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Webrosensor Products


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WLAN / Wi-Fi 3G

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Vibration & Temperature


Modern sensors with ICT capabilities

Quick and Easy Installation Sensor system uses common ICT infrastucture and PoE switch for data transfer. System is easy to put into operation. Installation is ready in minutes 1) Suits to existing machines on operation without condition monitoring system 2) Enhance your existing condition monitoring system with CM-301 sensor and products

WBS CM301 Sensor

Vibration sensor with Ethernet access Accelerometer with integrated electronics Applies ICT technology for data transfer Each sensor has own MAC address and web page Acceleration output large dynamic range: 1g..250g and adjustable FS measuring range: 1 Hz...2kHz programmable parameters: gain, bandwith, sample rate temperature range: -40C...+100C, IP67 signal recording over net in wav file format Integrated x(4) = n Naps detection method Surface temperature measurement Full control over net including SW upgrades

Basic System
Remote control over Internet Sensors connected to internet using PoE switch technology
110/220 V ac


Light on line condition monitoring systems

RF Link can access Internet via WLAN or 3G

Easy and very quick to install

Large on line condition monitoring systems

Example: large system with 50 measuring points 1 PC

DCS1.0 Software Shows You the Data

Graphical user interface for PC environment Controls and manages sensor connection (IP addresses) data collection data analysis FFT, trends, characteristics figures of vibration Envelope analysis Automatic reports from measurements Alarm control e-mail alarms DCS1.0 is delivered with WBS products


DCS1.0 Features

Automated Reports in pfd format

Signal (t)

Spectrum (f)

On line signal view

Trend measurement example

DCS1.0 supports trend measurements and automatic e-mail warnings

Status OK

Status OK




Wav audio files hearing noises

Bearing diagnostics has tradionally based on hearing the sound of bearing CM301 vibration signal is recorded and stored in wav audio file format, which is then transferred via internet to users hear the noise of bearings ! Note: Audio files over period of time can be parsed together into one file to help in diagnostics


WBS Product Packages


Flexible System Architechture collects you the data 360 / 24 / 7 and can process it !
WBS Wireless (4)
Plastic Switch box: Power input 12V-48V DC or External Charger 110-230 Vac Batteries in side operates without power input 6-8 hours WLAN /WiFi / LAN 3G Option 4 PoE(Ports) for sensors 1 CM301TX + Tacho, 3 x CM301 sensor Good tool for quick problem solving Control rooms in factory

WBS Harsh (16)

Switch box: Stainless steel
(380mm x 380mm x 210 mm)


Power input 110-230 Vac Nano Industrial computer WLAN /WiFi 3G Option 4 - 20 PoE(Ports) for sensors RJ45 connector rubber feed trough DCS.2.0 OPC interface

Factory LAN / Maintenance Network - OPC interface


WBS Harsh (n) for on line monitoring

Full condition monitoring system for demanding environment From small systems to largers expandable easily for larger system ! n = 4 50
CONTENT: Industrial PC: CEF Nano CM301 sensors depending on your application Other accessories and cables SW: DCS1.0 data collection sotware

Ask the quotation and more information ! sales@wbs.fi


WBS Harsh in action


WBS CMS Wireless (4)

Professional remote readable vibration monitoring system for difficult targets, which require wireless data transfer. WBS Wireless transfer measurement data to your system via WLAN or 3G/GPRS modem or cable to network. Works virtually every where and is quick take use!


4 x CM301 + WBS RF-Link + battery+ cables (5m) for sensors. SW: DCS1.00 data collection software 3G modem should be bought by customer Note: basic system for four sensors, can be expanded to support 8 sensors


WBS Wireless in action


WBS Portable For professional use

Professional vibration monitoring instrument with DCS1.0 analysis SW and rugged portable PC.

Data collection unit: CEF-T7M computer

Windows 7 operating system

Sensor: CM301 + UPC cables Software: DCS1.00 data collection software options: BCR1.0 bar code reader to help in route measurements


WBS Portable in action


Starter Test Kit

WBS Easy Plug and play vibration analysis to your PC Connect CM301 sensor with directly your own PC using UPC cable Or connect the sensor diretly to internet with PoE injector
CONTENT: WBS CM301 sensor + UPC spiral cable SW: DCS1.00 data collection on USB stick Accessories: magnets, skrews, cables, PoE injector

A lot of potential use cases

Wood processing industry machines Energy segment
pumps generators wind, water and gas turbines

Cranes Mining industry Ships Infrastructure: building, bridges Traffic control Earthquake and seismic applications


WBS Sensors not limited to vibration


WLAN / Wi-Fi


System solution:
CM301 - vibration CM302 movement, inclination CM303 position, inclination CM300 - logic I/O

external sensor:

- External sensors ICP (4-20 mA,0-5V) for rpm, pressure, force, humidity CM301/302/303



Thank You for Your Attention ! more info: sales@wbs.fi www.wbs.fi