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SOP2772 TEST 5 STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 15 1. What is the difference among pornography, obscenity, and erotica?

? Pornography is visual or literary material that may be arousing to people. Obscenity is material that may be offensive to public taste. Erotica is to express emotions, love, to teach. 2. In ancient cultures, what purposes were served by depictions of sex organs and sexual activities? What about in Pompeys house of prostitution? These depictions were fertility symbols, as well as aspects of sex that were important to the survival of the human species. Some erotic art was used to ward off evil spirits or to improve crop harvesting. Pompeys house of prostitution was 3. What was the purpose of traditional Japanese bride scrolls or shunga? The purpose was to educate their daughters about sexual positions and to encourage erotic interest in their husband. 4. What was the nature of sexually explicit material in ancient literature? Because sex was viewed as joyous, writing about sex was open and unashamed. It was used to criticize political and religious authorities. 5. What is the difference between erotic, adult, stag films and blue movies? Erotica includes more of a story with sex in it Adult films- porn in theatres Stag films- called this for male deers, amateur in stores Blue movies- UK work for porn movies 6. What are some of the defining features of hard-core pornography? Lengthy scenes of genitals and persons engaging in various forms of sexual activity. 7. How has the content of sexually explicit videos changed in recent years? How do they compare to R-rated films? 8. What is the key controversy regarding computers and sex information? 9. Who are the primary consumers of on-line porn? Males. 10. What does research on how the sexual material on television affects the sexual behavior of teenagers show? 11. What is kiddie porn? What is the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1996? What is the difference between sins and crimes in relation to child porn? Kiddie porn is everything from children posing in the nude to suggestive movement to sexual activity with other kids or adults. The Child Protection Act gives stiff penalties for those who involve children in anything sexual and then make or sell this porn. 12. Distinguish between how the following theories discuss the effects of pornography: catharsis and modeling.

Modeling theory- people will copy the behavior they view in porn. Catharsis theory- Viewing porn releases sexual tension, preventing antisocial and violent behavior. 13. What four themes are typically included in current pornographic films? Everyone is hypersexual Everybody does eberything Many sexual partners readily available Recreational sex is the most 14. What was the general conclusion of the 1970 Commission on Obscenity and Pornography? What about the 1986 Commission on Pornography? 15. How do you make sense of the conflicting recommendations? 16. How do men and women differ in their responses to sexually explicit materials? 17. What relationship is there between pornography and child molesters? 18. What relationship is there between pornography and sexual violence? CHAPTER 16 1. What is the sex addiction model? How well is it accepted by sexologists? Addicted to sex, where it intervenes in your work life, and just in your life typically. Comes with many consequences. It isnt well accepted because its branding normal behaviors as addiction, and people can just say theyre sex addicts because they like sex. 2. What is sexual harassment? What is the difference between quid pro quo, hostile environment, and third-party effects? How do people typically respond to sexual harassment? How do colleges deal with romantic and sexual relationships between faculty and students? Why isnt harassment reported more often? Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual advances or coercion that can occur in the workplace or in academic settings. Quid pro quo is when you gain from doing something else, sex for promotion. Hostile environment is when someone is made uncomfortable because of unwanted sexual attention and uninvited advances. A third-party effect is when a third person is being affected by a romantic relationship between the others. (better grades because of relationship) Women typically feel uncomfortable and then shock and then self blame. Colleges prohibit relationships between a professor and a student he is supervising. They tried to permit ALL relationships at any time and it didnt work. Women typically dont report sexual harassment cause they fear of losing their jobs.

3. How can men tell if their behavior is sexual harassment? Ask themselves: Would I mind if someone treated my wife, mom, daughter, this way? Would I mind if a person told them I was doing this? Would I do it if they were present? Would I mind if a reporter wanted to write about what I was doing? If I ask someone for a date, and they reply no do I keep asking? If someone asks me stop, do I get angry and do it more rather than apologize? Do I tell jokes or remarks involving women/sexuality? 4. What is a boundary violation? A situation involving someone who is perceived as the helper for the other. (a lawyer or psychologist to their client/patient having sex or a relationship eventually) 5. What is the difference between sexual coercion, rape, date or acquaintance rape, and statutory rape? Sexual coercion- Involves sexual arousal until the person gives in, manipulation and lies, exploitation if intoxicated, physical force or harm. Rape- Forcing another person to participate even when they say no. Acquaintance/Date rape- a sexual encounter forced by someone who is known to the victim. Usually involves alcohol. Statutory rape- sexual activity when one partner is younger than the age of consent; in most state its 18. 6. What are characteristics of those who engage in coercive or aggressive sexual activity? Lack of respect for women, more physically involved and invasive, hostile or angry reactions to women, doing as he pleases, disregarding your wishes, tendency to act jealous and possessive, making you feel guilty, women belong in the kitchen type thinking, drinking heavily. 7. What is the rape myth? When women say no they mean yes. 8. What are the phases of the rape trauma syndrome? What would be some typical signs that someone is recovering from a rape? Two phases. The first is post traumatic stress disorder. The second is the long-term reorganization to regain a sense of personal security and control over ones environment. Some typical signs of someone who is recovering: denying the experience, insisting on putting it out of their minds, agitated, hyperalert, filled with anxiety, guilt, self-hatred, depression, change jobs, moving, stress. 9. What is a rape shield law?

You cannot bring up the victims past sexual encounters to undermine the rape she encountered. 10. What is pedophilia? What is hebephilia? Pedophilia- a pathological desire to sexually abuse children. Hebephilia- a term used to describe the sexual abuse of adolescents. 11. What are the characteristics of individuals who sexually molest children? May have been abused themselves, lacked confidants, emotionally isolated, problems thinking clearly and concentrating, parents that rejected them. 12. What is typical of women who have been convicted of molesting children? Intelligent, have been abused, experience dissatisfaction with their adult sexual lives. High psychiatric disorders, act out of anger or retaliation to a spouse. Usually commit the crime with another partner, a male offender present.