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Method of

Funeral al
Namz-e-Janza k arqa
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Method of Funeral al

Excellence of giving ritual bath etc. to the Corpse

a rat Sayyidun Ali reported that The Holy Prophet said, The one who gives bath to a deceased person, shrouds him, applies fragrance, lifts the bier, offers al and hides the unpleasant thing that appears, he will be as cleansed of his sins as he was on the day when born from his mothers womb. 1"=066&()$*>6

What to Recite on Seeing a Funeral!

After the death of a rat Sayyidun Malik bin Anas , someone saw him in a dream and asked, How did All treat you? He replied, I was blessed with forgiveness just because of a sentence which a rat Sayyidun Umn-e-Ghan used to say on seeing a funeral: [ !" ]. Hence, I also used to recite the same sentence on seeing funeral; All

forgave me because of reciting it. ?

The Funeral al is Far -e-Kifya

The funeral al is Far -e-Kifya, i.e. if even a single person offered it, everyone would be relieved of the obligation; if no one offered, all those who were aware of it will be sinners.

Method of Funeral al

awb of accompanying the funeral

a rat Sayyidun Dwd humbly asked All , ! What is the awb of accompanying the funeral Y All replied, The day when merely for Your pleasure? All he dies, the angels will accompany his funeral procession and I will forgive him. 12345

awb Equivalent to Mount U ud

a rat Sayyidun Ab urara reports that the Prophet of Ra ma, the Intercessor of Umma said, The one who departed from home to accompany a funeral (considering it as a duty of believers and with the intention to earn awb), offered funeral al and accompanied the funeral till burial, awb of two Qr is written for him. Each Qr is equivalent to mount U ud. There is one Qr awb for the person who returns after funeral al (without participation in the burial). 433.+7

The Funeral al has Admonition

a rat Sayyidun Ab ar Ghifr narrated that the said to me, Visit beloved and blessed Prophet the graves, it will remind you of the Hereafter and bathe the deceased as touching the mortal body (dead body) is a great lesson and offer the funeral al so that it makes you gloomy, and for a gloomy person is under the shadow of All does pious deeds. &".&(7+%

Method of Funeral al "@"A"",2"//06%+ Jamat is not a condition for this al; if even one person offered it, the Farz will be fulfilled. "@".B>6 The denial of its Far iyyat (obligation) is Kufr (infidelity). "@"A"",2"//0$6%

There are two Units and three Sunna in the Funeral Prayer
The two Units are: 1. 2. To recite Qiym four times

The three Sunna-e-Muakkada are: 1. 2. 3. an Durd Sharf Supplication for the deceased. 2" 3"

Method of Funeral al ( anaf)

Muqtad should make the following intention: I make the intention of offering funeral al for All and making supplication for this dead person, following this Imm. "@"A"",2"//06%+ Now Imm and the Muqtads should raise their hands up to their ears and fold them below

Method of Funeral al

the navel as usual whilst saying After read raising the hands, say

, and then recite an. . Then, without and recite Durd-e-Ibrahim.

Without raising the hands again, say and now recite the supplication (the Imm should say the Takbrt loudly whilst the Muqtads should say in low volume. Both Imm and Muqtads should recite remaining invocations in low volume). , unfold the hands and perform After the supplication, say Salm on both sides. &"2/C3"@%:

Supplication for Funeral of Adults (Man and Woman)

O AllP

! Forgive all of our living ones and all the dead ones,

and all those who are present and all those who are not present, and all our young ones and all our old ones, and all our men and all

Method of Funeral al

our women. Y AllP

! Whomever you keep alive from among him die with faith

us, keep him live in Islam, and whomever of us you make die, make

Du for a Male Minor

O All

! Make him fore-runner to become support for us, and the one whose intercession is accepted.

and make him recompense for us, and make him our intercessor,

Du for a Female Minor

O All

! Make her fore-runner to become support for us, and one whose intercession is accepted.
(2""3 , P146, "@".B , V1, P164)

make her recompense for us, and make her our intercessor, and the

Method of Funeral al

To Offer Funeral al whilst Standing upon Shoes

In case of offering the funeral al wearing the shoes, the shoes as well as the part of the earth beneath them must be pure, while, in case of offering the al placing the feet upon the shoes having taken them off, the purity of the sole of the shoes and the ground is not necessary. In reply to a question, says, If the place was impure due to urine Al a rat etc. or those who offered the al wearing such shoes whose soles were not pure, their al would not be valid. It is, therefore, safer to offer the al keeping the feet upon shoes having taken them off so that the al would not be affected even if the sole of the shoes or the earth beneath is impure.
"@" !?//08::

Funeral al in Absentia
Presence of corpse in front is necessary. Funeral al in absence of corpse can not be valid. 2"3"+6+ It is Musta ab for the Imm to stand in front of the chest of the corpse. "#"3.9&"2/C3"@%:+

Method of Offering Joint al for More than one Funeral

al of several funerals may be offered jointly. It is optional to either place the corpses parallel such that chest of all remain in front of the Imm or place them in a queue such that the feet

Method of Funeral al

of the one corpse are towards head of the other and so on.

How many Rows should there be in Funeral al?

It is better to have three afs (rows) in the funeral al as it is mentioned in ad, The one whose (funeral) al was offered 66 If there by three afs, he will be forgiven. D".9A.E$ are only 7 people, one should become Imm, three should stand in the first af, two in the second af and one in the third af. F2/.% In the funeral al, the last af is greater than all other afs, i.e. the awb of offering funeral al in the last af is greater than offering in any other af.
2" 3"++

If One Missed Some part of Congregational Funeral al, then

The Masbq (the person who has missed some of the Takbrt) will say his remaining Takbrt after the Imm has performed Salm on either side. If he suspects that the people would carry the bier up to the shoulders in case of reciting supplications etc., he should just utter Takbrt and leave out the supplications etc. F2/.%+7 If a person comes after the fourth Takbr, he may join the al (before the Imm performs Salm), utter Takbr three times after Imms Salm 2" and then perform Salm. 3"$++>


Method of Funeral al

Funeral of an Insane or the one who Committed Suicide

The one who is insane by birth or became insane before reaching the age of puberty and died in the state of insanity, the supplication of Minor will be recited in his funeral al. ?$.&"2/ The funeral al of the one who committed C3"@%:7 suicide will be offered. 2"$+:

Rulings Pertaining to a Dead Infant

If a Muslims baby was born alive i.e. he was alive whilst most part of his body was out (during birth) and then died, he will be bathed, shrouded and his funeral al will be offered. Otherwise, he will be washed (ritual bath not required), wrapped in a cloth and buried. Ritual bathing, coffin and funeral al are not required for him according to Sunna. If the babys head comes out first, Most part means from head up to the chest in this case. Therefore, if the babys head came out and he cried but died before coming out up to the chest, his funeral al will not be offered. If feet come out first Most part, means from feet up to the waist in this case. Whether the baby is born alive or dead or lost in miscarriage (premature birth), he should be named as he will be resurrected on the Day of Judgement.2"3"$+%6

awb of Carrying the Bier on Shoulders

It is stated in ad, Whoever carries the bier on shoulder and walks 40 steps, 40 of his major sins will be forgiven. C" It is also mentioned in ad @6>&()$*%86

Method of Funeral al

that the one who carries the bier on shoulder from all four posts (of . funeral bier) will be granted Ultimate Forgiveness by All

Method of Shouldering the Bier


It is an act of worship to carry the bier on shoulder. A"",2"/0 It is Sunna to carry the bier on shoulder from all four corners one after the other and walk 10 steps at each side. The complete Sunna is to first carry the bier on shoulder from the right head side of the bier, then the right foot side, then the left head side and then the left foot side and to walk 10 steps each time thus making a total of 40 steps. "#"3.9&"2/ Some people announce in the funeral procession to C3"@> walk two steps each. They should instead announce, Carry the funeral on shoulder from all four sides and walk 10 steps each time.

Method of Carrying the Bier of a Child

If a single person carries the body of a young child in his arms and the rest of the people take the child in their arms in turn, It is impermissible there is no harm in it. 3"#6++% and forbidden for a woman to walk along in the funeral procession (whether it is the funeral of young or old). 2"

Rulings of Returning after the Funeral al

Whoever accompanied the funeral should not return home without offering the funeral al; after the al, he may return seeking permission from the family-members of the deceased person.

Method of Funeral al

There is no need to ask permission for returning after the burial.


Can a Husband Carry the Bier of his Wife?

The husband is allowed to carry his wifes bier on his shoulder, lower her in the grave for the burial and see her face. He is prohibited only from bathing his wife and directly touching her body (without cloth etc. in between). 2"3" A woman can bathe her husband. 2" $+%

Funeral of a Disbeliever
To participate in the funeral al or funeral procession of a Murtad (apostate) or disbeliever considering it as a permissible and worthy of awb act is Kufr. Al- a rat Imm A mad Raz Khn says that if someone attends a Murtads or disbelievers funeral al believing it as worthy of participation, he will himself become a Kfir. However, if this is not his belief then participation is strictly arm. It is mentioned in ad that if the funeral of a disbeliever is coming, a Muslim should walk away from it because Satan walks in front of such funeral happily with a flame of fire in his hand celebrating that his endeavours became fruitful on that person. 5G"+%8

Nik (Marriage) became null and Void!

To attend the funeral al of a disbeliever or apostate because of worldly interests is arm-e-Qa and severely arm. The

Method of Funeral al

one who attends the funeral of a disbeliever regarding it is an act of awb and considering that the deceased disbeliever deserves funeral al and supplication for forgiveness, he himself will no longer remain a Muslim and his Nik (marriage) will become $."@" invalid. He should renew his Islam and Nik . ? th All says in 84 verse of Sra-tut!?//087+ Tauba of the Holy Quran:

Translation from Kanz-ul-Imn

And never offer al for any of their dead, and never stand by his grave. No doubt, they denied All and His Messenger, and died while they were in transgression (infidelity).t
(150 T0 , ya0 84)

Commenting on the foregoing ya, a rat-e-Allma Sayyid says, This ya has made Nam-ud-dn Murdbd it clear that the funeral al of a disbeliever is not permissible at all and it is forbidden to stand besides the grave of a disbeliever for burial or visit. ,2!"-"+6

Do not Visit a Sick who is a Disbeliever

It is reported by a rat Sayyidun Jbir bin Abdull said, If they fall ill, that the Sultan of Madna dont go to see them, if they die, dont participate in their funeral.


Method of Funeral al

Make the Following Announcement before the Funeral of an Adult

he friends and relatives of the deceased are requested to pay attention. If the deceased had ever hurt you or violated your right in his lifetime, please forgive him, this will benefit the deceased and you will also be rewarded. If there is any issue of borrowing or lending, contact the deceaseds inheritors. Please listen carefully about the intention and the method of the funeral al. hbSthaothAwatwaArwharhryytnh yuwtnbsh issTh If you do not remember these particular words, there is no harm as long as this intention is in the heart: I am offering funeral al for this deceased person. When the Imm says raise both your hands up to the ears, second time, without raising your hands, say then fold them below the navel and recite an. When and recite Durd-e-Ibrm. When the Imm says


the Imm says

and for the third time, without raising your hands, say recite the funeral supplication of deceased adult (or if it is the funeral of a male or female child then announce to recite the supplication for the deceased child). When the Imm says the forth and (final) time, say and unfold hands and perform Salm following Imm as usual on both sides.