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Thank you for your enquiry regarding possible enrollment at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. Application deadline: Applicants from non-EU and non-EEA countries and stateless persons must submit their fully completed application for admission to study to the Admissions Office:

by September 5 for admission in the winter semester by February 5 for admission in the summer semester

Please consider that it might take up to eight weeks to process your application and that it might be necessary for you to undertake further steps before your start of studies (e.g. application for visa). We therefore recommend submitting your application in due time. Required documents: In order to enroll in one of the Bachelors programs at WU you must satisfy the general requirements for entrance to an Austrian university and the special entrance requirements of your chosen degree program; in addition, you must have an adequate command of the German language. Please include the following original documents with your application:


For the fulfillment of the general requirements for entrance:

Secondary school leaving certificate


For the fulfillment of the special entrance requirements:

The Austrian Universities Act 2002 stipulates that applicants from non-EU and non-EEA countries and stateless persons fulfill certain country-specific admission requirements (applicable in the country in which the leaving certificate was issued) and that they are entitled to enroll in an equivalent program at an accredited university in the country in which the applicant's secondary school leaving certificate was issued. This means that you must fulfill all criteria, over and above the leaving certificate, applicable in the country in which your leaving certificate was issued (entrance exams, interviews, etc.) for admission to an equivalent degree program to the one you have chosen to attend at WU. Your entitlement for direct access must be confirmed in writing by the accredited university (President/Dean/Registrar). The confirmation must state that you would be entitled to enroll in a Bachelor's program in business administration, economics, commerce or a related field of study (if you have chosen to apply for the WU Bachelors program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences) in law (if you have chosen to apply for the WU Bachelors program in Business Law) without requiring any further entrance exams, interviews, etc. in the academic year in which you wish to start your studies at our university (e.g. 2012/13). If you have already begun an equivalent Bachelor's program, please submit confirmation that you

would be entitled to continue your studies at your current university in the academic year in which you wish to start your studies at our university (e.g. 2012/13). In both cases the confirmation must include the following information:

name of the program (e. g. business administration, finance, economics, law) student status (redovan / vanredan) legally required duration of studies for the program academic degree which will be conferred to you after successful completion of the program

Please note that you do not meet the special entrance requirements in case you are


a non-degree program student (vanredan) a student of a program which does not lead to an academic degree a student or a graduate of a Higher School (Vise Skole or Visoke Skole)

In addition: In case you have already begun your studies in a first degree program at a nationally accredited university: an updated academic record (transcript) with details of all examinations you have passed and the number of credit hours attended in each semester or year at your previous university Completed application form Curriculum vitae, documenting in particular your education to date Copy of your passport (only the page with your personal information) If available: evidence of adequate proficiency in German Additionally 1 copy of all above-mentioned documents If you wish another person to act on your behalf throughout the application process: completed power of attorney

If one of the provisions of the ordinance governing admission of certain groups of potential students (Personengruppenverordnung) applies to you, you do not require the confirmation indicated under point 2. In cases where one of the provisions of the ordinance governing admission of certain groups of potential students applies, applicants are requested to submit the relevant documentation. If you already have a Bachelor's degree in an economic field (or a Bachelor's degree in law if you wish to enroll in Business Law), or an equivalent degree from an accredited university, this is valid proof of general and special university entrance qualifications. In this case, please include the degree certificate/diploma earned after completion of your university studies in place of the documents named in items 1 and 2. The original documents and translations will be returned to you by registered post along with our response to your application. Legalization No legalization is necessary for your documents, because they were issued by a country that has a bilateral agreement with Austria. Please note, however, that we can only accept original documents. Translation All documents (including syllabi) must be submitted in German or English. If the original document was not issued in one of these languages, it must be translated.

Translations must be done by a certified, court-approved translator officially recognized by the issuing country. Translations from translators who do not fulfill these criteria cannot be accepted. You will find a list of court-approved certified translators in Austria at http://www.sdgliste.justiz.gv.at/. Please note that the certified translation must be permanently attached to the original document by the translator.

The Bachelors programs at WU are taught in German. Applicants whose first language is not German have to submit proof of German proficiency (see list of admissible documents below), or acquire the necessary German language skills before starting their regular studies at WU (see information on the Vienna University Preparation Program below). The following German language certificates will be accepted as proof of German proficiency. They can be presented, together with the admission papers for a degree program at WU, at the Admissions Office:

Secondary school leaving examination in German language the Supplementary German Examination (Ergnzungsprfung aus Deutsch) of the Viennese University Preparation Program (Vorstudienlehrgang der Wiener Universitten, Sechshauserstrae 33A, 1150 Wien, www.vwu.at) B2/2 or Mittelstufe 3 of the Innovationszentrum der Universitt Wien (Universittscampus - Altes AKH, Alser Strae 4, Hof 1.16, 1090 Wien) B2 Mittelstufe Deutsch of the sterreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (SD) the University German Language Examination (Universitts-Sprachprfung aus Deutsch) conducted by the German Department of the University of Vienna (Universitt Wien, Institut fuer Germanistik, Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 1, A-1010 Wien) Goethe-Zertifikat B2 or higher level of the Goethe Institut (for exams passed from fall 2007) "Zentrale Mittelstufenprfung" or higher level of the Goethe Institut (for exams passed before fall 2007) Second level of the Deutsches Sprachdiplom issued by the Kultusministerkonferenz in Germany TestDaF (required minimum grade for all parts of the exam: TDN 4) Deutsche Sprachprfung fr den Hochschulzugang auslndischer Studienwerber/innen (DSH2)

If you do not have one of the German language certificates listed above, but have been accepted to a degree program at WU, you must attend a German language course at WU during a maximum of four semesters as a non-degree-program student within the Vienna University Preparation Program. For further information see also www.vwu.at and www.orient-gesellschaft.at. The German course costs 420 per semester. While you attend the course as a non-degree program student, you may not attend any classes at WU as a degree program student. Only after successful completion of the Supplementary German Examination (Ergnzungsprfung aus Deutsch) of the Vienna University Preparation Program will you be able to enroll in your chosen degree program. Please note that none of the other certificates listed above will be accepted after registration as a non-degree student in place of a Vienna University Preparation Program certificate.

Information on recognition of examinations is available at: http://www.wu.ac.at/prospective/en/admission/international/recognition or directly from the Study Regulations Office (UZA 1, 4th floor, section D, Tel. +43-1-31336-4097).