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Concept of A Human Being Why do we need to re-examine our concept of a human being?

- The main reason why do we need to re-evaluate our concept of a human being because it affects our relationship with other s. - As we grounded our discussion in our Filipino culture of who is a Filipino Man and who is a Filipina woman we came to realized that our wrong notion , affects the way woman are treated in our society today. Woman nowadays are victims of sexual abuses, mal-treatment and discrimination. If we go back to the Story of Creation in the book of Genesis Chapter 1. Man and Woman was created in the Image and likeness of God. God created first the man it means that the man was not superior with the woman but man was given the responsibility to be the the head , the leader, the protector and provider of his family. The woman taken out of the ribs of the man means the woman is not inferior with the man but she was to be cared and to be loved . She is to be the partner of the man in continuing the mission to procreate. She is the giver of life. She will be the one to nourish and sustain the life of her children in marriage. Man & Woman from the very start was one, united, and interconnected. Different, distinct and unique but equal. As they are one for example in love & union of marriage they create life but if they separated from each other they are broken. Our notion about human being influence by different concept such as the following:

1. Hedonism-Sole purpose of man is to get as much they want out of life. Pressure is almost made into a god. 2. Nihilism -Man and his life have no ultimate meaning.

3. Existentialism -Each person is radically alone and separated from all others. Hell is other people. Freedom means doing what one wants to do. 4. Marxism -Ones purpose in life is to serve the interests of the state.

5. Gnosticism -Considered matter as subject to evil and spirit as subject to good hence the two cannot go together. 6. Cosmic -Living a life of gentle submissiveness to the forces found in the universe power which they try to let control their destiny. 7. Consumerism-It sells us on our need to indulge ourselves at the expense of others. 8. Commercial advertisement-Seeing a person as just a body to be beautified.

9. In a Christian Perspective our model how to live our life as a Human Being is the Holy Trinity. Who is the Holy Trinity? The Christian God. The Christian believe in One God but in 3 persons . God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They are one and equal but different, distinct and unique but united as one. God the Father begets God the Son and God the Son love God the Father the fruit of the love of God Father and of the Son is God the Holy Spirit.Christians believe that their God is a Covenantal and Relational God. A God who cares and who loves.

10. Religious Perspective the human person has a distinct character anchored in his basic faith conviction that his humanity comes from the divine or holy. S/he is defined by his/her faith, and lives out what s/he believes.

As we are distinct and different although we are one and belong to a One Human Family we need to have a guiding principles in life although we belong to a certain religion. What is your philosophy in Life? Before you give your answer let us first understand the meaning of a word Philosophy. The meaning of the Word Philosophy

It comes from the Greek word Philos(Wisdom/Knowledge) and Sophia (Love) which means love of wisdom. Early Greek thinkers called themselves wise men but Pythagoras wanted to call himself simply as Philosopher or lover of wisdom. Cicero traced the origin of this tradition to Heraclitus Ponticus. From then on the term Philosopher replaced that of wise man and the term is significant in this context. Philosophy is the knowledge sough purposely for its own sake, and not for the sake of some other knowledge.

Every human being is desirous to know and that leads him to reach for the answers to questions and caused of events of happenings. Answers to questions also give rise to further questions. Henceforth, Philosophy can be referred to as a search for profound knowledge about reality. The definition of Philosophy Philosophy is thus defined as the knowledge of all things through their ultimate causes, acquired through the use of reason. This definition reveals two objects of Philosophy : Namely: 1) Material Object realities its studies, and 2) formal object studying realities through its ultimate causes. Acquired through the use of reason is a phrase added to the definition to show that philosophy has a natural scope seeking ultimate explanations that can be arrived at by applying reason to facts supplied by experience.

Role of Philosophy in Theology

Philosophy plays an important role in theology only as instrumental one since the source and norm of theology is faith and not reason. Theology makes use of philosophy because of the limits of human reason. Philosophy is an instrument of theology since the scientific exposition of the faith is not possible without relying on the scientific use of natural reason. Developing a Philosophy of Life are swamped by As you see chaos around and you are swamped by your feelings and emotions, without a philosophy of life you might believe that life is meaningless. How do you create a supportive and livable philosophy?

-realize that you cannot pass on the responsibility for your life to anyone else. A philosophy of life begins to take shape when you educate your heart and cultivate your life.

-develop a vision that supports and inspires you. Everyone needs a Walden Pond of his own where you can find sense of purpose and values by which you can live.

-a philosophy of life is a bundle of wisdom you have gathered from readings and experience. It allows you to be yourself and not against the opinion of the others.

-a philosophy of life elevates/sublimates our thoughts and prepares us to deal with challenges before they appear.

-a philosophy of life is a bundle of wisdom you have gathered from readings and experience. It allows you to be yourself and not against the opinion of the others.

-a philosophy of life elevates/sublimates our thoughts and prepares us to deal with challenges before they appear.

Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live Amidst prevailing policies of maximum economic growth and unlimited consumerism accessible only to one-third or less of the worlds population. Billions of peoples suffer from lack of fulfillment of their basic needs like food, shelter, clean water, sanitation and basic healthcare.

Through family formation and the influence of mass media, especially advertising channels, children and youth in different sectors are often growing up pursuing lifestyles underpinned by an attachment to brand names and consumer ads. In turn, this perception and practice of what a good life means tends to prevent individuals and families from feeling compassion and caring for others living in marginalized situations. We need to understand that root causes of structural violence leading to global inequalities and rethinking lifestyles toward moderation and what is known as voluntary simplicity. Our being materialistic sometimes destroy our inner peace because we are not satisfied. In our pursuit to reach what we want in life we tend to forget the needs of others. We forget to pray to God who is the source of everything that we have. The result is we are broken, fragmented and divided as a family, a church and a society. There is a need of a shift from individualistic, fragmented, consumerist and materialistic towards holistic notion of quality of life. The teaching of diverse faith and spirituality tradition teaches as that we are one as a people living in the planet earth and connected with one another as we are belong to a one Human Family. We can attain inner peace if we give attention to the needs of others and of all the creation not only of oneself. We choose the lifestyle of simplicity so that we can have something to share for others. It is important for us to remember where we live. As we encounter critical problems of global scale, we need a frame of reference for approaching the world as a whole system. We can acquire such a perspective by looking beyond the bounds of the earth to a layer universe. It is within the context of our experience as being inhabiting a miraculous universe that the earth can be seen as a precious whole.

Four Paths of the Spiritual journey Path 1. Widen your option for wonder

-What are the aspects of nature and the created world that draw you into feeling connected to self, others or God? -What creature fills you with joy or wonder? -Where is your sacred earth space where you love to be? The place that nurtures you?

I am part of something bigger. I am not alone.

Path 2. Dont be Afraid of the Dark

-What are the fears that you sometimes face? -Can you name them or draw them and sit with them in darkness? -Do you remember the words of the last verse of that old song The Rose? Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow. Lies the seed, that with the suns love, in the spring becomes the Rose.

Path 3. Dare to Envision -What are your dreams for this year?

-On a large scale, what do you envision for the way you can make a difference in your life and leave you mark on the world? It may not just be about the kind a person you wish to be e.g. a peacemaker, a motivator, an innovator, a creator. Start with your gifts and talents and the things you love. -What kind of a world do you want to be a part of creating? Be the change you want to see in the world.Mahatma Gandhi

Path 4. Roles up your sleeves

-Who are the people that you could be drawn to with compassion? -Is there a cause that you feel strongly about that is beyond the walls of our safe and comfortable lives? To bring to each person the love, tenderness and concern of Christ for the poor, seeing Christ in everyone we serve.