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ORIENTAL Ploventurss } ‘SHAWN CARMAN, Hier OF OPERATIONS: MAUREEN YATES jep CARLETON ee BRAND MANAGER: RavMonp LAU ‘Curis HAND H PRODUCTION MANAGER: ‘Mary VaLLes: Kim Hosmer ! ~ eae, LAYOUT AND GRAPHIC DESIGN BASED On wen | wore By. crn Funcs 6 Daw Mune Fev Wax | PAAYTESTERS: Monte Buans RUAN CARMAN, Wr Jacoas CALLAna Jeb CARLETON JACOB CHEATHAM ee Ne: Anby Cows, RosekT DAKE, JOEL PARKER KINSTLE, BRIAN YOON ‘Crrnis Lestsky, PAUL MEADOR, Dan MOENSTER). merbetea Ostby Magc QUTARD MATTIEW soiro2: DJ. Teinoue Stren Ss Seaboan Cra Srrehan Lov ViAc AoDITIONAL EorTING: Karur Yates r CREATIVE DIRECTOR: ‘MARK JELFO i ART DIRECTOR: jim pinto GRAPHIC DESIGNER: NatE BARNES i coves Aznst ‘Avni Lee } mnreqog ARTISTS: Cais DoRNAUs Raven MiMuRA qyPRserTex: Nore Barnes | ‘To.use the d20 system™ portions of this book, a Dungeon Mastérsiso needs the Mayer's Handfuok the Dungeon Masters Guides Rokgan and Oriental Adventures A player needs only che Payers Handbook" and Oriental Adventures ‘Touse the LSR RPG 2nd Edition portions ofthis hook. # GM needs the Game Master Guide ad the Mayers Gude, A player needs only the Player’ Guide LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS is produced by AEG under license from Wiratds ofthe Coast, Inc.a subsidiary of Hasbro, Ine, “and 2004 Wizatls ofthe Coast, Inc All ights reserved, * ISBN 1-59472.0223 oS | Visit our website at Istalderacicom ° cj 5 / [o) i