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Kathryn Schultz Religion 8th grade Week 11 day 3 1/19/11

St. Augustine of Hippo St. Augustine was born on November 13, 354 in Thagaste, Numidia, which is now called Algeria. His father was a pagan and his mother was a Christian. Her name was Monica, later to be St. Monica. St. Augustine also had a brother and a sister. He was the oldest and the next was his brother Navigius and then his sister, Perpetua. At the age of 11 he went to school 19 miles away. It had a pagan environment and there he learned pagan practices and beliefs. When he was 17, through the kindness of a Roman citizen, he was brought to Carthage to continue in his studies. Even though St. Augustine was raised as a Christian, he left the church went into the Manichaean religion. This religion was heretical movement that described the human person as a battle ground between good and evil. The natural happenings of the earth, such as rain and storms, were viewed as physical display of this spiritual battle. His mother was distraught when she heard this news. During the time of his scandalous life he made many sins of the flesh. Not married, he lived with a woman for thirteen years and she bore his son, Adeodatus. It is said that he abandoned this girl. St. Augustines mother, Monica, prayed and made sacrifices for his sins and that he would come back to the church. St. Augustine taught grammar in Thagaste for one year but then moved to Carthage to teach at a school there for 9 years. During this time started to move away from the Manichaeism religion. The behavior of the students in Carthage was so out of line that he moved to Rome. St. Augustine was asked to be a professor at emperors court in Milan, and he took the job. In Rome he completely turned away from his religion and changed to the New Academy movement. By the urging of his mother, friend and the bishop of Milan, he became a Christian. St. Ambrose baptized St. Augustine and his son. He later let go of his thoughts of marriage and quit his job, giving himself completely to God. Later in his life he became a priest and then, the Bishop of Hippo. Many years later he got sick. A visitor came to him and said that he was told to come here in a dream so that his relative might be healed. When St. Augustine

touched the man, he was healed. His last days were spent in prayer and repentance. On August 28, 430 St. Augustine died. Although St. Augustine led a very sinful life in his early years, he still came out to be one of the greatest saints of all. It is unfathomable what Gods grace and forgiveness can do to a person! Bibliography http://thesaurus.com/browse/manifestation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manichaeism#Theology http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Augustine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Monica