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CTA Proposal JULY 19, 2012 ARTICLE III - WORKING CONDITIONS Section C - Professional Qualifications And Assignments

1. Employees shall be given an opportunity to express their preference of grade, subject taught and preferred planning period each year. The Principal, however, shall have the authority for the assignment of employees within a school in keeping with provisions of this Agreement. Employees shall receive teaching assignments no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the UAT placement period outlined in Article IV, Section E 4 of this agreement. Assignments shall not be arbitrary and/or capricious and may be appealed through the grievance process. a. Employees with an effective evaluation shall remain in their current teaching assignments unless they give a preference to move. Employees who were required to move their classrooms/offices or were reassigned during the previous year shall not be moved or reassigned for a minimum of three (3) years, unless they indicate such preference. b. Employees shall be given their first preference for grade level / subject taught, and/or planning period at least once every three years, if a vacancy exists at the school site in which they teach. c. When a school loses a unit, employees with the least seniority at that school shall be the first to be reassigned within the school unless an employee with more seniority wishes to volunteer in accordance with Article IV, Section E 1A. 2. An employee shall not be assigned to a grade level and/or subject area that is not within the scope of his/her certificate except in extenuating circumstances and with the specific approval of such out-of-field assignment by the Chief Personnel Officer. The Chief Personnel Officer shall inform the Association, in writing, each time an employee is given an out-of-field assignment. The parties agree that all efforts will be taken to avoid an out-of-field assignment without the affected employee's consent. Any employee who has an out-of-field assignment shall not suffer a contract termination or non-reappointment by virtue of being assigned out-of-field. An employee who is assigned out-of-field for more than one (1) period shall not remain assigned to an out-of-field assignment for more than one (1) school year or partial school year without his/her consent. When assigned to an out-of-field position, the evaluator of such employee shall note on the evaluation that he/she is in an out-of-field assignment. 3. Secondary employees shall not be assigned to more than two (2) distinct academic fields or be assigned to more than three (3) distinct preparations that can be distinguished by recognized differences in content and that require additional preparation time unless there is no other employee at the school with only two (2) preparations who is certified to instruct the class and who is not already assigned to instruct an additional period. In such situations, a secondary employee may be assigned to four (4) preparations. It is understood that without his/her concurrence, a secondary employee may not be assigned to four (4) preparations for two consecutive school years. The parties further agree that the negotiated changes to this paragraph will be as a District-wide pilot and unless the parties agree to continue or to continue with negotiated notifications to this paragraph, the negotiated changes to this paragraph will sunset at the expiration of this Agreement. A secondary ESE employee while teaching ESE students may be assigned to all subject areas for which he/she is certified to teach.

CTA Proposal JULY 19, 2012 ARTICLE III - WORKING CONDITIONS Section C - Professional Qualifications And Assignments 4. The parties agree that enrollment shifts and other extenuating factors may prevent the finalization of assignments prior to the opening of school. The parties also recognize that it is desirable for employees to know their assignments as soon as possible. Accordingly, each employee shall be given a tentative assignment in writing for the next school year prior to the last day of duty for the current year. In keeping with the provisions of this Agreement, if changes in assignments must be made after the last duty day, the administration shall not make such changes ten (10) days prior to the first duty day for employees. When an assignment needs to be changed after the last duty day the administration shall notify the employee by phone, with a follow-up by mail, within ten (10) calendar days of the change, in order to maximize preparation time. 5. In keeping with the Memorandum Of Understanding agreed to by the parties on March 27, 2002, employees who are Experts-In-The-Field are provided the salary, benefits and all rights afforded to other employees represented by the Association to the extent permitted by law and rules of the Florida Department of Education.