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piled by

Col Louisq S. Morse, CAP


Complled by

CoI, Ioulsa [i. Morse,

Clrrl1 Air Patrol







rematerial contalned hereln has been assenbled !n an effort to191*1 fron construet the hlstor,v of Ctvtl Alr Patrol untforros and lnslgnia io the present aate.' The scerclty of obsolete dLrectlves and regUlatl-ons has rnade the task a dlfflcult one'

ln January The forrnall0n of the clvll Alr Patrol Hlstorlcal comnittee the research already Ig82 was t,he organ.lzatlonts flrst offort to coordlnaterecord and docr:'lent i.n progress by a number of lnLerested members, and toare already nrost gratlcAp hlstory. r/ltrlle the rrork ls tedlous, the results

Alr Thls prrtlcular compllatton contains all lmown refererices to clvil has material I9L1. Tfre Patrol unlforms and lnsippla, beglnnlng 1n December Unlforrns, Clvll- Air PaCfvlf Alr Patrol been d1vLded lnlo lhree sections',' trol Insignia, and a catalog of clvll Air Patrol lnslgnia. portlons The flrst twc sections Lnclude, chronologically, approprlate of civtl Alr Palrol General Memorandums, Br:lletins, Ru1es, Regulatlons, Manuals, and olher appllcabla documents, such as letters' Patrol 1ns5'gn1a' The thlrd section lllustrates each item of civll Air authoand glves arr aata app1lcab1-a thereto, such-as deslgner, whgn flrstobsolete' rtzed, crlterla for r{ear, changes to crllerl"a, and date lt became l[any people have contrlbuted lnfornatlon and documents to bring thls at the compilatlon to fmltlon. Asslstance has been recel-ved fronBase,st;:'ff A1a'o"i''i, Natlonal if"aaqu.ri"r", ii"ff Alr Patrol, lda:orelL Alr Force A' Blascoand fron the Natlonal Archlves ln Washlngton. Lt. coI. Leonard LL' Col' Lester vlch, cAP, Vlce Chalrrnan of the cAP Hlstorlcal corrnlttee, Ragan, cAP' all cAPr_and Capt. Lee B. Hopper, cAP, M,aJ. AxeI Ian 0sf1ln8, ttrey had located ln thelr frrrnlshea ilterlit" members of the "o#itt"",oi ttu above-mentloned indlvlduals, as well as to research r*ork, To all rqv items and the many others who have sent unlforms, lnslgniahlstorJ'cal documents' record posslble' tiis slncere appreclatLon and thanks for maklng



ffiffiWHL ffiIN


{l rgg orr,iz$,t i,o ra .I!u,r'It ose

Prog rtortl
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Ir. C.



What Is the Cittil Air Patrol? The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the o-rg.anization rf tt-," liriiian aviation .eiources of the United States for national defense service'

Wil! Personnel of the CAP Be Used far Cornbat DutY?

l,[ot ae CAP members. Fersonnel are at liberty to volunteer if theY desire'

By What Authority Is the CAP Created? By order of the Director, Office of Civilian

Wit! Seroice in the CAP ExemPt Elisibte Persons from Military Dutv''


The CAP ig definitely a national defen'se aid to eupplernent rnilitary effort'

llnder Whst AgencY of Gooernntent

Is the CAP Established?
The Oflice of Civiiian Defense (OCD)'

Wil[ Seruice in the CAP Insure Priority in Securinc Aoiation EquiPment ar

No such guarantee can be itade' First must corne thJrequirernents oi the -::'med services' flil"*i.rg them will be those of the auxiliary services, such as CAP.

Will the CAP Replace Auiatiort Units Formed bY S'tof es as a Part of the (Jniformed State Guarels or Home
Defense TrooPs?

Will the Cirtil Air Patrol

Be Uniformed?

Whot Witl Be the Relationship Betuseen Existing or "In Process" State Aoiation Ciuit Defense (Jnits and the CAP? In each such case, rnutually satisfact-rr{ Flans are in procesB to enroll the individuals and equiprnent in the CAP.

Yee. Insignia is being patented and uniforrns J"r;gttua. "They will 6i available-for purchase lry |ou at reaionable prices, through your

ls the CAP Set


[Jsed by Ousners for CAP, CanY Distinsuishing Insignia? Yes. The patented insignia of C.A,P-,maY -''for
p"i"tea or decaled on -eq.riptt,ent utiiized 'CAP .rpott written authorization of the Wing
(State) Comrnander.

May Aircraft or Automobiles, Voluntatily

The organization chart is on page 3'

Witl a Nation-ttside Training Program

Be Annaunced? covering Yes. A training directive for CAP, preparaboth flisht and sround service, is in ti"". Ii is .ompiled fronr rnaterial furniehed bv the Army, Navy, Civil Aeronautica Adrninigiration, and other experienced sources'

Witl There Be Auards for Outstanding Merit and Dettotion to DutY? Yes. Such awari* c being developed b]'the
Aviatior: Pi::;rrr:ng Staff of CAP.

Will Personncl and Equipment of the CAP IJe Aoailable for Reguestcd Use by the Arm,:d Forces or Other Gooetnmental
Agencies? Yes, if individuals are willing to accept eervice .ro"., *""h recluest. In such-casesr orders and remuneration wiil be provided by the agency utilizing the individual and his or her equipment, rih"te and as authorized by law'

What ls the.Bcrsis of Seroice in the CltP? Altogether voluntarY.'

Wilt Seroice in the CAP Interfere With My Work?

tirne No. The purpose of CAP is to utilize the avia,o.r to* "p..,d in casual flying or other lion activiiy. C.AP witrl furnish an object'ive, you to take a rnore worthwhile part "".ttittg in b"th-""iation and the national defense'

CML i'1R f'ATllii:'

Generai Orders


Ig_glsn+:1y$"ilul1ggIng: ljnj-forrrs are belng desl-gnatec by the Ouartorrnaster Corps ofl11*""i'ffi5ffi;n{-frlch dlvlglon will also furnish UnLfor:ns speciflcaticr:':s. Thr,.se *pae3-flcations vil-I be submltted to manufacturers. wlth the can be securee{ by pt-+rsonnei enilt,}*:* t,c securs thern Lhrough placlng onde:'s {-'-r:or:"ed by the Wing Corrnand_er9 where Lhe rrnlforrns Squ,tCro:r Conurnnders erhi-, r,{}L 't,. can l:e pr:'ch;isei:i" Ii tiley rlerli-er .aiiy volunteer of the Clvll Alr Patrc;'i nay secure, ;,,hrr;ugh chennelg,, :i cop"v of t.no **i.:o", speciflcat.lons and color designation and
section VIII,
have t,ire unlforrn nrade y:ri';r;.i*1;r l'.1' al-ilr tallor' Uri1forms nrrlr b* v..rorn b;r an;l **url-'r:. of the ctvll Air" Patrol aL any ti-rne, bul n:ilst c,e.ve:-n t';, i.t] p*r.sor,*el *'i,u*,-,n acrlvs duty:rsslgr'-ment and at all forrnatlons, crills anC fori:ri} oct,rslcns, cr up:n sr:ei: other occasions as lndividuals $ay be oiflcia]l.y represent.in,g the Clvl.l- Alr I'alrol-"

0fflce of

llo, 1,

Janua:3" '"1 ,.'ot:t*? * l(at,lonal Headquart,ers, Cj-t{lIan I*f'sttl:* (,vashtitgt,onJ

Clvll Air Patrol',

'. }enera.l. lletnorandirn 9, l-ei:rua;'y 1;, )'.2 * lia'-i-r:.,11 f ieaCrjiir.r'l":s, Clvil /ril PaL:'oI, (,ri'fice of Civi"L!a:i i,aft:rise ( ri":ningtonJ Un1f',r'nrs & Inslgni-a fcl' l'-,af I Pe:':;r:nrici; liz |,ave r-ei:r:i.re,l:t iri,.jsi n'irt::}:el c-f requesfs iron all over Lhe court+"I-;*, 'ls':-':;; fcr j rr.l*oya":|-lr_,n olr +;)rtj .,i.i.i" j., " -'i.nj li:.; Pai:rol unif orrns and insign-ia ' lrom wariT,here ha.ve beel nr.n.;r 1etai]s -,,r rvori< out and decisions to be secured oul ch,,nnels ci +;he l',ar" ileitr,artmeni, anrj" vie have been',+orking wi+.h all inssibie speed t6; ircri oi.tf, a-l--L co;np11c;rtl-ons;rnc, get firm cons'rdl,'rents and lirai approvals. The ,",rni:'!er rf mq*.erial- -ir,r" i;. ;1.. P" flti':l-j ssioned 0fficer uniforns.las been'large one, I \': t/r'-vrv: tllar Department, and l-icw, r,hrolgh 'i:he cc<:;,eraLj,on r,' L.:,':i ?'rarte:master Corps of "rhe Air Patrol brovrn we have been .r'ole lc, p:.-ocu:'e . .'. -ri.lt)' oJ' i1';: offici.il Clvit riate::l-;,i for r.pprc*--rr1 ..','- ; r;iiousari sutts. 11re protltised dellvery frorn the nill-s l-s Febr,.:ar;' 3 3 " l:1:eql1i*.i,ions lc;' ihis rfflcial C" !," a' Con-rnissj-oned Officers rur-iform are to be linisheC by t,he l^Jar Depar.traent ny po'6t'trary lfth, and wi]l be ngiled to you inr'nediate)-;,, a1-ong vritir the final- decision on the type, color and mann'.^ ' di"s+uri-b',. t.ion gi miterial-s, 1f tallor*npde gnlgorms are deslred, or, the sou:"ce of i'e..i, -rnade unllcr;ns "


- AtLtchmeril, Febniar"v L), )-9i+2 (-C,.rrli.u-,,* i::fornation on un-1f,orms and lnslgnla will ?,Cf.tqfS,fLOXgn fry,S.CiUEL (ar:*ilai:ie c.ron. i',ia1'j-ona1 i)eadqr.:,-r ntars CcrunanCe.:' &-'Staff Iieg.i-oaa) Conffnnder ,& Staff
',",ing Co:irnerrder' & St:rff Gloup Corn:rander & Slaff -l-_,r.r.Lgf l-: l,tAf1' ! Iin,,r.lr-Y ri !-('rrrr Ff i r:!rt, T.;r,..ridi: *- Fiiot ;rnd 0bserver OffLcers r ^.45"PF,9O}:}JIT - OFFIOIAI,] U}JiFC.BJ'IS )iiJ:: ,3f, be helci as ,.r:rlforrn as Fosslble) r.nnr^r ; Lr; a+'hr:r,i,:l cir t+. Suitlng cloth, 8'2 cunce - o:' iftakt -




Shlrti-ng, ollve drab, 10 ounce, shrr:nk. illanr:ei t-L' ? button, open fror:i eoat style wlth attached Seyr {'c,i'm*r'1Lting" 6 ::ol,lar. luo ptch brei,:i pockeLs with fiaps +-o button, reinforeer-i sleeves fron e-'l-t,.ow Lo cuff , anC ;roke across shoulder. Shoulder str:.prs, lf possiris, lc rnake ,-:n3-t r.rniforn. Ollve drab buttcns. ,,{-, Pl-aln tsIack hh3k1 Cotton - tro euffs. 'I:'ousers: Qspoo Ollve drab, 18 ounce - no cuffs. -


'i'&Ii l-OrXIel' CIa



vrl Al-l' PaLrol Unifcrrrrs -


Tan CorT nercial Tan Conmerclal Socks: soon") (Lonplete lnforination on the fotlowlng wl11 be avallabIe

Regulation C' A'


Hl:"ffi,I:;'fl Ht#*#-;": :i;:i':1":; :carrl'J-ng llrrough ": ;ilffiH :ii ffi:.':'il:*: either plan. iextile sj-Lua.tion prevenLeci
It. is
1o'^r hoired.

tstrlletin ilo. 8, I'larch 10,




that appr"*i i':-ff be granted for the use of regular Army Air would be ret'roved anci repi"c'c tl,r.:r1is u:rif,:,i.;.is lron: whicjr lile regula*"iol u: -s.-brrttons replaced so as lo 80 3w-.Li. pl,slic C;LF t,i,iLt,,:,ns. 'Ihe flueve braid al-so'woirld be braid itrches iro:rr ihe I round the cuff at z t'J degr"u un!i" w-i+'n ll'e bottorn of lheWar Deplrirnent' Advanrages now in lhe hands of the end ol the sleeve. 'I'j'ie natter ii t,haL CAP me;n'bers'^{i1 not ht.'''e ""' ar.r: lhe,L re,r.J.;,,-nncle A:-:iryr,rnij'or.los are av-aj-iabl-e so AlSo the ::':'::br "'-t wh<) are caiietj g(., t-.. 1..ire exp,eris,-" l.I g"it:.rrg Lal.IOr-rnnde ,,u'.fiLs. unilcrrns' f,. ,, ci,ive rluLl' miJ-1 - nof iii:.ve t't' buy newlha;: o1'fJ,cers were issuec' lasi nont'h, ca'l:-'rl": ire5;ulaLir>ns fr r L,iP lenirers oil,u" fcr,'rleat,l..rrJirr:keL:;,r(,10.).or"kh:rki';hiris:rndtrorrsers,rvhichcanbei""i:'cl''"''i,:,.:;:,i1y.

/-r, \J-l-I:

i 1t r'.t t LL )1t l?it2 - Iiatir:nal iieado',larte:',q, Cavil Air Patrol, CfIice of CiViiian ^.rrit

0ffl.:i;11 Of ficer.i" ulifoi'm - (Sur,nner') do,.;ri ssioned Personnei lhat speci"iical-1, we -in the l,hircl peragrap'h of G'i-9 dal';;i ::br.raryr-:ltl-i'orm indj'catedfinished by ihe be wou-l-ci blons .for Ltre offlclal CAP conu".rissic,nee cfficerrsli- :'::ri senl L<> lrou irrmred-atel;r' Unforeseen dela;rs ','iar Delar|nenL about Februarl' occurred bul enciosed herew:th are the specifications referred to'
u11-18 - Atlach'nenL, April 3, l9l+2 0f fici.:.l 0 ffic er' :' Unifo rrl -( :;runmer) Corrrtls sic-ned Personnel (Ca1 be prrrchased iocally and shou-l-d be held as uniform as Sulting cl-oth 8'2 ounce I&r'aki





forn-fittlng. (, to i buttons, open front coat style'"{'ih ailached rwo patln breasL lnckets with flaps to buttorr, reinf:..:lSFJ'?J' "our". frorn elbo, i. and yoke across shoulder' slioULDEP' sleeves ""rr, 3livedrab bultons '
Serri Pla.ln




- no cul'Is

.ll-,o e s :

Tan Conrnerclal Tan Conznerci:'l



Lealher Jacke'-'.



case Arnlv blouse is llseci, brass btit'tols musL .r1l- be rep}aced' wit'h CAP plastic brrt'-



Supnly Officor. ) ilegulatir-,n Arrlr' Overse.s Cap (llemove Brald)


('d:'shlnglon) t'.''': Ler,ler., J,.ure 3r, \:i!t2 - ii'rcrrl 'fhe AciJuLant General, War Department Direcicr of Civilian Del'ense: .fhe i,i:ri. DeF{ir+,ment has haC for conslderatlcn a request of the lJatio:'::.r'JoEa"nii':r, aut""io:'* Ciril- Ai:'Patro}, of your office, Jr:ne 9,l9tQ, that the Ct\dl Alr P':trol beArn.ty '\ir of grade used by the lzed Lc use the Starrciard service'unlfcrirs and insignla Fo:'ces rn'i-lh cerLaln distinctive exceptions. wit'h the request rnade in paragr.pf', Z'of the above-rnentioned letrer is approved the ioljowing excePlic'ns : for n-ililarl' perscna,, tesign of iuLtons wil-I not be slmllar to that prescrlbed nel'' (overseas) ' and golci pl.ping w111 not be used on the garyison

" ll.rek


Civi} Air Patrol- Unlforms *


j Civll Air Fatrol, 0fflce of Civilian

CM-L5, July 17, 1gir2 - Natlonal i{eadquarters, i)ef ense (Washington ) Unlforrn, Inslgnla and ftank

1. UNITOR},I .-* -Et authorlty of the der De;rartm*nt, Civl'l Air Pat"rol may wear the regular epp\y to all pe:"ronne1, arnr1y f,niform',rith certatn riistir:.qr:.*---rh::nF, features whlch officers or enlisted nen, as fo.Llcvsa 1. R.a snoul{gl }oqpq*-Wi.i: be worn on shirt, Jacket' blouse or oute:' garrnent.=cotffiCabi*},Io"1L906-Texti1eCo1orCardAssociation. will be of size No deviation or near substit,ute',ri]l" be permitted. The red loop and shape of 'uhe requiar' loop on an cfflcer garrnent' proZ, Sleeve emblem--The offieiai CAP shoulCer patch, bearlng 3*bladedleft U. S., lrill te worn on the peller u"F1"r-of-Tffif-ff Patrol anC lhe letiers slu"lru of a1t out,er garmenlsr ttt tIow shoulder seam' 3. qgp.--n"*y officersr (Jverseas cap; rexnove p'i.':r'ig ':nd substitute red pii::ng, sane color as snoulder looo' b. Mlnjmum uniforrn to be pu:'chased anrl kect in goo,C conrlition ty each member Arrry officerst .,rpe, khakl or chlno, with red sho',:ii;,,"-' shall=conffiT-on*@, loops; trousels, k6iFor chr:,:, ;ithout cuffs excect for wPmelr-membgrs for,whom culcttes are the offlciai wear; t'eilr tan web, p)-a:-n brass buckle;- ?hoes, tan plaln toes, strap anc hr:EE preferred to laces; socks, plain tan; t1", Effi plain tan, no tie oln; c9P', overseas ' 1n weather uhlch requires outer we.:r c. The shi-r+, is the nrescriberl -.ernr exceptjacket, ]eather flying jackei, or f ield cf r1 regulation gar.neilts ;ffis-The '1:'.,'c CAP un:-1.,r:*e":.r ouLer gar:nents alike, lnsofar irench coat. It ls recorn:nende,' as is oossible withouo" untl :."i:lonse" C. Blouse, Alr Corcs Offlcerst, wlth t\e sleeve brald removed and red.braiC, sane 6oloiTi-[ne shou]der loops, su'csLiiL;Eu; and with silver CAP buitons in p1aceoftheqo1dhuttons.Purciraseofb1ouseisopt1onfficorrrnended 'raI to ior Wing, Group, and Squadron Commanders. Members'riII flnd lt fiorc 3r' wear the fietd Jacket or leather flying Jacket' g. Wearing gf the utijorm 1s requlred durlng all flying missions and dr!11s otirer tlmes as unlt comrnanders may prescribe. of ciiil ffi l6mbers on active duty wlli wear t,i:e correet uniform throughout tl1e period of their asslgnment unier the same nrles that apply to Army oersonneL ln thls regard' UnauthorizeC items will not be worn"
!',.1.1. air Patrol, Offlce of Civilian (Washingtnn) befense Reclacement of rJniforrn Shorilder Stra:s (111 Personrrel-) l. $nclcsed is cc.l-o;'sa:nl'le known as Cable No. 1)1906, Textile Coior Card Assoeiaiion (,frmy). This colo:" rmrst be matched and nauerial should be of flannel or other sr.irtable matenal that will not feCe. Z. This :-ed malerlal is to te used lo cover or renlace the standard shoulder loop or slraos now attached to a}] :rniforms" The red shoulder strap 1s now official on a,i uniforrns, includlng leather Jacket, for all personnel of Civil Air Patrol.. l. InsNnrctions. Remove :resent snoulder stracs and reolace with above-menlioned rerl fTffiel-EoG:. strans, or sew red flannel strac to cresent shoulder stran. If the cresent shc,:lder strao is reolaced with new red strao, Lhe new strac inay be attached +,o the sh:-rt at the square enC by elther snaos or hooks and eyes"

July 2?, L9\2 - National !{eadqu.arters.

Civll Alr Patrol Inslgnia 5. The Ciril Air Patrol now has an offlclal unlforrn, however, Natlonal Headquarters does not have a orioriiY for lts p:rchase 6. The authorized enlisted menrs unlfonn wlth blouse undoubtedly cannot, be acqui-red.

GM-lr?-A, August 3e lgt| - Nattonal Headquarters, Defense (Wasnington)

Cilril Air Patrol, Office of Civllian

Civl] Air Patrol Uniforms -



conTherefore, the use of the tan leather-Jacket, 'trith red shoulder straos, wili be

llmreC. the 1. Fiight, Officers w1l1 wear the same unlform asloopseommissioned offlcers' ls speciand red sleeve braiit 0. D. blouse with red shoulder 11. The Air Coros fied for commissioned ofI'lcers I wear. That blouse has a sewed-on belt without t"'rrkIe. No other i:elf wl}1 be worn' 12. OM-lr5 s:ectfled the over-seas cao with red plPing. Note: No other cao or hat is authorized lor officers o:" enlisted oersonnel. Patrol, Offlce of cl:rilian lM-5L, Septernber I, l?lr2 - National Headquarters, civl1 air
Def ^Jomernts

Uniform as the- summer unlform -- c\'i rt The womenrs win+.er r.rnifor:n shal1 he the same style t-'e of ollve drab eoLcr. llouse, and cuiot.te. The n,ater:-ai of blcuse and culottes shal1 the shirt ls t.o remain the same -- khakl color' coat' It ls aLso perrnlsslble to wear a leather flying Jacket lor o':isj'de


ense (\^lashington

0ffice of CiviLian Dei'ense (Washington) Red S ieeve Braid for Cfflcersr Blouses may be obtalned fron sreeve braicl for I. As strled in GM-ir?..Ar redgro"dway, New York.offlcersr blouses City' tir" 1,. il. P,ice Conpanyr iLlrO
$1. 15 .

12 t,t GM-L?-A, Se'otemi'er

2,1+, 19112

- National Headquarters, Civil Alr Patrci'

2.,ieareinlorrnedby*"heA'g'-niclComcarqltr'tlifreprlceofthi"st'raid:'s$tz'50 yards and uould be oriced et per srcss (fl-,I-, VarJs). The snall-est amounl' 'ut uc 1s 36

}.Int,hefuture,c}easeorderthrabovebraidinrnritinlesof]6yards. Headquarters, clvil Air Patrol' Office of Gl.1-58 (ClpC-r), october 1, Lgl2 - Natlonal
l-J -r rithout a*^r khlq shlrt --: lL^..+ shoulder loopsi oi-^'-' belt rrith platn buckle; tan socks; iie; khaki trousers, or khakl stiii for glrrs; cAP' Any sultable Outer garment may plai,n tan shoes; and overseas ""p-p""t"ribed for be wo:'n. civll trir Patrol' 0fflce of clvlllan ayp5% octct er 20, 19L2 - Natlonal Headquarters, iefense (Washington) Uniform Requirernent's lor Civil '{ir Patro1 lo ir-:r corrnandlng office', ctvil Air ]. The attacr,"a-r"tt"r dated o.i"l".-gr-ryi-,2, your authorlty' toSerrrlce palrol, from ihe Offj.ce of the Ci,i"f of A:rrg ii*".o*6e uniformsis equipment from argr and ourchale gether wiLh your CAP ldentiflc3tion card, tl) o" authorlzed Arny Servlce st'ore at ycur SIJYI exS"ii"u

Defense (vJashington) Clvl 1 Ai,r PaLroi Cadets b. The unifo"*-oi-cnpc *rrt t., plarn


post Exchange, Arrry Exch.r'tge

ihe sarne as winter unlforms for women ci3l lir r111i1-"'H:t^':":y":e worrt for flytng or be culottes' slacks may unifor.rns for men, exceot with sklrt or f ie.i-ri acti.vi-tY. of Arnry Exchange service' serrrices of sucoly'


Ielt,e:-, lo-8-L2 - Offlce of the chlef War Denartmenl (Wasfrinqton) Members Unilorm Fequiremenis for Clvl1 Air Patrol of MaJor Oeneraf J' A' Ulio dated June lO' l9\2' 1. In accorrtance u-ith authcrir"lion theArnTyExchangeServiceauthorizesthesaleofregulatlonArrnyofficerstuniforrns toauthorlzedmemt.ersoftheCivilAj-rPatrolsui:jecttothe.followingexceoilons: |" similar to itrat orescrlbed for mill"tary perwill



for grade inslgnia' enlisted*"",t"b.eofthesane(color)asshoulderloops. offlce of the Qraartermastcr c. civli Air Pat,roi shoulder patch cesi-gned by the ;; i'i."-flti-ituu'" one-half inch below General, to be ,o.,., on'ihu"l.ri"..ir;1?

Deslqn of trtto,s ";; sonne I . sleeve braid on officerst unlforrns and background

0ivl1 Air Patrol Uniforms d. Silver ietler.s

Force Uniforms"


tUSR worn




t,,:::eplace the letters

on the iapei of Alr

e. Silver wing-and-crcreLler iecel insi.gnia to reclace the gold and silve:: w-ing-and-ricoel]e:. insignla worn on Alr Force unlforms. f. Silver p11ot arrd ot,serwer"'lnsignia. deslgned by the Office of the i:tarternastel ieneraL for {ivii ,"'-r Pa+.rol'. to be worn on 1e!t breast irist'ead of A: r' t'r::"c e c11ot anri ct'se:'*re r insignia. g.. Black an,i gold plpi.rrg will not be used on the garrlson (overseas) cap. ?. Ti:ls l-ar.ler ls jrcur aur-rrarizaLl"on to nurchase t:niform requirements from aut'horrzed Cr:aiers aooolnted try the Army Sxchange Service, vlashington, D' C'
CM-5?, Ociober 28, 1?L2 - Hatl+nai i{eadq:arLers, Civji Alr Pa+,rol, office cf Cklllan Defense (rJashinqton) Servi ce Cao for Ci-viL Alr Patrol- iinif'rrrn :l-. I'ron this CaLe, aiI Ctvll' i,ir P;Etrc'L offlcers and erlij'l';:,d ''=rsonnel are autho-

rized io wear tne U. s. Arrni'service:ar (lgith viso:'), lrorriding ihe requlalion cirril Aj.r. Patrol eap disc insignia is ltcrll in:ia::e ol r,tit Arrry crest' Z. Uncle:. no circumstances will +-hi: crest cap lnsignia worn by either comm:issj":''i'r': ol' enllsted personnel of the Army ht" };):'n on tire Clvil Air htrol cap'
le t+.er, December lnq ton )



- Office of the Q:artermaster 0eneral,

War Department (rJash-

iinriorms for Civil Ai: Pat-roL llenbers General, Services of Supoly, authi, Un<ier Cate of November 2!, \?it2. .':e tonmanding+:hlng for cash to memo-ers of the ori-zed the sale of enfisLed .ne.r: :':: -er unifoi"ii; c.lf CiviI Alr patrol. uoon i:res,r:. -,.*o:r cf iheit' offlclai Clvll Air Patrol identiflcation conditions: carrls. Tnese sales are t':, be made under the irlioring to turning over of sucn clothing &. A1-l- distinctive buttons will be remr:vsii prlcr

to the Civil Air Patrol,. .L:. ii(::l.r:.-iei b. All re:airs, changes, or aitratlons to unlforms purchased wll} by and at the exoense of the Ci\rll Air Patrol' Z. Under lhe above authority, sale to any one indivj.dual is authorlEed of the fo1lowlng items but not in exeess of t'i-le q':ant'ities specified below: For a wlnier outflt, of unifo;"n c3"othtng ^. 1 Ca:, .]arrison, 0"D., se:"ge, 18 oz", r'l'ithcmt brald 1 Coat, Woo1, O.D"p gerge, it oz. 1 Jacket, Fie1d, 0.n. 2 pr" Trousers, Wooi, 0.D., serge. l-8 l::. Llgi:'; shade I Overcoat, Melton, 0"0., ro)-1 coLl':,- "::ei 19J9 2 Shirls, P)-annel , 0. D. , coat, 5 t'Yle b" For a sum,rner out-.ft+, of uniform elothing * 1 Cao, Calriscn, Iftraki, 4.2 oz', ',t-ithout brs'id
l-r Lr

Sf,i"rtsn Scttcn, Khakl, convertibie coll-ar, long sleeves pr. Trousers, Ootlon, Khakl, 8.2 oz., finisned bottoms

Gfi-,;L, Jariuary 29, f9L3

Def ens

furchase of Unlfonns frorn Post Exchanges 1" We have been notj-fled by the Q.:arter:oaster Generalts 0ffl"ce that the authorl-ty for Civil Alr Patroi membere Lo ;m:"ehase unlfornrs through Post Exchanges has been cancelled. However, this cancellatlon d.oes not affect the authoriiy to p:rchase uniforrns for prl"vates from the Qrarterrraster Depots' 2, The reason for eancelli-ng this authorlty ls to protect the retallers (authorlzed Arrqy Hxchange Stores) throughout the country who have perlnlsston to seI*[ regulation Aflrqf Offlcers, unlfor:ns and aqulpenent. Regulatlon unLforts as well as the necessary equLpnent rny be prchased through authorlzed Ar:rV kchange Stores at ths same pr,"ce as at Post Exchanges, therefore, fn*-s ehange does not affect the savlng to Clv{-l A1r Patrol members ln the prchase of thelr trnlforme.

- Nall-onal Headquarters, Clril Alr Patrolr Offlce of Civlllan

( Wa

shtngt,on )

Otvtl Air Pat,rol Unlforms -

Page 5

CM-78. March 29, L9L3 - National i{eadqrarters, Ctvl1 A1r befense (Washl:rgton)
CAP Rr1ee

Patrol, Office of Civl-lian

95 Cadet SuPPlY l. The unlfoi'm

as prescrLbed of a CAP Cadet r*111 conslst of the follorring Sarrnentsloops; black nlthout shoulder khaki for enllsted men of the ArnV: ("tr"t or ch1.no shlrt glrl memb"rs); web bei'; wlth may be worn by -ana khakl rle; "" "trioo";;.;;garr|9on cap wtth red plplng plaln tan shoes; piurn Ln socks; plal-n buckte; garments ru;y as prescrlbed for CAF. The field Jacket ls optlonal' Civlllan outer w111 be rrorn of ctvlllan wear be worn ln cold or raln..r weather. 0thertise no ltems yith the i:nj-form and portlons of the unLform bearlng lnslgirlla w111 not be worn wiLh than civl]lan garrnents. The cap w'lth vlsor wl}l not be worn' No unLform lt'em other those named above w111 be l{orn.

Bulletln Vol. Ir, No. jj, Augusl L3, L9t-3 - National HeaCquarters, clvil Air Pa* trol (New York) work, the women members llIAC UNIFOFU FnR CA, WOl.@{--In recognltion of thelr splendld patrol havs been granl"a tn" prlvilege to woar the WAC unlform wit'h lhe of Cj-vi1 Alr speclal cAP lnsj.gnla and dlstlnguishlng features. This aranSemel! x:_t""::l:r^;o* Ine by iil""i^., i,,""ia3";"; G.;;rarn"crtl",CoI. I{obby, cornnandant.?f.the wACs' sare of orr."oat,'ralncoat, sklrt and ualsL to fernal"e ii-'oric";";;; ;i;;;,-J;;k;i, rrr i the you read +L^ ne;nbers of CAP 1s about to be authorlzed. Do not nake prrchaso-s untl1 wAC-butdl:.ectlve on this subJect by the cAP Natlonal Headquarters supply officer'be replaced tons and l-nslgnta w111 be removed from the garnents before sale and riI1 rd braid, b.y CAp sl-lver buttons and lnsignla lnel-udfnl ttre CAP red shoulder loops, rrear and shoulder emblem. The WAC Jap r"tii not be l/ci:1. CAP women w111 contlnue to
---l --J ^t t^ 4^--

garrlson (overseas) caps and '*errlce caps as before' Henceforth, the official CAP nomen's unlform w'111 be as above. It has been difflcult untll non to achleve untforruity. supply problems were such that, although wohave been many men Ln a slngle Squadron have been able to starrdardlze locaLly, there At the outset, there r+a. -'il( ici-'* ,arlatlons beLween the units across the countrT. The WAC sxiit:s troversy as to the ralaLlve merlts of skirts, culottes, and slacks'for whorn the khaki girls tn the CAP Cadets The above does not apply to now offlclal. sklrt ls the Proper wear.

Br:llettn voI. II, No. 17, September 10, 191+3 - Natlonal Headquartersr clvll Alr Patrol (New York) tr{AC untfor^ms by cAP I.|omen cApc uNIToRMS--lJote thaL the authorlzatlon for prrchase of whose '":-:"1fotr:;"r ls the khakl sktrt and other does not appfy to glr1s tn Lhe CAP Cadets t, ri'iatn garrlson caps ("overseas caps') garments as prevlously provlded ln CAP Rules CAPC members rny be worn by CAP Cadets, rather than caps wit,h rod plplnS, so that active duty. who after belng called to go ln the Arnv may contlnue to wear these caps
CADIII INSTtI,CTIONS 27 September lr3
does 5. Note that the unlform of the CAP Cadet conslsts of enllsted men's gartnents and memloops as prescrlbed for CAP noi; include Lhe officers' type shlrt wlth red shoulder Lhe bei.r. Thus the Ca6et unlform is less expensl.ve and the garments can be worn after CAP that the Arrqf will gtve unlfo:rns-to Ca6et. goes lnto the Arnry, It ls not expecfed Cadeis lncluding Enllsted Resorvlsts who wiII not be lssued unlforms until eal-Led to actlve duly as rnatters now stand. However, a member of the servlce needs axLra shirts an6 tr.ousers so the money spent by Cadets ln prchaslng CAPC unlforrns w'il-i not be wasted,. It wtll save money by reducLng r*ear on clvLllan clothes. L CAP Cadets ney fn .tn."" from lrlry Q.rartemaster stores under tho same provisions 1pp1lcable to CAP members, shoes lncluded. 'l:.rts ln CAPC wi1l wear the khaki sklrt and other Ltems provlded ln Ci.P Rules Z g. Th-ey wll1 not wear the WAC unlfor"rn as provlded for CAP uonen. to wear thelr unlforms in schoor and at all tlmes' 2 cadots shoul-d be sncouraged




Alr Patrol Unlfonns '- Fage ?

except when worklng on patd Jobs not connected rrlth avl-atlon or engagad ln household dutles or activlll"es which rmuld reke the unlfo:zr unsultable. Every young rnan Ln CAPC unlform ls a walHng delegate for recmlts.

garments are ar:thorlzed for male members of CAP. Underllned are the mfirmrm unlform r+hlch will be prehased by each member, together ltems with lnslgnla, i:efore ldentifleai:lon cards are lssusd. t Shlrt--*Cffleers' t."rpe wlth red shoulder loops; khakl, chino, serge' or

51 Uni-forms 2, 'lle foJ*lowlng

Rules 25 Ocl


olive drab. ? Trogse.ls--Khakl, chlno, serge, or ollve drab. OffLcersr pinks w111 not be worn b'r enl-lsced personnel , L C;:p.. rarrlq.o!, wlth red plptng. L C,,.pr Service, wlth sl-lver buttons--In 1leu of the gai'r:-son cap: L' CAI, officers npy year the cfficers' servlce cap (with visor). U Enlisted men ny wear" the enllsted type servlce cap by permlssion of the unlt cormnnder. 2 Necktie--Plal-n tan. (iro t,le pin or clasp. ) When the shlrt ls the out,er gr"*unt, ftre ti" w1I1 be tucked beiween the second and thlrd buttons from the top. b- Belt--Plaln tan web, w1-ili plaln pl-ata brass buckle, 7 Socks--Plaln tan. g Shoes--Plaln tan, buckle t,'ri:,e prefemed. '-oeps: 2 Jackel, wtth red shouider' a Field Jacke+,,, U Leather ff i"--, 4 ,1acket for flylng personnel. lC Blou-"e, wtth red shoulder loops andlllver buttons--Wear of the Air Corps officers' blouse ls authorlzed for CAP offlcers but ls not reeolrnended except for The enLhose on operatlons duty and for the hlgher cornmand and staff office:: for CAP enllsted nen by permissl-on oi":i.;':ni+-, lisled man's blouse |s authorized corunander, but ls not recorrnended orcept for those on long operations assig!ments. the field Jacket w'111 be ntore practlcal for wear r*hen the shtrt is not a
suffj.cLent outer garment" LL Overeoat, Treneh Coat, or Ralncoat, w'ith red shoulder loops" 3. . . . Follow|ng are authorlzod items. Thoss underllned comprlse the nlnlmum rrnlform to be prrchased bv each fernale member. t Cap. rarrlson (No service cap will be vrom b' female members. ) ? Walst. WAC.

Z Sktrt. WAC. (see 6r-2.5) !, ilffiltc. tan web, wlth pialn brass buckle. 5 Belt--Plaln h- Stockines--Plaln tan. Z Shoes--Plaln lan. g Jacket, WAC. 2 Coat, WAC. 10 Overcoat, WAC, or Haincoat, WAC. 11 Cloves, WAC. L. Insofar as posslble, members of a unlt wlII bs unlformed aIlke bul care will be taken nol to impose an undue financlal burden upon them. Uniforms wil-l be kept neat, clean, and ln good press. AIl buttons w111 be kept buttoned. Penclls, uratch chains, extraneous obJects wILl not protrude from the pockets or be vlsl-ble. Pockets w111 not be flIled so they bulge" Irregularltles may result tn arrests by Mllitary Po1lce.

Ctvll Alr Patrol Unlforms CAP

Page 8

Instrrrcttons, Supply 51 52, l-0 Nov 43 Il:lforms. Inslmia - Cautton agalnst Incorrect

clearl, The unlforofra lnslgnl-a authorized for CAP by the War Department ls or i':'* and 62, lssued last rnonth" Any slopplness I;r speclfied in CAP Rules 61 reguiaritles ln the wear of the unli'orm by any member ls a reflectlon u5-^;':' the wh.ie C1vll rr.1r parrol. Unil Conrnan<isrs w111 lnspect thelr units care{\rll;'" and rnembers instmct ihelr lnteiltgence Cfflcers to be on the alert so lhat all Arrq,r Air Forj.n an Auxlllary of the U. S' w1-11 appear correctl;r, as ls required

7. It is al"o noled that the flytng Jacket ls belng worTl on unauthorized occaperslons. Under Arnry Alr Forces regrtittons, it wtll- be uorn only when fllghtot"her at fle1d statlons or bases, ernd under no sonnel are on fIr.lns mlsslons or circurnslances. 1,. WtI{\l vlolations 8re grounds for dlscharge from Clvli ,:rir Patroi. Instruclions, Supply 61 62, 29 December L3 Wearlng of Civll Air Patrol Uniform mern2. By whom -worn: The cAP unlform is aulhorlzed to be worr: only b;r actlvepreAll CAP members, when ln unlform, shall be st,andlng. f"rsaffiE-Tood p.rr.ed to present for lnspeci,lon thelr offlclal CAP Membership fdentiflcalion cards. The same applLes to the wear of the cAPc cadets' 3. Mandatorv Wear: CAP personnel w111 wear the unlform: a. 0n CAP actlve duty assl-gnments. b, rn the performance of offlc:aL cAP r1J-ght mlsstons. c. At other times presil'j:''eo by t-6" Unlt Conunander, such as drills' ciasses' lrrspections, CAP soclal act..,-!ties, and conduct of CAP business. ir. 0ptlonaL Weart lto restrlctlon has been placed as yet on the wear of the CAP paid ent;:.nd CAPC uniforilexcept that the;r w11I not be uorn by nembers engaged in aviatlon, and r,'1I1 no!. be-worr: by meni-'':' 6l'Ipioymentrwhtch ls not related to e"gla !n any Lype of manual labor for hlre, or ln household occupations or w1'';" entagea ln sports. For o<ample, while there ls no obJectlon to a fllght instmcdo so' A toi iearlng a uniform, an afrport ernployee mowlng the fleld -should notstore should *ilo ls enployed as a clerk 1n a :nernber vrho se]Is lnsurance or a Cadei noL wear the pnlform whlle so employed. Partlcularly, lt ls stressed that the uniform should not be worn wttlle lnotoring on prsonal buslness or recreaiion as a when rneans for avolding gasollne ratLonlng 11les. Rorvdylsm and bol.strous conduci' in uniform wlll not- be tolerated. Violations of the .,:r.'".fe w111 rnake lt necessary to rlralv{ the restri.ctions rmreh tlghter. wlil 5, lleatness: Garments wllI be f}u"t and in bood press; Ieather and metaloptlonrr" tfil-ft-lfshed at :ill- Ll,mes. Members should plan ahead and refrain from a1 wear which rv-ill resul-t, in thelr appearlng at meetl-ngs and rnoblllzatlons r'rith .oiIed and wrlnkled garments. CAP Handbook, Lql.L llditlon (Southert Fllght), 1 FeUmary 19i+/+ 61 iniforrns i, i* Sleeve braid, of the same red - W111 be worn on the officersr blouse; nci nDve'd. On OVe garrlson, with red plping. (Wear cocked io rlght, two flngers above 2. 3 Cap, collar.) ibove-uack ibove-back of collar. ) "i"r,i evAiftwffi-%ur flncers "vaiffi:*a-tur flngers "igr,i "!b1g9'f4!.--ii"-."fi" i in. below the. bend P.tllu P:I :,f--tl:^H:.:l ;:"^'; properly shaverr and t. . i . I,{!Ten tfiu,*ifo"rn i, worn, rmle members rriI] bew-lIL r+ear their halr wl1I ae have Lheir hair corobed and properli cut. Women members well above the prescrlbed for women ln the armed fo.""t, r'olled or cut so lt is
'l p uv++.r ^^ I r a

CivIL Alr Patno1 Uniforms - Page

96 1.

Ca,Jet rrl^]-L conslst of the same garments aE prescrlbed for an enllsted mernbsr of UA? {5I-2), naaely, shlrt, trouser$, garrlson cap, tan necktie, be1t, socks, ad shoes. Fqoale Cadets w'l-11 wear tire khakl sklrt ln Ileu of tr.ousers and '"flJ r"lot wear tho WAC skirt prescrS-bed for wcmen in CAP. The red shoulder loops *re optional for CAIC. If they are not worn, the enllsted men's shlrt rrithout ioops rrl1-l be r+orn !n lleu of the offlcersr type shlrt. Red plplng on caps 1s optlorral for CAPC. In the optlonal wear of rd shouldor loops and piplng, ai,i meimbers of a glven loca} unit wlLl- be un1forrneci alike. In additlon t,o the above garrnents, the flel-d Jacket ls opti.onai. No unl.form 1t,er.:r other than lhose above named w111 be l,orn. ObJect ls to save cost whlch woulcl be lnereased lf blouges and overcoats were prescrlbed. Civtlian out,er g:rrrnenLs rnay be uorrt ln cold or rainy weather. 0ther:rrlse nc ltem of civlli.n r+earr w-il-l be worn wtth the unl-form ard portions of ihe unlform bearl-ng

OADETS, Supply The mlnlmrm unlform

of a


lnslgniii riil

not be worn wiLh civl"lian garments. the senrl-ce cap, with visor,


not, be worn.

CAP I'lews BuLlelln VoI. III, No. J4r 2? October l9l+A RED ICOPS TO GC"*The following telegrarn ls belng sent

rnanders of Clvll Alr PaLrol: T1{IS MESSAGE ADVISCRY OtiLT. THIS HQ t{AS BEIN AUTI{ORIZED T0 ISSUE F.ECli'.:iOli PBR]"flMING DISCONTINUANCE CT 'JSB OF RED S-}.{OULDM SM,APS. USE OF UNITOR}'{ A.S AT I't'iiICH WILL PRESm,IT MUST BE CONTINUIID UNTIL RECEf,PT 0F NEI^I CAP UNIFORM REGULATION BE ISSUED S}iORTT,Y. The prlncipal change ln addltton to the remorral of the red loops and the red sleeve br.ald fron the officers' blouses w111 be the placlng of the words CI'JIL AIR PA'IEOL above the shou-l-e]:.r'-sleeve emblem. The nenr shoulder pa+"ch ls in produetlon and all untts ',+i:1. be advl-sct as to supply sourceu when the new

Civi' 3.1r Patrol to the l+8 State Wlng Con-

unlform regul-ation Ls j.:;Lt;ja

CAP Handbook

1. men'

SUPPLY, Unlforms



Second Prir*-i..rrg (Southern


15 November I9U+

6 Belt--P1aln tan web, wlth Plaln plate brass buckle for offlce.,. s ti,pe for enllsted. (Keep buci<Ie pollshed. ) i2 Coveralls for fatlgtie dutY,
CADETS, Suppil,'


Coveralls may be r+orn at camps or on work details.


CAP News Bulletln Vo1. I1I, No, 38, L5 December 191+& - Cilrll Air Patrol NItW IJNIFOR}f RECULATIONS--The new CAP uniform and lnslgnla regulations incidenl

the :"ernova1 of lhe red shoulder loops have hei:n ilrra-liy approved and are now being ,il1 be posslble for alL unlts to coni.sued, Wit-h +"hls definite information, forrn IOC* t.o regrrlations as fast as suppl-.v ord.ers can be fl1led.
Btrl"lettn Vol. IIf, No. 39, 22 Decenber L9l*L - Civl1 Alr PaLroi llf'PiBEfllrAfP ltnQUttRmtqlfQ--Ellmlnatlon of the term "provlslonal member" for senj.or
CAP N'ews

:n,r.-1@recru1tedcloesnotremovei,herequ1rementthatapp11cants fo:^ senlcr membershlp shall compleLe 2J hours of traLntng and cadet applicanLs '''1-11 compiet.e 10 hours before tlr5y wear the unlform. The change was merelir for technieal reasons relatlng to lnsurance or compensatlon tn case of inJury. Ai1 'rppllcanLs are to be consldered nembers after they take the CAP or CAPC o:,r'i:h. But it i. obvlously nol l-n the best lntorests of the Patrol to have anyone appear 1n uniform prlor t,o basle tralnlng ln mllltary courtesy, dlsclpllne, arri orlenLalion -ub.jects. Applicants who do not cornplete Lhls tralnlng ln a reasonable tlme should ne dropped from the roIls and ldentl-flcatlon cards should not be issued.

Clvil Alr PatroL Uni.forrns -

Page lC

The Delawlng Tale Splnner, 29 January 191.5 - Delar*ar"e Wlng, Clvll Alr Pairol-" Donrt forget to remove the red plplng frorR overseas caps - both CAP and CAPC. No plplng ls now norn by enllsted pcrsonnel. 0fflcers wear gold and black


War Departrnent Memo No, 95-1t5, Z) Y.arch 19tr. Clvii Alr Patrol, Arr4y Atr Forees Auxl1lary. ,). g. The followlng ltems constltute varl-ous unlts lfF{ ' $_CL011{ING



Enllsted mqnrs tvpe WINTqq 0fflcers' type 1 Cap, garrLson, od' od, 1 Cap, garrlson, r+oo1 Ltjsilque, dark, offtcer. I Coat, r*oo1, sergs, od. l Coal, wool, eI;isttque, od, dark, officer. I Jacket, fle1d, fi-i't*3, -1 Jacket, f leld, M-19/n3 , l- NeclcLle, eotton, mohal-r, khaki. khakl . I Necktle, eotton, mohrrlr, I 0vercoat, wool, melton, od, ro11 26 oz, 1 Overcoat, wool , doeskl-n, od, col'l ar. offlcer, short style' 2 Shlrts, flannel, od, coat stYle. 2 Shlrls, worsted, d, offl-cer. 2 pr. Trousers, r.rcoI , d. 2 pr. Trousers, wool, elastlque, od, dark, offl"eer. suls{m , 6aPr garrl-son, khakl' khakl ]. Cap, garrtson, I Noclctlc, cotton, mohatr, khak1. huld, I tlec(tie, cotton, urohalr, /+ Sh:-rts, cotton, khakl. offlcer" 6 oz. l+ ShirLs, cotton, khakl, 4 pr. Trouscrs, cotton, khald. 4 pr. Trousers, Cotton, khak:,.

r cap, s"""1"oi1ffi!ffi(men'" tiFF I

I pr. Gloves, leather, drocs, I Nael<tie,

0fflcers' tvpe

hD},{Ei'S CI'iHiTT



1 Jacket, wool, od, r'oments, Ors.


1 Overcoat, fleld,


Ralncoat, parka tfpo, uomentBr Ors. l Sklrt, *oo1 , dark, od, romen'sr Ots. 2 Waists, wool or cobton, womenrE.




Enltqted ttgngL ls;lnPg *"i (enLl capr Bonrs type). 1 pr. Gloves, lcather, dress, l{onenrs. 1 Jacket, WAC, rlnter. I Ncektle, romenrB. 1 0vercoat, WAC, member. I Coat, WAC, utJ-lttY.


I Sldrt,
1 u


2 Walets, '*lrc).


or cotton,


l{o}trGnrs. 't<hakl

Cap, garrl-son,
tYPu )

C's, T.W., khakl (mffi


-;, g&rrlson, Ots, T.W.,

(men's type).

1 -,l.


Jacket, WAC, summer, O's, T.W., khakl. Necktle, women's. SkJ.rt, WAC, surnner, T.W., khald. 'v{aist,s , cotton, womon ' s.


I Jacket, hrAC, sumner, T.W.r khaki. 1 Neclctle, uomenrs. I Sklrt, WAC, suntmer, T.W. r khakl.

Walsts, cotton, wononrs.

Mlr:tii,es Wllmlngton Squadron Meetlng, I Aprll L9l+5 - Delaware lIlng, Clv1l ALr Patro-i " Tho Supp1y Officer reported that khaki ls no longer arrailable for fcmale members of Cl11il ilr Patrol, and all unlforms ln the future rr1-Ll ba of tropical r*orcted :r'aLerl-


1he Delarlng Tale Spinner, 2O May L9l+5 - Delararc Wfng, Clvll Alr Patrpl' Unlfora1 prlce llst gave, for malc cadcts, shi"rt, cotton khakl; trouscrs, cotton khakl; cip, garrlcon, cotton; necktle; and belt; and for fcaale cadcts, shlrb, cotton tirill; s]d.rt, cotton khakl; cap (aren's garrtson); and necktlc.

Clvtl Alr Patrol tlniforms *

Page 11

Mlnutes Wilmirrgtcn Squadrcn Heating; 2+ July L9l+5 * Delaware laling. . . . reportod that tt r*as I:nposslbLe to obtal-n unlfornns and insignia at the present tfue ard urgd the gr.oup to contact lnactlvc ncmbers to seeure unifarnns not bering u*sd"
The Delawlng TaIe Spinner, 29 Ju].y

INSiGII.A: Unj-for.ms for CAP cadots may not be prchased rlrarterrmaster or Arrg Erli:ar^ges. The rason for this orrler ls the fron crltlcal shortage of khakl unl-fo:us for nen in the Amed Forces. Slnce no khakL trousers aro avalLabls ln the storee, cadats are


- Dclanare Wing.

Dover encampnent.

flndlng it vj-rtually lmpoaelble to obtafur untforrns. Arly former or l-nactlve member who has uniforrn clothlng he J"s wi-I}lng to se1l ls urged !o contact the Wing Supply Ofii"e*r as Boon as posslb)-e. fhese itens,rlJ.i be reaold to cadcts who are golng to the

The Delawing Tale Spinner, 2 Septenber 19&5 - Delarare Wlng. UNIFORMS: Any menber ur eadet, dealrlng to order uniforn itens ls urged to contact Captaln Spmance i.-rsaedl-ate1y, ae rcet l"tema are curently


Mlnutes Wllnlngton Squad.ran rxt; ::lng, 15 October 1945 - Delauare WJ"ng. Capt. Hawklns read alouC ::r..ra&pcnrtsnee received from NatLonal Hes,dquarters, CAP Regulatlon '-:."i+ 't{ear.l-ng of i.l:'r-tfomis", and CAP News Bdletl-n fu9 slresslng *n i:re paragaph entJ-tled "No might Instmctlon Ln Unlfontr".
CAP News Bu]*letln No. l+r 25 January 1945. UNIFORMS-4ne of tha questlons on wtrlch the vlews of the membersht;) *iri needed ls whother to stay ln unifom. Lto CoL" Gorrlon A. DaCosta, the IJ*llnolo Wlng Comaander, suggests that the cadcts be a uniforued corpe but that the een3"or manbere wear unifor"u.s on-1y for rnoblJ.lzatlons and ln ernergoncies" D<perlence ln llI1loLs Lndlcatea that many local citl-

to wsar or p-irchaao unlforms aro glad to Joln prefltght study clasges and flying actlvltlee ln cLvI-llan clothea. One anawor may be to permtt State and local op'ui*:-r in guch matters. llhat do you think? l{rLte the comnlttae '}L:,"sr ",$ hi.ng channels and reglster
zens trho rio not rrlsh

your oplnion.

A1r !'orce R-epX.:1atk:n t{o* i+5-IL, IJ- January t.9l+9, Reserve Forces - Ctvtl Alr Patrol (CAF), Au-:dllary of the Alr Forceo 7" b, Uniforms w1}l be sold fr"orn Quarterrr:aster stocks ard Anry exchan5qes to CAP senlor members; and to CAP Cadets, tn sizes arrailable, from Anqg exchanges, r*i"ien they aro accompan5.od by CAP se,nior membars. Such sales rt1l be rndo undor tha follorrlng condLtlons: (f ) Alf dlstlnctlve buttons rrl1L be rerrcve<l prlor to turnlng over aLl such clothlng to CAP, The buttons Etrst be renovod by cutting the thread in such mannsr as not to J"nJure tho cIoth. (Z) Alf repalrs, changes, or alterations to unlfo:ms purchased w1-ll be porformed by ard at the expense of the purchaees. (3) Unfforra ltens rl{[]- not be sold fr.on Quartermaster stocks to CAP cadots (rnle and feorale), but rl11 be sold to othcr CAP members who are requtred to wear the uniforrn referrsd to hsreln. cr The followlng itens constltute nartous units of equlfmnt as re-

Clvl1 A1r Pstt'o1 Unlforte *

Pege 12

qulred by AEL 35"1+. A seParate prbLlcatton rr111 bo tssued bY the DeParbment of the Arrnr r1th rcferoncg to tho control and nethoti of euPP).Y of Qrarterrnaster ltcns to ttsnbers o.f the CAF.


f Coailrcol, elastlquc, dark,

X-19&ir (srraaa 5f)



I Jacket, noo1, od
Trousars, f,leld, nool, serge, od (snaac a3) Frane, cap, servlcc Cover, cap, service, u'oo} , sorge,

Afumenrs Trpo

Cap, sorvLce, f\rr, folt or 1 Cover, c&pr servlce, rrool, elastique, od, (shade 51) Note: Framo, caPr servlce authorLzed

2 Trousers, wooI, elastlque, dralr offlcer's, H:1944 (shade lA)(plnk)


od, (snaae 3l)

for sale ln llat of sunmer clothlng rlIL bo r+or:n rlth tho Covar, cap servlce, r.oo1, I Neclrtle, cotton, nohaLr, khald, (snaae 5) I Overcoat, fleld, OD-'l, /aatachable Il-nlng, offlcercr I Railcoat, offlcerst, double torture
elastlque, od, Shade 5I.
Necktle, cotton, mohalr, khaid,
Ovcreoat, rcol,
nounted (Shade 5)

Ralncoat, nrbberlzed, H-19J8, dis-

Shlrts, flarunel, od 2 Shl,rts, PoPIlnr khaki, stand-up coIIar, 6 oz. ot 2 Shlrts, cotton, khakl, stand-up ecrlar, 8.2 ol I Cap, garrlcon, rrcol, l Cap, garrlson, uool, serger od (Shaae (oPtlonal) or ))), ottlcers' 1 Capr garulson, noolr. elastlque, od dark, offlcors', (Shade 51) 1 Jacketi f[e]d, "-o1, od (optlonaI) or I Jacket, ',*oo1, od (Sfrade 33)(optlonal) I Shlrb, flannel, od, stard-up colLar (optlonal) or 1 Shtrt, worsted, od, st:nd-uP collar (optlonal) Trousers, ftoId, officerst, tlool, serge, od, (Srraae 33)(oPt1o,*Lk* Ii #ap, garrison, khakl Cover, cap, servica, unLforrn tw.llL, 8.2 oz., khakl



Framer capr servlce Cap, garrison, cotton, khakl,

Trousers, cotton, khakl Neclrtle, cotton, ruohalr, khald

(Shade 5)

Shlrts, cotton, khakl, coII,'r, 8.2 oz.

offlcors' (optlonal)


2 Shlrts, cotton, khaki

2 I?ousers, cotton, khald 1 Ncclrtte, cotton, nohair, khakl
(Shadc 5)


1 Capr garrlcon, nool, od, offi'certs,

Gloves, leather, dreas, uonenrs 1 Jacket, rroo1, od, uonenrs, offlcerrs

romen I s 1


Force I'Iomenrs Tvlre

rcmenrs (Sfrade 37) oa

I pr.


I pr. Gloves, leather, dross,

Jacket, ronents, rrcol,

Clvt1 Air Patr*I Ur;ifc:rns *



(Contlnued) AtL rorca-i'i9men'g-IYBo


offlcer's "kpg @ -"t,ton, mohair, thAkti-Iffiffi, I Overrcoai, fleld, Hr:menls l- Ralncoat, parka-type, laaru*nrs l sklrtr rrooi, drabl'l.ight shatl.o,
raoloen I s


L Neclrtlc, cotton, rnoha5.r, khaki 1 0vereoat, ftcLd, uo&gn's L Raj"neoat, parka tJpe, wonenrs 1Sklrt, tomlnts, r*oo1, oa (slaae 37)

-Sffi. I Can, garrison, tropicaS. rror;isd, 1 Cap, gAmison, troplcal rmsted, khaki, rromenrt khaki, womenrs I Jacket, Homttn's, trcplcal u,crsted, 1 .Iackei, women's troplcal worsted,
I Neektte, cottrn, rnohalr, khakl l- llecktle, cotton, mohaLr, khakj, l Sklrt, sutmner, ldoments, t:'cpiCe1 l SkJ-rt, suIEAer, r.mments, troplcal worsted, khakl worsted, khakt Watrste, cotton, r*omenr s ? 2 Walsts, cotton, women's
Paragraphs 7 d through ? to CAP personnel.

2 Waista, wool or cotton, wo$ents 2 Waists, r*ooL or cotton,



k of


45-11 concern sales

of unlfor:n


?, 1. Cadet unlf,orm reguiarl-ons wlll be as prescrlbed ln CAP Re6rlaLlon J 5-t'4. E. [ixed uniforms (1" u.r'i/i:{ :er and sunupr, wool and cotton, od, and green), *.ttt- not be l{t,}"rri* ;. fne fcuowinl t !' ";3 are authorized fcr: wear by CAP members, but are not availabl* .fr;i' sale through Quartetmaster sources: (t) Stroes, commerclal patter':n, Li"gh or low qtrarter, russei leather. (2) Overcoat, uool, doesldn, od, offtcerst, Iong or shorL style. (3 ) Cap, servlce, tropi-ca1 worsted, khald, offlcers'. (4) Cap, g3rrlson, tropicai rrcrsted, khakL, offlcers.r otr 8ab4.-.;-'r. (:) snfi't, tr-opicil. worsted, khaid, offlcers', or gabard'L-'e'
(6) t"o.rr"ra, troplcaL r*arsted, khald, offtcersr, or
Waekly B'uLi"etln No. 41 26 January 1951. L. NHAI pAI UNIlt4.U: The National Executlve Board

at Lts moeting ln San Ju..',@hewoekof15Jaruary195tr,disapprovedtheprcposed r*"o**enrlod to then by Headcr,r-:::'tars USAF. Dlsaproval new CAP unlforrn "u of thls proposed unlforn now maans t,h','-1 ,,.;.".ion nl.ret be re-inLtlated before the ClvLl Alr PaLrol can expert ;" -';s^''*niform. Air Force ReEri-aL1o:-, 1.5-16, 15 Augiist 195i. Reserve Forces * Prescribed Unlforms for Clvil Atr Patrol Personnel. The lnlttaL authorlzation for Ci,vll Al-r Patrol neurbers to r.rear Air Force blue unlforms ls contalned l-n thls regulat!-on. It should be noted that

AnqT-type unlforms could conttnue to be worn and were not phased out untll 1 January L955. Because of the rtsny nsw ltems preecrlbed by thls regulatlon and the subsequent changes to Alr Force unlfonn components, the entlre rog4:.1atlcn, as it pretalns io CtvtJ" Alr PatroL uniforms for senLor menbers ar,* caaets, nale and femle, ls here roPnoduced, If a CAP rlgul-atlon on unLforms was Lsausd at the tlne of this naJor change, lt has not boen located to date"

ChA[ Alr Patro] Unlforts - Fagc 14


I,'ti li*r




)\" I -.-a;Ii\ I.lll.\ L

L I'ttt'1losr.'l'lrrs Iit'grrl;rttolr r,'t,tlrlislrts tlrt' ilr'li* ril rrtril'olnt lrt('s('r';l)r'(l fr,t :rll l)r,li()llrr'l (il' t1,,, ('ivil .\ir i):rllrrl irttrl rlr'., r'iit,'s rtrri rrrrtliiit's
2. I'oiir-t-. 'l lil irtri Ir)l lir- ,1,'-,'r'ilrt'tl lrt'ttitr ;rl r. :r ill it,,l i;,',i i t,l \\ {'il l' I )l irli'lili}i'1. rli' iIit' ('iyil .\ ii l''ri r,;l i'rrt ,,llrri:rl ,ltii t,,- :r. lrtc-L't ilrtrl itr .,,,'t ],,r, \'l L I.r,, 1,l rr lrr,tr ril l,r lr\ i.r' 1,t c-ct'ilrt,il. .\ i lr.\ i.\ l,t' ttiri lot :r-:..,i, -, r'i1,,',i ttr .\ I"li li I I riliri ('.\l' li,'::tll;rliotr .1.,-I :r',, tn:r.\' Irr, rtoti, ilrl il i lll lill lrrr{;,,'. .\]] rrrli l,,l rr, ilr,lrrr rrr,'rrii(,irr,,i irr il'is ]i, lrri:rlior ,rrl rr,{lriilr,,l itt:r,,s ilr,, -- .l)(', ;li(:ril.t rlr':t tilrr',i ;r-r lirlirrtntl. O1,i r,rrlrl ilr'trt: lr!'{, itullrrrt iz,'rl l,ri r,r'1,;lt u.ltett tr l L,rlriirr',1 it,'lrr i: ri()t l,r'('){'r'ilr,'rl. li. Stirnrllrltls: l'. 'l'll,' l)t'l':r'it lrttlt lt:r:itl:' :tt t it'lt's trf tlit' n:i; 1,,r'trt\ I t,,lrr,, )| ilil('t ( i;r l orrl lt'l - is t'r'sllrtilsil.rlt, Irir ir:( r'l t:tirrirrg t lr:rt t lrt. iu l it.it'S t.otrfOr.rrr irr ,1rr;rlil i'. rl,.sigrr. 1ii, :rrrrl ('ol{}l tr) tlr(' rrl)l)r'()\'0rl >l ;r r, l,u r lr :r lr l :1 rt'r'i iirlr t iolts (,-( lr lrl i-slrr,tl ! "l',.ilt' i r,,1,:rr tir(.tr{ ()1 tlrt,,\ir' I,'or',.r' lrrr,i,i. -,.r'iirctl irr I ir i. lir';irlrrt iolr, li,'1,1,'..1":tti,rtt'. r'tts[r111111f il1' ln I]i,. Iolrrr oi' ir griu'iuIitt, slrortltl lrc obt:rirrcrl irr l r'lt irig so tlr:rt I lrc lrrrrr.lnrsr,r' rr'ill lrirvr. 1tr.rlt

ir cirslr pockct in tlrt, r'iglrt poi:lict.; uuil r liglrt irrsirlr Irreiist lrot,l<r't. 'l'lre lcrrgilr of tlre coirt is lo t lrt' lrottt.ttrr of l lrc kner t rr1r.

lrr, t r.,tiliI,'tt','1,l.

i'r,l' rlt':l l i lrl'

iti' rttrl lrtt ttl.

Iiyurt: l.-Otcttout.

l,'i Iirilt ol l'('( Olll


l)rir \'(.\'r)t' ol' urri l',,i rrr- (.iur l)(r llt)l(l 1.-1r,n>ll,lr, lr,t' irr-rrlirrg I lr:rt lri. ;,t,,rlrt,.t, crlrtirls l:i- ir.l.rn.:r.rtl:rliotrr. I lis :rg.r't,,,rrrtrrt rlillr lt lrrtr'. r'lr;l:r,r r- irr tlri.tr:rlllr. of';r lollt;ri t.

lr .\

b. Ilainuytt 'l'lrc ri\ir)co:i-r is n cornnrer.cill rrrorlol, tnit(lc fr'orrr trlrrisl):u.el)t ltllrstic, colt.rtless, of cotrverrt iorrll tlt:sign. 5. Coat and Jacket, Winter and S:in:mer Pattern (lig. 2): t. Cout. 'I'lre c,ritl is tlro Air Iforcc t1,1rc s('nri-l'oIrn-fittc(l singlc-br.errsterl r))o(lcl rvittr forrr' :16-ligrlo (j,\I' lrrrttorrs iur(l f)lcilrc(l br.t:rrsL lroclicts rvith stitclrr,tl {lrrps.'l'lrc self-rnltter'itl


I.t'r...\ls I"( )ti il^\Ll': st,_\ l()Its l. ()rrtet' (ilrlnrcnts ( lig. I ) : '.t. /)r', tt r,,tt.'l'1,,,,t,'l't',,,tt i: Ilrr'.\i1 l"rlltt, I.r 1i,' i,,rrl,l,, l,t t';r.l r,rl trrorlt'l',r'il lr,,ir:lrt ti-ligrrt, ('.\ i' irrr,l.rl lrrrtlorrr. It i,, f:rlrt it.rrtt.rl frorir 2Stt/ ) i rr,r,,l rll,,trl.lrlrtt,,-lnrilr.5.-,. It lrit):r ('{)nri r l:i,1,. ,,,1|:n' rrtrrl trritclri,,l l;rllrls llt:tt t'ottcc:tl


)\ lt-t,til,:s('tiItrl.]) ti\ II;oil.\l

u rl, l:,'ril :rrrl 111111t.r';rr.trr rlrrr t.. It is firllr. lirr,,i rr rtlr Iirrirrl r'lnllr ,rl'ltlr,'.:lr:r,lc SS. 'l'lrt .,,1 l'. lr,:rl,,t l;ri -lr,,uiilt,t' l,rrrp:: t,.tlt,trrl trtrtlct. t ltc ,,,lirir :rrr,i rlr, lrrrliorrt,rl n itlr l;-lig'rrtr (.'.\l' /)ui l,,rr- 'i'i,,, i)\'(,r'i'rrii( lrrr> r'ig'lrt ;rrrrl lt,ft lorrrlr. i r,' i,1,, l';r rrg, rrg 1,,,, ltt.ls wit lr rt itr.lrr'tl Il;r1rs :rtrti

lir, l r,.,, t,rl r irrrl l rrrr' \\'lrir.lr lil',' l, .r,tl i'0r, t.losirrg :tt i ,, r,, . rr. I I r.. :',ri,i.l'r,r'rrr li! lt',1 :rl tllr' \viri:t

\vitlr l 2:-r-li;yte O,\l' brrttorr. Iior. rvirrtcr tlrt tultt(f t'irtl is selgc lit-i:t,. 'tr 1S-o2.. bllg, slratle 8{; glblu'(iirtr, ;.;1.s1y 1,,i is rilrtiorrrr'i . linl sutrrrncr Llrc tiu,[',r,;ri is trt.rpir.rtl rvorstt'cl ()r i.lbiu'dine, trrrr. s)r;rtltr 1l);l (.\ir Iion.c t.v1lc). 'I'lrc srrmrnnr ,'()rrt i)r s'-1)-oz. trrrr trollicitl \vor.sterl or girbllrtIinc is llt ()l)tiorr:rl itcru. b..inr,/,:r:t. 'J'lrt' jrr<'l<t,t is tire Ail Iiorcc 1r'1rtr sirrgle-blt.itstt'ri. lr.-f r.orrt nro(lol n'it]r

slrorrltlt r loolls extt'rrrl rrrrrler.tlrc collrtl to brrttoti

rrrrrtirlrirrg corrrp,rsitiorr Lirttorrs rrrtd ir ollc-l)iece irlorrsctl Itrrt.li, {rrll_v Iintrtl, rr.itlr brrrr<lcrl bottonr lul(l side v('llts to r.losc tyitir ir blltt()n irn(1 brrttoll-

I rl t'rr t

t'rl ll'crrsl I roeltct s rv i lh -"r ru p-fnst ene(i iiil I)s) inl(l t\v() irrsiric lrrrntlirig poelicts. 'I'ire sk,evc Irtrs :r Lurrrltxl crrlf brrl lorretl \\'itlt onc brrttorr.

rrlo stitc:lrrrrl irr l)lircc. 1'lre jlr,-.)lci

SlroLrlrltrl loops exttrr,l trndr,r the coliul


Clvtl Alr Fatrol Untfoz're,s -

Page 15
A1,'R .r;*i6

'l'lr,' j,r, l;t,t i. I'rrlr:'llrrlt'rl lt'r,iit tiic s:ttrtt' llt:ttet't r l. :rc 1li1' r,irtt. rtitrlt't' tit,'l slitttllt0t', ;tl;Li i:; lttt r)l,lioti;tl it,'rrr. ,. l"ii1i,,ri. 5g,,,,'irl rrltt'tttioir is tillt't'ttl,1 to t lr,, rit :rttrl I ;rilrrr irrr{ r,f t ir,' i tirtt ;litil jirtlit'i. ttrri,lr:r-r;:lrrg l lr;rt t]rt,r ,, t, ,1,'.i{ttt'(l io l)i t'seilt il slt,ri,lt':r;rt'r'll't'i'1. 'l l,,rt is. Ilrtr' :tlr' l:rilol't',i 1,,
l,r, r,.1:rI i i i'l.r' lrr,r>t'. I rr, Ii r'irlrl;rls u l II rl,,{ spt', i l'r i.ri i;rl :r,lr. irr I lrc itl)l:li,\'('ri,it'sig-rt;.

'I'r'otrsrrs itrc,;\ir Iot'ce t.r'1're, fuiI rrl, stlriglrt Irrrrrgirrg rrtttl t'trlilr:,<s. l'leitts irl'e ol)ti()l1itl (jtl grrlrlrt'rlirrt' irtrti ttt,1,it:rl rvot'stctl Il'(rtls('r':. r]l'rl u'ill l';r,'c irr torr';tt'tl Il.r'. 'l'lre rvrtist brrnrl sliouitl iro srrllicit'rrt l.v lriglr rrt tltc bltcli to rrr oiri grrlr lrirrg rr'1it'rr jrrt'iit't is rvol tt. I"ot'ryitrtt'r' Ilrt lritttri;rl is 1i- ot' lS-oz. st't gc, blrri'. :1r:rti,, S l g;rlr:rrtlilr(' nr;llL'r'i:rl is optiotrlti. ]"ol srr:i,riilr'

7. 1'r'ouscrs, Winter atrd Sumn:er (tig. ,l).

tlrt: tir:rtr't'ilrI is i.J r.'t ('()ttotl Iilurli.i. rir;rtir i. 'l'r'o;rir:rrl rvot'st tti ot girl)ir t (lirrt' lttirtt,nir ls S -l ;li)2., tirii. slrlr<lt. 1l)jl (r\il l'ortc t-r'pc), iu0 rrtitltrlrizt,ti for olltiotrrl u'crrr. 'l'r'orrsrls ;.t , ii rrr:rtllr sirirts. I'lcitl-. rrle trot rttttlrr.,t'izt,ti ori ('(r[tot t -stltt tt r ru l' tt'ottsttt's.


!'iq4,t !.-.-('rt,tl (l1il) rtntl jttr l,


I'li l;- l ii

fo8 r r!l !a

. l't,,ltt (iut'ntr'ttl. Slrirts \\'ol il tlll(lot' r'rrrl r,r' j:rt'l<t't :rl'o ()llc-l)oclit't civilirru tylrt: llrt, (rro .lrotrl,L'r' lrlops) tr'itlr lttcclitltn lloiltetl I rrlr,,tl trotrlllt'ittg eollltl'. 'I'lro lll:ltcl'iitl is \\'lritc l)r'()ir(lclr.,tlr ot' lilic trorrligrtl'cci tllittolilil. \\'lritt, slrilts of n.r'lorr-t1'l)c nrrttet'iirls in tlre s:r t rrt' l;r t I et'tt rt t'o rttrt lrot'izcrl for ollt iotrltl rvcltt'. 1,. ()rrlu' ()rtt'rt,,'r,1. Slrirts, rt'ltett rvtirlt its { )ril,.'r' tfir t'n r't l \ ( str itttttt't' ), ;rt'r, .\ i r lilrl'ct: t.}'lrt: * it lr rrr.rli tttrt 1,.i tttt'rI tt'ttllrr t'irtg tttt'tttrtl co]lrrr' :rrr,i slrorrl,lt't lo,rps. 'l'lrtt trtltlct iiti is S.2-r,2. ( ()l t()r1 lilr;rlti. slra<ltr l. Sis-tlz. cotloll lilr,ri':i, -lr;rrl,, I . is olitiott:r l. I'liglrt-rlz. tt'rlpicrrl rvot'ste i1 ,,r' i- I r i-( )2. rlir l)il lti i rt'. t :t tr, sltrttle 1l);i (.\it' lt'orct

{i. Slrir ts. \\'intt'r' itnri Sumlner (fi9. 3):

ltlf AXO POTTLY ^xo t



iHovtxG coxcIlLlD

rLlt runxf

ul Ir!

l,' itt u

rc l.-'1' ro u xt' rt.

\'l rr'). i:r

o1r1 1rv,1'1

I l'rlt'

rr t'lt t'.

J. Ileadgear (fig. 5): t. Ecruice Cet?. 'l'he service ctp is lhe l!ir I,'orce vis()r t)'l)c, L,irn<letl rvitlr 2-inclt lrruitl. 'I'iro erorvrr is slrrrl,ed u'itlt st.rft lollcd glort)rnL.i (r'clrlircerrblt) still'errcrl in tire frorrt lxrrl rritlr htir clotlr. Clrirr stiulr is bluck lerrtlrer', firstclrecl \vit.li lrvo snrall 25-ligne C-\P brrt.torrs.
Ilrrcli r']rirr str':rp is

optiorrtl. Ilrttelill is li-t;2.




lS-oz. s(rl'g(r, blrre, slrrttlc

for sruunrol' irn(l



il lt







ttl llt ll t ttttl otllar Fiuilrc 5.-IIt'rrtlglrrt',.trll"icc

cup lltII)
ttttd 1liultI trtp,

Clvll Al"r Patro1



Page 16

.t5-1(; (1. ()lore*, Gloves itt c :\it' ]i()i'ftr t-1,'l)c. Sr;r-\'. :jlrir(10 li5, ;tirri tlotrl,ltr \\"cil\'0 r'tttlttl1 -1'',i',


(i:rlr:rltllr)(' tttilt,'r'i:rl it rrlrIi1,t,',1 fiit' l,,iill'. :tit!!!l(,1 illlil \\'i!rl|.1. 'l']t,'t,r1, rr ili ilrtl Lt !\ol ll l 'lir,,irt rirt' sol'l t,,11,',i i{tt,lrtttl,'t itlt(l {tollt :trl i trl,l il ilir'rt('1. tt. 1"l,,tl,l ('tr1,. l'lrt' ili::.lit r'rrl' i. t]rt' -\il l , :, ,. l.r 1,, , JI:rtt'r'i;ri i- 1.-,-,,2. ol l'-oz. s('l'[t'. l,]1,'. -llr,lr'S l. Ir;r':lililrrri.'l illl(l \\ Illlt'1. tllrl.r:tr',i]r,, l- il1,1 i,rtr:tl l',;t':ttttllll('l itlltl rr rlrlt't'. 1,. l'oot\\'t:tl' (fig. ti) : ;r. .\liru,.r. Sir,,,'. lrr'.' .\ir l"rrtr't'i,r'1re . bllrtk, 1,,,'r,,i. *1ip,,,ri Ii irt -, r,llll-:lt':ritt l,';tl itt't. lvitlr l,l,il, ,,r l,l:rill'r'ill,l)('ri t,,,'-: Il() i,"! I'rrt';ttt'rl ot' \\ irr!'''r] , irl)s. \\'t',rr irlg lll)\l:ititl lr)r)l\\.('ilt' sli('ll .t- r.{)\,. irl.t.'Irtrril\. \;liII:ll-. trtr)( \'it-itlr. l':tli()'5(}l('s. :,r ,l ,i,,, ,rt,tl('(l \\,'its i. 1rl r,l,il,rlt'il. l'1,1rct's, t-'xr1,tri -r'r r r' r,tlrttr'r. ltlr: ilot to t'\t't't'tl itltlile-lJollc
ir,,r:.:irt. 1,. .\',,,'ir.'r'

slr,rrlt' l(i

(s;rrrrc irsslrit(l(' lii-r irr

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(rt' -<ut'tio. gt'il),, slut(le I i,-r, is ol)t iollill.

t. .1/ rr/f!r'r',. Ilrrlllr,rs irr't' -\il l'oi'rrc t)'pe. {r'ir\', sllir(lo l5i, ttrbir}lt iitrii. JIrrlilels irrlrcle ilorrr uo\'en. Ilirt-llriltt'tl oi (tt[-rttllLt' lttril trrli,'r lrrl. glitl', -lrittlt: lri, Ii rri:.lretl rvitlr ur' *'itlror"rL il,.,..tr,,l sllll':r((,irll(l l)()l {r\L'oo(lirig 10 irrcircs itr
rli,lt lr, rrI'c (rl)tion:rl.

sr,;0'r'Ioli Irr - Pltr.rs('lii Ili,lD uNIi'oiltl IfOlt IIALIi ()\I)i'l't'S

0uter (iarnrents (fig. l): i\. Ouet'coul. 'l'l,r o\'('l'c()rt is tlrt, sirrrrc lrs lrli,sclilrccl fol sttriot'trrcttrbcrs. (Scc plr, {r.) b. ftuint'oul. 'l'lie l'itill(io:tt is tlre sttn'ro ns

^\/,,,,.'. St't t'it'c .ltocs ltt't' -'\it' I',,r, r' {.r 1,t'. l,l:r, l'. lit,'t',1. sttlrlrillt c()\\'lii(1,' ]l ,gi,i: is It,.rr ir{'r'. \'ltl, lrlrriir'(irl)i)('rl [(x': -r.rrr,i,rr,l iot >ct vi('(: sltots.

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l),,",' ti

ts(l'il)cd 1'oI serrior nl()ltll)el's. (Sce plrr'. 1b,) 12. Shirts, \f inter and Sutnmer (fig. 3) : t. l{ itttcr. 'l'hc u'irrtcl shit'L is the t*'o1iot'Itt r)liIitrtry t1'1lo u'itlr shclttldet' loolrs, s'crol, sltrrtll r i. b. ^\rnrt.tttcr. 'i'hc sunlllrer s'lrilt ig tltc sanrr :rs I)r'('s(r'ib(,cl {ol' s(,1)ioI' rrlell)bel's (trcii,- ...t, t lolrit ir I rvot'stctl ot' gitbill'(lilte rn:ttclirrl:j " re n()L



ll|. f.'r'ousers, \Yitrter and Summer (fig.4) : t. JVitrtt'r. \\'irrtcl Llottsttt's ittt bltrr:, siiltrlc

,. .\',,, 1... S,r, li. :rt,' lrl:rr li rr,,,,1, rtotstt'tl, r'()il{,1r. tit l(,n t.\'l}(', ,,t .ill.:, tr itltottt , lttrlis. ,1. () t'r,.'/,,,,... ()tt't>lt,rt's :tt(' :lill,,i,rt',1 cilijr;r;, i.,, !r, l,ilrt.ii lrl,l,t,r'. l{). ..\cccssot'ies:
\i irt1, r' trruf ,\t/.)ti]'it t. Nct'ii ,q. .\',r i,/;,,, tir'..r l,,r' iii, .t't t'ilt' rttril',rt:tt ;rtr' ;\it liot't'r",1'1rc, ,l,rr l. !,lli,', >lr;r(lt' s;1. l,,rti itt lr:tri,l ,'ivilirrtt lt 1r,',

ili tlrlri,:rl ',rol';ilri. Irrill, ot \\(r\'('tt titt frr[-rtrr', u,i,t',itt il,'ri{rr. i,. ./),,,, '/'i,'.t. liorl'tit's t't,i'tr'(';ll yJitlI (lICSS rirri i,l'rrr ,rr,, .\il l,',,r,,, I vl)(,. ()i lrl:rt'I< ttt;rtct'iltl, ,'. irl;lr{l ,Jr'.igit :llt(l \,, illl illll:rrc ,'ltrls. t. /i,ll,t. iir.lt. ;rrr, .\ir' [i,,lt,' tlitt', tlrttli lri,i'.. -irrriL'hl). ol' u lir rl:ll('l'l:ri u itlr silvt't'-tol,rt' rr,,,l,ri i ilr-. I',riclil,'.- rrtr' .\it' Iittt'r'r' tlirt'. lllrritr :.:rl rr, lirir-lr. tri, l;,'l'.i1" r'r' i',,lot trr,lt;rl. ]lt'lts r,i ,i;rt li l,lrr,', rlt,,,l,, ,.1). 1rl;rstit: :rtrtl elirstic
lj .irr . illl

l, rlit lrorrt 1llt,:rts. lt.,\lt,ttttt't'. Strttrrtet' ttottscrs :rt'ti cottt;lt ti.:l-o2.., slrirrle 1, \riilr()ut I)l('rts. klrrrlii. 1.1. lIe:rdgear*"i'rigirt C:rp (ng. 5). Tlrc iiiglrr 'l, l:; {iro ovclscir t.r'pc u'itlrotrt bruicl. JI,rtL.r ,:ri is lr-r-oz. or 1S-oz. sol'gc, l)lue, slr:rrle s l. Lrl sluun)cr rrrrrl l'itrLct'. Girbtrldirtc is olltiorrrrl f,rt -(llirlnlcr uIl(l \Yilitcr. l.l. [iootrvear (lig. 6). 1'lrr: foolrr-cri is t]rc 5:llllr, :rs lrt cscIil.rctl f,rr scttiot' lllelIll)e) s, (Scc
I):rr'. {).)

16. .r\ccessories.'llre irccLrssol'ics lrle tlrc sirrrle irs I)lescl il)c(l fr.,t scttior rli,ilr)b0r'S. (See Pxr.' 10. )


olf IV-I'IrlisclullIil) U\ir0iili

. I',i'IiMS rOrI \VO]Ilt^\


tt. Oa,:rcouL 'I'lie ovt:r'rortL is tiro -A.ir. Iio rt'r. tl or i lr l c- lllc:rstcrl s('irsolllrl -t]'i)Lr corr t, \\'i t ]t forrr' :)(i-ligur: C.\ l' brrttorrs rrtttl corrt'eltible col-

17. Outer Girrrnents (fis. 7)

Clvl1 A1r Patnol Unlforua -





rrl i.r rit.., r'\'gul:lt' \\t'il\'{' grrlrlrt,lilrr'. lrlrto. .I,,,,1r, 1.,t;. 'l'ir,, sttttlr:t, li f;rlrric tlt'firclrlrlllt jrr,,,r' is l,lLr,'. .ir:r,lr' l(i\. 'l'lre lirlt li r,l iiru t'oltt ir:is ltr,i itrr,'ttt'tl lrlr'irl.;rrrtl:r lrrilf [,t'lt. 'l'lrerl :r i,' r'ir'lii,r t,rl lr' l t i ri-i,i,'.lr;rrt:ii tl,j lo\\ t't' lloillit'l s


il lr .l it, lr,',1 ll:rl,s.

l:igtttt' S.--Ctiltt utul .s/.ill ( vitrlt'r l,,tt!r:trtt,

20. Shirtrvaist


'I'lre slrirts':ris:



,'r,rrrnrcrcirrI-tvixl rrr<ltliri IIllr(ic fr'orir rvlritr: cot! ,,1trr'r' ^.-()t t't('tiltI Itt()|t(,tt'.1 r,

lS. ('ortl. \\'irrtt't' l'itttet'n (fig. S).'l'lrt' r r,:rl i- ;r frrll.r' lirrt',1. sitt''ir'-lrtt'rrslt'tl, .\it'I"trt'<'t' !.r'1,r," l,rrt {rrtrt'tl l itlt lotrt ;}{)-ligrrt' ('.\ l' silvtr',,,1,,! 1,ittl,,r,'. 'l'li,' l't,rtil ()l' llit' to:lt lt,t|,rilr ilr l 1,r',r l;,', i irr 1,,'lt. r'i1lrt :r rrrl lt'l t sittrrtl:rtt'rl lrr t':r.t jr,,r'li,'1. :rrrti liglrl ;rlt,l l,'ll lr,rrlt' irrsirlt'!r,r',:jir,:j qr.r li.i-. s ir lr llrrlrs. 'l'irt' trtlrlcrilrl is -l 1 1.),'trz. :.i'r !('. l,lrrr'. slutrlt' fi t. Ilt'rlrrl:rr' i',r'.r\r' l'l- l' .1,-irt.. !:rl)iu{llt ,'. lrltte, :lr;t,lc f.l , it

It. li,rittt t,,r/. 'l'lrc t ititr, oltt is lr lotlllllel'. r,rl lr'1r('. tn:lrl(' l'lr)ln Ililll-l)ill'tillt llillstict, t'olot'|,.--. rrt t'r,r,rt'ttliotrit] ,lt'si{rr. 'l'l,t: ttst' ol' :t iirr',i ,t rl, l:tllt:tl,lt' lrr,,,,l of lil;t' tlr:rlt't'iitl is :rlrlllut iz('(1.

slceves. f.r-rng slccvcs ill'e ol)ti()lli'.1. ,\li ii,r,a slrt:'r'erl slrit'trvitists tttrty Iurvc Lircttclt ot' l-rrrlrel rrr(fs. Srrrrrll crr{[ lin]is nrilv l)(] \\'r)l n.

torr rrr;rtet'ill, rvith ttlt'rr-ovi'L rioitttccl collrLr'. l)irll0l f ront closure. )'ol(c brtc,., ., .l ilrir: t

)l 'eti


rrlrl iott:t

ll). Sliir't., \\'irrtcr l),lrltet'tt (fi,r. S). 'l'lrc "liirt i. tlr,'-\il lioti't'lr'1,,', lirlrri,'itlt'rl It'otrt llrt i,li,trti, rrl lr:rit't i:tl t'rrr1rlr,11',1 for tltt' t'ortt. lvitt' rr.r'>r.r'\i,,. l,lli('. sirir{lr Sl. rrrrtI is ttrrrtltt s'itlr:r ii;11r1l,1tll ;rrrl rvltistl,:rrrrl lirrirrg t:rlr :ttrrl lrtttt,,rr. lrl;r, lrr,l l it lr sltrlr' t':t.tltr0t'. rtlrtl irrrret [,ltrll.r :rrrl 1,,r,1,. 'l'lrt'siiilt is lilt'-got't'tl.:ttttl ttr'o itr, l< plt.:'1. l,,L':tlt'tl irr tlrl llo llrrcli gr)lt's.




t't: J/.*lil ir'l tt'rt irl.

Clvil Alr
..\ I,'

Patro1 Unlforms

Page IB

lt l;- I (;

'l irr t,rlr ol tlr,' ,lr,'-. i- lir,' .\ir lJ"tr"'e t.]'i't'. -i i,- l,'-l ri t':t:tltL tr rr I i t,",i. foll r'-Iiril t' rrl (;)()-1ig1111 ('.\ l' lrrrtI{)l}r ) l t (,rri,,'. il lt t,'tttt'it'l trt':rli lrrlrcls. r i!lii :'lrrl )''il sitrtill:rlt'rl lrtr"t-t i'o'l:t'ls' sitott :lr'r'\t'-, rr il li 1,,',tli,',1 , ttll' ]i'rl'"rl it iili 2t)-ligrio ( -\ I' lirii t ors.'i'|,r, 1 rr ri'1,i1',,"1r,'-- i. t':rlrt it'lrtt:tl ,l lir,' rt;tit' iririt. i,i,,, li. ;itr,l rr'lrtir' :t t ipt' cottc;lt r,r,i,l. 'l irr'rliir': i: ! ir, .\il Iir,r !'('l\ ilt' t:illlil'lttt'rl ,,i I ir,'' rttrir' ltlitlt'l i,ti,t itlr :r I rr'r-iri.\' tr ltistlrittrtl, l)iit I,)tr rtrt,l irirl tottlr,,l,'. irrlrrli rti:Ll L'\'t" llilrt'lltt ' :, , .-lir], fitstr,trr'1. ;,1:,1 tutr )o'r1t- {r't sttslrt'itrlrr: lirr' :-liill. 'l'!rt' -l;ilt is l'lrtt'l"tr'tl lrilts ctlt I II Ir l rr,, iti.i,l,''lt;rt,:: ltr1. sirlr'--,'il ill I )r)( li('ti.

21.'l'rto-['icce I)r'css, Sttnttntr' (lig.

l'oI r\.ctt' \'it lr tlrt. rv i ntr,r' scIr'ir.rr unil'()r'nl. \\'lritc. tlorrlrlo-s'ovt,rr ('()ttorl gir,r',,s lu c iultlrorizc(l f()r' \rtiu' \vit lr sirirr;ret'

)lllrirr.r'c irrl t.r'1rt'.

unil'ortrr. 1\'lrite sillt ()l' Il-\'l()ll glovcs

ir rt ut




1,1. [/o.;at. '1'lrt'Irose iri.,j t,f nll()n) g(']ret,irl -r,r'r it'r' rlt.iglrt, n('utl iri) slilrrlc l(il. l'or'\\'('itl' \\'itll 1111y r','irrtrt' lruti strulnrcr titril',>l rtt. Cotttttrct,:iiti rr.t lorr-t.\'lro lrosc. slrct't', siiirtlc 1(i?, trtltt' lle ttot'l\

i," i.,

iilr rvintct' rinifotttts lts ittr olrtiolt'rl ittltr. t:. l'u.,'.rttr lV ittler 4111! ''1111;: t:tr'1'- 'I'llt] I)tll'Sc i: l slrottlrlcl'-stt'itl) st-r'ler of l,lltirr bl:rtli crtlf it,:ttlrct', c()lrlIl)clcii\l t.\'l)e, to irc lltrltt olI lcft slrr,rrltlr'r' rvitlr sttrttrtrt'r' ittl(l rvitrter lll)i1'()l'!l)s. (,\(:(l)L itt fr.,t'ttuttirltt" 'l'lre 1,ttt'se itlso trritl' lle ,'rrrlit'rl. unlcss otlrct'rvise lllcsrribcrl b1' Itrt'tri


tl. f,/racs, Sttnttner utd lVintet'. 'I'lre



) ltlrtck ('irlf coltvt'lttiorl:tl tio or sitlc lrrrr'!ilt' ()rfot(i u'itlr 1" nritrituttlrr lleel. (z) llltcli l)tlu)l) rritlt toe ttrd lrcel in

plrriri rit>igrr I lrt'el llot to be )riglrer tllittt 2" tttlt lorvtt'tlt:tt) 1".



-s r"l'


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I irttrt,

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tttltlt ttt' I tl ttl)ttitJ,

')ji. .\(:c('ssot ics itn(l Iitlot*'ear: ;1. (i/or'r's. 'l'lt,' glrrl't's rrtt lri:t' l; lt'ittlrtlt' ilotlillt'-rvot t'tt t'ottott ',,r,r rr('1,'i,r l t-1 1,t'.,rt lrllrt'!t

Clr{t Alr Patrol



Page 19

I'll l;-1(;
:i1l -


When Worn. '['irc plescriLccl ur.riiorrn u'ill lrr rrortr Iry tttt'tttl,el's rif thc Civi[ ,\tr i't'

r'ol rr iitlr'r' tlre fol loivi rru cotrtlit iorts : a. l\'t,:tt'itrg Ilrtr rrrril'ttt trt is lll:lll(lii.iui)' : ( 1) \\'lrcn ltttrrtlitrg t ttrrtioltrtl fttttcti,,ii sr rclr irs t'sec tr ti rtl bt-rrr t'tl t rtcct i ttg, tttt i oll rli [irllrt'ti rrrcctirrg, t'ottgt t'ssiott,ri tiiIrttt'r', tt:tt iotriil lilrcj irrt


.-l'.( i Io\



ll. Eligibility to \\rcitt'. 'l'lrr'(livil r\ir


l)' l r r,i rr r i l',rrrrr n r;r.\' lrr, \\'()l'n I :(),ti \\]rr; lttt'ttt'livr trtt'trrltt't's lttttl rt'ltrl lrold I ( ur'r'('rr[ (]itil -\ir l'rttr'ol rrrctrrburs]ri1) citl'd.

lr-y t ltosc lrCt'-

tt,r'rurtiott:ri tir ill tottrlrctitiott lttttl cittlct, trx()gi';rIrr, ol rvlttttt ltttcrrtlirig lrn <lllici:tI I)r irtnt'tri ;rl l'rtrrt't ioti. golct (2) \\'irrn Ilr ir,g irr lLn Air' 1ot'ct' rrtt' gt.ltf I ci.. lt1r. :rs it (]l t.i, ..ri.::.1,,'I' ()I. l)iiSSct]grt. (:)) -\t irrr,1' rtrrliorrt.l rir:fi,ii-t irstrtlirrt jt.,ri l.ireri lirt' irr,iivi,lLrrtl is :rctirrg ilr the cll):Lr'it-v ,rf u C.\ l' ttti'trtbt't', b. \\'r:,rrirrg tite trrriforrtr is olltiotrrrl s lirtrr ciu r')'ing t.rrrt rr<lltrtrrl t otitine clritics rrs a C-\ l' rrrr-.rrrbcr n itlrirr ir rurit. ol r', 11g;v lrtlcrrtliug lr.rtitirro rrrt'ctirrgs of tiit, rittit. c. Otlrcl tlrrrrr irlrote, Ilo nlenrl)er of Llre C,\P is l)r)r'illittt,ti to rvelrr tlte uuifonlr. cl. 1\:uriliirg tlre rrtrifor-rn is rrot lrelntittcti(1) 1\'lrcrr ettgrtgcd in politicrl rctivit)', cn'rp)<l.r'nrt,nt ttoL coitttcctcrl rvitlr C:\1' ilriri rrctivity, trrcrri,ri occttllutions, or spot'ts. (2) \\'lreu errgngccl in ptrlely i . t f :-rnctiorrs htvirtg Ito rclatiou to Civil tLir Pit-rt'ot, o. irr lirrblic pluccs of dtrbiotrs rcptrttrtiorr u'irere it rvorrlrl be possilrlrr to tlisgnrcu tlrc Civil ,\ir l':rt r2i p\ttl ),,),i.!,'l],,1: t r, t: 43. Work CIofhiilg. 'fYlren rvorl<irrg o:t rtit'ct',r f I or u'lrt'rr t'ttgrtgcrl ili ot]rcr clttlics rvite t c tlre rrttifot'rrt r', ortirl Irc srrbject to cxct:ssive s tirl' oi' "",,ii,rig, tleitlirrg coi'ct'itlls is ttrtlrr.lrizctl' "i':ii; lrrtliorizirti<lrt is in ellecl onll'rvhiic so crrgtgcrl. 44. Irlying Clothing. 'Ilro rveiu'ing of i11'irrg ci,rtlrirrg is ttrtlrot'izctl rvlrctt rtctttitll,t' crrglgrtl irr llf irrg <;lrclutiorrs plovicler'l tlrril tlre Civil r\ it' f itt rol l)I'itssitl'(l is rvot'n. Flf irrg clothirrg u'ill not be rrorn off tlte fliglil lirre otr nrry r\ir liol'ce l.rlso or ollt-<i(lc tlre lintit-s of :rliJ' r:ivi I iirri lti t'1lr.rt't. 45. Mixing Uniforms. fterns r:f urrifolrn rr'ill rrot bc ntixc<1 its ttl tn:tterirtl. 'l'iiis :rrcrrtts g:rbi,r'rlirrc colrts rvill []0 wol'll tvittr grtbrtlclinc tlorrsels, sclgc coilts *'itlr serge trott.scrs. Sorne nrixirrg of ruttcrir]s, for e-xlrttllle, rvool velotir


Alr Patrol


Page 20

(r\('r'(():tr l iIlr girirrtt,lttl,' lt ;utllr,rt izt',1. Irr :r,l,lr(t.ti.


Ittl.i irlrtt' ttttifr't ttt is -t'tr'iit' t';'1' rrl iliglrt

tlrlr rrl'\r'l:j| ilr'1J;ti):ttriitt,'t,l:tll't'iltl ttt:t-t'lrtr rYtlt'tt 'l'irtl ir> :rilfilot iz,',1 i' it lr ,,111' .':1'1 t'li t' titli l"t tit' \\'1rl ll rt ltlr ltlr.\' t'ltt:ss rttiillrglrt t;r1, tr ti) tiot l)(' f,,r';rr. -\() lrrtt of (li,: i111ii'rt trr ',vill bC rvorlr sitl, , ,r rir:'rr t lr,liriir;:. .l(i. .\cce ssot ics tttiti (i loorrlittg. I'lxt'r's- , .1.1 rrt ri;rlr' tl('lr: \\ rll 1,, :rt,,:,li'rl. '['it' 1,irr.' , ll lrt t t'1 i1,.. i;i 1't'1,'ltlrli'ttr-.,,r'.: l'ti lrrr rrt tlt lt's oi' :rlu ltitl rliitilrl rzt'11. 'l'it: tlills , ir ililrtr jll''llr' :rrrLi -|l:1,L rr,iL't:'lll:iJ i)r' \'.r,1 li \\ lii'lt ll'rt t'.t1trlttrl. I'r'rr.ii,' I,t't,-ortttcl rrill -t.t lir llrlit lrltir itt it sr,It. r:.rl rtt:l i ln;rlrl,r'l to lrt r':r'lll .l \\ t'il-i'l rr,,trrt',1 :11,l,i .ri.liri (, '.\ riir 1rl 11 lilr,rrt( l,r'rt,lgt':rl'. \rrii 1ro1'l'llrll'irlgr.i'. ;! rlrttr. trrll l,t'ol ;t I:llrt .)r:trit'. l ill rr,,1 1,1, ',r,r;1;, )l:,1r, 1rL |-,ln('l rtt lrll Iiirtr:s rr ili ir,., ,'lt'rrnir' slrtvt'rr irnri \\.rtir lcll-tlirrrtrtcrl
l"r ir'.17.

go(xl c()n(lition rirrrl tlrut tlrt:ir tl)l)cilt'i\ncc I'eflccts clctlit tll)()rr tlr('lrrst'lvt'S, tlrc Civil .\ir' ['iittol, rrtrrl tlre .\ir liortt'. b. ('ottttrr:ttttlirrg oilirrcls irl r) l'('sl)()llsilrlc for' irrsrrlirrg tlrrrt lret'sonlrcl, citltcl' sirrgly oI' collrrt ivt'1,\', |)r'oser1l iur cxcclllllt ill)l)crtt'itlt('Lr l'eflct ting trlrlit rltr tlro Civil -\ir l)rttrol irrrtl tlrt: .\ir lirrr',t'. ,'. \\'irrg ('()nrr)riin(ltrs rvill lre lcslroirsilrlc for' :rr,, r,r'trritritt:I tiriri lrll ptt-.ottttel of tlrt'ir' rr i rt- I l r,,r',,rrglri1' lll)(l{.)l stii rrtl i lrt' lrt,rvisiorrs o l' tlri- lillrrl,rtiotr irti(1 ir(lii(,1'{r strictl;' to tltttst:



Illegal \\'eirring. n1y


tlre Urritctl St:rtcs rvlto *L'rus rr rrrril,rr rr,, ott i[ rlistirretivc l)arl of rr tlllif()I'nr ,,f tl,r' (lir il ,\il Prrtt'r-rl rvitlr,rtrL ltrrtlrot'it1' tttty





ltlt) l('sl){rl)\llrlc f,,, i.,,'ttl ittg tlr:rl tirr,iL'rrni[,tlttts l,tl lt('il[, ((jll'Cct, illl(l ill
;1. I'r,t:()illlt'l li\- \)trl,t.li ()l"t ul. Sr:r'lit.1.\li\' ()L"l lll

bo srrlr.jt,,:t to yrrt.rsecrrtion rrtttler sectiolr ;(i?. titlr.l lS of tlre U. S. Corle. Clirtres iiutl Crirninui l'r r;r'rilrrre, rrs urlcll(le(1. ,\rt of 2ir .Itrne 1f)-lS. (i2 Stlt. ?llJ: I'rtirl ic f,rtrr'?72, St)tlr Cottglcssl s(,c. 1;,\c[ of 2i ][uy 1l)t'J,6;i Stut.9t; Stst Corrgle:s: 1S U. S. C. 702.


li. l.:.'l lII l.:lt.\t'l)

1."\'-l 1"

I{OYT S. VANDEN]Jiilic Clricf of Staff, Utitetl Stutts Air





ittltrtr! {i, t,, r'tt/

,\lirslirttt t\il
Cortrrriirtr<l: Clirilri.,.:lttt .t\ir Cotrrrtrand)



t t: t l:(

'l Ir '\ (plir. l'rrt,ilir I)rvisir,r,. ll-\'l'S: l.i

1951. AFR 45-16, 15 August 19511 la changed as foLlows: l+2. e. Drese Unlform, Wlntor and Sutrmor, (male). ltre black bow tle wlll be worn w'lth the malo sorvlce urrlfora for all fimctlone requlrlng fortal dress. Jackats are not authorlzed for wear wlth the dreas unLfom.
AFn 45-16A, 5 Octobor

CIf]], .|.:E PATROL I]'iSIG\iIA

General 0rders lJo"
{Waehlngton) SoctLon IX. DesfurrejLlol o{ In+tgda: The lnstgnla for t},e Clvli Alr Patrol has been deelgnad and approved by the Hcraldry Sectlon of the fuarte::las'Ler Corps. Insigria shal-l bo seer-lred thrcugh the Sq.radr.on Conuander to wtrom lt sha]-l be trar:smltted by channels fron lJailonal Hcadquarters, CAP lnslgnia :-* patentod by the Government cf the Unlted $L;iteg and shall not be r+orn by unauthorLzed pergon3. Pllot and obserner ins!.gnla (rrlngs) w111 be of rnetal and rrllL be purchased by perscnneJ- entttled to securc them from tho Squadron Conmranders who w111 be lnformed thrcugh chamols where the lnslgnLa can be purchased. Wlng, Group and Squadron lnsLgnla rvILI be er:brnltted to tha Natlonal Hoadquarters for approval before lt is usod. Sectlon ]III. Instmction on ltEnr OrcanlzatLon: (t) The iilng Conrnanders have authorltf to grant perrn5.:x'o;; 1o persons properly enrolled ln the Civtl Air Patrotr to palnt or otherrlse place the lnslgnla of the Clvl1 Alr Patrol upon thair aircraft or automobl"les.

Offlcc of Clvlllan Dafensc

1, January 7,


NatlonaL Hcadquarters, Civll-



Opor;rlions Directive No. 2, Fr,brra.ry L2, "l9t+2 - National lleadquarters, Clvil Air Patrol, 0fflce of Clvillan Defense (Washlngton) I. ftre Clvt1 Alr Palro1 insignta (blue dtsk with superlmposed white triwith rerl three-blade propeller superimposed. on trtangte) shalI be placed angl-e and on the wtngs and fuselage ef al-1 airc:'aft engaged ln offlcial- CivtJ- Ai-r Patrol missions. Any aircraft whJ-le display:-ng such furelgnia shaI1 be flown excluslvely by members of the Ci.JtiL Alr Patrcl-. 2. Instgnla d-'.:l:., i;raced on wi.:ngs shali be centered on the top side of the lefL vring and on tl'ie bottom stde of the rlght wlng at a polnt one-thl-ri of the distance from the wlng ttp io the fuselag*, the dlameter of sald disks shall- not exceed two-thlrds of the wing ehord at the point of appllcation. 3. Inslgnia disks placed. on the fuselage shal-l bo centere* :''r both sJ{." of the fuselage at a polnt one-thlrd of the dlstance from the leadlng ecige c- ;he hcrizonbal sdbtllzer to the trelllng edge of the wlng. Tho dlanreter of sai<i dj.sks shall not oxceed two-thlrds of the depLh of the fuselage at the polnt of appllca-


General Menorancium 9, Febnrary L3, l9t+2 - Natlonal Headquarters, Civi} Air Patrol, L,I I ICe .l t ^4'J -^ -' llvlilan Defonse (htashlngton) Uniforms & Insjgnia for Staff Persoruiel: :' arrned forces, it necessltated a Because of r-he use of the lnsignia I greaL deal- of thougJrt and eonslderatj-on uruh the War Department before final adopiion, and meny complicatlons were i-nrrolvod - which have now been cleared. Therefore, at fhe srrne time l-nforrsaLlon on tho unlform is forr+arded to you, you wlll recelve Lhe'l,iar Department's flnal doclsion as to the offlcial lnslgnla.

Fersonnel (Complole inforrnatLon on unlforms and lnslgnla wlIl be aval.lable soon. ) liational lieadqrrarters Comlander & Staff Regional Corrnander & Staff Wl"ng Comrnander & Staff Group Cormnander & Staff Sq:adron Comrander & Staff Fllght Leader - Pllot, and Obsorver Officers All Other Personnel - Officla1 Untjeonns (Complete lnforrnatlon on the following wlLI be arrallable soon) Inslgnla; Cap Inslgnla - Meial - Lefb slde, 1" from front. Shoulder InslgnLa - To be !'ol{n on left shouLder aleeve

- Attachment, Febntary L3, lgltz



Clvl1 Alr Patroi lnslgnia -

Page 2

Pil-ot 'r.il:rgs: Sterling SiJve:" -

left shlrt pocket, or Ieft breast of flYlng Jaeket.


gbserver 1v'1ng: Sterllng SI-lver - wortl above left shLrt lncket, or lefi breast of ftYlng Jaekat'

- Atiachment, Aprll 3, t9l+2 - ilaf,lonal- Headquartors, Clvll Alr Patrol, Ci'ftce of Clvillan lJefense (Washlngton) Qfficlal 0fflcer's Unlfcrn - (Swrner) Conmisaloned Personnel (In ca.:e Anr:iy* bi-ouse is useci, brass buttons nmst all be replaced with CLP plasiic but,tr:ns - oblaln'rble from l.iat,ional i{eadquarters, Sttppll' Offlcer.) i'{etal. - Left, side, 1" from front' Oap fnslgnia: Shoriider Insignla: ?o he sel,n orr left shoulder sleeve |" Uelow shou-l-der sear:n. RAIIK n,ISIGIJTA; ,^,,o:"n 1." below shculder insignia on shirt, flying Jacket, c:'iicilr':i blouse, or' lrr:nch eoat. (Rank Insignla ls obtainabie

W{-ngs: 'i{lngs:

I'lational lleadqr'rarters, suppi;' Offlcer" ) iteriing Si-lver - wern above lefi :h:-rt ;:ceket, or lefl bre:.st cf li-ying jacket, or above i,eft poeket of officer's

bl-ous e,


Sterllng Silver - worn above left shirt pncket, or ielt bretsf of f1flng Jacket, or above left pocket cf officer's

CAf tsnll-elin lrlo. 11, Apr1l l-O, l9l+2 3utlcns - i,lrtionat itealq'rarteis now ha.s a supply of plasLic buttons for Patrol uriflrey are dar!: i-n Lwc, slzes, 5/8" ana 7/8" dlameters. Tho buttons bear Lhe ffifrf C/iI triangle and propeller lnslgnl-a.
GM-2g, May 251 Ly+2 - I'l:rtl-onal Headq.uarters, befense (Washington)

Clvl1 Alr Patrol, Offlce of Clvil-lp,n

Civil Air Patrol Insignia: The Wlng Supply dffl""", Grrcup Supp1y Off5-cer, Squadron S;rnflf 0i;'^;.--: have the authorit! to- ora"r lnslgnla dlrect flom: Al1en E. DotYr c/o Tne RobbLns ''-';".* D' Irnyr Washington Loan A trlst Building, 9OO'tF" Street, N.W.r Washingtotr,The C. personal}r. foIitemtitance !s to accompar{f order - maa6 payable to Mr. Doty lowlng L:rslgnla are avallable at pricos qrroted. PiloL ir'ings . . . . . $1.0O 0bserverWlngs .. ,75

,,Jd) /+-large and 6-srna11 noeded for .05) Arnqy Air Corps BLouse rqhen used. A Civil Alr Patrc,l organizatlonal standarrl has been designed, vftlch ray ETAGS: be proeured for i.Ilng, Group, or Sr1:adrr:n l{eadquarters. 1^/hon ordering organlzatl-onal- slandard, lf for i/irig head.qrarters, subratt the name of your filng, such as flllrois, when orderl-ng sarne for Group headq:.arters give name of State together r:tl: numbor of group, such as ll-Ilnots Vilng, l+th Croup, r^rhen orderlng for Squadro., give ru:rie of Wilg and nrunber of Group as above, together'rrith number of Squaclron, such as 2nd Squadron.

. . Arrnbands.... BuLtons-Large.. Sma1l .

Shoulder Insignia



. t)


" '.r)

Office of Cit-jLian Defense Regulations No. 2, Supplementary Ordor No. 2* $ay 28, Lgl+z - Offlce of Clvlllan Defense (Washlngton) Speclficatlons For and l,lanner of Wear and Use of Offlclal Articles of:

5. Offlcia1 ArtLcles for the Clvtl Alr Patrol. The fol-l-owing articles ars proscrtbed as officlal artLcles for wear use by rnombers of the-Clvtl Alr Patrol, ln accordance wlth all rlles, regulaand ilons, orders, or l-nstmctions issued by the Dlrector:

o. o.


Clvll Alr Pstrol Instgnia (a)

Arm tsands anci


Thebas1cffi"usgdcnarmbandsarrdbrassards.Ambandsand brassards shaii te"i?l tl fA lnches l-ong, and 4 inches wide' The 5'nsi-gne ;h;ii-L;-3i lnches in dlameter and shaIl be placed in the center of the art
band or brassatd. (u ) steeve. InElerla -IsI-]ini&rr'E " ?}reb;rslcffiass}eevelns1gnia,embro1deredorwovenwiLh stj-Lchoci or 1o1-led-edges, Sl,:eve :Lnslgnia sha1-l be 3 lnches ln clia:reier' Sleeve inslgrria shall be l{orn on the }eft s}eeve, } lneh below ths sirc'"rlder
Can Insi;:ria for ljnLfcnns, The baslc lnsl-gne rtry be incl-uded on melal or embroidered or woven &3 embletns, 1| iliches 1n diameter", which shall- be worn on the caps of members +.he Civll A1:' Fairol-. (a) 'rlinqp.




Pilot:rna 6bservernrtngs, of meial, 2] and 1! lncher, respectlvely, ln length, sh.ill be v,nrrn above it1u l"ft upper blouse pocke,,'rf the uniform' (e) Buttons-for Unifoqlns.



e) Alrcraf t_InelE+le.. meuasffimaybel:'sed,bypatnt1ngordeca1comania,onw5.ngsand fuselage of alreraft engagaa -n olflcfif Cf.rfl Alr Patrol roisstons. The baon sle fu1llgne shalI be ^., -e.r'erl on lhe top side of the left w'lng andthe the .*'!-ng at a polnt t/3 of the dietance from 'Cng bottom slde of Lhe r:-gi:t of the tnsi-gne shal-I not exeeed Z/l tlp to the I\:selage, and the d.lametlr fuselage of the ,,d.ng chord at the point of appll-catlon. the lnslgne o.n thethe dlstanee of the I\rse)-age at a poinl l/s -r i sha1l be eentered on both sldes '5;,: i^f from the leading ed.ge of the horLzontal stabillzer to the Xla.l]lngthe <iepih of the wlng, and tf,e diameter of the insigne shai.l not exceed Z/l of the fuseiage at ihe point of applicatlon. (h) Autonobile. -Stj-cksrs and Pla'Lgg. ed, rdth or without the ::ame Clvil- Air Pattre tu"

) ldentificatign Cartls. tt.,e'o""I@ybeusedon1dentificationcardsw?r1chsha1Ibeissued and distribut"a Uy tle liatlonal Conmander of the Civil Alr Patrol.

*nal r,, errfsyiiel;jl-e sticirers and plaies.- Automobile sLickers and plales - -var rqevrrrr ul ul, rl-n a reeshali be in a c1rcular shape, frorn 4 bo 12 inches in diameler, orstickers and 5 j::ches by 12 -i:rhes. Automobile Langular shape no larger ti',rn n'] =t.ee,,^r bL placeci any t:r:ck, ar..ri ;'-,j.ie or other vehicle, arrd rn'Jl be useci "n onJ-y subject to ccrnpliance v,:Lth ;pplrJ-,rer, state and locai laws, ordinances, o" regul-;llcne appil.cable to r,d:rdshielcl. or vehlcle stickers.
l.rrvvJ '',+.,

Cili-34r ,Tune 1l , )-gt+Z - liatlonal i{eadriuarters, Ci"..ll- Air Patrol-, Office of Civilia:i befense ('r' rshington) Sl-eeve iiank Insignla for CA? Off icers: 1" National lieadquarters now has a supply of sleeve rank insignla for the Squadron-C;nfollowing: Wirrg Cc,rnnander, 'v{ing Staff, Group Connrander, Group Staff,blue and is i:rsignla Is in dark mandor, Squaaron Staff, and nlght Leaier" This inch appro:ci.:ra LeIy j /B lneh wide and 3 inches long, i{:ith I;t,tering fur capitals 1/B below lhe ragul-ar CAP cirfrigil. The instgnia shouLd bo ser+ed on the leit sleeve seam j:r clf insignia, tie same d.istance as Lhe circle lnsignla below the shoul-derwhen sewed Lhe sleeve. It is suggestod that ends of strLp lnsignla be turned under on to keep frcn ravellng. Orders Z. The inslgnl" cun be oupplied at llatlonal Head.quarbers at l0$ each.or the r,he llfurg- Supp1y Officer, tho Group lynnlf Offieor, should come from fitf,"" Squ*d.ron Suppiy Ofilcer. Indlvlduai- order" from members u'111 re!. be accepted'

Clvll ALr Patr"o1 Instgnla - Page l+ Crll-3g, July 2, L9t+2 - Natlonal Headqrrartcrs, Ctt{L Air Patrol, 0fflce of Ctvil-i"an Defense (Washlngt,on) Inslgnla for Actlve Duty Volunteers, Fierlt Awanla, and Specialtsts. I. Voluntee{g- CiP nenbers who rrclunteer for opeclfied pcrlods of actLvcduty serylco, p.*s,r."t l" &142, shal-l be claeaed aa Vanguard Menber_a and shatr-tr", on etgning activl Arrty oath, Ue entltlcd to w6ar a speclal V-chaped enblon on the forearn of tne left sleeve, hali'nay betwoen el.box'and tha botton of the cuff, ln colors as fol1 or 2 nonths contlnuous scrvlee por yar lows: Rod V-l White V-2 I nronths psr yoar
Z, Servlce Strloes--A Vanguard Henber nay voar a servlce strlpe for eaeh terrr ofact1ve@etedinotrrcrethanonestripeperyoar.t1reservl-ce strlpao sha11 be centerd'3/b Ln. belovr the V qrblern and. Lf2 ln. apart. Colors shalL bo red for one nonth servLce conpleted; whlte for two nonthl; and bluc for three nonthe or lrore senrlce in a Year. worn polxt doun above 3 " l.{erlt AwarrCs--Dlblans sha1l be trtangular and nall be the left poitet of the blouse or ahlrt. Colors rrlLl be: Red: Cogrendatlon-For exceptlonal perforr:nance contributorT to the ear:"^,'lng out of nlsslons of unusual nerlt. Blue V-3



Whlte: Merlt Cltetton-For inltlative

specl:flc nlsolons.
BIuo: haaarrlous condltlone"

and porformnce

of ruiusual nerlt


of hcrolsn, rutdcr urmsr:ally dlfflcu-It or

For cxeeptlonal perfor"nance of

!+. SpeclaUgts-Sleeve lnslgnia are arraj-iabl s for A & E nechanlcs w1th cument1yrra11dffioqCM;alrtflrrad1ooperatoreFro1d1ngcurrcnt1yva11dFCCcertlflcates for Hlrst or Seecrrd Clasa Rrdlotelephone or Eadlotelegraph or Anateur Class A. fhese are to be r+orn on thc forearr of tho right slecve, half xay betreen thc eIbow and thc botton of thc cuff, 5, Hlaccnent of Orrders--Orders nay bc plqccd for tltc abovc lnslgrr-l* -7'dlng." Group,an@f1ccrsy1ththeH{rrtr"11cr1.rrgCo.,13ILG*St:3r!,1.'*' W*stringlon, d. C. terrli itrtctty c&ah. V lns1gn1a, 15( eac!. Service strlpesr i0$ oach. A & E and radlo, 5!; each, Other ranufacturert tray alco Dske these J.tens, and as no offlclal insfgdi appearr thcreon, no llcense la rcqrlred urder Q't+0. e'il-l*O, July 2, Lql+z - Natlona1 Headquartcrc, Clvl-l Alr Patrol, Offlce of Ctvll1an
befense (washlngton) Hanufacturlng and 0rrlerlng

1. Iour attenrtlon is called to Sectlon a -"! iffl"ce of Clv{LLan Defenge Regulattons No. 2 pr.ovldlng that no offtcLel aritcles, ine)"udJ.ng collar and cap cnbJ.ens, gleeve tnslgnla, wrliorr bu*itons, alrcraft decal lnslgnla and autonobtle stickers and platesr BI be manufaeturod, sold or distrlbuted by any rnanufecturer unleaa such nanufacturer llrs flrst obtained a License fron the Washtngton Offl'cs. Ttrla applles to aIL arglcLes embodyl.ng the three-bleded pr.opellor ard trlang),e lnslgnla of the




Clvl1 Alr Patrol. 2, In the case of the CIvIL Alr Patrol, such lLcensd manufacturers roay sell or dletrlbute only on ordera properly approvod by the NatlonaL Corrnander or by the apprrcprlate Wlng Corr$Bnder. The Wtng Colsrerder nay, horrever, dd.egate and auf,Lorize tfro Wfng, Group, and Squadron Supply Offlcers to approve ordere, slgnilg t!:* i{1ng Comaderrs nnne to such otdorso 3, A11 urltcensed m,nufacturers, to your lcrowlodge, suppl#ilg Ci.vli Air Patrol offlcla,l artlclea at the preaant tlme, or dcalrlng to do eo ln tho f\ture, should be dLrcctod to apply at once to the Instgnla Soctton, Offtco of ClrrtLlan Defmge, DrPont Circle Apartnent &rl,ldlng, Washlngtoo, D. C,, for e Llcsnse. Such LtecnsEs may be lecuod bi and rrlth the advlco and consent of ths l{atlonel Cormandor of the Cl,vlL Alr Patr.ol after due coaalderatton of, arcng other factors, thc eharacter ard rcrlmnshSp

Clrl1 Alr Patrol InsLgrLa *


of the artlcle to be made and the need for additlonal producLion of such art,lcies. tlrnufacturors applylng fcr a Llcenae shouLd enclose semp),es, spoclflcatlo:ls and nax* 1rrurn sales pri-ces, L. I+. should be polntcd out i;o prospecttvo rnanufacturers that opportuni'tles t'or salos are il.nlted alnce the woarlng and uee of CAF lnslgnla tmrst ba strlctly confined to tha lnernbershlp, of Lhe Fatrcl.
CH-L5, Ju\y 1?r 19112 - !tstional Heaciguarters, Ct\rtl Defense (Washington) Unifo::rn, Inslgnia and Rank

Air Patrol, Offlce of ClvlHan

II'{SIONIA 2. -"T-TEe fcliowing lnsiqnia ha.,re been approved for Civil Alr Patrol by the Wer Deparf,ment. Ccri.ect lnsignla v"ili be worn on the authorized uniform at all ti-mes as specifled below. Never mlx tlq inslgnia. Do not',rear arry part of State Cmard, Reserve,orotherinsI[ilffi.Discharge,dArnrypersonne1w1i].not wear qualtfication rnedals or Ar:ny wings. !{owever, serlice ribbons anC decorations

may be worn.

f gold U.S. on rlght shlrt collar and on ianels of blousel 2, Silver Wlngs same design es Alr Corps Offlcersr collar ornament on left shlrf, collar, on-Ee]s <,f blouse bel-ow the C.A.P., and on left side of cap, 1n from front. 3, Inslgnla of rank, regui*t.lon ltrmy; '*"111 not be worn wlthorrt ihe red shouIderIoopffi.-t.e:..appol.n+*menti.ngradebyNat1ona1Headquarterg. c. Flisht Officers .n' ' -:'rant 0fficers--Same unlforrn and lnslgnla as offlc"rs iith;[t-inslgnt-a or' r.int<.-Flfeht Offlcers lnclude all members wlth accredited aeronautical ratings as Pllot Offlcers or Cbselr,er Offlcers and not appolnted as cornrntssloned officers. d. Enllsted oersonnelt @CAP]-b]adedpropeLLerenb1em,s11verandelral'l-].l eolors, oil ce[Ti?-- btouse 1ape1s lf blouse ls worrr. 2. Chevrons., regulatlon Arrry, on 5g!-Eg!g! game color as shoulder loop, on both sleerilEfE-way between elbow and shoulder seam, for non-corurdssioned officers and flrst class nrlvates. 2. Shirt--No co1lar inslgnla. denoting 1{lng, Group and SquaCron Cominsignla e. fftf@ggg--Sleeve mandeis ail'-SGF?fr8-TLight leaders, ont{onaI, t-<r b- worn-}" below the CAP sleeve inslgnia on the left sleeve. f. Aeronautical Ratings--For oliots -ix1 otiservers qualified in accordance 10. worn above left shirt or blouse pocket or on witrr doerffi jacktt" Sl1ver. lefI breast of flying 1. Pilg!_Ii.lge, lsl*ffi-or Pilot Offlcer (b) Senl-or Pllot 0fficer (c ) I,laster Pl1ot Offtcer

b. Offlcers lnslgnla sliall




felffis'erver or Ot,serrrer Officer (b) Senlor Observer Offlcer

ftat-ings--lJorn on forearrn

E. -Radlo between elbow and bottom of

I,lecha.nj-c and

servtc_e,ilrr...uaffi,oGl'1.J2,onslgn1rrgact1ve-dutyoath,maywearaspecia1V. shaoed emblen on the forearrn of the left sleeve, hatr-f way between the elbow and

Hechanlc--ilolder of curently va1ld CtA A & E lbchanic l-leense. 1. --lIilffo1der z. xao of currently valld FCC certiflcate for Flrst or Second Class nadloteffine or Radlotelograph Operator or Amateur Clase A. h. Volunteers--Hembers who volunteer for soecified perlods of aetlve-duiy


of right sleeveo half


Ci'ril Air Patrol Inslgnta -


the bottom of Lhe cuff, ln colors as fol-lows I 1. Red----I or 2 ncnths ccntinuous service :er year' 7. rrhit--l mon+.hs pr year. 3. Bl"ue---duration of war' servi-ce strire i. Service StriPe--An active dutY volurteer may wear a per year. The fo:^ "'errice corPlet'ed; n0+' rnore than one strlne Iu"r;ru;f67i1y """n centerea 3/u" below +-he V emhlem and |[ apart" Co]ors t r':j ir-'r strices shal-i be months or more serviee 1 month service com:leted; whiNe lor ? rnonths; bhre for J in a year. indivlduals only on srrecial order of f . i,ierj-i Awards--Emblems, authorizei lor .-l f 1 L^ 9;: - ani --^: i'e "^Fh ooin+' .inun abcve T,ne worn ^ni n+ down ,h^'EFl the the Nlrtion*: corn#I6r, '"rill- be triangular "+r11 -i9rnm*cation--For lefl rocket of the shirt' or blcuse as fo].lo'"rs: excertlonal perform:rnce eontributoT to the Reri :* ].. piafiIxg or execution of mlssions of unusual merit.

the CAP J-bladed propeller k. Cj_vilian Wear--A srnali 1aoel emblem bearlng may be worn by accredile9 emsirnilar to the CAP cilot wings lt*tfe* iliti:"*t No oiher insignia of the Patrol will be worn except on fu1} bers not ln unifor:n. wearing sh'oulder and correct CAp uniforms. CAp insl[nla wiii not be worn by members patch rnith u.s. (xors: This last sentelce Has corrected by GM-lr?-Ar datcd *gcott and ), ;1gt]2, o*.rg""phTfof "ftf"n-""*ar, Strike se:i+'-+':1ce 3l.paragraph 2'k" GM-L5eminsert, intti", thereof : In srei'5c:$tliesr an arrn band bearlng the CAP' shoulder worn blem with U. S. may be wo:-n on "iltlian clothes.) The CAP lnsignia wl1l not be or displayed on alrcraft or vehlcles except b,r accredited members of cAP' I,*.i': -: inDisplay of CAp _ry,slqnr" on Aircraft and Vehicles--The Civil Alrall ail;"c;'' 1.. fuselage oi slgnla will be eniagea 1n officlal CAP nissions as follorrs t top of tbe'left r'r-ing and I. Wj"rgg--lnsignia disks shaI1 be centered on ttre distance from the r'ring on +,he uoTtor? the right wing at a coint one-thlrd of the chord tip t" the fuselage. Diameter of disk sha11 not exceed two-thirds of the wing ai noj-nt of application. 'r'otli sides "" '"-"i-. i\sela*"--Insignia disks shali be centered on '*dge of theof the fusehorizont'a1 lrre distance fron ihe leac:;,r; lage at *3ro:-dffi,ni.l-"i shaIl not exceed two';'3:: of disk stal-il.izer ro lhe trailing ecge of the wing. l" o'hirds cf thc, Cept,tr of fuselage at poini of aop::cation' j. Use cf plan,:s--Any aircraft, while dj-sclaying such insignia shail be j's not to be constnred as Lor"r: ur"fruiffit-ty *fi*1"i" "i Cir1il' Air Patrol' This in CAP nractice acti'ities, ,."qrr...ng the disolty of CAP inslgnla on airgraft engaged such activiti'es, or Dreor liniting tarticioatton of alrcraft bearing lnsignia in o*rrtlrol aircraft wlttr insignla f:'om belng used in non-offlclal fiying crovided the oilol: is a memj:er of CAP. -or+"p5--Insignia v5r!v -" m:-y be dlsolayed on autos, trailers, and other vehiclen l_r, stickers and rlates enowned and=opeilIEd'by cAp memlers and useci in cAP misslons. from lr to 12 inches in dlameter, or rect'artgu-iar, bo4ylng insi-gnia snalt he cj.rcular, no i"rg", thin 5 by l-2 lnches, Automoblle stlckers and plates nay be usec oniy in cornollance '"rith state laws aop).lcab1e to windshleld or vehj-cIe stickers. - -emblem, arrn band, and U.S. is to appear 2. Omit U.S.--Ttreto be omitted frorn on the sleevealrcraft, autos, or all lnsignia for offrclal CAp fl-fg[-;,1 ts
items Ir, Orderinilnslfglg--In purchasing uniforrn and inslgnla Supp\ynot ol-tainabie Officers' Orplace orders through their unlt in relait@i:'r t the supply source W ttre Wlng Cononander wtro may delegate ders r.l.I11 be transnlttd

,yftitE: I4erit cilgtiol--iror initiallve ?. on srecific rnissions. Brue 3-' cult or hazard'ous conditions '

and perfo,rrxance

of unusual merj-t

! 3l::t??:r#ffi;X:i;;":::::':n:iliiffi$;':'

other uses.

Ci-vil Air Patrol fnslgnla '' Paga { hin' ihls responsibilll;r ta riing, Croup, or Squadron $upp1y offlcers signing for his Je placed by the Task Force Connnander or orders ftr Task Force members may ciuiy authorized deruLy signing bf iris order' D. l,fanufactu"* bi CEf :ne i6l1g--hrrzuant, to Section J of Offiee of CiviHan Defenie1ar+',ic1es,lnc1-udingco1Iarandcapemb1'ens, sleeve lnslgnia, ,.rniform buttons, aircraf', decal insignia, lapel cins anrt buttons, arm bancls, and automobile stlckers and plates, may be manufactureci, sold, or disfrorn t'he trihuteci h;; an;r rranufacturer with;:u{ a iicense readiiy obtainable articles Insigembodyto al1 nia Section in t,he,.iashi-nritnn Lrf.flce,:f 01D. Thls aoplies triangle anrl witn red Jing r-g,r CAp insignia (tiue disk,aj-ti:, superimposed whlta t,tiaea ci.orreller superirnposr:d on i;r'langla ) or any reproduction of this design lri

o, Directlves Suoerseded--Thj-s memoranciurn su:ersedes GM-9, GI'{-18, GM-31+, Ct"i,"riil be removed from curent files. lro, oftz ffi appoint3. RANK--An addenclum to thls raeynoran,:iurn soon will set forth regulations for rank offlcers. Inslgnla of mentEmembers as CAP officers and ncn-conunlssloned will not be worn rneanwhile. A memorandum on suop\y sources;:1sc will be i-ssued to supersede CM-29 and Paragraph 5 of GM-19. 0!.r-L?, July 2l-r, 19lu2 - National Headquartera, Civl1 Air Patrol, 0fflce of Clvilran Afler thls date, all lnquirles concerning the purchase of CAP lnslgnla should be Circle addressed to the Insignla of,flcer cf the offlce of Cirrillen Defense, DuPont Eullding, riashlngton, !, C' Wlngs' to Z. The rlirectlois set forth ln Gl{.2? u'iNh reference Armtha purchase of Pl1ot and suBands, ere'resclndec observer wings, c*p Inslgnla, shoulde inslgnie, and perseded bY thts menorandurn' the manufacturer's l. The following artlcls ;,-; :IrslSnia may !-e ourchased dlrect from cao Inslgnla; F.Jo", listed on the ""r*ruu side: Pilot wings; obsem'er filngs; collar rnslgnla (ltt stcrcartaln, 1sr tt.,-r;; ill-(orrv ilank risignia;; Air corps ltne); CAP cut-cut, Ietters (Sterllng Silver); -Shoulder Inslgnial Arr: Bands' DTSTRTBUTE CrWL ArR PATRoL 0FI''i'".'j": ^R:I":OI;ITANUFACTURERS LTCENSED TO }'1AKE, Sil'l"AHn Sleeve Ils:gnig-(wiilr Il'S' )".fol Unlforms mffiffi";rirAvenr:e,NewffiYork.Embroideredonfe1t,25leach each (aLon cotton twi11, 25i llnr.versal Unlform Comoany, Van Weri, Ohlo - Embroidered Lached to unliorm) !l1_tnsig+a tq:'iniforms each I'utton back, iecrge J. l,fayer f"6*ry, Indianapolis, Indiana - 5ter11ng silver, lrgf "554 pla+'ed aaei safet.v catch, 5l' eacn extra gold !''E::"ii;ig silver' 75i eaeh The Rott ins Oom"any, At,tlel-'oro, Massaehusetis each Pllot Wlngs, ,,*;?" ," I'kyer Cor"n:any, InCtanapolls, indiana - Sterl"ing silver' 90d :.
75i. each Observer r{i'n5s each Pilot ilobbtns company, Aitleboro, I"lassachusetts - sterling silver' $r'oo The Uings, 75i- each Observer Wings tr;nei Pins rryer comrany, Indlanapolls, Indiana-- sterling silver, Baslc insigne only, ffiea*h 1/2 inch in dianeter, 26Q e;ch, ot.tn stud baek, 284 each buttonback, 3lrd safety catch, 5d each ext'ra gold olatcd

any co1.::t'.

Defense (Washington) Ci:rl1 A!:' Patrol Inslgnla

corooratlon, zi6-bo North 6oth street, Phtl-adelphia, Pennsyrva* Uii*ffi".1comanta - f*, $f each, 12'r 35i, each, JOn $1'25 each "i" Lanl an<j stove company, Wtchlta, Kansas - Sales prlces varying accordlng to colenan sizesubJecttoiheaocrovaloftheaoproorlatewlngcomnanderandDirectorof
Ctvl11an Defense

Ci'rtl Air Patrol Insignia -


AddendrrmtoGM-L5,Ju1y2?l:r9\2.liatj-onalHeadqJart,ers,ctvtiAlrPatroi'offl.ceof Civillan Defense (Washington) Cffi'cers fuailftcations for Aopointnenl ,ri.iir Rant<, Conmlssi-oned and l'ion-Commlssioned 'rfll:;e s Plight leaders and aII siaff 1. All Grouc Cornnanders, Squadron Commanders anrthave com-oleted the orescribed Train:ns shaIl tc be eliglble for aopointmenl r.rtth rank, thereon: Dlrectives as foliows and shal-i be nrerrared io oass a r*-rltten exaninatlonhrs., i1o-2 -Lr,rs.r#6 -6hrs., #9. 3 #Z*Z)hrs., #l-i-nr.r-11 fi-)hrs., f."., iu - 2 hrs', ti]r} ' 2 hrs' = liLr hrs' - J hrs., iz'o - 2 hrs', #zt - ! hrs., i2?' t hr., #lL - g-trr's., #15 - i hr., ira - 5 rrrs., #19J? hrs' #ztr ' 10 hrs ., ii?-9 - 2 hrs' = +'he Nat,ional Commancer, commanders 'rilL 2. Prior to m"klrul """orruroiaLions tomember has completed the all Wlng Tralning tiprescrlbed ascerr.ain fi:-si that each recommenCed certirectives llsted herein anrJ t,hat the meml'errs serrlce record has been officlally fied to thai. effect. iualifying for cosition as a comrn-issioned officer rnay be ap:olnied )" Each sucir member ,lllln;.1 ecmrnancler wlth temcorary rank ln g:'ade pending approYar by to a nosition hy the n"he same DJsri;cn, or a oosition of i:he National Comman,:.ierr:roriding he has served ln he will be equal grade, lor not l-ess than 65 days' If mernber has not served 6O days,until sueh appolnted one qrade ln rank lower than that which the cosition ca1ls for, t.:'!ti ti:"ne as he has served for 5C riays, at whlch time the Wing Commander may reconinen' member for promotion. Rank or Grade L. Cornmi ssi-oned Cf f I cers
'rJing Commander Winq Staff Officer Grouo Cornrnander 0rouP Staff 0fflcer Squadron Commander


ScJuadron Staff 0fficer Fllght learler Decuty Staff Offlcer Pilot Officer Observer 0fficer

Caotain Captaln ist Lieutenant 1sl i..eutenant 2nd Lleutenant 2nd Li;eutenant

Fllght Offlcer
Flight, Offlcer

Flight 0fflcer
Sergeant Sergeant

Non-Comnissioned Officers


Technical Sergeant Corroral


0bserver Pirotogranher Clerk

S+-errogracher ]'le cha ni c , A and E

Private, 1st


Private 6. Commrssloned Officers a:pointments of Civl1 Air: Patrol Officers as Major, Captain, 7. Lieutenan| will be maCe Ly the Naiicnal Comrnander upon Fj.rsffind Fllght Officer acpointments wlil tre made by the racorr"rr-cr:da+-ion of Lhe dinrl Conrnander.

Mechanic, A or E Sadic Onerator Ail Other Personnel.

j Ter ^:;ai


Sergeant Sergeant

rling Comm:.n:ier. g. lion-Cor:r,issloned officer.

e appropriate Unit Corsnander' aut:, g The offlcial reccmmenciatlon for conmlssion ln Clvil Alr Patrol in ihe grade of Cac" ta!n, 1sl and Znd Lleutenant wi1l" be made to the National CornnanCer on soecla)- .-eport SF-11 ln all instances. an-1 apcolntments in g rade will l-e ln the Cirrll Alr Patr'o1 and not in 10. Cornmlsslons'r-lnited States. the Lrr:'Y of t,he Ol'fier: of Civilian Defense Regulations No. 2, Amendment No. 2 to Supplenentary Order lic. Z, July 28, 19112 - Oiflce of Civillan Defense (Washington) CiviLian . Sucpiementary Order No. 2 Cated llay 2B_, lglrzr_to.Office ofdesignatesDefense Reguaddltlonal (1), which lations ]io. Z, is irereby amended by adding Sectlon 5

Appolntments of all grades of non-comnissioned officers

Civil Alr Patrol- lnsj.enia -


officlal :irtlcles for lhe CiTii ,Lir Paf,:"ci as follows: 5 (i ) l,aoei Pins anC E::f-tr:ns on metal laPe1 :ins, wj-th srrrea,i ea-*, i:e rye3" on eaul: slde of andused let+"ers xCAPn above the circl-e, wli:"ch the ';ings rj-ns sliall" he lt lnches i.n length. (Z) tirt l-.asic insiqne afone ne.y l^'e used on lacel pins and luttons I incn in d iamc le::. OM-1?-A, *ugust, 31 ISLA - l,i"alloriat Heailcl,"rarters-. Cirri] Ai:' Patrol, Offlce of Clviliarr fivil ii I I"'af,::o"r. insj-gnia l. *fLer tnis Cate, all in'1ulries eoncernj.ng Ctvil Air Patro1 'TOFFICIAL ARTICLES'! shoulC be acldressed to the Inslr4rraa Officer of the Office of Civilian Defense, D,rpont are Clrcle Buiiding, Washi.ngtcn, D. C. (,'Offic1a1 Artlclesn for the Clvll Alr Patrol'n;r ar.ticles, embcdying the r:atented three-bladed crocelier deslgn, Drescribed those the Direc+,or of'Ciuillan Defense ancl listed in Sectton 5 of tne ,iclosed Supclementary Order No. 2 iaLed. l4ay 28, lr9l;,2 to QCD llegulatlon 2, and ln Amendment No. 2 of thls order dated July 2t, 1:9lt2. These nOfficial Artielest may be manufaetrrred.. sold and distributed. only by manufacLurers licensed by ihe hlashJ"ngton office of ihe office l. :;tr' as the baslc vllian Defense. Other authorizec l"nslgnla not embodyingtrofflclal CAP design, such0fof the arttel"esi insignia of rank, the CAP cui-"tu+, letters, etc, are noi Civllian Defense end are not, subject to the n:Ies and regulatlons governlng flce ol nof f ic:-a1 a::ticies il. ) official Z. Tne cllrections set forth in Ui'i-29 1n. reference to the ourchase ofprocedure arfor ticl-es are rescinded and supersederi b] tir:l-s memorandum. The corrected nofficlal artinanufacturers tc becorne licensed ;, ;iarmfactu.ru, 'qe1i and distrtbute clesrf is set forth in CX-[0 :':-i july 2, I9lJ2, wtrich memorandwt wlII remain ln effect. Ciril Air Pal. Manufacturers l-lcenseci to date to manufaeture, seII, and dlstrtbute articlesrr 1111 ilofflcial Lrol nofficlal Articlesn are 11sted here'*ltl,. A1l, orddrs for be claced clirec+* wiih them bry lhe'vJing, Orour or Squadron Supp\y Offlcer" as set forth in paragrarh No, Z of GM-iro, dated .luf Z, 19L2. You w111 be notifled xi.. , : d'li-ti-or:,;,,+-r

7.fe::se (*/asiringtcn.l

manufacturers are licensed. Sleeve Insignia ("i!!--]l:--Q.

+.o The

ew York, Ner+ York - Embroldered on *lf Comcany, Yan WerL, Ohlo - Embroldered. on cott,on Uni-form



251 (attached

Siiver Buitons for


-Tf,E;tury zutton Company, |Iate::bur3", Cc,nneeilcut - I*a:'ge ()6 Iine) $15.c0 oer grosg; Smal1 (2lr Line) $fo-00 per gross' iuttons. Cost :er set- BlrC. Not less Cne set consists of four larqe ancl :;1x : wjil be sc'1<1. Cost for 15 sets - $12'60' than ]5 sets (for we?r on overseas can ) Ca: Inslqni; (s*.g-iliig*iiitit .T[mpf,yr*i-ncifanapolls, Indiana - Slerllng silver, lrgd eacn hutton back; Oeorqe J. Maye:. 96i each saftty ca+-chi lf eaeh extra gold olatec' The Creen Comoany, 1Ot6 WalnuL Street, Kansas City, Mlssouri ' Sterling silver, lOl each. Tnr: Sobbins Com.any, Attleboro, Massalhusetts - Sterllng silver, 75Q e*cin. ,l -'i::.s s ( Pi:,ci and ObselYer ) Inaianacolls, Indiana - Sterllng silver, 9Ol each Pilot wings C,esrvffirq1, each 0bserver Wings o}us tax. clus tax; 75{ The Green Cornpany, 1016 Walnut Street,, Kansas City, Missouri - Sterling siivcr", $1.00 each Pilot r,llngs t"ax lncluded; 75{ eacb Observer Wings tax inclucieu" The Robblns ccmr;anyl ltttutoro, Hassachusetts - sterllng silver' Sl'oo each Pilot wings tax inc)-uded; 75t each Ohserver Wlngs tax lncluded' Lrpel Plns (Ecr Clvll1an Wear) napo1J.s,Irrdiana.Ster11ngsi1ver,Basicinsigneon1y, * tncfr in diameter'Z6t eacir, plaln stud back.. zBi each L'utton back; Jlrd each safety
| a!. ^ Ve- uvll


Slar Engraving


ComParY, Hcuston, Texas

- Sterling silver, lapeI


1| lnches in

Clvtl Alr Patrol Inslgnia length




, ga( each riel.lvered, tax inchrded

(Uinirrn:m orders

of 25 pins)

miffitcornanj.aCcrooration,236.I!aNorth6othStreet,Phi1ace1phia,Pen,n:yivania - Lt, 5d eactr i LZu 35i each; JOt' $1.25 each. Coleman Lamp and Stove Comcany, Wichlia, Kansas - Sales crices varying accordinq io size subJect to the acproval of the approcrlate i{1ng Commander and Direetc:" of Civilian Defense. Dura-Products l"tanufacturing Cc. , 1[0?*21 fiith Street, S.W. r. Canton, Ohio - .ii.'i.rcrAft Decalcornanlas I l-8,' diameter lld each; 20r' dlameler \2( eaehi 2lrrt diemetr lrn dlameter 5*t 5OC eacn; JO,' d:ameter 70d each. Auiomobile Decalcomanias: each: L2'r diarneie r 21f each.
Automobile License Plate

iffi_;aGEffi1lro?.2irifthStreet,S.w.,Cant,on,ott1o-Drratuff each


tion meteri'al) , lr'r diameter 9d ' fo]lowing conipanles are sources of succly for the lis-ted items of Clvil I'lifor [. patrol insi.gnla iot ernbodylng +"he catentod three-bladed propeller design. Orders ltems llsted should i.e otaced riirect'.rlth the companles by the,{ingr orouo or squadron Suroly Officer. There may be local- concerns in a position to furnish these i-tems, if
so curchase


Arrny Rank Inslgni-a

(Sterling Sllver) tts - Letters CttP - each - $1'00 per pair 5O0 Wlng and Prooeller 5Ot eacn - $f .00 oer pair
Yara (craer not

1oea11Y I


.{tt)-eboro, }lassachusetts - 75t per pai,r Red S1eeve Brald for Offi-cersr Blousesl Pipi-;ig fol Capsr-4ll.Pelsonnel -Y
l'{ade-Uo Red Shoulcier Ihe Gemsco ComPa

rthAvenue,}iewYork,ii.ewYork-L0doersei1nsetsof10. 'i;he i."ittUnt 0fficers wil-1 near the same unifonn as lhe conmLssioned office:"-, (single .:;' .i shoulier rank lnslgnia being that of the Junlor Warant Offlcer U. S. An enamel tar rli,h gold strire cross-wlse). 8. Non-commlssloned officers an<l cr:Ivates first-class chevrons wlll have to be made a uc 1ocally. The standard Arny cherrron rnay be ourchased, the background removed, and red background substituted. I ?. Tiie silver winq and :roceller collsr ornarnent rril1 not be worn on the offtcers Pafor all- CiviL Alr cao, as stated in OU-L5, 2-b. The only authorized cao or:rament iroi oe.::sonnel is the biue clscr'.rtrite trianqle wilh red'rr.ree-biaded prooel-ler sure:"i-r,noosed

Iess than 36 yards Per orde::) lpops (w;;. t"r snacs

Cornmi.ssioned officrs iind shlr+. when the t'1ouse is worn.

IO. Il.


flight officers t::-;f not wear co11ar ornaments on lhe

Sllver buttons, emhcdying the brlangle and lropeller design, are authorlzed for' dear on all ouler galrnent arlieles of the officj-al uniform in place of the gold army butlons flr. S,;rike sentence 3, caragrach 2.k. GM-L5 and lnsert in lieu thereof: In energencles, an arm bancl bearlng the CAP shoulder emblem rrith U.S. may be worn on civlllan

L5. This memorandum


supersedes GM-lr?, which w111 h,e removed from the fl1es.

Gll-52, August 10, Lglr1 - National Headquartcrs, Civtl Alr Patrol, Office of Civilian Defense (ilashington) Organlz atlonal S tandard l. The Anntn Comoany, F),agmakers, lth Avenue at 16th Street, New York CLty, are l-istancicensed to manufacturl, se1l and distrihrte the civil Alr Patrol organlzatlonal ard.

Cltrt1 Alr Patrol Insignta - Fage


L feei 1n site, 1s criceri aL $2.25 (withcut lett,ering). lne insigne 1s two fee1 ln- dlarnef,er. Lettering is 101 acidltional rer letter serin on standard. on lhe obverse 3. The lelteri.nq on thls siandar"C reads eorrectlythese standards slde of the firg 'r{hen ordering frorn tne aforemr:nand reversely cn the reverse slde. aCcomoany the order or c:'ovision ticned llcenseC ;r:anufacturer, rerri+.ta.nce should should t'e nade lar C"O.D. deijvery' to L. To;iife, tlie Anr::n Cornlany is the only manufacturer llcensedAi-r man"lfacture' Patrol insigni;' emt'odying Civil seli anrj distrih,uLe f'1axs, b,anners or standards Headquarters, Civil Air Patrol, 0fAciCenCr::ri to Cl4*17-.A, August 1!, .:9it2 - National (Washingion) fice :f Civ-rLlin D.f"*uu Civil Alr Patrol CaP insignla 1. D.re to the presont shortage of metals, no further metal cap inslgnia will b'e nanu-

Z, This standard, I



Howeve:', tire followlng companles have been given perm;isslr^ to se1l and distribute such metal insignla as they now have on hand: The Rohbins Connany, Attieboro, Massachusetts The Green comnany, 1016 Walnut St,reet, Kansas City, lllssourl )" An emb,rolaerla cao insigne has been authorlzed and 1s noll avallable b'y arplying Cirect to The Gemsco bo*p"ny, J95 Fourth Avenue, New York City. is I4d each and they should be ordered in minirmrm guanlr. The price of Lhese


"rutur" tities cf ten. 5. Thrs memorandun is a su:clement to


GM-l-r?-ut, dated August





York Ci tY:

whtch.conslst of gold strlpes The follouinq chevrons for non-commlssic;'ed offlcers, Company, )95 Fourth Avenue' liew on red backgroundr roY be surchaeed from the Gensco

GY,-55, Seotember , 19L2,- Nat; 'r'a iieadqua:";r-'u, Def ense ('rlashing+-on ; Chevrons for Non-Conrnissioned Officers

Alr PaLrol, Office of Civilian

c^--per u;ir'; - - --r -- Sergeant Privale 1utr sla'ss .lL per oalr; Corporal '20 cer pair; palr; 1st'21+ Sergeant ''u5 Staff Sergeant .15 per palr; .Teehnleal Sergeant 'LO pu" per :::a1r; F(asier Sergeant 'l+5 per patr' orders for above chevrons be less than two Z. In no case should the value of single

Adden&umrl2toGM-L5,September29r19L2-NationalHeadquarters'CivllAirPatrol' Offlce of Civillan Defense (Hashineton) Insignia for Enlisted Hen l,Itispermi-sslt^]elorenl-lsledancinon*commlssionedpersonneltowearsilvercal'P the Shlrt is used as the outcut-out letters on eaeh slde of the snlrt' collarr'"dren stde germen+". ?.itisalsorerrnj-sslbleforenllstedancinon-conmissionedpersonneltowear.silver the enlisted menrs winter blouse' ln whleh case CAP cut-out, letters on the lacels of li^.,,, shirt csl]ar lnslgnia rrtll be removed' enlisted and non-comnj-ssloned personnel to ueat sl1ver l. It, is Sot permturltlu for is--strfctly comnlssloned offlcerer inslgnia' ,,rl^gs and propelf-e;, as this Headquarters, c1vfl Air Patroi' C)ffice of CM-58 (ClirC-f), Octotrer 1, 19L2 - Natlonal Clulllan Defense (Washington) Clvil Air Patrol Cadets to lhose of CAP will be speclfled' 6. . . Insigii-,



Clvll Alr PaLrol Inslgnia - Pase 12 CAP Bulletin No. Ll, November (2)6, L9l+2 - Ctvll ALr Patrol, Offiee of ClvLilan Defense (Washlnglon) (}.Ioter Orlglnal has date of 26 rather than 6") CADET fNSIGNIA-Sleeve emblems for CAP Cadets wlIL be the 3 bladed propeL3-err s3:iie ai. ltris emCAP wlth the "US" removed and wlth the word '!CADET" added below ths circle. -5e obblem w1I[ be woi.n on the left sleeve ]" ]:elow the shouldar seam. it can now tained from Gemsca, 395 lrth Ave., Nor* York Clty, lor 2JQ, Orders wI1I be placed through CtrP supply offlcers, same as for CAP lnslgnla. Orders from lndlvl'ciuais wlll
not be accept,ed.

It is lnrportanL that cadets acqulre the sleeve emblems before weartng unifo::ris. Production arrangements are belng made fcr other CAPC lnslgnla whlch w111 be announced l\rlletin No. \2,
November 131 19[2 (Washlngton)


Air Patrol, Offlce of Civlltan


sllver cut-out letters are now available at 616 from the Robblns 6:;fTe[boro, Mass. Orders placed through CAF Suop\y Officers and acconcanled by roney order or check,"ri11 be acceoted for a rnlnlrnun of J pieces. The letters rriI1 " worn just above the riEht shlrt pocket. The sleeve emblem for Ca<iets was annox::;ei be in last weekrs Bu1letin. A cap emblem 1s being deslgned' GARRISgN CAPS--CAP members may now wear the Arny garrison ca. with vlsor. ilitherto Eil;erseas-eap has been the only headgear Drescrlbd. A winged emblem for officers t cans is bei-ng Cesigned. CAp Btrlletln No. Lil, November 20, L9\2 * Cirl1 Alr Patrol, Office of Civiiia,n Defense

the caps of CAP Cadets is a red 2-blaried prowlngs on a blue dlsc 1|r' diameter, clotlt. Orders may be placed by ;in-ffim-,rtrlte Clp Suooly Officers wlth Gemsco, 195 fffth'Ave., NerlYork, a\_L1l; minlm.im order 6 pieces.' Witi-, the sleeve emblems anC the silver CAPC cut-out letters previously announced, this comcleLes the inslgnia for cadet unlforms. When CA;> offlcers are appolnted, they may wear the sleeve insignia Io:' 5ql;*''i."c". Comrsnder, Squadron Slaff, or Flight leader available from Sucply officer, CAP li:iicn-

(Washington ) CADEf, EnALEM--The emblen


bt:.,r,-r,rfi oD

a1 i{eadquarters,
cl4-66, December
Cap Device





for Civii Air Patrol Officers seri. The Offlce of the Quartermaster General nas approveC ; design to be Horn ondisc, only. The deslgn adotte ' " r.lsists of our regulatlon cap cans by officers 'ice that-j.t is smaller (1 incfr in Ciameter) and silver wings are attached ln a exeept ver"iical position. 2, This cap rlevice may be ourchased fron the Robbins compaqy, Attleboro, l'{assachui".irJing" tax), or from the Green Company, Xansas Clty, Mlssouri ($1.65 ".tt"'-itf.ig tax). Check or money order should accompany the order lncl.ucling 3. Sjnce bhis cap Cev1ce embod.ies the basic Clvi1 Alr Patro1 oatented deslgn, lt may be r:..;ered on)-y ilrrough WIng, Grouo or Squadron Supply Offlcers. Orders placed W ln61yll1:ils cannot t-e accected by the comcanies li.censed by the Office of Civilian Deferrse to make and se1l these arti-cIes. To crevent unauthorlzed use of the lnsrg:ia, Corniance::, the it is required that all orders be aoproved ln rrriting b^y the Nationaliling ;lc;mnanderts a deSmtized Supply Offlcer signlng the apnroprl-a+.e Wing Corr:rnander or *ru i""" GM-l+0 dated July z, lg\2). Marqy comolaints as to slow del-l"veries are due to the fact that thls procedure, requi"red by Office ol civillan Defense reguiations, has not teen fclLowed and manufaiturers have been obllged to return orders fsr the proper

Def ense (Washintlton

- National Headquarters, Ctvl1 Alr Patrol, 0ffice of Clvilian

Civll Air Patrol Inslgnla *

Fage 13

0M-68, Deeember 29t l9L2 - Natlonal lieadquarters, Def r:nse (Wasnl ngton )

Clvil Air Patrol, Offlce of Civiiian

Actlve ihrtj Bnblems 1. The followinil cmhlens for actlve duty heve been deslr{ned by t,he 0ffj,cc o1' t}:r' ( rtrternaster General whlch may he worn by peraonnel who hava served or are $Lrrvin|l or't Lnji ci thc f ollowinrl act,lve duty mlssions t a. CoasLal Pairol E'. Flight Surgeon (Ccastal Patroi only) ;. Courler Service (pafd mlssj-r:ns only for the Arned Forces or war iniustries )

a. SouLhern Iiaison Patrols ;. Forest Fire Patrol Z. fhe ab,ove emblems are reclaclng the nVn insignla that was formerly worn on the 1ei't. forearrn. These emb.lems are to be rrorn on the left sleeve Zfu from the tor of the cuff braid on sleeve of offlcera blouse. The above emblems consist on shj_rts, and zltt "bore of a black sati.n squaro, 1*'t * I 3/)tt with design embroi-dered in gold-colored lhread. Fifth 3, These emblems can be secured from the War-ner Woven label Crnnarqr, Inc., 200 more, york City, for 6p each" Orrlers should be in the amount of $2.00 or Avenua, New check or money order to aecortpary same' same sou:'r:e j:l:: lr. A gold-coiorea thread. serrrice strice nay also be seeured from theone striPe for Zld eacn. It may be vorn by those hadng served s1x months or more, each six monthsr actlve duty. These strloes are to be worn * of an lnch beiow the ernb1ern.

No 2, January B, I9l+3 - Ctvll Lir (Washtngton) fense NEU INSIG,iIA--A new r*'lnged devi"*. here lllustrated, i" no* avaIlable for CAP e-fi:s*rs to wear on the serrrlce eap -- garrlson eap w'lth vlsor. Note that

Bptletln Vol. II,

Patrol, 0ffice of Clvilian


thls ls on].l for offlcers ln tha grade of Fiight Officer and hlgher and not for enllstod personnel who wear the dlsc emblem prevloualy provlded. The Robbl-ns Co., Attleboro, l'[ass., ls supplylng thls j"tem at $1.?5 and the Green Company, Kansae Clty, Ho., at $1.65. see GM-65" Active-duty emblens have been deslgned for Coastal Patrol, Fl-ight Surgeons on Coastal Patrol, acttve Courler Sorvlce, Llalson Patrol, and Forest Patrol in Lho form of a biack satln sqr-rare vlttr deslgr ln gold colored thread. theso, wl"th ser* vl"ce strlpes, are to bo rrrcrn on the left s1s,',-,, See Cil{-68 for fr:rther laforrmtl.on.

Ctvtl Air PaLrol Inslgnl-a. The followJ.ng artlcles of lnslgnla may be prchased from the varlous lLcensed nr.ri;ufactursrs llsted below: (ftfs l1st supplemente the ]lst 1n G}t-lr?-4, dated Au$rst 3 , L9l+2)

/f) to GM-/+7-A, Febnrary 5, L9l+3 - Nations1 Headquarters, Clvl1 Air Patrol, Cfflce of Clvl-llan Defense (Washlngton)


Automoblle, Drnblems Ceorge W,-Der""" tdfg. Conpany, Frermnt, Ohlo -AutornoblLe emblems, cast metal - wordlng "Clvil Alr Patrol." CAP tnelgne 2" 1n d{an. centered between spread ea81e wlngs, approx1rnatoly 9" ln i-ength, $L99., Jay Adverblslng Conpany, trancaster, Ponnsylvanla - Llcense plate S.nstgnla, sheet netal - bl-ue latterlng on ntrlte snamol background rlth rtngs and OCD lnolgnl"a. 25i each - there 1g an addltlonal charge of 10f for t*tng, Grotrp, or Squadrrcn numberg.

Decalcolmnlas Bay,-rd Kurth, tr9 Selden, _Detroi-t, l,tlchlgan - )O', ?Of eaeh; 19,' 45d each; l2'. 3Se eachr J' )-09 each (two for L5l). Sleeve and Cap fnsisnl-a Leonard Embnoldery Co., 121-123 North 8th Stroet, Phibdelphla, PennsyhnnLa Sleeve l" 18{ each; Cap I}" 1Of each. Dnbroldered on pro-shn:nk cotton twl11. 2. T,ne above artlclas are "Offlclal Artlcles" and may be prchased only from lj.eensed manufacturers on orders approved by the Wlng Cornrander, as set forth ln G{_l+O, dated Au6prst 22, 791+2, GM-78, March 29, L9l'3 - Natl-onal Headquarters, Clvl]- A1r Defense (Washtngton) CAP Rules

Civtl Alr Patrol Insignia - pege il+ C4f_Standard. 3 ft, b.y_/. ft. FLLIrpre and Bradbury, 919 West Lake Street, Mlnneapolls, l{llnesota -$2"?5 exciu:li;:6 )"etterlng. Lettering 10f additlonal for each lett"r to both sl.des such as ".tn Wing Hdq,, Sqradron number, etc.

Patrol, 'Jffice of Clvlllan

5. Ratlngs rrl11 not be glven to Cr,tiets as a basls for rank as in CAP. . . 7. Cadets wl11 not hold offieer grades. Functlonal tltlee and non-comnissloned grades, whlch w111 be tn CAPC and not ln cAP, are authorlzed only as follor*s: t Squadron Corrnander, Flrst Sergeant. ? Sguadron Staff, rrho w111 rank ln t,he order named: ?ralnlng Sergeant, IntelliSpnce Sergeant, Coram-rnlcatlons Sergeant, Supp1y Sorgeant, and AdJutant, aIL ln the grade of Sargeant. 1 Eltght Leader, Sergean;. lt Assistant Ellght Leader, Corporal. j. Sectton Leader, Corporal. h. Asslstant Sectl-on Leader, Flrst Class Prtnate. B. No cadet wlll wear chevrons for the above ppades untll at least I months sc* i/;-' ln CAPC. 96 Cadets - Supply 2. Insignia w111 be worn by aLL Cadets as follows: t CAPC emblem, cloth: red l-bI-aded propeller on r+trlte trlangle on 2-3/L" blue d1sc, same as CAP emblem r*'lLhout the "US" and w'lth "CADET" added below in red l-etters on whLte background; sel/n on the left sleeve of shlrt and fleld Jacket, |" below the shou.lder seam. Z Silver CAPC p1n, 1*" long Ln letters ]/8" 1,:,4?,; worrr centered above the rlght shlrt pocket wtth the bottom of the letters {",,,.iove the top of the pocket fLap. l" CAPC cap emblem, cl-oth: red 2-bladed propeller yith whlte wings on a Ii" bLue dlsc; sat{n on the left side cf the garrison cap, 1" from tha front and half way between the top and bot+,om of the cap. 1 " Inslgnla for CAPC offlcers are authorizod as follovs: I I\rnctlonal tltles, cloth, optlonal for Squadron Comrnander, Squadr.on Staff, and flLlgh+" Leader: white letters )i'trlgtr woven on blu" fabrlc, to be seun on the leit sLeev.- centered !" below the CAPC emblern. Z Che'rrons, c1oth, for grades prescrlbed tn (9I-7): khaki on red backgrounC same as prescrlbed for CAP, sem on both sleoves half way between the shoulder sulam and t,he elbow. lr. 0n clvlllan garrnents, CAP Cadots wILl wear no CAP or CAPC instgnla excep+, the smal1 wlnged lapel emblem prescrlbed for CAP.

91 Cadets


Alr Fatrol Insigrla Vr)l , 17, lio. (Washtnqlon )

Paqe 15


15, Aprl1 9, \9t'1- C1vll Alr Patrol, Offlce of Civll,ian

Ci,uB--cAP's equlvalenl of t,hs caterplllar Club, for those ;lf:r'r"*ts who hiive bailed out of alrplanes and have walked no:,ile, i-s the lruck club for membsrs who have rnade a foreed lan6ing 1r, the ,*riter on CAP Coasr-r,rl" FaLrol-. The D.rck CIub .,mblern', xcrn below +"he flap of r-tre iaft pockot of the shlrt or- blouse, 1s hore i"eproduced. Sone dozens of members have [reen presented wlth lhe en'rb}am bv t-he Natlonal Corunander' The lde-r was orlglnaLed by Lt. Ctl, L. A. (Jack) Vllas, ward cAP !x,:cuil.ue offlcer" By coincldence, hls nephow, 1+., vilas, was among the flrst to be dunked wttll-e on Patrol.


Bulletin Vol. ff , No , 25t Junr: 18, l-gLj,- Nalional Headqrra r+-ers , C1v-l} Al r Patrol ( Washlngton ) Eia!"'ft;-.!]--;=' I'LyrN-i CADETS-*C;\P lnits Lhroughout the country have been cailed '.r._\!;,' behlnd ;r";-5r Th" I"tlonal Ccrunander to place thelr facllltles r.hc recrr:itment of .{v-lat,lon Cadets for the Arnqy Alr Forces. Thls ls Lhe flrs+- larqe-sc;ile asslgnment that has come to cAP slnce ils f.ri.nsler to the War Departmenl . . . . fhose who are now 17 ..:..r 2nrr,.r for t.t, e Alr Corps Enllste<t Reserve and wlll be lnducted withln 5 non+.hs
\ .+}. l


:if+,e:' becomlng 18. ileproduced above zrre the wlngs whtch wlll be worn by the l?-year oids so enij-sl ,)i, ,;n r-helr civj-lian clo+-hes whll-e t'"ey are awaltlng inductlon. . C4L-Q-*.gg!: *ho ln the bul+-onh'cle in ,1 rrj acoepted b1'AAF nr,ry wear t-he,nii-::.gs on thelr CAFC unlfor:ns ti:ti-QL t t.'i.e fl.r p above +"he Ie f t shi embiem, gold on black, has been deslgned Lerc-JUgllL--A '*ovenpersonnel and ls here re.;:i'oduced. It may ;,.; CAp phrtographic ,,j./vcrn i;v CAF personnel r*'ho are assigned to Photo Seclions in .-he1:- loc,,1 cAP unlLs anci who have cornpleted the 2o-hour phoi.ogrephlc ecurse p:'escrlbed tn CAP Rules J8-I or who aro quali-fleri ;r:i experl. ir]1 pr1-or experience. Thls emblem ls arallall]e f;on i{arner 'rioven label Co., 2CO Flfth Avo', Ner+ York Clt.',,. ,i 6d i.:;rch; rnlrllrnum order 3Od. It wtl1 be r'rorr: on the on ,:"n,. =l-r,r* il i,r. abr;ve the top of the cuff ; Lrot arethe left worn to whci'e acL:1-ve-dulr,- embl-ems of slmllar deslgn ;li;.
q,:t)(.)\,e servlce .1 c 1i lgnncnL s .

' 11.,

on Coastal, Courler, I,1aison, or Forest Patrol

No 11, JulY lO, tgt$ - latlonal Headquarters, Clvil A-i"r Pat'rol New lork) UNITS--. . . A1r Corps Enli-sted Reservlsts in CAPC wllI serve l-n the FORU CAP CAIET mf"i"nn g'raae of Prlrrate, Flrst C1ass. . . As prevl-ousIy announced, aIL Reservlsts in C1PC wtll wear lhelr sllver AC wtngs ln the buttonhole of the left shlrt pocket.

hrlleti:r VoI. II, (5oo rifth Ave.,

Iiu-lletln VoI. fI, IIo. 33, August L3r l9l+3 - Natlona1 Headquarters, Clvll Air Patrcl (New York) ttNTJOnM fon CAP WO}'ru--In recognitlon of thelr splendid trork, tho women m*;i}ers of W{C spcf"tf ,qf" p"t"of rr"ve ueen grantod tho prlvllego to wear tho WAC unLforn wl"'Li .hebe re. . WAC buttons and J-nsig;,ia will cial CAp inslgnla and dlstlngtrlshlng features. and lnmoved from the garrnents before sale and rt1J. be replsced by CAP sllver buttons Ioops, rd bral-d, and shoulder enblem' slgnla includlni the CAP red shoulder

Civil Atr Patrol Insignia - Paqe 16 CAp Egllettn VoI. fI, No. i5, 27 August l-9L3 - Natlonal Headquarters, CLv11 Air Patrol (New York) TRICK INSIGNiA--Some CAP 0fflcers have been seen wearing Arqv pllot wtngs riiir t#ffieso1deredon.Am1drresternmanufaeturerhasbeensendingaround samples of slmilar p}astic wlngs'rtthout authorlty. The only correct CAP piio*" wtngs are the eagle devlce with the CAP emblem as authorl-zed nrcre than a.rear ugo', Unl-ess or iintll a change ls nrade b3'dlrectlve, mombers r*1"11 wear r:n''".'r the authorlzert divlces. Innovations along these ll-nes are frowned upon l-n the Arrqv. VtolaLors rnay flnd themsel-ves in serlous trouble. cAI'ltulletin VoI. II, lto. 19, 2L September I9L3 - Natlonal Headquarters, civtl Alr

Patrol- (New York) m{BLiil--A new woven emblem, of the sane black and gold type prevlously issued has been deveiop.d for CAP radlo personnel. It conslsts cf ;re f""Gt.g*phers, letLer R surrounala Uy eight flashes of llghtnlng. It may be '"rorn by CAP nembers who have completed all conruunlcatlons dlrectlves to date, can- send and receLve a mLnimrn of 10 words per minute ln International Morse, and hold the FCC Restricted Radio Llcense or hlgher. ltrls emblen is aval.lable from the Warner Woven Labei l;., 20O Flfth Ave., New York Clty, at 61, each; minlmrn order J0f. It wtIl be wort on the g[gh'! sleeve, 2.* in. above the top of the cuff.

6. 7.


ls being placed on CAPC shoulder sleeve emblens. L The follorlng addltional lnslgnla are authorl-zed: AC silver r."i-ngs may L Members Jf tfr" Alr Corps hiisted Rese:'vesCAPC wear their In Ileu thereof unlform. , h thE buttonhole of the l-efi ;.;j-r't pocket on the a largor AC wlng emblem ls a.lailable 1n cloth from C'emscor 395 Fourth Ave., New yort i5, N.y., 6 fld each, mlnlrrrtlm order 60{, sl}ver gray on royal blue, washable, to se!, on the left shlrt Pocket. ? In lleu of the sl-lver CAPC Pin (mp nutes 96-*2) a cloth CApC, ; -'-t.e on bJ-ue, ls opbionally avallable from the seme company @ 10d each, mlnfurmm ord:' ;,', to sew above the rlght shlrt pocket.

?7 September L9l+3

have been approved by the l,iar Departnent for CAP and w:11 be worn on {nu CRp unLfgrm strlctly as spoclfled balow, Unauthorlzed use by non-members ls punlshable try fine and lmprlsonmento '.";', l,h lnslgnl"a wl1l be kept clean and metal tnsignia brtghtly polished. \ieT,:srs entj.tled to wear nllltary servlce rlbbons or docoratlons of the Uniteci $tates or allled natlons rBy wear them on CAP unlforms. Cther,,rlse no lnslgnla other than authorlzed for CAP rvlII be worn. L The basic CAP emblem ls the red 3-bladed propeller on a whlte trl'ang1e on a blue dlsc. In the shoulder sleeve emblem, the letters "US" are added ln whlte on the blue dlsc balow the trlangte (f0-5) and do ry!. eppear on other lnslgnla. T'trls emblem ts under the Jurlsdlctlon of the Natlonal C,omrnander, but by agreenent wlth the 0ffice of Clvlllan Defense, is controlled by that a8ency. hrrsuant lo OCD Reg. #2, Supp. f2, Sac. 5, no offictal artlcles, lncluding those l:-sted below, may be rnarmfactured, sold, or dlstributed by any manufactureilrj-iht"at a license, obtalnable from Inslgnla Section, OCD, Washington, D. C. Thl: appl5-es to artlcles embodyl-ng elther the basic deslgn or a reproductl-on of j-t 1rr any co1or. Orders for such"artlcles w111 be placed as in (50-2). L Shoulder sleeve emblem--CAP emblem rlth US, 3" diameter, cloth; sew on teft ileeve of attrcuter-srrmenl-s l/2" below shoulder seam. 3 Hembers ln clvl-llan clothes rey wear thl-e emblem ln emergency on an

62 Inslgnla C. The followlng lnsignia

Rules 28 Ocl [3

Ctvll Air Patrol fnsS-g.:1:. *

Pa6e 17

arm band of red, whJ-t,e, bluo, or khakl feIl, approxlmately 3]" wlde, haif wa3between the elb,;w and tha shcrriiri.sr on lho left sleeve. |'iru ? krp emhlem--CAP embkim, If" dlametor, to be r*orn by aII members rln (overseas) crp, l" from the front, or b.tf enllsted feft siae oT ttr,i g;rrison members on tlre frc,nl of lhe en]-lst'e<l type servlce cap ("'ftf, vLsor).

iI Me t ;r1 nln. b. Clclh, i Officer_s_gg-E_Smblsp--Upraised wlngs wlth emblgn L-3/ln" x l-If 2", meLal u'.,nrne1ua@fofftcers'servleecap.(Caut1on:C\.rtdor.inLhe screlir on thl-s emblem so il w111 not eause scelp injurles ln case of aecident. ) ij. Sllver butto$s--Stamped wlt,h omblem; wear on blouse and servlce cap to replace aI1 gold Arny buttons: e targe, 7/8" dLam", ilne i5. b. Srn1l , 5/s" diam., 1lne 2l+. HLCj:t,tc-butlqgq--Stamped wlth embl-ern, bror+n; o;:ti*:'"1- for wear on 5 shirts and flying Jackets. In case si.lver buttons are not avallabS-e, the plastlc buttons may be sllvered for blouse or esrvtca cap. a Large, '1/8" dLam., Ilne J6. b. snaIl, 5/8" dlam,, 1Lne 2lr. Alrmen_s wLnss-6 _@-a1vereag1ew1thename1edernb1em,2}''x1''1p1nabove left, pocket of shlrt, blouse, or Jacket. To ba vorn only by members wlth currenti"y rralld prl-vate pllot, cortificat.; or hlgher. !. Obq-"rr"rt Slngi-e win+,r s:i.Ivor, wlth enameled ernblen, 34f&" longi pln above left pocket of shl:'t, .)r-ouse, or jr*ket. To be worn only by mambers wlth currently valid so.l-,. .-..., ;:.ficate or 15 hours as observer on authorized CAF lilghl or fllghl lrainrng mlsslons. Z l,apel. emblems-For woar. on clvllia:-. clothes by members and Cadets, scraw post or pln tr*pe. L Wlnp-s: Sllver wings, 1" span, rrlth emblem enameled. !. Round: Emblem, 1lA" atameter, enameled metaI. glrge--Tht Clvi1 Alr Patrol Standard (ffae) dlsplaylng the CAP baslc I design ln colors and the words Clvtl Air Patrol can be ordered with unit name. 2 Alrcraft and Vehlcles--The CAP emblem rnay be palnted or affixed to aircraft, auto.s, and vehicles orrrned and operated by CAP members. A11 aircraft asslgned lo CAP operations w111 be so idenf,ifLed. The enrblem ls opLlonal for those on volunteer or tralning mlsslons. An alrcraft beirrl.::g the emblern will be flown onlv by CAP members but lts use ls not llmlted t,o Cu"" mlssions. a DecSls--Decalcornnlas wiit. 'i -''l::ed (or emblems palnted) on ,ilrcraft wlngs on the top of the left wlng and the bottom of the right wlng, onethird of the dlstance frorn Lhe wtng tlp to the fuselage and diameter of dlsc w111 not exceed tr.ro-tirirds of lhe wlng chord at polnt of appllcatlon; also on both sldes of the fu.sqlag-e one-thlrd of the dlstanco from the l-eading edge of the horlzontal stablllzer to the tralllng edge of the wlng and the dlameter of disc w'i11 not exceed two-thlrds of tho depth of J\rselage at thls polnt. embodyLng the enblea, for dlsplay on vehicles, !. Plates and '*tll be clrculai fiom ["-stlckersrllameter, or rectangular no larger than 6" x 1,i", to 12" and wlil be used only ln cornpllance wlth state laws appllcable to wlndshl"eic or 2. The sllvar lAP (letters 3/8" hi"gh; wldth 1-1/8") wtff be uorrn by c,i-flcers on the rlght, slde of the shirt collar 1" from the frontr paraIlel to the front edge, and by enllsled nen tn the same posttlon on both sldes of the shlrt coilar, except when the bl-ouse ls worn ln whLch ease no ornaments wlIL be worn on the shlrt. 0n the offlcers' or enlisted blouse, the silver CAP wl1l be worrn on both Iape1s, ea,.,,lered Lf2" above the lorer edge of the 1apel notch and paral-lel thereto.
vehlcle st,lckers.

Civll Alr


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3, fhe sl].ver w1lg_elfd__l1gpgller ievice, same deslgn as the sllver anci go)-d x jf t ", "rfff be llorn by CAP offlcers on]y itti of the shlrt eollar 1'' from the front, paralleI to the frorrt on lhe left side edge of collar, and on bot.h lapels c.,'the blouso below the lapel notchr c*ntered 1" helow the sj-Iver CAP and parallel thereto. L. Officers' lnsisnia of grade wt11 bo same as for Arnqv Officers and w111 be ops (not on the cap or shlrl coll-ar) on both *o." Lhe shoulder end of lhe red ioop. shoulde:"', i/8" from ! Warranl Officer; Ellght Officer bar, blue enamel and go1d, may be worn on the offlcers' uniforrn, or bar rna;r be oml-tted. ? Second Lleutenant: C'o1d bar. Z First LLeutenant: Sllver bar. e. Captaln: Tr+o silver bars. 2 Ma.lor: Gold Oak Leaf. '.', Chevrons for non-eoronlssloned grades w111 be regulatlon Arrqv (not Marlne co"pf[es, khakl, on patch of same red as shoulder Ioops, to be seryn on both sleeves of aI1 outer garments, half way between elbow and shoulder seam. 2 Tochnlcal Sergeant I Prlrrate, First Class Corporal 6- Master Sergeant ? 7 Flrst Sergeant Z Sergeant &. Staff Sergeant 6. Meri.t &tblemg, to bc worr by lnd*"vlduals authorlzed by speclal order of ihe Natlonal Corrnander, on racormrendation of u;ij't eomlanders, w'lll be trlanguIar and will be worn polnt, ,;cr,ri above the left pocket of the shlrt or blouse. t Red : ComnendalLon--For exeeptlonal porforrnance contrlbutory to plannlng or executl-on of mlsstor-rs cf unusual merlt. Whtte: Merlt Cltatlon--For inltlatl-ve and performance of un'drr"':,31- merlt Z on spoclflc mlsslons. Blue : Dlslilnrlshed Servlce Cltatlon-Por exceptlonal perfor:unce oi' Z spoclflc mlsslons, or acts of herolsm, under unusually dlffleu]-t or hazardous condltlons. lhrblem. for members who have had forced landlngs at sea on CAP 7, D"rck Club CoasLal Palrol; red duek on blue dlsc; wear centered on left pocket of shlrt or blouse: ? Metal 1" iiameter. t Cloth z-I/t," dlameter. 8. Servlcg emblerns may be worn by members who ha"re Ji,uii offtcla]ly asslgned ana irave tervea on CAp operatlons; black sa;i..:, wcvan, 2" x 14fl+", wlth destgn ln gold colored thread; to be worn 2" above the top of the cuff on the left sleeve of shirt, or abr:ve the brald on left sleeve of offlcers' blouse. L CoastalPatrol-Submarlne and bomb. ? LlaLson Patr-o1-Cactus w'ith LP. L Forest Pat,rol--Tree wlth fP. lr Courler--Mercury Wlnged foot. Serylce strlpe, one for each slx months consecutlve servlce or 180 days of 9. non-consecutlve servlce on offictal assl-gnment on C{P operatlons, go}d colored thread 1-L/2" x 5/5" i to be worn centerod below the servlce emblem. ltre fl"rsi st,ripe r.s'111 be 1f*" below the emblem and frrrther strlpes rr.111 be LfZ" apari. I0, Speclal-lst embl-ens, black satln, lroven, 2" x L-}fl+", with deslgn la gold colored thread, may be uorrl 2" above the top of the cuff on the ri.ght sleeve of the shl-rt or above the brald on the rlght sleeve of offlcers' blouse, may be worn by speclallst personnel as follows: t Photo (Camera emblem)-For CAP members asslgned to Photo Sectlons l-n thelr unils, or serving as Depmty or Asslstant Staff Offlcers with photographic dutles, who have comptetea the photographlc course (3S-1). ? B4d:9- (Letter R surrounded by B flashes of llghtnlng)-Members who have
complAtem[f prescrtbed

corrnunllations courses, dan seid and racelve not

Clvll Air Patrol Inslppl:r *

Iess than

i'age 19

1O words per :'nlnut,* tn Internatl-onal Mors C'rde, and hol"d the Restrlct,ed Radlo Ll-cense <:r hiqhr:t*-

CAP fnstrlcllons, SuppS-;r 61 62, 1O Nov [3 Ilnlforms" IIslg:ia - Caution tgii.ns+* Incorect Wear ir" com" lo tho notlte ;,f i-i:in Headquarters thal sorne CAP fl-;.el,. pert-it sonnel are we-rr.ing mt-'d:l-fled AAir pii*t lnslgnta lnstead of the pilot ar.{ observer. lnslgnla deslg:red for Ci-Li.1" Ai-:'Patrol b;r the Offlce of the fuarterraster Ceneral. ?hig practice rm-rst b* dlsconlinued funaediately" CAP Bulietln'/oI" iI:, No" J-n ?.iar.rary 19&{ * CiYll Air Patrol. CAP SF.RVICE FlJBmil"$--${ern}rers of CAP :rho have sei:ved nore than a year .inC rf 25O J:ours j.nlo the work nray bo awartied the CAP service ribbon

"r*.rd" approved by the ivbr Department. It is i*hite r*lth the CAP emblem in |he centl.v mlddle and greun strlpos for one year and s*t. Less tha;: 25/1 hours; red stripes for 18 months and 50O actu.al'rorklng hcuro; and blue for twc years and 1r0OO hours or more. Dotalls are seL forth fu ffiq-103. &1 appr"ovlng appllcatlons for ribbons, unl,t corrmanders should note the requirements careftrily. Msmbers '"'r,r' have prui 1n a large number *f hours la less than a year are not elJ-gib1e fcr ;he green rlbbon untll they have completed a fuIl ye&r in CAP. A member wi:o has put i, t-rOOO hours is not ell"glble fcr the blue ribbon t111 he has served a f\rIl tw<: .years, ht may now get the red or green.
CAP Handbook, )-941+ Edilion (S*ut,:I9 Personnel, ApFo j-nt,rnent"




Flight), 1 Febn:.ary


of a unl-t conrnanderr nraY appoint a A member so appolnted nay wear the officersl nember in the tilie of II{STRUCT0R. t,ype unlform but will not wear lnsl-gnl;* -.' officer grade unless appointed also a.s an olflcer pursuant t,o 18 and 19. InsLmetor appointments by t.he Wfug ld-11 be only for members who are rioctors, or hold a degree ln engineerl;-,6- hc'ic a 1". 1A Wing Comnrrnde:


i" below shou1der seam. i. 10 Clp Oeqvfge RlbEan-The War Departr:ner i r,:-,li ..'re fuarterroaster General hu..',*"ppffiribbon,3''.'..,.,x':rl-te,w1ththeCAPlnsign1ain red, wirite, and bl-ue in the center, and e. color*ci strlpe 5n6" wlde at each end, the color of the sr,rlpe lo denote total yesrs of continuous serYlce since enllstment |n CAF and total- number of hours actually devoted to CAP work lncludj-ng bolh ground and flyrng dutles and the volur:,1;eer '*ork of Wing unlts as well as duties on operatlons asslgnments. OrIy one rLbbon wl11 be worn; a menber a'*rarde,j a ribbon and subsequently awarded one denotJ"ng longer service will wear ihe "1alter. A member w'111 wear a rlbbon only on approval of his unlt cornander' Thls ;:pproval wlil be aent ta Nationa} Headqr:.a:"ters for entry on the momberrr service record on form 52-1.10 whj-ch wll-l contain the following inforrnat,ic:r: l\:-l-1 name of member, CAP grade and aerlal number, honne addrss, rrame of '*rut, date enllsled in CAP, hours of actual work for CAP to date, the dat*, memberrs sJ-gnature, untl comnandorts aignature, and rqoarks lf any" a Qreen_ s.tr.lpes*HLn-inum of 25A actual worklng hours anti minimrnt of one year enJ-lstmeni ln CAP. b 4ed g-trlpeg--Ftlnfum:m of 500 hours and 18 months en-llstment. c 91pe_ii:.ipes+tfnlmun of 1r0O0 hours and tr+o years enllstner,t,

teacher,s cert,ificate issued by the Stato, or are certlfied as fligr.t oI- r-';..C instruetors by CAA, or hotd airllne ptlot ratings, or have ser'"r'ed as offtcsrs of Lhe armed forces of the unlteC States. 62 Inslgnla 1. I Shouider. el"eeve e.mE-l,gm*CAP embler:: with US, 2*" diarneter, cloth; sew on Left, sleeve crf afi outer galvnonts except on A-:-ry lssued fleece-lined f]-;"ing

Civ:u Air Patrol Instgnla - Pago 2o

Inst{gctor-Jlnly for lnstnrctors appointed by wlng Corunanders purraa::}' i"tiq-r.ffi"-ghou1derg1eeveemb].em{6-z-r.1)w1th,awh1tesern1-cj.rc].eu."',-i*t... wear in lleu of neath bearlng lhe word "INSTRUCTOR" ln red Letterar 3fS" hlgh; regr:,}ar emblem on all outer garments' ' 4, 5 Lleutenant Colonel: Silver oak ieafstrlp denotlng WlnSr-G,fup:.o;: ';1ta$111 , option:ri-, Sleev It. Sleeve- F\rnctlonal Insip{"a, o ption:r'i I. Ii

.";".aL",embro1derLa.onbluo'1","?{?:..t*,andabout i"' r"ltli t"t Ia" hleh" -.wear |"- below :ho"19:t.:1"-"1:-"Tl1"i: -;ii;ri"q.Ii"u"", For Medlcai'offlcsrs i.,ty t,', place of the wlng and pnoil.

96 CA-DETS, SuPnIv r+orn by all Cadets as follows: b: in"is'"i, ,.riii ir" I CAPC emblem, cloth: red j-Uf.a*a propeller on white t-riangle on 2|" biue on dlsc, sartre as CIP enUlern wlth "USl' and wLth "CAXIET" added belo"* ln red letters be)-ow the rrhile background sewn on the left sl.eove of shlrt and field Jaeket, |"
shoulder sealll. above Li"' 2 SILver CAPC pln: L*" long 1n letters 3/g".htgh: r+orn canteredthe pocket top of right shirt pocket ,"ftf, tn"-bottoil of the letters |" above the flap. a woven 0APC optional in Ij,eu of sllver, whLte letters on naw b)'ue,
^3 CAPC cap emblem, cloth: red 2-biaded prope}Ier,"1!h whj-te wlngs and half garrj.son- cap, 1" from the front blue dlsc; selrn on the left slde of "he way between the top aind botton ':f ihe cap' Resen'e !n 3. AC silver wlngs rnay be '*crr. by menabers of the Alr Corps Snllsted the CAPC qnlform. thu trttonhole r:f the ieft shlrt pocket of a In lieu of the sllver wlngs, an cval cloth emblem, wtrlte on na\ry blue' Z-j/lr,' x 211, is a.rrallable to be seun on the left shlrt pocket. t*. Insignli fo" CAPC officers are authorlzed as followc: comnancierr sguau* I F\rnctional +.ltles, cloth (62-u) optlonal for squadrrcnblue fabric to be trtgn Hovon on ron Staff, and Fllght Leadert *hitu letters !" selrn on the left ,iuuvu centered !" bolow the C.{FC emblem.(91-?): khaki on red 2 Chevronur-"iot1, , (62-5) for grades preserlbeaJn half way between the backgr-ound same as prescrlbed for CAP, sewn on both sleeves shoulder seam and the eIbow. except the wear 5, On civillan Elarments, CAP Cadots w111 CAP. no CAP cr CAPC lnslgnla srnall lape1 emblem (62-7) prescrlbed for 2g" x 1|". -rrl -r-{r^.,r-*.o 16" on a r.'

Cl\ril Alr Patrol Bulletin vol. III, No " 17, 28 Aprl1 191+4 -unlts, a golden lyre on a black membe." or cAP band BAND ila!m,(-An emblem fcr ffi9 Ftfll background, is now arrallable at ro+ Lach from Warrter Woven Label &'r above the

Ave., New York, N. Y. Thls emblem may be worn on tho rlght sleevo, 2" top of the cuff on the shlrt or above the brald on the officers' blouge' Gl,{.-i-z9, 29 June 191+l+ - Natlonal Headquarters, cLvil Alr Patrol Shlrf Coll-a.r and CaP lnslgnla authorl'5u l. All CAP conmrlssioned offlcers and warrant offlcers are herebysllver Cl"F io ,rear rank lnslgnla on the rlght slde of the shl-rt co1lar and the "ringsl-s and.-propellsr lnsigrrla on the left sido of the ehLrt collar wttenever tfie shlrt worn as the outer garment of the CAP unlform' (ovllbe worn on the Z. The CAP plaln disk cap lnslgnia ls requlred toby all enllsted garrlsonpersonnel' -The seas) cap by aJ.} personnel and on tha service cap be- worn on the servlce cap by all CAP wreathed dj.sk cap inslgfrla ts reqqlred to to be rnrorn warrant and filght-offlcerl. fi'," CLf wlnged cap lnslgnla J.s requirsd cn the servlce cap uy all corrnlssloned offtcers'

Civil Alr Patro)- insj-gnt; Weekly BuLletj-r:, I'lumber


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2, 1j- Augusi J-91+l+ OrpICrypllAP TSIGNIA:--5o rnrch of GM-129 as pertains to the wearlng slgnla by all Warrant and tI"lght Off,icers ls :-esclnded. Due lo manufacturing dlfflcultles it l"s not eontemplated that a <pecial cap lnsignla for t.his gruup of personnel wLII be rnade' warrant anci Pllght, Offl-cers wtl1 c,:nfinue to wlar ti'ra Offlcers Cap Inslgnla. (CRl'nules
6,2-1 ,3 ) CAP News Bullelln Vol. IT1, No " 3L, 27 October 19[4 4ID LQOPS fQ C'O--The folLowtng telegram ls belng sent



of Clvl1 Al-r Fatrol:

Cirrll Air Patra]to the /+B State Wing


The prlnclpal change ln addlllon to the removal of the red loops and the red sleeve brald frcm the offlce::s' bl,ouses will be the placlng of the words OIVfL AfR PATROL above the shoufder-sleeve emblem. The new shoulder patch i,, in productlon and all unj"ts :d-l-L be advlsed as to supply sourcos when the new unlform reg'ulat,ion is lssued,
CAP i\iews

1O November 191-l+ - Ctvi-l Air Pairol jITCH--The new CAP shoulrler-sleeve emblem (same as the old embl-em witf, tne words CfiIL Am. PATflOt a,. .ei:i aborre) may be ordered b"rr unlt Supp)-y 0fficer". t\^ro blds are tn: e '... r Inc.u :), {.h ,A've., New York L5, N. Y", aL l8{ each, J2ii for quanr-;:.,.., .j of 5OO and overl Leonard Dnbroldery Co., tr21 N.

Br[[Ietin Vo1. frl, No. )5,

8lh St., PhlJ-adelphia o, t'a., ai 20,f each. Elds nere requesLed for the wcrds C-Li-;:, AtrE PATROL lo sew above the emblem but this would have saved oniy a few pennies. We thought the r::.:nhers woul-d prefer to have lhe whole palch new. The addltlon of the new wordlng iv -L,
;ntches whl"ch rnishL be faded, wl+"h hand stl"tchlng between, rvould noN be neat,.
CAP liandbook, i9/rlr lidltjon, Second Prlnllng (Southern Flight,), t5 November 19&.1. t2 :ll)PPLY, Insignl,' l. I Shr,rul-cier sleeve emblern**CAP emblem with US, 2)" dlameter, cIoth, with Clvli Alr Patrcl ln white lett,ers 318" trietr on reci arc ]" wide above the ernblem: sew on left sleeve cf all outer garrrents BX:aIL on Arn{t' lssued fleecelined fl.vlng lrrckets )" below shoul,de:' sear':, ,i' slrtrl , blouse, or Jacket; above I. 6 Alr"men'9-'n4!nAs--Pin above lefl p., serrrlce ribbons, lf an3r. a Pil-oL: Sj"iver eagie w'iih enameled emblem, 2)" x 1". Only for nenbers wlth currenily va,l-j-d pril".rt,e pilot cert,ifl-cate or htgher, or gllder



b QlZsg-f.rglt Single u'5"ng, s5,lver, wlth enameled erablen, 7-3/t+rt Iong, for members wrth mlnlm:m of 15 hours as observer CAP fHght traini.ng mis.ions or valld so]"o certlflcate and 15 hours solo flying as student pi-Iot
i!r /-oy'.


2, T.Ie sUve.a_CA;P (letters 3/8" h tgh; wldth 1-l-/8") . . . Instnrctors {l-9-1.1) wl1i wear lt on the rlght slde of the shlrt colIar. " '3, the sllver w'in4-?nd propEll.eE devlce, . . . trnstructors (19-1.1) wiJ-l wear
thi.s device on the left eLde of the garrison cap in 1leu of the





Ct\ril Air Pat,rol Insignla -

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and wi]'.l l;, Off-lcers 1.rr.si,{ni-*-o.f grtd.e w11]' be [,iro nane as for Arrqy offlcers 5/8" ralncoat-, or jacke'u be worn on both .shouldars of the blouse, overcoatr slde of the garrlson cap' from the shou]der end of the loop and on the left outer garrnent'-rank lnslslia 'hihen the shlvt le worn as an 1'' from the front. the sllver CAP wings w11] he placed on ihe right skle of the shlrt colLar and and llropelli:r on t,he Iefl[ side of the shlrt collar' i ir,"arrant 0f ilcer: Pil;i, nigi'tt offtcer Bar, blue enamel and gold' " Nc,n-pilot,, Warrant 0fflcer Bar, brown enamel and gold' b for flLlght Natloriiil coog.up5rc, I Declmuer 1glr/o, shows Army 1ns15nl"a by a sln6l-e N6TE: Uttru enarnel crossed Officer as gold Uar"w:iifr rorurded-ena*, flgitibar-wj'th rounded ends' brrcwn irlth as'gofi gold stripe, Chlef Warrant Offlcer as gold bar slngle lengthwlse gold strlpe, .na w"ti.nt offlcer Junlor Grade ,*lth rounded ends, broun wriri-slngla crosswise gold strlpe.

way between elbow and shoulder sqari'

5- Chevrons for non-comnissioned grades w'111 be regulatlon Arnry (not Marine Co.pifEtp*s, khakl, to be se*rn on both slseves oi all outer garments, half 96 5,
CADETS, SuPPl;r CAp Cadets may wear.the CAP


under the same'quallflcatlons as for adult

(;'r-i:ial,"ir," cAi'merlt


and observer w'ings



(62-l'5), tire CAP



the Band e*bren

Alr Patrol cAP News hrlletln VoI. I1I, :,; " 38, 15 December 19rl.,|+ - Clvll prevloualy llsted for the NEV SHouLDEn PATCH--In addltlon. io'the supply sources Tieger, 2ll+ We-st new t;rpe CAP shfrfder-sleeve emblem, tne ilrm of Schofler & }'l}v 3g1h st., New Yor.k 18, N. Y., iras quoted a_price of 18{. this patch is
enbroidered over the whole areai t},u t*ttt backgroung f!^g"lirely covereo ''' the enbroidery. The tab bearlng the words CIVII' 'A'IR PAIBOL ls an Integral-

pari ef the



lnslgnia regrrlations lnthe red shouLder loops have been flnally approved. cldenr" t,c the will ""Ii6tTf anj are now being issued. With lhls daflnlte lnforrnatlon, ltsupply be posslorders can t;le llor all uniLs to confortn lOO* to regrrlatlons &s fast' as he filled. A commlttee has been formed in natlonal ira ;'luarters to consider any the authorinecessa:.y details as io the wear of present instgnla and whether zl-ns of e"ny additlonal- ltems for senlor or cadet rnembers ls deslrable. MfSSIiiG AIF"CRAFT SEALCH $ALEI'{--.A woven emblem, gold on black 1n the same patrol and other CAP services' has been de.lgned fo: wear by members who have partlclpated ln offlclal search misslons for nissing alrcraft. the emblem !s a'ral]able at 60 eaeh from Warner Woven Label Co., Inc., 2OO 5th Ave., Now York 10, N' Y' Patrol cAP News BulleLin vo1' IlI, No' 19' 22 Docenber 1941' - cl-vll Air as to the sale ln }-ocaJ' supUNAUTT{ORIZED INSIC,}tIA--Re$rts trave U"en received purpott,tng to be tho new CAP shoulder-sleeve patch" ffi belleve<i Samples which have reathed thts-Headquarters are poorly mad3. It ls lnto productlon ahead of the ,1.,n; rrn unlicensed flrm Junped the gr.tn and went loea1 Iicensed rnanufacturers. Loca1 unlts aro requested to report any suchname of posslble the cales lnrnediately to this Headquarters and {o advlse if the rn"nuiacturer so that correctlve Ineasures can be taken'
INfFORM REGI.ILATI0NS--1he new CAP unj-for:n and

Clvt1 Atr Patrol fnslgn:"a - Fag* $

loca+"eci N01E: Very few C1'r11 Al-r Patro)- Rep:latlons, Bulletj-nsf et9.r_have Man"'ra)", I9&.5 untl-I tho lssuance of Clvl1 A1r Patrol for the pcrloct l January volume 1, noot 1, on l Arrgr:st 19&9. Referencos below lnclude the ftrst tj-me



each new piece of hst*nla or crltoria change has been documonted, oven though the scures was not a natl':nal p:bllcatlon.

The Delarlng TaIe Sp|nner * 28 January 191151 Dolawara Wlng, Clvtl Alr Fat-roL" of CIVIL AIR PATRilL Ng1^I SH6yIDER PA'ltH: the new shcr:Idcr ptch wlth tha addltlon Cadst patch is ln a ned are at Lop !s now arpall.abl-e for cenl'or members" I?terod plplng from ax* pect*d wlthln the next, ten days. Don't forget to rerpvo tha overse&s caps - both CAP and bEpOn No pj-plng ls now worn by an).lstcd personnel" offlcers rear gold and black pl.plng, Offlcers now wcar cAP eut-out on left front of overseas eap lnstead of clrcular cloth or metal dlse.

of WtLnlngton Squadron Haetlng, Delawara Wlng - ZrJ Fcbruary L9l+5 Lt. Tatman reportod that chermons wlth'red background arc no }onger wor:n by CAP membors, and. i.n lLeu thereof sururcr chenrons w.lth khald backgrrcund are to be wor.11 on shlrts; ollve drab chevrons rlth navy bluc background on 0D shlrts, blousos and flcld Jackots. The Delarlng Talo Splnncr - 25 Fcbrrratl L9l+5t Delavare lfln8, CIrl.IL Alr Patrol. ARHI CHEItrRONS: Chcnrons wlth rod backlround arc no J-onger rcgulatlon for CAP membcrs and Cadats. Regrlar Arqv utlovrons, sllfilnor on khakL shlrts, and OD on blousoa, f1e1d Jackets, and eD r.,Lrts, erc to bc'qforrlo Seo your SuppLy Offlcar or Suppiy Sergoint promrrt'l- ii you ari weartr,g chcrrrons Ytth rcd backgrcund.
War Department Memo

fi95-t5,2J Harch 19&5" Illustrated 1s offlcer's rank lnslgrla on rlght shl-rt collar and left colIar. Offlcer's ovorscas cap is not shorn.




tralnlng Dlrectlve 36 - 15 Au$st 191+5. 5. h. Inslgnla of CAF Cadct rank ind gradc arc blaek satln (Zl"x)-)/,l1") I rrl+.h No. wovon doalgn tn gold colorad thread, as t)-lustratcd ln Attaehments No. and 2. and ere worn on both sloevcs of lhe outar garmcnt ln tho 3a]nc lranncr as2ehev( lttacfrments show horj.zontal stripcs for offlcers, 3 for Captaln, for "on.. Ll.autonant, 1 for Saccnd Llcutenant, and Lnvertcd V's for non-cornrnlssioned Elrst offlcors , 3 vtLh dlarnond below for Elrst Sergeant, 3 for Sergeant, 2 for Corpora1, and i fo. Prlvate Flrst Class. )
CAP Nerrs Brl1atln, NEW INSIGNIA--W1Ih

Vcl" fV, No" ?5 - 2-l+ August LgL5. ihe eooperat,lon of the Heraldlc Dlvlslon of tha 0fflce of tho e:arteTnaster Gencral-, a rru.mber of nar ltcms of CAP and CAPC lnslgnla hava been dasignod. 0n corapletion of tha drarlngu and ths prbllcatlon of nev ragulatlons, CAP rrtll" havo a conpJ-etoty conslstent sct of lnsignla. For members pa;tlelpatlng ln the fltght proflcl-arrcy progtan, thc CAP pilot wlngs rrlth a star rrfll b; awardcd to thosc who quallfy as P[1ot Officcrs and rtngs 1glth star and r+reath for llrstor Pllot Offlccrs. Obserrrcr vl-ngs rrlth star hava boen dosLgncd for Obscrvcr Offlccrs. Tnc CAF servlce rlbbons aro to bc replaccd by nevt rLbbons cl an lrnprovad deslgn. For the thrce grades of morlt cltatlons, arerrlcd by NatfonaJ- Hoadquarters for unusually outstandtng scrwlcas or acts of horoisn, rtbbons havo bcen deslgned to replaec Lhc trlangular aublems now authorlsed. Cadot inslgnla of offlcer or non-comdssloncd gradcs r+111 bc sl'mllar to thc aervLco and speJlallst cmblcns now prcscrlbcd -- yovctl dcvlccs rlth goi.d threed on a black backgroqnd. Thrre cadct ncrl-t ribbons havo bcctt dcsigncd, for tho prlnary and advJnced phasos of CAP cadct tralnlng and for specl-al morlt"

C1vll Alr Petrrol Inslgnla - Page 2r

The Delarring Talo Splnner, 2L October 19&5. INSIC$IIA: By the tfune thls lssue reaches you the Wlng Supply Offic*r expects Lo have on hand a supply of CAP and CAPC cut..outs" Theoo have not been rnanufaciured for some bime and have Just been placed on the uarket by another rnanufactu:i'er. Officers' servlce cap lnslgnia &ro cn ordcr and ahould bo received :"* tha Yery nsar future. New cadet Lnslgnla of grade are not expected tr: be a:rallable lmrcdlately, and conmandtng offlcers are advlsed to eontlnuo using the old systom of grades ano lnstgnJ"a.

Bu)*letin Vol. W, No. 35 - 2 November L9t+5 INSIGNfA--As announced l-n CAP News Erllatln No. 25, the 0fflea of the Qrartennas* ter General has been developlng designs for eertsl"n nsw CAP -nlJgnla. Complet-1on of worklng drawlngs ls expected soon aftor the flrst of the year, for prbIlcatlon to i.nform CAP monbers and for the use of mnufacturerg. ?here wlll be no ehanse ln prascnt CAP lnslgnla axcoDt that the Arrry-style chevrons r+orn by CAP cadets 1111 ba replaced by black--on-gold sleeve patches and that eadct offleers 1111 be ldentlfted by such patchea sltrllar to those Horn bv AAF Avlatlon Cadets; also that the presont servlce rlbbons and nerlt rlbbons rill be superseded. Ttre 3 rlbbons now worn to denote length of servLee ln CAP w'111 be repJ-aced by /+ new dcslgns, The I rnerl"t enblems (now red, vhlte, and blue trlangle*) for servlces recoggrlzed by Natlonal Cltatton Or''Cers, yll"l be replaced by 3 attractlva
CAP News

In addltlon to exlstlng CAP tnsignla, a serles of 3 CAP cadot merlt enblems w111 be prescrtbod, A sleeve servleo emblem ior tow targot and iraeking and a speclallsL sleeve emblem for mechanies have been dcslgned. For pllots nho check out ln the fllght proflclency prcgrarn as CAP Ettght Offlcer, the CAP p:r.. .{ngs ylII bear a star; for Senior Ellght Offlcers a star and wreath; and for Observer 0fficors, the observer rrlng wlth star. Inslgnla will be rdorn as provlousl-y prescrlbed tlll nerr itsms are ready.
liOTE: After World War II endod ln Aug,ust l9l+5, there Has grave danger of CLrd-l A"tr Patro} belng termlnaLed" A11 mJ-lltary support to OAP rss schoduled to cease or: 31 Xarch 191.5" As a result of a serles of meetlngs of both mllltary and CAP personnel, J-t was announced that Clv1l Al-r Patrol nouli.:: o*;Ttj-nue as an auxlllary of the Arm.'r Alr Forces, ad post-war plans w{"', -r"Jrtttrlated. However, the pcoposed unlfor"m changos roferred to abova wcre deiayeh:l , and somc of then were nevor tr[plemented. No record can be found of the gold-on-black cadet sleove enblens ever having been mnufactured or used.


Alr Forcc Regrrlatlon No. L5-IL, 11 January 19119, 7. Unlforms: i,. Memberg of CAP engaged ln the perforrnance of officlal nlsslonc, although actlng as civlllan'voluntecrs, 1111- vear unlforus arxi lnslgnia authorlsed by the Daprartnont of the Alr Forcc. the unlforms and lnslgnta (offtcors ard atrnren, male and fernale) are the same as thosc of the A1r Forcc, w'lth the foJ-lorrI-ng distlnctlve excepttons: (f) Clp shoulder sleevc lnslgnla, at shorn ln attachnent 1, to be:*ora ln lhe samo rrenner as the regrJ-atlon Unlted St^ates Alr Porcc shouldor slacve lnsLgnia. (2) ALl buttons to be silver or other vhltc netal or whlte metal flnish as presently decl6gred and worrn by tho CAP. trCAPrt




replace the


"US" lror:r on )-ape1 of

Civtl Alr FatroL


Fage 25

Unlted States Alr Foree urrtforrn, as shown tn at,tac!:-nrents 2, 3, L, and 5(+) Sttver wfu:g anC propellar lape1 lnslgyrla'Lo roplace goid ard al--i'rer' wlng and pr"opollcr !"nslgnl-a $r)rn on tha Unlted States Air Forco unlfo:r':';:, :i $ r o-a:1

ln attachroent 2. (5) Sttv"r pllot and otrscnvor badge as deslgnod and wor:"r by CA.P, as shelrn ln ertLachnent 6. (Illustrat#, ar'e drooplng wlngs for eonrnand pL1ct,, senior ptr"lot, pll ot, obsorver and senlor c'b,s*,.,"'rer.) (6) Cap and sl-lner rdngad cap lnslgnla &s now deslgned for tl:e CAP, as shown ln attaehment 2. (Offteer rank lnalgnla ls shorflr on left slde of ovs?'seas



(?) SpactflcatLons Regulatlons. 1,


of lnulgnla

and badgot

rri-ll be prescrtbed by approprl-

NO?E: For several years prior to the tesuance of this manual there rrere ver? fer lnslgnla regulattons ptrbll-shed. Eesear"eh has falled to locate ar;p whlch apply to cadet i.nslgnla. The conseqliencs l,s that the exact dates of autl**i' zatl-on of some items of tnsienLa are un-knoun. It ls krrown that the follorr$rg iterns were appr"oved prJ-or to tho iesuance of thls mnual, stnce photographs contained ln the muual shorv mombers was.rlng these ltems: l. &rcamprnent sleeve pat*ir - blue disc wlth whl.te wlngs and r*hlte pr.op, and
bl-ock letterlng ,?CAPC* and s*rlpt lrtterlng "Encampmrt. I 2" Cadet offlcer plps - 5d tl.,ru'i,*Irlnt through Colonel. 3, Cadet non-cornrnlseLonerl ,:':.i*;-d;er che,:"?*,ts - whLte lnverted Vrs on blue roctangles - Pfc., Cc:.-$ergeant, anci Firlt Sergeant. Other new lnol.gJiiq l-L6IIrs, mentlonod or llluetrated for the flrst tl-me in thls nunual are: 1. Red, nhlte and blrre C"aCet, Herlt Ribbons. 2. Dls+"lngulshed, Excoptlonal and l,lerltortous SeryLce ArmrlCs, 3. Blue, whlts and red ssrrdce rlbbons. l+. OTC (Offlcer lbaLnLng Ccrps) arc, rd Letters on a whlte fleId, below ihe senior member shouldo:" patch.

CAP l{anua1 Volume

1, I

August L949"

5. 0.T.C" metal cui..outs. 1-21. Af, Offtqsg rygl*t;lej*.r.rs- 1s eetablJ-shcd rlthln the general f;'anework of C.A,P to provi-de a meaRs for preparing forrner cadets and nerd merabers for the responsibll-ltlss of arlnLnletration and laadershtp. thls phase of tralnlng embraces all parsons battreen the ages of 18 anrj. ;,", durLng whlch tl-ane they wear 01f, metal cut-outs and OTE shoulder pa* ,,:: .'"-tigtinguJ,shtng featr.:ros on the ragrrlar CAP unlform. A conm:andlng offi.*r a!:d :itaff are selected from members of the corps t,*':arry out routLns srlminletratlve dutles. D:rlng OTC tralnlng, perrnanent non**crrtj-:sisned grades may be earned ln additton to credlts toward conrniss:i-on rank. fho cadet adrnlnlstratlon* understuff, and specLal tralnlng sectlons organlzed wlthln the OTC affonl an opportunlty to r.otate trainees wLthout affectlng the raannlng +.able of elther the 01f, or the CAP unit, Page B-11. Illustrati-ons of cadet unlformg show CAPC cut..outs on both upper lapels of tho battle Jacket, and on both eidee of the coI].ar of the shirt whon worn &s an outer garnont by cadet non-cormlsaioned offlcers or cadets wlthoul grade or ranko Cadet officere are shoun rearlng the CAPC cut-out r;ir the left co)-lar and plps denotlng grade on the right collar of the shlr"'r, when norrr as an outer gamrent" Cadet offlcers are also sholrn rvearing pJ.ps orr the shoulder loops of the battla Jacket and on the left sLde of the garrlson c&p. O?C members are shoun r*earlng OoToCu cut-outs on the lower lapels of, the battle Jacket and CAP cut-outs on tho uppor lapeIs. On the rlght ahtrt collar ls the O.T.C. cut-.out and on the ieft col-l-ar ls the CoAoP. cut-out, when the shlrt Ls worn as an outer garment. The shouJ.der patcir for OTC l-s the senj.or patch with CivIL Al.r Fatrol l"n an arc abova and 01t tn art arc beLow. Other insignla for OTC merabers was that of senlor members (cap enblen and chewons).

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i -',

llNIl'(rii).lS Iiart':rs, C'11' rllt'rI:" itrr' l),'rIlr;tlIr:rrl)1' gr.rrlr.e(l the priviitlgt:' i,i'r :, *irl Iir .r;t: littit:, r.>i 'vt:;rl-iitg World War ll rlril..r,:rry urri[ornr i];r rtlrel\ts with distinguish\,'iarn tliffer.rnces inclucle rr-,r., f- ril) in:;ignla. -;ili','r (.AI) irt 1;)rr,-t' oI t]re US on Arrny rri. rlr,ll()rn)s, fitivt:r llltl-i.r,;ns, 'rnd a silver wlng dn(l l,i-r)t),'ll,'r' ricvit tr in 1,llace of the gold anri siir',,: 11i li,tr ,\ir i:-orc+:. 'I'he aulhority i'lr'irrrlr':; i:rstql:ia t,1 gr:rile, tlp to coionel' as :su,i i)V lht' .'1,ir 1-<,r't i' :rn'l ArrYly' -i;r, (-.1,i):;ltoi:ltlt't i>;itcir is ;i I)rirllary ciisttnL, r:sittr;ti lt':rtrlr(' q'orIl 'tt lile toP of the Ieil t):, :rli o\ltrrr gaI'rI1entS, ()ne-haU inch :lt'.,'t trrirrw,tlrr' :,irotllder searr). It is the emblem t-,f tht g':rrtitttt,' Offict of Civilian Deiense, a u'hit.t' tri:lrr5'lt,'on a blue circle with a red The enrrn the triangle' -1 -biarlt:ri J)rol)elicr during l;lt:nr w:rt l,r gistered intr:rnationally on active duty, if w':1 r s():1 i,AI't',t.,.t,ber ',lre !rdi)t.rr!'eri iry ihe enenly' woLrid be treated as a ';* isr,:r,- t- rti w;l r. cap ir:-'i*nia Silver C./ri't;fficers' ai,s irt" regUla'.r'r r'r, rrrtatrit' Ierl Clrll)itlrn i:;'*rlfn r)r; ;rr rlf ic,'r:;' Service (r'tsr:r') clrp. Officers ti j.t\' rri511 rvr';rr t) ri ilarri:;i)n (over-seas) cap ."'rti,j',:'()[)r]r cl esilrl:,r1-iorr L'I rank Senior enw.ar eitirt:r the sgrvice cap lls'.r:,i;l){l!lil).irs i!isi)r')wit-)r (,AP cnarnelr:d metal disk or the braid and garrison (cverseas) cap'without Feor c'lotir C-'\P insignia' .ritir,'n.rttreletl or t:niisteci p(irsonnel wear the ::r;rit lfiir('rs (nrr rS(iI, l,()vers(:as )':ap. iuiirirrrrir:r \rr.iiorrr'. *'ill consist ol regulatioa khaki ()r ':hino shirt; chino ;rrir,'r' r;iiiitrs; i-))- si<irt; .t ten w{.'t) belt with plain ',:-lusers f;r.-:rss irtrckli:, t.rTl r.irrles *'itir plain toes, tan Si)itK-s. 1.it:. .rfiC a,r',:r5L'ii:; ( 'ii). ',\,'('.rrlnq ol urriiclrrlr is rr:q'lircd by all senior irrtrrr'rl)er s '*')'.en pzlrticillatir'g rn rnilitary cere rr:onir:s or iorrnatiolrs ()i :I1r oiticial nature' f ire r:st: rll lllr: tlrtiiortt" at- 'rt'her tirrres is oplirria I tx( ,rl)t tiral it will rrot' i)ti worn while enq:rg,,',1 ,,, ,,rr,r,ir.rylrrr:rrt not (lonnected with CAP iillrrstrations in Appendix') :i,'iv'itv
l',',' llit' (.rrr,grt'ssiotl:ti'

Silve r buttons , starrrrpeci vYith the

C AP cr: ' x'i1l be worn in Iieu ()f reguiar 'irrr''y blenr golci truttons. Silver wings and prt','" lc:' irr,igniu will be worn in lieu of Air i;''-r:-'r-e goitl ur' an;l silver wings and propelier i:r:;in r'ta ra'' of f icers' uniforrrls when the service t the or jacket is worn Enlisted personneL Ena:neleci insiqnia u'itl' the Civil Air Patrol three-biaied propeller ernbiern will be used for either the garrisot or overseas caP. Chevrons 'rre regulaiio:Arrny type and are rnounted on botlr sleeve' haUway'tetween tht tli-'ow and lhe s'\oLr''j':r' Co'iiat insignia 1giluire" siiver C AP cutou" Ietters cenGred on both sides of the collar oi the service coat or jacket'


AII decorations and awards are approvetl by the National Cornrnander of the Civil Air Patrol on personnel orders pubiished by national headquarters. Recornl.nendaticns ior n*.tat begin with the citation of the in':ivrduai .o....r*"d"by his immediate comman:-ji:'; cf inJormat'ion f rcer, who ic,iwards the necessary to national headquarters lor consideration' Wher worn, decorations, service ribbo:rs' badg.:: and special insignia are wo-r.n on the u'hen ser;ice coai or jacket or on the shirt nc, 'oe worn as an outer garment' TheT "' worn on the overcoat' How worn. Service ribbons, :u'e;iis ' ;'a': badges are worn on the Ieft breasi in orrier oI precedence f rom right to lef t of th.e wearer in one or more rows. They may be eilher sewed or attached by rnean',c cf a bar ' If rnore than one row is necessary, succeeding rows will be piaced below and parallel to the bei'ween f irst row wit,i a 5'pa.e of lrl8 inch ro\!'s "-ot n.il.-e than one service ribbon ol .l:e worn on the ar:! ,. .ration or awarcl will \rniiorrn. A rniniature bronze Oak Leaf C ]uster or sirnilar ciecoratior-r will be worn on the appropriate ribbon of any decoration to rePresent each adCitional awa:'d of that particular decoration. Aviation badges. CAP Pilots and observers wings wiII be worn on the Ieft breast above Il{SICNlr\ the !ervice ribbons, if any. Aviation badges the Armed Forces oi li.,; Ir:,il,rw'ing insigni;r irave been approved earned while serving in (.i'"il Air Patrol for tlse by its IneITl- the United States or aiiied nations rr:a1'be :;. tlrr: worn irnrnediately abo're the right pocket ci irr.: j. I)rr->pr:r insignia rllr-Ist be worn on the the service coat or jacket and im:nediately rr.',h,rrrze,l uniforlr-rs at;, 1l times' above the right pocket of the shirt '-rren worr'' i iflrccr"j;' l:'rsignia.'S i Ive r CAP cutout as an outer garment. Awards frorn other "U. S"' will be ir':stc'acl of tile goid .,.rt':'; agencies --a11- decorations, awarcis, badges r:r;.lr.i-r. ci or: rl.re riqht sidr: of the shirt collar oi speciat insignia earned through qualificaInsignia ;r:r,.i r:n eacir side oi the blouse lapeI. tion anC given 6y cornpetent authority to CAP ol ian!'., rtjtl'.riatio6 Arrny +"ype, will not be rnernberJfor service perforrned in any branch iabel designation' w (,r r' '*'ithoLit the C AP

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CML AIR PATROi, v'/t\liA]but such awarcl , decoratit:n, or service ri::'bi'r will no longer be authorized for fuiure awirru3 Insignia of Technical Spt'' ralists

of service of thc U S. or its allies may be ,{.rrn !)!) tne Civil Air Patrol uniforrn as prescril>erl rn AIi (:,00-40.
rJecor;rtion Ior Senior lvlembe:'s

hority to awartl decorations tc scnior rr,t-,rril;ers [or strperior perforrnance of their rl,..rtios 1'hese a'Yards include: :\ward-*This 1. i)istinguished Service ilc.()r;rtior-r is qiven for hei'oisrn and exceprion;..iiy n,erit.rriotrs service in a duly of qreat respolrsibitiry thai has contiibuted in a

'l iie ir-ational Corr',mander of C'AI' has the

,-,iot, degrc(-' i:r tlre suCcessful accon1plishment

o: ti,e Civil .\rr Patrol rnission' J. l:.xceptional Se rvic c Award--Senior r-rrerrlrers who distinguish thernselves by exceptlonaily rrreritorious conclutt- in the per foir',rance of outstanding service are awarded t)-,is ribl>on. Strch seruice must be clearly exceptional. Sr.rPerior perforrnance of the wiil not alone nL-, rnrai dutie s of a positicr-' r'-:stif Y this :iward. l. N,l eritorious Seayi6s Award ---i::is ccc oration is given to senior rnerni I r: '''ho dis tinguish thlnrselves by pa -- ''i.rl) excellent .re.ri.ce or by'accorl-rl)li:"ril'ent Iess than requireri f or tire exceptional service award ' Service Ilibl;ons for Senior Mernbers !Ving conrrnanders are authorized to award s,,.rice ribbons to senior members o{ the Civii Air PatroI in recognition of honorable volrtnteer service.'Ihe national cornrrrander .r,ill award sucii ribbons to the wing comrr,ande rs for Cistribution. Only the highest service ribbon which a rnernber has received w,ill be worn. I Bir.re Scrvice Ribbon--This honor is a*'arclecl to senior rnetnbers who have per[r.rrrneri at It:ast 2,000 hours of honorable vol,.rnteer sr'rvice in the CiviI Air Patrol progranr, anci wlro have been rnembers in Sood stan(l ing for at !cast 5 Years /. \\'hite Se rvic e Ribbon--Aiter senior irrel:ri;ers have served at least i,000 hours of honorable vc-'ltrtrteer service in the Civil Air iratrol ovr: r a 1-year Period they receive this servicr: award. Ribbon--This ribbonis I t?-ed Service give n to senior r'1ernbers who have been mernir" ro .f the C- ivj l Air Patrol in good standing for at least 1wo years and performed at least 500 irours of honorable service' Any a"vard, dccoration or service ribbon headpr.,rio.,,uly authorized by national iluarte r s , ancl awa rded to any rnember of Civil Air Patrol, rnay continue to be worn'

Technical specialists are autho:'ized i:rsignia for wear centered on the outside hal: of itte right sleeve of the service jacket' cr shirt when worn as an outer garment' ]'he following specialists insignia are authorizeri for qualified senior mernbers: Mechanic - -Meshed gear and pinlon ' Musician- -Lvre emblem. PhotograPhic - -C arnera embiern ' RadioI-Lettu, ". " surrounded b-v flashes of Iightning. Transportation--W hee I arrci winged hand

Insignia of Active DutY Service

Senior rnembers who have served on C AP active duty in war tirne operations rnay wear the following insignia: Anti -submarine coastal patrol*-Submarine ani bor.rb emblern. Courier --Winged feet ernblern. Missing aircraft search--Winged binocu' lars emblem. Southern liaison Patrol--Cactus with lett-ers ! Tow target and tracing*-it:. i "1 +"arget ar em'oie::'r' crossed searchlight beam Active duty service striPes are autiro:=lzed for wear Ior each period of six consecutive rnonths of official service or 180 non-consecutive days of oificiaL service in C AP war tirne operations.
Aeronautical Ratings
f e:rior' rirembers of the Civil Air Patrol are r,::.ri:orized aeronautical ratings afte:' corr'plying with Pre.scribed training and other

necessary requrrements. The CAP f light prograrn is designed to build an adequate pool of qualified pilots and observers to meet iequirernents for f light services and erne:" gency missions. i. CAP Pilot--Civil Air Patrol piiots are volunteer members who have completed grounci f light training and hold a C AA Pr';'vate Pilot's Iicense. rating is Z. CAP Senior Pilot--This awarded senior rnembers ol the C ivil Air Patrol with 2 years' service ancl r,500 hours of certified piiot tirne. ACAA private pilot's license is also required. 3. CAP Command Pilot--Senior rnembers holding a CAA private pilot's license' and


Alr Patrol

InsJ-gnla *

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$,iIT I-.CIVIL AIR PAIXOL tiii,-'rl i)ti,it iil:le, Irr:i', u't'a l thtl Cornrrr3L(; I:)il.,t'r, l.itl ql. .1 . (. r\i' ()lrsc rv(i r - -Af tt: r H retlrr(i and ! l:qhr trair:in,1 .1 s irrl i)bServr:r a :,t:lrior rnernber of ti,,' a,.,\l) nra'/ be arr';rrrie<i thls lrc'ronautical ', C.4,i) (l liiier I'ilot --Active C AP senior n',t.rrri)ers rvho;rre qtraiifitci hy tlre CAA as g)i,:lrr piiots ;rnd w'ho iuifili other standards estabiisirecl ir-v the rving tor-lirnander will be au!irr)r'lz.L:n r,o wear (ilicler !)ilt>t wings. the quali.\'l rrrt, . orr)l,lrlle dctails covering fir atiori .rnrl wearing rf avi:rtion badges are ct-,r'c: cri in tlrt: 50 Series of ctrrrent Civil Air Patr,-r i i<.cgu l;rtions Illustrations of insignia, badges, etc., aPpe.r:- in Appendix.

w'rrh { year-s s('rvice arrd l,5OlJ hours ot cer -




coxHlr0 Plt0l llr05








.^riot 8ull0r5

:xaLt nlllrr

crP ttsl6x I r 0fFtcP

Cfrrl1 Air Patrol Insignla - Page 29




il ffi

BEi ,E[ *_[ffi

stRvlci k;Esifis

cot!lR rrslGr{ll

.ArpaA UH}IL2, xTrL



Clvll Air Pairol Inslgnla -

Pago lC

tlM l. Ai li




ADtI GtA0t5



it(HHl(ri 5PtilAli5I5

S0UINttX'LlAl 30r PrTi0l




Clvll Al-r Patrol Instgnla Utt




YI I l - -Al'}l'l-\l)lx








lxslGfll - HtTIL CUT oLiI



Clvll Air

Pat-ro1 InsignX.a

Pago )2

5, 9 Febmary 1951. CIIAPIJIX.S INSI!),II3: FendlnS a formai amendmenL of CAP RegulaLlon 35-L, !'" @i;rr.rgr.aph]lcoftheBegrr}at1onbea.{endedt,oindjc;ie that Civil A1r Fatroi Ci.,rpl,uiru wiil wanr t,he Chap1alns inslgnia in iieu of the silver wlngs lnd propeller inslgnla on the unlform when the senrl"ce coat or Jacket ls wcrn. In addition, paragraph i+h of the regrrlation rriLlbe arnended to auLhorlze Civi} Air Patrol Chaplalns to rrear the Chaplairs lnslgnli, centere<i one lnch above tha loft breast pocket of the shirt "!-:en Lhe shirt is wor:n as an ouLer garmonL. cafhollc and ProLestant chaplains will wear the plaln eilver cross and Jehrlsh Chaplatns wl-1} wear the plain
Weekly itu)-letln No.

sl.Lver t,ablet.

iFit No. t5-1tA, 21 I'{.irch 1951. Clicter pilot wlngs ;rre l1lustrated.
AFk No. t5-15, 15 Aufust 1951 Reserve Forces - Prescrlbed Unlforms

Wtth the authorlzatlon to wear the Alr Force blue unlform, as contalned t.hls negufation, came a number of changes to Civll Alr Patrol lnsignia. Approp:,iate porlions of the rogulatlon are thereforc reproduced here ln

for Clvll Alr Patrol



lhelr entlrety.

SDC'I'I0.\ \,,-I,I'].]\IS ()II INSIGNIA 2 i. Civil r\ir l'ar r ol Insignia (figs. 12, 13, I l. l;, 16, tnrl 17). ('ivil .\ir l)nlt'rtl irtsigrrirr r,l,,rrl ili,'s Illr, \\r';tr'('t tts,L t'tt'tttltt:t' <lf tlrt' Oivil .\rl l'irtlol. Srlrr,r rtitc cttrlrtrri,ltt'-\' itetrrs
l()ll lrt t: olrtiortrrl. :r llttllot', lii ' . t)). Silvt'r'-colortrrctitl rii -rrrl rlrlr' c()r,rl),,,-il ir,tt lrrril rlt'igltl, t-:it't'ttl:tr. cott\r,.\. i\ rlir llre ('rr rl .\ir I':tltt,i 1tt'opr':iltrr ricsiglr rrllr irlt',1 tlt('t',',,tt ,tgititt.f :i t t iirttgttlltl.l:l'i izottt;riir It,tt',1 lr,,t li:It,,tttl,] l, /.,t1,, I /,,,i,trti,t (/it1. l't) .' t. l) (t1lir t't:, ll"Ltt't'ttttt Off;( (t)'\' antl '\e.tt' i,,r .l/, trrltr'r'.t. 'l'lrt' It'ltlls t'0-\l'." fii;" ill irli!lrl, si llt't-t:olot' ,t,,.'1''l ol' silvot' rvittl cntirr,,itlr.r'J. \)) ('tt,/c 1.,._-'l'lrt' lt'tttrls t'0,\1'O," 7,,1u" irr lr,'iglrt. silvtr'-colrlt' trtt:1ttl. t'. ff ett,/11t:tt,' ltrxirT ttirt (f tt. I /t) : (I) O llir',:t'., ttt,tl 1l' rr,''rrnl 0/ftcrt : sct'r'i,',: crtp-tlistirrctite (rt ) lIrr lt,
,1,'-;, r'ii-,orl

in tiris


Ctvll A1r Patrol inslgnla -

PaBe 33


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lt'll t uttrl trt"tt(

('rr rl -\il l':rlI ol tlt'.tgtr' lll('titl' rvitll silvur'r'r,l,r' rr l,r i,'lrt'.\'lll(s. t l t'ttt it silrt't'-r'illllllt'(lr"l" ,ir-11,,f i,lrrt' t'll:llllt'1. tvirlr silvct''colot' tliirrtglc r',rrri:r,'tittg ilrlt't"lrl:r,lctl lrrolrtllt:t' iu I'c(l

L'utlt:l etfftccrx u ill u'trrtt' tlrtr "C'\ l'C" on tlre'itli sidc of tlle collat' rvitlr t'lrr: irrsiqrri:t ()l)l)()sit(' si(lc' 1,,',,ji*,' insigrrilt .ri gi,..ic oll lltc (4) (lutlcts rvill rtc:rr t.lrt: "('r\i)C" irrsiglriil on l-iot.lr sitles of tlre collrrr.


crtp_.(listil)cliYc Crr ri -\ rt' I'rr{ t'r,l tlt'.igtr. ltrtrtitl, lla" ttr tli:rtrret,, r'. .-i l \,' t'- t itrr rr r(:([ l,l rrt' t'tt:ttttt'l rlisl<. rvitlr silver' ',rlrrr rrrll:rl I litrtrglr'.,'otttltittitrg tlrrcc-blrttletl 1,r,,1,,,11,'r itr r crl t'tt;ttrtt'1.
( lr

) I''crrt:tlt'. lliglrt

llrcttxl l)utc'ltc.'s (f.y.t. l5 u,Ld lC): ( 1) - til *\ctrio,' J'et'.ront.cl.*l\lt isosctles trirrtrgle of lrlrrc ttrltet'ill, slrrtdr: ti;], rvitlr

t. (','ll'





I t,' t tt'\ttlt',t

lrlrrrrtlt'rl cot rlt'l s) stll)cl'ilril)osctl rr itlr il l'cct itllglo of rcrtl.tttittct'iitl. Alllctttrrirrg rtiii Lc rlirittr ,rntl u'ill I'err,l "Civil US,\lf .\rtxilirrr'.t ,\it




r I7. ----->



',,.,,,...]ir]j:liil;1,,l.,l,l;:i::r:li:i;j1:l;ir,i}.[iil,l,''a .:! i,,64 ,4p, J i'*ffi tfil?l jl

:-lJ:'/;-. i)t7l

l-i.;.. ,J. t(\.,.1, i,.rl:, \.'{(1 I i--r )

\7 \=7

(g EEg= x=, .l;:r,





ltrrir,t. ttffxot,,tct



Li,.-r{-i;/" '=1:i...T+S

(2) Culcts-ir reetirnglc of

s;t,,,,1u S:1.

rrith lt'tttrirrg irr rv)riic'

cr rraRJ ^B9 l'irlrtt t'

tE.{lOR sErBER5

-IIt.rtrlt1r rtr ttxilnit'

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l.',,11,r, /



t,'i'/r'i't, 'l/rr/':' \\'!rcrr tlrtl slrilt olt(,r' g:rrlrlt'llt. tlre.f,rllrlrvirrg rvill

I'igurc !ti.*-llrt oxl ltrrtt'lt, t:rtrlt:ls (cfi'ri{ittrUl

1 1\ (t1f;r','t.s trt,rl tt'ttt'ttrttl ,'fii''ct"' tlill tlro r 1,,, "('.\ l':' i11ii,,rri:t ott tltc lcft sitltl of


, l I ,\', rrittr' tt1,'tttltr 1., tlill rucirt' tlrc Ct\l) 11,-;1,r,r;, ,,ti lt,,llr 'itl,'. t'f tlrt't'rlll;rt'

f . (ittdol /;'11st1rrt ltrttertl I'utt;it (f y t:i )rr riisk 2" itt tlirrrrtt,tct'of cottrltr cloth, Irlrle, slraclr' Eli, u'itlr rvirlgs trrtl prt.,prller crrrblr'itlercrl irr rvlrilc t't'tttt'r't'rI llrt:t't'ilt. 'I'lrc it:ttcls

C1wtl A1r Patrol Inslgnla - Fago J{


I'li '!

I ':"


tllll;1r,,] lii, \i,,1,1 t'i',rrr rtrl)llr('lll," itl,{)\'l' l,r,,,rl, i,',i llt rrl,:r,' rtr 'l.trt(l l'-rr(('lI\LI,i :,l ri 1,,'1,,r', llt, t,tr,i,tliL'l l,],rtlt'. '('.\l'(l


r'oirt. t'r'r;it, irtrrl jrrrlir:t rritir rrrilr:rtul c sizr irirrrl tot rr't.rrr' {)ri tiro ligirl :-irle of iirr loll:rt' rr'lr,,tt tlrc slrit t is rlorrt rrs :r,r outor

g:rt trrt'trt.

iigrrirt ill br: clrr:r'r'r.lrrs sllil)r.s r'rr,l,r'oitlt,r't',1 orr :r lrlrrc, slr,rrle S;1. r'rrrIrr,ritlct.,rl lrirultgrorrtrtl. Clrcvlurrs ilr'r' llt:" t itle,

\') 1 ,\','t,iut ,l/t'rttlto

' (/ig l!l'S. 'l.jrc i.i, cr.rrrrirtisccl of rr'lrilr,

Ilrrrl.ge; (fig. IS). I)ilots' brttlgcs i 1,,,,, 1 :r l ri )r',,\ r.r l, lt'sj:lrt o l' >i l r,'t -r'rtlot ttrt:litl .,,,,1 ili 1,,. r,(lr:, I).\ (lir il ,\it l'rrlt'ol l)('l':iotlilol " ,,rri., llL.r r'r.1 irli, ;rti,rtr I,,r' \:rtirrrrrrl ]ltrrtlqtrirt't, i-. ('rr,i .\ri l':rli,,l. irt :rtt'tlil:ltl('t' \ritll Cut'rr

'll. l'ilots'

r'rri tlr r t'r'i i\




rIcHnrclL tER6Elxt

I'igrrrc l{).-Stnirtr utctnbrrs' itt*iltttirt ol gradc.


lr-'.i 'J


tl# Nlt

t i

(:\) Curltt O/ftr:ers (/iy.20). 'Lhe irisigrriit r,l gL'irtle of Civil:\il I'rrtrol c:relcl olii(('ls will L,e of siivcr-color metirl. (-L) Cudetr (fft.9t). 'L'lrc insigniir rlill l,c r:lrcvroris corIrl)oseii r:-l r','lrite strillcs enrbr'oidr.r'c(l orI rt 2" i,,rrrrl'c brtcligrotlntl, enrbroiclcred, I-riirc, slrrrio Sil. Cirevrons rre 1[" rvido.


I itltttr l.: --l'ilr,lt'



\% VV \WYV


/,V4\ 4vlN.4

')t,. irrrlrlirl trrrl Irrsigni;r (figs. l1), j(), Zl,

:lll(i'/j): :, /,,',,1,,i,t ,,/' (ir'trlt:: ( i) (i1,;;,',,'' /t,.'i,/tii,t. iit,grrlrrr'-size irr'i!,,i,, u ill l.,e \\'(iiir r))r tlre sitrtttlrlt't lo,r1,s of tlre


cAoEr cAriA I r Urude.

I'igurt: !0.-Uetl(:l ollircrt' inrigniu ol




fncignla -

Paga 35

I,'It 45-1ij


cnp ti\t)r \lrlit

,:tt,t /!iqltl ttrit.




27. Insignill oF Service (Optional). Scr.r :r..t, striPt's;rrrtI insigrrirt of u':rr'f irrrc rri'ti,,'c tirii_\. :rlt, trot irtrtlroriz.crl for' \\'eirr' ()lr tlre rrirrt ol. irrt.iit,[. Itr l,lrile t lrcrcof, t rlistirrr.tive scr.r.ir:,, ,.i1,1,,,,, rvill be u'olrr. 25i. Insignia of SI)ecialty (figs. ZJ antl 2.t) : t. (i/rul'l'ti :i (iio.'2.i). (.'lillri;rirrs' irrsi;rrirr C(rilsist ol' lr silvt'i-t'ulot' Inoliri (.t.{/i: rtr. {:rlrlt,{ birt'itr,,I n itlr rlrrr']t L,lirc crr:rrnt,l.





,!l.*-( tttlt lr' itt.\ttiltirt

PRIVATE rtl ,lrrtrlr:.



' ;' t '/--r!tr, ir. ,\,', , ir,, L'ult l;;'it,' (/ir1.,l)!," 'i'ire scrr,,,rl) r i.',1 11'ill lrrr lrl,rcl; 1,.':.llrt'r rvillrorr(

I ir:*$i;i)t r i -i,-iti,tl:-.,j. i i ${fnttli i lrJ?i [+ir::j1 I



_i_,.,:q.-iltlttitts' ittsillttiu, Clrri.tlirttt llr.ll I rrttrl Jtt,'ixlt.

il:Xf,Ji:SJi ,,j


r'. rl

Cu1, (fi11.;!.!). 1'lic lliglrt culi


lrorrt llr iritl.

b. 7'tclttrit:rtl,\/tt:t'iuli.yt (Optiottrrl) (l;'1. 1). Tcclrnir:irl sptciulists'insigrrrr rlill bc r.,rr








t.r' .r'1.--'l' r.rlt

nt I



rt I


i tt x




Cllrtl Alr Patrol Instgi:.l4 *

\l;l t;.ji,
.r, .l:l

Pago 16

, r,,l,r,,trlt r,',1 1,,r, l;:-'t rttirr,l. :1" lrr

1:ti", lrlt:t'' -l'.r,i,' .ji. ,t i! l, ,1, '11'11 ,"111'r ";ilt l ''tl irr rr ]'i1c 'l irr rli.)l'iriil ili (' irll{lli)l lz('(l l'tlt'tttr:r]i" r i:r, , i i: ':'Srttl' Slrlti:lli-l r,,: Lrri)l i)tl-(,L,rtill,,l
'' ::'.,.,, 1 ' t, Iirrll IL-l't'l'\( llll::''

ll2. Sieeve (figs.26 an(i 27) : it. (i r qutLiz,rlir.tnu/ / tt*iynitt (O 1,riot,al). 'l'lre Civil r\ir I)rrtt'ol ol gilllizittiouti iir-"igrtiri (:rp1rr'111c11 u'ing slrottlriti' llltclr) is olrtionrti ;rrrrl rr'lt('tt trsctl rt'iil bc rlot rt oll tlto lt'ii s.':tr'.r
1,/.," f ront tirtr
C lt ct,

;ri,:rri,r;'. ili , ir ilr,rtt t']olir,'. lllil\' \\'l'ilt' 'll'li1 i,rrr:ii- ,i t ltr,rlirt' \t'il,,r','. ]i]r:,1;i, ot ttlivr'-titltlr l,,lt. l" '.. r,lr'. rr illr rrlrlrr','pii:rit'('ilil '\ir l)rrtr'"i -llr,rrlrl('l l,:ri, lr :rllirt'ti (lrt'tt'to. il(). ()r g'.luriz-ittiort Insi;-inirt (Otltional) (lig' ).r). ( )rl r :r.l)lrr r,\ ('rl rvitttl sltorllrlt't 1r:rtt'lrcs
il ,r\ 1,1 \\r)i il.

llll. Iitlr';:ltttls

(Ijg. l;)'

Iri rr:rlt'l'!ellr'i":'

top st'ill)1' (f g. 2{;) . Chevrons of grlcic b. rvill bc rrot'tt b-t settiol't.n('tribel's itlr(l clr(l('ts of n()ncoilltllissioltc<l gl.rrtlt) ot) tllo slcevcs of rtll orrter grtt'tttetlts) e\('(lllt t'lrr: t'ltiticolrtr cclltet'cti i-lctu'cctt tlrc clborv rrrtl sltotrltlel' seittll.



-l t



l);t/tr r'{' Ji;.-()t !1,,tti:trliortrtl ittxi!ltriu (lrll I nttrl t:ltt:lrottE.




J,ncrtt PatclL (fir1.


(lrrrlel onciulrl)tuctrL prrtclr rvill be wol'tl cclltcrcLl

,rn tirc sleeve of tlre slrirl t'rlgc of tlit crrlI.

4" ft'ottt i.i'r: i.1-a:olII

,',rt rl llblt)

,1111i t)t



'l i(l\:r

\\'1,1.\lil.\(i I\SIGNi:\, lt()\ \'l i)i..\.1('il> ll \l)(;l'ls. .\ND I)liCIOR,\-

I' i.!il rc



ntu n pn cn I. pul clt.

.il" :\;llttrt'tcnitllccs. :\plrttt'tt'tt:tttees itlttrrtrtr :rrr,l rii.rirr"rririr tlii' glrrtlc, s('tt'icc, irltd . 1,r'r'i:r lr.i,,f [r't'trt''I'lttr 1,('i :.lrs rr t':rt'itig tlrtr trrri tlt'r'it't's. l':rtlgtrs, nlltl ririi.r.i irr rt lri,'1, itrr'iglrirt, rlr.r.r':rl1r,r1; rr'ili l,r' uot tt is liresclillc,l lret'ervitlr ,;.,i illrr-lr ;'lr',1 lr-r rlt.irr'itrIt,r

33. Lapel (Officers, Warrant Officers, :inrl Senior l\{emi:ers) (fig'. 23). l'}rtr iorver edgo ot tlrtr ()Af itrsigui:r rvill bc (:clrtot'cd lrot'izoitirrlly rurd veltically on elclt upper pxrt of irpel
(col lrtr

Clvl-I Alr Patrp1 Inalgnla - Page


AIrR 4;-i6




t\ l\
J''i rttr t


t 2S.-l'rr 1trI

itt xi11ttirr.

lrr, \\'t)r'.

I. Shorrlrl el Loop. Irrsigrri;r of gr':rclc lvill l,r ,rll .flit't'r's :ltl(l \\'ilt't'ittlt rrllictrrS ott

I I u ra

30,-.4'u r


y i *ti

y tr ir t.

tlru :lr,rtrltlt'r' loops of o\'ct('()ittr (:oittr itl)([ jtrclicl.

38. Specialty


'I'hc speciirl insignitr

('ollir r' : :r. ( )lli,'t'r's rtll(l \ritl l itlrl tlllict:r's rvill rrcll' tlrc irr:igtri:r utt tltt: coll:rt'rvlrerr tlrc slriri is \\'()r'n :rs irtt ottttt' grtt'tttcttt. Ilrsigrrilr of grrtcle rvill lre \\'(,r'n otl rlrc liglrt sitlc of tlre collrrl uttl tlrc ('.\ I' irrsigrrirr <ttr tlttl ltrl't sitlc. b. Scrriol lttctrtlrct's rvill rvcltr tlre C.\P irl:rgriir otr lrotli sitlcs of tllt coll:tl" c'. (';rrlr,t ollic'cls tlill l t:rrl llrt ilrsigrrit of g'r',r,lr, ,rr, tirt' r'iglrt si,lc rLi itrc collitt' l\l)d tlle ( '.\ l'(' ,tr t lrt' lr'l t sitlt. ri. (':rrltl-. otIrt't tlrrrrr r:llittrts, rviII ut'rrt'tlrt: {'.\ l'(' ,rn i,ol lr .irlt':-; of t lru t ollrrt" l)(i. I I c:r <lgca t' ( fi g. 29 ) : . :;,.1't'ir 11 ('tr1t. lr,-i:l-rrilt frlr tlre sel'\'i('o ,;1;r rrill l,r' rr{)ltl ('t'llt('l('ti ott lllc ftorrt lisc of

u'ill bc \\ol'll in accor(lltt)cc rvith tlro fo|lorvirrg: r. Clvtpluin.*. Chrrp)rrins' ittsigrrilr r'.'ill lr I \\'onr celltcl'c(l Y)" rrbt-rve the ief b l.rt'etsl I)ockcL of tlro corrt, jltcltet, or silirt n'ltetl rvortr its att outet glI'll.lcllt. lVhcu l'ibbons &re \\'oI'll, tllc irrsigrrin rvill be cet)tcred t7r" abore the top rorv of ribbons, e\cepl lhat in Ilo illstitl)ce rvill tho irrsigrtir be plrrcetl closer tlrltt [" ]rorizotrttrlly
to ihe Irtltel of tlre c<lirt or jlcket.

tcclrrricitl slx)ci:Ilists' irrsiglrirr rvill be \\'ol ri '1" frorn tlrc bottorrr ctlgc of tlrc sleeve ( left;.

b. 7'eclnical STtecirtlittt




F i0


re 3 1.-C







rc 2tl.-scrric(


lt ittxiynin,

grirrltr for ofli' r (,1: irn(l tlist irrctil'tl C)r\I' irrsigrrilt ftll ctdc! of' Irt l'r'>. :t'trirrt ttrt'tltltcls, iltl(l ('it(ltltS lvill be rvot'tt .rr tlri, lt'l't ltotrl ()f tlro L'tll't itill of tlrc [liglrf cltp'

lt. /"liqltl (.'rt1t. Irtsigrri;t of

:]7. (1,\l' IJ. S. A. Ir. Arrxiliitry Insignia (fig' :10). 'l lrt' :rpltt opt'irtttl (livil .\ir Prttt'ol brclsb p:rtt'lr rvill l)(' \\'ol'll l11' lrll I)('l'solltltlr ('clltore(l irlror r' llrt' r'iglrt pot'lict t,l tllc crl:rt, jrrcltet, ot' slrrlt rlllctr \\'()t'll lls itll ()ttl('l' gill'!llell0.

39. Badges (fig.32). Only one C'\P lvttttion burlse rnir)' bo tt'ot'lt at a tirtre. Ii rvill bt'. \rorn ceilte|ed rtbove tlle left brcrtst llocket. of tllc corrt, jrrclict, or sliirt lvltetl u'ot'tr as nll ottter grrrruetrt. 1\rlterr ribbons oI' tnedrlls al'e \vol'l), tlrc :rvirrtiott bit<lgtr rrill be rrot'tt cetttct'e<1. 1/.t" nLlovo tliem. Not tltot'e tlt:ttt otte fol'eign nvirrtion btclge rvill be \vorll rlt itll)'tirll0 ttn(l lto foreigtt rvirrtiort blttlgc rrill be \\'ol'tt tltlluss t C:\I' uvintiorr brrtlge nlso is displrt.l'cd. 1\'ltett *'orrt,

CkiI Alr Patro)" Instgnls - Pgg6





,,)r,,i*n .t r lrl irrtr lrrrtlgt's rr ill ltc eelltctc(l ,i" rlrl)\ r.l)iit('ll ,rtr t i:lrt lrr.rr;l;r:t'

.l{). I)ccot'rrtions. {St't' (-.\ I'Ilcgttlrrtiolrs orr .\ r,;, r,i- :l:rl J)t't nt:tl iorrs. ,r. ('ilil .\ir' l':rtlrrl rlt,r'oritti(,lri itll('[ Scl'vicc lrlrlr,rn. rvill lr,t \\'tll'll ()lr tllt't'olrt. j:itlict, of !,llil'l rr lrIi \\ {)t lt ils iril i)iltr'l g:ll')ilelli irr tlre follolv' rrr:t Ut 11,'1 oi ;rt t't'r'tli'ttr'tl: r I i J)irt irrgti.lrt'rl .Strriee .\r',,,r'd. (9) I') r,'r'1rl iort:rl Slt'r'ic: .\',r'irl tl. (.i) )lllil,,r irts Sr'i't iec ,\u';tt'rl. ( I ) \\':rll itrtt' Sr't t'it'c .\rr':tt'tl, r.', ) Illrrt' or' \\'lrite ol Iiutl Scrlicc Rib)


Il;) Ili^lrr':t (':rr'llt )[r" rt Arvlttl. 1,. .\ Il ,i,',',,r':rl t,tt:. :tr,,tt,ls, Ir:rrlg,'s. t)l's('l'\'ilr' r:r,',l,tis,':ttlr(''i llrr',rrrglr rlrr;rlilit':ttioll itll(l :r i',;rt', lr,r'l lr.v t'orrrlri'lt'ttt ltttlir,tt'it.t' trl Oivil Air ;'11; r,l lrrltrl)l'l': Iot st't t'i,'t' ;rt't fot tlrltl irr ltrry irlrrIr, ir,,1'tlrc sr,r'\'i('r rrf tltc [jrtitt'tl St:rtr:s tttrty 1,,, \\,rr'rl ()r tlrt. ('rr ii .\ir ]t:rtt'ol litti fol'lll. I r,rl,',I 5t:rIls (l('(r)i rttir:tts titlit' 1lt't't't'tlt'tlco ovel' :r l l ('i r i l .\ i r It:r t r'ol (i('('r,t'ir t irltts :t tttl :t \\'itl'(ls illt(1 rr rll lr,.i\r,r'Jt;ll,r)\'(,srt,'lr tl|r'ttt'ltti(}tts itrttl it\\'ltl'([J rr i lr..r'ri(,1'{)i'1,r'r'r'i'rlrrrt't'lts 1ll't'st't'ilrr'tl irt .\lili ;;.;-- I i. 1",,r','is.1tr ilL'r'rir':rti,rtts or i'ilrtrorrs rvill t;rkt, lrit', r',lt'rr.t' itrnrr'riirrtt'lv lt l'tt'r' :rll Civil :\ir 1',11,,1 lrtr;rt(l: :tttrl :t't lite t'iltllrltts.

c. Ellght Cap (rlg. U): (f) Offfcers and warant offlcerc (nale and fers,le), Silvor color and blue, shade 85, brald ln dlarond pattcrn.
(2) Senlor mmberE

45-15A, 5 Octobor 1951. AFR 45-16, IJ August 1951, ls changed as follows: 25. b. Ser,rlce Cap Vlsor (Fls. ee): (t) Cotonels (roa1e). BLack br"oadeloth-covorcd vlsor orbroldered ln alumlnum trlre rlth Alr Force llghtnlng cloud erxl dart dcslgn aB prascrlbed for Air Porce colonels. (Z) Ottrer offlcera and rerant offlcerc (other than cadet). BLack leather visor wlthout deslgn.

cadots. BIue brald,

ahade 85.





General Order No.

,Ianuary 7, 19L2, Natlonal Headquarters, Civil Alr PalroL l;eclion Xf I. h. The Wlng Cornnanders have authorlty to grant permlsslon to i)er sons properl;,z enrolled ln the C1vll Air Patrol to paint or ot,herr.rlse p}:.ce the insignla of,"he Clrrll Alr PaLrol upcn thelr alrcraft or autonobiles.



Operatlons Dlrectlve No. 2, Fobmar1y 12, )-9l+2, Natlonal lleadqua:"ters, CAP. 1. The Cllril Alr Patro1 lnslgnla (blue dlsk wtth superi:np<,"ed r+hite Lrlangle and w-lth red Lhree-blade propIler superlmposod on trlangle) sha1l be placed on the'"rlngs and firselage of alL alrcraft angaged ln offlclal Cirtl A1r Patrol mlsslons. Any alrcraft whlle dlspla.ylng such J-nslgnla shall be flown exclr:"slvely b.y members of th6 Ctvil Alr Patrol. 2, Inslgnla dlsks placed on w'lngs shalL be cenLered on the Lop sldo of the left w-lng and on the bottom side of the rlghf wlng at a polnt one-thlrd of the dlslance from the r.rlng ttp to tha firselage. Ihe diameter of sald disks shal} nol exceed two-thlrds of the rlng chord at the polnt of appllcatlon. j, Inslgnla dlsks placod on tho fusel-ago eha1l bo centered on both sldes of the luselage at a polnt one-thi:.d of tho dls""ance from the leadlng edge of +-he horlzcntal slablllzer to the ;ralllng edge of the r'd-ng. the dlameter of sald dlsks shall- not exceod two-thLrds of the depth of the fuselage aL lhe polnt of anp11catlon.

Offlce of Clv1.-llan

Defense Regulatlone No.


Supplementary Order

liu- ?,

Mav 28.

The haslc lnslgne rrBy be used, by palntlng or docalcomanla, on wlngs anC fuselage of alrcraft engagod ln offlclal Civl1 Alr Patro1 mlsslons. (n) Rutor,rcbi-Ie Stlckera and Plates. lhe baslc lnslgne may be lneluded, w'lth or wlthout the name Clvil Alr Far-roi, on automoblle sflckers and plates. Automoblle stlckers and plates shall be j.n a clrcular shape, from L Lo 12 lnches ln dlaneler, or ln a rectangular shape rro J-arger than 5lnches by 12 lnch,rs. Aut,omoblle stlckers and plates na;r he placed on any Lruck, automoblle or oiher vehicle, and nray be used onl;y sub.ject tc compllance wlth approprlate stafe and local laws, ordlnances, or ri:p,'iIaLlons appllcable to rv'lndshleld or vohicle stl-ckers.

5. (s) ltrcrafL fnslgnl-a.

5, Ju1.y 17, l-9L2, Natlonal Headquarters, CAI . ?-, L. Display of CAP fnslgnla on Alrcraft and Vehlc1es--The Clwtl A1r Patroi inslgrnia w111 be palnted or placed by decals on the wings and fuselage of all alreraft engaged ln offlclal CAP mlssions. . . l-. Use of Planes-Any al"rcraft whlle dtsplaylng such lnsig'nla shall be fiown excluslvely by rnembers of CIvII Alr Patrol. Thls 1s not to be constrr:eci as requlrlng the dlsplay of CAP lnslgnla on alrc::aft engaged 1n CAP practice acL1vlt,les, or llmltlng partlclpatlon of alrcraft boarlng lnslgnia 1n such acLhdtles, or preventlng alrcraft rrlth lnslgnla from beLng used ln non--offleial flylng pro(;M-/f

rided the plIof is a member of CAP. L. Autos--Inslgnla may be dlsplayed on autos, traLl-ersr, and other vehlcles


Onlt U.S.--The U.S. . . ls to

and operated bY CAP mPmbors and uscd


omltted from lnslgnla for alrcraft, .autos'








Deslgned by

0fflce of

I?re Quartermaster General, War Department.

GM-9, Attachment, Feb. L3, Lgl+z, Natlonal Headquarters, CAP' LII Ottrer Persorurel (except officers) iCornplete lnforrnation on tne foilowing w1|1 be, avallable soon' inslpgria.: Cap Insignla - Metal - Left side, 1" from front' GM-18, Attachment, Apr. 3, L9L2, NatLonal Headquarters, cAP. Offlcial Offlcer' = unlform (surmer), Comnlssloned Personnel' Cap Inslgnta: Metal - Left side, I" from front.

0ffice of Clvlltan Defense Regulatlons No. 2, Supplementary Orrder No' 2, l{ay 28, l9l+2. 5. Offlclai Artlcles for the Clvl"l Air Patrol. lnslgno may be lncluded on (;) Cap Inslgnla for Uniforms, 1'he baslc metal or embroldered or wc,ven as emblem", lt lnches in dlameter, whlch shallbe worn on the caps of members of the clvll Alr Patrol.
GM-1r5, JuI

' ?-. fnslgnia . d. Enllsted Personnel: e:,;*e1 emblem, L. Dlsc lnslgnla, CAP 3-bladedlfpropeller ls worn. sl-lver ancion bir:use (RePlaced blouse ln colors, on cap and on blouse 1ape1s L912.) Iapels by silver CAP cut'out lelters, Addendw #2 to GU-t,5 ;f;:-4,
GM-/,?-A, Aug.

. L7, Lgt+z, Natlon'l- iieadquarters,


, l-91,2, Natlonal Headquarters, CAP' Ctvil Air Patrol CaP Insignia. L. Dle to the present shortage of metals, no f\rrther metal

cap l-nslgnla


be nanufactured.

and 2, However, the foIlow'lng companles have been glven perrnlsslol to seIlGreen. . Lhey now have o:: harid: Robbins. . . dlstrlbule such metal lnsignla'as 3. An embroldered cap lnslgne has been autho. -o'd and ls now arrailable by applftng direct to the Gemsco Company. . .


for offlcers' servlce

cap by upralsed w'ings emblem, Q4-66, Dec.I9, l-9l+2,

H,ules, 28 Oct. 191+3. 52 fnslgnla. I. ? Cip emblam--CAP enblen, I|" dianeter, to be r*orn by all membors on the Ieftllde of the garrlson (oviraeas) "ap, 1" from the front, oI bX enllsted members on the front of the enllsted type i6rvfce cap (w1th vlsor). g- Metal pln. !, Cloth.


for offLcerts garrlson

cap by

lnslgnl,a of grade, Southern t'Ilght, 11


Rgplaced Replaced

for enll-sted acrvlcc cap by nsy cap lnslgnla, CAPI{ 39-I, Sep. 1961.- -. for enlisted fllght cap by cAP cutiut 1;tt6;a, cAPl{ )9-L, 15 Jan' 1968'


Des{gned by

0fflce of

!?re Q:arte:master GeneraS-, War Departnent.

GM-9, Attachment, Feb. 7"'o :-9!+2, NatLo:nal fieadquarters, cAP. atl Otfrer Personiel texcept conurnlssloned offtcers) (Corpf"te inforrnatlon on-the fo1lowlng w111 be avallab1e soon.) Shoulder Inslgnla - To be ssl.m on ief{ shoulder sleeve }" below shoulder sean.

Apr. 3, .LgLz, Natlonal Headquarters, cAP. offlcial Offlcer' r Ur,ffo"i (Sunrer), Conmlssloned Personnel. Shoulder Inslgnla: To be sewn on ieft shoulder sleeve |" below shoulder seam' 0fflce of Clvlllan Defense Regrl]-atlons No. 2, Supplementary Orller No' 2, l4ay 28, 1042. 5. Offlclai Artlcles for the Clv1l Alr Patrol. l-nslgne may be used as (t)- sf""ve Inslgnla for Unlfor:rns" The basi,c sleeve'tnslgnla, embioldered or woven vd-ti, sNiiched or rolled edges. S1eeve tnstgnla stritt be 3 lnches ln dlaneto:'. $ieave lnslgnia ehall be worn on the left sleeve, * lnch below the shoulder se&m.
GM-18, Attachment, Replaced

JuI. U,

by shoulder sleeve J.nsignla wlth us,



JuI. lfr lgl+Zt

and cJ{-l+7,






Deslgned by GM-tr5, Ju1

0ffice of

The Quarterrrasier General, War Department.

t LqLz, Nat'lonal Headquarters' CAP' Unlform, Inslgnla and Rank sleeve 2, I. 'L omit U.5.--1hs U.S. is to appear on theinslgnlaemblem' arm band'L'tos, for alrcrafi, ad 1g to Ue omltted from and officlal CAP it.g", or all other uses. ,



Lgt2' ltratlonal Headquarters,


ror unr-rorms. !]*Llli-t?::?il1l"tf;li'u.s. )New York, New York Avenue,

Gemsco, each.


Dnbroidered on

25Q each (attached


universal Unlform


Company, van

wertr 0h1o - Embroi':l*red on

felt , 25q. cotton twtl1,


Rules, 28 Oct' L9l+3, 62 Inslgnla. 1" The baslc CAP omblem ls the red 3-bladed propeller on 1-y.irlte triangle on a blue dl-sc. In the shoul-der sleeve emblem, the letters "us[ are added ln whiLe on the blue dlsc below the trlangfe (iO-l) and do not appear on other
-.i '""^i'j'*;houlder sleeve emblerr--CAP emblem wlth US, 3" dlameter, clothi sew on flit sleeve of all outer garments Lf2" below shoulder 3eam. CAp Handbook, 19/+& Edltlon (Southern Ellght, 1 Feb, l94l+. 52-1.1 Shou.l-der sleeve emblem--CAP emblen wlth us, 2|" dlameter, clothl-sew Ieft sleeve of all outer gar.rnents except on Ar.try lssued fleece-lined flylng JackeLs !" beiow shoulder seam.
{ -. ;



Replaced by shoulder patch-wlth Cf\I.IL AIn PAffiOI added above,

CAP News


No. 35' LO Nov.




CAP News h:11etln VoI. III, RED IOOPS 1'O GO--. . . ThB

prlnclpal change ln addltlon to the remo'ral of the red loops and the red n-l.ee+-e brald from the officers' bl"ouses wil-I be the placing of the words Ci'uIL AfB PATEOL above the shoulder sleeve emblem. The new shoulder pateh i:: in producii.rn arr.d aII units rrlll be advlsed as Lo supply sources when the ne,* u:niform regulatlon ls lssued.

No. 3l+r 27 Aci".


shouldor sleeve emblom (sar*e ae lhe oId emblem r*lth Lhe vrotds CIWL AIR PATBOL added above) nray be orderer :',rnii Supply Offlcers. Two blds aro ln: Gemsco. . . Leonard ErnbrolderY Co. . . Blds were requested for the words CIVIL AIR PATBOL to sew above the emblem but this wculd have saved only a few pennles. We thought the members would prefer to have the ufio1e patch new. The addttion of the new wording to old patches whlch nlght be fade<i, wlth hand stltchlng between, would not be neat.

CAP News

B:I[eLin VoI. III, No. ]5, 10 Nov. 194&.

Editlon, Second Prlntln,q (Scuthern Fiight), 15 i'trov" J.9l+14, 62 SUPLY, Inslgrla. I. 1 Shoulder sleeve emblem--CAl ..r"-l-en wlth US, 2+" dlameter, cloth, hrlth Civil Alr Patrol ln whlte letters 1fB" hlgh on red arc |" r+ide above the emblem; sew on left sleeve of all outel' garments except on Arny issued fleecellned flylng Jackets |" belo* shoulder seam. CAP News Bulletln VoI. IIf , No. 38, 15 Dec. 1?l+/r. NEW SHOULDER PATCH--In addltlon to the supply sources prevlously llsted for the new type CAP shoulder sleeve emblem, the flrm of Schofler & Tloger. , . has quoted a prlce of 18f. This patch ls fully enbroiderod over the '*hole
CAP Handbook, 19,l+lr

bearing the worrCs CIVIL LIB

area; the trrlII

background Ls entLrely covered by the embroldery. TLre tab



an lntegral part of the


CAP Manual, VoI. I, Book 1, I Aug. L9l+9. The CAP shoulder patch 1s a prlmary dtstlngui.shlng feature r*orn at the top of the left sleeve on all outer gar:nents, one-half lnch below the shoulder seam. J+, Ls the emblem of the wartfune Offlce of Ctvlltan Defense, a whlte triang)-e

shoulder sleeve Insignia - civlI Aj-r Patrol Added, Page 2

on a blus circle w1th a red 3-bladed propeller ln the triangle. The emblern was reglstered lnternatlonally during the rvar so a CAP member on actLve duty, lf captured by the enenly, would be treated as a prlsoner of

by Civil A1r Patrolr.USAF AuxJ-llary, breast patch for wear on ff. force t-r7pe uniforrns (b1ue), when authorlzed by AFR lr5-L6, 15 Aug. 1951.


Phased Out when CAP

Natlonal Executive Boarrl voted at ltg L3-L5 Sep. 195& the Ar:rqy type CAP uniform would not be wortt af,ter 1 Jan. 1955.


patch to

Decenrber 19?8

Clvll Alr Patrol.

Unlform Conrm{ttee authortzed thls shoulder be l,orn as an optlonal lten by neubers of overceag unlts of







sDesigned by


Offiee of The Quarterrnaster General, War Department.

GM-9, Attachmenl, Feb.

l), lr9l+2 (For other than comrnlsstoned personnel). Pllot Wlngs: Ster11-ng Sliver - worn above left shlrt pocket, or left breasi of fl-ylng Jaeket. Observer Wing: Sterllng SL1ver - worn above left shlrl pocket, or left breast of flying Jacket.
Operatlons Dlrective No. l0r l"{ar. 17, 1-91+2 Air Patro1 mamber holdlng an effectlve Clvil Aero* ". Pllot: Any Ctvtl Alrman Certlflcate of the grade of Prlvate P1lot, or nautLcs AdmlnlstratLon

htgher, . . e. 0bserver: Any CIvII Air Patro1 member who has offlcially logged a m111rm.rm of 15 horps ln Lhe air on Observer Trainlng ml-sslons or a minlrmrm of 15 hours Ln the alr as a student pl1ot. . .
GM-18, Attachment,

Apr. 3, \91,2 (For cornl-ssioned personnel). Pilol Wlngs: Sterlk.:: !...i'ver - woryr above Left shirt pocket, or left breasl of fh'lng Jacket, or above left pocke+. of officer's blouse. Observer Wing: Sterllng Sl-lver - worn above l-eft shirt pocket, or left breast of ilylng Jacket, or above left pocket of offlcer's bl-ouse.

0ffice of Clvllian
l4ay 28, L9L2,

Defenso Regulatlon No.


Supplementary Orde::




5(d) WLngs. Pl1ot and 0bserver wi:tgs, of metal 2] and 1| inches, respectlvel1', ln i.,:ngth, shall be worn above the left upper blouse pocket of the

, L7, L9U2. f, Aeronautlcal Ratlngs--For pilots and obser';ers quallfled in accordance with Operatlons Dlrectlve No. 10. Wc- :.i.eve left shlrt or blouse pockel or on left breast of flying Jacket. Sl1-ver. I. Pl1ot wlngs: (") Pilot or Pllot 0fficer. (u) Sentor Pllot Offlcer. (c) Master Pl1ot officer. 2. Observer wlng: (r) 0bserver or Observer 0fflcer. (u) Senlor Observer 0fficer.
GM-l+5, JuI

- Supply 62, 28 oct. 1943. Wtngs. a. Pllott 3i1r". eagle wlth enaneled emblem, 2|" x 1"; pLn above left pocket of shlrt, blouse, or Jacket. To be r*orn only by members wlth currently valld prlmte pl1ot certlficate or higher. b. Observer: Slngle odng, silver, r.rlth enameled emblem, t-3/b" long: pln above loft pocket of shlrt, blouse, or Jacket. To be worn only
cAP Rules

62_1.6 Alrmen's

Pl1ot Wlngs; Observer by



members w'ith curentl;"' valld sc;.'; ceFtlficate or 15 hours as observer on authorlzed CAP fllght or fllght trainlng mlsslons.
CAP Handbook, 19&4 &lltlon, Seeond Prlntlng (Souther:r Hlight), 15 Nov. 1941i. 62 Supply, Inslgnla. 1" {:, Alrmon's wlngs--Pln above l"eft pocket of sh5.rt, blouse, or Jacket; above rlbbons lf any. a Ptlot: SLlver eaglo wlth enameled smblem, 2|" x 1". 0n1y for mem-

bers w'ith currently val-id prlvate piLot certlflcate or hlgher, or glider

llcense (rZ-5). b Observer: Slngle wlng, sl}ver, wlth enameled emblem L4/to" 1ong. Only for members wlth mlnl-nr.rm of 15 hours as observer CAP fllght tralnlng mj.sslons or m1ld solo certlflcate and 15 hours solo flylng as studont pllot (17-5).

96 Cadets, Supply. 5, CAP Cadets mar wear the CAP pllot and observer der the same quallflcatlons as for adult members.

w'ing (62-L.6)

, , .


Replaced by new aviatlon badgesr CAPI, 5O-Lr 20 Dec. L9l+8, and AFB l*5-I1, 11 Jan. 19&9.




(Orlgj-na1 not avallable)




- Attachment, Aprll 9, L9L2 - NatLonal Headquarters, gltti.l Alr Patrol' Offlclal Offlcer' s"Unifora - (Sumer) Corudssloned Personnel flying JacRANK INSIGNIA : Wor:: i" below shoulder lnstgnla on shlrt, (Rank Inalgnla ts obt'alnable through ket, offlcer's blouse, cr trench cos''.CS{-18

National Headquartu"o,


pp1y Off1cer. )

c}!-)b, June 13 , L9t+2 - Natlonal Headqrrarters, chidL A1r Patro]-. Sleeve Rank Inslgnla for CAP 0fflcers: 1. Natlonal Headqrrart6rs now has a supply of sleeve rai.,' ^-':sl.{'ntra f-' the folIowlng: WIng Comsnder, Wlng Staff, Groyp Connoander, Group S'roll, ln is Squadron Confonderr"Sq*a*n Slaffr-an! f]leht Leader. thls lnslgnla w1th letter3/8' lnch n:[de and 3 inches ]ong, dark blue and ls the "pp"o*frotely f/'a'fncfr hlgh. Ttre Lnslgnla should be sgwed on as left ing ln cap!.tals the cirsleeve below the regular CAF eircle lnslgnla, the sana dlstence gleeve. It 1s suggested that cie rnstgnLa below fhe eSoulder s6am ln itre ends of strlp lnslgnla be turned under rd:en sewed on to keep frorn raveltrng' GM-1r5, July 17, LgLz - Natlonal lit-;'.-;&rters, Clvll Alr Patrol' lnslgnla !. tltle Inslgnla--slceve i"aaIrs, denotlng w1n8r Group and squadron optlonal, to-U" vorn lfz'' below St.fI and Eltght Couranders and tho CAP sleeve lnslgnla on thc lcft slcevo. 3, RAI.iK--An addcndin to thls menorandum soon 1111 sot forth regulatJ-ons for appolntnont of mcmbers as CAP offlccrs and non-+omlsaloned offlccrs. fnslgnia of rank 1111 not be rrcrt moanrvhlle. Alr CAP Bul1etl"n No . lr), Novenbcr &, l9l+2 - Natlonal Haadquarters, Cj'vJ-L Patrol. CADETgr{BLD{--. . . Hhcn CAP (cadct) offlccrs arc appoint,ert, thoy rey woar thc sleovc lnslgnla for Squadron Comandcr, Squadron Staff, or Pllght Lcadcr arrallablc fron SuPPIY Oiflccr, CAP Natlonal Hcadquartcrs, at IOf.
CAP Rules



91 i,

Cadets Cadots

29 blar


wlll not hold offlcor gradca.



and non'com-

Arnetlonal Titles

Sleeve Rank Inslgnla


ln CA?C and not ln CAP, aro authorized orrl-y L Squadron Corrnander, Flrst Sorgeant. ? .Squadron Staff, who w111 rank ln the orrler named: tralnlng Sergeant, Intelllgence Sergaant, Cormmnlcatlons Sergeant, Supply Sergeant, la3ut"nt, all 1n Lhe grade of Sergeant. "na L ftlght Leader, Sergeant. L Asslstant Ellght Leader, Corporal. 2 Sectlon Leader, Corporal. A Agslstant Sectlon Leader, Flrst Class private. 96 Cadets - Supply 3, fnsignla for CAPC offlcers are authorlzed as follows: I F\rnctlonal tltles, cloth, optlonal. for Squadron Conrnander, Squadron Staff, and Fllght Leader: whlte letters t/2 tnch hlgh woven on bl-ue iabr1c, to be 36!vn on the left sleeve centerod l/2 Lnch below the CApC er.'il-em.
!{P Handbook, }944 &lltlon (Southcrn Eti8[t), I Febnrery I9l+/+ 62 fnslgnla 11. Sleevo F\rnctlonal Inslgnle, optional., strlp dcnotlng Wlng, Grorp, or Squrdron Courendcr or-St f-f, or Ellght Icrdcr, cnbroldcred on bluc-i,epc l/it tncn't"fa" and about 3-l/l* tn.- Iong, tn uhttc 1cttirc IrlB lnch hlgh. Wcr-i/l' lr;-;"i;;
shouldcr sleeve

nissloned grades, whlch w111 be as follows:

F\rncttonel Tltlcs wore

offLccrs' gradt lnslgpla.

stLlI llstod 1n thc 15 Novcrabcr 191& Second prlntLnq of Southortr Ellght's CAP Handbook. No lrtcr rlfcrcncc to thecr lnstgnle has beo.: found and lt ls essuned thcy rcrc phescd out rdth thc ruthorlzetion to nrar Arrug


\/.r ',i)
l0 r l6r.iE ?c L tcrrr




5 LrcNI


16 Llc'NE

Deslgned by

Offlce of The Q:arterrnaster General, War Departrnent'

Bulletln No. 11, Apr. 10, L9L2, NatLonal Headquarters, cAP.. Buttons - Nai-Lonal tteaiquartlrs ,',o, h"" a supply of plastie buttons for Patrol unlforms. They are dark in two slzes, 5/8" and 7f8" di;i;nei;".'*s. The buttons bear the CAP trlangle and propeller l"nslgnla" Office of Clvlllan Defense Regulatlons No. 2, Supplementary Order No' 2,
l4ay 28, L9l+2.

5, OfflclaL Artlcles for the CtvII Alr PatroL. may be used on 2& ligne but(") Buttons for un{forms. The basLc lnsigne
for unlforrns.


GM-lr?-Ar Aug.

3, Lgb2, Natlonal He.adquarters, CAP' 13. Sllver buttons, embodylns t.he t,rlangie nld propeller.design, are authorlzed for wear on all outer garle.iit artlcles of the official unlform in place of lhe
gold Arng buttons.
CAP Bulletln Vo1. I,/Ac UNIFORM rOR CAP

the garments before salo and w'111 nla.


II, No. 33, Aug. J3' lgl+3, Natlonal Headquarters, CAP' : WOI4E\I . WAC buttons and lnslgnla will be re[c
be replaced by


silver buttons and iris:.4-

Iiules , 28 Oct. 19&3. 62 Inslgnia. f. L Sllver buttons--Stamped wlth emblem; wear on blouse and servlce cap to replace aI1 gold Arnlv buttons: g Large, 7/8" dtam., Itne 15. t srnal1, 5/8" dlam., Ilne 2L. embleni, brown; optlonal for wear on shj-rts 5 Flastlc uritor',"--Stamped with and-flylng .Jackets. In casL stlver buttons are not available, the plastlc buttons nRy be sllvered for blouse or servl-ce cap. L Large, 7/8" dlam., I1-ne 15. U smaIl , 5/8" dlam., 1Lne 2l+. Alr Force Regrrlatlon No. lr5-L6, 15 Aug. 1951. F.eserve Forces, Prescribed Unli'orms for Clvll Alr Patrol Personnel". Zlr, a, Buttons. Sllver-co]or metal of suitable composltlon arrd weight, ci;rcu1ar, convex, wtth the Clv1I Alr Patrol propeller deslgn lmprlnted thersor: agatnst a tri,angular, horlzontal}y 1lned ba-kground. (NOtn: Btrttun:r -'iXustrated at top of [lf p"gu are frorr Af?, /+5-16. Captlon l-ndicates th:'ee sizes on left were used on"men,s unlforms and three slzes on rlght on woments unlforms.) Replaced by new type onydlzed buttons, fal1 L967. (New type buttons first ad]-96? issue or ilP 11mee.) "".tlrea ln Novemter


Ail-29, t4ay 25, 19L2


foltorrinq insignla are avallabrl-e at orices quoted;

Defense Reguiatlons No.

- Natlonal Headquarters, Ctvl1 Air Patrol.




Offlce of Ci.vlllan

Supplementary Orrler No. 2)


I'lay 28 , i.9ll,2, 5. Offtcial .{rtielos for the Ctvl1 Alr Patrol'. (r) Arm Bands and BrassardP used on arln bands and brassards. Arn bande ffie and brassards shall be 1?* to 18 lnches 1ong, and I lnches ride' The insigne sha]l t,e l* lnches in diameter and shall be claced j.n lhe center of the arrn

or t'rassard.

cM-L5, July 17, 19L2


Nattonal Headqrrarters,

Ctvil Air


-([T-Tcorrected by oM-b?A, rlugust


31 19L2)

GM-L?-A, August

NatLonal Headquarters, Civll Alr Fatrol. I In 1lr. Strttce-s"ntence 31 oaragraoh 2(t) Ott-b5 and lnsert ln lleu thereof tre worn the cAP shoul"der enblen wlth u.s. may emergencles, an arm tana uearlng on civillan clothes.

J, 19L2 -


1. t t Members !n clvliian clothes may wear thls omblem (rrftl US) ln emergency on an arrn band of red, r+trite, biue, or khald. fe1t, approlCmately 3*" dd;, trilf way between the el-bow and the shoulder on the left sleeve.

52 Inslgnla

Rules 28 OcL lt3

IJ August 1951. Brassards (itg. 25). In mergenclos, menbers 1n clvlllan clothes nay wear arm bands of chr"one yeIlow, khald, or ollve-drab fe1t, f" rrlde, w'lth appropriate Clvll Alr Patro} shoulder patch afflxrd thereto. NOff: Although "shoulder patch" 1s speclfled, the ILlustratlon shows the CAP-{JSAF Au:dliary breast patch centered on a brasganC. n.

Bulletln No. 50, I Dce 5f Woarlng of Ar:mbands l-n tlcu of UnLform. Thc arabard I's no longer authorized as ldentLflcatlon for argr CAP acttvlty. Wlng Comandora arc conllnulng to announce to staff that artbands, ldentlfF.ng membcrs as CAP, can bc,worn tn lleu of authorizcd ftylng uniform. l{earlng thc proper untfom appllos to mcmbers flylng on-Loen aJ.rcraft, ec rcIl ns lt docs to any other phasc of Clvll Alr Petrol.



l.9lu2 - National HeadrSrarters, Cllrtl Air Patrol. rL^GS; A C1rr11 Air Patrol crganlzatlonal standard has been designed, whien may be lirocured for Wlnq, Grouo, or Squadron Headguarters. When orde::*r.g organizatlonal standard, if for Hing headguarters, submlt the nane of you:' ,{ing, iuch as l1]1nois, when orderlng same for Group headquarters glve name of' State together ',rith numher of g roup, such ad Illinots Wlng, Irttr Group, when ordering foi Sluacron, give name of Wing and numher of Group as above, together wit'h nr:nber of Squadron, such as 2nd Squadron.

Ol4-29, l4ay


Ot1-52t August 10, 19L2 - Natlonal Headquarters, ClvtI ALr PatroL. Organi zatlonal" S tandard City, 1. The Annin Comoany, Flagmakers, 5th lvenue at 15th Street" New YorkorganiCivll Air Patrol are llcensed to manufacture, se11 and rllstrlbut the

zational standard" Z. Thts stana"ra, 3 W I feet in sLze, is priced aL i2.25 (rdttrout lettering)" The lnsigne is two feet ln dlaneter. Lettering is lod additlonal per letter seun on standarci. of the correctly on ). The lettering on this standard reads When orderingthe obverse slde frorn these standards ilag and "".r"rr"Iy on the reverse sLde. ihe aforementioned llcensed manufacturer, rerrlttanee should accompany the order or orovj-sion should be made for C.O'D' de1lvery' to manufacL. To d:te, the Annin Comcany ie the only manufaeturer llcensedCivil Air or standa:'ds ernbodying ture, sell and d.istribute l1''gs, banners Pa trol insigni-a. Rules 28 Ocl lt3 62 Inslgnla 1. g, Elaes--The Clvll Alr Patro1 Standard (flag) displaylng the CAP basic design In colors and the words Ctvll Alr Patr.ol can be ordered wtth unlt name.


Gl4-)9, July 2, l9]|2 - National Headquartrers, Civl1 Ai"r Patrol' l. Volunteers--CAP membsrs who voluntrer for soeclfied perl"ods of actj-veto GM-J2, whalI be classed as Vanguard Members and duty-]ffifloursuant shai1, on signlng aetive duty oath, be entltled to uear a sDeclal V-shaced -'emblem on the forearm of the left sleeve, half ray between elbow and tht bottom of the cuff, ln colors as follows:

duration of war Stripes--A Vanguard Member nay wear a serrlce strlce for each 2. Senrice he has cornoleted; not more than one strlce Per Year. term-6TlFu The servlce strioes shaI1 be cent ered )/b tn. below the V emtrlen and l/2 1n. apart. Colors ehalL be red for one month serrrj-ce comoleted; rhltc for two monthsl and blue for three months or more sertrice in a :1ear.
cM-L5, JuIy untaers--Menbers ,rho volunteer for soecLfied periods of aetiveto Glt-32, on si.gning actlve-duty oath, may sear a duty ien'Iilu-ant sleeve, .p"tt.t V-shaped emblem on the iorear. of the left folious: half way between and the botton of the cuffl ln colors as tire elbow

White Y-Z Elue V-l


months Por Year


1?l L9\2 - }iatlonal Headqparters, Civil Alr Patrol"


7. ''nihite--3 months Der Year' I' Blue---duratlon cf war' r'.s"*rqe--St"ie*..{':-i.rctivedutyvolunteernaywearasen,lcestrice foreichffiriutycorp}eted;,notmorethanonestric:?:.yea:. tt' apart' The service strices shal] bL centrrea )/\t below the V emblem and Colors: red for 1 month service completed; whlte for 2 nonthsl blue for months or more serwl-ce ln a Yeaf.
Replaced by Active


lluty Emblems, per GH-58, Decenber 29,








July 2, 19)J2 - Natlonal Headquarters, Clvll Alr Patrol. ). Merit Awards--Emblems sha11 be trlangular and will be vc:n polnt Corm above the left cocket of the blouse or shlrt, Colors rrilI be: Cormrendatlon--For exceotlonal oerformance contributory to the carryRed: rng our;I-issions ot unusuai nerlt. White r Merlt Citation--For initiatlve and oerformance of unusual merit on soeciflc misslons. Blue: Distlnguished Senrlee Citatlons--For exceptional performance of rolsm, under unusually difflcult sD or hazardous condltlons.

GI'1-L5, July 17, t9lr2 2. INSIGNIA

- l{atlonal lieadquarters, Clvll Air Patrol.


left :ocket of the shirt or blouse as foLlows t perfortanee contrr--. -:,r-v I. Red : Commendation--For excectionalmlsslons of unusual merit. t{ of EEeEannfng or executlon Z. White: Merlt Cttatiol--For-j-nltiatlve and performance of unusual merlt on soeclflc nlsslons. BIue r Dlstlngulshed Serv'Ice Cltatlon--For excectional oerfor:nance 2. or acts of heroism, under unusually ffins, difficult or hazardous condltlons. Rules

62 Inslgnla 6. Merti &oblems, to be worn by lndlvldual,s authorlzed by speclal- order of the llat1ffi,onrecormnendat1onofun1tcorrnanders,wtL1betr1angu1arand wtII be worrr polnt dorwn above the left pocket of the shlrt or blousa. 1 Red : Corrnendatlog--For oxceptlonal perforrnance contrlbutory to p}annlng or executlon of nlsstons of, unusual raerit. 2 White: MerLt Citatlon--For lnltlatlve and performance of urmsual merlt on spclflc mlsslons. Blue : Dlstlnrulshed Sorvlce Cltatj"on-For exceptlonal porforrnance L of spoclf-lc ldsslons, or actg of herolsm, under unusually dlfflcult or hazardous condltlona. CAP llandbook, 19L1. &lltlon, Second Prlntlng (Southern Etlght), 1l Nov 19,l+l+ 96 CADETS, Supply 5. CAP Cadets may wear the. . . CAP Merlt emblem (62-6) . . . under the same quallflcatlons as for adult memberg.





Bnlletln No.


18 June 191+3

1, Book 1, J" August 1949 CA4-39, July 2, L9l+2 - NatLonal Headquarters, Clvll Air Patrol. l*. Speclalists-S1eeve lnslgnla are avallable for A & E mechanics rrlth currently valld licenses fron CAA; al-so for :la{{-o operators holdtng curently val1d FCC certlftcates for tr' , st or Second C1ass B.:dtotelephone or Radiotelegraph or Amatour Cl-ass A. Thess are to be r*orr: on the forea::o of the right sleeve, half rey between the elbow an<! tho botton of tho cuff. 5, Placement of 0nlers-Orllers may be placed for the above lnstgn!"a by WJ-ng, Group, and Sqr:adron Supply Offlccrs rrlttr ttrc H1IL Letterlng Co", 131i -" Sf,, N.W.r Washlngton, D. C. o . . A & E and radlo, 65Q each.

ilanual Volune

Bulletl.n VoI, fI, No. 25, June 18, 191+3 - Nattonal Headqtrarters, Clvtl Alr Patrol. PI{OIO EilBLBtf-A wovon enblaru, go}d on black, has been desl,gned for CAP photographlc personnel and ls hore reproduccd. It my be worn by CAP personnel who are astlgned to Photo Sectl"ons ln thelr locaL CAP 'mlts and vho heve completod tfre ZO-trour photographlc courso presc::lbei. j'rr CAP Ruleg 38-1 or wtro are qr:altfled as experti by prlor expe:":i.'j,'.::-s$ ?trls enblem is avallable fron Warner lrbven Irbel- Co., ?sO- Flfth Ave., l{ew York.Clty, O 6f each; mtnlmtrm order lO{. It r,!tl be worr on the rj-qht sleeve 2* tn, abovs the top of the cuff; no.!. on the Left sloeve vhcre ac{tveduty erablens of sLEl}ar deslgn 3re worn to denote serrd-ce on Coest , Courtcr, L!-aJ"son, or Forest Patro1 asCAP



RADIO Et'tsLEM-A now lrovcn emblen, of,

&r11etin YoI. Alr Patrol.


No. 39,


Septenber L9l+3

Natlona1 llcadquarters,



by CAP menbers vho have conpJ.eted aIL comunLcattona direetlvca to serd and recelve a raln{1run of 10 rords per n5nute Ln Internatlonal Horse, and hold the FCC Bcstrlctcd Radlo Llccnsc or hl.jhcr. Tttls mblcn ls avallabLe fron the Warrrer Woven Iabel Co., 20O ELfth Aye.e-Nerr York C1ty, at 6! aach; nl"nfuum order 3OC, It wlIL be norn on the rlrht aieeve, 2L Ln. abovo the top of the

for photographers, has been dcvclopcd for CAP r:adlo personneS." It *onsists of the letier R su.nroundcd by elght fLashcs of llghtnlng. It :aey be worn date, can



black and gold tlpe prevlously


Speclallst Inslgnla -

Page 2


The mechanlc and radl-o operator speel-aIist sleeve tnslgrrla authori-zed by Gl4-)9, July 2, L9l+2, and offered for sale thereln are not lllustrated or described ln that mernorandurn. Comespondence from the Heraldle Dlvlslon of the Offtce of 1,16 fuartermaster Genoral lndlcates that the earblens plctured in CAP l'{anual Volu:ne l, Book I, l August 1949, l-ncludlng the radlo and mechanlc emblemrs, were deslgped fn August" )-gL3. Thls lnforrurtLon appears to be borrre out by the referenco in CAP Buliettn VoI. II, No. 39r 2J+ Septsmbet L9l+3, to the radlo emblm as'I'a neld l.loven emblem. " If an earltor type of elther the mechanlc or radlo operator onrblern dld exist, no documentatlon has been located except the refez'ence ln elL39 to its arzllablllty frrom thc H111 Letterl-ng Co.

10. SpIclallst emblems, black satin, wovn, 2" x L4/l+r', r.lth deslgn ln gold colored thread, may be wolTr 2" above the top of the cuff oli t..e rlght slaeve of the shlrt or aLova the brald on the rlght sleeve of officers' blouse, may be worn by spoclellst persoruroL as follows: L Photo (Canera emblem)-For CAP members asslgned to Photo Sections Ln ti:e:Lr unltsl or servl-ng as Deputy or Asslst^ant Staff Offlcerg rlth photographlc dutles, who have completed the pnotographlc course (lg-f). Z Radl; (Letter R- surroundeC by 8 flashes of llghtnhg)-MenUers who have eonpleted all prescrlbed CAP comtrnlcatlons cotrss, can send and recelve not less than 10 worrds per mlnute ln Intematicrial Morse Code, and hold the FCC Restrtcted

Rul"es 28 Oet l+3. 52 Inslgnla


Radlo Llcense

or hlgher.

Bq[etfur Vol. III, Nc. i'f, 28 Aprll 1944 - Natlonal lieadquarters, CIvIL Alr Patrol. Band &nlleur-An ennblan for nembers of CAP band unlte, a golden lyre on a black bac[ground, ls now arratlable at 10f each fron Warner'r,rbvcn Iabel Co., ,.S nifth Ave., New Iork, N. Y. Ttrls emblm tray be worn on the rtght sleove, 2r'a.*''"',= t,he top of the cuff on the shlrt or above the brald on the offlcersr blouss.
Handbook, 19&4 Edi-tlon, Second h-ntlng (Southern Ellght), Il Noventber 191+4. 96 CADEtrS, Supply 5. CAP Cadets lray wB&t r . . the Band eurblem (5e-t0.3) under the same quallflcaCAP

tions as for adult



:" Technlcal specialists are authorlzid lnslgnla for wear centered on the outsj"de half of the rlght sleeve of the servJ"ce Jacket, or shLrt rrten vrrcrrr as an outer gar-rent. The follorlng speclallsts lnslgnla are authorlzed for quallfLed senlor members:
lfuslcLan- Lyre emblem.
Photographlc-Camera Mechanlc-l{eshed gear and plnlon.

Manual Vo1umo 1, Book 1, 1 August 1949, Page I-1O. Inslgnia of TechnLcal SpeclalJ-s

Radto-Letter "R" surounded by flLashes of llghtnlng.


Transportatlon--Wheel and r*tngcd hand erablen. 8-I5. IJ-lustratlons shor technlcal apclallst

hslgnla ln gold on black.

AIn 45-15, 1l August 1951. 28. b, Technlcal Speclallst (Opttonal) (f,tg. Z+). Technlcal speciallatsr lnsJ.gnla rr1.l-l- be on embroldered backgr.ound, 2" by L')/4", blue, shade 83, w'tth doelgn embr.oldered ln rrhlte thread. Ttre lnalgnla are authorlzed for qrrallfled senlor porL sonnel holdlng such speclallgt asslgrrments ln thelr rcspectlve un1ts. 38. b. Technlcal SpeclalLsts (Opttona}). The tcchnlca}.specJ,allets' lnstgnla w111 be uorn /a,r'fro-ur the bottom cdge of the sleeve (left).





GM-L5, Ju1.

2. Insignia. b, 0ffjcers insignia shall. be: i- Silver C.A.P. instead of gold U.S. on rlght shirt collar l-,,tels of blouse.
tlz Lo GM-1.5, Sup. 2q, LgL?, liaiional lieadquarters,
En-l-isLed Men.

17, L91,2, Nalional lieadquarters ,


and on

insignia for 1" It, ls permisslble for enlisLed and non-conrnissj-oned personnel to wear sllver CAP sul--out ]ett,ers on each siCe of the shirt coIIar, when Lhe shirf, is used ag t,he out,side garrnent" 2. it ls also permissible for enllsteri and non-conriil-sstoned personnel lo ws-ir silver CAP eut--out letters on the Iapels of the enlisled men's winter blouse, in which case the shirt collar lnslgnla wlll be removed.


, 2.8 OcL. 191*3. 62 Insignla. 2. The silver CAP (letters )/8" hl1h; wldth )-\/8") *fff be worn by officers on lhe right side of Lhe shlrt collar 1" from the front, parallel to lhe front edge, and by enllsted men Ln the same position on both sldes of lhe shl-rt collar, except when the blouse is worn in which case no ornaments w111 hre worn on the shlrt, 0n Lhe offlcers' or enllsted blouse, the sllver CAP w111 tre r^or':r on bolh 1apeLs, centered t/2" aAove the lower edge of the lapel notch and parallel thereto.
CAP Rules

0l'{-129, 29 Jun. I9/+L, IJation r.i : eadeuarters, CAP. Shlrt Collar and Cap Inslgnia. 1. Al,l CAP corn'nlssloned offlcers and warranl officers are hereb,y authorized Lo wear rank inslgnia on lhe rlght side of the shirt collar and the silver CAP wtng*ind-propell.er inslgrnla on the left side of t,he shirt collar whenever Lhe shirt ls worn as the outer garmeni of the CAP unlform. (Uote: This removed the CAP l.etters from t,he rlght slde of the officers' shirt collar. )

62 Supply, fnsignia. 2. The silver CAP (letters )/8" hLEh: wldth l-1/8"). . . Instructors (19f .l ) ',ri11 wear 1t on the right sl"de of the shirt colla:"'
The Delavlng Tale Splnner, 28 January 191+5 -.-,:-.-',sare Wlng, Clvll Alr PatroL. . . . OfflccrE now near CAP eut-out on loft front of overseas cap l-natead of

(lAP Handbook, 19/,/r



PrtnLing (Southern Flight), 15 Nor.


el-reular cl.oth or netal dlsc.

War Department Vero #95-L5,

7) !,larch l9l+5t ehows offlcer rank lnslgnla on rlght shlrt collar and CAP eut-out on Loft co1lar. Ovcrseae cap not shown.

Alr i'orce Regulallon Noo 45-11, 11 Januata l9l+9. 7. a. (5) Cap and sllvcr vrlngcd cap ln618nla as now dcslgnad for the CAP, as shonn ln attachrncnt 2. (Offlccr rank lnsignla ls ehown on lcft side of oversoas cap, lndlcatlng that lt had replaced CAP cut-out, )
39-1, Sop. 1961. Offlcer rank inslgnla on fllght cap replaced by cut-out latters.


fall- of 1966, by now type CAP cut-out letters rrithout perlodc.



l'/, L9L2, Natlonal lieadquarters, CAI . 2. Insignia. i,. Cffj.cers insignia shall be: ? Sllver Wlngs s;rme deslgn as Alr Corps Officers' co}lar omatnent. on 1eft, shirt eollar, on lapels of blouse below the C.L.P., and on left side of cap, 1" lrom flront.
CV-l'5, ,lu} .
GM-ir.7-A, Aug. 3, L9l'2, National Headquarters, CAP. 9. Tl':e silver wlng and propeller ornament w111 noi be worn on lhe officers' cap, as st rted ln GM-1r5, 2-b, The onJ-y authoriaed cap ornamenL for a1I Clvl}

Air Patrol personnel is lhe blue dlsc, whlle trlangle with red three-biadeo propeller superimposed.

to GM-1n5, Sep. 29, l9l+2, National Headquarters, CAP. 3. It ls not, permisslbl-e for enllsted and non-conrnissloned personnel lo wear silver wings and propeller, as ihis ls strictly commissioned officers' insigAddendum #Z


liules, 28 Oct. 19[3. 62. Inslgnia. '1 . The silverx-ing and propeller device, :,amo desj.gn as the silver and gol-d insigpla of lhe Alr Corps, L-L/8" x jftr', will be worn by CAP officq::*glk on Lhe left side of the shlrt collar 1" from the front, paraI1-e1 to t,hc lrcrr. edge of eollar, and on both lapels of the blouse below the lapel nolch, cent.ered 1" helow t.he silver CAP and parallel thereLo.
Cl{-l-29, 29

Jrrr. 194/-,, I,iational Headquarters, CAP. irL Cr,l-1,r r .:nd Cap fnsignla. I, AIl CAF c,.nnni-ssioned officers and warranL offlcers are herebv autirorized f,rr werr rank insignia on lhe right side of the shirl coll-ar and the sllver CAP wing-and-propeller inslgnl:r on the left siCe of +"he shirt collar whenever t.he shlrt is worn as the outer garrnent of lAP uniform.

i{andbook, 19/}/r Edition, Second Prlnting, (Southern Fllght), 15 Nov. J.gLl., 62 SuppS-y, f nsignia . 3. The silver wlng ;rnd propeller device. . Instructors (19-1.1) will wear Lhis device on Lhe l-eft slde of the garison cap in lieu of the CAP cap

iienlaced on

Department Memorandum No. 95-L5,

left shlrt collar of officer's shirt Zj l4ar. J-9l*5,

b;r CAP crrt-out



with Arqv type unlforms, 1 Jan. L955.

(Not worn on

Air Fcrce



- Or"icms


-- r'.---i


it-r_---iil ,. ttn-___-lf
-J- L====---i
tiEUItliAl.if COiCNEi

I -u--Ji* 1l ir---.-C ,\ PT,\ IT1






(5rtv qi

r t:l IE:
-'1 rtRST

lt l-


l*-- , --l

-rx" ,L

L-r -'l






ElowN $JAMrt)

(juNloR GP-'\Dfi ofFlcER "^,.?i?,t^",.:3^ 'i:i?,'fi3'



cu-(5, July 1?, l9l+2 - Natlonal Hcrdqgartcrr, clvl-l Alr Patrol.

2. Inslqnla

thc red shouldcr lJops and


bc: E. Cfflcers lnslgnia shallreguletlon Arrry: rrALI not bc r*orrr rlthout of rank, Z, Inslgnla vlthout-urlttcn appolntrnent in grtdc by Natlona1

lnslgnta g. Elight Offlcers and Warrant Offlcers-Sane unlforru and nenbers as of rank. El3-ght Offl-cers l-ncludc aU offlccrs rithout lnsignla Offlccrs

accredlted aeroniutlcal rat'!::.gs as P[1ot Offlcers or Obgenrer and not appointed as conmlssi<;ned offlcers. for 3. Eank--G addendum to thls memrandum soon wtLl set forth regulati-onsfnas CAP officers and non-comnlseloned offlcers. of members "pffi-tmunt slgnla of rank wlll not be r+orn meer*rhlle. Addendnil to GH-l+5, JuIy 27, L9l+2 - NatLonal Headquartars, C-1o11 A1r Patrol'

fuallflcatl-ons for lppofntment wlth Rank, Cotttdsstoned and Non-Cormlssloned 0ff l-cers. all 1. A11 Group Cormanders, Squadron Comlanders and Etlght Lea!9rs andcomto be eliglb1e for appolntment wlth rank, "h.]l have staff offlcors pLet td the preserlbed tralnlng }{retllves as follows and shall bo prepared Lo pass a written exarnlnatlon thereon:

py13-nir,, h-n hrs., f)-2 hrs., #5-L hrs., ffi-6 hrg., ll9-3 hrs", fro - 2 hrs., #rf - 2 hrs., frZ - 2. hrs. '= r.4 hrs. #;'i-'- i-h"., #L5 -'1 h"., fr6 - ! h"".., #19 - I hrs.r-f2o - 2 hrs', fl' 5 hrs., lfaz'- I hrs, , #2ln - 10 hrs., f29 - 2 h1s. = lJ hrs. Z. Prior to rnaklng recorrnendatlons to the Natlonal Conrmnder, aIL W!'ng Comnanders rt11 ascertaln flrst that each reconuaended member has eompleted the prescrlbed lYatnlng Dlrectlves llstod hereln and that the membcrrs servLce record has been offlclally certlfled to that cffect. eommlesloned 3. Each euch membor quallfytng for posltlon as arlth temporalyofflcer may rank ln positlon ty [f," ]flng Conrrnander te appolnted to " Conmandcr, provldlng he has ccrvcd graat'pending appr.orral by the Natlonal pouiilor,, or a posltlon of cqual gryac, for not loss than 60 1n the ""r" days. If member has not scrvcd 60 daya, he,ntIl bc appolntcd onc grade J'n rank lower than that whlch the posltlon caIlg for, untl1 auch tlmc as he has sarvGd for 60 days, at wtrlch t!:nc the lflng Comnandcr nay recotmcrd the


Cornnisslonad Offlccrs I.Ilng Comlander Wlng Staff 0fflcer Group Corusnder

for pronotlon.

Rank or Gradc MaJor

Captaln Captaln

Rank Ins.iqnia Squadron S2uadron

- Llfj'icers -


Flight Officer Offlcers acpointments of Clull A1r Patrol Ofr'icers as 7. Cornmissioned u^jo@tenant,andSecondLleut,enantwi11bemar1eby' the National Commander upon recommendatlon of the Wing Conmander. Flight Offlcer aqpoinLrnents will be made by the Wing Commander' 3, t9[2 - Naticnal Headquarters, Clrtl Air Patrol. 7. flieht Officers rrill wear the same unlform as the comnrissioned offlcers, the shoulder rank insignla being that of the Junlor Warrant Offlcer U. S. L. (single bro'*n snamel bar with gold strlpe cross*',.tse)"
Clt-L?-A, August
CAP Rules 28 Ocl lt3 62 Inslgnla t+. Of flcers' 1ns1gn14 of g?ade r*'l1l bo same as for Amry 0ffLcers and rrll1 loops (not on the cap or shltt collar) on uu both shoulders 5/8" from the shouldcr end of the red 1oop. L Warrant Offtcer: Ellght Officer bar, bluo enamel and go1d, may be worn on the offtcers' unlform, or bar rnay be omltted. ? Second Lieutenant: Gold bar'. L Elrst Lleutenant: Sllver tar. L Captain: Tvo silve: i;ars. I l'{aJor: GoId Oak Loaf.

Conmander Staff Officer Flight l,eader Decuty Staff Offlcer ililot Offlcer 0bserver Officer

Orcur Staff Off,icer

Flight 0fficer

2nd Lleutenant 2nd Lieutenani

lsL Lleutenant lst Lleutenant

F11ght Officer

CAP Handbook, 191.1

62 Insignla L. 5 Lleutenant Colonel: Silver

&iltlon (Southern Etight), I Fubmary I9&l



GM-129, 29 June 19tt - Natlonal Headquarters, Cl-vl1 Alr Patrol Shlrt CoIIar and Cap fnsignia t. AI1 CAP coirrnissioned offlcers and warr"ant offlcers are hereby authorized f,o wear rank inslgnta on the right slde of the shlrt col}ar and the sllvor C.{P wlngs-and-propeller lnslgnla on the left slde of the shirt eollar whenever the shirt Ls r+orn as the outer garment of the CAP unlform.
CAP H:rndbook, I9/,/r Editlon, Second Prlnting (Southern fltght) 15 Nov 191+l+ 6Z Supp1y, fnslgnia 1,.. Offleers Inslernia of Arade wl1l be the same as for Amy 0ffteers and wiDt,e'*ffi1d-eisoftheb1ouse,overcoat,raincoat,orJacket 5/9" trom the shoulder end of the loop and on the left slde of the garrlson cap, 1" from the front. llhen the shirt ts r,rcnr as an outer garment, rank inslgnla will be placed on the rlght slde of the shlrt collar and the sllver CAP wings and propeller on the left side of the shlrt collar. I Warrant 0fftcer: a Pllot, Ellght Offlcer Bar, blue enamel and gold. b Non-pllot, Warrant 0fflcer Bar, brown enamel and gold' Natlonal Geographic, I December 191+4, shows Anmy lnslgni-a for F1lght NQTE: gfflcer as gold bar with rounded ends, l1ght blue enamel crossed by a slngle gold stripe, Chief Warrant 0fflcer as gold bar with rounded ends, brown wlth -1ng1e lengthwise gold strlpe, and Warrant Offtcer Junior Grade aa gold bar rnrith rounded ends, brown w'1th slngle crosswlse gold strips.


Inslgrlla - Offlcers -



Inltlal rnade ln

appotntments to the grade May and June I9l+5.

of colonel ln Clvtl Alr Patrol

Arfr 4r-16, 15 August I95I.

26. Indlvldual ins18n1. (rfs"" 19, fr, L and 22): a. Insignla of Grade: nn ii)-6iff"".u' Inslgnla. Regular-Blze ins1-gnla w111 be.Yornsize miniature the shoulder loops of the overcoat, Ioat, and'- Jacket wlth shirt ls rrcrn optional for wear on thc rlght slde of the collar when the as in outer ganuont.










d. Enltsted personnel:


Natlonal Headquartors,

Clvll Air Petrol.



Cherrrons, regrrlatlon Anrqy, on red patch same color ac shoulder on both sloaves half rray betraen elbon and shouldcr !re&&, for non-cora-

offlears and flrst clsss prlvates.


Quallfleatlons for


July 77,


Rank or Grada Non-Coumissloned 0fflcers # Technlcal Scrgeant P11ot Sergcant 0bserver Sergeant Photographor Corporal CIerk Prlrratc, lst Glaes Stenographor Mastcr Sergeant l'{echanic, A and E Technlcal Sergeant Hechanlc, A or E Technical Sergeant Radlo 0porator B. Non-Comnlssloled 0fficcr. Appolntments of aIL grades of non-comnlssloned offlcers auttrorf-zE wilI be nacie by the rpproprt-ate Unit Couaandor.


1-g!2 - Natlonal Hcadquartcrs, Clvll Alr Patrol. Appolntmcnt rlth fi.ank, CotudssLoncd ard Non-Conrnlssloned

GM-&7-A, August ), L9l+2 - Natlonal l{eadquarters, Clvl1 Al-r Patrol. B, Non-eorrnlssloned offlcers and prlvates ftrst-class eherrons wIII have to be nade up locally. The ri".,dard Arry chavron may be prchascd, the background ramoved, ad a red background substltuted.

palr; Staff Sergeant .)5 per pair; Technical Sergeant .[0 pcr palr; lst Sergeant .l+5 por palr; Uaster Sergeant .45 per paLr. CAP Rulcs, Xarch 29, L9l+3 - Nattonal Headquarters, Clvl1 Alr Patrol' 91 Cadets ?. Cadcts 1111 not hold offlccr gradcs. Fn.:*tional tltlos and non-comnissLoned grades, rrhlch wl1l- bc ln CAPC and not ln CAP, aro authori.zed only

(f,{.55, Septembar '/, l9t+2 - NatLonal Heedquarters, Clvl] Al'r.Patlrcl. Chewons for Non-Corunlsslonad Officers 1. The followlng chenrons for non-cormlssloned offlccrs, which eonsist of gold strlps on red backgr.oundr BX be prrchascd from the Gemsco Counpany. . . Prlwrte lst Class .11+ pcr pair; Corporal ,20 per pair; Sergaant .24 por

Ftrst Sergcant. t rlll rank ln the ordor namcd: trainlng Sergeant, Z Intelllgence Sergcant, Connunlcatlons Sergcant, Supply Scrgcant, ard AdJutant, all ln the grade of Sergeant. L Httght Lerdcr, Scrgcant. A. Assletant Ellght Lcader, Corporal. 2 Sectl.on Leador, Corporal. 6 Asslstant Sectlon Leedcr, Elrst Class Prlnate' 8. fr'o cadet rlLl rrcar chenronc for thc above grades untl]. at lcest J months
Squadron Corurander, Squadron Staff, who

s follorrs

96 Cadcts - Supp1y ). Inrlgnia for CAPC offlccrs are authorlzcd as follong: ? Cfiovrons, eloth, for gradcs prescrlbed ln (91-7): khald on rcd backgrouna sarre as prescrlbed for CAP, ssryn on both sloevcs half way between the shoulder seam and the e1bow.

servlce 1n



Sleeve Rank Insi,rJlla

Sanior l{cnbers and Cadeto


Page 2

Bn1let1n Vo1.


No. 31, JrOy 30,

Patr.ol . FOry{ CAP CADE?


- Natlonal iloadquarters, CLrll ALr


UNI!S-. . . 41tr Corps F):llsted RoserYlsts ln tn thc n1ntnum grado of Prlvate, Flrst CIaes.
R'ules 28 Oct [3 62 Inslgnia



non-eomd'ssloned grades wlll be regulatton AmY (not }hrtne eo"p.iflEIfts, khakl, on patch of sane red as shoulder looPs, to be sswn on bot,h slesves of, all out,er garments, half way between elbon end shouldcr sean. 2 Technlcal Sergeant t Prlvato, Flrst Class 6 lfueter Sergeant ? Corporal




L SergeanL { Sfaff Sergeant

1 Elrst


CAP Handbook, 19Lt+

62 Supp1y, Insignia

r,ray between elbow arvl

Edltlon, Second Prlntlng (Southern Ellght) i> Nov I9/+4. 5. Cherrrons for non-corrnlssloned grades rr111 ba rogulatlon Arry (not Uar!.ne khakl, to be sartn on both slcevea of all outer garments, half Co"plflI&s,

The Delawlng Tale Spinner, 25 Februatry L9b5, Dcl-avare WlnSr C1YII Alr Patrol. ARHr CJ{EVIONS: Chevrons wlth rad background are no longar reguJ"atlon for CAP msmbers and Cadets. Regular Ar:mgr chevrons, surmor on khald ahlrts, and OD on blouscs, fleld Jackets, and 0D shj"rts, aro to ba rortl.

lbatning ftlrcctlve ]6, i5 August 19.l+5. h. Inslgni.a of CAP Cadet raik anl grade are black satln (2*" * t4/ln") 5. wlth,rcven d-sign in gol-d colored thread, as lllustrated ln Attachreats No. 1 and No. 2, and are worr on both sleeves of the outer garment Ln thc saru. ^?1ner as cherrrons. (Attachnents show horlzontal atrlpes for offlcers, 3 for L*p* bh, 2 for Elrst Lleutenant, I for Soeond Llcutenant, and inverted Vrs for noncorcnisstoned offlcers, 3 rvlth dlamond below for Elrst Sergeant, 3 for Scrgeant, 2 ?or Corporal, and 1 for Prlvatc Blrst C1sss.) NOTE: thts dlrectlvo rras obCAP

vlously publlshed prematurely.

CAP Newc

Bulletin, VoI. fY, No. 25, Z+ August r.9l+5. lIAd INSIGT{IA-W1th the cooperatlon of the Heraldlc [ii.r ion of the Offlce of the fuarterrnaster Gener^a1, a nuirber of new ttemr: *i.,,iAP and CAPC llslgnla have been daslgnod. On conploti.on of the dravtngs anC the pnrbllcatlon of new regulatlona, CAP Ir111 have a cornplotely conslstent iet of inslgnta. . . Cadet lnstgnla of offleer or non-comrissl,onod 5gradas wl1l be sln-llar to servlce and apeclallst emblens rlovon devlcea rrlth gold thrcad on a black background. now prescribed CAP News Bulletln VoI. fV, No. 35, 2 Novenber 191i5. INSIG{IA--As announced tn CAP Narg hrlletln No. 25, the Offlcc of the Quarterrr,rster Genaral has bsen developlng deslgns for certsl"n nsr CAP lnstgnla. Conple* tton of rr:rlclng drawlngs 3.s oxpccted soon aftcr tho flrst of thc Xaarr for publleatlon Lo Lnfor"m CAP nenbors and for thc uso of nanufaetufglso thore wlll be no chanle tn presont CAP lnslgnla oxcept that the Atry-sty1e chevrons worn by CAPiadcti ylll bs rcplaced by black.,on-gold sleovc patches and that cedct offlcera r,riJ.l be ldentlfied by such petches sLnllar to those rorn by AAF Aviatlon Cadets. . . Insignia 1111 be noral aa prevlously prescrlbed t111 new
Items are ready.
NOTE: No evldence c&n be found eYer Eanufactured or used.

that the gold and black cadct sleeve enblens





u^51te SER0tlxl

Photocopy of Master Sergeant Chevron

Air Force Regulation 45-15.


l:1.-..\r 7,7,,r' tttt tt:l' t \' ttt.litltiltr

Ol grrl,l,:

Note: There is some difference ln the actual chernons used by CAP members after 1951 and those prescrlbed by AF? l+5-l.6 both ln slze and ln the currrature of the arc. ft ls known that the grade of staff sergeani wi: al-so used ln Civll Alr Patro1 at that tlme. (flg" 19). The tnslgnla rvl1l be chevrons composed of whlte stripes embroldered on a blue, shade 8f, ambroldered background. i|" wldo. (nctual slze was L-3/l*" wlde.) Cherrrons "r" b. Chevrons (fig. 26). Chevrons of grade wjl"l- be uorn by senl-or members 32. and cadots of noncomlssloned grade on the sLeeves of all outer garmentsr oXcw and shoulder seam. cept the ratncoat, centered between th
AFR /+5-16, 15 August 1951. 26, a, (Z) Senior Members

LAPTL il!fr-]LiHs


July i7, 191.12 - lJatj.onal Headquarters, C:vi} Air ratrol. 2. --T;--Civilian INSITJIiIA Wear--A snail- 1acel emblern trearing the CAP 3-bladed oropeile; emb1eil dlEouf,-The T;5. simLl-ar to the CAP plIot wings ma;r be worn by accredit"ed rnemters not in uniform. No otner insignia of the Patrol will be worn except on full ard correct CAP uniforms. Cfflce of Civllian Defense Regulations }io. 2, Amendment No. 2 to SuPnlementary Order Nc. 2, July ?8, l9\?. S,.rptfementatl; Order No. 2 dated llr 2t, i9' :2" l,: Office of Civilian Defense Regulations No. ?, 1s nereby r.tl'o' ':r'"1 tY adding Sec'i,"iii 5 (i), '*hich designates additional officia] a:'ticies "-.'r' the Ci-:ril Air Patrol as follows: 5 (i) iaoei Pins and Buttons be used on metal lapel pins, nilh spread nffiay the cir-rrings on each side of and the letters ItCAPrr at eagle cle, whlch plns shall- be 1* inches in length (; ) fne basie i-nsigne alone may be used on 1ape1 gLns and t'uttons $ inch tn dia.meter. Alr Patrol' CAi'] Rules - March 29 L9L3 - Natlonal lleadquarters, Clvtl ' 96 Cadet,s - SUPPIY ,!. On clvil-lan garments, cAP Cadets r.'1I1 wear no CAP or CAFC tnslgnla except the snnll wlnged laPel emblem prescrl,bed for CAP.

Rules 28 Oct" l+3 62 fnslgnia i" 7 ijrpel embl"enr.s-*'For uear on civti.lan clo+"hes by members and Cadets, screw post, or pln Lype. L WlngE_: Sllver wtngs, 1" span, wleh emblem enameled. b. Round: &nb1em, 1/2" dlamet,er, enameied nretal. C.d,P Handbook, 1911, Edltion (Sor:thern Etight), 1 Febnrary i9t& 96 CADETS, SuPPlY 5. 0n clvllian Eprtnents, CAP Cadets w111 wear no CAP or OAPC inslgnla exeent Lhe smp11 Lapel emblem (62-l) prescribed for CLP.


Bulletin No. Ll, Nov. 5, l9l+2, Natlonal lieadgrarters, CAP. CADET INSIGNIA--Sleeve emblems for CAP Cadets w111 be the 3-bladed propeller, same as CAP wtth the "U.S" removed and w'ith the worrC "CADET" added below t,he circle. T?rls emblem r+111 be worn on the left sleeve ]" below the shoulder seam. It can now be obt^al-ned from Gemscor 395 lrth Ave., IJew York Clty, f,ar 2J$. Orders will be placed through CAP supply offl-cers, same as for CAP lnslgnla. Qrders from lndlvlduals wlll not be accepted. It is inportant that cadets acqulre the slee:"e emblems before wearing uniforms. Productl-on arrangement.n -'i';i being rnade for other CAPC lnsignla which w111 be announced. soc. "

96 Cadets, Supply. 2. Inslgrrla wlll be worn by aI1 CadeLs as I-olIows: I CAPC enrblem, clolh: red 3-bladed propeller on vrhiLe trlangle on Z7)lL" b1ue dlsc, same as CAP emblem wttfrout the "US" and wlth "CADET" added below in red letters on white background; sewn on the lefl sleeve of shlrt and fleld Jacket, , " below the shoulder seam.
Replaced by emblem


Rules, Mar. 29, L9L3, Natlonal Headquarters,


wlth "US",


fnstructlons, 2J Ssp. l9l+).


Sl,Iii"'i[ i:]iTiiitr{ WITH "US"

CAP' &rdeL 1n:;t-nrctlons, 2? Sep. Lgl'-\ , lie't i';nai l{eadquarters ernblem' ' piacec oi' i"-'rl shouider sleeve 6. l Thp US" i.s buine

cAp handbook,

IgtL Edltlon (southertr Fltght,), I reb.


96 Cadei,s,


2-.lCAPCu*ur"*,clorh:r.orl3-b1ade<ip:.opelleronyhltetrlang}e ,g!rr wlth "CADET" addod on 21" .Itte .ii";, ,'r," "' CAP ':mliem wlth ^p6l on lefi sLeeve of shtrt' beLow in r-ed tetiors cn whlr*e background sewn ,.nd f lel.d Jacket, l" bul",rw tha shorrl-del' s&rflr

rffi-v"t. rrr,

lieplaca<i by enrblem w-llh

,,CrViL AIF. PATRO,', .'.''.:.1 cbovor No. 35, 10 Nov. 191:"

CAP Nerrs





CAP News Bulletln VoI. RED LOOPS 1r0 GO--. . .

IfI, No. ]!, Tl Acl. 19&&. fhe prlnclpal change ln addltlon to the removai uI the red loops and the red sleeve brald fron the offlcers' blouses rrtll be the placlng of the nords CIVIL AIR PA1?0L above the shoulder sleeve embleto. The nen ehouldar patch 1s ln productlon and aII unlts w111 be advlsed as to supply sources when the new unlform regulatlon ls lssuod.
NOTE: Although the cadet shoulder sleeve emblem Ls not speclfJ.cally mentloned !n the CAP Nerrs Bulletln quoted aboveo and "i'.i:* CAP Handbook, 191+{ Edltlon, Second Prlntlng, IJ Nov. 191+l+, dct:,*r':t ii"relude the addj-tion of the CIWL AIR PATROL arc above the cadet, e,tirji,jrt, tt ls lonown that cadet as waII as senlor omblens were changed. Itre foLlowing ltenc ls quoted fnom the 28 January 19!5 tssue of The Delawlng ?a1e Splnnsr, whlch, at that tlme, was a weekly publlcatlon of the Delawaro Wlng. NEIrI SHOULDR PAI$H: T?re new shoulder patch wlth the edditl-on of CfVIL AIR PATROL ln a rod arc at top is now arrallable for eenlor menbers. Ttre Cedet pateh ls expected wtthln the na:rt ten days,
ReplSced by CADET CIWL AIR PA1ROL breaat pateh for vcar on unlfonns, when authorlzed by AIB l+5-L6t 15 Aug. 1911.

Alr Forcc


out when CAP Natlonal ExecutLvo Boarrl voted at the 13-15 Sep" 195,l+ ffiTEg ltt"t the Anqy typo CAP unlfornr nould not be rorn aftcr I Jan. 1955.

C.A-P C.
C" A. P.


Hctal end cloth

CAPBullctlnNo.lr2,Novcmbcr}3,lgt+2-NatlonalHeadq.rra:"ters,ClYllA1rPatr.ol. ar8 noY arra:l-l:*;;l * atr 65t from the CADET Et{Bln{s-cApc- sl}vcr cut..out letterc CAP Supply Offlcers and acRobblns Co., Attlebor.o, l{aEE. OJ"i" n}acea through for a uinlxm of 3 pl-cces' companled Uy , ,oon"y oid"" or check rtit t" accepted pocket' The letters rrll}-b""t** Just above thc rlglrt shlrt Fatrol' Hareh 8, Lgl+J - Natl-ona1 Hcadquarters' clvlL Alr

96 Cadets - SuPPlY. ;-, ft',tfgnf. *fii [e Horn !y all Cadcts as followE:ytgn; rcrn centared above tho 2 Stlvar CliC"pf"t"'1ii' i"i* i"-i"tiu"" 3/A" l"-*bov" the top of ihe pocket *rtt thc botti,r:r of the lotters rt gtri ";i;;"ilt "t llla P.
Cadet Instmctlons 27 Sapfernber L9l+3, i. The fol*lowlng add'ltlonal Lnslgnla yt.-aytlrorlzod: a cloth CAPC, whtte on ? In llau oI it"-"11ver CAPC"pf" (CAP R,les 96-2-2) cach' ntn* order (l 100 blue, ls optlonaily alrallabIe f** the sarae conpany 5Ol, to serrr above the rlght shlrt pocket'
CAP Handbook, 1941 Edltton 96 Cadets - SuPPIY



Ellght), I



above tha 2, 2 SlLver CAPC pln: I|" long ln lottars 3/8" lrtgh: norn ecnteredthe pocket of rlght shlrt Pocket vlth the botton of tf,u letiers t"-.bott" the top f1aP, blue' {" a Woven CAPC opttonal i-n I1au of stlver, i''')'iu"* lettors on nery x 1t". CAP l.{anua} Voluna 1, Book 1, 1 August-L9l*9' patch arc l'1CAPC cut-Eoi t"tt"ts and thc cloth C'1PC Although both the ^"t.1 lnstgnta, ?n1y the nctal cut-outs Iustratad, along rlth othcr ltcns of cadctttre rirt col-lar by cadet offlHorn on aro shown on unlforrls. lhey rcre "nrrtboth lapeIs of the batcars, on both ehlrt collars by all othcr cadctc, and on tle Jackot or blousc for all cadets'

Replaced 1n

tha faII of lg6g uy


cut-out lettcrs, wl'thout pcrlods.




Erlletln No. l*3, Novenber N, L9t+2 - Natlonal Headqrrarters' clvil Al-r Patrol' CfOni npfiU--fi,e LirUfem to Ue worn on the caps of CAP Cadsts ls a red Z-bladed
pl-p"Il-_-.r.,rlth whlte rlngs on a blue dlsc

1|" di-ameter, :l-oth. PatroL" CAP Rules, March 29r JglrJ - Natl-ona1 Headquarters, Clvll Alr 96 Cadets - SuPPlY 2. Insignla wttt Ue wom by a}l Cedeta as follows: on a propeLler wlth-whlte L CifC cap enblem, clolfr: red 2-bladed garrlson cap, I't fromwlngsfront the f{" U-tue dlsc; sc}rn ott ttrt left slde of the
and hal-f way between the top and botton

of the


clvll Alr Patr.ol Manual, Vohur,* 1, Book 1, I August 1949. Accordlng to the l].lustratj-*ns on page 6-1-1, the cloth cadet cap emblern had been replacod for g-i*ir,3'i offlcars by sIlver "plps" denotlng rank' The cloth cap embiem was sttll uorrn by non-comnLseloned cadet offleers and by cadats
wlthout rank or grade'

bi-ue a. Ellght-".p. Mafo cadet offlcers and atrmen wl1I wear brald,offLcer 1111 have no brrald. Cadet shade 85, on the filght cap. Fema1e eaps grade tnstgnta rlll be nrcrn- by offlcers on the left front of the curtaln of and 1 lnch

39-1, Clvll Alr Patrol Unl-forrns, L9. Cadet Haadgaar Insignla.

Sep 1951.

men tho cap, centared, and L-l/z inchcs fron the front edgo fortrorn by airnen ln lnslgnls rrt1l be from the ftrcnt edie for wonsn. Cadct cap the same posltlon as offj-cer gpade lnslgnla. . cadet b. bervlce eep. If so authorj-red -b;r the tt-ing cotmld?", Meta1 offlcers cadet (m}c) and t .,en'flee hat (femle). rnaJ/ wcar tfre serrl"o ".p theroon. fte nale serYlce:?p t".the Alr Force c*t tnslgnla rr11l be rrorn blue vtsor-trp", but banded dth ; whlte (lnateaa of blue) t-l/t- tnch brald and a front ch15 strap of black leathar. The whltc brald ls purchased seporately and placed over the regu}ar blue brald.

39-1, 18 FebllarT 1970. Flgnra 5-\2. Cadet Servtce Cap/7laf fnslgn!-a *(Offlcers only) +Fenale cadet atrraon are also authorlzed to rear the netal servlce cap/hat, lnslgnla on tho Beret. CAPM 39-1, I Janua tA 1777. Heta1 Cadet Scrvlce \O/tlat Inslgnla .ig!+tq"d for cadat officars ty t", mctal lnslgnla ln two slzes (sle and fcuale)'

thc cloth cadct cap enbla s6 3f{11 ln uce on ralc cadet fllght caps, and.the metal cadet cervlce cap/trat lnstgnla nac stlIl ln cloth us6 on the femie berets, for all cadctc rdthout offtcer grade. Thepl-ece of longest tLne that a alngle eadet cap patch holds the racold for the CAP lnslgnla has bcen ln sorYlca.

of l

Novenber 1982




Deslgnecl bv GM-65, Dec.

General, 1.41 Lrer rsr 1r , 1^iar ue

Offlce of lhe Quarterrnast'er DePa.rtment. r-.t L

r,f!t,[1 'Lt{

\.1 t'

'i-\'B' X ) fa




L9L2, Natlonal




i:' ffr8;,i:: :l"il"^H":?:*=?li'33il;, has approved a deslgn to ba worn on servlce

ty officers on1y.
The deslgn adopted


"rpo consl-sls of our regllatlon cap dJ-sc, except that lt ls smaller (f fncn ln dlameter) and sllver wlngs are attached ln a vertical posltion.

&rlIetln Vol. II, No. 2o Jan. 8, Lgt+), clvl-l Alr Patrol, office of Civilian Defense. l-s-ngw arrailable for NE",,J INSIGNIA--A new wtnged devlce, here lllustrated, with visor. Note CAp offj-cers to vroar on the servl"" ""p-g.rrleon cap it,^t tHt" rs onlv rlr offlcers ln the grade of Ellght Offl-cer and higher previously profor effiled personnel who **"r thu disc emblem thls item at r"a ""1 vlded. The Robbins Co., lttteboro, Mass', ls supplytg See GM-66' $1.?5 and the Green g6ni;,;1.r, Kansas Clty, Mo.e at $1'65'

62 Inslgnla ; a t, ,, x 2--; 14fl+". ,_ l. 1 gfficers, cap emblem--Upraised wlngs wlth emblemcap' (Caut'icrt: i';; "" metal enameled, to wear on front, of offlcers' service in ease down the screw on thls omblem so it wlII not eause scalp lnJurles of accident. )


Ru.l-es, 28



29 Jun. ]_gl+l+t National l{eadquarters, CAP' Shirl Co1lar and CaP Inslgnta. on Z. The CAP plain disk caf, lnsignla ls required to be wornal1 the garrison enll'st'ed perbv personnel and on the .'erv1cs cap f;"";";;.;i "*p;t;il worn on the sonnel. The blp' wreatired dlsk cap i,,,sl ' rs requlred-to-be cap lnsignia service cap by all warrant and flisht oi:.'lcers. the CAP winged cap by all corrnlssloned offlcers' is requlrui to be worn on the



2, LL Aug. 194&, IlatLonal Headquarters, cAP. pertains to the wearWA&pANT OFFICm,S CAP n'ISIGNIA:--5o mrch of GM-129 as Warranl and Fllght Offtlng of the cAP wreathed dlsk cap tnslgnta !l-111 coniemplated ls cers Is rescinded. Dro to manufacturlng dliflcultles lt w111not made' Warbe personnel that a speclal cap lnslgnLa for this group of ranl and flLlght Offteers w111 contlnue to wear the Offlcers Cap Inslgnia" Bullettn,

(clP nules 62-LJ)

for officers' NOTE: Thls lnslgnla was lssued to members of the Internatlonal Teams from 1953 io 1957 for thelr conpetltion unlform'
Replaced Dec. 1953 by new eagle cap ernblem

Cadet Dri1l


Coastal Patrol

Courien Servlce

Southern Liaison Patrol

Forest Fire Patrol



Alrcraft Seareh

Servico Strlpe

GII-58, Decenber 8, L9t+2 - Natlonal Hoadquartcrs, CIvII Atr Patrol. Actlve Duty Enblens. - l' $lra vtf4.-. I. The followlng enblemg for activa duty have bean deslgned by the n./,fuarterraaster Gcncral xhlch nay bc nortr by personnel who hav'e scncd or ar s*:'* vlng on any of the fol-lorlng actlve duty nlsaions: 1. Coastal Patrol (Coastsl Patr.ol- only) (nOfn: Thls tray nevcr have been used.) U. Ellght, Surgeon e, Couller Servtcs'(pa1d mLsstons only for the Armed Forces or lf,ar l"ndustrles) d. Southern tl"alson Patro}

g. Forest Flro Patrol 2. lhcse enblsus are replaclng tho "Vt' l-nsJ".mt:; th;t was forterly loill on the left forear^n. Thesc emblens aro to be Horn on :, .-*yt, sleeve 2|" fronn the top of thc euff on shlrts, and 2|" above bral-d on sleeva of offlcors blouse" I?te above enblens consist of a black satl-n squar6, 11" bF L-3/lr" rrlth dactgn embroldored ln gold-eolored throad, t. A gold-colored thread cerylce strlpe tny also be sccured lYon the tane tourco tor 2l* eech. It m,y bc yorr by thoso hsvlng gcrved slx nonths or llorct ono strlpe for each slx uonthtt actlve duty. Thcse atrlpcs rrc to ba vortr j of an lnch
below the enblem.

Service smblens nay be won! by uembers vho have bcen offtcfuLly ass5"gned and have sarved on CAP opeiatlons; blsck 6atln, uo1on, 2" xL4/b"r Yl'th desfgn ln gold colorcd thread; to be worrr 2" above the top of thc cuff on thc left slceve of shlrt or above the brald on leI.t slccve of offlcera' blouoe. t Coastal Patr',o1-Submrlno and bonb.

62 8.

Rules, 28 Oct {J,


? Llalson Patrol-Cactus wlth LP. 1_ Forest Patrol--Tree wLth FP. L Courier-J.{ercur? hrlnged foot. 9. Sarvlce strlpe, one for oach slx months eonsecutlve servlco or I8O days of non-

consecutlve s6rrrlce on offlcial asslgnnont on CAP opcratlons, gold colored thread L-l/2,' x 5/8,,; to be wonr centered below thc acrvLcc onblem. I?te flrst strtpc -U" litt" belorr the ernblem ard firrthcr strlpes rrt)-l bd Lfz" apert. *ffi
CAF Handbook, 19lrl,


Servlce enblens . ' . and Rescue

Edltton (Second hlnttns) Southcrn Ellght, 15 Nov [l+.


- l{lnged blnoculars.

C.[P Ncrc Erllotin VoI. fff, No. ]8, 15 Dccenber 19&4. F{lsrlng Alrcraft Search Dnblern-1, woven emblem, gold on black ln the same style as tha emblom for coastal patr.ol and othcr CAP ssrvlcec, has bcen dcslgned for near by ner*rers who have partlclpated 1n offlclal seareh nlsclons for lElsslng aircraft.


by slnllar rhltc on blue onblena for use on Alr Force type unlforEs.



Brlletj-n Vol-. II, No. 1!, Apr. 9,

-CLUts--CA-P '


Clvtl Alr Patrol' office of Ctvilian



sr thoeo a oqulralont of tbe Caterplllar CIut'' f valkod and have l-rrrCy aorrls vho Mvc ballad out of alrplaneor'adc a forced landvho have hoce , !e tho h-rck Club for oelbcrg hrck Club enbloo' 1n( !c the vator on C'A'P Coaetal Petrol' of Thc shtrt or blcuge' the vor-n LeLov the flap of tbe 1eft pockct havs been preeonted 1g here reproduced. sooe dorun"'of roenbere fhc ldea was orlgvl.,h the goblern bv thc Nattonal Coaraadar.Executlvo 0fflcer' CA! lrated by Lr. t"i. i.-^. (Jack) Vtiae, Vllas' rrag &rlong the firei {ard' i-y colnclcenco, hls novphev, Lt' t-o be tlrtnked vhlle on Patrol'





i: Illl%ii; Enblem, ror members whc n'": lll l:'i5.tT:1x".?t"if,r"l,tfr.:::=*t Palrol;rdduckon'bluedlsc;wea,rcenteredonl-eftpocketofshirtorbiouse:

I Cloth 2'l/tu" dlamet'*: Z Metal 1" dl-ameter.

Could not be earned after jLAuFrst Patrol operations were terminated'


on whlch date

civil Alr Patr'= .l.,sL.f-





Erlletln Vo}. If, No. 25, Junc L8, tgl+) - Natlonal Headquarters, Clvl1 Alr Patrol. Arrry Alr ForrLYING CADEIB-- . . . rec:rrttment of Avlatlon Cadets for the &rllsted Reserve the AI'r ces. . . Those who are now 17 nay apply forbcconlng Corps 18. y111 be l-nductod r|lthln 6 mnths after and olds

are the rrtngs whlch.Fq.be rcrn by the l?-yoar l-nductLon' so en1lstod, on thelr clvlllan cl[thes whl'lc they are avaitlng thelr CAPC *ear the rrlngs on who are, accepLed by AAF my . . . .94I-@!E-buttonhore l-n the (Lap above the Left shlrt pocket. ln the untforrrs
Repr"oduced above

Cadet Instructlons ?7 Septcnber 19&3. i. The following addltlonal lnslgnla are-authorlzed: wear thelr AC sllver nay fi1t"t"a I l,lembers oi tf," Alr Corpsleii ehlrtRcscnYeson the CAPC uniforu' In pocket wl-ngs ln the Uuttofio1e of thl Ileu thereof, a larger AC '<tng ernblcm ls aval]-sblc ln cloth fron Gcnsco' ldnl.,n o:dcr 601' silver 395 Fourth Ave.r-N;-i.;r.:-e,"11. i., @ lll "1"11 chlrt pocket' the left ;;y .; royal uiua, washable, to scw on
CAp Handbook, 19lrl+ &llt1on (Southarrn Ellght), 96 Cadets, SuPPlY ). AC sLlver rlngs my be r*ortr by members o{

FebmarT I9l+4'

Enllsted Reserve l}'t" A1r Corps C'{PC unlfor:n' the G tn" buttonhoiu"of tir" left shlrt pocket ofcloth enblem, whlte on naw l1eu of the sllvsr rlngs, an orral a. In tI 6e ssirn on the lefi shlrt pocket' uluel'z-i'i4;-*-r;, r,



and m111cadets--young nen .na *i"n gf 15 through 17, for avlatlon talent reeources and tary lnstmctlon or, [r," htghest standarcs ihat local cadcts themselves lncan provlde. g"rr"ift, to luUUc lntarests and to the

Manual Vo1ume 1, Book 1, 1 August 191+9' paga Z-2, Rrrpose of tn" Clp Caalt Program

ls to rmlntaln a corps of

2. u. s. Alr Force galns nany potenttal.recnrlts. rn emergency, es durlng the past war, CAP fadcts mai Joln the Al'r Force cnllsted ressrve proceed Yith whl1e still ln cAF-i,t llLrrg. In peacctlne, m-st eadcts wlll or elvl11an al-r of nl1lt.rv {"ii to thc'goal thalr educatlon, ;"t;*;'iu or to a Rescr:ve afflllatlon' serwice,
fhus, rrlth the end of world ItIar-Il, !\: st c.orRs &rllsted Rescrvo lnslgn!-a Uu".i" obsoletc, presumUly ln latG 19'{5 or Ln }9'+6'

clude: . .

B[ue SlNWC5



DeslgnedbyOfflceoflhoQrartarrrrasterGenerel,Octobcr13,L9l+). 1941+ CAP Br.rlletln VoI. III, No. L, 7 January


cently approved by the War Oepart;";i. not 1"", than 25O hours; red strlpe* middle and green strlpes for one-y".t-*"a for two years and 1'O0C *ortting for 18 months and 5@ aetual set iorir,hours-;- -and blueapprovlng appllcatlons for ln GM-1O3. In hours or rnore. oei.us are tirefirlly' Members who -th8;; year rlbbons, ,nlt .o*r,a""s should ""1" tfr" reqrrlrements are not eli'gible for the have prt in a )-arge number of horlrs-ln less in cAP. A member who has p:t green ribbon untii they have "orpi.tua 1_fu11.L""t tlII he has served a fulL two in lrOOo hours i"-.ot lffglUfu ii" tf," blue rllbon yut"", but may now get the red or S:een' 1- Febmary j.9ll+ cAp Handbook, 19&4 Edltion (southern f,Llght), 62 Inslgnia l.lOCAPServiceRlbbon--lhgWarDeparLmentandthefuartermasterGenera} haveappro,uo"ffi-"iuu""l1;.,;-i!;,o,t.rte,wJ.ththeCAPj.:n:':':l1airr*-.-'-' wlde at eaci' citoreA red, whiteland biue ln the centl"l'"ia-ayears of strtpe 5/\6" contlnuous sertllce since enLhe color of the strlpe to denote total actuaJ-ly devot$ to CAP r+ork incruding ristment in cAp ana totar nunber-of hours ulrk of Wing unlts as well as -Onfy both ground and flying duties .r,a tnu 'volunteer one rlbbon wll"l be warn; a member adutles on operatlons assig*,"rrt;. denotlng }onger ggrvlce w'i1l wear warde. a ribbon and subsoquentr!-a**d:ri one on appfo'tral-of hls unlt conmnander' the 1atter. A member will wear"..iUbol only entry on the nember's 1'hls appro.nr *fi1 be sent to National- Headquarters'ior the fo'[owing inforrration: cc;'tain servlce record o',-fo"r-62-I.IO whlch wtli numberr-home name of unlt' cAP grad.e .na -address' date, member's full name of member, "uri.I cAP to date, the daLe enllsted i-n cAp, hours of actual work for remarks lf any' lis."trr"u, ,r,ti-"orrnander's slgnat'""r 111 aetual worlclng hours and mlnlnnrm of a Qreen strlpeg-Mi-illm.rm ot z5o orre Jrear enllstment ln CAP' 18 b Epq stripes-Mlnlmum of 5@ hours andand months enllstment' two vears enristment' hours or-t,ooo " sitfffi"-;r;i; (Southern P1lght)' 15 Nov 19d+ Handbook, 19lrlr Edltion, Second Prlntlng

:t:";i i

H lil';1",!:It {d;F"t# ; i"::liCAP enblem ln : "I"iloi:: the ls whlte wlth the

96 5.

. . ._ Lhe CAP servlce rl-bbon (62-1'10) ' ' ' under same quallflcatlons as for adul-t members'

CADETS, SuPPlY CAP Cadets may wear



CAp Handbook, 19&&

f9 Personnel, APPointments. 1: t A Wing Conunander, on recorrnendatlon of a unlt comnander, may appolnt a member tn the title oi nvsmucloR. A member so appointed nray wear the officers' type uniform but w111 not wear X.nsignla of officer grade unless appolnted also as an offlcer prrsuant to 18 and 19. Instmctor appcS-:'*--ents by'the Vllng witl be only for members who are doctors, or nold l degree ''-i' engineerlrrg, o. hold a teacher's certlflcate issued by the State, or are certlfied as fllght or ground instmctors by cfu[, or hold-airllne plIot r.atings, or have served as officers of the arrned forces of the United States 62 Inslgnia. pur1. 11 instructor--Only for inst'trctors appolnted by fnng Conmandersseml(52-f .f ) with a whlte l, the" shoulder sfeev" u*Llu* "runfto-(iq-i.f clrcle underneath bearing the word "INS'IRUCTOR" ln r"*ri letters, )f8" hlgh; wear in lieu of regular ernblem on all outer .qai'iients. I! Nov. 191,L' CAp Handbook, )-91+1" Editlon, Second Prlntlng (Southern Etight), and 62-1.11 ls repeated in the The sarne inforn'atlon given above ln 19-1.1 15 Nov. Igl./+ printingl'by whlch tl_me the words cIvIL AIR PATA.OL had been acided at the top of the shoulder sleeve emblem. NOTE: No further references have been found to the title of Instnrctor. It ls assumed that the title uas phased out by attritlon.

Edltlon (Southerr', Elight), 1 Fub.



CAP Handbook, 191+4

and propetter (62-3).

62 Inslgnla 12. Stlver Caduceus. For Hedlcal Offlcere

&lltton (Southern Et18ht),

February I9l&.


ln place of rlng


Clvl]- A1r Patrol. UDICAI INSIGNIA. Wlng comnandcrs are advl-sed that Inslgnla) or anY othar tYPc of ti" authorlzcd to be Yorn on the A1r Force l{edlcal Inslgnta aro- not type of CAP unifor"m.

Bulletln No. lror 29 Septernber L95t+t Natlonal




gpmf'ft954 neetlnp that the Arry type rortr after 1 Jarn:'ary L955.


out xhen cAP Natlonal- &rccutlve Board votcd at 1ts L3-L5 CAP gnlforn rcu1d not




C O }i1 I'{,A, N D


:sl..i.;ioii: PI I,OT


CAP Nerrs



hrlletln, Vol', fVr No. 25 - 2l+ August I9l+5'Dlvlslon of the NEI,I INSIC$tIA-iIili the-cooieratl-on of tha Hcraldic ltens of cAP and offlce of thc Qrsrtcmacter G31cra1, a r:umbcr.of nexthe drarlngs and thc of CAPC lnslgnla havc bee:-. *,gelgncd. on coupletion cAP rrilt havc a conplctely conslstent publlcatlon of ncw regulatlons, set of lnstgnla. the cAP" For nembcrs partlclpatlng 1n thc f,Llght proflclency program, i 0fftquallfy as i;-'" pilot rlngs dth ; etar rr111 bc arardea to ttrosc who Officers' 0bser-\re; cers and rrlngs rlth atar and wrcath for lastcr PLlot wlngs rith star havc bcen deslgncd for 0bservcr offlccrs' L9l+5' CAP News hrlletln, VoI. fV, No. 35 - Z Novcn*rer in clP Neis hrllctln No. 25, thc.office^of the QuarIIISIGNIA-A, announeed now CAP lnslSnta' ter.rnaster General has been a""uiopirg dealgna f,or ccrtaln first of tho yoar' the Conprletlon of rrorklng drawlngs ls'exf,ectcd-aoon after of renufacturers' and for lir' use ' ' for pmblicatlon to f-ifora CAP membersf].1;::.; proflclency pro8rl'tr as CAP Fllght out ln the For pllots who check Fught officcrs a offleer, the cAP pILot rrLngs rr111 bear a starl for scnlorntng wnth star' star and wrcath; and for Obse;cr 0fficsrs, the obserl'cr
havo authorlzed cAP Regulatlon 5O-1, 2O Dccerrbcr 191+8, Ls lrrorrn to ;a"ooping" vlngs, Uut thls regulatlon has not been locatcd.



Air Force Regulatlon No. l+!-IL, 11 January L9l+9' 'l . Unlforrns: nlsslons, aia. Henbers of cAP cngagcd ln the perfor"rnance of offlclal lnalgnLa authoand though actlng ag clv111.r,-o61u.tc.ra, w1L[ r*oar unlforosand insj.'rf'r3a (offlthe 11r Forcc. T5o unlforts rlzed by tho Dcpartncnt of thc Arr Force' ccrs and.f"r"ri-mfi."a-fmalc) arc thc gttm6 as thocc of rtth the foJ-loning dlstlnctlvc exccptlons: ' as' dcal-gned and rrorrl by CAP, as '---(i)-silvfr pllot and obac*er badgc ' are ar"ooptng.rlngs for comand pj-lot' ghovm ln, attairo"it'0.--(ni";;;tcd sanior pllot, pllot, obscrvcr and lcnlor observcr' )

Pllot and 0bserver



CAP Manual Volume


1, 1 August 1949. Senlor members of the Clvll Alr Patrpl are authori.zed aeronautlcal ratlngs after conrplytng wtth piescrlbed tralnlng and other necessary requLrements. The CAP fHght prcgran is deslgned to build an adequate pool of quaIlf,led pllots and observers to meet requirements for fllght servlces and emergency tnlsslons. 1. CAP Pllot-Clrrll Alr Patrol plIots are volunteer mombers who have completed ground ftlght tralnlng and hold a CAA Prlvate Pl1ot's 1lcense. 2. CAP Senlor Pllot-Thls ratlng is anarded senlor members of the CIvIL Alr Patrol w'tth 2 years' servl-ce and 1r5OO hours of certtfled pILot tLme. A CAA prlv:ite pI*lotrs llcense Ls also requlred. 3. CAP Cormand Pllrt-Senlor members ho3-dtng a CAA prlvate plrs llcense, and w"ilh 4 years servlce and 21500 hourg of certlfled lot pl1ot tlme, may we;rr the Command Pllotts badgo. l+, CAP Observer-After ground and fllght trainlng as sn observer a senlor member of the CAP m,y be awarrCed thls aeronautLcal :r";*


Aeronautlcal Ratlngs.




5. CAP Gllder Pllot-ActLve CAP senlor noembers who are quallfled by the CAA as gllder pIlots and who fu1fll-} other standards establlshed by the wlng cormander wlLL be authorlzed to wear Gllder
More complete dotalls coverlng the quallflcatlon and wearing of avl-atlon badges are eovered ln the 50 Serles of current Civt1 Air Pa-



trol Regulat[ons. Noto: ttrough crlterLa ls not llsted, ",.. are also lllustrated ln thl-s renual.


Senlor Observer wlngs

Week1y BuJ-letln No. i+5r 3 November L95l+, 5. IfiNIAruRE AVIATION BADGES. l,tlnl-ature avLat,lon badges nay be optlonally worn by CAP personnel- who are authorlzed to wear thls lteur

of lnslgni.a. Thls applles to both the shlrt wien wortr as an outor garment and the coat (maLe); the wtnter coat and top of sutmler twopleco unlfonro ( fernale ),

Noto: In about 1954 rrings for naster observer r*ere authorlzed. They conslsted of observer rrlngs rrlth star ln r*roath above.
A11 "drooplng wlngs" avl-atlon badges were replaccd tn 1yl5 or L975 bf straLght w'lngs, whlch are flrst {llustrsled ln CAnq 39-1, 1 January




Lleutenant Colonel



Elrst Llzutanant

Second Lleutenant

Manual Volume 1, Book 1, I August 1949. photographs of cadefs, taken prlor to publlcatlon of thls rnanual, and printed 1n the rnanual, show cidets woaring "plps.r' No dlrectlve has been located which glves the ocact date of authorlzatlon of thls lnsipia. page eI11. Illustratlons show cadet offlcer lnelgnla worrl on-ehoulder loops of battle Jacket, Ieft slde of ganrJ.son cap, ana rlgtrt slde of shlrt collar when shlrt ls worrr as the r:utor gattent.


llanual Volume 1, Book I, 1 Augugt 191+9. of cadets, taken prlor to prbllcatlon of thls manual, and prlnted ln the nanual, show cadets uearLng these chevrons. No dlrectlve has been located whlch glves the ocact date of authorlzatlon of thls


1nsLgnla. Page 8-I1. Placeaent

of cherrrona 1g shown as half-r.ray between the shoulder scam and the elbor* on both slecveg. Page 8-16. IAe four cadel non-s6rmlssloned offlcer chevrons sholrn above are l)*lustrated: Cadet Flrst Sergeant, Cadet Sergeant, Cadet Corporal, and Cadet Pfc. Cr{.terla for the auard of cadet chovrons ts not gtven in the rnanual.


Manual Volune 1, Book I, I August 191+9. photographs of cadef,s, tekon prlor to ptrbllcatlon of thls mnual, and prlnted ln the manual, show cedets wearlng thls patch on.rlght sleeve. No dtrectlve has been locatcd vhlch glves the exact date of authorLzatlon of this patch. Page 8-1?. S1eevc pattfr ls lllustrated. It conslsts of a blue cloth alic, rlth thltc rlngs and tr+o-bladed propeller. 9APC letteri.ng ls prhf,ed at the top and esamgon! in script at botton.


45-15, 15 Au8ust 1951. t. Cia"t plsarFoent Patch (flg. i?)-a dlsk 2" ln dl"anetor ol cotton cloth, b1ue, shado 83, wLth rvlngs and propeller enbr"oldered * in whlto ceniercd iherein. thc Lctterg "CAPC" and the nold rrfric*.. ment", embroldered !n nhltc are nlaced respectlvely &ovo and beLow

the propeller bladea.


c. Cadet &rcanlment Patch (fl8. n). Cadet encamFment patch rr111 be nort cent"rld on the sleeve of the shi'rt 4" fron the bottom edge of the cuff. (ftg. 2? shows patch on left sleeve. ) N01E: fhis patOh nas also tnanufactured wlth red propeller, as shown above at riglt. However, no regulatlon ean be found authorlzlng
other than the whlte proPeller.


Sunruer D:campneont



35-l+, l+ January l95l+.









Manual Volume 1, Book 1, 1 August 1949. Page 1-10. Docoratlons for Senlor Menbers.

the National Commander of CAP has the authorlty to ararrd decorattons to senlor memberg for superl.or performnc of tholr dutles. These awards l-nclude: 1. Dtsttngulshed Ser,'lce Award-Thls decoretlon ls glven for herolsm and oxceptJ.onally nerltorC.ous senrlce ln a duty of great responslbiii* ty that has contrlbuted ln a hlgh degree to the successt\rl accompllshment of the Clvll Air Patrol nlsston. 2. Exceptlonal Servlce Arard-Senlor memberg rho dlstlngulsh thenselves by exceptlonally nerltorlous conduct ln the perfonmance of outstanding servlce are awarded thls rLbbon, Such servlce must be clearly exceptLonal, Superlor perfor:nance of thc norml dutleg of a posltlon

not alone Justlfy th{ s ararrl. ). Meritod.ous Servlce Arerr:l-Thle dccoratlon ls gtven to senlor members who dlstlngulsh themselvcs by par+"lcu1arly excellent serrrlce or by accompllshnent less than roqulred for the exceptlonal senrlce auard.


ilil 1t

StRYlCt RrtSoxS

Volune I, Book 1, 1 August 1949. 1-10. Servlce Rlbbona for Senlor Members. Wlng connanders are authorl-zed to awarrl serrlce rlbbons to senLor nembers of tne Clvlt Alr Patr.ol 1n recognltlon of honorable volunteer service. Ttre natlonal comnander wlll ar*arrl such rlbbons to ttre winga comnanders for dlstrlbutton. 0nly the hlghest aervlce rLbbon wtrlch member has recetved rvLLL be uort1. I. BIue Servlce Rl-bbon-Thts honor 1s ararded to senlor membere who have perforrned at least 2rOO0 hours of honorable volunteer sen"lce in the Clvll Alr Patr.o1 program, and *tro have been nenbers 1n good standl-ng for at least 6 year;. - 2. Whlte Service li:lbbon-After aenlor rnernbers have served at least IrOOO hourg of honorable volunteer servtqe ln the Clvll Alr Patrol over a 4-year perlod they reeelve thls serYlce arrarrd. menbers '. ). R"O Servtce Rlbbon-This rlbbon 1s gtven to senlorfor at l"east nembere of tha Clvl]. Alr Patro1 ln good standlng have boen tr.ro years and perforaed at leaat 5@ hours of honorable servlce.
CAP Manual








CAP l,{anual Volune Page 1-21.



1, I

August 1949.

to pnovldc a means for preparlng forroer cadeta and nsw menbera for the responslblltt,l"*; of arln{nlstratlon and loadershlp. Th!.a phase of tralning embraces all prsona betwaen the agea of 18 ard 21, during uhlch


Ls establlghed

*lthln the general


tlme they wear O'IC mctal cut-outs and OTC shoulder patch as dlstlnguishtng features on the regular CAP uniform. Page 8-12. OTC nembers are plctured as wearlng cap lnslgnl-a of senLL" ,ember enllsted or non-comriasl,oncd personncl, CAP cut-outg on upper lapels of battle Jackat and on left shlrt coIlar, when shtrt 1s the outer gar:nent. OTC eut.<uts are woral on both lapels below the eut and on the rlght shlrt collar, r*tren shlrt 1s the outer garment. The shoulder patch rrlth OTC arc below replaces the regular senlor member shoulder patch. Chevrons are those of senlor member n6n-ssrulr{ssloned offlcer grades.
The 0fficer Trainlng Corps ls not mentloned It rras presr:nably phased out or abollehed,


subst.quent regulatlons, and




Although no speclf,lc crlterla are glr1en ln the manual for th.e auard of the Rd, whlt; and ELue Cadet Merlt (ttatnlng) RtUUons, the ribbons are lllustr.ated and the course of tnstmctLon for cadets ls descr"lbed. An approprlate Cadet Merlt Rlbbon was alarded for the conpletion of each sectlon (appno:drnately one year) of cadet tralning as follows: 1. Bastc-Rcd. 2. SecondarT-flh!1s. ), Adrranced-Elue.


l,{anual Vo}ume



I, 1 Auguet 1949.



Bulletln No. 5, 9 Febllary 1951. CHAPLAINS INSICNIT: Pendlng a formal amendment of CAP Regulatlon 35-b, tL 4c of the Regulatlon be amended to i-ndlcate @ragraph that Clvl1 Alr Patrol Chaplalns 1111 wear the Chaplalns lr.slgnla ln lieu of the sllver wtngs and propeller l-nsl.gnla on the unlfor:u when the serrlce coat or Jacket l"s worn. In addltlon, paragraph 4h of the regulatlon will be anended Lo authorlze Clvl] Air Patrol Chaplalns to wear the Chaplalns insignla centered one lnch above the left breast pocket of the ehLrt when the shlrt ls worn as an outer garrrent. Cathollc and Protegtant Chaplains rlll wear the plaln silver eross, ard Jerrlsh Chaplalns rrlll war the plain sllver tablst.

Afn 45-16, 15 August 1951. (Alr Porce type unlforn. ) 28. Inslgnla of Speclalty (flgs. 4 and ?J+12 a. Chaplaln (f1g. 4), Chaplains' lnslgnia coneist of a sllver-coLor metal cross or tablet backed wlth dark bl'.re anamel. )8. Speclalty (ftg. 31). The apeclalty instgnla l,tll be worr: in accorrdanee

with the fo)-lorvlng:

a. Chap1al.nsl Ctraptalns' lnslgnia wltl be r*ort centered L/2" aar;e the left breast pocket of the coat, Jacket, or shlrt when worrr as an outer garment. When rlbbons are Horn, t[re-1nslg;1a 1111 be centered, L/2" above the top rovr of rlbbons, cxcept that 1n no lnstance x{Il the lnsJ.gnla be ptaced closer than 1/4" horlzontally to the lapcl of the coat or Jacket.
plaln sllver cross or tablet


was vrorn on the Army type CAP uniforrn, vuhlch nas phased out l January 19'5, The cilver and blue cnoss or tablet l-s wortt on the Alr Force t3rpe -^r uniforrn'


APn &5-15,

IJ August 1951. (A1r Forcs type unlforr.) Cip USAF*Au:d.1iary Inslgnla-Breast Patcheg (flgs. 15 and 15): (1) All Senlor Personnelr-Arl lsoscelcs trlarlgJ,e of blue mterlal, shade 83, rrlth r.ounded corners, supertnposed rrlth a rectanglo of red rnatertal. A11 lettering wlIL be whlte and wlLl read "Clvll, USAF Auld)-lary 2\. e.
3?. CAP U.S.A.F. Auxlltary Inslfrla (ftg. 30). ?he approprlate Clvll A1r Patrol broast patch w'111 b' torrr by all personnel, centored above the rlght pocket of the ee.1r, Jaoket, or shlrt when worn as an outer ganoent.

Alr Patr.o1 . "

Fedlaced by uretal ldentlficatlon plate,

Novemnber 1966.


45-16, 15 August L951. (Alr Force type unlforao. ) Z+, e. CAP USAF AulCllary Inslgnla-Breast Patches (flgs. 15 and 16): (Z) C.aets--a rectangle of blue naterlal, shade 83, rrlth letterLng ln whlte. )7, CAP U.S.A.F. Arudltary lnslgnl,a (ftg. 3O). Thc appnoprLate Clvll Alr Patrol breast patch rril-L bc norn by all pcrsonniJ., centered above the rlght pocket of thc coat, Jacket, or shtrt when rcrn as &n outor


Renlaced by metal

ldentlflcetlon plate,

Novmber 1965.




cf flles of the Clvtl Air Patrol Hlstorlcal Conomlttee lnclude allwhlchthe items aro bel-ng (rs), coples.of listed below except those rnarked rd-th an asterlsk mlsslng docurents '^''lii sought by the conrmd.ttee" Ar.y lnformaf-lon concerTllng the h,e welcomed by lhe Chalrrne.n, CAP Hisiorl-ca1 ConrnLttee, NatJ"ona1 Headquariers,
CAP, ldaxwell AFB, AL 361L7"

;1f"/11,2 ZilZlt-Z

General grders No. i, inciucilng $ection VIII, Deslgnatlon of Uniforms, anrl Sect-ton IX, Deslg*ation of trnsignla' Operailons Dl-rect,ive No. 2, Dispiay cI'Ctvi1 A1r Patrol Ins1gnla on

1,lemorandrurn 9, Unlforms and Intignl-a for Staff Personnel. Z/13/lry jho/t,2 cAP Bullettn vol. r, No. 8, cAP unlfoi"rns. Operatlons Directive No, 10, Aerona':tlcal Ratj-r,85 for Civlt Aj-r Pai/ii'/t',i nrol FlYi-ng Personnel. tr/j/trZ General Memorandu,n 18, Cfflcial- Officer's Unlform - (surrner), Commlssloned Personnel" l,/7/l*2 gperatlons Memorandum 3, Correctton - Operatlons Dlrective No. I0. i'/toit,z cnp Burtetln vol. i, No. i1, Buttons (Flastic). S/ZS/t'z General Memorandun 29, Cir'1l Alr Patrol Insignla' 5/27/LZ General Mernorandum Ji, Merif Awards, SupplemenLar7 i/Zg'/tZ Offlce of Clvl}j-an Deiense F.er.:1atl-ons lio. 2,Use of Officlal Order No, Artlcles Z, Speclflcatl"ons for and i,;,*rt;iar of, Wear and of: . .. Clvll 1lY i.,.- iPar, .]' 6h3/lr2 General Mernorait,J',.'. +; Sleeve Rank Insigr,ia for CAP Offlcers' of 6/.2O'/t-Z War Departmen+, i*tlor from The AdiuLent General- authorizing use standard servlce unlforrus and !r::,.-o:ila of grade used by the Anny Alr Forces wlth certal-n dlstinctlve exceptlons, 7/2/L2 General Memorandum 39, Inslgnla for Actlve D:ty volunteers, .. 'l.t Awards, and SPeclallsts. 7/2/t,2 General Memorandum 10, Manufaeturlng and Qrdering of CAP Insignta' 7/\7/lr7 General Memorandum l+5, Uniform, Insl-gnla, and Rank. I /ZU'/trZ General Memorandum 4?, CtvtL Alr Patrol Instgnl General Memorandum Jrgi nepfacement of Uniform Shoulder Straps (A11 i'tii'iii



7 s


GM-l+5, fuaiifi-catlons for Appointnent rith Rank, Comrnlssloned and Non-eomnLssloned Offi-eers, Offlce of Clvlllan Defense Regrrl-: ''':::"r No" 2, Amendment No. 2 to Supplementary Order No. 2t L,ep*}- Pi-i:e and &rttons.

Personnel ) ,


b /t-z s/\a/b2
9 /-t

funeraL General

B/L5 /t,z

e/2e/12 LO/t/t+2 Lo/2o/12


l+7'A, Civtl Al-r Patrol Inslgnia' Mamorancir.:-rn !2, OrganLzational Standard. Addendum to GM-[7-A, Clvtl Alr Patro1 Cap Inslgnla' General Memorandum , Women's Wlnter Uniforrn. Ceneral Memorandum 55, Chevrons for Non-CoronLssioned 0fflcers. (nxCltP Hanribook, publj.shed in loose 18af formet by Southern Fllght. t::a.cts on Unlforms f<.rr CAP Personnel-, }rr.ges 113-120). Acidendum #Z to C$/t-lr7-Ar Red Sleevs Bral-d for Offi-cerst Blouses.

rc/2e/12 tL/6/L?

A.rldendurn #Z to CJ'f-t5, inslgnia for ftrllsted Men. General l,Iemorandum 58 (CAPC-I), Clvl-l Alr Pal::oi Cadets' General Memorandum 59, Unlform Req:lrements for Clvll Alr Patrol, with attached War De$rtment Servj.ces of Supply Letter, LA/B/I+2. General Memorandum 62, Servlce Cap for" Clv!1 Alr Patrol Unlform. CAP Brrllettn Voi. I, No. &1, Cadet Inslgnla.

Clvil- Alr Patrol Unlform and fu,s}gnLa Beference lbterl-als LLh3 /t+2 LL/20/12

Pago 2

No, b2, Cadet Enbl-ems; C'arrison Caps' No, \3, Cadet Dnblem. Bulletln War Department Letter from ihe AdJutant General authorlzlng the sale t2/1n-2 of enllsted men's outer unlform clothlng for cash to members of the Clvll Alr Patrol. Ceneral Memorandum 66, Cap Dovice for Clvtl Alr Patrol Offlcers. LZhg/LZ L2./29/L2 General Momorandum 68, Active Dr'rty Droblems. L/B/t3 CAP Br:Iletin Vo}. II, No. 2, New Insignla. Post Exchanges. ;1'/Zg/L7 General l'{emorandum ?i, Purctrase of Uniforms from ?/5/Lj Addendum No. 3 to GM-lr7-A, Clvll- Alr Patrol Inslgnia' l'tz;q7b c.n"."f Memorandum 28, CAP Rules (plrst Instalnent). t'tliUl- General Memorandum 78-A, CAP Rules (Second Instalment). tr/9/1.3 cAP hrlle*'ln vo1. rI, No, ]-5, D.rck CIub. 6A'S/1"3 CAF Bulletln VoI. II, No. 25, Etylng Cadets; Photo Emblem. CAP Bulletln VoI. II, No,3L, Forn CAP Cadet Unl-ts. 7bj/$ xwar Department Letter from lhe AdJutant General. WAC Unlform Garrnents {nj/4i for Ferele Members of CAl. B\j/4j CAP B11lletln VoI. fI, No, 33, WAC Uniform for CAP Women. 8/27/L3 cAP Bulletln, vo1. II, ilo. 35, ?rlck InsLgnla. g/L)/lrl CAP Bulletin, Vo1. II, No, 37, CAPC Unlfortns. g'/U/t'l CAP Bu1let1n VoI. II, Nc. 39, Radlo DnbLem. 9/27/lr3 Cadet Instmctlons 5 and 7. rcft/Ul CAP Bulletin Vol. fI, No, l.O, New Cadet InsLgn5-a. LO/26/l+3 CAP Rules, Supply 51, Unlfo:*ns. Lj/26/l+3 CAP Instmctlons, Supr'-;r ci, Unlfor:ns, Supply Sourees. LO/2e/D CAP Ru1es, Supply i2, Inslgnla. tt/;O1t3 CAP Instmctlons, Supply 61 62, Unifc:rns, Inslgnia, Cautl-on Against

Bulletl-n VoI.

I, I,

1@, Wearing of f,Iying Jacket and PILot and 0hL:1/z5/lr) General Inslgnia. server l2/29/L3 CAP Instructlonu, Supply 61 62, Wearlng of Clvll A1r Patro1 Uniform. Natlonal Geographlc Reprlnt of Inslgnla ard Decorations of the U. S. ly/t 3 Armed Forcesl blp on pages 72O, TJ2, n9-b0r 7l+61 71+8, and Plate VIII, l/l/trL, CAP Bu11et1n VoI. III, No. 1, CAP Servlce Rlbbons. 2'/L/Li cAP Handbook, 19&4 trditton (southern Fllght).



t,/28/LL 6/29/trL StL/LL g/n'/U6

Bulletin Vol. III, No. L7 t Band Emblem. General Menorandum 12!, Shlrt Collar and Cap Instrgnia. Weekly Bulletln Nunber 2, Warrant offj-crn8 i"ap Inslgnla. War Department Memorandum 95-Ll+, CiviL Aj-r Patrol, Army A1r Forces

rc/26/LL xletter


No. 34r Red Ioops to F. No. 35, New Shoulder Patch. second'Printlng (Southern rIlght) ii'tlS'tit, 12/L/LL }Jatlonal Geographic Beprint, Rev!-sed Edltlon, Inslgnla and DecoratLons of the U. S. Arrned Fortes. CAP on pages 155-L57, L6l+, lZt\S/tt, CAP News Bulletin Vo1. IIf, No. J8, New Shoulder Patch; New Unlforx ReguJ-atlons; Mlsslng Alrcraft Search Dnblem. L2/22/t+l+ CAP News Brrlletln VoI. III, No. 39, Unauthorlzod Insignlag Menrbershlp

LO/n/UU LL/\O/t.l+


Uy Conynand of the Conrnandlng Generalr. AnrV from The AdJutant General dated 6/3O/UZ.

Air Forces, arnending

CAP News

Vol. CAP News CRP nanauook, 19/rtr Edltlon,


&r11etin VoI.



CtYIt Air Patrql Untforr,

al:d. -...::..;-g:ii-r:, f,eferc*r:v Mats:riais


Paga J

t/Zg/ttS Z/ZA/ US 2/2511.5 3/A/L5 t-/3/t-11 5fffi1t,.5 i/U/"5 7/29/i-5 5fi5/u5 S/U/L5 qIA/LS

Hinut es'dil mi-:igi:,*r Sqliaa;",;rr i'ieet1-rg, Eolaware n*l;;g * ChsYTont. the Dal.srr-ng ii*)"* $p3-nner, .Lrn4y Jhetrons, War l*F;:tme:rt. itg::x,i;.9I*&5, Cirzi A:.r Patrol, Ard"Y Alr Fcr-

ltrs Deladlng 'Iaie Spi;;,:'*r', liew


Lo/D-iL5 LL/2/t-S L/25/t 6 t2/20/t48 *CAPR 5O-1. r/tt/\q Air" Foree Reg:uiation No. j+5-11, Ci'\rii 8/7/Lq L/26/sL z/e/5L

LTstgnia" liews }llieLin Vo1-. W, Io. 25, ii.,', Insignla" Tne D*lar.rl.ng TaIr Spirrner, Se:"",,*.cs a::d lip*c;r"il.*r- &nbl-ems; Unlforms. *CAPR 35-ir, Wearir:g of Uni.for.--:^,*l{lnutes Wllrrdn$-on SquaC:r:an, }oi'";v*re, irl.,,*. r',{Pti 35-U, The Delawi"ng Tale Sp:.:"ilie:'! insig:.:a. CAP News *rl-letrrr Y,,.-. IV, Nc. 3>, i:rslgn1a. CAP News Er.riiet,j-n Vol" L"', tgo. 4r i''riiforms.


ces Au:ril,S"ar-"rf{lnutes 'd-iir:.;,;/.crr Sq:^*c-ron .*^eei,;-.g, Ii,'&t+ar, i*1:1f I UnLfcm*" The Dele.'*,:*g i*1e Sp:r:i*n, Llnifo:::-r. i:r.\i *j1$i&rr:la Frle os' !tj.rurt,es x;J:u-ngton S,{;ai;*; i{e*t:;1, )+-'-, *''6v'- 'e:,.,:fl, 1:r{for':ts, The Dolarang ta,i* $pX.r;:r*r, rirJ-.fcr:.s a.rrrl .rrslgiri&, CAP trai":r:::g Direetlvo ]5, Cadet Off:-":sr arrci lion-Comisslonad

3/zL/5t a/1s/st
Lo/L7 / 52



forrn. Waekly Bulletln Ho. 39r tinlfora Vlolstlons. Weekly BuJ.letin l,Io. 44r WearJ.ng of A1r Force &Lue Topcoat. Weekly Bullotin 8o, &t $er-Ltflsates of Proilclency for ScnLor

ary of ""he A-j"r Foreen Clv-il Alr PatroL Hanua' V:l.iilr,j, )-, Book 1. Weekiy Buliet,in Nu:* -, Biew SA;- ,'.-*fi:,fn. Ideekly l-:r:-li.i , ),. []hr.rl-.:ivis inslgnia" AFR No. i+5*-iiA, Gii-dgr Fllot i,*t;t,;;s' APE. lio. l+5-].6, Prescrj-bod Un::.'-:'rs for Civll Air Patro1 Persor.r:ol. AfE Nou 45-16A, Servtce C.ap Ylsor; Fitght Cap Brald; Dr*eg Urd-

iir Pat:'ol (CAP), Auxlli-

Weaktr-y.Bu-lLotln Slo, 33, FlyJ.ng Unl-forta for Femals Henbars of CAP. tholfi rc/n/Sl Weekly h-l.lLettur ?;a. 39', Suppiy' So:;irees of Unlfomn (prtcc Lj.sts). Weekly &rllet,ln lio. |,ir S\rpply Sources cf Unlforn. i/S/Sl LL/121fi WeekJ.y Bulletin No. iiZ, hrchase ,:'' Ci+:;.;:9, LZ/:-/SZ Weekly Bulletln No. &.5r e*p [. isl *CAFB 900-1, CAP Seal- anci *Abk:'.:* l/tr/:t' CAPB 30-o, ri".::n4y-type CiyiL A:!r Pati:ol Unlforc for Cadeis. t'/t-/St* cAra 30-s, ;nilorm for Clvl1 A1:. Petr*l Cadete (Al"r Force trpe). l/tnlStr CAPR 35-l+, Prescrlbed Decoratlons, Se,rvi-co Rl-'obons anC Certlficatee. l'/t-/Str JTCAPR 35-7', Arrg-type Clvll ,tlr Palroi un{fo:m for SenLor Memberg. t/t-/St, CAPR 3l-S, UnLionn-for Ctvtl" ALr Fatrrrl SenLor ileraber (Atr Force "cYPe ) ' :-/L5i5b Heekly B,r.l-latj"n No. 2, C1ass B-Co;aba; Serlrlceable Clothing - l'la1e

t/19/51, L/29/5t+ t/n/SU AfiO/>L 6t1Z/St'

:.ncl Pemale " WeekJ-y Br-rll*tln

No. 11, Wartlme ,lctlvlrCni{:y Serrlcs ftibbons. Weekly Bnll"etln !{o. lJ, Wear of F:.1-g}xt C}-':thing. Woekly Br,rlietln So. ?0, UnLfonm for Femai"e CAF Personnel; Unlfor:n Iteme Awrl.labLe for CA.P Fema1e Mernbors. ldeokly Bulletln No. ?9, &roLgni-a for Fernale CAP offlcers" Weekly BulLetj-n No" ?&r CltF Femal"e F1y3.ng UnLform.