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The Best, the Cheapest and the fastest internet in Nepal Last week, I had an opportunity, to discuss about

the internet connection in Nepal on the facebook page. I found that many consumers who want to get a new internet connection are not fully aware about the packages and prices about the service they will be using. Plus what I witnessed few weeks ago was that ISPAN (internet service provider association of Nepal) interrupted internet service for one hour demanding the Nepal Police to stop raiding its offices. What?!? Yeah!!!! For one hour. Our constitution guarantees our right to communication. Their service is not reliable anyways. Unlike in India, the internet is exceptionally expensive in Nepal, if wireline internet is compared. In India, the operators had to pay hefty money for the license, so at the initial stage its a little bit expensive. But, this time the telecom operators lack their presence in the circles. Once they start their 3G service in full swing in all their circles, I hope that the prices will come down and I wont have to stick this slow internet. There are a lot of people in Nepal who want a new internet connection and the price is the only barrier. World link, Subisu Net, NCell, NTC and Broad link are the main players in the market in Nepal. Subisu net exists or not. I dont have any idea. Though I am pretty sure that the prices are quite higher. Worldlink: Worldlink is supposed to be the largest ISP of Nepal. Its plans start from Rs. 1300 per month, unlimited at 256 Kbps. But the service is not that reliable. Sometimes it goes down. And the speed drastically decreases.

Ncell: NCELL currently provides internet through its EDGE GPRS and USB modem. The speed is good because its all networks are EDGE and 3G enabled which supports up to 232 Kbps of download speed. In 3G coverage area, its speed is up to 7.2 Mbps. Lets look on to the prices. If you are surfing through the GPRS, you have to pay 7 paisa for 10 kb, which is finally Rs. 7.168 per Mb. If used through its USB modem, you get 500 Mb with Rs. 499 valid for one month. UTL: let me tell you about the speed first! Speed is pathetic! I used it few years ago, and it disappointed me. The network coverage is very poor. The download speed it gave to me was just 2 Kbps in average and maximum 7 Kbps. And the plans are very cheaper. Rs. 500 per month for unlimited at the speed of 256 Kbps. This is what the company says. Once you use this, you will never look back to it. Actual speed is 56 Kbps. Less than Dial Up connection. Please dont join this network even if its giving good speed and good signal in your area. Nepal Telecom Authority may scrap its license soon, as it has not cleared its royalties. NTC: after launching its ADSL, its subscriber base increased rapidly. Currently its unlimited plans start from Rs. 900 per month with 192 Kbps and Rs.1500 per month with 256 Kbps. Its a wireline provider. Still, I think it very expensive.

Broadlink: Its a new entrant in the market and its expanding with some aggressive plans. Its a next generation wireless internet service provider. Till last month, it was providing 3 GB of data with Rs. 300. Currently, it has increased the price to Rs. 499 for 3GB. This is the best option for the users who want internet on the go. The unlimited plans start with Rs.499 per 15 days at 128 Kbps. The unlimited plan for one month is Rs. 899 with 128 Kbps. Well, its same as NTCs ADSL. One important benefit of this is, National Roaming and you dont need to pay the bill monthly. Instead you have to recharge it with the vouchers. And you are given the user name and password. As its new company, check the signal strictly before subscribing to it. Comparing all the service providers, I guess, Ncell rocks in speed, Ntc is good at the reliability and Broadlink is best at 3GB package and national roaming. so, the conclusion is that, no single operator is cheap and fast at the same time.