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Marking Scheme ICT 2nd Trial SPM 2010 SIBU SARAWAK

1. Non- computerized

2. (i) Slander ii. Pornography 3. B 4. (a) RAM / Primary storage (must be capital) ii. Flash memory (dont accept if the brand of any flash memory) / secondary storage / CD-RW / HDD 5. True 6. Z 7. A 8. Client/Server or Client-server ii. Ring 9. Wireless Network Interface Card (WNIC) 10. a) Y ii. W 11. (i) Enable users to display and interact with HTML documents hosted by web servers or held in a file system. ii. Enable user to surf internet 12. (i) Q ii. P 13. X- implementation, Y publishing 14. Navigation 15. (i) icon concept ii. Card concept 16. High level programming language 17. a) A ii. C 18. B 19. (a) pie ii. radius / area 20. a) True (dont accept if T) ii. False (dont accept if F) 21. C 22. BookID 23. B 24. A) III ii. II 25. Documentation (phase)

26. a) example: (i) transfer of payment to the wrong accounts

ii. iii. iv.

tap into data transmission lines on database at no cost divert goods to the wrong destination or other suitable answer that means other peoples property to his own illegally

b) refer to notes A intranet B- internet Intranet (A) High security because use firewall // uses username and password Within the organisations Telephone, directories, internal jobs opening, employee info 28. 29. a) A) X CD-based, Y- Web-based ii. Refer to note
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Criteria Security

User Usage

Internet (B) Low security because no firewall used // do not require username and password public Access all kind of info


b) (i) program design (ii) X is less than or equal to Y 30. (a) (i) and (ii) NEWSPAPER newspaper ID Newspaper name Newspaper Company // supplier ID b) 1 to many

SUPPLIER supplier ID supplier name supplier address // newspaper ID

31. H BOOK 1m BookI Book D Title B500 B501

Category ID C123 C123

1m 1m 1m

CATEGORY - 1m Category Category ID Name C123 Fiction C124 Non-Fiction

32. A)

Tot al 20 35

1m 1m

peer-to-peer (1m) OR file sharing (shared folder)(1m) : - allow user to share resources and files on their computers. (1m) - it is an inexpensive network (1m) - it has equal capability to use the resources

b) 1. Local area network > Properties > TCP/IP 2. Set the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, preferred DNS Server , close , and restart. 3. Go to any file that wanted to be share and right click > sharing and security > click n network setup wizard 4. Fill in computer description and name. Then Name the network as MSHOME. Click finish and restart. 33. (ii)
Pass 1m 1m

(i) coding (phase)


You have pass your ICT examination OK

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You have fail your ICT examination OK