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- Vacuum Circuit Breaker Ring Main Unit

Aegis Vacuum Circuit Breaker Ring Main Unit

Designed for secondary distribution networks up to 24kV, and rated currents up to 630A, the Aegis range of vacuum circuit breaker ring main units (RMU) provides a comprehensive series of solutions which lend itself to numerous applications for utilities, compact secondary substations, mining and commercial buildings. It is available for both indoor and outdoor environments protected against the harshest of conditions without the need for additional housings. Used at the secondary distribution level primarily for distribution of power and for the protection of local transformers. It is suitable for heavy duty operation with a long service life and virtually zero maintenance. It can be used either as a freestanding unit or installed in compact mini-substations and kiosks.

Key features
12kV, 17.5kV and 24kV versions Compact one tank solution Intuitive mimic diagram Vacuum interrupters for circuit breakers Pre-wired for motor actuation and remote indication Integral cable testing from front of the unit Common stainless steel switching chamber Hermetically sealed switching chamber DIN 400 C-bushings as standard on all circuits Indoor and outdoor application Superior electrical performance - in excess of IEC requirements Transformer over current protection for phase to phase faults

Front accessed cable box suitable for disconnectable cable terminations Fully interlocked for safe operation Maintenance free Easy to install Simple operation Suitable for mini substation Congured for future automation applications Climate-independent Proven technology No Kiosk required Cost effective

1 Lifting lugs 2 Sealed tank 3 Switch blades 4 Vacuum interrupters 5 Internal arc vent 6 Primary earth point 7 Fully interlocked test access cover

8 Cable test terminals 9 Pressure gauge 10 Facia and mimic 11 Circuit breaker or ring switch operation 12 Cable termination 13 Cable box

The Aegis ring main unit is available with up to 4 functions in one common tank. It can be congured with vacuum circuit breaker units or a combination of vacuum circuit breakers and fault-make load break switches.

Circuit Breaker Protection
Circuit breaker protection can be achieved via ring core current transformers in combination with Time Limit Fuse or a range of protection relays.

Stainless Steel Gas Enclosure

Highest quality stainless steel switching enclosure.

Cable Boxes
Internal arc tested cable boxes are available for IEC 62271 specications. Interlocked cable boxes are also provided as options.

Fully treated, to resist weather and pollution attacks. Outdoor units are provided with a hinged, weatherproof and lockable cover.

Pre-wired for automation. Rotary actuators can be easily and rapidly tted on site whilst the unit is in service no access is required to the internal workings of the Aegis.

Circuit Breaker
Comprises 3 vacuum interrupters for fault-make, fault-break rating.

Remote Trip Coil Push to trip Earth Fault Indicator

Switching available via single break 3 position switches providing ON, OFF and EARTH positions.

Operated via manually independent mechanisms mounted external to the gas enclosure, status is clearly identied through mimic diagram on front panel.

Hermetically sealed, touch safe units ensures maximum operator safety. Mimic diagram representation minimising language issues. Voltage Presence Indicator System (VPIS) clearly identies when circuit is isolated from supply.

Test Facilities
Fully interlocked test facilities are provided in accordance with IEC62271 requirements, standard on ring switch, optional on circuit breaker.

Positive, intuitive, clear and simple safety interlocks are incorporated on all switch positions to prevent mal-operation.

ISO 9000 quality systems approved. Proven technology. FMEA (failure mode evaluation analysis) designed.

All switch and selector positions can be padlocked to prevent unauthorised access

Typical Congurations and Dimensions

Typical Schematic Line Diagram

Technical Data
(ratings in brackets are optional)

12kV Rated Voltage Frequency Impulse Withstand Voltage Normal Current Ring Switches Circuit breaker Short Circuit Peak making Current Ring Switches Circuit Breaker Short Circuit breaking Current Circuit Breaker Short Time Current Ring Switches Circuit Breaker Earth Switch Peak Making Current Ring Switches Circuit Breaker Internal Arc Rating Freestanding Substation Optional Cable Boxes internal Arc Rating Gas Pressure Min Operating Pressure IP Rating Testing Standards IEC 60265-1 IEC 62271-100 IEC 62271-102 IEC 62271-200 0 Bar IP4X (IP54W option) 20kA 1sec 20kA 1sec 20kA 1sec 50kAp 7.9kAp (50kAp) 20kA for 3 sec 20kA for 3 sec 20kA 50kA 50kA 630A 250A (630A) 12kV 50Hz 75kVp

17.5kV 17.5kV 50/60Hz 95kVp

24kV 24kV 50Hz 125kVp

400A 200A

400A 250A (400A)

54.6kA 54.6kA

40kA 40kA



21kA for 1 sec 21kA for 1 sec

16kA for 3 sec 16kA for 3 sec

54.6kAp 54.6kAp

40kAp 7.9kAp (40kAp)

21kA 1sec 21kA 1sec 21kA 1sec

16kA 1sec 16kA 1sec 16kA 1sec

0 Bar IP4X (IP54W option)

0.4 Bar IP4X (IP54W option)

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