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Thursday, August 23, 2012



Right to die man is dead


Agony . . . locked-in Tony

TRAGIC locked-in victim Tony Nicklinson died yesterday after refusing food since he lost a legal battle to allow him to end his life. Stroke victim Tony, 58, was devastated by last weeks High Court defeat. He died of pneumonia at home in Melksham, Wilts, with his family by his side. Police are not investigating. Wife Jane said: Ive lost the love of my life, but he suffers no more.


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A NAKED man called Harry clasps his crown jewels as he parties with a nude girl. It looks exactly like one of the pics of Prince Harry that shocked the world yesterday. But its not. Its Sun man Harry Miller copying the Royals pose during a strip pool party in Las Vegas. St Jamess Palace asked us not to use the real photo. Full Story Pages 4 and 5

When Harry got pally . . . our man copies pose of Prince, left

MRSA deaths at 15yr low


Thursday, August 23, 2012

DAVID Cameron held crisis talks with world leaders last night after Greeces plea for more time to repay jumbo euro debts. The PM returned to Downing Street after a ten-day family holiday in Majorca to discuss the Greek request. He held tele-conferences with French President Francois Hollande who joined


PATIENT deaths from the MRSA superbug have dropped to their lowest level in 15 years, figures revealed yesterday. England and Wales had 364 fatal cases last year down from a peak of 1,652 in 2006. The staggering drop follows a Sun-backed campaign to get medics to wash their hands. Deaths from MRSA fell by a quarter between 2010 and 2011, from 485 to 364, the Office for National Statistics said. There were 2,053 deaths from the C.diff

the PM in calling on Greece to stabilise its economy and with US President Barack Obama. New Athens boss Antonis Samaras, left, begged euro chiefs for two more years of breathing time to repay bailouts totalling 188billion. He said: The Germans will get their money back. I guarantee

that personally. But Berlin politicians vowed to block the move, dubbing it a third bailout. Their refusal would force bankrupt Greece into default spelling curtains for its membership of the single currency. Mr Cameron and Mr Obama agreed it was good news the European Central Bank was standing firmly behind the euro.

Killer . . . MRSA bug

bug last year, down from 2,704 the year before. Health Minister Simon Burns said the figures were a testament to the hard work and dedication of NHS staff. He said: We have a zero tolerance approach to all hospital infections and we have taken the unprecedented step of publishing infection rates on a weekly basis to ensure there is absolute transparency. Death rates have plunged since the NHS launched a Wash Your Hands drive, with alcohol hand rubs and posters on wards, after we took our campaign to the Department for Health.

ENERGY BILLS SOAR BYgiants 9% hike 119 Rivals will follow power
By STEVE HAWKES Business Editor

Pleaover housing red tape


New home . . shortage

BRITS face a winter of soaring power bills after an inflationbusting 119 rise from Scottish & Southern Energy.
SSE Britains second biggest energy giant said it was upping gas and electricity prices by nine per cent from October 15.

MINISTERS were urged last night to do more to get kids in work as the number of Neets soared to 968,000. The figure for 16 to 24-year-olds not in education, employment or training is the highest in nine months. More training schemes are needed, said the Institute of Public Policy Research. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has again been named the worlds most powerful woman by Forbes magazine.

Neet toll goes up

The average SSE dual-fuel gas and electricity bill will soar from 1,235 to 1,354 a year. And 400,000 low usage customers

will be hit by a new 100 standing charge. The increase is the first by one of the Big Six suppliers this year and will hit almost EIGHT MILLION customers. SSE, which also trades as Swalec, Southern Electric and Atlantic, blamed rising

Boss . . . Marchant

wholesale gas prices. But it said the biggest reason was a 30 per cent increase in green charges levied by the Government. Boss Ian Marchant said: We are unable to keep prices at their current levels beyond this autumn. The move came as regulator Ofgem said energy companies were making 40 per customer. Ministers sepa-

rately claimed power firms were creaming off profits by manipulating the market. Experts warned it was inevitable SSEs rivals would follow suit. Only E.ON has pledged to freeze them until January. Mark Todd, director at Energyhelpline, told The Sun: This is shocking. I hope others dont follow but the track record suggests they all will. Martin Lewis, creator of MoneySavingExpert.com, said: If the energy companies bleat like sheep again and follow SSE in putting prices up, people who dont act will need to choose between heating and eating this winter.

THE Government faces a showdown with campaigners as a report today calls to strip the housing market of red tape. Ministers want a housing boom to get the economy back on track. They are backing top businessman Sir Adrian Montagues report urging councils to be more flexible in building private rented homes. He says they should ignore requirements for affordable housing to encourage more private developers to invest. In return, councils should ensure new housing stays in the rented sector for 20 years. Housing Minister Grant Shapps said Sir Adrians Government-funded report offered a blueprint to help solve the housing shortage. Campaign group Shelter warned such a solution should not ignore those struggling to get on the property ladder.

Galloway mag axe

The Sun Says Page Eight Sun City Page 46


DEVELOPING countries should properly collect their own taxes rather than rely on the UK for handouts, MPs warn today. And Britain should focus on helping poor nations to rake in revenues to boost their coffers, says the Commons International Development Committee. This would help countries escape from over-reliance on aid and would mean excellent value for money for British taxpayers. The report comes after PM

MP George Galloway has been fired by a magazine for saying rape allegations against Wikileakss Julian Assange amounted to bad sexual etiquette. Holyrood editor Mandy Rhodes said: His recent outpourings about definitions of rape have left me, frankly, gobsmacked.

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David Cameron was criticised for spending 11.5billion a year on foreign aid while Brits suffer sweeping public sector cuts. The MPs blasted plans to relax tax rules for British firms operating in developing countries. Money moved between bases overseas will no longer be subject to tax here, making it easier 15 for firms to shift profits to tax havens.




6We have become the most watched people in the world. More CCTV cameras than anywhere even North Korea!7



TWO top cops face a disciplinary hearing over allegations of misuse of public funds and corporate credit cards. Cleveland Chief Constable Sean Price and Deputy Derek Bonnard will not face criminal charges. They deny gross misconduct and claim they were wrongfully arrested.

Top cops card quiz

Victims fury Page Eight

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SUNNY spells in most parts, but cloud will build up throughMANCHESTER out the day with the risk of showers increasing, espe16 cially in the West. Top temperature: 21C (70F). NORWICH Outlook: Unsettled BIRMINGHAM 21 tomorrow with sunshine 18 and showers. Prolonged, BRISTOL heavy rain in West later. CARDIFF LONDON Widespread showers on Saturday.



THE Channel island of Jersey was hammered by an all-day deluge on August 23, 1931. The rainfall continued for 40 hours in all.


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Thursday, August 23, 2012


INDIA says: People shouldnt give Prince Harry a hard time for his naked party antics in Las Vegas. He was just having a bit of holiday fun. We should remember the words of American author William Feather who said, No man is a failure who is enjoying life.


R-Patz & K-Stews film date

BETRAYED Robert Pattinson WILL walk down the red carpet with ex-lover Kristen Stewart at the premiere of the final Twilight movie. The heartbroken hunk and Kristen, 22, have not met since she was caught snogging married director Rupert Sanders last month. But R-Patz, 26, has vowed to be at the LA opening of Breaking Dawn Part II in November. A source said: Hes told movie bosses hell walk the red carpet to save her from embarrassment and any female fans booing her. He is being professional and taking the higher moral ground.

Split . . . movie pair

INDIA, 21, from Reading


SEE PAGES 16 & 17

He reckons Rio, 33, has the right film and music contacts to help him. The triple Olympic gold medal winner said: If we do this together we could take it to a new level. Not since Bob Marley have we had a musician famous all over the world and believe me its nothing to do with lack of talent. Our musicians are as good as our sprinters. EXCLUSIVE by GORDON SMART

The worlds fastest man wants to meet the Man Utd defender in the coming months so they can team up to bring music from his native Jamaica to a wider audience.

SPRINT king Usain Bolt wants footie ace Rio Ferdinand to help him give reggae music a boost.


Showbiz Editor

Billie to go back in Time?

DOCTOR Who star Matt Smith has hinted Billie Piper may return for the 50th anniversary celebration of the timeless Time Lord series. Award-winning actress Billie played Rose Tyler, companion of previous Doctors Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, until 2010. The 90-minute anniversary special will feature throwback homages to the past. And Matt, 29, said: If I wanted a companion from the past I would say Rose because I am good friends with Billie. Rose was last seen heading off to build a life with a partclone part-human version of the Doctor.

Favourite . . . Piper


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It just needs people with global fame like me and Rio to move things. The two men got talking after ex-England captain Rio contacted Usain on Twitter when Bolt said he wanted a trial at Old Trafford. Rio wrote: If you want that trial at Man Utd shout me, Ill speak to the boss! Bolt who won gold in 100m, 200m and 4x100m at

PHANTOM of the Opera star Sarah Brightman is ready to blast off for the international space station aboard a Russian rocket. A mission official said the singer, 52, has been cleared by medics for the 2015 flight which is expected to cost at least 12million. Sarah, right once wed to Phantom composer Andrew Lloyd Webber would be the first paying passenger since Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte in 2009.


London 2012 insists promoting Jamaicas music will be one of his priorities once hes hung up his spikes. He said: We could have a side part of the business that organised music videos for artists in Jamaica. If Rihanna wanted to film one Id personally go and pick her up from the airport while Rio was at the beach overseeing the film crew! g.smart@the-sun.co.uk

Thursday, August 23, 2012





Thursday, August 23, 2012

Splash Harry . . . day after hotel fun


One snap, taken on a mobile phone, shows him covering his tackle with his hands as a nude girl with suntan markings stands close behind him. In another Harry hugs a girl from behind while clutching a pool cue. Both are naked. The saucy photos were published by thousands of websites around the world including those of respected news outlets. Typing Prince Harry naked pictures into Google came up with 90MILLION hits last night. But St Jamess Palace sent legal letters to British newspapers urging editors not to use the snaps, saying publication would constitute an unjustified intrusion into the Princes privacy.

Harry stripped to his birthday suit during a boozy game of strip pool after he and his holiday pals picked up a group of girls and took them back to their Las Vegas hotel suite.

PRINCE Harry flew back to Britain yesterday amid a worldwide furore after pictures of him partying naked with a nude girl swept across the globe.


SUN man Harry Miller dropped everything to recreate the Princes pose after the Palace asked us not to print the real Vegas snaps. Features picture editor Harry, 31, and intern Sophie Henderson, 21, were happy to strip. Looks like they made front page nudes...

What a difference a week makes

Sheepish . . worried Harry yesterday


A Royal source said Harry, an Army officer and Apache helicopter pilot, was just letting off steam before resuming his military career. He is due to be deployed in Afghanistan later this year. Army insiders said top brass had taken a very dim view of Harrys shenanigans. But although he could get a stern ticking-off, he is unlikely to face disciplinary action as he was on a private holiday. The photos triggered a security storm as serious questions were asked of the 27-year-old Princes protection officers. There were fears the third in line to the throne could have been vulnerable to blackmail or attack, particularly as he had only just met the girls. But Met Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe effectively ruled out any disciplinary action against the guards. He said: Royal protection officers are there to protect him

Hug . . . with mystery girl yesterday

for security reasons. They are not there to regulate his life. A sheepish-looking Harry, who enjoyed a five-day break in America, was seen hugging another girl an hour after the pictures went public. But she had a white dress on. He was spotted wearing a blue shirt and panama hat in the car park of trendy restaurant Gjelina, in the Venice area of Los Angeles. The Prince said his farewells to pals including the girl before jumping in a black Cadillac that took him to LA airport in a convoy for his flight to Britain. He would not comment on the photos and his six-strong security team made every effort to keep

Keep your hat on . . Prince covers up after snaps emerge

revellers revealed: The Prince and his gang started their night with dinner. They were then drinking in the hotel bar when they met the girls and invited them up to their room to carry on the party. Everyone was drunk and they began playing a game of strip pool. Before long the Prince was naked. The girls couldnt believe they were naked with Prince Harry. There was lots of fooling around and bear-hugging. The friend added: The girls were having fun and thought he was a nice guy. But they could not believe someone hadnt stopped things going so far. Everyone was so drunk and

Squeeze . . . he says goodbye to pal

the situation was so risky for him. On Saturday Harry made a splash at the MGM hotels Wet Republic pool, arriving at 2pm and downing vodka and cranberry juice. He chatted up an eight-strong hen party from New York, who called him very flirtatious. On Sunday the Prince partied at the Encore hotels XS nightclub. At 3am he jumped into its pool in his jeans and challenged US Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Ryan Lochte to a race. A fellow holidaymaker said: He was going for it on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and into the early hours of Monday. Its hard to work out when he slept. Harry was driven to Los Angeles on Monday, staying there for 36 hours before his scheduled return to Britain. Only political blogger Guido Fawkes published the nude snaps in the UK, despite Clarence House confirming their authenticity. Guido wrote: This situation illustrates the threat to a free press in Britain. This is the third in line to the throne and one of the biggest names in British public life. Yet not one British newspaper is reporting the story with pictures. Nevertheless everyone will be searching online and will find them regardless. p.samson@the-sun.co.uk

HARRY and Olympic chief Jacques Rogge seemed to use the cross-armed cover-up at the closing ceremony a week before the Royal, recreated here by Our Arry, used it in Vegas.

him concealed. Harry, who represented the Queen with distinction at the closing ceremony of the Olympics, partied in Vegas with Eton pal Tom Skippy Inskip, 27, and mega-rich arms dealers son Arthur Landon, 30. Before setting off on the trip, Arthur posted a picture on his Facebook page of his holiday suitcase containing what friends who commented on the snap took to be a gas mask and a bong commonly used to smoke marijuana. The strip pool bash kicked off 72 hours of partying in Sin City. It happened on Friday night in the pals suite at the exclusive Wynn hotel. A friend of one of the

my View

By Prof Gavin Phillipson Media law expert

my View By ARTHUR EDWARDS Sun royal photographer

LETS face it, Prince Harry has been a naughty boy but we still love him. As far as Sun readers go he is the most popular member of the Royal Family and that wont change. But I would advise him to be careful someone in that hotel room was a Judas. Even so, Prince Philip will this morning think, Thats my boy when he reads of his antics while the Queen will choke on her cornflakes.

The Sun Says Page Eight

IN the UK the Human Rights Act protects both the right to privacy and the right to freedom of expression. America has stronger protection for press freedom, meaning its websites are freer to print pictures like this. All countries have different laws, making it hard to police the internet. Thats why we have the strange situation where the photos are on the web, but cant always be put in the paper.

PRINCESS Dianas former bodyguard warned last night that Harrys antics could put him at risk and urged his Scotland Yard minders to control him. Ken Wharfe, 64, said of the nude snaps: This time it was a camera next time it might be a gun. He suggested cops may be scared to tick off the fun-loving Royal. Ex-Met inspector Mr Wharfe said: Its hard to tell the Royal Family what

to do. But the one person who could have stopped Harry was his policeman. Id have told him it wasnt a good idea to have those women in his room and Id have banned mobile phones at the door. Dai Davies, the Mets ex-head of royal protection, said Harry was probably a nightmare for his officers. He added: I dont envy their job, trying to keep him out of scrapes.



Ministers are drawing up a scheme to force firms to release data. It could lead to mobile users being told what tariff suits them, based on calls they have made. Film, music and theatre fans could be kept up to date about releases that match their tastes. And people who love clothes could get fashion advice based on what they have bought. A voluntary scheme has already been

Thursday, August 23, 2012

COMPANIES could be told to give customers information on their spending habits so shoppers can get better deals.

Deal . . . mobile costs could fall

backed by firms including Google, Mastercard and British Gas. Websites and apps are being developed to offer money-saving tips by analysing info on loyalty cards, credit cards and utility bills. They could even aid DIETERS, as data from food shopping might show whether they are eating unhealthily. Firms have until September 10 to react to the move and rules could come in next year. Consumer Minister Norman Lamb said it promises huge opportunities for consumers and business.

Whitehall Correspondent


WORDS and phrases from David Cameron and TOWIE stars are in the dictionary. Date Night what the PM calls his and wife Samanthas weekly nights out is new to Oxford Dictionaries Online. Vajazzled, linked to The Only Way Is Essexs Amy Childs, is adorning the pubic area with glitter or other decoration. Others include Tweeps Twitter followers. Postman John Hodson, 33, got nine months jail yesterday for keeping 75,000 mail items in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Vajazzle with PM





Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tears at verdict . . . Jane comforts Tony last week, and final message

By DAVINA HEHIR of Dignity in Dying

I MET Tony and Jane and followed his case closely, though the aim of our organisation differs slightly from Tonys cause. He wasnt dying, but felt that if a doctor was willing to help him die they should be able to do so without fear of prosecution. The way the laws stands now, they would be prosecuted for murder with an automatic life sentence. There needs to be greater flexibility to take into account cases like this. Tony was an extremely courageous and determined man and I have a lot of respect for him. His fight has opened up the debate and left a lasting legacy.

my View

DEFIANT Tony Nicklinson went to the death he longed for yesterday with the brave words: Goodbye world, the time has come. I had some fun.

He passed away at home at 10am surrounded by his doting wife Jane, 56, daughters Lauren, 24, and Beth, 22, and his sister Ginny. His lawyers said 58-year-old Tony had refused food since his devastating legal defeat and died from pneumonia. He asked his family to post his farewell message on Twitter. Lauren added: Dad, you are finally at peace. Beth and I are so proud to be your daughters we got our strength from you. I love you xxx. Beth said: RIP @TonyNicklinson. Couldnt have asked for a better dad, so strong. You are now at peace, we will be fine. I love you JUNE 2005: Tony has xxx. stroke on business trip to Wife Jane, who had nursed former Athens. Left paralysed businessman Tony after he suffered from neck down, cannot a catastrophic stroke, wrote: I have talk, but is mentally fit. lost the love of my life DECEMBER 2007: After but he suffers no more. two years in Greek hospiJane looked on sadly as tals he returns to UK. undertakers removed his FEBRUARY 2010: New body from their speciallyassisted suicide guideadapted bungalow in lines announced by DirecMelksham, Wilts, on a tor of Public Protrolley covered with a secutions. maroon blanket. JULY 2010: Tonys lawPolice said there would yers begin High Court be no investigation. A battle to win judicial spokesman said: His review on whether those death certificate has been helping others to die will signed by a doctor, so it is Tony . . . be routinely prosecuted. not a matter for Wiltshire paralysed JUNE 2012: Case is Police or the coroner. Tony unable to speak and paraheard by court. He calls lysed from the neck down was his life demeaning. heartbroken by the ruling that he AUGUST 2012: Judgment could not die at a time of his choosdenies Tony the right to ing with a lethal injection from a die. He begins refusing doctor who would not be prosecuted. food and dies days later. He was seen weeping uncontrollably at the courts verdict six days earlier. Jane, his full-time carer, said: The fight seemed to go out of him. tence as dull, miserable, demeanHe planned to appeal but told his ing, undignified and intolerable. He relied on others for his every lawyers: I am crestfallen, totally devastated and very frightened. I need. The only way he could comfear for the future and the misery municate was via a perspex board and computer programme blinkit is bound to bring. Saimo Chahal, one of his legal ing and nodding to spell words. team, said last night: Jane told me He eventually pleaded with Jane, that Tony went rapidly downhill spelling out: Help me to die. over last weekend, having conLifelong friend Gezz Higgins, 79, tracted pneumonia. said of his death: He was a very He had made an Advance Direc- strong character and Im not surtive in 2004 refusing any life sus- prised. He always said he wished taining-treatment and also refused doctors hadnt saved him. food from last week. Lawyers representing a second Ms Chahal added: He was gutsy, locked-in syndrome sufferer who determined and a fighter to the end. lost in the High Court on the same Rugby fanatic Tony went from a day as Tony are to appeal. The larger-than-life character to a help- man known only as Martin, who less invalid after a stroke on a busi- cannot be identified for legal reaness trip to Athens in June 2005. Although he was paralysed from sons, suffered a massive stroke in j.coles@the-sun.co.uk the neck down his brain remained August 2008. The Sun Says Page Eight fully active. He described his exis-

The devastated victim of locked-in syndrome had the final say after the High Court last week turned down his battle to be allowed to die by assisted suicide.


Last farewell . . . wife Jane watches as Tonys body is removed yesterday

my View
NO one who followed the Nicklinson or Martin cases could fail to be moved by them. But the judges were right to conclude that the law on assisted suicide did not require further clarification as requested by Martin. They also rejected Mr Nicklinsons request to introduce a new defence in murder cases of voluntary euthanasia. The current law exists to protect those who are sick, elderly, depressed or disabled from feeling obliged to end their lives. It protects those who have no voice against exploitation and coercion and acts as a powerful deterrent to would-be abusers. It doesnt need changing.

By ALISTAIR THOMPSON of Care Not Killing

Tributes to dad. . . Tonys proud daughters Lauren & Beth

Before tragedy . . . Tony on a family hol in late 1980s


Thursday, August 23, 2012


Insult to injury
IT is barely a month since David Cameron stood in Afghanistan and pledged to shield wounded veterans from welfare cuts. He said Britain respects and reveres those who sacrifice themselves to keep us safe. So how does that noble-sounding sentiment tally with the decision to deny disabled Afghan hero Karl Boon a 54-a-week allowance? Karl lost his left leg below the knee to a Taliban rocket. But according to the Department of Work and Pensions he is not disabled enough. How many limbs must a soldier lose to satisfy the penpushers? Disability benefits were reformed to stop scroungers inventing a bad back or putting on a limp to get cash. If civil servants cant tell the difference between a workshy faker and a man with massive war wounds then they are the ones unfit for employment. The scandalous treatment of Karl is not the Prime Ministers fault. But after the empty rhetoric of his military covenant and savage defence cuts it will reinforce the public view that he talks a good game on the Armed Forces. Then fails to deliver.



GEORGE GALLOWAY has sparked outrage by suggesting date rape can be bad sexual etiquette. The Respect MP, right, was discussing the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, accused of sexual assault in Sweden. Also this week, in the US, politician Todd Akin claimed that sexual assaults rarely end in pregnancy. He later issued a grovelling apology. Last week we relaunched The Suns Stop Rape Now campaign, and here a 21-year-old date rape victim explains why views like those of Galloway and Akin are hugely damaging.

Vital issue

TRAGIC Tony Nicklinson, who was paralysed from the neck down, has finally found release from the existence he described as a living nightmare. Tonys death from pneumonia comes days after the High Court rejected his plea for assisted suicide. But the question of whether those enduring such suffering should have the right to die is still undecided. MPs must now set aside time in Parliament to address one of the great moral questions of our age. The judges have urged them to do so. So has the Justice Secretary. They must stop ducking the issue.

Conned again

ENERGY giant SSE once again shows its contempt for the public. A few weeks ago it was prosecuted for mis-selling, a polite way of saying it conned consumers. Now it announces a nine per cent rise in bills, more then three times inflation. And what is energy regulator Ofgem going to do about it? Nothing. As usual.

Cue laughter

POOR old Prince Harry . . . snapped in the nude clutching his privates during a game of strip pool. His bodyguards face a reprimand for failing to keep him under control. Easier said than done. He looks like a handful.

He is a middle-aged man whose comments are outdated and could seriously affect upcoming trials, influence juries and discourage women from reporting sexual attacks. I challenge him to meet me a victim of rape and someone who knew her attacker to repeat what he said publicly to my face. I want to meet him and tell him what its like to be a victim. I wonder if he has the guts to do that. The majority of people raped in the UK know their attackers and what Mr Galloway has said could

GEORGE GALLOWAY is a member of Parliament and is now effectively telling the thousands of women who have been the victim of date rape that no such thing exists.

seriously impact on whether victims come forward. Theyll read his comments and think, If a politician wont believe me, who will? He should hang his head in shame. He is a disgrace. To suggest an incident of rape is bad sexual etiquette is ridiculous. Mr Galloways comments have just taken the work done by anti-rape campaigners back into the Middle Ages.


I fear for the women out there who are facing trials soon because their confidence will be shattered by his ridiculous statements. Julian Assange who George Galloway was referring to needs to stand trial to face these allegations. Rape is rape, and for Mr Galloway to imply there are degrees of that is wrong. The simple reality is that anyone accused of a crime

should face justice. Is Mr Galloway a lawyer now? Has he seen all the evidence? It is for the trial to decide whether Assange is guilty. Mr Galloway has sent the wrong message to women all around the country that if you are raped by someone you know then you should not expect justice. Thank God he doesnt define rape. As an MP he should research the subject and know better. Rape is one of the most under-reported crimes in this country and Mr Galloway could worsen the situation. What if a woman was dateraped at the weekend and saw his comments and decided not to come forward because of what he said? I am angry and horrified. I want him to formally apologise and fully retract all his statements and spend at least a day working with a rape charity.


Cops get blame for murders call snub


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shot . . mum & Shania

Target . . Zayn is fed up with hate tweets

COPS were slammed yesterday for failing to act on the 999 pleas of a mum shot dead with her toddler daughter by her deranged ex. Chrissie Chambers, 38, had repeatedly called police as she was terrorised by ex David Oakes, 50, as they fought for custody of Shania, two. In two years Chrissie of Braintree, Essex, made 16 emergency calls yet each was treated largely in isolation, an Independent Police Complaints Commission report found. It said ex-bouncer Oakes, who was jailed for life, should have been arrested after he broke a court order to stop menacing Chrissie. And cops should have realised fear prevented her making fresh complaints against him. Her dad Ken Chambers said last night: Police could have done more to prevent the deaths. IPCC commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne blamed a systems failure. Essex Police Assistant Chief Constable Maurice Mason apologised, saying: We owe it to Christine and Shania to learn everything we can from this.

SYRIAN troops swept through two areas of Damascus yesterday carrying out house-to-house raids and killing at least 31 suspected rebels, activists said. Both districts were shelled before the troops backed by more than 20 tanks stormed in. The onslaught is part of a dramatic surge in fighting in the capital as the 17-month rebellion against President Bashar Assads rule gains strength. Assads forces are also fighting a major battle for control of the northern city of Aleppo, as well as smaller scale operations across Syria. Rapper LL Cool J who plays a special agent in TVs NCIS nabbed a burglar at his Los Angeles home.

31 killed in Syrian offensive

Ive had enough . . . Zayns farewell

Twitter message to his fans

ONE Direction hunk Zayn Malik has dumped his FIVE MILLION Twitter followers after being bombarded with abuse.
The so-called Directioners went into meltdown after learning heart-throb Zayn was quitting because he was fed up with attacks from trolls.



And hundreds spent hours on the social networking forum pleading with the X Factor star to return. Zayn, 19, made his decision following the daily useless opinions and hate from fans jealous over his relationship with Perrie Edwards of girl group Little Mix. The couple, who have announced they plan to set up home together in London, have been dating on and off since meeting on the X Factor last year. They were seen with the 1D singers family after he took Perrie to

meet them to celebrate Muslim holiday Eid. His relationship with X Factor winner Perrie, 19, has been savaged by fans on Twitter. In his final message on the site, Zayn wrote: The reason I dont tweet as much as I used to, is because Im sick of all the useless opinions and hate that I get daily goodbye twitter. My fans that have something nice to say can tweet me on the

one direction account. Shocked supporter VaynZayn wrote on Twitter: I feel like Zayns just broken up with me. Our non-existent twitter relationship is over. Fan Sophie Heslop, 16, from Newcastle upon Tyne, told The Sun she was sad Zayn had been forced off. She added: I have been a huge fan of One Direction from the start since X Factor. I have always followed the boys and praised them for their work and how much they inspire young

In demand . . . One Direction lads Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Niall

people. I think its Zayns personal choice whether to leave Twitter but he should not be forced away because of a small minority of fans sending him hate. The majority want him back so much! Celeb blogger Perez Hilton also became embroiled in the row after he tweeted suggesting Zayns decision was a sign of dark days ahead for the band. Outraged Zayn followers quickly rounded on Hilton over his claims. But upset fans of the boyband star could well be in for a short period of mourning as friends of Zayn suggested he could well be back as early as TODAY. One said: Zayn was just fed up with getting abuse. He tweets people and is a nice guy on Twitter so he just wanted to get away from the hassle. But he knows its a good way of communicating with his fans so dont be surprised if hes back on there very soon. c.robertson@the-sun.co.uk


TESCO is to label food for levels of fat, sugar and salt using the traffic light system in a surprise U-turn. Britains biggest retailer has shunned the Government-backed scheme since it was launched in 2005. But the store chain will not bring in the green, amber and red labels, representing low, medium and high amounts, until at least 2014. Most other supermarkets already use traffic lights so customers can check for healthy products. The Childrens Food Campaign said: Its great news. Tesco said it listened to its customers.


DOZY Patricia Ahmed, in her 40s, flew from Pakistan to France and BACK when she was not spotted sleeping after landing in Paris.


THE body of a four-year-old boy who fell off a jetty was feared washed out to sea after a search with sonar equipment last night failed to find him. Underwater rescue organisation SARbot said its sensitive kit would have located Dylan Cecil if he was still in the area of


Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. Boss Duncan Winsbury added: Weve searched the whole bay and not found anything. Currents may have taken him right out. Dylan, from Kettering, Northants, was on holiday with his family when he stumbled into the water on Sunday.


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012


IN quite a lot of Muslim countries, when a rape takes place it is often the WOMAN who is charged with a criminal offence. The bearded mentals from the Middle Ages accuse the women under something called proximity laws ie, because they were near some men, they were asking for it. Perhaps this is one reason why the MP George Galloway was so quick to dismiss the rape allegations levelled at the albino WikiLeaks weirdo Julian Assange. There are rumours that Galloway converted to Islam a few years ago. The Scottish Stalinist loon will not confirm or deny this. But he does not drink and hes started thanking God profusely for lots of stuff. I bet he also, when at a wedding, avoids those mini pork-pies. George once got down on his hands and knees to be stroked on the head by Rula Lenska in the reality TV show Big Brother. I asked a Muslim academic what Allah would think of such behaviour and he replied: Hed think George was a bit of a publicityseeking tw*t, but dont quote me.


SOMETHING really has got to be done. Maybe its time to launch a campaign to revive the Great British Burglar. Because, as Ive said before, so many of the thieves today are so staggeringly, magnificently stupid theyd have difficulty outwitting Dappy from N-Dubz. Take the Geordie halfwit Kier Ruffell. Kier, below, decided to burgle a house in South Shields. The woman house owner saw him and asked him who he was. What did you think Kier told her by way of reply? Yep, thats


right, he told her his name. Its so elementary, isnt it? How did he think that was going to end up? A week or so back some imbecile was caught trying to steal those useless plastic display phones from a High Street shop. Moron, moron. I blame the teachers. Maybe competent thieving is something that Education Secretary Michael Gove could put on the national curriculum. Its just getting embarrassing no wonder all our best thieving jobs are taken by Romanians and Albanians.

THERES outrage that our electricity companies are pocketing 600million every year by rigging the market. These firms get compo money when they provide electricity but the national grid is full. But nobody is suggesting they have done anything illegal. Theyre quite within their rights to screw the system after all, why should they care that we pay extra? Its no use the Government whining the fault was in privatising these utilities in the first place. If we all owned them, that sort of stuff wouldnt happen, would it? A JUDGE has decided its OK for a convicted paedophile to take a weeks holiday at the family resort Center Parcs. Judge Charles Byers told former scoutmaster Stephen Daniell that he could go on his pre-booked holiday so long as he didnt ask any kids if they wanted to see some puppies, or whatever it is paedophiles say these days. Daniell pleaded guilty to a whole bunch of offences including committing an act of gross indecency with a child and asking kids to perform weird acts while naked. Luckily, Center Parcs showed a bit more sense than Judge Byers and has now cancelled his reservation. Mr Daniell is presumably considering his options, which I would guess include EuroDisney.


The secret camera will be concealed in a plant pot near your house, or maybe fixed high to the wall of the big block opposite, or on a lamppost at the end of the road. But one way or another you can be sure: Someone is watching you. And better still heres the fun bit you are paying for the privilege. Its just been discovered that our local councils have authorised 9,600 secret spying missions in the past three years. This is allowed under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act which was introduced by the last government. The maniacally paranoid New Labour administration brought it in to help fight the battle against jihadi Muslim nutjobs who might want to blow us up.

SOMEONE, somewhere, is watching you. Probably a pencil-necked idiot with breath that could stun a badger at 50 paces, hunched over a monitor in your local council offices, checking your every move.

If you are a jihadi Muslim nutjob who wants to blow us all up, then Im glad you are being watched. But I am not aware of a single case of a potential terrorist being caught as a result of local councils using these new powers. Instead the powers have been used by councils to pursue their own weird vendettas against the very people who pay for their existence ordinary local citizens.

As all the civil liberties groups said at the time, the act will be abused by all and sundry and not a single terrorist will be caught. This is exactly what has happened. Now the councils use the act to justify snooping on you if youre smoking a cigarette somewhere you probably shouldnt. Or if your dog has fouled a

footpath. Or if youve put the wrong stuff in the rubbish bin, counter to the rules dreamed up by the councils. This is the thing about councils they are run by control freaks who want more and more power to poke their long noses in and to keep you on what they think is the straight and narrow. You cannot give them powers to investigate possible terrorists and expect them to abide by that. They will use those powers for everything they possibly can and then send you the bill. One council even used the act to make sure that local escort agencies were giving good value for money hats (and quite possibly trousers) off then, to Stockton Borough Council for an imaginative interpretation of the rules. We have become the most watched people in the world. More CCTV cameras than anywhere even North Korea! And every intrusion into our private lives is justified under that banner the battle against terrorism. Its time we said that enough is enough.

WHY did the Queenss corgis try to eat Princess Beatrices pet Norfolk terrier, Max? The grisly event occurred at Balmoral Castle, where the dogs were spending a late summer holiday (presumably Ibiza was all booked up). A bunch of six of the corgis suddenly went berserk and tried to rip Max to pieces. He had to be taken to a vet and there was, apparently, blood everywhere. Was some-

thing nasty said between the dogs? Corgis are very Right-wing dogs and are known to bear grudges. It may be that they attacked Max because they thought he was common, not being proper royalty. And what was the Queen doing during the attack? Was she standing their urging them on, shouting Go on Daffyd, rip his throat out? Were any bets placed upon the outcome? I think we should be told.

succession of sceptical females, with very little in the way of success. But now its official scientists have discovered that oral sex is very good for womens health. This research comes from New York State University and if youre a man it might be worth printing off their research paper and carrying it around with you. Not only does it make women less depressed and feel better, it also makes them a lot brighter, too and more able to do cognitive tasks. It doesnt say this in the research, but it also keeps them quiet for a few minutes.

WELL, blow me! For the Qthis point across Iveatriedbest part of 40 years to get to


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Asil Nadir is guilty of 29m con


Behind bars . . . Nadir



PM fears Lib Dems will dump leader for election

Hanging on . . . Clegg and PM
Mr Cleggs overthrow is the greatest threat to the Coali-

ASIL Nadir was behind bars last night after fleecing his Polly Peck empire of nearly 29million. Fallen tycoon Nadir, 71, was yesterday found guilty of 10 counts of fraud totalling 28.6million at the Old Bailey. However, prosecutors alleged the total stolen from shareholders was almost 150million. The Turkish Cypriot, who fled bail in 1993 and spent 17 years in Northern Cyprus, was cleared of three counts involving 5million. Nadir was last night in Londons Belmarsh jail, awaiting sentence today. The case cost taxpayers more than 100million and his wife Nur, 28, said he would appeal, vowing this unhappy affair is not over. Olympic cycling champ Sir Chris Hoy had a 30minute Typhoon jet flight yesterday during a visit to RAF Leuchars, Fife.

The PM has told senior ministers Mr Cleggs position is very precarious.

DAVID Cameron fears Nick Clegg could be toppled as Lib Dem boss as a shock poll reveals the party is split on whether to oust him.


tions survival, the Premier now believes. The poll of 500 Lib Dem activists by website Liberal Democrat Voice reveals a big division over who should lead the struggling party into the 2015 election. While 47 per cent of Lib Dem members still want it to be Mr Clegg, 46 per cent want him to resign before then. One

Tory minister told The Sun: David is extremely worried by Cleggs position. As he sees it, there may well be no Coalition if Clegg gets forced out so its vital he gets all the help he can. Mr Clegg suffered a series of blows over the summer. Business Secretary Vince Cable put himself forward as a possible new leader and Mr Clegg was forced to withdraw plans to reform the House of

Lords. Rebellious Tory MPs made it clear they would always block the move. He faces a rocky party conference in Brighton next month. Bookies William Hill have cut the odds of him being replaced before 2015 to just 6-5. Clegg supporters insisted he was determined to stay. One said: Nick has made clear that he intends to lead the Lib Dems into the next election. t.newtondunn@the-sun.co.uk

THE Mars rover Curiosity makes its first tyre tracks on the Red Planet yesterday as boffins take it for a spin. It moved forward just 10ft before backing up and parking. The test drive by Nasa was part of a check-up for the vehicle, which landed 18 days ago after an eight-month trip. The US space agency said problems with a damaged wind sensor would not be serious. Eventually Curiosity could roam hundreds of feet a day, scooping up soil samples with its 7ft arm.


Test drive . . . Curiosity went forward

just 10ft


Hair boss in 10k sex offer to trainee


Thursday, August 23, 2012


Claims . . . Maryam & Story

A TRAINEE hair stylist was offered 10,000 by her boss in an Indecent Proposal-style sex offer, a tribunal heard. Maryam Mashayekhi, 34, claimed Christopher Story, 39, also pushed her head towards his groin as they sat in a car. She said she finally quit the salon in Sheffield, South Yorks, after months of sex and racial harassment. Mrs Mashayekhi said she was dubbed a slave, quizzed about her sex life, and introduced to business pals of Mr Story as a former prostitute. She told the employment tribunal: He said, Are you having sex for 1,000, what about 2,000 or 10,000? I said, No, not even for 20,000. I love my husband. Mr Story denied her allegations and said they had a good working relationship. Mrs Mashayekhi is claiming sex and race discrimination against George Plus One Ltd, a franchise of Toni & Guy. The hearing continues.

EXCLUSIVE by DAN SALES in Nazare, Portugal, and GARY OSHEA

Five-year-old Lara Lewis was playing with shells in the sand when she was dragged out by a powerful wave.
Her grandparents desperately tried to reach her. But Brian ODwyer, 66, died and grandmother Jill was last night recovering after being pulled from the water. Laras parents Philip, 47, and Sian, 36, were left devastated after the tragedy in Nazare on the Atlantic coast on Tuesday. The couple, of Hackney, East London, who had documented their daughters life with photos and videos on Facebook, were believed to be visiting the grandparents. Philips mum Sara Lewis, 72, said her son was barely able to speak to her on the phone. Sara, of Canterbury, Kent, said: I knew something terrible had happened by the sound of his voice. He almost couldnt bring himself to tell me. I couldnt make it all out but I knew I didnt want him to repeat it. He talked about a wave and how it overcame Lara. Brian, a wonderful, brave man, tried to rescue her. He swam out Dad. . . Philip with Lara but they couldnt make it. Lara was a magical little girl, full of happiness. Sara said she expected Philip, who has two teenage sons from a previous relationship, and Sian to return home soon. She added: They are strong people, with very supporting families but I dont know how theyll get over this. Sian is thought to have been with university professor husband Philip when disaster struck. The grandparents had taken Lara and her three-year-old cousin, who was unscathed, for a stroll along the sands. Coastguard Nuno Carreira, 19, who tried to revive Lara, said: We saw a fisherman with the girl in his arms. She wasnt moving. We then realised the grandmother was in the water. She was crying and screaming for her husband and granddaughter. Her parents arrived at the scene about ten minutes after we did. I think they had been sunbathing further along the beach. The mum and dad were screaming and crying. This is a very dangerous beach. The waves were up to ten feet high. They were about 400 yards outside the d.sales@the-sun.co.uk area we monitor.

THIS is the British girl who drowned when swept out to sea in Portugal with the brave grandad who died trying to save her.

AUTHOR Nina Bawden, who wrote the childrens classic Carries War, died yesterday aged 87. She penned more than 40 novels including Circles of Deceit shortlisted for the 1987 Booker Prize and childrens favourite The Peppermint Pig. Carries War drawing on her experience as a wartime evacuee is now read in schools as part of the national curriculum. Bawden also campaigned for rail safety after she was seriously injured and her husband Austen Kark killed in the 2002 Potters Bar train crash. She died at her London home and leaves a son, a daughter and two stepdaughters.

Novelist Nina dies

Before tragedy . . . mum Sian is hugged by daughter Shock . . . youngsters body is carried from beach


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Coe hits a high as flames lit on peaks


Torch . . . Coe on Snowdon

LONDON 2012 supremo Lord Coe trekked to the top of Mount Snowdon yesterday to help light the Paralympic flame. The Games organiser was joined by six Scouts who created sparks to ignite the torch, which will travel across Wales. Three other groups held similar torch ceremonies on Scafell Pike in the Lake District, Ben Nevis in the Highlands, and Slieve Donard in County Down, Northern Ireland. Each flame was placed in a miners lantern and brought down from the UKs highest peaks on foot. The four torches will be united on Tuesday at Stoke Mandeville hospital, Bucks the birthplace of the Paralympic Games. Torchbearers will then relay the flame to London where it will pass landmarks before the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium next Wednesday. After his three-hour trek, Lord Coe said: Its been a great team effort.

Team . . . Russians yesterday

Thai there . . . members of Thailand team

Gday . . . Australians arriving

A WHEELCHAIR-bound gran has been confirmed as the oldest Paralympian of Londons 2012 Games. Kate Murray, 63, took up archery 12 years ago and competed in the Beijing Games. She has her first London event the day after her 64th birthday. The pensioner, from Bonchester Bridge in the Scottish Borders, said: I am the oldest Paralympian and proud of it. It is good for older people to see.

Bow gran 63, oldest

TWO power-lifters and a trainer with the Jordanian squad were bound for London last night after being bailed on sex charges by an Ulster court. The move came after officials for Jordans King Abdullah guaranteed the men would return to answer the allegations. The men were arrested at a training camp in Antrim over complaints from two women and two girls, aged 14 and 16.

Jordan 3 are bailed

2,000 athletes fly into UK for Games Millions of fans in scramble for tickets
HEATHROW put out welcome flags yesterday as the first Paralympic teams jetted in to London.
The day saw the airports biggest influx of foreign athletes, with 2,000 arriving ahead of next weeks Games.
British Airways is flying in teams from 25 countries and has the task of transporting 300 wheelchairs plus sporting gear. BA operations director Andy Lord said: It has

Were here . . . South African athletes show delight at Heathrow

Can do . . athletes from Canada

been a mammoth operation we have been planning since 2008. Airport chiefs have spent 20million updating Heathrow terminals by installing extra lifts and ramps. One of the first arrivals was New Zealand yachtswoman Jan Apel, who said: Ive been very well looked after. Everyone is smiling. Canadian wheelchair racer Diane Roy was delighted to be in Britain but said: I hope it doesnt rain. Other contingents arriving included those from Russia, Thai-

land, South Africa and Australia. Aussie sailor Colin Harrison said: Weve had a fantastic welcome. Meanwhile millions of people are scrambling to get their hands on Paralympic tickets in a bid to reignite the Olympic feel-good factor.

The official Paralympic website is being inundated and 2.3 million tickets 92 per cent of those available have already been sold. Now these Paralympics are set to be the first to be sold out since the

inaugural Games in Rome in 1960. Last night 100,000 general admission tickets, which grant entry to the Olympic Park to watch big screens but not to events themselves, went on sale for as little as 1. London 2012 chairman Lord Coe said: Im thrilled we can give more people the opportunity to experience the Olympic Park. Details of the Opening Ceremony next Wednesday, called Enlightenment, are being kept secret. But it will include 3,000 adult volunteers, 100 children and a professional crew of more than 100. r.sabey@the-sun.co.uk


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Thursday, August 23, 2012


THE WANTED are within their rights to get some tour money off NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. The Nineties band called the group onstage during their slot at the Mixtape festival in the US at the weekend. They later spent time with NKOTB and BACKSTREET BOYS after the show. MAX GEORGE tweeted: Last night was insane, Sung Glad You Came with New Kids!! Now the lads know what they will look like in 30 years time.


ASTON MERRYGOLD is officially out of wingmen, which might be why hes spent his holiday trying on novelty wigs. The last remaining single JLS star other than Aston, ORITSE WILLIAMS, has got himself a girlfriend. Hes dating AMY JANE from girlband VIDA which Oritse manages. The singer invited the redhead out to Antigua for the bands lads holiday, joining a few of their pals and JBs girlfriend CHLOE TANGNEY. A source said: It has been nice for Oritse and Amy to spend some time together. Oritse is one of the hardest-working members of the group, plus he spends a lot of time looking after his mum, so it has been nice for him to relax for a bit. They get on really well and are relaxed in each others company. It might be a big group holiday but theyve still managed to find a bit of time to themselves. Nothing like a game of miniature golf. SHAUN RYDER saw in his 50th birthday in style last night with a HAPPY MONDAYS gig in Ibiza. The band, who re-formed with their original line up this year, headlined Ibiza Rocks supported by REVEREND AND THE MAKERS. The group helped bring dance music to indie kids in the early Nineties so its only right that they played the club night.

NOEL GALLAGHER would still be a roadie if his music career hadnt worked out. The former OASIS star went on the road with indie band the INSPIRAL CARPETS back in the late Eighties. And he believes that would have been his job for life if success hadnt come his way. He said: I would have been out there now, probably in an ill-fitting black T-shirt with a tattoo and some scruffy Converse trainers. Because that is what they all wear. But I was maybe the bestdressed roadie in the history of music. I used to wear white jeans and never got them dirty. I was too quick for the dirt. He must have saved a fortune on Daz . . .


HERE are THE KILLERS getting their first taste of a Mr Whippy. The US group BRANDON FLOWERS, DAVE KEUNING, MARK STOERMER and RONNIE VANNUCCI filmed scenes for a new video alongside an ice cream van in north London. Its not your typical look for a bunch

of chart wildmen, but at least its more rock n roll than licking a Solero. Meanwhile, the band have announced their iTunes Festival gig. Theyll play The Roundhouse in Camden, north London, on September 11. Theres bound to be an ice cream van close to that venue.

IF Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible visited a curry house, hed order a vindaloo. But TOM CRUISE, who plays the fearless action hero, plays it safe when picking a curry. The actor and pals visited an Indian restaurant in London this week but could only stomach a girly chicken tikka masala. Even his daughter, SURI, couldve done better than that. The group ordered fish and chicken starters, two lobsters, two lamb dishes, rice, bread and two chicken tikka masalas. The star must have liked the meal the bill came to 220.85 and he left a 79.50 tip. Thats worth an extra hot towel . . .


early Nineties, shed have been a cert for a part on Baywatch. Heres the Aussie larking about with a fellow model at a photoshoot on a beach in Sydney. However in recent weeks shes mostly been wearing dungarees to work on the organic farm she has set up with actor husband ORLANDO BLOOM at their LA home. Concerned about what was going into baby son Flynns food, they have turned part of their garden into an allotment. They are already producing soft fruit and vegetables. A source said: Orlando and Miranda love organic food. They arent afraid to get their hands dirty and have grown enough to dish it out to pals. For the sake of schoolboy humour, each friend should receive two plums and one courgette.

KERR had been Q IF MIRANDA modelling in the

may be multi-millionaires but are still Q THEYONE DIRECTIONtransport. taking the cheap option on LOUIS TOMLINSON and LIAM PAYNE, left, were snapped riding around Hoxton in east London on rented Boris bikes yesterday. And they didnt exactly dress for the occasion opting for tight trousers instead of Lycra. Thank goodness for that. There were no helmets in sight either, as they probably didnt want to mess up their hair. I dont think SIR CHRIS HOY needs to worry about his record gold medal haul just yet.

Most stars opt for St Tropez or the Caribbean but the MUSE singer and his missus KATE HUDSON spent their holiday eating cold beans in a tent in the West Country. Matt, left with Kate, said: Ive just come back from a lovely camping trip in Devon. Ive been hanging out in a field for a few days looking at the sheep go by. Its been lovely weather. Im

WHEN MATT BELLAMY went camping as a lad, he could never have dreamed hed one day talk a Hollywood actress into his damp sleeping bag.

a good camper, I got into camping years ago when I used to go to all those rock festivals. I went to Glastonbury about four or five times and used to love camping there, even though sometimes it turned into a mud pit.

But I love it. Its been a while and it was great to have a little bit of the English countryside. Given their combined wealth, plus royalties from Muses Olympics single Survival, Matt and Kate can afford to splash out on some swish camping gear from

Blacks. The couple, who have an 18-month old son, Bing, were also spotted at the arcades at Teignmouth Pier during their holiday. Asked why he loves his native Devon so much, Matt told Absolute Radio: I think growing up somewhere where mushrooms grow on Dartmoor really inspires people to write all sorts of stuff. Its a very sort of open-minded area. The big beaches, Dartmoor and the forest I think it stimulates the imagination. Anyone whos been to one of Muses gigs can see where Matts coming from.


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yobs pelt blindgran with eggs


Annie . . . with her dog

A BLIND granny told yesterday how vile louts pelted her with EGGS as she walked along a street with her guide dog. Terrified Annie GilesQuinn heard them yell Wahey! from their car when a missile splattered on the back of head. As she broke down in tears, the yobs turned around and drove past her again, beeping the horn and cheering. Heartbroken Annie, 58, of Collyhurst, Manchester, said: I feel violated and cant believe someone would be so cruel. They could see I had a guide dog. Why would they do such a thing? It has left me traumatised. Annie was walking to visit her ten-week-old grandson James with her black labrador when the attack happened. She went blind in 2005 after chemotherapy for breast cancer triggered a genetic condition called cone-rod dystrophy. Manchester Police are appealing for witnesses.

Moor the merrier . . . stag with camouflage, and a leaping squirrel

IS it a bird? Is it a Gremlin? No, this huge furry winged creature is actually a MOTH. The fluffy white insect from the forests of Venezuela is captured in a book of weird and wonderful wildlife. And the aptly-named Poodle Moth is not the only creature thats not quite what it seems. The book, titled 2020, also features a stag wearing CAMOUFLAGE as he swaggers on moors with bracken on his antlers. And then theres the squirrel leaping away with with a tasty titbit in his mouth clearly another image nut to be missed.

Jet carts 1m slice

AN airport baggage cart driver sliced through a planes tail at Heathrow, causing 1.2million worth of damage and terrifying passengers. Dennis Jackson, 60, told Uxbridge JPs he forgot he was in a larger cart. He admitted driving without due care and was fined just 150.



Cops are hunting two street robbers who wore CAT outfits in Hereford.


The 11-year-olds mum Mel said sickos regularly snatch footballs, teddies and flowers.

THE family of murdered schoolboy Rhys Jones yesterday blasted heartless ghouls who steal mementoes from his grave.

Plundered . . . boys grave

And she and husband Stephen even have to NAIL DOWN an Everton FC shirt they leave on a cemetery bench by soccer-mad Rhys last resting place. Speaking on

the fifth anniversary of the day the lad was shot dead by a gang member, 46-year-old Mel said: It is so upsetting this is a childs grave. We didnt think anyone would steal from a childs grave. Stephen, 49, told how sentimental keepsakes such as a coin and special pebbles had also gone missing. He added: Theyve even taken plastic flower holders. Its just ridic-

Gunned down . . . little Rhys

Disgusted . . . grieving Mel

ulous. Rhys was gunned down in a pub car park in Croxteth, Liverpool, by Sean Mercer, then just 16. Mercer, now in jail, was firing at a rival gang member but Rhys was hit in the neck. LIVERPOOL fan Calum Graves, 18, is being probed by cops for allegedly tweeting a response to a tribute to Rhys, saying: Good, I hope it hurt Everton scum. He has apologised. r.moriarty@the-sun.co.uk


A MAN had his nose bitten off during a vicious brawl at a restaurant. The fight, which spilled into the street outside, erupted after his sister was punched in the face. The brother was attacked as he confronted the thug in Newington, Kent. A witness said: They went head-to-head and the guy bit the tip of the brothers nose clean off. There was blood everywhere. Police are investigating. Vandals daubed graffiti on the gold post box honouring Olympic triathlon winner Alistair Brownlee in Horsforth, West Yorks.

Yobbites off nose

Thursday, August 23, 2012

JAGUAR dealers are the best in Britain, according to a survey. Staff who work at outlets selling the posh motors were voted top for expert knowledge and friendly service. Luxury Japanese marque Lexus came second, followed by Toyota, Mercedes and Honda. US firm Chevrolet was ranked bottom among 27 dealers in the poll by buyers guide What Car?, below Fiat and Mazda. A 20-year ban on girls riding bikes imposed after a generals daughter was killed on one has been lifted in North Korea.

Jaguars No1 staff



Thursday, August 23, 2012


MANY actresses have no-nudity clauses in their contracts and try their best to keep their kit on.
When she realised the script for her new film had no scenes requiring her to strip off, she insisted one was added. The 32-year-old star was amazed at the omission because she admits she is most famous for appearing in her underwear. Talking exclusively to The Sun about Keith Lemon: The Film in which she plays herself Kelly waxes lyrical about the moment she walks down a corridor in only her lingerie. The stunning vision appears on screen when failed Yorkshire businessman Keith Lemons randy imagination goes wild. Lemon is the creation of comic actor Leigh Francis, who first captured the attention of audiences with his character Avid Merrion and the TV show Bo Selecta!. Kelly said: I got the script but there was no part where I was in underwear. There was nothing remotely like that. It was always Keith referencing sexy things. So I said to Leigh, You have not got one scene where I am in my underwear, which is probably what I am most famous for in the UK.




Not Kelly Brook.


He goes, Well, we didnt want to ask you. And I was like, Listen, I think you should do it. When I walk down the corridor, you can put me in slow-mo, give me a wind machine and let me do my thing. Director Paul Angunawela, who co-wrote the movie with Leigh, did not think they had time for Kelly to slip off her dress but her fans will be happy that she managed it. Kelly added: I was thinking, Why am I trying to sell it to them? Most actresses try to talk themselves out of these scenes but thats where I am generous. I felt the movie needed more girls. But it did help that I got to plug my Kelly Brook New Look lingerie. There was something in it for me. Leigh wanted Anna Friel for the role but she wasnt available. I just want to get paid. Im still waiting. There is nothing that the star likes more than playing up to her image as a sexy woman who is not taken seriously. In 2010 she was in the tongue-incheek horror movie Piranha 3D, which took a respectable 53million at the box office. Kelly said: I love being on set, I love working in films, I love working on TV. I am lucky every year I get a goody. I am not doing too badly for someone who is not an actress. Kelly did go to stage school for three years and is great fun in the new movie, out tomorrow. She said: Of course Im an actress but I think people have a hard time calling me one. I am not sure what qualifies you to call yourself an actress. I went to acting school, I have had two West End plays, 12 films and a handful of TV shows and I still cant call myself an actress, apparently. They see all the glamour girls and me on the cover of magazines. The busty beauty has been the body of Ultimo underwear and

LEMON APPEAL . . . on TV with Leigh Francis, top, in movie and, below, with boyfriend Thom

THE THIGHS HAVE IT . . . Kelly today and, right, posing in Keith Lemon: The Film

posed in the top-shelf Playboy magazine. But she seems to lose jobs almost as frequently as she loses her clothes. She lasted just six months as the co-host of The Big Breakfast in 1999 and just a week as a judge on Britains Got Talent in 2009. When Keith first meets her in the film he quickly reminds her of it. But Kelly does not mind being the butt of the joke. She said: What Keith says is what people think. He says, I saw you on Britains Got Talent and you got sacked. I saw you on The Big Breakfast and you got sacked. And I think that maybe when people meet me thats what they

think. Thats what people read. Your whole life is condensed down to that. Perhaps because of that, Kellys feet have remained on the ground. She said: Before I get a chance for fame to go to my head I get fired.


I dont last long enough on TV shows for it to go to my head. I come back to earth really quickly. So perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that I have never got too big-headed. I have soon had to go, Ooh, Im unemployed again. Where is my next job coming from?

Kelly is dating former rugby player Thom Evans. Previous boyfriends include actors Jason Statham and Billy Zane and former England rugby star Danny Cipriani. But she insists she has never gone out with anyone for their wealth or fame. She said: I could so easily be that person. I get so much access to parties and men with ridiculous amounts of money and fame. There are all those temptations. I have had lovely high-profile boyfriends in my time but there has always been a genuine reason I have been there. Fortunately, I

have been able to carve out my own career and Ive never really needed anybody for anything. Thats the great part of being independent. So as silly as I come across, I am quite a savvy, independent woman underneath it all. Kelly believes that the changing fortunes of her love life have been more interesting than the roles she has had on screen. She said: Because of the appetite for celeb culture, for the

past ten years so much of my private life and experiences have been much more entertaining than the movies I have made. The focus has been on that. People want to know what you are wearing, who you are dating, what toothpaste you use, what you eat in the morning, especially with Twitter. Kelly is a regular user of the social networking site, tweeting about her life, loves and interests. During the Olympics she showed her fascination for Britains bronze medal-winning diver Tom Daley when she wrote: After watching the sunset, now watching Tom Daley not sure which is prettier.

Kelly, who attended the opening ceremony of the London Games, added: Tom Daley was a lot prettier, I think. Unlike many other celebrities, she has not been affected by the growing problem of abusive trolls on Twitter. If anyone writes nasty messages, she simply ignores them. She said: I skip over those bits. I only read the complimentary bits. You know people say dont read your own press. Dont believe the good, dont believe the bad. Well, I only read the good and only believe the good. You look pretty good to us, Kelly. g.rollings@the-sun.co.uk


Hungry girl thug tried to eat my hand

A CRAZED woman left two girls with horrific hand injuries after biting them because she said she was HUNGRY.

Thursday, August 23, 2012




She attacked Jamie Montgomery, 27, in a nightclub and also bit her face. Jamie spent 29 days in hospital, needed plastic surgery and may never regain the use of her thumb. She said: She just bit and bit me. I saw all the blood. It was extreme pain. Smith bit the thumb of a second victim, 21-year-old Charlotte Forde, at home in Blackpool after a boozy bust-up, telling her: Ive done this before! It happened when Smith was on bail for the first offence. Prosecutor Jon Close told Preston Crown Court that, asked why she bit Jamie, Smith said she was hungry. In her own words, she just went mad. But she avoided jail despite being convicted of assaulting Charlotte and admitting GBH of Jamie at separate trials. She got a supervision order for the assault and a suspended jail term for the GBH. r.dale@thesun.co.uk

Victoria Smith, 27, growled like a rabid animal before ripping out chunks of flesh.

Free . . . Smith and injured victim Jamie

FOOTBALLER Stephen Ireland plays the holding role as he carries his new puppy snugly under his starry hoodie. The Aston Villa star, known for his wacky dress sense, took the pet on a shopping trip in Wilmslow, Cheshire,

with fiance Jessica Lawler. Ireland, in natty waistcoat, top left, and Superman T-shirt, top right, was given the pup for his 26th birthday yesterday. It turned out to be the perfect gift for the dogged midfielder, right.

MUMS are now the main breadwinners in a quarter of homes for the first time but they still do most of the chores, a report reveals. In Wales the figure was higher, with more than a third of women bringing home bigger wages but still doing housework. Overall, nine in ten mums work either full or part-time. And of those who are the main earners, three in four do the washing and ironing. The majority also cook and clean, Asdas Mumdex report revealed. Claire Walker, of charity Family Lives, said: Mums have never had it so tough.

All work for mum

WRECK-STORATION OAPs amateur repair ruins churchs prized painting

Picture of Christ on a church wall


Thursday, August 23, 2012


A FED-UP farmer halted an illegal rave on his land by spraying the party-goers with gallons of LIQUID MANURE. Martin Becker, 61, told cops he used a muck spreader to splatter 40 revellers after they refused to leave quietly. A police spokesman said: Generally young people are not allowed to illegally party on other peoples land. But the farmer shouldve alerted us after they refused to move. Organisers have claimed 5,000 compensation for damage to DJ equipment, speakers, vans and tents in Hagenow, Germany.

Pooper star DJs


Recent damage caused by damp


After old lady tried to fix it

A PAINTING of Christ was ruined when a bungling pensioner tried to restore it.

The woman in her 80s did not ask permission to take her brushes to the masterpiece.

Her amateur efforts made it look

like a childs daub and left art experts around the world fuming. Elijah Garcia Martinezs 19th-century fresco Ecce Homo had taken pride of place in the The Sanctuary of Mercy Church in Zaragoza, Spain, for more than 120 years. But

it had deteriorated recently because of moisture in the building. Professional restorers are to examine the painting to see if it can be saved. A spokesman from Spains Centre for Borjanos, which tries to preserve old artworks, said: The value of the work was not very high but it had sentimental value. The old lady

acted without authorisation. There is a guard in the church, but no one realised what she was doing until she had finished. To make matters worse, The Centre had been given a donation from the artists granddaughter, which they had planned to spend on restoration. j.coles@the-sun.co.uk


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012


Apache dad wins paw fight


At court . . . Mangas

BECKS AFGHAN HERO STRIPPEDbutOF disabled enough BENEFIT Karl lost leg is not
Thursday, August 23, 2012


A MAN who lives as an Apache Indian has won a court battle to keep badger paws and eagle wings in his semi in Swansea. Mangas Colaradas, 60, wanted to make a headdress and was due to stand trial yesterday accused of protected wildlife offences. At previous hearings the dad of six arrived in ceremonial clothes, suede moccasins and a snakes head necklace. But prosecutors had reservations about the case and dropped it. Mangas adopted his Apache lifestyle after his divorce 20 years ago. He got the paws and wings while living in a tepee on Spains Costa del Sol in 2000. He said last night: Common sense should have come into it sooner but they dont understand my way of life.

A SOLDIER comforted by EXCLUSIVE by LUKE HEIGHTON David Beckham after his leg propelled grenade attack in was blown off has been Afghanistan in 2010. Becks in hospital stripped of disability cash and gavevisiteda the herofootball. him signed after benefits bosses ruled But now Department of Work and Pensions pen-pushers have told him he is not disabled enough. he can no longer have a 54-a-week Support . . . Becks visits Karl left leg in a Taliban rocketSapper Karl Boon lost his
living allowance because he can walk about 400 yards unaided.

The mean action comes a month after PM David Cameron vowed wounded heroes would not suffer financially under welfare reforms. Dad-of-two Karl, 25, of Warrington, Cheshire, now faces a tenmonth wait before he can apply again. He said: Sometimes I cant even reach the front door. All I want is what Im entitled to. l.heighton@the-sun.co.uk

The Sun Says Page Eight

Gift . . Karl & ball



THE grandfather of murdered 12-year-old Tia Sharp was targeted by a sick hoaxer who claimed Crystal Palace would hold a minutes silence. A man posing as the club chairman told fan Steve Carter, 52, there would be a tribute before the kick-off at Selhurst Park on Saturday. Tia was found dead in the attic of her grandmothers house in New Addington, South London. St Trinians star Talulah Riley, 26, has won a 2.7million divorce pay-off from billionaire Paypal founder Elon Musk, 41.

Grandpa Tia hoax


On mend . . . Erica with her mum Michelle

A MUM has released a chilling picture diary to show how meningitis took her daughter to the brink of death in FOUR HOURS. Michelle Scoffings, 34, released the images of threeyear-old Ericas fight for life to raise awareness of the bugs symptoms. The little girl, who survived, is shown in intensive care on drips with bandages covering her legs which went black as septicaemia ate away her flesh. Just hours earlier Michelle and husband Michael, 25, spotted dark purple marks on her skin a tell-tale sign of the illness. Doctors diagnosed meningococcal septicaemia and said Erica was near death. Michelle, of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, said: It all happened so quickly. I was terrified as there was nothing I could do. Erica was screaming and I just had to sit there and watch. Battling Erica, who fell ill in January, has had skin grafts and will need splints to walk properly but is due to start nursery next week.

Bandaged . . . Erica in hospital

On drip . . . as bug ate away at her


Thursday, August 23, 2012


WOMEN who have sex without condoms have better mental health, a study has claimed. It reveals that male seminal fluid contains compounds that reduce depression, enhance moods, increase affection and induce sleep. Having sex without a condom allows them to be absorbed through a womans vaginal tissue. The study examined the sex lives of 293 women students at New Yorks State University. It found that those who never used condoms showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms than those who did and those who abstained from sex.

Condom downer


Thursday, August 23, 2012


VOICE of Darts Sid Waddell checked out at his funeral yesterday leaving friends and loved ones in stitches.


A NEWLYWED Army couple will begin married life hundreds of miles apart in a war zone. Chavon Ransome and Will Thompson tied the knot on Saturday but head to Afghanistan within weeks. Chavon, 18, with the 3rd Medical Regiment, said: Were going to be on opposite sides of the country for about six months. We can phone the UK but not each other, so were going to write letters. She wed Scots Guard Will, 19, in Goole, East Yorks. They plan to take a Caribbean honeymoon when they return.

Helmand and wife

congregation laughed as son Dan told how dad-of-five Sid once advised him at the age of ten: Never trust a man who doesnt drink. He also told how Game icons his father a miners son from Northumberincluding Eric land was proud that Bristow, Keith Delhe had never eaten ler and Cliff Lazayoghurt as it was the renko came to embodiment of all that mourn the king was bourgeois. of the one-liners. Cambridge graduate And cricket ace Sids cremation was Freddie Flintoff said: held before the service There was a lot of in Pudsey, West laughter in there. and was Raising a smile . . . Sid Yorks, attended by family Sid who died aged 72 from bowel cancer including wife Irene. Darts boss was famed for his excitable Barry Hearn said: Sid took a style and Sid-isms such as pub game and made it into a Theres only one word for it global phenomenon. He was a magic darts. The 300-strong legend. a.taylor@the-sun.co.uk

Good times . . . Cliff Irene . . . wife of Sid Freddie . . . laughter Legend . . . Hearn


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012


AT least 48 people were killed by attackers armed with machetes, bows and arrows and spears in a row over grazing land and water in Kenya. Local deputy police chief Robert Kitur said: They were armed with crude weapons and some had guns. As a result we have lost 31 women, 11 children and six men. Sixty cattle were also killed.


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l Martina Coles brand new hardback, The Life, is to be published on September 13.

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A CAMOUFLAGE paint that could also save soldiers faces and hands from being burned in bomb blasts has been developed by US scientists. The paint can withstand temperatures of hundreds of degrees for 15 seconds and even incorporates an insect repellent. Experts who unveiled it in Philadelphia hope it could also be used by fire brigades.


Bust neck is missed

A DAD was sent home from hospital with painkillers after doctors failed to spot a BROKEN NECK. Landscape gardener Darren Langabeer, 40, was told it could have left him paralysed for life. Doctors originally diagnosed a trapped nerve after an alleged attack. When the dad of three went back five days later the fracture was discovered and he was rushed to a spinal unit for an op. Darren, of Llanelli, South Wales, said: They said I was lucky to be walking. Bosses at Glangwili General Hospital, Carmarthen, are investigating.



Thursday, August 23, 2012


London . . . Allen by the Houses of Parliament

London . . . on South Bank overlooking St Pauls Chicago . . in spot where star John Cusack stood

A LECTURER at one of Britains top independent girls schools has been killed with her nine-yearold daughter in a road smash in South Africa. Dr Marie Grobler, 51, and daughter Catherina were in a Toyota 4x4 that had broken down when a truck ran into the back of it near Johannesburg. Dr Grobler taught at 30,000-a-year Malvern St James School, Worcs, where Catherina was a pupil. They were on holiday with her university lecturer husband Piet, 52. The family, of West Malvern, Worcs, moved from South Africa in 2009.

Teacher hol death


Paris . . new cafe, same corner of French capital San Francisco . . gazing out over US city skyline

Venice . . . taking Harrison Fords place in Italy


Pictures: CATERS

A FILM fan puts himself in the frame to recreate his favourite movie scenes in these snaps from around the world. Allen Fuqua posed by Big Ben where actor Cillian Murphy stood in 28 Days Later. And he sat on a bench on Londons South Bank like Liam Neeson in Love Actually. The Californian snapper roped in strangers to complete the scenes once hed found the locations for his Movie Mimic project. He said: It combines my loves of film and travel. n.millard@the-sun.co.uk

Umpire in kill arrest

A TOP tennis umpire has been nicked for allegedly bludgeoning her hubby to death with a coffee cup. An arrest warrant was issued for US Open official Lois Ann Goodman, 70, after Alan, 80, was found dead at their Los Angeles home. She told cops he fell down stairs after a heart attack. But they found a cup which matched cuts on his head. She was detained in New York.


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Big C rise a mystery

A MYSTERY trigger linked to modern living has caused a surge of cancer cases since the 1950s, say scientists. Global rates of oesophageal adenocarcinoma, which affects the food pipe, are increasing by up to eight per cent a year. A pattern first emerged in the UK in the 1960s and spread to the US a decade later. It now kills around 7,000 Brits a year. But risk factors such as smoking and obesity cant account for the worldwide rise on their own, Swedish researchers wrote in journal Gut. They added that the implications were potentially alarming.


IF youre looking for somewhere peaceful to spend a holiday, you might think of Oxford, somewhere quiet in Scandinavia or perhaps quaint Cabot Cove in Maine.

Lansbury, had just over five murders a year in the series 12-year run. Since the town has a population of 3,560, that works out at 149 per 100,000 people. Even strife-torn South Africa and drug-ravaged Colombia had murder rates in their worst years of under 70 per 100,000. The dreaming spires of Oxford are much safer, in Inspector Morse and its sequel Lewis.

EXPLORE what the future holds by talking to one of my gifted psychics and astrologers, available every day from 8am to 1am.
l Calls cost 1.53 a minute plus network extras. Terms and conditions on Page 44.

They all look so pretty on TV shows Inspector Morse, Wallander and Murder, She Wrote. But you would be lucky to return alive if their fictional crime levels are to be believed. The rates were calculated by BBC Radio 4 show More Or Less which found sleepy, but fictional, Cabot Cove is actually the most dangerous place on Earth. The home town of a m a t e u r sleuth Jessica Fletcher, played by v e t e r a n actress Angela

somer was the haunt of DCI Tom Barnaby, played by John Nettles in Midsomer Murders. It is a fictional county but much of it was filmed in Oxfordshire so Charlotte McDonald, numbers expert on More Or Less, worked out a murder rate for a similar population around 3.2 per 100,000. The real total is one. If you ever end up in Ystad or, worse still, Cabot Cove just follow our survival tips below.


Olympic cycling gold medallist Jason Kenny, 24, is to have a new leisure complex named after him in home town Bolton.


The city has a population of 154,000 but suffered about four TV murders a year. That works out at around three per 100,000 people, compared to roughly one in real life. Scandinavian detectives are the latest TV trend. Take the best-known, Wallander, set in the Swedish town of Ystad. It has a population of 18,350, although that must be hard to maintain considering how many serial killers Wallander hunts. While not every episode is set in Ystad, the annual murder rate is about 110 per 100,000. The real figure for the whole of Sweden is roughly one. Back in England, Mid-


Check the brake fluid ! of every car you get in. be $ Neverfor aabominablyto rude no reason a servant or pretty girl. Keep an eye on your % drinkit.so no one poisons leave your & Do notsound investigate bedroom to a strange at night. Try not to arrive in a ( storm when every honest person is shut up

at home.

A MAN had nearly 150 exotic rats crammed in his stinking house after they bred like wildfire, a court heard yesterday. Neil Figures, 45, began with three degus, a gerbillike rodent from Chile, but ended up with 143 packed into small cages. Many had mange and all had to be put down, magistrates in Plymouth heard. The RSPCAs John Wyatt said: They were on top of each other. Roger Page, defending, said: They bred out of control. Figures admitted failing to give the animals a suitable environment. He was banned from keeping caged mammals for life and fined 300.

150 rats in house

DAD OVER 40 ISRISK FOR BABY Older mums less peril

The sperm of older men has more DNA faults likely to cause miscarriage, Downs syndrome, autism and mental illness than those in an older mothers egg.
It is the first study to link a dads age with possible health risks to babies after decades of research making the same connection with mature mums. Dr Allan Pacey, of the British Fertility Society, said: Its a surprise to find men transmit a higher number of mutations to their children than do women. This research should

Thursday, August 23, 2012


DADS over 40 are riskier to a babys health than older mums, a study found.

By EMMA LITTLE Health and Science Editor

A COUPLE who created a spoof YouTube video inviting Craig David to their wedding were stunned when the singer jetted 5,500 miles to perform at their reception. Fans Theo Coyne, 28, and new wife Lisa, 29, made their request online, left. Amazingly, Brit star Craig flew from LA to play for an hour in Lisas parents back garden in Ely, Cambs. Bo Selecta singer Craig, with Theo, Lisa and guests, above, said: I was happy to be there. It was emotional for me too.

remind us nature designed us to have our children at a young age. If at all possible men and women should not delay parenthood. The findings follow hundreds of tests on the sperm of fathers aged from their 20s to over 40. Genetics expert Dr Augustine Kong, who led the study in Iceland, said it emphasised the importance of a fathers age for offspring. Darren Griffin, a genetics professor at the University of Kent, said it showed how ageing damages DNA. Previous research has shown male fertility drops rapidly after 35. e.little@ the-sun.co.uk

Alert . . older dad


AN untidy childs bedroom can knock thousands of pounds off the price of a house, a study has suggested. Two out of five buyers would be put off by the mess, according to the survey of 1,000 adults. Many said they would use it as an excuse to negotiate a lower price. Pets, smelly bathrooms, untidy lawns and grubby kitchens could also cost the seller, the report for ING Direct found. A river race where competitors float along on blow-up SEX DOLLS has been banned by officials in Priozersky, Russia.

Mess will hit home

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Panda to zoo stars

ANIMAL lovers have the chance to feed the UKs only giant pandas in an after-hours zoo trip. Fans can meet a keeper and learn about their work with Chinese imports Tian Tian (Sweetie) and Yang Guang (Sunshine) at Edinburgh Zoo. The hour-long visit costs 1,000 for up to four people aged over 16. Head of animals, Darren McGarry, said: Its a chance to get closer than ever before to them.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Short-sighted Milovan Volovic, 51, tried to shoot a fox in his garden but hit his neighbour, who survived, in Dobraca, Serbia.


DUBLINER Amy, now eight, first charmed Duncan at Londons Great Ormond Street Hospital, after the first of her two heart transplants. He says: Amy is a real star, and what a personality. Shes the girl with three hearts. She fell ill with a heart condition when she was two and was expected to die within 24 hours, but emergency treatment kept her alive When I first met Amy I was in the cardiac wing at Great Ormond Street. I heard this little Irish accent piping up: Hey, Mr Photographer, can you take my picture? I looked down and saw this gorgeous little girl with bright red curls. I said: Gosh, arent you beautiful. Whats happened? She said: Ive got a brand new heart. For two hours she had us all crying with laughter, grabbing the camera and taking pictures of me. Two years later Amy had a second transplant her third heart. Now eight, she has an MoT for her heart every two months but she always has a smile on her face. It has been tough for her mum Veronica and her dad Adam, too.

PENSIONER pals Brenda Beveridge and Nell Harfield caught Duncans eye as they sat in the Glades shopping centre in Bromley, Kent, chatting and laughing. He says: LOOK at these two girls. They were just sat on a bench in a mall, smiling and laughing. I went up behind them, got out my bubble mixture and blew bubbles over them. They said: Oooh! and I said: Hello, Im Duncan, I like making people happy! It turns out they went to school together aged five. At seven or eight, their parents moved and they did not see each other for 50 years. They married, moved away and had children. Their husbands later died then a few years ago they bumped into each other again at a bus stop. Now they meet up daily, catching up on the years they missed. Brenda told me: Aged around 70, you feel like a child again, without a care. We treasure every day we can still see, breathe and hear a robin sing.

HEADMASTER Dominics family have run Merton Court Prep School, in Sidcup, south east London, for 30 years, and have created a magical place for the three to 11-year-old pupils. Duncan says: EVERY day the school is filled with joy and laughter. Dominic is 53 and has been the headteacher for the past 17 years. His mum Elizabeth ran the school before. His brother Chris, who has multiple sclerosis, is deputy head and his wife Sarah teaches there. Dominic thought the Olympics were amazing and the volunteers an inspiration, and that we need as a nation to rediscover that positivity, enthusiasm and can-do attitude. So why not start with primary school pupils, before people start telling them what they cant do? Dominic says school should not be a drudge it should be fun and engaging. To him, and thousands of others around the country, teaching really is a vocation but they dont always get the praise they deserve.

CAPTAIN Mainwaring impersonator David, a businessman from Rugby, Warks, had Duncan in stitches when they met at a book launch last year. Duncan says: I went to photograph my hero Jimmy Perry, who wrote Dads Army, at the launch of a book about Arnold Ridley (Private Godfrey). I had just been with Jimmy when a real-life Captain Mainwaring appeared. This chap in uniform stood on a chair and ordered everyone to be quiet. He had us all in hysterics. It turned out he was a rather posh businessman. I asked him: Do you do this regularly? and he said: What do you mean, regularly, you stupid boy? There is a war on. Most businessmen take themselves too seriously. They need to realise its just good to be silly and have fun, like David does. We had a day out in uniform, him as Captain Mainwaring and me as Cuthbert, the wing commander. We even went to Spain and made a film about these two characters I filmed David marching straight into the hotel pool. Oh, the joy of being really silly.

ROY Of The Savoy, as he was known, was a barman at the London hotel for 40 years. Duncan says: We all take many photographs of our children as they grow up, but we rarely photograph the other end of a persons life. I wanted to shoot a day in a life of an 84-year-old, so two years ago I started with a chap known as Roy of The Savoy a man with the personality of ten men. I got to know Roy through one of his lady friends. His wife had died about six years ago, which was pretty traumatic for him. But, as he said, he was still alive, with a life to live, and he has already lived a remarkable life. He was a barman at The Savoy mixing drinks for the great and the good, and dancing with Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. They were hard shifts, working from morning to late at night, with a three or four-hour break during the day. He used the time off to play snooker, or poker. I called him Playboy. I spent a day photographing him at his suburban home, doing ordinary things. I shot a massive 1,500 photos of him and we laughed all day. I also documented his odd rituals he used tea bags three times and broke Rich Tea biscuits into four pieces. I have now made a book, The Day In A Life Of Roy Of The Savoy. Roy, 86, now has dementia and lives in a nursing home in Eastbourne, but he is still the biggest personality there. A top man.

THEYRE the everyday Brits who make our country great and former celebrity photographer Duncan Raban has been giving them the star treatment. Duncan, 55, has been travelling the UK for five years in search of

these heroes, learning their stories and taking their pictures. This week we have been profiling the people he met. Here, MARTIN PHILLIPS introduces you to some more of Duncans encounters.

TATTOOED trucker Jim walked into a roadside cafe in Suffolk as Duncan was having a cuppa. Duncan says: I PARKED up at the Mid Stop cafe, on the A14 south of Bury St Edmunds. It was a glorified garden shed in a pool of mud. I ordered a tea then a big, scarylooking trucker came in, covered in tattoos and with giant gold rings. He sat down and asked for the Olympic breakfast. I said: Hello, I love your rings. His name was Jim, a trucker of 40 years, from the Midlands. Within minutes I felt I had known him years. I heard his tales of life on the road, the loss of his wife

from smoking and how his truck was now his best friend. I said he looked so great that I was going to photograph him for a project on the people of England. He said: Youre joking. Im just a trucker! But I said: Oh no, Jim, youre a fabulous trucker, a playboy with a great big heart. He was dipping bread into his eggs. I loved his huge arms of tattoos and the rings. Each ring had a story. One carried a portrait of a racehorse he had owned. Jim has since fallen in love again and I am delighted for him.


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6am CBeebies Guess With Jess (R,S) 6097859 6.10 Louie (R,S) 6011439 6.20 Wibbly Pig (R,S) 6000323 6.30 64 Zoo Lane (R,S) 7584830 6.40 Chuggington (R,S) 7580014 6.50 Rastamouse (R,S) 3792120 7.00 CBBC: Barneys Latin America (R,S) 55385 7.30 League Of Super Evil (R,S) 3911472 7.40 Frankensteins Cat (R,S) 5103025 7.50 Arthur (R,S) 3122304 8.15 OOglies (R,S) 8684656 8.30 CBeebies 675304 11.30 BBC World News (S) 3656 12.00 Coast (R,S) 7931014 12.10 Hands On Nature (R,S) 1003439 12.40 FILM Farewell My Lovely (1944) JJJJJ (B/W,S) 66128439 2.15 Weakest Link (R,S) 3733930 3.00 Real Rescues (R,S) 9000526 3.45 The Hairy Bikers Food Tour Of Britain (R,S) 4642694 4.30 Flog It! Antique hunting in Torquay. (R,S) 3474946 5.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Mark Franks and Paul Hayes search for antiques at a car-boot sale. (R,S) 1160965 6.00 Eggheads (S) 192 6.30 Celebrity MasterChef. The contestants work with chef Cyrus Todiwala. (S) 304 6am Daybreak (S) 728675 8.30 Lorraine (S) 2573033 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show Talk show. (R,S) 7286507 10.30 This Morning With Dom Joly and Rita Ora. Includes ITV News at 11.25. (S) 75255 12.30 Lets Do Lunch With Gino And Mel With Stacey Solomon. (S) 32526 1.30 ITV News (S) 57854781 1.55 Regional News (S) 88341946 2.00 Murder, She Wrote Jessica researches an old murder case for which an innocent man may have been imprisoned. (R,S) 37491 3.00 Secret Dealers Homeowners in Lincolnshire and Wales invite antiques experts to bid for their possessions. (S) Followed by Local Weather 4526 4.00 Midsomer Murders 1 of 2. Barnaby and Scott investigate the apparent suicide of a solicitor who was rumoured to have been stealing money from clients but matters are soon complicated by the death of a legal rival. (R,S) 3033 5.00 Dont Blow The Inheritance Tim Vine hosts. (S) 6014 6.00 Regional News (S) 878 6.30 ITV News (S) 830 6.10am The Hoobs (R,S,SL) 6014897 7.00 Freshly Squeezed (S) 73781 7.30 According To Jim (R,S) 4915651 7.55 Will And Grace (R,S) 3365912 8.25 Everybody Loves Raymond (R,S) 2880410 8.55 Frasier (R,S) 2574762 9.55 Come Dine With Me (R,S) Followed by C4 News Midday Summary 21785435 12.35 Three In A Bed (R,S) Followed by Channel 4 Presents: London 2012 Danielle Brown Part III 7374149 1.40 Live C4 Racing. From York at 2.00, 2.30, 3.05 and 3.40. Schedule may change. (S) 30352566 4.00 Deal Or No Deal (S) 1675 5.00 Come Dine With Me. Four amateur chefs compete on the Isle Of Man. (R,S) 4656 6.00 The Simpsons. Homer signs up for a wife-swapping show so he can win the money to buy a plasma TV, but Marges new husband falls in love with her. (R,S) 120 6.30 Hollyoaks. GCSE results day arrives for Bart and Esther. Meanwhile, Dodger makes a last-minute attempt to stop Texas leaving and Riley faces important decisions. (S) 472 6am Milkshake! 83151385 9.15 The Wright Stuff 43664014 11.10 Reza, Spice Prince Of India (S) 32278859 11.40 Andy Bates Street Feasts (S) Followed by 5 News Lunchtime 4607323 12.15 Celebrity Big Brother: Live Eviction (R,S) 9217120 1.45 Neighbours (S) 5346385 2.15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. A killer dies in custody. (R,S) 4745439 3.15 FILM Bound By A Secret. A dying actress, who secretly entrusted her daughter to a friend to be raised, agonises over whether to tell the girl the truth. Drama starring Lesley Ann Warren, Meredith Baxter and Bridget White. (2009) JJ (S) 46477526 5.00 5 News At 5 (S) 5632052 5.30 Neighbours. Tashs loyalty to Ed is tested when Andrew insists he cannot attend the magazine interview. (R,S) 7908439 6.00 Monkey Life. The team prepares to introduce Kiki to fellow chimp Patricia, Oshine receives a visitor from South Africa, and Bueno has emergency treatment on several rotten teeth. (S) 7998052 6.30 5 News At 6.30 (S) 7989304

6am Breakfast (S) 62244526 9.15 Heir Hunters (R,S) 7698810 10.00 Homes Under The Hammer (R,S) Followed by BBC News 65762 11.00 Saints And Scroungers (R,S) 4385 11.30 Animal 24:7 A pit bull is seized by police officers. (R,S) Then BBC News 3050694 12.15 Bargain Hunt Mark Stacey and James Braxton look for valuable items in Ardingly, West Sussex. (R,S) 9830743 1.00 BBC News (S) 56014 1.30 Regional News (S) 85473633 1.45 Doctors Daniel struggles with the pressures of fatherhood. (S) 753217 2.15 Escape To The Country Searching for a country house in the Cotswolds. (R,S) 7438548 3.00 BBC News (S) 7262588 3.05 CBBC I Want My Own Room (R,S) Then Leon 7606236 3.35 Splatalot (R,S) 7137385 4.00 Shaun The Sheep (R,S) 5568061 4.10 Wingin It (R,S) 3532656 4.30 Roy (R,S) 217 5.00 Newsround (S) 4119101 5.15 Pointless Quiz show. (S) 1162323 6.00 BBC News (S) 410 6.30 Regional News (S) 762

7.00 The One Show Matt Baker and Alex Jones present the live magazine. (S) 2675 7.30 EastEnders Phil searches for Shirley, but finds she is in no mood for reconciliation. Meanwhile, an innocent party game leads to surprising revelations for Lucy, Alice and Anthony. (S) Followed by BBC News 946 8.00 Waterloo Road 1 of 10. The school reopens as an independent establishment in Greenock, Scotland, but things do not go smoothly when runaway Jade and her squat-dwelling boyfriend Drew try to enrol. Drama with Alec Newman and Laurie Brett. (S) 3491 9.00 Crimewatch: Caught In The Crossfire On the eve of the sentencing of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, Kirsty Young meets survivors of some of the most shocking crimes in living memory. (S) 3255 10.00 BBC News (S) 437526 10.25 Regional News (S) 748304 10.35 Neighbourhood Watched 2 of 6. An investigative team from a Greater Manchester housing association gathers evidence to help a family unable to cope with its next-door neighbours antisocial behaviour. (S) 173615 11.20 New Town Killers An inner-city teenager agrees to PREMIERE act as prey in a deadly game of cat and mouse played by a wealthy banker. Thriller starring Dougray Scott and James Anthony Pearson. (2008) JJJ (S) Followed by Holiday Weather View 562694 1.00 Sign Zone Kony: Hunt For The Worlds Most Wanted Panorama (R,S,SL) 37142 1.30 Countryfile (R,S,SL) 49057 2.30 Louis Theroux: Twilight Of The Porn Stars (R,S,SL) 59908 3.30 Real Rescues (R,S,SL) 8636927 4.15 -6am BBC News (S) 557502




7.00 Escape To The Country 17 of 25. Alistair Appleton helps a couple searching for a home in Suffolk. (R,S) 2385 8.00 Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight 4 of 4. Si King and Dave Myers create low-calorie versions of their favourite party treats, before finding out how successful their weight-loss experiment has been. (S) 1033 9.00 Springwatch Guide To Seabirds Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Martin HughesGames and Iolo Williams profile bird species that can be seen on the British coastline in the summer. (S) 1897 10.00 The Boss Is Back 1 of 5. Revisiting firms featured in TV series Back To The Floor, beginning at Millwall FC, where former chairman Theo Paphitis finds out how the club has changed since 2000. (S) 76217 10.30 Newsnight (S) 180878 11.20 The Rob Brydon Show 2 of 6. The host chats to former EastEnders star Barbara Windsor, and chef Heston Blumenthal, and introduces music by doo-wop group The Overtones. (R,S) 479156 11.50 Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission 2 of 2. The actor travels along the Congo river as he embarks on the second half of his mission to deliver vaccines to some of the worlds remotest areas. (R,S) 850410 12.50 The Culture Show At The Edinburgh Festival Nile Rodgers and Kirsty Gunn are interviewed. (R,S) 2217811 1.20 -4.20am BBC News Headlines. (S) 58948618

7.00 Emmerdale The fun run begins and Chas realises Cameron, Carl and Dan are all competing for her attention. (S) 7743 7.30 Tonight: Dont Hate Us Comedian Francesca Martinez, who has cerebral palsy, investigates hate crime against the disabled and asks whether a welfare crackdown has caused a change in attitudes. (S) 994 8.00 Emmerdale Chas follows Dan into the Woolpack toilets, where she surprises him by proposing marriage. Meanwhile, Amy warns Kerry not to upset Val and Charity advises Priya to stop flirting with David. (S) 6491 8.30 Coronation Street Tommy traces Kirsty to the maternity ward of the hospital and tells her how upset Tyrone has been since she left. Elsewhere, Rob ends his relationship with Eva. (S) 5526 9.00 Jennifer Saunders: Back In The Saddle 2 of 2. The comedy actress takes part in the opening ceremony of the Nations Cup in La Baule, Northern France and receives a dressage lesson from Team GBs Laura Bechtolsheimer. (S) 8323 10.00 ITV News At Ten (S) 910946 10.35 The Jonathan Ross Show 1 of 10. Colin Farrell discusses the new remake of sci-fi thriller Total Recall, Kelly Brook talks about her role in Keith Lemon: The Film and Rita Ora performs. (R,S) 7263743 11.45 The Talent Show Story 5 of 5. Gary Barlow, Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan and Louis Walsh talk about life on the judging panel. Plus, how Pop Idol brought Simon Cowell to Saturday-night TV. (R,S) 122149 12.40 Jackpot247 71084057 3.05 Tonight: Dont Hate Us (R,S) 59303569 3.30 Nightscreen 59303569 4.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R,S,SL) 5345521 5.30-6am ITV Morning News (S) 20989

7.00 Frontline Police 7.00 C4 News (S) Followed by 2 of 6. Rav Wilding joins 4thought.tv 5385 Essex officers at the scene 7.30 Jon Snows of a devastating car crash, Paralympic Show at a suspected drug dealers The journalist previews the flat and on the streets of 2012 Games. (S) 656 Southend, where a film is in 8.00 The Restoration Man production. (R,S) 5313694 Revisiting a project to convert 8.00 The Oklahoma City a 19th-century ice house into Bomber Tapes a home. (R,S) 6101 Martin Bashir tells the story of 9.00 Whatever Happened the most destructive terrorist To Harry Hill? attack on American soil prior Spoof documentary in which to September 11, using audio the comedian looks back at his interviews with the perpetrator Channel 4 show. (S) 6965 Timothy McVeigh, recorded by 10.00 Vic And Bobs Lucky Sexy journalists Dan Herbeck and Winners (S) 918588 Lou Michel during his time in 10.35 Just Around The Corner prison. (S) 5399014 Futuristic sitcom. (S) 355255 9.00 The Hotel Inspector 11.10 Peep Show (R,S) 836830 8 of 10. Alex Polizzi visits 11.45 Comedy Lab: Peter Kay the Godolphin Arms, a hotel The Services (R,S) 916859 in the Cornish seaside resort 12.15 Comedy Lab: Karl Pilkington of Newquay, which has been Satisfied Fool (R,S) losing money despite being 1900453 12.50 Meet Ricky a popular destination for Gervais (R,S) 5027540 1.15 coach tours. (S) 5319878 The Jack Dee Show (R,S) 10.00 Celebrity Big Brother Then Comedy Blaps: Nick Catching up with the Helm Solid Gold Super Hits celebrities as they react to One 337705 2.15 NEW Comedy Blaps: Viz (S) Wednesday nights live 9972705 2.30 Comedy Blaps: eviction, revealing how the first Dr Brown (S) 5185845 2.40 departure has affected the Ruby Waxs Mad Confessions contestants. (S) 5312965 (R,S) 3719971 3.35 Dear Mr 11.00 Celebrity Big Brothers Brady (S) 44597434 4.05 Bit On The Side Channel 4 Dispatches: Emma Willis presents the CBB Property Nightmare The companion show, including Truth About Leaseholds (R,S) celebrity guests thoughts 33446298 4.35 Apocalypse: on the latest developments The Second World War (R,S) and behind-the-scenes 5343163 5.30-6.25am Deal insights. (S) 2016025 Or No Deal (R,S) 8896415 12.00 SuperCasino Live interactive gaming. 1209231 3.55 Great S4C Artists (R,S,SL) 15207892 7am Cyw 1.00 News 1.05 Heno 1.30 Pobl Harri Parri 2.00 Prynhawn Da 2.55 News 3.00 Cyw 4.30 Awr Fawr 4.20 House Doctor (R,S,SL) Cyw 5.30 Stwnsh: Bywyd Cudd Sabrina 5.55 Bernard 12236347 4.40 Michaelas 6.00 Tim Talent 6.30 Pobol Y Cwm 7.00 Heno 7.30 News Wild Challenge (R,S,SL) 7.55 Calon 8.00 Pobol Y Cwm 8.25 Cefn Gwlad 9.30 67945637 5.10-6am Nicks Ralio+ 10.00 Y Lle 10.45 News 10.55 Gwefreiddiol 11.25pm-12midnight Ffeit Gyntaf Amy Quest (R,S,SL) 5005144

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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6am Lion Man (R,S) 44878 7.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse (R,S) 10472 8.00 Dont Forget The Lyrics (R,S) 11101 9.00 Oops TV (R,S) 82526 10.00 Got To Dance: Meet The Finalists (R) 74946 10.30 Raising Hope (R,S) 33526 11.00 Dont Stop Me Now (R,S) 92830 12.00 Futurama (R,S) 24878 12.30 The Simpsons (R,S) 50781 1.00 Ashley Banjos Secret Street Crew (R,S) 55236 2.00 Got To Dance: Meet The Finalists (R) 1101 2.30 Raising Hope (R,S) 5410 3.00 Modern Family (R,S) 7156 3.30 The Middle (R,S) 7255 4.00 Modern Family (R,S) 6762 4.30 The Middle. Mike assumes responsibility for organising the familys Christmas festivities. (R,S) 2946 5.00 The Simpsons. Homer begins calling himself Max Power. (R,S) 5781 5.30 Futurama. Bender flushes Nibbler down the toilet in a jealous rage, so Professor Farnsworth fits the robot with an empathy chip that forces him to experience the same emotions as Leela. (R,S) 6526 6.00 Oops TV. Selection of home videos and out-takes. (R,S) 35472

WHat tO WatCH
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And EastEnders Jane Beale is teaching there. Bizarre but true as actress Laurie Brett, pictured, joins as teacher Christine Mulgrew when the new school re-opens north of the border. A rival school head is furious that Waterloo Road is stealing his pupils but hes probably happy that he hasnt got her on his staff. It seems that shes hiding a little problem. BEST FOOD: Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight (BBC2, 8pm). Four episodes into the series and the scales await as we see how much blubber the boys have banished (perhaps shaving BEST SOAP: Emmerdale (ITV1, 7pm & 8pm). Indecisive Cameron has had enough of Debbie (again) and wants Chas back (again). Ive never stopped loving you, he tells her. She replies by kneeing him in the nads. Later, in The Woolpack, Dans declaration of his feelings goes down a bit better as he gets a kiss, then something more. As if Id let you go now that Ive found you, says Chas. Dan Spencer, will you marry me? Well, its the obvious step they have been together a week, after all. BEST DRAMA: Waterloo Road (BBC1, 8pm). Back for a new term. In Scotland.


6am Good Morning Sports Fans 9.00 UEFA Champions League Goals 9.30 Football Special 10.30 Live European Tour Golf Coverage of the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles. 1.30 UEFA Champions League Goals 2.00 Football Special Chelsea v Reading. 3.00 ICC Under-19s World Cup Cricket 4.30 Live ECB 40 League Cricket Essex Eagles v Lancashire Lightning. Coverage from Chelmsford 10.00 The Footballers Football Show 11.30 Ringside Boxings brightest prospects. 12.30 Premier League World 1.00 The Footballers Football Show 2.30 Ringside 3.30 Premier League World 4.00 The Footballers Football Show 5.30-6am IAAF Athletix 6am Live ICC Under-19s World Cup Cricket Coverage of the second semi-final. 8.30 Inside The PGA Tour 9.00 Champions Tour Golf 10.00 Boots n All 11.00 FIFA Futbol Mundial 11.30 UEFA Champions League Goals 12.00 ICC Under-19s World Cup Cricket 1.30 Boots n All Super League review. 2.30 Champions Tour Golf 3.30 Live European Tour Golf Coverage of the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles. 6.25 Total Rugby Magazine show. 6.55 IAAF Athletix A round-up of athletics news. 7.25 Premier League World The latest news. 7.55 Ringside Boxings brightest prospects. 8.55 IAAF Athletix A round-up of athletics news. 9.25 Live Spanish Football Barcelona v Real Madrid. 11.30 WWE: Raw Wrestling action from the US. 1.30 WWE: NXT 2.30 NRL Fulltime 3.00 Super Leagues Supermen 3.55-6am Spanish Football Sky SpORTS 3

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off all that hair would help shed a few pounds, eh lads?). They try to reinvent the party treats they love to prove you can have fun while dieting. Cue newly slimline sommelier Olly Smith, who reveals what wine works with a diet. Cheers! BEST DOCUMENTARY: Jennifer Saunders Back In The Saddle (ITV1, 9pm). In the second and final part of Jennifers horseplay, can she get herself ready to conquer 20 jumps and fences at the Houghton International eventing weekend? It makes my stomach churn, she says. I humiliate myself in public regularly. Its my job but on my own terms. Doing it for this, Im not enjoying it at all. Oh dear.



6am Live Test Cricket 12.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 1.00 Trans World Sport 2.00 Thrillseekers 2.30 FIBA Basketball 3.00 Watersports World 4.00 Trans World Sport 5.00 WWE Vintage Collection 6.00 Ringside 7.00 Live PGA Tour Golf. The Barclays. The opening event of the FedEx Cup gets under way. 11.00 European Tour Golf 1.00 PGA Tour Golf 4.00 IAAF Athletix 4.30 Thrillseekers 4.55-6am Live Test Cricket. India v New Zealand. Day two of the first Test.

decides to try some stunts of his own. (R,S) 87859 8.00 Sinbad 7 of 13. Basra is teeming with armed men in preparation for Akbaris coronation but, despite the danger, Sinbad returns to his home town to rescue his grandmother, unaware he is falling into a trap. (R,S) 96507 9.00 An Idiot Abroad 2 of 8. Karl Pilkington arrives in India, where he attends a spring festival in which people throw coloured dye at one another. He also joins a saint to cleanse his soul in the River Ganges, before paying a visit to the Taj Mahal. (R,S) 76743 10.00 Road Wars 2 of 20. The Tactical Aid Group launches a drug raid, and Exeter police spray a boy with CS gas. Plus, footage of sledgehammerwielding jewellery thieves in America. (R,S) 79830 11.00 Brit Cops: Frontline Crime UK 3 of 12. Police officers in Devon and Cornwall tackle street crime. (R,S) 13323 12.00 Ross Kemp: Extreme World (R,S) 35908 1.00 Road Wars (R,S) 24106 2.00 Sun, Sea And A&E (R,S) 3430618 2.55 Caprica (R,S) 5533637 3.45 Dont Stop Me Now (R,S) 4928076 4.35 Airline (R) 89059298 5.05-6am Sell Me The Answer (R,S) 7505705

6am Aerobics Oz Style 6.30 Thrillseekers 7.00 WWE: Experience 8.00 Total Rugby 8.30 FIBA Basketball 9.00 Watersports World 10.00 Trans World Sport 11.00 Racing News 11.30 Aerobics Oz Style 12.00 Watersports World 7.00 The Simpsons 1.00 Tiree Legends 1.30 FIBA Basketball 2.00 Sporting 7 & 8 of 22. Double bill. Greats 3.00 Total Rugby 3.30 Aerobics Oz Style 4.00 Bart runs away from home Thrillseekers 4.30 Tiree Legends 5.00 Racemax 6.00 NRL at Thanksgiving and ends up in Fulltime 6.30 Super Leagues Supermen 7.30 Test Cricket a shelter for down-and-outs. 8.30 ICC Under-19s World Cup Cricket 10.00 Live Then, an evenings carAmericas Cup World Series. Day three from San Francisco. crushing entertainment brings 12.00 Test Cricket 1.00 IAAF Athletix 1.30 Thrillseekers out the daredevil in Bart, who 2.00 Aerobics Oz Style 2.30-3am Tiree Legends 7.30am FIFA Under-20s Womens World Cup Football 8.00 Live FIFA Under-20s Womens World Cup Football. Ghana v Germany. 10.00 FIFA Under-20s Womens World Cup Football 11.00 Live FIFA Under-20s Womens World Cup Football. Norway v Canada. 1.00 FIFA Under-20s Womens World Cup Football 2.00 Cycling: Vuelta A Espaa 3.00 Live Cycling: Vuelta A Espaa. Stage six. 4.45 WTA Tennis 6.00 Live WTA Tennis 9.45 MotoGP 10.45 British Superbikes 11.45pm-12.50am World Superbikes 6am Eurosport2 News 7.00 FIFA Under-20s Womens World Cup Football 8.00 Live FIFA Under-20s Womens World Cup Football. North Korea v Argentina. 10.00 Cycling: Vuelta A Espaa 11.00 Eurosport2 News 11.30 Live Beach Soccer 4.30 FIFA Under-20s Womens World Cup Football 6.30 EuroCRASH! 6.35 Cycling 7.00 Cycling: Vuelta A Espaa 8.00 Cycling 9.00 Live Cycling. The USA Pro Challenge. 11.00 Cycling: Vuelta A Espaa 12.00 Triathlon 12.30-6am Eurosport2 News 6am Kicks: Extra 6.15 Goal Show 6.45 Premier League World 7.15 Kicks: MLS 7.45 ESPN Kicks: Brasileirao 8.00 FC Press Pass 8.30 FA WSL Review Show 9.00 ESPN Kicks: Scottish Football 9.15 ESPN Kicks: Premier League 9.30 ESPN Big Fights 11.30 Boxing 12.30 Premier League World 1.00 ESPN Kicks: MLS 1.30 FC Press Pass 2.00 DTM Review Show 3.00 GRAND-AM Road Racing 4.00 FIA GT3 European Championship 5.00 ESPN Kicks: Extra 5.15 ESPN Kicks: MLS 5.45 ESPN Kicks: Brasileirao 6.00 Goal! Bundesliga Preview 6.30 FC Press Pass 7.00 French Ligue 1 Preview 7.30 German Football 8.00 Goal! Special: Season Preview 8.30 Serie A 10.00 Dream On: Wembley FC 11.00 French Ligue 1 Review 11.30 FC Press Pass 12.00 Goal! Bundesliga Preview 12.30 Live American Football 3.30 30 For 30 4.30 FIBA Basketball 5.00 FC Press Pass 5.30-6am French Ligue 1 Review
BBC ONE WALES As main BBC ONE except: 10.35pm Baker Boys 811236 11.35 Neighbourhood Watched 694643 12.20 FILM PREMIERE New Town Killers (2008) 929637 1.55 Holiday Weather View 3963873 2.00-2.30am Sign Zone: Kony: Hunt For The Worlds Most Wanted Panorama 95415 ITV1 WALES 10.35pm Face To Face 258110 11.05-11.45pm Countrywise 744385

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Thursday, August 23, 2012



Rango, Sky Movies Family 8pm

Movie of the Day

6am The Mighty Ducks (PG, 1992) HH 7.45 Killers (12, 2010) Action comedy. HH 9.30 Predators (15, 2010) Sci-fi thriller. HHH 11.20 Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (12, 2011) Sci-fi adventure sequel. HHH 1.55 Salt (12, 2010) Action thriller. HHH 3.40 Predators (15, 2010) Thriller. HHH 5.30 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (PG, 2004) Fantasy adventure series. HHHH 8.00 Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (12, 2011) Sci-fi adventure sequel. HHH 10.35 Salt (12, 2010) Action thriller. HHH 12.20 Flight Of The Phoenix (12, 2004) HHH 2.20 Takers (12, 2010) Crime thriller. HHH 4.10-6am Our Man Flint (PG, 1966) HH 6.30am Snow Dogs (PG, 2002) Comedy. HHH 8.15 Eleanors Secret (U, 2009) HHH 9.40 Megamind (PG, 2010) HHHH 11.20 Rango (PG, 2011) Animation. HHHH 1.10 Shrek Forever After (U, 2010) HHH 2.50 Snow Dogs (PG, 2002) Comedy. HHH 4.35 Megamind (PG, 2010) HHHH 6.20 Shrek Forever After (U, 2010) HHH 8.00 Rango (PG, 2011) Animated comedy with the voices of Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher. HHHH 10.00 Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (12, 2011) Fantasy adventure sequel. HH 12.20 Eleanors Secret (U, 2009) HHH 1.40 Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (12, 2011) Fantasy adventure sequel. HH 4.00 Smooch (PG, 2011) Comedy. HHH 5.40-6.10am Brave Special Behind the scenes. 6am The Count Of Monte Cristo (PG, 2002) Adventure starring Jim Caviezel. HHHH 8.10 The Top Ten Show Box office hits. 8.30 Scents And Sensibility (PG, 2011) HHH 10.00 Like Dandelion Dust (12, 2009) HHHH
7.00 Live UEFA Europa League 10.00 Cycling 11.00 FILM Rocky IV. Drama starring Sylvester Stallone. (1985) 12.55 The Professionals 1.55 The Saint 2.45 Nightscreen 3.00-6am Teleshopping 6am Switched 6.45 Supernanny US 7.30 Rules Of Engagement 8.20 Supernanny US 9.15 One Tree Hill 10.10 Ugly Betty 11.05 Desperate Housewives 12.00 Scrubs 12.30 Hollyoaks 1.00 How I Met Your Mother 2.00 The Big Bang Theory 3.00 Rules Of Engagement 4.00 Ugly Betty 5.00 How I Met Your Mother 6.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 How I Met Your Mother 8.00 The Big Bang Theory 8.30 How I Met Your Mother 9.00 2 Broke Girls 9.30 New Girl 10.00 Franklin And Bash 11.00 Beaver Falls 12.00 The Big Bang Theory 1.00 Scrubs 1.30 How I Met Your Mother 2.00 Rules Of Engagement 2.20 Desperate Housewives 3.05 90210 3.45 Greek 4.30-6am Switched 8.55am Location, Location, Location 10.00 Four In A Bed 10.35 Quick Bakes With Eric Lanlard 10.55 A Place In The Sun 11.30 FILM Black Narcissus. Drama with Deborah Kerr. (1947) 1.25 Time Team 3.35 The Food Hospital 4.40 A Place In The Sun: Home Or USA? 5.45 A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away 6.50 Come Dine With Me 7.55 Grand Designs 9.00 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. The importance of fashion to members of the traveller community. 10.00 The Closer 11.00 Father Ted. Double bill. 12.00 Embarrassing Bodies 1.05 The Closer 2.00 Brothers And Sisters 2.55-3.55am Embarrassing Bodies 6am Teleshopping 12.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? 12.25 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1.25 FILM Carnal Innocence (2011) 3.15 Shark 4.10 FILM The Accidental Witness (2006) 6.00 Shark 6.55 Inside Hollywood 7.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. A body is found in a chimney. 8.00 CSI: Miami 10.00 NCIS 12.00 CSI: NY 1.00-4am SuperCasino 6am Teleshopping 1.00 Chuck 3.00 Neighbours 3.35 Better With You 4.00 Celebrity Big Brother 5.25 Malcolm In The Middle 5.55 5 Access 6.00 Home And Away: From Day One 7.00 Neighbours 7.35 Malcolm In The Middle 8.00 Once Upon A Time. Regina struggles to maintain her influence over Storybrooke. 9.00 The Mentalist 11.00 Sex And The City 11.45 5 Access 12.00-6am Teleshopping

FILMS STAR RATINGS: HHHHH Brilliant HHHH Very Good HHH Good HH Not Bad H Poor
11.55 The Help (12, 2011) Drama. HHHH 2.25 Take Me Home (12, 2011) HHH 4.15 Serious Moonlight (15, 2009) HH 5.45 Captain Corellis Mandolin (15, 2001) HH 8.00 The Help (12, 2011) Drama. HHHH 10.25 The Whistleblower (15, 2010) HHHH 12.25 Against The Ropes (12, 2004) HH 2.20 The Whistleblower (15, 2010) HHHH 4.15-6.40am Lady Jane (PG, 1986) HHH 6.55am The Christmas Clause (PG, 2008) HH 8.55 School Of Rock (PG, 2003) HHHH 10.55 Toy Story 3 (U, 2010) HHHHH 12.55 Spy Kids 2: Island Of Lost Dreams (U, 2002) Family adventure sequel. HHHH 2.40 Marmaduke (U, 2010) Comedy. HH 4.10 I Am Number Four (12, 2011) HH 6.10 Toy Story 3 (U, 2010) HHHHH 8.00 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (12, 2010) Fantasy adventure. HHHH 10.30 Colombiana (15, 2011) Action thriller. HH 12.25 The Bourne Legacy Premiere Special 12.55 The Chronicles Of Riddick (15, 2004) HH 3.05 Planes, Trains And Automobiles (15, 1987) Comedy. HHHH 4.45-6.15am The Christmas Clause (PG, 2008) Family fantasy. HH 9.35 Batman (U, 1966) Adventure. HHHH 11.35 Heaven Can Wait (U, 1943) HHHHH 1.35 The Blob (12, 1958) Sci-fi horror. HHH 3.10 Save The Tiger (15, 1973) Drama. HHH 5.00 Young At Heart (U, 1954) Musical. HHH 7.00 Batman (U, 1966) Comedy adventure starring Adam West and Burt Ward. HHHH 9.00 Serpico (18, 1973) Crime drama. HHHHH 11.20 Save The Tiger (15, 1973) Drama. HHH 1.10 Super 8 35mm Special A look at the movie. 1.40 Serpico (18, 1973) Crime drama. HHHHH 4.00-6.05am Heaven Can Wait (U, 1943) Fantasy comedy starring Don Ameche. HHHHH 8am Super 8 35mm Special A look at the movie. 8.30 City Island (12, 2009) Drama. HHHH 10.20 Welcome To The Rileys (15, 2010) HHH 12.20 The Tempest (PG, 2010) HHH 2.20 Winters Bone (15, 2010) HHHH 4.10 Black Swan (15, 2010) HHHH 6.10 The Tempest (PG, 2010) HHH 8.10 Winters Bone (15, 2010) HHHH 10.00 Black Swan (15, 2010) HHHH 11.50 Its Kind Of A Funny Story (12, 2010) Comedy drama starring Keir Gilchrist. HHHH 1.35 Swingers (15, 1996) HHHH 3.15-5.10am Killing Bono (15, 2011) HHH 6am The Broken (15, 2008) Horror. HHH 7.40 Ice (12, 1998) Thriller with Grant Show. HH 9.25 Virtuosity (15, 1995) Sci-fi thriller. HHH 11.25 Blade Runner: The Final Cut (15, 1982) Sci-fi thriller with Harrison Ford. HHHHH 1.25 Independence Day (12, 1996) HHHH 3.55 The Broken (15, 2008) Horror. HHH 5.35 Paranormal Activity 2 (15, 2010) HHH 7.10 Virtuosity (15, 1995) Sci-fi thriller. HHH 9.00 Independence Day (12, 1996) Adventure starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman HHHH 11.25 The Cell (18, 2000) Sci-fi thriller. HHH 1.15 Paranormal Activity 2 (15, 2010) HHH 2.50 Blade Runner: The Final Cut (15, 1982) Sci-fi thriller starring Harrison Ford. HHHHH 4.50-6.25am Ice (12, 1998) Thriller. HH 6am Unbreakable (12, 2000) HHHH 7.55 Cop Out (15, 2010) Action comedy. HH 9.55 Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright (15, 2010) Crime thriller. HH 11.45 Unbreakable (12, 2000) HHHH 1.40 Justice (15, 2011) Thriller. HH 3.30 Hudson Hawk (15, 1991) HH 5.15 Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright (15, 2010) Crime thriller. HH 7.00 Cop Out (15, 2010) Action comedy. HH 9.00 Justice (15, 2011) Thriller. HH 11.00 Hudson Hawk (15, 1991) Adventure. HH 12.50 McVicar (18, 1980) Crime drama. HH 2.45 The Babysitter (18, 1994) HH 4.25-6.10am Loss Of Faith (PG, 1997) HH 11am Tales From Earthsea (PG, 2006) HHH 1.20 The Riddle Of The Sands (PG, 1978) HHH 3.25 Carry On Behind (PG, 1975) Comedy. HH 5.15 Aliens In The Attic (PG, 2009) HHH 6.55 Love Happens (12, 2009) Drama. HH 9.00 Along Came A Spider (15, 2001) Thriller prequel with Morgan Freeman. HHHH 11.05 Mother (15, 2009) Thriller. HHHH 1.35-3.40am Frozen (15, 2010) HHH 7.15am Gunsmoke Outlaws plot to kill Annie. 8.20 Maverick A conwoman beats Bret at cards. 9.20 Thunder Over The Plains (U, 1953) HH 10.55 White Comanche (PG, 1968) HH 12.45 Gunsmoke An abused wife needs Matts help. 1.50 Maverick Western drama. 3.00 The Train Robbers (U, 1973) HHH 4.50 The Long Hot Summer (PG, 1958) HHHH 7.05 Eight Legged Freaks (12, 2002) HHHH 9.00 Demolition Man (15, 1993) Sci-fi thriller with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. HHHH 11.15 Proof Of Life (15, 2000) Action drama. HH 1.50 The Trail Beyond (U, 1934) Western. HH 2.50 Teleshopping Buying goods from home. 5.00-7am The Long Hot Summer (PG, 1958) Drama starring Paul Newman. HHHH
9.00 FILM The Grudge. Horror remake. (2004) 11.00 Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil 11.30 FILM Annihilation Earth (2009) 1.20 Lost Girl 2.20 Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil 2.50 Smallville 4.00-6am FILM Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004) 6am Speed Of Life 7.00 How Do They Do It? 7.30 How Its Made 8.00 Auction Kings 9.00 American Chopper: Senior Versus Junior 10.00 Wheeler Dealers 11.00 Walking The Amazon 12.00 American Chopper: Senior Versus Junior 1.00 Christianity: A History 2.00 Hitlers Children 3.00 World War Two In HD Colour 4.00 Deadliest Catch 5.00 Auction Kings 6.00 Mythbusters 7.00 Bear Grylls: Born Survivor 8.00 Gold Rush 9.00 How The Universe Works 10.00 Reporters At War 11.00 Gold Divers 12.00 How The Universe Works 1.00 Reporters At War 2.00 Auction Kings 3.00 American Chopper: Senior Versus Junior 3.50 Wheeler Dealers 4.40 Bear Grylls 5.30-6am Destroyed In Seconds 8am Extreme Universe 9.00 Nazi Secrets 10.00 Nazi Scrapbooks: The Auschwitz Albums 11.00 Concordia Disaster: Caught On Camera 12.00 Salvage Code Red 1.00 Alaskas Toughest Pilots 2.00 Doomsday 2210? 3.00 Banged Up Abroad 4.00 Air Crash Investigation 5.00 Ancient X Files 6.00 Alaskas Toughest Pilots 7.00 Banged Up Abroad 8.00 Full Force Nature. Two shows. 9.00 Britains Underworld 10.00 Banged Up Abroad 11.00 Tony Robinsons Superstitions 12.00 Full Force Nature 1.00 Crimes That Changed History: The BTK Killer 2.00 Teleshopping 3.00 Air Crash Investigation 3.45 Ancient X Files 4.30 Alaskas Toughest Pilots 5.15-6am $400 Million Emerald Mystery 6am International Terrorism Since 1945 6.25 Hitlers Bodyguard 7.10 Battle Of Warsaw 8.00 History Cold Case 9.00 Antiques Roadshow 10.00 All Creatures Great And Small 11.00 Hitlers Bodyguard 12.00 Battle Of Warsaw 1.00 History Cold Case 2.00 Fred Dibnahs Age Of Steam 2.30 Last Of The Summer Wine 3.10 Antiques Roadshow 4.00 All Creatures Great And Small 5.00 Battle Of Warsaw 6.00 Fred Dibnahs Age Of Steam 6.30 Antiques Roadshow 7.20 Last Of The Summer Wine 8.00 The Great British Summer 9.00 Who Do You Think You Are? 10.00 Hey, Hey Were The Monkees 11.00 Battle Of Warsaw 12.00 Antiques Roadshow 1.00 NASA: Triumph And Tragedy 2.00-3am Weapons Races


10am Puss In Boots Special Behind the scenes. 10.30 Puss In Boots (U, 2011) HHHH 12.15 Thats What I Am (PG, 2011) HHH 2.15 33 Postcards (12, 2011) Drama. HHH 4.15 A Dog Named Duke (PG, 2012) HHH 6.00 Thats What I Am (PG, 2011) HHH 8.00 Puss In Boots (U, 2011) Animated comedy with the voice of Antonio Banderas. HHHH 9.45 Killer Elite (15, 2011) Thriller with Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro. HH 11.45 The Pool Boys (15, 2010) HH 1.30 Super 8 35mm Special A look at the movie. 2.00-2.30am Cowboys And Aliens 35mm Special Behind the scenes on the sci-fi Western. 7.20am Dunston Checks In (PG, 1996) HHH 9.00 Raising Arizona (12, 1987) HHHH 10.40 X-Men: First Class Special 11.10 The Stepford Wives (12, 2004) HH 12.50 Little Nicky (12, 2000) Comedy. HHH 2.30 Just Go With It (12, 2011) Comedy. HH 4.30 The Stepford Wives (12, 2004) HH 6.15 Death At A Funeral (15, 2010) HHH 8.00 Little Nicky (12, 2000) Comedy starring Adam Sandler and Patricia Arquette. HHH 9.40 Just Go With It (12, 2011) Romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. HH 11.40 Death At A Funeral (15, 2010) HHH 1.20 Raising Arizona (12, 1987) HHHH 3.00 Blackball (15, 2003) Comedy. HH 4.40-6.20am Dunston Checks In (PG, 1996) Family comedy with Jason Alexander. HHH








SKY MOVIES MODERN GREATS 6.05am The Last Tycoon (15, 1976) HHHH 8.10 The Player (15, 1992) HHHHH 10.15 Say Anything (15, 1989) Comedy. HHH 12.00 Twister (PG, 1996) Action thriller. HHH 1.55 Bend It Like Beckham (12, 2002) HHH 3.50 The Last Tycoon (15, 1976) HHHH 5.55 The Player (15, 1992) HHHHH 8.00 Twister (PG, 1996) Action thriller. HHH 10.00 Bend It Like Beckham (12, 2002) Comedy with Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley. HHH 11.55 Dog Day Afternoon (15, 1975) HHHHH 2.10 From Dusk Till Dawn (18, 1996) HHHH 4.00-6am The Undefeated (PG, 1969) HH
6.05am The Blob (12, 1958) HHH 7.35 Young At Heart (U, 1954) HHH




7pm Live Athletics: Athletissima 9.00 Live At The Apollo 10.00 Wilfred 10.20 Great Movie Mistakes 2011: Not In 3D 10.30 EastEnders 11.00 Family Guy 11.45 American Dad! 12.30 Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery 1.30 Wilfred 1.50 The Revolution Will Be Televised 2.20 Bad Education 2.50 Live At The Apollo 3.50 Dont Tell The Bride 4.50-5.20am The Revolution Will Be Televised 7pm World News Today 7.30 BBC Proms 2012 9.50 Caravans: A British Love Affair. The story of Britains affinity with caravans. 10.50 Goya: Crazy Like A Genius 12.00 Natures Microworlds 12.30 Lost Cities Of The Ancients 1.30 Caravans: A British Love Affair 2.30-3.40am Goya: Crazy Like A Genius 6am Emmerdale 6.25 Judge Judy 6.55 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 7.50 The Only Way Is Essex 9.25 The Real Housewives Of Orange County 10.15 The Real Housewives Of New York City 11.10 Judge Judy 12.00 Emmerdale 12.30 Nanny 911 1.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.40 The Real Housewives Of Orange County 4.40 The Real Housewives Of New York City 5.35 Judge Judy 6.00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 7.00 FILM About A Boy (2002) 9.00 Benidorm 10.00 Lemon La Vida Loca 10.45 Fearne And James Blunt 11.45 Hells Kitchen USA 1.40 The Planets Funniest Animals 2.00 Coronation Street 2.25 Teleshopping 5.55-6am Nightscreen 6am Drama Trails 6.10 Heartbeat 7.05 Upstairs, Downstairs 8.10 On The Buses 8.45 Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman 9.50 The Ruth Rendell Mysteries 10.55 Murder, She Wrote 1.00 Heartbeat 2.00 Hamish Macbeth 3.05 The Return Of Sherlock Holmes 4.15 Dickinsons Real Deal 5.20 On The Buses 5.55 Heartbeat 6.55 Murder, She Wrote 8.00 The Return Of Sherlock Holmes 9.00 Lewis 11.00 Ghostboat 12.30 Terry And June 1.35 On The Buses 2.00 Nightscreen 2.30-6am Teleshopping 6am UEFA Champions League Greatest Matches 6.10 The Professionals 7.05 Batman 7.55 The Saint 8.55 The Fall Guy 10.00 Quantum Leap 11.00 Cycling 12.00 The Saint 1.00 The Professionals 2.00 Highway Patrol 2.55 The Fall Guy 4.00 Batman 5.00 The Professionals 6.00 Quantum Leap


6am Star Trek: TNG 7.00 Its Me Or The Dog 8.00 Dating In The Dark 9.00 Passport Patrol 10.00 Four Weddings US 11.00 Nothing To Declare 12.00 Fat Families 1.00 Four Weddings US 2.00 The Biggest Loser USA 4.00 Nothing To Declare 5.00 Passport Patrol 6.00 Most Haunted 7.00 Star Trek: TNG 8.00 Dog The Bounty Hunter. Two episodes. 9.00 Brit Cops: War On Crime 10.00 Chris Ryans Strike Back 11.00 Road Wars 12.00 Miami SWAT 1.00 Sexcetera 3.00 Psychic Sally: On The Road 4.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 5.00-6am Guilty! 6am The X Files 7.00 Star Trek: TNG 8.00 Star Trek: Voyager 9.00 ER 10.00 House 11.00 The X Files 12.00 Star Trek: TNG 1.00 Star Trek: Voyager 2.00 ER 3.00 House 4.00 Star Trek: TNG 5.00 Star Trek: Voyager 6.00 ER 7.00 House 8.00 Urban Secrets 9.00 FILM PREMIERE Superheroes. Documentary. (2011) 10.05 Adam Buxtons Bug 10.35 This Is Jinsy 11.05 One Night Stand 59: Flight Of The Conchords 11.45 Walking And Talking 12.45 Boardwalk Empire 1.55 The Wire 3.15 FILM Superheroes (2011) 4.20 This Is Jinsy 4.50 Blue Bloods: Meet The Characters 5.00-6am The X Files 6am Nothing To Declare 7.00 Passport Patrol 8.00 Maury 9.00 Americas Next Top Model 10.00 Sing Date 11.00 Maury 12.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2.00 Criminal Minds 4.00 Passport Patrol 5.00 Nothing To Declare 6.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 7.00 Sing Date 8.00 Teen Wolf 9.00 Four Weddings US. American version of the reality show. 10.00 Styled To Rock 11.00 Greys Anatomy 12.00 Criminal Minds 1.00 Bones 1.50 Supernatural 2.40 Medium 3.30 Bones 4.20 Criminal Minds 5.10-6am Americas Next Top Model 7am Dragons Den 8.00 Crash 9.00 Top Gear 10.00 Man Vs Food: Carnivore Chronicles 11.00 Dragons Den 12.00 Top Gear 2.00 Ray Mears Goes Walkabout 3.00 Man Vs Food: Carnivore Chronicles 4.00 Top Gear 7.00 Ray Mears Goes Walkabout 8.00 Man Vs Food: Carnivore Chronicles 9.00 QI XL. With Sandi Toksvig and John Lloyd. 10.00 Russell Howards Good News 11.00 Frank Skinners Opinionated 11.40 The Armstrong And Miller Show 12.20 QI XL 1.20 Russell Howards Good News 2.10-3am Ruddy Hell! Its Harry And Paul





6am Bread 6.30 The Brittas Empire 7.00 Creature Comforts 7.25 Ever Decreasing Circles 8.55 Bread 9.30 As Time Goes By 10.35 Last Of The Summer Wine 11.55 One Foot In The Grave 12.35 Yes Minister 1.55 The Green Green Grass 2.35 Ever Decreasing Circles 3.55 As Time Goes By 5.00 Last Of The Summer Wine 6.20 One Foot In The Grave 7.00 Yes Minister. Two episodes. 8.20 The Green Green Grass 9.00 Only Fools And Horses 11.20 The League Of Gentlemen 12.40 Only Fools And Horses 2.35-3am Creature Comforts USA 8am The Penguins Of Madagascar 9.00 Friends 11.00 Two And A Half Men 12.00 Friends 1.00 Scrubs 2.00 Two And A Half Men 4.00 Scrubs 5.00 Friends 6.00 Two And A Half Men 7.00 Rules Of Engagement 8.00 Friends 9.00 Live At The Apollo 10.00 Comedy Central At The Comedy Store 10.30 Paddy McGuinness Live 11.50 How To Be A Gentleman 12.20 South Park. Double bill. 1.15 Comedy Central At The Comedy Store 1.40 Two And A Half Men 2.30 Rules Of Engagement 2.55 The King Of Queens 3.45 Frasier 4.10 Everybody Loves Raymond 5.00-6am Teleshopping 8am Farscape 10.00 Law And Order 12.00 NCIS 2.00 Leverage 3.00 The Defenders 4.00 Law And Order 6.00 Leverage 7.00 NCIS 9.00 Family Guy 9.30 American Dad! 10.00 The Cleveland Show 10.30 Family Guy 12.00 American Dad! 1.00 King Of The Hill 2.00 The Defenders 3.00 True Blood 4.05 King Of The Hill 5.00-8am Teleshopping 6am Flashpoint 7.00 Teleshopping 8.00 Quincy ME 9.00 Cold Case 11.00 Flashpoint 12.00 Sea Patrol 1.00 Cold Case 3.00 Without A Trace 4.00 Law And Order 5.00 Sea Patrol 6.00 Flashpoint 7.00 Without A Trace 8.00 Law And Order 9.00 CSI: NY 10.00 King 11.00 Law And Order: Special Victims Unit 12.00 CSI: NY 1.00 King 2.00 Law And Order 3.00 Cold Case. Two episodes. 5.00-6am Quincy ME 6am Smallville 7.00 Buffy 8.00 Teleshopping 11.00 Smallville 12.00 Buffy 1.00 A Town Called Eureka 2.00 Angel 3.00 FILM Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004) 5.00 FILM Moby Dick (2010) 7.00 A Town Called Eureka 8.00 Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files
















6.30am Scott Mills 10.00 Fearne Cotton 12.45 Newsbeat 1.00 Huw Stephens 4.00 Greg James 7.00 Zane Lowe 9.00 In New DJs We Trust. With Jordan Suckley. 10.00 Nick Grimshaw 12.00 The Residency: Heidi 2.00 Toddla T 4.00-6.30am Dev 6.30am Chris Evans 9.30 Ken Bruce 12.00 Paddy OConnell 2.00 Steve Wright 5.00 Simon Mayo 7.00 Bob Harris Country 8.00 Radio 2 In Concert: Elton John (R) 9.30 Benny Goodman (R) 10.00 CMA Music Festival 2012 11.00 Rock College 12.00 Janice Long 2.00 Chris Hawkins 5.00-6.30am Vanessa Feltz

RADIO 1 97.6-99.8MHz

RADIO 2 88-91MHz

6.30am Breakfast 9.00 Essential Classics 11.00 Edinburgh International Festival 2012; News 1.00 Lunchtime Concert (R) 2.00 Afternoon On 3 (R) 4.30 In Tune 7.30 BBC Proms 2012 10.00 Walking With Attitude (R) 10.45 The Essay (R) 11.00 Late Junction 12.30-6.30am Through The Night 6am Today 9.00 Frys English Delight 9.30 Twin Nation (R) 9.45 LW: Daily Service 9.45 FM: Book Of The Week: Thinking In Numbers 10.00 Womans Hour 11.00 Crossing Continents 11.30 Rock n Roll In Four Movements 12.00 News; LW: Shipping

RADIO 3 90.2-92.4MHz

RADIO 4 92.4-94.6MHz 198kHz

12.04 You And Yours 12.45 The New Elizabethans 12.57 Weather 1.00 The World At One 1.45 The Alien Birds Have Landed 2.00 The Archers (R) 2.15 Afternoon Drama: Stevenson In Love (R) 3.00 Open Country 3.27 Radio 4 Appeal (R) 3.30 Open Book (R) 4.00 The Film Programme 4.30 Material World 5.00 PM; LW: Shipping 5.57 Weather 6.00 News 6.30 Fags, Mags And Bags (R) 7.00 The Archers 7.15 Front Row 7.45 Crisis 8.00 The Report 8.30 In Business 9.00 Requiem For A Moth (R) 9.30 Frys English Delight (R) 10.00 The World Tonight 10.45 Book At Bedtime 11.00 Radio 4 At The Edinburgh Festival 2012: Tonight: Edinburgh Special 11.30 Radio 4 Extras Comedy Club (R) 12.00 News 12.30 Book Of The Week: Thinking In Numbers (R)

12.48 Shipping 1.00 World Service Programmes; Shipping 5.30 News; Prayer 5.45-6am Farming Today 6am 5 Live Breakfast 10.00 Stephen Nolan 12.00 Shelagh Fogarty 2.00 Richard Bacon 4.00 5 Live Drive 7.00 5 Live Sport 7.30 5 Live Sport: 5 Live Golf 8.30 5 Live Sport: 5 Live Tennis 9.30 5 Live Sport: 5 Live Rugby League 10.30 Tony Livesey 1.00 Up All Night 5.00 Morning Reports 5.30-6am Money 6am Andy Bush 10.00 Russ Williams 1.00 Leona Graham 5.00 Geoff Lloyd. With the Hometime Show. 8.00 Mark Crossley 12.00-6am Polly James

RADIO 5 909, 693kHz

6am Alan Brazil And Ronnie Irani 10.00 Keys And Gray 1.00 Hawksbee And Jacobs 4.00 Adrian Durham And Matt Holland 7.00 Kick-off. With Danny Kelly. 10.00 Andy Goldstein And Jason Cundy 1.00-6am Extra Time With Jonny Gould 6am More Music Breakfast 9.00 John Suchet 1.00 Jamie Crick. Listeners favourites. 5.00 Drive. With John Brunning. 8.00 The Full Works Concert. Bach, Beethoven, Finzi, Tallis, Gershwin, Tchaikovsky and Jeremiah Clarke. 10.00 Smooth Classics. With Margherita Taylor. 2.00-6am Bob Jones

TALKSPORT 1053, 1089MHz




Thursday, August 23, 2012




Deidres photo casebook




Im 24 and hes 26. We met at a nightclub in February. He seemed to be on his own and looked so fit I plucked up the courage to ask him to dance. We smooched to a slowie then went for a drink. I noticed he was wearing a shiny new wed-

just left. He says he loves me but wont leave his wife till hes more sure about us.

Dear Deidrelover has ITS 6am and my

Lovers gone off his wife but he wont leave her

ding ring so I asked him why he was picking up girls. He laughed at first then said his wife didnt want to have fun so he had to go out on his own. He said hed only been married for eight months. He walked me home. I asked him in for a drink and he ended up staying the night. He texted his wife to say he was with friends. The sex was amazing and I knew I wanted this man for myself. We met at the end of the week for a drink. He told me hed fallen out of love with his wife and they hadnt had sex since they married. Part of me said to stay well away, the other that I had nothing to lose. Weve been lovers for six months. I love him so much and want us to be a real couple. He says hes not going to leave his wife yet in case our relationship doesnt work out. Im sick of the waiting and sneaking about. Will he ever be mine or am I a mug? n DEIDRE SAYS: He doesnt sound like a great bet to me. Dont


I LOVE my sister and brother-in-law but they want to spend every weekend with us. And now theyre talking about us all going on holiday together. Its all getting a bit much. My husband and I are in our late 20s and my sister is four years younger. She got married last year and ever since then shes been putting pressure on us to go on weekend breaks with them. Weve been away with them twice and we had a nice time. None of us have kids to consider. Its just that we dont want to spend all our free time with them. n DEIDRE SAYS: Perhaps shes keen to show her big sister that shes now got the husband and the lifestyle just like you. Its time to be kind but assertive. When she suggests weekends or breaks together, at least sometimes say youre arranging to see other friends or want a quiet weekend with just the two of you. How you organise your leisure time is your choice. Im sending my leaflet How To Be Assertive to help you be honest without being harsh.


Viagra and alternatives 09067 577 161 Are sex toys for you? 09067 577 162 Want to be a wilder lover? 09067 577 163 Sex-play therapy 09067 577 164 How to be assertive 09067 577 165 Your lover not free? 09067 577 166

Dear Deidre

trust him and dont stay around to be hurt. Tell him to try to sort out his marriage and come back only if hes free to offer you a proper relationship. I suspect you wont see him again so Im sending my leaflet Lover Not Free? to help you understand why youre even thinking of being with a married man. IS there ever any excuse for cheating if youre married? Tell me what you think on my Facebook page today.

Dear Deidre

Pre-recorded advice lines: Calls cost 77p per minute from a BT landline (5p per call goes to Family Lives).


I want a hol lot more from pal

I AM a girl of 22 and next week Im going to Turkey with a male pal. He isnt my boyfriend but I hope a week in the sun will persuade him to give it a go. Hes 22 as well. Weve been friends for ages and have talked about taking things further but he doesnt want to risk our friendship. A few months went by and I asked him again. He said he hadnt thought about it but he asked me to go on holiday with him

I ONLY climax when I have full sex with my girlfriend, even though she wants to pleasure me in other ways as well. Im 24, shes 25 and weve been together for a year. Im worried that shes going to go off me for this, although she says theres no chance. Is this just me or is this something other guys experience too? n DEIDRE SAYS: This clearly isnt a physical problem as you have no trouble climaxing during intercourse. Its more likely that you dont feel quite relaxed enough to let go possibly because of deep-rooted attitudes towards sex. Vary the sex play so that youre not just going for one approach or the other and dont forget to return the compliment. The advice line today Want To Be A Wilder Lover? has more tips to help you let go.

Dear Deidre


IM dad to a wonderful, fabulous boy but I only went out with his mum for two months. Shes now spreading lies about me and Im worried I may lose my son. Im 27 and shes 31. We met when we were working together in London and had a passionate but volatile relationship. We were careless and she got pregnant almost straight away. We argued so much all the time that we decided to call it a day. She went back to her home town, but I went to see her after the baby was born and stayed for a couple of months. She kept picking fights then I found out that she was seeing someone else. My emotions got the better of me and


and two mates. Then his mates dropped out so its just me and him. Is this my chance or am I fooling myself? n DEIDRE SAYS: Theres only one way to find out. Make up your mind to have a wonderful holiday regardless of what happens. Maybe those hot Turkish nights will work their magic, but stay in control. Limit your alcohol and make it clear you dont just want a fling. If nothing happens during this trip, start looking for somebody else.

I said I wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. I knew Id made a mistake. I went back to say sorry but now shes stopped speaking to me. I just want to be there for my son. Hes all that matters to me but she says shes moving away and wont tell me where. n DEIDRE SAYS: Its so sad that shes lying and picking fights instead of just thinking whats best for her child. Write a letter to her saying whatever mistakes the two of you have made, your son deserves to have two loving parents. Tell her you want to be able to share in his life and pay your fair share towards his needs. Contact Families Need Fathers for advice and support (0300 0300 363, fnf. org.uk). Let me know how you get on.


Every problem gets a personal reply free of charge. Email problems@deardeidre.org or write to Deidre Sanders, Freepost, The Sun, London E98 1AX (enclosing SAE)


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012


THE fashion world has gone barking mad for dogtooth this season. Get your paws on this must-have print which is popping up on everything from skirts to shoes. You could do worse than channel X Factor judge Tulisas girlie look with a fit-and-flare dress or singer Gwen Stefanis super-cool preppy shirt. Keep it chic with traditional monochrome patterns or brighten up your wardrobe with coloured pieces. Here, JOELY CHILCOTT checks out the best.


Skirt, 12.88, Internacionale Shirt, 10, George at ASDA

BAD CALL . . . Hayley, right, with daughter Danielle, far right, and with Thomas on their wedding day

Dress, 29.99, New Look;


WHEN Hayley Fraser first rang a dial-a-psychic line she expected advice on life, love and the future but instead ended up BANKRUPT.
By JENNY FRANCIS Jeans, 40, River Island Shoe, 33, Schuh

Jumper, 14, Primark

And at the end of a year and a half as her addiction deepened she owed a 15,000. She declared bankruptcy aged 21 to clear the debts but STILL could not kick the habit of four 45-minute calls a day. Years later, after piling up a further 5,000 debt she finally took control of her own future with the help of her partner instead of leaving it up to strangers on the end of a phone. Hayley, now 29, says: I lived my life by what they told me and without it I felt completely lost and unable to function. I didnt have anyone else I felt I could talk to and the psychics would listen to my problems and offer advice, visions into my future and contact from beyond the grave. I spent my days wondering what Id find out

The lonely mum became so dependent on the 1.50-a-minute premium rate service that she was soon racking up bills of 300 a month.

on the next phone call and as soon as I hung up on one I was already thinking of new questions for the next. Hayley first fell under the spell of the fortune tellers aged 19 after the death of a cherished friend and the birth of her first child, Stephen, who is now ten. She recalls: I felt lonely and, without close family and friends, craved a confidante. I came across psychic phone lines online and they seemed to offer everything I needed. Just a quick phone call and I might be able to hear something from my friend, or find out if Id feel better in the future. And it seemed to work, giving the grieving teenager extraordinary comfort. She says of that first fateful call: They told me my friend was safe and that, although I was going through a low period in my life, that things were about to get better. It felt amazing to think I was still in contact with my friend but when the call ended it was like I had lost her all over again. Day by day, her reliance on the lines grew. Full-time mum Hayley, of Glasgow, explains: When the psychics told me that it was going to be OK I believed them. It felt so reassuring to know someone had seen into my

future and that everything was going to turn out right. But hearing those reassuring words was addictive and it became an obsession to call up and ask what was going to happen to me, just to make sure nothing would change. I was desperate to find out what was going to happen to me in the future and the more they told me, the more I relied on them. Not even when the debt began to be overwhelming did her faith waver. She says: To try to pay some money back, I took a part-time job in a chip shop. But it didnt even touch the repayments.


to pass my driving test and Id call to see if I was going to pass. It took me five attempts and every time they told me Id be successful. By then she had a second child Danielle, now nine, and had split up with the kids dad after two years together. But she was in love again with new man Thomas Fraser, 42. But she still clung to the phone as her main source of support. She admits: Although I fell for Thomas, at the start of our relationship I still called the psychics daily. I wanted to tell them about my new man and see what they thought of him and if they saw him in my future. Id talk about whether he was good for the children and ask questions about our relationship. It was more addictive than before as everything they told me made me more excited to be with Thomas. Eventually she confided in Thomas about her past financial problems and he begged her to stay away from the lines. She couldnt but she did start hiding the bills. She says: It was so hard lying to Thomas but my addiction had such a strong grip. I felt lost in my own life without the constant reassurances from the psychics. I worried Id break down without being told my future looked bright. But eventually,


I was in denial about my bills and continuing debt. Eventually, at 21 and 15,000 in the red she sought financial help and was advised to go bankrupt but her calls continued. She says: It was scary and I didnt know if there was going to be a way out until I declared myself bankrupt. I thought it might be a clean slate for me and a way to get on with my life without the help of the psychics But I was an addict, and no amount of bankruptcy was about to cure my craving, so I carried on." Her faith even withstood some spectacular foul-ups. She laughs: I was trying

PSYCHIC phonelines can be a trap for the vulnerable. Those we offer at The Sun are monitored for callers developing dependency. In such cases psychic readers are instructed to refuse or terminate calls but of course, the chance to have someone listen and offer the hope of a positive outcome is alluring. Most people with emotional problems now know they can

talk to a counsellor but often suspect their behaviour might be challenged, whereas they hope a psychic may offer a hopeful view of the future without the need for tough changes. Reputable psychics,

like our own Mystic Meg, will never give damaging readings but I hear from readers who have fallen for psychics who foretell tragedy in a way that risks driving them into crisis. So by all means consult a psychic for a different view, but, if in emotional crisis, first get informed support with the issues facing you. And I can always point you in a helpful direction. Write to problems@deardeidre.org.

three years into their relationship, Thomas discovered through a friend Hayley had confided in that she had racked up 5,000 worth of secret calls. She says: I confessed for the first time how addicted I really was. Once he had got over the shock he really helped me. He talked to me and encouraged me to open up to him instead of the stranger on the other end of the phone. He supported me and the kids, and my feelings of loneliness slowly went away until I realised the psychic phone lines were only making me isolate myself from the world. In fact they make you feel more alone as you begin to rely on the faceless person on the phone its a dangerous addiction. Now my life has changed so much, I met Thomas, we got married in June 2010, moved house and Im happier than Ive ever been none of which the psychics predicted. Ive had some lapses, like every addict, where Ive given in and called. They sent me a voucher in the post for 10 of free psychic time which I couldnt resist. But it didnt make me feel as good as before and Ive realised that I dont need it in my life now. Im happy I got out when I did and have an amazing family standing by me. Thats all I need to know to help me step into the future.


Thursday, August 23, 2012


MYSTIC MESSAGES: CAROLINE of Wolverhampton the numbers you need are in the broken drawer. RICK of London the dusty picture is valuable.


March 21 April 20

Your mentor Mars steel-coats your emotions and helps you to stay strong with family and finances and, when you talk, people really listen at home and at work. The love words you hear surprise you because they show how important you are to someone. Luck circles H.
* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524451 MONTHLY 09067 524471


April 21 May 21

Youll be impressed by how determined you can be when there are decisions to be made and deals to be done. A plan to work in close partnership with a friend could be a winner. Impulsive Mars swings into your marriage chart, provoking sudden passion and proposals.


* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524452 MONTHLY 09067 524472

You get a surge of energy and a fresh insight into the kind of work you could do. Mars arrives in your fitness zone to motivate a switch to a super-healthy lifestyle. As commitment to a relationship grows, passion goes from mild to wild. A surprise meeting with B is lucky.

May 22 June 21


* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524453 MONTHLY 09067 524473

June 22 July 22

The moon goes right to the heart of your chart, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere to repair relationships at work and at home. Later, love takes over and a partnership that has been just ticking over gets hotter. Single? A flirty text makes you smile but it hides serious intentions.
* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524454 MONTHLY 09067 524474


July 23 August 23

Youre the mastermind of the zodiac, with the quickthinking, memory-sharpening Mercury in your birthsign. You can be the star performer at work or in a competition. A choice is easy now you see love in what people do, not in fancy promises. Single? New love works in property.
* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524455 MONTHLY 09067 524475


Feisty Mars helps you to think like a winner and when you talk, people know you mean business. Instead of glossing over problems, you can solve them, and get a family on your side. Single? Theres a love vibe when you meet a pals colleague. Luck links you with a football squad.
* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524456 MONTHLY 09067 524476

August 24 September 22


September 23 October 23

Your self-esteem is boosted, helping you to stay strong about money and everything you value most in life. As you become clear in your mind and heart about what you want from a love relationship, it starts to deliver. Single? The moon love-matches you with an Aquarius.
* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524457 MONTHLY 09067 524477


For the first time in two years, Mars enters your birthsign and stays with you for 42 days, inspiring you to set new goals at work and home. The moon gives you extra passion power as your lucky partner discovers. Single? New love has the same initials as you.

October 24 November 22


* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524458 MONTHLY 09067 524478

November 23 December 21


by Aardman & Titan Comics

Your inner strength helps you to understand what is holding you back and to replace restless feelings with positive action. Single? When a newcomer seems very familiar, youve found The One. The moon sees undiscovered luck so its worth checking old Lottery tickets.


* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524459 MONTHLY 09067 524479

December 22 January 20

Youre the zodiac talent-spotter today and can put together a group of friends and family, taking a leading role for yourself. The moon focuses on trust and how to change a love relationship. If youre free to meet someone new, check out a singing Taurus. Luck is hot for T.


* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524460 MONTHLY 09067 524480

As Mars and the moon meet in your ambition chart you can talk confidently about your abilities but also show you can take advice. You handle all kinds of officials well. Accepting that even the best relationships have a few flaws is good for love. Single? Check out a Libra again.

January 21 February 18


by Chris Browne

Dynamic decisions replace endless discussions and your life is on the move. Your enterprising attitude gets you noticed and you can learn challenging new skills. Mars is in your travel chart and you could hear words of love in two languages. An old school pal is lucky for you.


* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524461 MONTHLY 09067 524481

February 19 March 20

*(Starlines and Personal Tarot cost 77p per minute from a BT landline plus network extras)

* WEEKLY STARS 09067 524462 MONTHLY 09067 524482

Calls cost 1.53 per minute plus network extras. Calls are recorded for your protection. Over-18s only. Max call duration 19mins. Service available 8am-1am, seven days a week. Helpline 0845 270 8302 (9am-5pm). SMS: Each message costs 1.50 plus your standard network charge. You will receive two response messages per question, total cost 3. UK only. These services are for entertainment only. Service Provider: Telecom Express Ltd, W1B 2AG. Helpline 0818 217 100.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Crickets Mark Butcher, 40, Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder, 50, Cheers actor Shelley Long, 63, footballer Glen Johnson, 28, and Sun reader Jean Sandiford, of Lytham St Annes, 64.


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012

n COMMODITY trader GLENCORE has been slammed for saying the worst US drought for 80 years is good for business. Chris Mahoney, the head of Glencores agricultural products arm, said it gave the company a chance to cash in on soaring prices. He holds 500million of shares in the firm. Ex-UN employee Raj Patel said: Theyre millionaires making money from others misery.


Thursday, August 23, 2012


THE FTSE 100 FELL 83.32 TO 5774.20

OIL prices will more than DOUBLE and trigger a severe recession if Israel invades Iran, a top City guru warned yesterday. Julian Jessop, chief global economist at CAPIsaid TAL ECONOMICS, Brent would leap above $200 (126) a barrel. He told Sun City: It could potentially be very serious. The oil price could easily double and tip the world into another recession. The worst case scenario is pretty bad. The Sun last week revealed Israel is preparing for a ground attack on Iran before Christmas. Mr Jessop said it was wrong to dismiss the threat out of hand. But he claimed Irans president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was likely to cave in over its nuclear programme before an attack was needed given the damage caused to its economy by crippling European sanctions. Iranian oil exports to key markets have halved since the blockade on its crude started in July.

Oil price fear over invasion

Leader . . . Ahmadinejad

BANKING giant SANTANDER was yesterday accused of pure profiteering after raising a key mortgage charge by FOUR TIMES the rate of inflation.
The increase of 12 per cent could push up the bills of almost HALF A MILLION people, insiders admit. It comes despite ongoing record-low Bank of England interest rates and the launch last month of the Banks Funding for Lending scheme aimed at cutting borrowing costs. Santander which is infamous for its high customer complaints blamed the move on rising costs and the need to offer savers more competitive rates. A spokesman said: The cost of run-

O2 goes overseas
MOBILE phone giant O2 is offshoring key call centre work as part of a fresh look at trying to slash costs. Front-line customer service work currently handled by outsourcing giant CAPITA in Yorkshire is switching to Cape Town, South Africa. The move affects 200 staff in the Dearne Valley. Its the first time overseas workers will handle calls from UK O2 customers. In an email Gareth Turpin, head of voice, sales and service, said: The gap between our O2 revenues, along with the continuing reduction in profitability of the entire UK market, mean we must take a fresh look at all we do.

Bank hikes mortgage charge by FOUR times inflation

The Spanish-owned firms Standard Variable Rate (SVR) will go from 4.24 to 4.74 per cent in October slapping 500 on the annual cost of a typical 150,000 mortgage.
ning a bank in the UK has increased dramatically. But Mark Harris, chief exec of mortgage broker SPF PRIVATE CLIENTS, blasted: This move is profiteering, pure and simple. Interest rates may have been held at 0.5 per cent for three-and-a-half years, but lenders such as Santander are raising their SVRs regardless. The move puts its SVR towards the upper end of the scale when compared with other big lenders such as HALIFAX, WOOLWICH and NATIONWIDE. The Sun revealed in March that Halifax, Britains biggest lender, was increasing its SVR to 3.99 per cent, a rise of 14 per cent. Adrian Anderson, of broker ANDERSON HARRIS, warned yesterday: Its possible that other lenders will raise their SVRs if they havent already. Homeowners typically fall on to an

STATE-backed ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND faces a stinging fine from US regulators for allegedly breaching sanctions on Iran. Industry sources confirmed the American Department of Justice was looking into the banks dealings with the pariah state. It follows a review kickstarted by RBS chief exec


Stephen Hester, left, when he took over three years ago. A senior risk manager has already been fired. A spokesman said RBS first made public 18 months ago that it had initiated talks with US regulators. Germanys COMMERZBANK is also being probed. STANDARD CHARTERED was fined 216million last week for dodgy transactions involving Iran.

SVR when their fixed-rate deal comes to an end. Experts said many coming off generous fixed-rate deals could now be trapped on the higher rate because theyre unable to re-mortgage. Santanders move came as separate research showed a dramatic fall in mortgage products for buyers with tiny deposits. Price comparison website MONEYSUPERMARKET said the number of 95 per cent loan-to-value products on the market had plunged by 43 per cent in the past six months. The number of first-time buyer products has collapsed 31 per cent to 1,225. Moneysupermarket analyst Clare Francis said: I think were back to the stage where fundamentally banks and building societies are still nervous and would prefer to lend to those with more security and an established credit history. It doesnt look as though the Funding for Lending scheme is going to be the secret ingredient to overcoming all the problems in the mortgage market.


ITV is planning to work with BT on producing its coverage of live Premier League games next season. The broadcaster will tender for the 100million, three-year contract in the coming weeks. It already supplies English-language commentary for Al-Jazeera Sports. A spokesman said: Its something were looking at. BT has bagged the rights to screen 38 matches a season from 2012-2013 through its BT VISION pay-TV arm.

Goals offer kicked out

A 73MILLION bid for five-a-side operator GOALS SOCCER CENTRES was thrown out yesterday sending the shares down 20 per cent. Canadas ONTARIO TEACHERS PENSION PLAN only won the backing of 71.4 per cent of Goals shareholders, missing the 75 per cent target. Analysts said the defeat was almost unprecedented. Simon French at PANMURE said: We cannot remember a similar instance where shareholders voted down a firm bid with no alternative offer. Goals shares plunged 29p to 116, far below the 144p per share offer. Its chief exec Keith Rogers would have made 6million from his shares. He was also promised a 47 per cent pay rise.

STAGECOACH boss Sir Brian Souter is running into a bust-up with the City days after driving Olympic legend Usain Bolt. Chief exec Sir Brian said yesterday he was moving upstairs to become chairman in May, breaching corporate governance guidelines. The row comes after the millionaire, 58, got behind the wheel of one of his own buses ferrying athletes and spectators between London 2012 venues. He got the shock of his life when Jamaican speedster Bolt, left, hopped aboard. A source said: He wanted to show solidarity with staff. But he lucked out with Bolt how many people can say theyve had HIM on their bus?


Drink rise brewing

BREWING giant HEINEKEN warned yesterday of more booze price rises ahead due to spiralling inflation. The Olympics sponsor expects its costs to increase by 8 per cent worldwide this year. A spokesman said: Prices are reviewed yearly. Clearly they take into account input costs and Government duty. Half-year profits rose 4.3 per cent to 734million due only to the strength of recent acquisitions. UK volumes so far in 2012 are down, with Strongbow and Bulmers ciders hit by poor weather and increased competition. Heineken said it was confident of completing its 3billion bid for control of Tiger Beer maker ASIA PACIFIC BREWERIES.

THE worlds biggest mining company sparked fresh fears about the global economy yesterday by axing a 17BILLION project. BHP BILLITON blamed soaring costs and weak metals prices as it shelved the Olympic Dam mine expansion in Southern Australia. It would have created the worlds biggest uranium mine. Boss Marius Kloppers said: It became clear that the right decision for the company was to continue studies to develop a less capital intensive option to replace the underground mine. The move came as BHP revealed a 25 per cent drop in full-year profits to 15billion and froze ALL new project spending for 2013. Mining companies have been clobbered by a slowdown in once-buoyant Chinese demand for coal, nickel and aluminium.

17bn pit plan axed

Uranium . . . the mine in Oz


SONY PlayStation is axing its Liverpool development studio an operation that dates back to the beginnings of computer games. Sony PS European chief Michael Denny visited the studios yesterday to tell the 100 workers. The site started in 1984 as Psygnosis and was among the pioneers in games for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore computers. Sony bought it in 1993 and went on to develop games such as WipEout, Formula One and Colony Wars. The firm said focusing investment on other studios would put it in a stronger position to offer the best possible content to consumers.


HOW to use The Sun voice recognition share price service: For up-to-the-minute share price from The London Stock Exchange on 2,000 of the most frequently requested stocks call 09058 17 1693.Listen to the current FTSE100 index then request the stock name you require buy and sell prices for. All calls charged at 75p/minute from BT landline. Costs from other networks may be higher. Average call duration will be one minute for one stock quote. Not all stocks are available, and all calls will be charged. For more details call the helpline on 020 7763 2059. Please consult your financial adviser and verify financial information obtained via The Sun share price service before making any investment decisions.
(Service provided by Express, 7 Swallow place, W1B 2AG) AMEC ...........................1113 ARM Hldgs ...................580 Anglo American* .........1910 Anite ...............................127 Telecom London, - 11 - 81R - 73 - 01R

Brent Crude: $114.59

EGYPT .........8.73 pounds HG KONG ...11.74 dollars INDIA ..........72.78 rupees JAPAN ...........120.40 yen MEXICO .......19.55 pesos N ZEALAND ..1.88 dollars
10 23 51R 161R 43T 81 121R 31R 31R 23T 33T 111R 14 4 17 14 91R 50

Your buys...

EUROLAND ....1.24 euros AUSTRALIA...1.47 dollars BARBADOS ...2.92 dollars CANADA .......1.51 dollars DENMARK ......9.12 krone
Assco Br Foods .........1302 AstraZeneca* ..............2959 Aviva...............................3281R B Sky B .........................756 BAE ...............................3151R BAT*.............................32641R BG* .............................12991R BP*.................................447 BT Group* ....................2151R Barclays* ......................194 Barratt ...........................1491R Bco Santander ..............4381R Betfair .............................7281R British Land ...................5441R Bunzl ...........................1095 Burberry Grp ...............1376 Capita.............................7301R Carnival* ......................2138

S AFRICA .....12.57 rand SWEDEN .....10.14 krona SWITZLAND ..1.47 francs THAILAND .....46.58 baht TURKEY..............2.71 lira USA .............1.54 dollars
+ + + + 21T 01R 161R 91R 01R 0 31R 0 11T 11R 13 21R 51R 11T 23 20 15 6

Rates supplied by www.travelex.co.uk

Carphone Warehouse ..1511R Centrica ..........................3261R Compass .......................7101R Cookson.........................6121R Debenhams ....................933T Deltex Medical ................25 Diageo..........................16871R Dixons .............................171R Drax Group....................4691R Enterprise Inns ................56 Experian ........................998 FirstGroup .....................2451T G4S ................................265 GKN*..............................225 GlaxoSmKline* ............14421R Go-Ahead.....................1270 Greene King* ................564 Greggs ..........................499

HMV ..................................3 HSBC* ..........................5591T Halfords Group .............2341R Home Retail Grp ............95 IAG ................................1463T ICAP ..............................328 IMI ..................................8831R ITV ...................................831R Imperial Tob ................2430 Intercont Htls* ............1614 Invensys .........................2491R Johnson M .................2350 Kingfisher .......................285 Ladbrokes ......................1723T Legal&Gen .....................1313T Lloyds Bkg Gp ...............341R London St Exch .........1000 MITIE Gp .......................281 Man* ...............................77 Marks&S ........................360 Marston's .......................1101T Menzies ..........................615 Mitch & Butlers ............2693T Morrison (Wm) ..............2783T Mothercare ....................2191R National Express ..........2221R Natl Grid ........................695 News Corp A .............14771T News Corp B .............14883T Next ..............................3608 Pennon* .........................7361R

0 81R 31R 03T 3 81R 281R 2 25 44 4 30 83T 21T 13T 0 8 01T 31T 43T 1 161R 53T 21R 31T 11T 21R 01R 21R 25 31R

Persimmon .....................690 Premier Foods ...............661T Prov Fincl ...................1306 Prudential* ....................7901R RSA Ins..........................1131R Rank ..............................130 Reckitt* .......................3534 Rentokil Itl ........................773T Resolution .....................223 Rio Tinto* ...................29791R Rockhopper Expln ........181 Rolls-Royce ....................8391R Ryl Bk Scot ...................2351R Ryl Dutch Sh B* ........23041R SABMiller ......................2785 SEGRO...........................241 SSE*.............................1354 Sage Gp ........................299 Sainsbury ......................329 Severn Trent ................1729 Signet Jwlrs* ...............3013 Smith WH .....................582 Smith&N .........................6491R Smiths News .................1121T Sports Direct Intl ..........3001R Stand Chart* ...............1403 Standard Life* ...............2683T Stobart Group ..............122 TUI Travel .....................210 Tate&Lyle ......................644 Taylor Wimpey* ..............511R

- 7 + 01T - 32 - 23 - 03T + + 63 03T 1 83 53T 13 13T 341R 27 21R 16 51T 21R 4 57 8 141R 11R 03T 32 71R 21T 3 5 01R

Tesco ............................339 Thomas Cook .................163T Unilever*......................2250 Utd Utils .......................716 Victoria Oil&Gas ...............21T Vodafone ......................1833T Whitbread ...................2102 William Hill ...................2981R Wolseley .....................2506 Young A* .....................630 hibu ..................................1 * = ex dividend

+ -

0 27 01R 0 21R 30 3 28 0

THIS newspaper adheres to the system of self-regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. The PCC takes complaints about the editorial content of publications under the Editors Code of Practice, a copy of which can be found at www.pcc. org.uk

SCOTTISH & SOUTHERN ENERGY is slapping a 9 per cent price rise on customers and the stock market loves it. SSE was one of just TWO FTSE 100 companies to go up yesterday, rising 16p to 1354. Elsewhere, fears over Greece and Japans slowing economy hit investor confidence. Mining giants plunged as BHP BILLITON axed its Olympic Dam project. KAZAKHMYS fell 30.50p to 704.50, EURASIAN dropped 14.20p to 356 and ANGLO AMERICAN slipped 73p to 1910. B&Q-owner KINGFISHER dropped 8.90p to 285.10

as DEUTSCHE BANK cut its rating on the stock. Engineering group IMI dropped 28.50p to 883.50 ahead of its results later today. Beleaguered drains insurer HOMESERVE plunged 6 per cent to 218 despite rubbishing rumours of an imminent profit warning. Tech minnow SILENCE THERAPEUTICS jumped 8 per cent to 1.5p on a licensing deal.

n PARCELFORCE is offering 3,500 drivers and support staff a near 3 PER CENT pay rise. The offer, backdated to April, went out to ballot this week and is being backed by union bosses.

PIG is n PEPPA heading to Asia in licensing another deal by owners ENTONE. ENT ERTAINM Cartoons featuring the kids character will go to Taiwan, Hong Singapo re, Kong and Thailand.


Thursday, August 23, 2012



HERE is our fantastic puzzle, the 30-second NumberCrunch. Theres no better way to keep your brain trained than playing our great teasers. So if you want to stay ahead of the game, you will love this challenge. Starting at the left with the number provided, work your way across the three lines one at a time, applying all the mathematical instructions to your running total. Dont reach for your calculator that would be cheating! Write your nal answer in the last box of the line. You should be aiming to complete each round in about 30 seconds. Good luck! Answers are at the bottom of the page.


80% +14 of this


-8 x3

of this

of this






+77 +2/3 90% of this of this

+87 12 +97 +1/2 +77 of this



7/8 x3 +653 of this +998 +1/2 +92 +1/2 -712 60% of this of this of this
1 7 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 8


Cryptic clues
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 13 15 17 20 21 1 9 10 11 12 14 16 18 19 22 23 24 ACROSS Relative by marriage stop her going out with Bert (11) Face the fool (3) Ad lib? Im sharp with rst of umpteen (9) Spread supplied by former nurse and journalist (8) Dimwit told off (4) Time and place (6) Audibly paste number for wheat constituent (6) Frozen, sheltered by green umbrella (4) Got share distributed, though its not enough (8) Five oclock fortune tellers? (3,6) Fix oil platform (3) In callous fashion, she tells Ray off (11) DOWN Mean to be close (5) Paignton can be deeply touching (8) Sword hit? That is right (6) Sound the horn in both directions (4) Take advantage of one involved in former scheme (7) Take off strange permeations (11) Forefront of knife? (7 ,4) They sell bloomers for lists, maybe (8) Fellow socialist writes broken arm in secret language (7) Gardening tool in small squalid dwelling (6) Month in Capri lovely! (5) Ogle the French Queen (4)

Two sets of clues but the answers are the same

ACROSS marriage (11)

Coffee time


1 Male relation by 9 Large cup (3) 10 Unrehearsed (9) 11 Prolonged (8) 12 Fool (4) 14 Small unit of time (6) 16 Substance found in wheat (6) 18 With no feeling (4)

2 Constricted (5) 3 Deeply moving (8) 4 Duelling sword (6) 5 Sound a horn (4) 6 Treat unfairly (7) 7 Pretend to be another (11) ,4) 8 Innovative (7 13 Sellers of blooms (8) 15 Fellow socialist (7) 17 Gardening tool (6) 20 Spring month (5) 21 Ogle (4)

11 13 14 15 17 18 21 22 19 16



19 Lack of supplies (8) 22 Dregs in the bottom of a cup (3,6) 23 Oil platform (3) 24 In callous fashion (11)

ACROSS: 1 Through(Threw)-out 8 AB-ode 9 EP-i-tome 10 IN-SU-lin 11 Mo-p-ed 12 Hop-picker 15 Mot-i-f 17 Hurd-L-es 19 Lied-own 20 O-W-ned 21 Teddy bears DOWN: 2 Hooks 3 Over-lap 4 Green with envy 5 (S)Odium 6 Tro-o-per 7 Feu-D 8 A-Mi-d 12 Hot se-at 13 Karaoke 14 Used 15 Mull 16 F-l-ood 18 Line-r

Yesterdays solution


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Check todays answers before midnight by calling 09067 577 142 for Across and 09067 577 143 for Down. Calls cost 77p per minute from BT landlines plus network extras


NEWSPAPERS SUPPORT RECYCLING Recycled paper made up 77.4% of the raw material for UK newspapers in 2010.

15 11 3 18 21 8 21 23 19 9 9 9 4 14 8 18 10 9 3 9 13 5
3 16 4 17 5

17 10 14 10 23 12 3 23 6 19 3 18 2 9 6
1 14 2


9 18 14

1 8 3 3 22 22 21 9 6 3 25 14 24 10 26
10 23 11 24 12 25 13 26




3 13

18 6 14 24

16 23 13 9

14 18

12 14



23 3


6 19 7 20








9 22

THIS is the worlds best brainteaser, The Suns clueless crossword. Each grid number in our Word Workout game represents a letter. So if you think 4 is the letter A, write A in all the squares with a 4. All the alphabet is used and we have supplied some letters to start you off. We will print the answers tomorrow. YESTERDAY ACROSS: Jack, Gawp, Aloft, Ebony, Repel, Size, Etch, Edict, Vans, Harm, Istle, Squaw, Arson, Anon, Taxi. DOWN: Ago, Kite, Glee, Woo, Pass, Myth, Freesia, Blether, Print, Vast, Mint, Swan, Last, Urn, Six.

5 9 8 4 9 1 6 2 3 2 6 3 5 5 7 8 9 5 4 3 8 1 6 8 2 9 7 2

9 3 4 2 6 8 7 5 1

Yesterdays teaser
1 2 5 4 7 9 3 6 8 7 8 6 3 5 1 4 2 9 6 7 3 1 2 4 9 8 5 2 1 9 5 8 7 6 4 3 4 5 8 9 3 6 1 7 2 3 6 2 7 1 5 8 9 4 8 9 1 6 4 2 5 3 7

EACH clue leads to a well-known name. Put the initials or stated letters in the appropriate squares to identify a comedienne:
1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10 11 12

5 4 7 8 9 3 2 1 6

3 & 9 Star of The Dark Knight Rises (last two letters of surname) 10 & 4 Anneka, one of The Flowerpot Gang (rst and last letters of surname) 7 Ms Garrett Anderson, the rst English woman to qualify as a doctor

Yesterdays toughie
4 2 3 8 9 6 5 1 7 8 1 5 7 2 3 6 4 9 9 6 7 1 4 5 3 2 8 5 9 2 4 1 8 7 3 6 1 7 8 3 6 9 2 5 4 3 4 6 5 7 2 8 9 1 7 8 1 2 5 4 9 6 3 6 5 4 9 3 7 1 8 2 2 3 9 6 8 1 4 7 5

12 & 8 He won the Olympic gold medal in the long jump earlier this month (rst and last letters of surname) 2 & 11 Martin Sheens son, who wrote and directed the lm Bobby 1 Ms Swank, Oscar-winning star of Million Dollar Baby

5 & 6 Manager of Celtic FC

Yesterday: Singer NEWTON FAULKNER (Justin Timberlake, Rick Stein, Alex Norton, Lauren Bacall, Christine Ohuruogu, Warren (Buffett), John Maseeld). Another Name Game in The Sun tomorrow.
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BRILLIANT: 45. EXCELLENT: 38. GOOD: 30. GREAT SCORE FOR KIDS: 24. YESTERDAY: Demo, derv, dime, dire, dive, diver, doer, dome, dope, dorm, dove, drip, drive, drop, drove, mired, mode, moped, moved, period, pied, pored, pride, pried, primed, prod, proved, provide, redo, ride, rimed, rode, romped, roped, roved, video, vied, void. Eight-letter word: Improved.

30-SEC NUMBERCRUNCH ANSWERS: Beginner 68; Intermediate 338; Advanced 2,685

I SERVED for 22 years in the RAF and we had a set number of days leave, but I dont think in any year I ever got all my days in. However, in the modern Army this doesnt appear to affect Prince Harry, pictured. He seemed to be at all the prime events of the Olympic Games then jetted off on holiday with his pals in the Las Vegas sunshine where he clearly has been letting his hair down!

So how dare the up. Thanks again, Sun, for concerning in-breeding of Kennel Club lay down great coverage of the bulldogs that can hardly rules as to what were breathe or King Charles Games. allowed to teach our pets. spaniels whose skulls are IVY BALDWIN too small for their brains? Its an insult to dog Sutton, Surrey lovers who would never But I am sure they still encourage pets to perform believe they know whats best. stunts that may harm them. JACKIE ROBINSON Kennel Club deserve to be the top Yeovil, Somerset of the Suns Non-Sense list. CONCERNING the debate over the TERRY ARMSTRONG attitude of footballers compared to Newcastle upon Tyne our Olympians, Id just like to point WHAT a bunch of elf n safety out that a huge part of the game isnt killjoys the Kennel Club are for affected by prima donnas. banning so called degrading dog Non-league football clubs are run dance moves. It is almost as if a by volunteers with most players bunch of village idiots has formed involved for no more than petrol a committee and come to this money. If you are fed up with topabsurd decision. level footie, why not take in a game at your local non-league club on NATASHA CARR Saturday? You wont regret it. Dewsbury, West Yorkshire STUART FAIRWAY PUDSEY the dog, pictured with Hailsham Town FC owner Ashleigh, was never in danger of hurting himself while WE have been so spoilt by superb training for and winning athletes who have brought Britains Got Talent. Ashimmense pride to this country. leigh loves the dog too True role models. Our reward? much for that. Its health Nine months of footballers and safety gone too far. spitting, kicking, fouling, swearing and indulging in JEANNE HOBSON drunken and loutish behaviour. Lymington, Hants STUART REID NO ONE would ever Holyport, Berks condone cruelty to dogs, but the Kennel Club killIVE loved football from a young joys have missed the point age but, with each passing season, with their ridiculous condemthe people closest to the sport take nation of dog dancing. more of the enjoyment away. Its now These pooches wouldnt be about winning by whatever means doing it if they didnt enjoy necessary because of the huge moneit. Just look at the wagging tary implications. The fun is over. tail of Pudsey. NICK GALLACHER Stoke-on-Trent What will they outlaw next

rolling over? Shaking a paw? ONE of the CATH YOUNG WOULDNT it be greatest joys Maidstone, Kent great if they released of owning a DVDs of the 2012 Olym- THE Kennel Club is conLETTER d o g i s pic opening and closing cerned about BGT winner Pudsey. Is this the same teaching it to ceremonies? Then when we Kennel Club that was at are feeling down we could perform tricks. watch it again to cheer us the centre of allegations

Kennel Club are barking


HANG on there, Iain Duncan Smith, before you accuse the BBC of peeing all over British industry. Its very difficult to make light of 2.5million people on the dole and a no-growth economy, or to laugh off rail fare increases over the rate of inflation every year. And its also heartbreaking watching our young boys come home in bodybags. So it isnt the

BBC that peed on anyone its the Tory party that have failed to keep their promises. And now, Iain, theres no one left to blame but the catastrophic Coalition Government that peed on us!


Thursday, August 23, 2012


The page where you tell Britain what you think

is just another example of our softtouch society where the honest man is made a victim and the criminals and drug addicts are given a lavish life which they fritter away. Instead of punishing the people who are truly disabled, weed out the liars and stop drug users claiming disability benefits. Being a drug addict is not a disability its a choice!
RYAN DIDCOCK Slamannan, Falkirk

the-sun .co.uk

not all the people on jobseekers allowance are not willing to work. Whats more, they have reduced my benefit to a whole 36 a week, to pay mortgage, utilities, food and drink. Please give me a job I can do it. I will even try to be a MP if that is required.
PAUL UPFIELD Lancing, West Sussex

ous jobs am still unemployed. To add insult to injury I am one of the unlucky ones to have been born in 1954 so do not qualify for a pension for years yet. That is about the only list I do appear on!
SANDRA HOWARD Dereham, Norfolk

THE Government are rightly cutting down on the benefits system, but are making victims of people in the process while leaving hundreds of thousands of drug addicts with benefits they are not entitled to. These people are fit to work. They just refuse to. This

I AGREE totally with Christine Barretts letter. I too have dropped off any unemployment figure list and do not qualify for any benefits. I was made redundant 18 months ago and despite applying for numer-

A RECENT missive from our MPs suggested that the English do not want to work. I am looking for a job, any job. I have done most, from electronics to receptionist and toilet cleaner. I have applied for work starting at 4am and also as a volunteer. So

IT was so sad to hear about Tony Scott. The director, pictured, behind generation-defining classics such as Top Gun and Crimson Tide knew what worked on screen and entertained moviegoers for three decades. He wasnt afraid to take risks and is survived by not just family, friends and stars, but those who rushed to the cinema to see Maverick, Goose, Ice and that line take me to bed or lose me for ever. Unforgettable.
JENNY BEESON Great Yarmouth

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MO FARAHs twin should just be proud of his brother! Mo is a legend! WHAT 2 do with our Olympic stadiums? Y not take apart & sell 2 Rio?

has caught the um um Adrian Chiles syndrome.

LEAH, Birmingham

BBC plead poverty, why does it take two people to read the news? I WOULD b happy 2 see a rise in unemployment if it was just at the BBC.


IF the Kennel Club ban doggie dancing, why dont the Olympics ban horse dressage?

FRED, London

MIKE, Romford

ALL gold medallists should receive honours. Far better than idiot pop stars, government hangers-on. DAYBREAKS Dan Lobb

TREVOR KAVANAGH is like a diamond in a bucket of coal, he always makes sense. ARE the people of Essex really like those in TOWIE? If so im glad i dont live there.


CRISPIN, Pontardawe. S Wales

KEN, Warrington GUS


WHY say absolutely when people just mean yes?


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Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012



MOST Brits believe learning a trade rather than going to university is the safest route to a career. Less than a quarter of people now think a university education is the best way to get a job, a poll reveals. Instead, 45 per cent of parents encourage their children to learn a trade, while a further quarter thought youngsters should take up an apprenticeship. The Federation Of Master Builders, who conducted the study, have launched the Apprentice Of The Year Award, where the winner pockets 1,000 and a further cash prize goes to the employer. To enter, see fmb.org.uk/MBOYAwards the closing date is September 30, 2012.

DYSLEXIC? Then dont struggle with an office job, try a trade. The Plumbing Academy is urging people who may have reading and spelling difficulties to consider careers in gas, electrics, and plumbing. The centre is experienced in teaching students with different learning styles and provides extra coaching to pass trade qualifications. Dyslexic Alex Damski, from Crawley, West Sussex, who left school without qualifications and did a string of minimum wage jobs, decided to retrain at the academy. He now works installing


bathrooms and boilers in homes and offices and is planning to work on oil refineries to make even more money. Alex, 30, said: Having no qualifications is the worst thing as you may want to work but it makes you unemployable. I told the Academy about my dyslexia and they were very understanding. I did find it hard, theres lots of memory work and maths involved, but once youve learnt it, youve got it for life. See plumbingacademy.co.uk for more details. The next intake date is Monday, September 3.

HANDS ON . . . Alex

THE Olympics inspired a generation of kids to try sport but it also inspired a generation of bosses to let staff work flexibly. A huge 64 per cent of companies that tried flexible working during the Games are now planning to change their working practices, according to a study. More than 75 per cent saw no drop in


production and 55 per cent say staff can be just as productive when working at home. Jo Williams from Brother, who conducted the research, said: By working around short-term disruptions with no impact on productivity, businesses opened themselves up to greater flexibility in managing staff.

KELLY Group need telecoms and internet installation engineers, earning a potential of +24,000 per annum. Send your CV to penny. davies@kelly.co.uk.


Crimping had proved to be recession-proof, with Brits splashing out 5.25billion on tending their tresses last year. The number of salons continues to rise with 34,000 hairdressers and 3,000 barber shops now lining UK streets. The hairdressing industry employs around 245,000 people but salons are short of 14,000 staff, according to the latest report from LOral Professionnel. While some youngsters may be put off by low

WANT a career thats a cut above? Then try hairdressing.

entry-level pay, wages at the top end of the scale are in six figures. Vincent Mercier, managing director of LOral Professional Products said: Hairdressing can offer so many people an incredibly vibrant career because there is something for everyone. To do well at hairdressing you have to be a real people person with a creative flair and once qualified, the opportunities are endless. While many experienced crimpers go on to open their own salons, an increasing number are


going into teaching, working at fashion shows or even on film sets. LOral have introduced the UKs first Foundation Degree Course in salon business management with the University of Greenwich. Vincent adds: Hairdressing constantly tops the list of high satisfaction jobs here in the UK and, if you are really good at it, youll almost always be in work. lFind jobs by checking trade titles such as Hairdressers Journal or see hair-recruitment.com/ or hairdressingjobs.org.uk/. Many salons advertise roles in the shop window.

TWO in five working Brits under 30 now earn more than their parents, a new study has found. The most common salary bracket for under 30s is earning 26-30k per year, topping the national average of 27,000. Mark Pearson, chairman of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk who conducted the study, said: Everyone automatically assumes that your pay increases with age, but clearly that isnt the case for many people. To see that some young adults are earning more than one or both of their parents is an eye-opener. People should always aspire to do well. If there comes a point in their life when they end up earning more than their parents, I think its safe to say they are doing OK.

MATTHEW Sutcliffe is artistic director at Westrow salon in Leeds. He joined the industry straight from school, working for a local salon and then for two years in Spain before joining Westrow. Matthew, 29, said: Whether its the

creative or business side you are interested in you can enjoy a career path that offers so many benefits and experiences. My day can involve anything from working on a photoshoot, teaching, prepping for a show, working backstage at London Fashion Week or working on cli-

ents in the salon. The key qualities hairdressers need are adaptability, creativity and enthusiasm. You need to be motivated, driven, hardworking and tenacious as well as being creative. You will also get professional qualifications as you train. Living up to peoples

expectations can be challenging you have to be on your game, always on the ball, learning new techniques and hopefully inspiring people. So never dismiss hairdressing as an option its a creative career path where the opportunities are endless.


THE Skys the limit on this great grad scheme. Sky need 100 graduates in jobs including customer operations, Sky betting & gaming, finance and procurement. Locations include London, St Albans, Yorkshire and Scotland and you will need a minimum 2:1 degree in any subject. Deborah Baker, the companys director for people, said: Specific academic or technical knowledge is increasingly just a part of the overall picture. Were also looking for rounded individuals who can develop broader skills to help drive the companys success. One of the most important assets a graduate can bring is a positive and can-do attitude. Apply now at http://sky graduates.com/. GRAFTERS are looking for HGV class one drivers in Borehamwood, Corby, Diss, Enfield, Harlow, Hoddesdon, Huntingdon, Lutterworth, Peterborough, Rugby and Wisbech. Visit graftersrecruit.co.uk.

HOTEL chain InterContinental want 180 staff for the London Westminster branch. Jobs range from head of security to concierge plus chambermaids and sous chefs. They are particularly interested in hearing from ex-Forces staff and are using Soldier On! to help find suitable staff. Andrew Coney, general manager of the hotel, said: We

are looking to recruit talented people who are ambitious. We are also extremely proud to be partnering with Soldier On! The focus and drive of experienced veterans will be a huge asset to our team, and we too will benefit from the skills and qualifications theyve acquired. Candidates should call Soldier On! on 0207 193 0492 or see soldieron.org.uk.


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Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012


SERGIO AGUERO limped off, Daniel Agger saw red, not one of the top-six selected strikers found the back of the net . . . it was a shocking start for many Dream Team managers.


But while the big guns struggled to make a mark in the opening round of Premier League fixtures, Swansea newboy Michu and Fulham debutant Mladen Petric bagged 38 points between them. Chelseas Eden Hazard and Arsenal summer signing Santi Cazorla both look great value at 4m in the No 1 fantasy football game following their Star Man

accolades. Robin van Persie surged in popularity with 62,000 managers bringing in the new Manchester United striker at the last minute. But he had little chance to shine on Monday as Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini grabbed the headlines, the winner and the Star Man award. Liverpool and Newcastle are playing tonight and their Europa League playoffs WILL count for Dream Team points. If the opening weekend did not go to plan for your side or you needed a round of games to fire up your football buzz, it

is not too late to get involved. You can still pick two additional teams for just 10 at dreamteamfc.com, join mini-leagues with your friends and compete for a share of our gigantic 500,000 prize pool. Enter by 12.30pm on Saturday to guarantee maximum points from this weekends fixtures. You can also download our FREE iPhone and Android apps to keep up-todate on the go.

Player W Szczesny S Given P Cech T Howard M Schwarzer J Reina J Hart D de Gea T Krul J Ruddy R Green A Federici K Davis A Begovic T Sorensen S Mignolet M Vorm B Friedel B Foster J Jaaskelainen A Al Habsi J Djourou K Gibbs L Koscielny P Mertesacker B Sagna A Santos S Squillaci T Vermaelen C Clark R Dunne M Lowton R Vlaar S Warnock R Bertrand G Cahill A Cole B Ivanovic D Luiz J Terry L Baines S Distin J Heitinga T Hibbert P Jagielka C Baird B Hangeland A Hughes S Kelly J Riise P Senderos D Agger J Carragher J Enrique G Johnson M Kelly M Skrtel G Clichy A Kolarov V Kompany J Lescott M Richards S Savic K Toure P Zabaleta J Evans P Evra R Ferdinand P Jones Rafael C Smalling N Vidic F Coloccini D Santon


CW 8 0 8 8 5 1 -1 3 3 -4 -4 0 4 -1 0 8 8 2 8 8 -1

Tot 8 0 8 8 5 1 -1 3 3 -4 -4 0 4 -1 0 8 8 2 8 8 -1 0 5 0 5 0 0 0 5 -1 0 0 0 0 5 0 8 10 4 8 8 8 5 8 8 0 8 5 0 8 0 -5 -2 0 -3 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Value 4.5m 1.5m 5.5m 3.0m 2.0m 3.5m 6.0m 5.0m 2.5m 1.0m 1.0m 1.0m 1.0m 1.5m 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 3.0m 1.5m 1.0m 1.5m 3.0m 3.5m 4.0m 3.5m 4.0m 2.5m 3.0m 6.0m 1.5m 3.0m 1.5m 2.5m 2.0m 3.0m 4.5m 6.0m 5.0m 4.5m 6.5m 5.5m 3.5m 3.5m 3.0m 4.0m 2.5m 3.5m 2.5m 2.0m 3.0m 2.0m 4.0m 3.5m 3.5m 4.0m 3.0m 4.5m 5.5m 4.0m 7.0m 6.0m 4.5m 3.5m 4.5m 4.0m 5.5m 6.0m 5.5m 5.0m 4.0m 4.0m 6.5m 3.5m 2.0m

Player D Simpson S Taylor M Williamson S Bassong R Bennett R Martin M Turner E Ward Fabio A Ferdinand C Hill R Nelsen N Onuoha A Traore L Young S Cummings K Gorkss C Gunter I Harte A Mariappa A Pearce N Clyne J Fonte D Fox J Hooiveld F Richardson R Huth R Shawcross M Upson A Wilkinson M Wilson P Bardsley T Bramble W Brown C Cuellar J OShea K Richardson Chico G Monk A Rangel A Richards N Taylor A Williams B Assou-Ekotto S Caulker M Dawson W Gallas Y Kaboul J Vertonghen K Walker B Jones G McAuley J Olsson S Reid L Ridgewell J Collins G Demel G McCartney J O'Brien W Reid J Tomkins A Alcaraz E Boyce G Caldwell M Figueroa J Bosingwa A Arshavin M Arteta S Cazorla A Chamberlain A Diaby E Frimpong A Ramsey T Rosicky A Song (N/A)


CW -1 3 0 0 -4 -4 -4 0 -5 -4 -4 0 -4 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 -2 -2 -3 1 0 3 2 0 -1 0 0 0 0 8 8 8 8 0 7 0 8 8 -1 0 0 -1 -1 0 -1 0 8 8 8 8 13 8 5 5 8 5 -1 2 -2 -1 0

Tot -1 3 0 0 -4 -4 -4 0 -5 -4 -4 0 -4 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 -2 -2 -3 1 0 3 2 0 -1 0 0 0 0 8 8 8 8 0 7 0 8 8 -1 0 0 -1 -1 0 -1 0 8 8 8 8 13 8 5 5 8 5 -1 2 -2 -1 0 2 2 10 0 2 0 2 0 0

Value 2.5m 2.5m 1.5m 2.5m 1.0m 1.0m 2.0m 1.0m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.0m 1.0m 1.0m 2.0m 1.0m 1.0m 1.0m 1.0m 1.5m 1.0m 1.0m 2.0m 3.5m 1.5m 1.5m 2.0m 2.5m 2.0m 2.0m 2.5m 2.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.0m 2.0m 1.5m 1.5m 2.5m 4.0m 2.5m 3.5m 3.0m 4.5m 4.5m 5.0m 1.0m 2.0m 2.5m 1.5m 2.0m 2.5m 1.0m 1.5m 1.0m 1.0m 1.5m 1.5m 2.0m 2.0m 2.0m 1.5m 4.0m 4.0m 4.0m 3.0m 2.0m 2.0m 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m

Player T Walcott J Wilshere M Albrighton B Bannan F Delph K El Ahmadi G Gardner B Holman S Ireland C NZogbia S Petrov Y Benayoun M Essien E Hazard F Lampard F Malouda M Marin J Mata R Meireles JO Mikel Oscar Ramires T Cahill (N/A) S Coleman M Fellaini D Gibson P Neville L Osman S Pienaar S Davies M Dembele C Dempsey M Diarra D Duff D Etuhu (N/A) K Frei S Sidwell C Adam J Allen A Aquilani (N/A) J Cole S Downing S Gerrard J Henderson Lucas G Barry N de Jong Adam Johnson J Milner S Nasri J Rodwell D Silva Y Toure Anderson M Carrick T Cleverley D Fletcher R Giggs S Kagawa Nani P Scholes A Valencia A Young R Amalfitano V Anita H Ben Arfa Y Cabaye J Gutierrez S Marveaux G Obertan R Taylor C Tiote E Bennett D Fox W Hoolahan J Howson B Johnson


CW 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 6 0 0 2 2 2 2 0 0 2 15 4 5 5 5 0 5 0 5 7 0 0 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 12 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 -1 -1 0 0 0 0 8 -1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Tot 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 6 0 0 2 2 2 2 0 0 2 15 4 5 5 5 0 5 0 5 7 0 0 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 12 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 -1 -1 0 0 0 0 8 -1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Value 5.0m 4.0m 2.0m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 2.0m 2.0m 3.5m 2.0m 3.5m 3.0m 4.0m 6.5m 4.0m 4.5m 5.5m 3.0m 3.0m 3.5m 4.0m 4.0m 2.0m 3.5m 2.0m 2.5m 3.0m 3.0m 2.0m 3.0m 5.0m 1.5m 2.5m 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 3.5m 2.0m 2.5m 3.0m 3.5m 6.0m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m 4.0m 3.0m 4.5m 2.0m 6.5m 4.5m 2.5m 3.0m 2.0m 3.0m 3.0m 4.5m 6.0m 2.5m 4.5m 5.0m 1.5m 2.0m 3.5m 3.5m 2.5m 2.0m 1.5m 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 1.0m 2.5m 1.0m 1.5m

Player A Pilkington R Snodgrass A Surman J Barton A Buzsaky S Derry S Diakite K Dyer A Faurlin D Hoilett J Mackie JS Park T Smith A Taarabt S Wright-Phillips D Guthrie J Karacan J Kebe M Leigertwood J McAnuff H Robson-Kanu G do Prado A Lallana J Puncheon M Schneiderlin R Delap M Etherington M Kightly W Palacios J Pennant R Shotton G Whelan D Whitehead L Cattermole J Colback A Elmohamady C Gardner S Larsson J McClean S Sessegnon D Vaughan L Britton J De Guzman N Dyer M Gower Michu W Routledge S Sinclair G Bale T Huddlestone J Jenas A Lennon J Livermore L Modric S Parker Sandro G Sigurdsson R Van der Vaart C Brunt G Dorrans Z Gera J Morrison Y Mulumbu J Thomas J Collison M Diame M Noble K Nolan G ONeil M Taylor J Beausejour A Crusat J Gomez S Maloney J McArthur J McCarthy R Miyaichi V Moses B Watson


CW 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 3 0 -1 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 -3 5 2 5 5 5 5 5 0 5 4 15 5 20 5 10 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 10 5 5 0 0 5 5 10 0 2 0 0 0 3 -1 0 0 0 0

Tot 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 3 0 -1 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 -3 5 2 5 5 5 5 5 0 5 4 15 5 20 5 10 0 0 0 0 -1 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 10 5 5 0 0 5 5 10 0 2 0 0 0 3 -1 0 0 0 0

Value 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 1.0m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 2.5m 2.0m 2.0m 1.5m 2.5m 2.0m 1.5m 1.0m 2.0m 1.0m 1.5m 1.0m 2.0m 2.5m 1.5m 1.0m 1.5m 2.5m 2.0m 1.5m 2.5m 1.0m 2.0m 2.0m 1.5m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m 3.0m 2.0m 4.0m 1.5m 2.0m 2.0m 2.0m 1.0m 2.0m 2.0m 2.5m 5.5m 2.0m 2.0m 4.0m 1.5m 4.0m 3.0m 2.0m 3.5m 5.5m 3.0m 2.0m 1.5m 2.5m 2.0m 2.0m 2.0m 1.5m 2.5m 3.0m 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m 3.0m 1.0m

Player O Assaidi C Yacob


CW 0 0

Tot 0 0

Value 3.0m 1.5m 3.0m 2.0m 3.0m 4.5m 3.5m 3.0m 4.0m 1.5m 3.5m 5.5m 1.5m 3.5m 2.0m 1.5m 2.0m 2.5m 2.0m 2.5m 3.0m 3.5m 6.0m 7.0m 5.0m 4.5m 6.5m 4.0m 4.5m 7.5m 8.0m 4.5m 1.5m 3.5m 5.0m 3.0m 1.5m 2.5m 1.5m 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 2.0m 2.0m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 2.5m 1.0m 1.5m 3.0m 1.5m 2.0m 2.5m 2.0m 2.5m 1.5m 2.5m 1.0m 1.0m 5.0m 3.5m 1.5m 1.5m 2.0m 2.5m 2.5m 2.0m 2.5m 1.5m 2.0m 1.5m 2.0m



ARS ARS ARS ARS ARS ARS ARS ARS AST AST AST AST AST CHE CHE CHE CHE CHE CHE EVE EVE EVE EVE EVE FUL FUL FUL FUL FUL FUL LIV LIV LIV LIV LIV LIV MCY MCY MCY MCY MCY MCY MCY MCY MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN NEW NEW 0 5 0 5 0 0 0 5 -1 0 0 0 0 5 0 8 10 4 8 8 8 5 8 8 0 8 5 0 8 0 -5 -2 0 -3 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


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N Bendtner ARS M Chamakh ARS Gervinho ARS O Giroud ARS L Podolski ARS G Agbonlahor AST D Bent AST A Weimann AST D Sturridge CHE F Torres CHE V Anichebe EVE N Jelavic EVE S Naismith EVE D Stracqualursi (N/A) EVE M Petric FUL H Rodallega FUL B Ruiz FUL C Bellamy (N/A) LIV F Borini LIV A Carroll LIV L Suarez LIV S Aguero MCY M Balotelli MCY E Dzeko MCY C Tevez MCY D Berbatov MAN J Hernandez MAN W Rooney MAN R van Persie MAN D Welbeck MAN Shola Ameobi NEW D Ba NEW P Cisse NEW G Holt NOR S Jackson NOR S Morison NOR J Vaughan NOR J Bothroyd QPR D Cisse QPR H Helguson (N/A) QPR Andrew Johnson QPR B Zamora QPR N Hunt RDG A Le Fondre RDG P Pogrebnyak RDG J Roberts RDG R Lambert SOT J Rodriquez SOT B Sharp SOT P Crouch STO C Jerome STO K Jones STO J Walters STO F Campbell SUN L Saha SUN C Wickham SUN D Graham SWA L Lita SWA L Moore SWA E Adebayor TOT J Defoe TOT S Cox (N/A) WBA M Fortune WBA S Long WBA R Lukaku WBA P Odemwingie WBA M Rosenberg WBA C Cole WHM M Maiga WHM R Vaz Te WHM F di Santo WIG A Kone WIG (does not include Chelsea

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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Going: Good to firm, good in places 2.00: 1 TAX FREE A Nicholls (7-1); 2 Mass Rally (12-1); 3 Fitz Flyer (20-1); 4 Fratellino (20-1). 19 ran (Rex Imperator 9-2 fav). nk; nk; nk. D Nicholls. T: 8.20; 1.90, 3.10, 5.50, 6.40. Ex: 118.80. Tricast: 1695.16. Trifecta: 2691.70. CF: 79.02. NR: Lexis Hero. 2.30: 1 DUNDONNELL J Doyle (15-8 fav); 2 Steeler (5-1); 3 Afonso De Sousa (11-4). 5 ran. 3 / 4 l; 1 / 2 l. R Charlton. T: 2.60; 1.50, 1.70. Ex: 10.40. CF: 11.49. 3.05: 1 THOUGHT WORTHY W Buick (9-1); 2 Main Sequence (13-8 fav); 3 Encke (7-1). 6 ran. nk; 2l. J Gosden. T: 11.30; 5.00, 1.30. Ex: 34.70. CF: 23.19. 3.40: 1 FRANKEL T Queally (1-10 fav); 2 Farhh (10-1); 3 St Nicholas Abbey (5-1). 9 ran. 7l; ns. Sir H Cecil. T: 1.10; 1.02, 2.40, 1.30. Ex: 4.30. Trifecta: 8.90. CF: 4.18. 4.15: 1 OLYMPIAD P J Smullen (9-2 fav); 2 Very Good Day (16-1); 3 Dazinski (8-1); 4 Mystery Star (25-1). 16 ran. 11/2l; 1/2l; 3/4l. D K Weld (Ire). T: 5.90; 1.90, 5.00, 2.40, 4.90. Ex: 155.90. Tricast: 588.04. Trifecta: 1037.00. CF: 80.98. NR: Countrywide Flame. 4.50: 1 DANADANA K Fallon (7-1); 2 Kalk Bay (12-1); 3 Licence To Till (251); 4 Spanish Duke (16-1). 16 ran (Sir John Hawkwood 2-1 fav). 11/2l; 11/2l; nk. L Cumani. T: 8.70; 2.40, 2.80, 4.50, 3.50. Ex: 99.00. Tricast: 2041.73. Trifecta: 2768.30. CF: 86.82. NR: Kiwi Bay. JACKPOT: 31,532.60 PLACEPOT: 167.70 QUADPOT: 22.00 Going: Good to firm, firm in places 2.15: 1 THE WONGA COUP S Pearce (20-1); 2 Spiritual Art (6-1); 3 Mayan Flight (11-2). 10 ran (Lisselan Pleasure 3-1 fav). nk; 11/2l. P Phelan. T: 23.90; 6.10, 1.50, 2.20. Ex: 237.20. Tricast: 764.16. CF: 132.65. NR: Clearing House, Surprise Us. 2.45: 1 CAYUGA R Mullen (5-4 fav); 2 Superciliary (5-2); 3 Scarlett Fever (71). 5 ran. 2 3 / 4l; 1l. Sir M Stoute. T: 2.60; 3.30, 1.40. Ex: 5.80. CF: 4.68. NR: Aiaam Al Wafa, Arte Del

Moore breaks wrist

RYAN MOOREs chances of winning the jockeys title took a blow when he broke his wrist at Warwick on Tuesday evening. The rider, who missed out in 2010 and 2011 because of injury, was four ahead of Richard Hughes. Moore was partnering Cresta Star when his mount slipped after the home turn. He feels the condition of the track was to blame. In his Betfair column, Moore said: I had my third fall in as many weeks at Warwick and it is third time unlucky. I have broken my

Going: Standard to slow 5.50: 1 GALLIPOT R Havlin (evens fav); 2 Bedazzled (6-1); 3 Livias Dream (9-1). 8 ran. 1/2l; 9l. J Gosden. T: 2.10; 1.02, 3.70, 2.00. Ex: 8.80. Tricast: 36.52. Trifecta: 103.00. CF: 7.74. NR: Strawberrymystique. 6.20: 1 RONALDINHO P Dobbs (8-1); 2 Jumeirah Moon (7-4 fav); 3 Secret Sign (9-2). 9 ran. 3l; ns. R Hannon. T: 7.30; 2.30, 1.10, 2.70. Ex: 31.60. Tricast: 71.02. Trifecta: 111.40. CF: 22.35. 6.50: 1 ROYAL PRIZE R Kingscote (51); 2 Mission Approved (11-10 fav); 3 Keep Calm (7-1). 9 ran. 1 1 / 4l; 4l. R Beckett. T: 5.20; 1.30, 1.02, 2.80. Ex: 12.40. Trifecta: 126.30. CF: 11.09. NR: Dark Emerald, Wild Diamond. 7.20: 1 HESPERIDES D Probert (7-1); 2 Altaria (1-6 fav); 3 Who Loves Ya Baby (16-1). 4 ran. 33/4l; 23l. H Dunlop. T: 8.10; Ex: 7.10. CF: 8.98. NR: Anychanceofabirdie, Inqadh. 7.50: 1 RED RUNAWAY Hayley Turner (7-2); 2 Anjuna Beach (11-4 fav); 3 Entrapping (11-1). 7 ran. 21/2l;




nSUNDERLAND: 11.03 Uncle Johnny (1-4-2) 11.19 Union Jack Bobby (nap) (3-6-2) 11.34 Rinky Dinky (3-24) 11.48 Calzaghe Bolt (4-5-2) 12.04 Boola Rumble (1-5-2) 12.18 Loughside Storm (1-6-4) 12.32 Sunridge Natalie (5-6-1) 12.47 Crosswired (4-16) 1.04 Big Holler (4-2-5) 1.19 Some Horse (nb) (6-5-3) 1.33 Witton Bassey (6-2-4) 1.51 Macys Mojo (2-1-6) nSHEFFIELD: 11.11 Mucky Rising (32-1) 11.28 Swift Lola (4-2-6) 11.42 Oran Ovation (nap) (6-4-2) 11.57 Runaround David (4-1-2) 12.12 Swift Coke (5-3-2) 12.27 Tilestore Bolt (4-23) 12.42 Cabriol Shamrock (3-5-4) 12.58 Carneys Black (2-4-3) 1.12 Julia The Elder (3-2-6) 1.27 Morgans Jade (5-3-1) 1.44 Todabi (4-6-5) 1.58 Nire Orla (nb) (5-6-4) nROMFORD: 2.08 Bargain Brat (1-24) 2.27 Turtle Rock (1-4-2) 2.47 Bredas Boy (nap) (6-4-1) 3.07 Bower Teddy (2-1-6) 3.28 Geneva Jimmy (nb) (6-1-2) 3.48 Greensted Dream (21-4) 4.08 Barefield Blue (4-1-6) 4.27 Buzzers Keira (5-3-1) 4.47 Buzzers Star (4-1-6) 5.07 Dudleys Lady (5-1-3) 5.22 Blonde Spot (3-4-2) 5.38 Lolos General (3-2-4) 5.56 Buzzers Rover (3-2-4) 6.11 Keston Arrow (2-1-4) nCRAYFORD: 2.18 Fawkham Mercury (nap) (1-5-3) 2.37 Ballymac Rosalin (nb) (1-6-3) 2.57 Severly Damaged (3-4-5) 3.17 Close Range (3-2-6) 3.38 Lagile Pius (1-2-4) 3.58 Springwood Chico (1-2-3) 4.18 Singmeasong (4-2-3) 4.37 Lauragh Impact (16-5) 4.57 Full Cover (3-5-6) 5.17 Little Thriller (1-2-4) 5.33 Norman Conquer (2-4-1) 5.47 Margan Lassy (4-6-1) 6.04 Riverside Nina (2-1-3) 6.18 Amys Ambition (1-4-6) nSITTINGBOURNE: 6.28 Lughill Muffin (6-5-2) 6.48 Brer Badger (3-24) 7.06 Conors Ace (1-6-5) 7.22 Carmarsal Belle (6-4-5) 7.37 Tullna Joy (nb) (6-3-1) 7.52 Blue Judy (nap) (2-34) 8.07 Romeo Cool Dude (6-4-1) 8.22 Magna Shabby (5-3-6) 8.37 Lady Miss Snowy (5-6-2) 8.51 Platinum Sparrow (1-3-2) 9.07 Thundering Izzy (1-2-4) 9.22 Juan Forda Road (5-4-1) nNEWCASTLE: 6.38 Flick The Bails (1-4-2) 6.56 Lacryma Christi (2-6-5) 7.11 Horse And Jockey (6-1-5) 7.26 Billis Nugget (nap) (4-1-6) 7.42 Black Ops (1-4-5) 7.58 Rackethall Hanna (46-5) 8.13 Droopys Gianni (nb) (6-4-2) 8.28 Shooting Star (5-6-1) 8.43 Nyla Birdie (5-4-1) 8.58 Reiver Bell (1-3-5) 9.14 Highview Cracker (5-4-6) nBELLE VUE: 7.45 Pride Of Munster (3-6-5) 8.01 Lagganmore Mandy (6-21) 8.17 Mcilhatton (1-6-2) 8.34 Tyrur Cracker (4-5-1) 8.51 Swift Ronaldo (32-1) 9.08 Beckhams Bon Bon (3-4-5) 9.25 Snazy Master (2-3-5) 9.42 Janes Oasis (nap) (3-1-2) 9.58 Leggy Tiger (nb) (2-3-4) 10.15 Derrane Slippy (1-63) nHOVE: 7.31 Ballymac Indeed (6-4-3) 7.46 Guinness Smokie (nap) (5-2-1) 8.02 Droopys Danneel (nb) (5-6-4) 8.18 Ballymac Sicily (4-2-6) 8.34 Fortunata (4-6-3) 8.50 Crinkill Jewel (6-51) 9.06 Five Alley Pub (1-3-2) 9.24 Forest Dot (1-2-3) 9.40 Many Moons Ago (1-2-3) 9.56 Tullna Hawk (1-2-3) 10.11 Britania Skips (3-1-6) 10.26 Taos Options (2-6-3) RESULTS nHALL GREEN: 11.03 Moyvane Hawk 5-2f (4-6-3 BAGS F 13.67 TC 32.71). 11.19 Ambleside Al 3-1f (24-5 21.24 TC 58.35). 11.34 Ballygur Aston 5-2f (2-4-1 20.28 TC 50.76). 11.48 Gneeves Pearl 5-1 (12-5 19.28 TC 64.18). 12.04 Killishin Alien 4-1 (4-1-6 28.16 TC 65.71). 12.18 Compass Jay 4-1 (4-52 36.89 TC 128.16). 12.32 Dunham This Time 3-1 (DH 3rd 1-2-5 11.27 TC 14.51, 1-2-6 TC 22.42). 12.47 Mohican Moo 7-2 (3-1-5 19.78 TC 83.70). 1.04 Fabulous Chilli 7-2 (2-43 20.84 TC 69.72). 1.19 Guiding Jill 7-2 (2-1-6 11.16 TC 35.70). 1.33 Swift Bowie 6-4f (6-1-3 7.98 TC 24.92). 1.51 Mall Menlo 5-1 (5-2-1 41.91 TC 143.27). Placer (1-6) 528.00, (7-12) 130.00. nNEWCASTLE: 11.11 Classy Movita 4-1 (2-3-4 BAGS F 21.36 TC 48.02). 11.28 Gold Joy 9-4f (5-6-4 9.44 TC 25.61). 11.42 A Ken Joyce 7-2 (6-1-4 18.02 TC 90.74). 11.57 Timmy Minty 9-2 (6-2-1 34.82 TC 84.92). 12.12 Debidee Athena 5-2jt (4-1-2 17.26 TC 48.75). 12.27 Iknowyouknow 7-2 (3-5-1 23.75 TC 56.48). 12.42 Tolerton Aileen 7-2 (DH 3rd 46-5 27.55 TC 38.66, 4-6-1 TC 47.34). 12.58 Bohard Lad 5-2 (2-1-4 15.37 TC 46.28). 1.12 Skywalker Pat 10-1 (2-3-4 48.18 TC 118.26). 1.27 Target Givenchy 3-1 (5-2-6 16.89 TC 35.95). 1.44 Diamonte Sparkle 4-1 (2-4-6 18.53 TC 48.91). 1.58 Droopys Moore 7-4f (6-1-4 13.36 TC 44.98). Placer (1-6) 296.00, (7-12) 267.00. nBELLE VUE: 2.18 Baltylum Top Gal 3-1 (4-5-6 BAGS F 17.66 TC 61.88). 2.37 Look Floyd 7-4f (5-6-4 9.35 TC 26.16). 2.57 Noirs Factor 11-4f (1-52 14.33 TC 43.14). 3.17 Sirmione Star 4-1 (4-1-3 22.94 TC 68.33). 3.38 Tyrur Kaal 3-1 (6-3-2 15.43 TC 45.15). 3.58 Jumeirah Banjo 7-2 (45-2 17.72 TC 89.67). 4.18 Redley Ryley 4-1 (2-1-6 20.71 TC 75.50). 4.37 Cuil Colleen 3-1jt (2-3-4 20.64 TC 56.09). 4.57 Aushound June 7-2 (4-1-5 22.27 TC 71.97). 5.17 Active Quest 4-1 (4-5-3 45.46 TC 149.82). 5.33 Tyrur Crafty 2-1f (6-3-1 13.39 TC 34.96). 5.47 Damerstown Brave 5-1 (3-2-6 26.91 TC 107.98). 6.04 Flippant Freddie 9-2 (1-5-6 30.26 TC 95.29). 6.18 Celseclo 4-1 (6-2-4 21.29 TC 50.98). Placer (1-6) 97.20, (9-14) 966.00. nHOVE: 2.08 Forty Ann 3-1 (5-3-6 BAGS F 13.54 TC 40.46). 2.27 Coolavanny Kayla 7-4f (3-6-5 23.12 TC 66.96). 2.47 Mickys Acclaim 5-1 (6-4-3 21.03 TC 51.82). 3.07 Walshes Nod 7-2 (2-3-4 20.88 TC 76.30). 3.28 Best Winner 7-2 (6-3-4 19.44 TC 65.05). 3.48 Cill Dubh Colin 7-2 (5-4-1 19.23 TC 48.79). 4.08 Bridies Glory 2-1f (4-1-6 11.62 TC 25.05). 4.27 Coolavanny Keira 21f (2-3-4 8.31 TC 23.31). 4.47 Karma Enda 7-4f (3-6-1 15.70 TC 32.74). 5.07 Ballymac Arron 3-1f (54-1 18.31 TC 49.54). 5.22 Knockna Flash 3-1jt (4-6-1 19.32 TC 63.74). 5.38 Rockburst Eva 7-1 (1-4-2 33.11 TC 103.45). 5.56 Mamas The Word 7-2 (4-6-1 18.47 TC 42.03). 6.11 Cabra Bolt 2-1f (6-1-3 9.72 TC 29.96). Placer (1-6) 127.00, (9-14) 134.00. nSUNDERLAND: 6.38 Warrior Khan 7-2 (6-3-2 BAGS F 13.16 TC 50.36). 6.56 Kooga Kylie Evensf (4-5-6 11.54 TC 30.76). 7.11 Fairholme Judy 4-1 (DH 3rd 2-4-6 28.97 TC 36.98, 2-4-1 TC 46.84). 7.26 Another For Joe 4-1 (5-3-4 27.12 TC 65.56). 7.42 Amore Baci 3-1 (4-2-1 13.11 TC 45.28). 7.58 Mister Tumble 5-1 (6-2-3 20.99 TC 48.69). 8.13 Newline Miss 3-1 (5-6-4 18.44 TC 61.51). 8.28 Tullymurry Cleo 5-1 (6-3-5 20.38 TC 58.69). 8.43 Elwick Paymaster 7-4f (2-5-1 11.24 TC 45.21). 8.58 Loyal Pupil 2-1f (3-5-2 14.43 TC 36.53). 9.14 Fleetwood Fair 4-1 (2-5-3 30.15 TC 98.68). nSWINDON: 6.28 Clarity Flyer 5-2f (5-3-1 BAGS F 20.27 TC 66.65). 6.48 Trumpers Lyn 7-2 (3-4-6 30.83 TC 101.05). 7.06 Smoothoppa Razor 9-4f (4-5-3 19.31 TC 49.05). 7.22 Rushy Dusky 7-1 (1-2-4 26.99 TC 76.49). 7.37 Locnamon Holly 3-1jt (1-5-4 16.25 TC 47.47). 7.52 Almost Daring 3-1jt (3-2-6 13.02 TC 32.98). 8.07 Calling Tina 4-1 (1-2-5 15.78 TC 40.13). 8.22 Drumna Whisper 7-1 (5-2-4 60.30 TC 174.94). 8.37 Sligo Mick 6-1 (5-3-6 48.40 TC 174.60). 8.51 Leaha Carlina 6-1 (6-2-1 28.55 TC 86.02). 9.07 Famous Watch 11-4 (3-1-4 10.53 TC 33.62). 9.22 Arles View 3-1 (4-2-6 13.77 TC 29.66). nROMFORD: 7.30 Chunkie Blue 7-4f (1-2 9.16). 7.46 Daylight Robbery 11-4 (6-2 16.90) NR T1. 8.03 Bling Bling Beo 4-1 (6-4 19.81). 8.19 Blue Louie 6-1 (5-4 53.74). 8.35 Tanters Kate 4-1 (6-3 26.37). 8.53 Eye Gotta Feelin 3-1 (1-3 16.07). 9.09 Yahtzee 7-4f (4-3 10.38). 9.25 Westmead Rush 6-1 (4-6 28.93). 9.41 Saleen Blitz 7-2 (6-4 25.47). 9.57 Mutton Geoff 11-4jf (3-2 12.49). 10.13 Isit Possible 7-2 (6-4 24.51).

nTIC-TAC: R-H pear-shaped track of 1m 3f with sharpish turns and a 3f run-in. 5-7f races run on undulating straight course. nDRAW: Low best on straight track. nTOP TRAINERS (2007-2012): R Hannon 1985, M Channon 18-105, J R Jenkins 8-82, S Dow 7-40. THIS SEASON: M Channon 6. nTOP JOCKEYS (2007-2012): E Ahern 10-63, P Dobbs 10-51, G Baker 6-51, W Carson 6-52. nLONGEST TRAVELLER: Irish Boy (7.45) trained at Westow. Round trip of 556 miles. nLIVE ON ATR

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

(4) (5) (1) (7) (3) (2) (6)

6-5 Bouggatti, 7-2 Squad, 9-2 Mollyow, 10 Sail Home

Sail Home l 99, Mollyow 98, Bouggatti 97.

-613 BOUGGATTI 28 (D) Lady Herries 4-11-0..... S Walker 6387 SAIL HOME 17 Miss J Feilden 5-10-12 ....... R Birkett 6592 SQUAD 13 (V;D) S Dow 6-10-8 .... J Coffill-Brown (5) 447- CROIX ROUGE 260 R J Smith 10-10-1.. Miss K Margarson (5) 4142 MOLLYOW 13 T Clement 4-9-12 ........... G Carson (7) 9557 ROSY DAWN 15 (C) J Bridger 7-9-9........ A Jones (7) 4545 BARBIROLLI 14 (PH;CD) W Stone 10-9-9 Miss C Scott (5)

HANDICAP (Class 5); winner 2,305; 1m 4f. Amateurs. (7 runners)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

(4) (3) (5) (7) (1) (6) (2)


left wrist. I dont know how long I will be out for, but I am not happy. I saw an incident like this coming. I said earlier to Dane ONeill and Adrian Nicholls that I didnt think the bend was going to ride too clever later. The grass was far too long and lush. I dont know the full extent of the problem until I see my doctor in Oxford, but Ill obviously be out for a while. What really annoys me is that I think it was avoidable.

Going: Good, good to soft in places 5.30: 1 BAJAN HERO A Coleman (331); 2 Miss Conduct (50-1); 3 Fine Resolve (15-8). 6 ran (Ballyheigue 11-8 fav). 1l; 1 1 / 2 l. P Evans. T: 42.30; 12.10, 18.20. Ex: 327.10. CF: 564.65. 6.00: 1 NO WOMAN NO CRY B J Powell (16-1); 2 Quaddick Lake (2-1 fav); 3 Gay Sloane (11-2). 14 ran. 23/4l; 5l. C Tizzard. T: 13.10; 2.10, 3.40, 1.30. Ex: 76.90. Tricast: 214.96. CF: 46.21. 6.30: 1 PRINCE TOM D Jacob (11-10 fav); 2 Johnnys Way (3-1); 3 Dushy Valley (50-1). 5 ran. 4l; 69l. P Nicholls. T: 2.00; 1.10, 4.20. Ex: 5.10. CF: 4.86. 7.00: 1 ADELAR A Coleman (8-1); 2 Shallow Bay (4-1); 3 Marie Des Anges (5-6 fav). 8 ran. 4l; 3/4l. Miss V Williams. T: 9.00; 2.60, 1.40, 1.10. Ex: 31.60. CF: 39.47. NR: Ask Scotty, Iznt Getting Court, On The Feather. 7.30: 1 LORD LESCRIBAA R Johnson (11-2); 2 Legends Lass (6-1); 3 Roybuoy (6-1). 11 ran (Fairhaven 5-1 fav). nk; ns. P Hobbs. T: 7.30; 2.80, 3.40, 1.40. Ex: 24.60. Tricast: 207.69. CF: 39.61. 8.00: 1 ON THE BRIDGE N Scholfield (11-8 fav); 2 Call Me Sir (13-2); 3 Noble Media (33-1). 14 ran. 23/4l; 21/2l. J Scott. T: 2.50; 1.10, 1.70, 12.40. Ex: 12.50. Tricast: 217.85. CF: 10.22. NR: Baltic Ben, Broadway Star, Norisan, Spirit Of Lake. PLACEPOT: 2,583.50 QUADPOT: 4.90


nTIC-TAC: Left-handed course of 1m 4f, 6 flights and 9 fences per circuit. nLEADING TRAINERS (2007-2012): E Williams 36-262, P Bowen 27-209, Jonjo ONeill 26-118, T Vaughan 25-204. THIS SEASON: P Bowen 5. nTOP JOCKEYS (2007-2012): A P McCoy 44-149, R Johnson 29-189, P Moloney 23-146, T J OBrien 18-113. THIS SEASON: T J OBrien 5. nLONGEST TRAVELLER: Dealing River (4.25) trained at Newmarket. Round trip of 542 miles. nTRICAST: 5.25 nLIVE ON ATR 5 3-15 CARRIGLEA WOOD 21 (P,T;BF,D) R Woollacott 6-10-9.... D Jacob MAIDEN HURDLE (Class 4); winner 6 3P31 AMAZING VALOUR 4 (P;D) P Bowen 10-10-0(7ex) D Devereux (3) 2,599; 2m 6f. (7 runners) 7 -P34 MRS PEACOCK 21 (P,T) T Vaughan 7-10-0 A Coleman 1 57-P BOB CASEY 43 (BH) W Goldsworthy 10-11-0 .... J Greenall (5) Carriglea Wood l 99, Amazing Valour 98, Kilmore West 97. 2 P-24 MIRACLE HOUSE 64 (T;BF) T Vaughan 8-11-0....... R Johnson 7-4 Amazing Valour, 7-2 Hawk Run, 5 Carriglea Wood, 6 3 6- PICKLEGEND 327 R Woollacott 6-11-0 . A Glassonbury Kilmore West, 7 Tin Pot Man, 12 Mrs Peacock 4 U84- SOVEREIGNS LEGACY 128 J Panvert 5-11-0 . Conor OFarrell HANDICAP HURDLE (3); winner 4,549; 5 244- STRONGLY SUGGESTED 159 (BF) Jonjo ONeill 5-11-0... A P McCoy 2m 4f. (6 runners) 6 449- TENBY JEWEL 319 W Goldsworthy 7-11-0 . T J OBrien 7 2223 CLARION CALL 23 E Williams 4-10-12 ......... P Moloney 1 -F48 KATCHMORE 33 (P,T;C) D Pipe 5-11-12 T Scudamore Strongly Suggested l 99, Miracle House 96, Clarion Call 95. 2 0-41 DECOY 50 (D) D Pipe 6-11-12 ............... Conor OFarrell 5-4 Strongly Suggested, 5-2 Miracle House, 11-4 Clarion 3 -FP8 LAVA LAMP 33 (CD) E Williams 5-11-9......... P Moloney 4 6293 DEALING RIVER 18 N King 5-11-4 .......... A Merriam (3) Call, 10 Tenby Jewel, 33 Bob Casey, 50 Picklegend 5 2121 IVAN VASILEVICH 7 (T) T Vaughan 4-11-1(7ex) R Johnson CLAMING HURDLE (5); winner 1,689; 6 -12P LIEUTENANT MILLER 33 (BF,D) N Henderson 6-10-11... A Tinkler



DANCEWITHTHEDEVIL 21 (T;D) B J Llewellyn 11-11-0.. Rob Williams (7) 2 Decoy, 3 Ivan Vasilevich, 4 Lieutenant Miller, 6 Katchmore REGENCY DREAMS 479 Mrs N Evans 7-11-0 R Kirk (5) HANDICAP CHASE (2); winner 12,660; GRAND LAHOU 5 (D) T Vaughan 9-10-12 .... R Johnson 2m. (7 runners) ORAN FLYER 28 (D) E Williams 11-10-12. Conor Ring (10) PRAXITELES F21 (P,T;CD) Miss R Curtis 8-10-12 . A P McCoy 1 6-24 WEST WITH THE WIND 63 (CD) E Williams 7-11-12... P Moloney 2 F-17 RIO GAEL 19 (P;D) P Bowen 6-10-8............. T J OBrien Grand Lahou l 99, Praxiteles 97, Dancewiththedevil 84. 3 00-0 IDARAH 33 (D) Miss V Williams 9-10-3........ L Treadwell 11-10 Praxiteles, 7-4 Grand Lahou, 5 Dancewiththedevil 4 1231 NOBUNAGA 31 (D) Miss V Williams 7-10-2 . A Coleman BEGINNERS CHASE (4); winner 3,119; 5 11-6 COMEHOMEQUIETLY 23 (C) D Rees 8-10-2 T Scudamore 2m 3f 110yds. (6 runners) 6 7762 TROOPER CLARENCE 23 (D) E Williams 8-10-2 . A Wedge (3) 3343 GET IT (10) 1 3-24 ART BROKER 32 (P) H Daly 6-11-7.......... J Greenall (5) 7Nobunaga l ON 23 E Williams 7-10-0 ........... Conor Ring 97. 99, Rio Gael 98, 2 /4-5 CASTLETOWNSEND 32 (TH;BF) P Nicholls 6-11-7.... D Jacob 2 Nobunaga, 3 West With The Wind, 5 Trooper Clarence Gael Trooper Clarence, Rio 3 3-23 PRESENT TO YOU 19 (V) D Bridgwater 7-11-7 .. T Scudamore MARES HANDICAP HURDLE (4); 4 3P- STEEL GOLD 399 Mrs R Ford 6-11-7 ........ I Popham (3) 5 -651 TARKARI 30 E Williams 7-11-7....................... P Moloney winner 2,599; 2m. (8 runners) 6 -245 WITH GRACE 30 (P) P Bowen 7-11-0................ J Moore 1 137- BUSINESSMONEY JUDI 300 (P,T;D) D Pipe 6-11-12 T Scudamore Present To You l 99, Art Broker 91. 2 333- BELLE DE FONTENAY 164 (P;D) G Baker 7-11-11 .... T Whelan (7) 2 Present To You, 9-4 Castletownsend, 4 Tarkari, Art 3 5-133 MARIE DES ANGES 1 (T;BF,D) A Honeyball 4-11-8 . Rachael Green (3) Broker, 14 With Grace, 66 Steel Gold 4 2346 FIRST BEAUTY 7 (BH;D) J Flint 8-11-6........... T Flint (7) HANDICAP CHASE (5); winner 3,119; 5 -31P ROLLINROLLINROLLIN 60 (BF,D) Jonjo ONeill 6-11-5 A P McCoy 6 883F J 9-11-0 Rob 3m. (7 runners) 7 9P3- ILLYSANTACHRISTINA 58 (P;D) B ALlewellyn9-10-0.... T Williams (7) WHISPERING WIND 136 (D) Jones J OBrien 1 754- HAWK RUN 175 (BF) Jonjo ONeill 6-11-12. A P McCoy 8 4-00 SHILPA 24 (CD) S Earle 7-10-0....................... G Tumelty 2 1-18 TIN POT MAN 60 (T;D) E Williams 6-11-7..... P Moloney Marie Des Anges l 99, Belle De Fontenay 98, Shilpa 97. 3 1457 KILMORE WEST 18 (P) J Flint 7-11-4 ............. T Flint (7) 13-8 Marie Des Anges, 3 Rollinrollinrollin, 6 Businessmoney 4 4P-0 DUNKELLY CASTLE 92 (TH) F Brennan 8-11-2. F de Giles Judi, 7 Belle De Fontenay 1 2 3 4 5 6670 7/F2711 1748 0-7P



(5 runners)

Ivan Vasilevich l 99, Decoy 98, Lava Lamp 97.







Squad Infinite Hope Alhaarth Beauty Baheeja Rum Punch Selfara 5.10 5.40 6.10 6.40 7.15 7.45 Bouggatti Devine Guest Alhaarth Beauty Baheeja Rum Punch Selfara



Calcio. 3.20: 1 PAHENTE M OConnell (4-1); 2 Rodrigo De Freitas (13-2); 3 Arch Event (17-2). 8 ran (We Used To Wait 2-1 fav). 23/4l; 7l. A Carroll. T: 3.90; 1.20, 1.80, 2.50. Ex: 27.00. Tricast: 208.25. CF: 30.05. 3.55: 1 SPITHEAD L Jones (5-1); 2 Cappadocia (11-4 jtfav); 3 Mixed Message (16-1). 9 ran (Curl 11-4 jtfav). nk; 11/2l. W Haggas. T: 6.20; 2.80, 1.40, 4.80. Ex: 24.00. Tricast: 200.93. CF: 18.66. 4.30: 1 CARDMASTER J Fortune (81); 2 Marvelino (9-4); 3 Daisie Cutter (14-1). 8 ran (Burlesque Star 2-1 fav). 1 3 / 4l; 1l. Eve J-Houghton. T: 10.00; 3.20, 1.10, 4.40. Ex: 27.30. CF: 25.86. NR: Mojo Bear. 5.05: 1 DRIFT AND DREAM H Bentley (2-1 fav); 2 Aye Aye Digby (132); 3 Lunar Deity (14-1). 3 Leadenhall Lass (10-1). 9 ran. 21/4l; nk. C Wall. T: 3.50; 1.60, 2.00, LD 2.50, LL 1.80. Ex: 15.90. Tricast: LD 71.01, LL 52.08. CF: 14.94. NR: Picture Dealer. PLACEPOT: 181.50 QUADPOT: 46.20


4 /2l. E Dunlop. T: 4.50; 2.20, 2.20. Ex: 23.80. Trifecta: 250.10. CF: 13.68. NR: Subtle Difference. 8.20: 1 REFRESHESTHEPARTS P Cosgrave (20-1); 2 Riviera Romance (6-1); 3 Twin Shadow (7-2 fav). 14 ran. 33/4l; 31/4l. G Baker. T: 28.80; 6.90, 2.00, 2.20. Ex: 158.60. Tricast: 550.40. Trifecta: Not won. CF: 135.39. 8.50: 1 LITTLE BLACK BOOK H Bentley (14-1); 2 Albaspina (7-2); 3 Angelic Upstart (15-2). 12 ran (Henry Allingham 9-4 fav). nk; nk. G Butler. T: 24.10; 1.20, 5.30, 2.20. Ex: 89.30. Tricast: 415.00. CF: 63.83. NR: Mountrath, Reposer. PLACEPOT: 82.50 QUADPOT: 64.00



Strongly Suggested 2.10 Grand Lahou 2.40 Castletownsend 3.15 Amazing Valour 3.50 Lava Lamp 4.25 West With The Wind 4.55 Marie Des Anges 5.25 Miracle House Grand Lahou Art Broker Amazing Valour Decoy Nobunaga Marie Des Anges


Infinite Hope l 99, Devine Guest 94, Miss Dashwood 73. 5-2 Rum Punch, 11-4 Theresnoneedfordat, 3 Sarah Berry, 4 6-4 Infinite Hope, 3 Devine Guest, 7 Miss Dashwood, Ahuqd Indiana Guest, 12 Flying Kitty, 20 Strategic Action
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


(7) WOOD MEISTER B Johnson 4-9-11........... D Probert (6) 8- OPERA BOX 461 M Tregoning 4-9-6 ............ G Baker (2) ICEBREAKER TWO J Long 3-9-3........... S Pearce (3) (1) 97- MULTILATERAL 339 (HH) Mrs A Perrett 3-9-3 . E Ahern (8) 5 AHUQD 29 C Brittain 3-8-12.................... R Powell (3) (9) 5354 DEVINE GUEST 5 M Channon 3-8-12 ......... M Davies (4) 23 INFINITE HOPE 19 (HH;BF) L Cumani 3-8-12 Kirsty Milczarek (3) 05 MISS DASHWOOD 62 J Fanshawe 3-8-12 M Barzalona (5) 0 SYMFONY 81 C Cox 3-8-12 ............................ J Doyle

MAIDEN (5); winner 2,386; 1m 2f.

(9 runners)

5-2 Fabled City, 7-2 Sir Fredlot, 9-2 Baheeja, 5 Sputnik Sweetheart, 7 Serene Oasis, 8 Rock Song, 20 Uprise

Sputnik Sweetheart l 99, Uprise 98, Serene Oasis 97.

3611 BAHEEJA 12 (D) R Varian 9-7...................... D Fox (3) 7213 UPRISE 31 G Margarson 9-3 .................. R Powell (3) 2145 SIR FREDLOT 19 (BH;D) C Hills 9-3 ......... W Carson 4225 SERENE OASIS 6 (V;D) M Channon 9-3 .... M Davies 2217 SPUTNIK SWEETHEART 12 (BF,D) R Hannon 9-2. P Dobbs 4373 FABLED CITY 19 (H,T) C Cox 8-13................ A Kirby 04-5 ROCK SONG 21 Mrs A Perrett 8-11 .............. E Ahern

HANDICAP (4); 3-y-o; winner 4,852; 7f. (7 runners)


1 2 3 4 5 6


Rum Punch l 99, Sarah Berry 98, Strategic Action 97.

(5) 7123 RUM PUNCH 21 (CD) Eve J-Houghton 9-7 .. E Ahern (2) 0033 THERESNONEEDFORDAT 2 (B) S C Williams 9-2.... W Carson (4) 0681 SARAH BERRY 15 (D) C Dwyer 9-2 ......... M Demuro (1) 80412 INDIANA GUEST 2 (B) G Margarson 8-11(6ex) R Powell (3) (3) 5094 FLYING KITTY 16 (D) J Bridger 8-6............. K ONeill (6) 9050 STRATEGIC ACTION 28 (P,TH) Mrs L Jewell 8-6 S Golam

HANDICAP (6); 3-y-o; winner 1,704; 6f. (6 runners)

(8) (3) (5) (1) (2) (4) (7) (6)

15-8 Alhaarth Beauty, 4 Firstkissoflove, 9-2 Beam Of Light

The Strig l 99, Irish Boy 98, Love You Louis 97. Alhaarth Beauty l 99, Beam Of Light 77, Sally Bruce 72. 5-4 Selfara, 4 Irish Boy, 5 Love You Louis, 6 The Strig, 8
Berberana, 20 Rooknrasbryripple, 33 Monessa

NIGHTS WATCH W Jarvis 8-13 ................. W Carson 50 DOUBLE JEOPARDY 44 (BH) Dr J Scargill 8-9. S Golam PADDYS SALTANTES J S Moore 8-9 ........ K ONeill 644 ALHAARTH BEAUTY 10 R Hannon 8-8....... P Dobbs 5 BEAM OF LIGHT 9 J Osborne 8-6................. E Ahern 04 XERXES 11 H Palmer 8-6 .......................... M Demuro FIRSTKISSOFLOVE C Cox 8-4................... D Probert 655 SALLY BRUCE 119 L Best 8-4 .. Jenny Ferguson (7)

MAIDEN (6); 2-y-o; winner 1,704; 7f. (8 runners)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

(6) (3) (5) (1) (4) (7) (2)

8946 BERBERANA 18 (D) J Gask 4-9-10 ..... R Da Silva (3) 0421 SELFARA 9 (B,T;D) R Charlton 3-9-10(6ex) .. J Doyle 0443 LOVE YOU LOUIS 11 (V;BF,CD) J R Jenkins 6-9-6 P Dobbs 6104 THE STRIG 14 (BH;D) S C Williams 5-9-3. W Carson -072 IRISH BOY 11 (D) P Midgley 4-9-3.............. M Fenton 0-07 MONESSA 42 (PH,T) Mrs L Jewell 3-8-6..... S Golam 2708 ROOKNRASBRYRIPPLE 13 (EH) R J Smith 3-8-5 K ONeill

HANDICAP (5); winner 2,386; 5f. (7 runners)

ABC: B-Bath, C-Cartmel, Ffl-Ffos Las, Fl-Folkestone, Y-York

A Little Bit Dusty 5.05B Abhaath 1.50B Acrai Rua 5.50C Adaeze 3.25B Ahuqd 5.40Fl Al Muheer 3.05Y Alhaarth Beauty 6.10Fl All Fur Coat 2.30Y Amazing Valour 3.50Ffl Amjad 5.20C Anderiego 3.05Y Angelito 4.00B Aniseed 4.15Y Annunciation 2.00Y April Ciel 1.50B Arch Walker 3.25B Art Broker 3.15Ffl Asian Trader 4.00B Autarch 4.35B Autocracy 3.25B Avalon Bay 4.35B Baddilini 2.00Y Badr Al Badoor 2.30Y Bahama Spirit 2.20B Baheeja 6.40Fl Baileys Jubilee 2.30Y Bajan Story 1.50B Ballade De La Mer 8.00C Barbirolli 5.10Fl Barracuda Boy 2.00Y Beam Of Light 6.10Fl Belle De Fontenay 5.25Ffl Belle Park 4.35B Belleau 5.35B Berberana 7.45Fl Bible Belt 3.40Y Bite Of The Cherry 4.15Y Black Dave 2.50B Blessington 2.00Y Blue Pencil 5.35B Bob Casey 2.10Ffl Body And Soul 2.00Y Bollin Dolly 5.20C Botanist 3.25B Bouggatti 5.10Fl Brandywell Boy 3.25B Brown Volcano 4.00B Browneyes Blue 8.00C Bunraku 4.50Y Businessmoney Judi 5.25Ffl Captain Oats 5.35B Carlton Blue 2.00Y Carmela Maria 8.00C Carriglea Wood 3.50Ffl Cash Injection 5.35B Castlemorris King 5.05B Castletownsend 3.15Ffl Cathcart Castle 5.20C Chapter Nine 5.35B Charitable Act 1.50B Chicarito 4.00B City Girl 2.30Y Clarion Call 2.10Ffl Cockney Fire 2.20B Comehomequietly 4.55Ffl Coquet 3.40Y Cracking Lass 4.15Y Crimson Queen 2.20B Croix Rouge 5.10Fl Crown Counsel 3.05Y Dance Company 4.50Y Dancewiththedevil 2.40Ffl Dane Street 4.15Y Danehill Dante 5.05B Dawn Catcher 2.50B Dealing River 4.25Ffl Decoy 4.25Ffl Devine Guest 5.40Fl Diamond Vine 2.20B Diamondhead 3.05Y Divine Call 2.20B Double Jeopardy 6.10Fl Drawnfromthepast 2.20B Dream Maker 2.00Y Dunaskin 5.20C Dunkelly Castle 3.50Ffl Dutch Rose 4.50Y Dystonias Revenge 5.50C Emiratesdotcom 2.20B Escape Artist 5.20C Essell 1.50B Excellent Guest 3.05Y Fabled City 6.40Fl Finch Flyer 5.35B Fionas Spirit 3.25B Firdaws 4.15Y First Beauty 5.25Ffl Firstkissoflove 6.10Fl Flaxen Lake 3.25B Flying Doctor 8.00C Flying Kitty 7.15Fl Galley Slave 8.00C Get It On 4.55Ffl Ginzan 2.20B Glenora Gale 7.30C Going French 2.20B Golden Jubilee 1.50B Gouranga 4.35B Grand Lahou 2.40Ffl Griffin Point 3.25B Handles For Forks 5.05B Hawk Run 3.50Ffl Highland Cadett 5.35B Homeboy 4.00B Honeymead 4.50Y Hototo 2.00Y Icebreaker Two 5.40Fl Idarah 4.55Ffl Iguacu 4.35B Illysantachristina 5.25Ffl Imperial Djay 3.05Y Imperial Ruby 5.35B Imperial Spirit 2.50B Indian Jack 3.05Y Indian Jade 2.00Y Indiana Guest 7.15Fl Infinite Hope 5.40Fl Instance 4.50Y Invisible Man 3.05Y Irish Boy 7.45Fl Is It Me 8.00C Ishikawa 4.35B Ivan Vasilevich 4.25Ffl Jade 4.50Y Jentris Girl 7.30C Jinker Noble 2.20B Juarla 3.25B Kahruman 3.05Y Katchmore 4.25Ffl Kayfton Pete 6.55C Kilmore West 3.50Ffl Kilvergan Boy 5.50C Knockans Breeze 8.00C Knockavilla 6.55C Know No Fear 4.35B Kodatish 2.50B Kyllachy Storm 2.20B Labretella 7.30C Lacarmic 5.50C Lady Macduff 3.05Y Lady Poppy 2.00Y Lady Romanza 5.35B Ladydolly 3.25B Ladyship 4.50Y Laser Blazer 5.05B Lava Lamp 4.25Ffl Liber 2.00Y Lieutenant Miller 4.25Ffl Lord Aeryn 3.05Y Love You Louis 7.45Fl Loved To Bits 3.25B Lyrical Vibe 2.50B Marie Des Anges 5.25Ffl Matsunosuke 2.20B Mighty Clarets 4.35B Miracle House 2.10Ffl Misplaced Fortune 4.50Y Miss Dashwood 5.40Fl Miss Tilly Oscar 7.30C Mister Marc 2.00Y Molaise Lad 5.20C Mollyow 5.10Fl Monessa 7.45Fl Mossmann Gorge 5.35B Moyode Wood 6.25C Mrs Peacock 3.50Ffl Multi Bene 1.50B Multilateral 5.40Fl Multiply 4.00B My Boy Ginger 1.50B My Time 4.00B Naledi 5.35B Navajo Chief 3.05Y New Pearl 2.00Y Newfangled 2.30Y Night Lily 4.50Y Nights Watch 6.10Fl No Poppy 4.50Y Nobunaga 4.55Ffl Oniz Tiptoes 8.00C Opera Box 5.40Fl Oran Flyer 2.40Ffl Paddys Saltantes 6.10Fl Pal Of The Cat 2.50B Pale Mimosa 4.15Y Parhelion 5.05B Pass The Time 5.35B Passion Play 5.05B Peachez 5.05B Pearl Sea 2.30Y Perlachy 2.20B Picklegend 2.10Ffl Polski Max 2.00Y Postscript 3.05Y Praxiteles 2.40Ffl Present To You 3.15Ffl Prince Of Johanne 3.05Y Pumboo 6.55C Quadra Hop 3.25B Quite Sparky 5.20C Rare Coincidence 5.20C Regency Dreams 2.40Ffl Rio Gael 4.55Ffl Riot of Colour 4.50Y Rock Song 6.40Fl Rocky Ground 2.00Y Rollinrollinrollin 5.25Ffl Rooknrasbryripple 7.45Fl Rosdhu Queen 2.30Y Rosy Dawn 5.10Fl Royal Rascal 2.30Y Rulesnregulations 2.20B Rum Punch 7.15Fl Saddlers Deal 6.55C Sail Home 5.10Fl Saint Jerome 2.00Y Sally Bruce 6.10Fl Sandagiyr 3.05Y Sandreamer 2.30Y Santefisio 3.05Y Sarah Berry 7.15Fl Saute 5.20C Saville Row 5.50C Scentpastparadise 2.00Y Scommettitrice 2.20B Selfara 7.45Fl Sequence 4.15Y Serene Oasis 6.40Fl Shabak Hom 5.05B Shabora 4.50Y Shahdaroba 2.00Y Shareta 3.40Y She Ranks Me 7.30C Shes Ellie 2.50B Shesastar 4.50Y Shilpa 5.25Ffl Shirocco Star 3.40Y Shomberg 1.50B Siouxperhero 1.50B Sir Bruno 4.35B Sir Dylan 5.35B Sir Fredlot 6.40Fl Soul Magic 6.55C Sovereigns Legacy 2.10Ffl Sputnik Sweetheart 6.40Fl Squad 5.10Fl Stadium Of Light 5.20C Steel Gold 3.15Ffl Strategic Action 7.15Fl Street Entertainer 5.05B Strictly Silver 3.05Y Strongly Suggested 2.10Ffl Swendab 2.20B Swerve 4.50Y Switzerland 3.05Y Symfony 5.40Fl Tagalaka 2.50B Tarkari 3.15Ffl Tasheba 6.25C Temuco 1.50B Tenby Jewel 2.10Ffl Tenessee 4.35B The Fugue 3.40Y The Gold Cheongsam 2.30Y The Strig 7.45Fl Thelobstercatcher 6.25C Theresnoneedfordat 7.15Fl Threes Grand 2.30Y Tin Pot Man 3.50Ffl Trade Storm 3.05Y Transfer 5.05B Trooper Clarence 4.55Ffl Trucking Along 6.25C Umverti 7.30C Uncle Roger 1.50B Uprise 6.40Fl Vainglory 3.05Y Victorian Bounty 2.20B Was 3.40Y Well Acquainted 2.00Y West With The Wind 4.55Ffl Whimsical 4.50Y Whispering Wind 5.25Ffl Whistling Buddy 2.50B Wild Coco 3.40Y William Money 6.25C Wishbone 3.25B With Grace 3.15Ffl Wood Meister 5.40Fl Woodland Mill 2.00Y Xerxes 6.10Fl Zaplamation 5.20C Zuzu Angel 4.35B

nTIC-TAC: Left-handed tight track of just over 1m, 6 fences, run-in of 4f. nLEADING TRAINERS (2007-2012): D McCain 19-77, Mrs H Graham 620, T Vaughan 5-37, N Twiston-Davies 5-20. THIS SEASON: D McCain 4. nTOP JOCKEYS (2007-2012): J Maguire 14-46, B Hughes 10-101, R Mania 8-52, S Twiston-Davies 5-17. THIS SEASON: J Maguire 3. nLONGEST TRAVELLER: Saute (5.20) & Thelobstercatcher (6.25) trained at Cowbridge. Round trip of 550 miles. nTRICAST: 8.00 nLIVE ON RUK

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

P-42 7-P7 -6P8 1 /4386/4 -332 9U80

5-2 Zaplamation, 11-4 Saute, 4 Bollin Dolly, 5 Molaise Lad, 8 Dunaskin, 20 Rare Coincidence, 25 Cathcart Castle

Bollin Dolly l 99, Saute 96, Zaplamation 96.

SAUTE 21 (T,V) T Vaughan 6-11-12.. Michael Byrne (5) AMJAD 110 (P;CD) S G West 15-11-5........ Mr Ryan Clark (10) RARE COINCIDENCE F17 (C,D) A Berry 11-11-5..... B Hughes BOLLIN DOLLY 80 (CD) J Moffatt 9-10-12 .... B Harding DUNASKIN F94 (B;CD) R C Guest 12-10-12 D Elsworth ESCAPE ARTIST F36 (PH) D Thompson 5-10-12 A Voy (3) MOLAISE LAD 24 C Grant 6-10-12 ............... D ORegan QUITE SPARKY 18 (BH) M Sowersby 5-10-12. R Mania STADIUM OF LIGHT F8 S A Harris 5-10-12 W Kennedy 46-2 ZAPLAMATION F9 J J Quinn 7-10-12............ D Costello 6- CATHCART CASTLE F13 S G West 4-10-11.... F Keniry

SELLING HURDLE (Class 5); winner 2,599; 2m 1f 110yds. (11 runners)

1 2 3 4 5

-443 6279 65F3 5-64 P-25




Bollin Dolly 5.20 Lacarmic 5.50 Moyode Wood 6.25 Soul Magic 6.55 Miss Tilly Oscar 7.30 Ballade De La Mer 8.00 Zaplamation Saville Row Trucking Along Soul Magic She Ranks Me Is It Me

2 Saddlers Deal, 3 Soul Magic, 4 Pumboo, 5 Knockavilla, 6 Kayfton Pete

Knockavilla l 99, Soul Magic 98, Saddlers Deal 97.

KNOCKAVILLA 22 J Wade 9-11-12..... Mr J Dawson (7) KAYFTON PETE 25 (T) M Scudamore 6-11-11 ..... N Scholfield SADDLERS DEAL 20 (V) C Grant 7-11-9...... D ORegan SOUL MAGIC 31 (CD) Mrs H Graham 10-10-12 ... G Rutherford (5) PUMBOO 31 J Moffatt 9-10-9.......................... B Harding

HANDICAP CHASE (4); winner 3,249; 2m 1f 110yds. (5 runners)


1 2 3 4 5

-7P5 37-U 0/25 -638 22-4

7-4 Kilvergan Boy, 5-2 Lacarmic, 4 Saville Row, 5 Acrai Rua, 10 Dystonias Revenge

Kilvergan Boy l 99, Lacarmic 98, Acrai Rua 97.

DYSTONIAS REVENGE 23 (C) Mrs S Walton 7-11-12 .. Miss C Walton (7) SAVILLE ROW 31 A Crook 7-11-10 ................... R Mania LACARMIC 16 (PH) J Staunton (Ire) 8-11-1 ... Mr Derek OConnor ACRAI RUA 18 (B) T Fitzgerald 9-10-8 ........... B Hughes KILVERGAN BOY 33 (B;C) N Twiston-Davies 8-10-7 . S T-Davies

HANDICAP CHASE (4); winner 3,574; 3m 6f. (5 runners)

1 2 3 4 5 6

-325 4/ PPP1482 9-42 F/39

11-10 She Ranks Me, 13-8 Glenora Gale, 7-2 Miss Tilly Oscar, 33 Umverti, 66 Jentris Girl, 100 Labretella

Glenora Gale l 99, She Ranks Me 98, Miss Tilly Oscar 93.

GLENORA GALE 23 Miss L Russell 7-10-12 ... P Buchanan JENTRIS GIRL F1509 A Whillans 8-10-12 .... E Whillans (3) LABRETELLA F136 S A Harris 5-10-12 ....... W Kennedy MISS TILLY OSCAR 7 N Twiston-Davies 6-10-12 S Twiston-Davies SHE RANKS ME 20 (PH) D McCain 5-10-12. J Maguire UMVERTI 24 (T) Miss J Foster 7-10-12..... Samantha Drake (7)

MARES MAIDEN HURDLE (5); winner 2,599; 2m 6f. (6 runners)

1 2 3 4 5

31-2 P8-4 2234 2-74 2443

13-8 Thelobstercatcher, 5-2 Trucking Along, 5 Moyode Wood, William Money, 8 Tasheba

Thelobstercatcher l 99, Moyode Wood 90, Trucking Along 88.

MOYODE WOOD 39 B Ellison 7-11-0.................. D Cook TASHEBA 39 (T) Mrs S Leech 7-11-0............. J Maguire THELOBSTERCATCHER 23 (TH,V) T Vaughan 8-11-0... M Byrne (5) TRUCKING ALONG 30 (T) S Crawford (Ire) 6-11-0 ..... P Buchanan WILLIAM MONEY 39 C Grant 5-11-0............ D ORegan

BEGINNERS CHASE (4); winner 2,924; 3m 2f. (5 runners)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

2P36 5-2P 52-2 P-76 3-P6 4249 3336 /8-P

3 Ballade De La Mer, 4 Galley Slave, 9-2 Oniz Tiptoes, 6 Is It Me, Flying Doctor, 8 Knockans Breeze, 12 Carmela Maria

Carmela Maria l 99, Ballade De La Mer 98, Galley Slave 97.

KNOCKANS BREEZE 11 (P,TH) B Arthey (Ire) 10-11-12 . J Winston (7) IS IT ME 30 (T;BF) Mrs S Leech 9-11-7.......... J Maguire BALLADE DE LA MER 23 A G Foster 6-11-6... G Cockburn (7) CARMELA MARIA 30 (P;D) M Sowersby 7-11-4. E Linehan (7) FLYING DOCTOR 31 (CD) A Whillans 9-11-4 ..... E Whillans (3) ONIZ TIPTOES 18 (V;C) J Wainwright 11-11-0...... P Buchanan GALLEY SLAVE 18 (T;C) M Chapman 7-10-12..... G Rutherford (5) BROWNEYES BLUE 31 (C) J Moffatt 14-10-3 B Hughes

HANDICAP HURDLE (4); winner 2,599; 3m 2f. (8 runners)


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOING: GOOD TO FIRM (GOOD IN PLACES); ON CH4: 2.00, 2.30, 3.05 and 3.40
1 (17) 321163 HOTOTO 23 K Ryan 9-2 ............................................................. P Makin 92 2 (6) 118 INDIAN JADE 65 (D) K Ryan 9-2................................................... G Lee 89 3 (18) 22101 ANNUNCIATION 54 R Hannon 8-11 ...................................... J Fortune 96 4 (12) 13305 BADDILINI 20 A Bailey 8-11 ..................................................... L Dettori 84 5 (5) 25311 BARRACUDA BOY 12 T Dascombe 8-11......................... R Kingscote 82 6 (13) 61 BLESSINGTON 23 (D) J Gosden 8-11 ..................................... W Buick 88 7 (9) 6111 BODY AND SOUL 40 T Easterby 8-11 ....................................... D Allan 88 8 (1) 9241 CARLTON BLUE 27 (D) P Cole 8-11 .................................. S De Sousa 81 9 (14)2137912 LIBER 13 (BF) Sir M Prescott 8-11 ........................................... L Morris 94 10 (15) 1283 MISTER MARC 9 (D) R Hannon 8-11.................................... R Hughes 94 11 (20) 12022 NEW PEARL 19 D Brown 8-11 ........................................... J P Spencer 90 12 (10) 321055 POLSKI MAX 18 (D) R Fahey 8-11 ...................................... T Hamilton 76 13 (16) 12 ROCKY GROUND 26 (BF,D) R Varian 8-11 ......................... N Callan l99 14 (11) 631 SAINT JEROME 8 (D) M Tregoning 8-11 ...................... Hayley Turner 94 15 (3) 3301 SHAHDAROBA 22 (D) B Millman 8-11 .................................. J Millman 90 16 (4) 2341 WELL ACQUAINTED 49 C Cox 8-11 .................................... John Fahy 83 17 (7) 3332117 DREAM MAKER 12 (D) T Dascombe 8-6 ............................... F Norton 92 18 (19)7521514 LADY POPPY 19 (BF,C) G M Moore 8-6........................... P McDonald 87 19 (2) 311 SCENTPASTPARADISE 12 (D) Mrs A Duffield 8-6.............. R Ffrench 86 20 (8) 3472805 WOODLAND MILL 5 R Fahey 8-6 ........................................ P Hanagan 90 SUN BETTING: 3 Rocky Ground, 11-2 Blessington, 8 Mister Marc, Annunciation, 10 Body And Soul, Hototo, 12 Liber, 14 Indian Jade, Saint Jerome, 16 New Pearl WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 1 2 UR 1 0 2011: Bogart 8-11 P Makin 17-2 (K Ryan) drawn 19, 20 ran.





DBS PREMIER YEARLING STAKES (Class 2); 2-y-o; value to the winner 142,622; 6f. (20 runners)







SHIROCCO STAR was runner-up in the Oaks at Epsom and the Irish version at The Curragh. She has similar form to The Fugue but is better value and could easily improve on faster ground. Count your Blessings and your cash in the opener. BLESSINGTON was a nice winner at Goodwood. He will be contesting Group races soon but its no surprise John Gosden goes for this rich sales race first. Rocky Ground is the big danger. He won by four lengths on his debut at Yarmouth and was unsuited by the small field when turned over at odds-on at Newmarket last month. Newbury Super Sprint hero Body And Soul is not to be underestimated, while Hototo, Annunciation and Liber are in with a shout. Newfangled will be a warm order after storming away with the Albany at Royal Ascot. But both her wins have come on soft and she has to prove she copes with faster conditions. PEARL SEA can upset the hot favourite. She chased home subsequent Group 3 scorer Certify at Newmarket in July before breaking her duck with an impressive Goodwood win. Badr Al Badoor beat my fancy at Doncaster but will do well to confirm the form having been off since. Rosdhu Queen is another to consider after her Listed win at Newbury on Friday. ANDERIEGO can complete a hattrick of courseand-distance wins. He has thrived since stepping up to a mile and had plenty up his sleeve last time. Royal Hunt Cup winner Prince Of Johanne loves these big handicaps. He should go well despite climbing the weights. Lady Macduff might be best of Mark Johnstons trio but last years hero Navajo Chief prefers softer ground. S H I R O C C O STAR can blow her rivals away. She split Was and The Fugue when beaten just a neck in the Oaks and has since hit the frame in the Ribblesdale and the Irish Oaks. Hughie Morrisons filly has been held back by getting work-ed up before her races but is growing up and this faster ground is in her favour. The Fugue was unlucky in the Oaks after losing her position when hampered at a crucial stage. But she only just caught Shirroco Star for second at Ascot. John Gosdens hope has since landed the Nassau at Goodwood when Was filled third place. She won the Musidora here and stays this trip but has only similar claims to Shirroco Star and is a much shorter price.

CHAMPION TIPSTER WISH upon a Star in the Yorkshire Oaks (3.40) on day two of the Ebor Festival.


HOTOTO (9-0) 11-2 stayed on, 3rd of 10 (btn 4l) to Bungle Inthejungle (9-0) (Goodwood 5f Grp 3 22,684 good). INDIAN JADE (9-1) 40-1 ridden 2f out, kept on, 8th of 22 (btn 8l) to Dawn Approach (9-1) BADDILINI (9-1) 100-1 13th (btn 10l) NEW PEARL (91) 25-1 18th (btn 14l) (Ascot 6f Grp 2 (1) 48,204 good). ANNUNCIATION (9-5) 4-5 fav led, ridden and headed 1f out, led again entering final furlong, kept on well, bt Lady Ibrox (9-0) 1l (6 ran) (Chester 5f nov (4) 4,528 good). BADDILINI (9-5) 12-1 led 3f out, headed 2f out, faded, last of 5 (btn 71/4l) to Fantastic Moon (9-0) (Newmarket 7f nov (4) 3,881 good to firm). BARRACUDA BOY (8-2) 6-1 led 2f out, soon ridden, ran on well, bt The Taj (9-2) 11/4l (11 ran) (Haydock 5f hcap (3) 7,439 good to firm). BLESSINGTON (9-0) 15-2 made all, ran on, bt Vallarta (9-0) 1l SAINT JEROME (9-0) 14-1 ridden 2f out, 3rd (btn 11/4l) (17 ran) (Goodwood 6f mdn (2) 11,321 good). BODY AND SOUL (7-12) 9-2 fav led last strides, bt Satsuma (8-0) nk HOTOTO (8-13) 5-1 kept on, 6th (btn 2l) WOODLAND MILL (8-3) 40-1 never able to challenge, 8th (btn 23/4l) LIBER (8-11) 11-1 led centre group 3f out, headed 1f out, 9th (btn 23/4l) SHAHDAROBA (8-9) 40-1 11th (btn 31/2l) (22 ran) (Newbury 5f auct (2) 122,925 heavy). CARLTON BLUE (8-7) 8-1 led 2f out, bt Star of Rohm (9-2) 11/4l (10 ran) (Ascot 6f hcap (4) 6,469 firm). LIBER (9-2) 1-4 fav led 1f, chased win-


1 (6) 2210 ALL FUR COAT 64 (BH) J Hughes 8-12 ............................... J Fanning 85 2 (1) 1 BADR AL BADOOR 55 (D) J Fanshawe 8-12................ Hayley Turner 81 3 (2) 1670312 BAILEYS JUBILEE 25 M Johnston 8-12 .................................. K Fallon 86 4 (8) 221 CITY GIRL 24 (D) R Beckett 8-12 .......................................... J Crowley 80 5 (11) 11 NEWFANGLED 62 (D) J Gosden 8-12 .................................. W Buick l99 6 (9) 321 PEARL SEA 22 (D) D Brown 8-12...................................... J P Spencer 83 7 (3) 11 ROSDHU QUEEN 6 W Haggas 8-12 ...................................... R Hughes 95 8 (4) 31215 ROYAL RASCAL 19 (CD) T Easterby 8-12 ................................ D Allan 85 9 (5) 1223 SANDREAMER 6 (D) M Channon 8-12................................... M Harley 96 10 (10) 3511 THE GOLD CHEONGSAM 19 (D) J Noseda 8-12................... doubtful 94 11 (7) 14308 THREES GRAND 41 S Dixon 8-12.......................................... T Queally 80 SUN BETTING: 11-10 Newfangled, 11-2 Rosdhu Queen, 6 Badr Al Badoor, 8 Baileys Jubilee, 10 Sandreamer, Pearl Sea, 20 Royal Rascal WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 2 6 1 4 7 2011: Best Terms 9-1 R Hughes 11-1 (R Hannon) drawn 10, 11 ran.


JAGUAR CARS LOWTHER STAKES (FILLIES GROUP 2) (1); 2-y-o; value to the winner 62,381; 6f. (11 runners)

ner, switched halfway, driven and no response 1f out, btn 3l by Cosmic Chatter (9-2) (5 ran) (Musselburgh 5f (3) 7,763 good to firm). MISTER MARC (9-5) 9-4 kept on, 3rd of 4 (btn 2 1 / 4 l) to Flyman (9-5) (Nottingham 6f nov (5) 3,234 firm). NEW PEARL (9-4) 14-1 ran on, btn 1/2l by Jamesbos Girl (8-9) (10 ran) (Goodwood 6f hcp (2) 9,704 good). DREAM MAKER (8-9) 9-4 fav tracked leaders, led 1f out, bt The Sixties (90) 31/4l POLSKI MAX (9-4) 4-1 5th (btn 63/4l) (7 ran) (Chester 6f hcap (4) 4,852 good to firm). ROCKY GROUND (9-5) 8-11 fav led final furlong, headed post, btn hd by Ollie Olga (9-0) (5 ran) (New-market 6f (3) 7,763 good to firm). SAINT JEROME (9-3) 13-8 fav led final furlong, pushed out, bt Rock Up (93) 11/2l (12 ran) (Salisbury 6f mdn (4) 4,237 good to soft). SHAHDAROBA (9-3) 5-2 led final furlong, ran on gamely, bt Herbalist (93) sh hd (8 ran) (Leicester 6f mdn (4) 4,334 good to firm). WELL ACQUAINTED (9-3) 4-1 made all, gamely, bt Martial Art (9-3) 1l (6 ran) (Epsom 7f mdn (5) 3,881 good). DREAM MAKER (8-12) 20-1 7th of 8 (btn 7l) to Certify (8-12) (Newmarket 7f Grp 3 (1) 25,520 good to firm). LADY POPPY (8-9) 5-2 fav led, headed 3f out, no extra , 4th of 6 (btn 21/4l) to Lucky Beggar (9-5) (Thirsk 5f hcap (3) 7,763 good). SCENTPASTPARADISE (9-2) 8-1 led 3f out, pressed 1f out, gamely, bt Team Challenge (8-4) sh hd (7 ran) (Redcar 6f hcap (4) 3,752 firm).

nTIC-TAC: L-H flat, with a 4f 110yds run-in. 5-6f races run on straight course. nDRAW: Inconsistent on straight, low best on round course. nLEADING TRAINERS (2007-2012): R Fahey 52-538, T Easterby 24-311, S Bin Suroor 17-115, Sir M Stoute 17-100. THIS SEAn SON: T Easterby 7, M Channon 6, D OMeara 6.nTOP JOCKEYS (2007-2012): P Hanagan 39-318, L Dettori 24-141, D Allan 21-199. THIS SEASON: D Allan 6, K Fallon 6, W Buick 4. nLONGEST TRAVELLER: Shahdaroba (2.00) & Dance Company (4.50). Round trip of 550 miles. nJACKPOT: 1-6. nLIVE ON RUK hcap (2) 11,450 good to firm). btn 2 1 / 4 l by Wannabe King (9-1) KAHRUMAN (9-7) 25-1 headway 2f SANTEFISIO (9-13) 7-1 one pace, out, not much room final 2f, kept on, 4th (btn 4l) (11 ran) (Ayr 1m hcap (3) 6th of 29 (btn 7l) to Fast Or Free (86,663 good to firm). 10) SWITZERLAND (9-4) 16-1 always INDIAN JACK (10-0) 10-3 headway behind, 27th (well btn) (Ascot 1m over 1f out, never on terms, 4th of 8 hcap (2) 62,250 good to soft). (btn 2 1 / 4l) to Amoya (8-13) (Ascot LORD AERYN (9-5) 20-1 led 1f out, 11/4m hcap (3) 8,410 firm). just held on, bt AL MUHEER (8-13) POSTSCRIPT (9-2) 7-1 closed 2f out, 16-1 headway 1f out, ran on, just led 1f out, ran on well, bt Famous failed, sh hd CROWN COUNSEL (9Poet (9-7) 2l (12 ran) (Haydock 1m 2) 14-1 7th (btn 61/2l) (18 ran) (Thirsk hcap (3) 8,410 good to firm). 1m hcap (3) 19,407 good). DIAMONDHEAD (9-1) 33-1 11th of 16 AL MUHEER (10-0) 16-1 held up mid(btn 15l) to Stirring Ballad (8-7) division, took keen hold, kept on (Goodwood 7f hcp (2) 12,450 good). one pace from over 1f out, 5th of 12 LADY MACDUFF (8-9) 7-2 headway on 1 (btn 8 /4l) to Mirrored (9-9) (Ripon 2f out, ridden, 5th of 9 (btn 71/2l) to 1m hcap (3) 8,821 good). Stirring Ballad (8-12) (Chester 1m SWITZERLAND (8-10) 2-1 fav led 2f hcap (2) 32,345 good). out, held on gamely, all out, bt STRICTLY SILVER (8-7) 8-1 pushed Loving Spirit (9-8) sh hd (14 ran) along 2f out, kept on, 4th of 8 (btn (Kempton 1m hcap (3) 6,412 AW). 23/4l) to Im So Glad (8-10) (NewmarCROWN COUNSEL (9-8) 5-1 kept on , ket 7f hcap (2) 10,350 firm).

BLESSINGTON (nap) 2.00 Mister Marc Pearl Sea 2.30 Newfangled Anderiego 3.05 TRADE STORM (nap) Shirocco Star 3.40 The Fugue (nb) Sequence 4.15 Sequence Ladyship 4.50 Whimsical TEMPLEGATES TRIO: Blessington (York) and West With The Wind (double, Ffos Las) with Anderiego (York). TOM PEPPERS DOUBLE: Trade Storm and The Fugue (both York). SUNRATINGS NAP: IMPERIAL SPIRIT (2.50 Bath). CLAUDE DUVALS TV TIPS: 2.00 Blessington, 2.30 Newfangled, 3.05 Kahruman and 3.40 The Fugue.

FABULOUS Frankel trounced his rivals to land his 13th win on the trot in the 750,000 Juddmonte International at York yesterday.
The worlds greatest racehorse treated the huge crowd to a breathtaking display of brilliance.





Win 13 was his most awesome yet

Claude DUVAL
Now stand by for a Last Tango in Paris from Sir Henry Cecils superstar in the Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp. That could be Frankels final race. Ladbrokes offer 1-2 he makes a winning French farewell. In the race where Brigadier Gerard met with his only defeat in 18 runs 40 years ago and on his first attempt at 10 furlongs, Tom Queally sent Frankel to the front two furlongs out and he cruised home by an effortless seven lengths from Farhh. St Nicholas Abbey was a nose further back in third. On this showing Frankel, who took his career earnings past 2million, could definitely win at a mile and a half. Channel 4 pundit and Sun columnist John Francome enthused: He could win the Arc or the six-furlong Haydock Sprint. I have never seen anything like him. Frankel is not entered for the Arc. But Khalid Abdullahs racing manager Teddy Grimthorpe said: Henry decided not to put him in the Arc but after the way he won the International we will have to talk about it. Ultimately, it will be the Princes decision. He could easily be supplemented. As is usual with Henry when we mentioned it to him after the race he said the horse will tell us where it would be best to run him next. Abdullah, whose Dancing Brave was one of the greatest Arc winners in 1986, smiled: I had not thought of the Arc. But if Henry thought it was a good idea I would give him my backing. Ice-cool Queally, who was sitting as motionless as a policeman over three furlongs out, said: I could hear the crowd yelling Go on Tom but Frankel was so relaxed and in a perfect rhythm. He has been trained by a great man and everybody around him has helped create

Food for Thought as Gosden hits top form

JOHN GOSDEN strengthened his already strong St Leger hand when Thought Worthy took Yorks Great Voltigeur Stakes. He has saddled three of the last five winners of the Doncaster Classic and looks set to be mob-handed against Triple Crown-chasing Camelot on Town Moor. Great Heavens, Shantaram and Michelangelo could all join Thought Worthy at DonBy CLAUDE DUVAL caster on September 15. He was ridden positively are all there to run if they by William Buick, winding are in good order. up the pace turning for Main Sequences trainer, home. Derby runner-up and David Lanigan, said: It turnhot favourite Main Sequ- ed into a bit of a sprint, its ence came with a strong just one of those things. late challenge but Thought Frankels owner, Khalid Worthy knuckled down to Abdullah, enjoyed more take the Group 2 by a neck. success as Dundonnell Gosden said: His brother took the Acomb Stakes. Lucarno won this and won Winning trainer Roger the Leger. There is no rea- Charlton said: I was really son why he shouldnt run. impressed by that. We always thought he A mile should be fine for could be a Leger horse. him. He obviously deserves Of his other Leger possi- to step up so that probably bles, the trainer said: They means a Group 1.

WORTHY WINNER . . . Thought Worthy (near side) holds on

1 (1) 1172-43 BIBLE BELT 14 Mrs J Harrington (Ire) 4-9-7 ........................ F M Berry 89 2 (7) 327-322 SHARETA 60 (D) A de Royer-Dupre (FR) 4-9-7 .................. C Lemaire 93 3 (3) 21158-1 WILD COCO 21 (D) Sir H Cecil 4-9-7...................................... T Queally 92 4 (5) 411-16 COQUET 83 H Morrison 3-8-11................................................. R Havlin 84 5 (6) 21-2232 SHIROCCO STAR 32 H Morrison 3-8-11 ........................... R Hughes l99 6 (2) 1-41321 THE FUGUE 19 (C) J Gosden 3-8-11........................................ W Buick 98 7 (4) 1-3143 WAS 19 (D) A P OBrien (Ire) 3-8-11............................... J A Heffernan 98 SUN BETTING: 7-4 The Fugue, 5-2 Shareta, 6 Wild Coco, Was, 8 Shirocco Star WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 1 1 2 RR 1 2011: Blue Bunting 3-8-11 L Dettori 11-4 Fav (M Al Zarooni) drawn 6, 8 ran.


DARLEY YORKSHIRE OAKS (FILLIES GROUP 1); value to the winner 175,801; 1m 4f. (7 runners)

0) 18-1 staying on when badly hamBIBLE BELT (9-6) 6-1 one pace, 3rd of pered 2f out, switched 1f out, stayed 8 (btn 13/4l) to Galileos Choice (9-9) on, 6th (btn 53/4l) (12 ran) (Epsom (Leopardstown 1 1 / 2 m Grp 3 (1) 11/2m Grp 1 (1) 207,842 good). 37,375 good to soft). SHARETA (8-12) 5-1 kept on, btn 11/4l SHIROCCO STAR (9-0) 7-1 led 3f out, headed final 100 yards, no extra, btn by Meandre (9-2) (4 ran) (Saint3l by Great Heavens (9-0) WAS (9-0) Cloud 11/2m Grp 1 (1) good to soft). 5-1 kept on, hampered 1f out, no WILD COCO (9-5) 6-1 led 1f out, came extra, 4th (btn 51/4l) (7 ran) (Curragh clear final furlong, ran on, bt Jehan11/2m Grp 1 (1) 232,000 soft). nedarc (9-5) 2 3 / 4l (12 ran) (Good3 THE FUGUE (8-11) 11-4 led final wood 1 /4m Grp 3 31,190 good). 100 yards, won going away, WAS (9-0) 20-1 led 2f out, driven out bt Time-piece (9-6) 1l WAS and stayed on well final furlong, bt (8-11) 11-2 stayed on one SHIROCCO STAR (9-0) 16-1 stayed pace, 3rd (btn 23/4l) (8 on, always just held, nk THE FUGUE ran) (Goodwood (9-0) 11-4 fav badly hampered and 1 1 / 4 m Grp 1 (1) nearly brought down 9f out, lost 104,914 good). place, steady headway 2f out, stayed on, 3rd (btn 3/4l) COQUET (9-


THE REST NOWHERE . . . as Frankel skips clear

a remarkable horse. The fact that he never had a smack as a twoyear-old may also have helped. Farhhs trainer Saeed bin Suroor said: My horse has tried very hard, but he has finished second again. As we knew before, the winner is in a different class to everything else. ria the sight of Cecil (left, with the wonder horse) making his first racecourse appearance since Royal Ascot was a sad glimpse of a man who has so bravely fought cancer since 2006. The biggest cheer in the winners enclosure came for the gaunt, fragile-looking Cecil, wearing a black fedora hat and using a walking stick. The ravages of his treatment have obviously taken a toll. Cecil had agreed to two interviews after the race but in the end he just had a brief talk to Channel 4s Derek Thompson. I was barely able to hear the 10times champion and much loved trainer as he said in a whisper: That was great, wasnt it? It was wonderful for the Yorkshire crowd and they deserved to see Frankel. His win made me feel 20 years better. If only that was true.

We have no plans for him, but we will try to find a race without Frankel. OBrien was similarly delighted with St Nicholas Abbey. He said: The winner is an incredible horse and were delighted with our fellow. More than 30,000 racing fans packed into York to witness arguably the greatest horse of alltime. Frankel did not disappoint and the fact he was returned at 110 was immaterial. But amid all the Frankel eupho-


THREES GRAND (8-12) 25-1 stayed on, 10th of 27 (btn 61/4l) to Ceiling Kitty (8-12) BAILEYS JUBILEE (812) 33-1 hampered 2f out, switched, kept on , not recover, 13th (btn 71/4l) ALL FUR COAT (8-12) 33-1 faded, 19th (btn 10l) (27 ran) (Ascot 5f Grp 2 (1) 42,532 good). BADR AL BADOOR (9-0) 8-1 rear, headway 2f out, led 1f out, pressed final furlong, ran on, bt Diaminda (90) 1/2l PEARL SEA (9-0) 4-1 ridden and kept on, 3rd (btn 21/4l) (13 ran) (Doncaster 6f (5) 3,170 good). BAILEYS JUBILEE (8-8) 6-1 ran on, btn nk by Mazameer (8-11) (6 ran) (Deauville 6f Grp 3 33,333 good). CITY GIRL (9-0) 8-11 fav led 1f out, ran on well, bt Spicy (9-0) 11/2l (6 ran) (Lingfield 6f mdn (5) 2,727 AW). NEWFANGLED (8-12) 7-4 fav led, clear 2f out, stayed on, unchallenged, bt


1 (10) 77-1487 SANDAGIYR 39 (D) S Bin Suroor 4-9-10............................ S De Sousa 95 2 (11)0845410 NAVAJO CHIEF 40 (CD) A Jarvis 5-9-8........................ M J Murphy (7) 97 3 (8) 41-2150 PRINCE OF JOHANNE 20 (P;D) T Tate 6-9-8 ............................ J Fahy 97 4 (18) 02-2534 INVISIBLE MAN 21 (VH;D) S Bin Suroor 6-9-7 ...................... L Dettori 98 5 (1) 644-702 TRADE STORM 12 D M Simcock 4-9-1 ............................ J P Spencer 97 6 (17) 20-0205 EXCELLENT GUEST 20 G Margarson 5-9-0.......................... T Queally 98 7 (4) 1036038 IMPERIAL DJAY 12 (D) Mrs R Carr 7-8-11....................... P McDonald 94 8 (6) 4725211 ANDERIEGO 27 (CD) D OMeara 4-8-10.................................. K Fallon 97 9 (13) 4-146 KAHRUMAN 63 (D) W Haggas 3-8-9 ................................... P Hanagan 92 10 (20)9453229 VAINGLORY 20 (CD) D M Simcock 8-8-9...................... Laura Pike (5) 97 11 (3) -439261 LORD AERYN 19 (D) R Fahey 5-8-7..................................... B McHugh 98 12 (7) 2307285 AL MUHEER 5 (B;D) Mrs R Carr 7-8-7 ............................ J P Sullivan l99 13 (14)3040921 SWITZERLAND 6 (D) M Johnston 3-8-7(6ex) ....................... J Fanning 95 14 (16)5727234 SANTEFISIO 9 (B;D) K Dalgleish 6-8-5 ................................... A Mullen 98 15 (9) 60-3504 INDIAN JACK 26 (D) L Cumani 4-8-4............................. Hayley Turner 98 16 (19)6211331 POSTSCRIPT 12 (D) I Williams 4-8-2....................................... F Norton 97 17 (2) 0538072 CROWN COUNSEL 9 (D) M Johnston 4-8-0............................ L Morris 95 18 (5) 3170-00 DIAMONDHEAD 21 (TH) B Meehan 3-7-12 .......................... J Mackay 85 19 (15) 5-10515 LADY MACDUFF 5 (D) M Johnston 3-7-12 ........................... N Mackay 97 20 (12) 02411-4 STRICTLY SILVER 7 A Bailey 3-7-12 ........................................ J Quinn 92 SUN BETTING: 6 Kahruman, 8 Anderiego, 10 Crown Counsel, Trade Storm, Switzerland, Invisible Man, Postscript, 14 Excellent Guest, Lord Aeryn, Indian Jack WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 1 abd 0 0 3 2011: Navajo Chief 4-9-3 H Bentley 25-1 (A Jarvis) drawn 16, 18 ran.


BETFAIR. DONT SETTLE FOR LESS HANDICAP (2); value to the winner 46,688; 1m. (20 runners)

Agent Allison (8-12) 2 1 / 2l (14 ran) (Ascot 6f Grp 3 (1) 34,026 soft). PEARL SEA (9-0) 11-8 fav led group of three far side, on terms, led as groups merged 2f out, came clear, readily, bt Malilla (9-0) 3l (16 ran) (Goodwood 6f (2) 11,321 good). ROSDHU QUEEN (8-12) 11-10 fav led final 2f, edged right final furlong, driven out, bt Sound Of Guns (8-12) 3/4l SANDREAMER (8-12) 4-1 headway under strong pressure 1f out, 3rd (btn 1 3 / 4 l) (10 ran) (Newbury 5f Listed (1) 13,043 good). THE GOLD CHEONGSAM (9-7) 3-1 fav led 1f out, bt Califante (8-12) 11/2l ROYAL RASCAL (9-5) 8-1 5th (btn 33/4l) (19 ran) (Newmarket 6f hcap (2) 25,876 good). THREES GRAND (8-12) 40-1 8th of 10 (btn 11l) to Sendmylovetorose (8-12) (Newmarket 6f Grp 2 34,026 soft).

1 (6) 670244- CRACKING LASS 341 (D) R Fahey 5-9-4 ............................. T Hamilton 2 (4) 764-351 ANISEED 24 (D) W Haggas 3-8-8.............................................. K Fallon 83 3 (2) 7721 BITE OF THE CHERRY 26 M Bell 3-8-8...................... Hayley Turner l99 4 (3) 6-317 DANE STREET 57 Mrs J Harrington (Ire) 3-8-8 ...................... W Buick 87 5 (7) 213-75 FIRDAWS 27 R Varian 3-8-8 ................................................. P Hanagan 92 6 (5) 4-1 PALE MIMOSA 20 (D) D K Weld (Ire) 3-8-8...................... P J Smullen 89 7 (1) 8-6211 SEQUENCE 7 (D) Sir M Stoute 3-8-8 ..................................... R Hughes 95 SUN BETTING: 9-4 Sequence, 7-2 Pale Mimosa, 5 Firdaws, 7 Cracking Lass, Bite Of The Cherry, 8 Dane Street, 10 Aniseed WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 5 abd 2 0 8 2011: Set To Music 3-8-8 J P Spencer 8-1 (M Bell) drawn 6, 9 ran.


E.B.F. GALTRES STAKES (FILLIES value to the winner 22,684; 1m 4f.

LISTED) (1); (7 runners)

11/4m (1) 32,500 yielding). CRACKING LASS (8-9) 7-1 one pace, 4th of 5 (btn 71/4l) to Poet (9-0) (Ayr FIRDAWS (8-8) 9-1 effort 2f out, outpaced when not much room inside 11/4m Listed (1) 22,684 soft). final 2f, no impression, 5th of 8 (btn ANISEED (8-10) 4-5 fav prominent, rid7 1 / 2l) to Barefoot Lady (9-4) (York den to challenge 2f out, led 1f out, 11/4m Listed (1) 19,848 firm). bt Caphira (8-10) 1 1 / 4 l (7 ran) 1 (Lingfield 1 /2m mdn (5) 2,727 AW). PALE MIMOSA (9-0) 4-6 fav led 2f out, stayed on strongly, easily, bt BITE OF THE CHERRY (9-6) 5-1 led Buckingham Gate (9-5) 15l (6 ran) after 2f, 12 lengths clear 8f out, rid(Galway 11/2m mdn 10,694 soft). den 2f out, stayed on, bt Aazif (9-6) 5l (8 ran) (Newmarket 1m 5f hcap (4) SEQUENCE (9-6) 9-4 fav made all, soon clear, unchallenged, bt Odin 5,175 good to firm). (9-7) 9l (9 ran) (Newmarket 1 1 / 4m DANE STREET (9-0) 13-2 7th of 10 hcap (4) 5,175 good to firm). (btn 19l) to Caponata (9-0) (Naas


PLEASED AS PUNCH . . . jockey Tom Queally



Multi Bene Jinker Noble Dawn Catcher Botanist Angelito Iguacu Peachez Chapter Nine 1.50 2.20 2.50 3.25 4.00 4.35 5.05 5.35 April Ciel Kyllachy Storm Kodatish Griffin Point Angelito Iguacu Laser Blazer Imperial Ruby

1 (9) -401320 MISPLACED FORTUNE 26 N Tinkler 7-9-11 ....................... D Swift (3) 97 2 (10) 1318-04 INSTANCE 26 (D) J Noseda 4-9-9 ............................................ W Buick 95 3 (15)1452656 NIGHT LILY 20 P DArcy 6-9-9 ...................................... M J Murphy (7) 97 4 (14) 7-90314 SHESASTAR 6 (CD) T D Barron 4-9-8 ................................. G Gibbons 97 5 (11) 32-312 LADYSHIP 34 Sir M Stoute 3-9-7 .......................................... L Dettori l99 6 (2) 15-3623 SWERVE 75 A McCabe 3-9-5 .................................................... K Fallon 97 7 (13) -722446 HONEYMEAD 45 (D) R Fahey 4-9-5 .................................... P Hanagan 94 8 (1) 1021395 NO POPPY 26 (H;D) T Easterby 4-9-4 ........................................ D Allan 97 9 (3) 51-3110 SHABORA 138 (D) R Varian 3-9-4............................................ N Callan 85 10 (5) 5272-01 JADE 6 O Pears 4-9-2(6ex) ................................................. L Topliss (3) 95 11 (4) 5-10411 DANCE COMPANY 16 (D) W Knight 3-9-1 .................... Hayley Turner 94 12 (8) -113117 DUTCH ROSE 21 (CD) D OMeara 3-9-1............................. D Tudhope 96 13 (12) 2-22122 RIOT OF COLOUR 26 (BH;BF,D) R Beckett 3-8-13 ............ J Crowley 97 14 (7) 010-742 WHIMSICAL 26 (D) R Hannon 3-8-12.................................... R Hughes 97 15 (6) 46314 BUNRAKU 38 (D) C Hills 3-8-9 .................................................... M Hills 98 SUN BETTING: 4 Ladyship, 13-2 Riot of Colour, 8 Dance Company, 10 Instance WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 1 2011: Shesastar 3-8-7 J P Spencer 5-1 Fav (T D Barron) drawn 8, 17 ran.


EVENTMASTERS.CO.UK E.B.F. FILLIES HANDICAP (2); value to the winner 16,172; 7f. (15 runners)

nTIC-TAC: Left-handed 1m 4f course with a straight uphill run-in of 4f and an elbow near the finish. Sprint races start on a chute. nDRAW: Low numbers have a slight advantage up to 1m nLEADING TRAINERS WITH RUNNERS (2007-2012): M Channon 35-254, R Hannon 29169, R Hodges 21-179, R Harris 16-253. THIS SEASON: R Hannon 7, R Hodges 6. nTOP JOCKEYS WITH RIDES (2007-2012): C Catlin 26-205, L Keniry 23-175, T McLaughlin 17-142, D ONeill 17-145. THIS SEASON: C Catlin 7, T McLaughlin 5, R Da Silva 3. nLONGEST TRAVELLER: Arch Walker (3.25) trained at Middleham. Round trip of 470 miles. nTRICAST: 1.50, 2.20, 3.25, 4.35, 5.05, 5.35. nLIVE ON ATR

1 (8) 36-8041 ABHAATH 3 R Harris 9-8(6ex) ........................................... D E Egan (5) 85 2 (11) 60-8096 CHARITABLE ACT 17 W Muir 9-7 ......................................... D Holland 85 3 (6) 5-29175 MY BOY GINGER 11 (D) B Millman 9-7 ................. Thomas Brown (7) 97 4 (2) -661172 APRIL CIEL 16 (C) R Harris 9-5..................................................... K Fox 94 5 (12) 3-7821 MULTI BENE 56 E McMahon 9-5 .............................................. S Levey 91 6 (10)7126936 TEMUCO 14 P Evans 9-4................................................. M Cosham (3) 92 7 (5) 29-7312 SIOUXPERHERO 13 (D) W Muir 9-4 ................................... S Donohoe 94 8 (9) 987-179 GOLDEN JUBILEE 58 (D) R Hannon 9-2 .......... W Twiston-Davies (7) 95 9 (1) 4435 BAJAN STORY 17 M Blanshard 9-2.................................... D Sweeney 96 10 (3) 0-20665 UNCLE ROGER 14 (B;C) Eve J-Houghton 8-11 ........ Cathy Gannon l99 11 (4) 0-93741 SHOMBERG 14 (D) D Burchell 8-8 ................................ Kelly Harrison 92 12 (7) 8086358 ESSELL 13 M Channon 8-8.................................................. S Hitchcott 98 SUN BETTING: 7-2 Multi Bene, 9-2 April Ciel, 6 Siouxperhero, Shomberg, 8 Golden Jubilee, 10 Abhaath, 12 Temuco, 14 My Boy Ginger WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED and 2011: No corresponding meeting.

SATELLITE INFORMATION SERVICES HANDICAP (Class 5); 3-y-o; value to the winner 2,264; 1m. (12 runners)

1 (4) 685 BLACK DAVE 11 P Evans 9-3 ................................................. R Thomas 2 (7) 9632 IMPERIAL SPIRIT 13 M Channon 9-3 ............................. S Hitchcott l99 3 (5) 4263 KODATISH 9 (BF) R Harris 9-3 ...................................................... K Fox 94 4 (6) 043 PAL OF THE CAT 28 B Gubby 9-3.................................... D E Egan (5) 88 5 (8) TAGALAKA Eve J-Houghton 9-3...................................... Cathy Gannon 6 (1) 2326 WHISTLING BUDDY 19 P Makin 9-3 .................................... S Sanders 96 7 (2) 33 DAWN CATCHER 14 A Carroll 8-12................................ R Da Silva (3) 93 8 (9) 00 LYRICAL VIBE 8 P Evans 8-12 ......................................... M Cosham (3) 9 (3) SHES ELLIE J G OShea 8-12 .......................................... M Coumbe (5) SUN BETTING: 11-4 Imperial Spirit, 7-2 Kodatish, 9-2 Dawn Catcher, 6 Pal Of The Cat


FESTIVAL RACING MEDIAN AUCTION MAIDEN STAKES (6); 2-y-o; value to the winner 1,617; 5f. (9 runners)

1 (4) 1142331 KNOW NO FEAR 7 (P) A J Lidderdale 7-10-6(6ex)........ S Pashai (7) l99 2 (6) 0470-75 TENESSEE 18 (D) J Osborne 5-10-0......................................... C Catlin 92 3 (3) 8-84459 SIR BRUNO 27 B Palling 5-10-0 ........................................ D E Egan (5) 95 4 (5) 32-1532 ISHIKAWA 26 (BF) A King 4-10-0 ........................................ D Sweeney 91 5 (10)9212534 MIGHTY CLARETS 9 (D) B Leavy 5-9-13 .......... W Twiston-Davies (7) 96 6 (7) -001709 AUTARCH 13 (D) Mrs A Perrett 3-9-3..................................... I Mongan 98 7 (8) 9903425 ZUZU ANGEL 16 (H) W Knight 3-8-13................................ D Kenny (5) 96 8 (1) 4036842 IGUACU 14 (P;D) R J Price 8-8-12............................................ A Atzeni 97 9 (11) -404600 AVALON BAY 16 Pat Eddery 4-8-10........................................ D ONeill 85 10 (9) 09-9777 BELLE PARK 27 Miss K George 5-8-9 .................................. D Holland 91 11 (2) 805779/ GOURANGA J445 A Carroll 9-8-9................................ Sophie Doyle (3) SUN BETTING: 11-4 Know No Fear, 4 Iguacu, 5 Ishikawa, 13-2 Mighty Clarets, 7 Zuzu Angel, 10 Tenessee, 12 Autarch, 20 Sir Bruno, Avalon Bay


LINDLEY CATERING HANDICAP (6); value to the winner 1,617; 1m 2f. (11 runners)

TRAINERTRACE: nBATH 1.50 Multi Bene T Dascombe to E McMahon, 3.25 Fionas Spirit Thomas McGivern to D Loughnane, 5.05 Parhelion P Evans to D Haydn Jones. n CARTMEL 7.30 Labretella R Johnson to S A Harris. nFFOS LAS 2.10 Picklegend Mrs S Humphrey to R Woollacott, 2.40 Regency Dreams Allan Ashcroft to Mrs N Evans, 3.15 Steel Gold F Hanley to Mrs R Ford, 3.50 Dunkelly Castle Miss N L-Beavis to F Brennan, 5.25 Whispering Wind Miss L Day to A Jones. n FOLKESTONE 6.10 Sally Bruce Miss O Maylam to Louise Best. nYORK 4.50 Swerve D K Weld to A McCabe. JOB JOCKEYS: nYORK J Fahy rides Prince Of Johanne (3.05) for T Tate, 3 winners from 6 rides; 50%. M J Murphy rides Navajo Chief (3.05) for A Jarvis, 11 from 35; 31%. P Hanagan rides Firdaws (4.15) for R Varian, 5 from 16, 31%. F Norton rides Postscript (3.05) for I Williams, 9 from 30, 30%. L Dettori rides Ladyship (4.50) for Sir M Stoute, 43 from 149, 29%. K Fallon rides Anderiego (3.05) for D OMeara, 3 from 11, 27%. K Fallon rides Swerve (4.50) for A McCabe, 4 from 16, 25%. n FOLKESTONE: D Fox rides Baheeja (6.40) for R Varian, 9 winners from 21 rides, 43%. G Baker rides Opera Box (5.40) for M Tregoning, 7 from 27, 26%. Mr S Walker rides Bouggatti (5.10) for Lady Herries, 3 from 13, 23%. J Doyle rides Selfara (7.45) for R Charlton, 23 from 117, 20%. nCARTMEL: D Cook rides Moyode Wood (6.25) for B Ellison, 21 from 98, 21%. n FFOS LAS: A P McCoy rides Praxiteles (2.40) for Miss R Curtis, 55 winners from 154 rides, 36%. A Glassonbury rides Picklegend (2.10) for R Woollacott, 5 from 16, 31%. T Scudamore rides Present To You (3.15) for D Bridgwater, 10 from 37, 27%.


no response 2f out, 4th of 5 (btn 11l) SANDAGIYR (9-2) one pace, 7th of 9 to Cameron Highland (8-8) (Epsom (btn 11l) to Sir Oscar (9-2) (Hannover 11/4m (3) 6,848 good). 1m Grp 2 (1) 33,372 soft). NAVAJO CHIEF (9-2) 12-1 tracked TRADE STORM (9-4) 16-1 stayed on to challenge, just held, btn nk by leaders, challenged 3f out, weakBoom And Bust (9-9) IMPERIAL ened final furlong, 11th of 18 (btn DJAY (9-5) 20-1 never able to chal12l) to Kings Warrior (8-9) (York lenge, weakened final furlong, 8th 11/4m hcap (2) 97,035 good). (btn 15l) (9 ran) (Ascot 1m hcap (2) EXCELLENT GUEST (9-2) 8-1 5th of 3 14,754 good to firm). 20 (btn 2 / 4 l) to Fulbright (8-13) VAINGLORY (8-10) 16-1 rear, ridden ANDERIEGO (9-4) 9-2 fav ridden to challenge 1f out, led final furlong, and hung right 1f out, kept on, no ran on well, bt Askaud (9-0) 1l LORD danger, 9th (btn 43/4l) PRINCE OF AERYN (9-5) 13-2 kept on, 6th (btn JOHANNE (9-5) 16-1 faded, 10th 51/2l) CROWN COUNSEL (9-2) 11-2 (btn 43/4l) (20 ran) (Goodwood 1m led and prominent, ridden final furhcap (2) 77,812 good). INVISIBLE MAN (9-0) 2-1 ridden and long, 8th (btn 71/2l) (11 ran) (York 1m


MISPLACED FORTUNE (9-0) 16-1 17th of 20 (btn 91/4l) to Van Ellis (9-3) (York 6f hcap (2) 32,345 firm). RIOT OF COLOUR (8-2) 11-4 fav kept on one pace, btn 3/4l by Im So Glad (8-6) INSTANCE (9-4) 8-1 stayed on, 4th (btn 31/2l) (9 ran) (Newmarket 7f hcap (2) 12,938 good to firm). NIGHT LILY (9-2) 25-1 6th of 14 (btn 23/4l) to Regal Realm (8-10) (Goodwood 7f Group 3 (1) 31,190 good). LADYSHIP (9-4) 5-1 led 1f out, ridden and headed final 100 yards, rallied, btn ns by Street Power (8-11) (18 ran) (Ascot 6f hcap (3) 7,439 soft). SWERVE (8-12) 6-4 led, headed 2f out, no extra, 3rd of 4 (btn 10l) to Mizani (9-3) (Navan 1m 13,000 soft). HONEYMEAD (9-6) 7-2 one pace, 6th


of 8 (btn 14l) to Satanic Beat (8-11) (Ripon 1m hcap (3) 6,663 soft). NO POPPY (9-2) 14-1 5th of 8 (btn 8l) to Dubawi Sound (9-9) (Newcastle 7f hcap (3) 8,410 good to firm). JADE (9-5) 6-1 led 3f out, bt Piddies Power (9-11) nk (10 ran) (Nottingham 6f hcap (4) 5,175 good). DANCE COMPANY (9-8) evens fav ran on, bt Al Mayasah (9-4) 3/4l (8 ran) (Whampton 7f hcap (4) 4,528 AW). DUTCH ROSE (8-11) 10-1 7th of 16 (btn 6 1 / 4l) to Stirring Ballad (8-7) (Goodwood 7f hcp (2) 12,450 good). WHIMSICAL (9-1) 5-1 ran onbtn ns by Amadeus Wolfe Tone (9-4) (8 ran) (Salisbury 7f hcap (4) 5,175 firm). BUNRAKU (9-6) 5-1 kept on, 4th of 10 (btn 3 1 / 2l) to Keene Dancer (9-4) (Windsor 1m hcap (4) 4,205 soft).

1 (5) 1577-09 VICTORIAN BOUNTY 89 (D) A Newcombe 7-9-10................ D ONeill 85 2 (14) 6-64112 CRIMSON QUEEN 16 (B;BF,CD) R Brotherton 5-9-10 ........... C Catlin 97 3 (15)4755264 EMIRATESDOTCOM 11 (CD) J Bradley 6-9-10 ...................... L Keniry 97 4 (2) 1121470 DRAWNFROMTHEPAST 13 (CD) J Osborne 7-9-9........... D Sweeney 90 5 (12) -996834 SWENDAB 12 (V;D) J G OShea 4-9-7............... W Twiston-Davies (7) 97 6 (7) 9-00800 RULESNREGULATIONS 15 (B,H;D) Mat Salaman 6-9-7 P Cosgrave 91 7 (8) -106080 DIVINE CALL 49 (D) J Bradley 5-9-6 ...................................... S W Kelly 96 8 (6) 8604442 JINKER NOBLE 6 (VH;D) C Cox 3-9-5 .................................. R Tate (7) 94 9 (17)4411336 GINZAN 16 (CD) M Saunders 4-9-5 ................................ T McLaughlin 98 10 (10)5740513 COCKNEY FIRE 9 (V;C) P Evans 3-9-5.......................... Cathy Gannon 96 11 (16) 2-56780 MATSUNOSUKE 7 (D) A Coogan 10-9-5................................... M Lane 95 12 (11) 474-704 BAHAMA SPIRIT 16 (D) J Gask 3-9-4.......................... R Da Silva (3) l99 13 (13)2402606 DIAMOND VINE 10 (P;C,D) R Harris 4-9-3................................... K Fox 98 14 (4) 2358124 GOING FRENCH 17 (D) D Burchell 5-9-1 ...................... Kelly Harrison 97 15 (9) 1654193 PERLACHY 17 (V;C,D) R Harris 8-9-1 .............................. D E Egan (5) 98 16 (1) 3011113 SCOMMETTITRICE 14 (P;D) P Evans 4-8-11............... N Sweeney (5) 98 17 (3) 9723021 KYLLACHY STORM 9 (CD) R Hodges 8-8-10(6ex) .......... P Prince (7) 95 SUN BETTING: 5 Crimson Queen, 6 Jinker Noble, 13-2 Kyllachy Storm, 7 Cockney Fire, 8 Scommettitrice, 10 Going French, 12 Swendab, 14 Bahama Spirit, Ginzan


MATTHEW CLARK HANDICAP (5); value to the winner 2,264; 6f. (17 runners)

1 (7) -512326 AUTOCRACY 20 (B,T;D) D Kubler 5-9-7 ............................ D Sweeney 98 2 (10)6782242 ARCH WALKER 6 (B;BF,D) J Weymes 5-9-7........................ D Holland 97 3 (12)0072221 GRIFFIN POINT 16 (B;CD) W Muir 5-9-6 ............................ S Donohoe 98 4 (6) 2781326 LADYDOLLY 6 (P;D) R Brotherton 4-9-4 .................................. C Catlin 85 5 (3) 540/0-0 LOVED TO BITS 19 E Wheeler 4-9-2 ......................... Sophie Doyle (3) 88 6 (13) -077667 JUARLA 14 (D) R Harris 4-9-1 ........................................... D E Egan (5) 93 7 (2) 2827901 FLAXEN LAKE 16 (P;C,D) J Bradley 5-9-0 .................. R Da Silva (3) l99 8 (1) 20-0787 ADAEZE 9 J Portman 4-8-13 .................................................... D ONeill 95 9 (5) 09-6088 WISHBONE 65 J Hughes 5-8-13 .................................. J-P Guillambert 86 10 (8) -090732 BOTANIST 9 (B,E) J Bradley 5-8-12 ......................................... L Keniry 93 11 (4) 0077257 BRANDYWELL BOY 9 (T;C,D) D F Davis 9-8-11 ...................... M Lane 95 12 (11) 059/0-0 FIONAS SPIRIT 43 (P,T) D Loughnane 5-8-7................ M Coumbe (5) 13 (9) 000-568 QUADRA HOP 35 B Palling 4-8-7................................... Cathy Gannon 92 SUN BETTING: 3 Griffin Point, 4 Flaxen Lake, 5 Arch Walker, 7 Botanist, 14 Autocracy


BEAUFORT MAINTENANCE LTD CONVEYORS HANDICAP (6); value to the winner 1,617; 5f. (13 runners)

1 (5) 003780- PARHELION J100 (T) D Haydn Jones 5-9-7 ............................ D ONeill 2 (2) -513555 HANDLES FOR FORKS 20 M Channon 4-9-6................. S Hitchcott l99 3 (10) 31-2601 A LITTLE BIT DUSTY 15 R Hollinshead 4-9-6....................... S W Kelly 98 4 (8) 863-046 DANEHILL DANTE 18 A King 4-9-5 .................................... D Sweeney 96 5 (11) 296-742 PEACHEZ 11 (P;C) A J Lidderdale 4-9-3........................ Amy Scott (5) 95 6 (3) 2222411 LASER BLAZER 13 (P;CD) J Gask 4-9-3............................... I Mongan 97 7 (1) 658568/ STREET ENTERTAINER J33 (T) D Pipe 5-9-2......................... Doubtful 8 (6) 7-13765 PASSION PLAY 10 W Knight 4-9-1..................................... D Kenny (5) 85 9 (9) 1524-95 CASTLEMORRIS KING 61 M Attwater 4-9-1 ................ M Coumbe (5) 95 10 (4) 090-861 TRANSFER 21 R J Price 7-8-13................................................ A Atzeni 98 11 (7) 2528642 SHABAK HOM J3 P Evans 5-8-13............................................ Doubtful 98 SUN BETTING: 11-4 Laser Blazer, 4 Transfer, 5 A Little Bit Dusty, 8 Peachez, Handles For Forks, 10 Danehill Dante


LANSDOWN HANDICAP (5); value to the winner 2,386; 1m 5f. (11 runners)

1 (7) 8332230 HOMEBOY 17 (HH) M Tregoning 4-9-5 ................................. S W Kelly 77 2 (3) 32 ANGELITO 29 E McMahon 3-9-3............................................ S Levey l99 3 (1) 37642 ASIAN TRADER 10 (T) W Haggas 3-9-3 ................................... L Jones 73 4 (4) 5 BROWN VOLCANO 14 J G OShea 3-9-3 ....................... M Coumbe (5) 5 (6) 4233856 CHICARITO 13 (P) J Gallagher 3-9-3.................................... D Sweeney 6 (5) 6 MULTIPLY 26 (BH) P Makin 3-9-3.......................................... S Sanders 7 (2) 4 MY TIME 10 M Mullineaux 3-9-3 .............................................. S Quinlan SUN BETTING: 4-6 Angelito, 5 Asian Trader, 8 Homeboy, 10 My Time, 12 Brown Volcano, 16 Multiply, 25 Chicarito


RACING AT BATH MAIDEN STAKES (5); value to the winner 2,264; 5f. (7 runners)

1 (4) 332-022 CAPTAIN OATS 14 Mrs P Ford 9-9-10 .............. Racheal Kneller (3) l99 2 (8) 355-596 BELLEAU 28 (D) M Sheppard 4-9-9........................................ C Bishop 95 3 (1) 1/5-453 FINCH FLYER 9 (P) A Sadik 5-9-7 ........................ Nicole Nordblad (3) 97 4 (6) 95-9031 CHAPTER NINE 9 (CD) J W Mullins 6-9-6(6ex) W Twiston-Davies (3) 96 5 (10) 327-506 NALEDI 9 R J Price 8-9-2 ..................................................... D Brock (3) 93 6 (9) 57/57-7 HIGHLAND CADETT 14 Mrs P Ford 5-9-1 .................... Leonna Mayor 86 7 (2) 47308/4 MOSSMANN GORGE 112 (P;D) A Middleton 10-9-1 .......... A Morgan 93 8 (13) 7-25500 LADY ROMANZA 36 B Powell 3-9-0..................................... M Lawson 98 9 (11) 98684 IMPERIAL RUBY 17 (V) J Tuite 3-9-0..................... Thomas Brown (3) 98 10 (7) 778-740 CASH INJECTION 57 (T) Miss K George 3-8-9....................... D Kenny 95 11 (12)8030885 SIR DYLAN 7 (HH) R Harris 3-8-8 ........................................... D E Egan 85 12 (3) 808 PASS THE TIME 80 N Mulholland 3-8-6.......................... N Garbutt (3) 85 13 (5) 7-63606 BLUE PENCIL 27 R Curtis 3-8-5..................................... J Baudains (3) 85 SUN BETTING: 2 Chapter Nine, 4 Captain Oats, 5 Imperial Ruby, 8 Finch Flyer, 12 Belleau, 16 Pass The Time, Lady Romanza, 20 Naledi, Mossmann Gorge, Sir Dylan


PEGGOTY APPRENTICE HANDICAP (6); value to the winner 1,617; 1m 4f. (13 runners)

ROSDHU QUEEN (2.30 York) is still going the right way. Have an each-way double with another progressive type SWITZERLAND (3.05 York) who won for us last week.



Thursday, August 23, 2012


P McLs h bos
tean Mar tin is sure Whitmars Lewis Hamilton will sign a new contract. deal Ham ilton s runs out at the end of the F1 season but Whitmarsh said: If Lewis wants to stay, which he told me he does, he should do. AREN

OMAR KHAN may have control of crisis club Bradford Bulls within weeks. The othe r 13 Super League clubs deferred a vote on Bulls future until they have an owner in place and restaurant owner Khan leads the running.

Padraig hopes to Nic a spot


If Colsaerts finishes in the top two at the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles, starting today, he will push struggling Martin Kaymer out of Europes top 10 automatic places. That would leave Kaymer chasing a wild card alongside Harrington (left), who is at least trying to impress at the FedEx Cup play-off in America. The other wild card is reportedly earmarked for Ian Poulter.

PADRAIG HARRINGTONS hopes of a seventh Ryder Cup bow rest with Belgian Nicolas Colsaerts.

Joaquim Rodriguez finished safely in the bunch on the fifth stage of the Tour of Spain. German John Degenkolb of Argos-Shimano clinched the stage win on a photo finish at Logrono but Froome clung on to second overall after seven flat laps of the 40km circuit. His Sky team-mate Mark Cavendish could not contest the sprint finish on the opening day of the Tour of Denmark after he was involved in a mass pile-up two miles from the finish.

TEAM Chris P second SKYSthe leadFroome remains one off as Team Katushas

KEVIN PIETERSEN is planning to offer a complete apology to Andrew Strauss for the texts he sent about the England captain.

you will always be viewed as a bit of an intruder. It takes a lot to overcome that and it can often depend on the players personality. But someone like Jonathan Trott has hardly batted an eyelid so it depends on how you handle the situation. It may be a longish road for Kevin but people do forgive and forget eventually. He may have to spend some time on the sidelines so things blow over and then gradually work his way back perhaps over a 12-month period. Kevin still has so much to offer as an international cricketer and theres no way he should leave England in this way.

Lottery funding is in Roo-ins



Under current rules, athletes get top-tier funding if they make the top eight, or final, at big events. But despite six medals, including four golds at London 2012, many of the team could lose their funding. One athlete affected by the new system is Martyn Rooney (left), who failed to reach the 400m final. He said: Ive got to redeem myself over the next couple of years.

BRITAINS top athletes will be told to win medals or face big lottery cuts.

I Gatl P KIWand is set to coach the British War ren

Lions on the tour of Australia next year. supr emo Wal es Gatland said: We havent signed anything but its close. There will be an on anno unce men t September 4.

over a mass brawl between Rochdale Hornets and South Wales Scorpions. Five Hornets and three Scorpions were suspended after the viole nce at the Rugby League Championship One clash.

EIGH T P have been players banned

But KPs return to international action remains a long way off SEP 2005: He scores 158 as because even if he England clinch their Ashes vic- convinces Strauss of tory in his first Test series. his full commitment dressing-room SEP 2010: Pietersen tweets to its a f*** up when rested for unity, he must win over Andy Flower, one-dayers against Pakistan. the head coach. MAY 2012: ECB fine him Flower is furious 3,000 for criticising Skys at the 32-year-old ht on Twitter. Nick Knig for a string of MAY 2012: He quits 50-over m i s d e m e a n o u r s nationals culminating in the and Twenty20 inter because he cannot pick and texts he sent to the South African choose his games. team. AUG 6, 2012: KP speaks of A meeting is his fury at leaks by the ECB planned between and claims: Being me in Pietersen and this England team is tough. Strauss after the returns 12, 2012: He is axed skipper AUG for Third Test after sending from a family on derogatory texts about Andrew h o l i d a y Strauss to the South Africans Sunday. Former Proteas and failing to apologise. captain and coach Kepler Wessels believes it could take Pietersen, born in South Africa, a whole YEAR to re-integrate into the England dressing room. Wessels knows how it feels to play for an adopted country he represented Australia during South Africas years of sporting isolation. Wessels said: It is never an easy ride going away to another country

Pietersen will plead for forgiveness when he meets Strauss and hopes it will be the first step in his reconciliation with England.


He must try to finish his career on a good note. He needs to try to resolve the situation and find some common ground. In South Africa, some people really like Kevin and others dont Kevin is that sort of person wherever he goes. The Aussies joined the debate when coach Mickey Arthur insisted England had done the correct thing by dumping Pietersen. Arthur, a former coach of South Africa, said: They say trust and reputation takes a year to two years to build and you can lose it in two minutes. I think thats where England are with KP now. They have dealt with it in the best possible way. The way theyve handled it has been clinical and ruthless but it has been very good. Theres no one guy thats bigger than the team. England play Australia in back-to-back Ashes series in 2013. Pietersen has told his county Surrey he is available to play for them for the rest of the season. j.etheridge@the-sun.co.uk



NPOWER CHAMPIONSHIP BLACKBURN (0) 1 HULL Kazim-Richards 77 Att: 13,562 Blackpool Sheff Wed Charlton Blackburn Ipswich Nottm Forest Cardiff Bristol City Burnley Leicester Wolves Middlesbrough Watford Bolton Leeds Hull Barnsley Millwall Birmingham Huddersfield Brighton Derby Peterborough Crystal Palace P 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 W 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 D 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 L 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 (0) 0 A Pts 1 6 4 4 2 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 0 4 2 3 3 3 2 3 2 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 2 3 1 3 3 3 3 3 4 1 2 1 1 1 4 1 4 0 7 0 F 4 5 3 2 2 2 1 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 2 2 3 1 0 2 1 3

BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE CHELSEA (1) 4 READING (2) 2 Lampard 18 (pen) Pogrebnyak 25 Cahill 69 Guthrie 29 Torres 81 Att: 41,733 Ivanovic 90 P W D L F A Pts Chelsea 2 2 0 0 6 2 6 Fulham 1 1 0 0 5 0 3 Swansea 1 1 0 0 5 0 3 West Brom 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 Man City 1 1 0 0 3 2 3 Newcastle 1 1 0 0 2 1 3 Everton 1 1 0 0 1 0 3 West Ham 1 1 0 0 1 0 3 Stoke 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 Arsenal 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 Sunderland 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 Reading 2 0 1 1 3 5 1 Southampton 1 0 0 1 2 3 0 Tottenham 1 0 0 1 1 2 0 Aston Villa 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 Man Utd 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 Wigan 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 Liverpool 1 0 0 1 0 3 0 Norwich 1 0 0 1 0 5 0 QPR 1 0 0 1 0 5 0

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Play-Offs, 1st Leg - AEL 2 Anderlecht 1; BATE 2 Hapoel Kiryat Shmona 0; Braga 1 Udinese 1; Dinamo Zagreb 2 Maribor 1; Malaga 2 Panathinaikos 0. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE: Play-Offs, 1st Leg - VfB Stuttgart 2 Dinamo Moscow 0. SCOTTISH COMMUNITIES LEAGUE CUP: 2nd Rd - Morton 0 Aberdeen 2 (after extra time). BLUE SQUARE BET: North - Chester FC 1 Workington 0. EVO-STIK NORTHERN LEAGUE: Prem Buxton 1 Marine 4; Worksop 2 North Ferriby Utd 1. NEXTGEN SERIES: Group 1 - Wolfsburg 2 Tottenham 3.

SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE - Kings Lynn 58 Belle Vue 32; Poole 52 Wolverhampton 38. PREMIER LEAGUE - Berwick 56 Plymouth 39.

LV COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP (2nd day of 4) DIVISION ONE DURHAM v WORCESTERSHIRE Emirates Durham ICG - Worcestershire 120 (Rushworth 5-44) & 264 (Hughes 104, Thorp 5-59) v Durham 234 (Stokes 78, Andrew 5-86) & 3-1. Durham (4pts) Worcestershire (3).

SOMERSET v SUSSEX Taunton - Somerset 247 (Trescothick 123, Panesar 7-60) v Sussex 161-6. Somerset (3pts) Sussex (3). WARWICKSHIRE v MIDDLESEX Edgbaston - Middlesex 287 (Dexter 101, Robson 60, Blackwell 4-47) v Warwickshire 293-8 (Westwood 120, Chopra 56, Troughton 50). Warwickshire (6pts) Middlesex (4).

OLYMPIC sprint king Usain Bolt will not face rival Yohan Blake again this season. Bolt (left), who runs in Lausanne tonight, said: We dont want to race each other.

Bolt takes Blake break

DIVISION TWO LEICESTERSHIRE v HAMPSHIRE Grace Road - Leicestershire 356 (Thakor 85 no, Cobb 82, White 53, Tomlinson 5-69) & 68-2 v Hampshire 181 (Ervine 58 no, Hoggard 4-27). Leicestershire (7pts) Hampshire (3). NORTHAMPTONSHIRE v DERBYSHIRE Northampton - Northamptonshire 400 (Newton 115, Middlebrook 71, Willey 60 no, Palladino 5-82) v Derbyshire 163-5 (Redfern 70). Northamptonshire (5pts) Derbyshire (2). TOUR MATCH GLOUCESTERSHIRE v SOUTH AFRICA Bristol - Gloucestershire 260 (Housego 132) v South Africa 262-7. South Africa bt Gloucestershire by 3 wkts.

CLYDESDALE BANK 40 GROUP C KENT v YORKSHIRE Canterbury - Kent 226-5 (Key 101) v Yorkshire 196 (Gale 57). Kent bt Yorkshire by 30 runs. P W L D NR Pts NRR Kent 11 7 1 0 3 17 1.16 Sussex 11 6 1 0 4 16 0.94 Warwicks 11 7 3 0 1 15 0.55 Derbyshire 11 4 5 0 2 10 -0.44 Yorkshire 11 4 6 0 1 9 0.16 Northants 11 1 6 0 4 6 -0.57 Unicorns 12 1 8 0 3 5 -1.55 TODAY: LV County Championship: 3rd day of 4: Div 1 & 2 - All matches resume at 11am. Clydesdale Bank 40: Group A - Essex v Lancashire (Chelmsford, 4.40). First Test Match: 1st day of 5 India v New Zealand (Hyderabad, 5am).

York Mets 2 Colorado Rockies 6; Oakland Athletics 4 Minnesota Twins 1; Philadelphia Phillies 4 Cincinnati Reds 5; San Diego Padres 7 Pittsburgh Pirates 5; Seattle Mariners 5 Cleveland Indians 1; St Louis Cardinals 7 Houston Astros 0; Tampa Bay Rays 0 Kansas City Royals 1; Texas Rangers 3 Baltimore Orioles 5; Washington Nationals 4 Atlanta Braves 1; Arizona Diamondbacks 5 Miami Marlins 6.

UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE Play-Offs, 1st Leg Atromitos v Newcastle .............6.0 Hearts v Liverpool ....................7.45 Motherwell v Levante .............7.45 RUGBY LEAGUE: The Co-operative Championship - Leigh v Keighley (7.45). SPEEDWAY (7.30): Sky Sports Elite League - Peterborough v Kings Lynn, Swindon v Poole. Premier League - Sheffield v Plymouth (7.45). Jason Lyons Farewell (Birmingham). John Berry Tribute - Ipswich v Rye House. GOLF (to Aug 26): Johnnie Walker Championship (Gleneagles). The Barclays (New York). Canadian Womens Open (Coquitlam).

MAJOR LEAGUE - Boston Red Sox 3 LA Angels 5; Chicago White Sox 7 New York Yankees 3; Detroit Tigers 5 Toronto Blue Jays 3; Los Angeles Dodgers 1 San Francisco Giants 4; Milwaukee Brewers 5 Chicago Cubs 2; New

ROVER N CLOUT . . . goal joy for Kazim-Richards


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kazim-Richards 77



Lunt pays dad debt


LUNT . . . determined

SHAUN LUNT hopes to give father Peter what he has craved for years a Challenge Cup winners medal from his son. The Leeds hooker has established himself in the Rhinos side since joining on loan from Huddersfield. It is a far cry from travelling in the car with his dad from their Cumbrian base as he tried to make it in rugby league.


So a winners medal after Saturdays clash with Warrington would be the perfect repayment. Lunt, 25, said: I give everything to my dad as hes pretty much the reason for where I am today. He drove me round the country and spent a fortune. He always said: All I want in return is a Challenge Cup winners medal. Lunt also wants a Wembley win to honour his aunt, Christine Cleeland, who died last month.

COLIN KAZIM-RICHARDS ignited Rovers season but their smallest crowd in 19 years was there to see it.


The striker, on a seasonlong loan from Olympiakos, was watched by just 13,562 as he struck the winner.

BLANKS A LOT . . . fans stay away

But underpressure boss Steve Keans joy was marred as Kazim-Richards, 25, limped off

and is unlikely to face Leicester at the weekend. Kean said: He is a doubt for Saturday. He strained the outside of his knee. Im told the last time we were in the Championship season tickets were moving at a slow rate, too. But I hope, with a few more wins, the fans who are a bit slow in renewing will come back. Blackburns supporters are still unhappy with Kean after a disastrous last season, which saw their 11-year spell in the top flight end. They stayed away in their droves and for the first 60

minutes it looked like a wise decision as Hull posed big problems for Rovers. But then Kean sent on Nuno Gomes and Bruno Ribeiro to breathe life into the home side. Summer-signing Gomes set up fellow new boy Kazim-Richards for a scrappy goal on his home debut in the 77th minute. He netted after Marcus Olsson fluffed an effort from close range. Hull manager Steve Bruce said: I think the way the game went we had the better chances. But if you dont take them then it will always be a frustrating night.



TETLEYS aims to raise an incredible 100,000 in 2012 for Help for Heroes. Heres how YOU can help. Raise a glass to our lads. 1p for every draught pint bought in August will go to H4H.* Text TETLEYS to 70900 to donate 5 today. You will be charged 5 plus your standard network rate and 5 will go to H4H.** Buy a limited edition Tetleys Smooth Flow pack and 10p will be donated to H4H -- available in major supermarkets.* Host a fundraising event in your local pub. Pubs across the country are getting involved so why not ask yours to participate? To nd out more, see www.tetleysraiseaglass.co.uk
* 0.01 for each pint of draught Tetleys consumed in the UK on licensed premises during August 2012 and 10p for each limited edition pack sold will be contributed to Help For Heroes Trading Limited, which Gift Aids all its taxable prots to Help For Heroes (registered charity number 1120920). Limited edition packs are available while stocks last. **You can send a text until midnight on 31st December. You must obtain permission from the bill payer before sending a text. Visit www.tetleysraiseaglass.co.uk for full terms and conditions. Mobile text telephone helpline -- 01494 750 500.


UBS up and down the country P showing great British spirit are by boosting The Tetleys Raise A Glass
The charitys four UK Recovery Centres give aid to Servicemen and women who are wounded, injured or become sick while serving their country. Soldiers like Gavin Harvey, who hit a roadside bomb while on tour in Afghanistan in 2009. With the support of Help for Heroes at its Tedworth House Recovery Centre in Wiltshire, Gavin was able to get the training

campaign for Help for Heroes.

to found his own motorsports charity. Thousands of other service personnel are transforming their lives with the backing of Help for Heroes. Tetleys aims to raise a whopping 100,000 for the charity this year through sales of beer and events in pubs and is asking the public to help by raising a glass to the men and women of our Armed Forces. Staff and customers at the Beehive Pub in Harthill, Worksop, Notts, answered the challenge with gusto at their annual three-day beer festival. They raised 1,500 through ticket and Help for Heroes wristband sales and traditional summer fair games,

topped off by a generous donation from the hosts. Landlady Emma Swan said: Our festival was a great way to get both our regulars and hundreds of extra customers involved in a good cause. Were very proud of those people in our local community who serve in the Armed Forces and this is our way of saying thank you with the help of Tetleys. Meanwhile, at The Three Horse Shoes Bar And Restaurant in High Horton, near Blyth, Northumberland, regulars raised more than 2,000 from sales of personalised Tetleys Help for Heroes

T-shirts and pint glasses at a music and beer festival. Bryn Parry OBE, Help for Heroes co-founder, said: These young men and women fought in battle for their country when things go wrong they shouldnt have to continue to ght. Raise A Glass is not just about the money it means people are thinking about our Servicemen and women and buying a pint on their behalf. Youre raising a glass to them. Why not get involved and run a fund-raising event at your local? Visit tetleysraiseaglass.co.uk to nd out more.



Thursday, August 23, 2012



PUT IT THERE, PAL . . . Mourinho and Pardew during their days in charge at Chelsea and Charlton



Kelly Carragher Lucas Reina Agger Robinson Henderson Allen


Thursday, August 23, 2012

7.45PM ITV 4


HUDDLESTONE . . . loan deal

So Hudd to keep it a secret


The Toons Europa League adventure starts tonight with the first leg of their qualifier with Atromitos in Greece.

ALAN PARDEW knows Newcastle must be going places because Jose Mourinho has been sending him good-luck texts.




TOM HUDDLESTONES imminent loan switch to Stoke was Tweet music to the clubs fans. Tottenham midfielder Huddlestone turned up at the clubs Clayton Wood training ground for a secret medical, prior to signing a year-long loan deal. But unknown to the 25-year-old, the world was already in on it after Pennant broke the news on Twitter! He tweeted: I walked in training & got a shock saw my friend Tom Huddlestone... On loan till end of season good signing.


It has been five years since Newcastle were mixing it on the Continent. But last seasons amazing Premier League surge to fifth has given the Geordies fresh hope of returning to footballs top table and even the Special One at Real Madrid has taken serious notice. Boss Pards said: When you look at the career paths of some managers, they find European football just comes to them quickly. For me it has been a longer process. I think Im ready and looking forward to it. I had a text from Jose Mourinho on Tuesday, Wishing you all the best, and its things like that which make you realise things are good. We are getting noticed. I dont usually get texts from him, perhaps the fact we are in Europe and did well last year is part of that. Its nice for everyone that other managers are looking out at us. I think we are doing a good job. If Pards had predicted European football would be back on the menu when he was appointed 20 months ago, the men in white coats would quickly have whisked him away.

Rodgers Reds face Hearts in a Europa League play-off first-leg clash tonight, with a place in the competition proper at stake.

BRENDAN RODGERS has admitted he needs more new faces if Liverpool are to mount a serious assault on trophies.


Former Leeds star Harry Kewell was also at Stokes training complex. He had turned up expecting to hold talks about a move to the Britannia the only problem was no-one had informed Stoke! A Stoke official explained Kewell turned up out of the blue, wasnt expected, had a fiveminute conversation with our manager and left. The Aussie ace has been looking for a new club since leaving Melbourne Victory and returning to the UK in June to be with his wife, Sheree, whose mother is in poor health. But it is unlikely Kewell will be a Potter by the time the transfer window closes on August 31. But he can sign after the deadline as he is a free agent.


Al takes the rap

ALAN PARDEW has formally pleaded guilty to an FA misconduct charge after he pushed linesman Peter Kirkup. The Newcastle boss lost his rag during the 2-1 win against Tottenham at St Jamess Park. Pards had until 4pm yesterday to respond to the FA. And he last night said: We have to do the procedure that has to take place and were following that through. We are doing a letter on my call on what I thought happened at the weekend. But we have pleaded guilty and we will go to see the FA to see what punishment is going to come to fruition.

Pardew may be angry with a schedule which will see the Magpies return to England less than 24 hours before their lunchtime clash with Chelsea on Saturday. But he admitted: Id have found it surprising had anyone said wed be in Europe by now. I would have thought we would have to win one of the cups. We are very proud we have done it through the league. I got into Europe with West Ham through a cup final, we drew probably the best team in Palermo. This time around it doesnt look quite so tough. We have still got to win it, though. Demba Ba, Shola Ameobi, Fabricio Coloccini and Chieck Tiote did not travel yesterday along with crocked young guns Sammy Ameobi and Haris Vuckic, both 20, ruining plans to blood the best Toon youngsters. Papiss Cisse is set to lead the line with keeper Steve Harper, 37, playing his first game for 12 months as Tim Krul is rested. But Pardew warned: Because of the injures we could see some playing three times a week. Its not fair. Whatever result we get here we cant jeopardise Chelsea. We have to make sure we have enough in the locker and prepare for the second leg when we do have time. Harper, in the last year of his current Toon deal, is delighted to have been given a chance. He said: Last year I had a few niggly injuries and maybe the fire had gone out a little bit. But on the first morning of preseason, the gaffer said, If you want it, it is still there for you and he re-lit the fire again. s.brenner@the-sun.co.uk

But as much as the Kop chief is desperate to bring another Euro crown to Anfield as well as finish in the Champions League slots he knows his squad currently lacks the depth to do so. Rodgers said: I had a target list of players I wanted to bring in but that was always conditional because of the monies that had been paid out here. The club are working very hard behind the scenes to manage that process to allow us to get some players in. But in terms of the depth, it is nowhere near where I would want it to be we have a very small squad. I cant wave a magic wand to bring players in and get

players out but there is still a bit of time left. Hopefully, come the end of August, well be ready to go on with the group we want. Rodgers big problem has been offloading fringe players who were locked into big deals, with Alberto Aquilani now at Fiorentina on 6.5million a year alone. After getting Dirk Kuyt, Maxi Rodriguez, Fabio Aurelio and Craig Bellamys wages off the books, he desperately needs to buy. But there is no sign of previous target, Manchester Citys Adam Johnson, ending up at Anfield. And although Arsenals dithering appears to have reopened the door for attempts to get Real Madrids Nuri Sahin on loan, the Gunners remain favourites. But at least Rodgers is increasingly confident that Danish centre-back Daniel Agger, a target for City, will still be at Anfield once the transfer window closes.

The Liverpool rookie, 22, arrived at Anfield last summer in a 20million deal from Sunderland. And despite being rated one of the countrys best young midfielders, his Kop career has not got out of first gear. Yet

JORDAN HENDERSON reckons his dismal first 12 months on Merseyside turned him into a man.

Nokidding for Jordan


Henderson is convinced his torrid year will make him a better player especially with new boss Brendan Rodgers giving him more chances in his favoured role in the middle. Henderson insisted: There were a lot of positives last season, but a lot of ups and downs. I learned a lot I became a man. Ive had plenty of lows but there were highs. I just have to use that experience and hopefully this can be a better year. Every player is disappointed if they dont play well, but you have to keep working hard and training hard.



GROWING PAINS . . . Rodgers wants to add depth to his squad but has been left frustrated

Rodgers added: Like every player in the group, if someone comes in with a big offer then that might be out of my hands. But I have never thought that I was going to lose Daniel. He is fantastic in how he plays and, secondly, he doesnt want to go which is great news for everyone. Liverpool will be without skipper Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez, both of whom did not travel to Scotland with Sundays visit of Manchester City in mind. Martin Skrtel and Glen Johnson are also missing while new boy Oussama Assaidi, snapped up from Heerenveen last week, is ineligible for Europa League action until the group stages. That will hand a first start of the season to striker Andy Carroll, whose own future remains in doubt, if he shakes off a slight hamstring pull. p.thomas@thesun.co.uk

GROWN UP . . . Jordan Henderson

Whatever the manager asks you to do, make sure you do that and give 100 per cent. I have to work hard and get into the team first. Henderson, on the bench for Saturdays opening day loss at West Brom, will return for tonights Europa League play-off first leg at Hearts. And the chance of Euro glory means the Reds midfielder is relishing the trip to Edinburgh. He added: When you come to a massive club like Liverpool, you want to be playing European football. Im sure it will be a great experience. Reaching the final would be great for us.

Harper Perch Tavernier Bigirimana Marveaux Anita Cisse Gosling Obertan Williamson R Taylor


From Back Page in the Europa League qualifier at Hearts, with his Anfield future still up in the air. But the Toon outraged Kop boss Rodgers with a cheeky bid to land him on loan, with a view to a 12million permanent deal assuming they stayed up. Liverpool knocked that back, especially as Newcastle wanted to pay only half his wages for the season. And, last night, Rodgers

Dont be nuts blasts Bren

finally broke his silence by taking a potshot at the Geordies. He said: I need a minimum of three strikers. Once the window shuts, that is it until January. I have got Luis Suarez, Fabio Borini and Andy. I would need to be a nutcase to even consider at this moment to let Carroll go out, unless there are other solutions for that. At the moment there isnt. We have lost a lot of players

LIVERPOOL will surely get their season up and pumping at Hearts in the Europa League qualifying play-off. Spurs went to Tynecastle at this stage last season and won 5-0. Kop boss Brendan Rodgers will ring the changes after the 3-0 defeat at West Brom. Andy Carroll must get a chance and the big striker is 6-4 with Paddy Power, BetVictor and Boyles to net at any time in the first leg. Three or more goals in the game is 21-20 at Hills and bet365, while its 11-8 for both teams to score with the same firms. CARROLL . . . Euro start
DIAMOND: Andy Carroll to score against Hearts, 6-4 with three firms. DONUT: 0-0 only 7-1 at Betfred. It wont be and its 10-1 at Ladbrokes. LONGSHOT: Can Liverpool match Spurs? 5-0 is a big 80-1 at 888sport.

Andy Totham, No1 for sports betting e-mail me at tots@the-sun.co.uk

this summer and I have not replaced them, as of yet. That is the reality of where we are. West Ham were also KOd in a bid to take England star Carroll, 23, on loan, and Rodgers is adamant any bidder can forget about nicking him on the cheap. He added: Absolutely no chance and certainly Newcastle. They got 35million for him last year. To even consider wanting to take him on loan is a liberty really.


Thursday, August 23, 2012


Alex eyes up Zorro


HERRERA . . . on the move

ALEX FERGUSON is trying to hijack Liverpools attempt to sign Mexican star Hector Herrera. The Manchester United boss is ready to match a Liverpool offer of 10million for the Pachuca midfielder, nicknamed Zorro. He was the inspiration behind Mexicos goldmedal triumph at the Olympics earlier this month when they shocked Brazil in the final. Andres Fassi, Pachucas sporting director, said: There is official interest. We have a document. We know hes going to emigrate to England. Manchester United and Liverpool have talked to us. We want him to continue with Pachuca. But when he decides to leave, the club will give him the opportunity to do so. Herrera, 22, is sidelined with an ankle injury picked up at London 2012.

ON A HIGH . . . Welbeck rises at Everton and now he has a new United contract

O FIRST E T ex LD y re U Melb ay WnSportOclusivelYravealsnWondecks ct o Su

new four-yea r cont

Az great for Blues


AZPILICUETA . . . pursuit


CHELSEAS pursuit of Marseille full-back Cesar Azpilicueta looks about to pay off. He was not included in the French clubs squad for tonights Europa League clash with FC Sheriff Tiraspol. Azpilicueta, 22, has been linked with the European champions virtually all year and reports in France claimed an agreement was reached over a transfer fee late last night. The Spaniard, who started Marseilles opening two league games of the season, looks set to sign a five-year deal at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea will be shelling out something in the region of 7million for Azpilicueta, who played one game for Spain in the London Olympics. Last night Chelsea stuck to their policy of not commenting on transfer speculation.

The contract will keep the lifelong Red at his boyhood idols until at least June 2016. Welbeck has committed his future to United just days after boss Alex Ferguson splashed out 22million to bring in Robin van Persie from Arsenal.

England striker Welbeck put pen to paper on a new fouryear contract at Manchester United yesterday.

DANNY WELBECK says he chose to stay at Old Trafford because he wants to learn from the best.


The Dutchmans arrival could see Welbeck getting less game time this season than he might hope for. But the Old Trafford trainee, 21, insists there was never any danger of him leaving to ply his trade elsewhere. He said: Playing for United is all Ive ever wanted to do its the club Ive supported all my life. Im learning all the time from the best manager in the game and Im keen for that to continue alongside the world-class players in the squad. I cannot wait for the challenge of the new season to play my part in helping the team compete for trophies. Welbeck spent the season before last on loan at Sunderland. But he stayed at The

Theatre of Dreams last term and played a greater role in Fergies plans. That earned him recognition from England and he helped Roy Hodgsons Three Lions squad reach the last eight of this summers Euros. He started Uniteds opening night defeat at Everton on Monday before being replaced by Van Persie with 22 minutes of the game remaining. Welbeck has scored 17 goals in 64 appearances for United since his

TIPS . . . Welbeck and Nani with Fergie

first appearance against Middlesbrough in the League Cup in September 2008. Ferguson said: Danny has been with the club since he was eight years old and has made fantastic progress in the last couple of years first out on loan and last year as a regular in the first team. He has become an important player at international level as well, as the maturity of his performances at the European Championship finals showed. This year is another important one for him. He has a bright future ahead of him. p.jiggins@thesun.co.uk


Thursday, August 23, 2012


Gunners will have Ed-ache

EDUARDO has slammed Arsenal for selling Robin van Persie and Alex Song and fears they will not finish in the top four this season. The Croatia hitman, who now plays for Shakhtar Donetsk, believes his former club could take a long time to recover from losing their two best players once again. Eduardo said: Its a big mistake to sell them they were the most important players last season. When you lose two players like that, your chance of finishing in the top four will be less. Every year its similar they lose players, buy players, make them class players and the next year they sell again.

EDUARDO . . . Wenger rap

1989: West Hams Paul Ince posed in a Manchester United shirt well before he left for Old Trafford. 2006: United and Chelsea both claimed they had signed John Obi Mikel from Lyn Oslo before he finally joined the Blues. 2009: Cristiano Ronaldo accused United of treating him like a slave before he signed for Real Madrid. 2011: Cesc Fabregas joined Barcelona after three long years of trying. 2012: AWOL Carlos Tevez returned to Manchester City after being linked with FIVE clubs.

Modric is set to complete his switch from Spurs before the transfer window closes. But the Spaniards were left red-faced as the page dedicated to the Croat appeared to jump the gun. Officials acted quickly to take it down after a link was leaked on Twitter but hundreds of surfers managed to access it before it was removed. Madrid swiftly killed off talk of an imminent announcement and privately insisted it was the work of hackers. It was hugely embarrassing for the Spanish giants who have been briefing the local media that they are confident they have got their man. In his profile Modric was

The 35million deal with Tottenham has yet to be finalised but on Tuesday night a full profile of Modric was on one of Reals web pages.

REAL MADRID were forced into an embarrassing climbdown after Luka Modric appeared on the clubs website as part of their squad.

depicted as a Tottenham player between 2008-12 and as a Real star from this year. Although Madrid privately insist a deal has been agreed in principle, it is believed the form of payment is still being discussed.


Talks are believed to centre around how much the Spaniards will pay up front and how much will be linked to success on the pitch. That coupled with the fact Tottenham have been locked in discussions over a number of deals has delayed the official announcement of the agreement that Modric is leaving for Madrid. Following the departures of Michael Dawson and

Sebastien Bassong, manager Andre Villas-Boas will need cover at centre-half. Talk of Ricardo Carvalho being part of the Modric agreement had resurfaced, although Madrid have now agreed a loan deal with QPR subject to personal terms. Modric has been reluctant to say anything about his future for fear of upsetting Spurs chairman Daniel Levy. Madrid chief Jose Mourinho last night fuelled speculation that even Nuri Sahin (below) could be loaned to Tottenham to bolster their midfield as Modric goes the other way. Midfielder Sahin has been the target of loan bids from Liverpool and Arsenal. The Special One did not speak about Modric in his prematch Press conference before tonights Spanish Supercup firstleg clash with Barcelona at the Nou Camp. But he said: I dont want anything in particular w i t h Sahin. I want

him to play, I want him to go on loan from Madrid. I like the option of the Premier League because it can give him certain elements in his game that he doesnt have at the moment. But where he goes is all the same to me. Really. Its not true that I want him to go to one club instead of another. Its the same for me wherever he goes. I just want the situation to be sorted as soon as possible because it is the best thing for him.


Real want to see how Sahin progresses and either take him back or sell him for around 14m next summer. Arsenal were confident they would get their man last week as a replacement for Alex Song. But a deal has stalled, giving Liverpool and Spurs hope they might get the talented Turk. Sahin, 24, favours a move to Arsenal because they are in the Champions League but is also seeking guarantees of first-team action. a.kastrinakis@the-sun.co.uk


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012


Jarv on his way


JARVIS . . . 10m deal

Fulham boss Jol wants the Netherlands No 1 to succeed Aussie Mark Schwarzer, who will be 40 in October. Jol managed the 6ft 5in Stekelenburg (right) at Ajax and rates him as one of Europes top

MARTIN JOL is lining up an 8million bid for Romas Dutch keeper Maarten Stekelenburg.

Maart move by Jol

keepers. Stekelenburg, 29, left the Dutch giants 12 months ago as he made his 5m switch to Serie A. A source revealed: Even though Maarten is happy in Italy and is not actively seeking a move, he would relish the chance to work with Jol again and play in the Premier League. He knows how much the Fulham coach admires him.

SWANSEA have agreed a club record 5million deal for Celtic midfield ace Ki Sung-Yueng. The South Korean, 23, (right) will finalise terms tomorrow. Chairman Huw Jenkins said: Weve agreed everything in principle.


WOLVES have landed a 24million windfall after Steven Fletcher and Matt Jarvis finally bid farewell to Molineux. West Ham boss Sam Allardyces perseverance paid off last night when the Hammers sealed a 10million deal to take former England winger Matt Jarvis to Upton Park. Wolves played hardball and it took the Hammers four bids before meeting their valuation.


Allardyce believes Jarvis, 26, can rediscover the form which saw him win an England cap against Ghana last year and become a huge favourite at Upton Park. The deal will also hand his former club Gillingham an unexpected 1.4m from his move in 2007. Striker Fletcher, 25, was on Wearside yesterday, tying up personal terms with Sunderland after a 14m fee was agreed. Fletchers talent has never been in question but his temperament has been suspect and he is currently frozen out at international level after falling out with Scotland boss Craig Levein.

The Togo striker trained under new Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas for the first time after completing his 5million switch from Manchester City. Adebayor, 28, bagged 17 Premier League goals for Spurs last season during his loan spell from City. The hitmans haul helped the North Londoners finish fourth but it was not good enough to fire them into the Champions League. They missed out when Chelsea claimed a shock win over Bayern Munich to lift the European Cup. But Adebayor is bracing himself for another battle for a place in the top four. He said: Last year was quite intense. And this season every game will be difficult as you saw at Newcastle on Saturday. They have a good team. STEVE CLARKE has

EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR was back at Tottenham yesterday and immediately set his sights on a Champions League spot.





Aguero, 24, was carried off early in Manchester Citys 3-2 win over Southampton on Sunday after twisting his knee in a challenge with Nathaniel Clyne. City feared the Argentine hitman had damaged ligaments and could be out for more than six months. But Aguero eased initial worries when he tweeted the injury was not as bad as first thought. Boss Roberto Mancini is hopeful last seasons

SERGIO AGUERO is eyeing up a return within a month.

Crock Aguero ready to Serg back


top scorer will be back on September 15 to face Stoke. That would mean he would just miss Citys trip to Liverpool on Sunday and the visit of QPR before returning after the international break. Mancini admitted he feared the worst when he saw Aguero tumble. He said: We were very worried a couple of days ago because we feared he could be out for six months or maybe even more. But I dont think

Sergio will be out for long. We are hoping he will be back after the international break which is fantastic news. Midfield a c e Gareth Barry should also return from a groin injury after the internationals. But Micah Richards (ankle) may be out for longer.

AGONY . . . Aguero hurt in Clyne challenge

HOWS THAT FOR SIZE . . . Spurs boss Villas-Boas steps up to welcome back Adebayor with the help of a ladder

The former Chelsea defender has been lined up for a season-long loan from Real Madrid. And the move comes just as Rangers are set to also meet with Tottenham club captain and defender Michael Dawson within the next 48 hours after the clubs agreed a deal around 9million. QPR owner Tony Fernandes is determined to help boss Mark Hughes bolster his defence after a 5-0 hammering at home against Swansea on Saturday. Dawson, 28, was seen surplus to requirements by White Hart Lane chief Andre Villas-Boas.

RICARDO CARVALHO is poised to complete an incredible week of business for QPR by making a shock return to West London.

REAL DEAL . . . Carvalho on brink of joining QPR on loan

Yacob wanted No 5 in Bagg

YACOB . . . praised


EVERTON academy coach Kevin Sheedy is suffering from bowel cancer. Sheedy, 52, will have an operation this week. He said: Its not ideal but I must remain positive. After a period of rehabilitation I will return to my role at Everton. There is a history in my family and its so important that people dont ignore the early signs and symptoms. Midfielder Sheedy, a Republic of Ireland international, made 369 appearances for Everton. During the 1980s, he helped the club win two league titles, the FA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup.

Sheedy shaker

SHEEDY . . . faces op

revealed why new boy Claudio Yacob begged for West Broms No 5 shirt. The Argentina star, 25, was man of the match as Albion thumped Liverpool 3-0 at home on Saturday. But he plays in midfield not at centre-back, where a No 5 is more commonly found. Baggies Scottish boss Clarke said: Claudios a typical Argentinian No 5. In his homeland that is someone who breaks up play and keeps the ball. Hes settling in


very well, getting English lessons and his other half is here now and her English is very good. Hes even starting to understand what I say and if he can understand me, then hes doing well. In fact I might join him for English lessons myself!

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle will all be fighting for the top four spots. Its not going to be easy but as a footballer you just have to keep doing your thing and see what happens at the end of the season. Tottenham agreed a fee with City for Adebayor more than six weeks ago. But the deal was done only on Tuesday when Adebayor finally reached an agreement with City over his pay-off. He added: I dont feel like a new player. I know all the players quite well. Everyone welcomed me and Im happy to be back. p.jiggins@the-sun.co.uk

And now seasoned Portuguese veteran Carvalho, 34, is set to also join QPRs ranks after Real Madrid agreed to let him join for the rest of the season. Carvalho enjoyed six successful seasons at the Bridge before moving to the Spanish champions in 2010 but is now only seen as a bit-part player. Both Dawson and Carvalho should be signed in time for QPRs trip to Norwich on Saturday. Meanwhile, midfielder Hogan Ephraim. 24. has signed a one-year contract extension that will keep him at Loftus Road until 2014. Ephraim, loaned out to Charlton and Bristol City last season, said: The manager has backed me so Ill try to force my way into the squad.


and Aston Villa for Blackburns Swedish left-back Martin Olsson. Olsson, 24, handed in a transfer request last month and Premier League new-boys Saints are set to bid 3million.

st ri ke r SW AN SE A Do bb ie s St ep he n ds are wage deman hi s op ar di si ng je ool. turn to Blackp ha ve re Th e cl ub s m fee .2 agreed a 1 , who 29 for Dobbie, loan at has been on e. ic Blackpool tw
BRIGHTON Gus Poye manager QPR outct wants as Bothroyd, 30 t Jay his scoring , to cure pr E x - E n oblems. striker Both g l a n d not been royd has squad nu given a m Loftus Road ber at Mark Hughe by boss s.

DAVE JONES has been told he can have Barcelona striker Rodri, 22, for 1.2million next summer. Sheffield Wednesday boss Jones currently has the ex-Spain Under-21 star on loan.

GIANFRANCO set to make ZOLA is Ca ss et ti, 35 Marco ni nt h si gn , hi s in Watford boss g as . Defender Ca ssetti, capped five times by It al y, ha s be en shown the door by Roma.

is set to join French side AC Ajaccio after breaking his contract with Cesena in Italy. The Romanian, twice banned for drugs, will sign a two-year deal in Corsica next week.

P FORMER Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu

2,300 for removing his shirt after scoring against Real Sociedad. The striker, out for eight months, revealed a T-shirt with a family photo and the words Impossible without you.

P BARCELONAS David Villa was fined

failed in his bid to have his 10-month football suspension overturned. Conte, 43, appealed against the ban for failing to report match-fixingbut was unsuccessful at the Federal Court of Justice.

P JUVENTUS coach Antonio Conte has

P SOUTHAMPTON will battle Sunderland

SOUTHAMPTON have threatened to withdraw their club record 12million bid for Bologna winger Gaston Ramirez unless a deal is completed today. Saints have agreed to pay 8m up front for the 21-year-old Uruguay international with the remainder in instalments. But the Serie A side want all the money made available.

MANCHESTER CITY whizkid striker John Guidetti, 20, is set to pledge his future to the club. He is a 6.5m target for Sunderland, Newcastle, Lazio, Feyenoord and Bayern Munich.

PALACE CRYSTAL to si gn lo ok se t lasie, 23, Yannick Bol City. from Bristo boss Palace an is gie Freedm to a Dou er edging closhaving a deal after ar ou nd of bi d re je ct ed 2 00 ,0 00 last week.

Barca v Real: Ronaldo to score first at 4/1

WINS 100


Thursday, August 23, 2012




Thursday, August 23, 2012


Lampard 18 (pen); Cahill 69; Torres 81; Ivanovic 90

Pogrebnyak 25; Guthrie 29



CHELSEA got a huge slice of luck from the officials as they allowed Torres goal to stand.

IT was the night Stamford Bridge turned into the Garden of Eden as Chelsea returned to the top.
WE will have to wait until the end of the season before we can answer that one. But how can you sack a caretakermanager after he wins the FA Cup and Champions League? Russian owner Roman Abramovich has a reputation for changing bosses on a whim But even Red Rom would have got slaughtered by the Stamford Bridge faithful had he given Di Matteo the boot.

THE Italian played a slightly more attacking version of his favoured 4-3-3 formation. Ramires, who missed Sundays win at Wigan through illness, came in for youngster Ryan Bertrand. The Chelsea boss clearly told his players to get at Reading from the off just like they did at Wigan. Admittedly, the Blues faded like they did at the DW but at least they had enough to stage a late assault.

Roman Abramovich paid Lille a whopping 32million for Hazard but yesterday, as Chelsea went top for the first time in 519 days, it looked like his best-ever buy. On the day Prince Harry was pictured naked in a Las Vegas hotel room, Hazard laid bare the Royals defensive frailties and led his side to a resounding victory. He won the 18th-minute penalty that Frank Lampard converted and even set up Branislav Ivanovics 90th-minute strike to round things off nicely. But Blues boss Roberto Di Matteo has ref Lee Mason and his assistant to thank for allowing Fernando Torres key third goal to stand when the Spain striker was clearly a yard offside. It broke Readings hearts and we can do without many more Premier League matches finishing with the hot favourite getting such a blatant decision at the expense of a massive underdog. Di Matteo has clearly yet to find the right blend despite having some of the best talent in the world at his disposal.

In fact if Eden Hazard carries on like this then comparisons with Blues legend Gianfranco Zola may not be enough.


McDERMOTT . . . blast

FRANKS A LOT . . . Lampard slots penalty

GETTING A HEAD . . . Reading striker Pavel Pogrebnyak makes it 1-1

From Back Page wants to see a lot of flair play but to win games you need a good balance to it. Thats going to be the challenge. Chelsea, who won their opener 2-0 at Wigan on Sunday, suffered a scare after Frank Lampard put them 1-0 ahead with an 18th-minute spot-kick. Pavel Pogrebnyak equalised for Reading with a glancing header. Then Blues keeper Petr Cech gifted the visitors a shock 2-1 lead when he allowed Danny Guthries free-kick to squirm in. Royals No 1 Adam Federici then made a similar blunder as Gary Cahill levelled with a speculative 65th-minute shot. Torres looked at least a yard offside as he put the Blues 3-2 in front with nine minutes left.



YOU would have to say he needs a new goalkeeper just look at the way Petr Cech blundered for Readings second goal. There were question marks over the big Czech last season. It seems he needs a spot of competition in the Blues squad. Chelsea also look short of quality in attack of four goals last night, only one came from a striker.

IF they continue to get the luck they had last night, Chelseas name will be on the trophy in May. Realistically, though, thats dreamland. This victory was definitely not the performance of champions. RDMs men got away with it against the newly-promoted Royals, and they know it. They also know they need to do much better to stay top and the Manchester clubs will be ready to pounce on any mistakes.



Cech Cahill
5 4

Cole Terry
4 6





E Hazard Torres
6 7


McCleary 7 Guthrie
6 6

7 McAnuff Leigertwood 5


The Italian admitted as much afterwards but also purred about Belgian playmaker Hazard, 21, who was at the centre of attention and at the heart of the action. Early on he won the ball in midfield and burst into the box to collect Juan Matas pass but fired wide with his left foot. Then, on seven minutes, Ramires forced a fine save from Royals stopper Adam Federici when, really, he should have squared to Torres who was ready for the tap-in. And what a shame because the move was sublime with five onetouch passes proving Abramovichs dream of a champagne Chelsea side is not far off. Champions of Europe, we know what we are, sang the Bridge faithful. And, after 18 minutes, they got the goal they had been waiting for when Hazard worked his way into the box and sold a dummy to Chris Gunter, who brought him down for a stonewall penalty. Up stepped Lampard to plant it past Federici. But, all of a sudden, Reading were level after 25 minutes. Gareth McCleary crossed for Pavel Pogrebnyak, who nipped ahead of John Terry and powered a precise header past Petr Cech. Four minutes later, it got even worse for the hosts. Skipper Terry was lucky to escape a booking for a blatant trip on Jobi McAnuff, who had flown past Ivanovic on the edge of the box. Danny Guthrie took the resulting free-kick which bounced harmlessly in front of Cech before the Czech stopper diverted it into his own net. Readings very own Russian oligarch Anton Zingarevich and his model wife Katsia were watching from the stands and looked on in disbelief. And if John Obi Mikel had not tracked back to thwart McAnuff

BOY DAN GOOD . . . Danny Guthrie puts Reading in front at Stamford Bridge as his free-kick slips past Petr Cech



And Branislav Ivanovic netted on the breakaway after keeper Federici had gone upfield for a corner. Di Matteo singled out 32million new-boy Eden Hazard for praise. RDM said: He has made had an impact I think him and Juan Mata linked up very well. Hes finding his feet very quickly, so that is pleasing for us. Reading boss Brian McDermott was left to rue Torres vital goal. He blasted: Im gutted the linesman has got that decision wrong on the third goal. He was offside. He said hed have a look at it. He can have a look at it. Thats life. People makes mistakes and he made a mistake tonight its just a shame it was for such a crucial goal because we would definitely have got a point.



ry lea cC M

THIRD-NANDO . . . Torres makes it 3-2 to Chelsea

LEVELLER . . . Gary Cahill fires in from distance

YOU BLUETY . . . Branislav Ivanovic seals it with Chelseas fourth






CHELSEA Subs: Oscar (Ramires 57) 6, Sturridge (Mikel 68) 6, Meireles (Mata 84) 5. Not used: Turnbull, Essien, Romeu, Bertrand. READING Subs: Le Fondre (Karacan 71) 5, Hunt (Pogrebnyak 77) 5, Robson-Kanu (McCleary 86) 5. Not used: McCarthy, Mariappa, Tabb, Cummings. Booked: Karacan, Pogrebnyak. REF: L Mason 3

0 0

2 0

39 7
ONLY Alan Shearer (56) has converted more penalties in the Premier, since 1992, than Frank Lampard (39).

as Ivanovic went missing, it could have been 3-2 to the visitors as punch-drunk Chelsea were trying to regain their composure. Pogrebnyak won virtually every battle with Terry in the first half and England boss Roy Hodgson, watching from the stands, will have no doubt raised an eyebrow. Just before the interval Terry bundled Readings Russian giant into the ground, Ian Harte swung in the free-kick and Alex Pearce just failed to nod home. Chelsea struggled but Hazard

never faltered. Before half-time he crossed brilliantly for Torres, who headed wide. Di Matteo gave Oscar his home debut after 56 minutes, taking off the 25million summer signings fellow Brazilian Ramires. Shortly after, Oscar forced a diving save from Federici. As desperately as they were trying, Chelsea just could not find a breakthrough. Cue another change, with Daniel Sturridge replacing Mikel. Within seconds Hazard fed

defender Gary Cahill who tried his luck from distance. His effort swerved but this time it was Federicis turn to push the ball into his own net.


It was yet another howler for the Reading keeper, four days after he let Michael Kightlys shot squirm home against Stoke. Royals boss Brian McDermott gave the keeper his full backing but it was a turning point as,

READINGS Pavel Pogrebnyak has seven goals in 14 Premier League games, despite attempting only nine shots on target.

THE last time Chelsea conceded two goals in the first half in a Prem game at Stamford Bridge was on Dec 12, 2009 v Everton. The game finished 3-3.


73 3
FERNANDO TORRES netted his 73rd goal in his 150th Prem appearance since arriving in 2007.

nine minutes from the end, Torres started and ended a move that also involved Mata and Ashley Cole before the No 9 tapped home. Yes, he was offside by a yard. Yes, the ref and his assistant Andy Halliday missed it but Chelsea were not complaining. Royals boss Brian McDermott said: Im gutted the linesman got that decision wrong. It was clearly offside which is really disappointing for us. It was unfortunate but thats

life. Its just a shame he made a mistake on such a crucial goal. Chelsea still had to survive a late onslaught by brave Reading but they hung on for dear life. Then, at the death, Torres won the ball and released Hazard with Federici up for a Reading corner. Hazard bombed forward and with only Gunter to beat, he set up Ivanovic to tap home. It was Hazards fifth assist in two games, including the two penalties he has won. Pure class. a.kastrinakis@the-sun.co.uk


From Back Page nights win over Reading while Chelsea and City tried to thrash out a deal though the Brazilian centre-back claimed on Twitter he has a knee injury. Chelsea were angered by the Tweet and Luiz has been

fined. Boss Roberto Di Matteo said: This social media thing is all around us now. Well deal with it internally. Luiz, 25, arrived at Stamford Bridge in a 21m deal from Benfica early in 2011 and became an instant hit with the fans.

EDEN HAZARD has three assists in his first two Prem games for Chelsea. The Belgian provided 16 in Ligue 1 last season, more than any other player.

CHELSEA have now won their opening Prem game at Stamford Bridge in each of the 10 years since Roman Abramovich bought the club in June 2003.


7 14 1 72%

4 2 5 28%

JOSH McEACHRAN is hoping his loan spell at Championship outfit Middlesbrough will kickstart his career. The midfielder, 19, was hailed as one of Englands brightest prospects after breaking into Chelseas first-team squad only to see his progress stall. He had a temporary stint at Swansea last season but then spent most of that on the bench. McEachran said: I need to be playing Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday and hopefully that will happen here. I just want first-team football and Middlesbrough play great football. Im sure the management at Chelsea will be keeping in touch. They will send people up to watch me.

Josh out to shine


Thursday, August 23, 2012


Bren guns for Toon

BRENDAN RODGERS has hit out at Newcastles loan bid for Andy Carroll and said: Id have to be a nutcase to do that. Liverpool striker Carroll is set to start his first game of the season tonight Turn to Page 65


THREE-MENDOUS . . . Torres hits third and sparks a party

RDMs Blues came from 2-1 down to make it two victories and six goals from TABLE two matches. TOP OF A Pts But the Italian gaffer PW D L F said: Well have to try 2 2 0 0 6 2 6 Chelsea 1 1 0 0 5 0 3 to be more solid. Fulham 0 0 5 0 3 Thats how you Swansea 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 West Brom 1 1 win more games. 0 0 3 2 3 Man City 1 1 Well certainly look 0 0 2 1 3 Newcastle 1 1 at that. Everyone 0 0 1 0 3 Everton 1 1
0 0 1 0 West Ham 1 1 3

ROBERTO DI MATTEO saw Fernando Torres fire Chelsea to the top of the Prem then told his side: Dont be so entertaining.

THE worlds greatest racehorse Frankel powered to a fantastic 13th successive win yesterday at York. Victory in the Juddmonte International Stakes took the colts earnings past 2million. Aidan OBrien, trainer of thirdplaced St Nicholas Abbey, said: Its an honour to be beaten by him! SunRacing Pages 60, 61

Turn to Page 71


City boss Roberto Mancini needs defensive cover with Micah Richards crocked for 10 weeks. Luiz (left) was axed from last

CHELSEA have rejected Manchester Citys 30million bid for David Luiz.


Turn to Page 71

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