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SCHEME OF SPM TRIAL EXAM 2010 SECTION A 1. A 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. a) True b) False c) True d) False e) True f) False 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. i) S ii) T 11.

D 12. P = interpreter Q = compiler 13. a) integer b) double 14. 15. 16. C B (i) D (ii) A iii) C 17. A 18. 19. 20. 21. B A B C

22. 23. 24. 25.

B Fingerprint a) Eniac / Mark 1 / Univac. b) animation A

SECTION B 1. i) P = design phase ii) documentation phase iii) 472A 16 iv) 10101110101101 2 2. a) Copyright Infringement b) computer virus / worm attack c) install antivirus / scan files for viruses before downloading d) spyware/hackers 3. i) a sequence control structure b selection control structure ii) Figure (a) Execute statement one by one in line order Figure (b) Execute statements based on the certain condition Programmer use sequence when want to exexute code line by line Does not use decision symbol 4. a) X = 1 Y=0 b) A = UTP cable B = coaxial cable 5. a) Double : 3.14, 1.23. Programmer use selection when want to implement decision making process Has to use decision symbol


: True, False.

b) PROGRAM is a series of organised instructions that directs a computer to perform tasks.

SECTION C Question 1. a) Draw a block diagram to illustrate the information processing cycle. input process output


* to get full marks, the arrangement of the whole diagram and arrows must be correct completely.

b) L is an operating system Function of L (Accept any one of the answer below) i. ii. Provides the users interface Controls how the user enters the data and instructions and how the information is displayed To manage data and program - when we start an application the CPU loads the application from the storage to the memory. Multitasking OS enables more than one application to run in the same time. Managing memory such as optimizing the use of random access memory (RAM), allocating data and instruction to area of memory while being processed, monitoring the contents of memory and releasing data and instructions from being monitored in memory when the process is done. Handling input and output enabling communications with input and output devices.





Differentiate M/N ( Accept any one of the answer below) M/N (RAM) N/M (ROM)

Data and program Content Processing time Volatility

Stores during and after processing Stores information temporarily Very fast, but uses a lot of power Volatile

Stored by manufactures Stores instructions (information) permanently Fast, but uses very little power Non volatile

Question 2. a) Ahmad take action procedure scanning virus with Antivirus software. The activities Ahmad does are : If an antivirus program identifies an infected file, it attempts to remove its virus, worm or Trojan horse. If the antivirus program cannot remove the infection, it often quarantines the infected file. Quarantine is a separate area of a hard disk that holds the infected file until the infection can be removed. This step ensures other files will not become infected. Ahmad mengambil langkah mengimbas virus dengan perisian AntivirusThe activities Ahmad does are :

Sekiranya program Antivirus mengenalpasti jangkitan pada fail, ia akan menyimpan sementara sebelum memadam ia yang terdiri virus, worm atau Trojan horse. Sekiranya antivirus tidak boleh membuang fail yang dijangkiti, ia akan mengkuarantin fail tersebut. Kuarantin akan menyimpan fail yang dijangkiti pada ruang yang berasingan di dalam cakera keras sehingga ia dipadam. Langkah ini memastikan supaya fail lain tidak dijangkiti. Proses ini juga bergantung kepada fitur-fitur perisian antivirus yang diset secara


File or confidential document already saved will be damage. Virus will destruction all the system computer. Computer software will be slow causes infected virus. Distraction emotion of computer user.

Fail atau dokumen penting yang disimpan menjadi rosak. Kadangkala fail atau dokumen yang dijangkiti virus tidak lagi boleh digunakan. Ada sejenis virus yang boleh menukarkan fail .doc dan .xls menjadi fail .exe maka fail ini tidak lagi boleh di buka. Fail yang rosak perlu ditaip semula. Kadangkala maklumat di dalamnya penting dan tidak dapat dirujuk semula. Virus boleh menyebabkan kerosakan pada sistem komputer. Failfail utama sistem pengendali yang dirosakkan oleh virus tidak lagi berfungsi seperti biasa. Ini akan mengakibat sistem komputer rosak. Pengguna terpaksa memasukkan sistem pengendali semula untuk membaikpulih sistem komputer yang dijangkiti virus. Perjalanan perisian yang dijangkiti virus menjadi lambat. Oleh kerana virus ini berada dalam ingatan komputer, maka ia akan menganggu perjalanan perisian dan menyebabkan komputer memproses maklumat menjadi terganggu dan lambat. Menganggu emosi pengguna komputer. Seseorang yang terlibat dengan komputer yang dijangkiti virus boleh akan terganggu emosinya kerana fail-fail yang penting hilang. Ianya memakan masa untuk menyiapkan semula fail-fail yang telah rosak sedangkan fail-fail tersebut adalah sangat penting.

Question 3 1. MIS helps users to make decision / solve problems / supervise activities and track the progress.

2. Phase X is Documentation. the collection and summarization of data and information includes reports, diagrams, programs or any other deliverables generated during the system development cycle is an on-going part of the system development cycle is important as a reference for future development and maintenance as user manual

3. The interrelation between information systems components using a diagram.






4. The definition of attribute/field (X), row/record (Y) An attribute/field is a property that associated with a database entity. Each attribute is represented by a column. A row/record is a collection of related attributes and is represented by a row.