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S I N G L E S 2 : T R I P L E T R O U B L E W A L K T H R O U G H -----------------------------------------------------------------------Written by sbermeister - sbermeisterNOSPAM@gmail.

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----------------Table of Contents ----------------1) Introduction 1.1) Intro 1.2) Navigation 1.3) Update History 2) Controls, Plot, Et Cetera 2.1) Controls 2.2) Menu 2.3) Characters 2.4) Skill Levels 2.4.1) Friendship 2.4.2) Romance 2.4.3) Erotic 2.4.4) Creativity 2.4.5) Repair 2.4.6) Cleaning 2.4.7) Cooking 2.4.8) Slacking 2.4.9) Career 2.4.10) Skill Point Levels 2.5) Basic Plot 2.5.1) Josh 2.5.2) Anna 3) Josh Walkthrough 3.1) Intro 3.2) Tutorial 3.3) Moving in, Moving on 3.4) She WILL be mine 3.5) Hands to Work 3.6) What's Cooking? 3.7) The Gardener 3.8) Turning a new leaf 3.9) To the bar! 3.10) Mike Davis 3.11) Party Time! 4) Anna Walkthrough 4.1) Intro 5) Secrets 5.1) Cheats 5.2) Glitches 5.3) Uncensored! 6) The End 7.1) Legalities 7.2) Sites Authorized to Display this FAQ 7.3) Future Plans 7.4) Contributors 7.5) Potpourri -----------------------------------------------------------------------=============== 1) Introduction =============== ---------1.1) Intro ---------Hidey ho. Looks like you've chosen my FAQ out of all the other ones on the site. I can only feel like you've run out of options =P But seriously, searching the net, I have found that this really IS the only Singles 2 walkthrough out there. So yes, as much as I know you hate to admit it, you really have no choice but to read _THIS_ walkthrough. Let's get started --------------1.2) Navigation ---------------

This is a fairly extensive FAQ, if you haven't noticed already, and it can be quite complicated to navigate. That's why I've set up a system which is in no way original. Just search for the number of the section you want. For example, if you wanted to skip Josh's story and go straight to Anna's, justpress that lovely Ctrl-F, and type in 4.1. Simple! ------------------1.3) Update History ------------------v1.0 - 13/07/05 --------------- Finished Josh's story. - Finished most of the Character profiles. - Finished most of the Skill Levels. - Finished the credits and legal details. - Finished the table of contents. v1.0 - 23/08/05 --------------- Fixed some typing errors. - Added a few cheats. - Made the Uncensored! section. - Remembered I had a walkthrough ^_^ ============================ 2) Controls, Plot, Et Cetera ============================ ------------2.1) Controls ------------Since this is a PC game, the controls are pretty obvious. Left-click in a room to walk there, left-click on an object to view the options associated with that object. Rightclick, hold and drag somewhere to scroll, or (if playing in Fullscreen Mode), just drag the mouse to the corners of the screen. Need I say more? --------2.2) Menu --------COMING SOON!!! --------------2.3) Characters --------------GARY (AKA, MAGNET): At just learned his own what he JOSH: Josh is not shy and has no problems with getting to know other people. But when it comes to music he somehow lacks this courage. Accepting one odd job after another he always declines them one week later, because he has not enough time for his music. Anna was the best thing that could ever happen to him, because she inspired him and supported his hobby. ANNA: Anna is a young, intelligent, outgoing person. She is very active and spontaneous and works as a journalist for a music magazine. In her job she works very hard, gets to know many people and always has to be up to date regarding trends in fashion or music, but at home she is very relaxed and enjoys good food as well as a romantic candlelight dinner. SIMON: Simon is Anna's boss and therefore Josh's rival. Being very self-confident, he likes to wear expensive clothes and accessories. He founded his own magazine at the age of 19 and seems to have everything Josh hasn't got. But Anna is not the love of his life. 30 years of age, Magnet is very experienced. He is a cool musician who has very much during gigs all over the country, but now he appreciates staying in music club and jamming with other musicians. Women love him because he knows wants. He helps Josh by giving him simple but very helpful advice.

KIM: Kim is an Asian girlie, very outgoing, crazy and sometimes a little naive. She is studying East Asian culture to learn more about her roots, which are still a bit of a mystery to her. Aged 20, she falls in love with men pretty easily. Knowing that makes it easy to impress her with small presents. ----------------2.4) Skill Levels ----------------+++++++++++++++++ 2.4.1) Friendship +++++++++++++++++ 0 - CLUELESS { Actions have 0% more influence } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raise your friendship skill and people will like you more. 1 - BEGINNER { Actions have 25% more influence } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Single can have simple conversations. 2 - AMATEUR { Actions have 50% more influence } ----------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friendly 3 - COMPETENT { Actions have 100% more influence } ------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Social-Butterfly 4 - EXPERT { Actions have 145% more influence } ---------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You're the life of the party! ++++++++++++++ 2.4.2) Romance ++++++++++++++ 0 - CLUELESS { Actions have 0% more influence } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raise romance skill to be more successful in romance. 1 - BEGINNER { Actions have 25% more influence } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be my Valentine. Has discovered greetings cards. 2 - AMATEUR { Actions have 50% more influence } ----------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Basics of passion, Roses, Poetry and candlelight dinners 3 - COMPETENT { Actions have 100% more influence } ------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Romeo and Juliet. Melts hearts and moistens tear ducts 4 - EXPERT { Actions have 145% more influence } ---------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cupid. Birds suddenly appear and the moon is always full. +++++++++++++ 2.4.3) Erotic +++++++++++++ 0 - CLUELESS { Actions have 0% more influence } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ L O O S E R ! Raise erotic skill to improve the quality flirting. 1 - BEGINNER { Actions have 25% more influence } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Still gets the shivers when someone hot walks by. 2 - AMATEUR { Actions have 50% more influence } ----------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Learning the lines, starting to get results. 3 - COMPETENT { Actions have 100% more influence }

------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don Juan! Seduce even easier. 4 - EXPERT { Actions have 145% more influence } ---------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kamasutra! +++++++++++++++++ 2.4.4) Creativity +++++++++++++++++ 0 - CLUELESS -----------Raise creativity skill to become handy with creative Singles have more fun when having sex. 1 - BEGINNER -----------A guitar made of macrame. 2 - AMATEUR ----------Chamber music and watercolors. 3 - COMPETENT ------------Vernisages and experimental Jazz. 4 - EXPERT ---------A master of the Arts. +++++++++++++ 2.4.5) Repair +++++++++++++ 1 - BEGINNER { repairs 40% faster } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just hit it! Still takes long, and needs a good manual. 2 - AMATEUR { repairs 100% faster } ----------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comfortable in tool shops and when faced by most domestic disasters. 3 - COMPETENT { repairs 175% faster } ------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Handyman. Skillful and fast. 4 - EXPERT { repairs 285% faster } ---------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Repairs everything at lightning speed. +++++++++++++++ 2.4.6) Cleaning +++++++++++++++ 1 - BEGINNER { cleans 30% faster } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lazy bum. Has discovered stains, and can just about deal with smells. ++++++++++++++ 2.4.7) Cooking ++++++++++++++ 1 - BEGINNER { cooks 20% faster and better } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One dish wonder. 2 - AMATEUR { cooks 45% faster and better } ----------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cooks relatively well and healthy with the aid of recipe books. 3 - COMPETENT { cooks 70% faster and better } ------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Creates delicious and healthy meals, made from fresh ingredients, in a short time.






4 - EXPERT { cooks 100% faster and better } ---------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Master chef! Organizes great dinner parties, without taking up much time. +++++++++++++++ 2.4.8) Slacking +++++++++++++++ 0 - CLUELESS { 0 minutes less worktime } ------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Under the thumb and hard working. Raise slacking skill to leave work at least half an hour earlier. +++++++++++++ 2.4.9) Career +++++++++++++ 1 - SINGING WAITER -----------------Income: 200 $ Working hours: 09:00 - 15:00 2 - MUSIC TEACHER ----------------Income: 320 $ Working hours: 09:00 - 15:15 3 - JINGLE COMPOSER ------------------Income: 430 $ Working hours: 08:45 - 15:15 4 - BAND LEADER --------------Income: 530 $ Working hours: 08:45 - 15:30 5 - SONG WRITER --------------Income: 620 $ Working hours: 08:30 - 15:30 5 - GRAMMY WINNING SONGWRITER ----------------------------Income: 700 $ Working hours: 08:30 - 15:45 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2.4.10) Skill Point Levels ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 5 15 25 35 45 55 exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp

--------------2.5) Basic Plot --------------+++++++++++ 2.5.1) Josh +++++++++++

COMING SOON!! +++++++++++ 2.5.2) Anna +++++++++++ COMING SOON!!! =================== 3) Josh Walkthrough =================== Remember to download all available patches at Singles2.com before you start!!! ---------3.1) Intro ---------Basically, Kim picked a new room mate for the apartment that her and Anna are sharing. Anna thinks, that from what Kim is saying about him, it is her ex- boyfriend, Josh! Anna runs off to work as Josh (you) enters, just a second too late to see Anna. Your first mission: explore the apartment! ------------3.2) Tutorial ------------Go to Kim. ---------This one's easy, just click the white dot near where Kim is standing. Look around the apartment. -------------------------There are three big white question-mark spaces in the apartment - the kitchen, the bathroom and your room. Just click on each one to go there. Let's start with the kitchen. Get something to eat from the fridge. ------------------------------------Click on the fridge and press 'Snack' to complete the mission. Now, head for the question-mark in the bathroom! Take a shower. -------------Click on the shower and press 'Have a shower' to complete the mission. Then, finally, go to the bedroom question space. Buy yourself a bed and put it in your room. ------------------------------------------The completion of this mission will also give you access to the next level of the game. To buy a bed, click the house icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen, click on furniture (the table and chair), then click beds (the second-last option), and click on one to buy it. Place it anywhere in your room, then hold and drag the mouse to rotate. You just purchased your first item! ------------------------3.3) Moving in, Moving on ------------------------Give Magnet a call. ------------------Click on the phone and press 'Ask Magnet for help'. You can click this button anytime you want if you're stuck in the game. But, since you have this walkthrough, this will probably be the first and last time you use it =D Meet Magnet and talk with him. -----------------------------Click on the stairs and click 'Go to Bar (Open 12PM to 2AM)' if you can. If it's in grey, then wait until 12PM to go there (the time is in the bottom left corner of your screen). Once at the bar, click on Magnet and press 'Ask Magnet for help' (probably the first and last time you use this, too). Josh basically tells Magnet he's moved in with Anna, and wants to spend time with her. Magnet says that Josh must 'play his cards right' - basically he means snooping into Anna's room while she's at work. Find a way to get in touch with Anna again. -------------------------------------------

Leave the bar. Once back at home, make sure your hunger and hygiene bars are pretty full, then go to sleep. The next day, wait until both Anna and Kim go to work, then scroll over so you can see Anna's room (next to the bathroom), click on the big black wardrobe (to your left when you walk in), and click search. You found a key! Click on her diary (on the table, next to the fishbowl and the fountain) and press search. Anna hasn't forgotten about you yet! --------------------3.4) She WILL be mine --------------------Win Anna's friendship back. --------------------------Just use all the actions in the Friendship and Fun tabs except argue. Don't flirt or use any romantic actions... Yet. The light blue bar in Anna's friendship tab must be at least half way. Anna will talk to you and tell you she's your friend again when you complete the mission. Show Anna your romantic side (Optional) --------------------------------------This mission is unlocked after you complete mission 3.6. Remember still not to flirt with Anna. You can use heaps of Romantic options, though, and make Anna's light-blue romantic bar at least half way. -----------------3.5) Hands to Work -----------------Yu Get these items: a large carpet, an oriental table, two cusions and a tent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Just before you start, let me warn you that if you want to make a romantic dinner like the one in the picture, you will need a grand total of $2025. However, you can snoop off and manage with just $1905. If you don't have that much money, don't fret, just work for a few days until you do. Easy. The large carpet can be found in 'Domestics and Appliances' (2nd from the left), 'Carpets and Rugs'. It's in the first row, called the Oriental Carpet, and it's $625. If you can't afford it, no biggie, just go to work for a few days and the money will get there. As for the oriental table, it's in 'Furniture', then 'Coffee Tables'. There are two - a red and an orange one for $425. They both work the same, but the orange one is the one in the picture, so I chose that one for sheer joy. It should fit into the centre of the carpet. Next, the two cusions can be found in the same category as the carpet, but now go to 'Sofas and Armchairs'. They're in the very last row, one is $65 and one is $125. The one in the photo is the $125 one, but the $65 works for me. Choose whichever one you like. Next is the tent. This caused a lot of pain for a lot of poor people, but thanks to this easy walkthrough you don't need to feel that pain. Instead,you can pretend to feel it by finding the tent in the same category again but now in 'Patio and Garden furniture' (the last one), and it should be the first item in the list for $725. Remember to put the cusions with the backrests away from the table, otherwise your Singles cannot sit on them. Get lots of candles for a cosy atmosphere. -----------------------------------------Candles can be found 'Domestics and Appliances' in 'Decoration and Candles'. The one in the photo is the second-hand three-pronged candlestick, but any candles will do. You only need one, but for the heck of it, I got six three-pronged ones so it totally matched the picture. But that's just me. Do whatever you like. -------------------3.6) What's Cooking? -------------------Prepare a delicious meal for Anna and yourself. ----------------------------------------------I wouldn't start this one until you've finished mission 3.7. Do that first, then click on the oven and press 'Cook normal/good/great'. Don't 'cook simple' - it doesn't count as a delicious meal. You may have to recook your delicious meal if it goes rotten, but that's okay. Invite Anna to your romantic candle-lit dinner. ----------------------------------------------Remember to wait until at least 19:00 before inviting Anna! Once you've made a delicious meal, click on Anna and press 'Invite to candlelit dinner'. You can't invite her unless you've completed the first mission in 3.4 (She WILL be mine). But oh no! Once you invite her, Kim wants to come, too. That brings you to your next mission getting rid of Kim. Improve your cooking skills. ---------------------------Raise your cooking skills to at least 2, or complete mission 3.7. You need to get rid of Kim.

--------------------------'Talk with Kim' twice, then click on the computer in Anna's room and choose 'Online Shopping'. Then click on Kim and press 'Talk to Kim' again to get rid of her. Quickly get your dinner ready for Anna - Kim won't be gone forever. Buy a ticket for Kim. --------------------------Explained above. ----------------3.7) The Gardener ----------------Purchase a herb-garden.----------------------A herb-garden can be found in 'Domestics and Appliances' and then in 'Kitchen Cupboards and appliances'. Don't ask me why, but it's on the last row in that section for $30. Take care of it and let the herbs grow. --------------------------------------Water your herb-garden three times over three days. If you stop watering the herbs, the (+1) next to your cooking skill will disappear. If you're at cooking level 4, this will have no effect. ----------------------3.8) Turning a new leaf ----------------------You'll need a microphone, an amplifier, and a guitar. ----------------------------------------------------You've already got the guitar, and the total cost of the other two items is $459. They're both in 'Consumer Electronics' > 'Hobby Accessories', the microphone being $169 and the amplifier being $290. Remember to place them all relatively close to eachother. Record a CD of your songs. -------------------------You'll need to have a Creativity level of at least 2 for this one. Click on either the microphone, amplifier or guitar (after you've bought them), and select 'Record CD'. It must be daytime to record the CD. Although it's light at 6:00, the 'daytime' starts at 9:00. Improve your guitar-playing skills. ----------------------------------Raise your creativity level to at least 2. Give Anna your dedicated CD. ---------------------------If you click on Anna and press 'Give love song CD', she won't accept it. You have to wait for a phone call from Magnet telling you that Anna is at the bar with Simon. Go to the bar, click on Anna and press 'Give love song CD'. This will unlock mission 3.9. Complete all the missions in 3.9, then finally go home,click on Anna, press 'Give love song CD' for the last time, and you're done. Magnet should call you soon, which unlocks 3.10. ---------------3.9) To the bar! ---------------Meet Anna at the bar. --------------------Go to the bar straight after Magnet calls. If you miss it, he will call again the next day. Find a way to get rid of Simon. Let Nicolas, Linda, and Bernie help you. -----------------------------------------------------------------------First, 'Small Talk' with Nicolas, Linda and Bernie. Then use this order: Linda: Compliment Nicolas: Gossip Bernie: Gossip Nicolas: Comfort ---------------3.10) Mike Davis ----------------

Meet Mike at the bar and invite him to jam with you. ---------------------------------------------------Click on Mike and select 'Ask for jam session'. Buy some decent clothes. -----------------------Buy the 'Silk Shirt' in the clothing shop for $, put it on, then return to the bar, select Mike and press 'Ask for jam session' again. You've got to talk to Mike to become friends. --------------------------------------------Talk to him for a while, revisit the bar if you have to, and eventually he will tell you he can jam with you at your place. Invite Mike to your apartment. -----------------------------Click on the phone, press 'Invite...', and click the picture of Mike. This will continually become 'incompleted' after Mike leaves your apartment after a jam session. Just ignore it. It will become stable after you complete the whole 3.10 mission page. Jam with Mike a couple of times. -------------------------------Change into your silk shirt again. Then click on Mike and select 'Ask for jam session'. Buy all the required instruments (listed below), then 'Ask for jam session' again. Do this two times to complete the mission. Remember that Mike can only jam once per day, so you'll have to wait until the next day to jam with him another time. You need a piano, a microphone and a guitar for the jam session. ---------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: It doesn't say you have to buy a guitar amp, but you do. It's a bug, sorry. They're all in 'Consumer Electronics' > 'Hobby Accessories'. You can buy the cheaper piano to save money, for $1500, the guitar you already have, and the microphone you should still have from last time, or buy a new one for $169. The amp is $290, but you should have one from before. It's a killer total of $1959. If you don't have that much, work a bit more then invite Mike over again. ----------------3.11) Party Time! ----------------Buy a disco ball, a few sets of party lights and a couple of concert speakers. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------The total cost at the cheapest is $365. If you're like me, and always like to have things perfect, you can have a better party with $910. If you have that money, spend it, you can always sell the items later. All the items can be found in 'Consumer Electronics' > Audio electronics. They range in price depending on the size. You may choose to buy extra stuff to liven up the party - shop till ya drop =D You'll need your microphone, amplifier and guitar and a piano for Mike. ----------------------------------------------------------------------You should already have them from the last mission. Set up the living room with these items. ---------------------------------------You can randomly place most of them, but keep the instruments fairly close together. Use your common sense. There's no right or wrong, but if it's a stupid design it could stuff up. You've got to become aquainted with more people to invite them. --------------------------------------------------------------You need to have at least three people that are 'invitable'. Mike and Magnet make two, so you really only need one. If you don't, head down to the bar and start chatting! Invite guests. Make sure that all your friends are there. --------------------------------------------------------Party time! If you've completed every other mission on this page, it's time to start the party! Invite Mike and all the other people, then turn up the music! If people start to leave because you're on the phone too long, turn on the radio - they'll start to dance and stay longer. Remember you have to invite ALL your friends - that means as many people that are available to invite, have to be invited. Once everyone's there, click on the amp/mic/guitar and select 'Perform

your song'. Woohoo! Declare your love to Anna and you've completed Josh's story mode! Congratulations! =================== 4) Anna Walkthrough =================== Remember to download all available patches at Singles2.com before you start!!! ---------4.1) Intro ---------COMING SOON!!! ========== 5) Secrets ========== ----------5.1) Cheats ----------Note: The cheats below markes with an asterix (*) are 100% mine. DO NOT EVEN THINK about copying or posting them anywhere without crediting me, or you will die a slow, painful death. Note 2: The cheats below that say =NT= have not yet been tested. Use them at your own risk. GETTING RID OF SIMON* --------------------When Simon comes to take Anna clubbing, simply talk to Anna (and make sure she doesn't reject you) and eventually Simon will go away. If Anna rejects you, she will go with Simon, and all your events will be cancelled. ALL MODES =NT= --------Use Windows Explorer to disable the read-only attribute of the "game.cfg" file in the "\Singles2\config\" folder. Then, use a text editor to edit that file. Look for the "BackyardEnabled =", "ApartmentEnabled =", and "PenthouseEnabled =" lines. Change the "false" values for those lines to "true". Save the file, then make the file read-only again. START THE GAME WITH LOTS OF MONEY =NT= --------------------------------Before you start a new game, go to your Singles 2 folder and go to the config folder, then open game.cfg with a text editor like notepad. Search for "Money", and change the values to as high as 999999. These are the default values: moneyEmptyScene = 100000 moneyStartStory = 496 moneyStartBackyard = 2500 moneyStartApartment = 5000 moneyStartPenthouse = 10000 SKILL POINTS -----------Save the game, then quit. Use a text editor to edit the "savegame_apartment.dat" file (if your character lives in an apartment) or "savegame_penthouse" file, if your character lives in a penthouse, etc. in the "\Singles2\savegame" folder. Look for the entry for skillpoints and change its value to "30". Search again and change the value of each occurrence to "30". ------------5.2) Glitches ------------COMING SOON!!! ---------------5.3) Uncensored! ---------------Yes, it's what we've all been waiting for, what our parents derive us of when we

buy the game, what separates this simulation for pornographic material - how to turn the censored version into an uncensored one. Yes, sadly, it is possible, and our friends at Deep Silver have made it so easy to do they are almost _asking_ us to remove that annoying little censorship patch that we all know and love. So, onto the cracking! Obviously, you have to restart the game for any changes to take effect. Now, go to your Singles 2 folder, usually C:\Program Files\Singles 2, then open the config folder, and find the game.cfg file. The game.cfg file is read-only, so you need to right-click it, click Properties, then uncheck the box that says Read Only. Then open game.cfg with a text editor like Notepad. Search for "pixelate" and make sure it is set to true, and that "fullPixelation" is set to false. Remember to make it Read Only again after editing. Oh, Happy days~! Thanks to Alex for the Uncensored fix. ========== 6) The End ========== --------------6.1) Legalities --------------Josh, Anna, Magnet, and all other related characters and concepts are copyright (c) Deep Silver 2005. This FAQ and all reproductions and revisions are copyright (c) Sasha Bermeister 2005. GameFAQs and all related materials are copyright (c) CJayC 1995-2005. ----------------------------------------6.2) Sites Authorized to Display this FAQ ----------------------------------------Anyone may use this walkthrough on their site, but ONLY IF THEY GIVE PROPER CREDIT TO ME. That means keeping the copyright information and listing me as the writer on both one's site on which they link to this walkthrough and retaining the information at the top of this walkthrough. ----------------6.3) Future Plans ----------------I plan to complete every section of this walkthrough, and maybe even add more sections. ----------------6.4) Contributors ----------------- Me - Singles2.com - The Singles 2 Game -------------6.5) Potpourri -------------Length: 18 pages, 4,434 words File Size: 28.5kb Version: 1.1 Josh Walkthrough Completion: 100% Anna Walkthrough Completion: 0% Character and Object Analysis Completion: 75% Other Stuff Completion: 50% Overall Completion: 60% approx. Special thanks to... CJayC, proprietor of GameFAQs Deep Silver, creators of this game Microsoft and Apple, creators of the computer Me, because shameless self-promotion is good