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Packaged Evolution
Human Consciousness, Evolution and Reincarnation in a Parallel, Intelligent Universe

and how a plug-in provided the origin of language

This is a true story about the human race. It shows how a parallel universe with a plug-in can describe God, universes, human evolution, reincarnation, population growth, the brain, consciousness, thought processes, free will, language, communication, questions, the big bang, death, the self, karma, judgment, atheism, love, religion, spiritual awareness, meditation, acupuncture, the placebo effect, prayer, intelligent design, mental illnesses, miscarriage, the meaning of life, heaven, hell and much more.

This is an extract of an 80+ page document. Please register your interest in learning about or expanding the theory via the website www.atotalawareness.com

I would be happy to focus my energy and attention on fascinating and challenging intellectual issues. Among them are many that arise with regard to the nature, use, acquisition and origin of human language. - Noam Chomsky, November 2009

Save your energy. The advanced functions enable you to think using language. They are the origin of human language. With the package installed, everything else, including the ability to use a spoken language, follows naturally.

The human brain is a work in progress. According to Charles Darwins theory of evolution it has been evolving for millions of years. This model claims that as part of that evolutionary process, the brain has gained the ability to preserve its most highly advanced functions beyond its natural lifetime. That is, to pass them on to a future generation. Such an achievement would undoubtedly provide a useful, competitive, evolutionary advantage.

Thought processes are recursive. Thoughts are generated by adding information through trial and error to a process until a solution (words to be spoken) is achieved. Evolution is also a recursive process. Genetic information is added to a process through trial and error until a solution (adaptation to an environment) is achieved.

This model claims that thought processes are determined by a combination of primitive functions, provided genetically by a physical host, and advanced functions, provided by a package. They are in a constant tug-of-war to dominate consciousness.

Cognitive scientists often refer to a cognitive reserve being like software of the mind. Research shows that the cognitive reserve is more resilient than brain hardware. According to this model, the reason is that it is part of an indestructible package.

Primitive functions

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This model classifies the human brains thought processes as either primitive functions or advanced functions. Primitive functions clearly dominate consciousness during the early stages of childhood development. Primitive functions are provided by primitive, genetically-inherited neural networks. They are programmed by nature for survival and they are responsible for the sensations of pain, suffering and fear. They have evolved over millions of years. Their actions are predetermined.

Primitive functions (computing) are programmed (computing) into the brain using impulsive neural networks (computing) (biology) and they are often associated with impulsive behavior (like this), typical of chimpanzees and other primitive creatures. They form the id, ego and super-ego components of Sigmund Freuds psychic apparatus.

Advanced functions

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This model describes advanced (language) functions as highly evolved mental attributes such as altruism, creativity, spirituality and an ability to override primitive functions. All of those attributes are governed by ways of thinking. Every way of thinking is implemented as a complex piece of computer software (set of rules) residing inside a package (computing). They are accessed via an interface that partly resides in the brains prefrontal cortex and feeds into other areas of the brain that use complex information, such as speech centers (Brocas area, Wernickes area). They did not arrive as a result of random Darwinian evolution. These functions provide higher consciousness. Advanced functions are installed into the brain by a special process.

This model claims that these functions manage thought sequences structured in the language of thought. Even people of extremely low intelligence are gifted with this extremely high level ability. Thoughts that are structured in the language of thought can be translated to and from spoken languages with relative ease. Language becomes a simple fact of life. Using it requires the brain to utilise a number of concepts familiar to computer science such as parsing and lexical analysis. This could not possibly be achieved by primitive functions. The ego plays an important judgment role in the formation of complex thoughts. It can veto (Benjamin Libet) results created by the advanced functions, preventing them from entering conscious awareness. Scientists believe this confirms that free will does not exist - which is incorrect. The advanced functions in combination with the power of veto provide the what, whereas free will provides the when, if ever, to deliver it to another person or people.

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

Primitive functions

(anger, fear, hatred, revenge, opportunism, judgment, territorial behavior, greed, arrogance, selfishness etc)
Neural networks


Stimulus Primitive, impulsive result

Fight, scream, stare, hate, judge etc or nothing

Advanced functions (altruism, enhanced awareness/understanding/intuition/love, self-control, spirituality, compassion, creativity etc) Package
Advanced functions (ways of thinking)

Stimulus Controlled result

Speak, imagine, meditate, create, solve etc or nothing

Modern science is not aware of the architecture (above) of the advanced functions. Here is a modern scientific (primitive) view, describing the brain as a city containing interconnected highways.

The great leap forward

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Eventually the brain made an important breakthrough. It developed an ability to be reprogrammed. It evolved to a point where a plug-in (computing) could be installed. Software could be installed from a package and the brain could manage that software. The brain has an ability to manage packages of advanced functions. It can use them and, as you will see later, change them.

According to this model, the great leap forward occurred before the arrival of anatomically modern humans. The scientific definition of the great leap forward is the emergence of modern human behaviour, but the scientific community is heavily divided over how and when it occurred. Human behavior has evolved gradually in line with the evolution of the brain and the speech apparatus. Basic communication skills including a gestural sign language predated the ability to communicate effectively probably by hundreds of thousands of years. The critics of gestural theory fail to understand that gesturing is a more comprehensive system of communication than pitch-based vocal communication. Advanced language arrived suddenly. The skills arrived gradually. A package can be thought of as an inheritable unit, just like genetic material. The human brain is a symbiotic gateway (computing) between two universes. It evolves towards both of those universes.

Darwinian evolution

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

Darwinian evolution provided the brain with an ability to install advanced components into the executive regions of the brain. When it provided the brain with the ability to manage packages, the role of Darwinian evolution in the evolution of mankind had served its useful purpose. Charles Darwin has handed over the baton

The brains neural network software responsible for consciousness can be thought of as a Web browser (computing) and the advanced functions can be thought of as an advanced plug-in.


2009 www.atotalawareness.com

During early pregnancy the reincarnation (installation) begins. An attachment is made to the brain, followed by the installation of a package that completes as the brain matures, providing the brain with the functions and apparatus required to think using language and to communicate using language. This provides a platform (computing) for reincarnation.

It is logical to think that information from the growing body is reverse-engineered (computing) into the maturing brain, providing an effective means of channeling energy and anxiety throughout the body later in life. The brain contains a mapping or index (computing) of the body. This could help to explain acupuncture, phantom limbs and the placebo effect. The primitive, physical brain is closely related to the body. It is also a conduit for highly advanced thought processes. This is a dualist solution to the mind-body problem. So what happens if reincarnation doesnt occur? Because of the competitive advantage provided by language, the human brain has evolved a requirement for it. Without it, a miscarriage occurs. Many language difficulties and psychological problems can emerge during the installation. Science struggles to cope with the subject because it isnt aware of the relationships between evolution, reincarnation, packaging and language.


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A language plug-in would be compatible with any suitable brain that allowed reprogramming.

As the individual matures, advanced features emerge such as advanced speech, creativity and spirituality. These are all related to being able to think in a language. The brain requires a compatible interface. From earthly experience, suitable means brains of bipedal hominids.


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The developing brain eventually reaches a stage of readiness for the attachment and installation to begin.

It is possible that a womans anxiety levels could have an influence on availability/readiness. Nature seems to use anxiety as a tool to indicate readiness. PMT, postnatal depression and menopause are associated with anxiety and not being ready. It is possible that anxiety is used as a trigger for termination when there is no installation. Independent research has indicated a link between miscarriages and anxiety. The wide variation in the scientific data on miscarriage reflects a lack of quality research.


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A planet reaches a significant milestone when a home-grown brain can host a space-traveler.

The cranial capacity in fossil evidence of the Homo genus is the best guide to when and where advanced consciousness appeared on earth. Paleontologists should be able to decide whether evidence relates to a primitive or advanced individual. It is theorized that as the brain has tripled in size over 5 million years of human evolution the prefrontal cortex has increased in size sixfold. - Wikipedia

Language may shape human thought - suggests a counting study in a Brazilian tribe whose language does not define numbers above two. - New Scientist magazine, August 2004

According to this model, language does shape human thought. There is no doubt. The fundamental difference between the thought patterns of humans and primitive creatures is that humans have the added ability to think in a language. It is surprising that science has trouble accepting such a simple concept.

Language of thought

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According to this model, an intrinsic, primitive language such as Jerry Fodors language of thought (LOT) or at least a common universal grammar is at the root of advanced thought processes. It is used all the time by human brains. It can only be processed by complex, highly structured software which cannot evolve by random processes. Advanced functions based on this language are included in the package. They define the way that people think about things at a high level. This language does not play a role in primitive, instinctive thought patterns. This language operates at a subconscious level. The brain can translate thought sequences into the spoken (native) language when required.

Species that use the language of thought are the beneficiaries of reincarnation. The language of thought and reincarnation are inextricably linked. The highly structured software that converts external stimulus into the language of thought cannot evolve through Darwinian evolution. It is part of a package that evolves via an orderly, controlled process across lifetimes. This scientific literature claims that language resulted from changes in two amino acids. This is no more than a crude attempt to describe an incredible process. This one claims that language resulted from increased working memory and a few genetic mutations. If this was the case, chimpanzees and other primates would have developed language skills long, long ago. As we have seen, although the amount of memory is important, the thought process is more important and extremely complex. Theories about the origin of language are constantly changing. Science struggles with the subject.

The most obvious objection to reincarnation is that there is no evidence of a physical process by which a personality could survive death and travel to another body. - Wikipedia

This model deals directly with that objection. The advanced functions are a true representation of personality. They are the rules that determine how people think. The physical process is the installation. It is possible that by studying events during the early stages of fetal development in more detail, evidence of reincarnation will begin to appear and the scientific community will be satisfied.

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Mental conditions like anxiety, bipolar disorder, dementia, epilepsy, migraines, schizophrenia, Tourettes syndrome (and countless others) can be better understood when you understand the complex challenges that the primitive, vulnerable human brain is trying to cope with. Unfortunately, the human brain cant always be fixed or enhanced. It is a role of nature to fix physical problems of the brain and body. Living in a complex modern society worsens all of these mental conditions. The brain is thrashing (computing) while struggling to use the right functions and maintain the right mental state (computing). Natures requirement to share information places increasing stress on the brain as the amount of information increases. Language plays a role in most mental illnesses.
Hereditary mental illnesses can result from primitive parts of the brain having trouble coping with the requirements of language. This article contains scientific views about the relationship between evolution and depression. This article is a guide to how common depression is in Western society. According to this model, depression can be a by-product of language and information sharing. Remember also that the subconscious basis (root) of every question is a problem (I have a problem because). Anxiety increases. Theory: ADHD symptoms are reduced as language skills improve in the maturing brain. This model can probably be used to describe nearly every mental illness. A forum will be created. Science struggles.


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For reincarnation to succeed the package must be protected. According to this model, reincarnation does succeed. The structural definition of the package is protected during and between lifetimes because it resides in a parallel universe, permanently attached to the brain via a connection to an interface (computing) inside the brain. The interface provides the brain with access to language skills. We are in both universes at the same time! Your consciousness switches between them seamlessly according to your situation. Because ways of thinking are preserved (and, for most people at least, information is not), some people are able to be philosophical about certain topics without having the personal experience to support their case.
Evidence from identical twins shows that personality traits (twins-aggression) derived from primitive areas (including memory) of the brain show a strong correlation, while advanced personality traits (twins-creativity) show no more correlation than those of people chosen at random. You have a primitive personality, which has a strong genetic basis and an advanced personality, which has a weak genetic basis. Your consciousness switches between them. The parallel universe is a younger, smaller universe than the one you are aware of. According to this model, part of our thinking occurs in the parallel universe. It is not something that is only accessible after death. Clearly, ways of thinking about a God or Gods are integrated into the package. They are a fundamental human trait.

Dualism of mind and brain

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

At this point in time most of the scientific community prefers the materialist view that only the brain (matter) is responsible for consciousness. They claim that the mind is simply a result of processes in the brain. But according to this model, the development of the human brain and the human mind are heavily influenced by the contents of the package. The human brain is not just derived from genetic information (and environmental factors). The advanced functions are integrated into the operation of the brain, producing a mind that genetics alone could not possibly account for. Without the advanced functions the brain would be primitive. It would be simply designed to navigate the primitive forces of life on earth, just like the brain of a monkey.

This model includes a dynamic environment that has not been investigated by modern science in its ongoing failure to produce a meaningful understanding of consciousness. Here is a formal list of references to thousands of scientific papers about consciousness. Despite a wealth of knowledge resulting from the investment of trillions of dollars, science hasnt come close to producing a formal definition of consciousness.

Because humans express their conscious states using language, it is tempting to equate language abilities and consciousness. There are, however, speechless humans (infants, feral children, aphasics, severe forms of autism), to whom consciousness is attributed despite language lost or not yet acquired. Moreover, the study of brain states of non-linguistic primates, in particular the macaques, has been used extensively by scientists and philosophers in their quest for the neural correlates of the contents of consciousness - Wikipedia

This model claims that human consciousness is a product of both advanced (language of thought) and primitive functions, but primitive functions provide consciousness in their own right. The advanced functions provide additional functionality. Science is beginning to understand that there is more to language than just speaking and listening. This recent article shows that creating sign language uses the same parts of the brain that are used to create speech. Deaf people with Tourettes Syndrome have been reported to swear in sign language. Scientists will eventually understand that such regions of the brain are part of a language interface. In the meantime they struggle with the basics.


2009 www.atotalawareness.com

According to this model, certain events trigger management processes inside the brain. New ways of thinking can be produced by certain events, such as thinking, speaking, listening to others speak and by dramatic events. For most people the urge to think is just as accessible as the urge to speak. It provides the ability to think intuitively, which in turn provides more opportunities for change. For some people thinking about thinking is a very real problem, probably due to interference. You have the ability to decide when to say something or think about saying something and therefore you also have free will. Free will is an adaptation of the human brain to a parallel, free will universe.

In this context free will is all about being able to decide when to share information. The information doesnt have to be delivered to the intended recipient(s) immediately. You are constantly being given the opportunity to share information. Many people with Tourettes syndrome are able to suppress their symptoms until a more appropriate time. Like others, they have free will. The ego can decide whether or not to attend a meeting and whether or not to accept the response. If you have the ability to choose when to speak then you also have free will. Scientists pride themselves on saying the right things at the right times. By their own (deterministic) definition they are living an illusion.

I don't actually know what I actually think about that [determinism], I haven't taken up a position about that. - Richard Dawkins, October 2006

The brains interface to the intelligent universe provides language skills and the free will to make complex choices. The spoken words I love you are a perfect combination of life, love, language and free will.

The human Orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) is among the least-understood regions of the human brain, but it has been proposed that the OFC is involved in sensory integration, in representing the affective value of reinforcers, and in decision-making and expectation. In particular the human OFC is thought to regulate planning behavior associated with sensitivity to reward and punishment. - Wikipedia

According to this model, the Orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) is part of a complex information processing network. This claim is supported by epilepsy research. It is an adaptation to language.

Conscious evolution

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Conscious evolution occurs during the lifetime of a physical being through enhancements. When do enhancements occur? An enhancement occurs as a result of an event that changes a persons philosophical outlook; their way of thinking. See philosophical realism. An enhancement can only occur after the brain has reached maturity and the connection has been completed. Enhancements can result from approved spiritual experiences. The brain treats them as real events, not fantasies or hallucinations. Fortunately, people have a perception of being able to judge for themselves. For example, atheists can discredit spiritual experiences by using this primitive true/false judgment ability. The ego acts like a gatekeeper.
Richard Dawkins memes are defined as cultural entities that are used by humans and preserved by communication. According to this model, these things can instead be packaged and used much later. They result from conscious experiences, not as he claims, natural selection. Memes are part of his bizarre, convoluted attempt to package everything into Darwinian evolution. According to this model, some people have a highly-evolved consciousness (spiritual awareness). The education system doesnt teach people how to think and therefore it doesnt contribute to conscious evolution. Instead it rewards the primitive, genetic advantage of memory. An atheist, like a serial killer, can have an incredibly good memory and problem-solving skills (see atheist camps) without having spirituality, creativity, artistic ability etc. The hypnotist Michael Newton has documented his research into the progression of souls. Theory: Bipolar disorder involves a malfunction of the gatekeeper.

In spite of their genetic similarity to humans, chimpanzees and great apes have maximum lifespans that rarely exceed 50 years. The difference, explains USC Davis School of Gerontology Professor Caleb Finch, is that as humans evolved genes that enabled them to better adjust to levels of infection and inflammation and to the high cholesterol levels of their meat rich diets. - Science Daily, December 2009

The reason for longer lifespans in humans is that they possess the highly evolved information-sharing viruses, which act as helpers. They are an advanced life-support system and they support conscious evolution in old age. Science struggles.

A major mystery in human evolution concerns why there is such a gigantic jump between the brains of Homo habilis and Homo erectus. The earlier hominoid has a brain only slightly larger than an ape; the later one a cortex as large as that of modern humanity. - Robert Ornstein, The Evolution of Consciousness

Packaged Evolution provides a simple explanation. A complex connection was being established with the upright Homo erectus, giving language skills. The connection is a bridge between two universes. It attaches to several areas of the brain, including memory areas, via an interface. Recent human ancestors such as Homo erectus (language) and Archaic Homo sapiens had language skills and therefore they benefited from reincarnation, free will, creativity, artistic ability, altruism etc and spirituality. This also applies to Neanderthals (language). This scientific article claims that the rapid increase in brain size is because of an increase in genetically-encoded proteins (although the data are only correlative at this point). In other words, the claim is the kind of long range stab in the dark that the scientific community is normally so critical of. According to this model, the larger brain size and a plethora of mental illnesses occurred alongside language, not new proteins. Human brains are still adapting to a parallel, intelligent universe.

Evolution of Homo erectus from Homo habilis (or other ancestor)


2009 www.atotalawareness.com


(Population growth) (Population decline)


Packaged evolution of advanced functions


Primitive + Adv.

Primitive + Adv.

Micro organism


Homo habilis (fetus)


Homo erectus


Homo erectus + evolution

Reincarnation at each stage

Darwinian evolution

Reincarnation + physical evolution Time

Darwinian evolution continues.

According to this model, our recent ancestors (like Homo erectus) were also reincarnated. Their brains were hardwired for information-sharing. Visitors use the best available resources.

Evolution of humans from humans


2009 www.atotalawareness.com


(Population growth) (Population decline)


Packaged evolution of advanced functions

Primitive + Adv. Conception Human mother

Primitive Human fetus

Primitive + Adv. Human

Primitive + Adv.


Human + evolution

Reincarnation at each stage

Reincarnation Time

Darwinian evolution continues.

Everything has now changed except for our way of thinking. - Albert Einstein

A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes. - Mahatma Gandhi

Evolution of advanced functions changes ways of thinking. The functions have evolved, so ways of thinking have changed and they can still change. Cognitive restructuring uses intrapersonal communication (self-talk) to change the way people think, confirming the important relationship between language and thinking. Modern society focuses almost entirely on learning information, which doesnt cause evolutionary changes to occur. Schools dont teach creativity.

The universal God

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

A true God would be able to reveal information by using processes that are based on the universal language, the language of thought. The human brain could then handle that information to create momentary and/or lasting effects. This model claims that such a God does exist and is processing and responding to events. For example, an event could be a naturally occurring event or it could be a conscious request from a person.

Amongst other reasons, packaged functions and their evolution couldnt possibly have been facilitated in humans by natural, random processes. Similarly, an intelligent universe couldnt have been created randomly. The type of thoughts that it produces in the human brain are further confirmation of its true identity. Evidence shows that conscious requests to God can often produce a conscious awareness of God. Evidence such as mental illness also shows that the human brain is still adapting to this intelligent universe. It is creating more effective connections. The interface to the primitive brain is improving over time. In this case, what appears to be an extremely complex problem at a conscious level was reduced (using complex logic) to a simple problem at a subconscious level. There is a considerable variation in the evolution of the Orbitofrontal cortex of the brain amongst human beings. Understandably, science doesnt understand why. Religion provides an avenue to God just as science provides an avenue to nature. Both are valid.

The universal brain

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

Our expanding environment is like an expanding brain, growing, but over a longer period of time. It contains an expanding language and free will interface, the intelligent universe. With perfect symmetry, an expanding brain also contains an expanding language and free will interface. God is not required to create the home-grown universe or its inhabitants. Our parallel universe is expanding because it is being installed into the home-grown (known) universe, and therefore contributing to the accelerating expansion of the home-grown universe.

Does the known universe require a big bang? No, just as a brain doesnt require a big bang. It grows from matter surrounding it. The known universe didnt require a singularity just as a brain doesnt require a singularity. Did the thing surrounding the known universe have a big bang? There is no reason to believe that a higher level of expanding universes would be required and therefore the logical answer is no. It is logical to think that God can communicate with other universes at the same level, providing the possibility of multiple Gods. Does a human brain have a beginning? Yes, but not entirely, due to reincarnation. The same applies to the universe. Part of it existed previously. The language of thought and free will are properties of the intelligent universe. The expansion is obvious, but there are fundamental unknowns regarding the big bang, the edge of the universe, the number of universes and the fate of the universe. Despite popular claims, scientists know very little about the expansion of the universe.

Reincarnation of advanced functions

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

Reincarnation (installation) Home-grown brain

The Self
(Including the package of advanced functions)

The Self has the same characteristics as a DNA virus (example 1, example 2). It connects to the brain and it can perform gene therapy. If it can happen it will happen. Retroviruses exploit this capability (vulnerability).

Interface Adaptations

Countless mental illnesses are symptoms of our evolution towards a parallel universe. Even primitive parts of the human brain such as the amygdala are adapting as part of that process. this positive correlation suggests that amygdalar enlargement in the normal population might be related to creative mental activity. - Wikipedia Studying identical twins with different creative abilities might help to identify how much size matters and whether or not it is entirely hereditary.

Science once referred to a certain area of the brain as the God Spot. It has since been revealed that there is (Primitive functions only) more than one area involved in spiritual experience.


A journey of transformation is at the mystical heart of all religions. It is a journey to meet the self and at the same time to meet the Divine. - Carl Jung Religions are different roads converging to the same point. What does it matter if we take different roads so long as we reach the same goal? - Mahatma Gandhi

Language and free will

(Religious and spiritual phenomena) tend to be built upon the existing framework of how the brain works. So if we have an experience of the love of God, there is an underlying biology of that experience that is probably the same as how you feel love for your wife, for example. On the other hand, what we also tend to find is that there seems to be a larger network of structures that do tend to get involved. The data seem to suggest that (faith) probably activates these structures to a slightly stronger degree. - Andrew Newberg

This is a logical model based on symmetry and symbiosis

The role of God and the evolution of language and free will

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

Fertilization (installation) God (Male) Home-grown universe

Language Free will Reincarnation

Parallel universes



Advanced (hosts)

Parallel universe

(Primitive creatures only)

The parallel universes are referred to here as the Intelligent Universe


A planet is like an egg, eventually containing life such as plants and early bipedal hominids. The egg is fertilised. At birth intelligent creatures arrive with language skills. After some maturity came humans with complex speech and a conscious awakening. Evolution continues.


Language and free will



The human brain is a symbiotic gateway between two universes



This is a logical model based on symmetry and symbiosis

All organisms on Earth are descended from a common ancestor or ancestral gene pool. - Wikipedia

A connection could be added to the brain by a process that influences cellular differentiation. The scientific field of epigenetics shows that this occurs in nature and as the article says here multigenerational epigenetics could be another aspect to evolution and adaptation. An interface inside the brain has been improving over time via natural selection. Recent research shows that retroviruses have also contributed to evolution. They have manufactured spontaneous changes to the gene pool. Progeria has surprised scientists by making its way into the gene pool. The scientific community is heavily divided over human evolution and its views are constantly changing.

Intelligent (universe) design

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

The intelligent design is in the intelligent universe, the self and the interface. The self contains technology that we can only dream of, including an ability to automatically program itself and an ability to make use of a complex interface to the brain. God does not directly intervene in the process of evolution. Humans have adapted to an intelligent universe.

Could Packaged Evolution have been responsible for evolutionary gaps? This model doesnt need rapid changes to occur. It just needs resources (hosts), although it could have given the Homo genus a helping hand. The intelligent universe created man (and recent evolutionary ancestors) indirectly. Not the primitive, genetic, vulnerable, physical host component of a highly-evolved species, but the incredibly advanced thinking component. Both components are merged to form intelligent beings that are well suited to life on earth. Even so, there is no guarantee of a long, successful, pleasurable existence. Could this model affect the debate over the multiregional evolution (ME) vs recent African origin (RAO) models of human evolution that heavily divides the scientific community? The answer is almost certainly yes. Spontaneous changes would have occurred in random locations, favouring the ME model. It is likely that the Homo erectus species with its variable brain size was a common target.

Information wars

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

We are the players in an information war between two universes. Humans share information with others in various ways. Some of the information that they share favors one universe or the other. People have the ability to use free will to decide when to share information that has been generated by their own set of rules. Humans use advanced functions from an intelligent universe to create and therefore share complex information, despite the fact that they are unaware of another universe.

According to this model, the brain uses the ego as a judge in its decision-making process. The ego is a seat of conscious awareness and it provides an ability to make high-level decisions. It has an ability to judge complex language. In cases where the ego needs to create thoughts in a complex language it calls on the services of a higher thinker. It then judges the result subconsciously. In terms of Carl Jungs psychological types, the ego can create a temporary thinking consciousness. The ego has an ability to veto results. This is a useful mechanism for self-conscious people. They can anticipate what a critical real-life judge (such as an overbearing parent) would think before choosing when (using free will) to say something. The egos decisions are shaped by information (memories) - which can force some people to favor one universe over the other in their communication with others.

The planetary egg

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

According to this model, a planet can be fertilised by a parallel universe. Earth was fertilised shortly before or during the time of Homo erectus. A parallel universe includes a multithreading computer. Using an Internet (computing) analogy, the parallel universe is a server (computing). When you request a complex thought in this request/response model you are sending a requirement to the server, according to your rules. The server is the information processor. Advanced functions are executed on the server. Without a server, creating complex thoughts would be impossible!

To be precise, this model follows a 3-tier architecture (computing). The brain is the client (computing), performing requests (computing). The self is the middle tier (computing) containing the rules/logic and the parallel universe is a server. Incredibly, the client has the ability to force changes to the rules. Taking the analogy further, the intelligent universe is the Internet and God is an Internet Service Provider (computing). This analogy is remarkable and it creates the possibility of others, such as Gods being members of a civilization. According to this model, when your self visits earth it accepts an agreement to remain here until the time of the death of your host. There is no easy escape. If there was, people would be leaving all the time and civilization would fail. There is in fact another tier between the brain and the self, an information-sharing virus of the human mind.

Leaving the brain

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

The self (and therefore the packaged functions) resides in the intelligent universe. At death, leaving the brain is as simple as detaching a connection to the brains interface. A virtual umbilical cord is simply disconnected.

The memory interface is lost and therefore memories are also lost, but ways of thinking (rules) are retained. Information is deleted. Consciousness isnt. It is possible that in some cases of dissociative identity disorder a connection is shared (between multiple personalities). Stored memories are associated (tagged) with the identity of each visitor. According to this model, the persona that dominates consciousness at any point in time is the one that is most able to share important information at that time. The fact that this condition is over-represented in North America suggests that visitors have the ability to choose a host and that there is competition for places. This model features twins, triplets etc. It contains an impressive symmetry with human pregnancy.

2009 www.atotalawareness.com

The human brain requests complex thoughts. We are inside the expanding parallel universe, which provides our known universe with language and free will. We have been given the ability to use the best available resources, including otherwise primitive human hosts. We can gain a greater spiritual awareness by learning rules. The packaged functions arent installed directly into the brain. They are attached to an interface. According to this model then, your self is a visitor. It contains the conscious field, the package of advanced functions (rules), a scheduler and various abilities, such as being able to connect to, communicate with and disconnect from a host. It is part of a greater consciousness. It provides thoughts to the brain, according to rules, via an interface. You have the ability to make permanent changes to those rules by using your own free will.

How could science have gotten it so wrong? Because science is based on information, not rules, and it has tried to win the debate using information about the home-grown universe. Modern technology, which draws so many people towards science, is just another part of the home-grown universe. The miracle of consciousness is far more advanced. The scientific community, which is dominated by males, is only aware of the female universe. The limitations of the scientific method means that science cannot, through observation, fully understand thought processes or anything that is closely related, such as consciousness.

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Great scientists of our time who sound religious usually turn out not to be so when you examine their beliefs more deeply. This is certainly true of Einstein and Hawking. - Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognise, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views. - Albert Einstein

Richard Dawkins, your greatest show has been wrapped in something much greater.

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According to this model, our physical form and primitive consciousness resides in a home-grown, expanding, physical, predetermined universe. Darwinian evolution continues. Our advanced consciousness resides in a younger, smaller, expanding, free will, parallel, intelligent universe. We can learn about both via our everyday experience. Every person has a connection to the intelligent universe. God is fertilizing the home-grown, predetermined, primitive, scientific, female universe with language, free will and selves like yours. So you see, a parallel universe with a plug-in describes God, universes, human evolution, reincarnation, population growth, the brain, consciousness, thought processes, free will, language, questions, the big bang, death, the self, karma, judgment, atheism, love, religion, spiritual awareness, meditation, prayer, intelligent design, mental illnesses, miscarriage, the meaning of life, heaven, hell and much more. Science doesnt adequately describe any of them.

The first universe provides the mode 1 (deterministic) experience in language-specific seizures. The second universe provides the mode 2 (free will) experience. Primitive creatures are deterministic because they spent millions of years evolving in a deterministic universe. Dogs have the ability to detect an approaching seizure because they detect changes in consciousness. Heaven is the mode 2 universe. Hell is when the brain cant cope with it. According to this model, the mode 1 universe was created naturally and grows like a living organism. Primitive creatures evolved. God then created the mode 2 universe and therefore, intelligent life with language skills and free will.

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The evolution of humans began with the evolution of primitive creatures and continued with the arrival of visitors, via a plug-in to the brain, from the expanding, intelligent universe. That arrival provided the sudden appearance of advanced consciousness and language in the recent ancestors of human beings. Evolution also occurs elsewhere in the home-grown universe. The meaning of life is to experience, evolve (physically and consciously) and share important information. Our environment is the known universe and a parallel universe. The intelligent universe is a collection of parallel universes.

Why do so many people feel that God is the creator of the universe? Because their consciousness is heavily influenced by the intelligent universe. He created their universe. God did not create the observable universe. Why do people tend towards science (and technology) or religion but not both? Because of the competing influences of the two universes. The observable universe rewards sharing important information. That is, information which is good for the species - which naturally includes information about how species evolve. The intelligent universe rewards people who think beyond nature. Science isnt aware of the existence of the parallel, intelligent universe - but it is searching. According to this model, planets are hubs of information. You have been programmed by nature to share important information via the mechanism of anxiety. The information in this document has united atheism with creationism via consciousness. Theory: A threat to the global economy is the decreasing time difference between buying and selling securities. Anxiety and sentiment are becoming an increasingly powerful market force. The Flash Crash of 2010 is a sign of things to come.

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The information presented here is built on a strong foundation. That is, personal experience of a problem which is referred to here as The judgment problem or The thinking about explaining the problem problem. It involves repeated attempts to create an explanation of a problem about an inability to create an explanation of a problem. The attempts become increasingly elaborate. The brain cant produce a solution and finally there is a complete loss of consciousness (seizure). This unique problem feeds on itself. It feeds on the information contained in a runaway process. The problem is a process implemented by a virus. The virus is referred to here as an informationsharing virus. The nature of the process suggests that all humans carry information-sharing viruses which are created, on demand, as a result of certain events. The viruses encourage humans to reveal the information contained within them. Doing so deactivates the virus and provides closure. Not doing so creates anxiety. Free will determines whether or not the information is revealed. The viruses are created in the image of a prototype installed during a reincarnation process initiated by an external process (self). The prototype contains a unique identifier, or signature. A virus provides the ability to create complex language structures via a request/response process with the external process via an interprocess communication process (meeting). The judgment problem can be reproduced without a requirement for another person (judge) being present. The only requirement is to think about being judged by another person. In the extremely unlikely event that a solution is produced, the problem that feeds on itself feeds humans with information about humans. A solution has been produced. You are reading it here.

The Judgment Problem (Thinking about explaining a problem to an imaginary therapist)

A highly-evolved problem: Being asked to explain a problem when the problem is caused by being asked to explain a problem. The solution is made challenging by the fact that there are no visual or audio cues. The problem and the solution both have to be deduced.

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Competing for a shared resource: consciousness

Deadlock ! Failure Double Recursion !# Failure

Requirement: Explain the problem. The context switches between the present and the future. As the explanation grows, so does the problem itself, requiring further explanation and so potentially, exponential growth. This is a serious, recursive, irrational problem driven by anxiety, fear and presque vu. Complex thoughts are produced which are designed to escape the situation. Example.

The problem never gets explained. !#& Failure etc Intuition / Retries

Evolving thoughts

The ego can veto them at any time, resulting in a failure. The thinker can escalate the problem to a new level. Random, unwanted thoughts contribute to the problem (derealization). Anxiety and timing issues increase.

Time Seizure. Memory overload. Failure to share important information increases anxiety. Anxiety overrides free will.

The Judgment Problem (The catch-22)

According to this model, the creation of complex thoughts uses a request/response process. Human brains create sentences Retries by requesting them. Urge to speak / explain Anxiety, fear, Determination, confusion skill, experience

2009 www.atotalawareness.com The self thinking about the self thinking about explaining a problem. Unfortunately, the thoughts cant be converted into a complete explanation. Testing fails.

Explaining the problem Stacks can rise, fall and disappear depending on the stimulus, the level of awareness and success. The theme of the top thought is to think.

Reasons for failure become more critical as time passes, due to faster switching of consciousness. Thoughts like Thinking the previous thought represent a dead end and signal the end of conscious awareness.

Intuition Complex thoughts enter consciousness, attempting to end the process by creating a satisfactory solution, including an attempt to outsmart a judgment process (but fails). Urge to think / solve / wonder
The process would end if a solution (approved thought) was created.

Stack of evolving thoughts

Analysis and testing of responses. Reason for failure. E.g. Incomplete. Each conscious thought is, unfortunately, a candidate for further analysis and testing. It forms the basis for the requirements of future thoughts.


Stack of evolving thoughts

Thinking about thinking about Thoughts increase in complexity.

Total loss of awareness (seizure)


A highly-evolved problem: The thinking about explaining the problem problem. The difficult catch-22: thinking about the problem causes the problem. Time

Evolving problem

Urge to think / Stack of evolving thoughts solve / wonder

A high level of skill is accompanied by a familiarity with this process and a desire to explain it. During the process, thinking causes memory-hungry nested recursion. Without intervention a seizure occurs despite the level of experience. As though trying to get one step ahead to finish an argument. The thoughts are geared towards escaping a feedback loop. The judge is unsatisfied. It is likely that the final reason for failure is simply Thinking.

The Judgment Problem (The thinker)

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According to this model, when a brain is trying to convert stimulus (in this case thoughts) into words (to be spoken) the result has to firstly be successfully tested. As time passes, thoughts are added to the top of a stack while attempting to reach the goal of creating a solution (or giving up). The item at the top of the stack is used as a stimulus for the next function chosen by a scheduler. If the goal is reached, the passage of words is accepted and top item(s) is removed, ending the process. In this case though, testing fails because the solution is unsatisfactory. After each attempt there is a brief conscious awareness that the problem still hasn't been explained. There is still work to do. A recursive (computing) (programming) (language) problem has been created with no end. The stack grows indefinitely. Thoughts become more creative and elaborate in an attempt to overcome the problem. Anxiety and confusion increase. An explanation of a problem has to be tested. The approved explanation is the solution. This problem cant be explained because a satisfactory solution cant be produced. A deadlock causes a seizure and almost everything is forgotten. Memory areas have taken a hammering.
The seizure is equivalent to a system crash. The thoughts grow in complexity. Thinking about explaining the problem causes double (nested) recursion. The primitive ego (Sigmund Freud) is the judge, judging each attempt as a failure on the basis that the solution is incomplete, causing a negative feedback loop. Anxiety increases, causing a dangerous positive feedback loop in the nervous system. This entire document is the approved explanation and the solution. The ego judges it to be correct and is satisfied.

The Judgment Problem (The negative feedback loop) Urge to speak (explain)
The primitive brain needs words to communicate complex thoughts. Request

Requirements (audit trail)

2009 www.atotalawareness.com Brief awareness that the problem still hasnt been explained while an explanation is still required. Anxiety increases, eventually leading to a seizure (system crash). Theory: A sense of dj vu occurs when the ego reels information (memories) into its judgment process. The opposite, jamais vu occurs if the ego isnt so involved; it reveals Jungs sensation type and allows more thoughts to be saved into long term memory. Yes Keep going (determination) despite increasing anxiety?

The advanced functions create a solution, which can even include changing the requirements. These incredible abilities could not have been achieved by simple Darwinian evolution.


Testing on the brain. Is the response satisfactory? Theory: In temporal lobe epilepsy, memory issues cause judgment issues during thought creation. The self comes to the rescue, raising spiritual awareness. Absence seizures occur when Yes problem escalation solves the problem. Convert solution to native/spoken language.

No OK ? Continue ?


Translate / Save

The scientific field of linguistics wont make real progress until it understands that there are two sides Is the speaker and the and many layers of human consciousness. Millions of dollars are recipient ready? Ready ? being wasted. The scientific field of psycholinguistics deals with producing sentences. It is dominated by two contradictory and incorrect Yes theories. Modern society often forces people to speak even when they struggle to do so, driving the problem deeper. Speak / Deliver

The explanation/solution is ready, just as if an actors lines have been successfully rehearsed.

Thinking about explaining a problem is the subconscious equivalent of trying to create a question. The problem is caused by an inability to create a question about an inability to create a question. An eventual breakthrough revealed important subconscious processes. Move forward. Think about something else.



Testing reveals that the response is unsatisfactory. It might be inappropriate, incomplete, too hard to explain or pronounce, too hard to remember or just confusing. In this case the response is both incomplete and too hard to explain. It has to be improved before it can be considered successfully rehearsed. It is being rehearsed because it is too hard to explain. It has to be explained so that it can be treated. This unique problem is like a dog chasing its tail.

The Judgment Problem (The environment)

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This case can be viewed from another perspective. According to this model, there are two modes. Mode 1 is a deterministic, natural environment affecting all life on earth. Mode 2 is a free will, language environment. In the period leading up to a seizure, the person alternates between modes. The requirement to explain a problem is a mode 1 phenomenon that results from a fundamental law of nature that explaining (sharing) a problem improves the chances of fixing the problem. Neither the primitive functions (mode 1) or the advanced functions (mode 2) can provide a satisfactory solution to this extremely complex problem. The mode 1 requirement to explain the problem is opposed by the mode 2 failure to provide a satisfactory explanation, creating a deadlock and a seizure.

The human brain generates complex thoughts by using a request/response process. In this case, the primitive brain requests complex explanations and then it judges those responses to be unsatisfactory. It is intuitively obvious that the human brain could not have developed the incredible skill required to produce complex thoughts using complex language by random evolution.

The Judgment Problem (The environment, continued)

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This case can be viewed from yet another perspective. The problem can be described as an evolving information-sharing virus which has to be understood before it can be deactivated, but the problem is always one step ahead because this parasitic virus "feeds on" thinking about explaining the problem, causing a seizure and physical destruction. Over time the virus grows to incredible levels of complexity. Part of the requirements of the solution is that the solution has to be accurately shared with others, but thinking about explaining the problem causes the problem to present itself. The virus is activated by a catch-22. The only good thing about the virus is that as it evolves it collects information about its environment. The thinking and speaking environment. That information can then be slowly revealed to others, giving them the opportunity to learn about how they think and how they were created. The problem cant be transmitted from one person to another.
Ultimately the solution can be discovered by studying the elusive problem from different angles. The virus cant be observed (thought about) directly. Its existence can only be deduced from other information. Nature protects people from accurately thinking about thinking. Any attempt to do so is always one step behind. It can be a very real problem. The most resilient parasite is an idea planted in the unconscious mind - from the movie Inception (2010). This document is an attempt to deactivate a complex, destructive, parasitic virus of the mind. The virus, unaware of its own existence, chases its tail throughout this self-judgment process, adding more layers to an electromagnetic field until its host (the brain) finally surrenders. This process is probably responsible for Mesial temporal sclerosis.

The Judgment Problem (Free will)

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According to this model, free will is having the ability to decide when, if ever, to deliver important information created by a thought process. In this case though, the individual is stuck in a trap of thinking about delivering important information. Stuck in the thought process. Important information is complex information that is useful to the individual, group or species. Mother Nature encourages the sharing of important information. A failure to do so creates anxiety. In this case, nature considers the information to be useful for the individual and perhaps even the species but the problem is that the information cant be created. Therefore it cant be delivered.

The person tries to get one step ahead of an underlying problem. The brain intuitively escalates the task to another level without success. If free will exists, why cant it defeat the problem? Because the brain is mostly primitive. If somebody tells you not to think about pink elephants you think about pink elephants in preparation for a meeting, but you dont have to attend a meeting. You can decide whether or not to share information based on the concept of pink elephants. A condition characterised by seizures and depersonalization has revealed a greater understanding of the brain as a complex information processor and the importance of language in human consciousness.

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Religion and science have been brought together by a parallel universe that science is desperately trying to discover.

The human brain is evolving towards a total awareness.

The earth is under the influence of two universes. The problem for science is that even if it does discover the parallel, intelligent universe, it wont fully understand it because it wont be able to decipher the threads of conscious activity racing through space. It might discover the particles but it wont discover the subconscious processes described here. Scientists who deny the existence of a second universe are in danger of becoming the new flat-earthers. Perhaps others will help to work towards answering the very important question of when this planet was fertilised with language and free will. Most people will never become aware of the important information contained here because they are too busy going about their meaningless lives. Another five million years or so of evolution might change that!

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Darwinian evolution creates primitive creatures with an ability to host visitors with language skills. It doesnt create human intelligence.

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