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The Successful Job-Seeker

A companion guide to EasyJob

What is EasyJob?
EasyJob creates a relevant, customized, and attention-getting resume and professional cover letter
EasyJob is a highly flexible software application that makes finding a job easy for you. By combining creative and analytic thought processes and strategies, it gives you a powerful do-it-yourself job-search management program. The quality of your professional presentation package makes all the difference in securing an inte rview that leads to the job you want. How you present your skills, experience, and capabilities is equally as important as having these qualities in the first place! And, knowing e xEasyJob prepares a professional presentation package that includes a relevant, customized, and atte ntion-getting resume and professional cover letter. Many unanswered job applications or post-interview rejections are the result of ineffective, poorly organEasyJob also helps you prepare How you present your skills, experience, and capabilities is equally as important as having these qualities in the first place! custom mailing lists with the complete addresses, sales figures, number of employees and a brief description of prospective emplo yers, selected from a built-in database of 11,000 leading U. S. companies. ized resumes sent to unsuitable employers. If a lack of response or an abundance of rejection has been part of your job search, don't waste time brooding. You'll go fa rther faster by reassessing your actions and putting new strategies in place -- a process that's easy and actly who to present them to is also important.

The Successful Job-Seeker

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efficient with EasyJob's exclusive job-search methodology.

Dont waste time brooding.

Why EasyJob was created

85,000. Thats the number of web pages and books on employment-related subjects youll find in one 10minute search on the Worldwide Web----using just one search e ngine and one online bookstore! Add the scores of magazines and trade journals available on the subject, and what do you have? technical reports and, now, web sites on unemployment, changing jobs and careers, job mobility, job searches, career planning and other related subjects can easily lead job seekers to make hasty decisions which, in turn, lead to using inappropriate job-searching methods. The bulky literature on these subjects, as happens in many other dynamic, fast-changing fields, often Too much of a good thing. If you need information on emplo yment, you have too much of a good thing: too much information, impossible to review or comprehend by one person in any reasonable (or even unreasonable) amount of time. The vast number of books, articles, EasyJobs development group was aware of the need for a single, comprehensive job-search tool that
Impossible to review or comprehend by one person.

We did not find any other job-search management product equal to EasyJob in terms of capabilities, efficiency, and ease of use.

confuses job seekers and increases, rather than decreases, the anxiety often associated with unemployment and job and career changes.

The Successful Job-Seeker

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works equally well in both the jobsearch strategy of responding to published job postings and the strategy of searching for a job through self-presentation.

experts and conducted a systematic review of print and online software catalogues. We did not find any other job-search management product equal to EasyJob in terms of capabilities, efficiency, and ease

In the process of creating a comprehensive program for job seekers, we conducted an exhaustive bibliographic search on all subjects related to unemployment and jobsearching techniques. We also interviewed numerous outplacement

of use.

How to make EasyJob work for you

All you have to do is make EasyJob's acquaintance by describing who you are, your level of education, work experience, and some other specific information the program will ask you to input. the right resume to the right employer at the right time. Throug hout the process, EasyJob assists you in inputting your personal info rmation into the database, as well as selecting the output for your resumes. Unlike other software that asks you the same questions every time you prepare a resume, EasyJob does this only once. Your answers create a comprehensive, individual database from which you select the most relevant data for each resume, according to the principle of Once you "introduce" yourself to EasyJob, it serves as your interactive guide and will help you manage your employment search and improve your professional image continually.

...the right resume to the right employer at the right time

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How is EasyJob able to serve as an interactive job-search guide?

EasyJobs research and development team reviewed and compiled the best and most recent literature available on employment-related topics, such as job-search strategies, interview advice, professional resumes and cover letters, and many other subject areas. This accompanying booklet, based on hundreds of hours of careful research is just one of the reasons why EasyJob makes finding a job easy!

A tool for the jobhunter that likes to use his own brain.

Part 1
Tomorrows Labor Force
In order to make a well-informed () you need reliable information and predictions about the labor force, economic growth, industry development, and employment by occupation job or career decision, you need reliable information and predictions about the labor force, economic growth, industry development, and employment by occupation. This is especially true if your are entering the job market for the first time or want to change careers. The demand for various goods and services determines employment availability in the industries that provide those particular goods and services. Occupational employment opportunities, in turn, result from skills needed within specific industries. You have to consider that regional employment information is even more important than national information. Construction industry may be expanding in the south, while shrinking in the north. If a major airlines changes its hub city, this can affect regional employment and so on

Computer engineers
and systems analysts jobs are expected to grow rapidly With the aim of guiding your career plans, we have compiled national information on U.S employment predictions using U.S. Bureau of the Census documents as well as those of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which you can browse in www.census.gov and www.bls.gov respectively.

The U. S . labor force will grow to 14.9 million between 1996 and 2006. This is 1.2 million less than the previous 10 years reflecting a slower growth. The labor force will become increasingly diverse: white non-Hispanics will have the largest numerical growth between 1996 and 2006. The percentage of women in the labor force is pro-

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jected to increase slightly from 46 to 47 per cent.

data processing services will add more than 1.3 million jobs from 1996 to 2006. The 108-percent i n-

Workers over age 45 will account for a larger share of the labor force as the baby-boom generation ages. Two age groups will grow by more than 30 percent: people aged 45 to 54 and 55 to 64. The very large group of workers aged 35 to 44 (about 25 percent of the labor force) will remain more or less the same. The 25- to 34-year-old age group will decline by 3 million, a result of falling birth rates in the late 1960s. The 16- to 24-year-old age group will increase by more than 3.0 million.

crease is due to technological advancements and the need for higher skilled workers.

Workers over age 45 will account for a larger share of the labor force

Computer engineers and systems analysts jobs are expected to grow rapidly in order to satisfy the needs of scientific research and applications of computer technology. The three fastest growing occupations are in the computer related fields.

Education is essential in getting a high-paying job. However, many occupations (registered nurses,

Employment in serviceproducing industries will increase faster than average, with growth near 30 percent over the same period of time. Service and retail i ndustries will account for $14.8 million out of a total projected growth of $17.5 million wage and salary jobs. Business, health and education services will account for 70 percent of the growth within the service industry. Computer and

electrical and electronic technicians, automotive mechanics, blue-collar worker supervisors and others) do not require a college degree, yet offer higher than average earnings. () many occupations do not require a college degree, yet offer higher than average earnings.

Jobs requiring the least education and training will provide 2 of every 3 openings due to growth and replacement needs; 3 of every 4 openings will be in occupations

The Successful Job-Seeker

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that generally require less than a bachelors degree.

Being Unemployed
Although U.S. unemployment rates are low (4.5 percent as 1999) when compared to those in European countries (from 8% to 20%), these statistics do not convey the intense personal crisis that often occurs in the life of an unemployed person and the lives of his or her family members. Certainly, EasyJob will help you a great deal in choosing the most appropriate job-search strategies and When you are unemployed, you do not care whether you are one in a million or one in five. You care about getting another job and getting through this difficult period. Apart from being a social and economic problem, unemployment is an individual misfortune that, in many cases, can become a personal tragedy that damages an e ntire family's relationships. In this second phase, you need to treat looking for a job as your full-time job: systematically sending resumes and cover letters, The best way to survive unemployment successfully is to prepare for it while you are gainfully keeping a record of your job-search activities, sending general correspondence, evaluating your jobtools, in writing your resum and cover letter, and in giving you valuable advice and hints for successful interviews. Remember, however, that once you've completed the EasyJob program, the all-important second phase begins. employed. You should maintain a savings account covering 3 to 6 months worth of living expenses while you are employed and not facing the extraordinary stresses that accompany unemployment. Consider looking for a new job as your new fulltime job!

The great question is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with failure. William Shakespeare

The Successful Job-Seeker

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search strategies, and following up consistently after each contact and/ or interview. There will be lots to do before you sit in your new office chair! Nevertheless, while you are caught up in the intensity of your search, remember to devote a little

time to relaxation and fun for yourself. It will be good for your mental and physical health.

Attitude Towards Unemployment

If you have already been dismissed, start your job search immediately. Don't wait even a day and, above all, don't take time off ety of reasons -- whether because a particular company is simply not hiring or because your qualifications do not match a company's

"for a short vacation. This could be needs or requirements. Instead of extremely disadvantageous in our competitive labor market. feeling sorry for yourself, be prepared to work hard, keeping an objective and positive attitude. LookNo matter the reason why you are unemployed (company reorganization, looking for better prospects, poor personal performance, etc.), you must immediately adopt a Don't close your eyes to any opportunity. Consider taking a full-time or ing for a job can be more exhaus ting than having a job.

...be prepared to work hard, keeping an objective and positive attitude. Looking for a job can be more exhausting than having a job.

new and positive attitude towards part-time job that may be outside your job search. It has to be a posi- your usual expertise or under your tive attitude, even if you have been rejectedwhether through being dismissed from your former e mployment or from having numerous job applications rejected. You may receive many rejections during the job-search process for a wide variformer salary level. The important thing is to stay active, earn money, boost your morale, and make new contacts, even if they are persons whose jobs are not in your field. Many people are unhappy with what they are doing and cry for a

The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate. Thomas J. Watson, Founder of IBM

The Successful Job-Seeker

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change: Maybe this is your opportunity to make that change Who knows? There are many examples of people who take a job outside their field and find it une xpectedly rewarding , both financially and professionally.

letter. You will probably be busier during the time that you are looking for a job than when you are/ were employed.

() do not stop bombarding people with your resume and cover letter.

If possible, involve your family. Tell them what you are doing and ask for their ideas. Get them to col-

Whatever you do, do not stop your job search too early. Even if you have gone to a second or third interview, do not stop bombarding people with your resume and cover

laborate with you, inquiring about companies, sending correspondence, answering telephone calls, and so on.

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Entering The Job Market

People enter the job market in EasyJob deals with all of the above many different circumstances for personal circumstances and with many different reasons: for the first time, in the middle-age years, after a period of being unemployed, when seeking a job or career change, looking for a better geographic location, or avoiding personality conflicts, among many other conditions. EasyJob facilitates your tapping into the hidden job market by providing you with information from a built-in database containing tho usands of leading U.S. employers that would likely be a fit for you. Of They also follow different strategies, such as: applying for advertised vacancies; using employment agency services; dealing with relocation consultants, etc. course, before sending resumes to these companies, it is best for you to do some homework to discover those that are active in your field, licensing new technology, launc hing new ventures, replacing retired Most of these strategies refer to the personnel, and so on. visible job market, that small portion of all available positions where the competition is extremely fierce. both the visible and hidden job markets.

EasyJob facilitates your tapping into the hidden job market

Often people forget to explore the hidden job market, where both the largest number of opportunities and the mildest competition exist.

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The Visible Job Market

There are several major actors on ployment agency. You need to the employment market stage. know that these firms cover, as it is estimated by many authors, only The most visible one is the want ad 10% of the available job opportunipublished in the classified sections ties, and that their goal is to find

of newspapers, in some specialized candidates for employer organizatrade journals or, more recently, in online databases. These want ads are the most visible "actor" on the stage, but in reality they account for There is a third actor: the resume only 20 percent of the available job openings, and they usually yield a very small number of positive reservices. Many of these services are little more than secretarial services that produce clean-looking tions, not necessarily to find you the job you want and need.

Employment agencies goal is to find candidates for employer organizations, not necessarily to find you the job you want and need.

sults in the job-search process. Be- documents in fancy binders, which sides, they are often misleading and frequently convey only the create a pre-fabricated look that do not impress executives a nd can

most attractive features of the posi- weaken your professional image tion, or "whisper" something else in because of their sameness. small type under the guise of a new job or career opportunity. The worst thing about want ads is that they draw a huge number of responses from clearly unsuitable candidates, making it extremely hard for the suitable candidate to make his presentation package stand out from the rest. With EasyJob as your stage manager, you become the leading cha racter on the job-hunting stage.

The worst thing about want ads is that they draw a huge number of responses from clearly unsuitable candidates, making it extremely hard for the suitable candidate to make his presentation package stand out from the rest.

Another actor in the often difficult unemployment drama is the em-

The Successful Job-Seeker

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The Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market is the bignew markets, etc. It is also possible gest portion of the job market. It is that a position may become availwidely accepted in the specialized literature more than 70 percent of available job positions fall into this category. able after the receipt of a welldesigned and professional resume has revealed a formerly unexpressed need.

These positions include those for which there is no advertised vacancy yet, but the vacancy is coming and will be advertised soon as a result of changes in companies, such as reorganization, expansion, introduction of new products or services, transfers, expansion into

EasyJobs strategy is oriented to both portions of the job market. () a position may become available after the receipt of a well-designed and professional resume has revealed a formerly unexpressed need.

With EasyJob, no position is beyond your reach!

Part 2
Job-Search Strategies
There are two main strategies for job searching.

EasyJob excels at both job-searching strategies.

The first strategy is to look for job postings.

The second strategy is to offer yourself, your experience, talent, and skills to a prospective employer. discover and/ or create a job within a company, based on what you have to offer. With the first of these strategies, In the first strategy the job already exists and, in a sense, you are found by the job, which has its origin in the employer who encourages you to go into action and apply for the position. Here you target a job and use strategies to make yourself fit a job. EasyJob excels at both strateIn the second strategy you search for the job. The action has its origin in the job seeker who tries to convince the employer to hire or contract him/her. Here you target an employer more so than a specific job, and you use strategies to gies and, above all, makes the second strategy feasible for you, because the software includes information on 11,000 of the largest U.S. employers for you to "stimulate" by sending them your presentation package. you can reach the visible part of the job market, which is actually only a small portion of the total available market. With the second, you hit a big share of the hidden job market, which can be stimulated by your willingness to participate.

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You can always ask for informaThere are still two more complementary strategies for job searching. tion, without asking for help or appearing to be needy. You can ask for advice, industry information, or where to acquire newsletters that One is the personal contacts network that only you can build by apply to your desired or chosen field. Networking does not mean

talking with people you know to find that you go around asking all the out about the job market and to get referrals. Many people, however, hesitate to network because they feel awkward asking for help. What they dont realize is that you networking and asking for help are not one and the same thing. people you know for a job! Yet in the natural give-and-take of information that occurs in networking, you might very well find the open door to your next employment opportunity. And, thanks to EasyJob, youll have a great presentation package to send when that opporWhen you network, you give and take information. You give information by letting people know that you are available for employment and have a presentation package ready to send. Also, during your job search, you may find a want ad or a job posting that is not right for you, but is a good opportunity for one of your contacts, and you can pass this information on to them. Chances are that when they see something that looks like a good opportunity for you, theyll return the favor. Internet resources offer another good job-search strategy. No job search is complete today without surfing the World Wide Web. Among the numerous web sites dealing with employment, you can find job-search sites often organized by advertising firms as Bernard Hodes Advertising (http:// www.careermosaic.com) or Monster Board (http://www.monster. com) through which you can submit your resume, attend an online tunity arises.

() thanks to EasyJob, youll have a great presentation package to send when that opportunity arises.

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career fair, search for jobs by key word, location, industry, company, and connect to college and universities home pages. In addition to these Internet resources, you can

you can find more information to that already in your database. Some companies provide job listings with detailed descriptions and job numbers as well as the name of

You can use EasyJob to answer to a want add on a newspaper or website!

find more career resources through the division with the opening. Othprofessional associations sites and ers are less helpful, giving you only online magazines. a generic job posting; nevertheless this is also good information to When you use EasyJob, the most important information you can get from the Internet is that which relates to the companies you have You can also search for want ads in sites such as www.monster.com, have.

selected from the programs built-in and use EasyJob to answer to database. those ads.

By checking a companys website,

Job-Search Tools
Every one of the job-search tools you need is now at your fingertips: the right resume, cover letter, and the most suitable employers to whom both must be sent.

You will, no doubt, be successful following our tips before, during, and after interviewing.

The Successful Job-Seeker

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The Resume
Resume is the American English word used for the Latin expression Curriculum vitae, which is a brief written account of one's past history, used when applying for a job. The resume is the first impression that a prospective employer has of you, making it not only the initial, but also the most crucial step you take in your job search. It is your personal marketing tool, and you have to use it properly. poorly designed resumes, and just the opposite can be true. Even if your qualifications are not the greatest, a well-designed resume improves your chances of getting an interview. Incidentally, many people assume that sending a resume to an employer will get them a job. This is not the case: The purpose of a resume is to secure an interview and, through this, to get the job.

Your resume has to stand out in order to immediately catch a recruiter's attention

To distinguish yourself from the crowd of job applicants, you must present your qualifications, experience and achievements in a sharp, focused, assertive, and pro-active way. For instance, don't say: "Responsible for administering all financial and administration functions for a large manufacturer" when you can say: "Senior execu-

Because employers receive hundreds and even thousands of resumes for a limited number of positions, they often have only a few moments to spend scanning each one. Your resume has to stand out in order to immediately catch a recruiter's attention. It should be clean and easy to read. This means writing sentences that are

EasyJobs rsums have been professionally designed for an outstanding readability, not just visual appearance.

Rsums are meant to be read, not hung in museums!

tive with full responsibility for strate- short, engaging, and to the point. gic planning and implementation for Busy executives have little time for a $35-million manufacturer." anything else but their main responsibilities; hiring is nearly a lEven though content is important, well-qualified people often are not ways a duty added to everything else they must do. Your resume

considered for positions because of should spark a prospective e m-

The Successful Job-Seeker

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ployers interest to the point that he sume as the one that fits their or she is motivated to find out more situation best. about your background and schedule an interview with you. Remember, resumes do not get the job, i nterviews do. There are two basic types of resumes: the chronological and the skill-based resume. Once you define your own jobsearch situation, EasyJob will propose the right type of resume according to the option you made. Obviously, you may introduce any change you think is better for your particular case. Take care, howThe chronological resume lists your job history beginning with your present or most recent position. ever, not to change the order of the sections given by the software. The order provided is based on the accumulated knowledge of many The skill-based or functional resume emphasizes your abilities and accomplishments without providing detailed background information on where and when you acquired these skills. employment experts. Certainly, you may change the order of the elements within a given section as a way to draw attention to the ones you think should be emphasized (for instance, mentioning first the name of the company when this is Choosing one type of resume or another will depend on your personal situation. The functional or skill-based resume, which allows you to play down gaps in your e xperience, is especially suitable for people entering the job market for the first time. Conversely, people who can show a long labor history may choose the chronological reNevertheless, if you decide to make significant changes in the resume, try to follow the suggestions given and, in writing the entire resume, use short, clear and concise phrases instead of paragraph / na rrative style. If, for some reason, you need to use paragraph style, more "impressive" than the position).

EasyJob automatically selects the type of rsum that better fits your situation.

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try to make each paragraph no longer than four lines after typesetting. Anything longer may not be Always use high-quality paper (at least 40-lb. weight) in white, ivory,

read and most likely will not survive or light gray. If you want to be noticed, use a soft-colored paper rapid resume scanning. such as salmon, light blue, or light Use action verbs (administered, as- blue-green; your rsum will stand out against the piles of ivories and sisted, budgeted, completed, gained, inspected, reduced, organized, upgraded, structured, etc.) and avoid using first-person pronouns (I, We). EasyJob has researched four jobsearch situations and designed a resume for each one. NevertheBe extremely careful with grammar less, if you feel that, in your particuwhites.

and spelling. Remember that spell- lar case, some information, check programs do not catch all ty- whether or not in your personal i npos, particularly those words that are spelled correctly but used incorrectly. The following sentence gives you an example: I was glad to get his advise. Advise in this sentence is wrong. The correct word is advice. Spell check programs, however, will not change advise to advice, because advise is the correct spelling for the verb to advise. Now, look for your particular situation: formation database, was not considered and must be included, you may include this, as long as you neither break the proposed headings order nor exceed the twopage length. You may have to reduce blank spaces between sections and/or use shorter phrases.

EasyJob molds itself to your personal jobsearching situation, and not the other way around.

Dont exceed two 8-1/2 by 11-inch page, except in very special circumstances.

Situation 1 Young people looking for their first job.

The Successful Job-Seeker

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Near or over 50 job-seekers. Situation 2 Persons with erratic or short work histories; those who have gaps in employment; or those who are making a career change, and their past work history does not match the job they want. Situation 3 Situation 4 Persons with extensive and consistent work histories whose past job titles create an image that matches the job and salary they want.

Cover Letter
A resume never travels alone. The other important tool in the presentation package is the cover letter, which always accompanies the resume you send. In a sense, the cover letter has a more limited value than the resume, because it is usually read only after the resume has been scanned once, then read and reviewed later. If When you respond to an advertisement (want ad), the introductory paragraph should mention the position, where you heard about it, and age. What's more -- if your cover letter is poorly written or does not communicate well -- it can keep your resume from landing you the interview you need.

Whether you are offering yourself to a position or responding to a want ad, EasyJob will create a relevant, customized, and attention-getting cover letter for you.

your resume catches the eye of the why you think the company is the recruiter, he or she will go back to the cover letter to get a feeling for the personal side of you, as well as to evaluate your written communications skills. So, the cover letter When offering yourself for a position rather than responding to an right place for you to contribute your skills and experience.

may have a more limited value than advertised job opening, the introthe resume, but it is still an essential part of your job search packductory paragraph must obviously change somewhat (EasyJob does

The Successful Job-Seeker

Page 20

this automatically for you). In this case, remove any reference to po-

to find out more about you in a given part of your resume. Finally,

sitions offered and add some words don't make this paragraph too long; about your acquaintance with the prospective employers industry. more than eight lines could make the reader lose interest.

The second paragraph is the most important for you "to sell" your qualifications. Point out those e x-

The third and closing paragraph should also be short and to the point. You have to let the reader

periences specifically related to the know what you want (an interview, company's activities or elaborate an application form, a telephone

on qualifications that are not in your call, etc.). Write a polite formal endresume, but apply to some of the company's tasks. Lead the reader ing without being obsequious.

Employer Profile
As stated earlier, the hidden job scription. Using this powerful tool,

EasyJob gives you a database of 11,000 leading U.S. companies

market is comprised of positions for with the names and addresses of which there is no advertised vacancy. Those positions account for nearly 70 per cent of all available jobs in the market. appropriate contact persons, you can identify the most suitable group of companies to send your presentation package to.

EasyJob gives you a database of 11,000 leading U.S. companies that you can search by company name, geographical location, business activity, number of emplo yees, sales figures, and a brief de-

Some resume services charge you 11 cents for each employer's address (often called the "custom list"). When you purchase EasyJob, you receive $1,200 worth of potential employer addresses, with

The Successful Job-Seeker

Page 21

essential contact information for each one, plus a software package that generates the mailing labels for you.

You will be successful when you follow our tips for before, during, and after the interview.

The Interview: The Crucial Step

All the job-search tools you need are now at your fingertips: the right resume, a professional cover letter, and last but certainly not least, the most suitable employers to whom both should be sent. These jobsearch tools now lead you to the crucial step: the interview. Once potential employers respond to your presentation package, and schedule an interview with you, the results of that interview are up to you. There is no way anyone can get to If you've been scheduled for an i nterview, it's fine to celebrate. Just don't count your chickens before they hatch! In other words, don't assume the position is already yours. Getting an interview means that your resume caught the eye of the recruiter, the human resources department, or the responsible know you fully in one interview, so you can expect to be appraised by a number of predetermined qualities which will contribute to your overall interview performance "score. Your physical appearance, gestures, posture, poise, confidence level, personality traits, and how well you answer difficult Anyone can interview successfully. It requires understanding the process and being prepared. You will be successful when you follow the tips for before, during and after the interview. manager, and now that person wants to meet you and know more about you. It also means that, for you, the moment of truth has arrived.

Anyone can interview successfully. It requires understanding the process and being prepared.

The Successful Job-Seeker

Page 22

questions are some of the factors you must be aware of before and during the interview.

with you and even shows anno yance, he/she is trying to determine how you counteract or respond when faced with a conflictive situa-

The most important factor is your attitude with regard to the interview. Be careful what verbal and non-verbal messages you convey to the interviewer. Show him or her that you are calm, self-confident and, above all, convinced that the interviewer is not there to block your way to the position, but is genuinely interested in finding the appropriate candidate as soon as possible. If you are nervous, take it easy. The interviewer knows that some degree of nervousness on an interview is normal. Who knows? He or she may be just as nervous as you are!

tion. Or, quite the opposite, the i nterviewer may show complete and friendly agreement with your opinions so that youll be more likely to lower your guard and appear as you really are. Always remember that the interviewer is neither friend nor enemy, simply a professional doing his or her job. You be a professional, too.

Before Going To An Interview

Learn everything you can about the company: how it is organized; what are its products, its trademarks; is it public or private; who are its main competitors; what are its most recent sales figures, its most suc-

Be careful what verbal and nonverbal messages you convey to the interviewer

Be aware of the interviewer's professionalism and interviewing technique. His or her questions and attitudes always pursue an objective. If the interviewer stays silent for long periods of time, he/she wants to see how you react to a tense or awkward situation. If the interviewer emphatically disagrees

cessful products, its advertising campaigns? It is important that you show a certain level of familiarity with the company when talking to the recruiter or interviewer. In addition to the information in EasyJob's database, you can obtain additional data by reading an annual report from the company and/or by enter-

The Successful Job-Seeker

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ing the corresponding company's Web site. Arrive a few minutes before the appointment. Don't be late under any Focus on what you can do for the company and use your past accomplishments as a selling tool. Remember that one applies for a job not only to receive a salary, but also to give a service and make a contribution to that company. circumstance! If an accident, traffic problems, or an emergency of some kind occurs that does make you late, be sure to call the interviewer immediately to let them know you will not be able to arrive at the appointed time, and explain why you will need to arrive late or Bring a copy of your resume as well as a list of your references, just in case these are needed during the interview. Be polite to receptionists and secretaries. The interviewer may ask them for their opinion of you. Bring a writing pad to take notes. Go to the interview with a set of Make sure your appearance is neat and clean. questions in mind. They should i nclude: a) questions about the company (organization, deve lDress appropriately, prefe rably in a suit of a neutral color. opment plans, training programs, etc.), and b) questions about the position (duties to be assigned, selection process, etc.). An interview should be a two-way flow of information between two persons. reschedule the interview.

Focus on what you can do for the company and use your past accomplishments as a selling tool.

Be prepared for more than one i nterview and use correct follow-up procedures.

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During The Interview

Smile pleasantly and shake hands firmly with the interviewer when introduced. Don't smoke or chew gum, even if invited to do so. Address the interviewer as Mr. or Ms. with their surname. Don't sit down until invited to take a seat. Maintain eye contact with him/her. Don't ask questions about salary Answer questions completely, not with simple yes or no answers; but don't run on and on, either. Don't exhibit prejudice. Employers tend to avoid hiring people whose Ask questions which indicate your knowledge about the job, the company, and its field of business. Don't make negative or disgraceful Behave as if you were enthusiastically determined to get the job you are discussing. comments about your present or former employers. behavior could prompt a discrimination complaint. and benefits until an offer is made. Things you should not do:

Don't make negative or disgraceful comments about your present or former employers.

On saying good-bye, thank the i nterviewer for the opportunity to have met with him/her. At this point, you can also inquire about the following steps in the selection process.

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After The Interview

Keep a record of the interviewer's name and correct address. tion has already been filled. Call any day except Monday or Friday.

Make a sincere evaluation of your performance, pointing out the positive as well as the negative aspects of the meeting.

If you do not get the position, please don't despair. Conti nue to send resumes to increase your chances. Next time, the interview will turn out better, and you will get

Write down your conclusions and indicate which points need improvement.

the job you want.

Interview Tips For People Near Or Over 50

Job seekers near or over age 50 will be particularly vulnerable in interviews unless they adopt a vital, () you are a serious contender and that your experience, knowledge and achievements are an asset, and that your age is not a liability

Keep this evaluation in your jobsearch activities follow-up file.

Within three days after the interview, write a letter to the interviewer in which you thank him/her again for the opportunity to have met and make any comments you think should be stressed. Also, inform him /her of any change that may have occurred in your jobsearch situation. You can conclude by renewing your willingness to work for the company.

energetic, positive, and wellgroomed approach. The toughest questions you will be asked are those related to your age.

It is illegal for an employer to ask your age, and most wont. Instead, theyll try to pin you down through questions that give them clues.

You cannot avoid the issue. It will come up in many forms, so be pre-

If you have no answer after a certain period of time, you should call the interviewer and ask if the posi-

pared to deal with it. You can and must convince the interviewer that

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you are a serious contender and that your experience, knowledge and achievements are an asset, and that your age is not a liability.


Yet another response is: "I am 60 years old and twice as good as I was at 30."

It is crucial for you not to be technologically behind.

Take a firm stand against the myth that "older workers don't contribute, but just put in time until retirement. The best approach of all, however, is to steer past the age issue altogether and keep the conversation Here are some tips for you in addition to those given above: oriented toward your professional experience and your most recent work-related achievements. You may answer the question "How old are you?" in several ways. First, consider the sincere approach: "I am 56. I am in excellent health and, as you can see from my resume, I have an impressive record of achievements and bring many skills to contribute to this position. Don't be intimidated by computers. Be prepared to update your computer skills as part of on-the-job or Often interviewers ask how long you would plan to stay in the position for which they are hiring. You can respond: I would stay here at least five years. There is a lot I still plan to do, and if this company hires me it will be getting the benefit of my experience and knowledge. Thats an asset, not a liabilpre-job training. It is crucial for you not to be technologically behind. Major word-processing programs, such as MS Word and WordPerfect, voice mail procedures, e -mail, faxing, etc. are all things you need to be familiar with. Old -fashioned values are fine; old-fashioned ways are not. If asked about your personal life, mention the last mountain-climbing vacation you took, your civic and volunteer activities, etc. Don't show photos of your grandchildren!

Old-fashioned values are fine; oldfashioned ways are not.

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school or college, served in the Don't give clues about your age. Don't discuss your grandchildren, the model year of your first car, the date you graduated from high military, etc. -- anything that might label you as "old" or belonging more to the past than to the present or future.

Job-Search Activities Follow-Up

Keep a record of all your jobsearch activities: resumes sent, and, at the same time, be able to evaluate the efficiency of your

dates of correspondence ,want ads methods. Your conclusions may answered, types of cover letters used, interviews attended and how they turned out, etc. help others and, if communicated to us, may serve to strengthen and improve updated versions of this application. In doing this, you will remain busy