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Please join Catholic Relief Services and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for an online Catholics

Confront Global Poverty discussion on:

And You Welcomed Me: Supporting Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon
with Vivian Manneh Regional Program Manager, Middle East and North Africa, Catholic Relief Services Caroline Brennan Senior Communications Officer who recently returned from the region, Catholic Relief Services Dr. Stephen M. Colecchi - Director, Office of International Justice and Peace, U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

August 22, 2012

1:00-2:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

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Background: As violence in Syria spirals into a chilling civil war, civilians are caught in the middle. Thousands of people have fled to neighboring countries. Syrian families are asking for help on a daily basis as they struggle to survive. Catholic Relief Services and our Caritas partners in the region are reaching out to them and providing hope and assistance with housing, food and other basic necessities. In addition, CRS is supporting urgent medical care and emergency relief for tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in the areas most affected by the conflict across the region. Doctors treat refugees' physical wounds suffered during the violence, and since many lack access to medical care, the need for these services is significant. Counselors are also on hand to mend the pains that run even deeper counseling the survivors (especially children) of trauma. Despite the ongoing violence, as Church, we believe that a peaceful solution to this conflict is possible.

Join us for:
An opportunity to hear directly from staff who are working to support our brothers and sisters in the region, ask questions and engage them in dialogue; A review of USCCB and CRS recommendations for how the U. S. can work for peace and human rights and increase its support for refugees in the region based on Catholic social teaching and our experience; and Ideas about how Catholics in the United States, through the Catholics Confront Global Poverty initiative, can make a difference for our brothers and sisters living in the region.

For more information: Read the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops letter to the National Security Advisor regarding the crisis in Syria from earlier this spring. Share this prayer for peace in Syria with your parish. Learn more about CRS work with refugees worldwide and read Caroline Brennans first-hand account of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. Learn more about the Catholics Confront Global Poverty initiative and join now.