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Thank you for your interest in our market!

Date of Market: Saturday November 10th 2012 Open to public: 10am to 2pm Location: Indoors and on the grounds at Ashby Primary School, 2 Lawton Ave Geelong West
Friends of Ashby Primary School are holding a market to support our music and art programs. We are also aiming to provide a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere in which our stallholders can showcase their talents and homemade produce and crafted goods. In the sustainable spirit of the school we are encouraging that stalls are handmade, reuse or recycle vintage goods, have a positive environmental impact and feature high quality items. Importantly we are not a trash and treasure market and reserve the right to refuse stalls that would fit better in another market atmosphere. We hope you look forward to joining us on the 10th Nov and help us to build links with the community and have some fun!

The Nitty Gritty! Please read carefully and be sure to contact us if you have any specific requirements we aim to have everyones day run smoothly.
Setup Times Setup is available from 8am to 10am. Stall areas will be already allocated on the basis of first in registration so no need to rush to get your spot it will be held for you! To minimize vehicle traffic within the schoolyard we would encourage you to bring in your items from the parking area by hand (trolley!) where possible. Vehicle access is from Lawton Ave and pedestrian gate on Waratah St. (see map) Once settled we appreciate it if you have time to move your car. It will maximize parking for patrons. Please be considerate of our residential neighbours. Packing Up Again please try to minimize vehicle traffic. No vehicles will be allowed to move on site until all patrons have left. Please see a market official for permission. Stallholders are responsible for cleaning their stall space. We encourage recycling and minimal use of plastic bags where possible. You must take all your litter and packaging away with you at the end of the market so it also makes sense to minimize the amount you have with you. We will be advertising the event as bring your own bag to help here. Insurance Stallholders are encouraged to maintain their own insurance for loss, damage or injury. No Dogs or Smoking on School Grounds. As per Department of Education regulations we are unable to allow dogs, livestock or smoking on school grounds. Smoking is allowed outside the gates. Please take care of your butts.

Food Stalls Food stallholders must adhere to Environmental Health guidelines for food handling and off site preparation. (Please bring appropriate certificates with you to display on your stall.) You may be required to apply for a temporary food premises permit from the City of Greater Geelong. A copy must be attached to your stall application. Decoration of Stalls We encourage you to make your stalls as pretty and inviting as you wish but please remember you are not allowed to nail or staple notices or decoration to school property or trees.


Toilets Onsite toilets are available for stallholders and patrons may use public toilets opposite Waratah St. Pricing of Stalls In addition to raising money for our school children we hope to make the market a worthwhile and positive experience for our stallholders by keeping our fees reasonable. Stalls are $20 each (payment on registration). In addition, we are asking for 10% of your takings on the day. So for example if you sell $40 worth of items you would be asked to give us $4 at the close of the market! $200 = $20. We trust in your honesty and will not be asking to see receipts etc! This should be a fair system and not require you to outlay a large sum for a stall before the event. Envelopes will be provided for your 10% contribution on the day. Stall Size and Allocation Stalls are 2 m x 2 m indoors. Outdoor stalls are also available and we may allocate you extra space outside. Please specify your preference at booking. All stall positions will be allocated on a first come first choice basis as you register and pay for your site. If you require power to your stall we need to know when you register as there is limited access. A limited number of trestles and tables and are also available to hire for $5 each please advise us if you require one when you register so you dont miss out. Advertising We will be advertising the market on the radio, in print media, our school website, the Friends of Ashby Blog, via posters in local businesses and on the Garage Sales, Markets and Fairs website (www.geelonggaragesalesandmarkets.com) We hope that stallholders will help promote the event and their own involvement through their own websites and by taking some posters to put up in their local area. Updates or Questions We will keep you updated via the Friends of Ashby Blog.(www.friendsofashby.blogspot.com). Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions beforehand! You may call Tracy Raby on 0430276688 or email her on rabytracy@hotmail.com

Registration Form ** Please note : Please contact us first to confirm stall availability before paying your fee at the school! Thank you. Name.. Name of Business... Postal Address.. ..postcode. Email .. Website.. Contact Phone nos Please give us a brief description of your products . . Please tell us of any special requirements and we will try to assist you!..................................................................................................... .. Payment Stall fee $20..... Total $.................................... Table/Trestle $5 .x=. Stall : Indoors.. Outdoorsplease note preference

Payment is cash or cheque. Cheques made out to Ashby Primary School and cash paid in person at the Ashby Primary School Office. Please note your stall payment secures your registration and must be made before the event. Please leave a copy of your registration form with your payment. Alternatively you may email your registration form to the Friends of Ashby treasurer, Tracy Raby at friendsofashby@gmail.com

Please note the market will not be cancelled due to inclement weather and refunds will not be given for non attendance. Dont forget to attach a copy of your temporary food premises permit. I agree to the comply with the principles of the Ashby Primary School Market Signed Date.

Thankyou for your support and we look forward to welcoming you to our school and market!

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