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Marketing quiz

Based on theoretical concepts

Submitted to : Dr. JOHNY JOHNSON PREPARED BY : DHANYASREE S S3 MBA ON : 10-08-2012

Q1 ____ is a system of marketing by which organizations communicate directly with target customers to generate a response and/or a transaction. A. Advertising B. Sales promotion C. Direct Marketing D. Publicity E. Public Relations Q2. Ramen has recently come up with instant soup packets, which it advertises in the colder regions of Asia and Europe. This is an example of: A. Demographic segmentation B. Psychographic segmentation C. Sociocultural segmentation D. Geographic segmentation E. Undifferentiated selling Q3. Because of the _____ model, marketers may experience negative publicity if their product endorser is accused of immoral behavior. A. Celebrity expertise B. Meaning movement/meaning transfer C. Celebrity popularity D. Endorsement shift E. Consumer-celebrity merging Q4.The proponents of creative advertising argue that: A. The more information in the ad the more effective the ad B. The only purpose of advertising is to sell the product C. Advertising should be designed to make consumers buy products that they do not want or need D. Advertising should be designed to create an emotional bond between consumers and the brand or company E. Advertising should break through the clutter by focusing on logos and products Q5.____ generally occurs during the first stage in the consumer decision making process: A. Internal search B. External search C. Problem recognition

D. Alternative evaluation E. Post-purchase evaluation Q6._____ is a state of psychological tension or post-purchase doubt a consumer may experience after making a difficult purchase decision. A. Post-purchase evaluation B. Self-serving bias C. Cognitive Dissonance D. Conditioned anxiety E. Affective response Q7. Marketers can target sales promotion efforts to: A. Consumers B. Retailers C. Distributors D. Salespeople E. All of the above Q8. Consumer-oriented sales promotions are part of a promotional _____ strategy. A. EDLP B. Pull C. Trade D. Premium E. Push Q9. What is a "franchise-building" promotion? A. It cheapens the brand image B. It is a simple price cut C. It does not contribute to brand image D. It enhances brand image E. None of the above Q10. All of the following are examples of consumer-oriented sales promotion activities EXCEPT: A. Samples B. Coupons C. Refunds/rebates D. Trade shows E. Bonus packs

NB: Answers are represented in block letters.