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How Top Educational Recruitment Agencies Ensure Quality Teaching Are Your Fit To Apply For Teaching Jobs? The Prevailing Problem With Teacher Jobs In Some Parts Of The World Score A Lucrative Teaching Career With The Help Of Tradewind Recruitment Essential Tips In Making The Right Pick Among Teaching Agencies

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How Top Educational Recruitment Agencies Ensure Quality Teaching

Teaching, they say, is really the oldest profession in the world. After all, the foundation of civilisation has always been teachers: philosophers, religious figures, mentors who had a huge role and influence in history. Despite this noble backdrop, the profession today seems to be plagued with various concerns. Many educators around the world are unemployed, underpaid, or plain unappreciated. There are many eligible candidates who, for lack of job opportunities or a fair employment prospect, just make do with other jobs unrelated to their field. In some places, it would not be so surprising to see your kids


homeroom adviser working next year as a call centre agent or a live-in nanny in another country due to economic reasons. On the other hand, some groups decry what they believe as poor quality of teaching these days. Educational recruitment agencies were blamed for supplying under-qualified staff not equipped to handle the responsibility. Schools are under the spotlight for not being able to deliver the measure of guidance and knowledge they were expected to provide the children. Indeed, the issue of teaching has always been a controversial and sensitive one because it involved one of the most important aspects of a society: shaping young minds tasked to shape the future. Today, the education sector is making conscious efforts to improve the quality and framework of the classroom experience today. One of their action plans is to ensure all teaching staff must be highly competent professionals by hiring candidates from premiere teaching recruitment agencies. Leading educational recruitment agencies apply a high standard of selection, screening and interview process of teachers and teaching support staff. They also ensure each teacher has the skills, experience and personality suited to the school, subject and age level they will be handling. At the first level, the agency will ensure that each candidate will possess the necessary educational background, visa, work permit, licenses and other official requirements required by the governing authorities. These documents can help certify that no legal or industry procedures have been bypassed, and that basic skills and competencies are already in place.


The screening process will also determine whether the candidate can combine teaching proficiency, an understanding of child development principles and the ability to perform the needed administrative tasks required of the role. This means that each teacher does not only know how to teach the subject matter well, but can also be able to relate to the students and manage other tasks such as facilitating parent-teacher meetings. By providing schools with highly competent teachers, recruitment agencies can help improve the quality of teaching, help solve education issues and promote love of learning among todays students.


Are Your Fit To Apply For Teaching Jobs?

Hair in a tight bun. Reading glasses. Prim and proper clothing. A serious expression. Chalk in hand. Apple on table, optional. Image of a typical teacher? Not anymore. Today, teachers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, and each one has a personal approach on how to best share knowledge and shape perspectives. Some are strict, while some act just like your best buddies. Some teach in the most state-ofthe-art facilities in front of the worlds most gifted and privileged students. A few stand barefoot in muddy paddies, teaching the alphabet to skinny little pupils who had to cross mountains and rivers everyday just to go to school, knowing that what they teach can changeor save, eventhe lives of these marginalized children.


What about you? What are your qualities as a teacher? If youre a fresh education graduate hunting for a job, an experienced professional thinking of a career move, or an educator looking for career development, you should be able to answer this question to yourself easily and honestly. If not, then its time to make a quick assessment of your skills, competencies and accomplishments to help you strategise your next teaching jobs application. A thorough selfevaluation of your profile can make you see which areas of your career or training you would want to highlight to prospective employers, and which areas need improvement and what can you do about them. This way, you can work with your teaching agency to determine which teaching posts will be most suited to your teaching skills and style. Your first responsibility as a teaching candidate is to prepare the requirements for teachers in the school district youll be applying for. The most helpful recruitment agencies will provide you a checklist of the documents you need to present, and assist you in obtaining the others that are yet to be processed. Work permits, working visa, national licenses and certifications are usually the major requisites, especially if youll be coming in from another country. Its recommended that you come in with teaching experience. If this is your first job, try volunteering in teaching-related projects, such as signing up for an outreach program or working as a museum guide. This will provide you a first-hand impression of your tasks, and assure schools that you learned how to apply schoolbook theories to practice.


Subject matter teaching proficiency is another important component, especially if you would want to apply for specialist subjects. You should be able to show that you do not only possess enough knowledge of the subjects, but more importantly, the method and expertise of sharing that wisdom to your students. Specialist teachers in maths, science and languages are in-demand right now. The best way to look for teaching jobs is to have your application managed by a leading recruitment agency. Not only can they provide you with a suitable reference, but also offer you additional support, training and tools to help you be the best teacher you can be.


The Prevailing Problem With Teacher Jobs In Some Parts Of The World

The common situation in a lot of countries is that there arent enough teacher jobs available for the bulk of Education major graduates. In Japan, a lot of schools have dwindling numbers of students so there are very few opportunities to join the teaching faculty. In the Philippines on the other hand, the education budget is so small that even if its going to be a great advantage to add more teachers to properly teach the great number of students in public schools, the average salary of teachers in the public school system is always a major turn-off. Those who want to serve their lifes purpose and be compensated adequately typically head to private schools or abroad.

Recent studies show that those who go abroad to secure teacher jobs are often the exceptionally-skilled Education graduates or teachers. In a lot of second and third-world countries, theres a belief that greener pastures are not in the native soil especially for teachers. They naturally think this way because of the rather insulting basic salary of teachers in their countries its so small that teachers should just live as singles all their lives because they surely wont be able to raise a family with it. Regardless of the nobility of the profession, if teachers do not feel valued for their efforts, they can easily lose steam and become frustrated. Frustration can very easily cause the decline of the quality of education. Its bad enough that the facilities are just horrendous but overworking the teachers by making them teach several classes of over one hundred students per class and shoulder teaching expenses, such as visual aids and even chalk, is just very demeaning. So, instead of being trapped in a dead end job, teachers head off to a place where they can grow and feel valued. One of the main destinations for teachers seeking greener pastures is the UK. First and foremost, its home to the number one university in the world, the University of Cambridge, meaning quality of education is tops. Secondly, while the education system is not perfect, there are more teacher jobs that are available and these jobs are a great upgrade for teachers from foreign countries. Compensation is way better, including the benefits; the setting is considerably first class and there are opportunities both in the formal and informal education institutions. With all these provisions, dignity is restored to the teachers. They feel better about what they do and will be inspired to improve both for their students and own benefit.
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Score A Lucrative Teaching Career With The Help Of Tradewind Recruitment

If you want to go about your teaching job hunt in the most efficient manner, gathering all the classified ads you can find is definitely not it. Most of the time the job opening ads are pretty vague in their provision of requirements and theres a bigger chance that youre not really suitable for the teaching job posted. Also, if theyre in periodicals, there will surely be lots of people vying for those job openings.

A really time-efficient way of going about your search is by signing up with a reputable teaching agency such as Tradewind Recruitment. If you will choose to take advantage of the agencys services, you will easily have access to the best paying teaching jobs in the location of your choice. The moment the agency is sought to fill a teaching position in the schools its affiliated with and youre deemed fit for the job, you will easily be provided a slot for interview, therefore increasing your chances of landing a job faster.
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Tradewind Recruitment has a record of eight years of being reaccredited with the Department for Educations Quality Mark meaning its standards are really high and it has a very thorough process of going about its operations to ensure its stellar reputation. Its clients include some of the top academic institutions in London, and mainstream and independent schools in Birmingham and the West Midlands, as well as Manchester and the North West. The great thing about signing up with the agency is that you can actually explore so many options to launch your career. You may not end up with the teaching job that youve always had in mind at first but you can rely on the agencys services to find placement for you in learning situations where you can actually gain experience and become more competent and appropriate for the job that you have sights on. Aside from this, just the mere fact that you have such a respected teaching agency pitching your skills to school is already an important boost to your credentials. Schools really have a high regard for the agency. Tradewind Recruitement has a very stringent process of going through resumes of the people who seek its services; making sure that all of them have good moral character and will not become liabilities to the client schools of the agency. So if you want to score a lucrative teaching career, signing up with Tradewind recruitement is the most sensible thing to do.

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Essential Tips In Making The Right Pick Among Teaching Agencies

There a lot of teaching agencies sprouting from nowhere these days, with education having consistent demand for teaching personnel, the supply of teaching staff has proven to be a lucrative business. There are some which are purely in it for the money, while most are truly dedicated in helping learning institutions and teaching job-seekers. If you do not want to get scammed by bogus teaching agencies, provided here are tips that can surely help.

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In the UK, there is such a thing as the Department for Educations Quality Mark. This special mark is given to teaching agencies that uphold the highest quality of standards in supplying skillfully competent teachers to their client schools, as well as help new teachers find the teaching positions that are perfectly suitable to their academic credentials and other requirements. This leads to the first tip which is to check if the agency has accreditation. If youre coming from abroad, its best if the agency has a program that will help you before your arrival, hence the second tip. Reputable teaching agencies help in their teachers visa concerns, living arrangements and even in opening bank accounts. If your agency has provision for all these things then youre in good hands. Third tip is to make sure that the agency knows your specific requirements for the teaching jobs that you want. Its rarely a good sign if the agency informs you that it lined you up for a position thats not at all what you have in mind. Basically what this means is that, its more intent on serving its own interest instead of yours. Though its great to have a job right away, you dont want to be forced into a situation that may compromise you as a professional. Fourth tip is to conduct a background check on the agencys client schools. The number of schools in its listing is not a solid indication that the agencys really good, but it will be an advantage to you if you know its breadth because it can determine the rate of success the agency may have in finding the appropriate teaching job for you. Also, make the Internet your friend; its the best source of performance reviews from previous clients. You dont need to just take the agencys word for it because naturally its desire is to draw more clients to their business. Through the World Wide Web, you can easily check if all the agencys claims are true.
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