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Questionnaire Dear Respondent I am K.

Venkatesh final year MBA student of SKR engineering college conducting a survey on the impact of educational qualification, value orientations and risk attitudes on trust and reciprocity. I would be grateful if you kindly spare sometime to answer my questions. This information will be used only for academic purpose and would be kept confidential. I. PERSONAL DETAILS Name Age Educational qualification Course doing II. EMPLOYEE RISK ASSESSMENT 1. When starting a new undertaking you may? o Are you doubt its success o Weigh the pros and cons well before hand and consult with experienced people o Trust to luck and ignore possible failure o Are confident of success and sure you will overcome any obstacles o Need the guidance of an authoritative person o You feel its worth taking the risk and in any case you will be able to extricate yourself o Are you sure that it will be of benefit to mankind 2. In your business or professional activities you? o Do not usually have competition o Take competition in to account and look for ways to obviate or reduce it o Battle against your competitors o Are prepared to fight against your competitors by any means and your confident of victory o Are inclined to avoid competition o Are keen on competitive struggle o Feel ready to eliminate competitors foe the common good

3. When driving a car you? o Always obey the traffic rules and avoid dangerous situations o Particularly always obey the traffic but if you the rules you never enter into an argument with the police o React calmly when fine o Are likely to break the rules if you dont expect to be fined o Particularly always obey the traffic rules and drive carefully o Often break the rules, exceed the speed limits by or while overtaking o Try to obey the rules as far as they do not hinder your purpose but if otherwise you ignore the rules

4. A majority opinion? o Usually you agree with it o If your opinion differs from it, then you adhere to yours o If your opinion differs, you express it and retain your own views o If your opinion differs from it, you dare not uphold yours o Does not matter to you o You do your at most to have it on your side making all other change their mind

5. When pursuing your goal, you? o Never infringe the law o Dont infringe the law, explicitly but exploit it loopholes it necessary o Sometimes infringe the law in minor matters, and think nothing of it o Sometimes infringe the law if the risk of discovery is small o May infringe the law if you see a number of others doing so o Are likely to violate the law if there is a chance of escaping detection o Are ready to use almost any means since you think a great aim justifies any means

6. If duels were permitted, you would? o Try to avoid them if possible, but if challenged, you would not back out o Avoid them at all cost o Prefer to resolve conflicts in a court o Accept a challenge but would settle for reconcilliation as well o Prefer to resolve conflicts by fight and not in a court o Be always determined to accept the challenge o Ignore the challenge in order not to allow fate to defeat your purpose

7. Games of chance you? o Dont play o If playing, gamble for low stakes o May play but never beyond the limit of your solvency o Play for high stakes, sometimes beyond your solvency o Generally dont play since you hate to loss o When playing, sometimes stake your all o Dont play on principal

8. You have a preference for people who? o Are trustworthy o Work side by side with you o Are competent, carried away o Are determined, full of initiative o Are committed to you and implicitly obedient o Are courageous, found of risks o Believe in your ideas

9. In social settings you? o Join in with whats going on o Take to people who seem to be interesting o Are the life and soul of the party

o Want to be respected and acknowledged as the right side in arguments o Listen to what is being said but do not have enough courage to join the conversation o Often seek adventure o Push your ideas

10. When making a decision, you? o Usually hesitate a great deal o Decide after assessing the prospects of success o Base your decision more on luck than on through reckoning o Entertain do not doubt about rightness o Tend to postpone it o Decide impulsively relying only on fate and luck o Believe firmly in your rightness

11. The anticipation of forthcoming events, whether favorable or unfavorable? o Worries you but you hope for the best o You think over your action at a bad turn of events o Puts you into pleasurable anticipation, leaving on room for the bad o Makes you cautious but you believe you will cope with any turn of events o Make you anxious, you expected the worst o Mankind o Excites you, stimulates your energy o Mobilizes but does not scare you

12. In matters of dress you? o Dislike extravagant styles, and try not to stand out o Prefer on elegant and quiet style o Choose a striking or overtly casual style o Choose quality, durable goods o Dress like the others

o Choose loud, sometimes eccentric style o Are content with what do you have, paying little attention to the least fashion

13. As a rule, you enter into intimate relations? o If it does not commit you or you are prepared for marriage o With partners whose cultural, social and intellectual; level is not lower than yours o If you are seized by strong feelings o With partners who recognize your superiority o With your soul mate o Easily, not looking far ahead o When your partners are your companions in some mutual activity

14. When your rights are infringed, you? o Are likely to be reconciled to that o Act the same way as the majority of people around you o Will enter into fierce conflict o Try to avoid such situation o Assert your rights whatever the cost o Will defend them o Will uncompromisingly assert them for the sake of common justice

15. Conflicts? o You manage not to get into them o You seldom find yourself involved but if so, act defensively o You often get involved, through your own initiative o At times, you unexpected find yourself involve but you never stay involved for long o When you enter in to one, you try to settle the conflict o You go into crush the enemy

16. You worry about? o Your professional abilities o Your sound social and financial position o Your rapid and successful advancement o Your personal success o Your prestige in society o Your personal and social status o Mankind

17. You prefer to be engaged in something that? o First and foremost gives you moral satisfaction o Improves your living standard o Arouses team excitement and passion o Allows you to enjoy your life o Enhances your prestige o Allows you to live a purposeful life o Is very important to the whole of mankind

18. Opponents? o You frequently give into them o You avoid them o You try to destroy them o Persistently come about to your way o You enter into a fight with them o Activate you o You compromise with them if necessary

19. If you have a fairly prosperous life, you? o Are not prepared to risk your current assets while knowing you could have gained more o Dont want to make any changes

o Direct your activity to improving the life of thiers. o Are ready to take risks for greater success o Feel you could have gained more but were unlucky o Sometimes changes it drastically for no particular reason o Are satisfied but work continuously to improve it

20. When you undertake actions? o You are often not sure if they are right o You feel more confident when others approve of them o They are for everybodys good o You are sure of their rightness even if others regard them as wrong actions o The warnings of others strengthen your determination to go your own way o They sometimes involves risks, as to test your abilities, courage and luck o Your rely more on your own opinion than on the opinion of others

21. In routine life events? o Sometimes you want to stay completely alone o Its difficult to you to stay alone o You sometimes wish to go somewhere far away o You need radical changes in your everyday life o People sometimes irritate you o You are thirsty for strong excitement and thrills o You are continually engaged in some important tasks

22. When making investment you prefer to? o Make safe, relatively long term(one year+) deposits at not very high but fixed interest o Make recommended deposits with sound interest and without considerable risks o Make deposit which you expect to grow substantially in the first 1-2 years

o Invest in financial enterprises that lately or rapidly gaining strength, sometimes you donate to charity funds o Invest substantially sums of money ion solid enterprises or enterprises to which you give your personal credence o Deposits your entire assets into transaction which you feel will yield quick and significant returns o Invest in funds which are aimed at developing mankind and which you take parts

RECIPROCITY State your opinion about the following statement with the following rating scale: 9 very strongly agree 8 strongly agree 7 agree 6 somewhat agree 5 neither agree nor disagree 4 somewhat disagree 3 disagree 2 strongly disagree 1 very strongly disagree

Benevolence Statements Opinion Its very important to him the people around him. He wants to care for other people. It is important to him to loyal to his friends. He wants to develop himself to people It is important to him to respond to the needs of others. He tries to support those he knows. Forgiving people who might have wronged him is important to him. He tries to see what is good in them and not hold a grudge

Universalism Statements everybody, even for people he doesnt know. It is important to him to listen to people who are different from him. Even when he disagrees with them, he still wants to understand them. He strongly believes that people should care for nature. Looking after the environment is important to him He believes all the worlds people should live in harmony. Promoting peace among all groups in the world is important to him. He wants to everyone to be treated justly, even people he does not know. It is important to him to protect the weak in society. It is important to him to adapt the nature and to fit into it. He believes that people should not change nature. Opinion

He thinks it is important that every person in the world be treated equally. He wants justice for

Self-direction Statements Opinion

Thinking of new ideas and being creative is important to him. He likes to do things in his original way. It is important to him to make his own decision about what he does. He likes to be free to plan to and choose his activities for himself. He thinks its important to be interested in things. He likes to be curious and to try to understand all sorts of things It is important to him to be independent. He likes to rely on himself.

Stimulation Statements Opinion

He thinks it is important to lots of different things in life. He always looks for new things to try. He likes to take risks. He is always looking for adventures. He likes surprises. It is important to him to have exciting life.

Hedonism Statements Opinion

He seeks to every chance he can to have fun. It is important to him to do things that give him pleasure. Enjoying lifes pleasure is important to him. He likes to spoil himself. He really wants to enjoy life. Having a good time is very important to him.

Achievement Statements Opinion

It is very important to him to show his abilities. He wants people to admire what he does. Being very successful is important to him. He likes to impress other people. He thinks it is important to be ambitious. He wants to show how capable he is. Getting ahead in life is important to him. He strives to do better than others.

Power Statements Opinion

It is important to him to be rich. He wants to have a lot of money and expensive things. It is important to him to be in charge and tell others what to do. He wants people to do what he says. He always wants to be the one who makes the decisions. He likes to be the leader.

Security Statements Opinion

It is important to him to live in secure surrounding. He avoids anything that might endanger his safety. It is very important to him that his country be safe from threats from within and without. His concern that social order be protected. It is important to him that things be organized and cleaned. He does not want things to be mess. He tries hard to avoid getting sick. Staying healthy is very important to him. Having a stable government is important to him. He is concerned that the social order be


Confirmity Statements Opinion

He believes that people should do what they are told. He thinks people should follow rules at all times, even when no one is watching, It is important to him always to behave properly. He wants to avoid doing anything people would say his wrong. It is important to him to be obedient. He believes he should always show respect to his parents and older people. It is important to him to be polite to other people all the time. He tries never to disturb or irritate others.

Tradition Statements Opinion

He thinks it is important not to ask for more than what you have. He believe that people should be the satisfied with what they have. Religious belief is important to him. He tries of to do what his religion requires. He believes it is best to do things in traditional ways. It is important to him to follow customs he has learned. It is important to him to be humble and modest. He tries not to draw attention to himself.