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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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gone...til when?
Taylor, Brown violated team rules, suspended
Suspensions fell on both the mens and womens basketball teams on Monday. Tyshawn Taylor, who has started 26 of 27 games at point guard for Kansas this year, was suspended indefinitely by coach Bill Self for an unspecified violation of team policies. Although we are disappointed in Tyshawn, Self said in a statement, he will remain a member of our team and practice with our team until he is reinstated for competition. Taylor averages 8.8 points and is third in Taylor the conference with 4.7 assists per game. This is Taylors first suspension, but he has had off-the-court issues centered around social media and was an instigator in last years fights with the football team. Kansas womens basketball coach Bonnie Henrickson also announced that senior guard Marisha Brown is suspended indefinitely for violating team rules. M a r i s h a will remain Brown a member of our team and continue to practice until she is reinstated for competition, however, we are very disappointed in her,


Pell Grant Proposal could cut funding

adam buhler/kansan

Junior guard Tyshawn Taylor looks on during the team warm-up before the game against Oklahoma State. Taylor was suspended indefinitely by Coach Self for an unspecified violation of team rules..
Henrickson said. Brown previously missed eight games after breaking her foot earlier in the season. Lately though, she has found her stride joining the starting line-up and scoring a career-high 10 points against Texas A&M two games ago. Brown averages 4 points and 2.4 rebounds per game. Edited by Tali David

Basketball Rewind
For more coverage of this story, check out KUJHs newscast today at 4 p.m.

mens basketball| 6a-7a

Marcus Morris led the Jayhawks with 27 points as they trampled Oklahoma State on Monday, 92-65.



with congressman Kevin Yoder

groups here on campus. Kansan: What issue do you think students should be paying more attention to? Yoder: Well certainly the debt and the yearly deficit. You know, were also at a point where when you add up Medicare, social security and Medicaid, that within 30 years, those three programs will take up every dollar the federal government spends, leaving no money for education, no money for research, no money for transportation, no money for defense, no money for anything. Its gonna take some heavy lifting by the next generation. Were gonna have to figure out what we can live without. Will the next generation have all the of same entitlements benefits that the current generation has? I dont know. I think students are gonna have to decide now, if Im 21 years old, what kind of country do I want to live in 30 years from now and

The University Daily Kansan: What experience or skill that you learned at KU has been the best help to you so far in Congress (or in politics in general)? Ke v i n Yoder: My KU experience really set me on a pathway to leadership. I can certainly say that if it wasnt for coming to Yoder KU and getting involved in all the activities and elections here, I would have not ever run for congress or ever be in this position. I attribute a lot of what I have developed as leadership skills from experiences in small student

chris bronson/kansan

Congressman Kevin Yoder has a conversation with Megan Ritter junior from Overland Park, Alex Earles, senior from Salina, and Aaron Dullinger, a senior from Leawood, before his lecture in the Traditions Area on the 4th Floor of the Kansas Union. Yoder was at the Union from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. Students enjoyed free pizza and asked Congressman Yoder questions after his lecture.
start changing things to fix things down the road. If we wait until our generation is at the retirement age, it will be too late.

see Yoder on page 3a activism | 3a

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Groups help rebuild settlement

Competition helps resettle 900 displaced people in Kenya.


/ TuesdAy, FebruAry 22, 2011 / THE UNIVERSITY DAILY KANSAN /


I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics exam: I looked into the soul of another boy. Woody Allen

Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011

Congressman visit photo gallery Mario Chalmers book signing photo gallery
ready for commencement? The Grad Finale is today and tomorrow in the ks union lobby 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. It is a must for all graduates. you can apply for graduation, order announcements, get your picture taken in cap and gown, and much more.


Facebook has over 350 million active users. more than 35 million users update their status each day, with more than 55 million status updates each day.
congressman and ku grad kevin yoder visited kus campus monday to give a presentation. The oread hosted a signing session promoting Almarie chalmers book and allowed fans to receive mario chalmers autograph.

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February 23
n An Isss advisor will explain eligibility and

February 24
n suA Presents the first ever kus dancing With

February 25
n missed a movie this fall? need something to


February 22
n Adeles album 21 drops on Feb. 22 and suA is hosting a listening party. come to listen and enjoy free pizza courtesy of sony music. students can also enter to win a copy of 21.

application procedures for the 17-month oPT extension available to students in certain science, Technology, engineering, and mathematics degree programs. Also discussed will be the potential for extending F-1 status and oPT work authorization for students who have a timely filed petition for H-1b approved or pending with an effective date beyond the expiration of their oPT authorization.

the stars! spend an evening watching ten couples comprised of highly-recognized individuals of the ku community put on their dancing shoes and show off their skills on the dance floor. In the midst of a frigid winter the kansas ballroom will heat up with elegance and classy fun! come join the beginning of a great annual tradition. This free event will begin at 7 p.m. check out a complete list of stars on

do this weekend? be sure to check out our campus movies series. youll laugh, youll cry, but you definitely will not go broke. All movies are shown at 8 p.m. in Woodruff Auditorium, kansas union, level 5. Tickets: Free with student saver card, $2 with valid kuId, $3 for general public.

February 26
For more events, see

February 27
n dr. berghout will perform on the 53 bronze bells housed in the World War II memorial campanile. In the event of inclement weather the concert will be canceled.


February 28
n stacy nadeau, one of the original dove evolution models, will engage personally with the audience and help them understand that true beauty is not dependent upon the tanness of our skin or the number on our waistlines.


n ku Theatre for young People will present H.G. Wells The Time machine at 10:30 a.m. in William Inge memorial Theatre at murphy Hall. Tickets are $10 for the public, $9 for senior citizens and ku faculty and staff and $5 for ku students.


Students honored for their research

Thirteen graduate students presented their research to state and education officials last week at the eighth annual capitol Graduate research summit. The research areas represented included the physical and natural sciences, engineering, sociology, history and education. on Feb. 17 kansas state university, Wichita state, and the university of kansas sent 34 students to the docking state office building in Topeka. of the thirteen grad students who represented the university, five were from the medical center.. At the conclusion of the summit, eight $1,000 awards were presented to two students from each of the four state institutions. bioengineering doctoral student sommer Amundsen and mechanical engineering doctoral student michael mangus were the two ku students to receive the $1000 awards. The awards were funded through the kansas university endowment Association by Jill and Tom docking and

kansasbio, a program that promotes bioscience research. The students presented their work to state representatives and senators including the lieutenant governor members of the board of regents and chancellor bernadette Gray-Little. John Augusto, assistant dean of graduate studies, said the research summit gave students the opportunity show what they found in their research while explaining its need and benefit to kansans. Augusto said if you were not on a university campus it could be difficult to understand what it means to do research This event takes complex, high-level research and pairs it with a two-minute synopsis to say heres my research and why it matters, Augusto said. dean of graduate studies sara rosen stressed the importance of research to everyone and said the summit gave students the opportunity to explain that. Angelique McNaughton

Organizations aid Kenyan villages

BY NIKKI WENTLING The Uhuru Child Organization created a resettlement village in Kenya, providing 900 displaced people with food, clean water, health care, classrooms and educational funds after the Kenyan post-election violence in 2008. According to Joe Heritage, Uhurus project manager, all of the displaced persons living in tents have moved into homes since the project began. The Community Tool Box foundations hosted the Out of the Box competition to find an organization that provided innovation for community health and development. The Uhuru Child Organization was presented with the grand prize of $5,000. The second-prize winner, Fountain of Hope Youth Initiative, received a $2,000 award through Out of the Box. Also located in Kenya, this organization began to provide girls with sanitary pads in 2007. Now, the group helps children affected by HIV/AIDS achieve success in academics and extracurricular activities. More than 309 organizations entered to win the Out of the Box grand prize. The applicants all addressed issues of importance with their projects. These included the environment, HIV/AIDS and public health. The competition made it possible for people around the world to share what works and to inspire others to take action, Stephen Fawcett, Director of the Work Group for Community Health and Development, said in a statement on the organizations website. According to Christina Holt, Associate Director for Community Tool Box Services Work Group for Community Health and Development, an international panel of judges rated the applicants based on their degree of innovation, the quality of implementation of community processes and the overall quality of the project. The judges determined the finalists, then the public voted for the two winners. We thought a competition that involved an international panel of judges, as well as public voting,


Photos by Travis Young/KANSAN

Front Row L-R: Michelle Loewenstein, Jami Jones, Stephen Fawcett (Director), Christina Holt, Fafne Vargas-Hernandez Back Row L-R: Dan Schober, Jomella Watson-Thompson, Aura Morgan, Momina Sims, Vicki Collie-Akers, Kaston Anderson, Marvia Jones, Jerry Schultz (Co-Director), Sheetal Pandya

would engage others in identifying and selecting those truly groundbreaking initiatives, Holt said. The Community Tool Box is a public service created by the Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University. This group offers free advice and information for building healthy communities. They provide over 7,000 pages of free guidance on creating and improving functional communities. The Community Tool Box has been established for

16 years and has helped millions of people around the world to develop better communities. Our aspiration is to eventually make the Community Tool Box available in every major UN language in order to promote community building, civic participation, health, democracy, equality and justice around the world, Holt said. Edited by Erin Wilbert


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University looks to strengthen online course options The University of Kansas may not be far behind the Big 12 when it comes to offering online courses through distance education, and is in the process of becoming stronger. The Universitys Continuing Education department currently offers 150 independent study courses with about 120 of them offered online. Barbara Romzek, interim senior vice provost for academic affairs, hopes to offer more. Weve started looking at distance education and asking ourselves how we can organize it better? Romzek said. How can we facilitate the offering of more courses through on-



line media? Melinda Sinn, marketing and communications services coordinator of Continuing Education at Kansas State said K-State offered more than 600 distance-learning online courses in the spring 2011 semester. The University of Missouri offers only 125 independent study courses, but all are online. The classes allow students to receive KU credit with the same materials and methods that the faceto-face classes offer. Independent Study courses are offered at the same tuition rates plus course fees, as conventional classes, but charge an additional mediated course fee of $30 per credit hour. The revenue generated helps keep Independent Study functioning and goes toward developing and offering new classes.

Sinn said K-States distancelearning tuition is different. It is one fee, whether the student is in-state or out-of-state, but is higher than its in-state tuition. Missouris fee is also a flat rate, at $245.60 per credit hour. While standard courses run August through December or January through May, the online courses offered through KUs Continuing Education can be started at any time and completed within six months. Fred Pawlicki, director of Continuing Education, says this is a convenience for the students and that they can work at their own pace. A lot of students use them if they have to drop a course and they want to keep their load at the level to graduate in four, Pawlicki said. Romzek said that they are recog-

nizing that there are opportunities to offer some online degree programs at the graduate level. She also said there are opportunities to provide more online, mediated courses to Lawrence students. That means classes would be a hybrid mix of meeting in the class and being held online. Before 2009, the university had a decentralized nature in that students had to take classes on campus. Now that Danny Anderson, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Jeff Vitter,Provost, are in charge, the university is in the process of changing that. We have, for the last couple of years, been encouraging faculty members to think about ways to convert their courses, Romzek said.

The university has an incentive system in place to support professors while they create their online courses. Jean Yoo, director of academic outreach and distance education, said professors are allocated a monetary stipend for development as well as instructional design support. Professors are paid extra, $125 per student, because it is considered overload on top of their normal teaching requirements. Half of the payment is distributed after the first assignment is turned in and graded, Yoo said. And then the remaining half is paid out at end of the course, when that student finishes the course. If that student stops two-thirds of the way through we still pay them the second payment.


Kansas State: 606 missouri: 125 Kansas: 120

As the university looks to expand distance edaction learning, students will have more opportunities and flexibility in their course options. Edited by Tali David

yoder (continued from 1a)

Kansan: What is your advice to students who are thinking about a career in politics? Yoder: I want students in general to use their university experience to challenge their ideology, to challenge their preconceived notion and to take this opportunity where they really have a chance to start with a blank slate in terms of who they, what they believe in, what they see for their future and to join organizations, join groups that may not be a natural fit for them. I think a lot of people probably build their ideology and their ideas based on how they were brought up. Weve got a lot of people whose parents are liberal, so theyre liberal or their parents are conservative so theyre conservative. I encourage everybody to really push the envelope and try to challenge particularly those things they might have been taught growing up, and open their minds a bit. That was useful for me. As far as people looking for a life of public service or a career in public service, I would encourage them to do internships in the legislature. I did that when I was at KU. I would encourage them to get involved in campus politics. I mean, if you can handle student politics, you can handle real world politics. In fact, sometimes real world politics seems less refined and less mature than campus politics. Because all these are here doing this, theyre doing it in the real world too. And some of the very same battles you fight here you fight in the real world. There are so many ways in which some one who wants a career in public service can use their college experience to really build a foundation. Kansan: Do you think Obama and the Republicans will be able to negotiate budget in time to prevent a government shut down? Yoder: I think shutting down the government is a really bad idea. Its something that outta be avoided. Its something thah both parties outta be serious about and not use as a negotiating tactic because I think when you do that the real losers are the American people who have to deal with the instability and lack of assurity.. So I think thats not the best way to handle it, but its happened before where the parties cant agree and thats the result. We may have to do some temporary extensions until we get an agreement. But given the status of our debt numbers, we cannot continue down the road as business as usual. Im hoping that the President and the Senate will engage with us on meaningful conversations about making reductions. I dont know how were gonna come to an agreement. Kansan: What did you talk about in your meeting with the Chancellor? Yoder: We talked about grants, Pell grants for students and access to education. Making sure that the federal government continues to support students who cant afford to go to school. I was on grants and students loans when I was here so its an issue thats near and dear to me. I really believe we need to ensure that everyone has access to higher education who has the ambition and interest. . I really believe the role of the federal government is to create opportunity and eliminate barriers for individuals to succeed. I think the system weve built in this country, which is unique in terms of many other countries in the world, is one in which you rise and fall based upon your own merit. But if youre not allowed to rise and fall based upon your own merit because of government rules and regulations, or too high of taxes or the inability to get an education, then its hard to really argue that we have a free market and free enterprise system. We also talked about research funding and the cancer institute, the cancer designation. I want KU to get that NCI designation and making sure were doing everything we can to assist there is critical. Kansan: Speaking of Pell Grants, what do you think of proposals to cut funding from the Pell Grants program? Yoder: Were in a real challenge, where we dont have any money to invest. We dont have money to invest in any of these programs. When we put money into grants, were actually just borrowing it from other countries and ultimately the people were giving it to are going to have to pay it back because its that generations responsibility.

See this interview with Rep. Kevin Yoder, KU alumnus, in its entirety at
I think its a priority, but as we work to resolve the fact that were borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar we spend and we have to make reductions, I dont know that we can have sacred cows in that conversation where we say, well, lets cut it, but lets not cut it from NPR, or lets not cut it from public television, lets not cut it from Pell Grants, lets not cut it from seniors, lets not cut it from the military. You know, I think everything has to be on the table. Im hesitant, even for things I love, to say well, this one cant be touched ever because to have a serious conversation about balancing the budget, everybody has to engage. That means every recipient of tax dollars. Although I dont wanna see Pell Grants be the target of reductions, its hard to justify taking anything off the table when we are in such dire straits. Edited by Danielle Packer

Pothole repairs temporary

BY AMAndA KIstnER The drive toward campus on Naismith Drive has gotten bumpier this winter. This is one of the many roads plagued by potholes that the Universitys Facilities Operations plans to repair this spring. Now that the winter season is coming to an end, Larry Rawlings, assistant director of Facilities Operations, and his team are looking to repair all of the potholes. They will start by putting temporary patches on the roads until more permanent repairs are necessary. Temporary repairs can range anywhere from $50 for minor ones to much more for larger ones. Changes in winter weather, heavy traffic and already-deteriorating roadways all play a factor in creating potholes. Freezing and thawing ice can do a lot of damage to the roads, especially if its a high-traffic area, Rawlings said. All potholes are dealt with as soon as possible, and the Lawrence public works department has set up a pothole report form for residents that will let officials know


Aaron Harris/KANSAN

Each winter, vehicles take a beating from potholes throughout campus and across town. Facilities Operations will start repairing potholes, although the number of potholes on campus has actually decreased. where new potholes are. It is difficult to estimate how many potholes will need to be repaired this spring. Over the past few years the number of potholes have actually decreased. Rawlings said he thinks its because of the preventative maintenance Facilities Operations have done as well as other road repairs done during the spring and summer. The roads with the most potholes are Irving Hill, Memorial Drive, Naismith Drive and Constant Avenue because of heavy traffic. Edited by Jacque Weber





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KU Project Africa Benefit Concert

Wednesday, February 23rd
Doors open at 9:00

The Commission on the Status of Women presents:

Featuring: Louis V, OrbiTz, Belzo, DJ the Phantom, DJ Travis Read, and the Les Belles de KU African Dance Team.
Support the orphans of West Africa.

$5 Donation

by Eve Ensler

Hashinger Hall Theater Tickets at the door - $7 All proceeds go to the Willow Domestic Violence Center, GaDuGi SafeCenter &the V-Day Fund for women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.




10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.
ARIES (March 21-April 19) Today is a 8 Its a day of action and adventure. Your future looks clear. Time to reexamine your goals. Your relationship evolve to new levels with gentle care. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Today is a 6 If you dont adapt, you could feel trapped at work. Practical ideas take over, so save an inspired plan for later, after the dust has settled. Go with the flow. GEMINI (May 21-June 21) Today is a 7 You handle lots of activity with overall confidence. Allow your childish self to shine. Your creative solutions surprise everyone, espeically yourself. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Today is a 6 Love works in mysterious ways. You may not be able to figure it out, but you can always enjoy it. Be willing and generous, and take what you get.



B.B. King museum finds new director

INDIANOLA, Miss. The B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center has a new executive director. Museum officials say in a news release that Dion Brown has been hired after a sevenmonth search. Connie Gibbons had been executive director of the museum. The 46-year-old Brown is an Illinois native who comes to the Delta museum from Wichita, Kan., where hes been chief operating officer at Exploration Place, a hands-on science and childrens museum. Brown says hes looking forward to learning more about the regions history and working with the community. Associated Press

LEo (July 23-Aug. 22) Today is a 8 You crave home. A conversation with a family member opens up something you didnt know about yourself or your past. Practice kindness. VIRGo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Today is a 6 Be careful with spending today. Your overconfidence may translate to unnecessary expenditures. Practice windowshopping, and enjoy without buying. LIbRA (Sept. 23-oct. 22) Today is an 9 A whirlwind of activity rushes in to your day. You handle it professionally and gracefully. keep your communications clear and to the point. SCoRpIo (oct. 23-Nov. 21) Today is a 7 Youre in a chirpy mood, and ready for action. Use your flourishing creativity for inspired conversation, to write letters or to compose a song. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Today is a 8 Today youre full of confidence, and you can take on the biggest challenges with ease. Follow your big plans and adapt them as necessary. CApRICoRN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Today is a 9 Everything goes according to plan. Work flows unusually well. Dont take it for granted or get too comfortable. Learn from mistakes, and keep your foot on the gas. AqUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Today is a 8 Work seems more than you can handle. Take advantage, and get support. Just because you bring in more income, dont start spending more than you need. pISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Today is a 8 The next five weeks will go by very quickly, with plenty of frantic activity. Todays a good day to meditate and get grounded before the productive storm.

please recycle this newspaper

Chris Worley






Matt Marsaglia

Coen brothers turn words into films

Joel and Ethan Coen have written, directed and produced some of the smartest and most iconic movies of the modern era, from cult comedies such as Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski to Oscar-winning crime thrillers such as Fargo and No Country for Old Men. Now the Coens have the biggest hit of their careers with True Grit, a Western remake that is nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including three for the brothers disparate duties. We recently spoke by phone with Joel (the taller and older one who is married to actress Frances McDormand) and Ethan (a poet and short-story writer) about the craft of turning words into movies. Q: Until O Brother, Where Art Thou, which you cheekily co-credited to the Greek poet Homer, all of your scripts were original ideas. But then you adapted an existing story for Intolerable Cruelty, and The Ladykillers was a remake of a classic British comedy, and you won a slew of Academy Awards for No Country for Old Men, which was based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. Now youve done True Grit, which is a remake of a John Wayne Western that was based on a Charles Portis novel. Why did you choose that project? Joel Coen: We had both read the novel many years ago, when we were in college, as well as several other novels by Charles Portis. Then, a few years ago, we reread it and were really taken by the humor and by the voice of this 14-year-old girl who narrates it. We thought, This is something we havent seen before. Of course, we had seen the original movie with John Wayne when we were kids, but that seemed so distant in our memory, while the novel seemed so fresh. Its a very lean revenge story, with three characters pursuing some interesting bad guys. The lines are very clean. Q: Even the roughest characters in True Grit have a distinctively colorful way of speaking, with no lazy, modern slang or contractions. Was that part of your design? Joel Coen: Thats very much taken from the novel. According to the research that we had done, thats probably pretty close to the way people spoke in Arkansas and Texas a century ago. Ethan Coen: A funny thing happened on the setoccasionally a contraction would slip by and an actor would come up to us and confess that he had said cant instead of cannot, and wed have to shoot the scene again. So sometimes the contraction police were nodding off. Q: You were both born in the 50s in Minnesota. Where did you see movies like the original True Grit? Joel Coen: Most of the movies we watched were on latenight television. But there was the Cooper Cinerama, which was built around 1962, where we saw high-end epics like How the West Was Won. And there were places in downtown Minneapolis like the State and the Orpheum that showed the latest Hollywood films. Ethan Coen: That was before multiplexes, when theaters only had one screen and movies were movies.





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tHe uniVersitY daiLY Kansan

tuesdaY, FeBruarY 22, 2011

PaGe 5a

Participation in RecycleMania represents student respect

of recycled material to only place 94th. Just think about the hundreds of pounds of materials that didnt get recycled. If the University could rally together and focus its energy, we could easily come out on top and put Mizzou and K-State to shame. Its time to show the other Big 12 schools that we have more than just an amazing athletics program. Everyone should be concerned about the environment competition or no competition. However, some people need more motivation. So listen up, because here it is. You are already paying money for the recycling services on campus. That means if you dont recycle you might as well be throwing your money in the garbage can along with those old University Daily Kansans and soda cans. Thats like turning down a delicious feast cooked especially for you. Its wasteful. The intention of RecycleMania is to promote better habits by encouraging waste reducing behaviors. Recycling is about respect. Its about respecting each other enough and doing your part so that the world is still here for someone else to enjoy. Also, everyone should respect the planet we are living on by taking proper care of it, before its too late. We need to start making a conscious effort to better the planet because we cant edit or undo these mistakes. Its as easy as putting your empty water bottles in the bin three feet away from the trash can. The longer we wait to address the issue, the larger the problem will grow. Jessie Blakeborough for the Kansan editorial Board.



Free all

Winning isnt everything, but it sure does feel good. Thats why students and employees at the University of Kansas need to put on their game faces and get ready to recycle! RecycleMania, a college and university level recycling competition intended to induce environmentally conscious behaviors among college-age people, is happening right now. Last year, the University collected 184,413 pounds of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans during RecycleMania, and we came in 94th place in the Gorilla Prize category. Thats a lot


Letter tO tHe editOrs

If everything from Missouri has a taint about it and Grandpa Simpson will be deep in the cold, cold ground before he recognizes Missoura, why do we cheer for the Chiefs in Jayhawker country? Ive never heard of nice things from Missouri coming west. Alcohol does NOT make you fat it makes you leanagainst tables, chairs, walls, floors and.unwanted people!!! Get high by yourself sometimes, youre cool enough to chill with you. There is a creepy old man sitting on the couch just staring at my table. This is what I get for being a good student? Ugh.. Oh Anschutz.. You make me want to punch a baby. 700 miles in two days, with only five hours of sleep, just for a one night stand... god i hate myself in the morning after I wake up. Dear Dillons, whose bright idea was it to put evaporated milk/sweetened condensed milk in the juice section? Just because it comes in cans doesnt mean you can drink it. Mrs. Es is not a hotel. If youre gonna make a baby at least go back to your dorm room. Sheesh. Dear MTV, Id like my Jersey Shore back. Im sick of the Ron & Sam Show. Some days, I wonder what happened to my social life. Then I look at my Mammalian Physiology notebook and its pretty clear where it went! Arnold Palmer, you are a god among canned drinks. I heard Selby is a Ravens fan since hes from Baltimore. We should boo him because they beat the Chiefs. (Note: Sarcasm) Statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarfs arent happy. Im sick of us being ESPNs punching bag. We do things right too, IN CASE YOU HAVENT NOTICED!

US holds moral obligation to support AIDS research

As a resident of Lawrence and an American, I am incredibly blessed. But not everyone in the world is so lucky. HIV is a disease that is entirely preventable, yet 33 million people live with it every day 22 million in sub-Saharan Africa. It is our moral obligation as one of the wealthiest nations in the world to help people help themselves. With the help of historic legislation from the Bush administration, such as the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief or PEPFAR, over 4 million people in Africa are now on lifesaving antiretroviral drugs, up from just 50,000 in 2005. We can now also achieve the dream of no child born with HIV by 2015 something that seemed unimaginable five years ago. This is what America has done this is America at its best. This week, Congress is making decisions on the federal budget and setting the course for Americas commitment to ending the AIDS epidemic a commitment that makes up less than one percent of the federal budget. I hope our representatives will do the right thing and keep funding for these life-saving treatments. Phil Mann is a One Member and graduate student in social welfare.

ly Week


the Oscars are this weekend. What did you think the WOrst movie of the last year was?
Vote now at Kansan.COM/POLLs sOCiaL Media etiquette


Restrain yourself from posting wound pictures

Okay people. I know its tempting to show the world your bruised up face, or IV needle or your new bloody babys wiener on Facebook, but please dont. Before we get into this bullfunctory (yeah, I make up slang! What of it?!), I should preface my argument by stating that I too am guilty of over-sharing my wounds on Facebook. I was bitten by a brown recluse three years ago, and somewhere deeply hidden below the pictures of me wearing my sisters novelty giant sunglasses and wax vampire lips and the pictures of me all bald and crap from playing Daddy Warbucks in my high schools production of Annie, you can find some ghastly images of the decaying spider wound on my fat gut. I keep meaning to delete them, because no one wants to flip through pictures of the odd progression of my brown recluse bite. However, since the pictures are a few years old, they probably wont show up in my friends newsfeeds. This is, specifically, what I mean. When you post stuff on Facebook, you have to realize that its up for everyone to see (if you have a hidden profile, whats stopping a friend from downloading your pictures and posting them on 4Chan or something? Paranoia says). All these pictures show up in your friends newsfeeds. And believe me, I dont want to scroll past, Tonight I made pasta with organic tomatoes and blah blah blah and then see a giant stitched up incision from your leg surgery or some shiz. This also goes for super-descriptive statuses about your cysts, diarrhea or rashes.

Drug trafficking column fails to discuss issue of demand

Causes of the violence from the drug war are not only a Mexican issue but also a problem caused by a heavy demand created by drug users in the United States. In her column Thursday, Shauna Blackmon suggested that users of illegal drugs consider where their money is going when they buy their weekly sack. However, she did not go far enough to say that users should stop the purchase of illegal drugs. What good is it to consider where your money is going if it has no effect on actions? Users of marijuana or other narcotics should stop the purchase of illegal drugs that fund the gang wars in Mexico. Lawrence is a town famous for citizens who are responsible consumers. They make sure their purchases are not produced from child labor, sweat shops, animal shops or other bad conditions. People make these choices because they know that every dollar spent is a vote cast in favor of a product and its company. Americans should not support an illegal business that is run by mobsters who extort and kill for money and power. Too much time is spent combating the supply. Something needs to be done to decrease the demand in the United States for illegal drugs. Options for this include increasing the punishments for users of illegal drugs, creating a greater awareness of the dangers of certain narcotics or legalizing marijuana so that it may be regulated and produced legally. People may not agree on the best solution but until the government takes further action, citizens need to do their part by not purchasing drugs that maintain their demand and fuel the war in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. Kevin neslage is a senior from Wichita.

By ChanCe CarMiChael First of all, your friends on Facebook are not your doctors (unless, of course, you friended your doctor but still, a majority of your friends probably arent your doctor!), so we really dont need to see how your incisions are healing. And second of all, we simply dont want to see/ hear about it, because we are on Facebook to complain about Two and a Half Men or the weather and to awkwardly say happy birthday to our high school lab partners. Were not there to look at gross bodily infections. As mentioned in the beginning, this goes for new parents. Cute pictures of your baby dressed up like a rabbit or something: awesome and adorable. Explicit pictures of the giant tub of afterbirth: ew gross. NO, GET THAT OFF MY NEWSFEED NOW. Its simple. If you dont want some weirdo shoving their fresh scabs in your face or some acquaintance talking up their vomit or diarrhea with you, then dont post nasty pictures or statuses on Facebook. Carmichael is a junior from Mulvane in Creative Writing.


New texting laws remind us to common sense when using technology

Technology is taking over our lives. We have dashboards with built-in web browsers, phones with webcam-like abilities and now cars that will read us our Facebook newsfeeds while driving. We tend to forget the days when civilization operated without cell phones. Our minds are already overworked with classes, homework, going out and working. If going to class is a weekly 15-hour responsibility, then having a cell phone is a 24/7 job. It is hard enough to leave your cell phone on vibrate and not run over and check it every time you think you hear it go off. But being able to get information at lightening speed seems to be what attracts consumers to such products. on smart phones are just as dangerous, why limit the law to just texting? I can see their point though, texting can be pretty dangerous. I mean, weve all seen the video of the woman texting and accidently walking into a fountain inside a mall. Whats keeping that from happening to us but on a busy street? Well, besides common sense. While it should be common knowledge not to text at certain places, we all know that when we have to text someone, we could care less whether or not it is socially acceptable. Laws never had to take into consideration our cell phone usage because they had not posed near as much a threat or concern to safety as they do today. It may sound laughable that our state representatives might one day soon come across a bill that hinders our texting abilities but would it be such a bad thing? Unless youre the CEO of your own company or a super important urgent care doctor, you really dont need to get instant communication aroundthe-clock. We get bombarded by news, weather, texts, Facebook, Twitter and whatever-else-you-can-think-of alerts. We tend to forget that most of these alerts can wait until were home or sitting down not in the drivers seat. I challenge all of you to keep a mental track of how many times you use or sneak a peek at your cell phone whether its to read the news or play a game waiting for class to start. Youll be surprised at how many times we lean on technology but its gotten to the point where I wonder if technology controls us more than we control it. Technology should be more of a helpful tool to get us through our daily lives and not a hazardous hindrance. Be aware of how much you rely on your gadgets. Take a breath, slow down, enjoy life and look both ways before crossing the street you never know if theres a texter out there who is not paying attention. Montano is a sophomore in journalism and music from Boston. But this may be a habit that we have to break soon. Some states are contemplating banning texting while walking. Yes, walking. New York and Arkansas believe that while pedestrians text, they are creating a hazard to themselves and others. While texting can be hazardous, most activities

By Mike Montano

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/ TuESdAy, FEBRuARy 22, 2011 / ThE uNiVERSiTY DaiLY KaNSaN / KANSAN.COM

KANSAN.COM / ThE uNiVERSiTY DaiLY KaNSaN / TuESdAy, FEBRuARy 22, 2011 /


Kansas Oklahoma State Jayhawk Stat Leaders

points Rebounds

52| 40 92 28 | 37 65



K ansas 92, OKlahOma state 65

game to remember
Elijah Johnson Marcus Morris was the best player, but in terms of personal significance, no one came even close to improving their stock as much as Johnson. After the game Bill Self said Johnson wouldnt have even started if Josh Selby had had all his equipment at the Monday shoot around, but Johnson got the nod and ran with it. Self said the ball is now in Johnsons court to start for the rest of the season.


game to forget
marcus morris


mario Little


Tyrel Reed

player Marcus Morris Markieff Morris Elijah Johnson Fg-Fga 9-13 6-10 5-6

Rebs 5 7 3 0 1 6 1 1 10 1 38

a 1 2 3 3 5 0 0 1 1 3 20

pts 27 15 15 2 8 6 2 3 7 7 92

3-5 1-3 4-4 0-0 1-4 0-0 0-0 0-1 1-3 0-2 10-23

Josh Selby This is more of a day to forget for Selby. He was probably going to be the starter (Selfs words), but left his orthotic in a shoe at his mothers house. So he came off the bench, went 3-of-8 from the field and had as many turnovers as assists. Throw in Johnsons superb performance as the starting point guard, and Selby may be the odd man out in the guard rotation for the remainder of the season.


Brady Morningstar 0-3 Tyrel Reed 2-5

Quote of the game

In the beginning of the game, he just gave me a little elbow to show he was there, so I gave him 27 to show that I was there.
Marcus Morris, about the early physical play of Oklahoma State forward Matt Pilgrim

Thomas Robinson 2-2 Jeff Withey Travis Releford Mario Little Josh Selby Totals 1-1 1-2 2-5 3-8 31-57

Mc. Morris

prime plays
Adam Buhler/KANSAN

Oklahoma State
player Matt Pilgrim Marshall Moses Fg-Fga 2-3 8-11

Rebs 4 6 3 2 3 1 1 1 2 25

a 2 0 0 3 0 0 3 1 0 9

pts 4 27 1 8 9 2 10 2 2 65

Above: Junior forward Marcus Morris drives through Oklahoma State defenders Matt Pilgrim and Jean-Paul Olukemi. Morris tallied 27 points in their contest against Okalahoma State Monday night.

FiRST haLF (52-28)

19:56 It only took four seconds to get on the board. Its especiall easy when the 6-foot-8 Marcus Morris has 5-foot-10 Keiton Page guarding him. (2-0) 16:23 Brady Morningstar misses the teams first shot, a highly contested layup, that goes hard off the glass, but Markieff Morris slams home (12-8) 13:34 Huge ovation for Thomas Robinson when he checks in, after missing three games, after undergoing surgery to repair a slightly torn meniscus. (19-15) 6:56 Thomas Robinson seals Marshall Moses down low, giving Marcus Morris a clear path to the basket for the dunk. (35-19)

0-0 1-1 0-0 2-8 0-1 0-0 0-3 0-1 0-0 3-14

Jean-Paul Olukemi 0-3 Keiton Page Markel Brown Jarred Shaw Reger dowell Nick Sidorakis Roger Franklin Totals 2-11 2-6 1-3 4-8 1-2 1-2 21-49


*all games in bold are at home Date Nov. 2 Nov. 9 Nov. 12 Nov. 15 Nov. 19 Nov. 23 Nov. 26 Nov. 27 Dec. 2 Dec. 7 Dec. 11 Dec. 18 Dec. 22 Dec. 29 Jan. 1 Jan. 5 Jan. 9 Jan. 12 Jan. 15 Jan. 17 Jan. 22 Jan. 25 Jan. 29 feb. 1 feb. 5 Feb. 7 Feb. 12 feb. 14 Feb. 19 Feb. 21 feb. 26 Opponent WaShbuRN EmpORia STaTE LONgWOOD VaLpaRaLSO NORTh TExaS TExaS a&m CORpuS ChRiSTi OhiO ArizONA uCLa MeMphis COLOrADO sTATe uSC CALifOrNiA uT aRLiNgTON miami umKC MiChiGAN iOWA sTATe NEbRaSKa BAyLOr TExaS COLOrADO KaNSaS STaTE TeXAs TeCh NeBrAskA miSSOuRi iOWa STaTE kANsAs sTATe COLORaDO OKLahOma STaTE OkLAhOMA Result/Time W, 92-62 W, 90-59 W, 113-75 W, 79-44 W, 93-60 W, 82-41 W, 98-41 W, 87-79 W, 77-76 W, 81-68 W, 76-55 W, 70-68 W, 78-63 W, 82-57 W, 83-56 W, 99-52 W, 67-60 (OT) W, 84-79 W, 63-60 W, 85-65 L, 63-74 W, 82-78 W, 90-66 W, 88-66 W, 86-66 W, 103-86 W, 89-66 L, 68-84 W, 89-63 W, 92-65 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 11 a.m.
Howard Ting/KANSAN


2:51 Markieff Morris throws an ally-oop to Marcus Morris. (87-59)

Freshman guard Josh Selby pushes past Oklahoma State forward Jarred Shaw for a basket during the second half Monday night against Oklahoma State. Kansas defeated Oklahoma State 92-65. The victory against Oklahoma State is the 15th in a row at Allen Fieldhouse Elijah Johnsons 15 points is a career high (previous high was 13 against uMKC on Jan. 5, 2011). Mario Littles 10 rebounds is a career high (previous high was eight against uCLA on dec. 2, 2010)

Ten minutes of play 10 days after
He continues to impress people with the way he has handled adversity all season long. Just 10 days removed from surgery to repair a slightly torn meniscus in his left knee, Thomas Robinson was back on the court. The sophomore forward was limited, just playing 10 minutes, but scored six points and added six rebounds. He, obviously, is not going to be as explosive as he usually is, but to put up those numbers in that small amount of time speaks volumes. It felt great, Robinson said. Ive only been out for a week and a half, but sitting out that long, for me coming from playing basketball everyday, it was annoying. I couldnt wait to get back on the court. Robinson said his knee, as far as the meniscus tear is concerned, feels fine. He said the tear was something small. Junior forward Marcus Morris thinks the team was missing something without Robinson on the floor. He said the team misses his presence. His presence is always felt when he is out there, Morris said. He brings a lot of the focus of other teams on offensive and defensive rebounding, so it opens up sports for other guys. There are going to be times when him, Kieff and I are out there and that is a very big team.

Howard Ting/KANSAN

By Mike LAVieri

Morris likes when all three are on the court at the same time. He thinks the team is very effective when all three of them are on the floor. Morris isnt the only one who likes Robinson. Coach Bill Self likes him too, not just as a player, but as a person too. Self said previously, that the respect he has for Robinson has grown since the beginning of the season and that Robinson has become a man. Tonight was no different. Thats an amazing dude, Self said. Just had surgery 10 days ago, but I thought he was poised tonight, made easy plays. Six points and six rebounds in 10 minutes is pretty good production. Self said Robinson makes the team better because hes a big body 6-foot-9, 240-pounds to throw at opposing teams. He can drive and do things that put pressure on the defense, like make a 17-foot jumper. Self said that Robinson was the best player in Sundays hour-long practice. Self said in Monday mornings Big 12 teleconference that Robinson was about 50-50 to play tonight. He was a 100 percent go and Robinson was asked if he was rusty after being away for 10 days. Was I rusty? Robinson asked jokingly. Did I look rusty?

Junior forward Markieff Morris fights for an offensive rebound against Oklahoma State on Monday night at Allen Fieldhouse. Morris led the Jayhawks with seven total rebounds.

Key stats

27 30 2 52.1 8-7
Adam Buhler/KANSAN

Amount scored each by Marcus Morris and Oklahoma States Marshall Moses. This was also the Jayhawks margin of victory, the largest against any Big 12 opponent this year. Minutes played by Elijah Johnson in Tyshawn Taylors absence.

Fast break points scored despite 92 for the game.

Jayhawks season field goal percentage is No. 1 in the nation.

Coach Bill Self is now 8-7 all-time against his alma mater Oklahoma State.

march 2 TExaS a&m March 5 MissOUri

Edited by Danielle Packer

Howard Ting/KANSAN

Sophomore forward Thomas Robinson pushes through the Oklahoma State defense for a basket. Robinson contributed six points and six rebounds in his first game since surgery a week ago.

Left: Senior guard Mario Little rips the ball off the basket for a defensive rebound Monday night against Oklahoma State during the second half. Little led the Jayhawks with 10 total rebounds. Kansas defeated Oklahoma State 92-65.

BIg 12

/ TuesdAy, februAry 22, 2011 / THE UNIVERSITY DAILY KANSAN /

Power rankings: the Big 12 title is still up for grabs

Matt Hill National Ranking: no. 5 AP no. 5 coaches Poll Record: (23-4) overall (11-1) conference so, Texas isnt completely invincible. Texas failed to complete a comeback at nebraska, but the Longhorns are still in the drivers seat of the big 12 and are still in the conversation to receive a no. 1 seed in the ncAA Tournament. Last Week: def. oklahoma state 68-52 (2/16), Lost to nebraska 70-67 (2/19) This Week: 2/22 vs. Iowa state, 2/26 at colorado

1. Texas

kansas state kept its focus after defeating kansas to defeat oklahoma by 15. kansas state plays at nebraska on Wednesday before hosting ranked missouri, which would be another quality win. Last Week: def. kansas 84-68 (2/14),def. oklahoma 77-62 (2/19) This Week: 2/23 at nebraska, 2/26 vs. missouri

4. Kansas State

Unranked Record: (17-8)overall (5-6) conference

7. Baylor

Unranked Record: (17-9) overall (6-6) conference

5. Nebraska

National Ranking: no. 3 AP no. 2 coaches Poll Record: (25-2) overall (10-2) conference kansas stay at no. 1 was brief, but because the top four teams all lost, kansas drop was minimal. The Texas loss still gives kansas hope to win the big 12 title. Last Week: Lost to kansas state 84-68 (2/14), def. colorado 89-63 (2/19) This Week: def. oklahoma state (2/21), 2/26 at oklahoma Ranking: no. no. 21 coaches 3. Missouri National(19-6) overall20 AP conference Poll Record: (5-5) missouri narrowly escaped Iowa state for its first big 12 road win. It has two tough games against baylor and kansas state. If the Tigers arent careful, they could be sitting at .500 by the weeks end. Last Week: def. Texas Tech 92-84 (2/15) def. Iowa state 76-70 (2/19) This Week: 2/23 vs. baylor, 2/26 at kansas state

2. Kansas

Unranked Record: (17-8)overall (5-6) conference nebraska has new life. The win against Texas gives it a quality win, but puts the cornhuskers at .500 in the big 12. nebraska has a big game against kansas state tomorrow at home. Last Week: def. oklahoma 59-58 (2/16), def. Texas 70-67 (2/19) This Week: 2/23 vs. kansas state, 2/26 at Iowa state National Ranking: no. 21 AP no. 17 coaches Poll Record: (21-5) overall (8-4) conference

It was just a bad week for baylor. It defeated Wayland baptist by 14 and then four days later lost at home to Texas Tech. The bears can right the ship with wins this week againstranked opponents, missouri and Texas A&m. Last Week: def. Wayland baptist 64-50 (2/15), Lost to Texas Tech 78-69 (2/19) This Week: 2/23 at missouri, 2/26 vs. Texas A&m

8. Colorado

Unranked Record: (16-11) overall (5-7) conference

colorado, yet again, got the angry version of kansas, which was coming off a loss to kansas state. The buffaloes head to Lubbock to play Texas Tech before hosting Texas, a win that would put them in the bubble talk. Last Week: Lost to kansas 89-63 (2/19) This Week: 2/23 at Texas Tech, 2/26 vs. Texas

Andre Almeida

9. Texas Tech

Unranked Record: (12-15) overall (4-8) conference

6. Texas A&M

The Aggies have won four games in a row, all by five points or less, after a three-game slide. Three of the victories have come on the road, but a win is a win no matter the margin. This team has had some ups and downs but could be dangerous if it picks up more momentum. Last Week: def. Iowa state 71-66 (2/9), def. oklahoma state 67-66 (2/12) This Week: 2/23 vs. oklahoma, 2/26 at baylor

After four straight losses to the ranked teams in the big 12, Texas Tech comes back and defeats baylor in Waco; a good, solid road win for the red raiders. Last Week: Lost to missouri 92-84 (2/15), def. baylor 78-69 (2/19) This Week: 2/23 vs. colorado, 2/26 at oklahoma state

10. Oklahoma State

The cowboys were 15.7 seconds away from recuperating after their loss to the Longhorns, but instead they foolishly fouled in the backcourt to give the Aggies the victory. The Jayhawks avenged their loss from last year by defeating the cowboys in Last Week: Lost to Texas 73-55 (2/16), Lost to Texas A&m 67-66 (2/19) This Week: Lost to kansas (2/21), 2/26 vs. Texas Tech

Unranked Record: (16-10) overall (4-8) conference

Markel Brown

11. Oklahoma Unranked Record: (12-14) overall (4-8) conference

The sooners have lost five in a row after winning four in a row. The streak looks to be pushing seven with games against kansas and a rejuvenated Texas A&m team. Last Week: Lost to nebraska 59-58 (2/16), Lost to kansas state 77-62 (2/19) This Week: 2/23 at Texas A&m, 2/26 vs. kansas

12. Iowa State

Unranked Record: (14-13) overall (1-11) conference

Iowa state finishes up its stretch of ranked teams today when it plays Texas in Austin. The final seven-game stretch the cyclones play is the most difficult out of any team because it faced all four ranked teams and then faces two of three teams trying to make the ncAA tournament. Last Week: Lost to Texas A&m 71-66 (2/16), Lost to missouri 76-70 (2/19) This Week: 2/22 at Texas, 2/26 vs. nebraska By Mike Lavieri


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chablis, & sangria


2112 W. 25TH ST. 785.838.3500











Although we are disappointed in Tyshawn, he will remain a member of our team and practice with our team until he is reinstated for competition. Bill Self on Tyshawn Taylors suspension Marisha will remain a member of our team and continue to practice until she is reinstated for competition, however, we are very disappointed in her. Bonnie Henrickson on Marisha Browns suspension

College rivalries reach new heights H

ave fans between rival schools gone too far? Was the poisoning of the old oak trees at Auburn Universitys Toomers Corner the job of one fanatic, or a sign of things to come for rivalries all across the country? At first glance I assumed that Alabama must dominate the rivalry, mostly because Alabama has claimed 13 national titles compared to just two for Auburn. Alabama has also won 26 conference titles compared to just 11 for Auburn. But in head-to-head play Alabama holds just a six-game advantage over their bitter in-state rivals. Even so, Alabama is still a much more recognizable school historically, and I still cant understand why a fan of a school with so much more national success than their rival would stoop so low. Especially when you examine the reasoning behind these actions. The man, who called into a popular radio show and identified himself as Al from Dadeville, claimed he poisoned the old oak trees in retaliation for Auburn celebrating the death of famous Alabama coach Paul Bear Bryant. The celebration included rolling the trees in toilet paper as is the Auburn custom almost 28 years earlier. Whether or not the Auburn fans actually did this or not is in question, but it



baseball vs. Creighton 3 p.m. Lawrence, Kan.


womens basketball vs. Oklahoma State 7 p.m. at Stillwater, Okla. womens Swimming big 12 Championships, All day at Austin, Texas

BY ethan PadwaY does bring up a few questions. First, why did he take so long to respond? Was he just jealous at all the attention Auburn is receiving from its recent national championship? And if so, does he not remember how Alabama received the same spotlight just a year earlier? And on top of that, Alabama entered last season as the number one team, and returned most of their starters from their national championship team, Auburn is losing their key player and Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton to the NFL draft. The biggest reason I can think of is that Alabama feels like it is a big brotherlittle brother rivalry, and for at least one fan it was too much to watch little brother step out of big brothers shadow. Honestly, I hold similar feelings toward K-State. They are sort of the little brother


brady Morningstar has a 25-2 turnover to assist ratio over the last two games and a 49-7 ratio in conference play.

Q: What test was introduced A:


in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City? A sex test in order to clearly ascertain the sex of all Olympic participants.

the nuisance and not even Kansass most important rival. Last year K-State advanced to the elite eight of the NCAA tournament, while the Jayhawks bowed out much earlier than anticipated. Still, it did not cause any KU fans to overreact and create criminal mischief. And two years ago the more bitter rival, Missouri, made a deep run without any criminal actions. But maybe that is because I know that no matter how high Dicky V ranks K-State in the preseason, or how much fanfare swirls around Missouri, I know neither team will ever eclipse the basketball greatness the exists here at KU. So, stealing from the radio caller from Alabama: ROCK DAMN CHALK! Edited by Marla Daniels


womens Swimming big 12 Championships, All day at Austin, Texas


Tennis vs. uT Arlington 2 p.m. Lawrence, Kan. baseball vs. St. Louis 3 p.m. Lawrence, Kan. Softball vs. Minnesota 12 p.m. vs. uNC Greensboro 4:30 p.m. Greensboro, N.C.

Team 1. duke 2. Kansas 3. Ohio State 4. San diego State 5. Texas 6. Pittsburgh 7. bringham young 8. Purdue

Record 25-2 25-2 25-2 27-1 23-4 24-3 25-2 22-5

Votes 746 708 699 672 667 664 593 562

ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll

Team 9. Notre dame 10. Arizona 11. Georgetown 12. Wisconsin 13. florida 14. Villanova 15. Connecticut 16. Louisville Record 21-5 23-4 21-6 20-6 21-5 21-6 20-6 20-7 Votes 506 461 437 428 397 377 312 278

Team 17. Texas A&M 18. Vanderbilt 19. North Carolina 20. Syracuse 21. Missouri 22. Kentucky 23. utah State 24. Temple 25. St. Johns

Record 21-5 20-6 20-6 22-6 21-6 19-7 25-3 21-5 17-9

Votes 254 242 236 183 161 134 109 85 73

Track big 12 Indoor Championships, All day at Lincoln, Neb.

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tuesday, February 22, 2011


MenS BaSketBall | 8a

Big 12 power rankings

See how The Kansans rankings panned out after an unusual week in conference play.

PaGe 10a commentary

Johnson takes the spotlight

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Tyshawns immaturity is costly


Howard ting/kanSan

Jayhawk fans welcome sophomore guard Elijah Johnson as he exits off the court at the conclusion of the Kansas vs. Oklahoma State game. Johnson was a starter for Monday nights game following news of junior guard Tyshawn Taylors suspension. Johnson led the Jayhawks to a 92-54 victory with 15 total points Monday night. For the nine hours between the time it was announced that junior guard Tyshawn Taylor was suspended indefinitely and a little while after Elijah Johnson was announced as the replacement starting point guard, Kansas fans were freaking out. Johnson, who learned about Taylors indefinite suspension at practice Sunday but not about his promotion to the starting lineup until just before game time, spent the 40 minutes of game time allaying those fears. He didnt freak out at all as he led Kansas


to a 92-65 victory over Oklahoma State. No, I prepare the same way every day, Johnson said. No matter how many minutes I play, two or 35, Im ready to play. Johnson only earned the start Monday, when Josh Selby, who coach Bill Self said was probably going to start, didnt have an orthotic shoe insert that he needed to play at the team shootaround. Self decided to go with Johnson. That was a good decision, Self said, because I thought Elijah was great. Johnson finished with 15 points on 5-of-6 shooting and, more importantly, managed the

game as a point guard. His 3-to2 assist-to-turnover ratio wasnt quite the equal of Taylors season average (1.7-to-1), but it also fell shy of his own (limited playing time altered) 2.2-to-1 mark. I didnt want to force too much, Johnson said. I let it come to me, and when I did, it came back to back to back. Taylors never been the most beloved Jayhawk his recurring knuckleheaded play has seen to that but he can play, and hes been the best option at point for Kansas all year. He may not have the opportunity to be so again. Self said the suspension, originally announced as indefinite, still had no time frame.

I like Tyshawn. I like him and everybody on our team does, but he put himself above everybody else here of late, Self said. I dont know how long itll be. On Monday night, Johnson opened up fans and critics to the idea that it may not matter. On top of his stellar night from outside, Johnson shut down Oklahoma States Keiton Page, who threw up dagger after dagger and went 4-of-4 from outside the last time these two teams met. Page was stifled to the tune of 2-of-11 shooting, 2-of-8 from outside, and finished with eight points. Thats all I really cared about all game, Johnson said. I never

really cared about starting or scoring or nothing. Self said it was the best consistent defense hed got from any of his players in recent memory, and that it gave Johnson the inside track on the starting job for the rest of the season. Im not going to make any brash statements on who is going to be our starter at point guard for the rest of the year or anything, Self said, but the ball is certainly in his court. So its safe to say that Johnson was everything Self couldve hoped for Monday night? Yeah. And more. Edited by Tali David


Jayhawks put freshman pitcher on the mound The Kansas baseball team will have its home opener today at 3 p.m. against the Creighton Bluejays. The Jayhawks, who are 1-2 after their opening series at No. 1 TCU, will take on a team that was picked to finish fifth in the Missouri Valley Conference. After their opening weekend, Creighton finished with a 2-1 record with wins over Toledo and Canisius. The Jayhawks will send freshman Alex Cox to the mound to start the game. The young pitcher with a towering 6-foot-5 frame does not deny that there will be some pre-game butterflies Tuesday, but he believes that his churning stomach will not have much of an effect on his performance. I think Im going to do pretty good, Cox said. Theres going to be some pre-game jitters, but thats only because Im excited to play. Coach Ritch Price also has little worry about Coxs composure for Tuesday. Hes got that kind of mentality


when he walks out there that he expects to compete in the game, Price said. He controls his emotions big time. Cox getting a spot in the Jayhawks starting rotation is no small feat for a freshman. Price really believes that the young man from Corona, Calif. could be special. Hes as good a freshman as weve had walk on our campus, Price said. Hoping to capitalize off of the freshman pitcher will be Creighton outfielder Trever Adams. Adams hit .356 with 12 home runs and 58 RBIs for the Bluejays last year. Taking the mound for Creighton will be junior pitcher Brandon Koenigstein. Koenigstein pitched 93.1 innings for the Bluejays last year and had an impressive ERA of 3.95. The Jayhawks lineup, led by leadoff hitter Casey Lytle, will look to have more success against Koenigstein than they did against TCUs imposing pitching staff. We faced some of the best arms in the country, Lytle said. Coming back against Creighton hopefully we can get some other guys that didnt do too well to settle down

patrick Green/tCU atHletICS

The team celebrates during its victory over then-No. 1 TCU on Sunday. The Jayhawks, led by freshman picther Alex Cox, have a much easir challenge today as they face the Creighton Bluejays at Hoglund Ballpark. and see some pitching and help get them off on the right step. If the Jayhawks hope to come away with their first win of the season at Hoglund Ballpark, its going to take an effort from every player. If we work together, play as a team, and pick each other up, then thats all it takes, Cox said. Its not gonna take one person to win a game, its never a one-person team. Edited by Danielle Packer

or a brief segment in time Monday, Tyshawn was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Most of those tweets expressed joy in his benching, for whatever the reason of his indefinite suspension. The people who made those comments are dead wrong. And this recent ordeal has put the Jayhawks in an awful position. When March comes around, the Jayhawks could be doomed. Taylor is an enigma. He has shown the ability to distribute the ball very well with 4.7 assists per game, which is third in the Big 12. But he can also turn it over in bunches. He is one of the fastest players on the team and that makes him a valuable defensive commodity. Then his lapses in judgment cause unnecessary fouls. Those positives and negatives balance each other out. And overall, the results work out in the Jayhawks favor. But theres another factor, this off-court persona Kansas has to deal with. Thats not something the team can handle. Dont look at the 92-65 Oklahoma State demolition as an example of the team being better without Taylor. Allen Fieldhouse is a meat grinder for weaker teams like the Cowboys. Wait until Kansas plays a good team in the NCAA tournament. Freshman Josh Selby and sophomore Elijah Johnson despite his career night arent going to lead the point guard position with confidence. Selby is too inexperienced, and you can tell Johnson has trouble controlling himself on the court, let alone an entire offense. Seniors Tyrel Reed and Brady Morningstar are solid, but they just dont have that jolt needed to spark fast-breaks and to physically get into defensive position. Taylor is a necessity, but his immaturity is too costly. It started with last years dislocated finger from getting into a quarrel with a football player then to the Facebook lyric fiasco. And now you have this mysterious removal from the lineup, which the details will most likely be revealed in the upcoming days. Taylor should be a leader on this team, but hes a young man who cant learn his lesson. He cant get this many chances to succeed. The Jayhawks arent good enough to win a championship on the court, and these off-the-court situations make that trek even more daunting. The immaturity issues on this team arent getting better. But there is a light, the only thing that could make this pessimism dissipate. The person closest to this team didnt see Taylors absence damaging at all. Leave it to coach Bill Self to make everything seem all hunky-dory after last nights game. I thought we were as good offensively as any point this year, he said. Id like to have all our players here, but Im not going to worry about whos not here. Hes right. Bill Self s almost always right. For one night without Taylor, the Jayhawks looked pretty darn good. Edited by Erin Wilbert