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Who's on the Council of the Americas?

David Rockefeller, Founder

The following is a list of board members of the New York-based Council of the
Americas, a globalist organization composed of banksters and corporate fat cats that is
working with the Bush administration to expand NAFTA into a continental free trade

Amb. Cresencio S. Acos, Regional Vice Pres., International Public Affairs, Latin America
& Caribbean AT&T
Donn. B. Aktins, General Manager, IBM Latin America
John E. Avery, Honorary Member, Honorary Member, Past Chairman Council of the
Alfredo M. Blanco, Pres, Latin America & the Far East Schering-Plough Corp
Amb. Everett E. Briggs, Honorary Member Past Pres. Council of the Americas
J. Murfree Butler, Pres. JMB Global Associates Inc.
Juan C. Cappello, Pres. & Managing Partner Latin America Hill & Knowlton
Eugene Celentano, Pres. Texaco International Marketing & Manufacturing
Maston N. Cunningham, Ex-Offivio Pres. American Chambers of Commerce in Latin
Hamilton Da Silva, Chief Executive Officer, Latin America Region American Int'l Group,
George J. Donnelly, Vice Chairman Americas Spencer Stuart
Ludlow Flower, Vice President Government Affairs Galaxy Latin America
Sergio J. Galvis, Esq. Partner Sullivan & Cromwell
Timothy J. Haas, Pres. Latin America Group The Coca-Cola Company
Robert C. Helander, Esq. Senior Partner & Chairman, Latin America Emerging Markets
Dept. Kaye, Scholer Fieman, Hays & Handler, LLP
Robert Herzstein, Esq. Miller & Chevalier, Chartered
David E. Ivy, Senior Partner Vice Pres. Kom/Ferry International
Amb. George W. Landau, Honorary Member Past Pres. Council of the Americas
Francis R. McAllister, Pres. & Chief Operating Officer ASARCO Inc.
John t. McCarter, Pres. & Chief Executive Officer GE Latin America
Amb. Thomas E. McNamera, President, Council of the Americas
Elena C. Mola, Vice President Latin America/Europe CNG International Corporation
Hon. Robert A. Mosbacher, Sr., Chairman, Council of the Americas. Chairman
Mosbacher Energy Company
John G. Mott Partner, Arthur Andersen LLP
Martha T. Muse, Chairman The Tinker Foundation
Richard C. Nerod, Vice Pres. & Group Executive General Motors Latin American
Brian d. O'Neill, Managing Director & Latin America Executive The Chase Manhattan
Jens Olesen, Executive Vice Pres. Latin America/Caribbean Director McCann-Erickson
Richard de J. Osborne, Chairman of the Board(Retired) ASARCO Incorporated
Quinton Oswald, Pres. Latin America Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Andrew C Quale, Jr., Esq. Partner Sidney & Austin
William R. Rhodes, Vice Chairman Citibank, N.A.
Rodman C. Rockefeller, Chairman Pocantico Associates
Federico Sacasa, Group Vice Pres. Bank of America
Alan Stoga, Pres. Zemi Communications, LLC
Michael J. Tangney, Pres. Latin America Colgate-Palmolive Company
Alberto Verme, Head of Latin American Group Chairman, Latin American Comm.
Salomon Smith Barney Holdings
R. Scott Wallinger, Senior Vice Pres. International Westvaco Corporation
Grey F. Warner, Vice Pres. Latin America Human Health Merck & Co., Inc.
Peter E. Weber, President FMC Latin America
Robert E. Wilhelm, Director & Senior Vice President Exxon Corporation
David Rockefeller, Founder

This list of members of the Council of the Americas was obtained from the group's web
site located at