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Vol. 48, No. 1 437th Airlift Wing, Charleston AFB, S.C. Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo by Staff Sgt. Marie Cassetty

Welcome home
Capt. Jennifer Moore sheds tears of joy as she holds her daughter Gabriella after day deployment in Southwest Asia. While deployed, the 15 AS was the 816th
returning from a deployment on the flightline at Charleston AFB, S.C. Jan. 3. Airlift Squadron. Capt. Moore is assigned to the 15th Airlift Squadron. See the
More than a 130 Airmen from the 15th Airlift Squadron returned from their 120- story on Page 5.

Worldwide departures 366 Active duty deployed 378
MXS puts the 124 days Cargo moved (tons) 13 Reservists deployed 354
‘brakes’ on waste until UCI (Jan. 1 to Jan. 8, 2009)
Page 9 Page 15

Team Charleston - Take the Fight to the Enemy!

2 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 COMMENTARY
our excellence and commitment to precision.
Many years ago a much-revered group commander lived by an adage of three T’s and
an A; that with the proper time, tools, training, and attitude it was impossible to fail. He
provided the time, tools and training to accomplish the task and each individual brought
with them the attitude by which they could all rise to face any challenge. It was a philos-
ophy that worked because everyone contributed. Commanders worked hard to provide
an infrastructure that insured each team member had what was required to perform the
Col. John “Red” Millander mission and this produced an overall attitude of mutual support, of working as a valued
member of the Team, and it proved to be a good recipe for success.
437th Airlift Wing commander

Welcome to the New Year Team Charleston! I hope Naysayers like to point out that we were not heavily involved in Iraq or Afghanistan at
everyone enjoyed the holidays and had some down the time. The Trade Towers still stood; there was no Presidential Budget Directive 720, it
time to relax with friends or family. With the holidays was a different world. That attitude is defeatist and inaccurate. If you look at the history
behind us and the start of the New Year, it is time to of the Air Force you’ll see that there have always been challenges in resources or man-
focus with laser-like precision on many important power. Facing and overcoming one challenge leaves you more fit and able to face the
events in the coming months. next. Our obligation to the nation dictates that we will identify and overcome any chal-
The New Year brings with it some challenges, most lenge set before us.
notably the Unit Compliance Inspection, Aircrew Team Charleston has always risen to the challenge at hand and succeeded admirably.
Standardization and Evaluation Visit and the Logistics We have that same attitude that engenders success today as it did years ago, an attitude of
Standardization Evaluation Program in May. mutual support, camaraderie, and a willingness to face any challenge without reservation,
Last year Team Charleston successfully prepared as a unified team of professionals.
for the Operational Readiness Inspection, and There are 124 days left until the UCI, which means we have that long to continue to
demonstrated that we can conquer any challenge and prepare to demonstrate that we are the best at what we do in every respect. Every mem-
that we excel at our mission. A UCI is the reverse ber of Team Charleston has a vital role to play in the UCI and in the coming weeks
side of the same coin. The UCI evaluates our everyone will be tasked to support the Team effort in some way. Every link in the Team
processes and documentation that enable us to perform our mission. UCI prepara- Charleston chain has been tempered by the challenges we have faced in the past and I am
tions are already underway at all levels. For us to excel again, it will take every confident that we will succeed in this as well.
member of Team Charleston pulling together with the common goal of demonstrating Team Charleston - Take the Fight to the Enemy!

Our failure to follow proper procedures played a role in our mishandling of the nation's
nuclear weapons, which generated much negative publicity, and possibly caused the
American public to lose faith in our abilities and professionalism. However, we're working
hard to restore our image and the nation's confidence in our abilities.
As Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz recently said, "Precision and reliabili-
ty is our standard, regardless of job or specialty, and we will return the vigor and rigor to all
the processes and missions for which we have been entrusted."
Chief Master Sgt. Mike Ivey Gen. Arthur Lichte, the Air Mobility commander stated, "The Air Force has had some
setbacks this past year, and the way to move forward positively is to get back to basics."
437th Airlift Wing command chief master sergeant

Team Charleston, the mission of the U.S. Air Force is The concept of getting back to basics doesn't just mean we need to focus all of our
to fly, fight and win ... in air, space and cyberspace. This efforts on accomplishing Charleston's airlift mission at the expense of forgetting about the
statement encompasses everything we do for our country. little things that seem insignificant. "You cannot be disciplined in great things and indisci-
Our senior leaders precisely define our roles as pline in small things" and "It is absurd to believe that Soldiers who cannot be made to wear
Airmen using one short sentence that by itself doesn't the proper uniform can be induced to move forward in battle. Officers who fail to perform
seem all that complicated. Successfully accomplishing their duty by correcting small violations and in enforcing proper conduct are incapable of
the Air Force mission requires countless numbers of leading" are words often attributed to Gen. George Patton, one of the greatest military lead-
intricately woven processes managed and performed by ers of all time. These two statements convey what I believe getting back to basics means:
a dedicated team of Airmen who follow and enforce we must focus our efforts on adhering to and enforcing every standard; no matter how
standards. unimportant or insignificant that standard may seem.
The old adage, "A place for everything and every- Customs and courtesies are often overlooked when we stop focusing on the little things
thing in its place" applies to how the Air Force we are required to do. Yes, it's easier to remain seated and continue typing an e-mail when
enterprise as whole protects our country. Each per- someone of higher rank approaches our work area. It's often inconvenient to stop our car
son, each base, each piece of equipment and each when retreat plays, especially when we're in a hurry to get somewhere. Most of us don't
process has to contribute to our mission; everyone look forward to correcting someone who violates these or other seemingly insignificant
and everything performing properly are both vital if we hope to be successful. standards, but if we don't make it a point to enforce all of our standards, it's just a matter of
Adhering to the principles of military discipline and enforcing standards serve as the foun- time until we start becoming complacent, miss something really important that degrades
dation for accomplishing our mission efficiently and effectively. That means we all must fol- mission accomplishment, and worst case, a fellow Airman gets injured or killed.
low the orders and directions provided by our leaders, we must comply with standards, and Our nation and military leaders at all levels count on Team Charleston to do our part to
we must follow all applicable guidance and complete every step in our approved checklists, fly, fight and win ... in air, space and cyberspace, and I know we're up to the challenge.
even when doing so does not seem to make sense. When we believe something should be However, we'll never achieve our full potential and avoid serious mistakes if we don't con-
changed, we must follow the proper procedures to get the change or deviation approved. tinue to focus on and enforce every standard that applies to us. As author John Steinbeck
When we take shortcuts or fail to correct those who are not complying with standards, we stated, "It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him." Let's
run the risk of mission failure and put the lives of both ourselves and others at risk. continue to make Charleston AFB the greatest team in the Air Force.
COMMENTARY Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 3

No matter your job, just work

By Major Sara Huiss ing the jet into a hangar so we can work on it, or writ-
437th Maintenance Squadron commander ing a job up correctly and with as much information as
worth repeating
possible so we can troubleshoot it properly.
Helen Keller once said that "the world is moved In my squadron we talk a lot about "helping our-
“Service before self isn't
along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but just an Air Force core selves." I'll use my fuel cell Airmen as an example. In
also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest value for our military order for the fuel troops to do their job, the jet has to be
worker." Recently I was honored to preside over a defueled and towed to the fuel cell hangar. Historically,
retirement ceremony for one of the finest senior master the aircraft maintenance squadron has done this and it
member; all military
sergeants I have ever worked with. During his speech, family members live with gets done but this can take up to eight hours depending
Senior Master Sgt. Zack Edison of the 437th that core value as well." on manning and what the flying schedule is like.
Maintenance Squadron mentioned that one day he was During this time, fuel cell is waiting for the aircraft
complaining about having to do another person's job Major Sara Huiss and getting upset at the amount of time it's taking for
and a chief overheard him in the hallway and came to 437th Maintenance Squadron commander
the other squadron to get them the jet. To help solve
see him later. "Sergeant Edison," the chief said, "do you this problem, we've trained our fuel cell folks to defuel
still get a paycheck?" "Yes, chief," replied Sergeant porary duty and that camping trip with your kids got and be part of the tow team. This training helps the
Edison. "Then just work," said the chief. postponed again. I know we didn't join the Air Force other squadron, sure, but it really helps us get our job
Sergeant Edison mentioned that those words stuck for work to get in the way of our personal lives and done more efficiently. I am so proud of my squadron
with him and he thought they were important enough to trust me, I know these things get to people ... it gets to and the initiatives they've taken to help make the mis-
mention at his retirement speech. Nobody joined the me, but we must remember that people are depending sion happen - but there are thousands of initiatives out
Air Force just to get money for college, or to see the on us doing our job. Service before self isn't just an Air there ... imagine what we could accomplish.
world ... those might be benefits to the reasons we Force core value for our military member; all military The bottom line is that we all need to push ourselves
joined, but I would argue that we all joined the Air family members live with that core value as well. to make sure we are doing everything in our power to
Force because we had a calling of some sort to do Often times our first response is to say "it's not my make the mission happen. That may mean pulling a
something and be involved in something bigger than job ... the (pick a squadron of your choice) should be panel for someone else, helping that new Airman fill
ourselves. Nobody joined to be a hero, but working doing that." Maybe the job isn't something we normally out their first travel voucher so that Airman can get a
together to keep our country free ... that makes every do, but if it is something we can do to keep the mission paycheck, filling out profile paperwork in enough detail
member of the Armed Services heroes. When we moving, then we should, as I like to call it, "suck it up so supervision can understand, or taking the extra time
joined, we didn't care really what our job was, we just and elevate." Meaning, do the job and elevate it to your to tell command post that you had a problem with an
wanted to help make a difference – don't you think we supervision to see if we can fix the process in the airplane so they can ensure you get to a run spot on the
should occasionally sit back and think about why we're future. Usually it's just easier to sit back and complain flightline. We are all critical to making the mission hap-
here? about how you're not going to do somebody else's job pen. As deployments become more frequent and the
As I type this I also realize that we ask a lot of our than it is to go out and get the job done in the first work just keeps coming, we need to remember we
folks. Just when you think you will be off at 4 p.m., place. In my line of work, my folks often depend on joined to be part of something bigger than ourselves, so
you find out that you have to stay four hours overtime other people to do things so they can continue with let's stop thinking about just ourselves and start think-
and that night out with your spouse gets cancelled at their job. This may mean pulling a panel off the air- ing about how we can work together to keep the mis-
the last minute. Or you get called on a last minute tem- plane so we can fix the delamination on the panel, tow- sion moving.

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4 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 COMMENTARY

The spirit of giving, alive and kicking

By Master Sgt. Christopher Boyer too. This year almost $7,300 was raised to help 162 fam- those late nights with Airmen Against Drunk Driving, pro-
16th Airlift Squadron first sergeant ilies that needed a little extra this holiday season. I viding rides so that everyone makes it home after a night
almost forgot to mention the support for the Salvation out on the town.
While we were children, we always would dream about Army's Angel Tree program we had throughout the base. Of course there are too many examples of Charleston
the next gift we were going to receive for Christmas. Now Thanks to organizations and individuals, many children caring and giving to write about in a short commentary. The
as adults we mainly concentrate on giving, whether to our got a little extra under the tree making their Christmas commitment of the Airmen and their families to the
children or others in the community that need a little extra even more joyous. Charleston military and civilian communities is outstanding.
to get by. It seems we pay attention more to the needs of But the giving has not been just during Holiday Cheer. Even though I have only been in Charleston for about
people during the holiday season, as we did during this Throughout the year, Airmen throughout the Charleston five months, I clearly see this community gives more so
past one. This year has been especially hard on everyone. community have donated their time to make things better others may receive and does not ask for anything in return.
The declining economy has taken a toll on everyone for so many in so many different ways. Our Airmen have As first sergeants, our job is people, but without the help of
and it is especially true for the young families of our Air spent time working on Habitat for Humanity, building so many people we can not take care of our people the way
Force. But, thanks to the generosity of the Charleston affordable housing so that those that are less fortunate can we need to.
AFB community, the young families can rest a little easi- have that place to really call home. For the first sergeants of Charleston, I offer a heart-
er. Each year the first sergeants of Charleston conduct Many Airmen worked with the Miracle League to felt thanks to all the organizations and individuals
holiday cheer so that we can provide a little something build a baseball complex so that the children of throughout the community who made this holiday cheer
for those families that need just a little extra to make the Charleston with physical and mental challenges can a great success.
holidays that much better. chase the same dream as those children that are not chal- I also say thanks to all those that have offered their time
This year the community came through with great lenged physically or mentally. and expertise throughout the military and civilian commu-
abundance, even though times have been tough for them So many have taken care of their own by volunteering nity to make the lives of so many better.

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NEWS Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 5

15 AS returns to cheers, tears

By Staff Sgt. Jennifer Arredondo EAS Airmen did during our
437th Airlift Wing Public Affairs time away from home, they
have highlighted the profes-
More than a 130 Airmen from the 15th Airlift Squadron at sionalism of our organiza-
Charleston AFB, S.C. returned from their 120-day deploy- tion, and I just want to thank
ment in Southwest Asia Jan. 3. them for what they did and
While deployed, the Airmen of the 15 AS served under the what they continue to do."
816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron and supported Though the Airmen from
Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and operations the 15 AS met and exceeded
in the Horn of Africa. their mission requirements,
"It's great to have them back," said Col. John "Red" for one particular Airman a
Millander, 437th Airlift Wing commander. "As with the previous call on Dec. 25 made his
two deployments ... the 15 AS broke every record in the book." deployment memorable.
While deployed, the 15 AS flew more than 3,000 sorties, "The highpoint of my
logged more than 5,400 combat flying hours and airlifted deployment was talking
more than 130 million pounds of cargo and 79,000 Airmen, with [President George
Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and distinguished visitors through- Bush]," said Senior Airman
out Southwest Asia. Dan Gutowski, 15 AS load-
The squadron also executed 80 airdrop missions, per- master.
formed 121 airdrops; dropping more than 2,600 bundles and He said the President
more than 3 million pounds of supplies ranging from water guided the conversation, but
and food to construction equipment into remote regions of asked how the mission was Capt. Ben Tarkowski talks with his sons Henry (left) and Paul (center) after returning from a
Photos by Staff Sgt. Marie Cassetty

Afghanistan. going and how morale was deployment on the flightline at Charleston AFB Jan. 3. More than a 130 Airmen from the 15th
"To put it into perspective, the 816 EAS airdropped more among the Airmen. Airman Airlift Squadron returned from their 120-day deployment in Southwest Asia. Capt. Tarkowski
equipment to combat zones in four months than all C-17 air- Gutowski said the conversa- is a pilot assigned to the 15th Airlift Squadron.
drops of 2006 and 2007 combined," said Lt. Col. John tion concluded with the
Lamontagne, 15 AS commander. "Because of all the 816 President thanking him and asking him to say 'thanks' to his men that took part in the Brazier Airdrop over Northern Iraq
fellow Airmen on his behalf. in March 2003, which was an air drop of the Army's 173rd
Airman Gutowski was one of nine service members Airborne Brigade stationed out of Aviano AB, Italy.
across the Department of Defense who received a phone call But while Airmen were reveling in their accomplishment
from the President on Christmas Day. from both their deployed locations and here, it was the antic-
Along with the homecoming of the 15 AS, another load- ipation and excitement of Airmen and their loved ones of
master was presented with a Stripes for Exceptional being reunited that made the day special.
Performers promotion to technical sergeant. One wife of a loadmaster said she was anxious about her
"I feel good that I was able to stand up and get those husband's return, Brandi Braunwarth, wife of Airman 1st
stripes for all of my supervisors, co-workers, commanders Class Joe Braunwarth, 15 AS, said she was excited to have
and mentors who afforded me the opportunity to succeed," him home.
said Tech. Sgt. Joshua Watson, 15 AS loadmaster. While holding their son, Weston, Airman Braunwarth
Sergeant Watson was recognized for a list of accomplish- summed up the feeling of the moment.
ments spanning his career, which included being recognized "It feels great to be home."
Annsley (left) and Ashlyn (right) Oelrich hug their dad Capt.

as the Air and Education Training Command Outstanding (Ms. Trisha Gallaway, 437th Airlift Wing Public Affairs con-
Aaron Oelrich after he returned from a deployment on the

Aircrew Member in 2003, and being one of a few senior air- tributed to this story)
flightline at Charleston AFB Jan. 3. Capt. Oelrich is a pilot
assigned to the 15th Airlift Squadron.
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6 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 NEWS
OSS Amn captures Train for a
Courtesy of
437th Force Support 315th Aeromedical Evacuation
Squadron: Tech. Sgt. Marlane Babb
new career
437th Aerial Port Squadron: Tech. Sgts.
Eleven Charleston Airmen graduated Don Herrod, Brandon Hutchins and Jonell Gain the skills you need to be competitive in
from the NCO Academy held at Tyndall McFadden today’s work force. Trident Technical College
AFB, Fla., recently. 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron:
Tech. Sgt. Iain Stewart from the 437th Tech. Sgts. Brian Nogueira and Mark Stone offers continuing education (noncredit) courses
Operations Support Squadron was recog- 437th Force Support Squadron: Tech. in the following career fields:
nized as a distinguished graduate during the Sgt. Kimetta Masching
graduation ceremony. 437th Logistics Readiness Squadron: Administrative HVAC Technician
The other graduates included: Tech. Sgt. Michael Krawzak Professional Industrial Maintenance
17th Airlift Squadron: Tech. Sgt. 437th Maintenance Squadron: Tech. Asbestos Inspector and Technician
Michael Gillan Sgt. Nick Rykal Supervisor Insurance Agent
Caterer Interior Designer
Certified Nurse Aide Landscaper
Construction update
Courtesy of 437th Civil Engineer Squadron
Coding Specialist
Computer Service
Limited Radiographer
Technician Medical Administrative
Computer Systems Assistant
Construction Starts: Manager Medical Assistant
Building 1600, Phase 1: Second floor has been vacated and contractor is mobilizing, Construction Quality Medical Transcriptionist
establishing a laydown area for project material/equipment.
Chapel Annex Addition: Contractor mobilizing behind Chapel to begin construction of
Management Medication Technician
new 2000 square foot addition.
Dental Office Professional Personal Fitness Trainer
Child Development Center: Contractor mobilizing on-site inside Chance Drive to con-
Electrician Phlebotomist
struct new 34,500 square foot facility. Ground breaking scheduled for 13 Feb at 1400.
Emergency Medical Property Manager
Base Theater: Contractor repaired French drains on both sides of facility as warranty
Technician Quality Auditor/
work; still to replace some sidewalk slabs removed for drain repairs.
Entrepreneur Technician
Facilities Maintenance Real Estate Agent
Recently Completed: Technician Real Estate Appraiser
The SABER Contractor recently completed an Electronic Game Room in dormitory 464 Floral Designer Residential Builder
and an Internet Café in dormitory 466 as Airmen Quality of Life enhancements. Graphic Artist Safety Director
Hazardous Materials Small-Engine Mechanic
Utility Outages Scheduled: Worker Pool/Spa Operator
None Home Energy Rating Truck Driver
Inspector Web Designer
Home Inspection Welder
Human Resource

Continuing Education

Live. Learn. Earn.

Visit www.tridenttech.edu/ce.htm or
call 843.574.6022 for more information.
Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 7

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8 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 NEWS
16 AS, OSS Airmen deploy
Story and photos by Airman Ian Hoachlander out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The 16 AS will take control of
437th Airlift Wing Public Affairs the 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron from the 15th
Airlift Squadron based out of Charleston AFB, who will be
More than 140 Airmen from the 16th Airlift Squadron returning home next month.
and the 437th Operations Support Squadron deployed to "I am excited," said Maj. Todd McCoy, 437th
Southwest Asia from Charleston AFB Dec. 29 as part of Operations Group assistant director of operations. "We
Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. have trained for almost a year and are now ready to go out
For this deployment, the entire squadron is deploying to a and do the mission."
single base where they will fly and manage missions in and The 16 AS will be transporting service members and sup-
plies in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan. They will also fly
aeromedical evacuation missions.
This deployment marks the eighth time an entire C-17
squadron will deploy for an operation.
For some Airmen, this will be their first time deploying
and leaving loved ones behind. Over the past ninety days
they had a pre-deployment checklist to complete and a clus-
ter of classes to take in order to prepare for their deploy-
"I feel well prepared," said Airman 1st Class Thomas
Farmer, 437th Operations Support Squadron. "The classes
package the information really well."
Positive reinforcement throughout the squadron has Airmen from the 16th Airlift Squadron and the 437th
brought high morale to Airmen getting ready to deploy.
Airmen from the 16th Airlift Squadron and the 437th Operations Support Squadron make their way from the
"It is almost overwhelming how supportive people
Operations Support Squadron line up outside the 437th Charleston AFB's passenger terminal to the aircraft that

have been from the First Sergeant to the spouses," said

Aerial Port Squadron passenger terminal on the Charleston will take them to Southwest Asia for a four-month deploy-

Airman Farmer. "Now we can all get on that plane togeth-

AFB flightline Dec. 29. More than 140 Airmen are deploying ment Dec. 29. The 16 AS will assume control of the 816th

er and do our job."

to a forward deployed location in Southewest Asia as part Expeditionary Airlift Squadron from the 15th Airlift
of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Squadron based here.

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NEWS Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 9

MXS hydraulics shop saves time, money

Story and photo by Airman Ian Hoachlander In 2008 alone, Charleston AFB eliminated 425
437th Airlift Wing Public Affairs gallons of hydraulic fluid from the waste stream,
saving more than $5,500 in hydraulic fluid. This
The 437th Maintenance Squadron's hydraulic shop has is the heart of AFSO21, which encourages Airmen
designed and modified a C-17 brake tester to help reduce to find ways to maximize value and minimize
the hydraulic fluid waste-stream in the shop and in other waste.
areas around the base. Additional benefits from the C-17 brake tester
For the past few years Airmen have used Air Force include reducing the operational test-time by 60
Smart Operations 21 principles to look at everyday percent, as well as reducing hydraulic fluid clean-
processes, improve mission execution and develop a more up time. The machine eliminates the need for
efficient way to test C-17 brakes. Airmen to be exposed to hydraulic fluid and
The latest modification to the C-17 brake tester utilizes enables them to perform operational checks on
an aircraft filtration system to clean hydraulic fluid and many hydraulic and non-hydraulic components.
return it to the brake tester's reservoir. This modification "It gives us the option to test multiple hosing to
eliminates 99 percent of the hydraulic fluid waste normal- manifolds, also with the hydraulic test stand it
ly associated with testing brake assemblies. allows us to test these items at high pressures Senior Airman Robert Kayser performs a brake test Jan. 7 at the
From this modification of the C-17 brake tester, one gal- safely," said Sergeant Shamis.
437th Maintenance Squadron hydraulic shop here. By making

lon of hydraulic fluid is saved for each brake tested and it Since the C-17 brake tester's origin in 2005, the $11,800 in initial fluid cost and disposal fees in 2008. Airman
modifications to the machine, the hydraulic shop saved more than

has significantly reduced the hydraulic fluid waste-stream 437 MXS hydraulic shop has modified the stand Kayser is a journeyman with the 437 MXS.
by more than 55 percent. In 2005 the 437 MXS was award- to increase the testing ability by making connec-
ed the Air Mobility Command's Pollution Prevention tors to test the C-17 fire suppression tubing assemblies for Sergeant Shamis. "Just change the filter every month, add
Outstanding Innovation award for this invention. burst pressure while providing safety to Airmen during fluid every six months and it is good to go."
"Since 2005 the C-17 brake tester saved us about 1,500 tests and allow for easier and faster connection of various AFSO21 is an Air Force plan that applies a mixture of
gallons of hydraulic fluid and saved us from making a tubing and hoses for both aircraft and non-aircraft. business strategies designed to streamline everyday
mess since it recycles the fluid through the brake," said "The brake tester is used on a daily basis, especially processes across the Air Force. These plans save money by
Master Sgt. Jason Shamis, 315th Maintenance Squadron since we deal with almost all the C-17 brakes on the East optimizing processes, maximizing value and making them
lead technician. Coast and all the brakes in the area of responsibility," said more effective and efficient.

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p p
l ec
I n Se
U n its !


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Proceed 3.4 miles and turn left onto Avenue of Oaks. Grand Oaks Preserve will be on your left.
• The offer is subject to change without notice. Contract must close by December 31,2008. VA approved
10 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 NEWS
Base announces January promotions
Courtesy of 437th Force Support Squadron 437 APS: Adam Bourquin, Andrew Gentley, James 373rd Training Squadron, Detachment 5: Leslie Bell
Roberson and Jessica Stanley 437 APS: Jason Gates
Team Charleston salutes the following Airmen being pro- 437 AMXS: Darryl Crumpton, Anthony Felts, Christopher 437 AMXS: Fe Frazier and Nathan Weigel
moted in January: Ford, Justin Hoffman, Dale Kouri and Jacob Zehnder 437 CES: Shawn Hartford
437th Civil Engineer Squadron: Stephen Denboer, 437 LRS: Tania Rickett and Robert Hall
To Airman: German Montenegro and Marcus Mallorca 437th Maintenance Operations Squadron: Johnathan
437th Logistics Readiness Squadron: Chase Hoyt 437th Communications Squadron: Amanda Elder and Douglas
437th Security Forces Squadron: Douglas Anderson David Wright 437th Medical Operations Squadron: Christopher
437 LRS: Jessica Clark Harris
To Airman 1st Class: 437 MXS: Lacy Hannon, Mitchell Mathes, Benjamin 437th Security Forces Squadron: Greggery Gordon
15th Airlift Squadron: Joshua Bischoff Palmer, Curtis Robinson, Matthew Robinson and Melody
437th Aerial Port Squadron: Ryan Ely Williams To Master Sergeant:
437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron: Skye 437th Operations Support Squadron: Nicole Corsi and 1 CTCS: Norma Gonthier and Kelly Waldrop
Thompson Eric Rhodes 16 AS: Shawn Cox
437th Logistics Readiness Squadron: Alexandra Looney 437th Security Forces Squadron: Christina Andros and 437 APS: David Burkhart
437th Operations Group: Brian Montoya Daniel Jedziniak 437 AMXS: Timothy Oddo and Robert Thaman
437th Operations Support Squadron: Christopher Scott 437 CES: Byron Kendziora
437th Security Forces Squadron: Joshua Long To Staff Sergeant: 437 LRS: Jodi Evans
17 AS: Keith Major 437 MXS: Perry Wood
To Senior Airman: 437 APS: Jesse Foor and Alexander Nunez
14th Airlift Squadron: Tyson Cater 437th Aerospace Medicine Squadron: Travis Nunn To Senior Master Sergeant:
15 AS: Gary West 437 CS: Tyechia Howery 437 APS: Antonio Brock
16th Airlift Squadron: Kenneth Common and Shaun 437 LRS: Justin Murray and Shaul Bracey
Halsor 437 MXS: Nathon Andrews To Chief Master Sergeant:
17th Airlift Squadron: Sean Gilliam and Douglas 1 CTCS: Marvin Krause
Tadevich To Technical Sergeant:
437th Airlift Wing: Katie Gieratz 1st Combat Camera Squadron: Dennis Henry Congratulations Airmen! Take the fight to the enemy!

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Department of Education (Fiscal Year 08-09: $250,000).
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Dispatch• •January
2009 11

Latin Night 9 p.m. - Alexander Hamilton

Friday, Jan. 16
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the facilities this survey includes are the Charleston Club, Starlifter Lanes,
Wrenwoods, Fitness & Sports Center, along with personnel functions such as
The Scene
The Scene is produced by the 437th Force Support
Squadron Marketing Office as a supplement to the Airlift
the Military and Civilian Personnel Offices. To rate these and many other base Dispatch. All prices for events and services advertised
activities, go to www.437services.com and click on the Customer Feedback are subject to change without notice. For questions about
Survey icon. For more information on this survey, contact Laura Abell, 437th the The Scene, call the Marketing Office at (843) 963-
3809. For more information on Force Support facilities,
Force Support Squadron Marketing Director, at 963-3809.
visit our website at www.437services.com.
12 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 NEWS
Medal of Honor recipient visits, imparts wisdom
Story and photo by Staff Sgt. Jennifer Arredondo
437th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

A Vietnam era Medal of Honor recipient talked with a

group of Charleston AFB Airmen here Dec. 30.
Retired Marine Maj. Gen. James Livingston met with
members of the Air Force Office of Special
Investigations, Detachment 3 and spoke about the events
leading up to his receiving the Medal of Honor in 1970
from President Richard Nixon. He also talked about qual-
ities of leadership.
During his second tour-of-duty in 1968, then Captain
Livingston and 180 of his Marines, came under attack
from a large group of North Vietnamese in Dai Do,
Vietnam in the early hours of the day. Out of the 180
Marines that were in his command, during the daylong
fight to keep open a re-supply route along the Cua Viet
River, only 25 Marines walked away without being
injured or killed.
It was in the rice paddies of the area they were defend-
ing that General Livingston would see the dedication of
the Marines he served with.
According to the general, he believes it was the rela-
tionships between the Marines that helped get them
through the fight.
"The Marines didn't want to leave each other that day,
because of the relationships they had between them.
"These are the strongest, most meaningful relationships
because of the experiences [they shared] with fellow
Retired Marine Maj. Gen. James Livingston speaks with family members and members of the Air Force Office of Special
Marines and Navy docs during the fight. These relation-
Investigations, Detachment 3 at Charleston AFB Dec. 30. General Livingston recounted the events during his second tour-

ships supersede all family relations because of the experi-

of-duty in Vietnam leading up to him receiving the Medal of Honor in 1970. He also spoke about qualities of leadership.

ences in battle," said the Georgia native. ence," said the general. For the 33 year veteran of the Marines, he has not seen
To also highlight the determination of the Marines dur- While it was General Livingston who received the any changes as the "casual observer" might.
ing the fight in Dai Do, General Livingston spoke about a Medal of Honor for the actions taken in Dai Do, he "I have heard a lot about change in military ... but I
private first class, who just a day prior to the battle of Dai explained it was the efforts of all of the Marines that day detect new technologies in the military. I don't believe in
Do, General Livingston had administered an Article 15 that led to him receiving the medal. the notion of changes in the military, just changes in
and demoted him. While in fight for the re-supply route, "A Medal of Honor recipient is known as a 'recipient' threats. The strength of the military is in its adaptability.
the Marine killed 60 North Vietnamese Army soldiers. For because you share the medal with those who served with "At the end of the day when I visit Parris Island, S.C.,
the Marine's part in the battle, General Livingston recom- you." as I have since 1962, and I see young people cross the
mended him for a Silver Star and promoted him back to Though the former Marine Reserve Force commander graduation deck I still see that they want to be Marines."
private first class. recounted his time in Vietnam, he also spoke about what As the General was nearing the end of his visit to
For General Livingston, his part in the battle ended qualities a leader should possess. Charleston AFB, he wanted to pass along to today's war-
around 3 p.m. that day when he took a hit to his leg by a For General Livingston, he believes a good leader rior a word of gratitude.
.50 caliber machine gun. Even though he was severely should take time to reflect on one's own actions and be "I want to give thanks for their service, contributions
wounded, General Livingston did not leave the battle until accountable. and their winning. I think what they are doing is very,
he was assured his fellow Marines were safe. "Exceptional leaders can be very candid about them- very important for the security and welfare of this great
While the fight in Vietnam occurred more than 40 years selves when doing a self critique. Leaders must evaluate nation we all love to live in. [I] just want them to con-
ago, the general still has contact with the Marines that themselves and be accountable; if you do something tinue to perform to the best of their ability and I am sure
fought alongside him on that humid day in May. wrong you will grow, if you accept responsibility you will they will do that.
He spoke about one Marine who still refers to himself grow faster and benefit from the experience." "The big point I would in part on them is they will leave
as private first class and salutes the general. During his time on the base, General Livingston took a legacy, and I think they are going to leave a legacy that
"Every one of those Marines that walked away wants questions from OSI members. One member asked the gen- is very important because the next generation of warriors
me to remember them ... it was their defining experi- eral if he has seen changes in the military. will be looking at their legacy."

PDF version of the entire Airlift Dispatch online each week at http://www.Airlift.sc
AROUND THE AIR FORCE Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 13
CMSAF, graduating Airmen The names of other enlisted heroes predat- anticipated that they will continue to import between Christmas and New Year's Day.
an increasing percentage of energy supplies More than 400 Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors,
honor enlisted heroes
ing 1965 will be added later because no data-
bases are available to confirm the informa- going forward. This increased demand for Marines and Coast Guardsmen – active duty,
LACKLAND AFB, Texas – Chief tion. The research can only be done manual- imports, coupled with dwindling resources reservists and National Guardsmen – are
Master Sergeant of the Air Force Rodney ly and must be verified. (AFNS) and instability in the Arabian Gulf region busy preparing for President-elect Barack
McKinley and more than 700 Airmen makes it clear the need for an effective ener- Obama's inauguration Jan. 20. Another 300
preparing to graduate from basic military
training honored the Air Force's enlisted
Air Force officials publish gy strategy. will report for duty after New Year's, bring-
A copy of the entire document can be ing AFIC to full strength with about 700
heroes during the dedication of the new energy program policy found at http://www.e-publishing.af.mil/ service members.
Enlisted Heroes Walk here Jan. 2. WASHINGTON – The secretary of the shared/media/epubs/AFPM10-1.pdf. The incoming service members will get
Several dignitaries, including Gen. Air Force recently signed the Air Force (AFNS) intensive training for the ceremonial support
Stephen Lorenz, commander of the Air Energy Program Policy. This document will they'll provide at the inauguration ceremony
Education and Training Command, 2nd Air serve as the blueprint for Air Force officials DOD inaugural committee and 10 official inaugural balls, said Navy Lt.
Force Commander Maj. Gen. Alfred as they continue their goal to keep energy ini- Mike Billips a reservist from Atlanta serving
Flowers, and 37th Training Wing tiatives in the forefront. moves into high gear as an AFIC spokeman. Some will be in the
Commander Brig. Gen. Len Patrick attended The policy provides information for the WASHINGTON – With less than midst of the fanfare, serving as honor
the dedication ceremony. Also in attendance management strategy, goals objectives and three weeks before inauguration day, the guards, drivers, ushers or escorts for distin-
was the fifth chief master sergeant of the Air metrics, including organizational relation- buzz of activity at the Armed Forces guished visitors, or participating in marching
Force, retired Chief Master Sgt. Robert ships and existing responsibilities. Inaugural Committee here is a notable bands, musical units, or salute batteries.
Gaylor, who was the ranking Air Force Americans import roughly 58 percent exception to the traditional holiday lull Others will work behind the scenes, helping to
enlisted service member from Aug. 1, 1977 of the country's petroleum products. It is that settles over the nation's capital ensure the events go off seamlessly. (AFNS)
to his retirement Sept. 1, 1979.
The event took place just prior to the grad-
uation of 726 Airmen from basic training.
They are the first to complete the Air Force's
extended 8.5-week BMT program. The
Airmen are also the first to participate in the
new Air Force tradition of marching over the
Enlisted Heroes Walk with its 164 engraved
stones during the BMT graduation ceremo-
Chief McKinley, guest speaker and the
Air Force's highest-ranking enlisted service
member, helped conceive the idea as a way
for Airmen to remember and honor enlisted
heroes who served before them. He proposed
the concept during an earlier visit here and
approved the current design and location of
the memorial near the parade grounds.
Calling Lackland the enlisted gateway to
the Air Force, Chief McKinley said it was fit-
ting the parade field was chosen as the final
location for the Enlisted Heroes Walk.
The Enlisted Heroes Walk will also serve
to educate Airmen on enlisted contributions
to the security of the United States and
inspire Airmen to serve with courage and
honor, motivating Airmen to be heroes for
our nation, said Chief Master Sgt. Nancy
Judge, 737th Training Group’s chief of stan-
dardization and evaluation.
The Airmen whose names appear etched
in stone attained the highest honors for hero-
ism and unselfish acts while serving in
armed conflict including present day opera-
tions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Six Medal of
Photo by Staff Sgt. Marie Cassetty

Honor recipients, 23 Air Force Cross recipi- A ‘STEP’ to success

ents and 135 Silver Star recipients spanning
operations in World War II, Vietnam,
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Watson performs a pre-flight inspection of a C-17 at Charleston AFB, S.C. Jan 7. Sergeant Watson

Somalia and the Middle East are also memo-

was recently promoted through Stripes for Exceptional Performers on Jan. 3. Sergeant Watson is a loadmaster with the

15th Airlift Squadron.
14 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 NEWS
President Bush calls 15 AS loadmaster
By Senior Airman Clinton Atkins Bush for approximately five minutes.
379th Air Expeditionary Wing "He asked how I was doing and how the
deployment was going and I told him it was
Christmas presents come in all shapes and sizes, but just another day in (Southwest Asia),"
one junior enlisted Airman here received a gift he never Airman Gutowski said. "He also asked how
expected - a call from President George Bush. (Southwest Asia) was. I can't remember the
Senior Airman Dan Gutowski, 816th Expeditionary year, but he said he's been through here and
Airlift Squadron loadmaster and deployed from the 15th I said they've built it up a little since then.
Airlift Squadron, Charleston AFB, found out about the He told me, 'Merry Christmas,' and told me
surprise Dec. 23 and received the call on Christmas Eve. to tell everyone he said Merry Christmas
Both are days he will never forget. and happy holidays. He also said to tell
"It was just a normal day," said the Manistee, Mich., everyone they are doing a good job."
native, referring to the day he found out about the call, After Airman Gutowski's phone call with
Dec. 23. "My leadership got me to hang around by telling the president was finished, the White House
me I had to write a (biography) about myself, but I came called again to tell him he is authorized one
to find out it was just to have me stick around. Once it unlimited morale call.
was confirmed, they finally let me in on the secret that I "They gave me unlimited time so I called
was going to be talking to the president the next day. home to tell my family I just got done talk-
"(My co-workers are) always joking around so you ing to the president and my mom just start-
don't really know what to expect from them," said Airman ed to go nuts," he said. "She just couldn't get
Gutowski. "When they first told me I was kind of hesi- over it."
tant, but I was still going along with it because it was That day, the squadron commander
from the commander so I assumed he wasn't lying." received a press release from the White
When the truth was confirmed later that day by a call House stating the president called a total of
from the White House, Airman Gutowski's typical day nine servicemembers across the entire Courtesy photo

instantly became surreal. Department of Defense. Two of them were Senior Airman Dan Gutowski, 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron load-
"I was like, 'Wow, I'm going to be talking to the most Airmen. Airman Gutowski was chosen for master and deployed fromt the 15th Airlift Squadron, Charleston AFB,
powerful man in the world tomorrow,'" he said. "I was the honor because he was the squadron's
talks on the phone with President George W. Bush Dec. 24. Airman
completely awestruck." Airman of the year, a distinguished graduate to receive the honor.
Gutowski was one of nine military members in the area of responsibility

The rest of the day was filled with excitement as from the Airman Leadership School and a
Airman Gutowski informed family and friends about the participant in 10 combat airdrops. "It just goes to show that leadership all the way up to
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "It's great for someone from our unit to be recognized the commander-in-chief is engaged and genuinely cares
On the big day, excitement spread through the for all of the hard work they've done out here," said Lt. about their troops," Colonel Lamontagne said. "The call
squadron and a crowd of spectators waited eagerly for Col. John Lamontagne, 816 EAS commander. "Normally has had a huge effect on all of our morale. It really has
Airman Gustowski's call. we get recognition in the form of awards and decorations, enforced our belief that people do care and what we're
"(The White House called) and asked me to hold for but to get a call from the president is phenomenal and doing is making a difference."
five to 10 minutes," he said. "I was just sitting there and completely over the top. I couldn't be more proud of When asked where this present ranked on his list
we had about 15 people standing outside the office him." Airman Gutowski said this takes the cake.
watching me listening to the phone. Everyone had their The phone call may have served an even greater pur- "Getting a call from the president is probably the best
cameras and video recorders going. It was unreal." pose than originally intended, said the Yorktown, Va., Christmas present I ever had," he said. "Not many people
Airman Gutowski spoke with the President George native. get a present like that."

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Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 15

Unit Compliance Inspection

Tip of the Week
Protecting Privacy Act Material
EYE EXAMINATIONS Focus on looking at protecting priva- with the Air Force Form 3227, Privacy
cy act material. Take a look around in Act Cover Sheet? Are e-mails and com-
workcenters. Are all files that contain puter systems labeled appropriately and

privacy act information labeled proper- password protected? Refer to Air Force
TRICARE PROVIDER ly? Are inboxes that contain privacy act Instruction 33-332, Privacy Act Program
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UÊ"˜ˆ˜iÊ>ÃÌiÀÊ i}ÀiiÊ*Àœ}À>“Ãʇ‡Ê­nää®ÊÇäLJnn{È

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16 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 NEWS BRIEFS
To submit information for News Briefs, individuals returning from deployment to help drawal payments to a Roth IRA as well as to see the "Questions and Answers" on the TSP
send an e-mail to airlift.dispatch@ them reintegrate back into their family lives. traditional IRAs or other eligible employer Web site or the TSP Tax Notice "Important Tax
charleston.af.mil with subject NEWS Family pre-deployment briefing: Families plans. Keep in mind that members must meet Information About Payments From Your TSP
BRIEFS. Submissions must be received no of individuals deploying can meet every eligibility criteria and they must pay tax on any Account," available from the TSP Web site,
later than close of business Friday the week Tuesday and Friday from 2 to 3 p.m. for indi- amount that is transferred into a Roth IRA for www.tsp.gov, or by calling the ThriftLine at 1-
before publication. viduals preparing for a deployment within the the year of the transfer. For more information, 877-968-3778.
next 30 days. The briefing provides informa-
Spotlight tion on all realms of deployment, and there will
Awards ceremony: The 437th Airlift Wing be tips for a successful deployment for both the Airmen Against Drunk Driving: Wingmen Saving Lives
will be hosting the Annual Award Ceremony member deploying and his or her family.
Feb. 10 starting at 6 p.m. at the Charleston SC employment services: A representative
Club. For more information, contact Master from the South Carolina Employment Services
Last incident: Dec. 30
Sgt. Rodney Koonce at 963-3821. will be here every Wednesday at 10 a.m. to
2009: Total 0
meet with job seekers. Half-hour appointments
Around the Base
2008 Total: 14 2007 Total: 8 963-2233 this year
are held from 10 a.m. to noon. Individuals To volunteer, e-mail
More storage available: The recreational seeking an appointment must register online
AADD.charleston@charleston.af.mil. Charleston AFB’s Airmen
vehicle storage lot has some spaces available before the appointment at www.scjoblink.org.
Members receiving a Driving Under the Influence
Against Drunk Driving offers
for boat, campers or trailers not exceeding 30 Heartlink spouse orientation: Learn about
must report to the wing commander the following
duty day in full service dress accompanied by their free, confidential rides home.
feet in length for individuals living on or off the Air Force mission, culture, traditions, mili-
supervisor, first sergeant and squadron commander.

base. The fee is $35 per month or $360 per tary language, benefits and services while mak-
year. For more information, contact the ing friends during a briefing Jan. 24, 2009,
from noon to 5 p.m. This class is only open to
Outdoor Recreation Center at 963-5271.
Change to FEHB: Those enrolled in the
Federal Employees Health Benefits may make
spouses of military members. Childcare issues
will be discussed at time of registration.
E X P E R I E N C E . . .
belated open season enrollment changes. MFLC Program: The A&FRC now has a The Program
Members will have an extended enrollment Military Family Life Consultant who is avail-
opportunity until Jan. 31, 2009, to make any able by phone at 609-8717, Monday-Friday • For Adults
changes. Changes can be made at from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and can be available on • Accelerated Program
w20.afpc.randolph.af.mil/AFPCSecurenet20 weekends as well. The service is free and con- • Flexible Schedule
or call 1-800-616-3775. For more information, fidential with some restrictions and no kept • Financial Aid
contact Tammi Jones at 963-4474. records or documents. The MFLC consultant • Transfer Credit
All classes and briefings sponsored by the can also meet with Team Charleston members • Accept Credit from CCAF
Airman and Family Readiness Center will on base or in a public setting such as a library Internet
be held at Building 500 unless otherwise or a restaurant. The consultant acts as a "life
noted. If interested in signing up for an coach" in preventing issues from becoming • 8 - Week Internet Courses
event, call 963-4406. problems and work with a wide variety of • Two Courses at a Time
Enrollment age change: The Department of issues including relationships, anger and stress
Defense Education Activity will make an management, communications, parenting,
Evening Classroom
important change to its entrance age eligibility work-related stress, decision-making skills, • 4 - Week Classes
requirement that will affect the Kindergarten issues related to deployments and other "life • One Class at a Time
Program for the 2009-2010 school year. The adjustments."
entrance eligibility birth date will be adjusted New HAWC class: There will be an "Eating The Choices
from Oct. 31 to Sept. 1. That means a child to Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides" class
must be five years old by Sept. 1 to enroll in held the first Friday of every month from 8:30
• Business Administration
kindergarten. This will also affect the eligibili- to 10 a.m. or every fourth Friday from 1:30 to
• Computer Science
ty birth date for those children entering 3 p.m. by appointment at the Health and
• Psychology
DODEA Pre-Kindergarten, Sure Start and first Wellness Center. Participants will be taught
• Criminal Justice
grade. The change aligns DODEA with nation- heart-healthy eating principles, self-care tips
• Liberal Studies
and will receive a package of take-home
• Human Resource Dev.
al trends as well as the age requirement in many • Social Work (classroom only)
military-impacted states. For more informa- informative materials. For more information or
tion, contact Elsa Summers at 963-4406. to make an appointment, contact the HAWC at
Educational opportunities: Schedule a half- 963-4007 MILITARY PAY
hour appointment to meet with an expert one- Consignment shop reopens: The base con- HALF TUITION
on-one to learn how to meet educational goals signment shop has recently reopened and the
Jan. 13 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. hours are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday,
Resume I and cover letter class: Learn how
to put together a resume during a class Jan. 14
Thursday and Friday. Consignments and dona-
tions are also accepted during these times. For
Limestone College
from 9 a.m. to noon. The class will include the more information, contact Julie Brady at 963- Extended Campus
purpose of a cover letter, what it should contain 3294.
as well as formats for a resume. TSP transfers to Roth IRAs: Separated
Reintegration seminar: There will be a rein- TSP participants and active participants eligible 1.866.654.2223
tegration seminar every Tuesday from 9 to 10 for age based in-service withdrawals now have
a.m., and every Thursday from 2 to 3 p.m. for the option to transfer all or part of TSP with- www.limestone.edu/am
Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 17

1714 Savannah Mon-Fri • 9am-8pm

Highway Sat • 9am-7pm
Charleston, SC 29407 Sun • Closed

$6,990 $9,990 $9,990 $10,990

Automatic, PW, PL, Cruise Auto, PW, PL, Cruise, CD Auto, PW, PL, Cruise, CD Auto, PW, PL, Cruise, CD
2001 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 2005 Chrysler Sebring Conv. 2006 Mazda 3 2002 Nissan Maxima GLE


$15,990 $8,990 $12,990 $20,990

Auto, Leather, PW, PL, Cruise, CD, 20” Wheels Manual, PW, PL, CD 5 Speed, PW, PL, Cruise, CD Loaded
2005 Nissan Titan LE 2006 Saturn Ion 2004 Nissan 350Z 1999 Cheverlot Corvette Conv.


$4,990 $6,990 $7,990 $9,990

Auto, PW, PL, AM/FM Auto, A/C, AM/FM/CD, All Power Auto, PW, PL, Cruise, CD Auto, CD, PW, PL, Cruise, AM/FM/CD
2001 Ford Ranger 1998 Mustang Convertible 2001 Nissan Xterra SE 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser


$14,900 $6,990 $6,990 $7,490

Auto, AM/FM/CD, 15K Miles, Certified! Auto, AM/FM, All Power, Cruise, PW, PL Auto, AM/FM Cass, Leather, Alloy Auto, CD, Cruise, 50K miles, PL, PW
2005 Nissan Altima S 2003 Olds Alero 2004 VW Passat 2003 Ford Taurus



$500 Military




On Any Vehicle In This Ad!
ay Present this ad at beginning of negotiation. Not to be used in conjunction with any other special promotion. Expires 12/31/08

CAL L 843-571-2810 OR 1-800-264-8617
18 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 SPOTLIGHT

Digital Vision/Getty Images

what can
trigger an
asthma attack
riences are amazing to hear first hand.
This "warrior of the week" hails from rural Iowa and was com-
Maj. (Dr.) Marie Westphal may
missioned to the Air Force almost 11 years ago. According to
437th Aeromedical Dental Squadron
Maj. (Dr.) Marie Westphal is a member of the 437th Major Westphal, while growing up in Iowa she was told "there
surprise you
Aeromedical Dental Squadron and has been stationed at were not enough cows to sell to put her through college and med-
Charleston AFB for more than a year. ical school," so she joined the Air Force.
She is currently deployed to Ramstein AB, Germany as a mem- Major Westphal does not just perform her duty while being
ber of the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Flight as a flight sur- deployed, but she has helped with multiple teaching opportunities
geon. Major Westphal's responsibilities include meeting all aerovac at Ramstein AB, where she helps educate medical technicians.
flights inbound from the U.S. Central command's area of responsi- "Dr. Westphal is en-trenched in the aeromedical evacuation sys-
bility to be sure the wounded have their medical needs met and to tem at Ramstein AB," said Lt. Col. Pamela Smith, 437th
clear wounded service members flying out of Germany to the U.S., Aerospace Medical Squadron commander. "Service members
making sure they can safely withstand the stresses of flight. from both Iraq and Afghanistan who need additional medical
While stationed at Charleston AFB Major Westphal is the Flight attention stop at Ramstein before going to either Landstuhl
Medicine Clinic flight commander who is responsible for the day- Regional Medical Center or U.S.-based hospitals. She is actively
to-day working of the clinic, as well as meeting both flyers and involved in patient reception, supportive care, limited emergent
their families' medical needs. intervention, and ensures patients are medically and administra-
According to Major Westphal, what she likes best about her job tively prepared for the stressors of inter-theater flights. At the
is being able to meet the Soldiers that are fighting for her country busiest CASF, Major Westphal has touched the lives of hundreds
1- 866-NO -ATTACKS

and her freedom. She thinks the stories they share about their expe- of our wounded warriors."
W W W. N O AT TA C K S . O R G
L I K E A F I S H W I T H O U T W AT E R .


Retired Navy Chief Continues to Serve

All of his life, retired Navy Chief Sam Pennington has felt at home under the hood of a car. Growing up, he would help around his dad’s
car shop. With everything he learned there, he continued to work on vehicles throughout his twenty year career with the US Navy.
Everywhere he was stationed, Chief became known as the go-to guy when his friends and neighbors wanted to save money on car repairs.
Aside from fixing others’ cars, Chief would buy low cost vehicles and restore them to good health. Once repaired, he would sell these
vehicles at unbeatable prices to anyone in need. Before long, there was such a demand for Sam’s cars that he exceeded the state limits of the
number of vehicles sold by an individual. South Carolina warned him that he must either open a dealership or quit selling vehicles all togeth-
er. This is why, in 2005, Chief Pennington opened Chief’s Wholesale Autos.
Ever since then, Chief’s Wholesale Autos has strived to sell cars, trucks and SUVs without mechanical error as cheaply as possible. In fact,
the region’s number one warranty provider has given Chief’s Wholesale Autos an Award of Excellence for 2007-2008 to acknowledge their
low claims ratio. Instead of lining his pockets trying to sell vehicles for as much profit as he can garner, he prices every car on his lot based
on what he has in it at the time it sells. He also realizes that all cars are machines, and as such are inclined to develop errors regardless of
year, make, model or miles. Because of this, Chief goes above and beyond his duty by including a 2 year nationwide warranty on every vehi-
cle on his lot.
Chief’s Wholesale Autos is committed to maintaining an unsurpassed level of honesty and integrity comparable to that required by the
Navy. Understanding schedules of military personnel, Chief’s Wholesale Autos employees make themselves available every day from morn-
ing to night; all you have to do to reach them is call (843) 568-9856. It is with these values and goals that retired Chief Pennington continues
to serve the members of the US Military.

All cars include a

FREE WARRANTY!! Call us anytime
(843) 568-9856
Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 19

Stars &

15% Discount** *See manager
for complete details

Access 24/7 • Convenient Locations

8222 Dorchester Rd 1206 Redbank Rd 103 Luken Road
N. Charleston, SC Goose Creek, SC Goose Creek, SC
843-552-3361 843-572-2768 843-572-0607

01 JAN 09
It’s resolution time.
You resolve to quit tobacco.
We resolve to help.
20 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009

Made possible by:

Admission to 37 attractions and discounts at 24 area restaurants! Only for locals - Military ID accepted. Only $20.
During the month of January 2009.

BeATourist.net | 843.853.8000 | Official Charleston Area Visitor Centers

For a complete list of participating attractions and restaurants, visit BeATourist.net

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Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 21

Chapel schedule
$0 Down VA Dr. Amy K. Cooper
107 Arthur Dr.
Office: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Phone: 963-2536. After duty hours, call the command post at
Take Advantage of this Cooper Cosmetic & Family
Cool Buyer’s Market! 963-8400, emergencies only.
Catholic Services: Daily Mass is now offered Tuesdays,
Dentistry, PA
New Construction! United Concordia, Delta, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to noon; Saturday -
Great Deals all Over Town. 4:15 p.m. Reconciliation; Mass; 5 p.m.; Sunday - 9:30 a.m.
Children’s Church.
& MetLife Provider
Dorchester, Berkeley, Charleston Counties! Protestant Services: Sunday - 8 a.m. Inspirational Gospel
Local & National Builders! Worship Service; 11 a.m. Traditional Worship Service with
50% Off
Tens of Thousands of Dollars Discounted! Children’s Church. Thursday - 7 p.m. Truth Seekers Bible Study,
Take Home
Hometown Hero Discounts for Military! Chapel Annex.
For information on other faith groups, call the Base
Huge Upgrade Incentives, Closing Cost Chapel at 963-2536.
& Buydown Incentives! For All Qualified Patients That Receive a
Full Exam, Cleaning & X-Rays

Bank/Lender Owned Homes

During Their First Visit Airmen’s Center
& Short Sales! ➭ Crowns ➭ Veneers
The Airmen’s Center is open to E-1s through E-4s of all
These Guys Do Not Want branches of the military. Anyone interested in volunteering or
➭ White Fillings ➭ Nitrous Oxide
To Keep These Houses. for more information, call the Outdoor Recreation Center at
➭ Teeth Whitening ➭ Laser Dentistry
We accept most insurance 963-5271. Anyone interested in the center’s events can e-
mail Airman 1st Class Sam Schlatter, 963-5992, amncen-
4515 Spruill Ave. (Next to the Duck Pond) The hours of operation are Sunday to Thursday: 5-10 p.m.
Kathy Roberson North Charleston, SC 29405 and Friday and Saturday: 7 p.m.-midnight.
843.225.8718 News: Open to all Airmen: The Airmen’s Center has free
(843) 569-1897 pool, darts, video games, X-Box challenge stations and a the-
ater room with plush recliners. For more details, call 963-

Movie Schedule
Ticket office normally opens at 7 p.m. Showtime at 7:30
p.m. Admission: Adults - $4 (12 years and older) / Children
- $2 (6-11 years old). / “G” Rated Movies: Children - $2
(3-11 years old). Schedule subject to change without notice.
For information, call 963-3333.
Friday, Jan 9, 7:30 p.m. – Transporter 3 – Jason
Statham, Natalya Rudakova – Frank Martin has been pres-
sured into transporting Valentina, the kidnapped daughter
of Leonid Vasilev, the head of the environmental protection
agency for the Ukraine. Along the way, with the help of
inspector Terconi, Frank has to contend with the people
who strong armed him to take the job sent by Vasilev to
intercept him, and the general non-cooperation agents of
his passenger. Despite Valentina's cynical disposition and
his resistance to get involved, they fall for each other, while
escaping from one life-threatening situation after another.
Rated PG-13.
Saturday, Jan 10, 7:30 p.m. – Australia – Hugh
Jackman, Nicole Kidman – Luhrmann's film is set in north-
The Airlift Dispatch is published by
Diggle Publishing Company ern Australia prior to World War II and centers on an English
aristocrat who inherits a cattle station the size of Maryland.
When English cattle barons plot to take her land, she reluc-
P.O. Box 2016, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465
843-412-5861 • www.DigglePub.com tantly joins forces with a rough-hewn stock-man to drive
2,000 head of cattle across hundreds of miles of the coun-
See the Airlift Dispatch online: www.Airlift.sc try's most unforgiving land, only to still face the bombing of
or see the Navy Shoreline at www.Shoreline.sc Darwin, Australia, by the Japanese forces that had attacked
Pearl Harbor. Rated PG-13.
22 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009 SPORTS & FITNESS
Team Charleston’s New Year’s Resolutions
What are your fitness resolutions for 2009?

"My plans are to get healthy and improve "Getting to the gym about six times a week "I want to get in shape and get ready for "I'm trying to gain more weight. I try to lift
on my run time and push-ups." versus a couple." my deployment." three times a week and get a little cardio in
Airman 1st Class Asha McMakin 1st Lt. Justin Ellsworth Senior Airman Ali Flisek my routine in order to run faster."
1st Combat Camera Squadron 437th Communications Squadron 1st Combat Camera Squadron 2nd Lt. Jake Koch
437th Communications Squadron

Team Charleston stays fit

Left, Staff Sgt. Shayne Katirgis lifts weights during his workout session Jan. 5 at the base Fitness and Sports
Center. Above, Staff Sgt. Brandon Voges completes his crunches at the base Fitness and Sports Center before
moving onto the weight lifting portion of his workout Jan. 5. Airmen around the base use the Base and Fitness
Center in order to stay and shape and be fit to fight. Sergeant Voges is with the 437th Civil Engineer Squadron and
Photos by Airman Ian Hoachlander Sergeant Katirgis is with the 701st Airlift Squadron.
E-MAIL HOME SEARCH www.MyA ut o Ch oi ce.co m - 843-873-5656
Solid Oak Gun Cabinet with keys to lock, holds
Automated daily e-mail system OVER 150 CARS ONL INE!
6 rifles. Please call Charles at 843-552-5935.
Military: Want To Place A Free Ad? Go To www.DigglePub.com provides you details on all homes
for sale in the MLS as they hit the market! 03 Nissan 350Z Touring.6spd, 27k mi,V6
Qu een Pi ll o wt op m att r ess s et .
www.CharlestonHomeSeeker.com loaded, slv on blk lthr. 6CD, Cass, Bose. Htd
New. $185. Can d el iv er. 696-5212.
Sponsored by Julie Mulligan of seats/SS Stillen Exh, 225-1948, $16k obo
I have 2 female ball phyton's a 2 1/2 and a 1 1/2
MISC NOTICES year old they are great eaters and come with M/F Roommate needed for 2 BD 1.5 bath t-
Carolina One Real Estate (843) 224-5747
2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS Covertible, 85,000
Sl ei g h bed , so li d wo o d w/new m at t r ess set .
$425. Al l n ew. Cal l 696-5212.
Come Join the Fun at CafeMoms.com.... info, everything you need call 8434373837 laci house, 2 mi to CAFB. $350 per mnth includes 4br /2.5ba b r ic k h o me in S’v i ll e @ $210,000. mil call 843-573-7491. MUST GO!!! NAME
playdates & meet other Moms on the base! utilities. Furnished if needed. 843-810-4607 Quality built w/eat-in kit, sunken GR w/frpl, sep YOUR OFFER
6 pc . Cher ry bedroom inc ludes bed, dres s er,
group "Moms on the NWS in Charleston SC" Yorkshire Terrier puppies, Ch Bloodline, 6 weeks DR w/wainscoting & hardwood flrs. Full front
m irr or, ches t & ni ghts tand. $450. 696-5212.
old, AKC pedigre, pure breed, make reserva- 2bdrm 2.5bth Townhouse - Lakes of Summer- porch & 2 car garage. Carolina One Real Estate 76 Triumph Spitfire. 1500. Red. Completely
tions now, call 843-377-9148 ville $850/mo includes water - Pool/Amenities. Call Tr oy J oh n so n 574-3024. restored. Engine rebuilt. 39 MPG. $16,500.
Din et t e set : Co mes w it h t abl e an d 4 ch ai r s .
SERVICES Poodle/Bichon; 9 wks, white male; shots; non-
Backs up Woods. Call Dan (843) 352-4299
Beautiful 3brd 2 1/2Ba 1car Gar Must see very
Negotiable. Call Bobby 843-760-1001
New, st i ll i n bo x . $100. Cal l 696-5212.
Fami ly Dayc ar e h as o p en i ng s shedding, very sweet. $350. 843-330-4139 Beautiful Wescott Townhome,3BR,1585sqft,loft, quite area dorchester 2 schools lots exs, Ply
Near A FB DSS cer t if i ed Br an d n ew So f a an d Lo v es eat set , st i ll i n
master down,all appliances,washer/dryer,boat/ ground, pool $160,000 Call Ray 843-425-8296
c al l 843-552-4906 German Shepherd puppy! Beautiful female. RV storage,near CAFB $1100/mo 860-0736
FSBO St James Est I, 3BR, 2BA, den, FP, BV,
BOATS/RECREATION p las ti c . $475. 696-5212. Can deli v er.
Mother on premesis. Full blooded. $200.00, Bdr m: 8 pi ec e wi th Queen matt res s s et. New i n
2002 Bayliner Capri Great condition must see.
HELP WANTED Please call 843-323-1326/Amber. Rent/Rent 2 own/Sale 3br/2ba/3AC Gaston SC
$3K dn/$750 mo/No Cred Cks/Owner Financed
lge fenced yard, shed, 1600sf, incl: ref, wash,
dry, dwash, no agents $189,900 obo, 553-2985
Comes with every thing you need to have fun
this summer lots more Call Ray 843-425-8296
box wit h w arr ant y. $400. 843-696-5212.
Mi l it ar y Sp o us e fo r c ash r egi st er /c u st o mer Call & Lv msg 843-276-6911 or 843-513-6818
s er v ic e. Co n cess i on s o ut s id e of BX. $8/h r - HOMES/APTS FOR RENT FSBO: 76'x32' manufacture home, 3bed, 2bath,
huge LR, shed,located in goose creek, pls call
2004 Key West 186 Bay Reef,140 HP 4-stroke
Mat t r es s set s: Twi n $80. Fu ll $90.
Qu een $125. Kin g $170. Call 843-696-5212.
Mon - Fr i 10-1630 c al l Kei t h 412-1469 Room to rent in beautiful home in Mt. Pleasant.
Br and n ew 3 BR Ho m e! - Very Close to Base- Johnson/Suzuki,24V saltwater trolling motor,
Comes with private bath and access to 843-847-8670 or dinky120101@gmail.com
Dist 2 Schools. Built Energy Efficient Cathedral great condi, way under replacement 860-0736 52 inch pic & pic color tv comes with dvd player
Male and Female singer for R& B, Motown vari- washer/dryer, kitchen living room and study that
Ceilings; Many Upgrades, Screen Porch in both works great! asking $450.00 price nego-
ety band. Must be reliable. Call 763-1392 or has wireless internet, 42" wide screen tv with NC L A ND n ear Ralei gh
Private Backyard Setting, Fire Place; Pool etc. tiable, call 843-277-1065
813- 0675 Rent $1500 - Mil itar y Apprec i at ion Dis c ount of
surround sound. Kitchen has all new appliances.
Home is totally furnished and room comes with
10ac s/$49k; 13ac s/$59k
B u y n o w /Ret ir el at er /Pic s:
$350 - MILITA RY DISCOUNTED RENT $1150 2 ipods for sale. Best deal of 2009! 80gb and
all utlities included. 20 minutes to base and 15 to o w n er @n ew b r an c h .co m 2002 Harley Softail Deuce, Luxury
LOST/FOUND Cal l 860-859-0139 f or Ap t
beaches. Smoke free home. Pool and tennis
courts. $600 month. 345-1573
888-661-lan d ; 4n b h l.c o m Blue/Diamond Ice, 17k miles, fuel injected,
backrest, garage kept, perfect condition.
30gb ipod $400 for both. OBO. Makes great gift
call jay @ 843-813-8736
FOUND: Man’s wedding band - found on the Very nice 3 bdr 2ba 2 car garage house for rent.
$11000. Call Scott at (843) 478-8682.
playground behind a house on Von Steuben St.
Call Thomas Beck 572-6452 to ID and claim.
Close to the base in Windsor Hill. 1200 +
deposit. No pets. 760-9964
Wando Woods Riverfront Home, $1600/Mo. On AUTOMOTIVE 03 Yamaha yzf 600r lots of Chrome D&D
Homedics full back massager & roller, 5 mos.
old-was $169-selling $70. Tel 843 875 6966
The Web At: www.4640ashleyviewlane.com. 15 Chi ef' s Wh ol es ale Au t os -af f o r dab le, r el i ab l e
mins to CAFB, shared tenants welcome! exhaust. Multi color LED kit plenty extras.
3BR 2BA S'ville House in DD2 area. 1600sqft. 2 v eh i cl es wi t h a 2-year nat io n wi de w ar r ant y Large bag of girl winter clothes size 2T/3T $40.
PETS car garage w/ loft. Pool. Fenced yard. Rdy in
March. Rent TBD. 367-8604.
West Ashley Grand Oaks 4BR,2BA,Fence,2car-
(843)568-9856 ch ief sw ho l es al eau t os .c o m
$4700. Great cond!!!! Call Marcus 843-367-1484
Call 760-0633
Two beautiful female pomeranian/chihuahua gar. Family Friendly,clb pool,Available ASAP. 2003 HD Softtail Standard 100th Anniversary, 9k
2005 Toy o ta Co r o ll a-35 mp g , ver y r el iab le Dark Wood Cribs (2) for Sale - 50 each. You pick
puppies. shots,short hair, 6weeks old. $300 Call 757-639-9439 for more info 1375/mo Mi, Garage kept, Not a scratch!! Must see!
3Br, 2.5Bath, Wash/Dry incl, Moncks Corner, 2 c ar, c om es wi t h a 2 y ear w ar r ant y, wo r t h up, mattress not included; Can email pictures,
OBO call 324-2276. $13,000/OBO Call Rich (843)860-6048
car grge w/opnr, 1614sqft, fncd yrd, pet ok. o ver $11,000, yo u r s f o r $9,900 (843)568-9586 call 557-6172.
Room for rent in Longleaf Subdivision.
$975, 843-574-9828 avail immed.
Shih Tzu puppies, NKC registered. Purebreed $500/month. UTILITIES INCLUDED! Email 2006 Kaw Ninja ZX10, 2K mi, exc cond, garage
2004 Ch ev r o let Mal ib u - new b o d y s t yl e, 2 washer-dryer sets 250/350, 8 sofas 40/150,
Vet certified, non-shedding, Ready Jan 13th screntalhome@yahoo.com for pics. kept, frnt/rear stnds, ramp, helmets, 2pc lthrs,
3 br/3ba condominium 1 mile to AFB. Quiet p ow er w in d ow s an d lo ck s , ad ju s tab le sleeper sofa 150, 20 dressers-chest drwr
Asking $ 500.00 Call Jessica (843)754-7556 glvs/boots. $7500 OBO. 843-822-5817
gated community, great amenities. Rent at $850/ p edals , 32 m pg , c om f or t ab le r i de $6,995 40/200, 8 dinette sets & kitchen tble sets 50/200.
month. contact Keri at 843-367-0108 (843)568-9586 452-2229.


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24 Airlift Dispatch • January 9, 2009

8199 Rivers Ave. • 843-553-9000


E1-E2-E3 & Up Or We’ll

Pay You

Guaranteed Credit Approval!

By And
Test Drive
08 Ford Mustang 05 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 08 Subaru Impreza 2.5i 07 Chevy Uplander
CP3194 258/mo *
176/mo *
179/mo *
CP3200 153/mo*

Only a t Mara t ho n Ch evro let o n R ivers A venue!

08 Mazda Mazda3 i 08 Ford Escape XLT SUV 07 Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV 05 Toyota Camry Solara SE
EP3136 219/mo *
165/mo *
199/mo *


Available on most pre owned vehicles*

10% OFF!
Any parts purchased
Fuel System
Cooling System
Full Service
No Wash, Wax, Full Cleaning
over the counter
at the dealership
Expires 1/31/09
128 45
* Most vehicles.

Expires 1/31/09
185 95
Expires 1/31/09
$ 95
85 of the Interior. Get your
car ready for the weekend
or summer travel!
Trucks/SUVs: $20 extra. Expires 1/31/09

All payments are after $3,000 cash or trade. +++ Payments based on 6.5% APR at 84 mos, WAC. *See sales person for details