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Adobe illustrator Gradient mesh in your martini? ‘With features like the gradient mesh tool's possible to cdo things with Adobe® Illustrator® 9.0 that even ‘Adobe® Photoshop® can’t manage, The subtle shading and highlight effets of Mustratr’s gradient mesh are easily achieved. A few simple tips are in order before we start to mix one fist gradient mesh cocktail, ae 1. Greate a gradient mesh object. ‘Most shapes can become a mesh object, Our olive begins asa simple green ellipse First select the abject, and then either click on it withthe gradient mesh tool or choose Object > Create Gradient Mesh. Clicking with the rool adds single gradient mesh point and two associated gradient mesh lines Executing the command lets you specify the dimensions ofthe mesh and the direction and intensity ofthe highlight ‘To keep an objects gradient fill when converting itto.a sradient mesh abject, choose Object > Expand and select the Gradient Mesh option, tows: cotwnns:[E——] Amnearmce:(Toeage 2) Preven 2.Assign colors tothe gradient. Since ou primary objective is to create smooth color sradient that simlates a 3D surface, we need to assign color, Gradient points are just ike anchor points «excep that they contain colorattibute Use the direct selection too to select single mesh point, hod down the Sif key to selet multiple mesh points o click within a mesh patch to slet the fur coene points. ‘Then choose coloe fom the Calor or Swatches palette You can also drag colors from the palettes to mesh points or mesh patches. You don't adda gradient mesh oan abjecs instead, you convert objects into gradient mesh objects. The mesh itself is made up of mesh lines that intersect to create ‘mesh points. The area hounded by four mesh points is ‘4 mesh patch segment Al elements of a mesh object ‘ean be selected and modified, 3, Adjust mesh points and mesh lines. Move mesh points by selecting and dragging with the direct selection tool. Continue selecting mesh points and adjusting colors, to create highlights and shadows. For our olive itlooks as if we need additional mesh ‘segments, so select the mesh tooland click nthe middle ofthe ove to add two new mesh lines. Wseasy to place a lot of gradient mesh points very ‘quickly, but you should avoid the temptation to do this W'srmuch safer to start with only one o just a few points and then add more pointss necessary. This makes it easier to keep track of what you're doing. isos the mesh, There's nothing absolute about gradient meshes. ‘Aciniving the perfect mesh is a matter of refinement: selecting, adjusting colors and position, an then selecting again to refine the shading. With the gradient :mesh tool you can add new mesh points or delet thers by holding dovn the Altkey (Windows®) or Option key (Mac 08) and clicking on a point. ‘The gradient mesh is capable of creating very airbrush like effects without the bother of masking and while maintaining complete editabiliy. For a more subtle effect, use the eyedropper tool to sample adjacent colors and make especially smooth gradients. Ie | Ren el is a [i ise te labeler sad Php sie sto uusaaton J eateetmeshinyrormrtn? 5.Wrapitup. ‘Were almost ready to immerse this live in gin, but we needa pimiento, We can use the same steps again, creating a second gradient mesh object, to mixa martini worthy of Noel Coward, ser vaemaks of Adobe Systems tnorpared in the United Patterns Creating a Pattern Light Peach Dark Peach Apple Green Black Drag out vertical and horizontal guidelines in the center of your document. Create the Pattern Tile’ Artwork. Draw a perfect centered Rectangle by Option/Alt Clicking with the Rectangle Tool at the intersection of the two guid sr 160 points x 160 points and click OK. Fill = Light Peach. Stroke = 4 pt Black. Draw a perfect centered Circle at the upper left hand comer of the rectangle: 70 points x 70 points, Fill = Dark Peach. Stroke = 4 pt Black © Christine Heun, 1999: evied 2003 Susan Aronoft, All Rights Reserved. Patterns Notes & Tips: Fill patterns can be very pretty and very useful, but they are taxing when it comes to output A good rule of thumb isnot to use more than thee diferent fils in a single document if you hope ‘0 prne without coube