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The Tata Nano is a city car manufactured by Tata Motors. Made and sold in India, the Nano is the cheapest car in the world today. Before it went on sale a price of 1 lakh (US$1,800), was widely touted. Since its 2009 debut, the price has increased, and, while the Nano remains the lowest cost four-wheeled passenger vehicle in India, it's significantly more expensive than a motorcycle, a popular means of cheap transport in the country.

Tata Nano
Manufacturer :- Tata Motors Also called one- lakh car Production 2008 present Assembly Gujarat, India[1] Class City car Body style :-door one-box

Layout- RR layout Engine- 2 cylinder SOHC petrol Bosch multi-point fuel injection (single injector)all aluminum 624 cc (38 cu in) Transmission -4 speed synchromesh with overdrive in 4th Wheelbase- 2,230 mm (87.8 in)

Length- 3,099 mm (122.0 in)

Width -1,495 mm (58.9 in)[2] Height- 1,652 mm (65.0 in)[2] Kerb weight- 600 kg (1,300 lb)635 kg (1,400 lb)[2] Designer - Girish Wagh, Justin Norek, Pierre Castinel [3]


SAFENANO: Our Mission, Vision & Values


SAFENANO is dedicated to providing the highest quality expertise to help nanotechnology emerge and develop on a safe and sustainable basis, maximizing its commercial potential, through a continuous development and improvement of our knowledge, equipment and practice.


To be the leading multidisciplinary independent authority on nano safety and partner of choice for industry and regulators, ensuring the safe and sustained development of nanotechnology.

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SWOT of Tata nano and why it failed to deliver

NANO which is a brain child of Ratan Tata raised hope for a lot of Middle class families by giving them the status of owning a car. Expectations were increasing amongst the customers regarding the product features and its efficiency. Competitors were eagerly waiting for its arrival to find whats inside NANO?. The only factor the customer knew in advance was its price tag of 1 lac as conveyed by Ratan Tata. But why was it not a big hit and why is it still lagging to grab the market in spite of its good and convincing features? We probed into the health of Tata Nano as a brand and as a product and carried out a SWOT analysis on NANO. Strengths Price itself was a major strength factor for the mini magical vehicle which created a sensation all over the world. Even US president Obama was all praises for the Nano during his Indian visit, an appreciation which soon spread across the world. The five seater car Nano from Tata finally arrived in the market. The strengths of the product included its small size, ease in handling and good mileage efficiency. It directly took on the motorcycle market and tried to attach a status symbol to itself such that customers prefer the Nano above buying a motorcycle. Thus they get a four wheeler instead of a two wheeler. However, sales did not happen as expected and Tata Nano lagged behind. What made the brand weak? Weakness The launch price came in two variants ranging between 1.2 lacs to 1.5lacs. It was 20 50% higher then the proposed rates which was a major setback to customers. Within a few months of

initial sales, technical problems were found in the product and there were a few reports of Nano catching fire, which further weakened the trust for the brand Nano as a whole. Tata also faced political problems and had to shift the plant location which led to production delays. And now due to inflation, Nanos prices have further increased due to increase in the prices of raw material such as steel, rubber and others. Threats After the launch of Nano there were many manufacturers who wanted to take advantage of the hype of the Tata nano, and started working on manufacturing an alternative for Nano. Upcoming cars like H800 from Hyundai priced around 1.6 lac, Maruti Cervo 600cc priced around 1.7 lacs to 2lacs were imposing threats to further growth of Nanos market share. Vehicles like Alto, Chevy Spark and second hand vehicles were major substitutes for Nano. People were looking for alternatives for the main reason that it cannot be much used for driving in highways or long distances as the engine cc is low. The main threat was from an indirect competitor Motorcycles. Nano was in between motorcycles and car and it was proving to be unreliable due to technical glitches. Thus some people were going for the cost effective solution of buying motorcycles thereby affecting Nano sales. Opportunities Though Nano is considered to be a boon for middle class people ,it is most often bought by the people who already own one or two cars!! Nano is considered to be a vehicle of convenience to drive in metro traffic. Nano 2012 is a new ray of hope in increasing number of sales and making many satisfied customers. The increase in buying power of the younger generation is a major factor for Indias automobile growth. Tata Nano diesel priced at 3.5lacs has already created a hype among its customers as Tata is known for its diesel products with high mileage efficiency like Indica and Indigo CS Even Rata tata has admitted that they were wrong in the positioning of the Nano and that the initial marketing effort was poor. Instead Nano should have been marketed as a utility car rather than a cheap car. Many manufacturers are still striving hard to compete with Nano, even they will have many drawbacks and failures and it should be a better product than Nano. Certainly revolutions arent usually neat and tidy to start with; hence Nano too is a revolution in Indian Automobile history.


Marketing Strategies of Tata Motors

Marketing Strategies of Tata Motors
Marketing strategies of TATA motors is one of the most successful marketing strategies in automobile industry. By looking at the SWOT analysis of Tata Motors, you will know why Tata Motors Company is able to produce more than 4 million different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, 44etc since the company began in 1945. Meanwhile, Tata Motors Limited has also become the largest automobile producer in India market. Marketing strategies of Tata motors what makes the marketing strategy so successful? 1. Product, Branding, and Advertising every business started from 0, from no one knows it until everyone know it. Advertising is one of the most common ways to make car buyer or car enthusiast aware of the new car with special promotion price. Another more important way of advertising is to create an image or brand image. Take BMW Z3 for example, it was introduced in 1996 and shortly the car has been used in the famous James Bond movie. This is similar to Nissan 350 Fairlady Z in the recent 2007 Fast and the Furious 3 Tokyo Drift. Over the years Tata Motors have been successful in creating their brand image especially they use some famous stars as their spokesman. Other important marketing strategies are such as the packaging, innovations, and quality control. Tata Motors provide many innovative features to attract car lover. One of these innovations is the Tata Safari 4X4Dicor that has Reverse Guide System. A weatherproof camera is fixed to the rear car to help the driver while reversing the car 2. Pricing Strategy There are various factors to determine a price of a car. These factors are such as market condition (it cant be too low or too high with the prices of same vehicle from competitors, it has to be at par), cost incurred to build a car, profit by company, dealer profit. Giving discount every month and special promotion for certain type of vehicle also one of the strong STRATEGY OF TATA MOTOR.

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Industries Concerned over Smooth Implementation of Tatas Nano Plant

Industry associations and businessmen, who presently are quite concerned with the current political situation in West Bengal, feel that the process of industrialization would be affected in the state if there is any negative development with regard to the upcoming Tata Motors Nano plant in Singur. The state government and the opposition party leaders have been requested by the chambers to hold a meeting and come out with a perfect solution for smooth implementation of Tatas project. Chandrajit Banerjee, who is the CII director general reported, Industrialization is critical for the development of social infrastructure. The development of the state and the country should not suffer due to any political differences. Therefore, it is required that there should be settlement between the parties to ensure peace. Other than this, industries have been warned by Ficci that they should not get in crossfire with the local political parties. The industrial progress of West Bengal would be ruined if Tatas are forced to withdraw their Singur project. It would be a clear case of vindictive politics and sending extremely wrong signals to investors which will take the state back to 70s era when West Bengal witnessed large exodus of its industrial units, informed Assocham president Sajjan Jindal.

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Tata Nano Price, Specification And Evaluation

Tata Nano is like an ocean that releases a lot of features unmatched in it. This is the last compact car is designed for a family that carries the most advanced comfort and performance advantages. The basic version of the Tata Nano is available in the showroom price of Rs 1,46,703 India, Tata Nano at the bargain price of Rs 1,76,132 and CX is the variant of Tata Nanos high LX come with the label price of Rs 2,04,104 (all prices are on the way). All these variants are at the heart of various colors Touch Champagne Gold, yellow sun, Summer Blue, ivory, Racing and Red Lunar Silver. Fuel economy is the small car that comes with BS II and BS III norms compatible versions 5 and all are designed to keep the powerful engine that has RWD. Its engine is loaded dynamically from 0.6L, 624cc, 2 cylinders, MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection) and 4-speed manual transmission Transmission System. The electric machine is able to generate nearly exhausted the power of 35 hp at 5,250 rpm Max torque at 2500-3500 rpm. As in reality, this teensy engine generates enough power to connected to 100 km / h with minimum fuel. At its extraordinary mileage it offers 26 mpg highway on the road and 19 km / l city arena Despite tight budget, so it is intended that all hypnotized. Nano designers were largely in their conception in the same frame with a low budget. Outside, MVNO painted body color, bodycolor bumpers, wheel trims elegant, the foam head and taillights, front windshield, roof accounts, door handles body color, tinted glass, spoiler, etc. In addition to its elegant interiors and spacious facilities with a unique ambience. While more effective on the fabric inside the door, digital fuel gauge, 3-spoke steering wheel, full cloth seat covers, wheel & B-pillar, the rear parcel shelf, lighting instrument cluster, Front room lamp, etc. to improve its elegant appearance. The conveniences of its aspects are quite impressive. It
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enveloped in more features for comfort and easy movement of the AC heating, Leaf coin and all the doors, IRVM, Front electric windows, high-end gear console of a car charger / cigarette lighter, front and rear assist handles Reserve , folding rear seat, etc. Tata Motors has considered all aspects of driving in the ease with high fuel economy geared to meet the pockets of average families so they can enjoy their hang-outs. Some cars coming to India will launch this year are Chevrolet Beat diesel, Toyota Etios Liva, hatchback Ford Fiesta, Maruti Cervo, New Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Avante.

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