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Business Notebook PC

Mobile Pentium Processor (300MHz) 6.4GB HDD 64MB SDRAM 13.3" Bright TFT LCD Multimedia Pocket

Built Tough. Designed with Style.

Make Your Office Mobile

The Tough Pentium II Notebook for Business On the Go
The Panasonic CF-71 has the reliability features that users expect from the ToughBook series, with the highperformance specifications of a desktop PC. With the sophisticated good looks of a magnesium case and the latest Intel Mobile Pentium II 300MHz processor, the Toughbook 71 is the ideal business tool for mobile professionals. To further protect against accidents, the Toughbook71 incorporates a water-resistant keyboard and touchpad, and a shock-mounted hard disk drive. The Toughbook 71 has the performance you need in mobile computing environments and delivers the reliability that todays business demands.

Durable Construction You Expect in the ToughBook Series

Reduced downtime and low total cost of ownership On the road and in the office, computers may be dropped, bumped and subjected to spills and other abuse. The CF-71 is built tough. The total cost of ownership (TCO) to your business is low because maintenance and replacement costs are minimized.

Magnesium Alloy Cabinet Strong, shock-resistant magnesium alloy is used for the main parts of the CF-71 cabinet, with enhanced ABS resin for the LCD inside cabinet and palmrest. This protects the expensive LCD screen and other sensitive parts.
* Magnesium alloy has 20 times the tensile yield strength of plastic.

Water-Resistant Keyboard and Touch Pad The CF-71 keyboard and touch pad are water resistant so liquid does not enter the interior of the PC if spills are quickly wiped up. Now this common office accident no longer spells disaster. Just think of the TCO savings!

Vibration-Damped HDD A newly developed vibration material isolates the hard disk, helping to preserve your valuable data.

TCO: A Key Factor in Choosing Your Next Notebook

In a study of 350 companies using notebook PCs, an IDC (International Data Corporation) research study showed: Damage rates reported as high as 18% 75% of companies with large notebook fleets experienced damage Average damage cost of $1,200 per incident (Source: International Data Corporation, 1998)
Notebook PCs are prone to dropping, bumping and other accidents (refer to following graph). Topping the list of damaged components are expensive LCD display screens and hard disk drives holding valuable data. As businesses increasingly switch to notebooks for critical tasks, this double punch of parts replacement and data loss must be factored into the total cost of ownership. In other words, reduced TCO depends on rugged notebook construction. Causes of Damage (percentage of respondents mentioning cause)
Dropped while carrying Liquid spill Fell off desk while in use Object dropped on unit/crushed Improper insertion of PC card Dust/dirt got into unit Electrical surge/power shock Extreme heat exposure Excessive vibration Packed too tightly in briefcase Other 0 10 20 Source: International Data Corporation, 1998 30 40 50 60 70 (%)

Panasonic ToughBook Series Means Reduced TCO!

Features for Mobile Convenience

More convenience, portability and safety for road and office.
Sleep Button If your work is interrupted, this handy button lets you easily switch to the suspend or hibernation mode. Later you can quickly resume from where you left off. A practical convenience for mobile computing, this feature also helps extend battery life.
Tip: Closing the cabinet automatically switches to ECO mode.

Stylish Magnesium Alloy Cabinet & Handle The CF-71 is styled for business, with a shock-resistant magnesium alloy cabinet thats prepared for rough handling on the move. That means less downtime, and more productivity. The convenient handle is specially designed to retract out of the way when the CF-71 is in use. Touch Pad You can operate this touch pad with wet hands, because its pressure sensitive unlike conventional pads which are static-charge sensitive. And its waterresistant to protect against spills and weather. A switchable Microsoft IntelliMouse Wheel mode adds the same convenience as an IntelliMouse. With the preinstalled Panasonic Hand Writing input application, you can use the touch pad to sign your name. Your signature will appear on the same part of the screen as the area of the touch pad that you signed.

Multimedia Pocket Load a CD-ROM (24 x), floppy, or SuperDisk drive to suit your application needs. No tools are needed: push in to load; press the MP release button to remove. With an optional cable, CD and floppy can be used simultaneously.

Infrared Communication Port (IrDA v1.1 compliant) Cable-free 4Mbps high-speed transfer. (Requires use of separate communications software.)
* To enable communications, peripheral equipment must also be equipped with an infrared communication port (IrDA v1.1 compliant) and communications software.

Discover the Persuasive Difference!

This notebook is packed with desktop performance power. At the heart of the CF-71 is the new Mobile Pentium II processor specially developed for notebook applications with an Intel 440BX chipset to maximize its potential. SDRAM memory and 512KB/256KB L2 cache further accelerate throughput, while a high-capacity hard disk and other outstanding features deliver the specs and response that make a mobile office into a business success.
Mobile PentiumII Processor (300MHz) Intel 440BX chipset 6.4GB hard disk drive (Ultra ATA) 64MB SDRAM expandable up to 192MB 512KB/256KB L2 cache 13.3" TFT Active Matrix Bright Color LCD Advanced LCD technology provides crisp legible text and bright colorful images. And its protected by the rugged outside cabinet for safety and reliability. 1,024 x 768 dot pixels 262,144 colors 2.5MB VRAM PC Card Slots with CardBus and ZV Port Accepts two Type II or one Type III card (PC Card Standard compliant).
* 32-bit high-speed cards can be used.

USB Interface The new standard for connection of PC peripherals, USB permits connection of up to 127 external devices.

Incredibly User-Friendly Panasonic Design

Easy-Access Battery and HDD Its easy to change batteries on the move. To open, just insert a key-top or similar object in the OPEN access slot located to the side of the palm rest. You also can increase security and protection against HDD access. In addition, Security Lock Slots are located to the right and left sides of the palm rest to enable theft deterrence.
* To change your hard disk, consult your nearest Panasonic Dealer or authorized Service Center.

Easy Access RAM Module Socket Memory expansion is quick and convenient via a rear cover that opens for access to the RAM module socket.

More Possibilities for Expanded Performance

Port Replicator No need to reconnect printer and other cables to your notebook when you return to your desk. Hot docking lets you smoothly continue your work. The port replicator takes care of all major connections at once and includes convenient PC Card slots.
* Cannot be used simultaneously with PC Card slot in main unit.

Q Lock Slot for Kensington Theft Prevention


W PC Card Slots E Power Switch R DC In Jack T Microphone Jack Y Headphone Jack U Serial Port I External Display Port O Infrared Communication Port P USB Port A Parallel Port S External Mouse/Keyboard Connector D MP Release Button Q W E R Y T U I O P A S D





Battery Pack (Li-Ion)


SuperDisk Pack

Battery Charger Port Replicator

CF-VEB711 CF-VCB251A (for Europe) CF-VCB252 (for USA/Canada, with AC adapter)

FDD Cable

AC Adapter

SPECIFICATIONS CF-71 13.3" model [12.1" model ]

CPU L2 Cache RAM VRAM HDD CD-ROM Drive FDD LCD Mobile PentiumII processor 300MHz [266MHz ] 512KB/256KB Integrated 64MB [32MB ] SDRAM standard expandable to 192MB [160MB ] 2.5MB [2MB ] 6.4GB [4GB ] 24*x CD-ROM Drive * Max. speed 1.44MB (Double-sided, High-density, Double track) 720KB (Double-sided, Double-density, Double track) 13.3" Non-glare Active Matrix (TFT) Color with FL Backlight, 1,024 x 768 Dot Pixels [12.1" Non-glare Active Matrix (TFT) Color with FL Backlight, 800 x 600 Dot Pixels ] 262,144 colors Software control of LCD Brightness (Fn +F2 keys) Magnesium alloy Sound Blaster Pro Compatible Sampling Size: 16 bit Synthesizer Type: FM Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz CD-DA Stereo Sound Quality Software Control of Sound Volume (Fn + F5/F6 keys) 0.2W + 0.2W Speakers Built-in Microsoft Windows 95 Operating System ready 87 keys for US (AT 101 keyboard Compatible) 88 keys for Europe (AT 102 keyboard Compatible) Touch Pad (Pressure Sensing) 8 LEDs (Power, Battery, HDD, Multimedia Pocket, NumLK, CapsLK, ScrLK, KeyPad) Serial (16550A Compatible): Dsub 9-pin Parallel (bi-directional/ECP): Dsub 25-pin External Display: Dsub 15-pin External Mouse/Keyboard: Mini-DIN 6-pin Port Replicator: dedicated 200-pin Microphone: Mini Jack Headphone: Mini Jack (stereo) DC In: Jack Infrared Communication Port (IrDA v1.1 compliant): 4Mbps USB: 4-pin Type lll x 1 or Type ll x 2 PC Card slots Optional RAM Module slot x 1 Power Li-Ion 10.8V 4,500mAH [3,300mAH ] (minimum) 2.5~4 Hours Varies depending on conditions Charging Time: 3 Hours/OFF, 5.5 Hours/ON Varies depending on conditions Suspend/Resume Function, Hibernation, ECO mode, ACPI BIOS Microsoft Windows 95 Operating System, Setup, DMI Viewer, PhoenixCard Manager, Adobe Acrobat Reader, On-Line Reference Manual, Panasonic Hand Writing AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz, Auto Sensing/Switching DC 15.6V 3.85A Password Security (Supervisor Password, User Password, Coffee break Password) 11.7" (297mm) x 1.8" (45mm) [1.7" (42mm)* ] x 9.4" (240mm) * Excluding protrusions and carrying handle 6.8 lbs. (3.1kg) [6.4lbs. (2.9kg) ] Port Replicator CF-VEB711 RAM Module 144-pins, 3.3 V, SO-DIMM, SDRAM * For recommended RAM modules, consult your Panasonic dealer. Battery Pack CF-VZSU09 Battery Charger CF-VCB251A (for Europe) CF-VCB252 (for USA/Canada, with AC Adapter) AC Adapter CF-AA1639 SuperDisk Pack CF-VFS711 FDD Cable CF-VCF351 Battery: Battery Life:

Power Management Software

AC Adapter Security Feature Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight OPTIONS

LCD Cabinet Sound

Speaker Keyboard Pointing Device Indicators Interface

Internal Slots

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Panasonic has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. Active Matrix color display conforms to industry standards. Some displays may contain isolated illuminated or dark pixels as an artifact of the manufacturing process. Multimedia Pocket and ToughBook are trademarks of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Pentium Processor is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. The Intel Inside Logo and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. Microsoft Windows 95 is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. All rights Reserved. Microsoft and IntelliMouse are registered trademarks and the Genuine Microsoft Products logo is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States of America and in other countries. SuperDisk, the SuperDisk logo, and the compatibility symbol are trademarks of Imation. PhoenixCard Manager is a trademark of Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Acrobat is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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