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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Changing the Chant

the student voice since 1904

Beating up the Bears

Taylor, Robinson score big to defeat Baylor, 92-74 PAGE 1B

BrownBack introduces proposed Budget

Taxes, medicaid and education included in the changes PAGE 7A
WoeFUl Whoo
kelsey Cipolla
kcipolla@kansan.com Never before has an onomatopoeia caused so much debate. A Facebook group created several years ago after fans started noticing a whoo between verses of the Rock Chalk Chant grabbed the attention of local news outlets last month, turning a grievance into a controversy. I have nothing against fans who are exuberant and there cheering at the game, its just that this is a 100 year tradition, said Paul Birkholz, a 1998 graduate who created the Facebook group. Theres not many universities out there that have anything close to that. Birkholz said that the whoo makes the chant seem more like a high school cheer and disregards the chants long history, but many students at Saturdays mens basketball game felt that the whoo shouldnt be an issue. I dont really see how its a big deal, said Chelsea Vaught, a doctoral student from Henderson, Neb. Its just a Vaught whoo. C a r s o n Pedigo, a sophomore from Wichita, appreciates the addition and said the whoo should definitely Pedigo remain a part of the chant. Other students are less accepting of the change. I dont really like it, said Dan Haven, an alumnus from Lawrence.

Fans display signs of their favorite players before the start of Saturdays game against iowa State at Allen Filedhouse where the Jayhawks were victorious 78-67.

Chris Bronson/kansan

see whoo page 3a


Sororities warn members of potential online imposters

raChel salyer
rsalyer@kansan.com When Colleen Monaghan, a junior from Overland Park, logs onto her blog, Twitter and Facebook, a sorority meeting last spring is at the forefront of her thoughts. The Universitys Delta Gamma chapter warned Monaghan and other members that some Facebook users arent who they say they are. Male impersonators posing as sorority sisters on the social networking site were attempting to message other members to convince them to meet up. We were told the impersonators would message you, just like a friend would, Monaghan said. They didnt say specifically who was targeted. They only told us that it was going on at the University. Following the incident, the sorority asked its members to make profiles private, turn off phone locations and also updated its entrance system. While Monaghan wasnt personally targeted, realizing how easy it was to become an online target made her rethink her safety. As a blogger, she struggles with being personable and safe. Its hard because you want people to know you, Monaghan said. The more the personal connection, the more likely people will read your stuff, but at the same time, I dont want people to be able to find me. Online impersonators also targeted other sororities, like those at Kansas State University. Claire Jensen, a Kansas State University junior from El Dorado, joined the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and started receiving Facebook friend requests. I thought I would at least recognize everybody, Jensen said. But one girls profile looked weird and she didnt look familiar. As Jensen mulled over her profile, she realized the birthdate put the woman in her sixties, though she looked young in her profile picture. I messaged her, and she said the profile picture was of her granddaughter, Jensen said. She said her granddaughter had just become a Zeta and so she was adding all of her friends. Jensen and her sorority sisters found it unusual that someone would request people they didnt know, so they reported the profile. After we reported it, we found out about the fake profiles, Jensen said. Our president told all of the sorority members what to look for. According to a Pew Research Center study, 98 percent of undergraduates use the Internet, with 86 percent of those students using social networking sites. You can only be as safe as your computer, said Chelsie Hadlock, a graduate student from Steamboat Springs, Colo., who works in the Universitys department of Information and Technology. Hadlock has some personal tips for safe Internet use, and the University provides tips of its own on the information technology security office website. n Keep your computer up-to-date. As new bugs develop, programs will update their systems to deflect them. n Be careful with insecure connections. Personal information sent over free networks can be accessed by others. n Use antivirus software. The University provides Sophos Antivirus free to students online. n Use strong passwords. Make passwords meaningful to only you. n All University sites will end in ku.edu in the URL bar. If not, do not enter your personal information. Monaghan remembers her own advice every time she logs on. It doesnt take much for one piece of information to get you in trouble, Monaghan said. Think about what you are putting for the world to see. Edited by Christine Curtin
Online sources: h t t p : / / w w w. s e c u r i t y. k u . e d u / d o c s / downloads/7-Step-for-Windows-Security-2010.pdf http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/College-students-and-technology/Report.aspx


Learning changes with e-textbooks

Marshall sChMidt
mschmidt@kansan.com As e-readers become more common in society, the possibility of e-textbooks in the classroom instead of actual textbooks could alter the landscape of how classes are taught and information is learned. I have seen the use of e-books in other college bookstores, just not here at KU, said Randi Pounds, store manager of Jayhawk Bookstore. Professors at other universities have exclusively assigned e-textbooks for their class, but that has yet to happen at the University. As e-book versions of textbooks become more widely available, theiy provide students and faculty both benefits and challenges as learning tools. Teachers would have to change the way they teach, said Tim Reeb, a junior from Haysville who works as a technology specialist in the KU Bookstore. Students would have to change the way they learn. Reeb believes that the comprehensive adoption of e-textbooks will take place in the next five to 10 years. Reeb said e-textbooks allow versions of text material to be updated, similar to software on a computer. E-readers also allow simpler annotating, copying and commenting without distracting from the text. Web links to supplementary material and embedded videos can

see e-textBook page 3a


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Todays Weather

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HI: 30 LO: 11

Bet those UGG boots are warm.

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tUeSDaY, JaNUaRY 17, 2012


Welcome back, Jayhawks! Only 43 class days left till spring break. You can make it.

Whats the weather, Jay?

HI: 50 LO: 23
Mostly sunny and considerably warmer.

HI: 35 LO: 25
Partly cloudy.

HI: 43 LO: 26
Partly cloudy and warmer.

HI: 57 LO: 35
Sunny, warm and windy.

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Put that heavy coat away.

Get that heavy coat back out.

A chilly start to the weekend.

Is it January or April?
Forecaster: Shawn Milrad, KU Atmospheric Science

The Weekly calendar

Tuesday, Jan. 17
what: First day of classes wheRe: Lawrence campus and Edwards campus wheN: All day what: The Civil Wars with The Staves wheRe: Liberty Hall, Lawrence wheN: 7 p.m. what: Lecture: The Creation of West Side Story wheRe: Swarthout Recital Hall, Murphy Hall, Lawrence wheN: 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 18
what: Lecture: The Economics of Retail Markets: How Should Lawrence Protect Its Downtown? wheRe: Ecumenical Christian Ministries Center, Lawrence wheN: 12 p.m. what: South Pacific wheRe: The Lied Center of Kansas, Lawrence wheN: 7:30 p.m. what: Drake Bell wheRe: The Bottleneck, Lawrence wheN: 8 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 19
what: Brad Paisley with The Band Perry and Scott McCreery wheRe: The Sprint Center, Kansas City, Mo. wheN: 7:30 p.m. what: Doomtree with Steady P wheRe: The Granada, Lawrence wheN: 8:30 p.m. what: The Cast Pattern with Khaldera and Silent Habit wheRe: The Replay Lounge, Lawrence wheN: 10 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 20
what: Jacks Mannequin with Jukebox the Ghost and Allen Stone wheRe: The Beaumont Club, Kansas City, Mo. wheN: 7:30 p.m. what: Bloody Murder, presented by Theatre Lawrence wheRe: Theatre Lawrence, Lawrence wheN: 7:30 p.m. what: Blackout with Skrause wheRe: The Granada, Lawrence wheN: 9:30 p.m.

Political Fiber

New website offers political coverage

In some newsrooms its called The Churn. Other places refer to it as feeding the beast. But no matter what you call it, most daily newsrooms are slaves to the 24-hour news cycle. Quality of content often takes a backseat to quantity. At PoliticalFiber.com, a new political news website affiliated with the KU School of Journalism, were bowing out of the race to break scandals and tweet .027 seconds faster than our competition. Our goal is to take a slow news approach to political coverage by providing thoughtful, in-depth analysis and reporting about the political issues that most affect you. On our site, youll find links to the days top stories as well as original content produced by our team of reporters, opinion writers and multimedia designers all with a focus on the 2012 presidential and state elections. In partnering with the UDK, youll find our content here every weekday, as well as on Kansan.com. Beginning Feb. 1, PoliticalFiber. com will go live. We look forward to working with you, dear reader, to build on this grand experiment and create a destination for state political coverage and a forum for informed conversation. Brianne Pfannenstiel for PoliticalFiber.com brianne@politicalfiber.com

Lawsuit dismissed in Topeka hostage case

aSSocIateD pReSS
TOPEKA A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Colorado man who held a couple hostage in their Kansas home then sued them for breach of contract for turning him over to police. Jesse Dimmick contended that he had a legally binding oral contract with Jared and Lindsay Rowley that they would hide him from police in return for an unspecified amount of money. Dimmick was a fugitive facing a murder charge on Sept. 12, 2009, when he burst into the Rowleys Topeka-area home and confronted them at knifepoint. The Rowleys gained Dimmicks confidence and were able to escape when he fell asleep. Police stormed the home and detained Dimmick, shooting him in the back during the arrest. Dimmick, of Denver, was convicted in May 2010 of four felonies including two counts of kidnapping and sentenced to almost 11 years in prison. He still faces murder charges in the September 2009 killing of Michael Curtis in Brighton, Colo. The Rowleys sued Dimmick in September seeking more than $75,000 in damages. Dimmick counter-sued for breach of contract, seeking $160,000 to cover hospital bills and $75,000 for pain and suffering. Dimmick said the Rowleys had reneged on their promise to keep him hidden from authorities in return for cash. The Rowleys deny they ever agreed to that and their attorney, Bob Keeshan, says even if they had such an agreement, it wouldnt be considered legally binding because it would have been made under duress.


Malcolm Gibson

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Seventeen stolen bunnies returned to their owner

PORTLAND, Ore. Portland police say more than a dozen rabbits reported stolen the night before a rabbit-cooking class have been returned by bunny advocates who had been caring for them. Members of the volunteer group Rabbit Advocates say theyre trying to buy the bunnies so they can live as pets. Police say 18 rabbits belonging to farmer Levi Cole disappeared on Jan. 7. Cole says the theft occurred the night before he taught a class on raising, slaughtering and cooking rabbits. Cole is an instructor for the Portland Meat Collective. He believes the theft was politically motivated. Police have no suspects. Rabbit Advocates board member Erin Ford says the bunnies were dumped anonymously at the home of a volunteer. Police Lt. Robert King said 17 rabbits were picked up Friday from the advocates lawyers office. King says police are still looking for one small, gray rabbit named Roger. Ford says she believes hes still in foster care.


In-store alcohol tastings may pass

aSSocIateD pReSS
TOPEKA, Kan. Some Kansas liquor store owners are hoping the Legislature makes it legal for them to hold tastings in which customers can sample certain products before buying them. A measure introduced in the state Senate by several liquor marketing associations is the result of a controversy that emerged after retailers started arranging tastings near their liquor stores. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that because state law blocked consumption of alcoholic beverages inside stores, proprietors staged events nearby. That stopped after representatives of the Kansas Department of Revenue issued a policy memorandum in August declaring the agencys interpretation of state law prohibited samplings, whether free or not, in, on, or about the licensed premises. The Senate measure would allow retailers to host in-store tastings for people interested in trying unfamiliar beers, wines or distilled spirits. Weve talked about it, said Shawn McKeever, a liquor store clerk at Fleming Place Wine and Spirits. We sell a lot of craft beer. Regulators concluded no tastings would be authorized for party or smoke shops, parking lots, sidewalks or alleys adjacent to liquor store property. R.E. Tuck Duncan, a Statehouse lobbyist working with organizations seeking to get the bill passed, said the intent was to establish in state law the opportunity for liquor stores to host tastings similar to those well known to wine country enthusiasts. A Senate hearing on the bill is likely in a few weeks, and Duncan said the measure hasnt sparked an outpouring of criticism.

reported Friday that a truck driver had weapons for compliance with safety decided to make extra money by sell- standards. ITAR-Tass reported that a prelimiing crates he was transporting from an arms plant in the Ural Mountains to a nary investigation had found the rifles were sent from the Defense Ministry to nearby landfill. Little did he know, the crates con- Izhmash for recycling or disposal. tained 79 Kalashnikov rifles, spare Associated Press parts and more than 250 cases of ammunition. accessibility info The report said the villager turned (785) 749-1972 644 Mass. 749-1912 CARNAGE (R) over the arsenal to local police, 4:30 ONLY who say they are now checking the grounds of the Izhmash factory TINKER,TAILOR,SOLDIER,SPY (R) 6:55 9:30 which makes Kalashnikovs and other
2 for 1 admission tonight !!


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trucker unknowingly creates gun arsenal

IZHEVSK, Russia Reports say a Russian villager ended up with his own private arsenal after buying wooden containers for firewood. The ITAR-Tass news agency

2000 Dole human Developement center 1000 Sunnyside avenue Lawrence, Kan., 66045





Because the world is bigger than your oyster
Associated Press

Student safe, unharmed after missing for days

A student reported missing from the Edwards Campus on Friday, December 16 has been found safe and was not taken against her will. Aisha Khan, a 19-year-old Johnson County Community College Khan student, was reported missing after leaving a voicemail message for her sister saying a man was harassing her. Khans cell phone and belongings were found on the Edwards Campus, but Khan remained officially missing for more than four days. Overland Park Police made the announcement in a statement Wednesday,



Congressman shot and killed after negotiations to change political party

GUATEMALA CITY A congressman who was reportedly negotiating a switch to the law-and-order party of Guatemalas conservative president-elect was shot to death early Friday, a day before the presidential inauguration Leal Caal ceremony. Investigators said two attackers killed Oscar Valentin Leal Caal and his brother outside the headquarters of the legislators current party, the populist Democratic Freedom Revival.
Leal Caals bodyguard was wounded by the gunmen, who abandoned their motorcycle nearby, chief investigator Fernando Gomez said. Retired general Otto Perez Molina was sworn in as president Saturday and he told the newspaper Prensa Libre that Leal had been receiving death threats since beginning discussions about joining Perezs conservative Patriotic Party. Perez has pledged to crack down on organized crime and Mexican drug cartels. Outgoing President Alvaro Colom said there was no immediate evidence the crime was linked to congressional affairs or Perezs inauguration.

$170 million Russian space probe falls back to Earth, lands in Pacific ocean
MOSCOW A Russian space probe designed to boost the nations pride on a bold mission to a moon of Mars has come down in flames, showering fragments into the south Pacific west of Chiles coast, officials said. Pieces from the Phobos-Ground, which had become stuck in Earths orbit, landed in water Sunday 1,250 kilometers (775 miles) west of Wellington Island in Chiles south, the Russian military Air and Space Defense Forces said in a statement carried by the countrys news agencies. The $170 million craft was one of the heaviest and most toxic pieces of space junk ever to crash to Earth, but space officials and experts said the risks posed by its crash were minimal because the toxic rocket fuel on
board and most of the crafts structure would burn up in the atmosphere high above the ground anyway.

Dec. 21 after making direct contact with Khan, confirming her safety. They statement said Khan was not taken against her will. A Facebook page devoted to the search for Khan, active since Friday, also announced that she had been found. It did not provide details of what happened or where she had been. She is safe and is unharmed, read one post on Wednesday night. The family is truly grateful to each and every one of your support and encouragement during this difficult journey. Overland Park police said Khans missing person investigation is closed and no further information will be released.
Rachel Salyer


Student dies in accident

AP fILE PhOTO The Zenit-2SB rocket with the Phobos-Ground probe blasts off from its launch pad.
Yujie He, a student at the Applied English Center, died Monday, Dec. 11 in a car accident on Leavenworth County Road 1. She was in her third semester at the University. Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little released a statement about the death Tuesday, Dec. 12. On behalf of the KU community, I

offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Yujie He, the statement read in part. Our thoughts are with them at this tragic time. Yujie was the second student to die last month, after Ryan Zwiener, a freshman from Lawrence, died Dec. 3.
Ian Cummings



Off-shore Chevron oil rig catches fire, gas kick believed to be the cause
shore rig exploring possible deepwater oil and gas fields off Nigerias coast for Chevron Corp. caught fire Monday, and the oil company said officials were still trying to account for all those working there. Chevron said two workers were missing and 152 others found, but gave no further detail on the missing persons. The company said it was still investigating the fire, which occurred near its North Apoi oil platform, and which forced it to shut down. We immediately flew out people to the nearby North Apoi platform,

Pakistans government continues to battle conflict, increases pressure

ISLAMABAD Pakistans Supreme Court ramped up the pressure on the nations beleaguered government Monday, beginning contempt proceedings against the prime minister for failing to carry out its order to reopen a corruption Raza Gilani case against the president. The court ordered Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to appear on Thursday to explain his refusal
Despite the increasing publicity, some are more concerned about another disrespectful addition to a traditional part of University sporting events. I care more about the home of the Chiefs Fowler exclamation being banned from the national anthem, said Evan Fowler, a junior from Wichita. We arent at Arrowhead. Edited by Gabrielle Schock to reopen the graft investigation, injecting fresh uncertainty into the political crisis threatening to engulf the country. If the court convicts Gilani of contempt, he could serve up to six months in prison and be disqualified from holding office. The government already is locked in a bitter conflict with the army, and Mondays Supreme Court ruling boosted the sense the administration could fall, squeezed between the court and Pakistans powerful generals. The government is also grappling with an ailing economy and a dangerous Taliban insurgency.


and have been helping those needing any medical assistance, Chevron spokesman Scott Walker said in a statement. Chevron did not immediately say what caused the fire. However, Nigerias government believes a gas kick a major build up of gas pressure from drilling was responsible, said Levi Ajuonoma, a spokesman for the state-run Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.


Burglar pleads guilty in basketball coach case

HUTCHINSON One of two men accused of burglarizing a Kansas college basketball coachs dorm room last year has pleaded guilty to reduced charges. Hutchinson Community College coach Steve Eck was asleep in the room he sometimes used to keep an eye on players when the burglary occurred last April 12. Eck and an off-duty firefighter chased the burglar as he ran off with a bag containing a large of amount of cash, some prescription medicines and

other items. KWBW-AM reports that Daniel Flamma-Sherman was scheduled to go on trial this week, but decided instead to plead guilty to reduced charges of robbery and aggravated burglary. A judge happened to be at the Hutchinson police station Saturday, so Flamma-Sherman entered his pleas on the spot. A second suspect is awaiting trial.
Associated Press

Its non-traditional. Adam Mauck, a sophomore from Goddard said hes not a fan because it rolls over the traditional silence that follows Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU. It ruins the eeriness, Mauck said. Its meant Mauck to be kind of creepy. Many students didnt know the whoo was not technically part of

the chant and several asked how the University could prevent something it has little control over to begin with. Birkholz acknowledges that problem but expects that the whoo will fade once fans become aware of tradition. As for how he would like to see the University proceed, Birkholz said that a video message by Bill Self or another prominent figure discouraging the whoo before the game would be ideal. Teaching the original version of the chant at Traditions Night would also help. Birkholz said the whoos at Saturdays game already sounded more muted to him and several other members of the group. the most challenging obstacle for e-textbooks. That is, e-textbooks may exclusively be available only on a certain e-reader device. According to PC World, Apple is already taking steps to corner the market on e-textbooks. This means that certain licensed e-textbooks may only be available on iPads. Therefore students would be forced to own a particular e-reader in order to have access to certain e-textbooks. For faculty members, e-textbooks would allow for access to material no longer in print. Nevertheless, they also present an easy distraction for students to check email, watch videos, or troll facebook instead of paying attention during class. Internet access

also be accessed by e-readers. Plus, students can carry around one e-reader weighing around just one pound rather than several heavier textbooks. However, some disadvantages exist as well. Even though e-textbooks are generally cheaper than their hardback counterparts, they may not be able to be used after a certain date. Also, the savings that is incurred by the publisher from not manufacturing actual textbooks may not be seen by the consumer; the cost of textbooks could remain the same, even though e-books are cheaper to make and distribute. Propriety file formats present

also presents challenges for open book tests. On final exams where students can use their texts for quotes, I certainly would not want them to be able to access the internet with their electronic devices, said assistant professor Philip Wedge of the English department. As with any technological advancement in education, from the chalkboard to Blackboard, e-textbooks will fundamentally alter students learning experience. I think once its widespread, its going to be beneficial, Reeb said. Edited by Max Lush


Foreclosure endangers the Florida home of O.J. Simpson

MIAMI Like tens of thousands of other Florida homeowners, imprisoned former football star O.J. Simpson is in danger of losing his house to foreclosure. Miami-Dade Circuit Court records show that JPMorgan Chase filed for foreclosure in September on the four-bedroom, four-bath Simpson house south of downtown Miami. Simpsons attorney has since filed a motion to dismiss the case, but there has been no further action since November. Simpson bought the 4,233-squarefoot house in 2000 for $575,000, property records show. Its current assessed value is $478,401, with property taxes of about $9,000. The 2011 taxes were paid in December. The 64-year-old former football star and actor is serving a nine-to33-year prison sentence stemming from a 2007 armed confrontation with sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas casino hotel room. Simpson was convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges. He is appealing the conviction. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 in the Los Angeles slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. A civil jury in California later ordered Simpson to pay $33.5 million for Goldmans wrongful death. The attorney for Goldmans father, Fred Goldman, said Monday the bankruptcy case played directly into the Simpson foreclosure.

Because the stars know things we dont.
aries (March 21-april 19) today is a 9 define your terms, and prepare everything in private. negotiations come to fruition easily. relax and figure out what to watch for next. taurus (april 20-May 20) today is an 8 something that you thought wouldn't work actually will. seek funding for it. Accept it as a gift, maybe. Giving it to you may serve someone else. research outside your genre. gemini (May 21-June 21) today is a 7 An expert opens your eyes to a whole new level. Although you love action, what you need now is peace, quiet and stability. work together. cancer (June 22-July 22) today is an 8 Your willingness to learn new technology gives you an edge. watch out for surprises at work. write up your thoughts. Follow up on correspondence. Leo (July 23-aug. 22) today is an 8 do your share of the work. Communicate over long distances. Being interested makes you interesting. The more you discover together, the deeper your love grows. Virgo (aug. 23-sept. 22) today is an 8 don't forget the truth; it's always a good starting point. Talk a little. define your terms. How do you want it to be? work it out so everyone wins. Libra (sept. 23-oct. 22) today is an 8 relax and enjoy the view. notes prove valuable. Think over what you want. define terms, review the steps and sell it. Prepare everything in private. scorpio (oct. 23-nov. 21) today is a 9 Pay attention to new financial opportunities without losing sight of your commitments. Have a conversation with your accountant. diligence pays off. sagittarius (nov. 22-dec. 21) today is an 8 Focus on the openings instead of on the blocks. Find beauty in the details. You move the idea outside the box. Prepare more than you think you can cover. capricorn (dec. 22-Jan. 19 today is a 7 reward your partner with quality time, as much as possible. Go ahead and get romantic. watch out for surprises. epic dreams paint a dynamic vision. aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) today is a 7 Your real friends are there to help you get grounded. it's a great time to tell your story. Let your emotions pour out. don't hold anything back. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) today is an 8 Have you considered writing a book? even if you don't write, you could get a ghostwriter. You can accomplish more than you thought possible now. dream big.



tuesday, January 17, 2012 sudoku odd news

Page 4a

unusually named man arrested in wisconsin


mAdison, wis. Authorities in southern wisconsin are facing a tongue twister thanks to the arrest of Beezow doo-doo Zopittybop-BopBop. The unusually named 30-year-old man was in jail sunday in madison. Police say he violated his bail conditions from a previous run-in with the law. Court records show that his name used to be Jeffrey drew wilschke. He legally changed it in october. The Capital Times reports that Zopittybop-Bop-Bop was arrested last week after residents complained of excessive drinking and drug use near reynolds Park in madison. Authorities say he was arrested in another local park last April after police found a loaded handgun in his backpack. Associated Press

check out the answers


Low prices on digital albums alter official sales numbers

assocIated Press
LOS ANGELES Lady Gagas Born This Way made history last June when it blew onto U.S. pop charts with more than 1.1-million albums sold in the first week, the best debut sales figure since 2005. In the history books, however, the record may come with an asterisk. About 440,000 copies of Born This Way were sold by online retailer Amazon.com for 99 cents, as a promotion for its online storage service. After changes last month to Billboards album charts, those arent album sales and they dont count. Billboard, the 117-year-old music industry bible, has published weekly sales charts for the top-selling U.S. albums since the mid-1950s. When Billboard exclusively began incorporating sales data from Nielsen SoundScan in 1991, its premier album chart, the Billboard 200, became the sole reliable source for tracking music purchases in the United States. By relying on retail statistics rather than estimates from the labels, the Billboard 200 gave the music business an honest look at sales and offered retailers and consumers a hypefree way to determine an albums true popularity, a way to close the gap between hype and the albums fans actually wanted to purchase. But the music business is changing fast. Peer-to-peer file trading undermined the CD business. The popularity of Apples iTunes store drove music sales increasingly online, toward digital sales. Last year, physical album sales fell 5.7 percent while digital album sales rose 20 percent. At the same time, digital streaming services such as Spotify, Rhapsody and MOG offer customers a way to enjoy music as a subscription service, not a retail experience. YouTube views and Facebook friends became the new metrics. Over time, the album lost its dominance as the arbiter of pop power. But even as the music industry continued to fight through a tremendous upheaval, in which a bands YouTube views and Facebook friends are touted as data, the Billboard 200 album chart continued to track what fans were actually buying whether digital albums or real ones. Then Amazon and Google started offering entire albums at cut-rate prices. Billboard was forced to ask itself a question: How inexpensive can an album be before its basically free, and not a legitimate sale? Billboards answer: $3.49, or roughly half the retail cost of an album. Anything sold below that price point, Billboard determined, will no longer be counted as a sale on the Billboard 200. The new policy is only in effect in the first four weeks of an albums release, or, in the case of Christmas-themed albums, the entire holiday season. Its rare to find a new album priced below $3.49, although Amazon, whose spokespeople did not return calls, will occasionally promote new albums at $2.99 or below in an effort to boost traffic to its site. But the new math will change the way album sales are calculated, and perhaps even marketed. Had the rules been in effect all year, there would have been no million-selling debut album in 2011. Based on earlier data published in its trade paper, Billboard estimated that sales of Lady Gagas Born This Way, would have been counted at 660,000 copies.





Bootylicious bug named Beyonce

assocIated Press
CANBERRA, Australia A newly discovered horse fly in Australia was so bootylicious with its golden-haired bum, there was only one name worthy of its beauty: Beyonce. Previously published results from Bryan Lessard, a 24-yearold researcher at Australias Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, were recently announced on the species that had been sitting in a fly collection since it was captured in 1981 the same year pop diva Beyonce was born. He says he wanted to pay respect to the insects beauty by naming it Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae. Lessard said Beyonce would be in the nature history books forever and that the fly now bearing her name is pretty bootylicious with its golden backside. Bootylicious was the title of a song by Beyonces previous group, Destinys Child. Its unknown if the rare species is a bloodsucker like many female horse flies. Lessard says he was unable to find any live specimens when he went looking in 2010 in northeast Queenslands Atherton Tablelands, where it was captured three decades ago. However, at least one member of the public has alerted him that he was recently bitten by whats locally called the gold bum fly. The description of the fly was earlier published in the Australian Journal of Entomology, but the results were announced last week. Lessard says he hasnt heard from Beyonce, who recently gave birth to her first child, but he is a fan and hopes she will take his scientific gesture as a compliment. He also said the name was picked to help draw attention to the importance of his field and the need for more researchers to catalog and study insects. Horse flies are vital pollinators of native plants, not just in Australia, but all over the world, Lessard said. Its extremely important to name all the undescribed species so we can measure our human impact on the environment and hopefully protect it for future generations to enjoy.

CollegeHumor Media hops into making films

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LOS ANGELES Hoping to follow in the footsteps of National Lampoon, the digital-comedy company CollegeHumor Media is taking a stab at the film business. The firm has signed on to make a movie about thirtysomething underachievers called Coffee Town, buying a script from former Arrested Development writer-producer Brad Copeland and hiring him to direct it. The low-budget movie, which will star a group of up-and-coming actors, is being financed by CollegeHumor and aims to begin shooting in February in Los Angeles. Although known primarily for its slapstick Web videos across a network of sites, CollegeHumor has been branching out to other platforms. The company, which is owned by the Barry Diller-led IAC, had a short-lived MTV show and also has spun off several books. The goal with Coffee Town, CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen said, is to take advantage of the firms in-house talent as well as capitalize on its brand. We think we can leverage what weve done into longer things, including features and TV shows, Van Veen said. Theres a market for highquality long-form content that can go directly to consumers, and were well-positioned to do that. He cited a paid Web special from Louis C.K. that has gained attention in the digital world. The comedian made his one-man show from New Yorks Beacon Theater available for download at a cost of $5; in the first several weeks, he received nearly 200,000 downloads. Van Veen said there have been no decisions on whether to distribute Coffee Town online. The movie does not yet have traditional theatrical distribution. It is expected to seek that, and other models are being considered as well.















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Media creates distorted body image

few years ago, I was a typical self-conscious, Cosmopolitan-obsessed, female college student who always felt like I needed to lose weight to be satisfied with myself. I had an average 54, size 6-8 build, but my weight submerged preoccupied my mind and controlled my mood. My life revolved around what I was eating, when I was going to exercise and how my clothes fit. I slaved away on an elliptical trainer for hours each week, working desperately to rid my legs of that god-awful cellulite. No, I didnt have an eating disorder, but I still had a problem. No matter how many calories I didnt eat or how many inches I lost, I was never satisfied with my body. Coming to terms with my weight and being happy with the body I have took a long time. I had to stop allowing media images define what I thought my body should look like. I had to educate myself on the difference between healthy and culturally ideal. After researching body image in the United States, I learned that

By Mandy Matney

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Im still closeted, but the recent LGBT articles in the uDK have really given me courage. Thank you!! In Harry potter, every year there is a new Darks Arts Teacher. At Ku, every year there is a new football coach. Going down the mountain on your butt more than your skis... pure talent. #steamboat That moment when youre disappointed your roommate returned because you were hoping she failed out. Way too many people in my hometown have made awful life decisions and are Mizzou fans. Its good to be back. Dont Whoo during the Rock Chalk Chant. Mizzou would whoo. Do you want to be like Mizzou? I have to do what now on the 17th? you know your game sucks when the only thing you talk to the girl about is the guy shes talking to. The best part of winter break so far was learning that The Magic School Bus is still on TV. My 7-year-old brothers bball team has less turnovers than Tyshawn. How can you go into Mrs Es at a busy time wearing spandex shorts and expect everyone to not look at your butt? Bus driver Dan, route red misses you. Rule of thumb for Ku busses: no bus is truly full until the entire surface area of your body is being touched by strangers Tip to Hash bus riders: shower first, then board the bus. Waiting for the day when someone who isnt a foot taller than me asks me on a date. #shortgirlproblems So I need to accept that the water here is perpetually cloudy just because I live in McCollum? I believe that camping should be a fully catered affair. Im hungry and have no money. I wish I was a man so I could grow a sweater for my face. I say we Occupy Allen Fieldhouse and demand lottery reform. you get the weirdest looks when you walk down Jayhawk Blvd. with a swivel chair on your head... Life should be like a Hollywood film: completely pretentious and utterly predictable. The squirrels around lawrence are magical. physics class in Budig. Never in my life have I seen more people who have exactly the same wardrobe clustered together in one room. Or probable Trekkies. To the guy at Steak n Shake: sorry for staring, but you were quite attractive. Congratulations on that!

media and the weight loss industries want Americans to be unsatisfied otherwise the health companies make no money. Our culture constantly feeds us size does matter messages and implants distorted perceptions of beauty in our minds with altered images of nearly anorexic women in every magazine. We are constantly told that we need to buy books, magazines, pills, videos and ridiculous workout gear so we can get a little bit closer to looking like the models. We tell ourselves that maybe then well be happy except the then always seems to allude us. Because of this marketing, educated, talented and beautiful young women (and men) continue to give into the hype.

Americans reportedly spent $60.9 billion on dieting and weight loss in 2010, according to data from Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. The media choose to not only use models who are an estimated 23 percent thinner than the average American and mostly statistically anorexic, according to research by sociologist Jean Kilbourn, but they Photoshop these women so their figures are literally impossible to achieve. According to research provided by Mediaawareness.net, womens magazines have 10 times more ads and articles that push weight loss than mens magazines do, and three-quarters of the covers of womens magazines include at least one message about altering a womans appearance. Educating myself on false perceptions of beauty made by the media for strictly profit purposes was essential for my self-esteem. It was liberating to realize the media doesnt want me to be happy with my body because they dont make money that way. I also learned that I had to sur-

round myself with healthy friends and family who werent constantly making me feel self-conscious about my weight. Most importantly, I had to gain confidence in myself to know that there is much more to my body than its appearance. I didnt realize this until I completed my first triathlon. Pushing past physical limits made me truly appreciate my body. Now, I run and exercise because I like the way it makes me feel. I eat healthy because I like giving my body the fuel it needs to get stronger. I could care less about losing weight. So, instead of telling yourself to lose weight for this New Years resolution, focus on gaining confidence instead. Get stronger, not smaller. Trust me, its much more rewarding.
Matney is a senior in journalism from Shawnee

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editors desk

Opinions make the world more exciting

his semester, I have the task of putting together an opinion page for the Kansan. Besides finding writers, I found myself questioning what makes an opinion page. Of course, the title may seem self-explanatory, but when it comes down to it the idea of an opinion is slightly harder to define. Its not an argument or angry rant. Its not an intellectual treatise nor is it a research paper or news story. Its just an opinion, but then again an opinion depends on so many other factors besides plain facts. As a classics major, I remember the famous quotation found at the Oracle of Delphi: in English Know thyself. And while I am interpreting it in a grossly different way than the Greeks intended, I would like to add that we should know not only our own thoughts, ideas and opinions but also those of others. Because to know thyself requires knowing what came before you, what currently surrounds you and what may come after you. Knowing ourselves is a collective effort because not a single person can survive without the assistance of others. Simply put, human beings are social animals, and our day and age proves best that social animals seek socialization. Besides that, not one single idea is original in itself. Every idea comes from another idea or inspiration. So, although we are unique beings from each other, we thrive off each other. I know that many of you get upset when you see a column run that contradicts your beliefs or political views. As hu-

By Alexis Knutsen

Kansas fans celebrating during the starting line up. Kansas won against the university of North Dakota 84-58.

TrAvis yOunG/KAnsAn

Take whoo out of chant

Preserve the ominous silence in the original cheer
e all know the chant: the world-famous, eerie, and historical chant which echoes through the rafters in Allen Fieldhouse and across the gridiron of Memorial Stadium. Rock Chalk By Ryan Schlesener Jayhawk, KU. rschlesener@kansan.com This time tested fan favorite has enthralled crowds, and atmosphere in Allen Fieldhouse chased out opponents for over or Memorial Stadium. Adding a century. However, this great whoo draws away from this tradition has recently been tar- atmosphere and degrades the nished by a continually growing traditions that this university number of whoo birds who has proudly stood behind for are degrading the intentional decades. pronounced silence which is Many students have not taksupposed to separate each line en kindly to the whoo crowd. in the chant. A Facebook group titled There Were all taught the chant at is no Whooo in the Rock Chalk traditions night during Hawk Chant currently has 1,081 Week. The chant is simple. members, and is growing at a Rock Chalk rapid rate. Jayhawk, Those who KU, repeated partake in in rhythm. Adding whoo draws the whoo The simplicaway from this atmosphere are not inity makes the tentionally and degrades the tradichant unique, disrespecttions that this university and makes it ing the what Teddy has proudly stood behind chant in any Roosevelt way, but just for decades. called the assume that greatest col w h o o i n g lege chant hed ever heard. is the correct thing to do after But what is this whoo non- hearing it done that way for as sense? Rock Chalk Jayhawk long as theyve been on camKU.whoo? The silence be- pus. tween verses is to be treasured, Growing up as a diehard KU and used to alarm opponents. fan, however, I can tell you that, The silence is special, and having heard both v e r s i o n s , heightens the already fantastic

there is nothing like the spine tingling and breath taking sound of the chant before the whoo existed. When you add in the awful whoo, the Rock Chalk chant is transformed into more of a cheer. Why would we want to transform one of our greatest and longest standing traditions into simply another cheer which every other college has? The chant stands is a firm contrast to the cheesy and lackluster cheers of other colleges. We need to regain a firm hold on our tradition and restore the chant to its true and wonderful form. After searching far and wide, I have yet to find anyone strongly attached to the whoo. There are those who are indifferent and dont mind it either way, but for the most part, most people have been anti whoo. Nobody knows for sure when this atrocious trend began, but its high time we put an end to it. Each and every Jayhawk has the responsibility to take back our chant, and all of us can help. Lets return the chant to its true form, and continue to haunt opponents for many years to come. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, and whatever you do, please, please dont whoo.
Schlesener is a sophomore in journalism and Italian from Herington

man beings we have a natural tendency to be defensive of our beliefs and ideas. Occasionally, we sit here and think, Wouldnt it be nice if everyone just agreed with me? But it actually wouldnt be nice. It would make our world the most uninspiring and tedious place to live, and it would certainly put me and many others out of a job. I challenge all of you, the readers, to read the columns which you disagree with. Were here to share the ideas of students like you undergraduate, graduate, law school, transfer, freshman, senior, international or non-traditional (and many more). And we urge all of you to write to us. Send us letters to the editors, submit ideas for columns and if you truly feel passionate about a topic, apply to be a columnist or editorial writer. Disagree, debate and speak up. Dont ever settle for monotonous agreement. I guarantee there cannot be one person in this world with whom you agree completely, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt listen to those who have something to say that conflicts with your opinion. The smartest people are the ones who know not only themselves, but also everyone else.
Knutsen is a sophomore in classical languages from Overland Park

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Kansas royalty makes appearance at game


miss Kansas usa Gentry miller, left, and miss Kansas Teen usa Katie Taylor, right, stopped by the mens basketball game on saturday. The two met with fans and talked about pageant life.


The crowd at Allen Fieldhouse got the royal treatment Saturday as the reigning Miss Kansas USA, Gentry Linn Miller, a 2010 University of Kansas graduate, and the Miss Kansas Teen USA, Katie Taylor, a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Overland Park, paid a visit. The two stopped by to watch the mens basketball game, greet fans and discuss life as pageant participants. How do you prepare for a pageant? Gentry Linn Miller: I love the limelight and being on stage, so that part for me isnt stressful. But definitely the preparation up until the show is probably the hardest part. Katie Taylor: I started working out six months prior and just kept working out and getting stricter and stricter with what I ate. It seems like pageants get a bad reputation for being superficial. Do

you think that is deserved? GM: Obviously, I see where it gets that bad rap. And sometimes, even people who are up there answering the questions may not give quite the right answer. Its a nerve-wracking process. But it needs to be looked into. Its more than just the looks and wearing the swimsuit. There are so many intelligent young women who do so much for their community and the state that they represent. They need to portray it more in that light. KT: Its not what is on the outside that counts as much as what you actually put into it and what youre going to do with the crown. Once you get the crown, youre not going to be like Oh, look; I won. You have to actually go out there, be involved in your community and fight for the things that you were doing before. Im with the Susan G. Komen Foundation because my mom had breast cancer, and Im continuing with that and trying to make my voice stronger. How do you manage to balance

school with pageants? KT: Its definitely a challenge. I have to keep up with all of my hard classes that I took this year. I want to go into pre-med or business, so I have to keep up with my grades. I have all of these volunteer events. But I get to go to all the games and still have a normal teenage life, just with a little twist. How was your KU experience? GM: I loved the University of Kansas. I was a sorority girl, I went to the business school. It was a dream come true. I wouldnt trade it for the world, and I wouldnt go to another school if somebody paid me to. KT: Im going to KU next year, so maybe Ill be following in Gentrys footsteps. I grew up being a Jayhawk, hating K-State. I looked at other options, but overall, out of all the college visits Ive done, KU is just my atmosphere. You have to have the feeling of Ah, I want to be here. Edited by Taylor Lewis


Huntsman exits race as candidates worry about split vote

COLUMBIA, S.C. A splintered conservative vote in South Carolina could pave the way for Mitt Romney to win this weeks pivotal primary a contest due to have one fewer candidate after the withdrawal of moderate Jon Huntsman. Huntsman, a former governor of Utah, will withdraw from the race Monday, campaign manager Matt David told The Associated Press on Sunday night. Huntsman will endorse Romney, aides said. Before news of Huntsmans decision broke, Romneys other rivals wrestled with the likelihood that theyll split the vote of South Carolinas social conservatives. I think the only way that a Massachusetts moderate can get through South Carolina is if the vote is split, said Newt Gingrich, portraying himself as the lone conservative with a realistic chance of beating Romney in the first-inthe-South contest. Polls show Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who struggled to a fourth-place finish in South Carolina during his 2008 White House run, with a lead heading into Saturdays vote. The state has a large population of evangelicals and other conservative Christians, and concerns arose four years ago about his Mormon faith. But Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry all said Romney, after victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, continued to benefit from the fractured GOP field and the failure of social conservatives to fully coalesce around a single alternative. Santorum said South Carolina is not going to be the final issue and spoke of the need to get this eventually down to a conservative alternative to Romney. When we get it down to a two-person race, we have an excellent opportunity to win this race, said the former Pennsylvania senator, who won the endorsement of an influential group of social conservatives and evangelical leaders Saturday in Texas. Perry, the Texas governor, said it was our intention to compete in the next contest, Floridas Jan. 31 primary, even if he finished last in South Carolina. Gingrich said he would reassess his candidacy if he lost in South Carolina and acknowledged that a Romney victory would mean an enormous advantage going forward. The former House speaker appealed for the support of every conservative who wants to have a conservative nominee. I hope every conservative will reach the conclusion that to vote for anybody but Gingrich is, in fact, to help Romney win the nomination, he said. The states senior senator, Republican Lindsey Graham, started looking beyond Saturdays primary, saying, If for some reason hes not derailed here and Mitt Romney wins South Carolina ... I think it should be over. He added, Id hope the party would rally around him if he did in fact win South Carolina. To Rep. Tim Scott, R-S.C., the equation is simple: If Romney wins South Carolina, I think the games over. This is the last stand for many candidates. He noted that three candidates are pursuing the evangelical vote very strongly, and without any question that works to the Romney campaigns benefit. Its hard to find a single candidate that rallies all of the Christian voters in South Carolina, and therefore that splintered approach will probably have a major impact in the primary. Huntsman campaign officials said the candidate will withdraw from the race and endorse Romney at an event in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The former Utah governor placed third in last weeks New Hampshire primary despite devoting most of his campaign resources to the state. He had already acknowledged that expectations for him in South Carolinas primary this week will be very low. Word of the Huntsman withdrawal came on the same day The State, South Carolinas largest newspaper, endorsed him for president. Romney took a rare day off from campaigning while his opponents focused on the South Carolina coast. Ron Paul returned to the state Sunday after spending three days at home and off the trail. The Texas congressman, whose libertarian message propelled him into second place behind Romney in New Hampshire, attended a rally in Myrtle Beach where he picked up the endorsement of a state senator popular with tea party members. At the Cathedral of Praise in North Charleston, Gingrich was cheered by church members as he criticized activist judges who he said had made anti-American rulings to keep God out of schools. Santorum spoke at the same church Saturday. At a prayer breakfast in Myrtle Beach, Perry appealed to religious

Republican presidential candidate, former utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, accompanied by his wife mary Kaye Huntsman, announces he is ending his campaign, monday, Jan. 16, 2012, in myrtle Beach, s.c. conservatives to back his candidacy. Who will see the job of president as that of faithful servant to the American people, and the God who created us? Perry said. I hope each of you will peer into your heart and look for that individual with the record and the values that represent your heart. The candidates faced a packed week of campaign events and nationally televised debates Monday and Thursday. No Republican has won the partys presidential nomination without carrying South Carolina. Santorum battled Romney to a virtual tie in Iowa before falling to fifth place in New Hampshire. Gingrich and Perry fared poorly in both states. All three have the backing of well-financed independent groups known as super political action committees that can help keep their candidacies afloat. Santorum refused to suggest anyone should drop out of the race as a way to consolidate conservative support behind an anti-Romney candidate. But he said Republicans would have a hard time beating President Barack Obama in November if Romney were the nominee. Santorum cited Rom-


neys push for mandatory insurance coverage in Massachusetts. Gingrich and Perry used television interviews to focus on Romneys former leadership of the Bain Capital venture capital firm. Both defended raising questions about Bains business practices, saying Romneys tenure would come under relentless assault from Democrats in the general election. Gingrich, Graham and Scott appeared on NBCs Meet the Press, while Santorum spoke on Fox News Sunday and Perry was interviewed on CNNs State of the Union.

NaTioNal cRime

Suicide-murder survivor begged neighbor for help

FRESNO, Calif. The neighbor of the sole survivor of an apparent murder-suicide in Californias Central Valley said the man pounded on his door and asked for help before the woman who appears to have stabbed him tried to drag him back outside. Authorities Monday still had not released the names of the man and woman and two children who were killed Sunday morning in a Fresno apartment complex. The coroners office said the names would be released by police later in the day. Jesus Gonzalez told KFSN-TV, an ABC affiliate in Fresno, that shortly before 7 a.m. on Sunday he heard gunshots and then a pounding on his door. He opened the door to find his neighbor bleeding profusely. I opened the door and he fell in front of me, and I take him and I pull him inside, Gonzalez said. He said that before he could drag the man inside, the woman believed to be the main suspect tried to pull him back outside again. Gonzalez said he shouted at her, Hey, what happened, what happened? and she ran off. When police arrived at the Silver Lakes Apartments shortly thereafter, officers found the man outside with a stab wound. He told police that his wife, who was actually his live-in girlfriend, was inside causing a disturbance, Fresno police. Lt. Mark Salazar said. Before officers entered the apartment, they heard a gunshot and hurried inside. They found four people killed inside, including a woman believed to be in her 20s with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a man in his 20s or 30s dead of a gunshot wound. Also inside were the bodies of an 18-month-old and a 3-year-old child, believed to be the womans children. The stabbing victim was taken to a hospital and was in critical condition. Hospital officials on Monday said they could not release any details about the victim until the police had identified him. The family lived in the back of the gated apartment complex, which has neat lawns, trees and a childrens playground. Neighbors said there was no indication of violence between the couple before Sundays shootings. They would come out with the baby carriage, and the man was taking care of his children, neighbor Eric Gonzalez said.

NaTioNal cRime

Teenage boy kills sister and turns himself in to police

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. A 15-year-old described by a neighbor as a nice young boy showed up at a sheriff s department in rural Arkansas and told investigators he had shot and killed his 16-year-old sister in his familys home. Authorities found the girls body in a bedroom of the house near Ozark while the teens parents were out grocery shopping, Franklin County Sheriff Anthony Boen said Monday. Boen said he didnt believe the girls death was accidental, although her brother appeared remorseful and had tears in his eyes when he turned himself in. Authorities are treating the death as a homicide. He just said that he had just shot and killed his sister, Boen said. ... He didnt give a motive. The teens names have not been released. The boy was in custody in nearby Sebastian County because Franklin County isnt set up to house juveniles, Boen said. Hes expected to appear before a judge Tuesday, although no charges have been filed yet. The teen likely killed his sister sometime after 8 a.m. Sunday, when his parents left to go grocery shopping in Fort Smith, about 40 miles away, Boen said. The boy turned himself in at the sheriff s department about an hour and a half later. Deputies had never been called to the home and there werent any reports of trouble with the teens, Boen said. A neighbor described the family as nice and quiet and the boy as a nice young boy. Donna Sheppard, who lives next to the familys home, said her grandson knew the boy from school. Its the most shocking thing I could have ever imagined, she said. Sheppard said she didnt hear any gunshots before she left for Sunday school a little after 9 a.m., and learned about the shooting when she came home from church that afternoon. The girls body has been sent to the state crime lab, and preliminary autopsy results are expected sometime this week. Investigators confiscated multiple guns from the familys home and vehicle and were trying to determine which weapon had been used in the shooting. Both the dad and the son were avid hunters, Boen said. The Arkansas State Police are investigating the case, but spokesman Bill Sadler declined to talk about it.




Brownback outlines reformations in speech

astrunk@kansan.com Big changes are coming to Kansas. At least thats what Gov. Brownback had to say in his State of the State address Wednesday night. Gov. Brownback outlined the elimination of income tax, reformation of the education funding formula and Medicaid reform in a 30-minute speech he made to the Kansas legislature. Were a state in transition from a high tax state to a low tax state, he said. This state in transition will look less for what Washington can do for Kansas and more for what we can do for ourselves. What Kansans can do for themselves, Brownback asserted during his speech, is to slowly phase out the state income tax in order to draw more businesses to Kansas. Brownback proposed a 24 percent income tax cut for those making $30,000 or more per year, cutting their tax rate down to 4.9 percent. Under his plan, single Kansas residents making $15,000 or less would pay 3 percent in income taxes, a 14 percent income tax cut. He added that small businesses would, for the most part, pay no income tax. Along with income tax cuts, Brownback said he would eliminate most income tax exemptions, making a fairer, flatter tax system. This elimination would include income tax credits for those below the poverty level, as well as tax exemptions for charitable donations and college savings plans. Taxes are one area that we do control, he said. When it comes to taxes, we have some of the highest in the region. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Kansans pay more taxes per capita than citizens in Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Kansas ranked thirtieth nationally in taxes paid per capita. University economics professor Ronald Caldwell said lowering income taxes could be a positive for the Kansas economy. Do I think it would improve things? Yes, I think you would draw in more businesses and a higher skill work force, he said. I know I looked at it when I came here. Brownbacks speech did not stop at lowering income taxes. The governor called on state legislature to dedicate this years $100 million budget surplus to help lower income taxes. He also asked them to dedicate future surpluses, such as the $465 million surplus of his proposed 2013 budget, to eliminating income taxes in the future. Caldwell was much more skeptical about these plans. Its volatile right now to make permanent tax cuts on the basis of a one year change, he said. Caldwell also didnt believe that eliminating the income tax and tax exemptions would draw enough businesses to increase property value revenue and offset the loss of funding that comes with eliminating the income tax. Not to be cynical, but I think the point is to find a way to reduce spending, he said. You decrease revenue, you decrease spending. To offset the cost of some of the proposed income tax cuts, Brownbacks tax plan calls to make the temporary sales tax set to expire in July permanent, keeping state sales tax at 6.3 percent. Caldwell said that a higher sales tax could shift the tax burden more to the working class. If you are raising sales tax to make up for things, yes, you are shifting things around, he said. He added the alternative of lowering spending to make up for the shortfall would also negatively affect those of lower income who receive many of the services the state provides. While Brownbacks tax plan would be ambitious, KU political science professor Burdett Loomis believes he would get some form of an income tax decrease passed. It is going to be very hard to resist the income tax cuts, he said. A lot of moderate republicans support it. I dont think this is a defining issue. Brownback may face more contention with education. Some believe that state surplus money should not be spent on tax relief after the school funding cuts over the last decade. Before new corporate tax breaks are signed into law, excess state revenue should be used to restore funding to our schools first, Rep. Paul Davis said in the Democratic response to the Governors speech. Brownback continued to champion his proposed reworking of the school finance formula in the education portion of his speech. The new formula would preserve this years level of state funding per student, but the plan would allow unlimited local control of property taxes for the education process. It is past time to get education dollars out of the courtroom and into the classroom, he said.



Flanked by Senate President Steven morris, right, r-Hugoton, and House Speaker michael oneal, r-Hutchinson, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback addresses the legislature during the annual State of the State address at the Statehouse in topeka Wednesday. The plan would also take 20 mills out each school districts mill levy and put the money $20 for every $1,000 of appraised property value into a fund to be redistributed to school districts with lower property tax evaluations per student. Brownback said that this would act as a mechanism to ensure that districts with lower property values do not fall behind those with much higher property values. Loomis thought that the new system might be a hard sell. You are going to see lots of cities and school boards really wriggling here, he said. They know if income taxes are cut, they are going to have to continue to raise property taxes, which they dont want to do. Also on Brownbacks reform list is Medicaid. Brownback said the multiple offices that handled Medicaid for the state would be consolidated under the Department of Aging and Disability Services. He also hinted at a push to get more people on the disability list working. I propose Kansas be a national leader in helping the disabled find meaningful jobs, he said With jobs providing an off ramp from Medicaid, we will be able help those in need of services and reduce our waiting list. Any references to the Governors social agenda were missing from the speech. Loomis said that the Governor might not have to support a social conservative agenda this session because a mostly conservative Kansas house of representatives would champion the agenda, which could include abortion restrictions and immigration laws, for him. Brownbacks speech ended on an optimistic note. Together we will succeed for we must. edited by christine curtin



changes To Lawrence area incLuded in proposed BudgeT

If Gov. Brownbacks proposed budget passes, it would increase state funding for the University of Kansas by $3.25 million or 2 percent. the University will now receive $141,161,000 from the state. making up the lions share of the state funding increase is a $3 million elite Professors initiative aimed at attracting high quality professors to the University. total funding for the University will likely decrease by 1.8 percent from approximately $671 million to $659 million as outlined in the budget. other notable parts of Brownbacks proposed budget for the Lawrence area include the restoration of state funding to the Lawrence SrS office as well as the partial restoration of the Kansas Arts Commission. In the proposed budget, Brownback set aside $815,182 to be paid to the five SrS offices, including the Lawrence office, that the state had scheduled to close but continued to operate under agreements with local governments and a private lessor. the budget also proposes the combination of the previously abolished Kansas Arts Commission with the Kansas Film Commission to create Kansas Creative Industries Commission under the department of commerce. the commission would receive $200,000 of funding. this funding however is far from the nearly $700,000 the KAC received before Brownback decided to eliminate state funding for the commission last year.


Catholic churchs internal legal system resolves disputes

NEW YORK Parents upset by the admission policy at a parochial school. Clergy and parishioners at odds over use of their building. A priest resisting a transfer to another parish. It was once assumed that disagreements like these in the Roman Catholic Church would end one way: with the highest-ranking cleric getting the last word. But that outcome is no longer a given as Catholics, emboldened following the clergy abuse scandals that erupted a decade ago this month, have sought another avenue of redress. In recent years, clergy and lay people in the United States have increasingly turned to the churchs internal legal system to challenge a bishops or pastors decision about even the most workaday issues in Catholic life, according to canon lawyers in academia, dioceses and in private practice. Sometimes, the challengers even win. In one example cited by veteran canon lawyers, parishioners wanted to bar musical performances in their church that werent liturgical. Their priest had been renting space to a local band. In another case, a nun filed a petition after a religious superior disclosed the nuns medical information to others a potential violation of privacy. Regarding bishops often contentious decisions to close parishes, the liberal reform group FutureChurch posts a guide on its website called Canonical Appeals for Dummies on seeking Vatican intervention to stay open. The reasons for the uptick are complex and reach back decades, involving changes in the church and broader society. Canon lawyers say the American concern for individual freedoms likely has played a role. So has the explosion of information on the Internet. But the change is also an unexpected consequence of the clergy molestation crisis, with the scandal exerting an influence far as use of money. beyond cases that directly involve Most of us, when we were trainabusers. ing, were preparing for marriage The focus on canon law and tribunals, marriage annulments, penal procedures in the case of sex- said Monsignor Patrick Lagges of ual misconduct has made people Chicago, a canon lawyer for three aware that the church has a law decades who helped lead the canon system, it can work and people can law society workshop last year. take advantage of it, said Michael Now theres such a broad range of Ritty, founder of Canon Law things. Its a much broader field. Professionals, a private practice in Until recently, the only canon Feura Bush, N.Y. For so long, espe- law most American Catholics knew cially in the United States, many related to annulments, church decof the lay people did not speak up larations that a marriage was never and did not know how to speak up, valid. (For years, the majority of and many people in the hierarchy annulment petitions to the Vatican did not know how to accept things have come from the United States.) when people did speak up. I think The first complete code of canon law, published in 1917, was also the that is changing. No one knows the exact number first to be translated from the Latin of formal petitions before tribunals into English. Even then, the system or agencies at the Vatican, or before remained obscure, considered the church officials in the U.S. or in any province of an educated clergy-elite country. The cases are guarded by who were fluent in Latin and could pontifical secrecy, which bars advo- quote directly from centuries-old cates, judges and other parties from papal decrees. The Second Vatican Council, revealing details of the proceedings. Still, U.S. canon lawyers say they the 1960s meetings that ushered have seen more widespread use of in modernizing reforms, aimed to make canon law more accessible. church law to resolve disputes. Edward Peters, a canon lawyer A revised legal code was eventually issued in 1983 by and professor Pope John Paul at Sacred Heart II that placed Major Seminary most of us, when we were new emphasis in Detroit, said on the rights the increase in training, were preparing and obligations canonical litiga- for marriage annulments. of all Catholics, tion is indisput- now theres such a broad lay and clergy. able. The Christian The Canon range of things. faithful can legitiLaw Society of PAtrICK LAGGeS mately vindicate America, a profesCanon lawyer and defend the sional group for rights which they church lawyers, possess in the held a workshop on the trend called Hierarchical Church in the competent ecclesiasRecourse: Cant We All Just Get tical forum according to the norm Along? Ritty founded his private of law, canon 221:1 says. Yet, no flurry of canonical petipractice in 2000 to keep active after he retired and now employs three tions followed. A few prominent cases played other canon lawyers. Abuse cases are a significant part of his work, out in public. The ex-wife of foralong with marriage annulments, mer Massachusetts Rep. Joseph but Ritty also has many cases relat- P. Kennedy II, son of Robert F. ing to everyday church issues, such Kennedy, wrote a book about her appeal to reverse the church decision to annul their marriage of a dozen years. The Vatican took about a decade to decide the case, but ruled in her favor. In the 1990s, some parishioners appealed Cardinal Joseph Bernardins decision to close their Chicago church. They succeeded in a phase of the appeal, but the building was ultimately shut down. Still, the numbers of cases remained small. Then, 10 years ago, a crisis unfolded that became the worst in U.S. church history. The Boston Globe persuaded a Massachusetts judge to unseal documents that showed the Archdiocese of Boston kept clergy who had molested children in parishes without warning parents or police. The outrage that the news reports generated spread nationwide. Soon, every American bishop was pressured to disclose diocesan records on abusive clergy. In June, beleaguered church leaders gathered in Dallas, trailed by more than 750 reporters, to adopt a new child protection policy and discipline plan for guilty priests. Suddenly, canon law was frontpage news. In many cases, the churchs internal legal system was the only recourse for church officials who wanted to remove clergy from public ministry or the priesthood. Most victims came forward decades after they had been molested, long after the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution in civil court had passed. So over several months, American bishops began a closely watched negotiation with Vatican officials over how they could change church law to streamline the removal of guilty priests. Canonical due process rights for clergy emerged as a key issue. In a public meeting that November, bishops discussed plans for new church tribunals for accused priests who said they were innocent and would not leave ministry. Bishops spent hundreds of mil-

rev. Patrick Lagges looks over canon law books written in Latin in Chicago. Lagges, a canon lawyer for three decades in the Catholic Church, helped lead the canon law society workshop last year. It was once assumed that disagreements between roman Catholic clergy and lay people would end one way: with the highest-ranking cleric getting the last word. that outcome is no longer a given. lions of dollars on child protection programs and more on settlements with victims. But the damage was done. Trust in the bishops judgment plummeted. So, when bishops in some dioceses announced the next round of parish closures, part of a consolidation that started years ago, angry parishioners didnt only protest and pray. They also hired canon lawyers. We just Googled it and got some information about who was available, said Patricia SchulteSingleton, a 52-year-old parishioner who has helped coordinate resistance to church closures, including her own St. Patrick Catholic Church, throughout the Diocese of Cleveland. They hired a nun who was a canonist in Rhode Island.


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tUeSDaY, jaNUaRY 17, 2012


Volume 124 Issue 76



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Womens border War

Davis, Sutherland shine in what could be the last womens matchup in Columbia, Mo. PaGe 7b Sophomore tennis player starts season with three wins in Hawaii PaGe 6b


Taylor escapes bad rep

Mike Vernon


Offensive and defensive dominance lead to a convincing Kansas victory

max rothman

taKinG doWn no. 3

BeAr-ly HAnging on

nfected. Cursed. Sloppy. Inexperienced. Unlucky. All of those adjectives come from fans and the media alike and could appropriately describe the majority of the Jayhawks play early in the season. Keep in mind the aforementioned team launched into conference play with a 10-3 record. Its only losses came from Kentucky, Duke and Davidson. While the losses and record may suggest that the adjectives did not justly fit this Kansas team, those colorful words have certainly molded it. Monday nights 92-74 win over Baylor made that clear. Tyshawn Taylor, the host of the criticism bug that bit Kansas early in the season, is a prime example of how the teams early season struggles have made Kansas far tougher than anyone could have imagined nearly one month ago after the Davidson loss. With just over four minutes left in the first half, it appeared that Baylor had withstood the blow of the boisterous Allen Fieldhouse crowd. The Bears held a three-point lead. Then Taylors name dominated the play-by-play sheet. Layup. Steal. Turnover. Foul. Four in a row, all Taylor. Not all had a positive effect, but it was the first ripple in the wave that blew Baylor out of the water. Three point shot from Taylor. Good. Kansas takes a two-point lead. Taylor hits a two on the following possession. Then a free throw, and later, another three that falls at the buzzer. Taylor led a run that turned a 29-26 Baylor lead into a 39-29 small cushion for the Jayhawks to rest on at halftime. Its the kind of grit Kansas lacked at the beginning of the season. Its the grit it gained shooting 33 percent in the first half against Southern California, still taking a 16-point victory back to Lawrence. Its the grit it gained by coming back from a 12-point deficit in the second half at home to Iowa State. I think the last game helped us with learning how to fight back a little bit, Taylor said. And it wasnt just Taylor who accomplished the feat with the Big Monday atmosphere not so quietly buzzing about. Kansas had five players in double figures against Baylor. Against Kentucky, Kansas only had two players accomplish the feat. Three against Georgetown. Three against UCLA. And three against Davidson. A team that had no go to player when things began to spiral at the seasons birth has found five reliable players who are learning how to raise their game when the situation calls for it. Tyshawn Taylor, Elijah Johnson and Thomas Robinson all agreed on describing Jeff Withey as a man and a catalyst following the game. Travis Releford has become a viable and aggressive scoring threat since Big 12 play began. The Jayhawks play has been elevated by their early season frustrations. And with a tough list of Big 12 teams waiting to take their shot at the title holder for seven long years, more frustrations will surely come. As it has been in the past, its not about the chinks in the track that will make the Jayhawks ride a bumpy one. Its about whether this team can keep the train chugging toward its eighth straight Big 12 crown. Edited by Jeff Karr

who would dictate on both ends. Robinsons increased patience with the ball provided him with The hottest offense in the na- cleaner shots and fewer mistakes. tion paraded into Lawrence on He finished with 27 efficient Monday fresh off its most recent points and consistently freed slaughter. space for his teammates in both No. 3 Baylor, undefeated and fast break and half-court sets. flush with all the talent that an Hes become more a guy that NBA scout could conjure, routed understands the game and how Oklahoma State for 106 points on he can take advantage of his skill Saturday. The Bears were merci- set and his body, coach Bill Self less, just as network know-it-alls said. preached they would be. When the Bears attacked with Then No. 7 Kansas (15-3, 5-0) forwards Perry Jones III, Quincy squelched them on both sides of Miller and Quincy Acy, Robinthe floor. son acted as the interior muscle A layered, sturdy defense and to hassle shot attempts and swalan offense unafraid of attacking low all rebounds. Baylors lengthy zone led to the If you make it past that stage, 92-74 victory on Monday night junior guard Elijah Johnson said, in Allen Fieldhouse. youve still got to go over a sevI think the nation saw how en footer whos athletic and can tough they are, Baylor coach do just about anything. Scott Drew said. Johnson was referring to juThe Jayhawks were out to nior center Jeff Withey, who prove it, too. played aggressively from the Just more than three minutes opening tipoff and never quit into the game, senior guard Ty- bothering the Bears with his shawn Taylor swiftly dribbled long, shot altering arms. down the right side of the floor After Withey clogged the opand lobbed a pass behind junior position, Taylor initiated the forward Thomfast break that as Robinsons broke the game head. The na- i think the nation saw open. tional player of how tough they are. Im not saythe year candiing that people date leaped into SCoTT DreW are sleeping Baylor coach the air, slung on us, Taylor his right hand said. But peobackward to ple didnt recatch the ball, and pounded the ally know what to expect coming lob through the hoop with one from this team. They didnt rehand, ensuring that Allen Field- ally know what we have or what house would never hush. we can do. I think the last two He pressed the up button, games, we showed them we can said Taylor, who scored 28 be the best team in the conferpoints for the second consecu- ence if we play how weve been tive game. playing. Robinsons dunk underlined how the game would continue. It Edited by Christine Curtin was the Jayhawks, not the Bears,

Senior guard Tyshawn Taylor lays in a shot during the second half of last nights game against Baylor at Allen fieldhouse where Taylor went 10-14 for 28 points in the 92-74 Kansas victory.

chris bronson/Kansan


Weis taking strides to transform football team

ethan PadWay
epadway@kansan.com Kansas football coach Charlie Weis not only wants to turn around the on-field product of a team that has only won five games over the past two seasons, but he also wants to change the culture so it can sustain long-term success. Weis made his first change by adding discipline to the team. He dismissed six players over break, including running back Darrian Miller and safety Keeston Terry, who were both major contributors on last years team. Its a whole combination of things, Weis said. But theres a right way and a wrong way of doing business. You cant make decisions, especially coming into a program, based on how good they are. You have to make decisions based on them doing the right thing because if you dont, youre a hypocrite. Weis emphasis on discipline extends to all members of the team. He announced that he had dismissed a number of walkons due to their poor academic performance. I just think that if it were me paying for my kids education and he werent doing what he was supposed to be doing, the last thing hed be doing would be an extracurricular that would take away from his time academically. Weis became a national name as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots. While he was there, the Patriots went on to win three Weis Super Bowl titles. He left New England in 2005 to take over as the head coach at his alma mater, Notre Dame. Although initially successful, the Irish struggled in Weis final three seasons and he was subsequently fired. Weis is trying to spin his experience at Notre Dame into a positive. By learning from his past mistakes, he wants to do things differently in his second chance as a head coach. One thing he learned was the importance of a strong defensive coordinator. Weis believes he found the right man for the job when he hired former Dallas Cowboys head coach Dave Campo. One of the things I did wrong last time was try to do everything myself, trying to wear every hat. That didnt work out so well. This case right here, Im trying to pass out some responsibilities. That doesnt mean I wont be the one making the decision on fourth and one, because I will be, but I want somebody that I can trust as the leader of the defense, and I couldnt have picked anyone better. Bringing in strong recruiting classes is also a big step in the right direction. Weis succeeded in recruiting at Notre Dame by bringing in three consecutive Rivals. com top 10 recruiting classes. Weis started behind in recruiting at the University, and his first class is currently rated last in the Big 12 by Rivals.com. But he is making waves after three highly touted players, quarterbacks Dayne Crist and Jake Heaps, and receiver Justin McCay, chose to transfer to Kansas. All three said Weis was a big influence in their decisions to transfer to the University. Just the honesty that you get from him on a daily basis was huge in my eyes, senior quarterback Dayne Crist said. The players quickly find out that he is going to be honest with you every day, whether its something you want to hear or not. That is something I completely respect and it is the greatest feature I find with him. Edited by Christine Curtin

Football playErs lEaving thE tEam

Players dismissed from the team for various reasons: defensive end JaQwaylin Arps, quarterback Brock Berglund, running back Darrian Miller, defensive backs Dexter McDonald, Keeston Terry and Adonis Saunders.







Three players who will remain at Kansas but are no longer with the team: quarterback Jordan Webb, offensive lineman Tom Mabry and defensive end Tyrone Sellers.




Player Transferring: offensive lineman Travis Bodenstein.


tUESDAY, jANUARY 17, 2012


QUotE of thE DAY

It should be kids go to school first, and after they go to school and the time is right, they should be able to jump. I think making them stay a minimum of two would definitely help that cause. coach Bill Self, kusports. com

One-and-done trend hurts college sports


10 selections. The University of Kansas won the 2008 title with a team loaded with juniors and seniors. The University of North Carolina won the 2009 title centered around the four year player, Tyler Hansbrough. The NBA says some college is better than none, but if thats the case then make the players stay for three years before being eligible. Three years is better than one. STraighT ouT of high School LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard all have this in common - superstars in the NBA who were drafted straight out of high school. Yes, there are arguments claiming that players straight out of high school would fail based on lack of size, but just think of the multiple benefits. Major League Baseball has an answer to the solution for the lack of size; minor league teams. If the NBA is concerned about young athletes out of high school, why not experiment


fAct of thE DAY

Three of the top five picks in 2011 NBA draft were one-and-done players. nBa.com


Q: Who was the first player drafted in the NBA right after high school? A: Reggie Harding in 1962 from Detroit Eastern High School

he term one-and-done is familiar in the college basketball world. The University of Kentucky is known for them every year. The University of Kansas had Josh Selby and Xavier Henry, two one-and-done athletes in the history of the program. In 2005, the National Basketball Association passed a collective bargaining agreement stating that a player cannot be drafted in the NBA until one year of college. Though some see this as helpful to the NBA, the consequences hurt the colleges, athletes and fans. The programs are hurt through suspensions and violations. The athletes have to attend college while dreaming about their first paycheck and dont care for school. The NBA likes this rule, but here are some solutions to the problem.

By Pat Strathman


Three and ouT This situation is almost too good to be true for athletes. The concept would benefit everybody: the NBA, the colleges

and the student athletes. College basketball is a place to develop athletes to play in the NBA. Three years in the college ranks would give players the necessary time to develop and expand their potential to become elite players at the next level. Players would have the size and strength while also having the maturity that is attractive to NBA franchises. Colleges and coaches wouldnt worry about replacing star players every year. The University of Florida won backto-back national titles in 2006 and 2007 because three players stayed to win championships while improving their draft stock. Floridas Joakim Noah and Al Horford were both top

with making those players play in the NBA development league? Place those players in the D-league for a certain amount of games or years and see how they do. High school players might bring issues before setting foot on campus. If Derrick Rose, ex-player for the University of Memphis, went straight to the NBA, Memphis 2007-2008 season wouldnt be vacated because of Roses false SAT score. The incident might still be reported, but it would reflect badly on Rose and not the prominent college basketball program. Whether the player wants to step foot on a campus or go straight for the money, the freedom would still be there for those star athletes. However, with the one-and-done rule still in place, athletes will continue to hurt colleges and those within the universities. edited by Bre roach

SoME jAYhAWKS LEft, othERS StAYED one-and-dones Xavier Henry, guard (2009-2010) Josh Selby, guard (2010-2011) two-and-done Darrell Arthur, forward (2006-2008) three-and-dones Paul Pierce, guard (1995-1998) Drew Gooden, forward (1999-2002) Brandon Rush, guard (2005-2008) Cole Aldrich, center (2007-2010) Marcus and Markieff Morris, forwards (2008-2011) All four years Kirk Hinrich, guard (1999-2003) Nick Collison, forward (1999-2003) Wayne Simien, forward (2001-2005) Sherron Collins, guard (2006-2010)

This week in athletics

There are no athletic events today.

Womens basketball
vs. Oklahoma State 7p.m. Stillwater, Okla.

There are no athletic events today.

There are no athletic events today.

Womens swimming
vs. Arkansas 9a.m. Fayetteville, Ark.

There are no athletic events today.

Mens basketball
vs. Texas A&M 8p.m. Lawrence, Kan.



Mens basketball
vs. Texas 3p.m. Austin, Texas

Monday, january 16, 2012 10:01 PM UDK_Bball asked: Which jayhawk has impressed you the most and why?

Womens basketball
vs. Texas A&M 7p.m. Lawrence, Kan.

@UDK_bball Tyshawn - moved past the early turnovers and stepped up big. And Withey for dominating the boards against those Baylor bigs.



@UDK_bball Thomshawn Witheyson.


@UDK_bball Thomas. No explanation needed. But, Tyshawn showed great resilience; shook off horrid start, sparked strong end to half.#kubball


@UDK_bball Taylor. He looked rusty at the beginning of the half, but he finished the half playing like the senior he should be. #Clutch


@UDK_bball Tyshawn. Didnt think there was any way he could continue his outstanding play from the ISU game. I was wrong.

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thE UNIVERSItY DAILY KANSAN womens basketball



Sutherland breaks records in final matchup

kgier@kansan.com Senior forward Aishah Sutherland has been working this season on consistency. In a slow first half for the rest of the Jayhawks, Sutherland stepped out and hit a series of jump shots to lead the Jayhawks with 12 points. She continued in the second half, scoring another 12 to match her career-high with 24 points. How good was she? coach Bonnie Henrickson said. Shes gonna want to send that one to an agent, I can tell you that right now. Sutherland led the Jayhawks out of Columbia, Mo. with a 72-63 win, the last before the Tigers leave for the SEC. In regards to consistency, she couldnt have been much better, hitting nine of 11 shots from the field and all six free throws. The defense collapsed on junior forward Carolyn Davis, which provided Sutherland with clean looks outside. I have always been working on those and since they doubled in on Carolyn, that gave me an opportunity to knock them down, Sutherland said. Sutherland passed her seasonhigh 21 points in the second half and recorded her second best shooting percentage of the year. She rounded out her afternoon with nine rebounds, two blocks, one assist and one steal. Her two blocks put her second in program history with 127 blocks. From an effort standpoint, her numbers her senior year are off the chart, Henrickson said. Sutherland has scored in double figures in 14 of the teams 16 games so far. She was awesome today and thats what we like to see from her, junior guard Angel Goodrich said. She has so much potential and when she breaks out like that, we need her. Thats what we need from her every game. Goodrich dished six assists in the game and became the fifth player in franchise history to have 400 assists. She was also the fastest to do so with 405 in 58 games. In the first half, Missouri built up a seven point lead, but Kansas caught up with a 9-0 run before the break. Junior guard Monica Engelman hit a jump shot at the top of the key to give Kansas a two point lead. Bonnie told us we needed to make our offense from our defense, so thats where we started getting on our run, when we started getting stops and then that generated our offense, Engelman said. In the second half, Kansas built the lead to 13 points as it pulled away behind Sutherland and Davis, who combined for 48 of the teams 72 points. Those are two nice athletes and players, Missouri coach Robin Pingeton said. They have a nice touch and they almost make it look effortless at times. The Jayhawks capitalized off Missouri mistakes, scoring 17 points off the Tigers 18 turnovers. They held Missouri forward Christine Flores to only six points off three of seven shooting from outside the 3-point line. Flores has been averaging 20 points this season so far. The Kansas forwards focused on taking her off her traditional ball-screen game. With the focus on Flores, BreAnna Brock took the lead for Missouri and finished with 26 points. Kansas will travel to Stillwater, Okla. to take on Oklahoma State on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Edited by Gabrielle Schock

KanSaS SEaSon StatiSticS

Player C. Davis a. sutherland a. Goodrich m. engelman t. Jackson n. knight C. Gardner a. boyd b. williams C. Harper
senior forward aishah sutherland puts the ball up to the basket during sunday afternoons game against missouri at the mizzou arena where kansas won 72-63 and sutherland had a total of 24 points.

PPG 18.1 13.6 12.0 9.9 5.5 5.1 3.0 2.6 2.5 2.3 0.7 75.9

FG% .627 .524 .463 .415 .471 .409 .640 .350 .450 .286 .231 .489

Ft% .702 .677 .614 .886 .650 .708 .200 .750 .625 .750 .500 .696

RPG 6.3 8.8 3.9 3.3 3.3 2.9 1.6 1.3 2.5 1.9 1.0 38.8

MINS 28.2 30.6 35.7 28.5 13.8 28.7 5.2 8.4 11.4 12.4 5.7


D. breaux team

page 4B

Tuesday, january 17, 2012

The unIVersITy daILy Kansan

Tuesday, january 17, 2012

page 5B

Kansas baylor JayhawK Stat leaderS

points rebounds

39| 53 92 29 | 45 74


BasKeTBaLL rewInd
Kory carpenTer
kcarpenter@kansan.com Its hard to look at this years Baylor basketball team and not think of just one word: Big. Thats what the Bears are known for this season and thats what got them to a 17-0 record and a No. 3 ranking heading into a big Monday showdown inside Allen Fieldhouse. The starting lineup, consisting of three players listed at 6-foot-7 or taller, creates one of the toughest match ups in the nation. On Monday night, however, the Baylor front line was nothing more than a minor speed bump for the Kansas big men who had their way in the paint nearly the whole game in the 92-74 Kansas victory, led by junior forward Thomas Robinson. He played like an All-American, he played like he was supposed to play, Baylor sophomore forward Perry Jones III said. Hes a tough dude who just delivered for his team. Kansas out-rebounded the Bears 39-24. Weve rebounded really well some games and weve stunk some games, Kansas coach Bill Self said. Iowa State beats us by eight in our building and then we do that tonight, so weve got to be more consistent there. Robinson had 27 points and 14 rebounds while the aforementioned Jones III, a 6-foot-11 Big 12 Player of the Year candidate and future NBA first round pick, grabbed just five rebounds. But Robinson wasnt the only Jayhawk to outperform the Baylor star. Junior center Jeff Withey recorded another doubledouble which included nine offensive rebounds. He also had three blocks. Thats a lot, senior point guard Tyshawn Taylor said. Not counting how many he changed or altered. Hes playing really well. Robinson called Withey the best shot-blocker in the country and Self said he finally played both halves tonight, which isnt something he believes Withey has done as of late. When weve got Jeff going, it really gets the rest of us going, junior guard Elijah Johnson said. A lot of people dont know that but Jeff is a key player for our team. When hes on track at Junior guard Travis releford celebrates with fans after time expires monday night at allen Fieldhouse where releford contributed 11 points in the Jayhawks 92-74 victory against baylor. Kansas is now 15-3 for the season and 5-0 in big 12 play.

Kansas 92, baylor 74

*all games in bold are at home Date nov. 1 nov. 8 nov. 11 nov. 15 nov. 21 nov. 22 nov. 23 nov. 30 dec. 3 dec. 6 dec. 10 dec. 19 Dec. 22 dec. 29 dec. 31 jan. 4 Jan. 7 Jan. 11 jan. 14 jan. 16 Jan. 21 jan. 23 Jan. 28 opponent pITTsBurg sTaTe ForT hays sTaTe Towson KEnTUCKy GEorGETown UCla/ChaminaDE DUKE (maUi inviTaTional) FLordIa aTLanTIc usF Long Beach sTaTe ohIo sTaTe daVIdson UsC howard norTh daKoTa Kansas sTaTe oKlahoma TEXas TECh Iowa sTaTe BayLor TEXas TeXas a&M iowa sTaTE oKLahoMa missoUri baylor oKLahoMa sTaTe Kansas sTaTE TeXas Tech TEXas a&m MIssourI oKlahoma sTaTE TeXas result/Time w, 84-55 w, 101-52 w, 100-54 l, 65-75 w, 67-63 w, 72-56 l, 68-61 w, 77-54 w, 70-42 w, 88-80 w, 78-67 L, 80-74 w, 63-47 w, 89-34 w, 84-58 w, 67-49 w, 72-61 w, 81-46 w, 82-73 w, 92-74 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 1 p.m. 8 p.m. 8 p.m. 6 p.m. 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m. 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 8 p.m.

rebounding crucial to baylors defeat

the beginning its going to be a long night for some people, guards and bigs. Thanks in part to those offensive rebounds by Withey and a pair of Robinson dunks that will be shown on highlight videos sooner rather than later, the Jayhawks outscored the Bears in the paint, 48-34. Combine that with the Jayhawk rebounding performance and the Kansas blowout was suddenly less of a surprise. To miss 34 shots with that good of length and everything and only give up eight offensive rebounds, Self said. Im probably as proud of that as anything else. edited by Jeff Karr

player T. robinson T. releford J. withey T. Taylor E. Johnson n. Tharpe C. Teahen K. young Totals pts 27 11 10 28 11 2 3 0 92





Fg-Fga 3Fg-3Fga 11-18 5-7 3-10 10-14 4-7 1-1 1-2 0-1 35-61 0-0 0-1 0-0 4-6 1-1 0-0 1-2 0-0 6-11

rebs 14 3 10 2 5 0 0 1 39

a 2 4 2 6 3 0 3 1 21

Tos 1 2 3 5 1 1 2 0 15

player P. Jones iii Q. acy Q. miller b. heslip a.J. walton G. Franklin C. Jefferson P. Jackson Totals pts 18 14 17 3 6 3 2 11 74 Fg-Fga 3Fg-3Fga 8-17 7-10 5-12 1-3 3-6 1-2 1-2 3-9 29-63 1-4 0-1 2-5 1-3 0-2 1-2 0-0 2-5 7-23 rebs 5 5 2 0 1 0 2 2 24 a 1 1 1 2 2 2 0 11 20 Tos 3 1 2 0 0 0 1 3 11

chrIs Bronson/Kansan

Feb. 1 Feb. 4 Feb. 8 Feb. 11 Feb. 13 Feb. 18 Feb. 22 Feb. 25 Feb. 27 March 3

Prime PlayS Game tO remember

tyshawn taylor, senior gaurd
Kansas fans have come to expect monster outings like robinsons, but Taylors? he used to be the guy that everyone ragged on for carelessness and stupidity. after back-to-back games with 28 points, Taylor has put the hate to rest. hes still a mystery, but hes also established himself as arguably the biggest reason for Kansas recent surge in conference play. when Taylor struggles, so does his team. when he drops 28, Kansas can beat up on baylor.

FirSt halF (ScOre aFter Play)

16:48- on a 2-on-1 fast break, Tyshawn Taylor finds Thomas robinson in mid-air who finishes the alley-oop to give Kansas a 4-2 lead. senior guard Tyshawn Taylor tries to block a shot by baylors Pierre Jackson during the first half of last nights game at allen Fieldhouse.

chrIs neaL/Kansan

2:18- Tyshawn Taylor hits an open three-pointer on the wing, giving Kansas a 31-29 lead. it was its first lead since the 8:08 mark of the half. 50.2- Travis releford receives a pass on the wing from Tyshawn Taylor before driving to the basket. he draws contact and then the foul before making the layup. 36-29 Kansas.


Game tO FOrGet
Justin wesley, sophomore forward
This ones fairly unjust, because wesleys role was to step in and give the starters a breather, not take the game over and start chucking 20-footers. hes in this spot because every starter played so well, and he looked mostly overmatched against baylors length and speed. Those are supposed to be his two calling cards, and in his nine minutes played, he recorded just one stat: a personal foul.

SecOnd halF
14:22- after spotting up in the corner, Conner Teahan knocks down a three-pointer and extends the Kansas lead to 55-42. 9:36- Jeff withey receives a pass at the elbow and finds a cutting Tyshwan Taylor for the backdoor pass. Taylor finishes an acrobatic layup and is fouled. 68-52 Kansas. 4:29- Tyshawn Taylor drives the lane and throws an alley-oop to Jeff withey, who throws down the dunk, bringing Kansas fans to their feet. 79-63 Kansas.


Baylor is now 0-10 all-time in Allen Fieldhouse. Kansas has won 85 of its last 86 games at home. The three steals for Kansas were a season low. Tyshawn Taylors 28 points mark the first time in his career he has scored 20 or more points in back-to-back games. Jeff Witheys nine blocked shots were the second highest single-game total in Kansas history. Thomas Robinson is now ninth all-time in KU history with 18 career doubledoubles.

QuOte OF the Game

Thatll be a monster game, going down there and trying to win in waco.
coach bill Self


Key StatS


Kansas out-rebounded baylor by this margin; an impressive number, considering the length and athleticism of baylors frontcourt.

Junior forward Thomas robinson gets a slam dunk early in the first half during the Jayhawks battle against baylor last night.

chrIs neaL/Kansan

senior guard Tyshawn Taylor celebrates with junior guard Elijah Johnson at the half after coming to life and leading the team in scoring with 14 points and going 3-4 from three-point range.

chrIs Bronson/Kansan

Junior center Jeff withey attempts a shot from distance during last nights game.

chrIs neaL/Kansan

66.7% 28 5-0

Kansas shot this percentage from the field in the second half. its a testament to selfs preferred offensive style of working the ball into the paint and seeing what happens.

Taylor scored this many points for the second straight game. when the Jayhawks score as well as they have been, their defense makes them a tough team to beat. Junior forward Thomas robinson shares a laugh with freshman guard naadir Tharpe after being taken out late in the second half with a significant lead against baylor during last nights game at allen Fieldhouse. robinson had another double-double, scoring 27 points and snagging 14 rebounds in the Jayhawks 92-74 victory.

chrIs Bronson/Kansan

Kansas has reached this record to start the big 12 schedule for the fourth time in bill selfs tenure.

PAGE 6B Track and Field

tUESDAY, jANUARY 17, 2012


Womens team key in Missouri domination

mAx GooDwIN
mgoodwin@kansan.com The mens and womens track and field teams traveled to Columbia, Mo. on Friday to battle the Missouri Tigers in a dual meet between the rival schools. The Jayhawks survived with a victory of 191-167, despite the mens team falling to Missouri by a score of 92-85. It was the womens team that carried the victory, beating the Tigers by an impressive margin of 106-75. Junior Andrea Geubelle had a phenomenal day inside the Hearnes Center at the University of Missouri, winning the long and triple jumps, as well as a second place finish in the 200 meter dash. Shes a competitor and she did what she came here to do, Coach Stanley Redwine said. Geubelle leaped her personal record on her first long jump of the day and it is also the longest jump in the NCAA this season. For the day, she added a total 13 points to her teams score. The womens team dominated in the field events, winning in 5 of the 6 events. Colleen OBrien was the womens high jump winner with a jump of 5ft 7in and has already won three event titles this season. In track, Sophomore Diamond Dixon won the 600 meter race with a time that is the fastest of the NCAA season. For the mens track events, junior Kyle Clemmons was the 600 meter winner for Kansas. Sophomore Shawn Smith and freshman Michael Stigler also won event titles for the Jayhawks on the track. The mens team won the 4x400 meter relaya relay team that included Clemmons and Stigleryet still fell short of Missouri on total points. The Jayhawks return to Lawrence and will host the Jayhawk Invitational on Jan. 27. Hopefully now, since we have a week off, well have some time to train and start fresh here in a couple weeks, Redwine said. Quotes from kuathletics.com Edited by Gabrielle Schock

Event Women 60 Meter dash Women 200 Meter dash Women 400 Meter dash Women 600 Yard run Women 800 Meter run Women 100 Meter run Women 1 Mile run Women 3000 Meter run Women 60 Meter Hurdles Women 4x400 Meter relay Women distance Medley Women High Jump Women Pole Vault Women long Jump Women Triple Jump Women Shot Put Men 200 Meter dash Men 600 Yard run Men 60 Meter Hurdles Men 4x400 Meter relay Men distance Medley Men High Jump Men Pole Vault 1st place Paris daniels denesha Morris Paris daniels diamond dixon Jasmine Webb laura roxberg rebeka Stowe kinsey Farren rebecca neville Moris, keys, dixon, daniels Belvis, Farmer, ross, roxberg colleen OBrien demi Payne andrea Geubelle andrea Geubelle Jessica Maroszek Shawn Smith kyle clemons Michael Stigler Stigler, Mccuin, clemons, Manley
Wasinger, Fink, Buchanan, Munsch

team kS kS kS kS MO MO kS MO kS kS MO kS kS kS kS kS kS kS kS kS kS kS kS

Year Jr Jr Jr SO Fr Jr Sr Sr Jr Fr SO Jr Jr SO SO Jr Fr SO SO

time/Distance 7.58 24.94 55.77 1:22.57 2:16.99 2:48.32 4:49.89 10:08.33 8.89 3:49.40 11:39.03 1.70m 4.10m 6.21m 12.83m 1487m 22.08 1:12.67 8.17 3:17.45 10:12.38 2.05m 5.20m

nick Giancana alex Bishop

Junior sprinter andrea Geubelle competes in the Womens 60 meter dash from the Bob Timmons classic last month where Geubelle placed third with a time of 7.76. Most recently, Geubelle won the the long and triple jumps and finshed second in the 200 meter dash at the Jayhawks last meet in the Hearnes center at the University of Missouri.




Sophomore starts season strong at Hawaii invitational

cmihelic@kansan.com Sophomore Dylan Windom may be the only Kansas tennis player to walk away pleased from the first tournament of 2012. Windom won all three of her matches in No. 3 singles play at the Hawaii Invitational, but the Tifton, Ga. native was the only player on the team to win multiple matches in the tournament. It was very good of her to come back in that kind of condition and ready to play, coach Amy HallHolt said. We were very excited and very pleased with her performance this weekend. Windom took down Washington States Andjela Kankaras, 6-3, 6-4, on day one. She defeated Barbara Pinterova of Hawaii on day two when Pinterova retired in the second set, 5-7, 4-0, ret. Her third singles win was against Kentuckys Khristina Blajkevitch, 7-6 (2), 6-0, on the final day of competition. In the fall, Windom had much success playing doubles with Ekaterina Morozova (the duo was ranked as high as No. 33 in the nation), but singles success isnt necessarily a new thing. She Windom finished with a team-high 14 victories as the No. 5 singles player in 2011. I had a great last spring in my freshman year playing singles. So that just brought confidence into this year, Windom said. Windom went 0-3 in No. 2 doubles with sophomore partner Claire Dreyer. Dreyer was the only other Jayhawk to win a match in the Hawaii Invitational, with a victory against Elizaveta Luzina of Washington State, 6-2, 6-2, at No. 4 singles. We talked with Coach, and the mental aspect of this weekend was kind of weak, Dreyer said. We needed to be just more positive, and I think that was what definitely happened with me. The team will now take a threeweek break before playing 22 dual matches between February and April. Dual play begins Feb. 7 with a home match vs. UMKC. Theres nowhere to go but up from here, Dreyer said. I think that these next few weeks, we are going to hit it hard and we are really going to get serious. We have so much talent on this team and so much potential, so I think we are all excited to get going. I think were going to have a great team. Edited by Jeff Karr


naTiOnal SPOrTS

Missouri beats A&M Monday for the first time since 2004 season
COLUMBIA, Mo. Reserve Michael Dixon scored 18 points and helped spark a 17-0 first-half run as No. 5 Missouri beat Texas A&M 70-51 on Monday, snapping an eight-game losing streak to the Aggies. The Tigers (17-1, 4-1 Big 12) started the game by making only five of their first 14 shots from the field against the conferences best scoring defense. But Dixons 3-pointer with 7:22 remaining in the first half started the 17-0 run that gave Missouri a 31-17 lead. Elston Turner hit a free throw to end the Aggies 6:32 scoreless drought. Turner and Khris Middleton both had 13 points for Texas A&M (10-7, 1-4), which scored the first seven points of in the second half to get within 42-30. The Aggies got within 10 points three times, but could get no closer. Marcus Denmons steal and ensuing three-point play with 8:40 left started a 10-1 run for Missouri, which led 64-44 with 3:57 left in the game. Missouris last win over Texas A&M had been in the 2004 Big 12 tournament. Missouri is ranked in the top five for the first time since 2003-04, and has won 62 of its last 65 home games, falling only to Kansas twice and Texas A&M. The Tigers have won each home game this season by an average of 27.6 points. The Aggies came in allowing 57.5 points per game, holding opponents to 36.9 percent shooting. Missouri couldnt do much better, shooting 40 percent, but the Tigers held Texas A&M to 35 percent.

YOU 2.1.12


the UniVersitY dailY kansan

tUesdaY, janUarY 17, 2012

PaGe 7B

Womens BasketBall reWind

Kansas missouri JayhawK stat Leaders
Points rebounds assists

Kansas 72, Missouri 63

33 | 39 72 31 | 32 63

Player a. sutherland C. Davis a. Goodrich M. Engelman n. Knight C. Harper T. Jackson totals Pts 24 24 6 9 7 2 0 72




FG-FGa 9-11 9-15 3-11 3-8 3-6 1-2 0-0 28-53

rebs 9 3 3 3 3 1 0 26

a 1 1 6 4 1 1 0 14

tos 1 1 3 3 1 0 0 10 Junior center Carolyn Davis gets ready to put the ball up to the basket during sunday afternoons game against Missouri at the Mizzou arena where Kansas won 72-63. Davis had 24 points.

ashleiGh lee/kansan

Player C. Flores B. Brock B. Gee K. simmons s. Crafton M. Eye L. Priede L. smith totals Pts 6 26 2 7 9 7 2 4 63 FG-FGa 3-7 8-15 1-4 2-3 4-12 3-8 1-4 2-3 24-56 rebs 7 8 1 1 3 1 3 6 33 a 1 2 1 5 1 0 1 1 12 tos 3 3 1 3 1 1 3 2 18 Kansas coach Bonnie Henrickson directs her players where to go for a play during sunday afternoons game against Missouri at the Mizzou arena. Kansas won 72-63.

ashleiGh lee/kansan

Game to remember
aishah sutherland, senior forward
a calm, cool and collected customer all game long, sutherland showed off her skills from all over the floor, scoring 24 points on 9 of 11 shooting. sutherland also finished a perfect 6-for-6 from the free throw line. Throughout this year sutherland has developed into one of the best all around players in the Big 12. she also finished with 9 rebounds and two blocks to her credit.

senior forward aishah sutherland dives for the ball to avoid a turnover during sunday afternoons game against Missouri at the Mizzou arena. Kansas won 7263.

ashleiGh lee/kansan


Game to forGet
tania Jackson, sophomore forward
With only seven people receiving minutes against the Tigers its hard to pick someone to have a game to forget, but Jackson fits the description. its not really her fault because the domination of Davis and sutherland, but Jackson only played six minutes and did not get shots from the floor. Jackson has also been battling several injuries over the last week so that might have contributed to her lack of playing time.

Victory at Mizzou may be the last

rYan mccarthY
rmccarthy@kansan.com COLUMBIA, Mo. With Missouris impending move to the SEC, this could very well be the last trip the Jayhawks make to Mizzou Arena. The Jayhawks (14-2, 3-1) made the most of it too, with a 72-63 victory over the Tigers on Sunday afternoon. It kind of made the game more special because we knew we had to go out there and it was going to be a tough one, junior forward Carolyn Davis said. Were both going to be fighting for that last win. Davis comments were telling, however the future of the rivalry wont be decided today. It has nothing to do with it, coach Bonnie Henrickson said. This is about today, and this is about the opportunity that weve struggled here and not won on the road here.Its been a great rivalry. This has been difficult place for us to play. We wanted to come in here and win on the road and try to build a resume with road wins. Missouri (10-5, 0-4) is currently in a rebuilding mode. Even though the Tigers would have liked a victory against their rival, they have other goals in mind. Were trying to build a program, Missouri coach Robin Pingeton said. Were in the trenches. Weve got a lot of growing pains. So I dont know that right now our focus is on KU as it is building our program. Aside from all the Border Showdown chatter, the Jayhawks put together an impressive offensive performance led by Davis and senior forward Aishah Sutherland, who ended the game with 24 points apiece. Although Davis was doubleteamed for much of the game, she found a way to fight through the Tiger defense and managed to put up quality offensive production. The double-team also allowed Sutherland to step back and hit several shots from outside the paint-- something shes continuing to develop throughout the season. Ive been working on those and since they doubled in on Carolyn, they gave me the opportunity to knock them down, Sutherland said. Sutherlands offensive efficiency has been something shes been able to develop in her four years at the University. Shes been so much more mature about embracing that, but from an effort standpoint, her numbers senior year are off the chart, Henrickson said. Im just really, really excited for her and how much better that makes us. edited by Christine Curtin


Quote of the Game

How good was she? shes gonna want to send that one to an agent. i can tell you that right now.
Kansas coach bonnie henrickson on the exceptionally efficient play of aishah sutherland against missouri.


Key notes
Kansas moved to 14-2 and 3-1 with the win marking their best conference start under Bonnie Henrickson. Kansas left with a 16-18 overall record against the Tigers in Columbia, Mo. angel Goodrich and aishah sutherland both reached career milestones. Goodrich reached 400 career assists and sutherland moved to second in program history in blocks.

405 127 24 10 7

Key stats
number of career assists by angel Goodrich. she became the fifth player in program history to reach 400. number of career blocks by aishah sutherland. she now ranks second in program history.

aishah sutherland tied a career-high with 24 points. Carolyn Davis also scored 24. number of team turnovers. This was the second lowest total all season. They averaged 17.8 entering the game.

Jayhawk defense held Christine Flores to only seven points. she averaged 20 points a game going into the game.

Junior guard angel Goodrich puts the ball up to the basket for two points during sunday afternoons game against Missouri at the Mizzou arena. Kansas won 72-63 and Goodrich had six points.

ashleiGh lee/kansan