensive Agrarian
Reform Program Extension with
Reforms by 2014 would render
10,973 Agrarian Reform em-
ployees nationwide jobless.
Of that number, Reyes said,
only 3,000 or those involved in
the delivery of services would be
absorbed by the Agriculture De-
I am worried the government
By Rey E. Requejo
THE Judicial and Bar Council
will today vote on the nominees
to be included in the shortlist
from where President Aquino
will choose the next chief jus-
tice of the Supreme Court.
The eight-member council
will hold an executive session to
select three nominees from the
candidates that they subjected to
a public interview last week.
The Constitution requires
the chief justice to be at least 40
years old, a judge in a court of
record for at least 15 years, or
has been engaged in the prac-
tice of law in the Philippines for
the same period. He or she must
also be a person of proven com-
petence, integrity, probity and
President Aquino should be
CHINA has slammed the
United States for sending a
seriously wrong signal in
questioning the establishment
of Sansha City to oversee the
Panatag Shoal and the con-
struction of a military garrison
in the disputed area.
Chinese Foreign Minis-
try spokesman Qin Gang said
Washingtons statement com-
pletely ignored the facts, de-
liberately confounded right
and wrong and sent a seriously
wrong signal, which is not
conducive to the efforts safe-
guarding the peace and stabil-
ity of the South China Sea and
the Asia- Pacic region.
Washington on Saturday
hit out at China for increas-
ing the tensions in South
China Sea after Beijing up-
graded the administrative level
FILIPINO applicants for mi-
gration in Canada are pro-
testing against the Canadian
governments unilateral move
to cancel and return without
explanation their pending ap-
plications and accompanying
processing fees, a lawyer said
on Sunday.
In a statement, lawyer Ge-
rard Algarra, who represents
a group of Manila-based ap-
plicants, described the Cana-
dian governments move as
unconstitutional, illegal, and
arbitrary, saying it constitut-
ed a retroactive legislation,
that could be a subject of a
class action suit his group of
lawyers was initiating before
the Canadian court.
Canada is among the favor-
ite destinations for over two de-
cades of cash-strapped Filipino
migrants as a result of its liberal
immigration policies.
But on June 29 the Cana-
dian Parliament enacted the
Growth and Prosperity Act of
2012, which authorized the
Canadian immigration min-
ister to return all pending ap-
plications for migration under
the Federal Skilled Worker
program that were led before
February 2008.
Canadian authorities said
the number of applicants for
migration could reach over
300,000 of which 30,000 to
60,000, or 10 to 20 percent,
were Filipinos, one of the
three largest nationalities of
applicants for FSW immigra-
tion there. Those who have
applied after February 2008
were not included.
The sudden change in
Canadas immigration poli-
cies have been the result of the
THE governments peace panel will raise a
recent attack of the New Peoples Army on
the presidential convoy with its counterparts
from the Communist Party of the Philip-
pines-National Democratic when both sides
meet again for informal talks in Oslo next
month, an ofcial said on Sunday.
Even if President Benigno Aquino
III was not in the convoy, and even if the
NPA knew this, the attack is still disturb-
ing. We will ask our counterparts for an
explanation, government chief negotia-
tor Alexander Padilla said.
While it is true that nobody got hurt
in the attack, this will have an effect on
the peace talks somehow. We cannot let
this pass.
Padilla made his statement even as Jose
Maria Sison, the founder of the Commu-
nist Party of the Philippines, was reported
to be seeking permanent residency in The
Netherlands, where he has been living in
self-exile since 1987.
Four suspected communists red on
the passing convoy of the Presidents se-
curity escorts in Ligao City in Albay on
The Army said the incident was an
NPA tactic to embarrass the Presidential
Security Group.
PSG Commander Brig. Gen. Ramon
Mateo Dizon said there was no need to
tighten the security for the convoy despite
the incident, but a customary post-en-
gagement security review would be done.
By Joyce Pangco Paares,
Christine F. Herrera and Macon
PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III has invited
lawmakers to the Palace today for a nal push
to win support for the reproductive health bill
ahead of a crucial vote on Tuesday.
The President wants to convey his thoughts
on responsible parenthood. The President has been
very clear and consistent on where he stands on the
matter, said Transport Secretary Manuel Roxas II,
president of Mr. Aquinos Liberal Party.
Mass firing at DA up
as Japan quits project
Plea for Sison. Supporters of communist leader Jose
Maria Sison initiate an online petition to call on the Dutch
Government to grant him permanent residence.
Calm after the storm. Manila Bay is now calm and back to normal following days of non-stop rain and towering waves that dumped back
the garbage thrown to the sea into the boulevard. DANNY PATA
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Vol. XXVI No. 147 16 Pages, 3 Sections
P18.00 Monday, August 6, 2012
11k agrarian workers affected; pullout due to peace problem
NPA attack on Palace convoy to affect peace talks
JBC decides
today on CJ
shortlist, De
Limas fate
Bishops will
endorse only
pro-life bets
in 2013 polls
China slams
US wrong
signal over
Sansha City
Canadas new immigration policy hit
Solons troop to Palace
for marching order
By Francisco S. Tatad
FOR the rst time since President Benigno Aquino III
assumed ofce in 2010, some religious leaders who had
supported his presidency, and who may even support it
still, publicly rebuked him over the weekend in a series
of prayer rallies all over the country for his public en-
dorsement of the controversial reproductive health bill.
No group of a similar size or stature has confronted Mr.
Aquino head-on on any issue before.
The rallies had no resemblance to anything from the
Arab spring, but they seemed to create a fork on the road,
which could help dene Aquinos near-term. Those pres-
ent were mostly non-politicians, but their moral griev-
ance could ignite the political scene and produce the
embryo of a real principles-and-issues-based national
Under inclement weather, church leaders of the
Archdiocese of Manila and its suffragan dioceses as
well as from Lingayen-Dagupan on Saturday led an
adult crowd that occupied and paralyzed trafc for
hours at the intersection of Edsa and Ortigas outside
the historic Edsa Shrine in asking Congress to junk
the infamous bill. Similar prayer rallies, presided by
bishops and archbishops, were held in at least eleven
other dioceses and archdioceses at the same time.
Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas,
seen by many Luzon Catholics as the living prelate
closest to the late former president Cory Aquino, and
her children, including the President, uttered the rst
strong words, in a message read for him by Henrietta
de Villa, an old friend of the archbishop and the Aqui-
nos, and former Philippine ambassador to the Holy
See. Turn to A5
Power of reason
or reason of power?
Most bemed-
alled. American
wimmer Michael
Phelps holds up a
silver trophy after
being honored as
the most decorated
Olympian at the
Aquatics Centre in
the Olympic Park
during the 2012
Summer Olym-
pics in London on
Saturday. Phelps
was honored with
a special individual
ceremony after con-
cluding his record-
breaking career as
the most decorated
Olympian. AP
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By Christine F. Herrera
LAWMAKERS on Sunday denounced the
governments plan to re some 11,000 agrar-
ian reform employees by October as its rice
self-sufciency program suffered a serious
blow from Japans decision to yank $159
million in funding for irrigation projects in
Mindanao due to peace and order problems.
THE Catholic Bishops Con-
ference of the Philippines will
use next years elections to
bolster its stance against the
Reproductive Health Bill, an
ofcial said on Sunday.
CBCP News quoted CBCP
secretary general Joselito Asis
as saying his group would be
more aggressive in inuenc-
ing its faithful to vote only for
pro-life candidates.
He said the members of the
CBCP would issue pastoral let-
ters endorsing the candidates,
specically those seeking Con-
gressional seats. These would
be on top of the issuance of
a catechesis on the elections,
which would serve as a checklist
for voters in assessing the moral
ascendancy of candidates to han-
dle government posts.
In the past, the CBCP Epis-
copal Commission on Family
and Life only issued guidelines
on who to vote for.
But now, we will already
identify the pro-life candidates
and convince voters against
electing the anti-life ones, he
said, adding there was no need
for bloc voting.
Whats important is that
the Church has inuence over
its faithful, Asis said.
Whether or not the voters
heed the Churchs advice, its
up to them. All were asking is
for them to stand rm in their
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ManilaStandardToday mst.daydesk@gmail.com AUGUST 6, 2012 MONDAY
wants to
keep Lolong
THE residents of Bunawan town
in Agusan del Sur are up in arms
against Environment Secretary
Ramon Paje for saying he plans
to transfer the giant crocodile
Lolong to the Ninoy Aquino
Parks and Wildlife Center in
Quezon City, according to town
mayor Edwin Elorde.
Paje, earlier said his depart-
ment was studying the possi-
bility of transferring Lolong,
proclaimed to be the worlds
biggest living crocodile by
the Guinness Book of World
Records, to the 22.7-hectare
park in Quezon City.
Elorde said most of the resi-
dents of Bunawan town were
alarmed after he told them
about Pajes statement and his
claim that Lolong belonged to
the national government.
But I assured my constitu-
ents that I would vigorously op-
pose Pajes plan, Elorde said.
He said Bunawans residents
were responsible for capturing
the crocodile and building a pen
for it in the towns eco-park.
Elorde said business had start-
ed to grow in Bunawan since Lo-
long was captured, and that the
local government had been earn-
ing from the entrance fees being
paid by local and foreign tourists
to catch a glimpse of the worlds
largest crocodile in captivity.
The local economy will suf-
fer and the towns plan to build
a wildlife research center will
not come to pass, Elorde said.
House backs budget for Cha-cha
House Majority Leader and
Mandaluyong City Rep. Nepta-
li Gonzales II, chairman of the
House committee on rules, said
the House leadership would
give priority to passing a sup-
plemental budget since Charter
change was not included in the
P2.006-trillion General Appro-
priations Bill.
By Maricel V. Cruz
The House of Representatives has
committed to approve a supplemental
budget for a plebiscite to change the
Constitution should President Benigno
Aquino III change his mind and
supports the proposal.
Some analysts say the Con-
stitutions economic provisions
must be amended for being
too protective. They say the
economy could not take off as
a result of the restrictions on
foreign investments.
Gonzales said they are still
hopeful that the President
would be able to give into their
proposal to amend the Char-
ters economic provisions,
especially after the Cabinets
economic and legal clusters of
the Cabinet had concluded its
study on the Charter change
Should the President agree
on their proposal, he said, the
amendments could be included
in the ballots for next years
elections, and that the question
to be raised during the plebi-
scite would be answerable by
yes or no.
There is no budget for Char-
ter change in 2013, Gonzales
Right now we are not sure
if a plebiscite will take place,
but the President gave his eco-
nomic managers two weeks to
make a recommendation.
Speaker Feliciano Belmonte
Jr. maintained that the clamor
to amend the Constitutions
economic provisions was still
The fact that President Aqui-
no did not categorically say
no to Charter change meant he
was open to it and everything
was just a matter of timing,
Belmonte said.
He said he was holding on to
their agreement with President
Aquino and Senate President
Juan Ponce Enrile for the Cabi-
net members to take a second
look at the proposal.
I am not going to follow it up
to the Cabinet, Belmonte said.
Ill just wait for the feedback
from the President himself.
China ...
of the newly erected city and es-
tablishment of a military garrison
there covering the disputed areas.
Qin stressed that China had
indisputable sovereignty over the
Nansha or Spratly Islands and
their adjacent waters, and had
ample historical basis for it.
Setting up Sansha city is the
Chinese governments neces-
sary adjustment of the current
administrative agencies, which is
completely within Chinas sover-
eignty, Qin said in a statement
over the weekend.
China also criticized turned the
other claimant countries in the
South China Sea, which Manila
calls the West Philippine Sea, for
not abiding by the spirit of the dec-
laration on a Code of Conduct.
The declaration is a step to-
wards the code, which will be a
binding document to govern the
territorial disputes in the region.
Qin said it was worrisome that
some countries were not respect-
ing or abiding by the declaration.
This has created difficulties
for the negotiation of the Code of
Conduct, he said.
Qin accused the US of turning
a blind eye to the service con-
tracts for the oil and gas blocks
being opened that were within
areas being claimed by China.
The selective blindness and
expression of concerns of the
US side run against the attitude
of no position and not to in-
tervene that they have claimed
to hold on the South China Sea
issue, and is not conducive to the
unity, cooperation, peace and sta-
bility in the region, Qin said.
In a separate article carried
by Beijings communist party
mouthpiece Peoples Daily On-
line, it noted that China faced
diversified security challenges
especially in maritime space.
JBC ...
able to appoint the next chief
justice before August 29, or 90
days after the position was left
vacant following the removal of
Chief Justice Renato Corona on
May 29 by the Senate sitting as
impeachment court for not de-
claring all his assets.
The top choices include the
six current justices of the high
court: Acting Chief Justice
Antonio Carpio and Associate
Justices Presbitero Velasco Jr.,
Teresita Leonardo-de Castro,
Arturo Brion, Roberto Abad and
Maria Lourdes Sereno.
Also being considered are Jus-
tice Secretary Leila de Lima, So-
licitor General Francis Jardeleza,
Presidential Commission on
Good Government Chairman
Andres Bautista, Commission
on Elections commissioner Rene
Sarmiento, and Securities and Ex-
change Commission Chairman
Teresita Herbosa.
The members of the academe
in the long list include De La
Salle University law founding
dean Jose Manuel Diokno,
University of the East law dean
Amado Valdez, former Univer-
sity of the Philippines law dean
Raul Pangalangan, and former
Ateneo law dean Cesar Villan-
Former executive secretary
Ronaldo Zamora, retired Judge
Manuel Siayngco Jr., and lawyers
Soledad Cagampang-De Castro,
Katrina Legarda and Rafael Mo-
rales complete the choices.
Lawyer Jose Mejia, a member
of the council from the academe,
said they would first decide on
whether or not to disqualify Jus-
tice Secretary Leila de Lima for
the top judicial post considering
she had two pending disbarment
cases against her.
We need to first decide
whether she is qualified or not,
he said.
If she is, then we can keep
her in the list from where the
final nominees will be chosen.
Senator Francis Escudero,
one of the two representatives
of Congress in the council, has
hinted that De Lima may not be
included in the shortlist because
their rules clearly provide for
the disqualification of candi-
dates with pending criminal or
administrative cases.
We wont even put it to a vote.
The rule will simply be applied
unless, by some stroke of luck
or miracle, the case will be dis-
missed by the Integrated Bar of
the Philippines, Escudero said.
It will be unfair if we make
an exception to the rule because
we have disqualified countless
applicants who were similarly
De Lima made a last-minute
appeal to the JBC on Friday
last week and insisted that the
consolidated complaints filed
against her by Ricardo Rivera,
Fernando Perito and Nephtali
Aliposa could not be grounds
for her disqualification be-
cause they were not regular
administrative cases as speci-
fied in councils rules.
The IBP is also set to meet
today to tackle the disbar-
ment cases against De Lima,
according to its national
president Roan Libarios.
Padilla said he remained hope-
ful that the informal talks being
scheduled by Norway in Septem-
ber would push through.
He said the government would
once again urge the CPP-NDF
to consider signing a ceasefire
agreement during the meeting.
Both sides last met in June
for a two-day informal meeting
in Oslo, ending a 15-month im-
passe in their peace negotiations.
Padilla said the NDF was ex-
pected to again raise its earlier
demand for the immediate re-
lease of 14 people whom they
claim are their consultants and
are protected by the Joint Agree-
ment on Safety and Immunity
It was the same demand that
caused the talks to bog down
more than a year ago that was
also raised by the NDF during
the June talks.
The government earlier de-
clined to recognize the NDFs
claim that the 14 people, who
were arrested for various crimi-
nal charges, were their con-
sultants because the list of
Jasig-protected people that the
communist group had stored in a
floppy diskette got corrupted and
could no longer be retrieved.
The list should have been in
hard copy form and containing
the photographs, real names and
aliases of all NDF consultants
who enjoy safe conduct passes.
With the contents of the dis-
kette impossible to retrieve, the
government has consistently
rejected the NDFs offer to re-
construct the list of Jasig-pro-
tected people out of fear that
other communist rebels with
standing arrest warrants could
be included.
The multi-party meeting has
been scheduled to ensure that the
President is not misinterpreted
and his words are not misappro-
priated. We expect a very good
turnout of about 200 lawmakers.
Congress is set to decide on
Tuesday if it will end the de-
bates on the bill that have lasted
for more than a year to move it
closer to a final vote. The law-
makers who oppose the bill have
sought to delay its passage by
dragging out the debates, a tac-
tic that succeeded in the previous
The United Nations on Sunday
called on Congress to pass the
bill, noting that the time spent
debating the proposal was mea-
sured by the lives of 15 women
lost to maternal death daily.
Presidential political adviser
Ronald Llamas accused Catholic
bishops of bullying lawmakers
into voting against the RH bill
and saying contraception was a
form of corruption.
Its unfair but not unexpect-
ed. From the start the anti-RH
campaign has been characterized
by false claims and misinforma-
tion, Llamas said.
In its statement Sunday, the
UN dismissed the concerns
raised by the Catholic Church.
The United Nations believes that
apprehensions such as exposure of
people to risks of contraceptive use,
encouragement of sexual promiscu-
ity and legalization of abortion have
no basis, the UN said.
Instituting a reproductive health
policy is consistent with the govern-
ments duty under the Constitution
to protect and promote the right to
health of the people and instill health
consciousness among them.
Reproductive health is not about
population numbers. It is about en-
suring a life of health and dignity...
Time spent discussing these issues
repeatedly is measured by the lives
of the 15 women we lose to mater-
nal deaths every day.
The UN said lawmakers must
not squander the opportunity given
to them to finally pass the bill. The
consolidated measure, repackaged
as the responsible parenthood bill,
was submitted to Congress in Au-
gust, incorporating the views of the
Catholics Bishop Conference in a
series of talks with the Palace. The
Church later pulled out of the talks
but the original bill was watered
down as a result of those sessions.
The final bill no longer identi-
fies the ideal number of children
per family and increases the age
at which children will take sex
education in schools.
The Palace also moved to
amend a provision requiring all
hospitals to carry a full-range of
modern artificial family plan-
ning methods.
On Thursday, Mr. Aquino
expressed hope that Congress
would finally end the period of
debates on Aug. 7.
Perhaps the debates should
end and Congress can decide,
once and for all, on the respon-
sible parenthood bill, the Presi-
dent said.
House Majority Leader Nep-
tali Gonzales II said Sunday
some 150 lawmakers had already
confirmed attendance at todays
11:30 a.m. Luncheon meeting
with the President at the Palace.
All members of the House, ma-
jority and minority, were invited by
the President to the Palace at 11:30
a.m. The President just wants to
share his thoughts on the RH bill,
Gonzales said over dzBB radio.
Lawmakers were under pressure
from the groups supporting and
opposing the bill, with the Catho-
lic Church mounting a prayer rally
Saturday that drew 10,000 anti-
RH advocates to the Edsa Shrine.
At 6 p.m. on Monday, womens
groups said they would hold can-
dle lighting rallies simultaneously
nationwide to dramatize their in-
tention to enlighten the conscience
of the lawmakers to vote for the
long-delayed RH bill.
Gonzales brushed aside insin-
uations that the President wanted
to counter the efforts made by
the Catholic Church.
The President only wants to
share his thoughts with us. It is
up to the members to accept it or
not, Gonzales said.
I dont expect the President
will tell us how to vote.
Gonzales ruled out any further
compromise on the RH bill.
That is a religious dogma.
The Church cannot surrender
that, he said.
He said the House leadership
would ask the members to make
their votes known through nominal
voting or by raising of the hands to
record their vote on Tuesday.
There will be nominal voting. I
will push for it so it would be clear
who voted and we would know
where the Churchs pressure and
intimidation were directed. We
will respect each members deci-
sion but as far as we, or those who
support the RH bill, are concerned,
our position was very clear.
On Sunday, National Anti-
Poverty Commission Under-
secretary Florencia Cassano-
va-Dorotan said the lack of a
reproductive health law were
victimizing mostly the poor
women and their families.
She said maternal deaths and
teenage pregnancies were hap-
pening because women, young
and old, had no access to the right
information about family planning
and responsible parenthood. They
also did not have the freedom to
choose the most appropriate meth-
od of family planning.
Some lay leaders urged the Cath-
olic Church to listen to the voice of
the majority who had long waited
for the bill to be enacted into law.
Be a listening Church, said
Mary Racelis, a professor at the
Ateneo de Manila University, a
Catholic school.
Racelis, who spent years
working with non-government
organizations and community
groups, appealed to the bishops
to listen to the laity who under-
stand what the families and the
women from the grassroots are
going through.
She cited the Family Health
Survey that showed that the ma-
ternal deaths rose from 162 per
100,000 live births in 2006 to 221
per 100,000 live births in 2011.
Sylvia Estrada-Claudio, di-
rector of the University of the
Philippines Center for Womens
Studies, said the candlelight vigil
aimed to counteract the deplor-
able campaign of misinforma-
tion around the RH bill.
Senator Pia Cayetano, the author
of the RH bill in the Senate, said
she remained hopeful that her col-
leagues who were opposed to the
bill would have a change of heart.
She said she was saddened,
however, that the Senate did not
have the same political will to sup-
port the RH bill because its two
top leaders, Senate President Juan
Ponce Enrile and Majority Leader
Vicente Sotto III, both opposed it.
She also questioned the propri-
ety of Enriles plan to extend the
debates on the bill in the Senate.
This seems wrong... Ive en-
dured the questions which have
been repeatedly asked, she said.
Even her brother, Senate Mi-
nority Leader Alan Peter Cayet-
ano, has not maintained a strong
position on the bill, citing the
need to see it in its final form.
But Senator Panfilo Lacson
said he would not backtrack in
his support for the bill and that
he hoped his colleagues would
enact it into law over the objec-
tions of Enrile and Sotto.
He described the two senators
as obstacles and expressed sym-
pathy for Cayetano.
I really pity her. Its been
such a long time. I think she has
answered enough questions and
issues pertaining to this bill,
Lacson said.
In the Senate, only Cayetano,
Lacson and Senator Miriam De-
fensor Santiago have openly sup-
ported the RH bill.
Canadas ...
May 2012 election of Prime
Minister Stephen Harper, the
leader of the Conservative Party.
Algarra, a specialist in im-
migration laws, said Manila-
based Filipino applicants for
migration under the FSW pro-
gram had approached him to
decry the new Canadian law
that, he said, had retroactive
These applicants have wait-
ed for five or 10 years for the
Canadian government to act on
their applications, he said.
Suddenly, they were in-
formed that a new law has been
passed, returning their applica-
tions and processing fees with-
out any explanation.
Algarra said his law office
had been coordinating with a
Canadian law office to file a
class suit.
Mass ...
will not be able to effectively
implement [the agrarian reform
program] because it did not only
reduce the funding for land distri-
bution, it also would start firing the
employees who would carry out
the task, Pangandaman told the
Manila Standard.
Pangandaman, a former Agrar-
ian Reform secretary, said the law
allocated P30 billion annually
to distribute 100,000 hectares to
I am surprised because the gov-
ernment reduced the budget allo-
cation to P21.4 billion for 2013,
Pangandaman said.
When I turned over the reins,
there were more than one million
hectares that had yet to be distrib-
uted. It means that in five years,
which was the life span given to
[the program], the department
needs to distribute 200,000 an-
nually at a reduced budget and
with a reduced number of per-
How would the government
expect the DAR to accomplish
the task and help pave the way
for rice sufficiency? We de-
mand a comprehensive plan as
to how the government plans to
implement the land distribution
program and why was there no
contingency or fall-back plans
for the 10,973 employees na-
Most of the 10,973 employees
are in their 50s now. They are still
at their prime but who would hire
them at their age? They have no-
where to go, yet the government
would tell us they would be fired
and nothing can be done about it.
We reject that,
Delos Reyes said some
640,000 hectares were up for
distribution under the agrarian
reform program.
He said his department aimed
to distribute some 180,000
hectares for this year alone and
260,000 hectares in 2013.
The remaining 200,000 hect-
ares would be distributed in the
first half of 2014.
Also last week, the adminis-
trator of the National Irrigation
Administration, Antonio Nan-
gel, confirmed that the Japa-
nese had withdrawn financial
assistance to the second phase
of the Malitubog-Maridagao
irrigation project due to the
poor peace-and-order situation
in Mindanao.
The announcement led Pal-
mones to call for an investiga-
tion of a P1.7-billion allocation
to the Payapa at Masaganang
Pamayanan program under
Presidential Adviser on the
Peace Process Teresita Deles,
which was supposed to provide
livelihood projects and empow-
er the people in the insurgency-
stricken communities.
But Palmones said the P1.7
billion was not even earmarked
in the Palace-proposed Net Ex-
penditure Program, nor in the
national budget bill.
We were surprised that there
was a classic insertion of P1.7
billion only after the President
signed the 2012 national budget
into law, Palmones said.
With the huge peace and or-
der funding, Palmones said,
heads must roll for the JICA
The peace and order situa-
tion in the previous administra-
tion was more serious and JICA
was there precisely to help ad-
dress the problem by providing
financial assistance to the farm-
ers, said Palmones, who comes
from Cotabato, where the JICA
project was located.
Bishops ...
pro-life convictions in choosing
who to vote in the elections.
Asis also urged the youth to
choose their candidates well.
Considering that the youth
constitutes the majority of the
voting population, we appeal to
them to listen to us, he said.
Jectofer So of the Filipino-
Chinese Catholic Youth said
they will gather the profiles of
the congressional and senatorial
candidates and discuss the posi-
tion of each candidate on every
issue that affects the youth and
their morality.
We will conduct voters edu-
cation of our own in our respec-
tive organizations, he said.
We will not dictate who they
are going to vote for in the com-
ing elections, but we will edu-
cate them on the consequences
if they elect candidates who do
not respect life.
Gailbert Bosea of the Parish
Pastoral Council for Respon-
sible Voting urged first-time
voters to register ahead of the
deadline and not waste their
right to vote.
Let us scrutinize the politi-
cians and be involved in the
election, he said.
mst.daydesk@gmail.com AUGUST 6, 2012 MONDAY
Death toll hits 46;
more rain expected
Ex-health ofcials back increased taxes on cigarettes
DoJ orders indictment of Red Bulls Thai owners, local distributor
No fun in PH. A German tourist takes a picture of the rubbish that littered Manila Bay near the Manila Yacht Club along Roxas Boulevard in
the aftermath of the monsoon rain and typhoon Gener. SONNY ESPIRITU
By Rey E. Requejo
THE Justice Department has found
probable cause to indict ofcers
of the Bangkok-based maker of
an internationally popular energy
drink and another local company
for violation of the Philippines
Intellectual Property Code and the
Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.
Justice Undersecretary Jose
Vicente Salazar directed the City
Prosecutors Ofce of Legazpi
City to le a case against ofcials
of T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries
Co. Ltd., manufacturer of Red
Bull energy drink, and retailer
Maryland Distributors Inc.
Named respondents were
Bangkok-based ofcials of
T.C. Pharmaceutical--Pavana
Langthara, Suthirat Yoovidhya,
Supreeya Yoovidhya,
Nucharee Yoovidhya and
Visuit Chiemkitchavarote. The
respondents from Maryland were
Gino Baltao, Gina Tolentino,
Ramoncito Abad, Benjamin Ros
and Nelson Escobar.
Justice acted on the petition
for review led by Energy Food
and Drinks Inc., a local company
appointed by T.C. Pharmaceutical
in March 2003 as the exclusive
Philippine distributor of Red Bull
Supreme Energy Drink. Energy
Food obtained a certicate of
product registration for Red
Bull with the Bureau of Food
and Drugs, which is to expire on
March 31, 2013.
The department in a resolution
promulgated on June 21 reversed
and set aside the earlier ruling
made by the Legazpi CPO. It said a
food was deemed misbranded if its
labeling was false or misleading.
Since complainant EFD was
the exclusive distributor, its name
must be indicated in the label of
Red Bull products. In the instant
case, however, the bottles of Red
Bull bore tampered stickers/label,
Justice said in the resolution.
The department found
conspiracy among the respondent
ofcers of T.C. Pharmaceutical
and Maryland when they acted
in unison in violating the property
rights of EFDI.
By Christine F. Herrera
THE countrys hog raisers said meat smuggling has
remained unabated, with some P16 billion worth of
illegal shipments entering the Philippines last year
alone, depriving them of nearly P5 billion in income
and P28 billion in all since 2009.
Rosendo So, director of the Swine
Development Council and chairman of
Party-list Abono, said ofcial data from
the United Nations and the Philippine
government showed the smuggling of
meat had been occurring undetected.
So, in a position paper submitted to
the Senate committee on agriculture
and food headed by Senator Francis
Pangilinan, revealed the government
was deprived of revenues from 109.94
million kilograms of pork meat that
entered the country last year. The
shipments were worth over P16.49
billion at P150 kilo, but the gure was
reected in the ofcial records of the
Agriculture Departments Bureau of
Animals Industry.
Senator Pangilinan is now conducting
a probe on food smuggling.
Citing United Nations Commodity
Trade Statistics Database and the BAI
records, So noted that out of the 164.12
million kilos of pork meat shipped by
other countries to the Philippines in
2011, only 54.17 million kilos were
ofcially recorded.
He said that of the 109.94 million
kilos of prime cut meat imported in
2011, some 73.74 million kilograms
magically became offal.
Offal consists of entrails and fats, skin
and rind, and is levied only ve percent
against a 40 percent tariff on prime
So said importers should have
declared the shipment at a price of $2.7
per kilogram, or P116 per kilogram, but
unscrupulous importers declared a price
of just $0.5 or P21.50 a kilo.
So claimed that instead of paying
a tariff of 40 percent, or P46.6 per
kilogram, unscrupulous traders and
importers only paid a tariff of 5 ve
percent to 10 percent, or P21.5 a kilo.
This anomalous importation of meat
resulted in government revenue losses
of P4.96 billion last year, So said.
This deprives the government of the
much-needed revenues and resulted [in]
the collapse of the backyard industry
where it suffered P28.5 billion losses for
the past three years.
Hog raisers lose P28b on smuggling
FOUR died Sunday after a
mudslide in Midsalip town in
Zamboanga del Sur province,
bringing the death toll to 46
as monsoon rain continued
to pummel the Philippines,
the National Disaster Risk
Reduction and Management
Council said.
The Philippine Atmospheric,
Geophysical and Astronomical
Services Administration said
Luzon and Visayas might
experience rainy weather in the
next four to ve days due to the
southwest monsoon enhanced
by a tropical cyclone spotted in
the northwest Pacic Sunday.
Weather forecaster Benjie
de Paz said no typhoon was
expected to hit the country this
week as the cyclone spotted
in the Pacic would not likely
enter the Philippine territory.
He said, however, that
widespread rain would hit the
western section of Luzon and
might trigger ashoods and
landslides, while Mindanao
would be partly cloudy to cloudy
with isolated rainshowers or
The mudslide in Zamboanga
del Sur swept the home of a
family Saturday afternoon,
killing four.
I am saddened because weve
another four fatalities after their
house was carried away by a
mudslide. There were six in the
family but four of them were killed.
The bodies of the victims were
recovered 15 kilometers away
where their house was used to
be, NDRRMC executive director
Benito Ramos Ramos said.
He identied the two survivors
as Soledad Noble Mandao, 46,
and her son Jomar, 11.
Killed in the incident was the
46-year-old father of the family,
Miguel, and children Miguel Jr.,
Mario and Vilam.
Ramos advised residents
living in low-lying and landslide-
prone areas to remain vigilant
as PAGASA warned the public
of ash oods and mudslides,
especially in Luzon.
As of 1 p.m., [there is a
reduced] threat of ash oods
but possibility of landslides
remain in the mountains slopes
in the western section of Luzon,
which experienced moderate to
heavy rain due to the southwest
monsoon for the past few days,
Ramos said.
Florante S. Solmerin,
Maricel V. Cruz and Jonathan
but safe.
A seemingly
sea turtle is
rescued from
Manila Bays
breakwater area
by sherman
Jomer Maestre
and turned
over to a Coast
Guard ofcer.
The same
turtle was also
caught August
1, after waves
surged along
Manila Bay at
the height of
typhoon Gener.
By Macon Ramos-Araneta
FORMER health secretaries are
supporting initiatives to increase the
taxes on cigarettes, but tobacco farmers
warned the measure will reduce their
income and livelihood.
Former health secretaries Francisco
Duque III, now Civil Service
Commission chairman, Esperanza
Cabral and Jaime Galvez Tan, told
Manila Standard in separate interviews
that a signicant part of the revenues
from the so-called sin taxes would go
to the Health Department and boost its
health policy programs.
Duque said the Philhealth program of
the government would not be effective
if did not cover the informal sector,
like the tricycle drivers and market and
street vendors, among others.
So we need additional revenues to
cover the health expenses not only of
the poorest among the poor, but those
belonging to the informal sectors, said
Duque, who served under the Arroyo
Cabral and Galvez Tan said
additional funds should be infused to
the health budget to widen its scope of
Galvez Tan also cited the lack of
doctors who can attend to the medical
needs of the rural folk, especially those
in the far-ung areas.
Members of the Philippine Tobacco
Growers Association, meanwhile,
strongly opposed the sin tax bill,
saying it would wipe out a considerable
portion of farmers incomes from
tobacco-growing regions and threaten
the livelihood of hundreds of thousands
of factory workers dependent on the
The members, represented by
association president Saturnino Distor,
appealed to senators to remove the
alleged anti-farmer and anti-worker
provisions in the excise tax bill on
tobacco and alcohol products that was
approved last month by the House of
Budget briengs start
SENATOR Franklin Drilon expressed
condence the Senate will pass P2.006-trillion
2013 budget before the year ends.
In the past two years, we were able to
pass the General Appropriations Acts before
December 31 of each year, and if we were
able to do it then, I am condent that we can
do it again with the cooperation of everyone,
said Drilon, chairman of the Senate nance
Drilon said the inter-agency Development
Budget Coordination Committee would brief
the senators starting today on the national
expenditure program, especially macro
economic targets and revenue generation.
It will also tackle the priority spending in
2013 of the administration of President Benigno
Aquino III.
The Finance sub-committees of the Seante
after the two-day brieng will hold hearings
on the proposed budgets of various national
government departments and state corp[orations,
with the Commission on Elections being the
rst to be grilled. Macon Ramos-Araneta
Nomad Club members sued
THE Justice Department as paved the way for
the criminal prosecution of eight foreigners sued
by the Securities and Exchange Commission
for allegedly selling membership shares of the
Nomad Sports Club amounting to about P100
The department denied for lack of merit an
appeal led by foreign-members of the NSC--
one of the countrys oldest sports clubs-who
were earlier recommended for indictment
before the Paraaque City regional trial court
for engaging in unlawful offering and sale of
securities in the form of membership shares.
Charged were British and Australian nationals
Jonathan Thorp, Thomas Whitwell, Alfonso
Cervero, Matthew Freeston, Andrew Yates, Ian
Sinclair, Keith Warne and Faisal Durrani-Khan,
all ofcers of NSC.
They will bne charged for violating of the
provision of Securities Regulation Code. They
had been charged before the lower court for
illegal selling of membership shares of NSC,
an exclusive sports club in Merville Park,
Paraaque City. Rey E. Requejo
Opinion Adelle Chua, Editor
mst.lettertotheeditor@gmail.com AUGUST 6, 2012 MONDAY
THERE were no surprises at
the prayer rally of the Catholic
faithful at the EDSA Shrine on
Saturday. The organizers of the
event had gathered an estimated
10,000 people to register their op-
position to the reproductive health
bill pending before the House of
Representatives. There, lawmak-
ers on Tuesday are expected to
vote whether they should end
congressional debates that have
lasted more than a year, thanks
largely to the dilatory tactics of
politicians who seek the Catholic
benediction when they seek re-
election next year.
Any rational examination of
the bill as it now standswa-
tered down to accommodate the
Churchwill show that the meas-
ure neither condones abortion (in
fact, it reiterates that it is illegal)
nor imposes any restrictions on
the number of children a couple
can have.
What it does do is give Fili-
pinos a choice by giving them
accurate information about the
legal family planning options
available to them, including
the Church-sanctioned rhythm
method. What it aims to do is to
reduce the number of mothers and
babies dying at childbirth and the
number of illegal abortions being
performed. And what it must do,
in the long run, is to make sure
that parents do not have more
children than they can support.
Yet at Saturdays rally, the bish-
ops and priests again used slogans
to short-circuit rational thought,
painting a key population manage-
ment bill as being pro-abortion and
anti-life. Learning from centuries
of practice, the clergy clearly un-
derstands the power of imagery and
rote repetitiona bumper sticker
or banner saying No to RH is
more effective than an honest de-
bate and precludes the notion that
we as thinking adults actually do
have a choice how to live our lives.
A catchy slogan will save the faith-
ful from having to actually think
about what it is they are doing.
In a message read for him at the
rally, Dagupan Archbishop Socra-
tes Villegas used the same well-
worn tactic, branding as corrupt the
use of contraceptives.
My dear youth, contraception is
corruption. The use of government
and taxpayers money to give out
contraceptive pills is corruption,
Villegas said.
The cleric offered no reason-
able explanation of how the dis-
tribution of contraceptives could
be compared to crooked politicians
helping themselves to public funds,
but he did give the media the sound
bytes they needed.
Continuing in this vein, he turned
President Benigno Aquino IIIs
own simplistic campaign slogan
against him, Kung walang cor-
rupt, walang mahirap should not
mean kung walang anak, walang
mahirap, he said, misrepresenting
the goals of the RH bill, which does
not even set any population targets,
let alone aim to encourage couples
to have no children at all.
He also dismissed without any
logical explanation the long-held
view, based on empirical evidence,
that there is a direct relation be-
tween poverty and population, and
that we cannot progress if there are
too many mouths to feed.
The archbishop even took a low
blow at the President, saying the
Catholic Church was not being au-
tistic on the issue of reproductive
health, and that it did not live in its
own private world.
Unfortunately, the prelates
words had the opposite effect, and
showed us precisely how divorced
from reality the Church really is on
the issue of reproductive health.
In fact, all the latest opinion polls
show that even the vast majority of
Catholics do not support its stand
on the RH bill.
For more than a decade, the
clerics have fought to keep Filipi-
nos in the dark about even the most
basic family planning options
available to them. When lawmak-
ers cast their vote this week, they
should put an end to this ignorance
once and for all.
End the ignorance now
The perversion of
PAX huic domus vobiscum....
May the peace of this house be with
you. On the lintel of the door lead-
ing to the Abbey of Our Lady of Mon-
serrat from the Chapel of San Beda
College are inscribed these words. It
was with a really anguished soul then
that the Abbot, the Right Reverend
Tarcisio Ma. Narciso exclaimed to me
when I phoned him about the latest
hazing victim: We are supposed to be
a caring institution! To be fair to San
Beda College, it is indeed a caring in-
stitution, but even in sacred precincts,
things can go terribly wrong. Marc
Andre Marcos did not die in the Men-
diola campus, nor in the Alabang
Campus, but he was a freshman law
student at Mendiola and it was as our
student that he was recruited and then
led to the slaughter!
Barely eight months ago, when we
suffered the pain of losing a student
to a dastardly band of supposed broth-
ers, the administration through the
Rector-President, Fr. Aloy Maranan,
immediately strengthened measures
already in place. Student manuals
and handbooks underscored, high-
lighted, printed in bold characters the
prohibition against clandestine orga-
nizations. Deans were tasked to be
vigilant about activities, extra-mural,
especially, in which Bedans got in-
volved. It is not correct to blame San
Beda Colleges supposed policy of
not recognizing fraternities for their
criminal conduct. An understandably
irate and frustrated relative of the rst
victim suggested that it was because
fraternities were not recognized in
San Beda College that they had to
operate clandestinely and therefore
could not be monitored. We share the
grief of understandably disconsolate
brothers and sisters, but that is not an
accurate statement of fact. The school
recognizes organizations that submit
themselves to accreditation by the
school. The trouble then is not that
San Beda has no mechanism whereby
to oversee fraternity activities. It has
and it is in place, but fraternities and
sororities hell-bent on the works of
darkness will not submit themselves
to the accreditation process.
Now, here are my thoughts on
why, despite repeated admonition,
rule and threat against membership
in unaccredited organizations and
fraternities, students, particularly of
the College of Law, continue to be
lured. These are not the thoughts of
the Benedictine monks, nor those of
the administration of San Beda Col-
lege, and so none other than I should
be blamed for them. But why blame
anyone for his thoughts?
In the rst place, it is not only Be-
dan law students who join frats. That
is a phenomenon common to many
law schools. That does not excuse. In
fact, it remains true that Bedan law
students, despite the administrations
strict injunctions to the contrary, join
clandestine groups.
One reason, long recognized by
psychologists and sociologists, is the
need for acceptance. Law school is
intimidating, particularly schooling
at San Beda that has a reputation for
maintaining a high passing percent-
age in the Bar Exams and also of mer-
cilessly culling the unt. This makes
new students wary and uncertain.
They need support, and fraternities
apparently offer that support.
Second, the legitimate organiza-
tions and recognized associations
apparently do not satisfy students
needs. This point is related to the
rst. If they did, there would be no
need to join frats. Maybe, this also
points in the direction we should go:
strengthening those organizations that
appeal to our students, that provide the
camaraderie and support they crave
for, and yet thumb down criminal ac-
tivities, like hazing that involves the
iniction of physical pain.
Third, disincentives are insuf-
cient. Aside from warning students
against joining fraternities, schools,
for good reason, are reticent about ex-
pelling, dismissing or suspending any
student for membership in fraternities
or sororities. It is true, of course, that
there is no way we canwithout vio-
lating constitutional and legal rights
police their moves outside campus. It
is neither practicable. San Beda Col-
lege is not by any means humongous,
but it has a growing population. In
my brothers time as a student, some
Benedictine monks could call out all
the students names. That is no longer
possible even for one with a prodi-
gious memory! Besides, fraternities
and sororities cannot be banned, be-
cause no such group will ever openly
admit that it initiates through torture.
It will rather recite noble objectives
and visionsand thus readily fall un-
der the protective mantle of the con-
stitutional right to associate.
Fourth, there is a very strong in-
centive for membership in fraternities
and sororities because many leading
lawyers in the country today boast
of their afliation with one or the
other Greek-letter (or Latin-phrased)
fraternity or sorority. When you
have Cabinet members and partners
of leading law rms boasting about
their membership in fraternities and
sororitieswith benets and favors
aplenty for ones brods or sis (what
is the plural of that stem?), then how
do you convince law students not to
join them? I propose a solution: It
would not be wrong for San Beda,
given its sad experience with fraterni-
ties and sororities, to develop a cul-
ture of disdain for these. Maybe we
should take a hint from how we act
as an institution at NCAA games. As
soon as we come face to face with
the enemy, we nurture a culture of
disdain for any team, and the school
it represents, that is not as excel-
lent as San Beda. Given our bitter
experiences with brotherhoods turned
Turn to page 5
Mocking the Dutertes
ARE there criminal syndicates who still
question the political will of Davao City
Vice-Mayor Rudy Duterte?
We pose this question to the much-ad-
mired political strongman because Davao
City-based criminal syndicates selling
fake fertilizers are openly victimizing a
lot of our farmers not only in Davao but
the whole of Mindanao
Are the Dutertes, namely Vice-Mayor
Rudy and his equally feisty daughter
Mayor Inday Sarah, helpless against
these criminal elements preying on poor
banana plantation and palay farmers?
What is happening now in Davao City
is breaking the backs of rice and banana
farmers in the fertile region of Mindanao
while the criminal syndicates behind it
are raking in tens of millions.
The modus operandi involves selling
fertilizer mixed with huge quantities of
salt to unsuspecting farmers. Salt looks a
lot like urea fertilizer and small farmers
cant tell the difference. This is allegedly
being done openly and fearlessly by the
fertilizer syndicates.
Farmers are crying out that they are
being sold urea fertilizer adulterated with
salt without their knowledge despite the
fact that they are paying full price for the
goods they are buying.
The farmer victims are appealing
to the Dutertes, Agriculture Secretary
Proceso Alcala and Interior and Local
Government Secretary Jesse Robredo to
stop this rampant practice of deception.
We must also point out that the farm-
ers are not the only victims here. Also
suffering a direct hit from these dastardly
acts by the greedy syndicates are legiti-
mate urea fertilizer businessmen in the
island of Mindanao
According to the reports that we
received, trucks carrying urea fertilizer
with the labels Atlas, Amigo, Yara and
Danat are hijacked by the syndicates.
Then, they coerce drivers to bring the
trucks to their warehouses where they re-
place 40 kilograms from each 50 kilogram
sack of pure urea fertilizer with 40 kilos of
salt and only 10 kilos of urea. These are
then sold to farmers at full price.
In other words, instead of getting
50 kilos of pure urea fertilizer for their
crops, the farmers get 40 kilos salt and
only ten kilos of fertilizer per sack that
they buy. Fake fertilizer is what theyre
getting, simply put.
Selling price for genuine urea fer-
tilizer is supposedly P1,200 per sack.
The hijacked variety version goes for
The question now is this. Are the Du-
tertes aware of this nefarious activity go-
ing on in their backyard? The syndicates
are allegedly openly repacking the hi-
jacked fertilizer somewhere in Barangay
Bunawan, Davao City. Not a peep has also
been heard from the local police.
As our informants told us, the one
time the warehouses were nally raided
by authorities, CIDG operatives had to be
brought in all the way from far off Manila.
May we ask Secretary Robredo and
Philippine National Police Director
General Nick Bartolome why Davao City
policemen are not lifting a nger to stop
this atrocity?
The sad thing is, the poor banana and
rice farmers are left holding the (salty fer-
tilizer) bags. Instead of boosting produc-
tion with the help of the fertilizer, what do
you think will happen to their crops since
most of what is applied is salt?
The crops are said to turn almost yel-
low with the application of salt. I assume
that the harvest is rendered almost use-
less. I am no agriculturist but I presume
that no way will the salt help boost the
growth of rice and bananas.
Dont these people running the fake
fertilizer syndicates have any conscience
at all?
There was a time not too long ago
when this kind of crime would have
absolutely no chance of prospering in
Davao City. Any lowlife would shudder
at the thought of breaking the law. Can
our farmers in Davao and Mindanao still
count on the help of Mayor Sarah and her
gutsy father?
The Dutertes, Alcala, Robredo and
Bartolome should show that they are on
top of the situation. Why are they not
in the forefront battling the syndicates
selling these fake fertilizers?
Must we wait for more fraudulent fer-
tilizer sales to take place and for the situ-
ation to become critical before concerned
agencies move? What will happen to the
rice sufciency program that President
Aquino is hoping for? If the rice harvests
will be not be up to par due to tainted
fertilizer, there is no way rice sufciency
can be realized in the near future.
We cannot continue denying that this
problem exists. Our poor farmers are
already suffering. Its time we heed their
cries for help.
Unless, the syndicates in Davao City
think the Dutertes are no longer forces
to reckon with.
CHIN WONG/ RAY S. EANO Associate Editors
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A5 Opinion Adelle Chua, Editor
I CANNOT pretend to know or under-
stand the depth of the pain suffered by
the family of the latest victim of haz-
ing, Marc Andrei Marcos, and all other
victims of the same crime. But, seeing
the physical injuries sustained by his
co-neophytes who volunteered to shed
light on the hazing that killed Marcos
can make any parent wince in agony and
distress. It is hard to resist visualizing
the beatings and psychological trauma
he must have enduredblindfolded and
helpless while being paddled, boxed
and kickedby ruthless men he hoped
would become his brothers. And all he
had wanted was to belong; to have a
support group in law school. He did not
count on dying a harrowing death.
Andrei Marcos death from hazing
has been the second
in only a span of six
months involving a
law student of San
Beda. I teach at the
San Beda School
of Law in Alabang
because I nd joy
in sharing; in help-
ing mold the minds
of future leaders of
this country; and in
helping these young
students attain their
dream of, one day, becoming members
of the bar. The news of another student
dying from hazing has disturbed and
pained me. What makes students join
fraternities? What kind of people could
inict so much injury as to cause death
to a student they wooed to join their so-
called brotherhood? It is hard to believe
cult-like activities being perpetrated by
students who are studying law, suppos-
edly, to become instruments of justice.
An Anti Hazing Law (R.A. 8049)
has been in place since 1995. Yet, haz-
ing continues, unabated. How can this
scourge and plague be stopped? In her
book, Cults in our Midst, author Mar-
garet Thaler Singer said that there is a
need to understand the similarities of
hazing groups with cults before hazing
can be eradicated. Members of cults and
groups that employ hazing justify ac-
tions outside the range of normal human
behavior. Believing that they belong to
the one true family, they encourage near
delusional feelings of invincibility; fail
to heed an individual members moral
qualms in the interest of group unanim-
ity. They also put a newcomer in harms
way with disregard for his well-being;
and after a dangerous or fatal incident,
deny that they have erred. Margaret
Singer adds that the technique used dur-
ing the period of initiation is to isolate
the neophyte from his friends and fam-
ily to develop in him an enforced depen-
dence. Just as cults convince recruits
that membership brings with it the one
true answer, so, too, hazers reassure
tired, spirit-numbed neophytes that the
reasons for the abuse will soon become
apparent. So, too, they claim to be able
to satisfy all needs and wants. And just
as in cults, Singer adds, members of
hazing fraternities and sororities believe
that neophytes are not part of the broth-
erhood or sisterhood until they have en-
dured an ordeal.
Thus, a recruit is rst stripped of all
his human dignity and made to endure
physical and psychological torture be-
fore he is embraced as a brother or a
sister. The torture is supposed to result
in loyalty to the fraternity. But, alas, the
co-neophytes of Andrei Marcosde-
spite surviving the ordealhave come
forward to reveal what they had gone
through. This proves that when the con-
ditions under which neophytes are sub-
jected to torture disappear, and replaced
with support from their families, ratio-
nal thinking is regained, and the neo-
phytes moral ber falls back in place.
* * *
My husband and I have one son.
As soon as he entered college in UP,
we warned him against joining any
fraternity; not by threats but by mak-
ing him understand the perils to his
well being and that he did not have to
turn to a fraternity for support as we
would always be there for him. He did
not join any frat. In his days in UP,
my husband had endured brutal haz-
ing, too; more than once, in fact, as
he joined a fraternity while taking up
a bachelors degree and another one
in law school. He survived the hazing
but vowed that if he
had a son, he would
not allow him to
undergo the same
torture. I joined a
sorority in UP, my-
self, the Sigma Al-
pha sorority but it
was known as the
only sorority in the
entire UP campus
which did not em-
ploy physical ini-
tiation. Instead, one
who applied to become a sister must
exhibit her talents and skills, and in-
tellectual capability. Sigma Alpha
invites scholars and serious students
because its objective is to produce
leaders and women who will excel in
their chosen endeavors. It inspires sa-
lience in academic and social endeav-
ors and develops social consciousness
among its members. The Sigma Alpha
alumnae, in fact, continue to do civic-
oriented projects not only in the UP
campus but in various provinces of
the country, as well.
It is entirely possible to eliminate
physical initiation in fraternities and
sororities. In UP, certain fraterni-
ties have started to substitute it with
community service. To put a stop to
hazing as a rite of admission in fra-
ternities and sororities, schools must
not wait for deaths to happen. At the
rst sign of initiation going on, school
authorities must step in immediately.
What are these signs? Fraternities and
sororities make neophytes do odd and
humiliating things like shaving their
head; foregoing bathing for days;
wearing stupid and ridiculous apparel;
parading in the campus, among oth-
ers. Often, they are cut off from their
friends and family for the entire dura-
tion of the initiation period. Teachers
and students must report to the school
authorities any abnormal change in
the behavior of a student because it
could be a prelude to the nal rite of
initiation which is hazing. Parents, for
their part, must closely monitor their
children for any sign of being under
the control of some external forces.
When students know they have lov-
ing families, friends and teachers they
can turn to for emotional support, the
reason for wanting to join a cult-like
fraternity is eliminated. We should not
depend on the law to solve the scourge
of hazing.
Email: ritaindaj@gmail.com Visit:
The scourge
of hazing
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Recalling Aquinos campaign slogan--
-Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap
(without corruption, there will be no pov-
erty), Villegas said, contraception is cor-
ruption ---a sentence that screamed the
banner headlines the next day.
The use of government money, tax-
payers money to give out contraceptive
pills is corruption, Villegas declared.
Contraceptive pills teach us it is all
right to have sex with someone pro-
vided you are safe from babiesA cul-
ture of contraception looks at babies as
reasons for poverty. Birth control, they
say, means more food, more classrooms,
more houses and better health for moth-
ers. If more babies are the cause of pov-
erty, are we now saying Kung walang
anak, walang mahirap? (If there are no
children, there will be no poverty)?
said Villegas, a member of the Vatican-
based Pontical Council for the Family.
Malacaang had earlier called on the
House of Representatives to approve the
bill for the future of their children. That
may not have been too sensitive, coming
as it did at the height of typhoon Gener
when strong winds and heavy rains were
buffeting peoples homes and nobody
knew where the President was and what
he was doing while the tempest raged.
The crowd seemed genuinely pleased
to see Senate President Juan Ponce En-
rile, Senate Majority Leader Vicente
Sotto III, and Senator Gregorio Honasan
take their place on stage. Although they
did not speak, their mere presence sent a
clear signal to everybody.
Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle
tried to connect to the congressmen by
asking them to consider the bills long-
term effects on the mentality, lifestyle and
culture of Filipinos. An intended solution
to certain problems should not end up as a
larger problem, he said.
More direct was Servant-Leader
Brother Mike Velarde of the internation-
ally known charismatic community, El
Shaddai. He said that in endorsing the RH
bill, the President had chosen death rather
than life, and failed to live up to the exam-
ple of his late father, Benigno S. Aquino Jr.
Ninoy died so that Filipinos might
live, Velarde said. Ninoy said, the
Filipino is worth dying for. He did not
say, the Filipino is worth killing for.
At the mass presided by Antipolo Bish-
op Gabriel Reyes, chairman of the Epis-
copal Commission on Family and Life,
and concelebrated by several bishops and
numerous priests, Bishop Teodoro Bacani
was interrupted by warm applause sev-
eral times in his homily as he chided Mr.
Aquino for his stand on human life.
I hope the President has not forgot-
ten his mother, Cory Aquino, said Ba-
cani, who had served as member of Cory
Aquinos constitutional commission and
confessed to having voted for P-Noy in
2010. Had she taken contraceptives,
we would probably never have had Kris
Aquino (the Presidents kid sister).
Bacani recalled that in his July 23 State
of the Nation Address, P-Noy claimed to
have made the impossible possible. And
he did it without this RH bill, the bishop
said. Why does he need it now?
In his Sona, the President also said
the Jesuit theologian, Father Catalino
Arevalo, was his spiritual adviser. Ba-
cani, who said he was one of Father Are-
valos students, said he knew for a fact
that Arevalo was against the RH bill.
Some old Cory supporters said they
also prayed to the late former presi-
dent, to help save the nation from her
sons treasonous sellout to US President
Barack Obama and his anti-life, anti-
family and anti-poor program.
Administration congressmen will be
lunching with Mr. Aquino in Malaca-
ang today to plot their next move. But
no one is betting PNoy would have the
same success as he had last December
when, at his behest, 188 congressmen
promptly signed the Articles of Im-
peachment against then-Supreme Court
Chief Justice Renato Corona without
reading the document.
Early today, the president of the
Catholic Bishops Conference of the
Philippines (CBCP), Archbishop Jose
S. Palma of Cebu, is expected to send
the congressmen a letter offering them
his prayers but asking them to declare
whether the State is still the protector
of human life, as guaranteed by the Con-
stitution, or has it become a preventer
of new human life, under the guidance
of foreign population controllers?
This is a killer question which the
administration can only ignore at its
own peril.
Palma said the Church nds the
RH bill falling far below the standard
required of every law, that it be an
authentic ordinance of reason, in full
accord with the moral law and the Con-
stitution, and solely for the common
good. The RH bill violates the clear
and express provisions of our 1987 Con-
stitution and offends the objective moral
law and the moral consciences of many
Filipinos, Palma said.
The CBCP president focused on two
principal parts of the bill, namely, its gen-
eral prescription that everyone practice
birth control as an essential requirement
and component of marriage, and its provi-
sion on compulsory sex education for all
schoolchildren, from Grade V until 4th
year high school, without parental con-
sent. Both are repugnant to the moral law
and the Constitution, he said.
Under the bill, no couple may be issued
a marriage license without proof that they
have undergone training on family plan-
ning. Married couples (and even unmar-
ried ones) may choose what method or
means to use, but they must choose one
method or another to avoid or space child-
birth. The government shall provide all
sorts of contraceptives and sterilization
agents as essential medicines.
Proponents have argued that the bill
is needed to eradicate poverty, reduce
maternal mortality, and provide women
access to reproductive health as a hu-
man right. Opponents of the measure
have rejected all these arguments, say-
ing there is no correlation between pov-
erty and population growth; that mater-
nal deaths could be avoided by better
medical services rather than by the con-
traception and sterilization; and that
there is no need for a law to guarantee
access to reproductive health since no
law prohibits contraception or steriliza-
tion, and women are freely contracept-
ing and men are getting vasectomized.
The debate has resulted in a virtual
standoff, where one side rejects every-
thing the other side says and vice versa.
The pro-RH side claims some surveys
have shown extensive public support for
the bill, but the anti-RH side rejects this
claim, saying the reported surveys are
either nonexistent or rigged, conducted
by paid pro-RH pollsters using skewed
and leading questions and pre-screened
interviewees to produce pro-RH results
purely for propaganda purposes.
Alleged survey results talk of how
many women (and possibly men) favor
the use of contraceptives and how many
do not. That is not the issue at all. The
real issue is whether the State has the right
or the duty to require anyone or everyone
to practice birth control, as though the
Philippines were now a totalitarian state,
and the private family life of Filipinos
were now the governments ofcial busi-
ness. The issue is not about health, but
about religious, civil and political liberty.
The House leadership seems eager to
resolve the issue through sheer political
muscle rather than through reasoned de-
bate. But after last weekends manifes-
tations, the genie is now out of the bottle,
and neither Mr. Aquino nor his Congress
allies can afford to miscalculate.
With his letter to the lawmakers, the
CBCP president has gone for the jugular.
Assuming, for the sake of argument, that
everything the opponents of the RH bill
have said about population and poverty,
maternal health and contraceptives, and so
on is wrong, and that everything the bills
proponents have said on the same issues is
right, Palma wrote, can Congress enact
the present bill into law, without offending
the Constitution and the moral law?
Our humble submission is that Con-
gress cannot do so, and the law it enacts,
if ever it decides to do so, would be no
law at all. As protector of the unborn,
the State is ipso facto the protector of
conception. It cannot be the preventer
of conception, he pointed out.
As no law prohibits contraception or
sterilization, the State may not be able to
prevent women from using contracep-
tives or getting sterilized on their own,
he continued. But the State cannot be
the author, source or medium of contra-
ception, or even be a mere participant in
a program of contraception.
This is the true meaning of Sec. 12 of
Article II of the Constitution, he said. This
provides: The State recognizes the sanctity
of family life and shall protect and strength-
en the family as a basic autonomous social
institution. It shall equally protect the life of
the mother and the life of the unborn from
conception. The natural and primary right
and duty of the parents in the rearing of the
youth for civic efciency and the develop-
ment of moral character shall receive the
support of the Government.
Palma said the bills attack on the
Church teaching against contraception,
if enacted into law, would constitute re-
ligious persecution of Catholics, even
if he was careful not to use the term.
Palma said while the Church did not
expect the State to become an enforcer
of her teachings, she did not expect
Congress either to pass a law that would
trample upon any of those teachings.
Neither can Congress alter or amend
the essential nature and character of mar-
riage, which is a natural human institution
designed by Providence, not the State, for
the propagation of the species. Procre-
ation, not contraception, is the true pur-
pose of marriage, Palma wrote.
Palma told the congressmen that non-
passage of the bill should not be seen as a
favor to Catholics and an injury to those who
do not share our moral and religious beliefs.
It should be seen rather as a service to all---a
simple recognition of the fact that the matter
of childbearing is for parents alone to decide,
and not for Congress to legislate on.
Palma reminded the congressmen
that the purpose of any law was to pro-
mote the unity and peace of the nation.
Congress should not enact a law which
from the very beginning has already
deeply divided the country, and can only
divide it further still, Palma concluded.
Palmas letter represents the CBCPs
most signicant input in the discussion
of the bill. But it remains to be seen
whether the President would engage
the CBCP president on the basis of rea-
son, or whether he would ram the bill
through just because he believes he has
the power and the numbers.
We should
not just depend
on the law to
eliminate this.
From A4
The perversion...
Power of reason?
THE ink on the one-foot high stack of
2013 budget documents hasnt dried
yet when Commission on Elections chair-
man Sixto Brillantes loudly grumbled
that the P8.3-billion proposed budget of
his agency for next year is not enough.
Some jaded observers may dismiss the
poll chiefs gripes as the textbook case of
pre-budget hearing whining many bureau-
crats have perfected through the years.
It is said that in budget allocation, the
wheel that squeaks gets the oil.
But judging from the gures he had
churned out to buttress his case, Bril-
lantes beef is not the theatrical wailing
we have seen from the parade of bureau-
crats with begging bowls on their annual
pilgrimage to Congress for funds.
Though he may have a case for budget
augmentation, he touts a price tag for the
2013 national polls that leaves us all ab-
bergasted: P24 billion.
The Department of Budget and Man-
agement, the object of Brillantes disaf-
fection, had countered that Comelec
actually has savings of P5.2 billion -- a
hoard, which if added to the P8.3 billion
would give the Comelec a war chest of
about P13.5 billion.
The last word on this looming
gunght on the budget corral is that
the President has stepped in to bro-
ker an agreement with his budget
boys and Brillantes, who appears to
have gone caroling to Congress with
the frightening hymn of No-El.
The issue here is not who would
blink rst, or what gure would end up
as Comelecs nal 2013 budget. The is-
sue here is the high price taxpayers have
to pay so that politicians can renew their
mandate every three years.
In this country, a politicians license to
serve is like a drivers license: valid only
for three years. But while a driver pays
his own way to a new license, it is the
public that foots the bill so that the poli-
ticians mandate to runor ruinthis
country gets extended.
The Comelec and the DBM may quib-
ble on a billion here and a billion there
until they can narrow their gulf of differ-
ence, but whether it is P13 billion or P24
billion or any gure in between can only
be described as exorbitant.
Compounding this is the fact that this
is a recurring expense, like a bill served
to taxpayers every 1,000 days.
Will this be a fact of life, a norm from
hereafter, that we will be shelling out, if
the Comelec has its way, P24 billion ev-
ery three years so that one class of gov-
ernment casuals can have their job con-
tracts renewed?
Is there any other way in which this
cost can be reduced? In a country with so
many unmet needsaging infrastructure,
crammed classrooms, a glaring housing
shortage, to name a fewit seems ob-
scene to splurge on a large amount for an
exercise to ll a scheduled mass vacancy
in public ofce.
Dont get me wrong. This is not a trea-
tise on creating an unelected class of rul-
ers. For its many imperfections, there is
still no substitute to the system of freely
electing our leaders.
My point is that we should pool our
collective talents on how to prune poll
expenses so that we will not be coughing
up a fortune every time our army of elect-
ed ofcials, numbering 17,987, needs to
have their job contracts renewed.
After all, government has been econo-
mizing in so many elds, has resorted
to austerity measures, and belt-tightening
as a spending virtue has not been re-
So if theres an unproductive genre
of expenditure that should be subjected
to a slimming regimen, it is the elections
we are holding every 75 weeks -- 75
weeks because we hold barangay elec-
tions in between the triennial national
One poll reform that needs to be done
is on the expenditure front. If the tab
of holding elections nine months from
now is indeed P13.5 billion, then we
should remember that for that amount we
can already build 19,285 classrooms or
2,700 kilometers of farm roads.
* * *
The recent oods provided graphic
images to the huge housing backlog
which one estimate pegs presently at 3.2
million units.
With nowhere to go, the poor self-
relocate themselves to what is called 3-D
zonesdirty, depressed and dangerous.
Against this backdrop, we hope that
the same resources that the government
has deployed in the massive welfare
program called the Pantawid Pamilyang
Pilipino Program (4Ps)a jaw-dropping
P44 billion next yearwill have a hous-
ing version.
P44 billion can build 220,000 hous-
ing units at a subsidy of P200,000 per
unit. If the 4Ps budget remains constant at
P44 billion a year in the next three years,
then, on paper, the cumulative P132 billion
can build 660,000 low-cost homes.
I am not saying that shelter is a more po-
tent anti-poverty solution than retail spend-
ing through household stipends.
But what perhaps government can
do is that when it pulls the plug on the 4
Psbecause this hand-out is not meant
to be permanent otherwise it will nur-
ture a lifetime dependency on doleit
would reinvent it as a CCT for shel-
ter. Housing could be the thrust of the 4
Ps new edition.
Government may nd such interven-
tion permanent, not just palliative.
An exorbitant tab
perverse, we can develop in our students
a culture of disdain for fraternities and
sororitieslike drilling into them in dif-
ferent ways the point that is beneath
Bedan dignity to be tainted by associa-
tion with any of these.
I have strongly suggested to the
administration of San Beda that we
take the courageous step of determin-
ing who of our professors are mem-
bers of fraternities and sororities and
who, if any, are active in the recruit-
ment of students, whether overtly or
covertly. Causing the severance of
instigators, provocateurs, enticers and
fraternity and sorority pimps can be
an acrimonious and bloody affair, but
better spill blood this way than the
blood of our students who are paddled,
whacked and pulped to death!
Clandestine fraternities and sorori-
ties also offer support and cama-
raderie after graduation. If students
nd these elsewhere, I do not know
of anyone perverse enough except
pathological masochists who submit
to life-threatening hazing to be as-
sured of these. However, the reach of
fraternities is longand so member-
ship promises future stability. If the
Bedan Law Alumni Association were
to step in and establish some kind of
job-assurance mechanism for San
Beda lawyers, that would go a long
way towards making the security that
fraternities offer superuous.
Finally, adopting Problem-Based
Learning in the law school will give our
students less time for fraternity and so-
rority activities, because the PBL meth-
od bonds members of the same study
group together and keeps them occupied
working out problems assigned. The
problem is that inertia is a basic law of
law professors: As it was in the begin-
ning, so shall it be now and forever. The
so-called Socratic method com-
monly used in law schools would make
Socrates puke. It has very little to do
with Socrates and more to do with Goe-
bbels. However, when PBL is useda
method introduced by the Legal Educa-
tion Board at a seminar for law profes-
sors held in partnership with Ateneo
Law School last year, and that I have ad-
vocated and discussed in LEB organized
seminars throughout the countrythe
students do not only have their hands
(and, hopefully, their minds) full. They
also nd groups to which they are bound
by common assignmentsand a com-
mon fate, depending on whether the
results of their group work are felici-
tous or preposterous. But a change in
method is not irrelevant to the issue of
student associations gone awry.
ManilaStandardToday mst.daydesk@gmail.com AUGUST 6, 2012 MONDAY
Makati K to 12 adds tech-voc
Bagobos weave
fabric of life
The DPWH-Metro Manila 3
District Engineering Offce in Valenzuela City has
just completed the Construction of Multi-Purpose Building at Barangay Punturin,
Valenzuela City that will serve as a venue for sports/recreational and other similar
activities of the residents in the area, and the Vicente P. Trinidad National High School
for the physical education of their students and other school activities.
District Engineer
(MST-Aug. 6, 2012)
San Beda urged to curb hazing rites
By Macon R. Araneta
EIGHTY-two-year old Ines
Pandian was 17 when she
learned to make a living out
of weaving from her mother
who inherited the Bagobo craft
that was handed down through
Of her six children, only two
opted to do abaca clothes and
make ends meet with what their
husbands earn from farming
which showed the chances of
passing on the skill were far
from encouraging.
Its difcult for us to sell our
inabal, Pandian told Manila
Standard at The Senator Loren
Legarda Lecture series on
Philippine Traditional Textiles
and Indigenous Knowledge held
at the National Museum.
Inabal is the abaca textile used
for blouses, capri pants, tube
skirts, sling bands and blankets.
Its difcult to make money
from this business, said Pandian,
who still possessed a keen eye
for detail in working out designs
representing crocodiles, human
gures, birds, plants and stars
along with geometric patterns
used also by Manobo weavers.
Her niece, Limlim Antala, 54,
a native of Tudaya, Sta. Cruz,
Davao del Sur, took after her
own mother to help add to the
family coffers.
She remembers how to do the
warp and weft in turning out
traditional abaca cloth that was
being pushed to near extinction
by nylon and other synthetic
Noong una, uso. Ngayon, din
na uso. (Before, it was in fashion.
Now, its no longer trendy),
Anatala said, adding that three
decades of weaving have destined
her to a life at the loom.
Pandian and Antala are among
the few remaining members of
the the Bogobo-Tagabawas tribe
at their ancestral domain near Mt.
Apo in the town of Sta. Cruz.
Im lucky and my fellow
Bagobos are lucky, too, if there
are festivals in the province,
Antala said. There are many
visitors who buy our products.
The Kadayawan Festival this
August is providential.
Proud of her native craft,
Antala described kadayawan as
a tapestry that brought together
thanksgiving for the gifts of
nature, the wealth of culture, the
bounties of harvest and serenity
of living.
She said weavers like her get
to earn just enough to tide them
over until another festival comes
An abaca-woven blouse
goes for P300 to P700 while a
matching lower garment fetches
from P600 to P2,500, according
to Anatala, who has turned her
nipa hut into a workplace and
display area rolled into one.
In an interview, Senator
Loren Legarda, chairman on
cultural communities, said
native weavers formed part of
our nationhood.
The Tudaya School of
Living Tradition of the Bagobo
Tagawa Community, along with
other (similar) schools link us
to many of the forgotten facets
of our identity, she said, noting
the need to teach traditional arts,
crafts, music and practices to
young generations.
Legarda said about 15 million
indigenous people belonging to
110 ethnic groups deserved to
be protected along with their
unique skills.
Their fabrics are beautiful
weaves, but we should go
beyond. Each strand and bead
painstakingly put together speak
of their culture and heritage,
she said.
By Gigi Muoz David
SPECIAL courses of the Technical
Education and Skills Development
Authority are among the subjects of Grade
11 students at the University of Makati
under the K to 12 program.
A memorandum of
agreement was signed by
TESDA, Makati, and the
Department of Education for
the modelling program for
college-bound freshmen to
instead enrol in senior high
school for this school year.
Under the new system, there
will be a junior high school
consisting of four years, Grades
7 to 10, which used to be known
as rst year to fourth year high
school. A senior high school of
two years, Grades 11 and 12,
were added in the curriculum.
With its pilot batch, UMak
will have its high school seniors
graduating in 2014.
According to Secretary Joel
Villanueva, technical-vocational
education training is being
introduced in the last two years
of the new curriculum.
Programs in the senior high
TVET programs to be included
in the curriculum are tried and
tested for their quality and
relevance, he said, referring to
Science and Technology, Theater
Arts, Dance and Sports, Business
Education, Art Education and
Appreciation among other subject
After completing senior high
school, the students have the
choice of nding a job or pursuing
They now have a wider range
of options because they already
have the necessary skills and
competencies, Villanueva
TESDA will conduct a
competency assessment of all
senior high school graduates who
took the TVET programs.
Makati City will earmark funds
for UMak to do the Modeling
Program. The Department of
Education, meanwhile, will
coordinate with the Department
of Labor for the on-thejob
training and apprenticeship for
the seniors.
Makati is among the 50 cities
and towns implementing K to
12 and one of 17 schools that
integrates tech-voc training.
By Ferdinand Fabella
EMPLOYERS are highly satised
with the performance of their
employees who took technical-
vocational courses and will
continue to hire them, a three-year
survey of the Technical Education
and Skills Development Authority
The Employer Satisfaction
Survey revealed that 86.1 percent
of 5,451 public and private business
establishments in the study said
they are either very satised
Villanueva: Employers
like tech-voc graduates
(43.3 percent) or somewhat
satised (42.8 percent) with
the performance of tech-voc
When asked if they will
continue to hire tech-voc
graduates, a big majority
or 86.9 percent responded
positively, TESDA Director
General Joel Villanueva said.
If the employers are happy,
then our graduates must be
really good.
Villanueva said the study
from 2009 to 2011 was part of
the monitoring and feedback
mechanisms to generate inputs
and comments from industries
on the performance of Technical
Vocational Education and
Training graduates.
We want our students
to feel they made the right
choice in engaging in TVET
programs because these
can offer them a rewarding
career, Villanueva added.
The survey showed that
92 percent of the graduates
possessed the theoretical
and practical knowledge in
performing their tasks at work,
were highly trainable for the
skills needed for the job, and
have a positive work attitude.
The establishments surveyed
also identied the in-demand
workers such as mason, welder,
plumber, electrician, carpenter,
computer service technician,
consumer electronics service
technician, auto mechanic,
food and beverage service
worker, and heavy equipment
operator, among other jobs.
According to Villanueva, the
employers noted that TVET
graduates still need in-depth
training and exposure of the
students on their chosen course
and improvement in their
communication skills.
The establishments surveyed
also proposed training program
for unskilled workers of local
government units to offer them
similar opportunities to nd
The employers said tech-voc
training should be accessible to
far-ung communities.
By Florante S. Solmerin
INTERIOR Secretary Jesse Robredo is calling on the
administration of the San Beda College to put a stop
to hazing that has left two students killed.
Alam naman natin na hindi yan tinotolerate, hindi
yan kino-condone, pero kung itoy pangalawang
beses na nangyari, siguro dapat may pagbabago na
dapat tayong gawin (We know that is not tolerated
nor condoned but if it happens twice, we must do
something about it), he said.
Robredo said school authorities should go after the
ofcers of Lex Leonum fraternity over the death of
Mark Andrei Marcos last month.
Marcos was a law freshman at the San Beda branch
in Alabang, Las Pias City. He graduated college at
the University of Sto. Tomas.
Witnesses said he underwent hazing rites last July
28 inside the 5-hectare farm of former councilor
Ethan Velus in Dasmarias City, Cavite.
One of 20 primary suspects, Gian Angelo, son of
Ethan, remains at large.
In a text message sent to Manila Standard on
Sunday, Cavite police chief John Bulalacao said the
suspects father expected him to surface last Friday
but he failed to show up.
Robredo said the San Beda administration should
be alarmed over how fraternities treated their new
The leaders of the fraternity should be held
answerable and not just the group involved in the
hazing, he said in Filipino. Whoever the head is
must be responsible as part of his powers given him,
including the obligations and liabilities. Whatever
befalls a member is his charge.
Robredo admitted that prohibiting brotherhoods
was far from a panacea.
Banning fraternities is more difcult. Perhaps a
more regular interaction might by needed, he said.
Instead of issuing a single certication to
recognize student groups, meetings with them should
Marcos is the second victim of initiation rites at the
San Beda Law School.
Last February, Marvin Reglos of Lambda Rho Beta
died during initiation and his family has yet to see the
suspects arrested.
Producer nds comedians
better half not too funny
toll exit
under repair
MANILA Toll Expressway
Systems Inc., operator of the South
Luzon Expressway, will repair the
Filinvest northbound exit ramp up
to the toll plaza starting today.
Alternate rotomilling and
pavement asphalting will be
done from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.
the following day until Aug 18,
said a statement from Jose Roy
Burgos, MATES operation head.
To minimize motoring
inconvenience, work will be done
on a per-lane basis, meaning,
one lane at a time will be closed
during the period of repair.
Motorists coming from
the south bound for Filinvest
commercial and business district
and Las Pinas are alerted on
potential delays, he said.
Additional MATES trafc
enforcers will be deployed
strategically in the vicinity of the
work area, especially at night, to
direct trafc and assist motorists.
Warning and safety signs will be
installed to guide road users.
The management of MATES
would like to apologize for the
any inconvenience that said
repair activity may cause,
the statement said. It is their
paramount concern to ensure the
safety and convenience of their
motoring patrons.
For trafc updates and
requests for assistance, motorists
may call the SLEX hotline at
By Rio N. Araja
ANNA Lyn Manalo, the wife of television host-comedian
Jose Manalo, has agreed not to see or approach her
husband, or to communicate with him after a settlement
with Television and Production Exponents Inc. before a
Quezon City mediation center.
On March 13, TAPE, through lawyers Nestor Leynes
II, Marianne Lozada Marquez, Juno Cabaa and Richard
Leonard Cruz, sued Anna Lyn for disrupting Joses
segment in Eat Bulagas Juan for All, All for Juan.
Elmer Nicolas, of the Supreme Courts Philippine
Mediation Center housed at the Quezon City Hall of
Justice, forwarded to Branch 218 Judge Luis Zenon
Maceren the compromise agreement between Anna Lyn of
35 Scout de Guia corner Scout Tuazon, Barangay Laging
Handa and TAPE of Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights
As stipulated, Anna Lyn shall desist from contacting
and/or approaching Jose at his workplace and during times
when Jose is rendering services for TAPE at any time of the
day with a liability for P450,000 in liquidated damages in
case of violation.
Business forum. Vice President Jejomar Binay, chairman of the Urban Triangle Development
Commission, is joined by Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista (left), in answering questions from
stakeholders over the opportunities at the QC Central Business District along with lawyer Chito Cruz,
National Housing Authority general manager.
Act 1, Scene 1.
Liberal Party
President Mar Roxas
inducts screen
idol Aga Mulach
as candidate for
Congressman in
the fourth district
of Camarines
Sur, witnessed
by Agas wife
Charlene Gonzales
and actor Cesar
Montano during the
oathtaking rites held
at Balai Expo Center
Cubao in Quezon City.
A7 Sports Riera U. Mallari, Editor
Why Barriga lost steam
NOW I know why Mark Antho-
ny Barriga lost steam in the third
round of his Round of 16 ght
against Birzhan Zhakypov of Ka-
zakhstan on Saturday night (Ma-
nila Time).
You, too, I guess?
If you watched that bout I
guess, you did as the nation had
virtually stood still when it was on
you would have certainly noticed
that Barriga faded towards the end
of Round 3 in what you might ini-
tially term as a bizarre turn of form.
Seriously, I had thought of that
Barriga succumbing to fatigue.
I was wrong.
In the rst two rounds, Barriga
was as strong as an ox and as fast
as the wind, sometimes hitting the
Kazakh at will in the rst six min-
utes of the ght to cruise into what
appeared was a comfortable mar-
gin going into the last round.
And then came the wilting, as
though Barriga had suddenly trans-
formed from a rose in bloom droop-
ing from the blast of a searing sun.
Barriga getting repeatedly wres-
tled to the ground did it.
No doubt, the Kazakh was also
good or he would not have ad-
vanced past the Round of 32.
But without a doubt, too, Bar-
riga clearly won Round One, 5-4,
although it was a close encounter.
He also won Round Two by yet
another 5-4 score in another argu-
ably tight battle.
But by any yardstick of invinci-
bility, Barrigas 10-8 margin over
Zhakypov going to the third and
nal round was as formidable as
a ngertip advantage by swimmer
Michael Phelps with 50m left in
the mens 100m buttery.
Knowing the Panabo-born,
19-year-old Davaoeno, Barriga
could not have lost it.
But he did.
And, horror of horrors, not him
losing it, though, but, instead, it
was the Canadian referee handing
the Filipino the loss that was, sim-
ply, too bitter a pill to swallow to
use yet again that worn-out clich.
Barriga fading was absolutely
the result of Zhakypov repeatedly
wrestling the Filipino down to the
oor in the crucial last three min-
utes of the 9-minute bout.
Eerily, three times did the refe-
ree Roland Labbe warn Zhakypov
of pinning Barriga to the canvas.
In all three times that Labbe did
that, he never gave the Kazakh a
penalty, which was illogical to say
the least.
Labbe warned Barriga only once
for ducking that the referee later
deemed head-butting.
Horrifyingly, if not horribly,
Labbe would next impose a two-
point deduction on Barriga.
That slashed Barrigas three-
round total of 18 points to just 16 at
the end of the fateful ght.
With the two precious Barriga
points added to the Kazakh, Labbe
literally handed the bout on a silver
platter to Zhakypov, whose dubi-
ous 17-16 victory gave him a free
ride to the Round of 8.
I was in condition, Barriga said
after the ght. But I was exhausted
because my opponent was wrestling
me to the ground repeatedly.
During one Zhakypov-initiated
fall for both ghters, Labbe penal-
ized the two warriors.
That was the craziest of the
many crazy moves by the referee
as his ruling meant nothing since
the penalties cancelled each others
deductions out.
When Barriga was wrestled to
the mat again midway into the third
round, to Barrigas utter shock, he
was penalized two points by Labbe.
That all but sealed Barrigas
Because he kept of wrestling
me, it affected me badly, Bar-
riga said. Everytime I ducked, he
would wrestle me to the ground.
I cant explain why Barriga was
penalized for head-butting when he
was ducking, said coach Roel Ve-
Just minutes after Barrigas loss
was announced, I got this text-mes-
sage from a friend: Kazakhstan is
part of Maa in Olympic boxing,
including South Korea, Bulgaria
and Thailand.
Thats when I remembered what
Mel Lopez, the countrys former
Mayor of Manila and amateur box-
ing chief, told me while I was cov-
ering the 2000 Sydney Olympics,
minutes after our Arlan Lerio lost a
controversial ght: We didnt have
enough money coming here.
Go gure.
Four years earlier, in the 1996
Atlanta Olympics, Onyok Velasco
lost the boxing gold in a close ght
against a Bulgarian.
Right after Saturdays ght, Fili-
pino ofcials Patrick Gregorio and
Ed Picson protested Barrigas loss.
Labbes verdict getting reversed
might yet happen, given that two
earlier protests on biased ofciat-
ing had already been upheld in two
different weight divisions.
And should the appeal also send
Labbe leaving for home as did two oth-
er referees before him, poetic justice.
ALL IN. With still two months
to go before it tees off in Iloilos Sta.
Barbara, PAL communications chief
Joey de Guzman reports that the PAL
Ladies Interclub has already drawn
24 local teams as well as ve for-
eign squads, including powerhouse
Australia. Our course is more than
ready for the event, said Sta. Bar-
bara manager Butch Jamerlan of the
105-year-old Sta. Barbara layout, the
countrys oldest course. If Dear God
allows, and the event will not con-
ict with the Baguio Fil-Am from
Nov. 21 to Dec. 8, Ill see you there,
scrape past
UP Maroons
Bobcats surprise champion Jaguars
2nd Ebdane 4x4 Offroad Challenge set Aug. 18, 19
Legaspi leads PH Teams
charge in US Kids golfest
Alcantara prevails
Stags face Cards
Gesta in TKO win
RUDY Alcantara and Gilmer
Batestil showed the tree-line
fairways of the Philippine Navy
Golf Club with their crisp shot-
making as they emerged low
net and gross champions, re-
spectively, in the third leg of the
Magnolia Pure Water Senior
Golf Series in Taguig recently.
Organized by the Federation
of Philippine Amateur Seniors
Golfers Inc. , the Phil. Navy leg
also saw Rudy Amata copping
the title in Group I (55 to 59 years
old), Reuben Lista topping Group
II (60-64) and Mario Lugay win-
ning in Group III (65-69).
Buddy Mabulate captured
the crown in Group IV (70-74),
while Mariano Tabalba grabbed
the plum in Group V (75 and
above) to complete the indi-
vidual champions in the one-day
affair sponsored by San Miguel
Corporation. In the team com-
petition, the Veterans Seniors
Chapter (low net) and Aguinal-
do Seniors Chapter (low gross)
The rst two legs of the Mag-
nolia Pure Water series were
held in Valley and Veterans with
the next leg set at the Villamor
Golf Club on Aug. 10.
MERCITO No Mercy Gesta
dominated American Ty Barnett
and dropped him twice near the
end of round nine to win by a tech-
nical knockout at 2:59 of the round
at the Texas Station Casino in Las
Vegas Saturday Manila Time.
Future Hall of Famer Shane
Mosley agreed with the ESPN
Friday Night Fights fans who had
the hard-hitting Filipino southpaw
winning seven of the eight rounds
before referee Jay Nady called a
halt with Barnett on wobbly legs
and in no condition to continue.
Gesta dropped Barnett for the
second and last time with a big left
hand, a sweeping right and then
another big left that sent him to the
canvas just as the bell sounded.
The win raised undefeated
Gestas record to 26-0-1 with
14 knockouts, while Barnett
who dropped to 20-3-1 with
13 knockouts. Signicantly, all
three losses suffered by Barnett
from Washington DC were by
knockouts. Ronnie Nathanielsz
SAN Sebastian College and
Perpetual Help are hoping to
nish strong at the end of the
rst round of the 88th National
Collegiate Athletic Association
mens basketball tournament.
With one of the Big 3, Ian Sanga-
lang, out on an injury, the Stags will
try to figure out a way to deal with
the Mapua Cardinals at 6 p.m. today
at the Arena in San Juan.
On the other hand, the Per-
petual Help Altas battle the
Arellano University Chiefs at
4 p.m. Peter Atencio
Aboitiz golf starts Asian tour
THE Second Gov. Jun Ebdane
4x4 Offroad Challenge gets going
on Aug. 18 and 19 in an all-weather
sand-and-mud track in the tricky la-
har elds in Barangay Sindol in San
Narciso town, Zambales.
Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane said
the inaugurals last year proved
successful, prompting the provin-
cial government of Zambales to
follow up on the event, which was
held in Botolan town.
There will be new challenges
for this event, not only for the pro-
fessional truck racers, but for the
amateurs as well, and for bikers,
too, Ebdane said. And more rac-
ers have already registered for this
years event, in addition to those
who came to compete last year.
Eleven off-roader organizations
have so far signed up, with regis-
tration closing before ag off on
Aug. 18, according to Eric Mati-
bag, head of the Zambales Sports
and Youth Development Ofce.
A total of 33 drivers have taken
on the challenge, including last
years winners from the Angeles
4-Wheel Drive Club, Inc. Mati-
bag said that last year, there were
23 racers, who took to the tracks
constructed at the lahar eld in
Barangay Carael, Botolan.
The ZSYDO also said that new
groups, including the Ilocos Sur
4x4 Offroaders and the Nueva Ecija
Offroaders, will compete this year
in two difcult tracks designed by
members of the National Associa-
tion of Filipino Off-Roaders.
Last year, Edison Ton-ton
Dungca of Angeles City, bagged
the crown with an overall time of
ve minutes and 51:40 seconds.
Ebdane also said that an all-
terrain vehicle race could also be
held, depending on the response
of ATV-riders groups.
Some P200,000 in cash prizes
await the winners. The governor
said that the 4x4 Offroad Chal-
lenge could become an annual
event and a staple attraction for
Zambaless rainy days sports tour-
ism campaign.
The rainy season is a low time
for resorts and other tourism-relat-
ed establishments here. But hold-
ing events such as the off-road
challenge, as well as skimboard-
ing and surng competitions here
during this season, will help boost
income generation for our local
tourism industry, Ebdane said.
Were doing this because Zam-
bales has a lot of natural attractions
we can bank on. Rain or shine, we
know that our visitors wont get
shortchanged, he added.
Last years participantsPam-
panga Off-Roaders Club, San Jose
Del Monte 4-Wheelers, Bicol Off-
Roaders Club, Land Cruiser Club of
the Philippines, Santiago (Isabela)
Extreme, Cauayan (Bulacan) Off-
Road Club, Binangonan Rizal Off-
Roaders and the Suzuki Clubare
expected to return this year.
By Peter Atencio

TERRENCE Romeo came up
with one of his best games as
the Far Eastern University Tam-
araws survived a close call with
the University of the Philippines
Fighting Maroons, 73-70, in the
75th University Athletic Asso-
ciation of the Philippines mens
basketball tournament.
Romeo produced a career-high
24 points, hauled down nine re-
bounds and had eight assists in lead-
ing the Tamaraws to their fth win
in six games yesterday at the SM
Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.
This included a split free
throw in the last 1:54, which
contributed to the Tams effort
to keep their share of the lead
with Ateneo Blue Eagles.
Buti na lang savior si Ter-
rence. Kasi, bad game si RR (Gar-
cia). Ang sama kasi ng pakiram-
dam. Na-sprain kasi sa ensayo,
said Tams coach Bert Flores.
The Maroons, who absorbed
their fth straight setback, re-
fused to give up and still man-
aged to close in, 70-71, with
a trey from Alvin Padilla and
a split free throw from Mark
Lopez in the last ve seconds.
Anthony Hargrove had 10
points, including two charities in the
remaining 2.1 seconds, to give FEU
enough room to move out of range.
UP trailed by 10, 60-70, in the
last ve minutes when the Fight-
ing Maroons fought their way
back to within four behind bas-
kets from Chris Ball, Raul Soyud
and Lopez. Soyud had 11 points
and Lopez tallied nine.
The stellar eld ghting it out for
top honors in Cebu will all be around
when the Orchard event makes its
debut on the edgling Asian Devel-
opment Tour, a farm league of the
Asian Tour, on Aug. 15 offering a
total prize fund of $60,000.
The Asian Tour has played a
big role in the development of golf
in the Philippines and it is our goal
to give the upcoming players an
opportunity to enhance their talent
on the ADT platform, said Ricky
Razon, chairman and president of
the presenting International Con-
tainer Terminal Services, Inc.
The addition of the ICTSI Or-
chard Golf Championship thus
raised the tally on the ADT to a
record of 12 events this year with
the burgeoning circuit making
stops in Malaysia, Indonesia, Chi-
nese Taipei and the Philippines.
The top three players after
the 12-leg ADT circuit will earn
Asian Tour cards next year.
Meanwhile, Frankie Minoza has
joined the hunt for the top $11,375
purse in the Aboitiz Invitational,
ensuring a strong local challenge
in the event, sponsored by Aboitiz
Equity Ventures, Inc., which also
serves as the ninth leg of the ICTSI
Philippine Golf Tour.
Minoza, seeking a follow-up to
his victory at ICTSI Wack Wack
Championship last December,
hopes to contend for the crown
currently held by Jay Bayron with
a slew of local talents also fancied
to join the title chase in the blue-
ribbon four-day championship.
They include current local Order
of Merit frontrunner Tony Lascuna
and ICTSI PGT leg winners Miguel
Tabuena, Marvin Dumandan, Elmer
Salvador, Zanie Boy Gialon and
Mars Pucay and former three-time
Asian Tour leg winner and Philippine
Open champion Angelo Que.
MISSY Legaspi led the Philip-
pine contingent with the only
sub-par, two-round score of -3
(69-72) at the 2012 US Kids Golf
World Championships.
The the younger sister of ve-
time US Kids Golf World Champi-
on Miya, Missy is currently tied for
third and fourth positions in Girls
10 Years Old division, trailing 2010
champion Emilie Paltrinerri, who
leads with a -9 aggregate.
Pending a major collapse, she
goes into the nal day of competi-
tion with almost a lock for her rst
major trophy nish with the Top 5
of her division having a consider-
able lead over the rest of the eld.
Eight-year-old Jed Dy, the
only returning US Kids Golf
World champion for the Philip-
pines, was still smarting from his
5-stroke late tee off penalty on the
rst day and wasnt able to make
up too much lost ground, posting
a +2 score over 9 holes for +8 to-
tal (42-38) to move up from 37th
to 21st position, but still 9 strokes
off the leader from the US. It will
take a major miracle for the golf
prodigy to make a last day rall
and secure a top 5 nish.
Samantha Marie Bruce com-
pleted 24 holes on the second day
to stay in 12th place with a +5
total (75-74), only 4 strokes off
fth place and six strokes off the
rst three in a very strong eld in
Girls 11 Years Old, where the top
podium nishes are still up for
grabs on the third day. Yuka Saso
is in 17th place with a +9 (76-77).
CENTRAL Colleges of the Philip-
pines used its airtight defense on
the top guns of defending cham-
pion Philippine School of Business
Administration to pull off a 76-48
win yesterday at the start of the 11th
Universities and Colleges Athletic
Association mens basketball tour-
nament at the Ateneo Blue Eagle
gym in Quezon City.
A trapping defense worked
wonders for the Bobcats, who
limited the Jaguars to just four
points in the third quarter, and
the big lead they got afterwards
proved enough to put CCP in the
early lead of this cagefest support-
ed by Mikasa and Molten Balls.
The Bobcats trailed at the half,
28-29, but started turning the ta-
bles on the Jaguars at the begin-
ning of the third quarter.
Rookie Jerome Tarucan led
CCP with 14 points, highlighted
by two triples, including one in a
key 9-2 spurt handing the Bobcats
a 38-30 spread.
A series of interception plays by
the Bobcats and some bad passes
from the Jaguars then allowed CCP
to grab a 21-point, 53-32, advan-
tage at the end of the quarter.
It was all about having a good
trapping defense. Parati kaming
nakaka-intercept sa third quar-
ter, and we limited their top guns
from scoring, said CCP coach
Elias Tolentino.
John Ryan Magbanua and Peter
Guevarra chipped in 12 points for
the Bobcats, while Justine Puno
was the onlu productive player for
the Jaguars with 16 markers.
The Bobcats go for their sec-
ond straight win when they play
the Olivarez College Sea Lions on
Monday at the Olivarez College
gymnasium in Sucat, Paranaque.

Former Chairperson of National Youth Council Bam Aquino makes the ceremonial toss opening the 11th
season of the UCAA. ROMAN PROSPERO
Games Monday
(Olivarez College
10 a.m. DLSU-Dasma vs
11:30 a.m. OC vs CCP
1 p.m. PSBA vs EAC-
THE $65,000 Aboitiz Invitational Present-
ed by International Container Terminal
Services Inc. unfolding Wednesday at the
Cebu Country Club will kick off a two-
week swing of top-notch golng action in
the country with the ICTSI Orchard Golf
Championship slated next week at the
Orchard in Dasmarinas, Cavite.
Ebdane Games Today
(The Arena in San Juan)
12 nn Perpetual Help vs
Arellano (jrs)
2 p.m. Mapua vs San Se-
bastian (jrs)
4 p.m. Perpetual Help vs
Arellano (srs)
6 p.m. Mapua vs San Se-
bastian (srs)
Games Wednesday
(Smart-Araneta Coliseum)
2 p.m. La Salle vs Adam-
4 p.m. UE vs UST
sports@manilastandardtoday.com sports_mstandard@yahoo.com
Manila Standard TODAY
Jacobs is Cobra Ironman 70.3 champ a second time
Riera U. Mallari, Editor
6/49 000000
3 DIGITS 000
2 EZ2 00
Casimero keeps world title
By Reuel Vidal

CEBUPete Jacobs of Australia got
off to a blazing start, then relied on his
usual belligerent nish in the run, which
he calls his lethal weapon, to win the
4th Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3
Philippines at the posh Shangri-Las
Mactan Resort and Spa here.
Jacobs, who is an Alaska Milk
Ambassador, timed 4 hours 7 min-
utes and 38 seconds to win his third
consecutive Cobra Ironman 70.3 title.
He was the rst out of the water, but
four-time Cobra Ironman competitor
Cam Brown of New Zealand, briey
grabbed lead in the bike ride.
The two were virtually neck-and-
neck at the early stage of the run until
Jacobs imposed his will and stepped up
the pace to win the race convincingly.
Jacobs said the conditions were not as
oppressive as previous editions of the Co-
bra Ironman and the huge crowd of fans
lining the race route, virtually from end to
end, cheering them on helped a lot.
It was really hot. So that was a big
challenge for us. There was a headwind
coming in one direction. But we had a
tailwind coming back so that helped. It
was great to hear the fans cheering and
supporting us along the way, said Jacobs.
According to Cebu Province Gov.
Gwen Garcia, the biggest winner was
the province of Cebu, who not only
earned tourist dollars from visitors,
but was also the focus of worldwide
media attention during the race.
We are happy to host the biggest
sports event in the Philippines this year.
With guests from 31 countries, Cebu
is now at the center of the world map.
This is a big boost for sports tourism in
Cebu which will earn millions of pesos
for the province, said Gov. Garcia.
Motor racing superstar and 2009
Formula One World Champion Jenson
Button, who has painstakingly earned
a name in triathlon as well, joined the
race with girlfriend Japanese fashion
and lingerie model Jessica Michibata,
who competed in the relays. He nished
with a respectable time of 4:35:39.
Brown timed 4:09:01. Matt
OHalloran was third with a time of
4:19:32. Erich Felbabel was fourth with
a time of 4:27:24.
WIMBLEDON, EnglandRoger Federer has
been around the block, as he puts it. The Swiss
star has played for major titles, for the record books,
for a place in tennis history. On Sunday, he plays
for Olympic gold in singles. Thats new even for
him. The nal will be a rematch of the game the
top-ranked player won on the same court in the
Wimbledon nal a month ago. His opponent, Brit-
ish player Andy Murray, is hoping the novelty of the
situation will give him a slim advantage. Federer is
also trying to complete a career Golden Slam - all
four major titles and an Olympic win. AP
Floyd Jr.s
ght with
Pacman must
happen soon
PBA Draft
draws 71
Heading he
ading head
ing heading
heading hea
Phelps retires with 1 last gold medal
ByAlejandrodel Rosario
LAWYERS of undefeated Floyd
Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao
are supposed to meet this week to
thresh out the defamation suit by
the Filipino ring icon against the
trash- talking American.
Something could happen at the
sidelines of this key legal wran-
gling, possibly even the much-
awaited ght of the decade be-
tween the two, biggest, box-ofce
draws in boxing. Hey, you never
know, things happen when you
least expect it.
Having been recently released
from prison after two months for
domestic violence, Floyd might
have had some time to ponder his
future. This could include the pos-
sibility that maybe its time to ght
Pacquiao. This has to happen soon.
He is 33 and Manny is 32 and soon
both of them will no longer be at the
peak of their skills. Even Manny
seems to be losing his vaunted killer
punch, not to mention the killer in-
stinct he always brings into the ring
before he picked up a Bible to pros-
elytize about Gods words.
Who would want to spend
good money to see two washed-
up ghters with diminished skills,
hufng and pufng around the
ring for their last paycheck? Not
the moneyed Hollywood celebs
the two ring icons attract every
time they headline the marquee at
MGM Grand Hotel. Tinsel towns
regulars MarkWahlberg, Jack
Nicholson, Paris Hilton, Kanye
West (expect the man-eater Kim
Kardashian at his side), Mickey
Rourke and the now Vegas and
Broadway entertainer Mike Ty-
songive the MGM ringside are-
na a touch of Roman gladiatorial
days, when the ruling elite gather
at the Colosseum to exhilarate
and get a high at the spilling of
slaves blood.
A MayweatherPacquiao ght
would certainly be the ght of the
century. If the lawyers and account-
ants of both sides can convince the
Floyd camp and Pacquiao promoter
Bob Arum to moderate their greed,
maybe we could nally see the
elusive light at the end of this long
tunnel .
All right, lets make this hap-
pen! That should be foremost in
the minds of both sides. Not to do
so would be missing the golden op-
portunity of the biggest paycheck
for both ghters. They can then
retire, secure in their niche in box-
ings Hall of Fame.
After Mayweather, win or lose,
perhaps one last ght for Manny
against Timothy Bradley, who beat
him by a controversial decision
could be held at the Araneta Colise-
um. The Big Dome was the site of
the stunning seventh-round KO title
triumph of Gabriel FlashElorde
against Harold Gomes on March
16, 1960.
Manny should forget a fourth
ght with Juan Manuel Marquez
or a return bout with Miguel Cotto.
Manny, you dont have anything to
prove anymore with these two. An-
other match with Juanma would be
another ho-hum, while Cotto whom
you beat to a bloody pulp just came
out of a thrashing by Floyd.
Manny owes it to millions of his
Filipino fans to ght his last hur-
rah before a hometown crowd. He
could donate half of his purse to
his constituents in Saranggani, and
a portion for the training of future
Philippine Olympic boxers. With
the leftover from his purse, Manny
can still afford to buy Mommy Di-
onisia a dozen Hermes handbags
and there would still be plenty left
to maintain wife Jinkees lifetime
visits to Dr. Vicki Belo.
For the Araneta Coliseum man-
agement, it could donate the venue
and only charge expenses for light,
electricity and security includ-
ing the ushers needed for such an
event. A tax-free certicate can be
requested from the BIR for such a
charitable undertaking.
Offering the Big Dome as
venue will give George Araneta
his ROI in terms of publicity and
goodwill worth its weight in gold.
Now, if only Pacquiaos congres-
sional colleagues would just buy
their tickets instead of asking for
freebies and comps, we are in for a
jolly good time and accord our na-
tional boxing icon the sendoff and
much-needed rest he deserves. Bask
in your fame, Manny, enjoy your
fortune and most importantly, spend
quality time with your family!
A CAST of 71 aspirants beat
the deadline for application in
the coming PBA Annual Draft,
making the Aug. 19 proceed-
ings at the Midtown Robinsons
Place Manila one of the biggest
and highly anticipated events
ever in league history.
The late entry of long-time am-
ateur superstar Chris Tiu further
added glitter and excitement to
the leagues rst ofcial activity
for its coming 38th season.
Acquiring the precious no. 1
overall pick from Air21, Petron
is already bent on using the se-
lection on promising big man
Junmar Fajardo of the Univer-
sity of Cebu, but opted to keep
its card on its other pick (no. 3)
in the rst round.
With the 27-year-old Tiu -
nally throwing his hat on the
Draft sponsored by Angtea,
Banana Leaf and Tullys Cof-
fee, the proceedings especially
in the rst round are expected to
take a lot of turns with Alaska
selecting at no. 2, followed by
Petron, Meralco, and Barako
Bull (acquired from Petron).
Tiu, the former team captain of
Smart Gilas-Pilipinas, is projected
a rst-round pick by league scouts,
alongside reigning National Col-
legiate Athletic Association Most
Valuable Player Calvin Abueva,
former national team players
Aldrech Ramos and Fil-Ams Cliff
Hodge and Chris Ellis, and PBAD-
League MVP Vic Manuel.
LONDONMichael Phelps got
up to leave his last news conference
at the Olympic pool when his relay
mates were asked if they thought he
would really stay retired.
Before they could answer,
Phelps smiled and said emphati-
cally: Yes, yes.
The most decorated Olympian
called it a career on Saturday
night with a tting ending - a gold
medal in the 4x100-meter medley
relay at the London Games.
Phelps totals in four Olympics:
22 medals, 18 golds, 51 races and
9,900 meters of swimming.
Ive been able to do every-
thing that I wanted, he said. If
you can say that about your ca-
reer, theres no need to move for-
ward. Time for other things.
Having hung up his suit, cap
and goggles for the last time, the
27-year-old from Baltimore is look-
ing forward to the rest of his life.
He wants to travel and see
places beyond the pools and hotel
rooms of the last 12 years. His in-
tended destinations include Aus-
tralia and Europe. He wants to go
cage diving among great white
sharks in South Africa with Chad
le Clos, the last man to beat him
in the Olympics.
Ive been able to see so many
amazing places in the world, but
Ive really never gotten to experi-
ence them, Phelps said.
Theres golf and poker to be played,
too. He cant wait for his hometown
Ravens to start another football sea-
son, and dont be surprised if turns up
to watch some soccer matches.
Hes a true sports fanatic,
Debbie Phelps said.
And Mom knows best: He
needs time for himself rst, she
said. AP
Judge Levi Martinez had
Casimero ahead by one point,
114-113, while Matthew Podgor-
ski had the Filipino the winner by
a comfortable 116-111 margin.
The third judge, Dr. Ruben Gar-
cia, scored the ght for the home-
town boy, 114-113. Garcia was
THE International Amateur Box-
ing Association added insult to in-
jury when it threw out the protest
led by the Philippines against
the unwarranted deduction by the
referee against Filipino Mark An-
thony Barriga, who lost a one point
heartbreaker to his Kazakhstan ri-
val Birzhan Zhakypov at the ExCel
Arena on Saturday evening.
After dropping a close opening
round by a point, Barriga stormed
back with a big second round to
overcome the early decit and
grab a two-point lead, 10-8, en-
tering the third and nal round.
The bout was marred by sever-
al fouls, with Zakhypov wrestling
Barriga to the canvas a number
of times for which he received
warnings from the Canadian ref-
eree Labie Rolando, but no de-
On the other hand, Barriga
was penalized four points for al-
legedly wrestling the Kazakh
ghter and head-butting, which
ended with Zakhypov also be-
ing deducted two points with the
second infraction simultaneously
called against Barriga.
Ronnie Nathanielz
Mark Barriga (right) of the Phillipines is wrestled by Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan during their mens light yweight boxing competition at
the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Barriga lost, 16-17. AP
PH protest thrown out
By Ronnie Nathanielsz
JOHNRIEL Casimero retained his In-
ternational Boxing Federation light y-
weight title with a close, split-decision
win over previously undefeated Mexi-
can challenger Pedro Guevara at the
Mazatlan Convention Center in Sinaloa,
Mexico on Sunday.
the same judge, who, despite the
domination of Nonito Donaire
when he won the World Boxing
Organization super bantamweight
title against Wilfredo Vazquez Jr.
last February, scored the ght for
the latter in a scorecard that was
roundly booed by fans at the Ala-
madome in San Antonio, Texas.
With the win, Casimero im-
proved to 17-2 with 10 knockouts,
while Guevara, who suffered his
rst setback despite a gallant
stand, dropped to 18-1-1, with 13
A stunning, rst-round ash
knockdown by Casimero dropped
Guevara with a perfectly timed
uppercut. He followed it up with
another knockdown in Round 6,
when he caught the Mexican on
the side of the head, but referee
Ramon Corona ruled it a slip as
he also did when Guevara went
down twice in Round 10, one of
which for sure was a result of be-
ing off-balanced.
Guevara, to his credit, fought
back using his height and reach
and good boxing skills to make it
a close ght.
However, Casimero connected
with the more telling punches
and was also the more aggressive
ghter, pushing the action in the
so-called championship rounds,
despite Guevara being cheered on
by his hometown crowd.
He kept running and I got tired
chasing him and although only
one knockdown was called by the
referee, the second knockdown in
Round 6 helped get the decision,
Casimero told the Manila Stand-
ard in a post-ght interview.
Promoter Sammy Gello-ani said
ghting in Mexico is never easy.
Its very difcult. He had to drop
Guevara to win and I am happy that
he did and also happy with the re-
sult, said Gello-Ano, who told the
champ go after him, you can win.
Casimeros timing was off because
Guevara ran.
Winners of the Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines
are seated (from left) Monica Torres, Belinda Granger,
Caroline Steffen, Pete Jacobs, Bree Wee and Amanda
Stevens. The others are (standing from left) Erich Felbabel,
August Benedicto, Matt OHalloran and Cam Brown.
Manila Standard TODAY
Ray S. Eano, Editor extrastory2000@gmail.com
Roderick T. dela Cruz, Assistant Editor
Closing August 3, 2012
LPG/11-kg tank
Unleaded Gasoline
Auto LPG
Currency Unit US Dollar Peso
United States Dollar 1.000000 41.8500
Japan Yen 0.012786 0.5351
UK Pound 1.551400 64.9261
Hong Kong Dollar 0.128957 5.3969
Switzerland Franc 1.014199 42.4442
Canada Dollar 0.993345 41.5715
Singapore Dollar 0.800897 33.5175
Australia Dollar 1.050200 43.9509
Bahrain Dinar 2.652661 111.0139
Saudi Arabia Rial 0.266652 11.1594
Brunei Dollar 0.797703 33.3839
Indonesia Rupiah 0.000106 0.0044
Thailand Baht 0.031706 1.3269
UAE Dirham 0.272257 11.3940
Euro Euro 1.218200 50.9817
Korea Won 0.000884 0.0370
China Yuan 0.157050 6.5725
India Rupee 0.017908 0.7494
Malaysia Ringgit 0.320102 13.3963
NewZealand Dollar 0.811886 33.9774
Taiwan Dollar 0.033352 1.3958
Source: PDS Bridge
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Friday, August 3, 2012
Closing AUGUST 3, 2012
VOLUME 1011.240M
HIGH P41.850 LOW P41.975AVERAGE P41.929
Wireless leader
smart Communications,
inc. (smart) will soon
provide additional
payment services to its
50 million subscribers,
as subsidiary smart
Hub, inc. (sHi)
recently obtained a
license to accept and
process MasterCard
This is the frst
time that a non-bank
institution in the
Philippines has received
such an authorization
from the global fnancial
services giant.
The license makes
sHi an acquirer for
MasterCard, which
means sHi can now
accredit merchants and
process MasterCard
debit and credit card
transactions for them.
simply put, when a
customer makes a
purchase using his or her
card, sHi will process
the transaction request
and place funds in the
merchants account to
settle the transaction.
But sHi and smart
will introduce an
innovative twist to the
usual card payments.
Consumers will
be making credit and
debit card payments to
merchants using their
mobile phone, said
Tricia Dizon, head
of Smarts fnancial
services. smart, sHi,
and MasterCard are
empowering smart
subscribers and
MasterCard holders to
be a few steps ahead
in the move toward
an increasingly digital
society that is less
dependent on cash
This is another mobile
commerce milestone not
just for sHi and its parent
company smart, but for
the entire country as well.
After introducing the
worlds frst electronic
wallet service smart
Money we continue to
come up with innovations
that help Filipinos
complete their fnancial
transactions faster and
in a more convenient
manner, said smart
Chief Wireless Advisor
Orlando Vea, who is also
board director at sHi.
Other innovations
introduced by smart
are the worlds frst
over-the-air reloading
service offering airtime
in sachet-like packages
(smart load), a
service allowing
subscribers to pass
on airtime balances
to each other (Pasa
load), the worlds
frst international cash
remittance service
linked to a mobile
phone (smart Padala),
and the worlds frst
smartphone backed by
an operator-managed
platform (Netphone).
Consumers as
well as merchants
can look forward to
more convenient ways
of completing their
fnancial transactions,
as smart combines its
innovation leadership
and superior mobile
infrastructure with
sHis expertise in
mobile commerce,
said emmanuel
lorenzana, sHi
president and head
of smarts wireless
consumer division.
Buyers and sellers
under the smart network
can also be assured
that their transactions
will remain secure, for
smart and sHi never
sacrifce security for
convenience. We make
sure to provide both,
he added.
This is not the frst
time that sHi and
MasterCard have
joined forces. The two
companies partnered
in 2010 to mobilize
MasterCard payment
solutions for consumers
in developing countries.
A frst for a non-fnancial company in the country
Smart subsidiary gets
MasterCard acquiring license
In the photo are (from left to right) MasterCard President for Asia/Pacifc, Middle
East, and Africa Vicky Bindra; Smart Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando Vea; Smart
Financial Services Head Tricia Dizon; and MasterCard Southeast Asia Division
President Matthew Driver.
Meralco unit wants
Malaya power plant
PAL beefs up crew
for new Boeing jets
25 firms
fall short
of public
float rule
By Alena Mae S. Flores
MERALCO PowerGen Corp., the power
generation unit of Manila Electric Co.,
has expressed interest to acquire the 650-
megawatt Malaya thermal power plant in
Pililla, Rizal, a company ofcial said over
the weekend.
Meralco PowerGen
managing director Aaron
Domingo said the Malaya
power plant would fit into the
operations of Meralco, the
countrys biggest eletricity
retailer, although the
government has not decided
to auction the facility.
He said the site of the plant
is also covered by the franchise
area of Meralco.
Energy Secretary Jose Rene
Almendras earlier suspended
the privatization of the plant to
ensure the government will get
the best value for it.
He said selling the plant
now would only bring out its
property value. But the plant
could be transformed into
a real power investment
when the natural gas pipeline
is finished and the station is
converted to utilize the clean
fuel, making it an anchor
Korea Electric Power Corp.
rehabilitated the Malaya
plant in 1995 under a 15-year
maintain agreement. It consists
of a 300-MW unit with a
once-through type boiler and
a 350-MW unit tted with a
conventional boiler
The Malaya plant is currently
being run as a must-run unit,
or when there is a need for
additional power in the Luzon
Power Sector Assets and
Liabilities Management
Corp. is operating the
Malaya plant pending its
privatization. PSALM is set
to conduct the bidding for
the contract to operate and
maintain the Malaya plant
on Aug. 17 for a budget of
P555.828 million.
Domingo said Meralco
PowerGen would not join the
bidding for the Malaya power
The bidding for Malaya is
an O & M and not ownership.
MGen is not interested in
pursuing the O & M, Domingo
PSALM is conducting the
bidding ahead of the expiration
of the contract with SPC
Light Co.-SPC Power Corp.
consortium by Oct. 25.
Meralco PowerGen and its
partners are putting up a 600-
MW coal plant at the Subic
Freeport. The company is also
pursuing an aero-derivative
combined cycle power plant in
Calamba, Laguna, a liqueed
natural gas project and coal
projects with capacities ranging
from 300 to 500 megawatts
PNOC unit selling assets
THE government will sell several assets of PNOC
Development and Management Corp., the real estate
arm of state-owned Philippine National Oil Co.
Were rationalizing the real estate holding of
PNOC. This means we have to sell what have to be
sold, rent what needs to be rented out. We dont want
an asset that is not moving, Energy Secretary Jose
Rene Almendras said.
PDMC, one of the ve subsidiaries of PNOC,
is engaged in industrial estate development and
management. The company manages a 123-hectare
property in Rosario, Cavite.
A lot of the assets are actually being used. Step 1 was
to inventory the housing developments in Cavite and all
that so Im just making sure that there are no idle assets
in the portfolio. We sold some assets in Bohol, in some
other places which has no value to us, so we might as
well dispose it, Almendras said.
Almendras said he does not want PNOC to build
a mall because it is not part of its mandate, although
PDMC is presently looking at some joint venture
Were in talks [for possible joint venture] but we
cannot disclose it yet because its not yet nal, he said.
Alena Mae S. Flores
Insurers rehabilitation hangs
THE Finance Department will make a nal decision
on the planned rehabilitation of troubled pre-need
rm Prudential Plans Inc., according to the Insurance
The decision on the matter is all up to Secretary Cesar
Purisima, but I have not yet received any advice from
him, IC Commissioner Emmanuel Dooc told reporters
at the sidelines of the 62nd Philippine Life Insurance
Association anniversary.
Dooc said the agency received a congressional
resolution last week, asking the Finance Department
to defer any action on the approval of the rehabilitation
proposal of the PPI, until the conclusion of the
hearings in the lower chamber.
We have already forwarded it [congressional
resolution] to the Finance Department, he said.
PPI plan holders earlier asked Congress to investigate
the case and stop the implementation of the proposed
rehabilitation plan which was supposedly approved last
Three formal rehabilitation plans were
submitted to the Finance Department and were
reviewed by the IC and the Finance Departments
technical committee.
The proposals included those from Loyola Plans
Consolidated Inc., PPI-Manila Bankers Life Insurance
Co. and a group of protesting PPI plan holders who called
for the transformation of existing plans into equity.
Maria Bernadette Lunas
By Lailany P. Gomez
PHILIPPINE Airlines announced it is hiring more cabin crew to
augment its workforce in time for the arrival of brand-new Boeing
777-300ER aircraft.
The ag carrier ordered four Boeing 777-300ER, two of which
are expected to be delivered this year and the other two next year.
The third B777 in PALs wide-body eet will go into service across
the Pacic and Australia, its rst assignment.
The PAL recruitment team scheduled a hiring tour at the Diamond
Hotel to kick off its nationwide recruitment drive on Aug. 11 from 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. Registration will open at 8 a.m. and close at 10 a.m.
The ag carrier said the realignment of domestic and international
operations beginning October was expected to reduce operating
expenses by as much as $300 million a year.
Our growth strategy for Philippine Airlines is simple: the
modernization of its eet, the expansion of its network, and
improvements in passenger service, PAL president and chief
operating ofcer Ramon Ang said.
PAL also plans to y non-stop from Manila to Toronto, Paris and
New York as soon as the Category 2 restriction is lifted.
The airline said applicants from Metro Manila as well as Northern
and Southern Luzon who meet minimum qualications of PALs
cabin crew were invited to take part in the recruitment tour.
Aspiring cabin crews from Visayas and Mindanao were advised
to watch out for announcements as the PAL recruitment would go
to their regions in the coming months.
Applicants were advised to bring their resum, along with close-
up and full-body photos, and apply in person at the event.
PAL set minimum criteria required for all PAL cabin crew
applicants. Applicant must be a Filipino citizen, 18 to 27 years
old, and at least college level, it said.
The airline will accept female candidates who are single and
at least 53in height. Males must also be preferably single and
at least 56 in height, with perfect vision (20/20) or with contact
lenses but not beyond (20/30).
By Jenniffer B. Austria
TWENTY FIVE companies
are still unable to meet the
minimum public ownership
requirement of the Philippine
Stock Exchange.
Latest submissions of listed
rms published by the PSE
on its Web site showed these
companies had public oat of
less than 10 percent as of end-
June 2012.
These companies included
San Miguel Corp.s
subsidiaries San Miguel Pure
Foods Co. Inc., San Miguel
Properties Inc. and San
Miguel Brewery Inc. as well
as Eton Properties Philippines
Inc., PAL Holdings Inc.,
Philippine National Bank and
Allied Bank of taipan Lucio
Companies associated with
investment banker Roberto
Ongpin, namely Atok Big
Wedge Co. Inc. and Alphaland
Corp., also had public
ownership of less than 10
Other companies in the
list include First Metro
Investments Corp., Maybank
ATR Kim Eng Financial
Corp., SPC Power Corp.,
Vivant Corp., Alaska Milk
Corp., Cosmos Bottling Corp.,
Lafarge Republic Cement,
Mariwasa Siam Holdings,
and Manchester International
Holdings Unlimited.
Also included are Integrated
Microelectronics Inc.,
Filinvest Development Corp.,
Synergy Grid & Development
Philippines Inc., Sta. Lucia
Land Inc., 2GO Group Inc.,
JTH Davies Holdings Inc.,
Global Port 900 Inc. and
PNOC-Exploration Corp.
The PSE is giving listed
companies until the end of 2012
to comply with the 10-percent
minimum public ownership
It said companies failing
to comply by the end of
the year will face trading
suspension for a period of
not more than six months.
After the six-month
period, the continued non-
compliance will result in
Squaring a circle
JULY 30-AUGUST 3, 2012 JULY 23-27, 2012
Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. 62.90 13,912,270 884,653,501.50 61.85 18,935,850 1,163,678,282.00
Bank of PI 75.05 7,702,080 571,052,268.00 72.10 5,468,550 393,895,250.50
Bankard, Inc. 0.70 350,000 248,530.00 0.70 65,000 46,200.00
China Bank 478.00 178,950 85,535,036.00 480.00 115,880 55,248,804.00
BDO Leasing & Fin. Inc. 1.99 1,189,000 2,382,630.00 1.87 185,000 339,180.00
COL Financial 22.95 1,025,800 23,259,260.00 22.4 941,400 21,448,340.00
Eastwest Bank 19.5 8,599,600 165,980,438.00 18.7 3,636,000 67,880,426.00
Filipino Fund Inc. 11.10 7,600 80,566 10.50 2,600 27,120
First Abacus 0.80 100,000 80,000.00
First Metro Inv. 72 35,670 2,562,805.00 72 10,230 729,015.00
I-Remit Inc. 2.49 403,000 819,480.00 2.45 37,000 91,550.00
Manulife Fin. Corp. 450.00 4,470 1,905,550.00 452.00 120 54,200.00
Metrobank 99.75 15,033,030 1,486,935,810.00 94.95 11,024,700 1,037,538,134.50
Natl Reinsurance Corp. 2.03 2,935,000 5,879,390.00 2 1,674,000 3,291,980.00
Phil Bank of Comm 73.50 2,270 163,590.00 66.20 1,980 129,952.00
Phil. National Bank 75.00 2,919,270 218,678,047.00 73.90 746,170 53,970,037.00
Phil. Savings Bank 86.00 16,840 1,443,140.00 85.00 6,010 512,863.00
PSE Inc. 390 235,130 88,908,798.00 359.8 31,680 11,277,090.00
RCBC `A 44 4,942,600.00 217,829,365.00 44.05 2,046,500.00 90,090,590.00
Security Bank 150 6,324,370 913,853,320.00 136 2,538,800 346,623,058.00
Sun Life Financial 900.00 1,130 1,016,400.00 905.00 2,280 2,027,445.00
Union Bank 100.60 1,435,430 144,413,639.00 101.00 241,090 23,978,615.00
Vantage Equities 1.88 3,850,000 6,632,790.00 1.74 8,625,000 14,897,850.00
Aboitiz Power Corp. 34 6,811,600 234,888,805.00 34.7 10,488,900 359,563,070.00
Agrinurture Inc. 8.65 500,500 4,365,752.00 8.6 169,100 1,451,861.00
Alaska Milk Corp. 19.7 51,500 1,007,720.00 17.72 11,300 222,592.00
Alliance Tuna Intl Inc. 1.38 1,042,000 1,469,900.00 1.46 2,511,000 3,569,700.00
Alphaland Corp. 29.3 4,400 127,760.00 29.4 2,000 58,800.00
Alsons Cons. 1.41 2,611,000 3,670,390.00 1.37 13,069,000 18,611,530.00
Asiabest Group 26 271,400 7,190,095.00 27 499,900 13,793,750.00
Bogo Medellin 51.00 490 25,470.00 52.00 7,890 415,200.00
C. Azuc De Tarlac 15.00 16,000 225,500.00 16.50 400 6,500.00
Calapan Venture 2.38 58,000 137,770.00 2.48 227,000 558,440.00
Chemrez Technologies Inc. 2.55 1,207,000 3,053,780.00 2.53 1,090,000 2,744,680.00
Cirtek Holdings (Chips) 9.73 110,100 1,053,577.00 9.6 412,400 3,885,751.00
Energy Devt. Corp. (EDC) 5.89 54,535,200 325,555,651.00 6.03 56,094,600 338,083,128.00
EEI 7.35 37,105,800 265,562,682.00 6.65 27,149,000 182,342,807.00
Euro-Med Lab. 1.69 5,000 8,510.00 1.68 46,000 78,320.00
Federal Chemicals 9.70 4,700 45,590.00 9.65 1,800 17,370.00
First Gen Corp. 18.4 18,324,500 347,697,878.00 18.9 33,480,600 625,890,854.00
First Holdings A 77.25 2,718,230 211,308,504.50 78.25 3,675,700 285,349,912.50
Ginebra San Miguel Inc. 20.00 45,000 900,108.00 19.98 124,600 2,498,952.00
Greenergy 0.0160 684,600,000 9,925,100.00 0.0140 179,700,000 2,544,700.00
Holcim Philippines Inc. 12.58 5,535,400 67,785,928.00 11.60 591,100 6,843,178.00
Integ. Micro-Electronics 4.25 124,000 517,620.00 4.34 561,000 2,311,110.00
Ionics Inc 0.620 1,316,000 828,960.00 0.630 648,000 409,070.00
Jollibee Foods Corp. 105.60 3,599,900 368,590,017.00 104.60 2,205,420 228,639,685.00
Lafarge Rep 9.16 1,924,300 17,305,405.00 8.85 319,400 2,802,205.00
Liberty Flour 38.00 5,800 222,450.00 39.00 9,300 374,250.00
LMG Chemicals 2.01 1,914,000 3,854,550.00 2 5,144,000 10,379,170.00
Mabuhay Vinyl Corp. 1.46 17,000 24,820.00 1.46 89,000 130,120.00
Manchester Intl. A 2.54 115,000 287,990.00 2.7 107,000 288,960.00
Manchester Intl. B 2.57 26,000 66,630.00 2.55 1,000 2,550.00
Manila Water Co. Inc. 25.65 2,835,300 73,659,810.00 26.3 7,003,200 179,096,735.00
Megawide 16.60 2,034,900 33,000,722.00 16.16 5,908,200 95,144,870.00
Mla. Elect. Co `A 265.00 1,793,660 483,185,776.00 268.00 908,180 239,586,204.00
Pancake House Inc. 10.5 3,200 34,170.00 11 1,400 15,400.00
Pepsi-Cola Products Phil. 3.41 95,571,000 311,048,660.00 2.87 6,154,000 17,843,210.00
Petron Corporation 10.04 6,150,600 61,954,522.00 10.10 8,634,000 86,376,501.00
Phinma Corporation 10.36 52,400 543,438.00 10.50 6,800 71,390.00
Phoenix Petroleum Phils. 8.50 216,300 1,870,956.00 8.85 266,500 2,322,828.00
RFM Corporation 3.90 13,491,000 48,063,040.00 3.34 4,354,000 14,448,320.00
Roxas and Co. 1.51 1,000 1,510.00 2.25 6,000 13,500.00
Roxas Holdings 2.38 33,000 79,300.00 2.49 40,000 97,300.00
Salcon Power Corp. 5.19 52,200 271,385.00 5.12 41,400 214,468.00
San Miguel Brewery Inc. 34.20 744,300 25,332,585.00 34.00 857,500 29,084,190.00
San Miguel Corp `A 112.50 1,579,560 176,673,990.00 111.80 1,593,310 178,718,717.00
Seacem 2.39 113,404,000 244,479,570.00 1.90 11,699,000 22,221,660.00
Splash Corporation 1.77 1,788,000 3,197,800.00 1.81 52,000 94,490.00
Swift Foods, Inc. 0.140 12,160,000 1,649,190.00 0.141 3,840,000 537,430.00
Tanduay Holdings 10.88 174,207,800 1,856,716,284.00 4.96 20,264,300 97,902,642.00
TKC Steel Corp. 2.15 852,000 1,769,970.00 2.18 33,000 69,560.00
Trans-Asia Oil 1.18 5,850,000 6,921,260.00 1.19 12,331,000 14,601,730.00
Universal Robina 59.85 12,919,670 766,491,292.00 58.45 14,951,970 873,527,302.50
Victorias Milling 1.29 94,833,000 130,557,470.00 1.2 8,795,000 10,628,440.00
Vitarich Corp. 0.570 3,071,000 1,773,210.00 0.620 944,000 560,610.00
Vivant Corp. 9.49 10,000 92,064.00 9.95 4,700 45,490.00
Vulcan Indl. 0.97 2,586,000 2,682,690.00 1.08 3,831,000 3,953,850.00
Abacus Cons. `A 0.92 61,946,000 58,022,660.00 0.93 290,206,000 272,304,660.00
Aboitiz Equity 48.20 4,455,500 218,291,535.00 48.45 7,920,200 378,261,965.00
Alcorn Gold Res. 0.0180 90,500,000 1,558,500.00 0.0170 123,100,000 2,105,500.00
Alliance Global Inc. 11.04 74,017,700 841,951,000.00 11.50 54,293,500 624,925,262.00
Anglo Holdings A 2.00 737,200 1,674,070.00 1.99 1,543,000 3,001,580.00
Anscor `A 4.70 637,000 3,027,070.00 4.80 298,000 1,402,320.00
Asia Amalgamated A 5.00 846,900 4,237,711.00 5.00 187,500 922,068.00
ATN Holdings A 2.55 4,943,000 13,651,390.00 2.78 5,971,000 15,306,520.00
ATN Holdings B 3.4 5,129,000 17,241,170.00 3.1 1,914,000 5,606,910.00
Ayala Corp `A 430 3,023,570 1,295,305,996.00 416 6,260,420 2,592,568,458.00
DMCI Holdings 57.60 10,038,160 581,187,510.00 57.00 8,162,320 463,985,205.00
Filinvest Dev. Corp. 4.20 1,531,000 6,543,750.00 4.24 1,316,000 5,502,040.00
Forum Pacic 0.250 460,000 104,050.00 0.260 1,420,000 369,150.00
GT Capital 548 1,082,610 592,251,900.00 531 587,720 309,369,305.00
House of Inv. 5.08 2,017,700 10,048,105.00 4.95 93,100 448,228.00
JG Summit Holdings 33.45 3,493,500 116,143,375.00 32.50 5,403,700 173,916,345.00
Jolliville Holdings 2.8 24,000 71,890.00 3.55 904,000 2,775,950.00
Keppel Holdings `B 4 10,000 40,000.00
Lopez Holdings Corp. 5.7 27,653,300 156,330,085.00 5.82 7,756,500 45,919,625.00
Lodestar Invt. Holdg.Corp. 1.06 8,027,000 8,668,840.00 1.13 8,990,000 9,860,360.00
Mabuhay Holdings `A 0.450 6,060,000 2,693,200.00 0.485 80,000 38,800.00
Marcventures Hldgs., Inc. 2.31 4,860,000 11,362,690.00 2.4 8,504,000 20,446,560.00
Metro Pacic Inv. Corp. 4.20 90,038,000 375,325,570.00 4.06 97,405,000 399,506,470.00
Minerales Industrias Corp. 5.38 389,500 2,074,736.00 5.35 753,600 3,967,393.00
MJCI Investments Inc. 9.66 1,555,700 13,458,937.00 6.05 51,000 299,504.00
Pacica `A 0.0550 37,580,000 2,069,860.00 0.0560 29,190,000 1,653,420.00
Prime Media Hldg 1.420 305,000 453,450.00 1.460 281,000 432,790.00
Prime Orion 0.465 350,000 162,750.00 0.460 850,000 394,000.00
Republic Glass A 2.1 30,000 63,360.00 2.1 10,000 21,160.00
Seafront `A 1.51 120,000 184,260.00
Sinophil Corp. 0.330 5,000,000 1,671,800.00 0.330 850,000 283,200.00
SM Investments Inc. 751.00 1,414,910 1,925,719,183.00 740.50 1,719,520 1,247,501,390.00
Solid Group Inc. 1.70 18,167,000 31,113,780.00 1.56 2,949,000 4,536,610.00
South China Res. Inc. 1.18 341,000 387,880.00 1.17 494,000 579,160.00
Unioil Res. & Hldgs 0.2300 110,000 27,800.00 0.2700 1,500,000 349,210.00
Wellex Industries 0.3050 5,890,000 1,836,400.00 0.3200 3,430,000 1,086,950.00
Zeus Holdings 0.400 6,340,000 2,721,400.00 0.450 3,990,000 1,780,050.00
Anchor Land Holdings Inc. 20.40 25,700 494,943.00 20.85 9,400 207,903.00
A. Brown Co., Inc. 2.55 32,000 80,600.00 2.49 238,000 592,850.00
Araneta Prop `A 0.600 223,000 133,070.00 0.570 1,022,000 602,460.00
Arthaland Corp. 0.175 1,000,000 175,270.00 0.170 1,280,000 225,210.00
Ayala Land `B 22.40 79,262,500 1,737,548,550.00 21.30 84,787,100 1,717,029,917.00
Belle Corp. `A 4.9 16,409,700 81,427,419.00 5.02 8,794,800 43,757,572.00
Cebu Holdings 5.55 3,240,300 17,992,983.00 5.61 355,000 2,020,672.00
Cebu Prop. `A 5.04 90,900 449,019.00 5.02 120,000 589,800.00
Centennial City 1.41 18,529,000 26,648,690.00 1.46 15,148,000 22,549,220.00
City & Land Dev. 2.55 69,000 175,860.00 2.50 16,000 40,000.00
Cityland Dev. `A 1.19 235,000 269,880.00
Crown Equities Inc. 0.077 100,000 7,550.00 0.074 220,000 16,340.00
Cyber Bay Corp. 0.81 8,494,000 6,915,260.00 0.81 7,278,000 5,989,540.00
Empire East Land 0.860 91,948,000 80,947,330.00 0.880 243,994,000 220,671,120.00
Ever Gotesco 0.195 4,790,000 942,870.00 0.199 30,680,000 6,187,400.00
Global-Estate 2.00 17,967,000 36,039,670.00 2.03 8,413,000 16,879,820.00
Filinvest Land,Inc. 1.33 99,019,000 133,789,650.00 1.35 120,685,000 162,122,670.00
Highlands Prime 1.69 152,000 267,050.00 1.80 57,000 96,540.00
Interport `A 1.25 913,000 1,109,390.00 1.24 450,000 532,110.00
Keppel Properties 2.55 15,000 36,570.00 2.60 451,000 932,380.00
Megaworld Corp. 2.23 176,234,000 395,893,810.00 2.24 340,540,000 745,424,940.00
MRC Allied Ind. 0.1510 32,530,000 5,064,320.00 0.1610 11,170,000 1,807,420.00
Phil. Estates Corp. 0.6700 13,075,000 8,604,370.00 0.6600 6,754,000 4,394,510.00
Phil. Realty `A 0.450 350,000 160,800.00 0.440 1,050,000 464,300.00
Phil. Tob. Flue Cur & Redry 14.58 100 1,458.00
Primex Corp. 3.79 36,000 125,010.00 3.79 260,000 927,610.00
Robinsons Land `B 19.00 11,509,400 224,036,296.00 19.50 30,003,600 577,507,078.00
Rockwell 4 7,509,000 27,408,310.00 3.12 433,000 1,351,820.00
San Miguel Prop. 550 70 34,000.00
Shang Properties Inc. 2.68 1,630,000 4,257,090.00 2.57 256,000 645,630.00
SM Development `A 6.26 18,793,600 117,980,472.00 6.20 10,964,900 67,572,954.00
SM Prime Holdings 13.80 65,697,700 914,859,816.00 13.36 24,259,800 322,370,964.00
Sta. Lucia Land Inc. 0.73 4,320,000 3,239,970.00 0.71 1,989,000 1,397,150.00
Starmalls 4.12 1,139,000 4,653,670.00 4.1 616,000 2,303,090.00
Suntrust Home Dev. Inc. 0.540 1,667,000 879,650.00 0.520 1,385,000 717,900.00
Vista Land & Lifescapes 4.500 43,732,000 192,160,530.00 4.250 74,074,000 313,744,910.00
2GO Group 1.7 6,000 10,500.00
ABS-CBN 31.5 496,400 15,476,450.00 33.25 58,000 1,981,290.00
Acesite Hotel 1.48 5,988,000 8,797,310.00 1.5 7,225,000 10,994,030.00
APC Group, Inc. 0.630 2,488,000 1,556,180.00 0.630 749,000 471,870.00
Asian Terminals Inc. 8.83 238,700 2,147,644.00 8.9 150,000 1,345,010.00
Berjaya Phils. Inc. 27 1,000 27,000.00 27 500 13,500.00
Bloomberry 10.00 26,430,500 267,751,764.00 9.99 21,498,400 212,529,499.00
Boulevard Holdings 0.1100 93,250,000 10,884,000.00 0.1220 42,950,000 5,404,550.00
Calata Corp. 5.94 14,362,100 94,179,199.00 8.42 3,162,700 26,466,680.00
Cebu Air Inc. (5J) 68.90 703,960 48,191,429.00 69.00 1,204,970 82,008,263.50
Centro Esc. Univ. 10 4,800 48,900.00 10 5,400 54,150.00
DFNN Inc. 5.95 617,900 3,787,246.00 5.90 147,300 864,515.00
FEUI 970 360 349,200.00 970 1,110 1,085,300.00
Globalports 24.5 1,100 25,785.00 29 100 2,900.00
Globe Telecom 1150.00 474,060 542,295,000.00 1179.00 216,095 257,317,150.00
GMA Network Inc. 10.36 5,475,800 56,489,150.00 10.20 2,034,000 20,807,214.00
Grand Plaza Hotel 44.00 1,000 43,500.00
I.C.T.S.I. 72 2,987,540 216,301,616.50 72 5,132,410 361,716,244.00
Information Capital Tech. 0.410 1,110,000 460,650.00 0.415 2,260,000 953,700.00
Imperial Res. `A 8.50 8,000 68,000
IPeople Inc. `A 6.7 72,100 474,808.00 6.6 7,000 46,200.00
IP Converge 2.15 1,536,000 3,240,840.00 2.38 2,369,000 5,567,150.00
IP E-Game Ventures Inc. 0.040 213,400,000 8,735,100.00 0.042 299,400,000 11,938,400.00
IPVG Corp. 1.02 5,846,000 5,967,950.00 1.04 2,817,000 2,946,450.00
Island Info 0.0460 5,740,000 271,220.00 0.0510 7,700,000 377,310.00
ISM Communications 3.0800 329,000 976,720.00 2.9000 168,000 480,270.00
JTH Davies Holdings Inc. 2.5 1,021,000 2,618,170.00 2.57 223,000 526,720.00
Leisure & Resorts 8.42 8,047,200 69,542,474.00 8.49 5,478,400 46,243,213.00
Liberty Telecom 2.80 290,000 803,880.00 2.78 447,000 1,219,390.00
Lorenzo Shipping 1.35 12,000 16,680.00
Macroasia Corp. 2.80 1,484,000 4,389,240.00 2.80 62,000 173,600.00
Manila Bulletin 0.79 543,000 414,860.00 0.76 403,000 303,460.00
Manila Jockey 3.82 43,610,000 133,176,730.00 2.38 7,913,000 18,794,210.00
Metro Pacic Tollways 6.51 700 4,566.00
Pacic Online Sys. Corp. 14.08 276,400 3,865,970.00 14 24,300 338,872.00
PAL Holdings Inc. 7.14 281,700 2,049,269 7.30 515,100 3,757,602
Paxys Inc. 3.15 23,236,000 74,509,170.00 3.01 1,933,000 5,804,990.00
Phil. Racing Club 9.51 1,099,400 10,445,086.00 9.5 1,005,000 9,547,500.00
Phil. Seven Corp. 66.00 7,738,200 512,016,902.00 60.00 13,270 780,070.00
Philweb.Com Inc. 15.86 7,545,200 116,521,880.00 15.04 6,040,100 89,369,684.00
PLDT Common 2758.00 451,860 1,234,921,170.00 2698.00 589,010 1,581,613,190.00
PremiereHorizon 0.330 4,210,000 1,372,800.00 0.320 7,660,000 2,481,250.00
Puregold 27.40 25,392,600 682,396,440.00 26.45 29,058,400 753,003,585.00
Touch Solutions 3.54 12,000 42,480.00 3.53 161,000 567,750.00
Transpacic Broadcast 2.73 398,000 1,177,860.00 2.75 229,000 623,850.00
Waterfront Phils. 0.450 5,941,000 2,833,550.00 0.435 1,010,000 436,250.00
Abra Mining 0.0040 222,000,000 894,600.00 0.0041 133,000,000 547,200.00
Apex `A 5.00 499,200 2,476,855.00 5.15 646,400 3,343,685.00
Apex `B 5.00 314,000 1,578,067.00 5.20 784,700 4,080,472.00
Atlas Cons. `A 17.30 1,972,900 34,368,014.00 17.38 2,563,700 44,655,976.00
Atok-Big Wedge `A 27.95 3,800 101,725.00
Basic Energy Corp. 0.250 16,090,000 4,034,850.00 0.255 10,520,000 2,679,950.00
Benguet Corp `A 24.8 85,200 2,123,100.00 23.15 56,300 1,380,035.00
Benguet Corp `B 24 9,400 228,785.00 23.15 116,500 2,702,605.00
Century Peak Metals Hldgs 1.26 1,119,000 1,431,260.00 1.27 3,158,000 4,046,090.00
Dizon 28.50 1,793,100 51,664,245.00 31.30 343,500 10,757,230.00
Geograce Res. Phil. Inc. 0.57 25,791,000 14,845,450.00 0.6 28,702,000 17,035,080.00
Lepanto `A 1.210 102,983,000 128,122,740.00 1.240 45,759,000 56,728,490.00
Lepanto `B 1.260 35,746,000 47,675,040.00 1.330 11,121,000 14,573,590.00
Manila Mining `A 0.0670 718,540,000 48,148,970.00 0.0660 371,960,000 24,786,700.00
Manila Mining `B 0.0670 217,200,000 14,921,170.00 0.0680 122,180,000 8,229,710.00
Nickelasia 26.6 2,902,900 79,975,735.00 28.3 2,266,400 63,880,250.00
Nihao Mineral Resources 9.7 5,111,300 48,353,525.00 9.86 1,503,700 14,802,038.00
Omico 0.7000 630,000 435,830.00 0.7100 112,000 78,450.00
Oriental Peninsula Res. 4.920 5,060,000 25,276,602.00 5.010 6,002,600 29,881,854.00
Oriental Pet. `A 0.0180 249,400,000 4,486,200.00 0.0180 98,400,000 1,759,600.00
Oriental Pet. `B 0.0190 32,600,000 598,000.00 0.0190 4,800,000 89,300.00
Petroenergy Res. Corp. 6.00 51,500 308,513.00 5.95 209,500 713,558.00
Philex `A 19.96 22,731,200 476,590,728.00 22.15 10,750,500 234,158,020.00
PhilexPetroleum 38 2,588,200 99,639,100.00 38.35 3,042,600 113,891,990.00
Philodrill Corp. `A 0.050 1,078,840,000 54,554,920.00 0.051 1,384,110,000 69,936,820.00
PNOC Expls `B 41 300 12,300.00 40 900 36,000.00
Semirara Corp. 227.00 1,439,660 326,285,936.00 227.00 1,041,920 234,978,202.00
United Paragon 0.0150 504,000,000 8,114,100.00 0.0170 217,400,000 3,607,900.00
ABS-CBN Holdings Corp. 29.5 14,755,603 129,141,865.00 31 966,400 31,223,720.00
Ayala Corp. Pref `A 555 100 55,550.00 552 240 132,480.00
First Gen F 103 5,730 590,190.00 101 20,000 2,020,000.00
First Gen G 102.8 45,790 4,706,869.00 102.5 38,050 3,890,570.00
First Phil. Hldgs.-Pref. 103.5 149,120 15,451,864.00 103.9 1,100 114,200.00
GMA Holdings Inc. 10.3 4,524,700 46,566,976.00 10.2 1,066,100 10,872,532.00
PCOR-Preferred 111.1 225,770 25,033,313.00 110.6 113,000 12,464,808.00
SMC Preferred 1 75.1 3,200 240,255.00 75 10,490 788,084.00
SMPFC Preferred 1025 1,900 1,945,100.00 1023 11,035 11,268,805.00
Swift Pref 1.14 96,000 110,150.00 1.14 68,000 76,520.00
Megaworld Corp. Warrants 1.21 4,204,000 5,218,650.00 1.23 1,469,000 1,776,020.00
Omico Corp. Warrant 0.0690 340,000 23,100.00
Trading seen weak
on global concerns
Philodrill Corp. `A 1,078,840,000
Manila Mining `A 718,540,000
Greenergy 684,600,000
United Paragon 504,000,000
Oriental Pet. `A 249,400,000
Abra Mining 222,000,000
Manila Mining `B 217,200,000
IP E-Game Ventures Inc. 213,400,000
Megaworld Corp. 176,234,000
Tanduay Holdings 174,207,800
SM Investments Inc. 1,925,719,183.00
Tanduay Holdings 1,856,716,284.00
Ayala Land `B 1,737,548,550.00
Metrobank 1,486,935,810.00
Ayala Corp `A 1,295,305,996.00
PLDT Common 1,234,921,170.00
SM Prime Holdings 914,859,816.00
Security Bank 913,853,320.00
Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. 884,653,501.50
Alliance Global Inc. 841,951,000.00
Swerve sweetener launched. United States embassy ofcials together with Filipino businessmen
graced the formal launching of Swerve all-natural sweetener during the opening ceremonies of the World
Food Expo at the World Trade Center in Pasay City on Aug. 1. CSP International Commodities Corp. will
distribute Swerve in the Philippines. Shown (from left) are CSP chairman Sammy Seoren, US agricultural
attach Bill Verzani, US Department of Agriculture representative Ramona Singian, US counselor for
management affairs Robert Riley and CSP president Maritess Concepcion.
THE current education system was designed and
conceived and structured for a different age, declares
Sir Ken Robinson. It was conceived in the intellectual
culture of the Enlightenment and in the economic
circumstance of the Industrial Revolution.
Patterned after the operations of a factory,
standardization was the result. Although circumstances
in the 21st century hardly have anything in common
with that of the preceding century, the current system
continues trying to meet the future by doing what they
did in the past and are alienating millions of kids who
dont see any purpose in going to school.
Initially presented in the inuential Technology,
Entertainment, Design Conference, Sir Robinsons
Changing Education Paradigm poses the challenges
confronting the current education system.
Decades earlier, popular culture, science and
psychology have hypothesized on the nature of
learning. Edward de Bono, in his book Mechanisms of
the Mind, suggests that to spur creative thinking, one
has to disrupt ones preferred pattern of thinking. In
1983, Howard Gardner proposes that intelligence does
not arise from a single source in the mind, but from a
collaboration of multiple intelligences in it and yet are
relatively independent of each other. According to Daniel
Goleman, human intelligence is not purely the interplay
between analytic and abstract thinking. It also includes
and involves the abilities to relate with other human
beings. These he identied as emotional and social
Learners have always dealt with distractions, but their
technological appendages, and the constant stream
of stimuli offered, pose an entirely new challenge to
focusing and learning. Moreover, learners today have to
deal with far more information than learners a few decades
ago. Educational institutions and formal instructors alike
will have to compete with these growing distractions.
Due to the ubiquity of online access, learners have
shifted their formal sources of information and learning
to informal sources. Though informal, these sources are
preferred for fun, entertainment and interaction.
TED or tedtalks.com, a Web site that features ideas
worth spreading and are challenging our ways of thinking
can be accessed and downloaded any time. These short
talks of prominent and learned personalities are engaging.
For more than six years now, the Web site provides access
to a total of 1,050 videos of TED conferences. As of last
count, views of these videos have reached 500 million.
Math learners all over the globe are not from their
formal instructors. They are learning online and
informally through Salman Khan, a 35-year-old hedge
fund manager who is now a YouTube professor to millions
of young learners around the world. Through his Web
site khanacademy.org, Khan has already uploaded 5,000
teaching videos that are available for free. Although the
site started as a tutorial for math, algebra and calculus,
it now has video tutorials on history, art and physics.
Khan called it the ipped classroom. Not surprisingly,
it has the nancial support of Googles Eric Schmidt and
Microsofts Bill Gates.
Although formal instructors may still be needed, their
roles have to be transformed radically. With seemingly
innite access to information, the learner will cease
to see the relevance of an instructor. However, due to
standardization of education, the learner would still need
a formal instructor. Nevertheless, the instructor will only
be relevant if he is of use and of value to the learner.
The present paradigm is almost bereft of practicality
and use. Learning by rote will only frustrate the learner.
Developing learners using the fast food model will
impoverish their spirit.
A few years ago, the Association for Supervision and
Curriculum Development introduced a tool that can be
utilized for educational planning focused on teaching
for understanding. Created by Grant Wiggins and
Jay McTighe, Understanding by Design aims to guide
teachers in implementing a standards-based curriculum
that leads to student understanding and achievement.
Calling it a backward design approach, instructors
start with the desired outcomes rst prior to designing
curriculum and planning activities.
Recently, the Commission on Higher Education issued
a directive requiring all higher education institutions to
shift to an outcomes-based education. This is in the same
vein as Wiggins and McTighes UbD concept. This is a
good start.
In his latest book The Element: How Finding Your
Passion Changes Everything, Sir Robinson maintains, the
task is to educate the whole being of the students so they
can face the future. We may not see the future, but they
will and our job is to help them make something of it.
R. Carpio So is an entrepreneur and a management
consultant. He lectures on Strategic Management,
Management Principles and Organizational Behavior
at the Ramon V. del Rosario School of Business at De
La Salle University-Manila. He welcomes comments at
The views expressed above are the authors and do
not necessarily reect the ofcial position of DLSU, its
faculty, and its administrators.
By Jenniffer B. Austria
TRADING in the stock market is expected
to remain sluggish this week, with a
downward bias amid increased concerns
over the pace of progress in resolving
Europes debt crisis, the US recovery and
Chinas slowing growth.
Accord Capital Equities
Corp. trader Justino Calaycay
said the market was ripe for a
mini-correction, as negative
developments overseas may push
the index down to 5,190 points or
even as low as 4,750, especially
as the market enters the traditional
ghost month of August.
Calaycay, however, said the
technical correction would be
followed by consolidation,
enabling the market to build a
solid base before hitting the 5,600
to 5,800 PSEi by end of the year.
One major factor that could
reverse the direction and push the
market upward this week is the
second-quarter earnings report of
listed rms. So far, second-quarter
corporate earnings have been in
line with market expectations and
this could provide condence for
investors to remain invested in
the stock market.
Online brokerage rm COL
Financial also expects technical
correction to take place sometime
this quarter, as share prices have
become expensive compared
to other countries in the region
because of the markets steady
rise since the start of the year.
COL Financial, however, is
maintaining its year-end PSEi
target of 5,500.
Last week, the PSEi gained
1.27 percent over the ve-
day market trading to close at
5,285.91 points, as the negative
developments overseas was
countered by the positive
earnings report of listed rms.
AB Capital Securities said
prior to the separate meetings
of the Federal Reserve and the
European Central Bank, markets
were optimistic that they would
announce clear measures
on resuscitating their ailing
ManilaStandardToday extrastory2000@gmail.com AUGUST 6, 2012 MONDAY
Amb. Jesus P. Tambunting
Atty. Ricardo J. Romulo
Vice Chairman
Maria Flordelis F. Aguenza
Fe Miranda T. Aruta
Robert W. Van Zwieten
Director, representing
Asian Development Bank
Geert H.P.B. Van Der Linden
Director, representing
Netherlands Development
Finance Company (FMO)
Ronald A. Polido
Independent Director
Paulino B. Reyes
Independent Director
Steven A. Tambunting
Antonio P. Tambunting Jr.
Atty. Jose P. Tambunting
Atty. Odel S. Janda
Corporate Secretary
Amb. Jesus P. Tambunting
Cr|el Execul|ve 0llcer
Fe Miranda T. Aruta
President and COO
Maria Agnes J. Angeles
Executive Vice President
Carlos M. Borromeo
Executive Vice President
Liberty S. Basilio
Senior Vice President
J. Margarita O. Umali
Senior Vice President
Gary A. Vargas
Senior Vice President
Cash and Cash Items............................................................................................................................
Due from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas .................................................................................................
Due from Other Banks..........................................................................................................................
F|rarc|a| Assels al Fa|r va|ue lrrougr Proll or Loss............................................................................
Available-for-Sale Financial Assets Net..............................................................................................
Held-to-Maturity (HTM) Financial Assets Net.....................................................................................
Loars ard Rece|vao|es - Nel ...............................................................................................................
Other Financial Assets ..........................................................................................................................
Equity Investment in Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures Net..............................................
Bank Premises, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Net....................................................................
Rea| ard 0lrer Properl|es Acqu|red - Nel...........................................................................................
Non-Current Assets Held for Sale ........................................................................................................
Other Assets Net................................................................................................................................
TOTAL ASSETS ................................................................................................................................
Perlorrarce 3lardoy Lellers ol Cred|l..................................................................................................
Commitments ........................................................................................................................................
Spot Foreign Exchange Contracts ........................................................................................................
Trust Department Accounts ..................................................................................................................
Others ...................................................................................................................................................
TOTAL CONTINGENT ACCOUNTS.....................................................................................................
1. Nor-Perlorr|rg Loars (NPLs).........................................................................................................
2. Ral|o ol Nor-Perlorr|rg Loars lo Tola| Loar Porllo||o (NPL lo TLP)..............................................
3. C|ass|led Loars ard 0lrer R|s| Assels .........................................................................................
4. 3pec|lc Prov|s|or lor Loar Losses .................................................................................................
5. Relurr or Equ|ly (R0E)....................................................................................................................
. 003Rl Loars ard Rece|vao|es .......................................................................................................
Z. Pasl 0ue 003Rl Loars ard Rece|vao|es .......................................................................................
8. Ral|o ol Pasl 0ue 003Rl Loars ard Rece|vao|es lo TLP ..............................................................
9. Compliance with Magna Carta
a. 8% Micro and Small Enterprises..................................................................................................
b. 2% Medium Enterprises ..............................................................................................................
10. Cap|la| Adequacy Ral|o (CAR or 3o|o 8as|s) urder C|rcu|ar No. 88 or C|rcu|ar No. 280
as applicable
a. Tola| CAR ....................................................................................................................................
o. T|er 1 CAR ...................................................................................................................................
11. Deferred Charges (SPV) not yet written down.... .............................................................................
12. urooo|ed A||oWarce lor Prooao|e Losses or F|rarc|a| lrslrurerls Rece|ved ..............................
Makati City
We, Lu|s 8errardo A. PuraWar ard Fe V|rarda T. Arula ol lre aoove rerl|ored oar|, do so|err|y sWear lral a|| rallers
set forth in the above Statement of Condition are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.
(300) Lul3 8ERNAR00A. PulAwAN
First Vice President
(300) FE VlRAN0A T. ARuTA
3u83CRl8E0 AN0 3w0RN to before me this 27 July 2012 at Makati City, affiants exhibiting to me their Community
Tax Certificate No. 01468111 issued at Manila on January 05, 2012 and Community Tax Certificate No. 01468113
issued in Manila on January 26, 2012.
(300) N0EL v. 0ANTlN0
Notary Public until December 31, 2013
Appointment # M-20 (2012-2013)
Ro|| # 1Z09 l8P # 0811
PTR 3181991 01/10/12 Va|al|
314 Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Doc. No. 164
Book No. CVIII
Page No. 34
Series of 2012
Member: Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
Maximum Deposit Insured for each Depositor P500,000.00
Internati onal Sharehol ders: Netherl ands Devel opment Fi nance Company (FMO)
Asi an Devel opment Bank (ADB)
Internati onal Fi nance Corporati on (IFC)
Capital Stock .........................................................................................................................................
Other Capital Accounts..........................................................................................................................
Rela|red Earr|rgs.................................................................................................................................
TOTAL STOCKHOLDERS EQUITY ....................................................................................................
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS EQUITY.......................................................................
0epos|l L|ao|||l|es ................................................................................................................................
Bills Payable .........................................................................................................................................
Unsecured Subordinated Debt Net.....................................................................................................
0lrer F|rarc|a| L|ao|||l|es .....................................................................................................................
0lrer L|ao|||l|es .....................................................................................................................................
TOTAL LIABILITIES .............................................................................................................................
(lead 0llce ard 8rarcres)
As of June 30, 2012
13. In 2007, Planters Development Bank deferred the recognition of loss on the sale of non-performing assets (NPAs) to a special
purpose ver|c|e corpary. Tre 8ar| ava||ed ol lre prov|s|or ol 83P's Vorelary 8oard Reso|ul|or No. 135 ol 2001 |r Wr|cr
it was allowed to defer and amortize the loss on the sale of NPAs over ten years. Accordingly, the unamortized portion of the
deferred loss is recorded as Deferred Charges under Other Assets.
11. P|arlers 0eve|oprerl 8ar| (P08) acqu|red a|| lre recorded assels ard orarcres ard lre recorded ||ao|||l|es ol Tre Reg|or
8ar| as ol 0clooer 1, 2003. urder Vorelary 8oard Reso|ul|or No. 1258 daled 28 Augusl 2003 Wr|cr approved sa|d
acquisition, PDB was allowed to book the difference between the fair value of the assets and the recorded liabilities as
ol dale ol la|e-over ol Tre Reg|or 8ar| as 0elerred Crarges urder 0lrer Assels suojecl lo arorl|zal|or over a per|od
of ten (10) years.
Planters Development Bank
314 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
ABS-CBN shuns govt stations
Seair sees dramatic
growth in PH travel
wants farmers,
fishers insured
Research center. First Philippine Holdings Corp. signed an agreement with Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University and the
University of the Philippines to collaborate on research that aims to nd innovative solutions that may mitigate the effects of disasters and
calamities in the years to come. FPH has committed a startup funding of P150 million to create the Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Change
Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management, which is named after the chairman emeritus of FPH (fourth from left in photo) in honor of his
advocacy to protect the environment. With him (from left) are Elpidio Ibaez, FPH president; Alfredo Pascual, UP president; Federico Lopez, FPH
chairman and chief executive; Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin SJ, president of Ateneo; and Bro. Ricardo Laguda, president of De La Salle University.
By Jenniffer B. Austria
ABS-CBN Corp., the largest broadcasting
company in the Philippines, said it is not
interested in bidding for two state-owned
television stations, which the government
may put on the auction block soon.
The government wanted to
privatize RPN 9 and IBC 13
to boost the countrys coffers.
The Privatization Management
Ofce is currently working out
the terms for the sale of these
San Miguel Corp. is among
the companies that expressed
interest in bidding for the
government stations while
MediaQuest Holdings Inc.,
a unit of Philippine Long
Distance Telephone Co., which
owns TV 5, already has an
existing block time deal with
IBC 13.
ABS-CBN chairman Eugenio
Lopez III said the company
would not bid for the two
government stations, even as
rival GMA Network Inc. was
pursuing merger talks with
Mediaquest which owns TV 5,
the third-largest network.
MediaQuest chairman
Manuel Pangilinan earlier
said he expected the
negotiations with GMA
Network to be completed
before the end of the year.
Pangilinans MediaQuest
owns a controlling stake in
Associated Broadcasting
Corp., which operates TV 5.
Pangilinans group will
end up owning two of the
top three TV stations in the
country, once negotiations
push through.
Pangilinan said the acquisition
of GMA Network would also
be done through MediaQuest,
which is the media unit of
the employee retirement fund
of Philippine Long Distance
Telephone Co.
ABS-CBN also owns several
free TV and cable channels
such as Channel 2, Studio 23,
ANC Channel and Lifestyle
ABS-CBN reported a net
income of P306 million in the
rst quarter, which was 69
percent lower than the P976-
million prot it posted in the
same period last year.
The prot, minus non-
recurring income, would have
been 1 percent higher than last
years P302 million.
ABS-CBN said consolidated
revenues from advertising and
consumer sales grew by 8 percent
to P7.1 billion. The media
company expects a full-year net
income of P1.3 billion in 2012.
By Lailany P. Gomez
SOUTH East Asian Airlines
said the domestic tourism
industry still has a big potential
for growth, with more low-cost
airlines trying to beef up their
eet in order to increase market
Seair president and chief
executive Avelino Zapanta
told reporters a very dramatic
growth was expected in the
local tourism market amid the
entry of different carriers.
They saw something and that
is the huge domestic market and
they know that if they trigger it
only with pricing, it will bloom
like anything and its happening
right now. Thats the reason why
low-cost airlines offer [one-
peso] fares, Zapanta said.
The airline is looking at ying
at least 2 million passengers
this year as it expands domestic
and international operations and
add more aircraft. The company
is partially nancing the eet
expansion from the proceeds of
the sale of its 40-percent stake to
Tiger Airways of Singapore for
$7 million.
We are looking at gradual
expansion. The two-million
passengers are mostly
international, because we just
started our domestic operation,
said Seair chief operating
ofcer Patrick Tan, referring to
Seairs ights from Manila to
Cebu, Davao, Tacloban, Iloilo,
Bacolod, Puerto Princesa and
Tan said the airline is
expecting the delivery of one
aircraft this year and another one
next year, both leased directly
from Airbus.
Seair is converting its
operations from a leisure airline
to a low-cost carrier after the
entry of Tiger Airways. It
dropped turboprop carriers for
a eet consisting of three Airbus
A320s and two A319s.
The change in business
model can only enhance our
passenger experience of short
and safe ights from one island
destination to another. We have
shifted from turboprop planes
to new and more spacious
aircraft. In comparison with
other airlines servicing the same
destinations, Seair currently
offers the lowest fares in the
market, Tan said.
By Othel V. Campos
SENATOR Francis Pangilinan asked the
government to allocate a higher budget
in insuring the production of farmers and
sherfolk amid the onslaught of natural
There is an urgent need to include in
the national budget crop insurance for our
farmers, and also insurance for our sherfolk.
Every year we are ravaged by typhoons and
the subsequent oods and destruction that
go with them, Pangilinan, chairman of the
Senate committee on agriculture and food,
Pangilinan said it would be in the best
interest of the government to insure farmers
and sherfolk as the country pushes for food
He said the time was ripe to come up
with a comprehensive insurance coverage
plan for our crops, and even for our farmers
and shermen themselves.
He said by insuring crops and production,
the government will save more in the
long run as it secures the livelihood of our
agricultural communities.
Pangilinan said it would be nearly
impossible to achieve food security and food
self-sufciency if the countrys farmers and
sherfolk remained impoverished.
Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said the
Agriculture Department will receive P73.6
billion under the proposed 2013 budget,
representing an increase of 19.9 percent
from this years allocation.
The governments crop insurance policy
guarantees each farmer a maximum of
P17,680 per hectare in insurance claims,
if the insured crop is totally destroyed or
lost due to pest infestation, plant disease or
natural calamities.
Victory Liner provides free Wi-Fi
VICTORY Liner has introduced commuter-friendly services, proving it
is sensitive to the riding publics needs during long distance travel to and
from Metro Manila.
The bus company, now celebrating its 67th anniversary, announced
that its 600 buses is now equipped with free Wi-Fi service, which makes
the trip to the province more enjoyable and actually entertaining.
The safety and comfort of our passengers is very important to us. We
work hard to deliver this. Our company is continually evolving and each
day we are better than yesterday, said Victory Liner treasury and market-
ing head Marivic del Pilar.
Victory Liner also noted the emergence of deluxe bus service to Baguio
and Cagayan Valley equipped with comfort rooms, lazy boy seats, blan-
kets, snacks, electrical sockets to power small devices like computers and
mobile phones, along with the presence of a female stewardess assisting
every passengers needs.
The company also invests heavily in the use of modern technology
with their installation of global positioning system devices in their air
conditioned buses, which track the location of their buses and monitor the
speed of their buses during the trip.
The company has also installed speed limiters in their buses to prevent
overspeeding of their bus crew.
Franchising eyed in retirement industry
THE Philippine Retirement Authority has teamed up with the Philippine
Franchise Association to promote the growth of retirement facilities in the
country through franchising.
I believe that a lot of the problems of developed countries have some-
thing to do with regulation. So we try to avoid that problem here. The
solution: franchising, PRA general manager Veredigno Atienza said in
a statement.
We try to look for the best practices or the best models that can be
replicated to ramp up our capacity as far as retirement services are con-
cerned. And I think, it is workable, Atienza said.
Atienza said the memorandum of understanding with PFA would push
for franchising of established and proven local and international compa-
nies engaged in retirement industry.
He identied some of the business segments in the industry that can
be developed through the franchising model. These include homecare,
home healthcare and electronic medical record system.
We look forward to the proliferation of chains of hospitals, clinics,
nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, rehab facilities, etc. Indeed, the
Philippines has a unique edge in nursing care, aged care, long-term care,
he said. Julito G. Rada
By Alena Mae S. Flores
POWER Sector Assets and Liabilities
Management Corp., the agency in charge
of privatizing state power assets, may
incur a budget deficit of P68 billion in
2013, down from P85 billion this year, a
company official said.
This projected deficit may change
depending on PSALMs actual operations
for 2012, PSALM president Emmanuel
Ledesma said.
He said the projected deficit next year
would go down because of lower maturing
obligations from P44 billion this year.
Ledesma said PSALM would bridge its
P85-billion deficit this year by settling its
maturing obligations out of the revenues
from operations and privatization
proceeds, plus the partial on-lending from
the national government.
He said the national government
lent PSALM around P12 billion from
May to July. PSALM, however, has not
successfully privatized any big-ticket
power asset since 2010 when the new
administration took over.
Ledesma earlier said aside from bond
issuance or syndicated loans, PSALM
could raise funds through the liquidation of
privatization receivables from National Grid
Corporation of the Philippines and accelerating
the sale of PSALMs non-power assets.
PSALM has outstanding receivables of
$2.85 billion from National Grid. National
Grid, under its concession agreement with
PSALM, is supposed to pay a semi-annual
concession fee for 25 years.
Ledesma earlier said the agency was still
hoping the Energy Regulatory Commission
would approve the agencys petition to
recover stranded debts and stranded contract
costs of Napocor from the universal charge
as provided under the Electric Power
Industry Reform Act of 2001.
PSALM filed on June 28, 2011 a petition
to recover stranded debt and stranded
contract costs at P0.03 per kilowatt-hour
and P0.36 per kWh, respectively.
PSALM proposed to recover the
stranded contract cost for 15 years to
bring down the universal charge for
stranded contract cost to P0.06 per
We are really
hoping that it
will be approved.
If the P0.03 per
kWh [stranded
debt] and P0.06
per kWh [stranded
contract cost] is
approved, thats P5
billion a year. If
the P0.36 per kWh
is approved, thats
around P20 billion
a year. So if it will
not be approved,
we have to get it
from somewhere,
Ledesma said.
PSALM expects P68-b budget gap in 2013
Manila Standard TODAY
Edited by Leo A. Estonilo www.manilastandardtoday.comleoestonilo@gmail.com
Tired of your
mobile phone service
controlling your life?
Unsatisfed with your
current postpaid plan?
Then its time to switch
to the reliable network
that knows your needs
and addresses them.
Your network must not
cause you undue stress.
Your network should
make things easier for
you especially in times
when putting your best
foot forward matter most.
Leading wireless
services provider Smart
Communications, Inc.
(Smart) is offering to
all mobile subscribers a
plan that is sure to make
you happy on all fronts.
One can choose
from Smarts All-In,
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Freedom Plans for that
postpaid service that
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quality of service, and
Smart's All-In Plans
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services that you need
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text packages, IDD calls
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consumable, there would
be no more add-on fees
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also gives you that option
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Plans allow mobile
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Unlimited Data Plan,
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you the best mobile
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Even prepaid
subscribers would fnd it
hard to resist the all-new
SIM-only Freedom Plan.
reinventing the
postpaid experience,
Freedom Plan gives you
the convenience of a
postpaid plan with the
fexibilities accorded to
a prepaid plan. One can
choose service buckets
that allow for a fully-
customized postpaid use
so you pay only for the
services you use. For a
one-time processing fee
of P250, you now have a
SIM that works just like
prepaid but without the
hassle of having to load
Applying for a
postpaid plan is also
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changenow. Approval
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Smart continues to
innovate and come up
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marketing schemes to
make its subscribers
happy and content.
To stay ahead of the
game, it has already
completed the P67-
billion mobile network
upgrade that it undertook
jointly with PLDT while
the others are only
starting to roll out.
More than just getting
the numbers, the telco is
enjoining all other mobile
subscribers to experience
the benefts and perks
that Smart subscribers
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With Smart, you
have a postpaid plan
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full control over your
monthly bills. You
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You are covered by
an extensive, state-of-
the-art infrastructure
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increasing mobile
voice and data
connectivity needs.
All these from the
country's most resilient
network that subscribers
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especially at times when
needed most. Smart
takes care of your
mobile connectivity
needs so you can live
more. Be smart. Make
the change!
Make the change
Alliance pushed to face off free trade
Mini-hydros lined up
for Cagayan, Ifugao
Albay pilots food microcredit program
Yuchengcos bring
Buhay Rizal to Bohol
Paradise island.
Taipan Lucio Tan
(seated, center), former
environment secretary
and now presidential
assistant for climate
change Elizea Gozun,
and Malay Mayor John
Yap sign an agreement
for the Roots for
Boracay Project, to
plant mangrove in
Barangay Manoc-
Manoc. Sponsored
by Tanduay Distillers,
Boracay Rum and Tan
Yan Kee Foundation,
the project seeks to
protect the shoreline
and marine habitat.
Joining them (from left)
are Tanduay Holdings
president Michael Tan,
Miss Earth Stephany
Stefanowitz, Philippine
Chamber of Commerce
and Industry-Boracay
president Ariel Abriam,
and Tanduay Distillers
President Lucio K. Tan Jr.
The Yuchengco Group of
Companies, through its
thrift banking subsidiary
RCBC Savings Bank led
by President Rommel
Latinazo, has completed
two major projects in the
province of Bohol as part
of its Buhay Rizal Values
The group helped
restore the revered pa-
triots shrine here un-
der the Rizalian Pride
program and distribut-
ed copies of his novel
translated by National
Artist for Literature
Virgilio Almario.
Hopefully, the ren-
ovation of the Rizal
monument in Tagbila-
ran City and the dona-
tion of Noli Me Tangere
books to students of Dr.
Cecilio Putong National High School will go a long way
in inspiring more Boholanos to emulate the same values
that made Rizal our National Hero, said Latinazo.
He was joined by executive vice president and chief
operating ofcer Liwayway Gener of YGC Corporate
Services Inc. in turning over the refurbished monument
to Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto and Vice Governor
Concepcion Lim.
RCBC Savings Bank President
Rommel Latinazo (top left)
leads the turnover rites joined
by Governor Edgar Chatto,
National Artist Virgilio Almario,
Vice Governor Concepcion Lim
(in barong) and YGC-CSI ofcial
Liwayway Gener.
Securities exchange
opens Bataan ofce
TARLAC CITYSecurities and
Exchange Commission has opened
an extension ofce to be headed
by lawyer Richard Lauz as acting
Almost all transactions being
processed in the SEC main ofce
are also being catered at SEC
Tarlac City Extension Ofce, said
a SEC statement.
The eight satellite ofce with
landline (045) 491-0140 is based on
the second oor of the Legislative
Hall inside the Tarlac City Hall
Business requirements no longer
have be led and acted upon at
the headquarters in Mandaluyong
City for those in Zambales,
Bataan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija,
and other neighboring provinces,
saving them travel time and
Mayor Gelacio Manalang and
SEC Chief Teresita Herbosa worked
together to enable the commission to
support the campaign make localities
business-friendly. Butch Gunio
Aquabest, Haribon
regreening Laguna
and its mother company
GQWEST have joined Haribon
on a greening campaign in
Laguna province.
Haribon in partnership with
the company, the Water Quality
Association of the Philippines held a
tree-planting drive over the weekend
at Nuvali.
Aquabest and GQWEST have
launched earlier Green Mindset to
protect watersheds.
We started the program after
seeing the impact of environmental
degradation, which affects our
business by diminishing the water
supplies our stores, rely on, says
Carson Tan, chief executive of
The corporate thrust is also aimed
at making its operations carbon
The company understands
that it cannot do it alone but it
believes that it can serve as an
example for other companies to
follow, he said. The success of
the Green Mindset Program and
its partnership with Haribon will
show other companies that being
protable and being eco-friendly
can go hand in hand.
By Dexter A. See
LA TRINIDAD--Benguet Governor Nestor
Fongwan wants vegetable-producers to take
on the planned Association of Southeast
Asian nations free trade area in 2015 even
as he challenged the government to stamp
out smuggling of agriculture products.
By now, we should have
established a strong partnership
instead of treating each vegetable-
producing area as a competitor so
that we will be able to hurdle the
challenges that will confront the
vegetable industry once the AFTA
will be fully implemented in the
next three years, Fongwan told
Manila Standar d, adding that
the Philippine Vegetable Industry
Development Board should be
coming up with a roadmap.
Prices of locally grown
agricultural crops drop by at
least 70 percent when smuggled
vegetables are shipped in through
the various entry ports resulting
in huge losses among farmers.
Fongwan said the usual 300
truckloads of vegetables from
the trading post here go down
by about half because of cheap
products coming in illegally from
We must already practice
proper packaging, sorting, value-
adding and other improvements
so that we will be able to cater to
the high-end market, he said.
According to him, the Benguet
planters barely lost their shirt
in 2001 to 2008 where locally
grown carrots were sold at P1 per
kilo and majority were thrown
away as no trader will buy the
produce of farmers because of
the presence of bigger and low-
priced carrots from China.
We should not wait for 2015
before we act since it will be too
late then, Fongwan said. Let
us act now by forming a solid
alliance of vegetable-producing
province that will advance our
own interest in promoting the
industry that will sustain the
source of livelihood of over
250,000 vegetable farmers in our
He said an alliance could bring
together Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya,
Nueva Ecija and Ilocos Sur and
start proling their crops for
identication, production volume
and other market determinants
for semi-temperate vegetables.
Fongwan said the alliance
should be able to establish more
cold chain storage and processing
facilities, soil treatment of acidic
and over used lands and the
creation of a farmers marketing
cooperative to boost bargaining
power in the international
will pilot a microcredit and
food production program in
coordination with the Department
of Social Welfare and Development
to help make beneciaries of the
Conditional Cash Transfers self-
reliant by 2014.
Referred to as the Modied CCT
Program it aims to wipe out food
shortage and malnutrition in the
countryside, when it spreads to other
non-CCT beneciaries,
and preserve the gains
of the Millennium
Development Goals on
Albay Gov. Joey
Salceda expressed
optimism on the
programs success
since repayment rates
in earlier releases
have reached as high
as 300 percent.
The pilot areas are
in Barangay Budiao in
Daraga, and Barangay
Pinit in Ligao City.
The rst batch of
participant households
are required to build
their own backyard
organic fertilizer pits,
and will be provided
fruit tree seedlings
and vegetable seeds
for their backyard
gardens. They will also be given
pairs of chicken to start their
backyard egg-laying ventures.
From their harvests, the
beneciaries will pay their loans
double, not in cash, but also in the
form of seedlings and fertilizers,
which will then be redistributed
to the next batch of households.
The scheme aims to generate
a multiplier effect of credit
repayment and production. The
system is expected to radiate later
to cover neighboring communities
and ultimately the entire province.
Under the program, each
barangay will also establish
demonstration fruit and vegetable
gardens, an organic fertilizer factory
and at least a 200-head native
chicken multiplication facility.
The memorandum of agreement
for the program was recently
signed at the Climate Change
Academy of the Bicol University
here in Legazpi, during which
Albay pledged a P1.8-million fund
to complement the P1.3 million
seed money alloted earlier by
the United Nations Development
Program and the National Anti-
Poverty Commission.
THE National Irrigation Aministration and the Department of
Energy have signed an agreement last Friday to start putting up
mini-hydroelectric power plants in Cagayan Valley and in the
In a statement, NIA Administrator Antonio Nangel said the
project is a joint effort with Secretary Rene Almendras and JICA to
help ease energy shortfalls.
We will start our projects on two sites by 2013 and expect to be
operational by 2014, Nangel said.
He said the mini-hydros will be rst put up in San Mateo in
Isabela and in Ifugao province with four feasibility studies being
made on irrigation systems in Nueva Ecija for the next batch of
The JICA will also determine the estimated cost of the mini-
hydro facilties.
A number of private investors are also sending their Letter of
Intent to help our project, Nangel said. Gigi Muoz David
Manila Standard TODAY
fashion beauty health wellness
Gianna Maniego, Editor
Dinna Chan Vasquez, Assistant Editor
By Ed Biado
IS it Louis Vuitton? Youd think its
Louis Vuitton, but its not. According to
Web searches, its Coach. The veteran
bag-maker seems to be experiencing a
renaissance in the digital age, probably
driven by curiosity about its history,
staying power and understated designs.
It is the most searched luxury handbag
brand on the Internet, as determined
by marketing consultancy rm Digital
Luxury Group.
The luxury indus-
try expert tracked the
Web for bag-related
searches and derived
the data from more
than 130 million con-
sumer searches from
all over the world from April 2011 to
March 2012. The list came up with
over 130 brands that sell bags con-
sidered to be in the luxury category,
including Alexander McQueen,
Maison Martin Margiela, Balenci-
aga, Moschino, Yohji Yamamoto and
But instead of tracking all 130 mil-
lion search samples, DLG narrowed the
analysis down to the eight global lux-
ury markets, namely the United States,
the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Ger-
many, Japan, Brazil and India. These are
the countries that contributed the most
number of searches.
They found that the UK is the most bag-
obsessed market, with 422 related searches
per 1,000 Internet users. They also discovered
that Japan is the only country where Louis
Vuitton doesnt rank in the top five, as the
brand is no longer a novelty there. (Report-
edly, 85 percent of Japanese women already
own at least one LV product.)
After Coach, the most searched bag
brands are as follows, according to de-
scending rank: Louis Vuitton, Chanel,
Gucci, Longchamp, Prada, Hermes,
Mulberry, Marc Jacobs and Michael
Kors. And the most searched iconic
model is the Hermes Birkin. Interest in
the bag is probably fueled by its per-
ceived exclusivity.
Social media, on the other hand, tells a
different story. On Facebook, Gucci is the
most popular among the 10 brands with
8.7 million likes, followed closely by
Louis Vuitton (8.5 million) and Chanel
(6.9 million). Coach is a far fourth with
3.6 million. Theres no clear winner on
Twitter because not all the brands main-
tain active accounts on the microblogging
site and there are those that have different
accounts for different markets.
To know more about the survey, go to
The worlds
most popular
bag is...
Recently, Forever 21 opened a new store at the SM Mall
of Asia and no less than Forever 21 president Alex Ok
in attendance ew from the United States and was wel-
comed by Felicidad Sy and SM executives led by SM Re-
tail president Tessie Sy-Coson, SM Prime Holdings, Inc.
president Hans Sy, SM senior vice-president for Control-
lership Ricky A. Lim, as well as Forever 21 Philippines
business unit head Dixie Li.
The sprawling 2,000 sqm Forever 21 store boasts of
stylish interiors and xtures that make it easy for shoppers
to see the wide selection of the latest trends and creative
styling on fashion runways. The store also features beau-
tifully-styled mannequins and attractive focal displays to
inspire shoppers to keep their fashion imagination running
as they shop.
What makes it a favorite go-to place for style-conscious
and trend-savvy shoppers is its exciting mix of stylesfrom
simple, comfy and laid-back outts to bolder, eclectic and
more ostentatious lines. Shop and choose your style at For-
ever 21, Love 21, Heritage 1981, Forever 21 Girls, Forever
21+, and 21 Men. The store also has a wide collection of
Shoes, Accessories and Intimates. The new Forever 21 store,
the fth in the Philippines, is located at the Second Level of
the SM Mall of Asia.
At the Forever 21 pre-opening party at the Mall of Asia,
Forever 21 President Alex Ok with, (from left) Forever 21
business unit head Dixie Li, SM senior vice president for
Controllership Ricky A. Lim, Felicidad Sy, and Forever 21
marketing manager Jane Kingsu-Cheng.
By Joba Botana
ONE of the favorite brands of the young and the young at heart is Forever 21.
When it opened its branches in SM Megamall in 2010 (the rst branch) and SM
Makati, people had to wait for a few days before they were nally able to shop
with ease and with no bouncers around.
For a more exciting shopping experience, shoppers may
use their Forever21 MasterCard and Forever 21 Gift Cards
and enjoy exclusive perks and privileges like the Special
Rewards Program, Preferential Treatment during sale
events and special offers, Free Membership Fee for Life
for the First Supplementary Card, and Global Recognition.
Forever 21
opens new store for
Apply for the card and get a Forever 21
shopping spree and free large Gong Cha tea
drinks. Simply spend a minimum of P3,000
in Forever 21 to receive a P500 Forever
21 Gift Certicate. Redeem any four large
drinks with one pearl add-on each from
Gong Cha when you present two charge
slips with minimum single spend of P2,000
in any establishment. To apply for your
very own fashion accessory, visit the For-
ever 21 store as well as BDO branches or
download the application form at www.bdo.
com.ph. Forever 21 also affers gift cards
in P1,000 and P2,000 denominations that
make for a perfect give away to shopping
buddies on any occasion. Follow Forever
21 on www.facebook.com/forever21ph
and www.twitter.com/forever21ph and do
not forget to visit its new website, www.
62 Fishing boot
63 Private jet maker
64 Nine West product
65 Muscat native
66 Periodic table fig.
67 It may be rigged
68 After the Thin Man
69 Oft-misused pronoun
1 Tough guys expression
2 How roast beef may
be served
3 Some living legends
4 Put __ on it!
5 Exemplars of poverty
6 Capuchin, e.g.
7 Lacking sharpness
8 Waffle maker
9 Last critter in an ABC
10 Raw mineral
11 Fry cooks supply
12 Bumped into
15 Abbr. in a CFOs report
21 Do I dar e t o __
peach?: Prufrock musing
22 This, in Tijuana
26 Some molars
1 Hi s t or i c a l nov e l ,
9 Digital camera option
13 Show signs of age, as
14 Gray with age
16 Ohio tribe
17 Ventura County city
18 Prepare to transplant,
as to the garden
19 Swig
20 Phenoms
23 Trip letters
24 Breezed through
25 Cut
29 Deat h, t hat hat h
s uc k d t he honey __
breath: Shak.
31 Fitting
33 10-Down suffix
34 Peace in the Middle
36 Ginormous
38 Env. info
39 Sardegna o Sicilia
41 Mine entrance
42 A little too clever
44 Physicist Tesla
46 64-Across spec
47 Shell game need
48 Durable cloth
49 Africas northernmost
51 Suffragette who co-
founded Swarthmore
52 Conan airer
55 Trochee and iamb
59 Tombstone lawman
27 Cybercommerce
28 Sedimentary formation
30 Char l ot t e s Web
31 Chat room inits.
3 2 Mu s e u ms f o r
astronomy buffs
34 Full House actor
35 Farewell, chrie
36 Coquettish
37 Munros pen name
40 Reggae relative
43 __ di xi t: unproven
45 IOC part: Abbr.
48 Museum guide
50 Drive forward
51 Cursed alchemist
53 Lotto variant
54 Pol Thurmond
56 Couple
57 Avatar of Vishnu
58 Weak spot
59 Last l etter i n most
plurals (but not in this
puz z l e s s i x l onges t
answers, which are the
only plurals in this grid)
60 Word of discovery
61 Palais resident
AUGUST 6, 2012
Gianna Maniego, Editor
Dinna Chan Vasquez, Assistant Editor
fashion beauty health wellness
When I took a second look at the
events I recently attended, I couldnt
help but be amused by the fact that all of
them pertained to celestial objects, thus
the title of this column.
Meteor Philippines
This leading travel and tour pro-
vider partnered with Miladay Jewels to
promote the distinct beauty of Turkey
through the latters launch of its Turkish
Collection., as a kick-off for the travel
agencys initiatives to lure more Filipi-
nos to visit this exotic and alluring des-
Turkish Ambassador Hatice Pinar
Isik and Meteor Philippines general
manager Ligaya Tabirao hosted the col-
orful event, together with Miladay Jew-
els Yvonne Dayrit Romualdez, Chris-
tine Dayrit, Jaqui Dayrit Boncan, and
Mark Dayrit. The programs master of
ceremonies, columnist Bum Tenorio,
and the evenings entertainer, Karylle,
made sure the crowd of discerning
jewelry aficionados and collectors all
had a great time.
Among the dozens of guests,
Townes Inc. owner Elita Pacho
stood out as she won a six- day, five-
night complete tour package for two
to Istanbul.
Star Mobile
SMART Araneta was overflow-
ing with fans of LMFAO and Quest
Crew not too long ago, when Red
Foo and the Party Rock Crew came
to town. The party rocking event,
co- presented by Star Mobile and An-
tonov Vodka, also attracted a lot of ce-
It was LMFAOs second visit to Ma-
nila and, this time, they came straight
from their electrifying performance
with Madonna during the Superbowl
half-time intermission.
Special guests Quest Crew is MTVs
Americas Best Dance Crew Season 3
Champion, the members of which have
performed individually and as a crew
in hit TV shows So You Think You Can
Dance and American Idol.
Celestial stylist
Celebrity stylist Liz Uy is now the
newest endorser for Plains & Prints, the
local popular work wear brand for ladies,
after she was presented to the public in a
glittering event which also featured the
brands latest fashion collection.
The highly anticipated big reveal
showcased key pieces from each of
Plains & Prints new anthologies: Mod-
ern Africa, Safari, and Morocco. Uy has
been the brands stylist for the past six
How do you keep your heart healthy? Aside
from proper diet and regular exercise, get-
ting ECG and cholesterol tests are important
to monitor heart health. Now, leading health
maintenance organization (HMO) provider
MediCard and San Marino, the countrys
number one corned tuna, make it more afford-
able to have these tests.
Purchase any specially-marked San Marino
Corned Tuna, San Marino Chili Corned Tuna,
and San Marino Tuna Paella in supermarkets
and groceries in Metro Manila and Southern
Luzon. Get cholesterol count for only P50.00
(regular price (P150.00) and have an ECG
test for only P200.00 (regular price P400.00).
Offer is good until December 31, 2012.
Simply peel off the discount sticker from
the can and keep the receipt of purchase.
Present the discount sticker and receipt at any
MediCard clinic in Metro Manila, Laguna
and Cavite to avail of the discount.
With over 14,000 highly-skilled physicians
and health professionals in over 600 hospitals
and clinics nationwide, MediCard provides a
comprehensive health care program, which in-
cludes emergency care, hospital connement,
preventive health care, dental care and out-
patient consultation services.
For more details, visit www.medicardphils.
com or www.sanmarino.com.ph.
BREITLING, the inventor of the
modern chronograph and touted
as the Worlds Best Chronograph,
reasserts its horological mastery
with its Baselworld 2012 Collec-
tion. Highlighted by the Trans-
ocean Chronograph Unitime
and Chronograph 44 GMT, the
Swiss watchmaker showcased its
unique ability to design exquisite
timepieces that exude timeless
elegance and sheer functionality.
Filipinos have an enduring love
affair with ne watches. Were con-
dent that Breitlings Baselworld
2012 Collection will be warmly
received by Filipino watch connois-
seurs, says Emerson Yao, manag-
ing director of Lucerne.
Breitlings horological mastery
is strongly reected in the Trans-
ocean Chronograph Unitime,
which features a world time
chronograph equipped with a new
caliber entirely developed and
produced in-house. Associating
innovative technology with stylish
aesthetics, the Transocean Chrono-
graph Unitime is distinguished by
its modern, pure lines and the in-
nite care lavished on the smallest
detailssuch as its dial bearing a
globe pattern.
Featuring the new Caliber
05, which is based in the high-
performing Caliber 01, Breitling
engineers have reinvented the
world time mechanism via an
adjustment system with unprec-
edented user friendliness.
The Transocean Chronograph
Unitimes features two mobile
disks: a 24-hour disk and a disk
bearing the names of 24 cit-
ies representing the worlds 24
time zones. The time shown by
the central hands corresponds to
that of the time zone displayed
at 12 oclock. The city disk
also bears indications serving
to take account of summer or
daylight saving time (DST).
When changing time zones, us-
ers only need to pull out the crown
and turn it forwards or backwards
in one-hour increments in order to
correct the hours, the city disk and
the 24-hour disk in one smooth
move. Meanwhile the calendar is
easily adjusted in both directions
to the date corresponding to the lo-
cal time. During these maneuvers,
the minute and seconds hands con-
tinue turning normally without any
loss of precision and without dis-
turbance to any chronograph tim-
ing operations in progress.
The Transocean Chronograph
Unitime comes in steel or red
gold versions with the city bezel
available in several languages.
Without doubt, the Transocean
Chronograph Unitime gives off
that unmistakable, rst-class
feeling on the wrist.
Small is in
with Kipling's
fall collection
THIS fall, Kipling offers a
collection of bags that com-
plement any woman. Small
is in this fall and Kiplings
Small Essentials make a big
style statement. In Kiplings
classic crinkled nylon, these
style companions have a cute
campus vibe offset by folksy
accents. Grab the Yuuka in
ochre yellow, a small shoul-
der bag with satin piping and
multiple pockets. The small,
cross-body bag has roomy
front pockets that can accom-
modate your mobile phone,
camera and all your other
daily paraphernalia.
Kiplings laptop cases and
travel trolleys are comer, room-
ier and features a jazzy inner lin-
ing. iPad users will be excited
with the Digi Touch Bag, an
iPad bag in stylish lacquer
black and supersportinary.
Kipling also has iPad
sleeves in classic, soft
nylon with cute
quilted exterior
that provide am-
ple protection.
For the pe-
rennial jetsetter,
Kipling offers
the Asween work-
ing trolley. With
Breitling reasserts horological mastery
MediCard, San Marino launch campaign for a healthy heart
From left: Christina Villarin, and Yvonne
Dayrit Romualdez and Christine Dayrit of
Miladay Jewels
From left: Meteor Philippines general man-
ager Ligaya Tabirao, Turkish Ambassador
Hatice Pinar Isik, and Cynthia Batuhan
From left: Lifestyle Asias Cheryl Tiu, Miladay
Jewels Christine Dayrit, Erilyn Jao, Elita Pa-
cho of Townes Inc., and Metero Philippines
general manager Ligaya Tabirao
Miladay endorser Karylle tries on one of the
pieces from Miladay Jewels' Turkish Collection
LMFAOS Red Foo and Star Mobile team
Stylist Alyanna Martinez
Bubbles Paraiso and Ray-
mond Gutierrez
years but, this time, she shared
her thoughts on what fashion-
forward women can expect
from it, as celebrity host Ray-
mond Gutierrez facilitated the
Q&A portion that followed.
The event ended with a private
shopping session at the store for
guests, while Liz Uy made sure
they would see the new fashion
pieces up close.
In the middle of an argument, a
man said to his wife, I dont know
how you can be so beautiful, yet so
stupid, all at the same time! The
wife responded calmly, God made
me beautiful, so you would be at-
tracted to me, and he made me stu-
pid, so I would be attracted to you!
For feedback, Im at bobzozo-
From left: Erickson and
Roxanne Farillas
Plains &
style icon,
Liz Uy
Rajo Laurel
Kelly Misa
With its unrivaled elegance,
breathtaking exquisiteness and
outstanding functionality, the
Breitling Baselworld 2012 Col-
lection undoubtedly showcases
Breitlings horological mastery
in creating timepieces that fea-
ture timeless quality, technol-
ogy and elegance.
its easy wheeled function and
built-in laptop protection, its a
boon to any get-up-and-go girl.
For the quintessential fashioni-
sta, theres the Medellin 50, a
one-bag powerhouse that goes
beyond cabin and style restric-
tions. The ideal plane compan-
ion, the Medellin 50 has handy
inner pockets plus protection for
your lappy.
Kipling is available online at
zalora.com.ph and at SM Mall
of Asia, SM North EDSA The
Block, SM Megamall, SM Ba-
colod, SM Iloilo, SM Davao,
SM Cebu, Robinsons Place Er-
mita, Rustans Alabang Town
Center, Rustans Shangri-La,
Rustans Gateway, Rustans
Makati, Landmark Makati,
Landmark TriNoma and
soon-to-open SM La-
nang in Davao. To
know more, visit
Kipling Philip-
pines on Facebook
and get to nd out
more exciting news
and promos from
the lovable mon-
Edited by Marlon Magtira
(MST-Aug. 6, 2012)
Republic of the Philippines
Negros Occidental 4
District Engineering Offce
Bago City, Negros Occidental
Tel. No. (034) 4610-599 (034) 4611-250 (034) 7324632
Email Add: dpwhnegocc4thdeo@yahoo.com.ph
DPWH NFRA-07 Standard Advertisement-Revised RR
The Department of Public Works and Highways Negros Occidental 4
District Engineering
Offce, through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), invites contractors to apply to bid for
the following contract(s):
Contract ID No.: 012GN046
Contract Name: Constructi on/Concreti ng of Bago Ma-ao Pacol Farm to
Market Road, Sta. 0+873 01+680; Sta. 0+203 0+336
Contract Location: Bago City, Negros Occidental
Scope of Works: Concreting (230mm)
Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC): Php 12,892,880.00
Contract Duration: 70 Calendar Days
Source of Funds: Department of Agriculture
Contract ID No.: 012GN047
Contract Name: Backf i l l i ng of t he Newl y Acqui red Lot f or t he Proposed
Construction of New Ofce BuiIding of DPWH, Neg. Occ. 4

Contract Location: Brgy. Lag-asan, Bago City, Negros Occidental
Scope of Works: BackIIing
Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC): Php 5,900,000.00
Contract Duration: 45 CaIendar Days
Source of Funds: SAVINGS (ABM-ROVI-12-0006243; dated Jan. 2, 2012)
The BAC will conduct procurement through open competitive bidding and procedures in
accordance with R.A. 9184 and its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations.
To bid for this contract, a contractor must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) and must meet
the following major criteria: (a) prior registration with DPWH, (b) Filipino citizen or 75% Filipino-
owned partnership, corporation, cooperative, or joint venture with PCAB license applicable to
the type and cost of this contract, (c) completion of a similar contract costing at least 50% of
ABC within a period of 10 years, and (d) Net Financial Contracting Capacity at least equal to
ABC, or credit line commitment for at least 10% of ABC. The BAC will use non-discretionary
pass/fail criteria in the eligibility check, preliminary examination of bids, evaluation of bids,
post-qualifcation and award.
Unregistered contractors, however, shall submit their applications for registration to the
DPWH-POCW Central Offce, 5
Floor, DPWH Building, Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila
before the deadline for the receipt of LO. The DPWH-POCW Central Offce will only process
contractors applications for registration, with complete requirements, and issue the Contractors
Certifcate of Registration.
The signifcant times and deadlines of procurement activities are shown below:
1. Issuance of Bidding Documents August 6, 2012 to August 28, 2012 until 12:00 NN
2. Pre-Bid Conference August 14, 2012 @ 10:00 AM
3. Deadline of Receipt of LOIs from
Prospective Bidders
August 21, 2012 until 12:00 NN
4. Receipt of Bids August 28, 2012 until 2:00 PM
5. Opening of Bids August 28, 2012 @ 2:15 PM
The BAC will issue hard copies of Bidding Documents (BD's) at BAC Offce, DPWH
Negros Occidental 4
District Engineering Offce, Bago City, Negros Occidental, upon payment
of non-refundable fee for Bidding Documents (BDs) as scheduled below:
Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) Bidding Documents (BDs) Fee
Above 5 Million up to 20 Million Php 10,000.00
Prospective bidders may download the BDs, if available, from the DPWH website.
Prospective bidders that will download the BDs from the DPWH website shall pay the said
fees on or before the submission of their bids documents. Bids must be accompanied by a
bid security, in the amount and acceptable form, as stated in Section 27.2 of the Revised RR.
Bidders who failed to submit their Letter of ntent (LO) on the deadline specifed shall
not be allowed to submit their bids.
The BAC will only receive the contractor's LO/Expression of nterest (NR003) and
issue Bidding Documents upon presentation of the original copies of their PCAB License and
Contractor's Registration Certifcate (CRC) in person or thru their Authorized Representative
as refected in their CRC.
Prospective bidders shall submit their duly accomplished forms as specifed in the BD's
in two (2) separate sealed bid envelopes to the BAC Chairman. The frst envelope shall
contain the technical component of the bid, which shall include the eligibility requirements.
The second envelope shall contain the fnancial component of the bid. Contract will be
awarded to the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid as determined in the bid evaluation and
the post-qualifcation.
The DPWH, Neg. Occ. 4
District Engineering Offce, Bago City, Neg. Occ. reserves
the right to accept or reject any or all bid and to annul the bidding process anytime before
Contract Award, without incurring any liability to the affected bidders.
Approved by:
OIC-Assistant District Engineer
BAC Chairman

OIC - District Engineer
Batch #24/12
(MST-Aug. 6, 2012)
Republic of the Philippines
Bids and Awards Committee
Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental
Upgrading of Sinacaban Water System Level II & III
1. The Municipality of Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental, through the DOH-Salintubig Program intends
to apply the sum of Five Million Ninety-Three Thousand Four Hundred Eighty-One Pesos & 68/100
(Php 5,093,481.68) being the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) to payments under the
contract for the Supply & Delivery of Pipes, Valves and other Appurtenances for the Upgrading
of Sinacaban Water System Project. Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically
rejected at bid opening.
2. The Municipality of Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental now invites bids for the Supply & Delivery of
Pipes, Valves and other Appurtenances for the Upgrading of Sinacaban Water System Project.

Delivery of the Goods is required within 10 calendar days. Bidders should have completed, within
three (3) years from the date of submission and receipt of bids, a contract similar to the Project.
The description of an eligible bidder is contained in the Bidding Documents, particularly, in Section
II. Instructions to Bidders.
3. Bidding will be conducted through open competitive bidding procedures using a non-discretionary
"pass/fail criterion as specifed in the mplementing Rules and Regulations (RR) of Republic Act
(RA) 9184, otherwise known as the "Government Procurement Reform Act.
(i) Bidding is restricted to Filipino citizens/sole proprietorships, partnerships, or organizations
with at least sixty percent (60%) interest or outstanding capital stock belonging to citizens
of the Philippines, and to citizens or organizations of a country the laws or regulations of
which grant similar rights or privileges to Filipino citizens, pursuant to RA5183 and subject
to Commonwealth Act 138.
4. nterested bidders may obtain further information from the Offce of the BAC Chair at Municipal
Budget Offce, Municipality of Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental, and inspect the Bidding Documents
at the address given below from 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Acomplete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased by interested Bidders on August 6, 2012
from the address below and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee for the Bidding Documents in
the amount of Php 7,000.00.
t may also be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Philippine Government Electronic
Procurement System (PhilGEPS) and the website of the Procuring Entity, provided that Bidders
shall pay the nonrefundable fee for the Bidding Documents not later than the submission of their
5. The Municipality of Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental will hold a Pre-Bid Conference on August
10, 2012, 10:00 a.m. SB Session Hall, Municipal Annex Building, Municipality of Sinacaban,
Misamis Occidental, which shall be open only to all interested parties who have purchased the
Bidding Documents.
6. Bids must be delivered to the address below on or before August 23, 2012, 1:00 p.m. All Bids must
be accompanied by a bid security in the form of Cash, cashiers/managers check and bank draft/
guarantee or irrevocable letter of credit in the amount stated in ITB Clause 18.
Bid opening shall be on before August 23, 2012, 1:00 p.m. SB Session Hall, Municipal Annex
Building, Municipality of Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental. Bids will be opened in the presence of
the Bidders' representatives who choose to attend at the address below. Late bids shall not be
7. The Municipality of Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental reserves the right to accept or reject any bid,
to annul the bidding process, and to reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without
thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.
8. For further information, please refer to:
Lalaine C. Tan
BAC Chairman/Budge Offcer
Municipal Budget Offce
Municipality of Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental (7203)
Mobile No. 09399388733
BAC Chairman
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Mines and Geosciences Bureau
North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Engineer V (1) Item Number MGBB-ENG5-1-1998, SG-24, Educa-
tion: Masteral Degree, Experience: Four (4) years in position involv-
ing management and supervision, Training: Twenty four (24) hours of
training in management and supervision, Eligibility: RA 1080
Engineer II (1) Item Number MGBB-ENG2-1-1998. SG-16. Educa-
tion: Bachelor's Degree in Mining Engineering, Experience: One (1)
year of relevant experience, Training: Four (4) hours of relevant train-
ing, Eligibility: RA 1080
Engineer I (1) Item Number MGBB-ENG1-1-1998, SG-12. Educa-
tion: Bachelor's Degree in Engineering relevant to the job, Experi-
ence: None required, Training: None Required, Eligibility: RA 1080
(MST-Aug. 6, 2012)
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Public Works and Highways
Daet, Camarines Norte
(MST-Aug. 6, 2012)
The Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) of the Department of Public Works
and Highways, Camarines Norte Engineering District, invites contractors to
bid for the aforementioned projects:
Contract ID : 12FC0156
of Gravel to Concrete of President Cory Aquino
Boulevard (Bagasbas to Talisay Section)
Contract Location : Brgy. Bagasbas, Daet, Camarines Norte
Scope of Work : Road with Seawall, 77m PCCP & Seawall
Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) : Php 9,700,000.00
Contract Duration : 90 C.D.
Source of Fund :
Tender Documents : Php 10,000.00
The BAC will conduct the procurement process in accordance with the
Revised RR of R.A. 9184. Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be
automatically rejected at the opening of bid.
To bid for this contract, a contractor must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI),
purchase bid documents and must meet the following major criteria: (a) prior
registration with DPWH, (b) Filipino citizen or 75% Filipino-owned partnership,
corporation, cooperative, or joint venture, (c) with PCAB license applicable to
the type and cost of this contract, (d) completion of a similar contract costing
at least 50% of ABC within a period of 10 years, (e) Net Financial Contracting
Capacity at least equal to ABC, or credit line commitment at least equal to 10%
of ABC, and (f) Prospective Bidders must submit complete List of Equipment
to be used for above Projects. The said List of Equipment must be owned/
leased by the bidder itself (g) all interested Bidder/s who wish to participate in
this competitive bidding are required to have an Actual Site nspection (AS)
on the above mention projects.
Unregistered contractors, however, shall submit their applications for
registration to the DPWH-POCW Central Offce before the deadline for the
receipt of LO. The DPWH-POCW Central Offce will only process contractors'
applications for registration with complete requirements and issue the
Contractor's Certifcate of Registration (CRC). Registration Forms may be
downloaded at the DPWH website www.dpwh.gov.ph.
The signifcant times and deadlines of procurements activities are shown
1. Issuance of Bidding Documents From AUGUST 03 - 28, 2012
2. Pre-Bid Conference AUGUST 13, 2012 @ 2:00 P.M.
3. Deadline of Receipt of LOI from
Prospective Bidders
AUGUST 13, 2012 until 10:00 A.M.
4. Receipt of Bids AUGUST 28, 2012 until 10:00 A.M.
5. Opening of Bids AUGUST 28, 2012 @ 2:00 P.M.
The BAC will issue hard copies of Bidding Documents (BDs) at the 2IFHRI
the BAC, DPWH, Daet, Camarines Norte, upon payment of a non-refundable
fee of (see cost of tender documents above). Prospective bidders may also
download the BD's from the DPWH website, if available. Prospective bidders
that will download the BDs from the DPWH website shall pay the said fees
on or before the submission of their bids Documents. The Pre-Bid Conference
shall be open only to interested parties who have purchased the BD's. Bids
must accompanied by a bid security, in the amount and acceptable form, as
stated in Section 27.2 of the Revised RR.
Prospective bidders shall submit their duly accomplished forms as specifed
in the BD's in two (2) separate sealed bid envelopes to the BAC Chairman.
The frst envelope shall contain the technical component of the bid, which shall
include a copy of the CRC. The second envelope shall contain the fnancial
component of the bid. Contract will be awarded to the Lowest Calculated
Responsive Bid as determined in the bid evaluation and post-qualifcation.
The Department of Public Works and Highways, Camarines Norte
Engineering District reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, to annul the
bidding process at any time prior contract award, without thereby incurring any
liability to the affected bidders.
OIC-Asst. District Engineer
BAC Chairman
OIC-District Engineer
Anti-piracy raids diverted to mall
By Marlon C. Magtira
DIVERTING from its usual raids in
known piracy dens such as Quiapo, Manila,
the government recently swooped down on
SM Megamall department store in Ortigas
Center, Pasig City to put a clamp on soft-
ware pirates in the said establishment.
The Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team
(PAPT), led by the National
Bureau of Investigation (NBI),
conducted an inspection sweep
of computer stores at the upscale
mall and apprehended technicians
of two computer shops at the
Cyberzone section for alleged
hard-disk loading.
Charged for hard-disk loading,
a form of software piracy which
involves loading illegal copies of
software into hard disks to make
their computers more attractive
to buyers, were technicians
Reynaldo Mapili of PC Live
and Ronald Fajardo of Premium
Seized from both stores were a
laptop, a desktop, and three hard
drives. These were found to contain
unauthorized copies of Microsoft
programs such as Windows 7 and
It is important for retailers
to understand that software
piracy poses great threats to both
their customers and their own
businesses as well, Rommel
Vallejo, chief of the Intellectual
Property Rights division of NBI,
said in a statement.
Vallejo pointed out that
loading unauthorized copies of
software programs in computers
that are being sold exposes the
customers of these stores to
virus and malware attacks that
can hamper their productivity
and affect their security. It
also leaves their own stores
operations vulnerable to raids by
the PAPT.
Let these two cases serve as
a warning to all other computer
stores and their technicians in the
country to desist from any further
hard-disk loading, or else suffer
the same serious consequences to
their businesses and practically
ruin the careers and futures of
their erring technicians, Vallejo
Vallejo said software piracy
is a violation of Republic Act
9239 or the Optical Media Act
and is a crime punishable by
up to nine years imprisonment
and a ne of up to P1.5 million
under Republic Act 8293 or the
Intellectual Property Code of the
Aside from the NBI, the PAPT
is composed of the Philippine
National Police, the Optical Media
Board and the Intellectual Property
Ofce of the Philippines.
It was organized by the
government in 2005 to intensify
the ght against software piracy.
The countrys piracy rate in 2011
stood at 71 percent.
The business arm of Globe Telecom and pension rm Government
Service Insurance System (GSIS) announced the full implementation
and roll-out of the GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System
(GWAPS) kiosks.
A GWAPS kiosk resembles an ATM and adopts technologies such
as radio-frequency identication or RFID recognition, biometrics,
and virtual private networks.
The terminals are powered by Globe Business and allow GSIS
members to carry out various transactions through the GWAPS,
including loan applications and checking of personal records.
GSIS also plans to deploy an additional 350 units within the year,
including the rapid-deployment type, which can be quickly set up in
typhoon-affected areas.
GWAPS kiosks in GSIS ofces nationwide as well as in other
government ofces will number more than 1,000, to serve millions of
government workers and pensioners when they perform transactions
such as updating of personal records and loan applications.
According GSIS president and general manager Robert G.
Vergara said, the 750 kiosks deployed across the country will offer
convenience to 1.7 million GSIS members and pensioners.
They can apply for their loans, check their records or request to update
their accounts, without the need to visit our ofces, Vergara said.
Globe rolls out GSIS
automation kiosks
COMPUTER maker Lenovo and
storage rm EMC have announced
a partnership that puts Lenovo in
a position to enter the server and
networked storage space, while
expanding EMCs reach in China
and other high-growth markets.
The new partnership is expected
to spark innovation and additional
R&D in the server and storage
markets by maximizing the product
development talents and resources
at both companies, while driving
scale and efciency in the partners
respective supply chains.
With the tie-up, Lenovo and
EMC formed a server technology
development program that will
accelerate and extend Lenovos
capabilities in the x86 industry-
standard server segment. These
servers will be brought to market by
Lenovo and embedded into selected
EMC storage systems over time.
The companies also forged an
OEM and reseller relationship in
which Lenovo will provide EMCs
networked storage solutions to the
server business market.
The joint venture is subject to
customary closing procedures
including regulatory approvals and is
expected to close by the end of 2012.
EMC forge
Global TV site to bring localized video content to PH
VIKI, a global TV site powered
by fans, recently announced a
partnership with Microsoft to
bring premium TV content to
MSN sites in Indonesia, Thailand,
Malaysia, and the Philippines.
Viki will localize and stream
the premium content that includes
television shows, movies, and
music videos to 17.6 million
MSN users.
The popular videos will be
accessible through Microsoft
properties including plasaMSN,
a popular local video site in
Indonesia, online portal MSN
Thailand, MSN Malaysia, MSN
Philippines, and xinMSN in
Content in high-demand
from local audiences includes
Korean dramas and K-Pop music
videos, Indonesian movies and
entertainment news programs.
We want to make our
entertainment experience
as relevant and engaging as
possible. Viki is a rare partner
that enables us to provide content
our audiences want at scale in
multiple markets at once, said
Bruno Fiorentini Jr, of Microsof.
With over 12 million viewers
each month, Viki enables top brands
to reach young Internet users.
US-based BPO-IT rm opens 2nd delivery center in PH. In what appears to be a good
sign for the countrys booming outsourcing industry, another foreign-owned BPO company has opened
its second delivery center in the Philippines to support its rapid growth in the higher-level IT outsourcing
business. Cognizant, which is based in the US but has a large presence in India, recently inaugurated its
second facility at the Ortigas business district in Pasig City. Its rst delivery is located at McKinley Hill in
Taguig City. Lakshmi Narayanan, vice-chairman of Cognizant (left) and Prabhakar Bisen, country head for
the Philippines, listen to a presentation during the companys launch of its new delivery center in Ortigas
business district.
Isah V. Red, Editor standard.showbiz@gmail.com
Manila Standard TODAY
Mentors: Roderick Paulate, Gina Alajar, Phillip Salvador, Jolina Magdangal and Ricky Davao; Hosts: Carla Abellana, Dingdong Dantes, Jennylyn Mercado and
Maxene Magalona; Judges: Joey de Leon, Cherie Gil, Bert de Leon and Annette Gozon-Abrogar
After several months of its intensive
nationwide hunt, Protg nally unveiled the
Top 20 aspirants who are going head-to-head in
the weekly elimination nights and outdo each
other in hopes of winning over the judges and
the viewers votes.
This competition is touted to be the grandest
artista search this year as ve celebrity mentors
are in to train, supervise, and educate the
protgs in rehearsals, and workshops, tests and
The mentors who were went to different parts
of the country to nd their protgs include
acclaimed Ricky Davao (Northern and Central
Luzon), Gina Alajar (Southern Luzon), Phillip
Salvador (Mindanao), Jolina Magdangal
(Visayas), and Roder ick Paulate (Mega
Two winners will be proclaimed at the
nals nightone male protg and one female
protg. At stake are P12 million in cash and a
management contract with GMA-7.
As expected, the four esteemed judges
Ber t de Leon, Cher ie Gil, Joey de Leon,
and GMA Network Films President Annette
Gozon-Abrogar will grill the Top 20 protgs
armed with their hard-hitting yet motivational
The gala was hosted by gala presenter
Dingdong Dantes and journey host Car la
Bye bye Mundo Man
Ay Magunaw
It was a tension lled nale for Mundo Man
ay Magunaw with Eula Valdez, Empress, Nikki
Gil, and Ejay Falcon.
The stars are now missing each other.
My relationship with my co-actors really
became very personal, to the point that we share
stories about our own families, Eula said. The
whole cast and even the staff are sensitive to each
others feelings thats why if were making jokes
about each other, nobody gets offended.
Ive learned so much from the veteran actors
in the show. I think even if Im not part of Mundo
Man ay Magunaw, Id still be proud of it because
of its great story and well execution on TV,
Empress said.
Meanwhile, Nikki discovered the actress in
her even more because of the show. According
to her, Ive learned a lot not only about acting
but also many other things about myself. Im
very thankful to be given the chance to work
with senior stars because theyve taught me a lot
about being an artist and being a person.
Ejay, on the other hand, admitted that he is
going to miss playing with his co-actors on the
set. We really enjoyed doing this drama series.
Its like were not working because were always
playing and laughing during the set. Weve
become like a real happy family that is why its
easier for us to work.
Bond of sister hood
ABS-CBN premiered a drama about two
women whose bond of sisterhood is challenged
when they fall for only one man.
Kahit Pusoy Masugatan marks the rst
teleserye starring actress Iza Calzado as a
Kapamilya as well as the anticipated television
comeback of Andi Eigenmann.
The show also paves the way for the
momentous team up of Iza and Andi with Gabby
Concepcion and Jake Cuenca.
The series follows the story of Andrea (Iza)
and Veronica (Andy), two different women
brought together by fate. In their childhood
years, they will learn to love and care for each
other like real sisters. The two are inseparable
until unfortunate circumstances set them apart.
Through time, Andrea grew up to be a patient
but determined young lady who will do everything
for her loved ones, while Veronica turned out
to be possesive with her life. Thus, she will do
everything she can in her power to get what she
wants, including the man she truly loves.
When their paths meet again after so many
years, the bonds of sisterhood they used to share
will be put to test as they fall in love with the
same man, Rafael (Jake).
As if things werent complicated enough as
it is, Rafael faces a dilemma of his own as his
wealthy dad, Miguel (Gabby), falls for Andrea
and even asks her hand in marriage.
A taste of Black Lily
Eula Valdez is now in Walang Hanggan as
Black Lily.
If they think that theyve nally reached their
happy ending, they are wrong. Because when
Black Lily arrives, the lives of the Montenegros
and Guidotis will never be the same again, Eula
bravely assured the followers of ABS-CBNs TV
Black Lily wreaks havoc in the lives of
But how is Black Lily connected with Daniel
(Coco Mar tin)? How will she affect the lives
of Emily (Dawn Zulueta), Marco (Richar d
Gomez), Nathan (Paulo Avelino), Katerina
(Julia Montes), Lola Henya (Susan Roces) and
Doa Margaret (Helen Gamboa)?
Meanwhile, Walang Hanggan continues to
prove its phenomenal success as it reign not only
in the nationwide TV ratings but also in several
popular social networking sites like Twitter
and Facebook, and in the innovative projects
launched by the drama series. After Volume 1
reached the platinum record status, the show
recently released the second volume of its ofcial
The licensed Walang Hanggan Innity
Ring, being sold by Karat World, also
became a certied hit among avid fans. Aside
from its unique brands, an addition to Walang
Hanggans unparalleled success is its award-
winning cast including Coco who was recently
recognized as the Prince of Television by the
Box Ofce Entertainment Awards, and Paulo
who was awarded by the 2012 Gawad Urian as
the Best Actor.
Auspicious rst gala of
ABS-CBN Corporation, the countrys larg-
est multimedia conglomerate, dominated TV
viewing in the country in June and pulled away
from its rival GMA nationwide following Kan-
tar Medias new, expanded data that now cov-
ers rural areas across Luzon, the Visayas, and
Kantar Media, one of the countrys leading
television (TV) audience measurement provid-
ers with capabilities in gathering TV viewing
data in both digital and analog platforms, now
has total of 6.315 million homes in rural areas
across the Philippines (North Luzon, Central
Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)
added to its existing 8.820 million homes in
urban areas, bringing the total TV universe
to 15.135 million homes nationwide. Kantar
Medias audience panel now covers and rep-
resents 100 percent of the total Philippine TV
viewing population.
Data from Kantar Medias combined urban
and rural TV audience measurement survey
showed that ABS-CBNs average national au-
dience share hit 42 percent on total day or a
ten-point lead versus GMA with 32 percent.
ABS-CBN strengthened its performance es-
pecially in the last week of June where it ob-
tained an average audience share of 43 percent
from June 24-30 against GMAs 31 percent.
ABS-CBN also showed a remarkable im-
provement on daytime (6 a.m. To 6 p.m.) as
its afternoon series Kung Akoy Iiwan Mo was
the top daytime weekday program from June
24-30 with an average audience share of 47
percent beating Eat Bulaga which had an av-
erage audience share of only 40 percent for the
same period.
The Kapamilya Network also made Philip-
pine TV history as its phenomenal drama Wa-
lang Hanggan topped all primetime weekday
programs with a whopping 45 percent rating
on June 29.
ABS-CBN further bolstered its undisputed
leadership for the whole month of June in
primetime (6 p.m. to 12 midnight) when most
Filipinos spend time watching TV and ad-
vertisers put their investments to reach more
consumers efciently, as it hit a whopping 51
percent audience share or half of the Philip-
pine TV households tuning in to ABS-CBN
and almost twice more than GMAs audience
share of 27 percent.
ABS-CBN continued its winning streak
across other territories in primetime. In Metro
Manila, ABS-CBN beat its rival with an average
audience share of 37 percent vs GMAs 32 per-
cent. ABS-CBN also challenged GMA in Mega
Manila with an audience share of 36 percent,
slightly higher than Kapusos 34 percent.
ABS-CBN also managed to trounce com-
petition in Luzon with bulk of its primetime
viewership coming from Total South Luzon
where ABS-CBN scored an average audience
share of 63 percent vs. GMAs 20 percent.
ABS-CBN, on the other hand, hit an audience
share of 53 percent vs. GMAs 27 percent in
Total Balance Luzon or areas outside Mega
Manila; and 53 percent vs .27 percent in Total
North Luzon.
Meanwhile, in the VisMin regions, ABS-CBN
Primetime Bida remains undisputed with an au-
dience share of 60 percent vs GMAs 22 percent
in the Visayas and 66 percent or four times big-
ger than GMAs 16 percent in Mindanao.
This dominance was mainly driven by
ABS-CBNs top-caliber primetime offerings
that continue to gain signicant increases as
more and more viewers watch them on week-
day nights.
Walang Hanggan remains to be the most
watched program in the country with an av-
erage TV rating of 41.8 percent. The Coco
Mar tin-starrer led the 12 ABS-CBN shows in
the top 15 programs.
Royal teleserye Princess and I came in sec-
ond place with a national TV rating of 38.6
percent followed by the number one weekend
program Maalaala Mo Kaya on third with
35.9 percent.
TV Patrol, on the other hand, remains to be
the leading newscast in the country scoring a
national TV rating of 31.8 percent vs rival 24
Oras with 17.6 percent.
Making an entry in the top 15 are The X
Factor Philippines and Aryana on the 8
spots respectively. The biggest musical
event of the year scored a national TV rating
of 24.4 percent while the story about a tween
mermaid hit 22.4 percent.
Other Kapamilya programs in the top 15
are Wansapanataym (33.2 percent), Rated K
(26 percent), Dahil sa Pag-ibig (25.3 percent),
Kapamilya Deal or No Deal (23.1 percent),
Goin Bulilit (22.3 percent), and Sarah G Live
(20.3 percent).
ABS-CBN gives its viewers a news
and information-fortied Saturday
as it boosts its late afternoon block
featuring SOCO: Scene of the Crime
Operatives, Failon Ngayon, and TV
Patrol Weekend.
More Filipinos watch Gus Abel-
gas search for justice as the coun-
trys premier crime investigation
program SOCO is now on an earlier
timeslot, Saturdays, 4 p.m.
Gus said the shift would not only
attract more viewers for the program
but also ignite vigilance, concern,
and awareness among Filipinos of
the extent of criminality in society.
Its time they became part of our
communitys campaign against crime
and violence. From SOCO, viewers
will learn to be responsible, watchful,
and might even encourage them in-
form authorities of any wrongdoing.
They will not only be interested in the
program but also in the resolution of
the featured cases, Gus said.
Award-winning broadcast jour-
nalist Ted Failon comes in at 4:45
p.m. to address and nd solutions
act on the most pressing issues in the
country today in Failon Ngayon.
Meanwhile, Pinky Webb and Al-
vin Elchico deliver the biggest and
latest news stories relevant to the Fil-
ipino households in TV Patrol Week-
end at 5: 30 p.m. They deliver news
and information geared towards
enabling viewers with news and in-
formation, provoke discussions on
socioeconomic issues that may have
been neglected by the government
and society, empowering consumers
about their rights, and providing fea-
tures that will help Filipino families
achieve a work-life balance.
Power-driven ABS-CBNs Saturday Afternoon Block
Kapamilya dominates
TV ratings in urban
and rural areas
THE search for the next
big Kapuso stars ofcially
began as Protg made
its highly anticipated and
star-studded premiere on
Philippine television last
night. The rst live gala
night happened after IBilib
on GMAs Sunday Grande
Mundo Man Ay Magunaw stars Nikki Gil, Ejay
Falcon and Empress
Eula Valdez join the cast of Walang Hanggan
Andi Eigenmann and Iza Calzado play the roles of
street kids

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