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Adrienne Phelps-Coco

Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago, History Department, ABD.

University of Illinois at Chicago , History Department, ABD. EDUCATION • Disserta6on: A Brooklyn Enigma: Five


Disserta6on: A Brooklyn Enigma: Five Posi5vely True and Posi5vely Contradictory Life Stories of Mollie Fancher: Hysteric, Medium, Sensa5on, Care Recipient, Invalid. Advisor Susan Levine. Commi>ee mem- bers Robert Johnston, Norma Moruzzi, Katrin Schultheiss.

Examina6on Fields: Modern America, Medicine, U.S. Women, Britain.

Program: Work, Race, and Gender in the Urban World.

Concentra6on: Gender and Women’s Studies.

Research Interests: Gender, Medicine, Disability, and Culture in Modern America.

M.A. University of Illinois at Chicago , History Department, May 2006.

B.A. Vassar College , History Major, Classics Minor, May 2001.


Editor, Each Moment a Mountain www.eachmomentamountain.org, March 2012–present. Founding editor of the public history project dedicated to promo6ng art and thought inspired by freely avail- able digital archives. Promoted site and solicited content from freelancers through social media, blogging, and relevant listservs. Created and maintained website using Wordpress CMS. Wrote copy geared to a general public audience.

Freelance Copy Editor and Editorial Analyst, Amnet Systems, February 2012–present. Edited texts for clarity, style, grammar, and punctua6on following the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style. Provided poten6al agency clients with ini6al feedback and determined the editorial level that would most benefit them.

Copy, Content, and Developmental Editor, PublicaDon Services , May 2008–March 2011. Enhanced the clarity of texts and ensured that their style was appropriate to their target audience. Corrected grammar, punctua6on, forma]ng, and structural errors according to the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style. Iden6fied factual errors and areas requiring further research. Edited children’s and YA fic6on, adult fic- 6on and non-fic6on, memoir, technical, and academic wri6ng.


“A State of Mind,” Each Moment a Mountain ( www.eachmomentamountain.org), April 2012.

"Fashion" and “House and Home,” American Centuries: The Ideas, Issues, and Trends that Made U.S. History , vol. 5: The Twen6eth Century (Facts on File) ed. Robert D. Johnston, 2011.

"Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.," Encyclopedia of United States Poli@cal History , Vol. 4, 1878-1920, (CQ Press) ed. Robert D. Johnston, 2010.

“Diseased, Maimed, Mu6lated: Categoriza6ons of Disability and an Ugly Law in Late Nineteenth-Century Chi- cago,” Journal of Social History , 44 (Fall 2010), 23–38.

Researcher and Copywriter, University of Illinois College of Medicine , December 2006–April 2007. Commissioned to write “College of Medicine: The Past Thirty Years” in honor of the 125 th anniversary of the school. Conducted archival research and oral history interviews with prominent doctors and hospital adminis- trators.

Copywriter and Researcher, Chicago Disability History Exhibit , July 2005–May 2006. Acquired material for the exhibit on “ugly” laws, epidemics, disabled beggars, disabled veterans, Cripple Clar- ence Lonon, and the August W. Christmann Awards through archival research. Wrote content for exhibit posters and placards.

Research Assistant, Vassar College History Department , September 2000–May 2001. Carried out research for professor’s presenta6on on Julia Lathrop, the first head of the Children’s Bureau, in Vassar archives.


Adjunct Instructor, Grand Rapids Community College , August 2010–December 2011. Incorporated lecture, class discussion, and group assignments to engage different styles of learners. Guided students through analysis of primary sources including visual and literary materials. Used classroom technol - ogy to promote collabora6ve learning. Graded student tests and papers using clearly delineated guidelines. Nominated for a Gold Star Award for use of blackboard in the classroom. Courses taught:

· Western Civiliza6on to 1500

· American Government

Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois at Chicago, August 2005–May 2008. Taught student-centered discussion sec6ons promo6ng cri6cal and independent thinking, analysis of primary texts, and wri6ng skills. Prepared and delivered lectures incorpora6ng visual materials. Courses taught:

· American Civiliza6on Since the Late Nineteenth Century

· American Civiliza6on to the Late Nineteenth Century

· The Middle East Since 1258

· Topics in World History

· History of Chicago

· Western Civiliza6on to 1648

Literacy Tutor, Anixter Center , March 2005–January 2007. Tutored students with intellectual disabili6es in reading and wri6ng. Assisted students in crea6ng and achiev- ing personal literacy goals.

GED Teacher, Poughkeepsie ConDnuing EducaDon, September 1997–May 2001. Taught social studies, English, and math. Developed individual lesson plans for students with varied learning styles. Received an award for outstanding dedica6on and service.


American Fellowship, American AssociaDon of University Women, July 2010–June 2011.

Dean’s Scholar Award, University of Illinois at Chicago, September 2010–August 2011 (declined).

Robert V. Remini Scholarship, University of Illinois at Chicago History Department, May 2009.

University Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago, September 2008–August 2009 and September 2004–August 2005.

Disserta5on Grant, Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe University, May 2008.

Paul Klemperer Fellowship in the History of Medicine, New York Academy of Medicine , May 2008.

Provost’s Award, University of Illinois at Chicago, April 2008.

Graduated with Departmental Honors, Vassar College , May 2001.

Shouse Grant , Vassar College , June–August 2000.


“The Contested Body of Mollie Fancher: Lay Authority and the Hysteria Diagnosis,” Newberry Seminar on Women and Gender , January 2010.

“The Contested Body of Mollie Fancher,” New York Academy of Medicine , February 2009.

“Health and Nourishment: Susan Crosby and the Late Nineteenth-Century Culture of Care,” Schlesinger Li- brary, September 2008.

“Diseased, Maimed and Mu6lated: Categoriza6ons of Disability and an Ugly Law in Nineteenth-Century Chi- cago,” Chicago History Graduate Student Conference , April 2008.

“Unsightly or Disgus6ng Objects: Disability, Poverty and an Ugly Law in Late Nineteenth-Century Chicago,” Missouri Valley History Conference , March 2006.


Secretary , History Graduate Society, December 2005–December 2006. Led a campaign to modernize the graduate student computer lab. Compiled resource binders for teaching assistants. Recorded mee6ng minutes.

Organizer, History Department New Student OrientaDon, August 2005 and 2006. Organized orienta6on events including first-year graduate student survival discussion, campus tour, and stu- dent account set-up.

Organizer, History Department ProspecDve Student Day, March 2005. Arranged panel discussions, tours of the campus and City of Chicago, and luncheon for prospec6ve graduate students.

Judge , Chicago History Fair , March 2005. Assessed history projects submi>ed by local high school students. Offered construc6ve comments to improve student work.


Distance Learning and Instruc5onal Technologies: Online and Hybrid Cer5fica5on Course, GRCC Center for Teaching Excellence , October–November 2011

Blackboard Basics for Faculty, GRCC Center for Teaching Excellence , October 2011.


Senior Counselor , Systems Unlimited, March 2003–July 2004. Supervised supported community living home for people with intellectual disabili6es. Learned the impact that government policy, community programs, and medical knowledge have on people with disabili6es.

Counselor and Advocate, YWCA BaSered Women’s Services, January–August 2000. Counseled vic6ms of domes6c violence in crisis and non-crisis situa6ons. Advocated in court appearances and other relevant situa6ons. Gained an interest in gender issues.


Proficient with both mac and PCs. Familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, social media, WordPress CMS, Blackboard, basic HTML, Camtasia Relay, and digital photography.