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1. General
1.1 Scope This specification will cover the design, construction, materials, testing and inspection performances of 12192mm x 2438mm x 2896mm ISO 1AAA (40 foot high cubic) accommodation solutions

2. Dimensions & Weight

2.1 Length Width Height 2.2 Length Width Height 2.3 Width Height 2.4 76 m3 2.5 Weight (kg) External Dimensions (mm) 12,192 2,438 2,896 Internal Dimensions (mm) 12,032 2,350 2,697 End Dimensions (mm) 2,438 2,896 Internal Cubic capacity

5500 to 6000 per module

3. Construction & Materials

3.1 3.2 General Frame Construction

Cold rolled S275JR welded 4mm steel profile: 8 welded (container) corner castings with dimensions according to ISO 11988.

Floor Base (external) 1.6mm ridged corten frame sheet S300J0W. Floor Base (sub floor between base and internal floor) 3.5mm steel u shaped cross members (2378mm long, 65mm deep) joining to 4mm side rails (11836mm long) Foam insulation. Liquid Urethene (PUR). R Rating 61.88 Floor (Internal): 32mm treated Skandinavian laminated Spruce (marine plywood) able to withstand 1.33 ISO test. Floor is fastened to structure by zinc plated screws 8.0mm dia per 50mm countersunk in wood 1.5 2.0mm. 3mm Gerflor Slip Resistant Insugrip (0405 Chene medium) vinyl. In the en suite the floor cover is laid to the floor and approx 1800mm up each wall (pattern may vary on walls). 3.3 Roof Construction Frame Construction: Cold Rolled S275JR 4mm welded steel profile : 4 welded (container) corner castings with dimensions according to ISO 11988, 1161. Roof Panel (external): 1.8mm ridged Corten frame sheet S300J0W. Roof Panel (interior) 80mm Metecno Monowall PUR filled panel. (.6mm steel exterior, .5mm steel interior ) Total roof R value = 5.7 3.4 Corner and Support Posts

Cold Rolled S275JR 4mm steel profile. 3.5 Wall Construction 80mm Light Grey Metecno Monowall Exterior runs vertical rib finish. Interior smooth finish. Internal walls meet roof and floor with all white plastic cornice with rubber edging to seal finish. R Value = 4.15 3.6 Testing NOTE : Unit structure tests are completed as follows: All units are tested with 34 T MGW Lifting by bottom corners : 2 R-T Lifting by grapple devices : 1,25 R Top lifting : 2 R-T Longitudinal restraint : 2 R Stacking test : 1,8 R (45.900kg. per post) Wall test : 0,4 P on front / rear ends , 0,3 P on sides Racking test 75 k.n.

Floor test 5460kg Roof test 300kg. surface 600x300mm Classification Society : Registro Italiano Navale

4. Painting Frame
4.1 Preparation Prior to entering the shot-blasting tunnel, the frame fully assembled is accurately inspected on special control area and any trace of oil, dirt and welding spatters is completely removed. Shot-blast operations are carried out by manual and automated air-blasting equipment on both external and internal steel work including any hidden parts. Quality and accuracy of shot blasting is according to SA 2.5. Exhausted grit and dust are removed by pneumatic equipment 4.2 Painting Manual painting system in the painting tunnel (wet on wet system) Paint thickness controlled by intensive readings prior to the unit moving into the oven for drying before finishing operations. Exterior (Hempel Marine Products) Zinc phosphate primer and polyurethane top coat in white. Total DFT 110 120 microns. 4.3 Interior Single coate of zinc phosphate primer (light grey). Total DFT 70-80 microns. 4.4 Underframe Zinc phosphate primer and Tectyl 121 LV bituminous top coat. Total DFT 180 200 microns. All internal and external joints between corrugated panels and top / bottom rails are sealed.

5. Windows & Doors

All units are fitted with Ponzio Insulated Aluminium Windstop double glazed argon filled windows (with internal vanishan blinds) and thermal doors. All Ponzio frames are thermal broken. 7 Year Warranty Refer to web link for testing procedure on windows http://www.giordano.it/archivio/ p1-home/t5-video.php ISO 9001 ISO 14001

Small Window 855mm x 1360mm Ponsio Windstop 55 TT dual bottom hinge and side pivoting Large Window 1360mm x 1360mm Ponsio Windstop 55 TT dual side pivoting External Doors 1120mm x 2250mm Ponsio Windstop 60 Door Internal Doors 2 x standard white 900mm ply wood doors with sliding traction frame.

6. Partition Walls
80mm Metecno Monowall (As per previous)

7. Electrical Instalation
All electrical systems are engineered in Australia according to Australian Standards for portable buildings . Electrical work is undertaken under supervision of Australian Qualified Electricians. All electrical components are sourced from IDEAL Electrical in Australia and exported to Europe for fit out. Electrical systems can be designed and fitted according to destination country. Units come with telephone, data (internet) and tv connections as standard inclusions.

8. Plumbing
All plumbing is installed according to AS 4000. All components are watermarked according to AS 4000 All water pipes run through chassis and exit at specified point for design. Cold Water Supply: Rehau Pexal pipe 20mm main inlet with 16mm branches WMK Licence No WMKA21210 AS Watermark AS3498 Lec W301 Waste Water: Fixture rating 14 (for standard 1 BR unit) Waste fall 1:70 for fixture rating 80mm ID. Waste fall 1 : 60 65mm branch drains Geberit Polyethylene and polypropylene pipes. Global Marked and Watermarked C 40011 of cert schedule Toilet, Shower (w taps and head) and vanity basin are standard inclusions in 1 br unit

11. Heating and Ventilation

1 x Unico Easy HE Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner (refer attachment) 2 x 15V extraction fans (bathroom & bedroom)

12 . Furniture and Fittings

All furniture and kitchen cabinetry is supplied by Berloni. Furniture is manufactured in accordance with UNI EN 14749 (Den Norske Veritas) and a 5 year guarantee. Furniture is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.2000. 1 x kitchen cabinetry and sink 1 x vanity with mirror 1 x 2 seater couch 1 x cradenza for tv and general storage 1 x coffee table 1 x extendable table 2 x chairs 1 x wardrobe 1 x bed (single or double must be specified or single is default) w mattress.

13 .Appliances
1 x Indiset Fridge 210 litre 1 x Indiset Electric Cooktop 1 x Elica Rangehood 1 x Indiset Oven 1 x Indiset Washer and Dryer 1 x hot water service (30ltr) larger available on request