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The Lyran Channelings

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I was originally born in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. I come from a large family of 4 brothers and 1 sister. My whole life from birth to teenaged years did involve a religion. A religion I honestly hated so much. It was the religion of the Jehovahs witnesses. The experience of being in such a religion, which I think is a compliment to what I feel it really is in all honesty tarnished my feeling of spirituality so much, that I had no more interest in spirituality. It affected me so much, I didnt even want to believe that a God existed. Because if God was personified with the way he was personified through that religion, I didnt want to believe in such a concept of God at all. So I guess you could say this almost made me an Atheist in most respects. Spirituality is something I thought I would never get into. The path I have been seeking out now was something that was never my original intention to do. But one day it just clicked in. And it all began on the idea of a novel. I was always heavy into science fiction. Ever since I was a kid, I would always gaze up at the stars and have that feeling that one day, my experiences in the future would lead me up there. I didnt know how at the time, but its as if the feeling of being out there past this earth was within my grasp in the distant years ahead. I decided I wanted to create a novel that was widely entertaining and based on very factual events admitted to a selection of former Black Ops personnel or channelers, or psychics or experiencers. These things always fascinated me. So I went on YouTube one day and I wanted to start researching information for the novel I was going to create called Day Zero. As I continued to research all this information from various sources on YouTube, I started to become addicted to these experiences that so many have had. What was stranger was that I found so many commonalities in what was being talked about. It intrigued me so much. After about a solid week of non-stop research online, something was starting to happen to me. Its as if I was being filled with a cup of knowledge. Like the cup was having liquid knowledge added to it every time I would research more and more. It finally reached the point where that cup of

knowledge overflowed and something inside of me came alive. I woke up. I was changing. For the first time ever in my life, I had finally found the answer I have been looking for my whole life. Why am I here? Who am I really? And why are we even in such an existence? This began my quest towards a spiritual evolutionary path. And it has been a non-stop rollercoaster for the past five months. I started 10-14-08.blogspot.com as that was the beginning of my new form of evolution. I strongly resonated for whatever reason regarding the October 14th prediction that stated that a large light ship would appear in our skies on that date. Now even though this did not occur, for me, it really was a golden moment. Not because it didnt come true, but the whole experience of such an event awoke me and shifted me in areas I could not possibly have imagined. And what was even more exciting was that more people were waking up from the inspiration of my excitement. When I look back on the October 14th event, I know people may say they were disappointed or deceived on that day. But when I think back to that day, I just smile because I knew that if it wasnt for that event, I wouldnt be what I am today. And I could not be more excited to be alive in this time now than any other time in history. And Im also proud to know that many woke up alongside me. After October 14th, I grew even more stronger with knowledge. Shortly before that event, I started to take up meditation. I read meditation books, I research meditation thoroughly online, I used audio tools to help evolve myself further with my new passion. I was gaining knowledge every single day and I have not stopped doing what I have been doing for the past five months. It is 24/7 passion. So as I continued to meditate, I started receiving more and more energy everyday. Id receive knowledge from meditation that helped me to understand the truth to why we are here, why I am here and what is the purpose of existence. I was accelerating with knowledge like crazy. It was non-stop. I received dreams of teachings from entities I had no idea who they were yet. But it was like being in an astral classroom. I would receive these teachings from such a high intelligence and wake up the next morning and instantly know information on such a topic. This ranged from such topics as oneness, spiritual evolution, synchronicity, the higher densities, and the list went on and on. All within only two months of my progression. I was getting more information then I could truly handle. And at times it was overwhelming because I was attempting to sort out all the

info Id get from higher consciousness. To this day Im still learning new things. Im definitely not an all knowing person, but the information I posses now just astounds me and what shocks me even more is the acceleration factor in all of this.

My Days of Channeling
So it was around the three and a half month time frame of my progression into this new passion of mine. And it was a certain friend of mine who I grew a very strong bond with online that began to teach me personally how one can channel. Now channeling of course has a lot of controversy behind it mainly because its a personable experience that really cant be proven in the minds of others. But what I find is that its not really so much about wondering where the authenticity is, its truly about if the message delivered from such a communication resonates with such an individual. The only person who can truly believe that their channeling is 100% authentic is that channeler themselves. Now people can resonate it and adapt that information into their truth, but again, theres always minor doubt within even the highest resonating individual. So thats why I always tell those about channeling that its about resonanance and choice of adapting what is said into their truth, because in all honesty, there is no one great truth. Everyone has their own truth as we are all co-creators within the grand scheme of existence, but of course more on that later in this book. So I began to start my training of channeling. I started out with connecting with my higher self. Now everyone can do this. This is an ability that we all possess within ourselves simply because there is no one on this earth that is without a higher self. To state that would mean youre nothing more than a robot. So it took about under a week for me to connect to higher self. I tried once per day for about a five day period and I was connected. It was after I connected to higher self that I was informed by my higher self that my quest here on earth is to become that of an all self status so that I may bond with all that I have been in the past and merge with Oversoul to become a whole being. It is necessary for me to be on this path as my whole existence has been based on becoming a guide or a teacher to civilizations. This was the reason for my intense acceleration. I am receiving information all the time, I must sort it out and do my best to

educate those that resonate with the same path that I follow.

Connecting with Multidimensional Selves

Again with my good friend online who has been such an inspiration to my evolution, I was shown exactly how I could reach out and connect with all the multidimensional souls within my oversoul. Again, oversoul will be explained in strong definition later on in this book. So where I started with was a collective consciousness that had ties with my oversoul. This was the Pleiadian Collective Consciousness that existed within the 8th density of existence. Now again, some people may confused on densities and such, and of course, more on that later on. But the Pleiadians as some may be familiar with, are a race of humanoid beings that exist in within the section of the Pleiades contained with the Taurus constellation. Now of course, the point of this book is to discuss this origin, so this will of course again be explained in detail later on. So through the idea of visual meditation, I literally went on a deep meditative journey through my consciousness to connect with the Pleiadian 8th dimensional consciousness. My third eye literally created the experience of going on a meditative manifested quest to seek a guidance download from the Pleiadian consciousness. And it wasnt until I discovered visions of sacred geometry to where I received an energy download through the Pleiadian consciousness through the means of two distinct symbols: A glowing blue orb and a glowing blue merkabah (otherwise known as a tetrahedron). When I visualized these symbols and manifested my hands to touch these symbols in my meditation, energy flowed through me like a river nearly instantaneously. I literally felt as if the top of my head literally opened up and blue glowing light just flooded the inside of it. I was literally in ecstasy that lasted about five minutes in duration. It was an exceptional, life changing experience that just changed my whole understanding of the new revealed forms of our true existence. I was in just an overwhelming sense of joy and ecstasy that nothing Ive ever experienced could possibly compare to. Through more guidance, I connected with several other multidimensional beings through my oversoul such as Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Inner beings of Planet Earth, and several more. I began to adapt the ability to connect with certain aspects of my oversoul with ease as the weeks went by.

How Connection Works

Now everybody connects through channeling using the style that is appropriate for them so to speak. With channeling flow, it can come into terms of visualizations or emotions, to telepathic voice connection, or in my case linked consciousness flow where information is downloaded to me directly and its like I have access to a vast library of information through this connection. My channeling ability is in the style of automatic writing, so when I channel, I am literally guided by that connection and a relationship forms mentally and physically between knowledge and my hands functions when typing out the information I receive. Not really taking over the hands, but a guidance of typing is what I receive. So this is known as flow. I first started out getting into a deep meditative state giving the intention to connect. Currently, it is a lot easier for me to connect as Im reaching the point where I just ask a multidimensional version of my oversoul a question, energy forms within me and the link up is there. This is what I am starting to develop at.

Relationship With The Lyrans

Im what is known as an ancient spirit within this universe. Being this ancient spirit, I have lived past incarnations going back in our concept of three dimensional time to the time of the Lyrans which goes back billions of years. This was the next phase in becoming more whole with my oversoul. It was instructed to me that I get in contact with a Lyran soul collective consciousness which exists in all higher densities. Its through this collective consciousness that exists within these densities simultaneously that have communicated with me in this manner. To this very time where I write this book, I still am curious of where there exact origin point is to these multi-densities of Lyran consciousness. But again, its the matter of the information received from these beings that truly stand out to me. Through this book, I spent over a solid week channeling with the Lyran Consciousness every day with a large set of questions to be answered through each session. The information they share is really special and unique to me as I now have a good personal understanding of where

humanity originally came from. And as your about to read, theres a lot of information here that could throw you for a loop. Now again, its simply a matter of keeping an open mind through what you read in this book. Theres a lot of information and whats important for you to remember is to accept it if it resonates with your truth. For me, this fully resonates entirely. But again, keeping an open mind is key within information such as this. I feel that this information is quite important and needs to be shared with many. Hence why this book is free as knowledge should always be something that shared and never charged for in my opinion. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the knowledge that has been shared with me within this book and I hope it is able to strike a chord with you and helps to expand your understanding of how existence and experience truly works. Thank you again for taking the time to read this e-book and I hope you find the answers your looking for within it. Love, Light and Abundance to you, Brad Johnson.

The Beginnings of Lyra and the Birth of Humanity

How did the beginning of Lyra begin? In other words, what was the beginning level that brought about the populace of the human civilization? Similar to what you may refer to as your beginnings. Like Earth, Lyra had a beginning. Like Earth's population, Lyra's population was genetically manufactured. We were an experiment just like your kind on earth. An experiment to attempt on the world of Chak'ta. There were patterns of evolution that Lyrans experienced to attempt to perfect our design. As this was the beginning, many attempts had to be tried until the proper "template" as you might call it was suitable enough for our own evolution. This lead to the be beginning of our civilization. The beginning of our existence on Chak'ta and the remaining eighteen worlds within Sclalona. Can you tell me what life was like on Lyra and what my role was there? Lyra was a peaceful utopian society as you would call it. It was a world where everyone contributed. There was no duality. It was a world where everyone was at peace. No wars or conflicts with each other. Our cities were that of living light. Our people were always becoming more higher evolved throughout the different densities of existence as you say. We taught our children the ways of experience. The ways of life. The children would surpass the elders in their learning. It is not like on your planet now where the children have been dumbed down by corruption and manipulation. Children are born to surpass their learning from elders as the elders taught them the knowledge and they would surpass that knowledge with new experience. Our world was very beautiful. Very similar to your earth. Oceans, vegetation, abundant agriculture. Our technology was that which benefited Lyra, and did not poison it in any form. Your role Brad, was that you were a teacher. You were one of the prime elders of Lyra. You taught many of the young ways of experience. Starship design, living in abundance, evolutionary teachings, spirituality, oneness with creation. You were a highly experienced elder that helped many on

their path to oneness and love. Your name during your last incarnation on Lyra was known as Mackdec. You were a wise elder teaching others and continue to evolving yourself in the process. You were highly valued amongst the group of elders to teach our young ones the ways of Lyran society.

How was humanity created? Who was responsible for developing the human genetic body template? These beings are known by several different names across the galaxy as Game Masters, Divine Architects or Master Architects. These beings were creators of many different forms within this galaxy. From the creation of worlds to the creations of stars, to the creation of many biological, as you would call it, creations, these beings, these divine creators of highly evolved consciousness were responsible for developing what you may know as the source code as you may call it for the seed of life. These beings were responsible for developing the seed of life for humanity. An extension of them that allowed them to experience new phenomenal forms of experience through an experiment. This experiment was humanity. It was through these highly evolved beings that allowed the creation for the seed of life. The genuine source of all human existence. And not just human, but many other biological technologies that you are familiar with such as nonhumans. It is technology. We are all technology. We were created through these higher beings as an experiment for soul. For soul to inhabit and experience. It is all part of our divine learning. It is all part of our evolution and experience through the wondrous forms of all creation. How did these beings known as the Game Masters come into being as well as this universe? All life as you know it did not originally originate from this universe. This universe was a creation from Source energy. What you may know as the guts of this universe came from beings such as the game masters which came from another universe that reached completion. All creational energies of this universe came from elsewhere. Other completed universes. The game masters as well as the race that was responsible for donating their DNA to the game masters known as the Felinoids. A feline/human mixed race that existed in another universe that came here to assist in developing the first experiment with humanitys creation. It is these

very beings whos DNA infrastructure were the foundation of our race, and whos DNA is one of many races that also exists within your genetic code as well. Did the home system of Lyra have a name that we could have translated in English? Again, it is symbols that we had used as this is the origin form of translation through many races across the universe based on telepathic communication; however, we can roughly translate the name of the system Sclalona. Again, this is a rough translation based on the context of your language. Whereabouts in the Lyra Constellation was the home star where humanity originated? Based on your knowledge of constellations, our star of Sclalona was placed approximately 22 light years in the northern direction of the Vega star system. Did Lyra look exactly like Earth, in other words, is Earth a cloned world of Lyra with land mass the same configuration as Lyra? This is correct to an extent yes. Our original plans for earth were based on the blueprints you might say based on our home system. Earth had similar land masses, but of different configurations in some forms. Obviously, with land mass separation now, it differs much to the configuration of Lyra. But understand that in our time, we had much more control of seismic tectonic shifts based on our technology and advanced form of consciousness to prevent any form of natural disasters on our world, as they are often caused mainly by unbalanced forms of consciousness on your world. And as well as with the earth, as her attempt to ascend herself is underway and she must form these natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods and other disasters you know on your world to help cleanse her of heavy energies anchored deep within her interior surface.

Are you able to translate the name of the planet to our homeworld in

the English Language? There were several worlds that we had colonized in the system that had become destroyed. However our main world was known as Chakta. This may not be the proper form of translation in your language as all Lyran terminology as you call it is based on symbols rather than letters in your language. Why did the Lyrans have a connection with nature and how did it effect the consciousness? We are always one with nature at all times. Nature is the path to all of love and oneness. By connecting with the equilibrium of such nature, you are accessing a living library of information based on that of oneness, balance and purity of soul and spirit. No other life force is more aligned to the ways of such traits than that of nature on worlds and of existence itself. To achieve this balance, this equilibrium of such oneness, understanding the fundamental sciences of nature in all its forms grants you the ability of understanding your role as you may say with such balanced between love and nature. Your consciousness attunes to the teachings nature provides. Nature is a teacher in its own form. It teaches you harmony, oneness and love as previously stated. When you connect with nature, you are balanced. You are open to wisdom of such a vast living library that understands the equilibrium of such balance. This grows your consciousness to new forms of understanding that many on your earth have yet to achieve, though will achieve in the future. Why did the Lyrans have only some emotions and not all? Our emotional state is astute that we worked to developed overtime. There were emotions within out state that were not developed or even encountered at the time of our genesis. Our emotions that we sustained were mainly that to contain of love,, unity and oneness. There were emotions we did not experience due to the fact of lack of experience for such emotions. Which is what lead to our growing on a fundamental level to higher dimensions of consciousness and unity. Can you give detail regarding the Lyran Family Structure?

Our family structure is quite unique in comparison to that of Earth's humans. Our structure is based on guidance and growth rather than direct upbringing and direct teaching. Children will always out surpass their parents, their elders in all forms. Mainly because they're experience based on guidance given by elders is what allows them to grow, to sustain, to evolve with oneness. Children are meant to be guided, and not forced to be taught in such ways similar to Earth's teaching systems. It is in their nature to explore who they are. To become one with all that is based on the path they choose, when only receiving guidance when deemed appropriate and suitable for them. This was the way of Lyran culture. By allowing your children to have that open exploration and understanding the path they choose to follow, you are allowing their experience, their oneness and love for their passion flourish. It is how all children, all elders, from that of the time of beginning through Lyra structured itself based on its family guidelines. This is very similar to how we guide you. Never truly giving you the answers you seek, but pointing you in the right direction so that experience and knowing of the isness can be achieved and reachable within your grasp based on your own self-exploration. It is self-exploration at all ages that matter. It is who you are. I wish to know more about source and the whole scope of existence itself. What can you tell me about this? Source is creation. Sources is existence. Source is where you and all come from. It is the mother to our creation. It is referred to many as source, or to you as god, or to others as creator. Source is what surrounds us. We are all children of source. The purpose of source is for its own internalness to connect and receive information, experience and data from its extensions. We are these very extensions of source. It is of love and it is that to which we strive to become. The ultimate knowledge. The ultimate experience. It is existence yet we are existence. Source is within all of us. We refer to source as the isness. We are all one with all that is. This is source. The primary purpose to existence is the experiences you achieve lifetime after lifetime. Information relayed directly back to source.

How long has Interstellar travel existed in our galaxy?


Through your measurement of time, your understanding of interstellar travel based on this system would estimate it to be 4.3 billion years. How were crops grown on Chak'ta? Was there a secret to how they were grown? Our consciousnesses assisted with their growth. By forming an equilibrium with nature and forming a partnership, a oneness with all that is around your on your world, the collective consciousness of our connection with the crops that fed us stayed in as strong balance. Manifestation of crops was possible based on the consciousness we became one with. that of nature. Support nature through consciousness, through your love through your gift of manifestations and become abundant in all its surroundings to continue to allow it to grow plentiful in nature. It was all consciousness. How did Lyra fall? How did it meet its fate? Like your world, like Atlantis, like the early stages of Earth prior to your existence on this third dimensional plane, Lyra encountered the same fate as Atlantis , as the early stages of your world, Earth. It encountered Duality. Duality influenced by those of darkness as you may say. When the reptilians as you call them arrived and made their presence to our people, duality followed. Our people began to break apart. There was duality and war on every side. Influenced by the reptilians based on their hunger for dominance. Our kind separated, broke off from much of our teachings and became plagued with duality, with conflict. This lead to a great war that ravaged our homeworld and our star system itself. It lead to the destruction of all that we had. All that we once lived within in such peace and prosperity was ravaged with that very duality.

Were the reptilians responsible for the death of the Sclalona star? No, they were partially responsible for much destruction, but our star was at the hands of a fate of duality. War waged on and this ware encompassed our system and our star in the process. There was war that was extremely volatile to an extent that opposing sides rendered the plan to have our star annihilated. War consumed all. Many fled to different system to escape the

madness of tyranny caused by duality that was inspired by the reptilian presence. All that we had prior to such duality was lost. Our world, our families, our love, our home system. All was lost. The caused divisions between the Lyran people and many migrated across the galaxy to escape this tyranny.

When did the migrations to other star systems ensue between the Lyran population? during the beginning of the war. There were those who foresaw what was happening and many left to other star systems prior to during and after the great fall of our Lyran kingdom. What events ensued after the fall of Lyra? Lyra was lost. Once this occurred, those that migrated to other sectors of the galaxy took upon new homes amongst the stars. The wars between humanity and the Reptilians continued to wage on for hundreds of thousands of your years. After the fall of Lyra, the races that you are aware of now such as the Andromedans, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Vegans, Centaurians and many more began their legacy of oneness with the universe. New homes were founded, new races were developed and humanity took refuge amongst the stars facing the tyranny of duality to those looking to escape it. it was a very long period of war based on your time. Did I die in my incarnation at the time when the star exploded? Yes you did. Others evacuated the planet to migrate in numbers across thousands of other stars. You remained to assist those who were attempting to leave the world. You and many other elders were responsible for planetary evacuation. Our young survived and the Elders stayed behind to perish with the world.

What was the population amount of Lyra? Our population was in the billions. It was estimated about approximately

nine billion before our world fell. What is it that made Lyra stand out so much that its teaching could be reflected to that of earth? Oneness. And Love are the teachings of Lyra. The understanding that we are all equal. The understanding that all can contribute. The understanding that all are equally balanced in this universe. That all are capable of evolving themselves to untold levels. This is the way of Lyran culture. By benefiting the world you live on and living in that illustrious harmonious nature with all that is. You are the future of the Lyran society on Earth. Utopian civilization is very much within your grasp. The governments within your world are crumbling now and making way for these new Lyran systems to take effect on your world. It is an exciting time for you all and we look onto you, our children of earth wish such happiness. You make us all very proud. Teach those about love. Teach those about oneness and experience. For all that is the balance of creation. All is experience. There is no duality, it is illusion created by manipulation. You are all created from love. You are all here in creation for the experience. This is the grandest teaching. Its not about what you know with technology or other matters of ego, its about becoming one and enduring experience through oversoul.

Was Earth the original concept for a new Lyra? Yes. This was the entire plan from the beginning. When Lyra fell and our constellation became raged by war from the Alpha Draconians as you call them, a new plan was being developed by several races to initiate the construction of a new Lyra. This was Earths plan. Staged development occurred on the world you once knew as Maldek. It was the staging ground, or the preparation ground you might say where the plans for earth were being created. Earth was to be the new Lyra. The new home for all of us that originated from our once beautiful world to reassemble here. A new universal body type that would allow incarnation cycles for humans and non-humans alike. A world of multiculturalism, like Lyra. Earth is literally the new Lyra and you could not ask to be on a more beautiful world. The plans for Earth were well under way and we are so proud of the

inhabitants of Earth at this time as you are moving forward to new levels that will surpass the darkness now.

The Alpha Draconians

What was the encounter like with the Alpha Draconians, was there any attempt at negotiation? What ensued? They did not negotiate although it was attempted. The Alpha Draconians as you know them are not interested in negotiation. They simply took what they believed was theirs. They were condemned with darkness in their mind. They saw what we had to offer the universe and they wanted to take it. It was their nature at the time. Rather than negotiations, destruction ensued and the Alpha Draconians swept through many of our colonized worlds to eliminate and conquer. There was no success at any form of peace as that is not what they wanted. It was to conquer. There was dying on both sides. The Alpha Draconians wanted to establish their dominance one step further and this lead to the destruction of our star.

Regarding the Alpha Draconians, have we any idea where they came from? It is uncertain to all races, including the Alpha Draconians themselves where they re origins lie. What is known is that they were placed here from the opening of a black hole leading to a universe that is unknown to us. They were contained in a form of stasis during this travel through this black hole that was located in the proximity of Alpha Draconis. Due to their hydrogen based breathing capabilities, the Alpha Draconis sector as known by you, was the only area in this galaxy to which they were issued the best chance at adapting to. But prior to their existence here in our universe it is unclear even through them where their origins lie.

What is the mindset of the reptilians to conquer and enslave? It is of their nature to do so. The reptilians as you mention are a race that has yet to learn any lessons based on their belief structure. There has not

been any race of their equilibrium to inform them how to behave otherwise. They will not listen to negotiation. They establish means of domination through suffering and enslavement. There are no other civilization in existence that have been able to dominate in the form that they do in order for them to experience that change. Their dominance is their power. It is all they know. However, it can be said that all not all of the reptilians are that of a negative aspect as you may call it. Although we see all as one spectrum, in your condition with your phase of duality, we can inform you that not all reptilians are of this negative nature. There are reptilians that are on your positive side as you call it. There are reptilians that have individually learned and experienced new learning of divine consciousness. That have understood the fundamentals of oneness within all that is. They have come to terms with isness and have begun to evolve themselves lifetime after lifetime through the higher densities of consciousness. This goes to show that all are capable of change. And as you may see these particular reptilians as dark we love them dearly as they are us. They are that of which is the all. The whole. And we see greatness coming in to many of them even if they fail to see it for themselves.

Are the reptilians able to enter the fourth and fifth dimensions through technology? It is true that the reptilians are able to enter the fourth density using technology yes. They have attempted to enter fifth density consciousness with their devices but have been unsuccessful for if you are attempting to reach that higher point in density, what is required of you is that of love. The fourth density on a technological standpoint frame of reference can only be achieved by those that are not of love and light, that are not Christ conscious. Anywhere beyond that, and you will not be able to partake in such en existence in fifth density or higher density without divine love in your soul.

Can you give information on the Greys and how they were constructed as well as their role? There are many different variation of the race that you have come to know as Greys. Understand the organic race known as the Greys are very much human in origin. They mainly consist from a different dimension and time to where they have evolved differently. Where their race relies on human

genetics. To the Greys that you refer to which you believe to be mechanical of biological nature, these beings were developed through genetic engineering of the alpha draconian as you call them. They are created with microprocessors implanted directly into their brain and are programmed with a limited consciousness. They are programmed with certain directives to follow and are operated to function based on a particular radio signal frequency issued out by their commanding masters, the Alpha Draconaians. However again, remember that there are many different forms of Greys as you have addressed them that are not that of mechanical, that are biological and many of them are of love and light and exists in harmony with many other loving races of oneness and light.

Were there sub-species developed by the Alpha Draconians? This is correct. There are sub-races that the Alpha Draconians themselves did manufacture such as the Greys, and also added their own genetic information into the human body type. The Alpha Draconians are master experts in genetics and they have developed several sub-races based on their own genetic template as well as the template of the universal human to develop other reptilian sub-races combing these templates to enable sub-race development to serve under their own rule and jurisdiction across the colonized star systems they inhabit.

Is it true that the reptilians value genetics above anything else? Yes. The reptilians are rarely interested in anything else other than genetics. They are geneticists of a masterful nature. Their intelligence is paramount and theyre knowledge of such systems based on that of genetics is absolutely admirable. They will value genetics above anything else. It is third nature.

More on Lyra (Chakta)

With the structures or rather the shelters on Lyra, how were these constructed?

The shelters as you may refer to them were based on holographic technology. We did not build structures or other times that you know by physical energy effort. We are amazed that your race is abundant in doing this; however, through many races across the galaxy, and across many other galaxies, all is created through holography. Holographic shelters, technologies, items, are all manifested and placed on many worlds across all over as our way of developing such forms of living environments. Even our spacecraft that we once had back in the days of Lyra were that of holographic creation. Did Lyra look exactly like Earth, in other words, is Earth a cloned world of Lyra with land mass the same configuration as Lyra? This is correct to an extent yes. Our original plans for earth were based on the blueprints you might say based on our home system. Earth had similar land masses, but of different configurations in some forms. Obviously, with land mass separation now, it differs much to the configuration of Lyra. But understand that in our time, we had much more control of seismic tectonic shifts based on our technology and advanced form of consciousness to prevent any form of natural disasters on our world, as they are often caused mainly by unbalanced forms of consciousness on your world. And as well as with the earth, as her attempt to ascend herself is underway and she must form these natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods and other disasters you know on your world to help cleanse her of heavy energies anchored deep within her interior surface. A friend of mine that I was talking to earlier was able to tap into some consciousness feelings and visualizations of Lyra and mentioned that the Lyran homeworld was slightly hotter than that of Earth, what type of star or stars existed within the human home system of Lyra? We are aware of such friends that you have Brad, and we smile as we are honored that such friends have helped you out this far. And yes, this was to do with the previous temperature of our flourishing sun and our approximate temperature in average climatic tropical zones could be measured on average to be within the 50 degrees centigrade area based on your temperature system.


How many chakras are contained within the Lyran form? There are four. We dont have as many as the humans of your earth as you were genetically engineered through a multitude of volunteers from our civilizations. Our four chakras contained that of a crown, third eye, solar plexus and root chakras.

What can you tell me about healing? Did you have energy technologies to assist with healing? Our energy healing technology could be compared into the familiarity of how your pyramids work. It harnesses energy from the electromagnetic grid of our world. The energy technology was always powered by electromagnetic grid. Energy technology harnessed that energy and we allowed healing to take place in such forms. Not to all mention that the majority of healing that took place on our world was through divine consciousness with self through nature and our collective consciousness.

What were the forms of local transportation that you used on Chakta? All of our transportation did not run on anything unpleasant for the environment. Our conveyances were that of anti-gravitational. It contained their own electromagnetic field below the conveyance of suspending approximately one foot in your metric system off the air. Speeds for such conveyances in your system of miles reached up four hundred miles per hour. What type of starships did you have? Can you describe them? Our starships were triangular in appearance. The averaged as size to fifteen to twenty of your meters in length. Our larger triangular shaped craft of which you may refer to as a mother ship, spanned a maximum capacity of three miles in length. They were silver metallic craft. Smaller scout vessels occupied up to fifteen of us at once. Motherships were capable of holding up to one thousand of us at any given time.

Why were your ships triangular in appearance?


To resemble that of our great pyramids in structure, as well as the aerodynamic sleekness to them. Much of what we have designed is very similar to the appearance of what you know as pyramids. It is in representation to the merkabah: The symbol for completion. The symbol for all that is made up within creation. Our craft, our homes, our temples an dour pyramids were all based on the shape of merkabah.

What is the lifespan of a Lyran? Our average lifespan ranged from 500 to 700 years in age.

What sort of wildlife was on Chakta? Can you describe some of the animals? There were a series of animals that could be considered close to the style and traits of your mammals of our world. Such animals which we considered pets were often very beautiful similar to how you have dogs. Imagine thicker fur. You could best describe them as a cross between a dog and a sheep. There were that you know of birds on our world in various different shapes and sizes. Our wildlife that was contained on our world were not indigenous to our planet. They were from other worlds. As Lyra is similar to that of your world, your animals that roam the surface are not from there as well. They have come from different worlds upon many different star systems genetically altered to meet the habitat of our world. Were there animals on Chakta that we could find on Earth today? This is correct. Not all animals on our world can be found on your earth, but there were similar animals such as aquatic creatures, birds and mammals that you may recognize on your world. Chakta was an earth-like planet and needed to sustain creatures to maintain the habitat. This is very similar to many other earth-like worlds. Similar animals must be generically altered onto maintain the equilibrium balance of the worlds habitat. What does the physical appearance of a Lyran look like? Our race is of the felinoid nature. Think of what you know on your planet as cats, and intermix that with a humanoid form, and this is what we are. We had hair like a human, such as on the females often had long flowing hair

that ranged from blond to brown, black and amber. We contained fur like a cat. We were bipedal in nature. We possessed no tails at all. At least not the race that you represented Brad. Furs ranged from white, to brown and black. As again, our races were multicultural. But our genetics were directly from the felinioid race. We averaged anywhere from four to eight feet tall in height. There was a mixture of clothed and non-clothed Lyran on our world depending on the territories you would travel to. Our eyes are very cat like and we have a snout similar to that of a feline on your world. Can you describe the domiciles you lived in and how they were structured? Our domiciles ranged from various shapes and sizes. There were some domiciles that were configured through sacred geometric shapes. Triangles, squares, hexagons and more. The inner perimeter of our domiciles were hollow as we constructed our homes around nature using holography. The environment was never harmed during our holographic construction of our homes. Nature was always within our surroundings. Inside of our homes structures and surrounding our structures. We also built monuments and temples spanning several miles high. We also had pyramids just as you but in much higher demand as pyramids existed from regions of Chakta. Can you describe some of these monuments? We can describe one particular monument that was holographic ally represented through one of our central locations in the northern hemisphere which contained what you may be familiar with as a sphinx. This sphinx that you maybe familiar with also exists on your world. It is a tribute to the felinoids, the template race who generously donated their DNA to the creation of our existence. Sphinxes are a paid respect to these beings of such astounding love and light. Were there any physical activities on your planet similar to what we call sports on Earth? The sports as you call them were such that didnt involve competition. Competition was never a driving force within us. However there were such games that involved strategy, reflexes and enjoyment. We did perform various exercising activities to strengthen our bodies but the concept of

sports as you know them based on competition did not exist in our society. What about the inner Chakta? Can you describe that? All planets in all of the universe contain inner beings within the central area of the world. All worlds are beings, and it is through the inner sanctuary of such planets that the collection of souls as well as higher dimensional beings of consciousness which exist through the mean of crystalline cities to where they exist. This is the realm to where the beings of Chakta consciousness existed to formulate the soul if you will of Chakta, much similar to how Earth contains a similar collection of divine beings to merge that of earths soul. Did all families on Chakta have pets and what was the relationship between them? We did not consider them to be pets as you call them. All Lyrans in nature communicated with nature. Pets was not an appropriate terminology. We have a partnership, a oneness with nature and with wildlife. We shared our world with the animals, with the wildlife and nature itself. All was partnership. The wildlife and nature itself was telepathic and we learned much about the balance and oneness of how such equilibrium exists in perfect balance with the surrounding environment. All was partnership, all was one. What form of density structures existed on Lyra during that time? As what you know of years in your time, many of these years past through the existence of third density Chakta. Our plains of existence during that time as you know it spanned back billions of years and allowed us to develop a hierarchical structure of our own consciousness that existed up to the eighth density of existence. Tell me about the felinoids and their role with the development of humanity? The felonoids are not originally from this universe. They existed from another universe that had reached completion. It was through the felinoids who contributed their DNA to the game masters: the planners of such worlds as Chakta, Earth and many more. They were the original creators of humanity. The felinoids DNA was contributed to these game masters and it

was through this DNA that the human race was created. The felinoids are our ancestors. For without them, there would be no humanity. The felinoids exist within many corners of this universe today and still work alongside many civilizations to help evolve us through the many different phases of achieving evolution through the higher densities. Can you tell me about the game masters, who are they? The game masters are a highly evolved race contained in realms of existence far beyond your comprehension. They have a strong connection with source energy. It was these game masters that literally crated this game. This universe. All that you see from planets, stars, galaxies and more phenomena were implemented and constructed by the game masters. They are the architects of this universe. They are the creators of the human race.

History of Earth
Now that Lyra was destroyed and human beings scattered across the galaxy with new races forming such as the Andromedans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians and more. When did Earth come into play and who got involved with this next experiment? Earth became a factor twenty five thousand years later the fall of Lyra. It was what you may call a grouping of human civilizations that came together to initiate this experiment. A second experiment brought forth a new universal body type. Through this participation involved the Andromedans, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, and several other human races part of conglomerate of research developers. The intention for the creation of Earth was staged on the planet you known as Maldek. On Maldek, the plans began to begin the engineering of Mother Earth as you know her. Volunteered races that were committed to this new experiment gave samples of their DNA and contributed to the development of this new universal body type human in which souls of both human DNA non-human nature could use Earth as an intergalactic exchange center. Where all beings through this galaxy could incarnate on the peaceful loving planet Earth and complete their cycles as humans incarnate. It was a graduation planet. A planet where all could participate in a harmonious nature and reach that point of evolution. They would reach completion. Earth was foreseen as the new Chakta. That once again, our world that was lost

would be reborn under the name of this new planet. What you know as Gaia, as Earth. This was our new home to which we would start all over again and bring harmony, oneness and love to those who contributed to the development of earth. How many races participated in this next experiment with humanity? Main races involved were Pleiadian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Sirian, Centaurian, Vegan. Of course, later, when what you know as the reptilians changed and altered your genetics, their genetic information was added to your universal body type as well.

What was the goal of Earth? In other words, what was its purpose? Earth was to be the new Lyra. It was multicultural world that literally and the majority of the galaxys attention focused upon it. Its location was intentional as this was a central area for beings across the galaxy to easily access it, not to mention other beings from other galaxys that would be able to enter the system as it is easily located on the tip of the Milky way galaxy as you call it. Easily accessible by all races in this galaxy and in others. Again, Earths purpose was to allow the ease of humans and non-humans to incarnate on its plane to achieve full graduation and completion. It was second chance to restore balance and oneness to the galaxy without the tyranny of any other races interfering with the plans of this new Lyra. By amalgamating all contributing races dna together within the universal body type, we only saw right in this and did not foresee any wrong. However, this clearly became an oversight as your time progressed further and further into the days of Altantis. What information can you share in regards to Atlantis? Atlantis was the first city containing the new experimental human body type. And for a time as you may call it, it was a technological city of great prosperity. At this point in time, Earth was vibrating within the fourth density. During this time, there were several different body types amongst your earth, you may have known them as Neanderthal humans. These were earlier versions of your kind that were later genetically engineered to finally become finalized as the universal body type that you are now. The new

Earth human was completed and for a long time, the people of Atlantis lived in a very Utopian way of life. The days of Lyra were revisited once again and there was much harmony within the Atlantis City. Until the plan shifted and the dark age began to make its presence known upon your world. What caused Atlantis downfall? The earth was meant to be lowered to third density vibration in order for all incarnate life forms to truly begin a graduation process as completed human beings. This was of the first cycle period to where a harvest of such incarnate human beings would be produced at the end of the first cycle. During this shift downwards into the third density, this begun the dark times of Earth. There was a group of Pleiadian students that grew what you may call an ego. They believed they had the talents or knowledge as it were of masters and begun to intervene in affairs of Atlantis. This intervention of ego lead to yet another form of duality amongst the Atlanians. This eventually lead to a war between the Altantians and the Pleiadian rebel group. It was during this time period that not only were this rebellious Pleiadain group pre-creating the duality experienced on Lyra in similarity, but they became an allegiance with those you know as the Reptilians. A battle ensued between the forces of the corrupt and our ancestors amongst the stars. The corrupt forces won the territory of earth in the third density. It was taken over. Our planet, our experiment backfired once again as we had allowed duality to sweep through the stars to where Earth was placed, and allowed it to be taken over. The Pleiadian group caused the tyranny of duality to unfold and Earth officially entered the dark times. The dark age. After the territory was won by the new owners, the Annunaki as you know them began to tinker with your genetics and deactivate the twelve chakra system contained within your DNA system. A two strand double helix DNA system was contained in the universal body template leaving very little memory and abilities in tact. This allowed them to conceal the truth there from the human species. The human race would never be able to recall what transpired during this time of duality. Is it true that the reptilians added their DNA to our universal body type as well as the race known as the Greys? As we mentioned above, this is correct, the Greys as you know them did involve their genetics into your universal body type as well, this is correct.

Is it true that mainly the Sirians were known as our Egyptian culture? Yes, this is correct. In other words you may say the Sirian Nation was the Egyptian culture entirely. Their starships are shaped like pyramids and they assisted in the construction of all the pyramids on Earth. How were the pyramids built? Sound vibrations allowed the atom re-structuring of the material contained within the pyramids to change shape and levitate. Through this medium, workers would easily be able to forge the rocks into position as well meld themselves together as the sound vibration alters the molecular structure of the building rock. What can you tell us about the moon around our Earth? During the time of the Reptilian takeover, a moon constructed by the Alpha Draconians as you call them was constructed from a previously colonized star system owned by the Alpha Draconians. The moon was brought here through the means of a wormhole that brought forth the anchoring of this satellite base in which the Alpha Draconians constructed. Its purpose was to monitor earth through its technology as well as provide direct remote teleportation link ups to earths surface so that beings on the moon could easily transport from the surface of the moon to the surface of earth instantaneously. You could consider the moon as a star craft as it did possess propulsion. However, the moon you possess now is no longer this particular artificial moon from the Alpha Draconians. The particular moon has been completely dissolved out of existence due to the assistance of your intergalactic family. A new natural moon with no artificial technology has ben solidified into your reality existing in third dimensional state. There are also two other moons that are visible in higher densities which also revolve around your earth. These moons are staging areas for your star family to monitor your positions as Earth prepares for ascension.


Teachings of Oneness, Synchronicity, Higher Densities and Soul

#Can you explain the idea of oneness? Oneness is what you are. Oneness is that of which we all exist. All is connected. All is together. There is never any separation from any being in all of creation. All that is around you is the idea of oneness. All within your reality, within your existence is extension. All are extensions of you. You find yourself with those extensions. They represent you in some form. Through unconditional love and intention of appreciating the experiences you encounter through existence, you bring forth oneness as you love all the extensions that you encounter and that you are inn existence here, now because you are that love and you enjoy the journey ahead. Life is an adventure and it is your goal, your objective to understand that we are all one, that we always together and there is no such thing as separation at all. Oneness is that which is.

Can you define the oversoul? The oversoul is your own collective consciousness group. When you understand that you are whole, that you are one, you are one with that many within that sol group. This is where you begin to live many realities as you ascend to the higher realms of existence. Your oversoul contains all of your multidimensional selves that exist in this universe simultaneously with you. Past, present and future all exist in synchronous. You are that oneness when you understand that you are the whole. This is your oversoul. The collective of you. The oneness of you. How does one achieve ascension? What is the path? The path to ascension starts with the basic concept of love to self. Respect for self, honesty to self, trust to self. Ti is this love to self that extends the boundaries to understanding that you are capable of loving all once you love the one. When you understand the concept of self-love, love yourself unconditionally as well as love all that is simply because you understand that all that is is you in that respect, your vibration begins to accelerate. Healthy diet and exercise are bonuses as you would call it into accelerating

your vibration. But as you neutralize your feelings of all those barriers and obstacles that hold you back from that self-love, you begin to understand that the lack of judgment, ego, hate and fear are necessary to increase your vibrations further. It is all about self-love. You will begin to vibrate further and faster as you continue on loving yourself to untold levels. Understand that you are God. Understand that you are one with all that is and you will reach the pinnacle of vibration necessary to accelerate and interdimensionally shift yourself into the next gateway of evolution through the means of transmutation into the higher densities. What happens when one passes away from their body? Where do they go? After one passes away from their body as you call it, they exist back in their truest form. However, you need to understand, that passing away is only something you can do If you choose to do it. Everything in existence, in creation itself is choice. If you feel you have not completed what you have set out to do in this lifetime and you are caught in the dilemma of passing away from your body before you feel its appropriate to do so, you have the choice to return to your body and continue your life. You will always have that free will, you will always have choice. When you have decided to reach the end of the existence within your reincarnated form, and do pass on past the incarnate body, you can choose to accelerate up to the spiritual plain and begin to enter observation. When you are here, you are capable of doing, going and re-locating to anywhere you want. There are no borders or barriers when you are in true soul form. You have the soul choice to decide what you would like to do next. The choice is always yours. You are limitless and without borders as yourself. What exists in the higher dimensions? The higher densities are plains of existence where the experience is more evolved each density you ascend higher to. There are densities that are much higher in consciousness that they consist of mainly light. The more you ascend yourself, the more enriching your experience in the higher densities will be. Each is a progression level. Each has their own higher purpose to receive a new state of evolution. Consider it that to a ladder in your best form of analogy visualization, the higher you go up the ladder, the higher youll learn more about existence, creation, your connection with

source. All become more and more knowledgeable all of the time as you ascend higher and higher. It is all love, it is all experience, it is all enjoyment. How far have we gone in exploring our known galaxy? Has every star been explored? Not every star has been explored in this galaxy no. If we were to total the exploration percentage of this galaxy together, we would give you the percentage of 78% explored in total.

How does the average starship travel through space? What form of technology is used to travel from star to star? You may have been familiar with such technologies based on videos from several programs on your earth as they reveal such technology. Many of the technologies found in spacecrafts are powered through thought. We shall give you the example of a simple scout craft. Using a basic Lyran scout craft involved being seated in a chair that literally was controlled by consciousness. By being linked up to this chair, your consciousness would be connected to the spacecraft. Through the power of your thought, you would be capable of traveling anywhere through space based on where you wanted to travel to simply by that very power of thought energy. Through thought, you would create a wormhole portal jump age through the fabrics of time and space, enter that portal and come out of that portal to the destination you desire. Once again, all through the power of thought. This is the basic configuration that many ships found across many different worlds piloted by many different civilizations operate. All through thought process and consciousness technology.

How many known civilizations exist within our galaxy? There is no approximate number that we can give you mainly due to the unexplored region of our galaxy still remains unknown with other races we have yet to notice. However, be assured that every planet that exists within our galaxy is capable of sustaining life in higher dimensions. Life is everywhere.


Are there regions within our universe that remain empty in a way of speaking due to consciousness not reaching it? Your question pretty much answers itself. This is correct. There are indeed areas that consciousness has not reached. Those regions are mainly formless voids.

Can you explain how synchronicity or rather how the now moment works with each soul in creation? When you reach the higher realms, time will no longer exist as you know time to be. Time in your third density perspective is what you use to progress. Through higher densities of consciousness, time is no longer a driving force through progression. In actuality, all is synchronous. Time is an illusion created by consciousness continuity to make your reality experience appear real. This is mainly because your mind in third density is of a dense nature and time needs to exist to fuel and create continuity and a realistic feeling in order for you to progress throughout your third density existence. When you are synchronous, which is your true nature, the past, the present and the future are all one. This is the now moment as you call it. Through the now moment, you could consider yourself to be in an analogy where you are always read in a timeline. Consider yourself to be a long strip of film if you wish. The past, present and future scenes of that film can be read with ease. This is synchronicity. This is timelessness and this is what you can define as being in the now moment. The timeless feeling of being afloat without the concept of time and space and observing all timelines within timelessness. How can one achieve the state of a whole being? Whole being state can be achieved by first getting in contact with your higher self. Your higher self is your ultimate teacher. When you are successful in connecting with your higher self and becoming one, you are connecting yourself as a whole. Your higher self can educate you on anything you wish to know. It can connect to you to your very oversoul. Again remember, that your oversoul is a collective of many souls in a particular soul group. This is who you are. Be becoming one with your oversoul, you are understanding the concept of oneness. By working and striving to understand your multidimensional selves contained within your

oversoul, you are allowing yourself to work to become a whole being. Understand your oversoul, understand who you are, understand that you are one. Understand that it is possible to connect with all within your oversoul. This will give you the knowledge, the clues and the capability of becoming multidimensional once again as you bring your consciousness to the higher densities as well as the understanding of evolving your body to become that of a highly evolved being, so that you can strive to once again become your whole self. The whole being. What is the evolutionary cycle of a soul or soul group to become that of a larger incarnate form such as a planet or star for example? This is an evolutionary point of an oversoul in general. Understand that planets and stars possess groups of souls within it. This group of souls is an entire oversoul. Oversouls, when they are evolved to a certain point can evolve to such incarnate forms of planets or stars, or even galaxies. The universe itself is a being. A highly evolved oversoul of divine consciousness. Once you reach that status of your oversoul, you will be able to reach the higher realms of evolution. What are the origins of soul? Souls are a gift from source. You are an extension of source. Your soul originates from that of source. You have traveled across many different universes, some that have reached completion, some incomplete. You are ancient in your structure. You have no recollection of beginning origins simply because a beginning does not exist from your origin point You have always existed, like that of source, like that of the isness. It is what you are. Soul is a form of traveler that exists for experience. No good no bad, simply experience, it is this through incarnate form that evolves you. Your purpose is to exist and experience and evolve. It is every souls purpose. Can you define the consciousness structure of an incarnate being from how they receive downloads and perceive reality through their body? Your body is set into three forms of structure. Your higher mind is always the conception device of such ideas, thoughts, inspirations and more.

Every thought or idea you have had has always originated from your higher mind, or your higher self. That is its purpose. In your incarnate body form, your brain is now solely as a receiving device. A device that receives information. Brains incarnate forms are constructed in this manner. Not to develop conception, only to receive conception. When your brain receives this download as you call it from your higher mind, this download of data is processed through your bodys functions, such as your senses and reality experience. You can compare this relationship of a download to the analogy of how a satellite network operates on your world. The transmission source which is the higher mind, the satellite dish which is the brain and the television screen that perceives the information, your body. This is the structure of how our reality, your thoughts, your ideas and your relationship with higher mind and higher self operates. How many civilizations exist within our DNA? You universal body type consists that of 22 different civilizations within it.

Can you define how crop circles are created and their purpose? Crop circles on your world are created through the means of sound vibration. Our sound vibration technology cannot be heard by your perception of hearing. The sound vibration generated moulds the stalks of corn in the crop fields to bend and the image is caste onto the crop field. The purpose of such crop circles is for you to decipher clues of events and even your civilizations true history as well as the confirmed existence of your ancestors. What do we need to do to turn Earth around and assist in raising her vibration? You are beginning to do this now. As more awaken and understand their true nature of who they are, more will assist in using their consciousness to become part of the whole divine consciousness of Earth. Through this oneness of collective consciousness of divinity, your focus is to assist the Earth in activating her chakra system and bringing forth new energies that will awake masses on a global scale. As those from above you world assist you in sending more cosmic light through the atmosphere of Earth, you are

performing your assigned tasks now collectively to assisting the ascension of Mother Earth as well as yourselves. Continue to follow your designated path that you were placed here to do. Let you higher self and your inner truth guide you on your path and continue your work of love and pure divinity.

Can you define why there is a non-interference ruling that prevents our ancestors from presenting themselves to us in person at this time? This universal law of non-interference is here for your protection. Because you currently exist in a state of duality, our presence of a physical nature would be devastating for the masses within your civilization. Our vibration of higher densities are so intense and so overwhelming that your mass civilizations current state of evolution could not handle the vibration we would give off. It would cause severe illness and death onto many. We love you with all of our beings and understand that this would not be the wisest course of action at this time. Not only would our physical presence shock you, but we are not here to interfere of that free will. You are free willed beings and we would not consider it our duty to be your leaders. All is equality. It is not up to us to transform Earths ascension around, this is the job of your civilization. We must respect your free will and your intentions of love and light to perform what you were brought her e to do. You were brought to Earth to turn it around and to evolve your race back into an ascended consciousness through the higher realms of existence. We are watching you now from above your skies and are always amazed with how much you have completed already. We are all very proud of each of you and are so amazed that you humans have done the IMPOSSIBLE. Turn a planet of anti-spiritualism around. The ascension is going to happen. You will all ascend and you have once again completed the tasks, or shall we say, are about to complete the tasks that you were brought her e to accomplish. Our deepest love and light to all of you brave souls of Planet Earth. When do you foresee the first initial first contact in person with our civilization? When your civilization is ready to accept us on a global level, or rather a higher majority level. We do see this happening at some point very soon,

but we will not put a date on it, dates as you know them are not important. You will understand the day that first contact will occur when it comes. You will feel it, all will feel it. And it will arrive soon. How will ascension work? Who will ascend and who wont? We see all on your planet ascending. Everyone ascends, simply because Earth can no longer exist in this third density plain of existence. So all will ascend. Those you know as the power elite, are still souls themselves and even though theyre intention is not to ascend, they are still souls, and they will come to terms with another enriching experience in their next life after this. Believe us when we say that an experience of this dualistic nature needed to happen for all of you. Remember that your existence is all about experience. You have all learned great knowledge, you have all gained such wisdom from this experience, and you have even more to gain as the days continue. Experience is the game. And you have overcome what you know as a negative form of duality, although this is not what we see, we understand that your souls within you are excited at this wild ride as you may call it through an adventure that you could define as good triumphing over evil. Although no such polarities exist on the higher realms, the human side of you resonates with such a statement. You have achieved such an experience that very few souls have. You are all enriched with such experience and you will become even more enriched to know that there are more prosperous days of experience ahead that will evolve your soul to new levels of consciousness when this fall of duality ends. Will ascension occur on an actual date or could it occur prior to such a date? There is no set date for your personal ascension or even the earths. This can occur at anytime, if you are referring in regards to the date of 2012 in December, understand that is mainly the date that ends your concept of time in this dimension of existence as well as the end of quarantine around this planet.

Can you define how quarantine works and does it end on December 21st, 2012?

Quarantine does end on December 21st 2012 as you understand time, this is correct. Quarantine itself contains that of an energy field contained around your earth preventing any other off world beings from interfering in a progressing planets affairs. We understand the Annunaki and their allied races have found ways around this before. And attempts in the past have been made to secretly remove those that have violated the laws of quarantine. However, understand that the quarantine laws are in effect and many that are observers or are of light and love are up above your skies observing your situation while at the edge of their seats. How have the Annunaki or their allied races slipped by from time to time? Their moon played a large role in this deception of slipping through the barrier of the quarantine energy field. As their moon contained teleportation technology to create a direct site to site transportation of Annunaki and other allied races to deep underground/underwater bases stationed on your earth. However, as their moon is now gone, this is no longer a threat to the intrusion of the quarantine field. Why does our sun appear like it is turning brighter and whiter? Because it itself is evolving to a new form of consciousness, to a new form of evolution. Remember that you have within your solar system three suns. The central sun itself is evolving into a larger, more powerful sun as new energies continue to flourish as your solar system passes into the galaxy further and further and deeper and deeper. Expect mass changes to occur within your solar system within the next progressing days, weeks and months of your time.

Is it true that Jupiter will be transforming into a sun? Jupiter is in a state of transformation that will evolve its form of being into that of a sun, this is correct. The effects of such a transformation are occurring now on its surface as Jupiter is preparing to ascend itself.

What is the status of the Greys? Have they completely left our

world? This is correct. The Greys as you know them have left your Earth as they have been successful in collection all the data they need based on your genetics. They will no longer be a threat to you, if you considered them as such any longer up to and even past the phase of global and civilizations ascension. Are their still Reptilians contained on the surface of earth, and if so, will they be leaving soon as well? Yes, although many of them have already left Earth. The higher families of royalty from the Annunaki have vacated quite some time age, this has allowed the lower class of third and fourth density Reptilians associated with this negative polarity to vacate Earth as well. All that remains are those you may know as middle class Reptilians who are still remaining in hopes that all will continue to abide in their favor, however, they are seeing their grasp weaken across Earths population and are considering leaving earth very soon as well. After the ascension, what do you see humanity becoming and where do you see Earth becoming? We see you becoming self-responsible. We see you becoming that once again to what you were prior to incarnation on the planes of earth, but much more enriched, evolved and experienced. You will no longer be known as human beings, but known as beings of love and light. You will become re-united with your galactic families and many more exciting experiences await your civilization after the ascension occurs.

What will our roles be as we become members of a new galactic society? It all depends on that paths you wish to choose. There are many of you who will remain with Earth and reconstruct it into hat of a new world. The new Chakta as we know it. The new Lyra where the original intentions of our world can finally come to life free of tyranny and duality. There are many of you that may incarnate to other plains of existence or travel to her

star systems to complete tasks. All have their own destiny and their own path to choose. It is all a matter of choice.

Additional Information From My Other Multidimensional Selves

Message from the Essassani 5th Dimensional Consciousness Topic: Beginnings of Humanity and Your Future We are here fellow humans of earth We are happy at this time to tell you the story as it were, regarding the beginnings that you have had. And no, we shall not dive too deeply into it as we have obviously saved that jobs for the Lyrans. What you need to understand is that all the experiences you have had from the very beginnings of your time form the current moment of your now moment, is all orchestrated. All is as it should be. You are in duality now at this moment for that experience. The Lyrans were in duality at that time for that experience. For if duality did not exist, what you know now would not be knowing in that now. The Lyrans are bench markers as you may call them for ushering in an adventure through duality. This adventure is very important for all beings in creation to experience. You need to understand that there is no true good or evil, bad or good, love or hate in that sense of duality. There is only one polarity. There is only one form of consciousness that truly exists on all plains of existence. The Lyrans were indeed the first experiment towards creating a universe of adventure. It is all part of what you know as the game. The game is here, it is the now, it is future, is it past. It is all. It is what makes existence so exciting. There needs to be duality in this density that you are in now in order for progression of soul to take place. Let the teachings of the Lyrans that you have received sink in deep as this is the story of your ancestors. This is the story of how duality began. This is the story of your origins as well. For you are soul. And whether you have been here a long time, or you are new to this universe, this is now your history of the universe you now exist in. As for your future, understand that there is a lot of changes occurring on your world now. Understand that it is you who decides what path you take in this current incarnation. There is no right or wrong path because there is no right or wrong. You are in control of your destiny as you may say. See

the world changing. It is changing very rapidly. Much will change on its surface and as well as what exists past its atmosphere. You are in for acquire a lot of surprises as time passes you by and your ascension process begins. Stay true to who you are and simply be who you are whenever you want to be that however you want to be it. No right or wrong, only experience. We thank you for this communication in this day of your time. Love and light to all of our friends and wonderful fellow souls of humanity on Planet earth. Good day to you.

The 5 Souls of Arcturian Inner Self Topic: Lyra and Earth Lyra was an ancient world. A world that is identical to your planet Earth. Lyra as we may be referred to calling it is repeating history once again. Here on earth. What is so amazing for all of you to realize is the success you are about to achieved dearest ones. It is you, all of you that will be transforming your world completely around to the way that Lyra was unsuccessful at achieving. For duality consumed the planet as well as the Lyran star. You are all very dear to all beings in this galaxy and you have overcome a large hurdle by taking that first step into bringing your civilization into balance with the earth. Earth is the next Lyra and you have all participated in a grand experiment. We have been watching you now for thousands of your years and we have watched you grown from many different periodic phases within your civilization. Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Maya to current day, you have all followed the path you were set to achieve exactly as you had planned prior to your incarnation on the Earth Plain. The next hurdle you are about to overcome is a large hurdle, but we are very confident in all of your abilities dearest friends of Earth. You are all of such love and such passion. The light is truly on your side. You must understand that no matter how big the hurdle, you are capable of leaping over it with grand air time. Remember to be true to yourself, remember the self-love is the key and please remember that all of us above are always watching you and love you all very much. See Earth become transformed into what Lyra once was. Our love to you all dearest ones of Planet earth.


The 1000 beings of Inner Earth Topic: Understanding Earth We bid you welcome. We are the 1000 beings of Inner Earth that exist as fifth dimensional form. You may know us in the familiar term of the Nephilim. We have been on Earth thousands upon thousands of years and have seen and witnessed many civilizations rise and fall. Earth has been here for a very long time and we can honestly inform all of you that we are at the grandest stage of earths history. The ending of a massive cycle. The time where we, the 1000 beings of inner earth will have the opportunity to rise to the surface during the ascension of Earth and be with all of you and learn together to make Earth the beautiful environment she deserves to be. Free of tyranny and duality. Free of pollution and disease. Free of conflict in all forms. It is a very exciting time ahead. Earth herself is a being, much like all planetary bodies and other phenomena that exists in all of creation. We are seeing a change in her dramatically. The sadness is starting to fall and happiness will be filling her oversoul. She is becoming ready to ascend further. Expect within the next coming months some massive changes in your outer environment. Earth will continue to adjust her frequency and rise her vibration. With all of you who read this must understand is that you have the ability to accelerate this process for Mother Earth. Through your consciousness you have the ability to bring the acceleration forward and assist mother Earth in getting her to become a fifth dimensional planet. Many of you may know this as your time of 2012 to where the Earth ascends, we can inform you now, as a certainty, it will be earlier than that. Understand that your date of 2012 is only a culmination time of energies to where time itself ends. After that particular date, time will cease to exist in this density, and Earth itself will no longer occupy this third density state. You are about to enter a new density where time has no meaning. Where everything is synchronous, where there is so much amazing discovery and experience that awaits you. You will become yourselves in your truest incarnate form. The entity of such wisdom and knowledge and creation. Instant manifestation, Collective consciousness of all of your race, harmony, unity, utopian in nature. There is so much love and splendor that awaits you. Be in love and in good spirits all humans that read this message. Stay strong, understand that you all have a task to perform, especially within

these next coming months as there are some major Bombshells that will be coming your way. Love and light always. Our love to you brave souls of outer Earth.

I am happy to announce that there will be a second book coming out very soon that focuses on a lot of our Intergalactic history beyond Earth. From many of the races that tie into our history to the start of duality and wars that have ensued across the galaxy for eons as we understand time. The full channeling sessions occurred over a span of 9 days and yet there is still more information that has hardly been touched on, but will be explained more thoroughly in the next upcoming book. I hope you have been enlightened by the information contained within this book. Again, I only ask that you keep an open mind on what has been expressed here as this is not about scientific explanations, mainly information coming from sources that Science hasnt really been able to explain as all knowledge truly comes from within all of us. Special thanks to the Saviors of Earth Community, 2012evolution.com, my loving inspirer whos been there for me, my good friend Clinton, and all awakeners, acquaintances, family, friends that have stood by me through this exciting journey I have been pursuing during this time of acceleration. Until next time. Be in love and light always. ~Namaste, Brad Johnson