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User manual

We really appreciate that you purchase UD series product

UD-181LA / 211LA

For ensuring the exactitude safely uses on the foundation that understands this product function completely and please must a reading book manual combine Carefully maintain it. . Forbiding is all or partly illegally replication originally manual, otherwise our company will pursue its law responsibility by law. . If contents and this product parameter of this manual have been already changed, forgive a not another line of notice. . We have already made an effort to edit this user manual to combine an examination this product, if you discover any wrong print or mistake, please tell We, we will thousand times thank.

Chapter 1:The safety guides3

Chapter 2:Prepare a work and install process 5

Chapter 3:Machine structure and enclosure8

Chapter 4:Basic operation


Chapter 5:Support guidebook21

Chapter 6:Solution of familiar problem24

Chapter 7:Technique parameter25

Chapter 1 safety guides

1.1 chapter 1 safety instructio
Please read following instruction before using your printer, obey mark is printing on board warning and instruction: 1)Don't block the openings on the printer's outer shell. 2)In the slot that don't want to insert any product to the printer, noticing don't splash the liquid to the printer in. 3)Only can use the power type of marking in the label of printer.According to the dissimilarity of the nation and the region, the attention uses220 V AC power. 4)Link all equipmentses to connecting of an adequacy in a ground of electric outlet, keep electric outlet and duplicator or air condition used from fastenning Govern the equipmentses that cut over between the on and off in the same back track. 5)Avoid using from the wall switch or the auto in fixed time the machine control of electric outlet. 6)Keep off your calculator system latent electromagnetism interference source, for example:Loudspeaker or have no rope telephone. 7)The power cable don't used to damage or worn away. 8)If use additional power cable, slicing to record the total amperage of equipments of inserting the additional power cable don't exceed The sum of the power settles amperage, moreover, slicing to record the total amperage of inserting all equipmentses on the wall don't exceed a wall top The sum of electric outlet settles amperage. 9)Don't try oneself to fix a printer. While meeting the following circumstance, cut off the power after invite experiencedmaintain personnel to support: 1)If power cable or plug damage; 2)If the liquid splashes into a printer; 3)If the printer falls off or the machine hull is damaged; 4)If the printer doesn't can operate as usual or have obvious variety on the function.

Chapter 1 safety guides chapter 1 safety instruction

1.2 use printers regulation
1)Don't by hand move to print a head under the sistuation that didn't cut off the power, otherwise may damage a printer. 2)Always use power switch to close a printer.When the key is pressed, the power will be cut off.Be cut off it in the power Front don't pull out printer plug or data line. 3)Before transporting a printer, should ensure to print the head starts position in the beginning, and fix it.

1.3 uses a regulation

1)Please the place that Mo bottle's placing could not take at the kid, don't allow the kid to drink to descend or contact Mo bottle. 2)If ink glues in the skin, please flush with soap and water.If ink splashes to the eye medium, please immediately flush with water stem Is clean, and consult a doctor. 3)Don't flutter a Mo bottle, this will result in ink's leaking. 4)The surplus quantity that keeps in mind ink in the lord Mo's bottle avoids resulting in otiose loss because of lacking Mo. 5)Usually in fixed time replace to discard a Mo bucket, avoid discarding the spillage of Mo.

1.4 printers install position

1)Put a printer in the level, stability of big on the platform of printer;If the printer tilts to one sides and adjust good machine first Machine level again carry on next move of gearing. 2)Avoid the place of violent transformation happening to temperature and degree of humidity easily;Keep printer from being subjected to keeping of sunlight, strong light or heat source Shoot;Avoid the place of easy vibration or rock. 3)Around stay in the printer an enough space is with the normal work that promises a printer. 4)Place a printer in closing to wall the place of electric outlet to make the plug easily put to pull out.

Chapter 2 prepares a work and installs the process

2.1 position environments
Keep indoor temperature scope at Of 20-30 , degree of humidity scope at Of 40-60% requests to provide with air condition and hygrometer. The machine has to keep off strong interference to radiate a source, the floor has to be neat.

The request of place:

L181LA /3080mm211LA/3380mm





The place that puts machine, or so at least vacate before or afterThe space with 900 mms!

2.2 power supplies

The printer only supports currentlyAC220 V AC power, if use atACThe environment of the 110 Vs bottom, need the electric voltage of providing with the suitable powerRise to press a machine. The printer has to be good to connect ground.(Ground line+zero line electric voltages not the ability is bigger than0.3 Vs, connecting a ground of electric resistance should be smaller than3 s.) Severely recommend an equipment UPS and the power are steady to press a machine. Notice:The LA UD-181 heats power for1200 Ws(5.5 As), printer power BE560 Ws.(2.5 As) The LA UD-211 heats power for1350 Ws(6 As), printer power BE560 Ws.(2.5 As) Note:Don't exceed the sum of the wall top electric outlet to settle amperage the total amperage that inserts all equipmentses on the wall.

Chapter 2 prepares a work and installs the process

2.3 calculator allocations request
1the basic allocation request: CPU:2.0GHz is above Memory:The 1 Gb is above Hard drive:80Gb(go to rareThe idle space with 20 Gbs) Lord plank:Have standardThe USB2.0 connects Install a netcard Operate system:MicrosoftWindows(2000, XP)

2the suggestion install a request: CPU:3.0GHz double pit above Memory:the 2 Gb is above Hard drive:200The Gb is above(UseNTFS format) Lord plank:Have standardThe USB2.0 connects Install a netcard Operate system:MicrosoftWindows(2000,XP)

Note:Recommend a customer to establish two hard drive cent area(NTFS format)s, it one is lord hard driveC:(40 Gbs)mainly deposit to apply software.AnotherA hard drive mainly deposits a picture document to wait(exceedThe 2 Gb picture document needs to be usedNTFS format to deposit). 2.4 install process 1)move the packing box to the work position, avoid fluttering 2)according to from up arrive the next sequence to tore down a wood box, check according to the packinglist if each accessories is well-found. 3)move with the loader printer to install platform, the in the interval avoids collision or makes an effort to flutter. 4)the machine after putting well adjust the level of good machine first. 5)move and fixedly spray zero partses of the car, install the other related parts of machine. 6)will spray the car is from the machine of the leftest carry to push the rightest machine to carry.The check moves to spray in the process if car and other partses contains abnormality,Leather belt and light grid spread if the feeling machine installs exactitude.

Chapter 2 prepares a work and installs the process

7)connect a printer ground, ground line+zero line electric voltages don't can be bigger than0.3 Vs, connecting a ground of electric resistance should be smaller than3 s. 8)willUSB line conjunction calculator and printer, and check if other power cables and data line are correct to put like. 9)install to print to control software in the calculator withRIP software. 10)will spray a car to move into platform in the center, switch on, spray a car to automatically reset.Place while urgently stopping a switch to impose to defend a sudden circumstance canUrgently shut down, avoid machine parts damage. 11)RIP a diagram file carries on imitating to print, examination printer other functions whether as usual work. 12)install spray a head, Mo bag, conjunction Mo bag of enter the Mo tube receive appropriation to clean a liquidin, use auto clean function, use appropriationClean a liquid to flush first to spray a head. 13)install a Mo bottle, take out Mo for the first time. 14)print test, the observation sprays an ink-jet status, and reserve state graph to make to make reference to in the days to come. 15)spray a head to adjust to try. 16)start printing.

31 machine structure part:
(1) (2) (3) (4)

Chapter 3 machine structure and the enclosure

1Left machine box 2Machine before cover 3Right machine box 4Control panel

(7) (8)

5Dry by air fan 6Discard a Mo bottle


7Accept a cloth fixed pole 8Accept a cloth balance beam


9The stainless steel list presses a round

(10)Spray a car to lead a track

(9) (11)



(11)The aluminum metal alloy works set noodles (12)Accept a system (13)Put a system

Chapter 3


machine structure and the enclosure chapter 3 machine structure and enclosure

1 The USB data connects (2)heat an electric leakage protection switch (3)lord the power electric leakage protect a switch (4)heat power switch (5)lord power switch (6)heat the power to connect (7)lord the power connect

(8)The set noodles absorbs a breeze switch (9)Accept a cloth hand to move|automatically cut over to press to twist (10)Accept cloth is turning|turn over to cut over a switch (11)The set noodles illuminates a switch

9 10 /
stop 11 auto


(12)Clean to illuminate a switch (13)Urgently stop a switch



3.3 absorb Mo system part:

(1)K ink box (2)C ink box (3)M ink box (4)Y ink box

6 7

(5)The Shan sprays (6)Pare off a slice (7)Mo mat (8)Absorb a Mo pump (9)Hydration(absorb Mo device)


Chapter 4 basic operation chapter 4 is basic to operate

4.1 characteristics Spray a head:One sprays a head(EpsonDX5); ..Resolution:1440\1080\720 DPIs\360 DPIs; ..Color:4 colors; ..Print mode:4, 6, 8, 12Pass; ..Picture exportation:File orTCP|IP(sideThe Rip side prints); ..The exportation previews:Can chasePrn|the prt document is bornThe bmp small diagram document carries on again to preview to show; ..Spray a work:Can freely be in use|stop each row to spray bore Mo; ..The intelligence prints:Automatically jump white function; ..Manies print:Can establish print manies in a row, or a few different diagrams print in a row; ..The automatic Shan sprays:Can establish to print medium the Shan spraying a car to return to home position spray and be advantageous to stablely printing. ..Need machine Shan to spray:Preventfrom spraying head is doing not print a status next head; ..Color:Preventfrom spraying a concretion, the supervision sprays a status, can establish appearance and the distance, width position of of color; ..Parameter adjustment:Print win whole adjustable spray a step to enter parameter; ..Print a direction:Is one-way to left and one-way rightwards, double to; ..Go to heaven as a fairy:Used for falsely turningPASS edge; ..Clean system:Automatically clean to spray a head, have never needed to use outside tool(inject a machine) to clean; ..Control panel:Match with a control panel use, the convenience operates; ..Is medium|English interface:Convenience your use.


4.2 plank card system
Spray a control plank
Encoder Sensor connect Work light

Chapter 4 basic operation

Power light

Long voltage cable connect

Optical fiber connect

Printerhead cable connect 1

Printerhead cable connect 2 Ink pump connect

Main board
X driver DB connect Power connect Y driver DB connect

Work light Power llight

USB connect 12 Optical fiber connect

Note:1.From switch on to spray a car to reset hydration, the figures takes care of indicator at show one by one in order for:A.140.Lord plank and sprayThe head controls plank similar. 2. 20Pin
3 Under normal work status, RUN light often Shan, the LINK light is often bright, the BUSY light is often bright(spray car sport main plank ofBUSY light Is bright, hold still to often put out), the ERROR light often puts out.(BE printing to come amiss or the tectonic plate procedure come amiss bright)

4.3 print the gearing of controling the software

This software is gather a printer of drive, adjustment and picture print for the software of integral whole.Will introduce its operate system for you, andThe gearing of software. Underneath we will introduce it to install process for you, please carry on gearing according to the following step
1) 1)Start a calculator, until the system completely readies to and copy UDT_PrintExp The pppp edition software compression wraps a computer and relieve stress hrink to get UDT_PrintExp document clips.Starts carrying on

gearing, is shown as diagra 2double click to install a document


3) WillThe USB line links calculator and printer, and switch on, the computer hints to discover new hardware:

Chapter 4 basic operation

Browse to find outThe UDT_PrintExp document clips an inside PrintDrv_new

Gearing after completing the equipments manages a machine will show as above diagram.Complete to install to print to control software.

1)The lord interface introduces:Clip to find out the software procedure diagram mark in the document of software place, Double click to open to control software,Now the following dialog box, the choice recognizes tacitly of the first allocation document:

4.4 The understanding of lord interfaces


Chapter 4 basic operation

Tool column Print to make The industry deposits Path Can print The picture Treat to print a homework Be ready for print
Status column

2) Tool column

Passing to operate a tool column can quickly carry out the inest common use order in the software and up north route from left arrive right one by one in order for open the document, parameter constitution options and print to make Industry, stop print, stopping to print, clean to spray head and Shan to spray a constitution and spray a car to reset, spray a car left shift, spray a car right move, backward returned material, make headway to anticipate, The test sprays a status and perpendicular school quasi-, the electric voltage adjust and concerning. Next the line adjust to tread from is left to right one by one in order for the white the side the constitution, the ambulation the value the constitution, print into be worth, print in the adjustment double to be worth, print a speed constitution, list double

3) Status column

From left arrive right are respectively:The printer links status and Shan to spray a function switch and spray car position to show.


4.5 softwares adjust to try

Chapter 4 basic operation

1. Spray a status:The gearing sprays a head and note after Mo complete, please print first to spray a state graph, mainly observe whether the color preface is correct and whether have a needle\be partial to needleCircumstance."Spray a status" fast button is in the position of software lord interface:

The quasi- front of school, must first"go to heaven as a fairy" a function close.

2.The perpendicular school is quasi-:Spraying a perpendicular school is quasi-, the main observation sprays whether a physical position is perpendicular: (This one step if don't tune up, will directly influence behind of adjust to try and beat the quality of diagram) "The perpendicular school is quasi-" fast button is in the position of software lord interface:

The school is quasi- to spray a head physics is perpendicular: Print out the straight line as basis for the first time, looking into the straight line that prints for the second time is be not align with the straight line perpendicularity printing for the first time, if don't align Want to adjust to spray a base to come to school to be quasi-!As follows three kinds of circumstances: Circumstance a:Twice print perpendicularity to align, the following diagram shows:

Print for the second time

Print for the first time Don't need correction. Circumstance two:Spray a head to print into left be partial to move, the following diagram shows: Print for the second time

Print for the first time


Revise a method:
A first spray a fixed three fixed bolts twist to loosen, the following diagram:

Chapter 4 basic operation

The B and agreeable hour hand twists to regulate bolt, as follows:

Circumstance three:Spray a head to print into right be partial to move, the following diagram shows: Print for the second time

Print for the first time

Revise a method:
A, first spray a fixed three fixed bolts twist to loosen, the following diagram:
The B and negative hour hand twists to regulate bolt, as follows:

Notice:Print perpendicular school after finishing regulating each time quasi- before the diagram, have to re- lock to tightly spray a fixed three fixed bolts!If once Can not tune up, again and again many adjustments, until the straight line that prints out for the second time and print out straight line perpendicularity to align for the first time.
3.Each color school is quasi-:(set color form)Each color prints quasi- purpose in the school is is quasi- the different color school to align to print out a perfect effect picture Explain:With"0" for basis, "0" position whether colorful line and black line is completely layer after layer, if be not, will find out to lap over a best line Frame, will it to should of number plus the original number in"set color form", write in "set color form" again. If is "0" don't weigh to match, we will carry on correction in the software at this time, choose a software lord interface"constitution"-"the deviation corrects"-"setColor form", the following diagram:

Chapter 4 basic operation

In the foundation of number againAdd to be partial to move a value.

After inputing a data, again tee off each quasi- diagram to color school.Observe whether"0" positions weighs to match, again and again several times, until is the best.

4. Double to school quasiDouble to school quasi- for promising while printing different speed, double to have no or so shunt a phenomenon.While printing speed occurrence to change, have to carry on a double to The school is quasi- just can print out perfect quality. -8 -16 -4 8 16 0 4



With"0" is basis, if"0" positions didn't align and carried on school through a software quasi-.Choose a software lord the interface "constitution"-"the deviation correct

In this importation number, want at originally numberOf foundation up carry on adding or reduce an operation, loseAfter being over order a "application", then order"beatPrint quasi- diagram in the school"carry on an examination

-"Double to school quasi-", the following diagram: In this importation number, want at originally number Of foundation up carry on adding or reduce an operation, lose After being over order a "application", then order"beat Print quasi- diagram in the school"carry on an examination. Carry on adjusting to try for many times, until print of in quasi- diagram in the school, "0" positions align.

5.It's quasi- to tread into school

"Treading into school is quasi-" "establish"s in the software lord interface-"the deviation corrects"-"treading into school is quasi-", the following diagram:

Chapter 4 basic operation

Need to be fixed in this importation

Positive number. Quasi- step in the school enters, first quasi- basis in the school treads into, other Pass' treading into a value will tread into an automatic calculation according to the basis, tiny while physically printing adjust.Click a dozen Print quasi- diagram in the school:

Want to carry on+2 operations.

With"0" is basis, if"0" positions, two lines didn't lap over, will pass software school quasi-, as above diagram. If adjust after trying to finish, carry on a dozen of diagram tests, the different material will have certain deviation, according to physically printing out appearance for quasi-, saw don't draw back or layer after layer Of place, carry on a side to print side adjustment, until print out satisfied effect. Suggest:When the adjustment treads into, first go to heaven as a fairy a close, will tread into adjust into the best, see print of whether picture has obviously PASS way;If Have obviously PASS way, from go to heaven as a fairy A beginning upwards adjusts, until the effect is the best. Arrive this software to adjust to try to complete.

4.6 other function parameters explain

1) Spray an electric voltage constitution
While being higher in the environment temperature if spray a head to print to appear hair falsely circumstance, can pass to adjust to spray an electric voltage to work out this problem.The scope that its electric voltage adjusts BE -The 42 Vs goes to+1.3 Vs.


2)Other parameters establish
In the software main interface up click a "constitution", appear the following dialog box:

Printing a constitution is elaborated on as follows: 1....The Shan sprays frequency: Point to spray the Shan that the car sprays a head when the Shan sprays to spray frequency while doing not print a task. 2....Clean: Select "automatically clean" to namely mean to print process in, separate each time how much The pass returns to Shan to spray a Shan to spray; Print number of times partition to print to separate how much each time The pass returns to Shan to spray a Shan to spray; The cleaning mode cleans for Shan spraying; Clean time to there are three optionses, "quick" mean to print to return to Shan to spray in the process a Shan didn't make deadlock while spraying and"medium"ed to mean the Shan once sprays a Shan to sprayIs 0.5, "slow" Mean that once the Shan sprays a Shan to spray1. 3.the edge go to heaven as a fairy: Go to heaven as a fairy a constitution item, can establish to print to use to go to heaven as a fairy in the process or not use.The customer can print an in the process by decrease according to the point that need to be chosen to go to heaven as a fairyNow ofPass way.Recognize tacitly currently of go to heaven as a fairy a type for"random". 4.colourful:Print to print in the process the colourful prints a head to print status and avoids for the sake of the better protection because air temperature, dry degree and print the dissimilarity of color but arouse not Good effect.(for example break Mo etc.) The colourful parameter totally has three parts to constitute and use to make sure in the process of printing respectively in whether print colourful, the position of colourful printed, and the breadth of colourful The distance of of degree and distance appearance;Width and distance unit established are all millimeters. There are total of three optionses in"colourful position" options, respectively BE:"The left side of the diagram", "the right side of the diagram" is with"figure two sides". 5.Automatically jump white: Can choose that the use automatically jumps white function, carry out intelligence to print. 6.Automatically walk after finishing printing paper: Automatically walk after canning establish to print completion the distance of paper, unit is millimeter.


5 30






, . .


5.4 support everyday 1)must print to spray a state graph before shutting down, ensure that the status that spray a head is normal. 2)close software, spray a car to automatically return to hydration, then close the power, keep to spray a car in hydration. 3)first bedew appropriation to clean a liquid to wipe to wash Mo mat and pare off a slice with the clean cotton stick before switching on every day, preventfrom ink because of dry whole piece, remain In the top.

5.5 short dates shut down to support(3-7 day) 1.Mo bag enter Mo a carry with enter the Mo tube break to open, at this time Mo bag enter once the Mo carry to connect atmosphere, at software lord the interface press to clean a button and choose Choose common mode, draw out ink in the Mo bag first.(This operation carries on twice) 2.Enter Mo bag to Mo a carry to pass extension a tube to link into appropriation to clean a liquid in, click to clean a button, together with Mo bag with spray a head to clean together. (This operation carries on three times) 3.Take out an extension tube, let it connect atmosphere, click to clean button clean a liquid to eject as far as possible inside the Mo bag.Using a will take care of road to seal completely Like, will spray a car to press back an original point hydration. 5.6shut down to support over a long period of time(longer than a week) 1.must print to spray a state graph before shutting down, ensure to spray a head to be placed in the best Mo status. 2.Mo bag enter Mo a carry with enter the Mo tube break to open and let an ink's automatic reflux to ink box.


3.Mo bag enter Mo a carry to pass extension to take care of to connect into appropriation to clean a liquid in, at software lord the interface press to clean a button and choose depth mode. K, C, M, the Y sequence is pure to clean four sets of color passages and clean a color passage three other color The way is sealed with a .Mo bag with spray a head to clean together. Press

4.Use to clean a liquid to clean Mo bag with spray a head later on, let the Mo bag connect atmosphere, clicking to clean a button will spray inside the head, Mo bag and clean a liquid as far as possible Draw out.Then seal Mo bag to enter Mo with an a carry.

5.Take out four Mo tubes(KCMY) in the ink box, link into appropriation to clean a liquid through an extension tube in;Conjunction Mo bag a carry of connect to connect through an extension tube pump in the Mo of the entrance carry.


Check USB data line whether getting in touch with is good or damage, whether driving of USB data line is normal to install.Re- installPrintExpSoftware. 6.2 after switching on, spray a car to not and automatically reset: The check sprays a control plank and the lord knothole figures tube, whether Link indicator is bright, such as not bright please check fiber-optic line to connect if the method is correct,Check horizontal electrical engineering to drive signal line and code if the line exactitude connects to go into;Re- burn to write the lord plank firmware procedure. 6.3 after switching on, spray a car anti- to sport: Check horizontal electrical engineering actuator signal line, code line whether the exactitude connect go into;Re- burn to write the lord plank firmware procedure. 6.4 print to appear a wrong in the process a phenomenon: Check a machine part, the electrical engineering synchronously takes to have no with wheel gear already loose move or whet bad, didn't jump a Chi phenomenon;The electrical engineering light grid code dish whetherDamage;Whether check light grid is dirty and row harm or install an incorrect phenomenon;The check light grid decodes whether the machine contains dirt or damage, long Time appears to read to throw phenomena like pulse,etc after working.(Please keep off strong interference sources, such as magnetic field and electric voltage motion...etc.;Can with computer and spray to draw a machine electricityJoin a Zao voice before the source filter to improve) 6.5 print to appear in the process disorderly code of or crash phenomenon: Whether check fiber optic is intact;The check sprays whether a flat line is intact;Check lord plank The DB signal goes to servo actuator signal whether line hasGetting in touch with is bad and damages a phenomenon;CheckUSB data line whether getting in touch with is good or damage, replace a computerUSB connects;Check machineWhether computer is intact, press the standard to connect ground. 6.6 print to appear to break a Mo phenomenon in the process: Check if the Mo bag leaks air to cause ink reflux;Whether check has materials like thin fibril,etc to glue to attach is spraying a surface;Check environmentWhether temperature leads Gao; 6.7 could not print Mo: Check whether the plank card switches on electricity as usual and spray a flat line if the exactitude connects like;Check if the Mo bag has ink;Whether fiber optic is intact. 6.8 print of portrait up appear a ripples of water line: Should immediately stop printing at this time, completely sweep to spray a car to lead a track and spray axle to accept.If the problem remains, ask local business agent to send a professional skill The Shu member maintains.


UD-181LA / 211LA Epson DX5 1 1800mm 1830mm (m2/h) UD-181LA 16 11 9 9 5 UD-211LA 17 12 10 10 6 CMYK 1 1830mm PS kg USB2.0 210mm MaintopUltraprint PhotoPrintShirazWasatch
AC 220V/230V50Hz/60Hz


RIP UD-181LA / UD-211LA UD-181LA UD-211LA

L3080xW960xH1280mm/232Kg L3380xW960xH1280mm/233Kg L3190xW1080xH1530mm/414Kg L3490xW1080xH1530mm/415Kg