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The interactive bulletin for Amway Platinums & above.

Leadership # 89/12

5th July, 2012


We at Code Compliance have taken this initiative of emphasising the important rules and policies which are the Best Practices for your business. As leaders it is imperative that you understand them well and also guide your downline groups on the correct and accepted way of building a successful, strong and sustainable business In this edition, we will talk about the Zero Tolerance Policy which Amway has adopted with regards to certain significant and critical areas related to the business. What does Zero Tolerance mean? Zero Tolerance means that Company will show no leniency or compassion while dealing with any ABO who is in violation of this policy. What are the 3 areas that are currently identified as Zero Tolerance by Amway? The 3 areas are: Selling and/or making available Amway products for sale through retail shops Business Support Material Policy Unauthorized Distributor activity in unopened markets

In this edition we will look at Selling and/or making available Amway products for sale through retail shops. Amway India markets its products through the direct selling channel under which the sale of products by an individual happens in a face-to-face manner with the consumer. This sale takes place away from a fixed location like a retail shop. Increase is complaints of our products being displayed and sold from retail shops prompted us to bring this under the purview of Zero Tolerance. Apart from violating the fundamental principle of Direct Selling, shop selling by some ABOs also distorts the level playing field and equal opportunity provided to all ABOs. We have positioned a tracking mechanism which enables Amway to identify a product that has been picked up from a shop and track it to the ABO who has purchased that product from Amway. As a consequence, till date 179 Distributorships have faced termination and 490 Distributorships have faced suspension from the business at the National level including the following Pin level Distributorships: Termination Emerald Sapphire Ruby F. Platinum Platinum Gold Silver 1 1 1 2 10 6 8 Suspensions Diamond F Platinum Platinum Gold Silver 1 5 12 10 17

We hope you will educate your downline groups on the same and safeguard yours as well as their business and avoid falling into the trap of attaining quick growth in the business by adopting unethical means. After all, we are all in the business for a long term and to fulfill our cherished dreams!! Look out for more updates from Code Compliance in the coming times ..

Please note that the above is only a part of the comprehensive policy. If you need more information on the above please refer to the Rules of Conduct in the Business Starter guide or write to Archna Reuben at Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., 9th floor, Tower A & B, Express Trade Towers I, Sector 16 A, Noida 201301 OR Email :