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Grail Careers


I can feel the pow of the Lake, even this far from its shore. wer n Grail Maidens are the youngest and most untest of the Grail W ted Witches; newly emerged from the e y. gy he mysterious Otherworld of the Fay They act as the most junior clerg of the cult of th lady of the Lake, hey ed hey d duct although until th have complete their training th are not allowed to preach or cond services. Despite the fact that due to their Fay training they have more in comm with Arcane Spell casters, h mon gerous Hedge Wiz zards and even the Magisters of the Empire, Bretonni typically e ians such as the dang do not regard th Grail maidens w any suspicion or distrust. This is due to the fact that the Fay he with n are known to te each all Grail Mai idens how to han magic safely a that no Grail Maiden can ndle and emerge out of th Otherworld unt she has mastered how to channel t powers of the True Lake. he til d T the Like all Grail W Witches, Grail Maid are instantly recognisable from other Bretonnian Noblewomen dens m n as they grow the hair long and d eir display it openly ra ather than always c cropping it or con ncealing it under elaborate hats. Main Profile n WS BS S T Ag +10 Int +5 WP +10 Fel +10


Secondary Profile A W +2 SB TB M Mag +1 IP FP -

mic Magic or Theology) Channelling, Ch ), harm, Common Knowledge (Bretonnia), Magical Se K ense, Read/Write, Ride, Speak Skills: Academ Knowledge (M ge peak eton) Arcane Languag (Arcane Elf), Sp Language (Bre Talents: Aethyr Attunement or Lesser Magic (An One), Petty Ma (Hedge) ric r ny agic Trappings: Rob Holy Symbol of the Lady of the Lake, Writing Kit bes, t Special: You must be a Female Bretonnian to enter this career. If yo u roll up Apprent Wizard as you starting career, t tice ur then you may cho to play a oose nstead with your G permission, in which case you ar from Bretonnia. Typically, this car may not be en GMs n re . reer ntered during play. . Grail Maiden in Career Entries: None : Career Exits: C Attendant, G Damsel, Witch Cult Grail

Becoming a Grail M g Maiden

Sometimes, you children within Bretonnia are se to have strang ung n een ge and mystical powers. They mig be born with eyes of differen ght h nt ay resence or they may be able to predic ct colours, milk ma sour in their pr events before they occur. Oth children claim to see ghostlly her m king about, or are heard talking to beings that other e rs apparitions walk cannot see. Before they rea puberty, almo all children with these strang ach ost w ge talents will be vi isited by the Fay E Enchantress. She ta them with he akes er to the Otherwo where their p orld powers are used to serve the blesse o ed Lady of the Lak herself. Some ap ke pprentices, while being trained by th b he Fay Enchantres handmaidens, are returned to Bretonnia befor ss's re completing their training, often to complete some sort of trial or ques o st or uld uous. where a damsel o prophetess wou be too conspicu

hany hopes to repair the Chapels b broken stained glass windows Beth and faded frescos, and is actively seeking ways to popularis the cult of f g se the Lady of the Lake am L mong the towns riich merchants. To mark herself clear as a Maiden o the Lady, Beth m rly of hany proudly wear her coppery hair long and untre rs essed, and with this and her t pierc green eyes, she cuts a striking fig cing e gure about the tow wn

Adventure See eds

The Maiden Vanishe A Grail Maiden escapes from the land of the es: n e Fay and wishing to be free of their influe a f ence. Do the chara acters protect her from zealous knig and grail dam f ghts msels? Do they ta her to a ake magi ical college for tr raining outside o Bretonnia? Ca the Grail of an Maid control her magical gifts witho completing her training? den m hout h Wor what if her ina rse, ability to control th gift attracts the servitors of the e Chao after all magic and Chaos ar close relations in the Old os re Wor rld. Que of Maidenho est ood: The charac cters, travelling through the t seedi side of town encounter a mon ier numentally nave but utterly beautiful woman. She is being approa e ached by the hoo odlums that bit y m ry inhab the slum. They must save her from less than savour characters. She is a Grail Maiden, sent on a mission a i against enemies of the Lady. A f more powerful grail sorceress would attr the ire of this power, but a e ract single grail maiden perhaps accompaniied by some valian protectors nt might succeed. Who is the enemy? Perhaps a cult of the Ruinous Powers has o infilt trated one of Bretonnias cities. I could be a co It orrupt noble gathe ering his friends or perhaps even a ro r ogue sorceress.

The Maid of Mont F d Fiona

Bethany dwells i the Couronne s in small town of Mon Fiona, which lie nt es within the footh of the Pale Si hills isters. This is a sim farming town mple n, in which people make their mon by trading their cheese and win e ney ne with Marienbur and the Empire, where a powerfu and growing clas rg ul ss of merchants ha adopted many st as trange and foreign customs. As the single attendant of the small Grail Ch e hapel, Bethany ha as upon the religiou activities of a Grail Maiden in us concentrated u n exclusion to the more arcane matters. She is actively engaged in tryin e y ng to establish the small chapel more firmly in the tow competing with e wn, th ults rena. In particular the popular Cu of Handrich, Shallya and Ver r,

Grail Careers


Sir knight, rest yo weary bones. Dr of this vessel and your wounds shall be healed. our Drink A Grail Maide who completes her apprenticesh graduates into the ranks of the G en s hip Grail Damsels. Gi iven access to the powers of th True Lake and e he expected by the Cult to undertake tasks appropriate to their newfound power. As fully C d ordained pr riestesses of the La of the Lake, th maintain her sh ady hey hrines and lead dev votions and prayer Some Damsels rs. permanen dwell within a specific Church or Cathedral, wh others wande the land in a manner similar to ntly h hile er m Friars. The Grail Damsels operate outside of the norms of Bretonnian Laws and Culture, wit many of them T s th known for their risqu an amoral behaviour. nd Main Profile e WS +5 BS +5 S T Ag +15 Int +15 WP +20 Fel +20

file Secondary Prof A W +3 SB TB M Mag +2 IP FP -

Skills: Aca ademic Knowledge (Genealogy/Heraldry) or Common Knowledge (Elv Academic Kn e ves), nowledge (Magic), Academic Knowl ledge (Theology), n Channellin Charm Animal or Heal, Comman or Intimidate, M ng, nd Magical Sense, Per rception or Search, Read/Write, Rid Speak Arcane Language (Arcane de, L Elf), Trade (Apothecary or H Herbalist) Talents: A Aethyric Attuneme or Luck, Coolh ent headed or Suave, Et tiquette or Medita ation, Lesser Magic (Any Three), Wi Witch Lore (Grail) Trappings: Good Quality N Nobles Garb, Holy Symbol of the L y Lady of the Lake, Riding Horse with Saddle and Har rness, Trade Tools (Apothecary or Herbalist) Career Ent tries: Grail Maide en Career Exi Grail Prophete Courtier, Scho its: ess, olar

The Sta anding of G Grail Dams sels

Grail Dams are reputed to be seers and augu of great power, many sels urs of them ha been granted t gift of future sight. In the cou of ad the urt Couronne many grail damsels act as the junior echelons of the king's eferring to the Gr Prophetesses. Grail Damsels can also rail an advisors, de ut maintain th shrines of the Lady in Bretonni larger cities bu are he ias often serv ved by layfolk to maintain a distance from their congregatio ons. Damsels ar afforded freedo re oms otherwise re estricted to Breto onnian women. Of they are seen r ften riding horses and fay-beasts, in contr to f rast normal Br retonnian women who are rarel permitted to ride. n ly Bretonnian ladies must ride s n side-saddle on the occasion that the ride ey at all, and, t those who do not a deemed a harlo It is a brave man who are ot. n dares reproa a Grail Damse ach el.

Adventure Seeds
The Damsels Who Fall Are The Most Dangerou of All: Once W e us the attendant at the chapel in the v village of Clemenc ceau in Parravon, Anna-Morgauses life transformed forever when she travelled to d et ous al Parravon and me with a mysterio and immorta Dark Fay who educated her in th lies of the Lady o the Lake. he of Anna-Morgause know believes she sees the world for what it truly is, k r and works against all agents of the Fay, such as the Cult of the Lady t and the Empires Collages of Magiic. In particular, she travels to the s s mysterious waystones and defaces the ancient runes upon them; causing whirlpool eddies of danger l rous black magic to spill into the countryside. y t There is seemingly no foul deed that Anna-Morgause Avallach will not stoop to in her cr rusade against the Fay, She summons Daemons and e deals with the Undead, seduces Knights and po U oisons fair Grail Maidens while spr reading her heresy of lies. If indeed Lies they are. L Unwanted Suito A travelling K ors: Knight of the Re ealm has become obsessed with a Grail Damsel that h met on the road This could even he d. aracters. Otherwis the characters could be paid to se be one of the cha locate the damsel. Are the knights advances reciprocat ted? Perhaps the PCs must fend off P vances on behalf of the Grail Damse It is also worth f el. the unwanted adv noting that some Grail Damsels become the mistresses of Grail may otected. It might Knights, so the offending party ma need to be pro even be amusing to have the charac acters have to fight on the knights behalf against the psychotic and skill Grail Knight. lled

A Samp Grail D ple Damsel

One of the many Damsels att tending the impressive Grail Cathed of dral Saint Leon nidas that domina Brionne, Isab ates beau is the daugh hter of Gaston, bro other of Duke Th heodoric of Brionn himself. She is a true ne child of Bre etonnias City of T Thieves and when she is not occupiied by n her religiou duties, Isabeau spends much of her time in the clubs, us taverns and coffee shops of Br d rionnes famous Rue de LOrfavrerie R eo. Isabeau also frequently atten the Hall of Minstrels where sh is a o nds M he popular pat tron of the cities entertainers, man of whom via fo her ny for favour by composing sonnets that sing of her virtue, beauty and grace. s v mantically links her with many of Br r rionnes most reno owned Gossip rom men folk, fr dashing Knig Errant to swas rom ghts shbuckling Pirate L Lords. For her par Isabeau seems to do little to comb these rumours, and it rt, o bat fill s ations seems that she is content to f her days with song, drink, assigna ng and avoidin Brionnes latest pox.

Grail Careers


The time for acti is night. The wa speak that the portents for victory grow strong, like the currents of the river. ion aters e ry r Accomplished G Grail Damsels ofte move on to join the Prophetesses among the most favoured devotee of the en n s, t es Lady of the Lak These potent spell casters have lo served their d ke. ong divine mistress fait thfully and many serve as senior priests w within one of Bretonnias cathedrals. Other Proph hetesses attend th courts of impo he ortant Bretonnian Baro and Dukes, wh they not only act as advisors an seers but also ensure that the nob ons here y nd bility devoutly follow the edicts of the L Lady of the Lake. erful spells of battl the Prophetesse specialise in the arts of astrology and divination, le, es e As well as powe using their mag gical abilities and v visions to attempt to scry into the f future and advise the Bretonnian Lords. The Fay also task the Prop phetesses with guarding the sacred glades favoured by the Lady, with b keeping the hearts of the Bretonn Knights pure and true and with dispensing the healing power of th nian h h he es Lady of the Lake healing wherever it is needed. Ma Profile ain WS +5 BS S +5 5 S T +5 Ag +20 Int +25 5 WP +30 Fe el +3 30


Secon ndary Profile A W +4 4 SB TB M Mag g +3 IP FP P -

Skills: Academi Knowledge (Astronomy), Academ Knowledge (G ic mic Genealogy/Heraldry or Strategy/Tac ctics), Academic K Knowledge (Magic Academic c), Knowledge (Th heology), Channell ling, Charm or Command, Magica Sense, Performer (Palm Reader) or Secret Signs (A C al o Astrologer), Read/W Write, Ride, Speak Arcane L Language (Arcane Elf), Speak Arca Language (M agick), Speak Lan e ane nguage (Breton), Speak Language ( (Classical or Eltharin), Trade (Apothecary or Herbalist). Talents: Aethyr Attunement or Meditation, Fast Hands or Scheme Lesser Magic (A Three), Public Speaking ric r er, Any c Trappings: Bes Quality Nobles G st Garb, Silver Holy Symbol of the Lad of the Lake, 2 Magic Items, Golde Chalice dy M en Career Entries: Grail Damsel : Career Exits: A Astrologer, Enchan ntress of the Lady, Politician, Spy

The Stand ding of Gra Prophete ail esses

Grail Prophetes are the most p sses puissant of Breton nnias seers and ar re instrumental in guiding the King and Dukes in setting the nations n g policy. If Grail D Damsels often beh in a risqu wa the Prophetesse have ay es go one step furt ther. Some are eth hereal, aloof and distant, others are a d force of nature,, prone to mood-swings, with the fiercest of temper rs and the raw pow to back it up. wer A coven of Gr Prophetesses maintain a prese rail ence in the king gs redoubt in Couronne. Some of them, along wi other shadow f ith wy court, secretly sanc ction acts on behal of Bretonnia tha lf at sections of the c ostensibly serve the greater good and the big picture. If reveale d ed d they go against the Code of Chivalr e ry such acts would be denounced t the king and his vassals must be seen to uphold. hetesses are polit ticians. Some can be encountere n ed Not all Proph throughout Bret tonnia fulfilling th will of the Lady. Very little they d he do is due to serendi ipity but to an outsider it may appear so.

h eks s lacking any male heir, he passionately see to ensure the succession of and. With this in mind, now that H Helena is of marr riageable age, his la the Baron is actively looking for a suitablle suitor that he ca marry her B an off to As the whole of the Barony is h dowry, suitors are queuing oo. her up to wed Helena, desp her somewhat cold personality. o pite t

Adventure See eds

Prot tocol at Court: The Court of the K at Couronne is famous for T King i its ac cerbic Grail Prophetesses, who atten and advise the king. What if nd k one of the characters gains a friend withiin the court, a Pro o g ophetess who sees a bright future in store for the character? What does the e phetess want and what do her words m w Prop mean? Simil larly earning the wrath of one of the Grail Prophe etesses could prove disastrous for a characters wel ellbeing particu ularly if the chara acter does not un nderstand what th slight was imag he gined or not inten nded! Ladi of the Canals La Chambre No is Bretonnias network of ies s: oire s spies within Marienburg. A paladin-king like Leoun has no love of the g its e ses lieve they act decei of spies, but the Grail Prophetess of his court bel on his behalf. Could Le Maitre de le Chambre Noire be a Grail h e e Prop phetess? One particularly active operative within the Chambre is Madame de e n P insights into Marie enburgs cutLys, a powerful Grail Prophetess whose in throa politics end up with a bounty posted for her retirement. at u y Char racters could eithe seek to claim th bounty, or prot the lady er he tect for Bretonnia! Of co B ourse de Lys coulld refer to a cov of Grail ven sorce eresses within the city. c

Beauty an the Beast nd

The Daughter o Baron Flaubert Bonsante, who the peasantry call th of he Black-Hearted B Beast of Bretonni Helena is as ruthless as her sire ia, e, famously entom mbing several d dwarven tomb ro obbers who wer re trespassing in her fathers min alive under masses of rubble nes e. e ul Trained by the Fay in the arts of the Lady, Helena is a powerfu sorceress specia alising in the stud of Magic from Bretonnias past dy m t. While Helena would happily spend her days in quiet magica al n, ever eas. ut experimentation her father howe has other ide Worried abou his ill health ca aused by the drag fang embedde in his skull an gon ed nd

Grail Careers


Career Ent tries: Grail Proph hetess Career Exi Explorer, Nobl Lord its: le Fool? Croak all you want tis the only noise you will be making from now on. No get in the pouch! C e g ow ! The En nchantresses are th living embodim of the Lady of the Lake, compriising of the Fay En he ment f nchantress herself and her most trusted han ndmaidens. Many Enchantresses no longer see the wo as mortals do and are not only o orld ustoms of the Bre etonnian Nobility but also except from the customs of the cult as a y, s except from the usual cu me p sions of the will of the Lady of the whole, being able to com and go as she pleases, exclusively guided by her vis Lake. P tly K Grail Pilgrims constant seek the advice of these near mystical figures and Questing Knights seek the Enchan ntresses aid in guid them in the final steps of their journey to the Tr Grail. The Lad of the Lake has f rue dy ding also tas sked the Enchantr resses with the dut of organising the defence of the R ty Realm of Bretonnia, and should the realm be in grave danger the Enchantresses rally the Dukes or even the King himself to wage war. Finally, the b r s g Enchan ntresses of the Lad are responsible for gathering up all young childre with latent ma dy e en agical powers and whiskin them away to th mysterious Oth ng he herworld of the Fay y. Main Profile e WS S 0 +10 BS +10 S T +10 Ag +25 Int +35 P WP 5 +35 Fel +40

ofile Secondary Pro A W +5 SB TB M Mag +4 IP FP -

Skills: Aca ademic Knowledg (Magic), Academ Knowledge (T ge mic Theology), Acade emic Knowledge (Any Three), Cha annelling, Charm, Charm Animal, Command,, Magical Sense, P Perception or Sear Read/Write, Ride, Speak Arca Language (Arcane Elf), Speak A rch, ane Arcane Language (Magick), Speak Language (B Breton), Trade (A Apothecary or Herb balist) Talents: A Aethyric Attuneme or Night Vision Dealmaker or Pu ent n, ublic Speaking, Le esser Magic (Any Three) T Trappings: Silver Holy Symb of the Lady of the Lake, 3 Magic Items, Bejewelled Golden Chalice, Bretonnian Warho with Saddle and Harness bol c d B horse a

The Ro of the Enchantress oles

There is no traditional role for the enchantre o esses within Breto onnia they can be iterant wanderer or serve as the handmaidens of th Fay e rs, h he Enchantres They are respo ss. onsible for collecti children who show ing the Gift, tra aining the youthfu maidens. They can serve as ambass ul c sadors to Athel L Loren. In times of war the enchant f tresses can serve a the as battle wizar of Bretonnia, o rds often riding in the hosts of the Kin and ng the Dukes.

Adventure Seeds
Battle for the Fa An enchantress visits the village the characters are ay: s t staying with, seeki a child with la ing atent magical talen The party are nts. caught in the cros ss-fire. Do they aiid the enchantress or the peasants s, who are clearly ou utclassed by the so orceress? Lastly, what of the child w and the wild magic he wields? Over The Hedge A coven of hedg wizards have so e: ge omehow managed to do undetected by the Fay Encha antress. Conflict is inevitable but s who will start it, the hedge wizards or the Grail Wi ds itches? Are these tuous hedge pract titioners or are th heretics? The hey innocent and virt truth doubtless lie somewhere betw es ween. To The Fay Realms: An encha R antress requires the characters to t travel into Athel Loren to assist the wood elves agains the denizens of L e st the forest. What exactly does she hav in mind for the characters? ve The Fay Enchan ntress: If a player character excels in this career she i may be given the unprecedented inv vitation to replace Morgiana. Why e ng? ould require the Fa Enchantress to ay is Morgiana leavin What threat co vacate her post? The Frog Prince The characters e e: encounter a talking frog he claims g to be a bandit king from tales of yest g teryear and that he was the victim of an enchantress The frog asks t characters to intercede on his s. the behalf. What kind of quest would th enchantress demand of them to d the remove the enchantment, and jus who really is the frog prince? st

Morgia ana, the Fay Enchantre y ess

The most f formidable of the Grail Witches an the nominal he of nd ead the Cult of the Lady of the Lake, the Fay Encha f antress is a reclusiv and ve to de mysterious figure presumed t dwell on the mist shrouded Isle d Lys ons. nal of that lies in the Lac de Chlo As the person representative o the gs lady of the Lake, her will is that of the Goddess and even King and st . ht uphold Dukes mus cede to her will. Each Grail Knigh has sworn to u her honour and obey her com r mmands and in th heory, their vows e ensure that they u uphold this duty over petty infigh hting or loyalty t any to blackguard or tyrant. An en nchantingly beautiful Fay, she rides upon n arries a toad famil liar, reputedly a w wizard the unicorn Silvaron and ca who once a annoyed her.

Grail Magic

Tutored by the mysterious F the uniqu Bretonnian T e Fay, ue Grail Witches o the Cult of t Lady of the Lake practise G of the e th own bran of Earthbou magic tha to Imperial heir nd und at wizards seems d w dangerously clo to witchcraft. Those who ose dw within th confines o Bretonnia itself however well he of i r eq quate the pow of the Gr Witches more with the wers rail m miracles and pra m ayers of priests despite the fac that it holds ct fa more in co ar ommon, in bo its castings and its side oth s ef ffects with the Arcane Lores of the Empire In truth the e. so ource of this m magic lies somew where in betwe the Divine een an the Arcane, with the pow of the Win of Magick nd wer nds k be eing safely cha annelled throu the waters of the True ugh s Lake. This mys stical body of water was created by the f y oir Bretonnian Fay as a reservo of Earthbound magical nergy that filte out any effe of Dhar so that humans ers ects o en ca safely wield the complex G Magic. an Grail Knowledge of th magic is th sole providen of the cult K his he nce of the Lady of the Lake and its spells are a great secret, f cu ustomarily onl taught by th mysterious Fay known as ly he th Handmaid he dens of the L Lady. That sa there are aid sc currilous rumo of Grail W ours Witches that ha gone rogue ave or fallen from g r grace that may be able to pass on this form s of magic to the u f uninitiated. The energy contained in the T Lake is of drawn up T True ften in the roots o a lily known as the Fleur de Lys that nto of n r gr rows only in the sacred p places of Bre etonnia. Grail Witches often g W gather these pl lants to use as ingredients in th magic and potions. Mos Grail Witches believe that heir d st fr Fleur de Ly hold the mo power and it is a common resh ys ost i sight to see a Gr Witch gath rail hering these lil on the eve lies of battle. f

stantia in much the same way as Priests. Note that as h ay N Praes this is a predominantly Elven form of magic, pr i m ractitioners of Witch Lore (Grail) suffer from the rules of Tzeentchs W m T Curs exactly as if they were an Ar se rcane Spell Caster.

A Gr Witch need access to the power of the True Lake rail ds e to ca spells. Whil anywhere in Bretonnia or otherwise ast le n r withi of 5 miles of a Grail Chape this is never a problem, in f el as the land is mystically tied to th True Lake and she can he a y rmally. Howev outside of the places ver, f cast your spells nor channelling the pow of the Tru Lake is more difficult wer ue a nelling Skill Test (which T and all spells first need a Chann requi a Use a Sk half action) to draw upon the True ires kill ) n Lake Energies. Th Channellin Skill Test does not his ng ide o a provi a bonus to Casting Rollls (nor will any other); instead it simply allows you to cast the spe If your o ell. nnelling Skill Test fails, you cannot cast a spell this T u Chan round.

Many of the spells on this list o y only effect or are is some a way affected by Bretonnian Knights. B Bretonnian ghts are for the purposes of t list anyone the caster e this e Knig hone estly thinks sh hould qualify, typically Cha aracters in caree with the word Knight o possibly Crusader or ers w or Temp in their titles. If knowiingly cast upon someone plar n who does not qualif the spell willl not take effec however fy ct, ke he s the spell will tak effect if th caster was honestly mista aken.

A Grail Witch Magic Ch hs haracteristic re epresents how w much of the an m ncient magic bo ound to the True Lake that T sh is able to c he channel. Spell casting is handled normally y bu is modified by some new rules. Note that the most ut d w t co ommon Arcan Language us by the Grail Witches is ne sed Arcane Elf (als known as Anoqeyn) al A so lthough some Grail Witches a speak an archaic form of the Lingua G also a The Lady Re esplendent Beguilement of Blondel ol Doom of Do Healing Han nds Holy Light lons Mist of Chl Spiteful Glan nce Steed of the L Lady Wrath of Rig ghteousness


Char racters with Witch Lore (G W Grail) can bind familiars. d (but may not creat them). Char te aracters with Witch Lore W (Grail) may also Cr reate Potions an Research Rituals. nd R


Magi leaves its stam upon those using it. If th DM uses ic mp e he the optional rules for Arcane Mar in Realms of Sorcery, o f arks use the following table. If the same Witch Mark is t e h The Lady Reclinin ng uilement of Blo ondel Begu Doom of Dol Heal Hands ling Merc of the Lady cy Mist of Chlons t Shiel of Faith ld Voic of Courage ce Whi ispers of the La ady

The Lad Rampant dy Holy Lig ght Mercy of the Lady f Shield of Faith f Spiteful G Glance Steed of the Lady Voice of Courage f Whisper of the Lady rs Wrath o Righteousnes of ss

Grail Magic
obtained twice, simply re-roll the res sult. In the ca of ases using Dark Ma agic, use the normal rules fo r Side Witches u Effects (se WFRP, page 159). ee e When a c character gains access to Wit Lore (Grai she s tch il) must choose one of the three lists of spells provide for e f ed She pells ist this lore. S has access to all of the sp on that li but no others. She may lear spells on oth lists in you lore rn her ur with the E Extra Spell Tale ent. damage. In add dition, whenev ver simply rolls 1d10+0 for d itch is the targ of a spell, she may make a get e the Grail Wi Channelling Test as a Free A Action to nega it as if she h ate had see age rail cast Dispel (s WFRP, pag 149). However, if the Gr Witch herself or any Breto onnian Knight that she can s see commits an dishonour ny rable act, th his spell en nds automatically and the Gra Witch can y ail nnot attempt to recast it until an entire week has past. k

Casting N Number: 6 Casting T Time: Full Act tion Duration 1d10 Round n: ds Range: 12 Yards (6 Squ 2 uares) Ingredien A Ladys H nts: Hand Mirror (+ +1) Effect: Th Grail Witch kneels and pr to the Lad and he h rays dy an area is illumed with a bright and ho white light.. Place oly where within range; those aff r ffected the small template anyw 10% n c suffer a -1 penalty to their Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, nd ption Skill Test involving sig for ts ght Agility an to all Percep the durat tion of the s spell. Any Un ndead or Dae emons affected d not suffer th above effects but instead su do he s uffer a single Dam 3 hit. mage

Casting Num mber: 13 Casting Tim Full Action me: n Duration: 1 Round/Magic c ards res) Range: 36 Ya (18 Square Ingredients: A Bretonnian Knights Shield (+2) n he Effect: You project your voice into th minds of all rby, pon our ing Knights near calling up their hono and biddi them to her roically fight on. All Bret tonnian Knigh hts within range gain the Fearle talent if the do not alrea ess ey ady have it.


Casting Num mber: 14 Casting Tim Full Action me: n Duration: 4 Hours/Magic ch Range: Touc (You) Ingredients: A Silver Hors Shoe (+2) se anslucent whit horse that w te will Effect: You call forth a tra d m bear you and a minimum of gear (no more than one of your servants can carry wiithout penalty) noiselessly an s nd with speed so swift it seems unnatural. The horse has t o T the s statistics of a normal riding horse, (see WFRP, page 23 g W 33) but has the Ethereal Trait. F Further, the Steed travels at top ut rain or fatigue bearing you at e, speed withou care of terr double the sp than a nor peed rmal horse wou be able. uld


Casting N Number: 7 Casting T Time: Half Action Duration 1 Minute (6 rounds) n: Range: 6 Yards (3 squar res) nts: A Ladys Scarf Laced with Fleur d Lys de Ingredien Perfume ( (+1) Effect: Y protect on of the Kni You ne ights defendin you ng with the M Mercy of the Lady, causing bl lows and arrow that ws would hit him to turn a t away at the last second. All a t attacks against the target Breton nnian Knight suffer a -10% pe enalty to Weapo Skill or Balli Skill as Ap on istic ppropriate.

Casting N Number: 8 Casting T Time: Full Act tion Duration Instant n: Range: T Touch (You) Ingredien A Poultice mixed with Fl de Lys (+1 nts: e leur 1) Effect: Yo touch heal an injured ch our ls haracter of a nu umber of Wound equal to 1d1 plus your Magic Character ds 10 ristic.


Casting Num mber: 14 Casting Tim Half Action me: n Duration: In nstant Range: 12 Ya (6 Squares ards s) Ingredients: A Cameo of a Knight (+2) p dy b ing Effect: You pray to the lad and arcing bolts of lightni leap from your hand to a number of foes equal to yo our magic charac cteristic. Each bolt is a magic Missile wi ith Damage 5. If any of the Bo created by this spell woun f olts nd an opponent who is enga t aged in melee combat with a h Knight of Bre etonnia, then t that Foe must pass a Toughne p ess Characteristic Test or be da azed for one round, suffering a 30% penalty to all his tests a attacks. t and

Casting N Number: 11 Casting T Time: Half Action Duration 1 Minute (6 rounds) n: Range: Y You Ingredien Vial of Lak Water (+2) nts: ke Effect: A Grail Witch surrounds her rself with pray to yers the lady which coalesc about her, offering prote ce ection cks. d from attac Any non-magical ranged attack made upon the Grail Witch has its damage bonu ignored, tha it is s us at

Grail Magic
Casting Number: 16 C Casting Time: Full Action C Duration: 1 Mi D inute (6 Round ds)/Magic Range: 24 Yard (12 Squares) R ds In ngredients: A fresh bouquet of Fleur de Ly (+2) ys Effect: You shr E roud the area a around yoursel with a thick lf k white mist, like that which ris from the pl w ses laces sacred to th Lady. Thi thick mist is summoned from the he is t mysterious Oth m herworld and prevents any ranged attack k tr raversing throu the area fro hitting, be they made by ugh om y fr riend or foe. In addition to th any individuals inside the n his, ra ange of this spe may not tak Run actions although they ell ke y may make Move and Charge a m e actions as norm mal.

Casting Number: 24 Casting Time: 2 Full Actions ation: 1 Hour Dura Rang 6 Yards (3 Squares) ge: S Ingre edients: A fres wreath of Flleur de Lys (+3 sh 3) Effec You bless your chosen K ct: y Knight and nam the foe me that is doomed to die by his blad You must declare this d de. d l me out loud at the tim of casting,, for example Sir Jehan Mald demaer! The Dwarf King is d D doomed to peri by your ish sword! For the du uration of the spell, the chos Knight sen nts us n coun as having a Strength Bonu of 10 when damaging this adversary. You may only ble one Knigh with the a u ess ht Doom of Dol at an given time and you must wait until m ny the spell has exceeded its full du s uration before casting it e again n.


Casting Number: 17 C Casting Time: Half Action C Duration: 1 Ro D ound/Magic Range: Touch R In ngredients: A Crystal vial of Fleur de Lys perfume (+2) f p Effect: You w E whisper sweet nothings in the ears of f so omeone close t you, entranc them unless they make a to cing su uccessful Will Power test. O their next turn, you may On t y de ecide what act tions you wish the characte to take and h er d th must do a you say shor of actively harming itself. hey as rt h You could howe instruct th creature to do something Y ever he g fo oolish that mig result in its harm. This sp only works ght pell on intelligent c n creatures that could find the Grail Witch e at ttractive, (Hum Elf, Halfl man, fling, Dwarf, Beastmen, etc.) B bu not Undea or Daemon (except pos ut ad ns, ssibly those of f Sl laanesh).


Casting Number: 28 ll Casting Time: Ful Action ation: Special Dura Rang 24 Yards (1 Squares) ge: 12 Ingre edients: A fres garland of F sh Fleur de Lys (+3 3) Effec Your glare transforms a s ct: single enemy into a frog. The target can resist this spell v a Will Pow test, if via wer d y ng mall green failed immediately transformin into a sm amph hibian. See Realms of Sorc R cery page 190 for frog 0 statis stics. The effects of this Sp last either until it is pell dispe elled or until the Frog receiives a kiss from either a t m beaut maiden or the Grail Wit who cast it. tiful r tch


Casting Number: 20 C Casting Time: Full Action C Duration: 1 Mi D inute (6 Round ds)/Magic Range: 24 Yard (12 Squares) R ds In ngredients: A skin of wine t has been flavoured with that f Fl de Lys (+2 leur 2) Effect: You en E ntrance those a around you with visions of w f ve erdant meado ows full of w wild flower and beautiful a maidens, or wh m hatever alterna ative paradise exists in their e r im magination. A living cre All eatures in ran nge with an In ntelligence Ch haracteristic gre eater than 15 must succeed on a Will Power Characteristic Test or can do nothing but n r d st tand and refl lect upon the own perso eir onal paradise. During this tim they can take No Act D me, tions and are co onsidered Stun nned. If any of the individua affected by f als y th spell are att his tacked, then th spell ends im he mmediately for th affected cre hat eature. A Grai Witch with often give her il gu uards a quick s to the fac to snap them out of their slap ce m r haze after she ha cast this spel as ll.